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Rats damage buildings by gnawing through walls, pipes, ducts, and electrical wires – often causing fires. They eat and urinate on food and can carry dangerous pathogens and parasites. This rat-control guide will show you how to get rid of these little furry hazards for good.

1. Rat identification

It’s important to first figure out which rodent you’re dealing with. The most common types are Norway rats, roof rats and house mice. Use the following lists to identify your pest.

Norway rats:

  • Grow up to 16″ (40cm) long
  • Nests at ground level
  • Tail is shorter than body and head combined

Roof rats:

  • Grow up to 15″ (38cm) long
  • Nests high in trees, foliage, walls and attics
  • Tail is longer than body and head combined

Maybe they’re mice?

Baby rats can look confusingly similar to house mice. You can tell them apart by looking at their heads and feet. Mice have much smaller heads and slimmer feet than baby rats. If you’ve located one rodent, there are sure to be more. Search for the largest droppings you can find. Adult mice leave cylindrical droppings up to 1/4″ long and rats leave cylindrical droppings up to 3/4″ long. You can also examine any entry-holes that have been gnawed into walls, mice will gnaw holes up to 1 & 1/2″ large while rats will gnaw holes 2″ and larger.

If you’re still not sure, sprinkle a little talcum powder on surfaces along walls where you think there’s rodent activity then wait a few days. If you have rodents in that area you will see sets of tracks appear in the powder. Mice leave tracks that are approximately 1/2? wide while rats leave tracks up to 3? wide.

Other signs of a rat infestation include:

  • Urine dribbles left in high traffic areas, usually near walls and other objects. The residues will glow under a black light.
  • Dirty ‘rub’ marks along the sides of vertical surfaces that they often run along.
  • Gnawing damage and debris, especially around food stores.
  • Entry-holes gnawed into walls.

2. Eliminate the sources of the rat infestation

If you’ve decided that you have mice, read how to get rid of mice. If you believe them to be rats then keep on reading. We will start by inspecting every square inch of your home from the basement to the attic. Look for all signs of rats; gnawing damage, urine dribbles (Can be found with a black light), dirty smudges, feces, and entry holes. Record everything you find on a piece of paper and if you can, plot them on a map so you can get an idea of where they may be centered within the structure. Plug any entry-holes that you find with crumpled paper and return in a day to see if the paper has been disturbed. If it has, you have found an active hole. Mark them on your map and continue to the next step.

Remove rat-friendly food sources

Rats will eat any kind of food you have from seeds to yesterday’s leftovers. You must overhaul any organic material storage areas inside of your home. Store all of your foods in metal or glass containers (no plastics) with tight-fitting lids. This applies to everything that is not stored in a refrigerator. Any food suspected of being touched by rats should be thrown away immediately. Fresh fruits and vegetables go in the fridge and pet food should be covered and put away between feedings. Invest in an metal garbage can that has a tight-fitting lid and refrain from throwing any organic wastes into it. Instead, rinse them off and store them in a large, sealable plastic tub and either bury the material or throw it away when you take out the trash. You should also consider using metal trash cans outdoors with bungee cords thru the handles to hold the lids on. If you choose to bury your organic wastes, do so at least a foot deep and then place a board or something heavy over the area as rats, dogs and raccoons can easily dig it back up.

Outside, keep bags of seeds and pet foods elevated or sealed tightly in lidded metal garbage cans. If you have bird feeders, fruit-bearing or nut-bearing trees, clean up any fallen material daily as these can easily feed a population of rats. Animal feces is also a food-source so collect and bury your animal’s waste. If you have dumpster’s near by, go inspect that any drainage holes near the ground are screened to prevent rats from feeding and put up a sign reminding people to clean up any spilled trash due to the rat problem.

Eradicate their shelter and cover

Rats can get everywhere, they climb wires, pipes, even vertical surfaces. They can swim underwater and jump up to three feet. Rats can gnaw through almost anything (including thin or weak metals) and can squeeze through holes as small as 1/2″! They prefer to forage in areas high in clutter, so clean any place that fits this description. The less clutter you have, the less places rats can hide. You will undoubtedly find indicators of rats as you work your way through the house – as you do, mark them all on your map so you’ll have a cohesive picture of the areas that are frequented when it’s time to put out traps.

Block all methods of home entry

Rats are very talented at getting into human structures. Norway rats can come up from sewer lines and actually swim up and out of toilets and drains. Roof rats have been known to run along electrical lines and onto roofs where they find entrance into the house and take up residence in attics. Both are good climbers, burrowers, and can gnaw through almost anything. When rat-proofing your home you must be thorough!

Begin your hunt for possible points of entry outside around your foundation. Fill any holes or crevices with a generous amount of mortar mixed with finely broken glass. The glass will keep rats from digging out the mortar before it dries. Alternatively you can use steel or aluminum plating. Inspect all exterior walls to a height of at least four feet.

The basement’s next (if you have one). Fill cracks and holes in the foundation and secure any open drains with strong metal screens. Look for places where pipes and wires enter the building and ensure there is no space for a rodent to squeeze in – remember, 1/2″ is all it takes.

If you’re feeling ambitious, there are many structural modifications that you can make to fortify your home against rats. From pouring concrete, to digging a trench around your property and filling it with gravel to discourage burrowing. If you get to this point, you may want to first call in a professional for an experienced opinion as this can be time consuming and costly.

3. Eradicate the current rat population

You’ve now limited their food and mobility – so the population will begin to shrink in proportion to the quality of your previous work. If your neighborhood was the source of your infestation, they will return so it’s imperative that you keep up the habits discussed in the earlier sections.

It’s time now to take direct measures to kill off the remaining rodents. This section will only deal with lethal traps because rats are destructive and disease carriers and should not be set free anywhere near people. When selecting baits for your chosen traps, use some of the food they were previously stealing and don’t be afraid to experiment. If one bait isn’t working, try another.

Rats have a knack for replenishing their numbers. When populations start to dwindle, more babies are produced per litter meaning speed is the key to eliminating the remaining few. Speeeeeeeeed.

Rat traps: How to kill rats

Never handle a dead rat with your hands – they can carry many dangerous diseases and so can their parasites (Remember the black plague?). Instead use a set of tongs or a shovel. Place the rat in a plastic bag and seal it before tossing. Always handle traps with gloved hands to keep any pathogens off of you as well as to keep human smells off of the traps. Use the map you made earlier to choose good trapping locations and mark off each kill as it occurs. Lay out the unset but baited traps for a few days to get the rats comfortable with feeding from them and when you do set them, use as many traps as possible to try to stamp out the population ASAP.

What do rats eat? Hot dogs, liver, bacon, fruits, raisons, marshmallows, breads, and peanut butter + oatmeal.

Snap traps

Snap traps work very well on rats, be sure to get the big ones. Spring for the traps with wide trigger plates so the rat only needs to step onto the trap to spring it. Bait these with bacon, hot dog, or liver tied to the trigger with string to ensure that the trap is sprung.

Set these traps against walls with the trigger plates facing the wall so the rats are more likely to run into them (remember that rats run along the sides of things and rarely out into the open). If your rats are trap shy, you can hide them by burying them in trays of sawdust. These traps can also be nailed to walls and boards, just don’t put them anywhere a child or non-target animal can get to them and check daily for kills.

Glue boards

Glue boards are useful for capturing baby rats, but not so much the adults. Kill any rats captured in these traps by submerging them in soapy water. Be sure to keep them well away from pets and children. These can be found inexpensively in most hardware stores and online.

Zapper traps

Zapper traps work by luring rodents inside a small structure and delivering a lethal electric shock. They work poorly on rats due to their large sizes – the shocks just aren’t strong enough. The most popular version is The Rat Zapper, but Victor makes a less expensive model that seems to work just as well.

Ultrasonic (plug in) devices

The federal trade commission has stated that these devices are ineffective in controlling rodents, that they do not cover the advertised area, and that they do not prevent rodents from entering an area. Furthermore there have been no studies that prove these devices work. While an ultrasonic device may provide some deterrence it is likely that the rodents will get used to the sounds it makes and eventually ignore it. Just read some of the experiences people have had with these.


Poisons have proven ineffective again and again when combating rats. They do work to lower populations, but as soon as the poisons are removed the population levels shoot back up to where they were before unless the environmental causes are dealt with. Poisons also cause rats to die in walls and other hard to reach places, and rotting rats cause horrible smells and attract pest insects. Rats are infamous for building immunities quickly, so save the poisons as a last resort, and if the time comes call a professional. One bit of advice though, stay away from warfarin, many rat species are already immune to it.


  • Dogs – Dogs may kill an occasional rat, but they are little more than a deterrent to keep rats hidden.
  • Cats – Cats have a better track record at killing rats, especially strays – but are also little more than a deterrent.
  • Barn Owls – Barn owls are extremely efficient at getting rid of rats. Consider erecting a nesting box to attract some onto your property.


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  1. i found that if i remove the food and clean the area as well as seal any entry and leave one exit no more rats i find them dead near the sealed entrys

  2. Ahh! I’ve got rats/mice/gross, hairy things!
    I’ve used my secret weapon – peanut butter with mashed-up food poison. My dad suggested adding fried fish…Use gloves when preparing your poison. Put all food away! Use sticky traps & mouse/rap traps, too. (All at the same time!) Yuck!

  3. i wonder if antifreeze would work mixed in with a bit of food?thinking of tryin it. nothin elde seems to be working.
    i found 5 dead mice or rats in the kitchen after setting them out for roaches.[i didnt even know they were there]it never worked on the roaches! i put out two glue boards in my computer room after seeing 2 or 3 baby rats or mice crawl around in the daytime and within one hour i caught two of them! [peanut butter bait] but i havnt caught any more since and i have seen one more crawl out again in daylite! im gettin worried! i live in a large way high up penthouse and im thinking thay are in the plumbing and subfloor…

    i set 8 traps and not one has worked yet! the glue? no more since the last two kills.i went and bought some poison blocks and pelletts and scattered em everwhere along with glue boards and traps but so far i know theres at least one left probabably many many more! still dont know if they are baby rats or mice but it appers that i have roof rats ewwwwww .gotta get rid of em!

    creepy! im hoping the antifreeze might work.if any one trys this and has success please post for others to read! also you have my permission to copy this and or post on any site in the hopes this may help make rats and mice exticnt! i see no usefull purpouse for them,none! insects? dont like them either but i know they are neccesary rats and mice? dont think so …

  4. i dont think its possible to block enty 100 percent. theres plumbing power wires roof vents plywood floors screens carpets heating vents all kinds of ways! even just leaving the door open with one pregnant female could turn into 100,s of em in the home! ewwwww im going to try the antifreeze! another idea…. how bout getting them stoned? then they may get dumber and actually walk into the traps or a big fat rat might venture out to the glue board? perhaps cannabis has another valid use?

  5. Big Mike: Can’t speak for the rats themselves, but I’ve battled rats while stoned; lead to a couple nasty incidents involving rat spring traps and a couple fingers. Cracked a bone in one case. Gave up one of the factors in the equation…the spring traps, and now use the shi**y glue boards and poison bait. they are such a nuisance. I once did battle with a Norway rat that I walked in on in my garage. It was walking above the door frame and then ran into a space between the wall and a dresser and seemed disoriented. I slammed a spade into the space, but it got stuck and the rat ran out under it and got away. It now seems to have wisened up. I haven’t seen it since but I have food damage and droppings. Please post more tips.

  6. I’am going to try the pellets and chicken gray tomrrow and see if they like it as will as missy said. I’am trying to over come my fear of rats but at night i hear them and have not been able to sleep through the night in over 6 week and i tryed to close up everthing i can but my house is old and need a lot of fixing. this is the frist year to see rats and i have been here for over 7 year i dont understand why they are here now. I might try the penut butter and pellets too. I’ll let ever one know happens wish me luck

  7. I had rats and mice once. I found a stray cat, befriended it, and never saw another live rodent (although the cat found a few in the yard and left them on the porch). I haven’t had a cat in a few years and am currently battling a rat or two in my dining room. I will try the poison and the traps, but I believe a cat is the best solution.

  8. I think I have a rat in my house. I hear him trying to knaw through the walls and it creeps me out! I’ve cleaned everything I can clean and blocked all the entry points I can. I need to get rid of this sucker. Missy, I saw your tip on pellets and chicken gray. This might sound stupid of me, but what is chicken gray. At first I thought you meant gravy and just had a typo, but then Torri replied and said she was going to try it. I would like to try that as well, can you tell me what it is?

  9. We saw a rat in the kitchen, got some spring traps, and some glue traps. The glue traps weren’t successful, ecspecially in the winter. But the spring trap, we put a piece of beef jerky on it, attached it so it wouldn’t move on the trap, and we got a medium size nasty thing, but I am up 5:00 am now hearing one in my wall gnawing, It is driving me fricken crazy, I have an 11 month old baby and I am really freaking out! What do I do? wait till it pops out of the wall with a bat?

  10. I tried every thing… glue traps, some kind of electric shock rat killer, however, the best trap is the original snap trap (the bigger the better). The glue traps and shocker work well for mice and very small rats, but for mid to large rats use the snap traps. The bait that I used was peanut butter, but after they got into a loaf of bread I used it and it worked very well! Once you see the first rat act fast… I didn’t think it was that bad… killed 1..then 2…3…4…then i killed the daddy rat(the thing was huge!) to make a long story short I killed 12 rats! It’s been 3 months since the last rat, so far so good!

  11. the best thing to kill mice with is the glue traps.
    But not so effective for the bigger ones, so try the snap traps those work good with some peanut butter.
    also the posions dont work to well.

  12. I’m glad some of you have had success in battling these creepy things. And I feel better knowing that I’m not the only one going crazy trying everything to get rid of them. I’ve gotten and estimate from a professional for about $1500 to seal the house and trap them. I can’t afford that. So I’ve started sealing up the holes inside that I’ve found as well as the outside entry points. However, I’ve tried glue traps, poison, ultrasonic devises, havahart traps and there is no improvement. In fact I think I hear one now in my office as I type this. Urrrrrgh! My rats don’t like peanut butter.They do however like to eat bug spray cans, drain-o, dish washing detergent and the spray top to my cooking spray. Now I discover that they are living inside my refrigerator! They tried to pull something throught the drip holes in the freezer!! My house smells of rat urine and feces. I just don’t know what do to next. HELP!

  13. I live out in rural CO and this is the first year that we have had rats. I raise chickens, ducks and goats. I have been battling these guys for several months. They are out under and around my chicken coop. I have tried the spring traps to no avail. So I have now gotten some chicken feed and soak it in antifreeze and put where my chicken and cat can’t get to and then I have crammed chicken wire over all the holes. Cats have been helping.

  14. I need some help, we just moved in to our house. We thought we had a cat in our back yard, but it was no cat. I happen to be outside about 11:30 pm, bringing in ho-ho gifts and I saw the largest rat, i did not know rats came that big. It went under the crawl space of our house! I am worried, please help if anyone knows what to do?

  15. can the next door neighbor’s pet rabbits be attracting them over to our house/yard? we have got 3 norway rats in 3 weeks time in mouse traps

  16. There really are some excellent rodent poisons around these days and they are now sufficiently tasty that most rats will eat them even when other food sources are around. Be aware however that few of the really good ones are instant – so you must continue laying bait until it stops disappearing (usually 1-2 weeks). The bodies don’t tend to smell much, even if they die inside because modern rodentcides tend to work by causing hemoraging (dessicating the animal. Ideally, if they do die in their runs their siblings and friends will eat the body – thereby continuing the ingest the poison also since it doesn’t disappear when the rat dies (this can also be a problem if you have other animals around). Quite frankly most are much cheaper and more effective than anti-freeze.

    If you can’t find a poison that your rats like you can try mixing simple dry foods such as flour or corn flour with concrete mix – when they eat it they’ll be killed.

  17. Forgot to say – use 1 part concrete to 2 parts flour. Leave a little bowl of water near by if you want to speed up the process and include something tasty like jelly crystals, bacon bits or other flavourings if you have fussy rats. Allow at least 2-3 days before the rats start eating (maybe leave the concrete out of the first batch then add in after a couple of days) – they are always suspicious of new things in their environment.

  18. The best method I have found, and believe me I have tried everything available, is the use of good quality spring traps that kill fast & effectively (I’ve found the TomCat brand to be the best, as they are well constructed, have a large trigger pad, and are extremely sensitive). Poisons leave many carcasses in walls and other inaccessible areas to rot and smell and expose children and animals to anticoagulants. The poison remains in the dead animals exposing pets & humans. Glue traps work at times, but many times limbs are torn or bitten off in a desperate attempt to escape. Sensitive people have a hard time disposing of the live screaming animals. Electrocution style traps are not strong enough to kill rats due to their large size. For White-footed mice, Meadow voles, Norway, or Roof rats place these traps along walls, along foundations, and entry areas where known activity exists. Salted, crunchy peanut butter, with bird seed sprinkled on it is absolutely irresistable to them. I have a spare jar that I keep separately only for trapping made of glass with a metal lid to avoid them trying to eat through it while in storage. I put a folded up paper towel inside to absorb the peanut oil as it tends to make it runny. This makes the peanut butter very firm and much more difficult to remove without setting the trap off. Use the large spring traps for Norway & Roof rats and the small version for the mice & voles. Don’t be stingy with buying these traps. The more the better and check daily. If possible, put the trigger end perpendicular or towards the walls as many times just by walking by they will set the trigger off. Wear disposable latex or nitrile gloves to re-bait traps and dispose of carcasses. You have to make a routine of it since you will take the population down with this method or eliminate them temporarily, but eventually during the year more will begin searching for new homes, especially before winter. Cracks in foundations, spaces, any entry the width of a #2 pencil eraser or Bic pen for mice & voles must be sealed. Rats only need 1/2 inch to enter. Use pieces of commercial stainless steel scrub pads mixed with concrete mix to seal holes in foundations or floors as the metal on their teeth keeps them from chewing fresh concrete until it cures hard.

    This will work for you if you stick with checking & re-baiting traps on a regular basis.


  19. Ive found Peanut butter to be innefective as they will eat the peanut butter and not set off the trap. Bread seems to work the best, like a piece of a bagel. another effective way to find out if you have a rat infestation is to put some doritos around the area of suspected rat activity. they love corn chips and it will be obvious that the chips have been disturbed. the traps should also be screwed to a board about 3x the dimensions of the trap. This requires the rat stand on the board to knaw at the bait instead of pulling the trap with the bait.

  20. We have been battling rats for the last 2 weeks. They tunneled through the ground, busted the cement in our garage floor, came into the garage and ate over 20lbs of sweet feed that we fed our duck. We have no other animals outside but the duck. I am soooo sick of rats I could scream. I feel like they have taken over my world. I read that they eat dog poop. Is that true? We have dogs inside but let them out in the fenced yard to poop. I wonder if that is attracting them along with the duck food? My husband bought a block of poision and they have been eating it but haven’t seen any dead yet. We live beside a large creek and somebody said they will always be there due to the creek. Is that true? After we kill them all and hopefully we do what maintenance can be done to keep them away especially if you live beside a creek? Most of them are normal size but my husband did see one that was the size of a small cat. It is making my skin crawl to type this. I can’t take it…… They are nasty. How could I feed my duck and still keep them away. She eats a little and then walks away until later. I don’t know how to control this mess. Any suggestions?

  21. We first discovered evidence of a mouse or rat, or squirrel (i wish!) in November after returning from vacation. There was dirt disturbed from several pot plants inside, and a pile of droppings under my dining room table, about the size and shape of coffee beans. After that, we found insulation from the base of my dishwasher on the kitchen floor, and one morning there was damage on my pantry door from something gnawing on it. That was really creepy. We’ve tried havahart traps, snap-traps (big and little), and glue traps, but so far, nothing. Also, we baited a large trap in the crawl space and have sprinkled Rozol pellets there, but we still hear gnawing inside the walls. Since we haven’t actually seen these critters, we aren’t positive what we’re dealing with, but one exterminator examined a dropping and said it was a Norway rat, another thought it was a squirrel. The gnawing is mostly at night, but also during the day. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

  22. I’ve used the large snap traps and CCI shotshell handgun rounds to wipe out my rats but after several months, they’ve returned. The shotshell rounds are effective but can damage walls and things. Plus, they’re rather loud. I’m thinking about getting one of those full-auto Russian BB guns.

  23. My problem has been going on for over 3.5 years. I live in england and the weather at winter seems to attract these bloody rats in my atack. Now when i say i have tried everything, i mean i have tried everything. Last year was really bad with rats frequenting every night for months on end. This year hasnt been that bad. I think i know were the problem lay but its having the money to fix the problem. I have tried to claim through my insurance but guess what, its a no go because the insurance doesnt cover rodent attack and infestation. The problem i believe is with the sewer pipes which are attached to my property. I have had the sewer pipes scanned with a camera and its found a gap only 1 inch in size from my down pipe connected to the main sewer and this seems to be the entrance for this horrible vile little rats. To get this fixed, im looking at about $2000….so much money. What happens if this isnt the problem, its $2000 down the drain. I have bated my atack and set traps but nothing has stopped them. When using bates however, just be aware that when one does die, its leave a very horrible smell and you then get attacked by the flies which have feasted on the rotting beast. Posions i would stay clear of, as for any other advise, im sorry i cannot help as im at my wits end myself. Good luck

  24. wow i didnt know there were so many people with rat problems. i have been trying pellets so far, after i saw this huge rat crawling around the kitchen. it killed a small one, which i didnt know about, but i haven’t seen the big one again. also, i was looking outside where i keep my dogs and apparently one has been killing some baby rats out there, i saw some carcasses today as i was about to take them for a walk. so, so far, my rat problem isnt too bad, and my dogs are helping outside, but i will try the mechanical rats as i haven’t tried those yet, might have to use them for that huge one i saw.

  25. yes, I have rats in my attic>
    I have spring traps, cage straps, glue traps and an angry wife, who thinks I want to keep the crips for pets. What I’m I to do, possibly remove the top half of the roof, and declare war on thise terrorist that are destroying the AC system, electrical wiring and who knows what. Now the sukkers have AC-air in summer and heat in winter. Now I know how peaceful people living in Irak feel. But this is my war and I will prevail….I’m a one-man army….fighting for peace in my attic. jim

  26. well after spending 7 nights staying up listening to the gnawing at my subfloors and finding weak spots in the floor, I decided that enough was enough…… have to get aggressive if you want to be rid of rodents……..I tried the cat thing and it cried all night to be let out of the crawlspace under my home, I then tried baits, no good! Finally, out of pure fear ( I can’t even look at at dead rodent, much less want one in my home!) I bought 3 packs of “Predator” under the recommendation from a friend…..the 1st day I threw in 2 packs of this stuff, it all disappeared that day. Next day I threw into my crawlspace the last pack I had. It disappeared within hours. That night I slept on top of my room divider, the rodents were having a big party at my expense…… morning I bought 2 more packs of “Predator” and threw them into my crawlspace…..It have been 2 blissful weeks of hearing nothing and I got to say it is heaven! Do I smell anything? no way……did I see any carcasses? no way cause I am not looking! so what happens if you need to access your crawlspace you ask? nothing, cause I do not plan on having parties down there! LOL……..hope this brings some comfort to those of you who suffer through rodent infestations………take it from someone who has a severe fear of any and all rodents….get yourself to the nearest dealer in poisons and buy 5 or 6 boxes of “Predator”… really do work and my cat is still living!

  27. Joanne,
    I know what you mean when you say wishful thinking…..I tried to con myself into thinking that what I was hearing was the cute little things called squirrels, but hey squirrels don’t want to eat holes in a subfloor if there is other things to eat in a bird feeder… if I were you, I would try a homemade birdfeeder in the nearest tree and see if that corrects the problem…..if that is all, then you just have to keep the bird feeder filled with seeds and other things…..if the noise continues, take my advice and go get a good supply of “Predator”…..and no I am not a salesguy for this stuff, I am just a home owner who has a severe fear of rodents.

  28. OMG I have to tell you this as well…..the “predator” posion is coloured blue so that when these nasty creatures eat it, their urine will leave a trail for those of you who are much more braver than I…that way I guess you can track where it is they live…..yuck, not that I wanna know thank you! LOL…….and the reading I have done on this poison is that rodents do not build up an immunity to it like other poisons……plus it would take alot of Predator to kill your pets, but with rodents it is supposed to take one feeding of this magical stuff…..anyway, I am a firm believer of Predator, and I was always a person to not try chemicals of any sort, but when you are desparate, you have to try all avenues!….there is very little in the way of information on this stuff or any poison but I encourage you to do some research of your own………I will keep a box of Predator on hand from now on…….by the way, I found where the nasties got in…..they dug a hole from my sewer line under my home…..I invested in 6 cans of spray insulation foam and sprayed every hole I saw……..and for those of you who have their inside..check places like pipes coming up from the floor, or crack around the seat of the toilet..every space is now filled with spray foam, so good bye to Mr Rat and his family!

  29. Oh my God. well, now i know i aint the only one. my problem is little more immediate and stinkier. i don’t know WHO used the poisons, but a couple of spots stink in the basement, and it’s just getting worse, and i’m too scared to remove the carcasses.

  30. We had rats–roof rats– for years. Our house is on a steep hill with lots of trees, and our deck sits on joists and beams protruding from under the house. Those gnawseous gnawties chewed through the plywood siding and 1×4 trim and created a superhighway along the beams, into the insulated walls and ceilings of the finished part of our “basement”. Sometimes at night you could see the rats scurrying across the deck’s railing. We finally got rid of them because we’re remodelling the lower level and have ripped out all the sheetrock and insulation from the walls and ceilings (rat refuse ahoy!). I plan on stuffing every crack and hole in my house before closing up the walls and ceilings; my greatest fear is that they’ll get into the new heating ducts we’re going to have installed. I’ll be methodical sealing the deck framing’s entries into the house.

  31. After the demolition on several nearby structures , there is now a rat infestation the remain buildings including mine . When I first noticed them in the wall , I went to a local DIT pest control store and purchased some Contrac and Fastrac bait bars and placed them in the crawl space . I have glueboards in the living areas . I check the bait and remove dead rats on a weekly basis . So far after 3 weeks 27 dead rat of various sizes and all the bait keeps getting eaten . I will be adding some snap traps and bowls of anti-freeze soon . I have sealed the obvious openings but probably check everything agin . This is aweful .

  32. I’ve just recently noticed rat tracks in the snow in my back yard.I think the rat is trying to get into my house ,as it travels to various locations around my foundation.(on a couple of occasions over the past three days ) . I have to get this sucker(s). I am open to any suggestions?? Help!
    I’ve been told to try a home made trap ,that works like this :
    Take a 5 Gal. bucket – fill about 6-8 inches of water (also can use antifreeze) – run a wire through a soda can ,so that it spins. – center the can over the bucket and secure it across the top,next bait the can with some smeared peanut butter. Make sure you have a stick for a ramp so the rat can enter at the top of the bucket .When the rat falls in ,he can’t get jump out ! or swim FOREVER!!
    I’m gonna try this method -wish me luck !! I’ll get back to you later (hopefully with positive results)

  33. I used amonia and sprayed areound the walls and flor borads of our home the smell is strong for you – so its 4 xs that for them – they can’t stand the smell. You must keep up the process inside and out after a while they go away knowing they can’t handle the smell. While thery’re gone seela up all holes with the foan insulation that hardens and very hard for pest to knaw through. Remove old insulation that has sent and smell of rodents and make sure roof wall and crevices are sealed with harden foan insulation . On outside also use critter ridder (bobcat & fox urine) sprinkeld around – this draws foxes to eat mice/rats. Keep away from pets this also burns your skin so wash hands immeidately after sprinkling. Keep dogs and rabbits from pooping in your yard this also attracts the ungodly creatures. Hope this helps

  34. I fought the rats and mice in my shed last summer.

    I did a quick clean out of the whole shed and found tons of stinking evidence and babies!!! I cleared out all the fabric type stuff that they love for nests and was so grossed out thatI left the rest for later.

    I mixed the blue poison into the peanut butter and put bowls of water and anti-freeze next to it. The p-butter mix was put onto a large paper plates and mixed with a plastic spoon that I just threw away. They loved it so much that they licked holes in the paper plate!! They have to stand on the plate to eat the mix, then they get thirsty and drink the poison. I kept this up for 3 weeks or so. I kelled 2 rats and many mice. I kept the door to the shed locked so tht local cats would not get into the poison.

    The dead and rotting bodies lost in the junk of the shed smelled for weeks. I ahted to go near tot he shed, but the smell was so bad I had to so soemthing. I threw cat litter over the ones I found and that killed most of the smell and dried out the bodies. Dried out bodies are not so nasty to handle as fresh ones. Weeks later I shoveled them into the garbage can and put it straight out by the road to be picked up.

    Finally I cleaned out the rest of the junk in the shed and swept it clean. Finally I threw buckets of clorox water over the floor to get the stink down to a bearable level for me and to disinfect the place.

    And it is spring again, and time to go check again. UUUhhhggggg…..

  35. i got rats cos i got chickens, they are in my shed, big and little ones. i have dogs too i need to get rid quick with out letting them back what shall i do?

  36. Our neighbors tore down their shed about 6 months ago and 3 months after that we went into our shed to discover a foul odor and things were shredded. I ran and my husband went in to see all the damage..over 900 pounds of memories went to the dump that weekend. I drove to the store and while sitting there one ran out from under my car into the parking lot i was freaking of course and for a while hated being in my car at all. The only thing that really got rid of them was locking our shed tight..keeping plenty of antifreeze out(killed at least 14 with that)and snap traps. The only thing those glue traps did was trap poor little lizards.

  37. We have a rat infestation outside all around the house’s foundation. They have dug holes everywhere! We bought the big traps and put peanut butter on them. So far, we have caught two big ones and found a smaller one dead on the driveway (baby?). There are still plenty out there, though. I do have bird feeders outside and have been told they love bird seed. We also have squirrels that come to eat at our window sill.
    My husband thinks that one of our squirrel friends got caught in one of the traps and the rats (or something else) ate it. This made me sick and would like to avoid this from happening again. We also have dogs, so poison would be out of the question. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated since I don’t want them to eventually come into our house!
    Thanks in advance,

  38. I feel more relived to know others are having the rat problem too…I have a nighmare story myself. My husband, and our son just bought this house behinde a large concrete factory so we knew the possibility of rats and mice…but not in the house. We had the pest control guys come out right away when i saw a rat the size of a small cat run across the floor into the pantry where the hor water heater was…SCARY! come to find out we have 6 or seven families of rats making themselves cozy in our attic. they have torn up the insulation and continue to freak me out with the constant skweaking and movement. thank goodness my home is solid concrete and cant survive in the walls. we are still battling so any tips would be appreciated, because it seems they are smart..yeah the snap traps in the attic are not working..i am shuddering writing this as i am terrified of rodents. to make matters worse we have super fleas that literally swarm you that live in our yard. you cant even go outside! (i think they live off of the rats EWWWWW!!!!!!!!! I do know they also like to chill out inside the house. the outside of the house (entry points) were sealed with a wire mesh that seems to be working well..but the others are still inside..omg what do i do..sticky traps, snap traps, havent worked and poision is out of the question because i have a 2yr old..what if the rats conspire to attack us? we dont even eat at home. although we do have some stuff in the fridge..can they get into that? and we do have sewer not it possible i can take a #2 and have a rat greet me while i do so? its a really scary place right now. I feel the rats rule my life, and proffesional pest care doesnt seem to help much..and my cat just runs around growling i know she smells them but has yet to catch any…i was even prompted to buy a dog…what else can i do i feel i have tried it all..even bait boxes which lage quantities of bait are used is depleted within a day according to our pest controll service ..what else can i do?

  39. I was wondering how to get rid of rat urine smell…the rat lived in my stove for a day and now everytime I baked it smells. I have tried bleach and mr clean neither worked.

    please help!! I may starve here soon.

  40. We had rats- we live in Florida and the neighbors have lots of fruit trees. We knew we had them because we heard them in the attic. We called a professional to come and trap them. The trapper climbed in the attic, set the traps, and returned to collect the rats. At this point we then sealed all the places the trapper identified as points of entry. We do not want to use poisen because we have dogs and our neighbors have dogs. Squirrls carried the bags of poisen around the neighborhood- so that did not work for us and endangered several pets. Professional- that is the way to go if possible.

  41. Just a note about pets– My terrier (terriers were bred to be ratters) and my son’s dachsund were going crazy at all my crawlspace vents. I let them go under and after a day they stopped wanting to go under. Six months later, when my termite guy came, he confirmed that there had been some rats, but they were gone. I mistakenly let the exterminator put poison mixed in oatmeal under the crawl space which means I cannot let the dogs under there again. When he came again, he said the rats were back, and we have now have bait traps around the house. I should have skipped the poison as the dogs worked much better and cheaper.
    I am going to look closely for the openings and try the ammonia– makes sense.

    WARNING for pet owners– if your pet eats a poisoned rat, it could die too so keep an eye open.

  42. I am declairing WAR!!!. I have tried to be calm. I refuse to scream or run… This is my home dagnabbit!!!. I am going to get some Predator poison and make a few rat burgers with some pellats and then put some poisen peanut butter and antifreeze for a nice little coctail beverage. I am sooooo upset at theses disgusting creatures. The thing even tossed about 5 packages of incense onto the floor before deciding to bite holes in one of them… then threw the rest on the floor. I refuse to let this make me is crazy. The Rats ate part of my kitchen rug to get to the stove. Now it has made holes near the kitchen drawers. I even have started hearing them in the daytime. It went into the living room and crapped on my rocking chair. I am presently living on a non working farm and they are trying to take over. The barn is being emptied and I saw three dead rats on the summer. Now they are coning out to the house.We are moving into our own farm next to this one in August. I have thrown away so much fabric it is just awful. So to the Store I go!! Good luck everyone. I am so glad i found this site.

  43. We have been battling rats for over a year now. Last month we took the drastic step of having our lovely deck completely removed. We did this because we could not find where the little blighters were getting into the house. Well, we found several holes in our siding just under the level of the deck or in hidden corners. They had found their way into our water heater closet and built a huge nest. It was awful. Most of the problem has been eliminated but we still have a couple of stragglers we are having trouble trapping.

    I also will say that the snap traps are the only ones that work.

    Good Luck to you all!

  44. OMG!!! I am so glad i found this site…please let me give you my story and also to let you know that i HAVE never seen a RAT in my house until this morning!!!! I need some good help and advice. So, about 3.00am this morning my brother woke me up because he heard a weird noise. Never ever having any kind of rodent problems before we didn’t think it was a rat off couse, we actually though that someone was in our yard snooping around, so we went out and checked around only to find nothing. Upon coming into the house we ralized the noise was coming from INSIDE the house, from the dining room. When we got there, and switched on the lights we saw this GIGANTIC rat ON TOP of the dining table heartily helping himself to a bag of goodies i had left there only last night (the bag contained UNOPENED packs of stuff like doritos, cheeze sticks, potato chips and other similar stuff)!!!! I don’t have to tell you, i was and still am FREAKED OUT!!! Well he scuttled off the table and out the back door which we had not closed as yet…i could not go to sleep again, and now i am walking around the house scared because this thing is sooooo huge i feel as though any minute it’s gonna be back and launch an attack on me or something…gosh. My brother had gone to get some posion but after reading the other posts i am thinking maybe we should get some other devices as wel, like the snap traps and all of that!!! How do i find out if there are more like this mutant rat?? We have never had any other signs of rodents…please help!!!

  45. I am freaked out, I bought a bunch of rap trapping and killing tools and terrified to even use them. We bought a house a month ago which was vacant before we purchased it. Didn’t realize that we didn’t get a pest inspection so now I’m paying for it. I’m a huge baby when it comes to those things and not even sure how to get rid of them. I have a 2 story house, and they are in my downstairs living room and in the ceiling. I haven’t heard them anywheres else or even seen any evidence of them roaming around. So how on earth do I get them out of my walls, and out of my house? I’m having trouble sleeping at night cause I just stare at the walls. I’m really starting to lose it.

  46. We had rats in the loft and between the walls. I filled all the possible entry holes I could find and put down 12 traps. I tried Peanut butter, cheese (3 types) and raisons. Not one was set off!!
    Called the rat man who set traps and droped poison in between the walls. Apparent success, no more scratching, running or noises of any type. The problem started at the weekend and has got worse. The smell is terrible. Bring back Mr rat. I strongly recommend that you do not use poison and use the traps alone. Believe me the stench is unbearable. Can anyone help????

  47. Just call me NAMTAR – Rat man spelled backwards !

    I have been battling rats for some time now. Some years I caught and killed 30+. 18″ ones I might add. Got tired of live traps, especially when they “the rats” figured out the traps.

    I then went to poison. Brown or green cubes. This worked very well ” UNTIL THEY LEARNED ” The rats that is. I would toss the blocks down the holes and in the beginning I found maybe 20+ dead.

    But then I started to find the cubes of poison outside the rat holes??

    I know I tossed them in about 20″ of so. But they ” the rats” seemed to know the poison was bad, sinse Pa and the kids never came home from the trash cans.

    I started to find the rat poison cubes “pushed” out of the holes the next day? I noticed this for about 20+ times of trying.

    So are the rats learning ?

    So I tried to take peanut butter and mix it with the rat poison. AHaaa They are smart BUT VERY HUNGRY FOR PEANUT BUTTER…

    Also the snap rat traps only seem to make them “the rats” mad.

    So use a muskrat trap. Careful though, these traps if not used or set correctly can break fingers.

    There should be no learning curve wit these kill traps for them,
    “THE RATS ”

    Anti freeze soaked peanut butter bread ??? Is my next mystery batch to see if that works.

    I have a vested interest in killing off as many of them,”the rats” as I can. A few years ago they killed my 6 year old Boxer,Heidi !!!!


  48. I got RATS in my walls and ceilings……How do I get in the walls?
    Do I have to make holes so I can set traps?
    Once I have made a hole in the ceiling and set a trap…I guess I have to secure the hole so they don’t come into my house.Is one hole per ceiling/per room enough?
    Has anybody else come across a similar problem?
    I need to know what to do because I’m sure the pest control guys charge an arm and a leg.I feel like selling the house I’m so depressed….

  49. Had no idea so many people are battling these disgusting creatures called rats. We have them in our basement on the first floor of our home and in the ceiling. All methods we’ve tried previously worked only briefly. After reading the comments here some of you have had success with a poison called Predator. I am trying to find it and none of the hardware stores I’ve called know what I’m talking about. Is Predator the brand name? Please someone respond soon. These rats are causing me many a sleepless night. Thanks!

  50. A very common entry point for roof rats is through the bottom end of roof eaves. This is quite common in single family homes, duplexes and apartment houses. This was (is) the case in my home. I plugged up the entry points with expanding foam insulation that comes in a ready-to-use aerosol can. The foam worked at those points in keeping the rats out. The only problem is trying to wriggle around the attic to inject the foam into tight spaces. Had a dormer installed and now I can’t get any help to seal off the flashing from the inside of the attic which is a bit cumbersome to access. A certain family member is ever so flippant about rats getting into the attic again. Guess I’m the only one who applies commen sense in the household! Thick, dense foilage is a tremendous lure for rats as well as fallen fruit. The fallen seeds from certain types of palm trees (Queen Palms) are a delicacy for rats. I prefer to live free from clutter and junk (as many people do) but it’s BIG problem when certain family members don’t mind a side yard full of their junk and a “jungle” thicket landscape! And when I attempt to discard the junk all I get is ridiculed! Go figure…. Some people………..


    The one bait block killer that I have used successfully is Tom Cat Brand bait blocks. Available at most hardware, grocery and drug stores. A very good product indeed.

  51. I started to used the victor(any other brand may work as well) snap trap, I have try the peanut butter, but they (the rats) just lick it up without setting the trap off, I got sucessful with fresh fruit securly attached to the trap, but I am getting more luck with a piece of sliced ham, as the ham dries up in the trap, it becames hard for them to pull it off and it sets off the trap catching the rat(rats are very smart and will avoid danger if they know of it), lay some loose pices of ham thoughout the place where you see any droppings if you can’t find any droppings, then placed them around the kitchen or dinning room near the traps for them to eat it without any harm at first.
    I think that I finally got rid of the extra family (2 big one’s and 3 little one’s) that waren’t getting along the tenants.

    good luck to everyone

  52. place a few drops of peppermint oil on a cotton around and the rats and mice will leave… they hate the smell…..

  53. We have a big Rat living under our shed. Tried the Snap Trap, didn’t work. He made it snap and jumped in the air. I was hoping it would scare him away, but he just went back under the shed. We took away the wood we had stored from the side of the shed, and cleaned the area. What is my next step. Does anyone have an answer because I have heard, one they have experienced a Snap Trap, they wont do it again.

  54. Ok, I have 2 rabbits that i’ve had for 2 years, rat/ mouse free. My room mate managed to let a rat that was suposed to get eaten by his snake to “get loose” in our house. How can I get rid of the rat with out killing my rabbits? do traps that dont kill the rat but catch him work? Augh.. I just want to sleep without hearing it chew my house out from under me!!!!

  55. just to hear the words terrify me. i was biten by a rat when i was am arm baby and even until this day some 40 years later, i can remember it as if it was yesterday. i have had both in my home and i found that putting moth balls around my home really helps. i put them under cabinets,behind the washer and dryer,behind furniture and everywhere.
    they can not stand the smell of moth balls. in the yard you can put lime all around the house border or if you can find mint seeds plant them around the border of your home, that will work also for rats and snakes as well. good luck all

  56. We discovered a horrible infestation of rats in our detached garage, last spring
    My husband was such a clutter-bug lazy wanker, that we didn’t know we had them until way too late
    After trying many different traps and poisons we realized that the problem was just way too big to handle and that my husband had f’ed-up severely

    We had no choice but to burn the garage down and collect on insurance to buid a new one
    Trust me, the new garage is so tightly constructed, you wouldn’t catch an insect penetrating it’s barrier

    Anyway, still angry at my husband, I decided to rat on him for setting the fire resulting in fraud charges and 5 years in jail!
    It all worked out in the end, as his handsome friend moved in with me and as it turns out, he’s got a much bigger ‘rat’ in his trousers

    Good luck to all of you

  57. one sure way to get rid of rats is to simply cut a gallon milk jug in half and put dogfood and antifreeze mixture in the jug. antifreeze will kill anything, including pets and birds, so be careful.

  58. We live beside a trout brook. I leave out cracked corn for the ducks. My neighbor feels it is attracting rats, because he has seen them lately. He also has a big garden.
    Could it be the corn or the garden? Anyone have any advice for me? Thanks, Sharon.

  59. Glue traps should NEVER be used. How would you like to die by slowly starving or dehydrating? And poison or antifreeze…can you die a more painful death? And snap traps…just sick. Try not leaving out food, sealing off entrances to rat-proof your home and any of the humane deterents such as those sonar noise repellent devices. All this talk about filthy rats is absurd. Rats are very clean animals and are only drawn to human filth for survival. They are smart. They know humans mean shelter and an easy meal. So stop making it so easy for them and give them a break!

  60. traps work, if they steal the bait just smear peanut butter on the trigger mechanism. forces them to jiggle the trigger. Good luck to all of you fellow rat fighers

  61. There is a rat living in my guitar and I think it is about to have babies…
    for the past 3 nights it has crawled out and scaled up my bedroom door…
    it is freaking me out.
    do I look in the guitar to see if it is building a nest?
    or do I just leave it for someone else with more experience to handle..

    It is hard to control my rat problem because my house is very open and I live in a warm climate…
    How can I resolve this?


  62. I personally do not chose to mix w/ the rat madness going on around my home. I live in Sonoma County, located in Northern California. Me and my boyfriend have been renting this home for 5 years now — It’s an older home, but just this past years or less they’ve come up form our barn located towards the back of the property… Where we have chickens and pigs. I think we have both kinds of rats. I’ve open feed cans surprised to see at least 14 little faces staring up at me. I put the lid on and ran to tell my boyfriend he managed to fill the can w/ water and fortunately they drowned I guess because of no way out. But, we’ve seen some REAL big ones and in broad daylight I read something crazy like for every rat you do see there are at least 300 more! Great! So, being that we have chickens, dogs, 4 cats 2 go out and 3 stay in… I cannot really use poison. However my boyfriend invested in a pellet gun and in the evening when they start coming out of the woodwork, he will go sit and shoot them — He also uses the snap traps but have learned a lot from this site; wearing gloves, etc. The traps worked well for a while but they aren’t dump and I believe they actually caught onto them. Also there’s been a couple instances where the trap is no were in sight the next day so now he always ties some string or something to the trap. We also have a Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix who knows finding rats will make his Dad happy… One night late we hear our dogs playfully barking and when I finally looked to tell them to settle– I discovered they had a rat. I think it must have had a heart attack or something because they didn’t seem to tear it up and when they’d pick it up spit it out look at , and wondr why it wsadnt running any more… So, they’d bark at the rat a few times as if to say, come on get up and run, lets play, why arent you moving?

    Anyway, I am curious if anyone out there knows just how smart a rat reallu is..? I am beginning to wonder if my boyfriend being out in the barn area shooting them; has driven up our way to our home because they consider it unde to go there them, and I don’t know how smart try are. But sure seems like it to me… Anyway, good luck to all!
    Thanks for the tips!

  63. the best thing to do is just sit on your patio or driveway with a ics cold beer and a good bbgun and pretend you are a sniper in the marine corps…. this method has worked excellent for me… and no im not a redneck!!

  64. I had a problem with a rat in my roof not wanting to poison it and have i die in the roof i was told by a freind to mix baking flour or ground wheat with dry cement(concrete)or better crack filler and leave it dry and in a bowl
    the rats eat this then the cement makes them thirsty and then they go out to look for water once they have had some water the cement starts hardening with the crack filler this process is quicker and then well no more KNAWING!!!from south africa

  65. I got to this site since I am trying to find out how to trap a pet rat gone bad (LOL) After getting some rats as pets and discovering how they can fit thru the tiniest of bars….I have a MIA mama and just found 11 of her babies a few days ago. Got babies into an aquarium and put an open jar of peanut butter in hopes of luring her into there. Well next morning all the babies were gone and so was she. I have 6 cats living in my house and you would THINK an escaped rat would be found….welll NOT. They all adapted. The darn rat snuck cat food into my couch for her nesting period. I feel terrible since these little guys are pets and quite intelligent but I am so over this…..All adoption shelters are full (lol-they only have 4 rats) Wow – if only I had four. With the 11 babies I think we’re up to 33. All but the mom and babies are back in cages. I don’t know how to get them out of my couch and house. They DO loove peanut butter and oddly enough garlic mashed potatoes.

  66. I need help. Exterminator is doing nothing. I have a rat(s) in my kitchen. I only see droppings behind the stove and refrigerator. Glue traps have not helped. Has anyone used predator urine ie: bobcat urine? I just heard about this today. I am sick of getting up every morning and bleaching my entire kitchen. Help

  67. We have been battling rats for about 2 months now. We first saw a big one coming out of the dishwasher, and we put some glue traps and caught 7 small rats within 2 weeks, but apparently we never caught the big one. After about 3 weeks of no rats, the big rat popped out the dishwasher again. We pulled the dishwasher out halfway two days ago and discovered it had built a big nasty nest under the dishwasher, stealing all sorts of stuff from around the house. She must have been there for 2 months. I have not disturbed the nest yet but increased the number of traps that I have around it. This morning I found one glue trap missing and blood (I think) and poop all over the kitchen floor. The trap was dragged to my living room with no rat in it. We have hired a professional ( two months ago) but they do not do much other than lay traps and throw poison cubes around.
    I am not sure what to do next, I am planning to remove the nest tonight.
    Does anyone know how long does it take for the poison to work? They are yellow cubes that have peanut butter in it.
    This is sooo nasty, I can’t stand it.

  68. closing off the food source is really helpful. I had rats under my shed last summer, and made sure to always close the lids really tightly (they are right next to the shed by the back fence). I didn’t see them for a while, but now I am starting to see them again running under the shed. !!!!!GROSS!!!!

    I got back from vacation today and smelled something really foul outback. I looked down my stairs outside to go to the basement back door and there were two dark areas with flies. Were they trying to get inside the house? Needless to say I called the exterminator today. I can barely look at dead rats outside, if they ever get inside I wouldn’t be able to handle it. What a pain.

  69. I think I only have 1 rat living in my garden (ok I am praying that it is 1 and probably delusive) tonight I am going to leave mole pelets and a fresh bowl of antifreeze out for him, I will let you know how it goes. I don’t want to kill the chipmonks or bunnies in my yard so I am going to watch it and get rid of it before morning. the concreat and flour with bacon bits sounds like a good option too, maybe with his favorite bird seed mixed in.

  70. I have rats in my garage and they have knawed away at the walls of my garage – how do I repair the walls without having to take down the siding. At a point where I want to tire the entire structure down and brick my entire house. It’s a big mess. I don’t understand why my house. I had a pest service and I don’t think they are doing much good, not even sure if they are baiting the track as they should. Being told to get the shrubs from around the house – now why should I have to destroy my garden…It’s a big mess. I didn’t have a cat when I first moved into my house and then started see signs of rodents after I had to get rid of the cat. Don’t want another cat, don’t want rats.

  71. My uncle gave us a great trick to use with the snap traps years ago. It is gross but very effective. you run nails into the wood where the trap snaps down. We killed a colony of rats in our patio living in an old chest that way. Snap comes down and nails run right through the rats head. I know it sounds gross but it’s quick and then you use a rubber glove or plastic grocery bag and throw the hole thing away. By, by rats. Remember never touch them they carry disease and all kinds of lice, fleas and mites.

  72. Mix 20 fresh red chillies with some natural soap flakes in a food processor. Add some water to help make a smooth paste. Spread around feed bins, or anywhere else you want to make rat-proof. Bye-bye rats – and be careful when handling. Wear gloves, and keep away from skin and eyes. It burns!! I’m spreading this natural and harmless deterrant in my horse-shed this weekend. Trust an Aussie to come up with a great idea. Please let me know who uses this and how effective it is for you. Good luck everyone!!(ps: use less chillies and more water, put in a spray bottle and spray plants and vegie gardens to erradicate caterpillars and other pests.) Remember to use soap flakes, it helps spreading.

  73. We live in townhouse (end unit) and we have caught at least 5 rats in our attic the last 4-5 yrs from spring loaded traps. We suspect that they are now in between the walls that connect us and the other unit. Does anyone know if there are any devices to detect rats between walls? We live in a 6 unit building but it seems that we are losing the battle as there are 5 other units and we are the only ones being pro-active with catching these rodents. HELP!!!

  74. HELP, going out of my mind, had rats for 8 weeks now, had pest control in 6 times have three different posions, traps everywhere and yet still hear them every night and also find fresh droppings daily, also have a large nest which I am not sure is a rats nst or a birds nest, does anyone know what a rat;s nest looks like?

  75. HELP ME, i have a rat (hopefully just one…) in my walls. i hear it at night- about 2 years ago we had an awful smell in our home and had a company come out to check our pipes for gas and such- they found a HUGE rat in our wall. it was dead and rotting and that was the awful smell.. so gross! i can not stand it anymore. up until recently i have not heard or seen or anything one, but now every night i hear it. i have heard of the dangers of breathing rats or the dangers of them even with no contact to human or food or anything- what hazards are these. they have never been inside our home – just in the crawl space and walls- maybe attic i am afraid to look. i just got the huge snap traps i hope the work, but i have been told by many lately that you should try to kill all the ones you have and then close up your house securely and that is the best way to never have them- but it seem impossible to totally totally close a house up with pipes and everything- we live behind a restraunt?? any ideas or any advice- and if anybody knows just how dangerous they are to health, i have 4 year old son. please help me- thanks ahead of time

  76. Steph i;m with you. I’m totally freaked, my husband has ashma, dad a cough and i have headaches. this is the second time we have had these things and they don’t go away. My mom just died and i am inheriting her house but i’m afaid to have kids in it. I found 1 in my ac unit outside stuck on the blades at 5am yesterday and am now scared to sleep because of 1 in the walls and attic. I’m scared they will bite the soft spots on my face since i drule in my sleep. I put lots of bait out this afternoon some bars some liquid in the attic and outside shed. This evening 1 sounded like it was playing with a bar throwing it around like a frikken toy. some of the hints on this page and on d-con were great I guess tomorrow i’m cutting fruit trees in my yard down and resealing doors and windows it needs to be done for the winter anyways. thanks sleepless

  77. Well I can say that we have been battling mice/rats for the past 2 weeks. We have tried glue traps (very heartwrenching to see), snap traps (they just eat the peanut butter off ) poison bait dishes and mothballs. Today it sound like they were bowling with the mothballs in the attic. I am looking for other suggestions. I am going to try to find Predator. Now I hear a constant knawing on metal sound in my bathroom. About to lose my mind!!!

  78. I didn’t know I had aproblem in the house till I went toput some trash in the Kitchen garbage can and a huge one jump up in my face.I hate rats!We live on a grain and cattle farm and battle them in thebarn and around the grain bins but these buildings are a good distance from the house.I never dreamed we had any anywhere near the house.Well this is war!I’m mixing a little sweet horse feed,peanut butter,anti freeze casserole for them this evening,and instead of crushed potato chips I,m putting anice topping of crushed bait bars on top.I hope they like’s one thing to have to fight them in the grain bins and barns constantly,but when they invade the house it really is war.The thing is ,I’ve always prided myself on keeping a clean house.This is so embarressing I can’t even tell anyone.Good luck to all and Happy Hunting.

  79. I think i have a rotting mouse under my cabnits. There is no way to get to it. Does anyone have any ideas how to get rid of the smell??

  80. I have had roof rate for 2 years now. It all started after coming home from Christmas. I opened the hand towel drawer in the kitchen and out fell dry dog food and these weird looking rice pellets. Next I was out with my 6 dogs in my fenced in yard at 8pm and saw two creatures that I had not seen before come out from my neighbors fence and jump onto the top of my metal fence and hop up on my roof. Then came the noise at night over my light in my bedroom. I could hear things running around.

    To make this story short and sweet I have been through 4 pest companies. The first company only put out 3 traps in my attic. They caught two roof rats and then no more, even with putting a cage with birdfood in it. Soemtimes at night I could hear a trap being dragged and the company would go up in my attic and guess what? no trap could be found.

    I had found at first that I had a gap in my cedar garage door. So I replaced it with a fiberglass door and it is well sealed. So they were in my garage and keeping room where the hot water heaer is located. Since call this mess they have put flashing all around my roof line. Everytime they go up in my attic they say it is well sealed.

    So the latest preventative was the flashing and I didn’t hear anything. Two weeks ago I heard what sounded like something wrestling with metal somewhere on my roof trying to get in while I lay in bed. I contacted the company and the guy who is known as the “Rat King” came out and he said everything was fine. Well, the other night I heard a little bit of wrestling with metal and then later on what I thought sounded like poom poom poom. They had checked all around my vents on my roof and they are sealed up.

    I should also add that when I first had them they were coming from the garage through my copper line hole that hooks up the refrigerator and then through the line under my sink and destroyed underneath my kitchen cabinets. They were setting up a couple of nest underneath my broiler under my stove and I have never even used it. Again check you pipes coming from walls to appliances. I did kill one with a snap trap under my sink.

    Yes, corn attracts them. I had put out birdfeed and corn the first year b4 I knew I had them. Now I have removed both. I have 6 dogs and am now depooping everyday the yard.

    I told the guy who came out the other day if I hear them in my attic I am calling him on my cell.

    I could write a book on some of the dumb and dumber guys from some of these critter companies who have come out to my house. One team had this itty bitty flashlight that did not even work and I had to give him a battery for it.

    I have a cedar house that was recedared b4 I got the rats. Go figure. If you see holes get some steel wool (no brillo pads) and stuff it in the hole and get hardwire and nail it around it. They can’t chew through steel wool.

    One guy that came out spent most of his time on his cell phone. He made an appt with me and when I called him to confirm it he said he was going out of town. Left me high and dry.

    I did get a big what I call pet rock that when you open it up there are 4 spools where you can put bait in it. The rock locks down so pets can’t get it in. There are two holes in it. I put that on the other side of the house so we will see.

    It is hard as I have 6 dogs. There really is nothing worse than tryinig to sleep and hearing them in your attic. Once they get in your house good luck.

    The guy across the street had them in his garage as he had stored dog food in it.

    So far from last year they are not inside my home. I have to throw out any water from my dogs bowls outside at night. I understand and feel the way most of your do. I pray every night that they will go away.

    diane in Atlanta, GA

  81. Someone called ratlover said,

    “All this talk about filthy rats is absurd. Rats are very clean animals and are only drawn to human filth for survival.”

    This person has obviously not had the experience of cleaning up after a wild rat. They defecate and urinate in their nests. I had one in my garage. I didn’t even know it was there until I smelled the nest. The worst part was not killing it (with a spring trap); it was cleaning up the nest – a really disgusting experience.

    Rats should be destroyed like germs. They are destructive and carry disease.

    Jerry in Huntington, NY

  82. I think i may Have a rat, at first it was a mouse.. I killed 2 of those and then found huge *** droppings that looked like watermelon seeds! its been about 2 months now and Nothing is working.. I dont want to use poisons because of my dog and cat. Now i hear teeny squeeks that im scared might be babies! they are in my walls and I’ve heard them actually in my bedroom Under my bed which scares the living daylights out of me! I have absolutely no food in my room which makes me wonder why the **** they would be in there?! Any ideas what i could do cos i cant sleep knowing the freaks are under my bed! I locked my cat in my room for a few hours but he just sat at the door crying.. and hes forever killing Mice around our property. its totally gross and I dont really want to go hunting for them cos it freaks me out way too much!!

  83. Rats are bad with all the flooding, and drought really bad out breaks all over the place. None the less who ever said they are clean, surely don’t know the evil rats at all. They are smart, they adjust, the more you get at them. The more they get back at you, they are evil evil that a fact. If all rats was wiped out we would all be better off, because they get worst and worst.

    Anyways I had bait under my sink, and heard them under there I kicked the cabnet a few times. They did not go I could not believe, the more you get to them the bolder they get. I grab the black pepper and put some back there, from the top and they stop as fast as the pepper reached them. I looked later and they took the bait and box gone, I put black pepper around where they would go.

    So far I can only fund one left, it seems to have gotten use to the black pepper. My cat even swiped it and it still around, I sprayed bug spray around as well. That one seems use to it as well, so that worked for most of them. Here is the thing you must get all food away, to here they can not get to it. Leave the dcon out so it’s the only thing they got to eat, they are really hard to get out of a house once they are there.

    Dcon is the best because they eat it, and then they need to drink and the more they drink. The more the dcon eats there dead bodys away, I seen just a little hair from one that eat the dcon. It was not here the day before, so over night the dcon took care of everything but some hair. So you need to take 4 steps to get them all, and keep them away.

    1) get all food they can get away, 2) fix all holes you can fund. 3) Put dcon bait around, 4) use some and/or all like moth balls, black pepper, bug spray, amonia. And stuff like ground up glass, these things are pretty bad and will drive you nuts. They got really great smell, but some get use to it as well. You need to take all the steps, or you will never get them out and keep them out. Traps works if there is no other food, but traps can back fired on you. And they only work some times, and must be changed every other day.

    Dcon can be left places only the rats would go, I had one really big one down where my oil heater was. It would not take the dcon at all, but 6 months later it eat all of it. That was the one, that only a little bit of hair was let to it. If any new one comes in it will be there, check every so often and add more as needed. Don’t think you will just them all at once, you must take the 4 steps and keep at it.

    The good news is no one hardly ever gets bit by them, unless your doing crazy stuff, like going after them with a broom or some thing. Don’t do that take the 4 steps I said, it will not work all the way all at once. But it will get most out in a short time, any bolder ones it will get a bit later. I have a LED flash lite, and don’t turn on the lights. And I can see signs of them much better, the LEDs are brite clean white light. And you can direct the light really good, and see signs of them much better.

    I’ll say this they are evil, and very bold as you take away there food the bolder they get. So it’s best wait and take the time, and do all 4 step all in one day. Remove as much stuff they can hide behind as you can, this helps lots because they feel save when they are behind stuff. They are like the devil them selfs, and can drive you nuts if you let them. The worst problem is not knowing how to deal with them, you start feeling helpless because they keep getting bolder and bolder.

  84. After hearing a story about a wily rat finally falling for a Dorito I tried it. I handled all traps with gloves and tried several baits(handled bait with glove as well). I got a hot glue gun and glued Dorito chips to the traps and laid a square of toilet paper over the metal hinge(be careful, you can easily break a finger by getting caught in a rat trap). The rats are on to the peanut butter and wont touch it. The Dorito worked the first night, so did a hersey’s kiss that I partially peeled the wrapper away from and Hot glued. I have also been successful with burying the trip device in a small chunk of apple. I guess that the roof rats (most common) are fairly health conscious and especially like fruits and vegetables. If you have both rats and mice, start with only the rat traps as phase 1 because the mousetraps will just alert them to your plan. After you think you’ve done sufficient damage to the rats, add mouse traps, lots of them at once (along the walls with the “death end” pointed toward and closest to the wall). Make sure that your house is free of clutter, food stored in containers, and garbage in a secure can. I took the Bill Murray (Varmit Kong) approach from Caddy Shack and declared all out war. I bough 15 rat traps, 30 mouse traps, and took my time in preparing and placing. Make sure to draw a map and keep track of what bait works best. They are smart. good luck.

  85. I forgot to mention that you had better put your cat in a locked cage (kennel) if it could possibly have access to the traps. A trap could seriously injure your cat. They also make wooden boxes with a hole large enough for the rat to get into to place your trap in. Still make sure that your cat can’t stick his paw in.

  86. This isn’t a tip but a call for help! I renovated my kitchen last year and sealed openings that allowed mice to enter. Its been great until now. I heard a lot of banging and what sounds like grawing metal coming from my stove. Much too big a sound for a mouse so I suspect a rat. I did find larger droppings outside the stove on the floor. Its been a few days since I heard the sounds but when I have turned on my stove there is a disgusting strong urine smell that just fills up the house. Its is so gross. I think the rat got into the stove and tore up all the insulation on the back and urinated on it so when it warms up and fills the air. Its very terrible. I’m planning on baking holiday cookies for gifts but now I won’t be able to because of the smell. Does anyone know of somekind of chemical that I can spray inside the stove that will eliminate the smell? Please help! Christmas is a couple days away and I just discovered the smell. Help! Thanks!

  87. Hey Mondo,
    This sounds bleak. They do sell a solution at pet stores for getting pet urine smell out of carpet and there is also 50/50 white vinegar/water mix. I’m not sure how this would work on stove insulation. Sounds like your going to have to replace the insulation or the stove. If you have an appliance recycling outlet nearby, they are usually more reasonable for repair, especially if you bring the stove to them. Maybe you can set the stove of broil for awhile and burn the smell out. How pathetic is this that I’m checking the “get rid of rats site” on Christmas Eve. The rest next post will be a hand to the forhead in the shape of an “L” (for me). Good luck and Merry Christmas

  88. Forgot to add: Rent an ozonater at your local Hertz rentals or the likes to get rid of the effluvium that will undoubtedly overpower your house if you try the broil method.

  89. I have a lot of rats in my home I don’t even know what kind and don’t want to look..but I’m very disgusted.. We had gotten a few from rats traps around 12 but don’t catch anymore..we clean around the house like 3 times a week but they still end up eating paper or anything..they even ate my mom kohls bill I need help asap…its 536 in da morning and I can’t sleep bc sometimes I feel like they are on my bed and I’ve felt them before what should I do

  90. can u help me i found out that i have a rat in my kichen on xmas eve it had eaten my pototoes carrots fruit i had saved for xmas.but worst of all my 2 year old child came home after his operation i have tried rat poison but i dont know wat else to do cos im afraied for my child please let me know as soon as possible

  91. Rats were playing football in ceiling every nite. could’nt sleep, so i got a broom handle and banged on the ceiling for appx.15 min. rats left. Next nite the game was on again ,banged on ceiling for 20min constantly. rats left and did’nt return. In the garage ileave a radio on playing acid-rock music and they dont like it. good luck!

  92. I have just discovered I have some animal in my shed trying to get in.
    I am not quite sure it is rats yet but I keep my rabbits in the shed so I am presuming it is rats. None of the rabbit food seems to have been eaten yet. There was mud that had been dug up and a big pile of it from around the back of one of the rabbit hutches. Someone suggested mixing a asprin with rabbit chocolate drops and they will soon leave and die where they live and not in my shed! Is that true? And will the rats effect my rabbits?

  93. The problems that arise after getting rid of the rats are the rat mites that will torment and bite you for up to 3 months after the rats die. People that sre allergic to rat mites (that live off of the rat) have severe many as 50 or more bites…has anyone had this problem after getting rid of their rats?

  94. Hello, I have a rat problem, but I live in a foreign country where American pesticides aren`t available. I don`t speak the language here, and it`s a holiday until tomorrow, so I can`t take immediate action, but ahhhh! I can`t sleep with that running around.

    However, I have only one rat (I am sure of that) and a small apartment.

    Can I get it to leave the apartment on its own? Does the whole broom and pot trick really work?
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  95. We thought we had a mice problem…sounds like we now have a rat problem. We laid down some poison and our house was soon filled with a lovely rotting animal smell.

    This weekend I am heading to the basement to clean clutter and to the hardware store for rat traps.

  96. Mothballs/napthalene will do the job.

    We live in Spain, in the countryside, so cannot remove the food as it’s all around in the fields. So far they have chewed thro’ the radiator hose on my car three times – they like the taste of antifreeze! – and last week chewed thro’ the power steering hose on my wife’s car!

    After the third time on my car I discovered the mothball advice, and so far so good, but I didn’t put any round my wife’s car as it’s so high off the ground. Clearly not a problem for rats.

    From now on I shall just double the mothballs in the weekly shop! In addition we put poison pellets down their holes.

    They will eat through concrete, as previous comments have mentioned, so anything softer is useless to plug holes. I will be trying bleach as well now that I’ve read about that.

  97. I have an “atomic” rat (maybe more than 1) that ate through the sheetrock in the space that houses my dishwasher and then went right for the dishwasher hoses….this resulted in massive water cleanup and ruined my flooring and possibly the subfloor. The dishwasher hoses were replaced, they were literally chewed to shreds including the thick drain hose….We patched the holes with that hard drying foam, replaced the hoses and 4 days later, the same thing happened!

    This time we patched the NEW holes with the hard drying foam and steel wool (rats and mice won’t chew thru the steel wool because it breaks up in their mouth). Then I had an idea to get aluminum flashing and screw that into the sheetrock that houses the dishwasher. I could hear the rat chewing after that, however, I went to this site for helpful hints and put plain ammonia in a spray bottle and sprayed the around the inside area where the dishwasher is house (not inside the dishwasher itself) and haven’t heard anymore gnawing. I’m sure that the rat hasn’t left, but only moved on to a new area where I can’t hear it.

    I’m a woman and will not let this rodent thing beat me. Tomorrow I’m going “commando” and going to blend some nuts, wheat flour and crack repair and leave it in a dish under the house for it/them. Closeby I’ll be placing a ceramic bowl full of water and another full of anti-freeze. The rat can pick its “chaser” and the result will be the end of it/them! Anti-freeze has a sweet taste, so the rat(s) may prefer that…either way, I didn’t want the decaying remains to stink up the entire house and I believe that the crack repair will prevent it since it will harden like cement in their stomach.

    Ok some of you may think that this is an awful way to kill them, however, rats and mice are quick to learn. This one would not be caught in snap traps, wouldn’t eat D-Con, avoided the glue traps….nothing worked. I have cats and they are great mousers, but the rats/mice know that cats cannot get in back of dishwashers or inside the walls. This has been driving me insane for the past month and I’ve had it!

    I’m an animal lover, but these rodents are literally eating my house down. I live by the Delta in California and on a manmade lake….I’m doomed as long as I live here….Rats love to be close to water! Remember when patching holes to use steel wool! I used the fine grade…

    Take care and good luck!

  98. please help i have a huge rat in my house it is as big as my foot no lie. im scared to sleep cause it might get near me. i have a 3 and a2 year old i dont want it to hurt them. the big rat jumped at me i put a safety gate to block it in the kitchen.thats where it rain to. im scared to go in the kitchen. its just so huge i got so terrified i about called the police. but i decided not theyd just laugh at me. please help…….

  99. We have been fighting mice/rats for weeks now.

    I plugged holes up with steel wool. I was told they don’t like that feel on their noses. I tucked it around holes where pipes lead into the house using an old butter knife. I am about to tackle the wall that something is in. I don’t know if it helps with the big rats. So far we have only seen small things.

    Something is in one wall. It is driving me crazy at night. One night I thought the least I would do is scare it. I found an old back massager (big one) and rattled the wall with it.

    The entry holes are everywhere, under sinks, stoves , just anyplace you can imagine.

    The mouse traps work (the snapp kind).

  100. This is the first year ive had to deal wit these little ******* and ive tried every thing from peanut to glue traps. there really is no way to stop them except preparing oneself for war. ive blocked entry ways but they keep coming now its time for rat genacide. i use crushed up poison pellets mixed with honey for the babies and now im prepareing the flour and cement mix quick dry cement with the anti freeze to wash the cement down. ive loaded my high power pellet guns to aid in there demise, cause i cant afford to rebuild the house so ill post again to let all know my outcome and if all else fails one sure way is to blow the house up KABOOM just kidding im in it for the long haul

  101. i’ve seen these workers near the garbage dumb pouring calcium hydoxide powder and water into holes suspected to be rodent entry point.
    you be surprised to see the number of groggy rats emerging and got whack at same time.

  102. HELP!!! I have something in my house…..I don;t know if it is a mouse or rat….I actually don’t even know if it is 1 or more…..Last night was the last straw I heard it in the drawer of the master bath in my room….when I went to look I saw that it had chewd a huge hole in a medicine bottle….I am tempted to put poison in the drawer but I am scared it will die in the wall and stink up the whole house……what can I do…..

  103. Quick and easy way

    Use as shop vac or leaf blower, blow a couple packs/bottles tins whatever of pepper into the troubled area, do this over a week or two every couple of days. The rats will imediately disappear. Close up the holes and your done. Harmless, painless for you and your pets.

    Works every time.

  104. Help!!! i have rats in my attic, can anyone help with some suggestions. i throw bait up there and they go away for some weeks then return. please help

  105. Ok…I have rats on my patio and can see them running back and forth every now and then, i put peppermint out and it seems to get rid o them for a few dys at least, havent tried poisons because i dont want them dying in the house, though i dont think they are inside, and i cant use traps because…well theres no way in **** im cleaning the bodies up. i dont know if they live near my house, or in or at my neighbors place, i do see them jumping from branch to branch on the tree outside my window every other day or so (didnt think they were that agile). anywy, any info on getting rid of them without poisons or traps would be greatly appreciated, hate to kill them but if it comes to that I’ll do what i must to be rid of the little *******.

  106. Wow my husband and I found mouse droppings and the smell of its urine underneath our counter door. The exterminator gave us some glue traps. Did not work. Its like they just moved them out the way. So my husband put peanut butter on the small wooden trap. Did not work. Again he used bologne that to did not work. So He tried the starburst candy cut alittle piece jammed it tightly onto the trap and same night, less then an hr. we caught the little *******! Later the next day to find more droppings on our counter top. Didnt know they can jump 3 ft high. Crawl through toilet and sink pipes. Now im really freaked. Reading everyones stories, it seams this isnt gonna go away anytime soon.

  107. Spread snake *** around the roof space. The rats can smell it, but not humans. Your local reptile park will probably give it away free.

  108. what do i do about having children in the house while there are rats there.. and what about bed linen clothes etc.. im worried for my kids

  109. I live in NYC, yes RAT capital of the U.S.A… I am not sure if I have a mouse or a rat… I saw it the other night, after i heard a strange noise coming from the heat pipe. There is a hole leading downstairs. I only got a brief look at it and was too freaked out to search. it looked about 4 inches, to 4 1/2. I dunno.., I put aluminum foil through the holes and sprayed some washcloth’s with vinegar windex with hopes it will not return. It is a personal belief that prevents me from killing the rodent. How do I safely trap it and get rid of it?????

  110. I worry about the rat that dies in the wall. It really stinks as they decay. The others will eat the carcass too, then they may or may not die. I have a really tricky “mickey”. He’s getting bolder too. He’s in the wall and my dishwasher. I heard mint leaves or peppermint extract/oil works well to get them out. I put out several drops around the dishwasher. I haven’t seen him make a run for it but the house smells really good. I’ll let you know if it works. Plan to put out more as I clean the house looking for droppings.

  111. Can anyone tell me if a rat[s] can take 10 poison blocks about 1.5 inches square from where they were left and the next night take about 13 of them. They were positioned outside in the garden at the wall and completely gone next morning…….any advice.

  112. I just saw a RAT yesterday in a back room! It wasn’t scared of me at all. I have a 1 year old daughter and a small dog…I’m freaking out!!! I spent the night with my parents last night and my husband stayed home, didn’t want to stay anywhere else. I have the pest control people coming tomorrow morning but I am not satisfied…we’ve had a small mouse problem b/f and thought we had it under control…now I don’t know what to do and am so afraid to have my baby (whose now crawling and walking around) in this house!!!!! HELP!!!! any ideas…I’m afraid to use poison b/c I don’t want her or our dog to get into it…but the traps kill and than they stink! I’m gonna move, that’s all I can do…I wish it was that easy! I’m just frustrated and grossed out and worried…a wreck…thanks for listening!

  113. Lydia here what you need to do, first get all food out from where any rats could get to it. Then work on any place that they can hide while moving around, like big box’s clothing hampers and stuff like that. Put them all the way to the way, so they can’t move around behind them.

    Next you want to get some decon and put it some place, where they can hide out but your pet. Our child can’t get to it at all, I put it under my sink they eat it all up right away. You must make sure they can not get to any other food, so they only have the decon to eat and keep replacing it as they eat it. And keep some out for them always, so as they come back they will find it and eat it.

    As a short term fix put some black pepper powder down, it must be very fine power. It drives them nuts and helps keep them away some what, I’m also trying a very fine powder red pepper now as well. I got the coming into my house, from the city sewage in spring I plan to ground up glass, and put it in dirt and put that around the house. That should keep them out, and I’ll fix and other holes I find.

    And yes they seem fearless anymore, but you have to remember they only want food. Keep the food put away from them, and they will not stay away people very long. That a big key part of it, if they find food, they will keep coming back. You want them to only find decon, they eat it and then die and that pretty much the bottom line.

  114. I have been trying to snare a rat in a rat-trap for over a month. We have been slopping peanut butter on the trap, but the bugger managed to lick off the Skippy and leave the trap un-sprung.

    He had eluded capture until this weekend.

    I cut up some nice Vermont Sharp Cheddar we got on vacation. I put a little cube on the trap with a little string tied around the cheese and the contraption that trips the trap. We then went to sleep. 10 minutes later we hear a “SNAP” and my wife sends me out to deal with the rat.

    It was huge! At least a foot long. The trap only stunned it and probably broke a leg (or claw). I grabbed a broom and a trashbag as my plan was to get it in a bag and then beat the **** out of it.

    However, the rat woke up and charged me…I screamed like a little girl and then went on the attack with the business end of the broom. He actually got into our floorboard radiator, but got stuck. That would have produced a horrible stench if he died in there.

    I beat the radiator with the broom handle and forced him into an opening. I yelled out “GET OUT OF MY HOUSE YOU MONSTER”….yes, I was being a bit dramatic. I then smashed the head of the beast with the broom handle. Meanwhile, my wife was yelling at me to cut off it’s head with a meat cleaver. Which would cause a big mess and we don’t have a meat cleaver.

    I swept the rat into a trash bag and threw him away. I then reset the trap,hoping I would not hear another “SNAP”.

  115. I need to find out how they enter my attic and have already spent some time searching out and blocking possible entry points. I have heard of a product called rodotrack, which uses a flourescent powdery substance which the rodents spread as they move about and leave residue of this powder which can be seen later using a blacklight. Has anyone out there used this product, and does it work?
    I have head good success with snap traps. For bait, my favorite method is to take a paper towel torn into a rectanguar shape about 1/2″ x 1″. Then you spread a thin layer of peanut butter across the center section of this, just a tiny amount. Then you carefully fold the outer edges over the p-butter morsel and use this on the “hook” of the trap. Attach by folding it onto the hook with just a slight twist, attach firmly and they cannot yank it off. Of course, they will not just lick at it, as the good stuff is inside of the paper and they will have to bite into it. Very effective, and you can also make an extra one or two to leave a couple of feet away from the trap, so they enjoy the extra one first and then are rather fearless when they smell another one nearby, which obviously will be their last meal.

  116. Chalk up another kill to Vermont Sharp Cheddar Cheese!

    As I mentioned above, we had baited our rat traps with peanut butter (Skippy). Apparently the rats hated that brand as much as I do.

    We switched to some Vermont Sharp Cheddar and so far we are 2 for 2 on traps set with the stinky cheese. After my violent encounter listed above, I noticed some new rat droppings in the basement, so I set another trap with the killer cheese and woke up to find a dead rat next to the trap.

  117. We moved into an old house and when we heard noises in the walls and attic we told ourselves they were just squirrels… ummm no! we thought that until my husband walked into the kitchen in the middle of the night and saw one on our counter top!! I was totally freaked out.. so we found some glue traps that the previous tenants had left.. how convienent!… and we caught about 5 huge rats within the next week… then… all of a sudden we quit catching them but we could still hear them..then I found a hole they had chewed in my hallway! about a half dollar size!! through our wood floors and carpet!! so we put traps all around it… about a week later we found one in the stove..when we tried to catch it, it ran to our guest bedroom under the bed… we pulled out the bed and found another hole!behind the bed!! it was about the size of my fist!… so we put a live trap there…no luck!!! this week we found 3 more holes!! our house is NEVER dirty… we never leave any food out… we RARELY eat at home.. and since all of this… we NEVER eat at home!!! we put snap and glue traps in the attack…apparantly their nest is between two of our walls…well… I just found a hole, the size of both of my hands, completely chewed through the mattress in our guest room… the bottom of our box spring is completely chewed…we filled all the holes in the floors with joint compound mixed with crushed glass and my husband went into the attack and put poison out and saw the biggest rat ever!!! well… he put lots of little cups with anti freeze everywhere…and .. with the advice of my brother, we took hot dogs and poked holes in them and soaked them in antifreeze overnight then put those all over the attic… I’ll post if it works… I hope so.. these nasty things are running my life!! I’m so grossed out to the point I want to move… and I love my house… but the rats are overwhelming!!

  118. Just before Christmas i went to our fruit celler (which i store the christmas decorations in) I noticed that something had chewed the bottom of the wood supporting the door there. That was the first sign that something else was in our house. Still never thinking it could be a rat. One night i left he gargage down by the door to put out in the morning. There was a small hole in it. Thought it was our dog. After christmas we were getting the carpet shampooed. When we moved one of the tables we found the droppings. We bought a lot of snap traps. And a few sticky traps, and a live trap. No luck. My husband looked in the basement and found more chewed areas and droppings. Looked it up on the net and sure enough, rats!! One night my sister stayed over. She left her daughters lunch bag in the kitchen. The next day it was zipped open and all of the food inside was gone. I was so grossed out that i barely could sleep at night. We cleaned out our dresser drawers and found droppings in some of the drawers. About 2 weeks ago the snap trap got something in the basement. There was lots of blood, but no rat. We searched but couldnt find anything. I went and bought some rat pellets and put them out that night. The following morning all 3 packets were totally gone. No sign of them. We figured they would die within 5 days. (We kept them away from our dog) On the third day it was about 5:30pm. I was home from work for a short while on the computer. the dog was laying next to me. All of a sudden he got really excited. I had to leave for work so i put him in our bedroom, checked the computer room out and saw nothing. My husband came home at 6 and the dog was acting really excited in the computer room again. There it was slinking along side the wall. My husband had his pellet gun and shot it. Thank god. Its been about 2 weeks and no more sign of anything. No smell if other rats got into the poisen and died. He sealed up one area in the fruit cellar that looked like they could have came in there. We cant check the outside foundation yet cause we got bombarded with tons of snow this winter. Im praying there are no more. Im so creeped out by this. I learned alot from this web site and all of the postings. Hopefully i wont have to post again cause i hope that was all there was. Good luck everyone.

  119. i really want chickens but i am worried because we have rats. i need a way of getting rid of them. i have a cat who has a long term injury and i don’t want her get hurt with things like traps and poisons. i don’t like killing things but i know i have to. can u help me? if i find any other ways to get rid of then i will keep u posted.

  120. I just give up. A month into trying traps and other methods still no better. I get one seems 2 more replace it. 
 All this started when the people next to me moved in. I believe in being clean but when they have about 20 bags of garbage ( no kidding ) sitting in thier yard there is bound to be trouble.
    Ive sealed everything i can. Problem is once they are in they are hard to get out.
    I have 3 sons and i come to relize i cant keep them here any longer. I am scared for thier health.
    So here is 2 moving …

  121. Clean, clean, clean. Watch for droppings and race them to where they are gettiug in. Plug up any holes. Set traps outside area where you think they are coming in. Keep all food in fridge. Use garbage disposal and the rest put in plastic in fridge til you can get it out. I like the black pepper suggestion – will do immediately. The poison works but the smell is horrific. Last resort get a professional that guarantees their work but remember if you can trace it it will cost you much less.

  122. We have been having rat problems for a while now. We started with a snap trap, but then that stoped working. We knew we still had some because I had seen and heard them. So, we started to use the glue traps and It seemed to work very well. Untill the smart ones came. They chewed a hole through the pipe connecting our dishwasher to i think our sink. Then I heard one fall through a hole we have in our cealings. Now we are having to line the front of all the doors so they wont get in the bed rooms. They (as in the rats) are now stayin in the attic.

  123. Well this might be over kill but it works. I had a motion detector laying around so I ran some wires to a switch that I then hooked up to a big metal sheet(copper) with four rubber ends, with my knowledge of electronics(thanks to Navy) I was able to rig it up to turn on when the motion detector was tripped.

    Yup you guessed it, The rat ran right into it and received a nice 120v of pure love.

  124. I live in Fl. and have fruit trees in my backyard,at night the rats come out and get the fruit that has fallen to the ground,the only sugestion I have for this is to get urself a good 22 rifle and a pare of night vision goggles and have fun,lol

  125. I want to find out how to get rid of the smell we have found and removed a dead rat!! in the cavity of a wall but the smell is still coming out is so bad we have used all sorts of spraysnothing workrs so we now thing there could be one or two more in the wall of the house please help if you have any sug of what we can use to get rid of this smell.

  126. I have no tips, I need tips. Cant use poison as I have two dogs and I dont want them to get poisoned as can happen if they manage to find and eat a rat that has been poisoned. When I used the sticky traps when I had mice those didnt work, even baited it with popcorn kernals, which they loved but they didnt take the bait. I have tried snap traps and they eat all the bait but dont set off the trap. Thought I had mice but have found a couple droppings that are not mice ones. I thought this morning that maybe I should try and get them drunk so they wont be so careful when eating off the traps. HELP. I want these things gone. I think a baby or two got in one evening when I had the door open while calling the dogs in from the yard. Had already sealed up the gaps around the house but not sure if that will keep them out (used the expand stuff). So I need a sure fire way to get rid of them. My pest control ppl (terminix) said they use the capture traps set with poison but I have read that those traps are not as well made as they use to be and dont work as well. Any suggestions would really be appreciated. Oh and what was the pepper thing, didnt see that?

  127. We have found the best efforts are with an air rifle. Our problem is out of doors under my compost bin, where they had stored food and look pretty well-fed. They are bold and unafraid. Husband won’t allow a rat catching dog, no cats here, live near a dairy farm, so guess how long the rats will stay away? I have owned pet rats, but they are a very different type from wild ones. I hate to kill them, but can’t abide the disease potential. They live under a shed and were on my deck this a.m. enjoying the bird seed droppings. I suspect we have quite a community now, so feeling rather concerned. Thanks for the suggestions. Guess I am moving my garden and compost this year.

  128. I think their rats or mice but they’re taking the insulation out of my walls and I think using it as a play area. I hate these things I didn’t realize rats or mice could ever really move in my house I hate it but I am very afraid to go in the cabinet where they are hiding afraid they can attack or bite. I need to get the courage to get in there and chase them out.

  129. I have no TIPS…. I have a Anproblem. We live in rural Arkansas and I have a problem that I haven’t been able to cure. Our automobiles that are not in our garage have nesting rats/pest that build nest of sticks, grass, etc. under the hood. I recently had a fire under the hood of one of my cars that almost consumed the car. Any practical ways to fix this situation. I have dogs & cats..l.

  130. Peste talaga ang mga daga! (even here in our place we’re hving problems eliminating them)i live here in the province of Cavite philippines. My mom gets irritated, that’s why I am researching now on the best way to eliminate them. One of my friends suggested to surround a portion of the trees near our house with metal sheet plate so they can’t climb trees…I’l browse this site again later. Thanks a lot!

  131. I have spotted a rat or two on my outdoor property line. We have woods behind us and a pvc fence surroundeing property. I notice two hole dup under the back fence and spotted rat up close to the house and pool area. How do I get rid of them coming onto my propery form the woods.

  132. i need tips on how to deter outside rats (seen on my fence) from coming in side…animals and childern are involved, so i am hoping for any info…

  133. A VERY useful article.
    I’ve seen no trace inside house of mice or rats; I had both. For several months.
    My tip:
    First removed the source, a human, a squatter, under a temporary, now pemanent restraining order. The rats and mice moved from her room to the rest of my house. The fleas succumbed to two bombs. The maggots got flushed.

    Nextly, the team being self and 14-year-old cat Sam we removed a dozen or so.

    The final solution, however, came when I moved the CAT FOOD monthly supply up one shelf, the weekly supply up 3 shelves. The daily supply remained on the floor; Sam defended that himself. They disappeared.

  134. Like Ruben Shart of Arkansas, except it was a potential house fire, not a car fire: momma built a nice cozy nest near the gas pilots between the range and the oven. String, plastic bags and twigs. I happened to use the right side of the range to light a cigarette and happened to chance back within ten minutes. Nice cheery red glow for a fireplace. Not so nice for my house or the litter. Don’t think about that a lot, please.
    And this is middle-class, Sonoma County, California, last year.

  135. I think I am having a problem with roof rat(S). I live in Southern Florida and have a mango tree in my yard. We noticed the squirrels were coming around much more but I am not intimidated by them. A few nights ago while sitting outside something jumped up into the tree and started to climb. It has happened the past 2 nights and we cannot get a good enough look at it, being dark and all the leaves. After doing research we are figuring it is a roof rat feeding on the mangos. I have cleaned up as much as I can but I am still nervous they are going to be around. I do not want this to become a feeding ground. Any suggestions?

    Thanks all

  136. I have seen a rat in my house but I am scared to death to kill it I am trying to get something just to get rid of it maybe a plug device to run it out of my house.Can anyone help me on this matter?

  137. I have no tip,but I sure need one!! I have a problem with roof rats i hear them at night on my atick and scratching my walls,I’ve not seen one in my house “yet” but I am scared to death,I’ve been spending 3 days already ta my parents house b/c I cant stand the thought of them to come out in the middle of the night and do something to me or my child! my husband is staying home he put some traps and poison in the atick and they stopped for a few days but i heard them again thats when i decided to “move out” lol…. not funny at all! I can leave my husband home alone anymore but I sure dont want to come back to my house,what should I do? …. please help!!!

  138. If you put the snap trap (bated)inside a paper bag. when you hear a snap, you just pick up the bag and toss it, that way you dont have to look at it!!!

  139. continued: predictable and very ugly and painful results. Twas random chance I returned to the kitchen in 5 minutes, not 30, after lighting a cigarette off the stove, or I’d be out at least one room of my house.
    What didn’t work:
    poor choice of a biped room-mate. She had been living in a tent for months, came with a dog {Basenji/Lab mix}. Thus feces, fleas, even maggots. When’s the last time you saw a maggot? A full 11 months of court eviction process to remove the biped in handcuffs. (Dog left to Animal Control 1/2 hour later and went to a good competent home.)
    More sloppy housekeeping on my part.

    What did work:
    1. Sam de Cat. 12?16? yrs old, he’s not saying. Good for a few a week.
    2. The classic BIG Victor brand snap trap, also good for a few a week.
    The problem reduced, but did not leave. The varmints chewed neat handy pour spouts into both my sealed plastic containers.
    3. FINALLY realizing cat food is rat food, I moved the weekly supply to a seven foot high shelf without easy access, the 20 pound monthly supply to top pantry shelf. The paper bag sufficed, but metal is a better idea. Sam defended the daily supply at floor level.
    MY POINT: Isolation of the CAT food solved the problem.

  140. For Maria who needed something to get rid of the smell of a dead rat in the wall, there’s a product called BAC-A-ZAP that is an enzyme that essentially ‘eats’ up the odor. You can google it…it’s sold nationally.

  141. I live in a condo,which has 148 units. this year we are infested with roof rats.There is alot of ivy around these units,the HOA talked about cutting the ivy back,I told one of the members,that won”t solve the problem,the ivy will only grow back,the problem will start again. I suggested we take all the ivy out would be the best solution,what are your suggestions?

  142. Though our high intensity strobe lights were designed to evict squirrels from attics and crawl spaces….. they are 100% effective at evicting roof

    Shortly we will have video footage of a roof rat getting evicted using one of our MB10K units. Of course you still may have to contend with the rats on the OUTSIDE of your house….but at least they will be gone from the inside.

  143. So today, 5/09/09, Sam de Cat catches himself a harmless garter snake in the north yard, and to join the fun I prepare a forked stick. Sam- a 14-year old codger mind you- is unclear of my intent and leads my around to the south yard and invokes his ring of invisibility.
    Investigating, I find that one of my foundation vent screens has been neatly folded down on its diagonal, within the last month.
    This is a problem. The hole is large enough for an opossum, not an unlikely suspect. I have NO wish to have Pogo, or worse, Sam, die under my house. (The snake, by the way, was last seen in the garage and went home sadder, I presume wiser, and unhurt.)
    Thus I think major traps or poison gas are a bad idea.
    Object: all non-rent payers out, THEN nail the vent shut.
    First idea is to spread a bunch of flour and look for tracks to know what I’m dealing with.
    Second idea: Play “Victory At Sea” down there for a few days. Or AM news channel.
    Mike and all: antifreeze, along with Aspirin and 298 others, is a very effective CAT poison: they love the taste, lap it up and die. As wrong a way to go as I can think of.

  144. To rid of Rats, try mixing plaster of paris with peanut butter and oil to make it creamy. The idea is that it will harden in their bodies before they can expel it.
    I have also heard of using Moth Balls as they do not like the smell.
    Also…have heard of using cayenne pepper. They wash their hands and feet and it burns them.
    Good Luck

  145. We want to know how to get rid of the rat in our garage and if you know a way how to get ride of rats with out wasting time and money can you please email me at my email but hurry becase it is discuting to have a rat in my garage ane pluse my dog stays in their somtimes and she always barks at somthing that moves shes a chihuaha.

  146. Today is lauren Aguest birthday and there was a rat in her birthday cake and when someone pushed her head in there the rat poped out and she almost ate it but her dog snatched it out of her mouth and her dog is named teddy he lives in side so can some one tell me what to do return the cake or buy a new one but if we buy a new one there might be a nother rat that popes in her birthday cake it was relly nasty for her so if you can please post this on your website so someone can help thanks the cake was chocolete flavor have a nice day. And so if you thank is should buy a new cake each cake coast 123.00 dollers so maybe you should buy us a new cake and please can you give us free rat traps becase we dont have enough money to buy them with we wasted all on the 123.00 doller cake so can you consider tha as a birthday gift to lauren augest thank agian and let me tell you i love this website thanks agian and send us a poster of a kitty gracias agian sorry if you thank were annoying this is the last time well bother you remember the stuff bye.(we are really poor we live in a shake or how ever you spell it by the way werer in the library agian were poor thanks). we need a survival nife if you can send it to us thanks . We have no resstroom so if you can send us a toilet we only have a port aptttya and sometimes we find rats in there . we need a umpa lumpa you know the charley and the chocolete factory those short indian mans there so short short as my room becase im a miget so thanks for your couaperation and if you dont reed this you suck we also need a gold fish thanks my dog teddy loves fish. we neeed fire works to blow the fish up.(gracias that menas thanks if you are white.)

  147. Last night i saw a rat in my garden that slipped into my fishpond and got out the other side…will a rat eat my pond fish or was he jsut having a swim/drink

  148. While these tips are great, i find that drowning an animal is cruel. Yes rats carry disease, they cause damage and other such troubles. But they are still animals that feel pain. Lets stick you to a glue trap and drop you in a pool. Not very nice is it?

  149. I can not eliminate the water source on our farm becuase it is a natural running stream. Since we have live stock, I can not completely remove the food source either. We keep the pellets and grain in the barn in metal cans with lids, and we dispose of the dog waste, but we use the other manure for our gardens. Problem 1: (very expensive) The rats are destroying the support to all of the foundations on our farm including our home because they have tunnels under every building structure. Problem 2: The rats are damaging our small live stock. The rodents hang from the underside of the wire cages where we keep young chicks and turkeys. They chew off the chicks legs, then pull them thru the cage piece by piece. We moved the chicks to the elevated cage in an attempt to save them, because the rats tunneled into the normal chicken coop. Last spring they ate every chick we had within a month. They use the same method to attack our rabbits. They hang from the underside of the wire cage and pull the babies thru bit by bit in order to ingest an entire litter. It is horrible to see the aftermath of this feeding frenzy. They eat the foot off the adult rabbits, which usually die from infection or shock.

    I don’t care how I kill these destructive rats. I will shock, drown, posison or hack them to death. I want to know the surest way to eliminate as many as I can as quickly as possible. The nasty rodents are destroying my livestock and damaging my property.

    Please contact me with methods of extermination.

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