Posted on: August 19, 2013 Posted by: Nicole Harding Comments: 0

Silverfish are a very common household annoyance that may people have to deal with in their daily lives. Learning how to get rid of Silverfish naturally can be a beneficial skill to have, if you currently are infested with Silverfish, or even if you are in fear that you may become infested. Silverfish are closely related to cockroaches, and they relatively post no health risk whatsoever. However, they do damage clothing, wallpaper, and may also infest your food supplies.

First, a very common way to learn how to get rid of Silverfish naturally is to set a trap for them using starchy foods. Silverfish really enjoy starchy foods, and it is an ideal place for them to infest and gain the necessary nutrients they need to reproduce many offspring. Some common foods Silverfish enjoy are flour, paper, and glue. These may not seem like foods to us, but they are ideal for a Silverfish. They will often reproduce inside containers of starchy food in your kitchen, so make sure they are sealed tightly and the cabinet is already free of any pests.

Next, an effective method to learn how to get rid of Silverfish is to target the source in which they are reproducing, or nesting in. Silverfish typically like moist areas, so it is wise to check your bathrooms, and possibly areas under your kitchen sink. Also keep in mind Silverfish prefer areas which are also abundant in humidity, so you may also check places like in between book covers, stoves, and laundry rooms. These places are all viable food sources for the Silverfish, especially in between book covers.

An easy way to learn how to get rid of Silverfish naturally is to learn how to control the humidity and moisture levels inside your home. As I had previously mentioned, Silverfish thrive in moist areas. A common place for this would be in the restroom, after a shower or a bath. Humidity levels are high after this, and Silverfish may choose to nest in there because of the levels of moisture. An easy way to fix this is to have a fan running during and after a shower. Most restrooms come with fans, so simply turn it on when you are done in the restroom and Silverfish should stray away. Also, keep windows open in your house to keep things dry.