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About Scarring

Scars come about either accidentally, through injuries, as a result of an illness that produces lesions, or as the inevitable outcome of surgery. Since there is a great deal of variation in the time a wound takes to heal – the size and depth of the wound, the blood supply to the area, the thickness and color of the skin, the direction of the scar, age, race, physical condition, etc. – there is a great deal of variation in the scarring a wound produces. And all scars are not created equal. Besides your garden variety scar that’s small and eventually disappears, there are different types of problem scars:


Keloids result from a genetically more aggressive healing of wounds. This produces scars that go beyond the original boundaries of the wound. They are found mostly among darker-skinned people of African or Asian descent. Thick, puckered, itchy clusters of scar tissue, they are, in fact, benign tumor most commonly found over the breastbone, on the earlobes, and on the shoulders.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, keloids may be treated by injecting them with a steroid medication directly into the scar tissue. This will reduce any redness, itching, or burning, and may also shrink the scar. While their tendency to develop decreases with age, they have a tendency to recur, often larger than before. The scar tissue may be surgically removed and, to discourage the keloid’s return, the surgeon may apply steroids injected before and during the surgery, or use radiation. The patient may also have to wear a pressure garment over the area for as much as a year. Even with all that, the keloid may return and require repeated surgery every few years.

Acne Scars

Less commonly seen in today’s America than just 50 years ago, acne produces papules, pustules, or (in its most severe form) nodules on the face and elsewhere. These leave behind pits when they dry up and disappear. Severe cases leave victims with faces that appear to have been ravaged by smallpox.

Acne is caused by bacteria infecting pores that have been plugged up by oil and dead skin cells. The best way to deal with the scars is to treat the acne that causes them (Learn how to get rid of acne). The best medication to use is 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, which disinfects existing bacterial colonies and dries the skin to discourage future blockage of the pores. Precede treatment with a gentle wash with soap and water (keep it gentle; any rough treatment of the skin encourages more infection) and follow treatment with a non-oily moisturizing lotion.

Surgical treatments for deep acne scarring include subcision, punching, and collagen augmentation. For more shallow scars, dermabrasion, laser resurfacing, and chemical peels may be employed. Keep in mind that surgery of any type cannot proceed when there is any acne active on your body. Realize, too, that results of the procedures vary, that multiple treatments are generally required, and that each treatment runs anywhere from $300 to $3,000 per treatment; insurance seldom covers treatments.

For more information about acne scars and their treatments, see How to Get Rid of Acne Scars.


When the human body experiences serious burns, the burns can go deep through the derma and into elastic connective tissue – muscle and tendons. Contractures develop when this tissue is replaced during healing by shorter, inelastic fibrous tissue which then restricts movement. Physical therapy, applied pressure, and stretching exercises do aid in controlling contracture burn scars, but surgery such as a skin graft or a flap procedure may also be required. Such new techniques as Z-Plasty or tissue expansion are also used in relief of the complications contracture scars create.

Hypertrophic Scars

Raised, red scars, these resemble keloids except that they stay within the boundary of the wound. Given time, they may disappear on their own. Most treatments, including dermabrasion, laser abrasion, surgically excising them, skin grafting, intra-lesional steroid injections, cryosurgery, radiotherapy, topical retinoids, collagen injections, silicone gel sheeting, and pressure dressings have produced results generally cosmetically unsatisfactory or inadequate; and the scars often reappear or worsen

Dr. Tina S. Alster reports that the only method to result in prolonged positive clinical outcomes has been laser scar revision using pulsed dye laser technology.

A number of home remedies have been proposed for making scars go away (More tips on how to remove a scar). Some involve potato peels, others aloe, but most advocate some kind of oil (usually Vitamin E) rubbed into the scar. However, a skeptic of these treatments has pointed out that massaging a scar several times a day breaks down fibrous materials and makes it go away faster. Using any kind of oil acts as a lubricant to make the massage more effective.

Click here for more information on how to get rid of scars.

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  1. Basically, the only things you can do for non-keloid scars (hyperpigmented or hypopigmented areas which are typically of a different texture than your normal skin, but still level with it) is apply moisturizer and wait for your skin heal itself. There is no fast cure for non-keloid scars. You pretty much have to learn to ignore them or dress to minimize their visibility.

  2. I have a keloid on the side of my face. I have had it removed 3 times. I would HIGHLY discourage the removal of keloid tissue by surgery because I am living proof that they not only grow back, but they also grow back LARGER in size. I have also used the steroid, 5-** (chemotherapy), several types of laser treatments, and pressure bandages. With combining all of the above treatment options, the keloid flattened completely. However, once the treatment was discontinued after 3 YEARS of treatment every 4 WEEKS, the keloid still grew back very rapidly. I would suggest leaving it alone and only if it becomes debilitating ot very disfiguring, seek treatment options but NOT surgery. Thank you.

  3. use silicon pads that you can get at a drugstore. they flattened my scar i have right in the middle of my breastbone fro a mole removal

  4. rosehip oil is good for taking away redness and ‘bio oil’ is specially formulated to get rid of scars and stretch marks

  5. i got a brand burn, its pretty deep and it’s taking a while to heal. do you have any suggestion on how to either heal it faster, or prevent keloid, or deep scar

  6. Hi , I am an Indian & I have got scars due to laser burns. Anyone know which is the best option -Home remidies like Potato peel, Lemon n cucumber Juice together or Hydroquinone. Does anyone else have any other faster sol. to it??

  7. j-brown, i have a brand, so i can tell you- mine took about 2 months for the scabs to heal, and it was very sensitive for about 6 months afterwards. to avoid keloids, DONT PICK IT. dont touch it at all. dont let anything touch it, including clothes. keep it moisturized, treat it like you would a tattoo which Im sure you have if youve got a branding. theres no way to make it heal faster, just take care of it and be careful.

  8. i have scars on my left knee due to an accident when i was young and until now they are still visible. I want to make it less visible but i dont have enough money to buy expensive scar removal things. I want to ask, what are other ways to make it less visible in a cheaper but in a effective way?thank u!

  9. hi.. im a 17 year old girl … when i was 3 i had to have an operation on my heart… which has left me with a deep scar along the whole of my stomach… this was 14 years ago.. and it is still very visable. it’s a different colour and texture and really bothers me as it shows when i wear bikini’s etc… does anyone have ANYTHING that could possibly help because it really does get me down 🙁

  10. hello, i had a real bad scar on the right side of my leg and i hated it. i got the scar when i was a bout 10yrs old. I got a tatoo to cover and now its gone. I don’t even remember that its there.

  11. i recently i was curling my hair and i burned a little spot on my shoulder. im picky about scars on my skin and i want to know how i should go about taking care of my burn.

  12. hey I’m 16 and i’ve always had problem with scars on my body growing up being a tomboy.I realized this is not attractive watsoever so i decided to do something about it i started researching and i saw a site that said to rub scar with lemon juice or aloe Vera at least twice a day,scratch the scar to get it loose,and also message it daily.
    -Use product such as Scar Solution by Neosporin
    -Savcion active Heal
    -Cocoa Butter**
    -lavender oil**

    I been using this technique for a year and man big results the main goal is to stay consistent because if you don’t it will not work as fast as you want it to.
    Good luck!
    Email me with your results>

  13. cocoa butter is also good for scars and stretch marks.. it helps the scar fade a little but not completely get rid of it.

  14. this is for the hardcores,
    well first since you have scars from the razors it only depends on how deep you applied to cut;
    you can 1st apply water and try to rub your dead skin out as much as possible i tried everything including cream and such and i’m still thinking whether is im get laser scar removal or not
    but you can still use hand warmers to hide them at the time or bracelets and watches

  15. Hey guys, my auntie (she’s a pharmacist), has this dog and when he was a puppy, he used to leave these grotesquely LONG scratches along her arms and when they scarred, they were VERY visble. Anyways, so she used Vitamin E cream. It’s available at any drug store and I believe it’s one of the best for scars. That’s how she got rid of hers.

  16. first off EMO KIDS stop freaking cutting yourself its pointless… second try scar removal creams or oils if not well then quit cutting yourself!! it doesnt make u look cool its just gross

  17. I has a scar on my chin because i was shaving while i was doing that my brother came in and scared me i took a big chunk of skin off my chin so i called my doctor and she said if you have a open cutt best thing is to keep it clean as possible so i took rubbing alchol(i know it burns but its worth it) and rubbed it on the i took and anti bacterial oitment and put it on as soon as it starts to scab go out to a pharmacy and buy maderma its a special oitment just for scars if you have scar thats less then 1 inch it will go away in about 8 weeks if you keep applying the oitment if its bigger it might take 3 months if keep alppying the oitment-now if you have a scar that really bothers you i would sugest going out and getting a chemical bath it burns away the fist layer of skin and then your left with no scars and its like a fresh start again

  18. ei, guys…im 12 yrs old and i got a huge scar on my right leg..i super hate it..will u guys please tell me te fastest way to remove it?? im begging u..this is really stupid! i cant wear shorts of anything that isnt pants!! !!!please!! help me!!


  20. Hey guys! I have two pretty good size scars on my legs from road burn, I massage cocoa butter onto them and it seems to work pretty well. I also got a scar from when I was surfing and my side skimmed the bottom of the ocean, basically a sand burn, and I am also using cocoa butter on that, and its going away pretty fast.

  21. first of all… I cut myself all the time and i have so many scars. it doesnt bother me. this is for the people who cut themselves.. if you dont want scars then quit cutting yourself.

  22. Hi guys,
    my friend got her navel pierced in February.
    It was migrating so she took it out. She was left with a raised scar The piercer said to use PURE chamomile as a hot compress. And then after, get the chamomile and massage it into the scar for 2 mins. Do this twice-four times daily. She only started doing so the other week but it seems to be working.
    Hope that helped. =]
    Hugs and kisses
    x o x o x o

  23. I’d like to start off by saying…

    If you are cutting yourself I would recommend you talk to a counselor or loved one so that someone can help you work through whatever is causing you to treat yourself that way. There are plenty of resources available you simply have to ask for it.

  24. try perfer on it really work you it works for any scar old or new and you can get it at any pharmicy its really helped me.

  25. some small areas of my face and neck was burned by boiling cocking oil in the kitchen years ago and the scar is still left in my face so is there anything i can possibly do to get red of the burnt scars in my face? please help!!! Thanx in advance.

  26. hi guys,im arian..i have a problem when it comes to scars..i have a lot of it on my legs and i hate it!what are the possible ways to get rid of it?
    please help me..
    thanks a lot!

  27. Hey does anyone know about getting a mole removed how bad the scar will be? I really want to get it removed and the scar i think won’t bother me much just wanna know how to remove it too.

  28. I recently stopped cutting myself and know i inally care about all the scars how can i get rid of them ?

  29. Well geezer, i am on this page looking to remove a scar.. after i removed my mole lol. there are many ways to remove a mole, and each way will leave a different scar. this may be too late for you, but if i were you i would either get the mole lazered off (esp on the face) or get it cut out and get stitches. dont try herbal removal or shving.. trust me i knOw.

  30. USE LEMON JUICE! Erm i had scars my self but i didnt use it yet. still a little shaky but a lot of ppl sed it worked! so lots of luck!

  31. To all those hating on the “emo kids” who cut themselves, shut up! We don’t do it to be cool or whatever… Sorry your mommy and daddy can get you everything including a therapist, but not everyones parents care enough… So shut it… Some of us have had a bad past and want to move on from it, inluding getting rid of the scars… Some of us have huge red welts from cutting too deep and just want to stop the questions everyone else asks…

  32. Hey guys d best way 2 remove pimples nd acnes is 2 rinse face regularly wit a not-so-hot water or most preferably have a steam bath trice a week with gentle rubbing using a vit. E based soap nd soft sponge . It may take time dependin on d severity bt it’s worth d trial. Trust me, i knw 4rm xpreince.

  33. I got so many scars on my face, back and even around my balls from acne. i dont know what i did to deserve them, im a very peaceful person and stay far away from sin.

    I guess its true what SLAYER said in 1 of their songs..


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