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No, despite what its name may imply, having ringworm does not mean there are parasitic creatures squirming around under your skin! Do not lose your head. Instead, follow these steps to prevent ringworm from upsetting your life.

Ringworm is a common fungus that usually appears as a red circle with elevated edges. It is relatively harmless. But without proper treatment, you will itch constantly and your skin will dry, causing flaking and potentially dangerous infections from open sores. And nobody wants that. Here are your best bets for vanquishing these irritating red patches.

Disclaimer: be sure to see your family doctor or visit the hospital if your problems with ringworm persist.

1. Use over the counter ointments and creams.

All pharmacies carry some form of anti-fungal cream. Major brands to look for include Lotrimin, Mycelex, Micatin, and Tinactin. If these aren’t available, anything with Clotrimazole (an anti-fungal agent) will work.

In most cases, these medications will be all that’s needed to clear up your ringworm. Follow the directions on the label, and keep applying for 2-4 weeks, even if the ringworms looks like it has disappeared before then. You do not want this problem to sneak back up on you again! Don’t be afraid to apply liberally, past the raised edges of the ringworm.

If you’re a wrestler, fighter, or any kind of grappling athlete, you should always keep a tube of one of these over-the counter medications handy. Ringworm thrives in warm, damp environments, and spreads by contact. The sweaty and physical nature of these sports provides an ideal breeding ground for fungal infections. Try and keep your exercise gear clean and dry, keeping this in mind.

2. Use prescription medication.

Though a visit to the doctor is rarely needed to treat ringworm, sometimes the over-the-counter stuff doesn’t cut it. These cases usually involve the scalp, where ointments are hard to apply thoroughly.

If you’ve tried the ointments and the ringworm does not clear, schedule an appointment with a doctor and – if indeed it is ringworm – you will be prescribed oral anti-fungal medication. These medications will kill even the worst cases of fungal infection. Always be sure to go over any possible side effects of any medication your doctor suggests for you to try!

3. Try natural remedies.

If you prefer a holistic approach, you may want to try a natural remedy to treat your ringworm. There are many naturally occurring substances said to have anti-fungal properties. The most effective, and easily obtainable, are apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, and garlic.

Choose one of these and apply to the affected area. You may also cover the treated ringworm with a bandage: if you’re using garlic, you’ll have to peel, chop, and slice a few slivers before bandaging directly to the site.

Application can be repeated several times a day, and should usually be sustained for 2-4 weeks, the same length of time as over-the-counter ointments or creams.

While these natural treatments are not statistically proven to work as well as the medicines you can find in a pharmacy, there are plenty of testimonials advocating for their effectiveness, and there’s no harm in trying a natural cure. The benefit of this option is that it will almost definitely be a more cost effective way to a cure, if money is a concern.

4. Figure out the source.

As suggested, ringworm is a fungal infection that spreads through physical contact. It’s highly contagious and can be transmitted from human to human, animal to human (animals like dogs, for instance, can catch it from soil), and also animal to animal interaction.

Sometimes it’s impossible to identify the source of infection. But remember that ringworm thrives in wet, humid environments. This often means the gym, athletic bags, and sustained contact with another human or animal. If you have pets, make sure they don’t have any visible sores or red patches. You may not see anything obvious, but if you notice scratching or licking in one place consistently, this may be a sign of ringworm.

5. Protect yourself.

Because ringworm is so contagious, remember to be aware of what you’re touching. As long as you’re sticking to the method of treatment you’ve chosen, there’s no harm in covering the site. This will reduce the chance of infecting another person and this will keep you from spreading the fungus to another part of your body.

6. Protect yourself.

Don’t forget to shower immediately after engaging in activities that cause you to sweat, and dry yourself completely. One of the best things you can do to prevent infections is shower and dry thoroughly after activity (especially athletics). Don’t let yourself stay sticky throughout the day.

Wear slippers in the shower. Public showers are notorious for harboring fungus.

Try to wear loose clothing when possible. This will prevent moisture, along with bacteria and fungus, from being trapped on your skin.

Products, like Defense Soap, can help scrub away some of the grime that accumulates with physical activity.

7. Don’t worry.

You might look at an itchy, scaly red patch of skin on your body and think it looks a lot worse than anything like the perfect circle that you see in all the photos. But realize that ringworm can look completely asymmetrical and show up on any part of the body. This doesn’t mean it is any less treatable. Ever heard of athlete’s foot? That’s just ringworm between the toes or on the sole of the foot, and it sounds a touch more harmless than the suggestive ringworm. Jock itch is ringworm in the groin area.

Regardless of where the infection appears, the various treatments described above still apply. Stay consistent with application, and if one doesn’t work, move onto the next. Or, as a last resort, visit a doctor. Follow these steps and ringworm should clear up within a few weeks!

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  1. Hey ya’ll… My suggestion is not going to be accepted by all of you, but hear me out. I am a wrestler and I have contracted ringworm about four times due to matches on dirty mats, etc… well the best way to get rid of ringworm (I swear it) is, believe it or not, to bleach it. It burns like crazy, but only for a second and it effectively kills the ringworm immediately, leaving only to rash to heal. Just make sure not to get any bleach on your clothes 🙂

  2. Okay Im also a wrestler and one thing that really works well on ringworm is to cut a clove of garlic and rub it on the area do that twice a day for about 4 days and it will go away

  3. I strongly suggest collodial silver to cure ringworm in just 2-3 days. Tea Tree Oil is also a fungus killer. Both are natural cures with no side effects and are less harmful and more effective than perscriptions. Save yourself some money, pain and healing time.

  4. Bleach is the best cure. A 50/50 solution of bleach and water is best. Saturate a Q-tip and rub it on the ringworm. The diluted solution keeps it from burning and works every time. My 2 yo daugter used to get it all the time from her daycare on her face and I always cured them this way. Works like a charm. Gone within an hour.

  5. I agree with the bleach method. I am also a wrestler and the sport has been not allowing those with ringworm to compete.

    I also use a Q-tip and dip it in bleach, then apply directly to the ringworm. Usually one application is sufficient but in some cases more are needed.

    To help with the burning rinse with water shortly after the application.

  6. Theres this cream called “Hifen” . It’s the best cure i have known . I got ringworn only once ‘coz of my pets . After you apply this cream you wont feel the itch and the ringworm will go away in 2 days .
    There are a lot of wrestlers here . Fight me PUNK im 6’4″ and weigh around 110 kg . I can kick yer Ass…..

  7. Bleach works good, I used to get them all the time when i was little and my great grandma used to mix garlic powder and water to make a paste and put it on the ringworm its usually gone in about 2 days.

  8. Bleach does work the best , but leaving a dark scab could be a little embarassing. Im a Mechanic for the Marine corps and I always come home to the barracks with a ringworm, because of the oil and grease . I say use bleach for ringworm even if you start to tell if it just started… Just make sure you dont go anywhere for a few hours.

  9. Listerine burns a little when applied but works very well at getting rid of ringworms none of the fancy stuff just the plain old listerine no dilution

  10. I’m a missionary on a mountain in the jungle and currently have ringworm on my ankle. The tribal natives that I work with recomend putting garlic on it as well. I tried that and ended up with a very large blister on my ankle covering the entire area of the ringworm. The blistered area still hasn’t healed in the week since I did it. I’m not sure if the ringworm itself it gone yet or not because it’s hard to see if it’s gone through the burned skinned. Any suggestions?

  11. I used half bleach, half water and rubbed it on the ringworm and the area around it with a q-tip and then every time the bleach soaked into my skin, I reapplied it. It stings a little but the redness has gone down already (I’m doing this as I type) and when the bleach goes on, the itch stops.

  12. Garlic works, just grate a peg of garlic and apply it to the skin for 5 mins and then wash it off (repeat procedure 3 times a day).It burns but the ringworm will be gone in approximately 3 days. To Jeremy…you probably left the garlic on too long, if you do that it will burn through your skin like fire and blister it. This happened to my cousin, she bandaged the poultice to her skin overnight,and ended up with a big black blister/burn. Lol. Be careful with the garlic.

  13. Well U got ringworm when I went drinking in a park and passed out and one of my boyz dumped some crusty water on my head..and then a wet towel that touched moss or something…my doc said it was stress.. I started looking things up and it’s rignworm. After a year my mom said aloe vera plant juice works for temporary results and makes hair grow back healthy too…also at pharmacies they have baby rash creams which will leave a white mark but work also…athelets foot cremes too ..btw i only found all this out after i cut my hair short and what not and its growing back like crazy…keep in mind i have mixed …mostly black hair… so hope it works for yall cus I’m stressed out beign a girl and having hair patches isn’t very fun …;) Garlic is a miracle worker too!

  14. OK everyone… I have had ringworm for 5 miserable weeks. I have tried the acid fungus treatments (seems worthless)Tolnaftate,Clotrimazole (seems worthless)and a leading brand of topical cream and none of it is working. The most consistant remidy of this site is Bleach. I will be doing this tonight. I just want it gone!

  15. The bleach is the best cure. I discovered it a few years ago just by guessing I had ringworm and figuring bleach seems to kill everything. I have only had it that one time but my youngest son has a spot and I just bleached it by soaking a cotton ball and holding it on the spot. I am sure it will work again.

  16. Well, i just used bleach, hoping its gonna make it go away, it didnt burn as much as everyone made it out to seem, maybe i did something wrong. Well, we’ll see. Also my brother and cousin used to put some duct tape over theirs and rip it off a few days later, i havent tried, but it worked for them. Duct tape does fix everything.

  17. I have had this for about 2 weeks and I’m just desperate so I tried this bleach stuff and yes it burns lots but you can handle it if you really want it gone like I do. I’m not sure its gonna work cause I only just tried it but from the burning it feels like its working, it only burns for a minute. I really need this to work!!!! Good luck to me and you who ever has this nightmare happening to them! BTW (lamisil) NO Bueno….lol

  18. OMG….. IT WORKS LIKE MAGIC…. The redness is fading and all I have is a little try spot where it started! Best believe it, BLEACH DOES THE DEED…..

  19. Good Morning,
    I agree bleach does kill the ringworm as soon as you apply it, but besides the burning, you will also have a mark left wherever you put the bleach for the ringworm and it takes a good while for that mark to disappear. Another way to get rid of a ringworm would be to buy a powder called sulfur, it’s in a white bottle and the powder is yellow. What the sulfur does is purify your blood and get rid of the ringworm. When you purchase this you add a tablespoon or two in a bowl and you mix any type of jelly or syrup, so that you can swallow it. Trust me it works.

  20. I noticed a weird rash on my skin a few days ago. I didn’t think much about it – as I’ve never had acne or anytype of skin irritation or problem in my life. Then all of a sudden it was in a circle and I was pretty sure I had caught ringworm. I went to the doctors immediately and he confirmed it and gave me some presciption anti-fungal cream to put on it. But after a few days and not much change I called my mom and my brother who have both had it. My brother told me to bleach it. I soaked a cotton ball in Clorox and held it to it. It burned like crazy but I did it two more times. I rinsed my skin with soap and water – its bleach so its can cause serious skin damage. It left a rash but I could see a huge change – it started getting smaller immediately. I then applied the anti-fungal cream and put a bandage on it. That was about two days ago and its only getting better. I recommend bleach but probably a water and bleach solution so as to reduce scarring. It might scar but its a lot better than having a skin fungus – the idea of which grosses me out.

  21. i have 2 boys, 2 and 8 yr old,the baby has had ringworm for over 4 weeks now, the ringwworm is spreading like wild fire, i have it, my oldest has it and my husband have it. i went to the doc, he recommended those creams, which i belive is doing NOTHING for us, I will def try the bleach, sounds like magic. my baby also has the fungas on his head. he is on med’s for 6 weeks for this,any recommendations for scalp fungas????! bleach on the head sounds a little cruel., this is totally so awful. makes me feel gross all over.

  22. I tried the bleach about 20 minutes agao. I tried the cream and that stuff didn’t work. The bleach is killing it before my eyes.!!!HALLELLUYAH!!!!PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. I’ve been trying the pharmacy cream for a few weeks now and although it has been working steadily on the affected area, I now have numerous locations. I’m definitely going to try some bleach in a 50:50 mix with water and see how that works and report it back. Just a note to those finding this site before you buy the cream, I say try the bleach first as the large majority of people here seem to report it killing it effectively and right away.

    Does anyone know how I can stop these new ringworm locations from popping up, I’m changing my sheets like crazy, washing my clothes all the time, showering all the time, I just dont get it. Do I need to take some sort of oral medicine (ie. is my blood perhaps carrying it?) Thanks in advance.

  24. I tried the bleach thing and it does dry the ringworm immediately. I use the splashless bleach, and it started to dry up in less than 5 minutes.

  25. Bleach. Why didnt I think of that. This is aweful! its everywhere! I just want to know how long this will take to go away? I went to the Doc yesterday and got the cream rx. And I just applied for the last time today so I think before bed I will try Bleach…..But will it really take weeks for this to be GONE???

  26. I have friggin Ringworm under my left arm…right in the arm pit… it has gotten progressively worse over the past 5 weeks while i was in Romania, I refused to get medical treatment while there because the village i was visiting has a small “hospital” and they think a cure for chicken pox is to drink goat piss sooo i chose to wait til i came back home to the states anyway.. it started off as a small circle now its pretty large. I tried Lamisil, No good. Bleach, No good. Anti fungal powder.. NOTHING Ketoconzal shampoo.. Nothing.. I am packing up right now to go to the Emergency Room to get a oral anti biotic. This needs to be GONE!!!

  27. i go to a boarding school and I got this ringworm from one of my friends a few weeks ago. I was putting Tea Tree Oil on it and it was drying up but then in got worse. Well now I have another one a few centimeters from the first. I am gonna try the bleach and I hope it works. Thanks y’all!! 🙂

  28. UPDATE:

    Bleach works quite well, remember to shake the jug up well and mix 50/50 or 60/40 (bleach/water). The Bleach will dry it out but try not to use it too much cuz it’ll leave a scar. A combination with some cream from the doc isnt a bad idea either. And yes it does take time to go away.

    It is QUITE contagious so try to keep washing your hands as often you can, change your sheets and what not. I have numerous spots as well but they’ve been dying out now. Just takes some time and effort.

  29. Well, Everyone, I wanted to let you know, that I woke up this morning with a ringworm on my arm. It was itching and very red. I remembered my co-worker telling me that she put bleach on her son, when he had a ringworm, so I went and got some bleach and put it on my arm. I dipped a q-tip in bleach and speaded it around my arm. I layed down for a minutes because of the itch. I took off the bandage and my arm has stopped itching and it seems to be drying it out. I think everyone should try the bleach. Its working for me.

  30. Well my sister has a ringworm and i say we use bleach to get it off BUT they are using the antifungal cream so i think that will be fine…

  31. my whole family(my husband, me, and my little girl) all had ringworm. I was using the clear iodine. It burns like crazy but I rather try the bleach. Thanks for your advice.

  32. well i found out last night i had a ringworm on my scalp, got up this morning and read what you all said about the bleach, got my husband to apply it to the ringworm and within a few minutes the redness was gone and the itching stopped, hope its gone for good,,,i think it worked!

  33. I have a horrible case of ringworm. It is on my face, chest and arms. The stuff the dermatologist has given me for THREE WEEKS is not really helping! I am going to switch to t-tree oil. How can I tell if this is getting better or worse? It seems like the Tea Tree oil is bringing out the little red spots. Is that possible?

  34. apple cider vinigar. it may sting a little but not much at all do it for a couple days and it goes away. w/o all this scaring or rash’s like bleach. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. So from wrestling i got ring and i got rid of it using lamisil creme, well unfortunately it likes to come back, so i was put on an oral anti fungal med, and guess what? its still here! then i bleached it and it went away, but i’d recomend putting tea tree oil in with your soaps and shampoos because jsut cuz you cant see it doesnt mean its completely gone and dead!

  36. Not a tip..just a question. I think I have several on my scalp, my qestion probably is a bit silly, but will I endup with white patches of platinum blonde hair???

  37. it exploded all over my torso (back chest ect) and not ive noticed it creeping to my neck. what can i use all over my body? This has to be gone in two weeks! WHAT TO DO?!

  38. The best cure for a ringwor is bleach with nothing added to it. Everytime i get a ringworm i get a q-tip and dip it in some bleach and put the bleach on the ringworm and the area around it. It usually burns for a couple of seconds but the ringworm goes away the same day.

  39. Well. Here’s our problem. My 6 month old has had ringworm for about 2 months, I believe. Since we have family history of eczema, and the fact that my baby is young, the doctors believed the scalp issue was “cradle cap” and the rest was “eczema”. Well, guess what? The doctors should learn a valuable lesson in all of this. When in doubt, take a scratch of the area. Thank you very much. So my baby has it pretty much from head to toe. Yeah! We’ve been on the creams for about one and half weeks and it’s working slowly but surely. I don’t listen when the doctor’s say to only apply the cream once daily. I apply the stuff pretty liberally and pretty much everywhere. I put my older children’s socks on my baby’s hands/arms so he won’t itch, or suck on the medicated areas. I also give him benedryl to help with the itchiness. Every night every one takes a shower or bath (and I empty the tub/disinfect between kids baths). Since I am a stay at home mom, I wash ALL of the bedding every day, ALL of the clothing every day, vacuum every day, disinfect everything every day. By the time I am finished, it’s time to go to bed and get ready for a new day. I heard that it is important to keep applying the cream for at least one week after everything is gone. I’m not stopping until I see every little tiny speck gone, and then I’ll apply it as a lotion for an entire week following. Every member of the family seems to have gotten it to some degree. FYI when it spreads, it looks like a pimple. And on the scalp, it can look like yellow, flakey skin (much like cradle cap…but cradle cap smells and this doesn’t).

    BTW, we don’t have any pets (just the reason I hate them…turns out that this fungus comes from rodants nests…and cats help distribute this fungus to their homes and then to others). I am not angry that we got this from our friends, just angry that they never told me that they had it and what to expect to see. I called EVERYONE and told them. My pride isn’t too big to help prevent others from getting this nasty fungus. Plus, I don’t take my children out to places they can spread it (just for walks/in the back yard). My baby won’t leave the house until it is completly gone. That’s how to stop this stuff from spreading people…DON”T CONTAMINATE OTHERS WIT


    I think the bleach solution sounds like it works like a charm, but since my baby has open cuts (from scratching at it–hence the socks on the arms) I cannot do that…and also, I am afraid of what this can do to him.

    I may try the garlic thing and some sulpher pills I got from the naturopathic doctor. I hope that this helps. If anyone has any tips for our situation, I’d sure like to hear about them (no bleach please).

    Hectic mom of 3

  41. I know this sounds crazy. I have been searching all over the net to help with the ringworm rash that is all over my cheeks and chin. It is so awful. Someone on another site recomended windex. I was so desperate but not enough to try bleach on my face. I dipped a cotton ball in and dabbed on spots. It only tingled a little. But better yet ringworm hates Windex!!!! Minutes later the redness was fading and looked to be drying up. I am not sure how long to use it. but I will until I don’t see it any longer.

  42. I was wearing a new kind of warm, enclosed bedroom slippers one day when I noticed that my feet were so warm they were sweating. The next thing I noticed was intense burning. Several days later I had some red spots close to my underarms that developed into classic looking patches of ringworm. (I wash my socks with my other clothes) I bought some over-the-counter clotrmazole. After a week I got a prescription for ketoconazole. The ketoconazole got rid of the classic ringworm appearance but there was still a rash and it got sooooooooo itchy. So I thought perhaps the ringworm was gone but the rash was an allergic reaction to the cream. I quit using the cream and applied olive oil. Within two days the read spots were really
    spreading and itchy again. I went to a dermatologist who said it might be ringworm or eczema. He didn’t want to do a culture. He gave me Econazole cream. It didn’t bother me as much as the ketoconazole but I still had some spreading after 3 days use. I went to another Dr. and asked for a culture. They refused, but they did look at scrapings under a microscope and found a few hyphae (indicating a possible fungal infection – possibly in the deeper layers of my skin). He suggested oral Decadron. I said that Decadron can cause liver failure. He said, “Yes, but that’s usually n people who take it for 2 months, we will only give it to you for 5 weeks.” I said, “What would you do if you were me?” He said, “I would continue trying topical creams for 1-2 weeks.” So that’s what I’ve been doing – the cream. Plus praying sincerely. Also, I’ve been working to keep my underarms cool and dry, since the infection has spread to that area. At night I put small pillows under my arms to keep the skin separated. I’m using mostly Econazole. I’m doing laundry constantly. It seems to gradually be getting better after 5 days of this multifactorial approach, but it’s not eradicated by any means. And I have a transient itchy rash all over my arm due to the irritating cream. I feel that I must take a week off work to deal with this. I appreciate all of your comments. I’m going to do an experiment with the bleach and see what happens.

  43. i have had my wingworm for about 6 weeks, i got it from someone that works with me and it is horrible!! i have been using cream that the doctor have gave me but thats not working, so i pull up this web site and see everybody talking about bleach and water so i guess i will try that when i go home and see how that works. thanks guy’s for all your advice.

  44. I have had it for 2 months now. Got it from our new kitten. I am using clotrimazole-Betamethansone (Lotrisone) and the spots have gotten larger, before they have gotten lighter and less bumpy. The itching has suddenly returned, I have 3 more spots and my dog now has it too even though we quarantined everyone for 4 weeks. Can you be reinfected? All animals being aggressively treated by vet. Said 4-12 months for animals to heal. How long for people? I am going to try bleach or apple cider vinegar. But how long should it take to fade? Days, weeks, months? When will my skin return to normal and when am I not contagious? I am worried this isn’t working and I don’t want to spread it. Any thoughts?

  45. It’s me again. Well I tried some bleach on two spots last evening. It did sting, but I prefer the stinging to the intense itching. I’ve found two helpful web sites: (Lots of advice for questions such as sally mentioned) and also (Here Dr. Vasily states that over-the counter anti-fungal creams only suppress the fungus, but don’t eliminate it.)
    I am staying home today and tomorrow and taping garlic slivers to several areas to see what happens. If I were a fungus, I’d clear out at the first smell of the garlic!

  46. I adopted a new kitten that turned up with ringworm a week after I rescued her. Bummer. I’ve been treating her for four weeks with oral antifungal, and she’s been getting better slowly. Just this past week, I got the ringworm. Big Bummer. After scouring the web for information when my kitten first got it, and now another round of reading since I got it, here are some of what I’ve learned:
    * Ringworm is a mild infection and not to get too freaked out by it (I freaked at first)
    * If left untreated, it can get pretty nasty, and the sooner it’s treated the faster it will go away.
    * It can take weeks to completely eradicate (get rid of it). It takes treatment of the sores and continual cleaning of the environment.
    * It can spread to other parts of the body, to other people and to the environment (carpet, bedding, etc.).
    * Don’t scratch it
    * If you touch it, immediately wash your hands. Wash your hands a lot regardless.
    * There are lots of topical treatments that can be used to put on to the sores, including everything from bleach, garlic and tea tree oil to the over-the-counter stuff like Lamisil and Lotrimin to prescription creams from the doc. One web site said that Lamisil is the only over-the-counter to actually kill the ringworm; the others like Tenactin and Lotrimin only supress it.
    * If it gets really bad, is on your face or scalp, or lasts longer than a few weeks *after* you’ve treated it with the over-the-counter stuff, go to your doctor, and s/he will likely prescribe an oral antifungal.
    * Wash your clothes after each time you wear them. Don’t wear any clothing twice, even if you wore it for a short time.
    * Wash your clothes and bedding with color-fast bleach
    * Take a shower twice a day with at least one of the showers including anti-bacterial soap and antifungal shampoo, like medicated Selsin Blue or medicated Head-and-Shoulders — even if you don’t have sores on your scalp, I don’t think it hurts to use some prevention. Who wants their hair to start falling/breaking off?
    * Find that balance between keeping your skin moisturized and healthy, yet keep the places that are prone to sweat (like your feet, armpits, groin, etc.) dry. I read on one web site where it suggests blow drying these areas on the cool setting after showers.
    * Wear cotton socks, underwear, t-shirts.. whatever, to let the area breathe.
    * Continue treatment of the infected areas *AT LEAST* one week after the sore is completely gone. I’m going to shoot for more like two or even three weeks. What the heck. Better than having it come back!
    * Vacuum often
    * Bleach hard surfaces; counters, showers & tubs, often.
    * Some say change and launder bedding daily. I’ve been wearing sweats and long-sleeved t-shirts to cover the sores at night when I get into bed. I sleep on one side of the bed one night, then the other side the next (and flip the pillow over). Then I strip the bedding, so I go every other night.
    * If the ringworm/fungus is on your feet, put your socks on before you put on your underwear or pants. You don’t want to infect your underwear (groin and waist line) with feet-infected fungus. Use the same caution when dressing other parts of your body that are infected.

    So bottom line, ringworm isn’t horrible unless you neglect it. It requires DILIGENCE and PATIENCE. It can be slow to get rid of and it is sometimes sneaky in coming back/recurring. Personally, I’m putting a little 50/50 bleach/water on it daily, I use Lamisil and Lotrimin often (more than the recommended frequency), because they have two different active ingredients. I have Merry Maids come in weekly to clean and bleach hard surface areas. I strip my bed every other day. It’s a real drag. But I’d rather do all of this than have it spread to other parts of my body (it’s only on one arm and one leg), or spread to other people, or reinfect my kitten.. who can reinfect me.

    Thanks to all of you who have submitted tips, and good luck to all of you who turn up with this unfortunate fungus!

  47. An update: After a few days of Lotrimin, I didn’t see much improvement of the sores. I also noticed that just after I put the Lotrimin cream on the sores, they seemed to get worse for a little while — redder and more little red blister looking bumps. Maybe that’s because the cream aggravated the fungus, which could be a good thing, I don’t know.

    Then I started using Lamisil cream and a cottonball of bleach on the sores 2 or 3 times a day. Man! I don’t know which one was so effective (or both), but the sores started to fade dramatically from a bright red to a light pink, and they don’t itch anymore.

    Thanks again to all of you recommending the bleach on this site. Carol, that article you referred us to in your second link (on wrestlers) was great! Thank you!!

  48. Good post Aquarius girl! I seem to be having more success since adding the bleach (50/50)solution. The ketoconozole was so slow by itself and also highly irritating.

  49. how do you know when ringworm is going away, I have an 5 month old who has spots all over his face. They seem to be changing but the ring is still there. He has been using prescription cream for 7 days now. sadly bleach is not an option for my baby ; (

  50. I have been miserable with ringworm. i thought it was just a pimple, then it spread. it even spread to my hands. bleach was a bad idea for me. It left chemical burns that took a really long time to heal. Tea Tree Oil seemed to help, but after 5 days it became worse. i had to take time off work. i used several OTC creams. nothing worked. i was about to go to see a doctor for an oral medication when I found a generic cream at walgreens for $5.99. it is 25% undecyenate (as undecylenic acid and zinc undecylenate). In 3 days I could show my hands again. It is clearing everywhere.

  51. I just tried some bleach and antifungal combo. I put the bleach on first. It burned a little. Then I put the antifungal (tolfonate or something). The ringworms turned red right away. Hopefully they are better tomorrow.

  52. When I applied the bleach the areas became darker as Adam said. But after 3 days they are beginning to fade. Also the bleach got rid of the intense itching. Now I’m using a more dilute solution of only 6 parts water to 1 part bleach, and I rinse it off after a minute. The ringworm activity seems to have died down as soon as first put bleach on. I think for the baby it would be a good idea to have a Dr. do a KOH test. (The scape a lesion and look at it under a microscope with a KOH solution on it – if they see the organism, it’s ringworm and not a bacterial infection or eczema – those require different treatment) Lindsay, could you just put a very dilute solution of bleach on a small segment for a few moments to see if it makes a difference. For me, it was such a relief to get rid of the itching. I battled with this for about a month, before I resorted to the bleach. I first tried the bleach on Monday and yesterday, Wednesday, I felt human again.

  53. Sally,
    I used Lotrisone several years ago and it was GREAT for me, when nothing else worked (and after a misdiagnosis from another doctor, giving me cortisone which made the ringworm spread like crazy!) And the spots did heal and look completely normal, but it took a while. I was worried they would leave scars, because by the time I finally got the Lotrisone, they’d grown quite large. Just be sure to keep using it until ALL the symptoms are gone.

    But yes, it is definitely possible to get reinfected, especially if your pets are still healing. They’re probably still contagious. And I’ve heard that once you’ve caught ringworm once, you’re more susceptible than other people to catch it again.

    Which is why I’m on this website – because I’ve just caught it again, from a stray cat that I rescued and kept overnight. I was careful to wash my hands and skin that touched him, and to launder my clothes, but I caught the ringworm THROUGH MY CLOTHES. I didn’t was my upper arms as thoroughly as my hands, because I’d been wearing long sleeves when I picked him up. *#@$%!!! I hate ringworm!!! EVIL stuff!

    Good luck with your household!

  54. DO NOT TREAT RINGWORM WITH STEROIDS! Like cortisone (which is often given for eczema). My first doctor incorrectly diagnosed my first ringworm case as possible eczema and gave me cortisone – but I later learned (from my other doctor) that steroids make the ringworm flourish and spread, which mine did. Ugh!

    By the way, the two times I’ve had ringworm, I think it’s come from cats and it hasn’t itched at all. I wonder if the cat kind just isn’t itchy.

  55. hey the way i got rid of mine is i put nair on each spot and it burns but it went away in a week so you shold try it

  56. Here’s an update on my battle with ringworm. Just for the record, think twice about using bleach. The scars from the chemical burns take a long time to fade. The ringworm on my arm is nearly gone, but the scars from using bleach will take a year or two to fade. It’s easier to deal with once you accept it’s going to cost money to get rid of it.

    I’m in my third week of using the generic cream from Walgreens. The ringworm is almost gone. This was a bad case. I have it on my feet, legs, arms, and hands. It’s been a horrible ordeal. Everything is returning to normal. I check daily, and there are not any new areas of infection.

    I did learn a lot while trying to get rid of this. You have to be patient. This isn’t something that’s going to go away in a day or two. Even if you find something that will kill the fungus immediately, your skin needs time to heal. You have to keep everything clean. I put a capful of bleach in the washer even with bolder colors. I use bleach to clean everything, and spray the sofa with disinfectant daily. I suck it up and change sheets daily.

    If you use an over the counter cream or powder, you need to be give it time to work. Follow the directions. Don’t switch creams because you don’t see instant results. You may even see signs the infection is spreading. When you start switching creams, or if you don’t use them as directed, they won’t work.

    Bleach – My case may have been worse than others, but I still recommend avoiding bleach. In the initial few minutes, there is some fading right before your eyes, but then the areas became very tender and bright red. It didn’t kill all the fungus either. Again, this will also leave scars.

    I did put bleach in the bath when I first realized what I had. I have dark hair, and this did bleach my arm and leg hair blonde. I’m a guy, so I have body hair. It didn’t effect my chest hair. The arm and leg hair pretty much fried away. I may have put too much bleach in the bath, but that hair is already growing back. The bleach bath seemed to cause more inflamation than relief.

    Shoes – Forget about fashion. Wear shoes that keep your feet cool and dry. When you get this fungus on your foot, you really become aware about how certain shoes lock heat in. If you can, powder your shoes each night with an athlete’s foot powder. This helps make sure your shoes dry out. Once it’s gone, the old shoes get tossed out.

  57. I love Lamisil!!

    An update on my battle with ringworm – it’s almost gone, after just over a week from first discovering it! I used over-the-counter Lamisil AT (about $10 for a small tube) and it’s been great. I highly recommend it! I went to my doctor a few days after starting the treatment, and the ringworm was already clearing up. I had also done INSANE amounts of laundry with bleach (or Borax where I couldn’t use bleach, which is also a fungicide), changing sheets and pajamas and towels constantly, and washing those parts of my body with Dial antibacterial soap. (And doing a super thorough cleaning of the bathroom where I had kept the stray cat for one night, the cat who gave me this ringworm.)

    But when I went to the doctor, he said that since it looked like it was under control, I was no longer contagious. HOORAY!!!!!! He said just to carry on applying the Lamisil 2 or 3 times a day, and just do my laundry like normal. SUCH a relief. I’ve never done so much laundry in my life.

    Thank you, Lamisil!

  58. Re: Lamisil, by the way, it took a few days before I could see any visual change, but it really did work. And there was no painful burning or scarring like bleach would cause. Granted, I did catch the ringworm very early, so recovery might take longer if you have a more severe outbreak – but Lamisil works. I can’t see any spots at all on my arms, and the spots on my stomach are very faded.

    Don’t burn your already suffering skin with bleach! No wonder it leaves a scar. Lamisil kills the fungus AND heals your skin. (Haha, they should pay me for advertising it so well.)

  59. Thanks for the tip with the bleach. this was my first time having ringworm. I got it just below my knee on my right leg. i work with children so i was doomed to get it. i tried otc creams for weeks to no avail. three patches in addition to the original popped up. i used the bleach tip tonight and it seems to be disappearing. i noticed that after i applied the bleach, i would see tiny red spots appear (as if tiny dots of blood) and then the site turned bright red. The initial site turned out to be larger than was visible (pre bleach). I now can see a much larger ring the size of a quarter but the ringworm rash and itch is gone! Now to bleach the pants where i think there are ringworm spores! Thanks a million for all the advice! The only thing that is a bit unnerving is the toxicity of household bleach. But we are exposed to all kinds of toxins i guess. Sanity is equally important!

  60. Update to my bio-harzard life. Things at my home have gotten so much worse. I have 5 new lesions but my doc will not give me oral meds. She said it probably isnt ringworm but psoriasis. I am tired of these mis diagnoses from the docs. I have battled psoriasis for years and it is not it. I went for a second opinion and that doc said ringworm and gave me script for Loprox Cream. He says it takes it away every time. I’ll let you know. He did tell me to STOP using bleach. It will scar your skin. It is better to go to the doc because of the difficulty of getting rid of this. We have 3 quarantines in our house. 1 for pets with no symptoms, 1 for the cat who is not showing symptoms but recovering and 1 for the dog who is showing severe symptoms. We cannot cross contaminate and have bleached, vacuumed and sanitized our entire home. If you have a home with multiple pets eradicating the fungus is much more difficult than with people or individual pet homes.
    Please learn from me. If you have ringworm in your house and have more than one pet, GO TO THE VET and TREAT ALL ANIMALS as if they have it. We have been suffering with this for 3 months now and it has cost well over $1000 in people and vet bills. Treat agressively, but don’t freak out. The doc told me if ringworm was impossible to get rid of then everyone in world would have it. It just takes time and diligence.
    Good luck to everyone, and even though bleach works, think twice.

  61. Hi Momto3,
    My 7 year old and now my 5 year old has contracted this dreaded fungus called ringworm. I have been using apple cider vinegar. Use a cotton ball and rub the area until it burn (it only burns a little according to the kids). I did this at least 3x a day and it works. Good luck

  62. well im putting on this bleach cause my mom told me to. i just want to know how long its going to take before its cleard up.

  63. Well i got ringworm on my left cheek like 5 days ago and didnt start using lamsil until about 2 days ago. The lamasil only irratates it more and makes it itch… im getting desperate and im planning on using windex tonight because im afraid to use bleach on my face-is this is good or bad idea

  64. Ok so after reading all of your comments/tips I went and tried bleach…….It hurt like a B**** but you could see a difference before the bleach even dried. AMAZING!

  65. I read all this stuf and den went into my toilet and used bleach in 1 area then on my head where i have a real big bald patch i used garlic den a bit of lemon it gave a lil sting but i duno about the bleach cos i duno if im supose to wash it of or leave it on could somebody PLEASE HELP I WANA SHAVE MY HAIR BUT I GOT SCHOOL IN A WEEK IT WOULD BE VERY OBVIOUS HELP!!!

  66. I used the bleach and i thought it was a good idea cause it DID kill it but now it’s really dark like a scab i guess. So I think there must have been a better way. But to answer your question I rinsed it off after i bleached it. And the more times you put bleach on it the more it starts to burn.

  67. ok everyone said that bleach works, so i’m gonna try it now, i used lamisol, lysol, listerine and many other stuff but it didn’t work, ok so bleach is the last thing i’m gonna try..

  68. My 8 month old puppy has ringworm and I was wondering if anyone knows if putting bleach on a puppy is safe? If it works for humans it should be able to work on a puppy? Please let me know! I feel horrible for the little guy and want him cured FAST!

  69. bleach,bleach,bleach. and or any spray or cream for athlete feet. i got a ringworm from my son. that he got from daycare on my arm and sprayed some tenactin on it and it dried up. then, tried the bleach and it went away faster after the burning. i have a black spot now but, it is better that then having a itchy fungus growning on my arm.

  70. I would just like to say that this ringworm thing is THE most embarrassing,frustrating, and intolerable thing I have had to deal with. IT JUST WONT GO AWAY! And it spreads so fast. I think my shower loffa is spreading them around my torso when i am in the shower. But then how do i get clean? Anyway, BLEACH!!! is the way to go. I use it along with LAMISIL. This is my routine: Before I get in the shower at night, I bleach them and let it sit for a while. Then I get in the shower only using my hand and soup to clean the infected areas and my loffa for the rest. Once I get out of the shower i apply the Lamisil for overnite activation. Anyway i have had these things for almost a month now..and the take sooooooo long to just go away…and summer is almost here. I hope the bleach doesnt leave to bad of a mark…I never want to go through this again, feel me????

  71. I feel you and I have been suffering with this for over 10 years now and I agree it is the most embarassing and frustrating thing when it doesnt go away! And I hear ya about the summer coming up too! I am desperate and everyone’s skin is different so I am going to try the bleach but I do remember also that a long time ago I had ringworm on my finger and I was laying out in the sun alot tanning and in a week it was gone, it just dried up and I think it was because of the sun. If I had the money and time I would be going tanning rgularly to help get rid of it. But for now it is the bleach for me!

  72. I had it 2 years ago and i tried eveything but nothing work until I used Lamisl AT. It gone but only a small part left. I keep using it but that small part didn’t gone. and after a 6 month it started again! And its getting worse and worse again. Almost it cover all sides and top of my left foot. I may go to doctor soon since it seems nothing work but I read some posts here about bleach. I mixed water with bleach (50% water/50% clorax) and since I am not sure it works or not (and I don’t want it getting worse than this). I will try it just for a very small area to see the differnce by tomorow. I almost behind of all my jobs because of this thing. Hope it will work! Pray for me! 😐

  73. i try lamisil for a week and nothing, i was too afraid to try bleach so i heard of apple cider vinegar. i used it in a q-tip for about 10 to 15 min on each ringworm the next day it was dry and started to get clear i also keep using lamisil just incase. hope this works maybe you need to try the vinegar more then once. good luck (i know the feeling).

  74. I got Ringworm from a hotel, woke up and it was on the top of my breast by my armpit. I tried the lotrimin for a week, and NOTHING! I’m afraid to use bleach so I tried the lysol and so far it’s shrinking and not itchy anymore. If this doesn’t work (but seems to be) I’ll try the bleach. Wish me luck.

  75. hi Ive tried the clear nail polish method, i will let you all know how i get on. im a bit scared of the bleach idea but i will try it if all else fails, also i have a patch on my head and dont want to be left with a mark (im mixed race and scar very easily)

    So far with the nail polish (i have about 7 small patches) 2 of the pimples have dissapeared and i have only had it on for about n hour! so heres hoping.

  76. I’m surprised at how many “tips” are people trying things (mostly the bleach remedy) for the first time without actually attesting to the results. That’s not a tip; that’s a guess. And given the black scab and scarring that people are talking about, I will not be putting bleach on my skin any time soon.

    However, I did finally see the dermatologist about my ringworm four days ago, and she prescribed Loprox, which I’ve been using twice a day for four days now. I have several instances on my right leg, one on my left leg, and a couple on my right forearm. I have no idea if this is working or not, but hopefully I can get back to you with some positive results in a couple weeks.

  77. Okay, so I wanted to let you know how I made out. Tried Windex, tried Lysol, and to no avail, nothing happened, or seemed to work. Finally, too afraid to try bleach I have been putting clear nail polish on constantly, making sure no air gets in. Meaning, if the polish started to crack with my skin movement, I reapplied. Finally it is almost faded away. It takes a bit, it’s been about 4 days but it was a rather big spot. It really works as long as you keep applying it.

  78. I had a circular ring on my torso back in march, got OTC cream, got too impatient, went to doc, took diflucan 1/wk for 4 wks. also gave me some anti-fungal cream. The big red circle went away, but now I have little red spots all over my torso, chest, a few on my neck and back. I put the cream on them and they go away, then a few days later a little red spot appears somewhere else. They really don;t itch at all. They are kinda scaley on the outer edges. I did pick at one and it spread into a ring shape??? Now my doc gave me oral ketoconazole. I have been taking for 5 days and nothing. I actually just got a new spot on my jawline. I have been washing my clothes but not in bleach. Does this sound like ringworm??

  79. I did a combination of diluted bleach, garlic, and atheletes foot spray. It’s been burning like hell but the ring worm is getting smaller.

  80. Ok! I tried bleach but I really don’t recommend it. Maybe Use it if it is just started and it is very small area otherwise don’t use it.

    I had a large area of this damn ringworm and I tried everything in last 8 month From Lamisi AT, Tinactin, .and .. but nothing and no result. It got bigger and more red, burning and itching area. plus it became very dry and also a lot crack on my skin.

    Finally I went to doctor and also asked him about this bleach and garlic thing and he said maybe they work but bleach itself can detroy and damage your skins and your skin is already in bad condition because of this ringworm so it doesn’t sound a good idea at all. But he said maybe garlic is better idea since it is natrual but it may not work very well.

    But as I said before I went to doctor I used it for a very small area to see the result (50% Bleach / 50% Water). It’s been burning like hell but the ring worm is getting a little smaller and also light color but it doesn’t seem working very good. So I didn’t find it a very good idea specially when it is a big area on your skin (and very damaged skin because of ringworm).

    Anyway, he gave me two differen cream and he said mix them together and then use it two times. these two creams are:

    1- KETOCONAZOLE Cream 2% (Genric for NIZORAL 2% Cream)

    I started to use it as he said two times a day and after 2 days it is like miracle and got better a lot and now after a week it is getting better each day. He said after a week if it is getting better, then I can use them just one time a day or keep continue like before.

    But he also mentioned that this is important to do. Do not wash it a lot. More washing means more water and wet and this what fungal want and need to get more strong and larger area. So he recommended that wash that area one time every 2 day and don not wash it everytime you want to apply cream. Just clean it with Tissue and then apply. So when you go to shower you need to cover it somehow so prevent it from getting wet which is not good.

    Also he said use Dove (1/4 moisturizing crram) soap for washing it every 2 days. You can find this soap in every store like Walmart and others.

    So thank GOD it is getting better now everyday. I just wanted to share this with you guys so maybe this can help you too to get rid of this damn ringworm.

    Good Luck To All Of You! 🙂

  81. My new cat we found out after having her for 4 days has ringworm.On animals it does not look like a ring,they get little red scabs or patches of hair falling out.Hers was a little patch of hair missing on her ear and a little red scab above her eye hardly visible.WEll ahe went back to Doc and is quarintined there for quite some time.We have a dog and cat that only saw her for a few hours.But our daughter who is 4 touched the infected cat alot as did my husband and I.None of us apear to have any rings on our body.But I am itchy all over from head to toe.So does anybody know if you canhave it but show no signs?Oh and since we found out I have bleached every surfice in our house,sparyed bleach on the carpets and vacumed,and laundered all our cloths in bleach or vineger, and have washed all of us in medicated shampoo,and washed our pets twice a week with medicated pet shampoo.I am freaked out by this.And can’t believe how contaigus this stuff is and how many people have this fungus.

  82. Yes 10 years, I have had ringworm off and on and I ordered this medication kit that is supposed to work very fast and it works by drying out the ringworm. There is a sulfer cream that dries up on the skin and a gel that has some kinda chloride and a shower gel also to help prevent it from spreading. I have been using it for about 4 or 5 days now and I am patiently waiting to see results. If I do then I will let ya’ll know and also I started laying out in the sun today too and I am going to try to do this everyday cuz th UV helps dry out the ringworm too. I have found that this is the key if you want to get rid of it but I was lazy for the past 10 years and never stuck with anything long enough to get rid of it for good but now I am determined to rid it once and for all even if it means going to a doctor and getting oral meds. Anything that will dry out your skin where the ringworm is probably the best thing because it can’t survive in dry skin. There are just so many differnt things that claim to get rid of it and that really annoys me because I have tried almost ALL of them and I wish there was just one simple damn cure that would take it away like neosporin does to a cut or something. anyway I will let you guy’s know if this stuff is working and if it does then I will tell you what it is and how you can get it too.

  83. I have a 2yr old son who came down with ringworm (I think from daycare-we don’t have any pets). Anyway his pediatrician didn’t take a sample of the affected area but diagnosed it as ringworm. It’s on the side of his face and now on his scalp. He was prescribed Ketoconazole cream and I’m thinking of using the apple cider vinegar. I’m really upset with myself because he had been walking around with this for two weeks before we took him in but I really didn’t think it was ringworm because we never saw him itch it and no one in our home (Thank God) has caught it. Any more advice on the vinegar and does this leave a scar??? Also has anyone put on a topical Black Walnut liquid on it????

  84. Im trying this little tube of lamisil AT for 13 dollars. it says apply only once aday for 7 days this is my 3rd day. im not sure about this. my 3 yr old had it first in her scalp shes on antibiotics i usede tinactin on her the powder spray seems to work cause ring worms cant live in dryness. i just tried some chlorox i a hve a small one on my knee. my husband told me about chlorox i didnt beleive him until i heard all of you agree. i hate this thing its like a pleage or something YUCK!!!!

  85. So I think I finally stumbled across something that is working FINALLY! Well I have been taking Echineacha for about a month now 2 times a day to build up my immune system to help fight it off and I ordered this stuff for like 150.00 bucks it is called DermatechRX but it wasnt working in fact I think it made it worse so I just resorted to using plain old ISOPROPYL ALCOHAL and LAMISIL AT CREAM. I rub it first with alcohal and let it dry and then I really rub the cream in good and I mean the key is rubbing that stuff in really good. I do this in the morning and about 2 times at work and then when I come home and before I go to bed so that is like 4 or 5 times a day and I try to shower less until its gone cuz the wetness makes it worse but it seems to be drying up now that I have been doing the alcohal and Lamisil AT, It took about 3 or 4 days for me to see results but now it is turning brown and getting dry so I feel it is working and I am soo sooooooooooo happy that I might fianlly be rid or this horrible thing! TRY IT PEOPLE AND HAVE SOME PATIENCE LIKE ME EVEN THOUGH IT IS HARD. IT IS WORKING FOR ME AND I HAVE HAD THIS FOR ALMOST !) YEARS NOW! TRY IT! Let us know if it works for you too!

  86. I got a rash on my chin line about 2 weeks ago, thinking it was just a rash and that it will go away i left it. Then I notice another rash on my chin, another on my cheak as well on my chest. So i went to the doctor and indeed it was ringworm.
    I agree with not washing the portion of the skin with the ringworm. You may notice that when you do wash it and even try to scub it, you’ll notice that it gets bigger, almost swells. Try putting liquid bandage on the ringworm befor you shower. What i have been using and is working well for me is a combination of a few things. I will start by taking a q-tip and deeping that in %100 tea tree oil(don’t double dip, keep using a clean q-tip on each ringworm)wait about 10 mins let that soak in, then rub in some lamisil cream again wait another 10mins and then final put iodine ointment on each ringworm. If your not working you should do these 3 times a day but it you are only use the tea tree oil and the lamisil and leave the iodine untill you go to bed. I started this on Monday today is Thrusday and the swelling is gone all is left now is the marks which i know will take time to heal. Now for all the ladies out there do not use makeup to try to cover the scare and then use the same brush or pad over the rest of your face ( i learn the hard way, it will spread the ringworm) If have done that throw away all the brushes and make up pads, there not expensie to replace trust me you’ll thank me later. I have also disnifected my house,change my sheets and pillow cases and i wear those medical plastic gloves though out the day when i’m at home so if i do have the need to itch, i do and then throw away the gloves. I know it seems like alot to do but to wake up in the morning and seeing what’s on my skin, at the end of the day it doesn’t seem like anything at all if it works and it does!!

  87. i’m 18 years old and i just discovered my ringworm about a week ago first on my collarbone. i thought it was an allergic reaction or rash because my lips swelled up around the same time i got it so i used corizone (which actually spread it i think). My brother had it a few months ago but i didnt think that i could get it because i pride myself on being very hygenic. i ended up seeing a nurse who told me it was ringworm and since then its spread to right below my ear. the one on my collarbone is lighter and not itchy and going away (i’ve been using miconzole nitrate anti-fungal cream) but the one below my ear has gotten bigger and scabbed up into little pimples. they hurt SO FREAKING bad and the whole left side of my neck is in pain and i just want to rip them off or something! it is a nuisance and i have Prom in 2 weeks and i want them to be gone! i know it takes patience but its hard to when your in constant pain! how does a fungas hurt this bad? does anyone have any ideas on how to stop the itching?? im desperate!!!!!

  88. Kids next door got cat…long story short almost everybody in Apt. Complex got ringworms. Health Dept. told us to get in our Apt. pool. Said in had something that killed fungie and will work for ringworm. Lucky for us it was June and it worked for all. Seeing how we were all in the pools all summer it didn’t come back. Yes cats okay now but they didn’t like the pool water. Just kidden!

  89. i dont know how severe anybody else ringworm migh thave been but i have been dealing with the pest for over 6 months now and it niether seems to go away or get worse. i tried everything from OTC creams to vinegar and water to packing it with salt. The clotramizole did not work but seems to have made it alot worse, its grown significantly from 1 inch to about 3 inches and is right on the back of neck below the hairline, i am thoroughly disgusted and fed up with it, it doesnt itch but its definately ringworm. i tried vinegar which burned so bad and the skin seemed to peel off after a few day the area became smooth and scared but after a week it seemed to get itchy again. i have also tried a bathroom cleaner chemical a friend suggested it helps remove alot of the dead tissue, but isnt helping in getting rid of it, because its on my neck and right underneath the hairline i have been concerned about using bleach on it. i dont want to go to the doctors only because i did once to find out i had to se clotrimazole……waste of money.

    everyone here suggests bleah works, im desperate and with summer in full swing now i need to try it. thnx everyone, if anyone has had a case for a while and a decently large sized ringworm please let me knnow what to do, its very frustrating

    thnx everyone else for your suggestions.

  90. I have a 4 yr. old who has a ringworm right above his right ear in his scalp and so I took him to the doctor yesterday and she gave him some meds to take for 6 weeks and then some special shampoo. I noticed this morning on one of my twin boys who are 2 1/2. He has a complete circle just above where his diaper rest on his waistline and it is raised up and red with scales it looks like on it. We don’t have any pets so I’m trying to figure out where we got it. My son who is 2 has major heart problems so I’m not sure what I can use on him in order to help him, he doesn’t seem to be scratching it, but just by reading all of your responses I’m starting to itch all over. I’m scared to try the bleach on my kids so I didn’t know of anything else that might work just as well without the scarring.

  91. Ok i have a ringworm on my back and i tried the clear polish and it didnt work for me. Ive tried creams to and they seem to work but take
    weeks to get it better so tonight im going to try the bleach and will let ya’ll know how it goes.

  92. I’m on day three with my bout with ringworm. One week ago, I was misdiagnosed with what was thought to be a contact dermatitis from Tide. An urgent care doctor prescribed Prednisone and sent me on my way. Two days later, thanks to the Prednisone, the “rash” was covering my armpits, my neckline, up my neck, heavy on the arms, spotty on the torso and legs. I landed in the ER and was prescribed Hydroxyzine Hydrochloride to counter the steroid. Aside from getting me totally high (which was fun), the Hydrochloride did nothing to clear up or relieve the itch and burn from this mystery “rash”. I did some reading on the internet and quickly realized I had a massive case of ringworm.

    When I could no longer take the burning and itching on my neckline, I went out on a limb and applied a 1% Tolnaftate cream to the area. Within an hour or so there was a marked decrease in itchiness and redness. So that night I got a great idea: A little works, so let’s zap the entire body and apply this cream like a body lotion! Wrong… The cream is so viscous that it creates the moist, humid, environment you’re supposed to avoid with ringworm. I swear I was sticking to the sheets that night. So lesson learned, and I quickly jumped on the internet and found a lighter viscosity 1% Tolnaftate lotion (Home Health Antifungal Lotion).

    But here’s where it gets really good: Selsun Blue Medicated shampoo as a body wash! I kid you not. I actually bought the generic CVS version (1% Selenium Sulfide is what you’re looking for). I showered with that last night as well as tonight and the result was immediate relief from itching, as well as lightening of darkened skin sports. I’m going to experiment tomorrow and see if the results are even better if I let the shampoo sit for a few minutes before rinsing…

  93. DO NOT USE BLEACH! I purchased a designer hybrid dog for over $1000 and the breeder let the dogs out in an area where barn cats were. The puppies contracted ringworm from the cats. I ended up catching rinrworm from my new puppy. I am a model and needed a cure for this embarrasing ailment quickly, as I had a photoshoot in one week. I used Lamasil for a few days, then decided to try the bleach and water solution (50/50)and it burned my skin terribly. I can only imagine the people wo do not dilute with water and use straight bleach. Yikes! I can’t believe that it works for some people so well. It did nothing but halt the healing time. I treated 2 lesions with bleach and 3 with Lamasil AT. The ones with Lamisil AT are now gone and the ones that I treated with bleach are still there. So, BEWARE!! DO NOT USE THE BLEACH! IT IS A CHEMICAL! IT WILL BURN YOUR SKIN SEVERELY!

  94. There seems an obvious trend here that bleach works for the majority. But if your scared or unconvinced – Why not try lower dilutions say 1 to 15 parts water and work up till you get a mix that you can tolerate. As an aside – alot of OTC treatments contain the family of drugs ending in azole (econazole miconazole etc). Is it worth trying them all, or is it a case that if one doesnt – none will ?

  95. Ok im berry and im 14 i got a ring worm on my left thigh i have read others and bleach seems the best so i used a q tip and pu tit on it burned like crazy but it wont hurt that bad if your not a woosy anyways it started to bleed but the ring worm has improved alot! the red ness has gone down and it got smaller but the bleeding is that normal?? anybody please anser my question =)

  96. I have several patches, the biggest one on my right leg about 5 inches in diameter (pretty big!!). I’ve been using Iodine solution and bluestar ointment for the past 5 days now… and it’s not itching anymore but it won’t go away… I used a little bleach on a small spot the other day but only applied once.. it burned but it didn’t do anything. I’m gonna try it again because this i don’t think this Iodine crap is doing the job… any suggestions??

  97. I am pretty positive i have it but i don’t want to go to the doctor or tell anyone b/c its too embarrassing–especially since i’ve had it 4 like a month+ now….
    but i was wonderin’
    PLEASE HELP i need it gone in about 3 days if possible!!!!!

  98. Bleach doesn’t do anyhting… I tried it and all it did is irritate my skin, but the ringworm is still there after a few days of appliying bleach. Tea tree oil doesn’t do anything either, just dry the ringworm and make it even more itchy. I scheduled an app. w/ a doc.

  99. My son got it on his arm around Christmas time and we treated it for 4 weeks with the over the counter cream and it went away just fine but left an awful scar.

    THEN, about a month later he got a spot on his scalp. I tried the over the counter cream and it did nothing, then I tried a natural therapy, Neem Oil, and that did nothing. It began to spread on the scalp so I finally went to the Doctor and got the grisofulvin. 4 weeks later it seemed to be going away. I thought I was in the clear but now the scalp is starting to flake again UGH!!!! I can’t believe this, I disinfected everything. I guess I’m going to have to go take him to get another round of oral meds.

    We are in a rental house and I truly believe he got it from being a kid and being on the carpet, etc. I know the renters before had a dog in here. We are leaving in a month and I don’t want to carry it to our new house we are buying.

    I’m just nervous about the giseofulvin because I read it can cause liver problems and my son is only 8 years old. Anyone know anything about the side effects of the oral medication?

    This ringworm is NO JOKE!!!!!

  100. omg… i dont really have a tip, but i will try the half bleach and half water solution on my ringworm. i have had it for about a week now, so hopefully its not too late to have a speedy recovery from this ugly thing. luckily i have it on the back of my leg so noone can see it because i wear long pants alot… but i cant stand to have it there on me period. ill let you know how it turned out… wish me luck.

  101. Okay, so about four weeks ago, I went to the dermatologist to get the ringworm colony inhabiting my lower extremities checked out. The good doctor did a scraping of the biggest spot on the underside of my right thigh (where it originated…I got it working out at the Y), and she came back and verified that it was indeed ringworm. She wrote me a prescription for Loprox, which I then proceeded to use on my nasty skin blemishes.

    Now, I’ve never had ringworm before, so I had no idea about how they healed. My skin is generally sensitive, and I have dermatographia, so I wasn’t sure what ringworm healing would look like. Well, after several days of applying the Loprox to the ringworm, my skin started get really dry, which I guess was acceptable to me since fungi thrive in moist conditions. Well, the drying started to get so severe that the skin, especially on my right forearm where I had a small spot, started to crack and turn red. It wasn’t a pretty sight. Like I said, I didn’t know what healing process ringworm had to go through, and I had never used Loprox before, so I just figured it was normal. It was really irritated, and I noticed that a couple other places on my body where I had applied the Loprox started cracking as well. Again, I figured this was part of the healing process. Well, it’s not.

    After three and a half weeks of using the Loprox, I ran out of refills, and I also finally came to the conclusion that I was reacting pretty severely to the Loprox. (Yes, it’s sad that it took that long.) I also questioned its effectiveness since I had new spots showing up on my legs and was reinfecting myself. My guess is that it’s because I had what was, for all intents and purposes, open wounds where I had applied the Loprox, which allowed those insidious ringworm spores to escape and wreak havoc on other parts of my body.

    About three days ago, I discontinued using the Loprox, and I opted instead to use the Lamisil that you can buy over-the-counter (the kind that says it’s for jock itch; I enjoyed the interaction with the cashier as I bought it…). Lo and behold, my open wounds began to heal, and there is a marked decrease in redness in the areas of ringworm. Another website that I consulted said that it would turn brown as it healed, and that’s what it’s begun to do. There were three spots on my right upper thigh that had cracked severely and were really quite inflamed and hurting. They have since healed up enough that it’s no longer inflamed, and it’s not as raised of an area as it was before. So my conclusion is that Loprox, while it may work for others, is not for me, but Lamisil apparently is working fine. (I wish I had known this before forking out the money for all the insurance co-pays.) While I am not completely healed, there is a definite improvement in my ringworm situation (there are at least 30 individual spots on my body, each of varying sizes). I will report back in a few weeks to give an update on my healing process.

    A few tips I’ve picked up from all the Internet research I’ve done on ringworm:

    >Do yourself a favor and use anti-bacterial soap for the time being. I don’t know the effects of these soaps on fungi like ringworm, but it certainly won’t hurt, especially if any of the spots of ringworm infection get infected by bacteria and other fun stuff.

    >Shower before applying the creams. I guess it helps with the absorption? I don’t know for sure, but everyone suggests doing that.

    >When you apply the anti-fungal creams, be sure not just to smear it on the skin and be done with it. Rub it in to make sure that all the fungus cells absorb it and are subsequently doomed to die. And don’t be afraid to use too much.

    >Don’t scratch it. Opening up the infection may cause you to reinfect yourself, or so it would seem in my case.

    >Don’t lose heart. Having ringworm sucks, but you can get rid of it. At least I think you can. I still have it, so I can’t really say with utmost certainty, haha. But other people seem to have had luck.

    >And for goodness’ sake: don’t apply bleach to your skin. While it may work, it’s only because you’ve effectively destroyed the skin infected by the ringworm and have opened the door to some potentially bad scarring. Yikes.

    Good luck to everyone in your ringworm battles, and I hope to report back with some good news in several weeks.

  102. I didn’t know that I had ringworm…I just thought I had a little dry patch on my left thigh about 2 months ago…Then I contracted another patch on my right thigh, and three patches on my right forearm…I just heavily moisturized until I looked up my symptoms online and realized I didn’t have any ordinary shaving rash or anything…All my patches turned into rings…and I think I have attacked them enough with everything…I used an antifungal spray that I bought from the store and then heavy amounts of lotrimin and lamisil…The itching is completely gone, it hasn’t spread anywhere else….But how do I get rid of the marks left behind? What is the best way to heal it after it is dead?

  103. my daughter got it 2 weeks ago and then a week later a small one on back. treating with lamisil doesn’t seem to be going away still there with no change in size, shape or color. is this normal and when are you no longer contagious? no one else in our family has gotten any as of yet. should i be washing bed linens everyday until gone, and does it help to spray antifungal sprays on furniture? need some answers don’t know what to do?

  104. Couple times a year i get one ringworm on my leg from my 15 yr. old cat. I USE NOTHING BUT POWDERED YELLOW SULPHUR that comes in a white plastic bottle bought over the counter at drug store.I wash area with
    a Baby Wipe, then put pure olive oil over the spot so the sulphur will stick. I do not cover the area. Instantly it stops itching, and at the most, in three days is GONE. I put the sulphur on 3 or 4 times a day for quick healing. Trust me, try what I do each time I catch it.Soon as I see the round mark out comes the sulphur.My cat sits on my lap, Ihug her,Ihave sat on her pillow.However, I ONLY GET it when she brushes against my leg.

  105. So i got this kitty from a shelter. I noticed that he had a bald spot. The shelter took him to the vet hospital because I guess it takes weeks + days for a kitten to clear..anyway, so right now the cat is not in the house..but about 10 days later, I noticed a lesion on my stomach. my doctor gave me ketoconozole which didn’t seem to do much..then long before the lesion fades? So, I added lamisil. Then I got to this website, tried the diluted burned a little but it looks SUPER angry. I washed it and then put the other creams on it with a bandaid. How many times should I be doing bleach for those of you who said it worked? I’m worried because some of you said it faded the same day and mine doesn’t seem to be fading? Any advice is appreciated. Also, someone asked and I also want to do you get rid of it if you’re worried its on your coach..


  106. The bleach really works and it doesn’t burn as bad as people mad it out to be just let it sit for like thrity seconds and then clean it off with water it will make it feel a lot better. AND it works FAST!!!!! so try it

  107. UPDATE: so, i put the bleach friends thought I was nuts, and I also bought tea tree oil. used that with the lamisil, the next day it’s red but much smaller. It burns a very little, washed it off after a minute or so..not too much, just enough to try to attempt to prevent scarring..frankly, i don’t care..just want this thing gone…but some of you might be worried about that. TAKE that ringworm..unfortunately, i’m worried I have a spot on my face, not sure because its really subtle and i have lots of freckles..time to see the dermatologist…don’t want to use bleach there. But, my thanks to you all with your advice..

  108. hi everybody! i’ve read yall advice, and seem to get me thinkin alot. i have been fightin ringworm for over 6 years now. it comes and it goes. but this time i wont leave! i started havin ringworm again the beginnin of this year, it started out a couple spot. and now its everywhere, its even on ma scalp and im afraid i would go bald. and im a gurl, thats horrible! i use all different kinda of medicine and waste my money. like fungrx, they say that crap work. but no way it doesnt and it smells like crap. but anyways, i think different medicine react to different kind of peoples u know. rite now the doctor gave me this liquor medicine to drink for about 6 weeks and i havent see any improvement yet. but u have to be patience. *sigh* where i live there’s like a lot of stray cat just hanging around my backyard and they even have kitten. to my stupidity i play with the kittens cuz i love lil cute animals. so im tryna to stay away from them. summer is here, and all i feel is nasty and i cant step out of the houz feelin rejected. cuz u no how peoples love to judge others.

  109. I saw someone suggested going to a tanning bed to get rid of the nasty fungus…DO NOT GO TO THE TANNING BED!!!!!!! That is how I got this crap and it will not go away. I’ve tried clear nail polish and RX cream and it is ALL OVER my torso, armpits, back, you name it! This is HORRIBLE. I’m going to try the bleach tonight. Hopefully it works cause I’m going on vacation in 2 wks!.. Too bad I’ll have scars from the bleach. PLEASE do not go to the tanning bed! You’ll spread it to everyone else.

  110. Tip: My 4-year-old got ringworm a few months ago. I tried calamine, but I didn’t like my daughter walking around with dots all over her. It started as one small spot, I was not convinced that it was ringworm because it looked like a pimple at first. Anyway, it spread all over her body. I bought an over the counter anti-fungal for ringworm and it worked. I put it on twice a day. I must say though that is did take a few weeks to work. Eventually she got it on her scalp. I took her to the doctor because nothing seemed to take it away from her scalp and her hair was falling out. Unfortunately the OTC antifungal was not for scalp. I had to get a prescription. One month and a half later the prescription antifungal shampoo has still not gotten rid of the problem, now my cats have it! Usually it is the other way around, your pets give it to your kids. No…my daughter gave it to the pets. I’m just horrified that our yard is now contaminated when I haven’t seen ringworm around here EVER!
    I’m going to try the 50/50 bleach solution on her scalp. She says it doesn’t burn (I think it is because the fungus is in recession and has been for a while).

    Oh, before I forget, READ THIS, I did not use bleach for my daughter’s body ringworm and she still has scars. So you can’t totally blame the bleach. My daughter never sratched her ringworm and I never applied anything besides the calamine and OTC anti-fungal and she has ring scars at every spot where she had the ringworm. My husband and I also got a touch of ringworm but we just treated it with the antifungal and it cleared up 3 times faster than my daughters (better immune systems).

    Hope this helps. If I see success on her scalp I will post it later. Now all I have to worry about are the cats (geez, this is going to be a lot of work).

  111. hmm…well i’ve heard that THE BEST WAY TO TREAT RINGWORM is to GO TO THE BEACH. becuz the beach water has some kind of chemical that can treat it. i want to go and i am plannin too. but i cant go to the beach havin ringworm all over my body!

  112. Trish, why don’t you steal some beach water? lol. Use it quick though, I’m sure it will get stangnant really fast!

  113. tried the bleach last night, seems to be working…only time will tell. the chemical burns aren’t toooo bad, better than RING WORM!! I also read salt water dries it up so i mixed some sea salt and water in a spray bottle and i spray it on after the shower and let it air dry. Don’t know how good its working since i tried it same time as bleach. Now i’m just terrified that this stuff is going to move on to my scalp since it seems to be with everyone else. i am NOT putting bleach on my head!!!! will it ever end?

  114. i suggest ya’ll use KETOCONAZOLE Cream 2% it totally works. my doc gave me that medicine and it’s almost gone u can’t even see it now! but..u hav to ask ur doc cuz it’s a prescription medicine

  115. Not a Tip… But i hate this… I’m getting married in 2 months and no way can this stay on by than… i need it out of my life ASAP & for good… worse part is that its on my right chest… so thats nasty… i cry everytime i see… i just tried bleach… some of the redness went away but i’m hopeing the whole thing does… i will try it again and a i have a doctors appt. soon so i’ll ask about the KETOCONAZOLE Cream… right now i’ll try anything as long as it goes away… any other suggestions????

  116. my 2 and half year old has had ringworm of the scalp for a while i dont know if its healing or not my mother in law said to use black liquid shoe polish she says it kills and clears it up in 2 to 3 days i just dont want my child to run around with a black spot on his head.

  117. Question actually. this really sucks. i dont know how but i got it in my private part. if anyone here has gotten it here,pleeaaasssseee tell me a good ans SAFE cure. im not too sure about putting bleach down there because any mark left there will be extra embarrassing.Please help me!!!

  118. that magic chemical in beach water is salt. and salt water will dry up ringworm. its the easiest remedy.

    leave the bleach, windex, nail polish, antifungal creams etc at home, and hit the beach. your skin will thank you.

  119. Dear all,

    Thanks for all your tips. My doggie got horrible ringworms, can everyone give me some advices what can I do for him? I have consulted Vet for over a year, but it doesn’t help at all. Can the Tea Tree Oil or Apple Cider Vineger work on him? I don’t dare to try bleach for my little doggie. Please help! Thanks million!!

  120. PLEASE READ!!
    I wanted to share a healthy ringworm management system I set up that is affordable, healthy, and actually works. You can get all of the supplies at any store … I got mine at Walmart and all of it together was under $10.

    What you need:
    Large bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol (91%) and an old washcloth
    Extra-Large Bottle of Germ-X Hand Sanitizer
    Anti-Fungal Cream (with clotrimazole), generic is fine
    2 or 3 cans of Antibacterial spray disinfectant

    1. 3 times a day, you soak your washcloth in alcohol and scrub the ringworm area. WARNING – This stings like crazy!!! I had the rash on my neck and I thought I was going to jump out of my skin, OUCH! However, the key is to scrub it and within an inch of the surrounding area. Don’t draw blood or anything, but make sure you really rub it down and get the alcohol in the rash. Keep in mind that this is a fungus, so you want to kill it and sanitize the area.
    **The most important time is immediately after a warm shower! The skin and pores are open and showering affects ringworm and makes it very pink, so it is easier to see. Any areas that seem to have a rash or a beginnings of a rash (pimples, raised skin, itching), should be rubbed with alcohol to sanitize and prevent bacteria from spreading. It’s better safe than sorry, and alcohol won’t hurt your skin. My schedule was: first thing in the morning after shower, sometime in the afternoon, and right before bed.
    2. After alcohol scrub, slather rash and surrounding area with hand sanitizer and let dry. To be safe, put hand sanitizer on ANY area that you think might have the tiniest bit of ringworm. If it’s red, itches, or just looks funny, slap some hand sanitizer on it.
    3. After the hand sanitizer has dried, put some antifungal cream on the rash only, then wash your hands and leave it alone.

    *If the rash is in an area that other people can see, cover it with a breathable cloth band-aid or patch (you DONT want to cover it with something that builds moisture like vinyl-ish bandaids, keep in mind that it’s a fungus). If you have to, put some cover-up make-up over the top to disguise it AFTER the cream has soaked in, but try and keep the area clean and uncovered if you’re in the privacy of your own home.
    *Be wary of areas that rash areas that rub on clothing. That is the easiest way for it to spread to other parts of the body: jeans, bra straps, underwear, neckline of shirts, etc. If your movement creates friction on the rash, it’s best to cover that part with a bandaid or breathable tape to prevent spreading. ALWAYS wash your clothes everytime you wear them if that piece of clothing has covered the part of the body with the rash. And I spray all of my clothing with the disinfectant, too.
    *Spray everything you come in contact with: sheets, furniture, desks, sinks, all of it…with anti-bacterial. Your family members, pets, and roommates will thank you for it.
    *Germ-X hand sanitizer is your best friend. Pretend you have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and use it every two seconds to prevent spreading. Make the people that you live with do the same.

    It does take some time to get rid of RINGWORM. It is the devil! However, consistency will pay off (probably about 2 weeks). I noticed that it goes from super-itchy and puffy (SCRUB that sucker with alcohol in this stage), to kind of leaky and scabby (while showering, gently rub off the scabs and then re-apply alcohol so that the ringworm doesn’t heal itself), to real skin (HURRAY!) Keep up the routine even after the ringworm is 90% gone so that it doesn’t pop back up.

    Hope this helps a lot. It really helped me and when prescription meds and every cream you can think didn’t help. Good luck.

  121. I have a three prong attack. I’m trying to cover all my bases. I have several ringworms on my face. I’m applying bleach to the affected areas and bathing morning and night with sulphur soap. Gris, which is a soap made in Mexico, makes a lanolin and sulphur soap that I found at the local CVS store. There’s also the issue of residual fungal spores around the home. I bought a germicidal UV light that I placed in the intake area of my air conditioner. According to the person I bought it from, mold spores should be killed in 24 hours. The air must flow over the light continuously for 24 hours. Be cautious not to expose your skin or eyes to the light for over a minute, you, your children or animals could end up with a serious burn. It’s important to use the light responsibly

  122. Even better that the Nizoral/Ketoconazole cream is the Nizoral/Ketoconazole shampoo. Apply for five minutes to the spot then wash off. Dries it right up.

    Worked wonderfully on my baby’s face – applied at bath time then rinsed off.

  123. just got back from the beach and the salt water did actually dry it out. however, i’m still getting new spots so evidently it didn’t “cure” it. I’m going to the dermatologist this week because i’ve tried every home remedy and it’s still there after 2 months.

  124. I got ring worm from my cats, who got it from a vet visit. I am using a cream from France called Pevaryl with Nitrate econazole. My question is though when do I know that it’s gone? The spot where it was on my arm is no longer raised, but it is whiter than the rest of the skin.

    Also how do I know when my cats are cured of it? I have them on anti fungal pills. I was told that they need to take them for 3 weeks, but some sites recommend 6 weeks. Also I read that they may recontract it from spores left in the carpet.

    Does anyone have any recommendations?

  125. I feel every frustrated person on here. Get this, now I can’t have sex because it spead to my crotch area & I’m afraid to pass it to a girl, Man this Sucks. Anyway, mine started between my fingers. Creams are B.S. I Tried the Bleach thing a while ago w/ NO LUCK. Mine was a fully developed ring though, if yours is in the pimple-like stages, bleach might work.
    I Started using Apple Cider Vinegar about 5 days ago on the ringworm between my fingers by soaking it up in a cotton ball a dabbing it for a few minutes. It is now Fully gone & left like a smooth mark where the ring was. I am also drinking 1-2 teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar dissolved in apple juice daily. I read somewhere that its good for your body to drink it & I’m incredibly desperate.

  126. -Continued-
    So anyone desperate like me might want to try ACV. Also I was reading about Oregano Oil. It is supposed to be a very powerful anti-fungal. So if this ACV thing doesn’t work I’ll move onto Oregano Oil.
    Also word to the wise, be very careful with moisturizures. I got sunburned & was putting moisturizers on it & ended up speading the worm to my crotch & eyelid. God, I hate my life right now.

  127. Thanks for the Apple Cider Vinegar tip, let us know if it continues to work. A Quick Question, Does anyone know if it is OK to pop the ringworm when it is in the beginning pimple stage? On my hand I have about 4 little pimples clustured togeather that look ripe for the poppin’ Will this spread it. I was thinking about popping them & immediatly using disinfectants to clean then antifungal cream. These are deffinetly ringworm b/c thats what it looked like when it was on my other hand. God Damn is this a simple fungus or a complicated STD b/c these things are so hard to get rid of. I wish they made a cream that actually worked. Oh Yeah, I also heard that antifungal sprays are better than creams b/c they are better at drying it out.

  128. ok, so i went to the beach and wasn’t sure if the saltwater really worked or not because i still had some newer spots, but i’ve been back from the ocean for about a week now and I think I’m cured! (knock on wood) The spots have turned into extremely dry patches all over my body with no reddness or ring. As a precaution i’m scrubing every spot with rubbing alcohol and putting hand sanitizer on the spots as earlier suggested…but so far, so good. So my advice to everyone is go to the beach. When it’s all said and done you’ll spend $500 in home remedies, dr.s visits and medications. Wouldn’t ya rather spend the $ on a trip to the beach for a few days?

  129. Tried the bleach on my 12 y/o son @ 9:20,it is now 9:26 and they have turned brown around the ring already. Thank God 🙂
    Our babysitter had kittens and 2 outside cats her and her daughter had 20 between them then and the my youngest son got 1, but now my oldest son has 7. I couldn’t have patience with it because with a family of 5 this will be a vicious cycle.
    Washinng all bed linen right now as well and cleaning lady will be in to bleach tomorrow
    I HOPE THIS WORKS!!!!!!!!!!

  130. hiya all!! iv took most of ur advice n used bleach… it burnt for around 5 still had a tingly feelin after..its not itchy or nothing now…just hope this doesnt leave a mark. its kinda gone red but hope it clears up soon cos its really getting me down! thanks everyone! xxx

  131. I put bleach on the spot about 5min ago, and the redness is gone, the itching is not as bad, and the swelling is going down!! I am very excited, i am washing all my bed linnen right now!! Thanx for all the ideas!! I just hope I havnt passed it on already to a relative! =/
    the ring is still there from what I can see, but the area is looking great!! =)Mine didnt really start out as a pimple, more like a bug bite of some kind. The only way to really tell( I think) is to put it on the area you think is infected and then if you see it starting, anywhere else then you should put it on that area also, to make sure that the problem doesn’t arise again!!

  132. another tip i would give, is to not kiss, or touch anybody until the problem is gone! u should also ask a relative that is in the house to make your sandwitches and stiff so u are not touching the bread that other people in your house hold have to touch!! Try not to go to the pool or anything with this problem, so you dont give it to adults or children trying to have a good time!! >=(

  133. i was wondering is dettol bleach?

    i tried putting some on earlia it seems to work, i cought mine from a puppy we rescued and we have medecine from a vet for him will that work for me i wonder?

  134. My step daughter brought a little kitten from her mom’s house for us. We have cuddled, played and loved it for days now.
    When my stepdaughter got ready for work last night, she noticed this weird rash on her left side. Then, it gradually turned into little round swollen u-shaped red marks.
    She showed me and I didn’t know at first. Then, she showed her mom, who is a nurse, and who by the way, had the same thing on her face, and the mom concluded it was ringworms.
    This has ruined my sd’s Senior portraits pictures she was suppose to have made this week.
    Well, I took a bath last night and started noticing weird places on my arms, legs, side of stomach, and 3 on my FACE… UHGGGHH. I have them TOO!!
    My 8 yr. old son, who doesn’t have them at the moment, will probably eventually get them as well.
    He plays with the kitten more than me and the fact that they are highly contagious…. GRRRRRR…
    I do not need 3 ringworms on my chin, and both sides of my face plus all over my body right not. NOT EVER!
    I will try the bleach on all of us today…
    Also, I will change the sheets, and wash the towels separate..
    Wish us luck..
    I’ll keep us posted.
    Glenn Family from North Alabama

  135. I’ve read some people asking about what to do when it spreads to the crotch area b/c they’re afraid of bleach. I rubbed a generous amount of Apple Cider Vinegar on the area fallowed by lamisil AT before bedtime. Oh my god does it ever burn, I actually thought something went wrong, but it finally cooled down & then i applied the cream. I awoke the next morning to find that all my skin down there was completely dried out and flaking off. Apple Vinegar Really does work, at least on the downstairs area. Also i’ve been using Selsen Blue Shampoo as body wash to pretty clean my whole body b/c i’m scared to spread it elsewhere. Selsen Blue Works well to stop the spread. Everyone on here says bleach works, I have not had much success w/ it, especially not instantly like i’ve read. So anyone w/ this stuff on their crotch area might want to try selsen blue & apple cider vinegar fallowed by lamisil at cream.

  136. omg ringworm is so common!! got a kitten it gave it to the dog 3 yr old coved in it and don’t ask but im not to keen on putting bleach on my pubes :0

  137. Hello,
    I have had ringworm for about 3 months, I just recently realized what it was. I took Lamisil for about 7 days and that did not help, I also applied the Lamisil spray and I’m not sure that did any good either as I was getting new spots. The saltwater at the beach was very helpful so I have begun using Epsom salts in each shower and sitting in the sun. The sun has been very helpful in drying out the spots I have, waiting to see if new ones appear. I have also been taking Oregano capsules, as Oregano is an antifungal herb. Tried Tea Tree but the results were inconsistent.

  138. Ill get straight to the point!

    BLEACH (minimum 1:6 ratio of Bleach to water. 1:10 ratio for those that dont mind red marks/minor chemical burn LOL). Use Q-Tip/Cotton Ball to apply to problem spots (if on feet soak your feet for 7 to 11 mins in a bucket). Use Q-Tip on hands 2x a day for 15seconds on each spot. With feet soak 1x a week or use q-tip method as teh soaking of the feet is intense.
    It began working in the same HOUR and reduced the swelling DRASTICALLY!

    1. Clotrimazole 1% is an FUNGISTATIC (meaning that it suppresses or stuns the fungus infection). Terbenafin (commonly known as Lamisil) is a FUNGICIDAL – meaning it KILLS the fungus unfection. Bleach works better than both and is cheaper but if you have to use a cream Lamisil is the better of the 2 choices.
    2. A combination of the bleach killing and the cream as a mositurizer is VERY effective for those that are sensitive to just the bleach method alone.
    3. The local clinic Doctor prescribed an antiinflammatory medication (Clobetasol) that was supposed to work in 7 to 10 days for swelling reduction. It works much more slowly than that and CLOBETASOL is not to be used or RINGWORM (Tenia pedis aka athletes foot). It doesnt stun or kill ringworm. He misdiagnosed me just like another posters Doctor misdiagnosed her child. My Doc ALSO said it was Eczema but i knew it wasnt and disregarded his advice when i got home (using both bleach and the meds instead of just the meds he prescribed). Eczema does NOT develope intoPustules (fluid filled sacs) like Ringworm can.
    4. Use diluted bleach mixture and spray (and wipe) EVERYTHING (including your carpet). The spray mist from the bottle WILL NOT ruin or discolor your carpet and will work its way in the carpet killing any potential fungus. Lysol works as well but DO NOT use Lysol and BLEACH SIMULTANEOUSLY. The combination of the 2 is LETHAL. YOU WILL DIE. Use them hours apart or better 1 day apart.
    5. Buy a UV Blacklight from the store ($20 or less). It detects over 50% of ringworm types and allows you to SEE exactly where you may have an infection source (on toys , carpets, pets). Veterinarians use UV Blacklights to find ringworm on pets.

    Heed all 5 pts above and your ringworm will be stopped DEAD.

    If you have Rinworm…BLEACH it. The Bleach WORKS and it works FAST. The money pit/money trap known as antifungal creams should be a follow up or add on not the main ringworm solution.

    This has all happened to me in the last few weeks so if your reading this your getting up to date information.

  139. Forgot to mention….
    1. Wash all clothing with an antibacterial soap OR just add 2 ounces (1-2 oz. ) of bleach to your laundry. That combined with the dryer KILLS ringworm.

    2. Even if you dont like the idea of bleach…i strongly suggest using it as if teh ringworm spreads to your face or SCALP youll need far more than creams to get rid if it (youll need to see a doc). Nail it before it gets that bad by drying out the infected areas with bleach (and then add cream if you like) so that it cant spread.

  140. ok i have ringworm and it gets so nasty if you dont treat if..i say try some of ur home products around the house like suggested by others and if it gets worse or doesnt change, go to the store and ask for the strongist anti fungle cream…and if the same resolts show up, go to ur doctor and ask for a stronger cream…and that sure to get rid of it…i got this info from the health department…so try it out

  141. soo, I dont remember when but I had a large mark on my elbow…and just thought it was a dry patch from leaning on my elbow when working and writing…then it went away but I was still working just the same. I went to camp and noticed that it was back only the spot had moved over and was smaller. then I could tell it was ringworm , just clicked in my head the second time. anyways some how the small spot on my elbow moved to my very inner thigh and I begin to be historical thinking I had caught genital warts. but since I’ve recently been tested and my boyfriend has been away for two weeks I knew that could not be. started looking up things to get rid of it and found a site that said to use bleach, I just tried it about 30 min ago and it worked perfectly!! now all there is to be seen is a small read mark that looks as if I took a lighter to my skin…a burn.
    when I used the bleach I took a q-tip and dipped it in bleach and water, and every time I felt evaporation I applied more tell the ring seemed to be level with the rest of my skin. after I went completely around it the same way doing it several times , hoping that it would not come back in the surrounding areas.
    thanks and hope you dont get ring worm. 😀

  142. Hi all. My experience with ringworm has been awful! I had it on my hand and used Lamisil and numerous other over-the-counter anti-fungal ointments with poor results. I also tried the bleach treatment, but it only made the condition worse and also caused it to spread. After five weeks of pure torture, I finally broke down and went to the doctor. He gave me a prescription for Lotrisone (Betamethasone and Clotrimazole). It worked wonders! After three days of treatment, it is completely gone! Praise God! In the long run, it was cheaper going to the doctor than buying all the other “treatments” over-the-counter that did not work. Hope this info will be helpful to someone.

  143. Hey you gays. im here to tell you the Bleach does work!!!!!!!!! and the thing is Mary it wont fade the same day if is too severe mine was a big red spot it got that bad because all i put on it was alcohol so give it 2 days and insted of the 50/50 just use the pure bleach. in 2days it will be dry i promise you that much. im the biggest skeptic when it comes to home made remedies but let me tell you this definetly works. i got mine from my brother he got it from a barbershop in pennsilvania. i have never had any fongus on me im the biggest health freak ever. Anyway for those of you who are afraid of the Bleach, please gays it only burns for like 3 minutes, i let mine on till it dried on me i wanted to make sure it died,, anyway its no big deal it wont hurt you to use it for 3 minute but it would defentley get rid of it for good. i used it june 1 and today june 3 mine is dried up.
    So go ahead and use it it work. and the bleach is the way go. dont fear it only 3 minutes it helps the itch too but i would not go with the 50/50 (water and Bleach) too much misture not enough bleach to kill the suckers.
    thanks for the info
    it really help me
    love this page.

  144. alright. i’ve been using lamisil for about 2 weeks now. there has definitely been some improvement but nothing to do cartwheels over yet. i should probably be more patient but im getting kind of desperate here. common sense tells me bleach on naked skin is a terrible idea, but there a lot of success stories so i might give it a go.

  145. My 4 Yr Old Daughter has contracted ringworm, i’m am going to try the bleach thing now. i’ll come back and let u guys know my results. Also, someone up there said something about even after washing his/her sheets and clothes and towles , the fungui contioues to come back. SIMPLE GREEn PRO3. you have to wash your clothes in an ANTI-FUNGAL wash. The simple green pro3 is a fungicide. i found only one other soap that i have found that is a fungicide is “eartwise” but its only avail online. You can find SIMPLE GREEN PRO3 at your local Home Depot Store. about half a cup per load of laundry. (if you have one of those high efficency washers) i don’t know what it is if its a regular washer. but make sure you do it in HOT HOT WATER! washing your clothes in hot water once won’t ruin the clothes. and you need to re-wash the clothes in your regular detergent after the simple green wash.

  146. I found out this afternoon that one of my kittens has ringworm and I have two spots on my leg too. I got these 2 kittens a couple of months ago and I already had a dog, so I’m worried about her getting it too. I’m totally freaking out about this- my parents want me to get rid of the kittens NOW and wash wash wash everything in sight. I must admit, I feel a bit like a leper. I tried the bleach thing everyone here seems to swear by, but I don’t think it worked. My patch of ringworm was a red ring with flaky skin inside, and now the red ring looks more like a scratch and the skin looks like it’s burned. It looks different, but not really better. I can’t really see the other spot- it’s on the back of my thigh above my knee. I intend to try everything all y’all listed here, but my biggest worry is cleaning my apartment top to bottom in the hopes that this will be a one-time deal. Should I wash or throw away absolutely everything, or are the books on the bookshelf and other similar items safe to touch? What about clothes that have been washed and put in the closet? I might try that black-light suggestion to see if I can see it, but doesn’t the black light pick up dust and every other little thing too? I’m going out of my mind and I’ve only had a couple of hours’ experience with this! Keep those suggestions coming!

  147. My 2 year old daughter had a ringworm on her knee for about 1 1/2week. I was tired of using the Bluestar ointment. So I used a q-tip and dipped it in bleach and within 2 minutes you could see it working. So now we just have the scar to heal. But BLEACH WORKS!!!!!

  148. As yall all know, ringworm SUCKS ASS. This is not only the first time ive had it.. i have at least had it 3 or 4 times throughout my life. and im only 17. everytime ive had it, my mom never bleached the house or any of that crazy stuff, and she never got it. or anyone else living with me.

    everytime ive had ringworm i used the sulfer solution that my mom mixed up.. and it works. it takes time but it gets rid of it.

    this is the first time ive used bleach to treat the problem, and it seems to be working really fast.

    i applied the bleach to the 7 ringworm spots as i was reading everyones tips. and my ringworm spots have already improved. the swelling went down, and so did the itch. and for everyone who said it hurt.. it doesnt hurt at all. if you can go through a shot, tattoo, and peircings, this will be a breeeze.

    so if you have ringworms, and want a fast treatment, i advise using bleach. but other medications work too, they just take time.

    thanks for all yalls help!

  149. Chlorhexidine Gluconate 2% Concentrate – I had a spot on my arm and tried all the regular rngworm creams but nothing was helping. I mixed 1 ounce of Chlorhexidine in a spray bottle with water and sprayed it 3 times a day on the spot. It was faded the next day and I could feel it work immediately and it stopped the itching. This is the same solution that dentist’s use for gum disease. You can find it on eBay or at your local farm or feed supply stores.

  150. I`m a athleteic person and i sweat a lot and i had a ringwom on my neck and everytime i sweat my neck starts to itch and so i told my mom and she took me to the doctor and the doctor said that if i was to come a few days later it could of got extremly huge.

  151. Use Scrubbing Bubbles automatic shower cleaner everyday and it will get rid of your athlete’s feet. Just follow the instructions on the box. I had athlete’s feet and ringworm on my hands for five years. This got rid of it without disinfecting your shoes daily. It is cheaper than Lamisil, prevents and stops contamination.

  152. I’ve had ringworm for about 10 months now, and it has more or less taken over my hands..I have 20+ rings all over my hands, wrists, fingers, and nails. I’ve had no success with anti-fungal creams/sprays, and have had limited to no improvement taking oral anti-fungal medications. Using apple cider vinegar, applying every couple hours with a soaked q tip to the infected area, I could tell it was drying the ring out significantly, and the itching stopped..however I stopped after 2 days (the redness was only increasing). This may or may not have worked if I had persisted..I can’t say for sure.

    A little input on using bleach..if you’re like me, and have constant itching fits where you scrape up your hands..if you use bleach (even diluted 70bleach/30water)on your hands with open wounds, it won’t burn a little, it will burn a LOT. I recommend having an ice pack nearby, it will help significantly. Simply dab up any remaining moisture after applying the bleach for about 45 seconds, and then put the ice pack on it. Mind you, I’ll probably continue this treatment anyways, because if its burning that much it has to be doing something. All itching has ceased, I’ll update with notable progress from bleach later.

  153. I just found out that my friend had a ringworm and she slept over and in my bed so i didnt know so i slept in my bed the next day and then that is the day i found out after i slept in the bed that she had it know i dont know if i am going to catch ringworm but today i have washed my sheets and vacumed my room so i am really hopefull i dont get it do u think that i will catch ringworm? , even after i washed the sheets , but i reget sleeping in my bed last night. One more thing i havent touched anywhere close to where that she had it so i ma not sure im just confused . I Just Dont Know!!!

  154. well bleach works and it burns like crap but it clears out but then itchs so bad that you go nuts just to scratch it so i used bleach about 6 times total so far but the redness faded out so i was wondering if it was the mark of the bleach or the end of the ringworm but when it looks gone my mom said to keep putting bleach on it or get cream just in case so you can be safe but thanks for the tips about the bleach guys

  155. the bleach is definitly doing something..the ringworm is drying out, however while it may be slightly faded, all the rings are still present and itch every now and then…I looked at it all under a black light for the first time today and noticed there wasn’t much green at all..mostly just the scabbed skin looked green, as if it might just be the scab and not ringworm. does that mean the ringworm is dead, or does it just mean I can’t see it?

  156. My son had a ringworm on his sclap and arm. I tried OTC creams but no success, then I decided to use bleach I hope it works.

  157. Can anybody tell me if I have a ringworm or not cause I have this dark itchy circle under my chin. I think its a ringworm, but I hope its not. Right now i’m puting cocoa butter cream on it.

  158. I had tried anti fungal creams, tea tree oil creams/oils/soap/ seaweed and plenty of other products… all i have to say is BLEACH!!!!!!!!!!!! KILLS IT FAST

  159. Everyone is right, the bleach has to be strong. I tried it 50-50 w/ water w/ not luck. Has to be Straight Bleach. Killed mine in about a week w/ bleach & lamisil at.
    After I cleared it up, I could see tiny bubbles far under my skin, so deep the bleach wasn’t affecting them. I applied bleach aggressively, then didn’t wash it off & fallowed by rubbung Apple Cider Vinegar on it. Burns like mad. Instantly made the little bubbles turn white & destroyed them. I had never seen this before. So anyone who has tried apple vinegar w/ no luck might want to apply it in conjunction w/ bleach. I’m sure its prolly not a safe thing to put on the skin but hey we’re all desperate. I applied bleach & ACV w/ q tip & would rub very hard to really get it in the skin & burn it. So just make sure it pure bleach on a q tip & rub hard & long if you want it gone.

  160. bleach-not a good idea..especially for those of u that have a combination of burns and makes ur condition worse..and ur skin will flake and itch even more!

    -try baking soda (biocarbonate soda) and pure tea tree oil.. rub the infected area with a mixture of will dissapear quite soon.
    use clotrimozole cream-the fastest way to get rid of it…but after u apply it on the affected area, wrap it tightly with clingfilm to suffocate the ring worm.

  161. Hi Everyone,

    I am dealing with ringworm on my two dogs and have dealt with it before on my cats and on people. As far as the bleach goes, yes it does work. Here is what you need to know about bleach – it is an extremely potent solution (mix). You should always dilute it before using it on your skin. It is unorthodox, for sure, but it does work. I read online that a mix of 500 ml bleach to 4 litres of water. This sounded like the right ration of bleach to water to me and that is what I have been using. I apply the bleach using a rag or q-tip and let it set for several seconds. When you apply it, be sure you cover the entire area and ithe area around it as well. Ringworm spreads outward from its outer edges. I dry the spot using a clean cloth or paper towel. I don’t want my pets to ingest the bleach. It is working. I also use Lotriman antifungal cream as well. It aids in drying and healing the fungus. Do not cover the spots with bandaids because you trap in heat and moisture. These are two things that fungi love because it aids in their growth and spreading.

    This fungus is extremely contagious because it spreads through spores, which flake off from the skin of the infected areas. It can live for up to 18 months on surfaces so it is very difficult to irradicate. The good news is that once you have had it, you usually develop a resistance to it. If it comes back, it is usually a different strain. I read recently that thorough vacuuming of all floors and furniture daily, throwing away the bag each day and using a clean one the next also helps reduce contagion.

    I am not a vet or doctor, but I have dealt with this a few times. I have done a lot of reading and have tried different tactics. It is best not to take children or pets visiting while ringworm is in the home. It will help control the spreading of it.

    Good luck to everyone and please use caution with the bleach. Avoid contact with your eyes, nose, and genital areas. Also, use caution under your arms because this is another sensitive area.

    By the way, sunshine kills the fungus so get some Rays! It will help the infected areas clear up quicker.

    J Watkins

  162. i first got my first case of wingworm about two months was on my face near my chin. i thought it was a pimple and i popped it, then it got worse. so i tried this cream NIXODERM. it worked really well,. but about two weeks later, another one popped up a rite next to the old one. well i kept using the nixoderm and it worked again. then a few weeks later , i got another one under my chin(bummer).well. i scraped it(advice i got from others who’ve had it) with the blunt side of a knife, then i applied bleach, and the nixoderm. its been a few days now and it seems to be working. i’ll update u guys to tell u how it works.P.S. the only thing is its still itchy and the nixoderm really dries out ur skin, i guess thats what makes it work.

  163. I have tried bleach/apple vinegar cidar/ anti bacterial soaps & cream
    the most important thing is more exposure to the sun…… the fungus does not like sunlight so have the infected area exposed to the sun!…. that would help you get rid of the ring worm alot faster with no side effect. The reason why it works is because UV light kills bacteria and fungus!!!!!

  164. Okay this is the first time in my life I have ever gotten anything of this!! At first I thought it was bug bite and sure enought it turned into a ringworm!! I have had it for two weeks now and its in my upper back. I got it right before I went on vacation and didnt know what it was, and just so you know went to the beach and roasted like a chicken in the sun. Got a pretty tan but it certainly didnt get rid of that. lol Anyways going crazy and it was itchy and looks gross. Now Im paranoid and spraying everything with a can of Lysol!! lol So I took you guys advice and used straight bleach, it did sting but kinda made me feel its working. I put some Clotrimazole creme and a band aid on it. I dont care if I get a scar or not they go away through time, anything to get rid of this gross thing on my body. Relieved to know Im not the only that feels this way. I Hope it works!!! I’ll give an update thanks!!

  165. THIS IS MY OPNION FOR OTHERS TO READ…..HELLO!!!!! THIS WORKS! I TRYED ALL THE ABOVE THIS WORKS!@!!i missed one of my *recycle GREEN recycling events i put together cuz a spot got on my neck!*!! I got it from a public tanning bed or lounging pool chair. One spot, then cross contiminated by accidently putting back on something i wore for five minutes….then turned to 40-50 spots tiny ones, the heat from the cloth bandaids made the sticky part a new spot!!! so then i tryed my last remedy—WHICH WORKED IM SO THANKFUL, cuz it was right at the back of my long blonde hair (which i still have in a bun—-paranoid for another week, then i will let my hair down again:):):):):)! put on hundreds of dollars of medicine/creams (the oral ones can in 6 weeks blow out your liver kidneys etc., its VERY DANGEROUS)*****a Doctor will not tell you this info/one of my Doctors had it i told her how to get rid of it woww!!!:) this is now what i believe in, and i read your entrys i hope this helps you alot@!!. i found that when you put on bandaids that when you wake up (wear long pants and shirts every night to bed, don’t “cross-contiminate”!!!!) NOTE:) *PLS READ IF YOU WANT IT CURED RIGHT AWAY!!!!!*****CURE*****WORKED FOR ME*** So, then i contacted my Mom who is a very smart nurse! Wear cotton as much as possible and then clean with anti fungal, lysol liquid, and bleach added to above with in whites, dry clothes very very hot, or put outside in sunlight, fungus hates sunlight…did you know fungus and cockroachs can (only two things on earth) live threw a nuclar bobm? I was scared to have my hair break and not have any, it takes along time to grow!! i then got two giant jugs of “Distilled White Viniger” (put small bottle in fridge and bigger bottles can be left outside fridge safely, will not ruin and will not damage potency of Viniger), two steril small caps from bottles of any kind (platic throw away kind) gloves (so u can not keep warshing and washing, dont let them touch anything, can be stored on something that can be cleaned, warsh gloves off with soap and water with small amount of bleach every day or two to kill germs, or get some disposable gloves:) ) i * thought to just put the cure but kinda telling the whole story so you have a picture might be more helpful to some people, little people as well:) )* anyhow, at this point i already used the Nizoral shampoo (follow instructions for saftey of hair, and you can apply this to the spots as well before going outside in the sunshine, or warsh with tar soap dont directly wash the area let bubbly suds run down the spots, dont use a loufa, or body puff thingy, warsh clothes yes but be c*areful not to wash directly on the spots!!!!!! the tar soap will not stain your skin!! the nizoral shampoo i found on e-bay there is one seller who sells like cream and shampoo in/from the *USA* rest are very very sketchy according to my hours of reading/research up on them (some people who purchase from overseas places (‘other than Canada.’ have actually ended up with producat thats not even what the tube or package says it is, its like fake!!!! bs i think but legal i guess/along with many multiple other bad stories of peoples bad experiences with overseas shipments in this catagory…)… You totally want **AMERICAN** products believe me!! anyhow that will help in the shower, but use as cool as possible water, that fungus loves heat! loves sweat (use fans constantly), and warm water!!!!! use cool water. always use fresh towel, don’t put towel over the spots at all ever (i did this and regretted it, big time!!!)(PAT Dry spots with a paper product then safely dispose of it, so u throw out direct contacted germs!)let towel dry on plastic hanger/hence can be throw out or bleached clean:), severly/throughly clean shower etc etc etc, replace shower curtian, after towel is dry put in plastic disposable bag. if your a chick immediatley put hair up!!!!!!!) sanatize everything you touch or touched, lysol spray, and i made my own viniger mix, str8 bleach on things that won’t be ruined by it!) do not put lotion on spots!!!! after that get out your viniger kit, add to it steril, dont get the ones in the box dirty!, steril Q-tips, paper towels/paper products, i tyed a (with home made rubber band) paper product on the one spot on my neck for fear of loosing blond locks and it did not spread), or medical guaze sterial wrapping with sterial medical tape, sold at most big stores:)! sounds silly i know, but it worked. oh making your body PH balance as much as possible is one of the things that keeps you from getting it back, and eat lots of vitamin c w ascorbicc acdi from rose hips daily etc etc., you can learn about that online to). 🙂 TAKE tar in own made capsuals and rich brewers yeast home made capsuals for a year (with food as much as your system can handel kinda read a little on it to) this not only purifies your blood, but it gets rid of the fungus because it now lives in your bloodstream. ok so the over the counter least expensive with correct active ingredient/most for your money/ Wal*Mart’s Equate miconazole 7 day treatment/1.59 oz/45Grams/ miconazole Nitrate) brand works (for yeast infections/condom areas/ by pharmacies of most stores u can buy discreetly there at rx counter:) ) . OR If you have your doctor/go to a doctor that will be willing to write you two prescriptions wWITH refills*:) ask for this……. some doctors won’t write both, and some think otherwise which i care nothing for. some Docs are not open minded to *listening* to patients/ just happens my Mom is a Nurse etc…. so he listened more so when i mentioned that…1) :)Nizoral biggest tube/biggest ingredients (im trying to eat dinner so i do not want to hop up to read/write the tube down., (check on this yourself ahead of time and write both down so your very prepared at your appointment, its your body, who in hell would ever want this crap back, or in the first place, 2) Clotrimazole and Bethamethasone Dipropionate Cream/ USP 1%/0.0 (Base) , this is manufactored by several companies one is, base. I ment this post to be helpful and short, but realized that if i leave out one piece of this solution it will not work for any1 including myself. you can use one of the creams After the distilled white viniger is dryed (apply with sterial white cotton Q-tip, saturate the cotton put on then throughly dispose, if on hairline gently dip a smaller sized cotton puff in it then “Dab” it on as well then dispose! stand in front of fan or sit let it dry, i do it sometimes twice in a row especially before bed to have it work its cure process while i rest:) which it does its awsome!! then in the day like at work i don’t like the cream in the day, cuz in my opnion if i get hot its like gets worse and spreads… HOWEVER

  166. PART2 My Opnion __WORKEDFORME!!what i just wrote (the bottom half gone grrrrr, to many words perhaps hee hee:)) ) ok briefly then, i put tbe cream on at night after two dryed layers of viniger with no bandaid. dont warsh spots direct, let nizoral shampoo/or tar soap/oririshspring/ run down ur body where spots r at. change towels all the time, don’t rub spots wash clothes either! (spreads spores) dabb off spots with paper product+dispose.. then viniger etc, as above. balance ur body to a safe ph level, the web can teach u this easily.1way is to drink small amounts of this mixed: natural cranjuice+clubsoda. this fungus is now inside your blood stream, therefore to rid itfrom your body, you must get rid of it on the inside as well! can do it this way: kills fungus inside ur bloodline. both are digested with food as much as your tummy can handel basically made up of vitamins, sold at heath food stores, in bulk all products about 12bucks or so. will not harm you. u can read on it. it works in my opnion!! bulk 1) Brewers Yeast 2) Tar/coal soap &3) gel capsuals bag of like 500 4)store it, eat with food as many as you can as many times a day as you onthis as well, others got rid of it in thier blood stream, takes one year of care regiem. othersise the spores live in your bloodline forever. this won’t after 6 weeks “Blow Out your Live or Kidneys” either. Doctors are good, but some Docs just don’t know some things…there is alot to know after all hee hee:) 🙂 they go2 school depending for up to 12 years most 8….but only study “Health-Nutrition” for under two months. My Family have studided it for over 30 years. I still believe in Docs so don’t get me wrong:) pls try this i hope it well helpss!!Take Care!
    .from Blondie.

  167. my son has ringworm i feel so bad for him i have been useing lortrmin and it seems to be helping.What i need to know is how can you tell if its going away?????

  168. ummmmm…………… sorry no tip just saying canu use a band-aid or not cuse will it spread it
    im gonna try rubbing alcohoal and see if it works

    will post back if not gone*

    i think its the worst thing ever in my life or in my future im only 10yrs old!!!

  169. I began using bleach 2 days ago because none of the medications I tried were working. To back up a bit, I got ringworm 2 months ago from a severely infected kitten. I tried all the OTC creams, which worked either very slowly, or not at all. Then I kept getting spots in different places and it has been a struggle just to keep this at bay. Then I read that you can use bleach, and I was skeptical at first, but tried it anyway since I’m pretty desperate at this point. A couple of the worst spots are almost gone! It stings quite a bit (you gotta be prepared to handle some pain) and leaves red marks, but this is the only thing that has truly worked for me. I use a solution that is 3:1 bleach to water since the weaker solutions were not strong enough for me. I would recommend trying more diluted mixtures first because this is strong stuff, and not unless all the “normal” treatments fail. Yes, scrubbing your skin with bleach is unusual and painful, but if you can handle it then this can be a useful way to get rid of a horribly persistant problem. I think I would still be itchy and frustrated if I hadn’t found out about this, but now I have some hope, so… thanks everyone for sharing.

  170. I woke up this morning with one ringworm, that I suspect I got from the 10 year old I have been sitting the last 3 weeks.

    It’s on my shoulder, right on top of a TATTOO I just got a couple weeks ago that is healing. I freaked out, and searched for hours online for natural remedies. I tried the bleach. 1 part bleach, 6 parts water. The spot has already dried up, and it is no longer raised. I can see scabs forming where the ring formation was. I LOVE BLEACH haha, cause it already seems like it’s working. Now I will go get the band aids to keep the area from touching my clothing, and hopefully I won’t get anymore. I plan to continue using the bleach for 2-3 days, and use Lamisil for 2 weeks after.

  171. I believe I have a ring worm on the back of my head near the base of the skull. Can I use bleach on my head? Will it affect the color of my hair?

  172. i have a cat and a dog. long story short, had ringworm lesions on my back. i’m african american and was afraid of doing the bleach method since i have brown complexion. i put the bleach on my back and i swear, the minute i put the bleach on, the dark patches were GONE!!!!! i’m not making this up! it only took 2 rubs and went away in the timeframe of 3 minutes!!! It was like I never had it!!!

    Another thing. Please shower twice a day. I had a boyfriend who showered every other day and I could literally smell the bacteria on him. Why i was with him i don’t know. But please have good hygiene and clean your house. I was amazed that none of my pets had ringworm (they were examined and tests were negative).

    Of course, it’s natural to assume that you got it from your pets (if you have any). But a lot of times, it could be from a person who doesn’t practice good hygiene.

    PS. Always keep a bottle of hand sanitizer or soap with you at all times. I never go anywhere without it.

    also, put lemon juice on your skin. it’s just as effective.

    -apple cider vinegar
    -bleach (don’t put too much on your skin, that will determine how deep the scarring will be, if any)
    -take your vitamins
    -never where the same thin twice without washing yourself and your clothes

    I guarantee you’ll have reduced your risk of infection by doing any or all of these thing.s


    I had a horrible case of ringworm a few months ago (on every part of my body). I tried every single tip I saw on this page…Bleach, iodine, apple cider vinegar, clear nail polish, hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial soap. Nothing got rid of it until I went swimming in the ocean! I know not everyone can do this, but honestly, If you can take a trip to the beach, do so. It completely got rid of it within the week. All the other remedies seemed to work a little but it always came back. Since I went to the ocean in June I have not seen even a spot of the pesky ringworm. Call A travel agent now!

  174. I want to say “thank you” to all who gave the suggestion of bleach to cure the ringworm. My son caught it Lord knows how on his head. I use leary using bleach but it sounded to be 100% effective. I did do the 50/50 water and bleach just to be cautious. He’s 7 years old and said that it didn’t burn. Thanks and I’m hoping this work

    Indianapolis, In

  175. Hello fellow ringworm sufferers. I want to thank everybody for your tips. They have saved my neck, literally!! I have had two very embarrasing rings on the front of my neck for a week. Scraching and itching and getting bigger! Since I read all these tips I have been applying 50/50 bleach-water solution with a Q-tip every hour today and the iching is gone! AND the bumpy ring has flattened and I am starting to feel human again. It has not burned at all except for a little stinging that feels really good after all of that itching! I don’t have any sulfer as yet and hopefully I won’t need it but at least now I am aware of it. Thanks all again!

  176. well i have not tried the bleach yet but i have tried all types of cream and nothing although i do have it on my hand and clean with bleach pretty often on omne hand i can say the one on my hand itches less then the other but it is is not gone yet

  177. I have spent literally years trying to kill jock itch. Doctors were no good at all. About 10 weeks ago I decided to wage war on the stuff. I first used hydrogen peroxide, which was interesting because it turned the open wet sores white! It reduced the sizes of the lesions and disclosed exactly how much was there by its whiteness. And it burned like hell! Eventually I thought to check for herbal remedies and I found one thing – black walnut – that seemed to be mentioned quite a lot, so I went to a local herbal store and bought some.

    It burned even worse than the peroxide, but it did even more curing, so the little white spots in the little “volcano caldera” grew even smaller. But I was not content with the progress so I added Lotrimin Ultra to the mix. Twice a day I clean thoroughly with water, then peroxide, then black walnut, and when dry a half index finger of Lotrimin Ultra.

    Today I am down to one tiny legion, no itching and small amounts of redness. The process seems to have stripped away layers of infection disclosing underlying layers that each had to be eradicated in turn.

    I am adding Lamisil to the mixture tomorrow, and the whole routine should get rid of the infection to a level I can control with good hygiene and topical fungicides.

    By the way, I also used the black walnut mixed with wormwood orally for a month and it cleaned out parasites. I like to eat sushi. 🙂

  178. Definetly use bleach!! I waitress and needed it to go away fast and make sure that i wasn’t contagious. My ringworm was on the side of my hand and was a 1-2 inch ring when i treated it. I used bleach diluted about 2:1 bleach to water once, but then just used straight bleach after i rinsed the first application off. I just applied it on the ring, waied 3 min. and rinsed it off. id did sting the second time, so thats all i did. It very obviously worked fast. I couldn’t tell at first if it was gone because the skin was still irritated and still rose in little bumps as before, but the next day i could see the bumps were penetrated and the fungus was dead, it took about two days for the bumps to completely disappear, but now (3 days later) you can barely even see where the ringworm used to be… i think it is a little red bc of the bleach, but there definetly won’t be a chemical burn scar like someone else said. I still apply an antifungal cream once a day just to make sure i got it all.. but i don’t really know if it does anything

  179. Okay, you’re gonna think this sounds funny, but I have tried everything (except for the bleach thing; my skin is much too sensitive for me to do that without serious consequences). A friend’s sister suggested that I use–and this is a little creepy if you’re a guy–Monistat. The sister, who had been a vet tech and worked with pets, had used the stuff on her cat that had gotten ringworm, and it cleared up.

    While I was pretty iffy about it at first, I went ahead and tried it since Lamisil and other remedies did not seem to be working. Well, guess what: Monistat works. Now, I say Monistat because that’s the recognizable brand name, but I went ahead and just used the generic stuff from the drug store because it was a few dollars cheaper, and certainly not as expensive as Lamisil. Being a guy, I wasn’t sure weather to use the ovules or the thingy with the long tube applicator. (I feel silly writing this.) I found that crushing up the ovule in its little plastic container and then rubbing it on my ringworm spots (which covered extensive parts of my body: both legs, my buttocks, my right forearm, and parts of my back). The good news is the vast majority of spots have healed.

    I’ve been dealing with this scourge for the better part of six months, and I’m glad that a conclusion is finally in sight. And I don’t know why this works so effectively. Maybe it’s because the antifungal medications in Monistat is at such a high concentration (4% for the tube thingies, and 200+mg in the ovules; I’ve become quite the expert for someone with no vagina, haha). Whatever the reason, it’s a remedy worth trying if nothing else has been working for you. If you’re a girl, not a problem buying this stuff. If you’re a guy, it’s a little awkward admittedly, so if you have qualms, get a girl/your mom to buy it for you.

    If you try this and it works for you too, you just post on here so I don’t feel like a total doof.

    As a side note, Lamisil seems to exacerbate the ringworm redness on me. It seems to make it WORSE. Anyone else have that experience? Maybe I just have weird skin, I dunno.

  180. hi sorry to hear about everyones suffering. i have suffered from yeast infections off and on all my life. alot of the remedies being spoken about are external. the infections are basically because of having a compromised immune system. if you look at a website that addresses candida, you will see that these symptoms are part of a bigger picture. it takes a while for the ringworm to disappear, because it is still active in the bloodstream. i have had athletes foot for years, now i have my first case of jock itch, i also get thrush, none of this is severe. but the jock itch has me climbing the walls. sugars, colas, baked foods, etc. help to aggravate the symptoms. so even while you are treating them on one hand, if you are eating foods that aggravate them, your are slowing down your healing process. this does not mean you cant eat the fun junk foods, but while you are trying these remedies externally, try to eat healthier. hoping everyone feels better.

  181. i have ringworm and its on my chin it itches and im scared to try bleach because a scar on my face would be horrifying!!! my family wont let me try nail polish because they’re scared too. I havent been to the doctors since i was three! so i dont wanna go there..please give ma a healthy soulution or i’ll die! ahhhhhhhhhhhh

  182. Shelbee- Shawn had the best advice about 2 posts before yours. I got one patch of ringworm on my face from my persian kitten and I was really freaked out because I didn’t want to get a scar either. When I went to the vet to get stuff for the cat, they told me that the vet techs get exposed to ringworm all the time and to buy the cream that women use for yeast infections (Monistat)on my face. Make sure it’s the kind that contains Miconazole. You can even get generic at Wal-Mart. It’s just a white cream and you can rub it in until it disappears. I did that and it stopped the itch and cleared up the fungus and the spot eventually started to fade. It’s barely noticable now and almost completely gone. It has taken 2 months for the spot to fade but the itching was better right away. I wouldn’t hesitate to go to the doctor myself, but there is no point for something as simple as one patch of ringworm unless it spreads. If it was as bad as Shawn’s though, in several places, the doctor could prescribe a pill that would kill it from the inside and get it out of your system. And make sure you wash your towels and bedding frequently because it will spread and is contagious.

  183. im 16 and i have 1 on my back and i need it gone before school so is it 50/50 or regular i hope some1 can clearit up for me as quick as possible.and schol is like 11 days away or close to that.

  184. Well I tried to get my ringworm to go away with the bleach it really really burned so someone told me to try garlic powder or salt and mix it with water to make a paste and rub it on the ringworm and rub it off do it every day and ur ringworm should go away!

  185. Alot of you have been saying bleach,sounds real scary..i have it ALL OVER RIGHT NOW,the absolute best cure is TINACTIN SPRAY!(not airisol)It dries it up the next dayit is almost gone and i have had it for a LOOONG time,because i went to a water park and it got reeeaaalll bad,but tinactin spray worked,if it is really red,it may sting.but it works the best!

  186. I had ringworm for a long time.. tried everything from creams of almost every type to bleach…. what I have found with the least pain and even cheap is … veet or nair hair removal… apply the cream and leave it on for only a few minutes… one thing the cream does is eat at your dead skin and also in the process eating away at some of the infected skin exposing the fungus…(be very careful to not leave it on for too long because it will burn!) I found 2 minutes is perfect. After washing the cream off it will leave your infected area more smooth and more easy to see the infection as a result. This is the cheap and most effective way to remove ringworm is about 25% undecylenate ( as undecylenate acid and zinc undecylenate) you can get the generic at walgreen which is at about undecylenate acid 18% and zinc undecylenate 5%. CVS brand is called maximum strength anti fungal ointment which is about 25%… this is the strongest anti fungal you can get with out having to go to the Dr. The tube range from 4.99-5.99 and will last a long time… I use nair/veet every other day and apply the cream twice a day… MOST OTHER CREAMS ONLY SUPRESS THE BACTERIA BECAUSE IT IS NOT STRONG ENOUGH TO KILL IT!!
    I will admit i had to learn this the hard way… spending at least a thousand on creams and doctor’s visits!!!

  187. i have ringworm for a very long long time. i started with the creme but it just spread all over around the original site. using the creme for @4 weeks. with little results. mu rimgworm was the size of a quarter and in some spots quite deep. you could put the tip of youre baby finger in it,yuck.
    but i used undiluted bleach twice a day 3 days ago.what a difference. its just about gone,it will probably scar. but i rather have the scar then the infection.
    good luck to all of you,my heart goes out to you also.

  188. I have battled ringworm on and off for over 10 years. I’ve tried everything and found the best is Tinactin anti-fungal liguid spray (athletes foot spray). The spray is best because you are not touching the fungus and spreading it around even more (like with creams) and it doesn’t rub off as easy as the cream either. Use it 6-8 times a day and it should disappear in 1-2 weeks…as you do it everyday! Hydrocortizone really helps itching and swelling in between sprays also. Other stuff like bleach or vinigar won’t usually fully kill ringworm…it just weakens or masks the infection and actually prolongs it. If it doesn’t go away within 2 weeks after an antifungal, go see a Dr. because you probably have a very large infection that requires prescription antifungal pills.

    Even though I am a very clean person, I have excema and psoriasis, so my skin is weaker and more prone to infections (like ringworm which is a common fungus). Most people get ringworm because they have some sort of skin problem and the skin is weaker and more prone to infection. (Just something to look into if this is reacurring for you)

    As far as prevention…. as soon as you get out of the shower, check your whole body for spots (something about hot water…it just shows early stages of ringworm) and spray any spots that looks suspicious or red, and in a day or two it will just disappear. Since I’ve been doing what I’ve told you all, I have been ringworm free.

    Good luck to all of you battling this horrible fungus. I feel the pain. =(

  189. **************** LISTEN UP**************!!!!!!!!
    NEVER!!!!! use Bleach, very harmful for ur skins ability to heal itself.

    USE PERSCRIBED OR OVER THE COUNTER MEDS IN COMBINATION W/ BLACK LIQUID SHOE POLISH!!!! Try NOT 2 shower for 2 day periods @ a time, as fungus loves moisture!!!!! I also have a all natural black soap that help (google it)!!!!!! Hope I helped if U need more info hit me up

  190. You need to go to the Doctor and have then scrap it and sent it to the lab to make sure it is ringworm. I was told by a Doctor that I had ringworm but nothing was sent to the lab, she just looked at it and told me it was ringworm. The Doctor gave me a prescription for Ketoconazole. That made it worse! I went to the Doctor again yesterday and the Doctor scraped it and sent it to the lab and it was tested and it was NOT ringworm!! The Doctor told me that if you are using a fungal cream on something that is not fungus it will get worse. Now the Doctor gave me a corticosteroid ( TRIAMCINOLONE 0.05% CREAM) after one day of use it looks better already. GO TO THE DOCTER

  191. I sell a product, Neem Oil Extract. It comes in Baby Fresh Scent, Sandalwood, and original scent. It is a bit smelly, so use it at bedtime. It is from the Neem Tree in India. It is one of the best anti-fungal oils you can buy. It is also not widely shared with many. My daughter started out with one ringworm on her lower shin and now has about 15 all over her body. She is 16 and playing Volleyball, so since she is participating in a team sport, she is trying to keep it under wraps for fear her Coach will bench her. We tried all the anti fungal creams, nothing. I started the Neem Oil Extract this evening and if it doesn’t show great improvement by Monday, we will be trying the bleach method.

  192. Ok this sucks. I took in a litter of kittens and next thing I know they are all bald. I’m like…okay….this is weird. And then a round circle appears on my leg. I have very sensative skin and very few creams work on me. I left it alone because I didn’t know what it was. Wrong move! After 5 more spots developed I went to the doc and found out i have ringworm. He gave me a cream and told me to apply it twice a day. So i did that for a month and 3 of them went away but the rest persisted and even more spots kept popping up- worst thing is that I was still unaware that I got it from the kittens. So I kept getting more and more ringworms and I finally took them to the vet to find out that they have ringworm! hahahaha tough luck for me. The cream no longer works and I have 17 ring worms. hahahahaha it sucks and I look like I have lepracy. So I put vinegar on them and it burned so bad- my ringworms started oozing yellow stuff. I did that for two days and it’s gotten worse. I can’t use bleach and i’m going back to the doc tomorrow. Wish me luck!

  193. take a q-tip then use lysol rub on the affected part everyday until it’s gone(lysol will not burn you will just smell like lysol all day) my niece had a ringworm and it was fully gone within a couple of days.

  194. omaga. i just tried the bleach lik and hour ago…..
    does it actually work.
    i have like a butload all over my my back and neck.
    and im not to keen about goin to the docter so please.
    give ma some help!!!!!!!!!!

  195. Hi All. Sorry for the long letter.

    I have been referring to this site as a guide to rid of ringworm since July. We are finally over the ringworm, so I felt that I should post my treatment and results for anyone else suffering from this problem. Let me say, there is life after ringworm. I promise.

    My Story…

    A cat was crying desperately from the top of me and my husband’s fence. She sounded like she was in distress. As owners of five cats, we were concerned and grabbed her. We quarantined her immediately in our master bedroom because of the risk of Feline Leukemia and Feline Aids. This was the first week of July of this year, 2007.

    Turned out this kitty was pregnant – we had no idea because she was so small. But we kept thinking that she was lost because she had on a collar. Little did we know that she had ringworm. Between me, my husband, and our cat sitter, we didn’t know that animals can get ringworm.

    My husband and I went to New Hampshire a few days later after Momma kitty’s rescue. Our cat sitter called us to tell us that she was pregnant. We didn’t think twice about helping her give birth and adopting out to a good home the kittens. However, I began to show signs of ringworm. I didn’t think that it would transfer to my kitties. We were wrong.

    My husband and I have two special cats in our household. One cat was feral. He will lay on you, but you can’t pick him up or he will shred you. Our other special cat has asthma. He is on Terbutaline and Prednisone twice a day – every once in awhile Albuteral, an inhaler. Since we didn’t know about the ringworm, while in NH, our cat sitter checked on Momma kitty first, and then she would give our asthma kitty his pill without washing her hands. Our asthma kitty ended up with ringworm on his ears. Fortunately, the feral cat didn’t get ringworm, nor the rest of our cats.

    We had to quarantine our asthmatic cat in a bedroom and quarantine Momma and the newborn kittens in a second bathroom.

    All of the infected cats were dipped three times a week with Sulfur-Lime Dip – available from your vet. We also used Chlortrimazole on the infected areas. You need to do this 2-3 times a day even if your vet says only one time a day – our vet agrees.

    I bought Clorox Wipes and a couple of bottles of Clorox bleach (must use this brand) to help.

    Put the bleach in a spray bottle – 1 part bleach to 3 parts water. I spray this on the carpet (it won’t bleach your carpet or clothes because of the dilution) and my legs and arms when I am finished cleaning the kitties’ room or handling them.

    I took Diflucan for three weeks to cure me. I had ringworm all over my legs. I thought I was cured. However, later on, I did break out again all over my neck. I put gobs of Lamasil on my “lesions”. I put a Band-Aid loosely over the lesions. I caught a lot of lesions on my neck before they turned into a ring buy putting Clorox bleach and Lamasil with a Band-Aid when the ringworm appeared as a “pimple” – I was more informed by then about how to spot potential ringworm lesions.

    I did try the Clorox bleach method for my second breakout on my neck. I don’t know if it worked or not because I caught them before they turned into a ring.

    Please wash your clothes that come in contact with ringworm in HOT water with non-chlorine bleach. Put your dryer on HOT. This helps to kill the fungus. Also, keep Clorox Wipes on hand to wipe down the outside of the washer and dryer as you use them. Clean out the lint trap and wipe down the area of the dryer where the lint fell.

    What I am trying to tell everyone dealing with this is that it takes time to treat this fungus. You can’t get tired of dealing with the 2 to 3 month cleansing of ringworm. You have to be aggressive. Bleach, bleach, bleach!!!

    Please know that all animals that you decide not to help will be killed if you take them to the pound. Please find a rescue organization, if you can’t handle the dedication it takes to help these babies – dogs, cats, and horses.

    As of today, our asthmatic kitty is now part of the household as he is cured.

    Any one who needs support, please email me at . All spam will be automatically deleted.

    Again, there is life after ringworm. If ringworm is prominent, everyone would have it.

    Best wishes,

  196. Okay, so it’s been over a month now since I last posted about seeing an end in sight to my ringworm ordeal. I’m glad to say that the ringworm has yet to come back. Interestingly, I didn’t have to be really meticulous about always changing my towels or changing my sheets or anything else like that, like many have suggested. I don’t know if doing that would’ve helped, but I’m too lazy and busy to do that sort of thing all the time.

    So here’s the basic summary of my ringworm experience:

    1.) Catch it sooner than later. I waited too long to do anything about it. It started as a medium-sized spot on the underside of my right thigh. But then it eventually spread all over both of my legs, to my right forearm, my abdomen/chest, and parts of my back. Yeah, it was pretty bad.

    2.) I saw a dermatologist a few weeks after it started getting bad. Basically, she confirmed that it was in fact ringworm (she did a scraping), and then she gave me a prescription for Loprox. The Loprox, I found, did a number on my skin, dried it out, caused it to burn and crack, and eventually left me with some crazy looking scars. (They look like weird stretch marks from where my skin cracked.)

    3.) After the Loprox didn’t work, the dermatologist put me on a week’s worth of systemic antifungal medication, which was supposed to kill it from the inside out. It didn’t work, not to mention the medicine is supposed to be hard on your kidneys, so I’m glad I wasn’t on it for a prolonged amount of time.

    4.) I elected to use Lamisil on the ringworm. As many of you know, Lamisil is not cheap at all. I used it for several weeks, but I never really saw any improvement. In fact, I think the Lamisil aggravated the ringworm. I’m not sure why an antifungal cream would do that. Maybe it has to with my own skin and individual biology. I do not know.

    5.) After several weeks of seeing no improvement with the Lamisil, I thought, “What the hell,” and I tried the apple cider vinegar remedy. Needless to say, this was the smelliest of the treatments I tried, and it didn’t work. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. During this period, the ringworm got worse because I stoppled using antifungal medication.

    6.) After much convincing, I finally tried the mizconazole (Monistat/Neosporin AF) route. I used both the cream in the long tubes, as well as suppositories (crushed up). I also used the miconazole nitrate cream. After a couple weeks of use, the ringworm started to be less prominent. After several weeks of use, the ringworm is now gone. What I have left are lots of brown areas where the ringworm used to be, especially on my legs. I suppose they’re scars, and I have no idea if they will eventually fade. Hopefully, they will.

    7.) I did not and would not try the bleach remedy. A lot of people swear that it’s THE remedy for ringworm, which makes sense since it basically destroys the living matter that it’s applied to. I’m sure sulfuric acid is a great remedy too. Some people have also said that it doesn’t leave scarring, but most of the tips on here are from people who tried it two or three days before posting on here, and we never hear any follow ups about whether it really worked or if they have unsightly chemical burn scars that they now have to live with. (I’m also amused by the people who post, “Help, I have ringworm, what do I do?” I’m not sure how they missed the entire list of tips. But whatever.)

    I’m glad that other people posted after me and vouched for the miconazole/Monistat treatment. It really is cheaper, especially in comparison to Lamisil or prescription medication. And it works, at least from my experience. I don’t know why it worked so well, especially in contrast to a well-established antifungal medication like Lamisil. Maybe it’s because the medication is at a higher dosage and/or concentration in the yeast infection medication. Your guess is as good as mine. It would be interesting to get some insight on it, if anyone has any.

    Good luck to everyone. Have patience. You CAN get rid of ringworm.

  197. One other thing: My partner, through this entire ordeal, never got ringworm, despite living in the same space, using the same couches, and sleeping in the same bed. I asked the dermatologist why that would be, and she said that some people are simply not prone to getting ringworm because of their individual biology. I have always had skin issues (dermatographia and eczema), so I suppose I’m more susceptible to getting skin ailments. However, some people just don’t get it. Frankly, I think that’s unfair–but then again, I would never wish ringworm upon anybody. I’m sure you all feel the same way.

  198. Okay, so i got a freakin rinworm like two weeks ago… last tuesday (a week ago from today) my parents took me to the dermatologist n they gave me this antifungal cream, yeah it cleared it up… but i have a big bright pink thick circle on my chest. Also there is one part what does not wana close and there is still some puss inside. I feel so horrible about it… i read in another website that puttin salt works.. i did that… im not sure if it helped or not, but i’ll try it again tomorrow… I’v been reading how everyone talks about bleach, but im scared to put bleach on it because for soem reason i have a bloody opening in it (where you can see bunch of tiny little white dots) and the cream doesnt really do much anymore, and im so sick of havin this thing.. please if anyone else has any other suggestions besides the bleach, please, i beg of you to tell me.
    I cant even look at myself….

  199. Hey well i’ve got ringworms…. and my mom was telling me to bleach it but i wasnt too keen on doing due to the fact that bleching ringworms will leve ugly scars so my sister told me to put clear nail polish on which i did i put the clear nail polish on in the morning and left it there till the afternoon took a shower put some savlon on a WALA i can already see the difference. i did this all yesterday and its healing quite fast i applied some savlon on this morning and its fading just keep applying savlon and it should go away.

  200. I think the creams that the doctor gives you are a complete waste of money. I was prescribed a cream for my ringworm and it did absolutely nothing! I finally got sick of the cream and poured bleach into an empty Lysol bottle and sprayed the infected area down. It hurt like hell but it did the job. I was also left with a nice burn area on my shoulder from spraying it but that went away after time. So i agree bleach is probally better than the doctors cream it works faster and you see more results.

  201. I used cream, then hydrogen peroxide and neither did much. I am trying the fingernail polish now. I hope this stuff works. It stung at first, but I don’t care. I want it gone- and I will NOT bleach it.

  202. I’m basically in the same boat the poster Shawn was/is..

    I started with a case of ringworm on my inner thigh, didn’t catch it in time.

    I was given an oral perscription of Ketoconazole, but I think it’s making it worse, or possible that Ive spread it to my upper legs, forarms, chest and back myseslf. but these pills don’t seem to be working. I’ve only been on them for 6 days, was given a 2 week dosage. but I don’t see any improvement, actually I see more spots I think, I don’t know, it may be me just looking for more spots.

    I would love to get this cleaned up before the 12th, but I don’t see it happening.

    I’ve tried the apple cider vinegar, don’t think that’s working. I think I’m going the monistat-derm route next. I can’t stand this crap anymore.

  203. I am back again…. I have been living with ringworm all over my body… i mean everywhere legs, arms, hands,neck,back, even my face.. I tired everything… all the cream and what not… It is the most easiest way to go to the Dr..(cheaper) if you considered the duration of treatment.
    I got a RX at the Dr. for cephalexin 500 mg for 10 days for times a day ( you can get the RX at walmart for 4$).. but after 10 days it didnt go away.. so I had to go back to get another RX for 750 mg for 14 days 4 times a day………….I have also found out you can use believe it or not walmart’s antibacterial wipes. I have also used lysol and clorox how ever the walmart brand is alooooooot cheaper and smells better over all.
    When in the shower try to shower with the coldest water you can handle.. using anti bacterial shampoos and soaps!!!!! when you get out of the shower have the wipes next to the sink so when you dry off the water ….. whip affected area with the wipe.. IT WILL NOT STING AND WILL KILL THE BACTERIAL JUST LIKE BLEACH WITH OUT SMELL… plus you can wipe when desired. Make sure you spray down the shower with anti bacterial after each shower and clean floor!!!!!!!


  204. Want to get rid of ringworm? Selsun Blue shampoo is the deal. I went to see my family doctor and he said we could prescribe lotions and creams but the SINGLE MOST EFFECTIVE TREATMENT for ringworm is to just simply rub in a little Selsun Blue daily for a few days. Worked like a charm!! No lie.

  205. I think I could possibly have pityriasis rosea, the heralded patch that starts look really similar to ringworm and spreads all over the body. there is nothing to really cure this. Maybe some of you have this problem as well. It usually goes away in like 6 weeks or so.

    All my Doctor needed to do was take a swab and test it. But he did not. He thinks it could be pityriasis rosea. I got FungRx, my last hope.

    does everyones spots look like ringworm or just red patches? I’m hoping its just ringworm of the body for me. but whatever, life goes on. 🙁

  206. BLEACH!!!! BLEACH!!! With in seconds bleach will kill the ring worm! u will feel a little burn for a lil bit but thats bout it! then it will scab up later like a cut! easy as that!

  207. I have been fighting ringworn now for 4 months. My kitten that I adopted had it and then it spread to me, then to my husband, and then to my other cat. I am just waiting for the 3rd cat to get it. I have been giving them baths and keeping on top of it for quit sometime. I have bleached my entire house and keep cleaning and cleaning and cleaning…I am exasted. I was able to get rid of the ringworm on my arm with some prescription ointment…then my husband gets it and he the ointment does not help him. For nearly a month we tried nail fingus remover (which stinks) we tried lamisil and sterilizing the area with acetone before applying the lamisil. We finally broke down and used bleahc. Bleach cleared it up but the fungus is still glowing bright green under the black light so we know it is still there. And my poor kitten has been having metaconazole baths and whips and ketoconazle oral treatment. Then I had then put on a greater does of the flea medication Program and even that did not help. He has been on medication so long and now since my other cat has it I am about to just bleach their spots. But then I run into the delima that it is on their NOSE!!!! I really don’t want to rub bleach on their nose and the infection is sooo close to their eyes. But I think that it is going to come down to me having to, just to atleast get it under control. If I can’t get the infection on their nose under control I will never be able to get rid of it. 4 months is just tooo long to have ringworm. I think the ringworm that you get from cats to is way harder to get rid of!!!!!! Maybe I will try the garlic remedy or maybe the grapefruit or vingar with a penny or seasalt!!! I hear those work but I doubt they will since it still is hanging around after bleaching it. O yeah and I just saw that I have it again last night. Not even pinworms are this hard to get rid of. Rediculous!!!!

  208. To Shaw and everyone who used Monostat,

    The ring worm is on my face about 2-3 inches big. I have pictures of it and I wish I can post it on here.
    I have had this **** thing now for 6 weeks. I tried ACV and tree tea oil and it went away but, it came right back with a vengence. I use the undeclycenic acid, clotrimozole cream and it didn’t do much. I went to the dermatologist today and she gave me ketonazole cream to use. She also put me on an antibiotic.

    I’m so very desperate , I need the to be gone and away!!! It itches like crazy. Woke me up a couple of times at nite. I’m a dental hygienist so I must wear mask when working , but I’m calling in tomorrow. I noticed that it grow very fast underneath the mask, with the moisture and darkness.

    I’ll will try Monostat if this does not improve within a week. I’ll post in a couple of weeks.

  209. Hi ,

    It’s itching like there’s no tomorrow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I feel the need to tell my whole ring worm story. I caught it 7 weeks ago when I was on out of the country vacation. I notice that my face was itching at one spot. It was a small little pimple. Harmless, I thought, I then wash my face with a face scrub, I scrub and scrub that area for a good 30 seconds.

    Later on that day, I notice that the area was kinda round and red. Now, I was really worried because it was on my right cheek. I used zinc cream , because I had a tube in the bathroom , anyway I applied it for 3 days or so and notice that it was not helping. So, I went to a pharmacist and she gave me Betamethasone and clotrimazole to use. I tried it for a week and it didn’t seem to help to I stop.

    I then tried apple cider vinager and tea tree oil and it did lessen the condition but , unfortunately it came back with a vengence. I believe that it came back because during that week, I ate steam fish on Monday, ate sushi on Friday, ate calamari and shrimp and a big slice of cake on Sunday. Well, I think it didn’t quite react well with the candida fungal bugs because I noticed that three days later it came back with a vengence. It was itching like crazy,spreading like wild fire, and ozzing and the outer ring was crusty. It’s about 3 inches wide. HORRIBLE LOOKING !! and ITCH AS HECK !!! When I was using the tree tea and apple cider vinager , it didn’t itch like this. My skin must not like Ketonazole cream.

    I went to a dermatologist after that, and now I’m on an antibiotic and using two creams call Ketonazole and another one (i forgot the name). Well, it itch like crazy again!! I got up 5 times during my sleep. I had to call off work because I was exhausted, not enough sleep. And also, since I’m a dental field I’m required to wear a mask. And as we all know, fungus and yeast thrive on moist,dark, warm climate. I called off today.

    Anyway, I think that I’m going to do as Shawn did. I’m going to purchase monostat(wal-mart brand) and starting using it tomorrow. Or today, because as I’m typing this , my face is so itchy, I can’t stand it !! I need to get a good 7-8 hours of sleep because I got to make some money tomorrow. Don’t want to go in tired.

    Wish me luck and I’ll post again very soon.

    I Hate Ringworm.

  210. I don’t have a tip but I have a question. I got ringworm when I was 11 and actually started an epidemic at my brother’s high school. My cat lost all her hair. I’m paranoid about getting it. I work with animals and a few weeks ago I discovered that a dog I had pet had ringworm. Weeks later and there was redness on my chest. It was so slight I didn’t think anything of it. Now it is getting more red and starting to look circular. Okay, it’s circular. The only thing is that it doesn’t itch at all. Is it possible to have ringworm without the itch? I’m hoping this is something else. I don’t want to go through a ringworm epidemic again. That was ****.

  211. Well, it’s been 4 days since I last posted. It’s going away slowly however, from time to time it still very itchy. I got up twice last nite because of the severe itchyness, I went to the bathroom and applied more monistat on that spot. I’m on a second box now.

    I would like to mention that during this time I also developed athlete’s feet on the sole and heels of my foot. I’m using Lamisil on my feet and it seems to be working fine. The athlete’s feet at the bottom of my feet is going away quick, I just wish that this crazy and stubborn ringworm on my face would be easy to treat like the athlete’s feet on the sole and heel of my feet.

    Living in this type of enviroment is not conducive to healing either. I live in south florida. It’s hot and so humid….yuck….everything sticks to your skin…bateria…oil….etc.

    It would be nice to be able to post picture of this condition that I have so others can see it and I can see their pictures. I really feel for people who are in the same shoes as I am. I’ll post again in a couple of days………………………….

  212. Clear Nail Polish. All you need to do is put some nail polish on the ringworm. Leave it for 5 minutes, then wash it with some hot water and soap. The ringworm dries up, the itching goes away, and the redness disappears.

  213. i had ringworm on my right side of my waist for almost a month. i tried anti-fungel creams, that did’nt work.
    i don’t know what to do, so i looked up tips on and i started using hydrogen peroxode, but it’s looking worse. so i also heard that bleech kills it i an heart beat. should i try it?
    if i do, can i use laundry detergent that has bleech on it?
    also can i use pine-sol to kill it?

  214. I have been dealing with this for nearly 2 years now… not off and on, CONSTANT! It drives me nuts!! It started out as a few spots on my breasts, then it traveled to all over mychest, my shoulders, and my back. I thought it was excema (runs in the fam), so i didn’t do anything for about a year, jsut dealt with it like excema. Then, it started to affect my work (I sit pretty for pictures). So, I asked the first doc what it was, she said excema… NOT. I went to another doc, and he mumbled, and wrote me a prescription for GRISEOFULVIN. The itching stopped in the first 2 days…then, the spots went away in the first 3-4 days. They went away completely after that!!! I think it depends on how long you have them, but I only have to have one extra round of meds, and I do believe they will be gone for good!!! So… don’t scratch, and ask your doc about GRISEOFULVIN.

  215. ugh i got ring worm i dnno how an thought it was eczema, eczema isnt contagious so i didnt care that i scratched, yuck it turned out it was ringworm i have a patch on my knee, waist and huge one on my back a patch on my jawline and hairline….i see you all tried bleach well its hella disgusting to have ring worm,i dont have insurance or money to get a prescription so i am bleaching as we speak and putting a mix of tea tree oil and miconazole on afterwards,and tea tree oil on my scalp i dont care about scarring , just want this gone!!! i will update tomorrow

  216. Nikki,

    I went to a derm. and told her I wanted to take GRISEOFULVIN an anti fungal medication but, she gave me BACTRIM ( Sulfamethoxazole/TMP) and that’s an antibiotic NOT an anti-fungal med ! I wasted $700 dollars on dermatologist bill already….did your doctor perform a culture test for you ?

  217. i tried the clorox treatment and all it did was burn my skin. later, i bought lamisil and in a week and a half, it was gone.

  218. well i tried the bleach hasnt yet been 2 days but it seems to be drying it up and it definetly doesnt itch as much, hopefully this mess will be gone soon

  219. A few people have been reporting different effects with bleach. Note that “bleach” is listed on Wikipedia as generally containing EITHER sodium hypochlorite (chlorine bleach) OR hydrogen peroxide (oxygen bleach)… never both chemicals because they react.

    I recognise the smell of bleach which we have used in our household for years, and I checked the label and it contains sodium hypochlorite, a chlorine type smell. I am guessing most bleaches contain this chemical since its been the same smell for years but we have always bought different products.

    On the other hand, Google seems to come up with more hydrogen peroxide based bleaches in discussions regarding ringworm, and I always thought “bleach” was basically peroxide.

    I write this because people have been getting mixed results and mixed reactions and burning. Perhaps one is better than the other, or one doesn’t work at all, I don’t know. I have begun trialing the sodium hypochlorite based bleach today and will report back.

  220. BTW, quite a few people have been saying their ringworm has spread from their body to their face or head or whatever. However, you need to seek professional advice if that is the case. I thought this had happened but it turned out to be something else (I still had ringworm of the body though).

    DIFFERENT SPECIES of ringworm exist, so it does not necessarily spread from one type of the body to the next – please see the wikipedia entry for ringworm.

    Regarding GRISEOFULVIN – this is quite an old oral medication and only seems successfull in just over half of applications, and is quite toxic. My doctor didn’t give it to me either, particulary when it turned out despite having ringworm it had not spread to my head or face as I thought.

  221. I put some Benadryl Itch Stopping Cream on mine and asked God to take it away and he did. So don’t worry it will go away if you count on God! Good Luck

  222. Update time: I tried the bleach trick for 3 days (applied 3 times a day), and wasnt sure it worked any better than the anti-fungal creams. It was certainly making a difference but it wasnt quite the wonder cure I was lead to believe. I would have liked to continue the treatment, but the problem of the smell combined with the skin damage (it was becoming a bit sensitive) meant I have now switched to tea-tree oil, 100% which I have just applied. This seems to burn even more, though thats probably a result of putting it on skin damaged by the bleach. I will report back with my findings.

    I am still using anti-fungal powder at night, and have ordered some Biotin supplements and plan to take 2mg daily, as well as multi-vitamin tablets. Apparantly 1 in 5 of us have ringworm at any one time, but the bulk of the population get rid of it automatically via their bodies immune system. I therefore conclude my immune system needs a kick up the behind!

  223. Well I finally brought my cats back to the vet. They are on very serious medication and it “looks like” it is going away slowly. However my husband still has it and I now have it on my face. I never thought that it could spread to my face. But I guess if the cats have it on their face then you can get it to. I have tried everything….I feel so hopeless. I recently purchase FungRx praying that it would give me some results and I am still waiting for the results…it has been two weeks with no improvement. I am just waiting for my hair to start falling out… Bleaching, cleaning, washing everything. Bathing with anti fungal medicine and using Selsun Blue shampoo for my hair. I have tried lamisil, clorox, lysol, sea salt, grapfruit, ketocontazole, metacontazole, nail fungus remover, disinfected the spots with acetone before applying the medication. I am sooooo tired! And my stupid dermatologist is like well……lamisil should kill it and sent me on my way…Thanks a lot jerk!!!!

  224. i have never had ring worm before .
    i got a little circal one on my leg and im so afraid .
    and im so nervouse cuz its soo gross .
    i think i got it from my **** friends cat .
    i just put bleach on it.
    how many times should i put bleach on it
    and should i just go to a doctor or just keep using bleach
    i dont no its making me scared alittle.

  225. I take a shower and during the shower rub area with blean, works great. Do Not put bleach on dry sking but on wet skin, while taking shower. Clorox works best than generic, cause Clorox is king of oily and oily bleach stays on skin longer even while showering.

  226. Sorry, I don’t have a tip, but do have a question…I’ve had my ringworm (started on my shoulder) for a little over a month now…has since spread to a small spot on the middle of my back, one on my jawline, temple, and six more along the hairline on my forehead. Tried lamisil for a week, no results, have now been on diflucan and ketaconazole for a week, still no results and now have a new spot on my cheek. Is there anything that you were prescribed that is “stronger”? And for those of you with it on your face…what is the reaction of people who see you with it? I can’t become a hermit because of this, but I dread having to go out.

  227. Hi everyone,

    Well, I try monostate and it did work but was not strong enough for this strand of ringworm I have on my face. I have been using FungRx for a little over two weeks now and this product is AMAZING! No, I don’t work for the company. However,it does clear it up tremendously and reduce the itching by 70% I’m so happy that finally, it’s going away. It has been since eight weeks since I last saw that area of my face. I can see my right cheek !! Thank god , it didn’t spread to other body parts. I haven’t sleep on my right side in two months.

    Give fungRX a try, if it doesn’t work for you well, you can get a refund ,it’s comes with a one year garantee money back.

    Good Luck to all who are going through this. I will continue to use this for one month. Just to make sure it’s dead, dead, dead ……

    To Melenie,

    They look and I only had 3 people asked me what it was. I just tell them. I went out as usual.

  228. Melanie – take the plunge and goto your Doctor. I think you need to be certain its ringworm, and there are a lot of people who say “it spread to my face”, but I’ve never personally experienced that even though I’ve had it on and off for years – ****** ringworm does exist but it appears to be a different type of fungus. I thought I had ringworm of the beard recently but my Dr said it was L21 dermatitis. Gave me anti-biotics and thats starting to clear up now, though I still battle against the ringworm.

  229. LOL that the website censored the word F A C I A L

    Anyway, an important update on my ringworm. You may recall I gave up on the bleach after 3 days, the skin damage was too great and the rings were still visible (there was some improvement but not much).

    I have been using tea tree oil 100% for a few days now. Its kind of toxic, but surely not as toxic as bleach which could have anything in (the ingredients just listed it as 5% sodium hypochlorite and no mention of what the other 95% was!). The tea tree oil label says do not put 100% tea tree oil on your face – fortunatly I do not have ringworm there.

    The ringworm appears to have gone. The 100% tea tree oil has left my skin in a bit of a red state but I know its temporary and will go in a few days.

    To prevent reoccurrence as well as Canesten dusting powder I am taking 1000microgram/1mg Biotin supplements twice a day, as well as multi-vitamins. Everybody has a mechanism to beat ringworm from within their own bodies, if your immune system is up to it. This is why people I have lived close with for years have NEVER got it.

    I am now starting to feel more positive. More emphasis needs to be put on your immune system rather than just chasing ringworm outbreaks, you wil always be one step behind.

  230. I’ve had ringworm on my left hip for like 5 months! Maybe six now. In the very beginning it was just one dime-sized patch on my left hip. I went to the doc when another patch sprung up closer to my pubic area. My doc put me on Nystatin which seemed to clear it up after a few weeks, but as soon as I stopped it came back even worse. I went back on Nystatin for about a month… seemed to clear it up AGAIN, but it came back AGAIN as soon as treatment ended. Now I’m on Econazole for about two weeks and it’s been slowly clearing up like the other times, but this morning I noticed a new patch closer to my backside! This happened literally over night! What the ****!? Now I have 3 of these patches. Why is this so difficult to beat? My sex life is ruined. I can’t stop thinking about the &*(&*@$ing fungus. And every ounce of positivity that I put forth is met with MORE RINGWORM. I have enough problems in my life. Isn’t the cream supposed to KILL the fungus? I have an appointment with a dermatologist two Fridays from now… I sure hope he can help me out.

    So consider me one of the club I guess. Someone should start a support forum or something because this is just terrible. I’m already a depressed and anxious person and now I have yet another worry. I wish I could shrink myself to the microscopic level and fight the fungus myself.

  231. Okay.. RingWorm is a nasty nasty little fungus. But if treated fast and smart.. it’s easy to get rid of. Here are some tips. My cats got ringworm-spread it to my daughter-spread it to me and then before I knew it all of the family had it. Find a Antifungal cream.. either over the counter or from your doctor. Take the antifungal and mix it with Neosporin. (use a Q-tip) Apply the mixture to your ringworm with a Q-tip and then cover it with a bandaid. RingWorm is HIGHLY contagious so if u cover with a bandaid it keeps it from spreading. Do this twice a day. Disenfect your home. Wash your sheets in hot water. Everyone is saying that Bleach is the answer. I don’t doubt that bleach kills the fungas fast.. but you will be left with an even bigger burn or irritation from the bleach. RingWorm does not go away over night. It may take up to 3 weeks. Just keep up with the method and It will go away. If you don’t want to wear a band-aid A doctor told me that if you apply Desitin (diaper rash cream) to the ringworm.. IT WON”T CURE IT BUT it will stop it from spreading to other parts of the body. I hope that this helps someone! I know I have been battling this thing for a while now.. just don’t give up and don’t expect overnight maricales. It could be a lot worse. So stay positive:)

  232. Hey guys- I saw my doctor again…Turns out I was misdiagnosed the first time. I have pityriasis rosea. It looks exactly like ringworm so that is why I was misdiagnosed the first time. I was getting very upset that none of the treatments were working so the doctor did a punch biopsy on one of the spots. Not ringworm, no wonder the treatments weren’t working… I wanted to post this info because I have noticed several stories of people who started out with one spot only to have it “spread like wildfire” everywhere. This is what pityriasis rosea does. It starts out as one spot (called a herald patch) which will show up between 1-4 weeks before the secondary rash. There is no treatment for this, it goes away on it’s own in 6-8 weeks after the onset of the secondary rash. I would urge those of you who have been fighting this for a while to ask your doctor if it could be pityriasis rosea. From what I have read, there are a lot of us who have been misdiagnosed and think we have ringworm when we actually do not. That would explain why treatments don’t work and then finally after 2-3 months it goes away. Check out this site…

  233. I’m FINALLY recovering from ringworm, and it’s only taken about a week since I noticed something was wrong.

    I adopted a baby cat who was infected as well, which is how I caught it. Two days previous, I had been tattooed and I’m pretty sure the open wound gave the ringworm a great place to live. Here are my tips, as this webpage has been super helpful to me.

    – Go to the doctor. Ask for a topical cream, I’m currently using Ketaconazole. Since my tattoos were still healing, I have been using the yeast infection cream on those, and they have faded pretty quickly. I typically apply the prescription cream twice a day, and the over the counter yeast infection stuff once a day… it seems to be working! I also used tea tree oil, which smelled way too strong to continue use. I have not used bandaids, as I felt like it was better to let these little spots air out.

    – Wash your body with Selsun Blue. It stinks too, and it’s kind of awkward. I’m not sure how much this helped, but my ringworm has faded signifigantly in a week.

    – Spend some time in the sun. Or the tanning booth 🙂 As someone had mentioned, ringworm can live in the tanning beds and be passed on to someone else, so I made sure to bring antibacterial spray and wipe down the bed as best I could to prevent someone else from getting it.

    – I quarentined my baby cat to an area of my apartment which has very few pourous materials (carpet, fabrics, etc). I make sure to give her the medicine the vet gave us every morning (I forget the name, but it’s oral – maybe diluated Lamisil?). I don’t touch her unless I absolutely have to, and then I wash my hands. I use Lysol everywhere I know she hides, as well as on my leather sofas.

    – Wear long sleeves and pants. Do not wear the same clothing twice, and be sure to wash bedding and towels as often as possible. I also vaccuum at least twice daily.

    – I also picked up some disinfectant called Vikon – It’s pretty expensive, but is used for disinfecting animal areas. Be sure to get the S type, and also look for the packets, which are sized a lot better than the economy size which is used a lot for hoses and larger animals. I’m still waiting for it to arrive, but I am told it’s very good for cleaning up the ringworm mess. I have a feeling it will arrive as soon as this whole mess is over.

    I’m not sure of the validity of this, but while I was at the organic food store, I asked the sales guy about taking extra immune booters to get this crap out of my skin tissue. He warned me that sometimes, those boosters can also boost the fungus, and to only supplement your immune system once the ringworm has disappeared.

    If you have not seen a doctor and your ringworm has lasted more than 3 weeks with all of the home remedies, I stronly suggest making an appointment.

    Good luck to you all.

  234. Wow…just WOW…what can I say. You people are genius’s. Put on some of that mean lean killing machine chlorox (bleach) and bam, just like Harry Potter, it was no match. Glad I found this site…time to bookmark!

  235. I’ve been applying bleach, iodine, and cream for a week. Pretty much right away, the ringworm turned a vivid shade of red, but there hasn’t been any change. It seems to have gotten smaller, and has stopped spreading, but when is it not contagious? Is it still ringworm, or is it just irritated skin from the bleach and iodine.

    Please help me… it is right on my waistline, and I have not been able to have sex with my girlfriend for over a week. I’m sure you can appreciate how miserable this is making me.

  236. In response to Melanie:

    I read your post, and I started Googling “Pityriasis rosea”, and I’m starting to think that I may have been initially misdiagnosed as well. While the dermatologist did a scraping and looked at it under the microscope, in looking at the various photos of the skin condition, and in reading about how and where it spreads, I’m becoming more convinced that this indeed may have been what I have. The Wikipedia article notes that exposure to sunlight seems to treat it, and I believe there are several postings on this page with people suggesting getting some sun for what they believe to be ringworm.

    I’m surprised that this alternative possibility hasn’t come up before, especially on the vast number of ringworm remedy websites there are on the Internet. Thanks so much for the info!

  237. Well, I went to an actual dermatologist this time instead of my primary care physician. He performed a scrape and confirmed it is a fungus. Gee, thanks. He told me to discontinue Econazole and prescribed Loprox gel and Zeasorb AF powder instead. I’ve been applying the gel and the powder twice daily for about a week now, and I’m afraid it’s starting to get really red and dry and even a bit cracked, sort of like how Shawn described above. One of the patches does seem to be fading but the original patch is getting even redder and bumpier. I’m going to call the doctor this week and ask if I should continue or not. I really don’t want to take antifungal pills. With my luck I’ll get kidney damage.

    @Shawn: Do you still have scars from the Loprox treatment, or did they eventually fade?

    @Jerrod, Melanie, Shawn: I had Pityriasis rosea about 2 years prior to my struggle with ringworm. I remember getting a “herald patch” before breaking out in a neck-to-toe rash for about 4 months. It eventually just cleared up without treatment, and I had no other symptoms other than the rash itself. I’ve also had issues with eczema (on my hands & hips) and acne (on my forehead & back). I wonder if there’s any correlation…

    I really just want this thing to go away already. My struggle with ringworm is now approaching 6 months. It has single-handedly destroyed my sex life. I also have no one to talk to about this because it’s so embarassing and I feel like I’m such an unusual case, especially for a 23 year old guy. Most people think of ringworm as a tiny annoyance that lasts for a few days and clears up immediately after treatment. That’s how I used to think before this fiasco. Communicating on this page makes me feel a lot better though.

    My tips so far:

    * Treat it early. My ringworm started out as a dime-sized patch on my left hip, and it stayed that way for months. I knew it wasn’t right but it wasn’t spreading so I just ignored it. MISTAKE. In retrospect, I could have easily taken care of it then. It wasn’t until another patch formed closer to my pubic area that I sought out treatment.

    * Keep dry. Shower immediately after exercising. Don’t give the fungus hours and hours to brew in a warm sweaty spot. You might as well feed it Miracle Gro. When you go to sleep at night, try to fall asleep a little cold. If you’re warm when you’re drifting off, chances are you’ll be moist if not sweaty when you wake up. Normally this is fine, but with ringworm it’s not a good idea.

    * Apply medication after showering or cleaning the area. You don’t want the natural oils produced by your skin blocking the medication. If you can stand it, use a harsher soap like Dial or Ivory (rather than a moisturizing one like Dove) so that your skin is squeaky clean before you apply your cream / gel / powder.

    That’s all for now. I’ll update again in a week or so.

  238. I bleached the **** out of my patch of ringworm over the weekend, starting Friday and ending Sunday night. I swabbed it with cotton balls soaked in bleach to water in about a 1 part bleach to 2 part water solution.

    By Sunday night, the patch of ringworm was red and raw from the bleach.

    The past couple of days, it has gotten better and better. The ringworm is becoming fainter and fainter, and the irritated skin from the bleach is clearing up quickly.

    Just to be safe, I’m applying lotrimin 3 times a day for a week after the symptoms disappear, showering immediately after the gym, and changing my underwear twice a day. (Its right at my waistline.)

  239. In response to Wyatt:

    Yes, I still have scars from the Loprox. They haven’t faded yet, but it may have to do with my pigmentation (I’m Asian/Pacific Islander). I remember how much it burned and made my skin crack, and it was not fun.

    Overall, I just have not fun skin. I have dermatographia (my skin welts when I scratch it), I get rashes easily (I had one on my right eyelid recently), and basically, my skin sucks. Sigh…

  240. Not a tip but rather a question??? I have read where ringworm of the scalp usually affects only children? Is this true or are there adults that are healthy that have got ringworm of the scalp? I do get very tight skin fade haircuts at the barbershop and I believe that is where I may have gotten this from. Please help with anything!!!

  241. alright i just left the dermatologist after having this **** for at least 2 months. i have tried selson blue and every topical cream out there, i bought equate anit itch and that helped a lot but didnt kill it, my significant other got it and it went away after hard scrubbin and applying selson blue, thats not the case with me. i have learned its all about how you and your body reacts to it. i got some cream from the doc and i will update, later.

  242. okay.. me and my cat are very close and she sleeps next to me all night, every night. i began to notice her having horrible pimple-type bumps that seemed to irritate her very badly on the back of her head. i thought that it was from fighting with my sister’s cat. but i had also noticed for a while now that i had a strange, little area near my knee.. i thought it was maybe just a bad case of in-grown hair.. but… after some research.. and initial “omg whut if it’s” i began to realize that, well my intuitive paranoia was right.
    turns out i’m almost positive that my baby has ringworm (all her symptoms match) and i can only guess that i most likley have it too. but thankfully(if i really have it) i only have one little patch near my knee.. i tried the bleach just a little bit ago. but to be honest… the whole area is RED..and it burned! I’m curious as to where my cat got it from cause she NEVER goes outside and only comes in contact with indoor cats. i hope the bleach thing works on me it does look more pink than before.. but i need to get a good product for my cat since i’m not comfortable putting bleach on her unless i’m 100% positive.
    i feel so nasty about all this. but if the bleach works then i will dilute it for her.

  243. ok so ive been fightin this ringworm **** for a gooooooood minute. i may be at 2 months. you guys should try the powder for Athlete s foot. i forgot what its called but at cvs its in the athletes foot section. and it says “anti-fungus powder” and thats what ringworm is..a fungus.

    to cherie- you should try the powder on your cat, it seems armless and i ve seen results.

  244. Hello again. Just an update from my scenario:

    A few days after my last post, I called the dermatologist and told the nurse that the Loprox seemed to be making things worse, but she urged me to continue using it if I could and had the doctor order me a prescription moisturizer to counter-act the negative effects of the Loprox. I tried that combination for about a week but it didn’t help. At that point I decided to discontinue the Loprox because my skin was getting really ugly and the cracks and flakes were starting to turn into wounds.

    I called the derm office yet again and the doctor then prescribed a new cream called Ertaczo. After some research on wikipedia and google, I discovered that Ertaczo is in the same family of drug as Econazole except it was marginally more effective in clinical trials.

    I’ve been using the Ertaczo for a little over a week now, and it’s nothing special really. Some days it looks marginally better. Some days I see some new marks. The angry red irritation that was once present from the Loprox is fading, but I think it’s scarred? It’s actually very difficult to make sense of the entire area now. I can’t tell what’s a scar, what’s ringworm, what’s dry skin. I have an actual appointment with the guy in a week and a half.

    It’s such a crock of bs. When I visited the dermatologist, I was using Econazole and I had two relatively small, albeit stubborn, patches of ringworm, no larger than a square inch each. Now I have a 4 or 5 square inch area of scar/ringworm, and although one of the original patches seems to have faded mostly, the other patch seems to be spreading slowly. I hope the doc tells me all these new brownish red bumps are temporary scars and not ringworm, but I have a feeling it’s a mix of scar and ringworm.


    Tip: Don’t use Loprox if you have dry or sensitive skin.

  245. So ive been using an otc cream for 3 weeks and the ringworm has turn brown? and the other one is dissapearing. I also have been using tea tree oil. now.. is it gone? or what? is the brown spot just a scar? the tea tree oil worked the best for me but I need this gone for my sister’s wedding.! and Now im thinking i have whats called Pityriasis rosea on my face. HELP!! Ive tryed bleach it didn’t help now im doing just the calamine lotion and tea tree oil I don’t like this.. growing up i was told this was a dirty persons diease… Please someone help!

  246. Re: worrried about the wedding,

    In my experience, the brown marks do fade but verrry slowly over time. If you think it’s gone and you’re sure there isn’t any active fungus underneath the skin, maybe try laying off the bleach and the tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is very harsh and actually may be the cause of the brown scars. Before I used Loprox (which was very harsh on my skin) the only brown marks I had were very faint, but now I have very pronounced ones where I once applied Loprox. Then again, my skin is more on the sensitive side, so you may have a totally different experience. I’ve also had Pityriasis rosea in the past, but I think I remember reading that it typically doesn’t affect the face, but who knows. If you still have marks on the wedding day, maybe you can cover it up with some makeup?

    Ringworm is also not a “dirty person’s disease” — everyone has fungus on their body at all times. The tinea strands just overgrow on some people and not on others. Trust me, I know how AWFUL it feels. I’ve had my case for over a half year and it’s STILL a losing battle. The good news is that no one dies from ringworm, and that other than an unpleasant appearance and perhaps an itch, it really doesn’t affect us.

    Good luck! It’ll clear up for you soon!

  247. I had ringworm on my foot,..used hydrogen peroxide to clean it daily and put bacitracin or neosporin on a band and kept it covered, it’s taken sometime, but it is getting better,

  248. if i put bleach on the ringworm in my head will the hair grow back and will the ringworm go away pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssseeeeeeeeeeee


  249. i have a ringworm on my right thigh and it does not itch continously but ocassionaly. i have been using zole f which is a topical application suggested to me by a doctor in india but it does not seem to be doing the trick…i am reading about this bleach thearpy ..what is it and what sort of bleach do i need to buy from the market…suggest me some indian name so that i can easily buy it and get free from the worm…plllllllllls help

  250. HEY i have a ring worm but it doesnt itch and im still putting cream on it is that healthy? please say something if you know.

  251. My child has developed 8 roundish, purplish spots on feet and legs; chiro and nurse think it’s ringworms (we have cats outdoors); child has had these spots for 8 months during which time it spread from 1 spot to 8 spots; I’ve used ringworm cream once daily for 2 weeks then after it began to disappear i stopped but the spots returned; i put bleach on each spot for two days but the spots remain and seem to be getting larger; what else can i try? maybe it’s not ringworms? My other 3 children play with their sibling but no one else has contracted this.

  252. I’ve been using lotrimin for months and I keep getting more and the ones I’ve been putting lotrimin on don’t go away, they stay a light pink circle. How do you get rid of the little pink circles?

  253. My wife had ringworm and her father told her that used motor oil would kill it.He went out to his car,pulled out the dip stick,got some on his fingers and put it on her ringworm.A few days later it was gone.
    I also seen new hair growth coming back on a dog that had bold spots from the mange,due to putting on used motor oil.
    They say it has to be used motor oil,not new.
    Does it work? I can only say what I seen happen.You will have to judge for yourself. Good luck.

  254. hey, you might think i’m retarded but i am a wrestler and one of the rules of wrestling is not having any disease or whatnot before a match, the refs will check all throughout your body. instead of using lamisil or something like that which takes a week, use bleach to kill it in a day or two. seriosly, it helps. 🙂

  255. Ive gotten it back it went away for the wedding thank god. but then the one on my elbow came back now I went to the doctor and he gave me some cream for it but then it came back.. anyone have any ideas? i hate having this Calomine lotion? and back to the otc stuff? and should i put a bandaid over it? Please help!

  256. ive had a ringworm for about 2 or 3 days..i found that the fastest way it starts healing is bleach,the safest (for kids or people who dont like pain) is anti fungal cream.

    motor oil does work on not putting it on a ringworm..seeing it can open.

  257. I’ve been dealing with Ringworm for about 4 months now. My dad originally caught it from a health club as atletes foot then he spread it to Jock itch from putting on his underwear before his socks (Tip..if you have athletes foot or jock itch, always put your socks on is extremely contagoius and you will spread it). He didn’t realize what he had and I eventually caught it on the back of my right thigh from the toilet seat. Since it is contagious before you even see it, I spread it to the front of my right thigh and top of my right foot before I knew what was happening. The first day I just had 3 spots I noticed and then the next day the back of my right thigh was covered in them and 3 spots on the front of it.

    I went to the doctor and he prescirbed me Lotrisone (Clortimizole and Bethasone). All signs were gone in just 4 days. I continuted using it for another 3 weeks. (Another tip..don’t just apply it to the infected areas. I covered the entire back of my thigh and the entire front of it too with the cream. I would then spray the rest of my leg with antifungal Tinactin spray from walmart. When I just put it on the infected areas, it already spread close by but it has a 3-10 day period where you don’t even see it so you think it’s coming back. Just apply it in a huge area all around the infected sights).

    I stopped treatment on my leg and foot end of September. I messed up and did not wast a few of my button down shirts that I tuck in. I ended up re-infecting the front of my leg (Tip….I think a lot of problem people are having is not cleaning properly. Wash everything everytime you wear it. Only use towels once then wash in hot water with bleach. Change sheets and blankets every day.)

    Now the problem. For some reason after I reinfected the front of my right thigh from my shirts, it’s very difficult to get rid of. I did another month of Lotrisome…stopped treatment…came right back in the exact same spot. I went to the doctor again and he perscribed 1 week of Diflucan oral pills and more Lotrisome. This really irritated the front of my leg in a red rash (a listed side effect). I finished the Diflucan, did another 2 weeks of Lotrisome, then he gave me 1 more week of Diflucan. This brings me to now…5 days after my last Diflucan tablet, it came right back in the exact same spot and since I stopped using my creams for this final week of Diflucan, it spread to and area a few inches away. Not sure why this area is being so difficult when the rest of it was easy to get rid of. I’m going to try Lamisil AT now with sprays and talc powder. I’ll post my results in a few weeks.

    Info….Clortimizole, Tinactin, Diflucan, Lotrimin are all Fungistats meaing they just stop the fungus from reproducing. I’ve read a lot of articles that they just make it look better while you’re on it and it comes right back (if it just kills it from reproducting, what kills the fungus that’s already there?) Lamisil is a Fungicide meaning it kills fungus. A lot of wrestling sites recommend only Lamisil. I might try the bleack thing too….getting pretty desperate here.

  258. ok, my best friend got a freaking ringworm from her little crazy cat bella. everyone that has went to her house contarcted this “epidemic”. (thats what we called it.) but anyway pretty much everone around her was getting it. i had only seen her a couple of times and doubted that i could get it. guess what on new years eve, (yesterday we were talking about it and i had to ask “why dont i have it” just being curious sonce everyone else did. then i spend the whole day shopping at the mall came home did my cousins makeup and we went on our way to the party. i get home exhausted as ****, didnt want to shower either and there is was, the monstar was on my back, about the size of a dime. i was so angry, i called my friend and told her. i noticed i was very paranoid thinking every little mark was a worm. but i told her i was gonna put bleach beacuse thats the remedy my mom told me about. she said no!!!!so i was forced to shower and i washed it with some antibacterial soap and dried it with alcohol. when i woke up from what wasnt a dream, there was the little disease. i went online and found this interesting website. finally i used bleach, clorox brand just before typing this, let me go check it now…well it doesnt burn like **** like many say, you get a little stinging sensation when you put a certain amount. i personally like the burning tingle it gives, it almost securees me that its working. just a second i looked in the mirror and it is drying out. the redness has greatly reduced and now i guesss i just have to wait. and to my bvest friend….i live you but imma kill bella!!!!

  259. i have a big patch of it on my chin and little ones on my neck…it is embarassing cuz i don’t want people thinking im dirty…i tried the bleach and its been burning for a long time now but who cares…there is a fade cream out there for dark spots called esoterica that works really good …i got mine at cvs

  260. Update from my earlier post….. I was a little skeptical about using bleach but I figured what have i got to lose and since it’s on my upper leg, who’s going to see a scar. After applying it once and less than 24 hours later, it was completely dried out. It went from being an active ring to a few red bumps that were scabs. 3 days later now and they are almost healed. I also applied Lamisil AT creme over them after showering and bleaching. No scars or burns. I just used Clorox Bleach from wal-mart.

    I see a lot of people asking if they can use it on thier scalp. Scalp ringworm is a different type. (there are over 119 different kinds of fungus that cause ringworm). When you get it on your scalp it gets into your hair shaft and that is why creams and shampoos alone will not kill it, it can’t penetrate your hair. The only way to cure it then is to use oral antifungals that your doctor prescribes. It sucks but that’s what you have to do, don’t waste your time with other stuff.

    Remeber there are no miracle cures. Most OTC creams take a few days to build up in the area to start to kill the fungus. You may even notice you’re applying it and some new spots will still be coming in. This is normal because when an area becomes infected, it wont show up for 3-14 days. So it’s already there but you just can’t see it yet. That is why I say don’t do what the directions say and just apply around the ringworm you see. If you have it on your upper thigh, cover you’re entire upper thigh. If it’s on your stomach, cover a huge area around it. be careful taking off clothes that cover it to avoid spreading it ( I see a lot of people freaking out because it spread a few inches away). Most likely from your clothes dragging on it when you put them on or take them off. The spores are VERY contagious and spread easily. Only use towels once and change sheets and clothes every day. Wash everything in hot water. I also use bleach alternative in all my laundry to kill it. Disinfect everything that you have touched especially after scratching. It can live on surfaces up to 18 months.

    Good luck…with some hard work, you can beat this nasty little fungus.

  261. hi,gosh i just wanted to ad this i mean i feel tramatized never having diseases on my skin!or at all i got wingworm somehow and im freaked at the intensity of it on my back nec,stomach and face ive been lucky i say based on some of my readings here on past post anyway went to the doc asa p got the famous ketoconale cream that i was mixing with tree tea oil treatment anti fungal athlete foot cream,lotrimen..anything to help get it off im going to try hot water,salt,goldenseal powder in my bath with apple far the cream and oil took it down some but i have spots and itching and burning now when i apply stuff maybe because i scratched the **** out of it im so sory for everyone dealing with this **** at 40 im gagging i got this **** out of control and it really makes me think it goes back to the immune system needing upgrades…however im scary to try bleach right now[smile]…but i am gonna dip a qtip in monistat[smile]as well the more the better!cure is the answer!the faster the better!i had this at least 1 week i will come back and let u know if and when it takes to heal!stay strong!im emotionally challenged so i didnt need this **** so all that r like me keep trying to cure urself!also i think a s****ping is good!go to the dermatologist for skin issues my doc didnt s****e just looked and gave cream which at the time did i really care because i just wanted answers and a cure but it goes deeper and runs faster dont freak around self medicate and make the dermatologist appt and theres no guessing good luck no one should suffer so long i luv u all good luck preserverance!

  262. To all those considering bleach: Obviously this method has worked for many people, but also consider that it might scar or even make the ringworm worse. How would it make the ringworm worse you ask? Healthy skin is what protects you from ringworm in the first place. If you damage the skin (with bleach for example) your body has no defense against fungal invasion. Applying bleach will probably kill the fungal hyphae, but the fungal spores are like tree acorns — very sturdy and hard to penetrate, even if you’re applying bleach. That said, if you’re still interested in using bleach, remember to DILUTE IT with a lot of water.

    @Jason: Trust me, man. I feel your pain. I’ve been actively fighting ringworm for about 5 months, but I think I’ve had the problem for more like 8 months. I refuse to take oral antifungals because I’m afraid of the side effects, and also because I’ve heard so many accounts of the pills not even working. The most effective treatment in my experience has been Nystatin cream. (Every ringworm sufferer seems to find a cream that works, whether it be quickly or slowly, for him or her.) I’ve been applying Nystatin twice a day for about month and a half, and my problem area (left hip) has been clear (just brown discolorations) for about a month. The bad news is that today I woke up with a new instance of ringworm (I think) on my other hip. I am now convinced the reason why I get ringworm so easily is because I have dry and sensitive skin. It can’t be a coincidence that the areas I’ve had ringworm in are the same areas where my skin is dry and itchy. My current plan is to keep using Nystatin until a dermatologist tells me I’m being silly.

    My advice is this: Try not to get too upset about it. Just apply the cream or whatever medicine you’re using, be careful with clothes and towels, and know that you are doing what you can to get rid of it. It can be extremely frustrating and depressing, but just remember that no one dies from ringworm. The odds are you’ll eventually beat it.

    You aren’t alone! Good luck.

    @ronald: Ringworm doesn’t itch all the time. Continue using your antifungal cream until it disappears, and then use it for 2+ weeks more.

    @whoknowswhat?: If the patches are circular with clear skin in the middle, it is probably fungal (aka tinea aka ringworm). On the other hand, if the patches are filled, it could be many things: eczema, pityriasis rosea, tinea veriscolor maybe?

    @Michelle: In my experience, any pink or redness indicates that the fungus is still active, especially if the red areas are raised or scaled. Smooth brownish marks are scars which fade slowly over time. Maybe try using another fungal cream if Lotrimin isn’t working for you. The key to getting rid of stubborn ringworm is to be equally stubborn in treating it. Use the creams for months if you have to. *Don’t* discontinue medicating it as soon as it looks better. Keep using it until it’s invisible and then use it for even longer.

    @nessa: Don’t use hydrocortisone cream. It has steroids in it which will actually let the ringworm grow.

  263. okay people i am going back to tea tree oil who cares if it leaves a scar!!does the tea tree oil from cvs work? cause i got mine at a health store before but ill see. update later

  264. hi, i’ve had ringworm for about a week now. for the first couple days i was heavily using cortisone, but got no results ( which i now know was because coritisone is supposed to make it worse). So my mom tried using this homeopathic ointment called Apis Mel. it has now been 3 days and my ringowrms are starting to dry up and scab over. i’m hoping the scabbing is a good thing?

  265. and by scabbing i mean little tiny scabs at the tips of the disgusting pimple-like bumps. ugh. and they’re no loner filled with water or w.e…

  266. also by the way, apis mel (the homeopathic medecine) is made of 50% lanolin, which is supposedly really good for getting rid of ringworms.

  267. I had to take my son to the Dermo to get rid of his. It would go away for a while with the bleach and the creams, but then come back. He was put on medicine (pills) and it finally went away. The creams are no longer strong enough to get rid of it, most of them have mutated and are no longer controllable by bleach. He has a small patch today, a year later, and this time, we are going to the dermo. right away. Our regular Dr. prescribed pills also last year, but when we went to the Dermo, he also said that those pills were no longer effective either.

  268. I had it and the doc prescribed Diflukan. Also peppermint soap. Dr. Bronners Peppermint soap to be exact. I dont know if it was the pill or the soap but it went away fast and I had it bad. Gross. I actually think its the peppermint soap . Peppermint kills fungus naturally. You should be able to find the soap at a natural health store of some kind.

    or copy and paste this, you can buy the soap online. Dont dilute. Its works like a miracle. PLEASE TRUST ME!
    This soap is wonderful!!

  269. Okay, this is good stuff. My ringworm (on the face) is gone !! Thanks to Ketoconazole (antifungal,Rx only). I had the ringworm (inflammatory ringworm) for close to three months. THANK GOD IT ‘S GONE!!!!! I have a video on youtube call: Ringworm on my right cheek. Check it out. It’s pretty gross,for the hardcore only!

  270. Ok so sometime last month I noticed a dry patch by my armpit and my friend had the audacity to say it was from the cold weather not to worry so my being a dumb @#$ just chalked it up to that then all of a sudden a week or two later I got one on my upper thigh/crotch area, then my other upper thigh, now my arms and stomach. Of course I’m totally freakin out, so tomorrow morning I have a dermatolgist appt. but this weekend I’ve taken matters into my own hands and Friday went and bought the Lamisil AT so since Friday I’ve been using that and I’m also sleeping in pajama pants and a long sleeved shirt to avoid it getting on my sheets and today I finally did a bleach “rinse off” (basically I got a hugh basin and filled it with water and added two cap fulls of bleach) then used a wash cloth and rubbed myself down in the solution rinsed off with the shower and applied a Q tip soaked in bleach to the actual areas. So as the week progresses I will let you guys know whats happening. Oh and yeah, I’ve got out a bought some disposable gloves so I use them in the shower and out of the shower to lotion myself (I think this is a great tip) so you avoid getting it on your hands.

  271. I have had ringworm for what seems like forever now… i got rid of it and it comes back … im thinking tea tree oil again it did the job on my other patch maybe keeping it uncovered ? cause ive been wearing long sleeves? HELP!! PLEASE!?!?!

  272. ok. ive JUST tryed the bleach and water. its been on for about 15 min.
    so idk… it still burns abit.. but its healin just a bit…so is this a problem?

  273. ok IM a wrestler too and i will tell u… bleach will work.. but to make it work faster…take sandpaper or something of the same feel and rub it against the ringworm exposing it.. when its exposed THEN put bleach on it. it will sting pretty bad but its worth it… i have it right now and put on bleach and have a tournament in 2 hours… i hope it works!

  274. Please try the Peppermint soap. For those of you that have recurring ringworm, use this soap all year round . It keeps it gone and clears up your skin.

  275. Ok folks, listen very closely. I had what I thought was ringworm but turns out its some skin disease called Pityriasis Rosea. So word of caution, please see a doctor or someone who really knows what it is BEFORE going crazy with the bleach and other home remedies. Its extremely easy to misdiagnose and think its ringworm. It looks like ringworm but acts like chicken pox but its not contageous. I should have known it wasn’t ringworm because it spread so fast and was everywhere and didn’t itch at all. It starts out with 1 huge patch then within a week or two a bunch of tiny ones start popping up everywhere (back, arms, stomach, thighs, upper thighs, etc) so you may think its a ringworm infection but it isn’t at all. And what TOTALLY sucks, nobody knows how you get it (doctors or dermatologist) and there is no cure, you just have to wait it out and it takes anywhere from 1-3 months to clear up. So just make sure it is ringworm because if it is then yes, the bleach does work but will scar and if it is pityriasis rosea you have to just wait it out but I’ve discovered that rubbing down morning and evening with olive oil, shea butter, and vitamin E seems to help tremendously to get the spots to heal and leaves you very moisterized all day.

  276. when i had ringworm i went right to the doctors and asked them what i should do about it and they gave me a treatment to cure it. so that is what you should do when you get it.

  277. i’ve been using the bleach for about 3 days or so and nothing’s happening. I HATE RINGWORM!!! ugh and the bleach did leave scarring and i’m telling you guys to find an alternative to bleach, what if it doesn’t work on your ringworm like what happened to me and leaves scars the size of quarters on your back? it’s so itchy and i really want to get rid of it because i hate it, it’s embarrassing and it itches so bad i have no choice but to scratch it and i’m so sad 🙁

  278. Ringworm is caused by the Strep/Staph strain. It is airborn as well. In 2006 my oldest son had strep throat & two weeks later my seven year old daughter started losing small patches of hair all over her head. Before I could get three Doctors (one Dermatologist) to end all their unproductive appointments, the ringworm had spread from the top of her head to her little toes. She developed Alopecia from it. No Doctors would do a skin scraping or a Woodman’s Lamp test to check for ringworm. I was one worried Mom.:( Tea Tree Oil helped a bit, no cure though. White vinegar/Apple Cider Vinegar didn’t work. By the time I had found home remedies, I had begun rubbing alcohol/Lamasal treatments from head to toe. One thing I do know is if it is on the head, do a Tea Tree Oil treatment immediately. It does deter new spots & allows hair to start growing back but it isn’t a full cure. Just two days ago, my daughter came back to me telling me she has three new spots again.*sigh* She had been cured for eight months. Yesterday, my son started running a fever after having a sore throat. His Strep throat is back too. They are both caused by the same strep bacteria. I give my daughter one clove of garlic, chopped, & a glass of water twice daily for an oral treatment & decided that I would try bleach this time instead of the Lamasal. Her itch is gone but most importantly her sores are almost gone. Great! It took us four months of using Lamasal twice daily to cure it the last time. This is truly great.:)

    She only has five inches of hair growth back from last year. Her head that wasn’t affected is very long. Please try the bleach. If it doesn’t work, use Lamasal & an antifungal antibiotic. Ampicillin is good as an oral antibiotic for ringworm.

    Good luck everyone.

  279. It should have read that her hair is very long now except for where the ringworm sores were.

    Ringworm is a serious condition. If you are not running a low fever with this then your body is not fighting the ringworm off. My daughter only begun running a fever last year, after using Lamasal & oral garlic treatments.

  280. I have been fighting this fungus in my home for 5mths now and I feel everybody’s frustration. I caught it off my dogs.
    At first I used the Lamsil cream for 2mths but that didn’t do any good at all. And It started spreading. I then went to my doctors who put me on a course of oral lamsil for a month and that was no good either…I returned to my doctors and she put me on another months course of Lamisil, she also prescribed for me the Selsun shampoo to use as a body/hair wash and also the Daktrin gold cream… The fungus is now slowely beginning to go. The reason most people’s fungul infections will not clear up with Over the counter creams is because if you have more then a couple of patches of ringworm, chances are you have a systemic infection that will not clear up unles you take the oral medication!!! Another reason is that even if there is no itching you may have the fungus on your hair. I did and my son did and it was only when we used the shampoo we realised this(our hair felt differnet)
    To prevent the ringworm spreading I coat my patches with clear nail varnish in between treatments, this prevents you also from SPREADING IT TO OTHERS.. a great anti-fungle cleaning product for the home is the pet disifectant Virkon.. It’s expensive but an excellent product… you can spray it everywhere in the home and into the air to kill the airbourne fungus spores… It’s been a long process but I am winning the battle… Most ringworm infections are caused by the Microsporum canis strain which is commonly carried by cats and is a much more virulant strain.. Only the human strain can be caught on the soles of your feet and palms (Athletes Foot) I also recommend you watch your diet..Fungus loves SUGAR so if you have a diet containing a lot of sugar then cut back.

  281. Hi guys, nice to hear of similar stories such as mine.

    Had this for about 4 months now, creams didn’t work, doctor finally put me on a course of oral drugs. Still no improvement after two weeks, so I started looking at other methods.

    I’ve got so many patches I’m sort of a walking experiment; with each patch trying a different cure.

    To someone who has survived this ****, what does it look like when healing? mine has sort of started to go more scaly than usual but its still quite red. Is this good/bad?

    I’ve not gone for the bleach yet, waiting till this course of oral treatment has finished, then I’m going to go for it. It’s making me so depressed.

    Thank you,

  282. Wow! After reading all these posts, I feel somewhat relieved that I’m not the only one walking around with a strange rash, but worried that it may be something worse than I thought. I used one of those symptom finders on the web, and it came up as ringworm, but it doesn’t itch at all, never did, and is very unexplainable. I’m pretty sure mine is pityriasis rosea, but it looks just like ringworm. Others have mentioned it, and it seems to be closer to what I’m experiencing. I have 2 cats, so ringworm seemed reasonable, but they show no signs of having it at all. For temporary relief, I use neosporin or bacitracin ointment. It keeps it from cracking and doesn’t burn like the sprays or peroxide. I never thought I’d ever be writing on a ringworm blog. CRAZY!!! Thanks for the help everyone!

  283. RASHGIRL sometimes ringworm does not ITCH I have numerous patched it varying stages of healing and some of them itched most of them didn’t!!! This is because the fungus has adapted itself not to cause your immune system to attack it. As for your cats. Many cats can carry the ringworm fungus with no symptoms at all, as they are immune from the diesease. The chances are if you have you got it from your cats and they will need treating to prevent them re-infecting others and yourself. Your vet will either look at your cats under a wood’s lamp which shows the fungal infection on the hair and skin…however not all strains of fungus will show up under this light so if this test is inconclusive then hair and skin scrapings will be sent away for culture growths to find out if they are carriers. Cray cat the first signs of healing are when the rash starts to go down ..then the redness and the itch slowely begins to go away.. You need to wait until all symptoms of rinfworm has gone and then treat for another 2 wks after this to ensure the fungus is not lying dormant waiting to start up again in the deeper layers of your skin… It’ funny because some of patches have gone with no trouble at all but the ones on my arms are resisting everything… I have tried the bleech treatment and this does make a big difference it has helped to reduce my areas of infection but not cure it as I have not contiued with the treatment as it burned my skin 🙁 if you only have very small patches then wash the skin apply a very light layer of bleach leave to dry and coat with couple of layers of nail varnish.. Leave the nail varnish in place for a couple of days and coat again if it cracks so the area remains sealed and I guarentee you will see results!

  284. Just wanted to add …Today I have received the FUNGRX oil… This is suppoed to be the miracle cure for ringworm!!! I will keep you updated on the effectivness of this oil 😉

  285. I just got ringworm last wednesday which was the 6th of Feb and i noticed it starting to show up so I bought this dropper bottle that has a water/bleach mix in it and today is Sunday and its is virtually gone! Thanks God! I see so many people have issues getting rid of them or making them disappear which makes me wonder if there is a stronger string than another or if this stuff really worked magic?

  286. I guess I’m not very susceptible to the fungus (whew!) I’ve had spots slowly developing on the inside of my right arm for a VERY long time which never itched or turned red.

    Then I recently noticed something vaguely like a ring on my other arm. It wasn’t a complete circle which made me question whether it was ringworm or not. It got itchy, so yeah, must be The Ring.

    Anyway, I bleached the ring once. It went to work right away. It’s come back slightly, and I bleached it again AND the other spots AND I’ve used apple cider vinegar AND now I’m going to use an ointment I’ve had for forever.

    The difference is immediate. The half-dead ring is less visible than it’s ever been and the two other spots are still red from the bleach.

    Yeah, I know bleach may scar… but my skin isn’t a piece of art anyway, so it won’t make any difference. Heh, heh.

  287. I don’t have a tip, but I have a bad case of ringworm and I am pregnant and have no idea what to use, I had this last year also and used oral meds and it went away in about 3weeks, but I don’t think I could use that now, due to the fact that I am pregnant..AnY Suggestions???????

  288. Ohh and I also tired tee tree oil because I heared it was safe to use, but I am not even sure if that is working! This is very stressful!

  289. OMGOSH thanks to everyone who said bleach… I was a little skeptical at first but I really wanted these things gone (had 4)! I used the everyday household cleaner in a spray bottle (the one to clean the bathroom or kitchen with bleach in it). I sprayed it on a cute tip and rubbed over the ringworms.. It did not burn me at all or neither did it leave a colored scar or fade mark.. my skin is clear in every spot they were… THEY ARE GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH…WHY DID I NOT THINK OF THIS BEFORE?

  290. ok i wrestle and it sucks to sit out from matches. so you have the choice you can take up to 4 weeks by using foot cream or, this may sound crazy but you can burn it off(by lighting a spoon or butter knife hold the flame under it so that the flame is contacting the spoon for five secs. apply for like 1.5 seconds and u burn it away.
    Or you can use the less painfull way and use sandpapper apply it to the worm with pressure and wipe it away do 10 to 20. 30 if necsesary just to uyou start to bleed but scrtch it all off or it will come back.

  291. Apply Selsun suspension shampoo, neat to the infected area and leave on the skin… This will kill the ringworm immediately wihout burning the skin like bleach does. Apply daily until all symptoms have gone.

  292. Well after about having ringworm for the last 6 months, i think its finally healing. Creams didn’t work, after a month on oral medication its finally going.
    If you have a really bad case that won’t go away, please go and see your doctor its the only way.
    I have been applying tea tree oil to some areas as well and that as seems to speed up the healing.

    Good Luck

  293. I have recently have had an annoying rash of ringworms…sucks really bad! Anyway I tried the whole Bleach thing to see if it actually worked and sure enough it started to. Yes, it does sting a little but it’s not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. I would really suggest this to anyone who’s ringworms are really ******* them off!

  294. I am SOOOOOOOOOOO glad I found this site! Have a ringworm on the top of my foot. Have tried every single cream that the doctor suggested. I have applied one 50/50 bleach water, and will apply more. Thankyou to all of you. xxxoooxxx

  295. My son had a huge breakout over the Christmas break. Went to the doctor. She prescribed clotrimazole and betamethasone dipropionate cream. It worked great on the ringworms on his scalp, but on the rest of his body it didnt do anything. I am trying the bleach method as we speak so hopefully it will work! Put the bleach on about 5 minutes ago, and already some of the redness has gone away!

  296. And 7 percent iodine works too. But it does stain your skin for a few days. So if you have a ringworm in a place that is hidden by clothing, try 7 percent iodine. Works instantly. You get 7 percent iodine at the vet store.

  297. i am a child who come to school 1day sat next to a friend then caught ring worm now i dnt no what to with myself because i dnt have a cure please help desperate child in need p.s i have passed it on to peta aswell

  298. If you have passed it on to your pet YOU MUST get your pet treated. You can buy Imaverol which is a dip you wash your pet in and leave on the animal..You will also need to get some griseofulvin tablets for your pet. You will need to go to your doctor for treatment. Also you may want to alert your school, to prevent a possible outbreak of the condition.
    Ringworm is extremly infectious and very virulent!!
    Spores can survive without a host for up to 2 years in the environment.

  299. trosyd anti fungal cream maybe efective… my balls ang affected by ringworm its big.. **** it!!.. i did’nt know what it was until i ask somebody.. what coulde be the best way 2 kill ng fungi?.. i tried bleach an hour ago and it burns like ****… hoooh!..hehe.. any tips?..

  300. how long will i apply the bleach?.. pls help me.. and it burns like HeLLL!!!.. pls answer me.. i’m desperate..

  301. Hi there, i have severe case of ringworm, i found a kitten that had been dumped about 4 weeks ago and starting getting ringworm 10 days ago, i have about 25 ringworm sores on me, i had to take a week off work as i am a dental nurse and just cant have this at work if contagious, im on everything under the sun, creams, antifungal pills, tried the bleach thing, washing myself with antifungal shampoo (selsun blue) and vinger, this is doing my head in, its all up my arms and breasts and on my face, it looks absolutely terrible! i sympathise with everyone on here,its been nightmare, the ones on my arms are pretty shocking and on neck and chest,this is like Outbreak!!!!! if i come across anything that will get rid of this nasty infection i will make sure i post it on here ASAP cheers ange (from New Zealand)

  302. Well my 5 year old daughter has ringworm so I just tried the clear nail polish thing and it’s 7:40 pm I will let you know what goes on with that if all fails then I will try the blech thanks alot guys this site is the best!!!!!


  303. My ringworm is now nearing the end so I thought I’d share my experiences. I finally figured out I had ringworm after the blemish on my cheek grew to just over quarter-size. I immediately went out and bought Lamisil, Tanactin and rubbing alcohol. I started using all of these with fierce determination but they just stopped the spread, they didn’t do much to reduce the rash. I even tried the 6:1 bleach mix, no help. In the end, from tips above, I ran down to GNC and bought Tea Tree Oil. Wow. That stuff is good. It smells bad, really bad. In fact, with a cheek sore, I got nauseous from the fumes but I’ve never been happier to have nausea. After just 24 hours of use, my blemish is still the same size, but the redness has reduced by half. I anticipate that after another two days, it may be totally not visible. I’ve also been mega-dosing Garlic and Vinegar tablets. In the end, the normal anti-fungals may have ultimately worked, but they were taking way too long, Tea Tree Oil was the magic cure for me.

  304. I know this might sounds silly, but what bleach should i use?
    1) Domestos- to clean the toilet
    2) To die your clothes
    3) Hair/skin bleach

    Please please help b4 i use the wrong one…lol

  305. My daughter had ringworm on her face.We used the antifungal cream for about a month. It didnt work. I got on this site and tried the 50/50 bleach. It worked overnight. after all I fugure they go to the pubic pool and they use a form of bleach . So i would say yes it works. And she said it didnt burn. So hope it helps you guy . Oyeah she doesnt have any after rash either. best of luck

  306. I started out with 4 small ringworm rashes on my chest. I bought 2 different over the counter creams and used them twice a day as directed. No difference. Now I have a large one on my arm and more on my chest. It has been a month of creams with very little relief. I think all they are doing now is spreading. I just put on the bleach. I didnt measure it specific for the 50/50 but im sure its close. The new ones burned and are still burning after 4 min. Not bad enough I can’t handle it. TO me it feels like it killing it”ya” The area is a little red so hard to tell if it has done any good yet. But I have noticed the older ones no change at all so far the skin around it is not even red.

  307. I have a cat that got ringworm and it transferred to me. At first I thought it was an ant bite – we get ant swarms in the spring, but after a month and one spot became three and he was biting himself bloody, I tried the vet. He immediately stated it was a minor skin reaction to allergens after only looking at it and gave him a cortisone shot.

    Do not use cortisone or other like medications on ringworm, it helps it survive and migrate. The vet gave my cat a cortisone shot the first time for “mild skin irritation” and the bloody **** spread in the next ten days to have “me” in tears and the cat frantically biting.

    [Too bad the numb-nut didn’t realize that animals can also be allergic to the ringworm.] The 3k comes in from three more visits, biopsies, blood tests – including cultures, creams, and antibiotic ointments over the following five months. He even tried to sell me their highly expensive prescription diet cat food.

    How do I KNOW it was ringworm? Because “I” got it on my arm and it spread to 5 spots ranging in size from a dime to half dollar.

    I wasn’t comfortable bleaching my cat, so I got the shampoo/wash, sulfur cream and skin healing spray. [NEVER use tea tree oil on a cat – it’s poisonous to them.]

    I washed the cat x2 a week using a net laundry bag around him and four inches of soapy water in a plastic tub pouring the soapy water over with a large 32oz plastic cup like the super-size ones from fastfood. Once wet I rubbed it in and then poured again. I think you have to keep the soap on for ten or fifteen minutes. Directions at the site. Then transfer to the bathtub and used the shower sprayer to rinse (make sure to not get soap and water in eyes or ears). When dry I would put a elizabethan collar (plastic cone) on him and rub the cream into the spots. in between baths and cream I use the skin spray.

    Myself – the bleach/q-tip worked well. Took a feww applications as we both got rid of it, but it was smaller each time and itched less. petsbestrx was WAAAY cheaper than the bloody vet’s 3k charges.

    It also helps to vacum thoroughly, I read at a site that it removes at least 85% of the fungal spores; and wash everything in hot water, hot dryer for a while, chlorine bleach what you can. Don’t get lazy on the cleaning as you can get re-infected if anyone still has an outbreak.

    Oh yeah, wash the furniture whereever that body part or animal has rested with something to kill the spores. petsbestrx has a cleaner, but I just used the large bottle of spray for the few places I knew he was sleeping, and my office chair arm. Then cover these areas with washable items until the outbreak is over. I used velcro tape to fasten a hand towel around my chair’s arm. (wash the velcro too)

    If you catch it quick and treat correctly you can get it over with probably in six weeks to two months and not the year it took me to handle this.

    Good luck everyone! 🙂


  309. i’ve just finished reading all these many. many experiences with this fungus so i will add my own experience with my wife’s case. she got it from sitting on pool furniture at the public pool last summer. because of where it must have been on the seat,it attacked her anus..that’s right! it was not evident as any kind of infection just **** itching so we were treating it with hemmoroidal applications and getting nowhere. all the rest of the summer she was swimming everyday there in the pool, but when summer was over and the swimming stopped…then the redness began and i knew it was a fungal infection most likely tinea. she itched it one afternoon and that was it…it spread by the evening over her ******* and we have been fighting a losing battle ever since. actually sometimes it looked like we had won and it was in retreat, like when she came down with a terrible stomach flu for a few days…it went away completely, or so we thought. 10 days later it was back with a vengeance. we had started with lotrimin as soon as the redness appeared. this we used for two weeks with absolutely no effect. then we switched to lamisil (i had good luck with lamisil myself many years ago with athelete’s foot). this appeared to work but each time it would always comeback with a vengeance. we have no insurance whatsoever but we went to the doctor anyway. 150$ and a month later the **** the doctor prescirbed made it worse! “econazole” does NOT work! i read on the web that fungi have become totally resistant to it. all the doc could say was “you need a diabetes test”. bull**** i say. i told him it had the characteristic ring-like marks of tinea but he acted like i was talking to the wall or something. he mentioned some oral medication which would cost $500 and probably would make it go away but it would come back again. that’s absurd! we are through with the doctors and so after some research i discovered a botancial product which was said to be extremely effective against tinea. we shelled out the money we don’t really have for it and it did work…for about one week and then…same ol’ fungus. then i ordered a special product from australia which probably does work on most people as it does not use any of the standard ingredients, but it burned like fire on my wife’s poor bottom and we had to wash it all off quickly in the shower. my wife has always had sensitive skin and that is probably why certain people are more easily infected and why the fungus just hangs on. out of desparation, i just decided to throw all the products together from the pharmacy, into one mixing cup and apply it…..and this worked! it was all gone…or so we thought. this organism is directly from h*ll i can testify! sneaky critters! so now we have tried the bleach. this appeared to work spectacularly for the first two days but now the skin is so cherry red (but only where the fungus is. the other areas i applied it are okay)…but it does not appear to be spreading…and we have also been using a 50/50 mixture of lamisil and tinactin. bleach does indeed burn you..we started with a 50/50 mix with water and then a 70/30 mix but in our opinion it is worth the discomfort and redness if it works. the areas with fungus on her ******* welted up on the third day but the little blisters are breaking. this results in open sores which makes the bleach sting like mad! what we are going to do is stop the bleach for a day or two and see what the fungus is doing and then start again. once a day is plenty unless you have tough skin. I could handle full strength probably but most women and some men definitely cannot. if you have access to a well chlorinated swimming pool…go there every day and avoid hot tubs as very warm and hot water does indeed cause this s*** to grow! do that and use the mixture i described of otc products or combine your own. you must do this as the medical profession is clueless when it comes to tinea and fungus in general. and don’t let them play the diabetes card when you show them your fungus infection after their useless treatments don’t work! my wife has no other symptoms to indicate diabetes. we know people who have type 2 and persistent infections are not the first sign. people should get their money back from these clowns when they can’t treat your infection or mis-diagnose. i am retired from the service industry and i can tell you that if i couldn’t solve a customer’s problem or my fix didn’t work.. I DID NOT GET PAID!! I would have to refund the customers. this medical industrial complex we have in this country is such bs. i don’t to mean get up on a soapbox about this…i will post back here again when something changes with this infection and i have something definite to report. too many here just post once and there is no follow up.

  310. I have had a what i thought was a rash on my stomach for about 3-4 weeks now and finally decided to go to the clinic…the doc said it was Ringworm and prescriped me an rx of cream…i used it once and decided to look up what exactly it was….i have to say bleech is a godsend!…yea it does sting but if you do a 50/50 mix its not so bad….i was a bit concerned about scarring so i through on a bunch of vitamin E oil after…it’s clearing right up and there will be no scar…highly suggest bleech with vitamin E oil! thanx for the tips guys!

  311. I’ve had a bad case of scalp itch for probably 20 yrs. now, and I always thought it was just a heriditary dandruff problem until I finally shaved my head and saw what the skin looked like. There was a red, rashy spot on the back, at the base of my skull, about the size of a quarter. There were other smaller spots like it on the sides as well, and I had recently developed a couple of small spots in my beard, under my chin. For years and years, I never knew I had ringworm of the scalp and beard, because this typically makes the hair fall out, like mange on a cat or dog, and mine didn’t do this. Keeping my hair washed every single day is how I always kept it under control until I actually shaved my head and saw this.

    I tried a dermatologist first, and wasted over three hundred dollars on visits and prescription creams and shampoos that didn’t work. Then I tried tea tree oil, then Tinactin and Lotrimin athlete’s foot sprays. These all helped, but only for as long as I kept using them, meaning it provided relief, but did not cure it.

    I finally got aggravated enough to just go all out and do something I thought was drastic: I mixed a 50/50 mixture of Clorox bleach and water in a spray bottle and sprayed it on in the shower. I let it sit on me for fifteen minutes until my skin felt like it was on fire, and then I rinsed it off for about ten minutes. The rashy spots immediately turned brown, while the skin surrounding them turned red and inflamed, which made the edges of the fungus spots clearly visible so that I could see just how big they really were. The one on the back that I thought was only the size of a quarter was really about the size of a silver dollar.

    Unfortunately, the next phase of the healing process involves a lot of scabbing as the spots dry up and turn into sores with scabs that peel off after about a week. I just wore a cap to keep it covered as best I could, and I stayed home a lot. I’ve also used straight, undiluted bleach on it by holding a cluster of bleach-soaked cotton balls to the skin for five minutes, and I think this is actually better than the spray bottle idea. In addition to doing this, I’ve also been using Selsun Blue dandruff shampoo daily, because this particular shampoo has selenium sulfide in it, which kills fungus.

    My case was an advanced case I had been living with for a long, long time, so it has taken multiple bleach treatments to clear it up, but it’s definitely working better than anything else I’ve tried. After several weeks and a half dozen applications of bleach with cotton balls, my scalp looks %100 better except for some lingering discoloration where the main rash at the back of my skull was. It never bleached the color out of my hair at all, but it did dry the skin out so much that I had to keep it moisturized with Vitamin E oil in order to keep the skin from cracking. THIS NEVER ACTUALLY HAPPENED TO ME, BUT I CAN TELL YOU FROM HOW IT FEELS ON THE SKIN THAT YOU WOULD NEVER, NEVER, NEVER WANT TO GET EVEN THE SMALLEST AMOUNT OF BLEACH IN YOUR EYES. BE VERY CAREFUL IF YOU USE IT ON YOUR HEAD OR FACE.

  312. I have been through the creams and pills and it would just return in a few months. Haven’t tried the bleach. I was told to use selsun the one with the yellow top and blue bottle it is 2.5% and used for dandruff, seborrhea and tinea versicolor. It cleared up overnight. I also use it once a month as a preventative.

  313. ok so i was also a little Iffy with the whole bleach thing, so i tired it, nothing at 1st, no burning nothing, so i wiped it off, cleaned and dried it and did it again, there came the burning! Its not that bad, and im a wussy! but after the 1st dose dried i did it again, and this time it burnt like crazy, but i was at my wits end with this ringworm! i was ready to burn it off with a lighter! so its still sitting on there burning under a bandaid, its already started to change color sooo im guessing the bleach this works! Thanks a million!!!

  314. Ringworm Cure! You Need Clearnailpolish. Apply A Decent Amount To The Affected Area The Longer You Leave It On The Better. Peel Off. You Can See Its Working Because Bubbles Pop Up. This Is A Good Thing! Good Luck. Ringworm Is Very Fustrating And I Know How Everyone Who Has It Feels. Its Tough! The Creams And Other Remedies Didnt Seem To Clear It Up For Me. Dont Itch! Keep The Affected Area Dry..especially In The Shower. You Could Also Get A 20dollar Cream For Backup. If This Doesnt Help See Your Doctor And Get Stronger Medication. If Untreated It Can Get Deep In Your Skin Ive Read. Wash Sheets And Disinfect Everything In Your Home. Clear Nailpolish Is The Cheapest And Most Effective. Try It! Thanks For Reading And If It Doesnt Clear Up Buy A Punching Bag!

  315. I never had a problem with ringworm until I got in college. I was covered in the rash so the doctor gave me some pills that cleared it up. Unfortunately, since I got it the first time it made me more likely to get it again and again. I know get it every 2 years. ugh. I have tried all the expensive creams to no avail. Lamisil, bleach, and nail polish have done nothing. The one thing I have found that works pretty darn well is tea tree oil. Just put it on 2x a day. My lesions are already starting to heal after 3 days. Another good thing about the tea tree oil is it’s not that expensive ($6 a bottle).

  316. I have had an atypical case of ringworm skin fungus for going on 9 months now. For months I was convinced it was scabies. It is greatly diminished now and hardly bothers me, but still faintly lingers on in my groin, scalp, shins, and a few other shifting areas. I now know it is a fungus, for sure. Anyway, a couple of “home” or “natural” remedies have really helped me. Take 15 or so pennies and soak in a bottle with a cupful of apple cider vinegar. Swab on with cotton balls and let dry, several times a day. Don’t leave out the pennies, very important (copper is highly fungicidal). Also, try a mix of 1 part tea tree oil, 2 parts grapefruit seed extract, 2 parts water. Swab on after the vinegar-penny mixture has dried on skin, then let that dry too. Try to wait 8 hrs or more before you wash it all off by taking a shower. Very effective against fungus!

  317. I’m glad I came on this site! I’ve had ringworm for almost a year now! When I first got it I thought for sure it was a rash due to stress and that it would go away on it’s own. Within 5 months I went to the doctor cause it had not gone away and I was told it was exzema. So I started to treat it with cream. It made it not so itchy so I thought it was working. NOT! A few more months went by and I went back to the doctor and told him I thought it was ringworm and would like the meds that will get rid of it. I got the cream and the pills and was on them all for about 15 days and nothing. So I went back into the doctor again for another batch of pills and cream that would work better…(I don’t know why they didn’t give this to me to begin with). So for 15 days I did this group of meds and creams and now it’s done and still I have ringworm. They are not raised anymore but are still red and still itchy. So I think I’m going to try the tea tree oil since I have some in the house anyways. God I hope this works cause I really don’t know how much more of this I can take! I can’t sleep cause I’m wanting to scratch the first couple layers of skin off.

  318. I’ve had tinea corporis on certain areas of my hips and abdomen for 11 months. It’s the same pattern over and over again: I use medication for a period of time; the red scales disappear; and then it comes back as soon as I discontinue medication. The following creams have failed for me: Nystatin; Econazole; Loprox; Ertaczo.

    My most recent attempt has been a 4 month course of Nystatin cream applied twice daily. The ringworm has been completely invisible for most of this time, with maybe 1 or 2 instances that sprang up and quickly disappeared. However, my prescription is running out, so I decided to try another dermatologist. He advised me to discontinue the Nystatin because there was no evidence of any ringworm. Reluctant, but trying to be optimistic, I followed his instruction, and 1 week later I can already see instances of the ringworm developing in the same exact areas. Un-f@#$&king-believeable.

    Hopefully this new dermatologist can help me out. Will update.

  319. Sup! Six months ago, my sister and I contracted ringworm from our pet rats who have scratched us. My sister’s skin heeded well to cheap, off-brand anti-fungal creams and was rid of it two weeks later. Mine, however, did not. It begun as small rings about the size of a penny, then it just seemed to grow! Every time I believed something was decreasing its size, more skin became infected until it was all over my back. Finally, I went to the doctors who gave me a small prescription that was meant for riding the body of fungus internally, which helped, but did not truly get rid of it since it was such a small dosage. I requested not to take any larger dosages or internal prescriptions as they can damage your liver. 🙂

    After months of having it and seeing very little change, I discontinued the expensive Lamisil cream and just went to the natural stuff I have read about online. Why not, I tried everything else. My back is finally mostly cleared up, and all I have to do is continue my methods for a few more weeks to make sure it does not come back. First off, I brought some probiotics and Oil of Oregano supplements to help with the internal matter. I then use anti-dandruff shampoo as a body wash (for its Zinc active ingredients), along with soap that contains Tea Tree Oil. After a shower and before bed, I rub pure Tea Tree Oil all over, then when I get up to go to work, I use an anti-fungal lotion, which contains Tea Tree Oil among other things.

    This may not work for everyone as everyone’s skin is very different; which is why everyone seems to have an alternate method for this persistent fungus. My sister and I are perfect examples, as her skin is more resistant (like that of our Mom) to it and her diet is worlds apart from mine. My skin is much more like my Dad’s, as he had a nearly uncontrollable ringworm from the gym for over six months and took the Lamisil shot; which I don’t recommend because it can terribly harm your liver and he mentioned that you need to have an expensive blood test before it can be given to you. Truthfully though, fungus is not just a skin problem, but also plays a large roll internally, which is why I suggest you find dietary supplements to take such as Zinc, Oil of Oregano, Probiotics, or even the doctors prescriptions along with your external treatments. It is also helpful to avoid all sugars and try to eat less breads and starches; according to the Doc and a few other people whom I have spoken to. Oh, and never forget the laundry. My sister and I continued to constantly do laundry from when it showed up to even now. That part is taken care of, all though I have no suggestions for special washing other than maybe a disinfectant for laundry. The strange thing about this is that my boyfriend never did catch it from me, and I am always hugging all over him. Lucky him! Since my skin goes nuts if I even come close to ringworm, I had made the decision to get rid of my rat a few months back. I never want this again, and I am pretty sure that there are other people who have had it once and never want it again. Hope that my experience helps!


  320. I have had the ringworm appear on my arm, legs, even one on my stomach, I went to the doctor and they gave me 3 different types of creams, None of them worked, so I did try the bleach treatment and it worked. It killed it, well it turned my arm another color but I am using cocoa butter and vitamin E Oil and it is turning back to my natural color. I agree the Medicine that the doctors prescribe is some BS!!!!!!!

  321. I have suffered with athletes foot (All descriptions of AF seem to focus on between the toes, but mine had infected the bottom of my feet quite thouroughl so perhaps its another form of foot fungus). Tried every over the counter medication for years to no avail – it would control it for a ahile, then it would come back worse than ever. spent a small fortune on tolfinate, lamisil, etc etc. At some point, i also developed a fungal infection of the large toenails.

    As part of my regime to gid rid of the fiungus, i started to regularly clean my shower stall using clorox to disinfect the tile floor. At the end of my rope after almost 30 years of battling this disease, I decided to try clorox topically on my feet – I mean, it worked in pools, on surfaces – why not give it a shot?

    I was concerned at first regarding potential skin irration or burning, but that did not materialize. I use a que tip, put a small amont in a bottle cap, and apply the clorox undiluted to the infected areas on the nails, between the toes, and across the bottom of my feet. I started this program 3 months ago. I try to apply it 2X a day, but thats not always possible due to my travel schedule.

    The results have been nothing less than spectacular. For the first time in 30 years, this fungus finally seem to be under control – not cured yet but well into the final stages. My toe nails are growing out clear, the scaling and red patches on the bottom of my feet have receded to a barely visible area. Another interesting and very benefical outcome has been the disappearance of calluses. My feet tended to be heavily calloused, neccessitating frequent use of razors and scraping tools to remove heavy layers of dead skin.

    I am amazed at how soft and non-callosed my feet now are. I can only assume that it was related to the fungal infection. They continue to recede. Interestingly, all the postings on this topic relate callouses to pressure, yet in my case this does not appear to be the case. Soft as a baby’s bottom…

    On a final note, about 3 years ago I had begun to experience the loss of feeling in my toes and the calloused areas of my feet. Concerned, I had this checked out on a number of fronts; Checked for blood circulation, diabetic neuropathy, etc by 3 different doctors. None could offer an explanation why I was experiencing this. Everything checked out “fine”. Since I started this treatment, not only has the loss of feeling stopped progressing, it has been somewhat reversed in a few areas. I can only conclude that the fungal infection was the root cause of this condition. Again, i have searched but seen no other posts on this topic.

    I continue to use the treatment and recently augmented with an over the counter nail fungus solution. I have noticed that if I stop for a couple of days (for instance while traveling) , the fungus starts to reappear, so I am not 100% cured – YET. However, it continues to be less and less each time till now it is relegated to a small area under my arch that is barely visable when it tries to come back.

    Being this far down the path, I have no intention of letting it come back! I also have no idea how well this method may be tolerated by others. I emphasize that I use a que-tip to apply the bleach as a thin layer – i don’t pour it over my feet…

    Hope this helps others that have suffered with this nasty critter as i have. Would be interested if anyone else has used this method, or has seen the same effect on the callouses.

  322. Ok, I’ve had ringworm for 5 months now and I’ve tried EVERYTHING. I even got a chemical burn and scarred my arm b/c it was itching so bad one night i poured some bathroom cleaner on my arm. The chemical burns took a couple of weeks to heal, and as soon as they did more ringworm popped up all over my arm. This stuff is insane. If there were a nuclear holocost, ringworm and roaches would be the only ones to survive! I’ve used vinegar and it brought most of it under control, but it just keeps coming back. I have scarring on my chest and neck from the infection. Even when I manage to kill it, it seems to leave these sores that heal really slowly. It’s all over my hands now. I’ve soaked them in vinegar, I’ve put antifungal stuff all over them and then wore gloves to make sure it stayed on for a long time. Now I’m painting any itchy spots with nail polish. I don’t know if it’ll ever go away. I don’t know why I’ve caught it so badly, it just sucks. The vinegar works well but burns and sometimes leaves a scab, but it does kill it immediately. And it stops the itching. I just use white cheap vinegar from the grocery store. I know they must think I’m really weird at the grocery… every few days I go in and buy a gallon of vinegar and a bag of cotton balls! Also – for the most part you can’t see my infection on the skin unless I go out in the sun and then the rings start showing up. So hopefully I’m catching it early. It’s so frustrating!!!!!!!!!! Also, mine diminished after I started wearing clothing only once even if that means I change 10 times in a day and each towel or wash cloth I use only once. I also keep Lysol and regularly spray down the couch if I lie down on it. I keep a towel over my pillow which I change every day to every other day. You’d think all this would help! It’s like the trials of Job… I think in that story where it says he had a skin infection… I’m starting to believe it was ring worm!

  323. I’ve been living with this for going on 3 years. The first time it appeared it was on my wrists and it vanished within a week. It didn’t reappear until a year later but this time it was on my inner thigh. It’s only on one thing not the other which puzzles me. The first time I wet to the doctor he gave me some cream to try for a couple month. Wen it did nothing he ref’d me to some other doctor. He seemed to beleive Ringworm does not exist and what I had was some sort of allergy. He gave me some other stuff to try. It did nothing as well. It goes away in a few days and only surfaces again when I am stressed. It’s always the same area and starts out as a small red welt surrounded by a ring and then it grows. This is driving me nuts. I think I will try the bleach thing.

  324. i had ringworm once 4 years ago n only had it 4 about 2 weeks n i used an athletes foot spray…i cant afford it now n have been using nail polish, but i dont have clear…will color make a difference? does it matter? what if i use the topcat or base coat instead?

  325. The Bleach tip is a good bet for the feet. Here’s one for the more sensitive areas of the body.

    I have Tinea in the crotch area. This is my second flair-up in 3 years.

    I’ve been using a combination of Ointments from my Dermatologist and a self-administered secondary treatment of Hydrogen-Peroxide (delivered via a small areosol bottle). The Peroxide is chemically a close cousin to bleach and seems to work, although it bleaches the hair blond.

    Also, I towel the affected area dry with paper towels. If you’ve got a Costco or SAM’s Club nearby, it’s worth the cost. The Peroxide is cheaper too!

  326. I have been battling ringworm for months…tried all the creams all the antifungal tablets..lamisil sporonox etc..tried the selsun shampoo as a body wash!!! done it all…
    Until finally I went for a skin biopsy and the result was …
    I DIDN’T hAVE RINGWORM!! I have a condition called granulomar annulare. There is no cure for can take anything from 2 year to 20 years to run it’s course 🙁 And it is commonly mistakenfor ringworm. My advice to anybody who is struggling to find a cure fro ringworm is to make sure it is ringworm first…
    Save your money and Get a biopsy first.
    hope this helps all of you out there who are at breaking point due to
    this horrible condition.

  327. I got a ringworm from my dog who has cancer and a supressed immune system and was told by the vet she may get ringworm. She did and the meds cost $161 for a 30 day supply. After doing this twice I could not afford it again. I was told by a co-worker that her grandmother would bath them in a solution and was told to use 2 tablespoons of bleach and 1 cup of cornstarch in a tub of warm water for three days. Lo and behold it worked! It was slow to heal but worked and on the dog too!!! I supplemented it with a little straight bleach dabbed on the affected areas. Yes, it burned but was worth it to get rid of it and the dog is doing OK too!!!

  328. I caught ringworm from one of my 2nd grade students 7 months ago. He cleared up in a matter of weeks…but here I am, still trying to get rid of it. I’ve been to the dermatologist too many times. At first I tried Lamisil…didn’t work. Then the derm prescribed clotrimazole cream and it looked like it was working, then it came back. Returned to the doc…prescribed Lamisil pills…looked like it was clearing up and then 1 month later it was back. Returned to the derm…prescribed another cream (can’t recall the name) and it started to clear up, then came back. Returned to the derm…they did a biopsy- did I mention that the ringworm was about the size of a nickel RIGHT BETWEEN MY EYEBROWS? Biopsy came back saying that it was a fungus. Sooooo, now I’m using another prescription cream. Again, it’s clearing up but definately still there. It’s been almost a month of using the cream and if I skip one dosage it starts to come back. I’ve started using the clear nail polish idea yesterday. So far, it’s getting really itchy and I don’t see a difference. I’m at the end of my rope! What do I do? FOrgot to also mention that I’m trying to get pregnant so now I can’t take another oral med…even if I wanted to.

  329. For those of you suffering with “ringworm”.

    I adopted an abused cat that had ringworm. I had to segregate him, give him pills, shots, sulfur baths, the whole nine yards. He was completed shaved (whiskers and all) to get rid of it. After 2 months of that, it was gone on him, but still all over me. There were days i had nervous breakdowns over the itching and I just couldn’t control it. I saw 2 different dermatologists who both told me it was ringworm, I had a biopsy done and they said it was eczema. I tried pills, creams, lotions, foams…everything. Finally I went to an allergist to see if that was the problem. Still, no luck. I went to my family doctor to have a blood test, and at the same time I had strep throat, so they gave me anti-biotics. The anti-biotics cleared it up in 2-3 days! Along with the creams/loations/etc, I’ve got it under control now. If it gets too bad, go to a family dr for anti-biotics! The itching gets so out of control that it gets infected and the anti-biotics will clear it up. I dealt with this non-stop itching for 20 months before I finally got it cleared up. Hope this helps!

  330. I am so sorry that you have ringworm. I got ring worm from one of my students last year and it has magically appeared at the close of this year…I teach first grade. Something that really helps is tea tree oil as a home based remedy. Get an eye dropper at whole foods or any health food store and drop 3-5 drops of tea tree on the infected area. This also works like the Vinegar and others. Bleach does kill things, but it also kills your skin! Be careful—it will burn and leave huge burn marks on your arm. It hurt a lot but I was convinced it went away–but it came back. Bleach kills it for a bit but it will be back. Whatever you do, do not take Grisifulvin! I took it last year and it gave me chronic hives for the rest of my life—its potent and you do not want it in your body. I am using a 2% Keyotsomethingsomething (generic for Nizol) cream and pill and it seems to be doing a better job. I have a biopsy for today just to be on the safe side!

  331. I have had this ringworm for the course of almost 3 months. I have no clue how I got it being that I don’t have a dog or cat or has been around somebody infected.I have tried the creams but I see no changes. I’m at my wits end here. It has spread across my body around my chest, back, and even in behind area. How long does it take for this crap to go away? How can I tell it’s healing. I’m gonna doctor on it for one more month and after that I give up.

  332. I’ve had ringworm twice, once now and once when I was a child and it is in the same spot again. I tried good old fashioned soap but it did jack squat to help it so I saw the doctor and he has me on pills to heal it. It is healing nicely and if you can afford it I recommend seeing your doctor about it because you don’t want to fiddle around with remedies and perhaps make it worse. I warn you though that the pills are expensive and I do believe topical creams can help.

    DISCLAIMER- I am not responsible for what you do with the information I have provided.

  333. fig leaf milk is supposed to work. rip off a fig leaf and you will see the white sap coming out, put that on the worm. it will burn but after a few days it should go away.

  334. my goodness this stupid organism is RESILIENT!! Ive been blasting this garbage for 3 months with everything but the kitchen sink, from creams to powders and nothing seems to have any positive effects whatsoever. So im trying something different now, trying to think in a manner of what a fungus’ weakness is, spamming google like its my job searching for some way to trash this stuff. here’s what ive found out so far and what im currently trying.

    Bleach: here’s a big surprise, bleach kills a fungus. bleach also kills healthy human skin cells and if you have an open sore where it can get into the bloodstream it will kill red and white blood cells and probably everything else it can come in contact with, not to mention that the chlorine gas that can seperate from it is highly poisonous. IF you choose to use bleach dilude it to 6 parts water 1 part bleach and after youve left it on your skin for a few minutes neutralize it with hydrogen peroxide.

    Salt: this is what im currently using to try to trash this garbage. I read on another web site that someone had an outbreak of ringworm for almost a year and couldnt kill it with anything over the counter or prescription. the remedy that he posted that he said he had good success with was to take sea salt and make a salt water bath with it, applying the sea salt crystals directly to the spots and sprinkling the salt water mix on top to keep it wet. take 2 salt water bath’s a day, and try to use salt directly on the spots, but this method so far burns like FIRE. i have a very high threshold for pain and i can barely stand to put the crystals on some of my outbreak spots for more than 3 minutes. however, it appears to be doing a very good job of drying out our common enemy. after 2 baths ive noticed alot of peeling coming from my sore spots and i feel quite optimistic about it. ive also heard of people swimming in the ocean and applying iodine solutions to the spots afterwards having high degree’s of success(let the salt water dry on the spots btw and be sure to drink lots of water so the salt water baths dont dehydrate you!). ive also heard that selson blue with the yellow cap works well, ive heard that tea tree oil works, grapefruit seed extract works, listerine works, tobacco works (wet the leaves, probably best with spit or something with some enzymes, and apply the wetted leaves directly to the spots, not by smoking it). most of those that i just previously mentioned i dont know about, i havent tested them, only some creams and powders and the salt water baths so far, and of those teh salt water baths do the best job (maybe its just adding the salt directly, but whatever). the fungus is weak against light and dryness, grows stronger in darkness and moisture. so dry it out and try to expose it to light/sunlight as much as you can. unfortunately its growing on me where the sun doesnt shine, so i cant get this nastiness into the sun, so im hammering this garbage with saltwater hoping that i can fool the damn fungus into trying to rehydrate and getting screwed by all the salt. I dunno if this will cure it, but i hate this garbage and thought it would be worth mentioning to try to help everyone else who has this nasty crap. good luck and stay strong, this is war!

  335. i have it all over me and tried lots of stuff and the only thing that seems to be working is horse fungis shampoo

  336. this is a long overdue follow up to a posting i made back in march. since then my wife has been using bleach and i will tell you that it does work. it actually works better if you DON’T use it full strength or even 50/50. by diluting it with water the organism will absorb much more of the bleach that will kill it. now the bad news. bleach will only get you so far if you’ve got it BAD (and my wife does…she can’t figure out where she picked it up and that was middle of last summer). there are many treatments on the web 98% of which are bogus or snake-oil crap. watch it if you are strapped for money, you can waste hundreds (yeah and at the doctor too!). there is one from an apothecary in australia which does actually work but it contains boric acid (VERY strong)and can’t be used except by some of these tough wrestler dudes posting here, and certainly not on the genitals or anus! nice honest folks selling that too! they have a true moneyback policy. try it if your tough.

    there are 119 strains of ringworm and some of them that are now appearing in this country by all this uncontrolled globalization are extremely resistant to the topical treatments. if you take blood pressure medicine like my wife does not only are you more susceptable to getting ringworm but you run a risk of permanent liver damage from adding the prescription oral drug treatments like lamisil and griesiofulvan (did i spell that right?) to your meds.

    so what the heck are you going to do? the drug companies have abandon research into topical agents to pursue much more lucrative oral prescriptions.

    here’s one product that we tried out of absolute desperation (the doctors are clueless). it’s called Sulfinex. it’s from DermatechRX via Qbased Solutions.

    do a search for sulfinex. order lots of it. as much as you can afford. it will take many weeks of constant treatment to get ALL the ringworm if it has lived on your skin for more than a couple months. use selsun blue in the shower or dermatech’s own body wash (a bit harsh) and rinse well before drying off and applying the sulfinex. you only need a thin layer (actually works better that way)

    my wife is finally seeing dramatic results after just 10 days but she has also discovered that the crap had spread over a much, much wider area than we ever thought. it is very stealthy! now we have to urgently order more to treat all this skin we though was free from fungus. it brings it out you see, from the deep skin layers. then you can treat it some more until it’s ALL gone.

    as far as taking care of the itch…none of these products, even sulfinex will take away your itching. you must kill the dang stuff, that’s the only way to stop the itch!

    the other topical products and even tea tree oil are so ineffective now as to be laughable. this fungus eats it! maybe they were good once (yeah like 20 years ago) but most have already been marked by the drug companies as ineffective (but they don’t stop making it and don’t tell the doctors not to prescribe it anymore!)

    the only thing wrong with the sulfinex is the smell. to me it smells like old paint thinner (turpentine) but the smell goes away after about 20 minutes. costs about as much as lamisil when you get right down to it.

    no… i don’t work for dermatechRX or Qbased solutions! i’m no shill.

    if your like me you just are desparate and broke for a REAL solution to this nightmare. and this ringworm stuff can easily become exactly a nightmare.

    i will try to post again here in a couple months to tell you how we did with the sulfinex treatments.

  337. I used ordinary household bleach, applied the bleach onto the infected areas undiluted with a cotton wool bud. After a few hours i saw improvements and in a couple of weeks they were almost gone!!! So bleach is a garanteed cure!!!!
    This may not work with everyone but i hope this helps : D

  338. Why hasn’t anyone posted how to get rid of the ringworm
    in your pets?
    My boys really love their pet rats, but my one son is highly susceptible to ringworm. He got it really bad all over his back, chest, and neck. We tried Lamisil and eucalyptus and tea tree oil.
    All three things seemed to work marginally But here is what we finally did and it was better in about 2 days.
    I made him take off his shirt and lay out on the trampoline in the sun. He laid there until he got a mild sunburn on his back. The ringworm is now gone from his back. The ringworm on his chest is improving but not gone like the ones on his back. UV rays kill!!

  339. I’m sorry I don’t have a tip… however… I haven’t found much tips about ringworm on the scalp… I have a really bad case of it… it’s practically everywhere on my head… I also have it extending on the back of my neck and growing bigger. I have been using Lamisal on it… but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything! And I have been using head n shoulder shampoo. Still nothing…

    I was wondering if the salt thing worked for the scalp…. and if so… would it cause baldness? I’m a girl… and I definitely do not want to go bald. I have read that if ringworm is on the scalp it causes baldness. I have yet to be bald or have bald spots. But… PLEASE… anything for the scalp would help!

  340. I have a small area of ringworm on my face. it’s getting better but taking forever to go away. I am using Blue Star Ointment. It burns a little when you apply it but it helps stop the itching and irritations. Clean the area before applying it and cover the infected area.(i dont think it matters how much you apply)Again like i said, its getting better but taking a long time to go away. If this stuff doesnt heal it, it sure can get rid of the itch.

  341. Hey, for some of the folks on here who have had trouble getting rid of their ringworm…if you are struggling for a cure and can’t seem to get it under control with anything topical, you might want to consider your diet! Your skin can only sustain a fungus if you are giving it the food to eat, so an acidic and sugary diet will create the perfect environment for infection. Try going for a couple of weeks without eating sugar of any kind (even fruit sugar!) – google the “candida diet” – eat VEGGIES, VEGGIES, VEGGIES! Lots of water. And take black walnut tincture internally too as an antiparasitic/antifungal. You’ll have to stick with it for a couple of weeks though, ’cause you probably won’t see results immediately until everything gets out of your system.

    I’m working on that right now – I have ringworm all over my torso and down my arms – it showed up in about 3 days and spread everywhere!

  342. I hate this shit it has been opn me for 2 years i tried everything btw i am 15yrs anywayz i guess that thhis saltwater scene thing works coz one day i got into the sea and damn it burned like hell soo i guess i am gonna be visting the beach a lil more often

  343. Blue Star works, use a q-tip, rub it in till u feel the burn, and apply more, just keep re-applying every so often. For me it goes away in 2-3 days, it depends. Oh and don’t eat sugars, sweets for a while, ring worms live off of sugar. I do it at night before bed or just when I’m in ac, I take it off before going outside when it is hot, cause it’s ointment. Blue star has helped for me.



  346. My mom, who’s previously raised various animals of various species, gave me the advice of Apple Cider Vinegar. I have a 5 week old puppy who has a nasty spot on her back and a small place starting on her neck. I just sponged her and my other two pets (1 cat and 1 dog) as a precaution. She did this for a stray cat and had hair growing back within days of the first treatment. She also told me that humans can use it in the same manner. I recommend this far above any types of medication. Vets seem not to be aware of this procedure. Hope this saves everyone some money and gets rid of the fungus.

  347. I read alot on Ring worm.. My daughters and myself have it.. so i have been using Toothpaste, and hairspray. The day i put toothpaste on it made it go almost completely away. I had read to use 70% bleach 30% water but i had no bleach so i used fingernail polish remover and IT WORKED.. she woke up and they were gone.. and she didnt say it burned at all.. Last night i put fingernail polish remover, bleach, toothpaste and covered with hairspray on mine. and they seem to be going away.
    It is anything that is cold to the touch as a liquid.. Think about it. They grow in the heat. so they have to be frozen on the inside kind of if you touch fingernail polish it is cold to the touch, toothpaste has some sort of bleach in it. hairspray is cold to the touch. so i just started using anything i could think of that is cold to the touch. I almost wanted to get a mini fire extinguisher.. cause that would freeze them. This is the HARDEST shit to get rid of. I CANT stand it anymore. so i am trying everything i read..
    Hope i helped a little. oh and by the way bleach does NOT burn them at all, and if you feel a little sting it is for like 2 seconds and u can blow on it and make it go away. and Mine were Open rings.. JUST FYI

  348. I’ve been told bby a few older people to use bleach… Take a qtip and rub the bleach over the infected area…It works!

  349. i just discovered my first ring i put fingernail-polish REMOVER on it and the next day it was gone. i do not however think this method should me used on an open ring.

  350. I had someone from the SPCA tell me to use iodine. Betadine or providine will work as well. I would like to know how to disinfect my house.

  351. Tea tree oil has been the only thing that is seeming to work for me. I have had this crap for over 2 months. I’ve tried Lotrimin, Lamisil, athlete’s foot spray, jock itch cream, yeast infection cream, apple cider vinegar, clear nail polish, spray on band-aids and lastly Diflucan precription from my doctor. Nothing worked-it didn’t even make a difference. I decided to try this as my last resort before I took the other anti-fungal pill that my dr was prescribing. (It was a 2week dose with really really bad side effects.) Ketaconozole was the script. Anyway I have only been using the tea tree oil for about 1 week, but already I can see it going away. (I have it bad about 7 open rings.) It is no longer raised it just kinda looks like red rings but you can see its breaking up. I apply the tea tree oil 2x’s a day and I make sure I am always dry. I carry baby powder with me and am constantly applying it. Now the oil kinda tingles a bit-so be prepared. Use a new q-tip for each spot on your body you are applying it to as to not transfer the spores into your oil bottle. And KEEP DRY!!!!! Also when buying the oil, (which you can get at any drugstore) make sure it is in a dark bottle, and 100% tea tree oil. When it is in a light or clear bottle it loses potency. Good Luck! I hope some of this info helps.

  352. I’ve been using canestan (a generic) for the past three weeks and IT’S STILL THERE it seemed to be going away when i covered it with bandaids then the bandaids ran out and just after one day of breathing the air they were thriving again 🙁

    I am going to try toothpaste and betadine as I have both of those will keep you posted.

  353. Ok, my ringworm is finally gone so I thought I’d share what I did in order to hopefully help someone else. I started off with prescription Ketoconazole cream from the clinic. This didn’t seem to do much (it was still spreading)so then I convinced my doctor to give me the oral anti-fungal meds. I was prescribed a 7-day treatment of Itraconzole 200 mg/day. Meanwhile I was getting more desperate since I had a vacation coming up so I started to apply a 50/50 mix of bleach and water with cotton balls to the lesions (just wiping them over the spots and letting it air dry). Two days after I finished the RX pills I started to see a major difference. Oh, and I also started going to a tanning salon (stand-up bed since I didn’t want to infect anyone else) because I heard that sun would dry up the ringworm. Things were looking better but not clearing as fast as I wanted so in my desparation I ordered QuickClear for ringworm from the internet (pills and a spray). I have finished that regimen and have a hard time seeing where all of the lesions were. (There were about thirty lesions at the height of my ringworm breakout!). Doing the bleach, tanning, cream, QuickClear, rx pills all at once I cannot tell you what made the ringworm clear up but I hope this helps someone. Oh, I also was using Selsun Blue shampoo as a body wash. Smells like toilet bowl cleaner buy hey, my ringworm is gone! By the way, I’m still applying the rx cream even though I can’t see anything anymore but I’m doing it just for good measure. I hope this info helps someone because ringworm is AWFUl!

  354. Well I started pasting mine with toothpaste and the two on my upper thigh have started blistering/peeling and are not so raised anymore so I take it as a good sign? I did the one on my arm with salt and water, salt and iodine and iodized salt (three separate intervals) and man did that worm sting, then I rubbed the salt into it for good measure (wanted to scream but the pain is definitely bearable), it is looking raw at the moment…

  355. well i used the umm. athlete foot creamm and then i thought, and the next day before i the cream one i used hydrogen peroxide and then the second day of using that and the cream it seemed to resolve the sweeling mayb a cure

  356. How do I disinfect my house? I get one child over it then another child gets it. It keep going my family in a circle. I am currently using the 50/50 bleach, water idea on my four year old daughter who has lost most of her hair on the top of her head.

  357. After trying the Tinactin for almost a week, my 6 year old son’s ringworm was getting worse. We took him to the Pediatrician and he told us about an “old-timey” remedy called Gentian Violet. You don’t need a prescription and it costs about $6.00. You just take a Q-tip and apply it to the infected area. Within a week, we could tell a major difference. I also used tea tree oil before I put the gentian violet on (2 times a day). The only downfall to the gentian violet is that it does stain your skin purple. My son has a purple spot about the size of a half dollar on his leg. It will eventually go away and the tea tree oil takes some of it off, but it’s well worth it for the ringworm to be gone!! In most pharmacies you have to ask the pharmacist for it because it’s kept behind the counter. I highly recommend it for those of you that can bare having purple spots – it really worked for us! Good Luck!

  358. There is a plant called bulbonela (please forgive my spelling) it dries it up very quickly, it actually worked better than any topical cream/ointment, and the bulbonela plant works for a lot of skin irritations, and it is simply a plant in the garden (type of Aloe)

  359. take a quater sized piece of college ruled paper and burn it on a glass plate, then add a couple drops of water to the ashes and mix them , just enough to make a paste and rub it on. repeat for a day or two and it will go away and all it costs you is a piece of paper.

  360. I’ve had ringworm since I was little, and I just found a quick, easy, affordable way to get rid of that nasty ringworm. get Quick Dry clear nailpolish. Take a Q-tip and rub it on the ringworm once a day (preferrably after you shower). DO NOT use the nailpolish brush! if you do, you will spread it and make it worse. After you have applied the nailpolish wait for it to dry. You are going to want to itch it. DONT. that will peel off the nail polish. It should be gone in 2 or 3 days. Trust me! It works. I used to have EVERYWHERE. And i tried almost everything. For me, this is the best & easiest way. What the nailpolish does is it suffocates the ringworm and kills it. Hope it works for you!

  361. Cammmm, The use of raw papaya has been proven beneficial in the treatment of ringworm. A few slices of the unripe fruits can be rubbed on the patches twice a day. Another effective home remedy for ringworm is mustard seeds. A paste should be prepared from these seeds and applied externally over the ringworm patches after thoroughly washing the skin with sufficient hot water. These are just some of the home remedies that came into my mind, please let us know if this helped in any way.

  362. Okay so ive had ringworm for about 4 months and just went to the doctors 2 weeks ago and gave me this cream that works in “$ weeks” wasnt halping at all and i hate waiting. So i read on the net and gathered alot of stuff up … Lemon cutting a slice and putting it on ( it burns a little but its worth it) iodine! alcohol swabs helped alot and nail polish remover and now its almost completly gone! i want to thank every one who put out there tips to help me!!!!

  363. I had one big ring on my back that wasn’t going away, then after the gym I had a really bad breakout. They were ALL OVER my torso, front and back. Probably about 40 little guys. I tried everything. Antibiotics, creams, nailpolish (this actually made it a little worse for me), but they weren’t fading, and actually were getting bigger. I read the bleach thing, and used it one 1. I burnt really bad, it hurt for days and I now have a little scar (granted it got rid of the ring worm, but not worth it). I cut it with about 6 parts water to 1 part bleach. I used it for a few days and it was going away, but it would burn quite a bit, and get red and sore. Then while cleaning I found I had “Fantastik Germ Away”. It says right on the back of the bottle, non irritant, and kills athletes foot fungis (which is closely related to ring worm) After I shower I spray it in my hand and rub it all over my body. It stings till it dries, and then I go about my day. I’ve used it 3 days, and my ring worm is pretty much gone. I know it sticks with you, so I’m going to do it for 10 more days, while the fresh skin is coming out to kill the fungis underneath. But it’s a wonder cure! Oddly though, it itches more than when the ringworm was rampant (which didn’t itch at all) but it’s drying my skin, so when it gets to be too much, I just use the over the counter cream for ringworm to sooth it. Try it! I don’t think it’s nearly as dangerous as bleach, and I’m not as afraid to leave it on all day. Sorry, big post.

  364. hey u guys i dont think i have the symtom ringworm but i do itch alot on the downstairs areas so im treating it as ringworm im frigtened of going to the doctors with it i dont wanna be getting me arse out or anything what do i do with the cream just rub it in wear is itches i havent actuaaly got that red ring but my mate recons itd ringworm had itchiness for a while

  365. I believe I acquired ringworm from my dog…luckily I treated her immediately and hers is long gone. We left town this summer and had to get an emergency sitter at the last minute who unfortunately exposed her to her own ringworm infested dogs. Worst mistake of my life. I didn’t know I had ringworm until it was too late. I had mistakenly thought I was allergic to a new lotion I was using and had scratched the heck out of my back and torso. By the time I figured it out I was covered on my back, stomach and embarrassingly enough…in my private area and on my nipples!!!

    It was a horrible, horrible and humiliating ordeal, however I battled ringworm and won. I took some of the above tips and added some of my own tried and true remedies. I hope I can help anyone who is suffering and feels like they are on the brink of insanity. Here are my tips:

    1. Cardinal rule: NEVER SCRATCH—it will spread like wildfire
    2. Attack externally (on the infected skin) AND internally (by what you eat or take into your body). I used the following tools for external combat: my hair dryer, lamisil (you can ask the pharmacist for the generic store brand which works just as well), selsum blue or head and shoulders(can also use store brand generic), rubbing alcohol (i used the green kind with menthol) and tea trea oil (at the drug store for about 2.99 in the hair care aisle). For internal combat: I increased my water intake, ate more balanced meals (fungi love excess carbs and sugar), yogurt, and a pill called AZO yeast.
    3. Every morning I would take two AZO pills and eat a tube of go-gurt (it has live active cultures).
    4. I showered in the morning and before bed using the selsum blue as a body wash.
    5. Following my shower, I would dry off with my towel and then apply rubbing alcohol to the ringworm. ALWAYS USE A NEW TOWEL EACH TIME while you are treating the ringworm. They like to hang out on your towels to reinfect you.
    6. After applying the alcohol I would blow dry each spot with my hair dryer on medium. Most sites I’ve seen recommend a cool dryer, but I found the warm dryer soothing and it seemed to dry out the lesions…but do what you are comfortable with…keep the dryer away from water and don’t burn yourself with the heat from the dryer. This was the next best thing to scratching for me…I actually used my hair dryer when I needed to scratch at times too.
    7. After blow drying the spots apply the lamisil and then follow with a thin layer of tea trea oil. I would spread the tea tree oil over my entire torso as a preventative and it stopped spreading. I’m not sure if this worked or not, but it can’t hurt.
    8. I would then blow dry once more…in my mind, the drying helped the treatment penetrate and again, not sure if this is what really made it work, but it did work for me.

    Treating ringworm on your own can get expensive but you can cut corners by getting generics. A must have is the lamisil type ointment. Make sure it says for treatment of ringworm on the label. Ask the pharmacist if you’re not sure. I also feel the hair dryer and yogurt were important too. I have heard that vick’s vapor rub is a substitute for the tea tree oil, but I’m not sure if that is accurate. someone please post if you find out it works!

    You’ll know it’s healing because it will begin to flatten starting from the middle and scab. It will itch less, but continue to treat it for about two weeks after it stops itching because it will return.

    Keep at it and don’t give up!

  366. i have tried the finger nail polish and that does work it causes the ring worm to pulse up and dry out. I also tried putting bleach on it with a cotton ball and it stings a little but that works too!!!

  367. Listerine or any brand of antiseptic mouthwash controls ringworm. I use it on my kittens and so far have not gotten it myself. So far it has also not spread to other pets. Infected kittens still have it but it is slowly disapearing. I use cotton swabs to apply the listerine. Another thing that I’ve used on kittens that was effective is the myoconazole, which is sold as yeast infection cream. For the house the kittens are quarantined in the bathroom which I give a good wipedown of, walls and all, once a week with 1:20 bleach:water. Clothes and linens and animal bedding should be washed in hot water after each use. I don’t know what to do for carpets or funriture, maybe cover them so you can then wash the covers?

  368. dear,any one who needs help disinfecting their house mostly jane
    i say you should use this skil no my house is not infected or has ever i just want to say whats on my mind to help you familes out there who have people and kids and family to protect each other

    from what i herd on this page try all of this to disinfect your huse please i want to help.

    1. try paying attention to what they thouch if yhat area has been you touched by in infected person than try nail polish,,lemon juise dont put the lemon on.i’ll put new things up dayly

    please acuse my typing

  369. After melting down a dead car battery ($2.00 from a friend) You pull the lead out of it and concentrate the sulphuric acid by heating it UNTIL white fumes appear. DO NOT inhale the fumes or you may catch pnemonia, bronchitus or other upper respiritory problems. you mix one part acid to twenty parts water. A few applications will clear it up ANYWHERE but will take your hair out as well. For the hair, use a weaker acid. A good one for the hair is eight grams of sub-carbonate of soda to a half pint of vinegar. This takes days though. Avoid soap and burn towels after use. I found out the hard way. My ringworm started on the front of my right thigh then hit my left forearm. I had about six rings that I could see. I put a cigarette out on the one on my right wrist when it was small. DON’T DO THIS! Beside the fact that it burned like hell and left a scar, the fungus grew. I then learned from an old friend of mine that acids work great. ANY ACID WILL DO WHEN APPLIED IN MODERATION. If you over-do it you will get burns and lose skin. I started off with lemon juice and it worked. Problem was I had over forty rings on my arms and legs about an inch wide. I couldn’t sell enough furs to buy anymore lemons so I moved onto vinegar. After a week of two applicatiions a day my skin cleared up some and most of the large rings disappeared into my skin. The small rings turned pink but didn’t die. So frustrated with having this curse for a month I bought a battery from a friend of mine. He cracked it open and ran it through a series of cast iron pipes until he was sure all of the lead was out and stuck in the pipe. I then went to camp and heated the remaining impurities from it and mixed it with a bucket of water. My first attempt was hell. I applied it to my whole right leg and after a minute It looked sunburned. I IMMEDIATLY washed the area and reduced the concentration to a cup of acid to one gallon of water. This was still irritating but had cleared up the ringworm within hours. Two days later the skin on my right leg peeled and the ringworm was gone, not to mention a couple birth marks and all of the hairs on it, but my arms and left leg were left intact and free of ringworm. If all else fails, use this method but use it carefully. If you can, get a Pb tester for a dollar at your hardware store before applying sulphuric acid from a car battery. You can be poisoned by lead and end up blind and deaf with damaged kidneys and ulcers. I do repeat though to take caution and remember the word MODERATE. THIS RECIEPT DOES WORK. Take care.

  370. I have a ringworm on my left forearm for a 1.5 months now. I started to get really worried that it will just keep growing and spreading to the rest of my body eventually. I was that freaked out. Then I read that using clear nail polish will kill the fungus. So I gave it a try. I couldn’t believe that it actually works. After about 8 hrs later, I notice a significant improvement. The infected area was a much lighter pale pink color instead of bright red. I’m now a believer. This stuff is amazing! Cheers to clear nail polish 🙂

  371. hello all….i have no clue where i contracted this ringworm, b/c i am an extremely clean person and have a cat but he doesn’t have any. I just came home from school a few days ago. Wednesday, I woke up w/ a ringworm on the back of my leg, near the knee area. ='( It’s driving me crazy. not because of the itching, i can deal with that. I’ve been putting on an anti fungus cream 2-3 times a day and putting a bandaid over it. I’ve been washing it with dandruff shampoo but it’s not selsun blue. As of right now, it seems to be getting worse and bigger. Today, i tried something difft. I rubbed in apple cider vinegar, then put some clear nail polish over it….i’m going to check it in a while. I been looking on difft websites including this one and i saw many ppl tried tea tree oil and grapefruit seed extract pills. I purchased these along with selsum blue. I will update you guys in a few days and let u know how things pan out….good luck to u all…i feel your pain! ='(

  372. Hello,
    Please make sure it is definitely ringworm before you start putting anything on your skin. I went through almost a year applying fungal creams and was perscribed internal medicine twice – BUT IT IS NOT RINGWORM. It is a skin rash that is caused by severe dry skin, but looks EXACTLY like ringworm. It also seems to “spread”, so you’re fooled into thinking the fungus is spreading. I finally went to a dermatologist, who perscribed a steriod cream to help with the itching/swelling, told me to stop the anti-fungal cream, and also told me to just use any common cream for dry-skin (I use Aveeno, but any will do). It’s been less than a week and it is almost gone, and no itching!
    Please make sure you get tested for fungus before doing anything. You may save yourself months of itching agony and wasted time. Good luck.

  373. I’m a college wrestler and i’ve contracted ringworm from the sport, the easiest way to get rid of it is taking a brillo pad and scrubbing the area raw then apply a mixture of bleach and water i think the stuff you buy pre-diluted in stores will work fine, now this works instantly and the fungus will be gone, but i have no idea about the safety of it, it’s just a quick fix and isn’t pretty

  374. Make sure you have your Ringworm identified by a Dermatologist. After 2 months I found out that it was nummular eczema and not ringworm as was identified by my primary physician. He finally thought that I should see a Dermatologist since it didn’t go away. Well, now I’m being treated with a strong cortisone salve which is helping. I’m glad that I didn’t try some of the other methods suggested for ringworm!

  375. i currently have one growing underneeth my watch and they are thrivind due to the most conditions i am using vodka and tea tree its working well.
    best of luck everyone…

  376. i didnt no what ring worm was untill my boyfriend noticed it on the back of my arm just up a bit from my elbow.
    i have been using antiebackeria cream and its just not working please help me!!!

  377. I have a reallly bad cold with dizzyness etc. etc. and I thinkbi have ringworm. I woke up with a circle rash but it is barely red and I went to the doctor who was an arrogent unfriendly assssshole who barely even looked at it. so I have perscribed anti fungal cream hutbi hve dots on my arms and idk if that is spread ringworm or if I am over reacting . but does the clear nailpolish rlly work? I mite try

  378. hey every1. I wrote on Dec. 20th, ’08. I noticed a ringworm on the 17th on the back of my knee. It is almost gone! you can hardly notice it unless you look very closely. I have been using 4 difft things that seem to be working great. DO NOT USE A BANDAID!!!! this actually doesnt help it heal b/c it needs oxygen 2 scab up. I was using a bandaid and saw no progress. the 1st night i slept w/o one, i woke up and the ringworm was dry. I wore long PJs 2 sleep and washed my sheets and clothes.>>
    I showered daily with selsun blue (using it to wash my whole body but focusing on the ringworm), washed with latex gloves and washed my hands with antibacterial soap A LOT!, made sure not to touch the ringworm w. my towel and drying that area off with paper towel. I then added pure tea tree oil on my ringworm, allowing it to air out and dry up. I then added lamisil cream (then the spray l8r) and allowed that to dry up. I am drinking lots of water and taking 2-3 grapefruit seed extract pills everyday. The BEST thing SO far that i can say worked was the Tea Tree Oil. GET IT!! it is essential. If you have sensitive skin, like me, the area you apply the tree oil to will be red but it’s well worth it. It has been clear for about 5 days now but the rule is to keep applying what you have for another 2-3 weeks to make sure this sucker is gone. my ringworm was a pretty big size & is basically invisible now.
    I did everything else to apple cider vinegar to nail polish. tea tree oil worked the best. As long as you are careful and u take care of it, you should be fine. btw, tea tree oil is VERY cheap compared 2 other stuff, i got it @ the vitamin shoppe for $4! Good luck out there!

  379. I still have it but i put neosporin on it and it is getting better by the minute!!!

    I still don’t know what i got it from but whatevs!!

  380. Cigarette ashes is a cure I learned about when I was in Mexico. Use the ashes of 1 cigarette and mix with some saliva into a past, then put onto the ringworm and leave on overnight. The ringworm is very faint in the AM and continues to disappear after that. You can apply it 2-3 nights in a row to get rid of it faster.

  381. I used my boyfriends Tinactin Spray he uses for his athlete’s foot. I sprayed it on there 2 times or more a day for a couple of weeks. My skin did dry up and flake off and get all better.

  382. I have 2 children both at different times have gotten ring worm. One child when she was 5 on the top of her left foot. I was told it was most likley from playing in the sand box and the other child on her upper inner arm at age 8 another said to have gotten from the playground as well. Any ways i used the doctor’s anti-fungal crams with no help, i pulled out the nail polish and on both accounts better by 75% with in 24 hours! The trick is to apply it every night even if you think it is gone!! Apply for at least 3 days after you think it’s gone.

  383. Hey, guys. I’m so happy, I’ve had ringworm for about a month, and I’ve been trying everything and nothing was working. So last night I read that clear nail polish suffocates the mushrooms in the ringworm, so I applied clear nail polish, let it dry, and fell asleep with it on, and the ringworm is basically gone! I had 6 spots and now I have 3! And in the 3 spots, the ringworm is hard to see! I was so happy and I just wanted to help.

  384. I got ring worm on my finger under one of my rings. It started getting a little bit bigger and really dry and itchy. I have never had ringworm before and didn’t know how to treat it so I googled it and found the clear nail polish and nail polish remover trick. I first rubbed the ring worm with a cotton swab soaked in nail polish remover and then applied clear nail polish. The ring worm was almost completely gone the next day. Today is day 2 and its almost fuly gone. I will keep doing this even a couple days after I can’t see it. The nail polish definatly works…try it!

  385. Hey I have it on my face I woke up it was there I tried every thing today I put 3 types of foot fugues cream, I used bleach,I used the shampoo the doc gave my son which is were I got it I rubbed it on my face I tried the med. they gave him too that shi@ nasty ,NO WONDER HE CRY’S EVERY TIME HE SEE THE BOTTLE I am trying the nail polish now so well see I don’t smoke but I am about 2 buy a pack and spit in the ash I saw that on here to l.o.l I’ll get back at this site bout that polish

  386. On the treatments of ringworm..bandaids actually will spread the infection. My boyfriend has it and we put bandaids over one on the inside of his elbow and one on his neck so we could cuddle close when we went to sleep and I wouldn’t be in contact with any of them. When he took them off the next morning there were more ringworm circles where the sticky part of the bandaids had been. I believe it had trapped moisture in those areas and caused the ringworm to go towards the moist part and since fungus loves moisture it grew out there.

  387. Most of these posts are crazy. Just get some Lamasil or other antifungal creme and the ringworm will go away. The outside of the tube actually says “effective for curing ringworm”.

  388. As most of you have said that the ‘nail polish trick’ is the best. I agree, but would like to suggest using that ‘New Skin’ liquid band-aid. Reason being… it contains ‘oil of cloves’ which parasites and such HATE!!! Putting a normal adhesive ‘band-aid’ over it does increase the moisture which these things THRIVE on. I found that it created more where the adhesive was too. The liquid band-aid (or even the nail polish) covers it so as to not spread it to others and yourself, but it also suffocates it. So, I would have to say that for anyone looking to get rid of ringworm fast before it gets any bigger and before it spreads… use ‘New Skin’ liquid band-aid (or clear nail polish, if you don’t have the other). It definitely works!!!
    Be sure to remember the advice of continuing to put it on for another few days after it LOOKS like it is gone, too.

  389. I have had a ringworm for about a week and I got it from my work i believe. I work at a school with special needs kids they seem to catch and spred everything. anyway i talked to the school nurse and told her that i was putting bleach then neosporin on it she says that the bleach will kill it but the neosporin and bandaid will make it grow because they like moist areas please do not put any type of bandaid, it will spread to the sticky area of it.bleach works but i believe it is going to scar im am going to try the polish just dont put anything that will make it moist. good luck.

  390. I don’t have a tip, but I’ve had one ringworm for a week and after the second week I had about six more in odd areas of my body away from the initial first one. Now I’m going to go back to the doctor because I look like I have chicken-pox, but they’re not. I’ve been putting cream on these since the first week and they keep coming.

  391. I’ve been using tea tree oil for five days on an area roughly 5″x5″ on my back, and its almost healed. I think 3-4 more days of rubbing it on full strength will completely heal my back. I’ve tried using Lamisil and its a little too weak to handle what I’ve got on my back.

  392. I apply blue star with a q-tip. It burns a little but helps, it also lightens it and reapply to be sure it goes away. Then I wash my scalp and hair with selsum blue the next day. It works, but the blue star I use it at night before bed time and reapply it takes maybe 2-3 days to go away. Selsum blue I use it 2 times a week.

  393. BEWARE: ringworm is not something to freak out about just find cures and try them or if that doesn’t work get a Docters help.

  394. ive had ring worm now for about 8 days and its on my neck,we didnt know what it was at first because ive never had it before, now i wake up every morning to me scratching at using the lamisil now but its not really working…think im gonna try the nail polish trick.lets hope it works.believe i got it from my pet rat.

  395. i had ringworm on my leg, and i heard nail polish helps it go, and it really does ive been using it for a week and its completly gone. i really recommend this. just put clear nail polish on in the morning leave it on till the evening then wipe off with nail remover then re applly the nail polish.

  396. i have it on my shoulder . i dont know how i got it but ive been using bleach and the nail polish . i dont see no progress but lets see what happens. its getting me nervous

  397. I have ringworm on my armpit. It has bumbs and they look like pimples in a way. I don’t have the slightest idea how I got it. I had it when I was a baby in my hair so now my hair doesn’t grow like it should.

    I tried neosporin, it didn’t work. I tried witches hazel from Walmart, it didn’t work. I’m going to try rubbing alcohol and the clear finger nail polish.

    At first it was just a pink circle and it just got worse. HELP!

  398. i got it on my upper thigh and now its spread to my other leg all the way around. And on my lower back. I have about 20 different little ring worm spots. It’s been difficult to get rid of.

  399. I got a ringworm from my daughter who got it from her classmate. I put vicks vapor rub on it. It seems to help dry it out. I clean it and put vicks on it twice a day, been using it for a 2 days and its just about gone.Dont scratch or it will spread. The bandaid does make it take longer to heal but it keeps it from spreading. Remember to was all your bed linen daily as it heals or else it will spread to other parts of your body.

  400. So i had ringworm once and i tried everything…i found these to be very helpful!!
    1) When you touch one immediately wash your hands because once you touch another part of your body you will spread it!
    2)Put the clear nail polish on it make sure you use a q-tip because you will contaminate the bottle when you re-dip so make sure you don’t dip it twice. Leave it on for about 8 hours and re-apply, here is the gross part (it seriously works!!) peel it off with some of the ringworm and then keep reapplying until it goes away. It takes a few days but after a while you will see it become less and less.
    3) Use the creams, apply a generous amount on the worm and cover with a band-aid. I had 2 soars on my neck and was very embaressing when i had to cover it up with these band-aids.

    -You have to be patient as well, it’s not going to go away in a day or two it takes about 5-8 days so if you do all these things you should be okay. Don’t bother going to the doctor either it’s a waste of time!

  401. i used a product called “manzanita magic”, which has manzanita, oregon grape, etc and apple cidar vinegar. it helps drying up the ringworm and i also apply lamisil once at night and it seems to be working. it’s almost 9 days now and healing up nicely.

  402. I had ringworm over about 75% of my body. The hospital said it was dermatitis; then gave me 2 antibiotics to take which broke my system down and cause the ringworms to spread faster. I went to another hospital and they gave me a white fungus pill to take for 10 days. It worked, but I risk liver damage after prolong use. I got one on my leg a few days ago. I hot a copper penny, slowly place it on the ringworm. The itching stopped. I took a shower, dried off and put finger nail polish remover on it. I would clean out the shower after every use with bleach and pine-sol, leave the shower door open for the tile to dry. Change my sheets, towel, and rag every day. Bathe with dove. Wash my sheet with a little bleach, hot water, baking soda, and clear detergent. I would spray 91% alcohol on my sheets and towel before I use it. I used a antibiotic bandaid over the ringworms when I had to go out. The finger nail polish remover really does work. I use just a regualar remover.

  403. Make sure you change your sheets, towels, and rags everyday. Use dove and clear detergent soap, so your skin with not be irritated. I used just regular finger nail polish remover on a clean pad after my shower which I clean everyday. I use a antibiotic band under my clothes when I go outside.

  404. Hey guys… here are things that I have heard and tried… Get a BLACKLIGHT, check with the blacklight to see if it is active it will glow green! Ewww… but its a great way to test areas to see if the fungus is hanging around, my kids got it from a kitten, we put the blacklight on her and she glowed green…. OMG it was weird… So treatment has been for both kids and kittens, Selsun Blue shampoo now used as a body wash, followed by an APPLE CIDER VINAGER chaser dapped not rubbed on with a cotten ball, and a $2.65 box of equate anti-fungal cream (clotrimozole 1%) from Walmart, and swimming in the pool everyday, between the sun and the chlorine this helps also to dry it out… So far works great…

    Please, don’t put bleach on your skin, very bad, use the Apple cider vinager, also DO NOT put a bandaid on it, this will help spread it as it lives and thrives for moisture, the NEW SKIN product will work as it is a lot like the nail polish trick, the anti-fungal cream helps but it was more of a way to difuse the pain of the sting from the vinager…

    Good luck…

  405. I have had a ringworm on my arm for over a week now. Then all of the sudden I started getting them every where. So,the other day I was online trying to find something for this because it was driving me CRAZY. I don’t know where I got it from. So, as I was reading on how to get rid of it so many people was saying to use finger nail polish. I got up at 12:00 midight applying finger nail polish on every spot and it is drying up and no longer itching. Don’t give up when you see it turn red it is working continue it and use polish remover I am on my second day it is WORKING.

  406. mine started out right under my chest area wasnt sure what it was bc i never had it b4…dont scratch it bc it spreads it spred all the way up my chest and neck and some on my wrist and on my head its driving me crazy!!!! just usint the anitfungal cream i hope it starts working really soon!!!!

  407. I am nine. Ive had a ringworm my forehead for about a month. I am going to try the nail polish remover trick.

  408. lotrimun ultra works good dont use bandages it make them bigger they need to breath

    i’ve been in wrestling for over 2 years now and what i do workss usualy in a week

    wash sheets everyday and pillow cases
    -dont let infected area touch anything!!!!!
    -dont let pets get it
    -use lotrimun 3 times a day

  409. My fiancee has these soars on the back of her neck. She thinks it’s from her long hair rubbing on her neck. After reading this, I think it’s ringworm. The soar I saw looked like the photo. What do yall suggest. Thanks.

  410. Hello, I fiancee has these soars on the back of her neck. She thinks it is from her long hair rubbing the back of her neck. After reading this and looking at one of the soars, I believe it to be ringworm cause it looks like the one in the photo. What do yall suggest? Thanks.

  411. im 17 have no animals dunno how i got it but i have about 6.. i know how i spread them..i thought it was just a bump on my stomach and picked at it and guess i touched other body parts.. the worst one is on my face 🙁 none of them were even red but i wanted them gone and used lamisil. i had not had any improvement in a week so i used tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar which turned them dark red.. you couldnt even see it before now its awful. since i hadnt seen improvment my dr. gave me ketoconazole cream which hopefully will do the trick..i wouldnt be so worried but the face on is embarasin my hair covers it but at cheer and work i have to wear a band aid. hopefully they will go away soon i peeled the one on my stomach it kinda hurt is that bad for it?

  412. I’m a wrestler and I am quite knowledgeable about these situations. I was going the slow way but I needed to get rid of it cause i compete in 3 days so i just stuck my one ring over a bottle of bleach as tight as possible and tipped it over waited till i got the shakes. I did this a few times within a thirty minute time frame until my skin was burnt and the place the ring was is actively bleeding. then dab with napkin. It stings a bit but get rid of it before it’s worse off. you should chase that with nail polish or do the moleskin thing.

  413. Some people get ringworm differently than others. I went to 7 skin doctors and they all wanted to do all these $ tests and saying “IT IS NOT RINGWORM!” I tried to tell them once in football it was ringworm and the doc I wnt to tested a few cells on a slide and the following day said, “I’ve never seen ringworm like this either, but it’s definitely ringworm.” It had gotten so bad by then between sweaty hot gym cloths, uniforms (things sometimes not washed for days)and the skin doctor had told me to take hot baths in this aveiano stuff you buy at the store. Big mistake! Fungush thrives in heat and the water just spread it all over my body even worse. The only relieve was buying Lotriman ULTRA. I had to go thru 16 tubes, and 8 cans of strapy but pretty soon (about 4 weeks) it was gone.Washing all sheets and all clothes spraying floors doors phones and everything you toubh with the spray form of Lotriman is no fun. Mine were different. Apparently they told me they look like lesions AIDS patients get. My feet were peeling with fungus too. I used the spray for that – used anti-fungal creme and or spray an 2-4 times/ If your on a sports tem Tee everyone immediately. It’s highly contagious- forms on people in different ways. One guy had a huge circle (size of a record) on his back that was flakey bright red & would hurt. IT would even bleed and puss. Yah do NOT COVER THEM – you open the puss and the puss is the fungai of what causes them to spread within hours some pleae legs. At home wear lose clothing or non at all (serio usllllllllluspreadfday

  414. i had a medium sized one on my leg and what i did was take a knife and scrape it really good. then wait a day or two for it to heal and apply the antifungal cream until it is gone. worked for me

  415. I had 1 ring worm on my right foot . since I tought it was only dry skin I never took medication or cream to treat it . After 40 days or so it became large but never itched it looked only like dry skin . I decided to go check with a doc and said it was ring worm and gave me lamasil to treat it . Later on that day my brother noticed another 1 on my upper back so I started treating it also , the next 2 day new spots started to appear on my groin so I decided to consult another doctor he checked my foot and my back and said it was definitly ring worm prescribed Nizoral shampoo to use daily for 3 weeks and keep using Lamasil. Since I started treatment (6days ago )the ringworms multiplied on my body really fast !!! this morning I counted them and I have 27 on my body and also the first one I had was like the colour of the skin no big differece but since I started treatment it looks very red and the ring appeared .

    15 minutes I tried also the bleach method on a few I aplied bleach to a cotton ball and made a circular movment on the ring worm they started to burn a lot now they start to look like when you have an abrasion and starts to heal

  416. I got ringworm from a cat. this is the 3rd day i have been treating it, (all over my face, neck, stomach, legs, arms, and hands. Basically everywhere!) and it is starting to fade. I have been mixing teatree oil with my shampoo (no conditioner), and with my body wash. That seems to be drying it out. I also used clear nail polish 2 nights in a row over the spots and i sleep in long pants and shirts, wash my sheets/clothes/towels daily with a bit of bleach added, and sanitize everything i’ve touched/washed my hands often. I’m using an antifungal cream as well, after i shower.

  417. Other ways to get rid of ring worm is witch hazel. It can be purchased from Kmart or almost any store. Just gently wipe down the area several times throughout the day or apply it on a band aid and place over the area. IT is slow but it will work. For a faster way, (which I’ve seen in as little as 3 days) is to use raw unfiltered, organic apple cider vinegar. Apply the same way as you would with witch hazel.
    Using the band aid in the morning and replace again at night is the fastest way to get rid of it. If you have sensitive skin it may become tender or blister.

  418. Try “coloring” it with a pen. I tried it after bleaching for a week did nothing. The pen yielded noticeable improvements overnight (color it before going to bed).

  419. I know this is crazy but it works… Nicotine will kill them. The best way I’ve come up with is to take few drags off a cigarette, while holding a small amount of saliva in your mouth. Then dip your fingertip into the nicotined saliva and rub into the infected area. My ex-mother-in-law showed me that and we’ve done it since (she has lots of cats). If you do it 2 or 3 times a day for a day or two that should do it. Give it a try if you know a smoker. Costs nothing and effective.

  420. Okay, so im about to die because i have ringworm on my thighs and its spread onto my body and arms. Its contagious and its honestly impossible to not touch any other body parts because theres like 100 of them (not really). And i dont GET how people are saying to clean everything and bla bla to not make it spread honestly i dont think anyone understands how hard it is to do that. i’m going to a doctor and got treated twice with medications if this one doesnt work im honestly going to go crazy. ITS IMPOSSIBLE to get rid of and i want to DIEE i hate this and i want it go awaaaaaaaay AHHHHHHHHHHH people need to find a better cure that will make it go away instantly or else im going to go insane

  421. I have been doing vicious battle with ringworm in my house for about 7 months now. I have tried it all! From bleach, to meds, to Pine sol- but guess what I have found that works?
    RUBBING ALCOHOL! No I am not joking. Soaking a sterile pad from the dollar store and rubbing it all over my legs 4-5 times a day the last 4 days has caused them to not only stop BUT GO AWAY. I can’t believe I have not tried this before. Just thought I would share it.

  422. I’m on a wrestling team and started to see a sore on my right leg, my coach said use lamasil AT, it didnt work, then i though of bleach and how it burns your skin, dont use bleach, the BEST thing you can use is Vinegar, i know it smells and you put it on salad but the acids in the liquid burn away fungi naturally, i used it and it worked, burns a bit but no harm to you, it felt so good to get rid of it.

  423. PLEASE READ THIS mine was exactly the same as this… i tried everything and nothing worked then i read this post done some googling and walla thats what it is.. after about $100 in cream there is no cure only time will make it go away and mine is nearly gone after 6 weeks.. Hey guys- I saw my doctor again…Turns out I was misdiagnosed the first time. I have pityriasis rosea. It looks exactly like ringworm so that is why I was misdiagnosed the first time. I was getting very upset that none of the treatments were working so the doctor did a punch biopsy on one of the spots. Not ringworm, no wonder the treatments weren’t working… I wanted to post this info because I have noticed several stories of people who started out with one spot only to have it “spread like wildfire” everywhere. This is what pityriasis rosea does. It starts out as one spot (called a herald patch) which will show up between 1-4 weeks before the secondary rash. There is no treatment for this, it goes away on it’s own in 6-8 weeks after the onset of the secondary rash. I would urge those of you who have been fighting this for a while to ask your doctor if it could be pityriasis rosea. From what I have read, there are a lot of us who have been misdiagnosed and think we have ringworm when we actually do not. That would explain why treatments don’t work and then finally after 2-3 months it goes away.

  424. I had one on my forehead one of these last summers. A real light one, I used a cream that my mom found at walmart, it worked, the ringworm was gone, but now I have another one on my neck, and its an angry red, and of course at first i thought it was a bug bite, it’s the size of a freaking cheerio! Who wouldn’t think that? So now, day after Christmas. And I need a uick solution, I cant afford missing anymore school for bull like this, my immune system’s already crap. I need something that works fast, help? I already have clear nail polish on it, but I dont know what else to do.

  425. I heard baking soda and a vinager mixed into a paste will stop it, burn like hell, but stop it.

    I tried it & it didnt, but i’ve been to the doctor for it, been prescribed everything & nothing is really helping mine

    Hope it works for you.

  426. I’m pissed! It sucks cos’ people always point it out on my face. I got one on each of my eyebrows which kinda makes sense cos’ according to my reading fungi usually thrive in heated areas and I do sweat on my brow…its not like it appeared slowly, I had one at the end of my right brow for about a year now nothing seems to work, but I’m going to try all your ideas and see if it works. And just a week ago another tiny one popped up on my left brow. :::sigh::: It really sucks but rather than continuing my complaining, I rather do something about it and try everything out. =]

  427. If you wash your hands with bleach for two times a day for two days it will go away it might burn but it is just a little sting to take away the germs out of it ,and using antibacterial soap such as dial world help get rid of the bacteria ,and calminelotion can help also help it get rid of the mark ,but to chelp from spreading it to others is to wear a bandage

  428. I just got ring worm from my cat and what i did is put isopropyl alcohol then i put clear nail polish i know it sounds crazy but it will work☺☻☻♥♦♣♠

  429. I got it from my cats. I have 3 of them so we are going to get them treated as well. I put vinegar on it so I can see how well it works. If it don’t work I’ll get back on here and let you guys know. My mother-in-law said she has some stuff to get rid of it but she’s not home yet, so I don’t know what it is, but when she gets here I’ll let you guys know what it is because apparently it worked for her son a little while ago when he got it from the cats too.

  430. I think the best way to get rid of it is calamine lotion. I used it as a kid after I went swimming in a pond. So good luck!

  431. Ok i get this in the winter alot for some reason. I get dry skin but i also get ringworm i think its from sweating while wearing heavy clothes. But a little bit of bleach daily or every other day on each of the spots does the trick. it will dry out your skin so once the ringworm is gone you will have to use lotion. Also if you have really sensative skin try watering the bleach down a bit.

  432. I am a clean freak, to say that I am disgusted would be an understatement now that I found a ringworm on the left side of my back. The nasty little thing is irritating precisely bcause it is contagious, persistently spreading to other sights or just getting bigger in the same area, and it is hard to get rid of it- as soon as it seems to be cured the filthy fungi multiplies and flares up again as soon as you get too comfortable and slow the treatment. The most disgusting part is watching it welt, turn white and raise slighty above the skin when enough Hydrogen Peroxide is applied-It makes my skin crawl and I want to cut it out with a knife and blow torch the area.

    So here is what I’ve found so far based on remedies that I’ve tried:

    Bleach works but it burns a little for a few seconds; this for me is bearable and better than looking at the nauseating revolting thing. You can dilute it for ease (no burn) 5 times or so if desired and apply it 3 times a day. It works FAST, I saw results in 2 days.

    Liquid Band Aid did NOT work for me. After applying it I waited about 3 hours to remove it and assess the results. Before I put on the LBA it was almost completely gone from my 2 day bleach treatment and after removing it the fungi had multiplied and formed a wider more solid ring around the area, much to my horror.

    Hydrogen peroxide does not work by itself and it seems to irritate it, especially if you continue applying it several times during one session. It swells and turns the ring white and a hard solid ring will form. Almost like white rocks around a camp fire- its quite disgusting but after a few minutes the skin will return to normal. If using Hydrogen Peroxide I would recommnd it to be used in conjunction with a topical anti-fungi treatment. You can get these over the counter at any pharmacy. The only thing is that this method takes up to 4 wks to cure completely.

    I’ve also found that powder helps it to dry up when used with any of the above treatments-after applying your bleach treatment or any other, just dab a little powder on the area and it will stay dry helping it to cure fast.

    Remember to wash all clothing, bedding etc., spray lysol/bleach on hard surfaces while treating this fungi –Good Luck.

    Powder- I’ve also found that powder helps it to dry up but after ap

  433. This will work!
    I had ringworm for almost a year. I tried a topical creme that was working, but I stopped applying too soon, and it came back! I then used about 3 other types of creme but it just kept getting stronger, it devolped into some kind of avanced stage.
    I don’t really recomend this treatment, but if you are tired of the ringworm, want it gone quickly, and dont mind a little pain use this method:
    1. Mix bleach and water together at about a 50/50 ratio.
    2. At first use a cotton swab to apply mixture directly on the ringworm for about a minute, 2 to 3 times a day.
    3. after about 3 days if you do not see any reaction, you may want to soak it in the mixture for about 5 minutes, 2 to 3 times a day. This will kill the ringworm forsure. Be careful, if you soak it for too long you will get a chemical burn (like I did). This hurts pretty bad(no big deal though). I just used Neosporin to keep it from getting infected.
    yes, it was primitive, but that ring worm was gone within the week!

  434. Hello. I just got ring worm from my 9 month old son. I am not sure how he got it, maybe from daycare.. It itches so bad! The doctor gave me cream and i’ve been using it for 3 days, the ringworm is still itchy and it is not decreasing in size! I heard bleach will cure it up but may sting. I also heard the 100% effective way to get rid of it is to have your doctor prescribe medicine. I think that is what I will do now!

  435. I have ringworm at the moment and i am using Clotrimazole cream. I have a massive one on my face, and loads on the top of my legs, i’m thinking of trying out the Calamine lotion technique if it doesn’t clear up. How long will it take to go away do you guys think? 🙂

  436. I learned this the hard way, folks. I was putting every moisturizing cream on my hand that I could find, which was (duh) making things worse, not better. I stumbled upon Lotrimim and it totally works. It extinguished the itch and made the redness and welts go away within a couple of days. Do NOT stop using it until all of the redness is gone.
    You can “diagnose by treatment;” in other words, if Lotrimin doesn’t work, it ain’t ringworm.
    There is also a prescription cream called Nystatin that has the same effect, so I’d recommend making the decision based on cost.
    Antibacterial soap (such as Dial) will also help.

  437. I had a serious case of ringworm. It drove me insane. So you know when you have had enough playing games, the doctor tells you put this cream on, take this tablet… bla bla bla… and it does not work, you eventually have to fight fire with fire right? So I took the hot iron from my wife and burnt those little critters right off. Look it will bring a tear to my eye, maybe with pain, happiness or the pleasure of knowing you are killing them, it is hard to explain all these emotions. All I can suggest is do it outside, the smell, its not so good in the house, it can make people very sick. So I think im cured because I have not had it since, maybe they told all there little friends to leave me alone and they run away? Maybe they heard ther little pinyada friends screaming like little girls as they were melting or vapourize aiy aiy aiy one by one?

  438. BLEACH, BLEACH, BLEACH! FASTEST CURE. 1 Part Bleach, 1 Part Water. QTIP. Do not rinse unless its on your face or somewhere else really tender. Then get rid of the spores by using bleach in the Laundry, Lysol on the furniture/bed. Bleach on the Bathroom floor 1 : 10. Don’t reuse towels, Biggest pain. And don’t forget to take a bath at least every other day in 1 or 2 cups of bleach in a full tub to kill spores/and or places you havent seen pop up yet. Vinegar was waaaaaay to slow for me, The creams were a joke,(4 weeks? are u kidding me) You will see results with bleach in 2 to 5 days.

  439. Bleach will help get rid of ring worm, i got it from my grandkid. he caught it at daycare. i use bleach the splashless kind, and neoporhrane. and apple cider vinegar. its drying it up, and clove oil and tea tree oil is good too. i been using it all. good luck everybody1!

  440. I have a ringworm on my arm and I have had it for about 2 months!! Help me!! I have but bleach on it, but it seems to be getting bigger, do i need to up the amount of times a day i do this? Do i need a to cover it?

  441. I got rid of my ringworm in two days with lime sulfur. It was prescribed for my dog for ringworm. I dipped a Q tip in the bottle and put it directly on the ringworm. It burned some but considering how much it itched, it was soothing. It dried overnight. I read about it from vets who use it on horses and have tried it on themselves. It is a fungicide used in organic farming. So you don’t need a vets prescription. It stinks like rotten eggs and stains so be careful. If you have large spots then maybe dilute it. Also, apply over the counter athletes foot cream twice a day whenever you feel itchy will help it stay away.

    PS I spray a mixture of bleach and water in my bathroom after I shower. I read ringworm spores linger there. Good Luck!!

  442. I got ringworms from my cat.It was the worst case I had ever seen.It spread all over my stomach, up under my arms, it was everwhere.I tried all the creams,bleach or any other thing I could find.So I went to the doctor,he prescribed Fluconazole 150MG, with in 3 weeks it was all gone.This Fluconazole is a tablet you take once a week,but men don’t freak out cause this pill is for Vaginal Yeast infection,I’m a man and it worked for me.I hope this helps out with your battle with RINGWORMS.

  443. I got ringworm and did not want to try bleach. I tried a couple of homeopathic treatmets that didn’t work. I, finally, prayed to know what to do. I went to the linen closet and discovered a spray bottle of Tinactin. My husband had athletes foot a while ago. I sprayed it on the ringworm and it formed a powdery layer over it. By the third treatment it was hardly noticeable. Once it “appears” to be gone I am going to switch to Tinactin cream to finish out the four weeks. I think the wisest advice is: STAY THE COURSE! Just as you need to take all ten day’s worth of an antibiotic, so you also need to apply the antifungal for the recommended 3-4 weeks. Tinactin worked for me. I guess it’s called “Tough Actin Tinactin” for a reason!

  444. Hi i had ringworm for 4 months on my inner thighs. i wasn’t sure what it was at first and i was scared so i didn’t go to a doctor. well it started to spread so i Googled it and this is what worked for me. I bought a spray can of tough actin tinactin. on the can it even says it cures ringworm. i would spray it on in the morning and night and then i would wrap plastic wrap around my legs to suffocate it. i had results in 4 days. after 4 days they were just light pink circles. Then in the morning/night i started putting a coat of clear nail polish(with a q-tip)on each ringworm.(make sure to use a new q-tip for each ringworm) and it was fully gone in about 3 more days =]

  445. Hi im Hadi, i have had ringworm for 3 years none stop. I would get one ringworm, and after about a month the topical cream finally made it go away. The spot would always itch even though it looks gone. it drove me crazy because i think i got rid of it and another one would come back. so i stopped putting cream and started useing clear nail polish. at the beginning of the day i would aply it around the spot, not just on it. use a q-tip(dont use twice).when it comes night time, use a cotten ball. remove all nail polish with nail polish remover( put a little pressure on it). as it removes you will see the ringworm flake of. then take a paper towel and aply on it for a few min. do this until spot and ITCH goes away. :)))))

  446. I got ring worm on my left thigh did not know what it was at first it spread like wild fire. i am using equate ringworm cream and selsum blue shampoo in my hair and on my skin when i take showers. nothing been happening yet although it is only the second day. i had 5 ringworm’s the first day know i have 25 and of course the biggest one is smack dab in the middle of my forehead. the boogers itch like 10 times more than poison ivy(i am almost tempted to burn them off).

  447. Doing it now!!

    1. bleach mix it with water, use cotton to cover it up
    2. let it dry and use powder

    hopefully it works on me!!

  448. I have these foster children in my house and they had the ringworm since they came to my home back in july and they’ve had it even longer than that. now i have washed ther hair with the shampoo the dr. gave me plus i’ve been putting the cream on it and giving them the oral med. what else can i do

  449. I had one patch of ringworm on my arm and it seemed like it was impossible to kill! I used powder, then stopped, then have been using some high-strength cream for the past month and that was barely working either. Then I got some clear nail polish and after only four treatments the ringworm’s almost completely dead. Clear nail polish worked great and not only that but it stopped the itching after only one application.

  450. I got ringworm from this guy at school from kissing him his name is Tyree but everyone calls him humpty because he humps stuff. He humped me. But anyways theres this boy montre and I like him but he dont like me cause he said i was UGLY. So i kissed Tyree to make him mad. So how do you get rid of it?

  451. Well i just applied some bleach on the ringwork with a Q- TIP and it was quick, i would only recomend this if you are a wrestler and you need to get rid of it fast

  452. We had 2 kittens covered in ringworm that spread to the rest of us. I used a product made by Earth to Body called Clay Neem, which is green clay, oatmeal and neem powder. We mixed the powder with fresh lime juice until it was a paste and then coated the kittens. We own a Wood’s lamp that showed us just how well the mixture was working. The bright neon green of the fungus faded with each application and after a few days it was gone and the fur grew back in.
    Leave the mixture on the skin for 20 minutes and rinse off with water.