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1. What is razor burn?

Razor burn (aka razor bumps) is the result of shaving off puckered hair follicles and irregular skin. It is often accompanied by ingrown hairs (Tips on how to get rid of ingrown hairs) and is caused by inadequate shaving preparation and poor technique. This article will show you how to treat and prevent razor burn.

2. Razor burn treatments

Since razor burn usually results in scabbing and raised skin, the best way to get rid of it is to allow it to heal before shaving again. There are of course, additional steps you can take to speed up the healing process:


  • Use a mild exfoliant that contains salicylic acid daily. This will slough off old, dead surface skin that otherwise could clog up your pores and limit oxygen to the effected areas. Do not scrub razor-burned skin. (ow!)
  • Use aloe vera or tea tree oil creams and sprays. They will speed up your recovery and soothe that raw feeling that accompanies razor burn.
  • Shave carefully until it heals, switch to a razor with a single-blade or wire guard for a while. The shave won’t be close, but you won’t be slicing your skin up before it can heal either. (Learn how to get rid of razor bumps)
  • If you continue shaving, combine these steps with the preventative steps in the next section.

Do not:

  • Use any products containing alcohol – it will dry out your skin and increase irritation.
  • Scrub or scratch razor burned skin. It will increase irritation and the risk of infection.
  • Apply colognes or perfumes to razor burned skin.

3. How to prevent razor burn

Proper razor burn prevention involves reducing the likelihood of slicing off anything other than hair. Adopt the following steps for a few weeks and see how they work for you:

1. Prepare your skin and hair for the shave:

  • Bathe and exfoliate first. You can use a loofah, shower puff, or a chemical exfoliant that contains salicylic acid to remove dirt, oil and dead skin so the razor will glide smoothly and evenly.
  • Cover the area to be shaved with conditioner or skin lotion and let it sit for a few minutes prior to shaving – don’t rub it into the skin. This will soften the hair and make the shave much easier. Don’t let it sit longer than five minutes either as your skin will start to absorb the moisture and puff up, keeping you from getting a close shave. Alternatively, you can soak some wash cloths with the hot, steamy water and apply them to your skin for a few minutes.
  • Trade in your shaving cream or gel for some old-fashioned shaving soap, a mug and a badger brush. These soaps are less expensive, provide superior lubrication, and the use of the brush stands the hair up for a superior shave. Find them at your local supermarket.

2. Shaving technique:

  • Make sure your blade is clean and sharp.
  • Shave in slow, small strokes tapping the razor under hot water to clean it between each stroke. A blade full of hair won’t sit evenly against the skin.
  • Loose skin should be held taut – but not stretched.
  • Apply only as much pressure as is needed.
  • Shave with the grain as much as is possible to achieve the closeness you desire.
  • If you must double back over an area, apply more lubricant (soap or cream) first.

3. Post-shave skin care:

  • Splash cold water or run an ice cube over your freshly shaven skin to close up your pores. Ice works just as well as alcohol and will not dry out your skin.
  • Apply an aloe vera or tea tree oil balm to moisturize, soothe and cool your skin.

If after following the previous steps you still find yourself getting razor burn and ingrown hairs, consider experimenting with alternative hair removal methods. There are creams and powders that dissolve hair as well as waxes and sugar solutions that pluck it. If you’re set on shaving, see if your barber or stylist will teach you how to shave with a straight razor.

Click here for more information on how to get rid of razor burn.

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  1. OK, I know this is going to sound more than a little kooky, but indulge me. After reading this article last week, I was shaving my legs and noticed that my Aussie brand 3-Minute Miracle Reconstruction conditioner was made with tea tree oil. Figuring “eh, what the heck”, I rubbed some on my legs before I shaved and left it on for a few minutes. My legs were unbelievably smooth and my razor glided like a knife through warm butter. The old and healing bumps didn’t hurt at all, and the hair came off with a single stroke of my razor. I put some more on after I finished shaving and finished up my shower. My legs felt wonderful. No new burns or nicks appeared at all. The conditioner really is something of a miracle. It may seem weird, but it’s worth it.

  2. white speed stick deoderant(unscented) apply a thin coat to infected area and let dry, it will stop the itching immediately, repeat if needed. Also useful for dogs with rashes. Reapply when necessary.

  3. Shaving with white stick deoderant will help to prevent razor burn but it will dull your razor very quickly. May have to use more than one razor.

  4. try smart shave ( for razor bumps and razor burn. when you buy it, they also give you all this advice about how to shave to prevent razor burn. the whole system really works, and is reasonably priced.

  5. I agree with Rebecca when i shave in the direction of growth of the hair nothing happens, it doesn’t shave at all, that’s why I shave always against,but i get these bumps.what should i do?

  6. apply sunsilk hydra tlc conditioner instead of shaving cream/gel. It helps you to not get razor burn. Also, the formula is made to bring more moisture to your hair. therefore, the conditioner makes the razor glide really easily and it also leaves your skin soft. it does a great job because it doesn’t dry out your skin.

  7. Tabitha is soooooooo right. sunsilk hydra tlc conditioner is the BEST product to use if you don’t want razor burn!!!!!!!!!!!! After i tryed it i threw out all of my shaving creams and bought 4 bottles of sunsilk. BY FAR THE BEST DECISION I’VE MADE WITH SHAVING! Try it and i promise you will not regret it. BIG THANKS TO TABITHA! IF I DIDN’T TRY WHAT YOU POSTED I WOULD STILL BE BATTLING RAZOR BURN!! I would have tryed the aussie conditioner but i hate the smell it leaves. also, the deoderant thing said it made razors dull. i can’t afford to keep buying razors all the time. Sunsilk smells great and because it glids so easily the blade lasts a long time. If you want an affordable product that prevents razor burn, SUNSILK HYDRA TLC IS THE PRODUCT FOR YOU.

  8. i tryed the Aussie Conditoner and it worked really well, i also suggest to save ur money and invest in getting hair removal with the lazor done i got it done on a few body parts and i never have to worry about shaving or razor burn again!!!

  9. I’m 14 years old and I can’t get rid of razor burn. I’v tried changing razors, using soap instead of gel and putting lotion on after I get out of the shower. But my legs always get red bumps. Any suggestions?

  10. im 17 years old and i get red bumps on my uuppper legs and it looks gross when i wear shorts and skirts how do i get rid of razor burn???

  11. If you get razor burn try putting some lotion on immeadtly after shaving… if you have razor burn it will sting worse then anything you could ever imagine. But just leave it on and your razor burn will go away in an instant Good Luck!

  12. the lotion on the razor burn trick never worked for me, it stung and made it even worse. but shaving with conditioner or shampoo works well.

  13. yea…i know im a guy and i shouldnt shave..but i just wanted to try it…and now i got razor burn…i just got it on my upper thighs and it wont go away…i thought i could just let it be and it would go away..but it didnt…and then i thought if i shaved again it would go away…but it didnt…and ive been putting lotion on it everyday..and its not getting better…and i have no idea what to do…i left it alone for like almost a month and its still there…and it just wont go away and im desperate…so please help

  14. Try using AmLactin lotion everyday and apply after shaving. You can find it at drug stores. Mine keeps it behind the pharmacy counter. it’s about $12 but well worth it!!

  15. After shaving the bikini line or if my razor is a bit dull for my legs, I use Clinique’s Post Shave Healer. It’s for men’s beards but it works great on the bikini area and if you get a bit of razor burn on the legs. It has aloe in it and a bit of Salicylic Acid to help inhealing. Also I shave with a product called Coochy. Sounds a bit funny but it works great!!!

  16. After shaving my bikini area I dissolve an apirin or tylenol in a mug of hot water until it’s a paste. then I apply it to the area and it prevents razor burn or any irritation.

  17. I have really sensitive skin and I had almost given up on blade shaving until I found a product called Ultrashave. Its a cream you pump in shots out of a tube and it really creates slickness. Anyway thats my two cents worth

  18. ok so this is for the guys sethe and james… i started shaving about a month ago and got razor burn and i was desperated to get rid of it so a friend of mine suggested using witch hazel (can be found at rite aid right next to alcohol) you just dab it on after each time you shave ( it stings a bit ) and then you put lotion on ( any will do ) and then follow up with baby powder….. now just use the lotion and baby powder after each shower and wait about 10 mins before putting any cloths on and you should get rid of the bumps in about a week…. hope it works for you , it did for me

  19. I have found that putting Gold Bond medicated powder on a cotton ball (or cotton disc) and sweeping it over my freshly shaved bikini line works great. It tingles a little bit – kind of like the “cooling sensation” of alcohol (but DEFINATELY without the burning/stinging) and it helps me not get the bumps from shaving. I don’t know if it matters which Gold Bond you buy but I always use the one in the green bottle.

    On another note my sister swears by baby oil. She uses it instead of shaving cream/gel and she says that it gives her the closest smoothest shave (but I’ve never tried it since I’ve found the Gold Bond!)

  20. i got razorburn for the first time on my bikiniline and it was super itchy and uncomfortable. i went out and bought some tea tree oil and it already feels (and looks) so much better!

  21. for the guys ive been shaving for about 2 weesk and i do get razor burns all over my upper legs not so much my lower. okay so anyways try using conditioner before shaving by applying on legs and leave for a few minutes then use some more to shave with it. it provides a nice shave and reduces razor burn. apply lotion after every shave. i tried it and followed the tips given by fellow tippers above and the website itself, it works great. ohh n also try an electric shaver it reduces the risk of razor burn dramatically and its less time consuming.

  22. ok. i know this may sound gross.. but if u mix honey and cream cheese and put it on there… it will take it away. Just let it sit and dry and then peel it off and use some lotion afterwards.. it will work. well… it did for me anyways. my grandma told me that she used to use it.

  23. I try everything and I can’t seem to find anything that works to get rid of ingrown hairs or razor burn. I tryed everyones advice on here so far and nothing has helped, does anyone have advice for me?

  24. I really dont know how to get rid of razor burn or ingrown hairs. If I did I would be the happiest woman on the planet!! But I can tell you this, I have severely sensitive skin, I dont know where I get it from but Its ultra sensitive. For one I use mens razors, specifically the Gilette MACH 3, MACH 3 Turbo and the blades for the MAch 3 Turbo Power, I have also tried the Gilette Fusion(You can shave in half the time or less with this one!! AND OH HOW SOFT, CLOSE AND SMOOTH YOUR LEGS WILL BE!!!) Other razors that I tried and they do work well are the Schick Quatro for women, and the Gilette Venus Breeze (it has two Built-in Shave Gel Bars (that coat as you shave) with Rich Body Butters, so you dont need soap or shaving cream, totally cool I loved it.I tried every type of shaving cream, gels, and foams, for women and mem. I also tried Aveeno (which is a great product (oatmeal based for those that dont know) which did work for a short while, I just couldnt shave more than once every 10 days or so. Then I discovered Bath and Body Works Creamy Body Wash (It was Green Clover and Aloe, which was discontinued but does return once a year around the end of May/Beginning of June til about the end of the First week in July) IT worked WONDERS!!! I had soft Smoothe legs, no rashes or razor burn AT ALL. After they discontinued it, I tried other “Creamy Body Washes” by other brands and yea they worked too, but not as well.Then I discovered the Olay Body Ribbons (there is a pink one, a green one, and a purple one (which the purple one has body butter in it).I have been using the purple one and OH WOW is it awesome. It makes the razor glide so easily, and I get NO razor bumps or burns. Give it a try, You might like it, or at least I hope so.

  25. and i also got another question..i got a cut on my crotch and it hurts like a mofo how do i make the pain go away?

  26. ANY conditioner works good,
    the brands have nothing to do
    with how good they are,
    all conditioners will prevent
    razor burn, so don’t spend
    alot of money on it,
    get the cheap stuff!

  27. i get really bad razor burn on my bikini area. i have tried almost everything, but throughout reading the article i thought i might try conditioner or aloe. is that ok for the bikini area? i also cannot stand hair and shave it everyday because it bothers me so bad, which irritates it more, but i cannot help it. im not quite sure what to do, or which product would work best for this area. help?

  28. So I shave down there, and I’ve been doing so for a very long time and lately i’ve been getting these bumps, and it feels like pimples because it feels like when you pop a zit and the oil thats left after the white part comes out (gross, i know) and they just wont heal! its very itchy, and i think the scratching keeps opening them up again… any tips?

  29. ok. im 13 and i have terrible little red bumps all over my under arms. how do i get rid of them? also, i want to shave my bikni area, but im afraid that the same thing will happen down there 2. how do i prevent that from happening again?

  30. Though it does not help alot, I find sitting in a hot bath tub helps. You could also put conditioner on the razor burn, at the very least you will be relieved of the pain/itching. GOOD Luck

  31. so i got razor burn everytime i shaved “downthere.” so i bought FinishingTouch. its a tiny electic razor that i picked up at a riteaid for only a couple bucks. its made sepecifically for parts that are hard to shave with a razor, and it doesnt give you razor burn at all. only problem is that it doesnt get as close of a shave as a razor, but it still does the job and leaves you feeling fine

  32. i noticed that my dad has Zest all the time soo everytime i shave (in the shower) i just keep rubbing it on to make it all soapy then i shave and it works sooo good but i dont like to use Zest because when i was young i had sensitive skin and it made wierd marks ALL over my body like chicken pox but thats all gone now because i went to doctors for it.. umm soo i reccommend using Dove it is extremely good bad thing tho is that it takes a long time in the shower because i take my time n all lol umm whats conditioner? dum question but my dad never tells me about this stuff

  33. anyone have any suggestions, i have been shaving for about 18 years. (im 28) anyways i olny get the nasty red bumps on the back of my legs. why oh why that is the olny place. ive tryed the conditioners the creams, gels, the anti razor irritation products and nothing helps help me please lol

  34. i have always had very sensitive skin and last summer my legs were always covered in horrible red bumps because of my razor burn. it was embarassing and unsightly- not a fun way to spend your summer. anyways, i have finally found the solution to my leg situation and i swear by it!! i have come up with a step by step system everyday in the shower… first, i lather up my loofa with a anti-bacterial soap(i use dial) and then lather and rinse. secondly, i lather up with aveeno shave gel, the senstive skin type works amazingly, then shave, slowly and carefully. next, repeat with the anti bacterial soap and work into a lather. rinse, then finish off with a non-soap moisturizing cream and rinse off thoroughly. i use a bottle i bought for five bucks at bath and body works. after you shower be sure to use a good lotion with aloe vera for sensitive skin. your legs will be so soft! so far, i haven’t had a single problem with razor burn. i am so happy to have pretty legs again! good luck!

  35. I just started shaving down there. and i get razor bumps. can anyone tell me how to get rid of it?? and how do u shave ur legs in the dirction ur hair is growning ?? it doesn’t work.

  36. i have tryed everything to get rid of razerburn/bumps and irritation, nothing works for me at all. shaving its horrible i tryed all kinds of shaving cremes, hair conditioners, bikini zone, baby powder, gold bond, body butters, lotions, medicated cremes, you name it…nothing works at all…it really sucks i don’t know what to do. someone help??

  37. Ok, my husband tried shaving his legs one night and ended up with the worst razor burn on his thighs! He was soaking in the tub the whole day because he was going crazy outside the tub. The ONLY thing that worked for him was CVS brand Instant Burn Relief Spray with Aloe Extra with lidocaine pain relief. He tried the other tips here, but this was the only one that ended up working. It burned at first, but then worked so the area was soothed and numbed enough not to feel the razor burn. Well, just wanted to share this in case anybody else is in the same situation.

  38. i am 15 and i shave my bikini area and i have redness and icthey bumps how do i get rid of the m and it hurts to shave my bikini are what do i use

  39. omg so i shaved down there and three days later i was very itchy!!!!! its been like that for about a week and it wont go away its very hard not to scratch!!!! help i tried astrigent and its not working.. any tips?

  40. ok boys and girls, this is the fool proof method. jump in the shower, use a scrub on the area you want to shave. a scrub is a cream with little beads in it to “srub” off old skin. lube the area with lots of shaving cream gel or conditioner, let it sit for a min. shave as u usually do and rinse the blade often, and reapply shaving cream when it gets thin. wash the area with your normal soap. get out of the shower and make sure it is warm. if it is cold u will get goose bumps and that will cause prickly hairs on the shaven skin immediatly. use witch hazel right after the shower on a cotton ball. when dry apply a thin layer of hydracortisone cream. apply the cream after every shower even if u don’t shave that time. viola, no more razor burn!!!

  41. I ran out of shaving cream and used conditioner roots and split ends by aussi its not KOOKY i came a cross it by accident and use it all the time. The ice on the shaven skin is something I need to try just to improve the results and i always put deodorant.. another thing is shave with the hair not against it(bikini area). If not you might as well exfoilate, with hot water etc.

  42. oh yeah and basically shaving a close shave takes the top layer of your skin off the almost dead skin part, so you’ve got a big pore and its suspetible to stuff getting in it thats why hypoallerginic and def anti bacterial is good, with two hair growing in the place of one(thats what happens when you shave,) and sometimes the hair grows up a lil then does a u turn into your skin ouch and you pick it can turn really bad some people get staph infections so. forget the perfumey frangrance stuff if you have sensitive skin.

  43. Well, I got razor burn by exfoliating my legs too much. Very painful! I actually tried the honey and cream cheese mixture and it really works. It has brought the swelling down and has made my legs feel much better.

  44. hey, ive just recently shaved like most of the other guys on here. however unlike them i use an electric razor… I’m pretty sure I can’t apply shaving cream or all these mericle lotions some of you are talking about.

    Any advise/ tips to prevent razor burn in the future?

  45. idk what to do. when i shave my bikini area, on the sides i get these biig bumps like pimple like, what do i do to get rid of it.??

  46. often times when I shave my underarms, I get terrible red bumps. Sometimes it looks like I didn’t even shave! I shave as close as I possible can, but the appearance of dark hair is always there, though smooth to the touch. Does anyone else have this problem? What can I do?

  47. I used to have really bad problems shaving my underarms (red bumps, dark skin), I found that using the Schick Intuition for SENSITIVE skin, works wonders. Make sure you wet your underarm AND the blade cartridge. Start by doing ONE stroke up, then 1-2 down. The fewer the strokes the better when it comes to sensitive skin!!!

  48. i hate hair. it discusts me so i shave my whole entire lower area and i get those horrible pimple like things on the sides and even though it feels totally soft you can still see dark hairs and also everytime i shave down there i get little spots of blood [little, tiny cuts] everywhere. i hate it and i dont no what to do about it. and on my legs after i shave you can still see like dark hairs and they burn really bad any time i put lotion on. someone please help me

  49. if you shave your underarms and you can still see the image of dark hair, tan your armpits. there’s less of a contrast. if you dont live in a sunny place, use dove energy glow beauty body lotion. its one of those gradual tanning lotions and it works. it wont give you razorburn either.

  50. for the guys who gets razor burn on your face, Vitamin E Oil very good that, just shave, after that u put a warm towel on you face then u use the vitamin E oil. It works

  51. Use a mild facial astringent like Clean N’ Clear for sensitive skin. No razor burn or irritation. It even works in the bikini area and under the arms.

  52. To avoid further incidents of razor burn, clean your razor with alcohol or sterilising spray. Believe it or not, there are a ton of bacteria living on that razor of yours–the same kind of bacteria that would love to procreate in a fresh cut or a newly opened pore. If your razor doesn’t have one of those little moisturizing strips, try dipping it in rubbing alcohol to make sure you have a bacteria-free shave the next time. I have invented a sterilising system “SteriShave” which I will bring to the market place soon.

  53. i got the brownish red pimple like thing on my underarm please help any homeremedies anything i nneed to get that out in 3 weeks pls helpppppp.

  54. okay right after your done shaving pat baby powder on your legs and rub it in so you can only see a little. Leave it on for 5 minutes and then put Olay Qhench lotion on. It works great!

  55. I get little red bumps on my knees and it hurts SO much when I shave over them and it makes them worse. It looks SO gross when i wear skirts and shorts and my knees are so dry. HELP!!!!

  56. I’ve decided to try and shave ‘down there’ into submission. It seems to be helping that I shave regularly instead of just when I need to.

  57. I have shaven a few times, and I have no problems with the shaving process, but usually the day after I get horrible razor burn or bumps because of my toolbelt. any tips on reducing or not having bumps other than not shaving the area where the belt goes?

  58. I am 15 years old and I have the most horrible razor bumps all on my inner thighs. My mother thought it was acne, but I said, NO! It’s your ****** razor! They hurt and only get irritated when I wear my uniform pants so I have to wear baggy kapris. The only time I never got razor burn was when I used this Venus razor with soap bars on it. Another thing that happens is when I lift my leg out of the water to shave they get cold and my leg hairs ***** up. They don’t stop for up to 10 minutes! This gives me bad cuts, because sometimes I can’t wait. Any suggestions???? I miss my school pants!!!! :>(

  59. I found what really works is putting Gold Bond triple action anti-itch lotion on it..I just started putting it on the super red and bumpy areas not even 24 hours ago and already I’ve noticed a significant decrease in redness, and some of the bumps are even gone. It doesn’t itch anymore either!!

  60. This is a silly question but when you shave the bikini area is it best not to wear underwear for a while because it seems that the only place it really irritates after i shave is where the out side of the underwear rub against my legs?

    Thanks its much appreciated!

  61. I’m 14 and I shave down there. And I’ve shaved since I was about 12. But latley I’ve been getting these bumps all over where I shave. and it’s embarrsing when my boyfriend sees it cause it looks like herpes or something. I don’t know what to do.

  62. I just started shaving the hair around my neck area. I usually use the trimmer for my sideburn hairs since my hair grows slow in that area. So i’ve been using an electric razor and slow bumps formed on my neck. Then i used a razor and shaving cream when i was offered a free trial. Only when i used it RAZOR BUMPS appeared EVERYWHERE. I was freaking out! I need help.

    So my question is, how do u prevent razor bumps if u use an electric razor?

  63. Hey, I;ve been shaving for a while, I have a terrible problem with body hair, I’ve waxed, used depilatory creams, and shaved, I kinda interchange between all three, whatever i can afford, my boyfriend always teases me about my stibbly legs, my bikini line is healing slowly, I used to have bad marks and bumps, so I’ve been researching all the best shaving tips, while I do no shave november and so far what seems to stand true the most, is exfoliate, use antibacterial soap, especially on the bikini line, it doesnt matter if u shave with or against the grain, just don’t use a lot of pressure, do NOT pick at or squeeze or itch any bumps or irritation, do not shave dry, keep warm while shaving and moisturize! do not use baby oil, or anything oily, oil clogs up pores.

  64. The BEST thing to do to relieve the itch and burning, without question, is to use GOLD BOND MEDICATED POWDER. You can even use any of the generics that the major drug store chains sell. This powder keeps the area dry so that it can heal. It also soothes and stops the burning and itching. Look, it is $3.00. Try it, you only have $3.00 to waste, and trust me, you will reply to this suggestion saying I was right!

  65. okayy, so i have these insightful red bumps on my legs and they itch sometimes, they can also pop like a pimple(its so gross!) i also have the same problem on my bikini area. and under my armpits i get these brownish reddish looking bumps and i dunno how to get them to go away! i have tried almost nothing yet… but i do need desperate help! its so embarrassing to wear skirts, shorts, capri’s, or anything that shows my legs. i have been wearing jeans for the last 6 months because of this problem, so someone help and someone help soon. thanks, yours truely insightful ugly bumps

  66. OK im 15 and when i shave down there i get terrible little red bumbs that itch like crazy!!!And i can’t stand hair down there so i keep shaving over the bumps and sometimes they start to bleed. I hate it so much. And its so embarrising when my boyfriend wants to do stuff i don’t want him to think i have some weird disease! And HE doesn’t get razor burn. AND im a cheerleader and also having these bumps along my bikini line is horrible because i have to wear spankies and they rub on them and make them worse. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE i need the BESTEST method ever and fast!

  67. O.k I’m a dude and i decided to shave my “little friend” and it got REALLY bumpy and red Frigg its so itchy but i dont know what to do any suggestions??

  68. Ladies, as far as bikini lines go, I usually shave at night before I go to bed and wear loose-fitting shorts without underwear that night. At the very least, this method definitely minimizes those awful, itchy bumps for me! Good luck!

  69. if you shave with conditioner “down there” you can get pimples thats why you rinse it out of your hair, i dont want pimples on my crotch so tea tree oil sounds like the best bet on this site.

  70. everyone keeps saying ways to prevent it, avoid it from happening again, or relieving it…. can you please say the quickest way to get RID of it? the appearance of it not just the itch
    thannkkss :]

  71. Honestly, getting RID of the shave bumps “down there” is the most important esthetic thing ever! I need to know this, cuz its embarrassing when I go to hook up and it looks like I have herpes or HPV or really bad acne in my pants. When I dont. It makes me feel unsexy. HELP!

  72. Ok so I am a victim of horrible razor burn (I shave everything). These tips seem very helpful and I can’t wait to try them. However, there is one thing no one has mentioned yet. Does anyone else have trouble getting rid of all of the hair (pubic)? No matter what direction I shave, I can’t get it all. It’s always slightly prickly when I’m done. Any suggestions?

  73. okay, so i shave “downstairs” but i always get red bumps along the sides and they hurt! they’re also hideous. im scared to do things with my boyfriend because of this, because if feel like it’s so ugly! ive tried the conditioner thing, but it doesn’t work! if anyone has any new suggestions PLEASE help me. i’m in real neeed !

  74. Menopause has caused me to have hair on my lip and chin all the way down my neck. Too much to tweeze. I hate waxing. The hair has to be long and it looks ugly as it grows out. So I caved in and shaved it. But I have really bad razor burn all the time. I’ve used vitamin E oil and all kinds of moisturizers. Even tried steam to open the pours and then add E oil. Any suggestions?

  75. Beware of this shaving powder.

    I tried it and the results are absolutely disastrous.
    I let it stay on my face for only five minutes(they recommended 7-10 minutes) and it completely ate away my epidermis.I’m black and you’d think I had a second degree burn n my face.

  76. I have really dry skin and I always got really bad shaving bumps, especially in my armpits, bikini and legs. Didn’t look so good. I was at my boyfriends getting ready to go out and I needed to shave so I grabbed his shaving cream. When I was putting it on I was wondering what the heck it was because it was so thin and light, but once I started shaving I could not believe how smooth and how easy the razor moved over it. When I was done I did not have a single nick and my skin felt so soft and really moist. The next day my bumps were minimal comparitively speaking so I went to the bathroom to make a mental note of the stuff I used and noticed that there was another product made by the same company for shaving bumps…. so of course I used it and no kidding my bumps were gone the next day.. less then 24 hours… Super Stuff. It is called Shave-Aid (funny name) but none the less it has become my number one shaving aid…

  77. I shaved my armpits a few days ago and have TERRIBLE razor burn in both. There are bumps and really irritated skin. I have to put deoderant on but I think it’s just making it worse. I have tried Gold Bond Ultimate Healing lotion, baby powder, vaseline and Aloe but NOTHING WORKS. It is extremely painful and doesnt look pretty. ANY suggestions would be much appreciated!


  78. I have a suggestion for Chanel to try Preparation H. Also for razor burn down below I tried Gold Bond Body Lotion “Triple Action Relief” and in within five minutes got relief.

  79. PLEASE HELP!!! I’ve read a lot about getting bumps on guys legs but what about the NECK. I cannot get rid of red bumps on my neck. I’ve had them for a long time but I can’t get rid of them. What should I do?

  80. finally for once in my life i didnt get razor burn when i used sunsilk hydra tlc conditioner generously all over the area i needed to be shaved and i used the braun freeControl shaver, which is safe to use with water if of course you dont have it plugged into a socket.

  81. When I shave, my legs get a bit bumpy and start bleeding from all these tiny holes (and keep bleeding and bleeding)…I went without shaving for a LONG TIME and put stuff on my leds and everything and the next time i shaves it still does the same thing (like it never healed) is this razor burn or what? Do I just have screwed up legs with no hope of recovery *sob*? Please help!

  82. I have razor bumps and marks from previous razor bumps in my groin area. I bought “Bikini Zone” and its Active Ingredient is Lidocaine 2%.

    I just started using it for a few days. And its main direction is to apply it after your done shaving. Than just use it with your daily routine after that.

    Anyone recommend anything better or any other method that might make the bumps not come.

    Anyone know how to get rid of the old marks?

  83. Yeah, I got razor burn on my face right, and well it’s dry and itchy etc. And i’ve tried everything, vaseline, aloe vera, shave lotion, absolutley nothing works to my my skin sfot again, any suggestions?

  84. Any cremes/gels whatever to get rid of hair that works? (like nair)
    Also, if you have razor bumps, how can you immedeately heal them, or how fast until they heal??
    (Also, even though this has nothing to do with razor burn, if you are having muscle aches and pains try massaging them with Olba’s Oil, it is made in Switzerland, you may be able to get it in the health food store. It makes your skin feel cold.)

  85. I hate razor burn under my arm how can I make it stop I use shave gel my bikini line doesnt have this problem … and i was blessed with the genes of no hair grow on my legs but under my arm sucks 🙁 please advise my arms are burning i tried to scrub the dead razor bumps off lol 🙁

  86. Okay, I’m a guy and when i shave “downtown” it gets all bumpy, itchy and I’m self conscious my girlfriends gonna think i have a disease. Can anyone help?

  87. To get rid of razor burn, i shaved my legs using conditioner on my legs, not shaving cream. After i finished shaving, i used lotion, then baby works REALLY well!

  88. soo basically u should try applying petrleum jelly cause i just got razor burn like 15 minutes ago and it still hurts horribly but it soothes it down

  89. Try using a gel personal lubricant like KY. Even off brands work just as well. I use Target’s off brand. Also, shaving everyday helps cut back on razor burn even though that seems counter intuitive.

  90. It may sound crazy but i get what looks like zits when I shave down there, and if you rub in simple white toothpaste and it makes the bumbs go away.

  91. it may sound crazy but putting a thin coat of A&D ointment (found at most drug stores and supermarkets for about $3, in the baby isle. its mainly used for diaper rash.) on my bikini area worked! i’ve tried many different things and this is the only thing thats ever worked for me! just put a thin coat on the area right after you shave. i hope it helps!

  92. I recently switched razors and started using the Venus 3 blade by Gillette. I now have a terrible razor rash on my legs and underarms. The itch and burn is driving my crazy…any suggestions?

  93. i get ridiculous razor burn on my legs and constant bumps on my bikini area. i can not get rid of them and they happen every time i shave. with out fail. i hate wearing shorts or skirts or my boyfriend seeing me and its really gettin in the way of my sex life a bit. it makes me feel so self conscience and un attractive. he has never had this problem so he doesnt see what the big deal is. help me please!!!
    i have tried everything. and to go along with the bumps in th ebikini area it seems as though i can never get ALL of the hair its always still prickly as ****. any suggestions would be VERY helpful. thanks!

  94. use an eletric razor…..till tonight i thought it would never work thinking it would leave stuble like crazy, but if you go over it a few times….its like magic smooth….plus you cant cut youself really….you can use this lotion called eletric shave…and it raizes the hair and works even better…and the smoothness lasts longer….just try it already…..cuz i know the feeling of the embarassment and low self confidence…and im done with that

  95. i have a really abd problem with razor burn on the back of my thighs and my bikini area and tips for those areas it would help by swim suit season : ) thanks in advance

  96. i was reading the tips in here and i saw that Elizabeth has the same problem as me. i not only get razor burn but also my skin never gets smooth. it’s like a double whammy. i would just like to know how to get rid of the stubble and razor burn. oh and i can’t use other hair removal techniques because they burn my skin. the safest thing for me is shaving. my skin is super sensitive. please help anyone.

  97. Okay, I think Im the only person with this problem but I have very sensitive skin. When I shave my arm pits I get razor burn bad! It looks like ance is acting my arm pits. I cant wear any tops that might show them off. Im going to start trying these ideas you all have. Hopefully something will work.

  98. The other day, i shaved hastily in my morning shower….i didn’t notice the razor burn!!!! My skin began to feel kinda itchy and prickly but i was too busy to look at my legs. When I got to school, i looked down and noticed red raised bumps all over my legs! I was wearing Abercrombie mini-shorts! I also found out that i would be spending the whole day outside for Cinco de Mayo and our Latino fest…no desk to hide my legs under!!!! Oh well, i had fun!!

  99. I just used a new venus 3 and I developed razor burn, which I have never experienced before. Do you think that maybe gillette or whoever makes the venus, that they are using substandered product on the original so that the public will purchase the newest venus that’s on the market? Hmmmm.

  100. my tip to get smoother skin; is to put baby powder or deoderant on whatever surface you just shaved. depending on the deoderant — it can burn so choose wisely. baby- powder just makes your skin a whole lot softer, and gives you a better confidence. (RUB IT IN! or else you ____, ____, legs, arms, or face will look whiter then they already are! as for razor burn i need some more help. if i go without shaving for a couple days its easier for me. but either way its not the way i want it . i don’t want to wait and feel the stubble, and its still not long enough to shave comfortably. cutting down there hurts like ****! i wish girls didn’t have to maintain themselves so much. guys have it way to easy and expect way to much! good luck ya’ll help me if you have any ideas. oh & how bad does waxing hurt? i want to try it.

  101. Bikini Zone is my life. It’s an inexpensive cream you can buy at the drug store and it’s a dream. Apply it after you shave anywhere and you won’t get razor burn nearly as bad as you would have. Honestly, I live by it.

  102. my problem is that ok i shave my legs right and i either get razor burn or i shave like successfully and then i get goose bumps and it makes it look horrible or the third thing that might happen to me is that after i shave its all dry and rough and so i put lotion on i have tried many diff. kinds but either way they all make my razor burn appear o my gosh!!!!!!!

  103. I noticed someone said vinigar so i tried it. It really burns and it gave me no relief at ALL!!! I wouldnt recomend it.

  104. I had a problem with a rash after I shaved, to the point that I was called Road Burn at work. I started using a balm that is made from the fat of crocodiles. Someone from work had suggested I use it, now I am using it after each shave, it makes the skin smooth and if there are any cuts they heal in record time. It is called Repcillin.

  105. So the waxing thing is super painful and if you already have problems with razor burn dont even try it. I got ingrown hairs so bad

  106. for bikini areas I would say get a lens razor and bikini zone cream for after. Men razors are way sharper so they shave closer and bikini zone will prevent bumps

  107. Prevention is the magic word! if you don’t want to have a razor burn Just follow these simple steps before you shave.

    * Prepare the area, is important to get the area wet before you shave; make sure your pores get enough water so you can work easy and your skin and follicles can be flexible to proceed.

    * Ex foliate the area; it is important for you to do this process before you shave, wait 3-5 minutes for your skin to rest and then continue to shave.

    * Use a shaving cream and ‘Be gentle’.

    * Use hot water to rinse your razor, “hot steel makes better job…Be careful”

  108. I have had a problem with razor stuble all my adult life until I had an estatistion tell me to shave with lavender baby oil works great. I do exforliate before shaving.
    good luck

  109. after i used the new razor bumps got even worse. i tried aloe vera spray gel and it made it feel so much better!! but… that didnt make my razor bumps go away… i dont know what to do. there pretty noticable so i need them to go away immediatly! i mean its summer no girl should have to worry about this problem! some one please give me some idea to make them go away!! thanks!

  110. Can someone tell me what’s the best razor to use for the bikini area?? i suggest no one buy the new venus razor.

  111. I have had major razor burn/rash for YEARS…I am 42 and finally having some relief.
    Mine were so bad, looked just like HUGE white heads and I could opo them……some where even cyst-like.
    I would squeeze them to pop out the core and there would be a “head” and a hair inside….GROSS I know, and it hurt…it was so SORE and VERY embarrassing!
    Someone told me to put on deoderant in the bikini area.
    I just rub it on…all over where I shave (I use Dove) and I swear, I dunno WHY..but it has worked.
    I shave in a hot shower, using single blade disposable razors.
    First I exfoliate with a warm wash cloth.
    I apply a really good product from….called Pre-shave Conditioner.
    On top of that I add Shaving Crteam from the same website.
    Then I pat dry and put on the DOVE!
    I use right after I shave and before bed and before work!
    I still have ugly scars and permenant red marks from al the yrs of razor rash …but at least it looks a little better and the pain is gone.
    Sure do hope this helps some body else!

  112. i started letting hot water soak whatever i was gonna shave for at least 10 minutes and i would apply skin cream after shaving to prevent dry helped alot. : ]

  113. so the aloe vera makes it feel better… but i tried balmex and a&d cream (baby rash ointments) and they worked pretty well! but i really just want it to dissapear..

  114. yeah I have the bikini area razor burn…it is horrible..I know I’m not going to use a loofah! what creams or gels work? how embarassing!

  115. This really works in the genital area. I love to shave my balls and grundage now! Aloe vera saved my life! GO ALOE VERA!!!

  116. they have special shave gel at walmart [[:
    it really helped alot. if you’re just using regural shaving cream gel, sometimes they’re scented, and the perfume extracts they put in them may irritate your skin. try to get something thats all natural and unscented. that helped me aloottt

  117. i have a very bad problem with razor burn and what i do is first ill shave normally with shaving gel and a sharp razor and then i will ice the bikini line area and put mens after shave [for a mans face] on the bikini line area then i ice it for about ten minutes. Then finally i put baby oil on it and this method works soo well it takes it away completely.

  118. okay. so i like someone else get it severly bad… where it hurts real bad to shave in my bikini area.. but i have to.. cause i’m a competetive swimmer! and i have a boyfriend and everything. it looks..horrible. i’ve tried using neosporn and aloe and stuff but that doesn’t work… the only thing i have been able to do is wait it out.. but i can’t live through embarressment that long. honestly. if anyone gets it as bad as i do they need to message me or something about how it helps them.

    thank you…

  119. my tip is if you have a venus gillette throw it away!! I used my venus for the first time and my razor burn has never been soooo bad! but thanks for the tips…i’ll remember them next time!

  120. I get really bad razor burn after shaving my bikini zone and underarms, i think some people (like me) are just pre-dispositioned and will always have sensitive skin after shaving.

    BUT i have come across several things that can help:
    -Apply diaper rash cream (or any kind of Zinc Oxide cream) regularly. This actually helped quite a bit especially with my armpits
    -Some antipersperants can really irritate sensitive skin so look for one with little or no alluminum (which is the active ingredient) I know there is this one kind that has no alluminum but i forget which brand
    -Also NEVER shave without some kind of lotion, and make sure the blade is sharp on your razor, if possible shave in the direction your hair grows not against it
    -Baby oil helps too! put it on at night before you go to bed
    -I also found that i got less razor burn than normal if i used a depillatory cream like nair that is specifically for coarse hair or the bikini line

    Hope this helps, i feel your pain yall!

  121. Has anyone tried waxing instead of shaving? I just tried it for the first time b/c I was told that it’s good for ingrown hair etc…and can make your hair more fine over time. But I got really bad “razor burn” and was wondering if this kinda thing gets worse before it gets better????

  122. okay. i have really bad razor burn. today i saw articles about what other ppl did for it. i have Burts bee’s outdoor herbal deoderent, baby bee diper rash ointment, and baby bee buttermilk lotion. i started w/ the deoderent, rubbed in, and applied the diaper rash ointment, then the lotion. i’ve applied it twice now and it alrady looks better!!

    hope this helped!!!

  123. I agree with Rachel. I shaved with Venus and I was scarred for life. Literally. I have been trying to get rid of my razor burn for years and have suffered through many unsuccessful attempts.
    My next door neighbour’s daughter also shaved with Venus and she cant stop bawling over its nasty effects
    Please throw your Venus away ladies ( and guys, if any…LOL) and do switch the TV when you see their stupid commercials.

  124. i have really bad razor burn and i cant get it to go away. i heard from a friend that you can put a non-scented lotion on the burn, but not to rub it completely into your skin. and after you put the lotion on, tap baby powder on top of it. i was just wondering if anyone had tried this to see if it would work because i dont wanna be wasting my time doing something that isnt going to help it. please comment or email back. thanks!

  125. Allison, if you really need your bikini area clear long term, the best thing to do is get it lasered. It does take a while (months to a year or so). In the long run it’s great, especially if you plan to continue your swimming activities. It’s expensive–but the bikini area is quick (only takes about 15 min.) per session to get it lasered. You won’t have any more rash, bumps, or shaving!

    Warning though, my first laser treatment made me itch so bad I wanted to jump out a window. So get some good itch cream (benadryl cream) before your first treatment. The itching gets less and less with each treatment. And less and less hair grows back each time.

    I recommend American Laser Centers. They’re reasonably priced, nation-wide, and have top equipment. And no, I don’t work for them!

    Hope this helps. Good luck.

  126. I absolutely agree!! Throw all Venus shaving products away!!!!!! I used the battery operated one today and I am in PAIN! Oh, My Gosh!
    I am headed in to the kitchen now to put tea bags on it and hope that it soothes it enough to sleep.
    Interesting to find these comments.

  127. I get razor burn so bad that i just want to break every razor in my home… I’ve tried so many different types of shaving gels and creams.. and NOT to mention a million types of razors..
    but i did find one razor that actually didn’t give me any irritation.. it’s made by Noxema.. it’s made for the bikini area and it works wonders! so dump all the other stuff girls and spend the extra couple dollars on those..
    best of luck♥

  128. off-brand razors work better than name-brand ones with the same amount of blades.
    also, using a new razor each shave helps.
    sure, it may be an inconvienience, but it helps with irritation!

  129. Venus razors do NOT suck. I love mine, I have the Venus Embrace and it’s the best razor I’ve ever used. And by the way, bikini zone does work wonders. But you feel oily after. I usually just dilute tea tree oil with water and apply it to the area, then after it dries i out cocoa butter on it. It helps a lot.

  130. Hey everyone. I’ve had a bad case of razor burn ever since the first time I ever shaved. Shaving is really tough on me especially since I have very sensitive skin. My boyfriend also has sensitive skin and he uses an electrical razor. I’m inclined to using one since I had a friend that had sensitive and she also used an electrical razor becuse depilatory creams and razor manual shaving irritated her skin. I’ve tried it on my legs and it’s not harsh at all. I think this might sove a lot of the burn problems.

  131. Okay so, i dont even know if its razor burn but thats is what everyone tlls me. It really itches and I stopped shaving. I scratched so hard it started to bleed a little on some mini bumps. Any suggestions?(im trying to not scratch or shave)

  132. my skin looks like pure ass rite now.. I have razor bumps and burn out the ass.. im so pissed.. im about to try this shit though

  133. Im 15 and I’ve been shaving for about a year. I put lots of lotion on my shaved areas (which is everywhere) and I still get those horrible bumps. It puts me down cause it sorta looks like herpes. Any advice plez and thank up

  134. I’ve been reading some of these comments and it is horrible how we all suffer from razor burn. WHENEVER I shave my legs I get horrible bumps. They’re red and raised and look like zits on the back of my thighs. Even when I shave with special creams and gels, new razors, and put on lotion afterwards, NOTHING HELPS. ): I think I’ve got good legs but they are covered in this “razor burn”, so i’m always scared to wear shorts and swimsuits because it looks like leg acne. I HATE IT. And the worst part is my sister gets perfectly smooth legs when she shaves. ):
    Well, about products that might help, I’m hopefully going to try this product called TendSkin. It has a really good reputation. (:
    Good luck to you all!

  135. Both me and my boy friend tried several post shave treatments for razor burn. After trying and throwing out who knows how many partially used creams & jells we found one that worked.

    Its PrivaShave for Women and PowerShave for Men.

    Has anybody else here tried it?

  136. oh my god. i really wish i had read this before i went on and shaved my bikini area 🙁

    i am itching like hell right now… but good thing im done school so i dont have to go out in public and worry about scratching that area in front of people. haha.

  137. Try a soft exfoliant before shaving like St Ives Apricot Scrub. And make sure you dont have goosebumps when you shave! They cause your hair to stand unevenly to trap heat and shaving them will cut your skin and cause razor burn. Using shaving cream instead of soap will help too, and always moisturise the area afterwards.

  138. Okay so im 19 and been shaving since effing 8th grade. At first the razor burn was rare then in high school it was downright hideous. Its backed off a bit now but its still there. I’ve tried everything imaginable. New shaving methods, cold water, shave in shower, face washes, blah. Its just on my neck too. WTF?!!?

  139. But how would you use an electric razor on your area? Wouldnt that just make things worse? I think im allergic to the metal in the razor cause it always makes me bleed after im done. and i always put on lotion or baby oil after im done shaving. One of my friends told me that deoderant works on your bikini area if you put it on after you shave. She said it gets rid of the bumps. idk tho.

  140. I just had to shave my ass cause its so hairy…i know gross right?….and i got a crap load of razor burn. how can i get rid of it? because i can’t even sit down haha but yea any help? and would nare be better to do or no?

  141. I always have razor burn
    It sounds weird but my girl friend made me try this stuff that her and her friends use and as much as I hate to admit, it works…. It’s called Coochy(See What I mean) You can buy it at

  142. I avoid razor burn by using a new blade on my razor after using it about 8-10 times. also if you skip shaving your legs in the shower with shaving cream and wait till you get out and shave your legs with lotion it makes them 100 times smoother its amazing<3!!

  143. Ok so I’m 17 , I started shaving at the age of 13… The first year my legs were so smooth, what I don’t understand is why do I have razor burn now? I’ve tryed everything (literally) can some one help me???

  144. I once had a really bad case of razor burn/mild bumps. I then found a stragety that involves softening the hairs with a hot wet wash cloth followed by shaving of course. AFTER you shave, immediately wash your face( I shower right after I shave and wash my face with Proactiv), immediately after I dry off I always and never forget to use Hydrocortizone cream. This is THE best and MOST effective treatment along with cheap. I have been using “Maximum strength” Cortizone 10 plus” for years and can be found at walgreens or CVS. Hydrocortizone cream is an anti-itch for all types of skin rashes and such. Most people I talk to know nothing about Cortizone cream. I apply a decent layer of the cream to just about all of my face that had been shaved. It leaves your skin moisturized and will immediately take away redness, burn and bumps. The other time I ever get razor burn is when I don’t put it on. That is a fact. Some people depending on how fast they’re hair grows like me should reapply the next day either morning, night or both! I promise this works!!!!

  145. Hi im 15 years old started shaving at like 10 or 11 because my mom made me and at 12 my legs started bleeding after i shaved and got red bumps all over them and they itch and burn badly and i try lotion afterwards with aloe in it but it only makes it worse wet cold rags seem to help me but why is this happening will it ever stop how do i fix this

  146. OK so i’m a 16 year old kid and i had a lot of hair on my butt hole and i shaved it because it was to long i felt and after i shaved it i thought it was all good until the day after…the next day i went out side and i live in texas so its really hot and u get sweaty and i came home and i couldnt sit on my couch cuz my but ox was hurting so bad..the razor burn is on both butt cheeks and theres a LOT!!!wat can i do cuz nothings working and it hurts so bad

  147. The tips in this article are perfect. When I was in high school I had razor burn that was really really embarrassing, but by exfoliating and getting the proper equipment (shaving brush was key), I managed to get over it. It’s also important to use a shaving cream specifically designed for people who are prone to razor bumps.

  148. I always use the after peircing stuff called H20cean, it says on the card it comes with that it helps with razor burn. I use it everytime and it really does work stops the annoying itch.

  149. I have this razor bumps on my pubic area and it’s been 3 days in a row now that I’m experiencing great discomfort and pain whenever I sit or lie down. My boyfriend’s Mom recommends Hydrocortisone at first, to counteract the irritation but after a day of using it, it still didn’t work out the way we wanted it to be so we switched to Neosporine Cream the following day to relieve the pain and prevent infection as well. So far, it’s doing good after a couple of days of usage. It speed up the healing process although I’m still gonna be needing a few days more to treat it. Aloe gel also helps soothes and moisturize the skin if you want an alternative treatment aside fr Neosporine. Just make sure you don’t mix them up and let your bumps or skin heal first before you put some aloe. If it’s not that serious, Alovera Gel will do.

  150. I used to have horrible razor burn but I found this product on Amazon called Razor Burn Freedom from Swedish Skin Care, it works great and has all of these wonderful oils and stuff that keeps my skin soft all day. If you are looking for a product try this one. And I buy it from their website now at

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