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Having a face free of hair and stubbles is a common requisite for looking neat. It highlights facial contours, making a man look clean and more youthful. The problem is, while shaving, cuts caused by the friction of blade on skin can appear. Not only are they painful, deep cuts can also form scabs and scars, ruining your good looks. Get rid of shaving cuts by applying topical medicine. As for prevention, you should choose the right razor and apply sound shaving techniques.

Why Do Shaving Cuts Appear?

Shaving cuts are caused either by incorrect strokes or a dull razor blade. Given the sharpness of razors, the shaving stroke should be smooth, gliding lightly on the surface. The stroke should be adjust according to the skin contours. For the face, the razor should follow the chin’s and the skin above the lip’s shapes. For the underarms, the skin must be stretched to avoid cuts and burns. Slow and careful strokes are what you need to clear off the pubic region. Use products that lessen the friction between the razor and the skin like shaving cream, soapy water, etc.

Treat Shaving Nicks

The appearance of shaving nicks is common. Even if you have a careful shaving stroke, you can still draw blood, especially if you have sensitive skin. The pain is tolerable and the cuts last for only a few hours, but getting rid of them quickly, kills your aesthetic worries in a jiffy. There are many simple remedies available, so you shouldn’t worry.

  • Moisturizing Lotion – A moisturizing lotion is formulated to provide much needed moisture and protection from germs to your skin. Incidentally, its properties work well with shaving cuts. Upon application, it moisturizes the cut, controlling bleeding. It also protects the wound from germs and bacteria, keeping it clean until it heals.
  • Anti-Perspirant– Your anti-perspirant comes as an unlikely yet effective solution. It contains aluminum chloride or a similar compound, which makes the blood clot as well as dry the wounds. The shaving cuts, as a result, heal minutes after application. To apply, place a small amount of anti-perspirant on a cotton swab. Rub the swab on the cuts. Moments later, you’ll have smooth and spotless skin, as if the nicks never appeared. No wonder, it is one of the most popular treatments for shaving cuts.
  • Ice Cube – If a cold compress can promote the healing of large cruises, you can also apply the same logic to shaving nicks. Grab an ice cube then press it on the cuts. The cold will soothe the swelling as well as halt the bleeding. The wounds will close after, leaving zero to a few faint scars.
  • Press on the Skin Surrounding the Cuts – The solution for almost all types of problems is in your hands and a shaving cut isn’t an exception. Since shaving nicks are pretty small, all you need to do is to drain the excess blood until the wounds close. Press the skin surrounding the cuts, so the blood can flow out. Use tissue to collect the blood until the bleeding is controlled. Once the bleeding is limited, the cuts will dry out shortly after.
  • Petroleum Jelly – For a cosmetic solution used for skin protection, it will make short work of shaving cuts. Apply a small amount on the shaving nicks. In a short while, they will disappear in painless fashion.
  • Betadine – Betadine is made as a topical ointment and antiseptic, which is effective for minor aberrations. Its iodine content promotes fast healing. So upon application, the cuts will almost instantly fade.
  • Lip Balm – Just like anti-perspirant, lip balm is an unlikely remedy for shaving cuts. It dries out the nicks quickly, stopping the bleeding right after application. It has formulation similar to petroleum jelly, which explains its healing properties.

All the remedies are found in every household. The anti-perspirant is perhaps the most effective means to control shaving cuts, but feel free to try out the others. Skin sensitivity is relative from one person to another anyway.

How to Shave Properly

The only way to prevent or limit the appearance of nicks is through proper shaving. It is so easy, so you should have no trouble adding the routine to your list of daily activities.

  1. Choose the Right Razor – Normally, a safety razor is enough to produce a clean shave. If you have a shaky hand, try purchasing an electric razor or a razor with an arched handle. Clearing off the stubbles doesn’t require much effort with these items.
  2. Apply Shaving Cream -With your razor ready, apply shaving cream on the area to be shaved. Leave no portion uncovered, so the lather maximizes its protective function against razor burns.
  3. Shave with a Smooth Downward Stroke – A smooth downward stroke is the least tiring since it goes in congruence with gravity. Stroke the razor lightly, so it cuts off the stubbles with minimal contact with the skin. Continue running the razor until all the areas with shaving cream have been covered.
  4. Rinse – Right after shaving, rinse of the cut stubbles and remains of the shaving cream with facial wash and water. Check if there are still areas with stubbles, which brings you back to steps 2 and 3, only for those areas.
  5. Aftershave (optional) – The aftershave soothes razor burns and emits a pleasant scent. Apply it right after your rinse, for a nice refreshing feeling. However, it should only be used for facial shaving, since it may irritate more sensitive areas like the underarms and the pubic region.

Once you have mastered the art of the smooth shave, shaving cuts will be the least of your problems. Avoiding them will be easy, by then. In the event that they do appear, you can remedy them with ease, given your plethora of shaving cut treatments. If you learn from reading this article might as well read how to shave with a straight razor blade.

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