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Being in a happy relationship is one of the most gratifying feelings one can accomplish. Unfortunately, even for those who truly love each other, relationship boredom can develop over time, turning something that was once truly exciting into a boring and predictable affair. Thankfully, there are tons of ways to help overcome relationship boredom…here’s nine suggestions that should help you!

1. Talk more.

A major reason that relationships become boring is because you feel like you’ve run out of things to talk about. This is never the reality! For those who love each other, there should always be something new and exciting to bring up.

Don’t feel like you have to censor every conversation; if the other person in your relationship truly loves you they should find enjoyment in everything you say. Don’t just talk about each other either…there are endless things to talk about once you fully open yourself up to one another. Try and discuss new things that you have never talked about with your partner before!

2. Expand your social circle.

Failing to make time for other friends when you’re in a dedicated relationship is a common contributor to relationship boredom.

Sometimes, you might even begin to blame your partner for not being able to see other friends as often as you would like. Don’t let this happen! Humans are wired to desire as large a social circle as possible. There’s no reason that you can’t partake in expanding your social circle together. You both desire it, so just go out and make some new friends!

3. Do random activities together.

Avoid the same routine. Nothing creates boredom faster than doing the same thing every day. While you might love being together, you can still be together while having new experiences.

Humans create the greatest memories while partaking in activities that are foreign to our everyday lives. If either of you has an idea for a random activity you think you might enjoy, go for it! Don’t be hasty to shut down ideas either; try everything once, especially if it’s your partner thinks it will make them happy, or make both of you happy! No harm in giving this a try.

4. Make art together.

Making art can be one of the most gratifying experiences to share with your partner. Creating art is powerful, and if you do it together, it will bring you closer every time you do it. Try writing a song with your loved one. Somebody can make the music and somebody can write the lyrics.

Making art together is like making a child; it’s something that you both had to work together to produce, and you can both experience the payoffs of together. Art is a fun and expressive way to make lasting relics of your relationship together.

5. Try new things in the bedroom together.

Here’s the obvious answer that you’ll probably find on every relationship improvement article on the Internet. It’s true though; the more open and expressive you are about your intimate desires, the more satisfied you’ll be in the end. Consider experimenting with new positions, or even try some sex toys if you are feeling adventurous! This can be a great way to bring both of you closer together (literally and figuratively!).

Don’t aggressively pressure your partner into doing anything new, but explain yourself openly and honestly. Don’t feel like you should have anything to hide from your partner. If you’re bored in the bedroom, in all likelihood your relationship isn’t going to last too much longer. So spice it up. Just be sure to stay safe and have fun!

6. Maintain your individuality

Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean that you’re inseparable. If you give up the things you loved in life before your relationship in favour of always spending time with your significant other, you’re likely to get bored fast.

If you enjoy sports but your partner doesn’t, so what? You can’t always be the same person as somebody you’re in love with. Understanding this is a crucial aspect of healthy relationships. You will always be your own person…don’t change yourself for somebody else!

7. Exercise or dance together

If you don’t move around much with your significant other, consider changing this immediately. Being still and stagnant can be great for a while, but if you make it part of your regular routine, you’re sure to get bored in no time.

Exercising with one another can be a great way to both bring you closer together and keep you healthy and fit. Monitor your progress and push one another. If you’re not into traditional exercise, dancing at a club or bar can be an excellent way to create enjoyment while being active together.

8. If you’re in love, have kids.

Be sure to deliberate a long time on this one. Having children isn’t something that you can take back. You want to make this decision because you both want to, not as a last resort to try and save a relationship: that is never a good plan! When you’re ready though, having kids can be the most enjoyable and gratifying experience of your life.

Bringing a new life into the world requires an extraordinary amount of time and responsibility, but if you and your partner are both dedicated and ready, having kids will add tremendous excitement to your life for the next twenty years, give or take. Nothing will bring you and your significant other closer together than starting a family of your own.

9. Break up.

If you’ve tried all of the above but still find yourself bored in your relationship, the problem might lie elsewhere. Breaking up is hard to do, but if it’s for the betterment of your own life it is strongly considered.

It’s common for people to go through many relationships before finding the person who’s right for them. Breaking up is difficult and emotional, but once you’ve done it, you’ll feel a lot better. If you’re in love with your partner, this is of course a last resort scenario.

Relationships are meant to be fun and exciting. If boredom has reared its ugly head in yours, follow these suggestions to ignite a new spark! Remember that being bored in a relationship doesn’t always mean that you’re not right for each other. Open yourself up to one another and don’t let yourself get caught in normal routines. Love is always worth fighting for!

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