Posted on: August 19, 2013 Posted by: Nicole Harding Comments: 0

Silverfish are unsightly and destructive pests. Just how to get rid of silverfish in the home naturally is a question environmentally conscience and pet loving homeowners ask often. The answer can be difficult to come by, but this article will lay out four methods to do just that.

The process should really be twofold. First remove any of the blatantly attractive ?munchies? around your home. For example, silverfish love paper, sugar and starches. So you may want to let go of that collection of old news papers and switch to keeping dried cereal, flour and sugar in airtight containers. Areas that collect a lot of condensation are culprits as well.

After your home has been made less of a silverfish buffet, it will be time to move onto extermination. You will never be able to remove all of their food options because silverfish will eat clothes, paste under wallpaper, even your shampoo. They will also live up to one year even without a ready food supply, so unfortunately they will have to be killed or repelled as they will not readily leave on their own.

The top four solutions for how to get rid of silverfish in the home naturally are:

1) Citrus Spray. You can use artificial, natural or fresh citrus scent. Silverfish, as well as many other insects dislike the smell. Apply the spray heavily wherever you have seen or believe silverfish are or will be. Application outside of the home are a good idea as well. Keep in mind that citrus scented air freshener and the like will not work.
2) Electronic pest control. Devices such as ultrasonic wave machines are touted for making environments very uncomfortable for pests. The noise can be effective, however sometimes with heavy infestations it does not work as well.
3) Traps. Traps are a good and strait-forward solution. Unfortunately if you have a large infestation traps my only make a small dent in your problem. They may be better suited in combination with another technique.
4) Diatomaceous Earth. Diatomaceous Earth may be one of the most sure fire ways to kill silverfish and just about any other insect as well. It completely dehydrates them and is sold as a white powder that can be sprinkled wherever pests may come into contact with it.

Armed with the answer of how to get rid of silverfish in the home you should be able to successfully rid yourself of a ?pesty? problem. The best results may be to overwhelm the silverfish with a combination approach so that your home becomes rather inhospitable to them. After all, pests like it where the going is good. When that changes, they move on.