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How to Get Rid of Semen Stains

Stains are easier to make than get rid of, especially when they come from receiving pleasure from your partner. Men who orgasm and release their sperm cells create semen stains. These do not only come from having sex with a partner, but also from masturbating, oral sex or wet dreams.

No matter how many times you vow to be careful every time to want to have a good time, you still can’t avoid staining your stuff. It helps to know how to get rid of semen stains because these are the kinds of stain you don’t want your mother or your helper to clean for you.

Preventing Semen Stains

Preventing the stains can be just as exciting as the activity that causes them. Here are a few ideas.

  • Masturbating inside the bathroom is more ideal because water is accessible in that part of the house. You can simply wash your penis and let your semen go down the drain. If you have a lover, try doing the deed inside the bathroom. Aside from the gift of “easy washing,” you’ll have the pleasure of getting adventurous and mind-blowing orgasms.
  • Cleaning your underwear using your blankets, pillowcases, worn clothes and towels will only make the situation worse. Instead of removing semen stain only from the underwear, you will also have to clean up the items you used to wipe the gunk. Don’t spread the semen stain. Use rags and other fabrics that you don’t mind getting stained.
  • Remember the X-rated television shows you used to watch late at night? The shows are characterized by groaning sounds and tissue paper. In pop culture, these are used to represent self-pleasure in males. When you masturbate, always have tissue beside you.
  • Why not ask your partner to swallow in case you are in for some oral sex? This way, you don’t need to worry about staining your upholstered sofa, your clean sheets or your clothes. If your partner does not want to swallow it, then let him or her spit it out on something that’s easy to wash or dispose. It might not be easy for your partner to swallow, so make sure first that he or she is willing to do it. Otherwise, try the other tips to help you prevent semen stains.

More Conventional Tips

Getting rid of semen stains doesn’t have to be difficult.

  • A professional can always do it for you. If you can’t handle your own stains, have someone dry clean your garments.
  • Detergents have chemicals that help you get rid of your semen stains. Wash your stained underwear or fabrics using water and detergent while the semen is still fresh. Seltzer water is also very helpful.
  • Did you know that white vinegar is not only for cooking your favorite dishes, but also for cleaning things, too? Vinegar has acetic acid that makes it an effective cleaning substance. The acid dissolves any organic compounds in your couch, pillows, towels, bed sheets and underwear.
  • If you think detergents are too strong for your fabrics, you can use environment-friendly soaps found on the market today. Spray some seltzer water on the stained area, or run plain water on it after washing it with soap.
  • Spot treatments work for white fabrics. Just dab Clorox on the stained area and let the fabric absorb the chemicals for a few minutes. You can bleach the whole shirt to even the color. Bleach is corrosive, but it is the most effective substance that can help you get rid of semen stains. If you are confident that spot treatment works for you and your shirt, then put the clothing item in the laundry basket for more washing and general cleanup.
  • Boric acid, also known as borax, is effective when it comes to cleaning semen stains. You will find borax in a little box if you visit your local grocery store. Like hydrogen peroxide, borax is also environmentally friendly. Even the ancient Greeks made use of borax to clean their clothing. To start using this substance, create a paste by mixing a small amount of water with a tablespoon of borax. This amount should be enough spread over your semen stain. Let the paste sit for 30 minutes, and then use a scotch pad to brush the semen away.
  • Semen stains on the couch are a disaster. You don’t want your mother spotting them after you send your girlfriend or boyfriend home. The best you can do is to take the cushion covers off immediately. Use detergent to clean them up and wait for a few minutes for the detergent to sink into the fabrics and do its job. After this, handwash the cushions or use a washing machine to make the job easier. Using hot water on organic stains is a bad idea because the heat can help the stain set, so make sure you use cold water. If you can’t take off the covers, scrub your couch with two parts water solution and one part vinegar. Make sure that the stain is scrubbed off using a plastic scrubber to maintain the quality of the fabric.
  • Not everyone believes in the power of bleach since it’s a corrosive material. If you want, try hydrogen peroxide you can buy from drugstores. Hydrogen peroxide is a non-chlorine bleach that’s known to be milder than pure bleach. Have hydrogen peroxide available every time you think you are going to have a good time with someone. A few teaspoons will do. Just rub it on the spot and let the fabric absorb the chemicals. Run it through the water if the fabric is all-white, since hydrogen peroxide is not color-safe.

Sexual pleasure is not something you should be ashamed of since it comes naturally, but indelible semen stains on your sheets are another thing. They are very unsightly and mortifying. Follow these tips to get rid of semen stains, and say goodbye to the embarrassment of having other people see your sticky smudges.

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  • While the spot is still wet, spray with cool water (we always have squirt bottles of water around, cat training…) and then get some cotton balls, soak with the spray bottle, then run on a bar of ivory soap, and spray again with the water…blot the stain out while its still wet, spritz with water again and blot with a dry clean towel. Mess will disappear before there is a stain to deal with.

  • Why resort to all that stuff when a roll of paper towels, kept next to your bed, or place of “Business” will do nicely. Don’t buy the cheap stuff since it will be rough on your package as you’re wiping away the fruits of your labor.

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