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Red bugs, also known as chiggers and harvest mites belong to the family Trombiculidae, survive by eating human and animal skin, their habitat being tall grass. Like all insects, they show up at summertime, when fruits are ripe, and grasses are long. They are small and reddish in color, and use their claws to cling on to the skin to feed upon and can also cling onto hair follicles and inject digestive enzymes to get the juice from a few cells from the skin. A red bug’s bite normally results in evident, small, reddish wounds on the victim’s skin with forceful itching and is known as chigger dermatitis or trombiculosis. Red bugs can also spread scrub typhus. It is always a wise decision to treat yourself after you’ve been bitten by a red bug.


One of the quickest and safest steps on how to get rid of red bug’s bite is by taking a good, hot bath. Soak well for at least 15 minutes on soapy water to isolate and eradicate those chiggers. After soaking and the bath, scrub your body in details using a wash cloth (preferably a launder cloth, hot cloth) to remove the bugs, and in some cases, their larvae.


Apply nail polish on the affected area to keep air from entering, and helps a lot in the decrement of the itchiness following the bite and can also kill those harvest mites. Do your best and don’t scratch the bug bites as doing that may break the skin and make way for many infections. You can also use antihistamine cream and solve this pestiferous problem of how to get rid of red bugs and their bite.


How to get rid of red bugs is a dilemma with a simple solution; by using insecticides round the corners of the house, where they can dwell. Pesticides like Sevin and Dursbam seem effective to help get rid of them. Keep track of your garden and clothing you wear. Wearing full sleeves and clean, thick material can prove really good. As for the garden, try to maintain a garden by trimming the weeds and the grass, as long grasses happen to be, their natural habitat. Yank all the dead plants and dispose of all the decaying and plant matter on your lawn, which will discourage the entrance to many more annoying and harmful critters. Avoid going to places where there are tall grasses, mainly places like fields and meadows to prevent from the red bug’s bite. Benadryl lotion and alcohol also contribute very well on the issue of how to get rid of red bugs.


Sort of homemade remedies are also beneficent when one thinks of how to get rid of red bugs and their stinging bite. One can also use meat tenderizer, for example Adolph’s meat tenderizer. Mix the tenderizer with very little amount of water, resulting in a mixture. Rub the mixture in the stinging area and expect the miracle after two hours or so. The redness will vanish and so will the itching feeling.


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