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Sinuses are the openings in our skull through which air that we breathe passes before they get into our lungs. More often, people suffer from sinusitis which causes pain cheekbones, teeth and headache. How to get rid of sinus pain is always a question that disturbs so many people. However, there are various ways one can get rid of the sinus pain. Below are some of the ways;

How to get rid of sinus pain using pain killers:

There are some drugs that are bought over the counter and are usually effective in relieving sinus pain. The most common pain killer that is widely known is the paracetamol. However, these pharmaceutical pain killers should not be over used because they could lead to other side effects that could be harmful to other body functions. There are also herbal pain killers that can be used to relieve this kind of pain. The bark of a willow tree is one of the famous natural pain killers which can be used to get rid of sinus pain since it contains salicin which is a natural occurrence chemical similar to aspirin.

How to get rid of sinus pain with steam bath:

This is one way of eliminating sinus pain. When you add few drops of lavender oil to your steam bath, it becomes even more effective since it causes some level of healing and calming effect. It is advisable to take hot tea after you are done with the steam bath then go to bed and sleep with your head somewhat elevated, more so if you are suffering from congestion.

How to get rid of sinus pain by staying away from allergens and irritants:

In some cases, the sinus pains are usually caused by the agents that cause allergies and irritation which are normally present in the environment. The allergies that cause sinus pains can make the mucus membrane to bloat thus leading to blocking in the sinus passage which causes pain and pressure usually spread all over the skull surface. Therefore, when you stay away from these allergens and irritants, you get rid of sinus pain.

How to get rid of sinus pain by avoid cold and flu infections:

Some people usually experience sinus pain during the cold seasons or weather. Cold and flu are normally common during this period and to avoid the sinus pain, it is advisable that you stay away from crowded locations since cold and flu are contagious. You can also eliminate cold and flu by taking olive leaf extracts so as to prevent the sinus pain. Olive leaf extracts will help you immensely in fighting colds and flu because it also helps your body to develop better immunity.

How to get rid of sinus pain by moisturizing nasal passage:

The air which normally prevails during winter can at times be dry which is not good for your sinuses. However, there are various ways of which you can make your nasal passage moist during this season or weather so as to get rid of sinus pain. There are several agents that you can use to moisturize the surrounding that you are living in such as the rooms in your house office. Some of them are humidifier and the nasal spray which enables your sinus to stay moist and enable you to breathe well.

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