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Shoes are universal to almost any outfit anywhere in the world. Whether you are walking, running, training, working, or any other part of your day, you are always wearing some type of shoe; boots, running shoes, dress shoes, or sandals. You get the point! Whichever pair of shoes you wear most frequently are always being pushed through tough conditions. Even if your shoes are still in good shape, perhaps they are going ‘out of style.’ Since you rely on the protection, comfort, and style of a good shoe, you may now need to get rid of your shoes and find a new pair. There are many ways in which you can get rid of your own, as well as a family member’s pair of shoes. Read on to find out how!

1. Analyze the shoes.

There are many steps you may take before choosing what to do with your shoes. An analysis of the shoes is the first step you need to take in order to determine whether or not your pair of shoes is old, damaged, out of style, or of the shoes needs to go entirely.

To understand if these shoes are no longer any good to you, ask yourself some questions. Are these shoes causing pain? Are they falling apart? Are they just not as comfortable as they used to? Have you outgrown the shoe? Is there a newer style that appeals to your wants/needs? Are you running out of space on the shoe rack/closet? Answering these questions will determine what actions you take next.

2. Throw them out.

Now that you have asked yourself the many questions available, you have come to the conclusion that this pair is not worth the limited space on your shoe rack, or within your closet. This method of how to get rid of shoes may be the easiest and fastest possible way to get this pair of shoes out of your sight. Find your garbage can, or any garbage can around you, and toss them. It’s that simple!

This is an easy solution, but it is not environmentally friendly. If the shoes are still in wearable condition, you should consider passing them on to someone who can still get use from them.

3. Donate the shoes to charity.

Are your shoes are in great shape, and you don’t want them to go to waste? One great way to make sure these shoes are being put to great use is to donate the pair to charity. There are many options available for you to donate to these charities.

If you do not want to drop the shoes off to the charity location, find your local charities’ website and contact them to find the drop off alternatives they have. There may be drop off bins around town, and there are many charity organizations that send trucks around picking up clothing. Whatever method you decide to donate through, you will know that your shoes are put towards a great cause.

4. Sell the shoes.

So you have come to decision that you want a new style, or that the shoe just doesn’t fit into your storage areas. A great way to grab a few dollars while making space, or to put some money towards your next pair of shoes is to sell this pair of shoes. Find someone who they appeal to, or sell them to someone who will put the shoe to use in a way you never could.

There are many options to take when deciding how to go about selling this shoe. Maybe you found many items when cleaning your room or your house, and you can hold a garage sale.

There are various online sources that offer the consumer-to-consumer sales service that you are looking for. These sites do not take much time or effort to create a posting. You may even know a friend, or a friend of a friend who is looking for a new pair of shoes that would fit this individual’s size, and style preference.

Another easy way to get rid of the pair of shoes could be to bring them to a used sports goods store. Many times, used sports goods stores will analyze the shoe and offer a price they will buy it for. Although this is a quick and convenient way to sell your shoe, you may not get the same price you were hoping for. Selling the shoe directly to the person who plans on wearing it is the best way to ensure you are getting the best possible value.

5. Repair the shoes.

Your shoe may be worn down, but keep in mind that it may be repairable. If you are particularly fond of a certain pair of shoes, fix them instead of throwing them out! Find the local shoe repair man/woman. They may know just the way to repair your favourite pair of shoes that you would never want to give up.

This option will give you the satisfaction of saving your shoe at a low cost. You will also save the money you never wanted to spend on a new pair of shoes that you don’t have the same emotional attachment to.

6. Create new personal items.

If a shoe has sentimental value to you, consider removing materials from the shoe to make some type of personal item. For instance, the shoelaces from the shoe can make a great stylish wristband or headband/hair tie. Another idea may be to customize a school binder, or create a stylish birthday card. There are many great artsy ideas, so test your imagination so your shoe can live on!

7. Personalize the new shoes.

Say your shoe was your favourite for quite some time, but you still want the stylish look to the new shoe that you have just purchased. One way to create an original shoe is to remove certain colours and styles from your old shoe, and sew them on to the newly purchased shoe. This can create a highly personalized shoe that no one has ever seen before.

These methods will give you the same result that you have been searching for! Getting rid of your shoes does not have to be a difficult process. Now that you have several options to consider, your preference will guide you to the best possible decision. Good luck in this process, and remember that the protection, comfort, and style of your shoe are what should drive your decision.

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