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The common cold has a ton of symptoms, all of which causing much discomfort. The sinus headache happens to be one of its most annoying by-products. Once it manifests, you will feel a sharp pain coming from your forehead accompanied by dizziness and the overall feeling of lethargy. To get rid of sinus headache, you can select from the home and commercial remedies available. Your doctor comes as your last and best resort.

Common Causes

Aside from the common cold, there are other stimuli that may lead to a sinus headache. The condition may also come from:

  • the inhalation of too much dust
  • bacteria
  • allergic reactions
  • overproduction of mucus
  • deformed nasal cavity

Except for the last one, which can only be remedied by your physician, the common causes are highly treatable. Try the various remedies until find the best one for your condition. You can even combine some of the remedies to quicken your recovery.

Home Remedies

Simple measures can sometimes lead to significant results. Such is the logic carried by the home remedies for sinus headache. Your aim is to stop the condition which causes the headache, since pain is just the body’s way of sending warning signals. Once you control its causes, the headache gradually fades. Good thing you don’t have to look far and wide to find the remedies.

  • Hot Compress – Heat is soothing for someone who has a headache, since you become cold-intolerant with the condition. By applying a face towel, soaked in hot water, on your forehead, the pain gradually succumbs to the temperature. Apply a hot compress when the pain becomes severe or if it keeps you from sleeping. Take an aspirin or a painkiller to double its effects.
  • Vomit – Vomiting may be an uncomfortable act, but it certainly lowers your headache down to a tolerable level right after. Since sinus headache is caused by the buildup of mucus in your sinuses, vomiting forces them out of your system. Eat a light snack and drink lots of fluids, so you can vomit easily. When you’re ready to puke, head to the toilet and expel your stomach’s contents. The sheer force of the act will bring along much of the mucus. After vomiting, you’ll feel relaxed. (Tips on how to induce vomiting)
  • Drink Lots of Liquids – Drinking cleanses the body, expelling some of the mucus out, once you sweat or urinate. Consume fruit juice, rich in Vitamin C, so you can deal with the headache and its causes at the same time. You don’t really need to drink eight glasses. Just drink enough for you to not feel thirsty throughout the day.
  • Mint or Ginger Tea – Hot tea, aside from being a refreshing beverage, is a popular form of relief for sinus headaches. Its temperature thins the mucus in your throat and sinuses, which in effect, makes your headache fade. The drink’s mint or ginger content also soothes the sinuses, so you’ll feel better after downing a cup. Drink whenever necessary to foster quick healing.
  • Hot Soup and Spicy Food – Just like tea, drinking soup provides heat, clearing your sinuses, gradually. Spicy food, on the other hand, induces sweat, which bears a similar effect. Your body can eventually get rid of sinus headache by increasing both items on your diet. However, make sure that you’re eating food that is not too spicy. Excessive spiciness can irritate your sinuses, which is counterproductive to your cause.
  • Sleep – When sleeping, the body devotes many of its functions to stopping sinus headache and its causes. Sleep after getting some relief from the other remedies. When you wake up, the headache will either be gone or diminished, significantly.

Home remedies are reliable, but if you want quick results, better combine them with their commercial counterparts. There are medicine and antibiotics formulated to stop sinus headache moments after consumption.

Commercial Remedies

The type of medicine used for your headache is relative to the condition causing it. Of course, you can take an aspirin or a pain reliever to instantly deal with the pain, but you might as well keep it from reappearing. Here are some of the commercial remedies you can take:

  • IbuprofenIbuprofen provides not only pain relief, it also acts as an anti-inflammatory solution. In effect, it soothes your sinuses and diminishes your headache. You’re hitting both the headache and its cause with this drug. Take ibuprofen after meals or as indicated by the label.
  • Antibiotics – If your sinus headache is caused by bacteria, you need to take an antibiotic, which kills those pesky microbes. The headache will recur as long as bacteria or fungi remains in your body, since they will continually irritate your sinuses. With a potent antibiotic, they will surely perish along with the pain. Consult your doctor on which antibiotic you should take.
  • Vitamin C and Vitamin B Complex – Vitamins B Complex and C are known for dealing with the common cold and its symptoms. Eat meals that are rich in those nutrients for a quick recovery. You can also take supplements after meals or as directed by the label. (see Nutritional Supplements)
  • Painkillers/Aspirin – Painkillers deal with pain better than most types of medicine. So, if the headache becomes unbearable, pop in a painkiller. You will feel relief moments after.

If you’re not sure on which medicine to take, consult your doctor. He or she will diagnose your condition and advise you on what you should take. Advice on the best home remedies will also be provided. As for people with a deformed nasal cavity, the doctor can treat them with medicine or through a surgical procedure. He or she may charge you per consultation, but you can be sure that your sinus headache will disappear soon after.

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  1. I have gotten rid of many sinus headaches with an orange. I found this remedy on accident.
    I had a major sinus head ache and decided to eat an orange, the oils from the peel were lying everywhere, smelled great! Suddenly, my head ache was gone instantly! I thought this had to be a coincidence. So, the next time I got a sinus head ache, I tried the orange peel oils again. I peeled the orange, took the peel, folded in half so the oils squirt at me, breathing in through my nose at the same time (keep your eyes tightly shut!) and VIOLA! my head was instantly gone. I don’t know why this works, but it really does. I use it often. Hope it works for you too.
    Also, when I don’t have an orange paying around, I have my husband massage my brain stem area. Start on the opposite side of where your head ache is. take your thumb and move from the bottom of your neck, up the nape of your neck to the bottom of your head, do that firmly about 10 times, then alternate to the other side. Rub upwards, not up and down. By the time you finish both sides, your head ache should be gone. It really works for me.

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