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How can something so incredibly cute looking smell so incredibly foul? That remarkably awful odor is a skunk’s main weapon of defense and it sure works!

If you, your property or your pet has ever been hit with a dose of skunk spray, you know all too well that it is remarkably unpleasant and a distressing experience. Thankfully, there are some effective steps you can take to both prevent the problem and eliminate the awful stench that comes along with it.

1. De-skunk your property.

You can be proactive and make your area skunk free by removing the pieces that caused the little critters to come by in the first place. Like many animals, skunks are always on the lookout for food, so check that your trash cans are tightly sealed and remove any scattered pet or bird food lying around.

Run a general inspection of your building to make sure that there are no holes larger than 3 or 4 inches where the animals can enter. They also do not like the smell of ammonia-soaked cloth and moth balls, so try placing these at various points outside.

Skunks are great at digging, but not climbing. Fencing off affected spots works well to keep them out of your yard altogether. Make sure the fence goes down at least a foot or so into the ground so that they can’t dig under it.

Skunks are also nocturnal and hate bright light. Keeping your property illuminated at night is an effective, but rather costly choice. Motion activated sprinklers also make the area a less enticing place to visit.

2. Stay off their turf.

Skunks can often be found in brushes, abandoned underground dens, woodpiles or hollow logs. Overly curious dogs often run afoul of skunks while exploring wooded areas, so do your best to keep them from prowling around off-leash or being too curious.

Skunks also like to take up residence under porches and other human structures, but hate bright light. If you need to crawl under your home to do some maintenance, shine a light around under there first before you end up nose to nose with trouble.

3. Hydrogen peroxide.

Beloved by bottle blondes everywhere, Hydrogen Peroxide actually has many other uses and can aid you in this fight. If a skunk has doused you or a pet, mix 1 liter of 3% HP solution with ¼ cup of baking soda, and 5ml of liquid detergent.

Scrub the affected areas with this mixture, but be sure to avoid areas like the mouth or eyes. Wait five minutes and then rinse the mix off with water. Repeat the procedure if needed, but do not use this on clothes or furniture.

4. Vinegar and baking soda.

This mixture is an alternative choice for objects that would be damaged by Hydrogen Peroxide. Mix ¾ cup of baking soda with 1 quart of vinegar. Scrub the fluid produced into your clothes or furniture using a sponge or cloth; let sit for 5 minutes and then rinse in water, repeating as needed. Tackle durable objects like deck furniture that are less resistant to damage using a mixture that is 10% water and 90% bleach.

5. Cleaning agents.

There are a number of commercially available products designed to get that wretched stench out of your life. Ideally, the product you choose should neutralize the smell by breaking down the oils that cause it.

There are some that simply mask the odor instead of eliminating it; you want this menace gone from your life, so do some research and choose the product that attacks the problem and defeats it.
If you wish to try something else, your best bet is shampoos with essential oils as these tackle the problem with similar effectiveness.

6. Trap them.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try trapping the creatures. There are various skunk traps on the market that entice the animal inside using a form of bait. It is recommended that you try something sweet, since it’s more likely to attract a skunk and less likely to attract animals you do not want to catch.

The best ones are designed in such a way as to prevent you from being sprayed when you transport the animal to its new location far away from yours.

7. Call a professional.

While skunks are generally harmless, we don’t blame anyone for wanting to stay far away form them. If you are one of those people, call in a team of professionals to take care of the problem. They will most likely use similar traps to snare the skunk(s) and move them to another area.

Having the pros do it also ensures that you do not risk getting bitten: in addition to that trauma, skunks can carry rabies. Now that we have covered how to get rid of skunk smell effectively, here are some methods widely used in the past that really don’t work at all.

8. Tomato juice.

Well known for years as the go-to solution for wiping out skunk stench, bathing in tomato juice simply does not work. It will certainly not hurt you in any way (though it will do a number on light colored fabrics), it simply masks the smell and is really not even too effective at that.

9. Beer.

Whoever came up with this plan was most likely looking for an excuse to spice up their next backyard party. Or maybe they took the phrase “Skunky Beer” a little too literally. As with tomato juice, bathing in beer barely does anything for the smell and less than nothing to get rid of it.

Skunk odor is something we encounter in both urban and rural areas. If you’re unlucky enough to have experienced it up close, you will need to do some work to breathe easily once more. Thankfully, that incredibly noxious smell can be completely wiped out at a relatively low cost. Whichever method you use, tackle the problem as soon as possible. The longer the smell stays on the person, animal or object, the tougher you will have to work to get it out.

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  1. I learned the hard way to get rid of skunk scent by heavily dousing both my sheltie & myself with tomato juice. Although I felt like a chump when doing this, the acid in the tomato juice
    cut the smell quickly & effectively.

  2. My dog has been sprayed twice the past year,both times well after midnight.
    Since a skunks spray is oily (or so I have been told) I used Dawn dishwashing liquid..and it worked GREAT!! Just use as you would any other dog shampoo and rinse well, then follow up with whatever you use on the animal regularly it you want.

  3. My dog has been sprayed twice in the past week and a half! I had NO luck with tomatoe juice and no luck with dawn dishsoap, the only thing that has worked on my dog is peroxide and baking soda with a little bit of dish soap, and that isnt 100% but at least he can come inside without stinking me out.

  4. My husband and I tried the tomato juice and it did seem to help but it didn’t completly cut the smell but we could tolerate it more so…

  5. My german shephard loooves skunks, I have tried tomatoe juice, didn’t work well. Tried vinegar, didn’t work to well. The most effective one I have found is the baking soda, peroxide and dawn. It doesn’t get rid of ALL of the smell, but it seems to work better than the others.

  6. I live on a heavily wooded 6 acres and my dogs and cats get sprayed at least a few times each year. I found that the peroxide/soda/dish liquid works better than anything else. Believe me after 12 year of experience I have tried it all. Also I follow up with a wash in Armon Hammer Brand Laundry Detergent. It gets the rest of the lingering faint smell out.

  7. For my dog I used the hydrogen peroxide/vinegar/water bath then followed up with dog shampoo and it worked great. For getting the smell out of your house first boil 1/2 gallon of water with 2 cups of vinegar untill it is gone, Then boil a 1/2 gallon of water with 3 tablespoons of crushed clove and 2 tablespoons of cinnamon, simmer that until it is gone. Works real well..

  8. I looked up the skunk odor chemical methylmercaptan to see what dissolves it or breaks it down. It needs to be oxidized, so peroxide works the best. However, peroxide is runny, and deteriorates rapidly when exposed to air. “Plus White 5 Minute Speed Whitening Gel” for teeth (see any grocery store dental care aisle) is just peroxide in a gel form. Wet your hands, smear it on your palms and wipe all over your dog, ASAP. Leave it on for 10 minutes, and then give them a regular bath. It doesn’t hurt their skin and they also smell minty- fresh! Wrapping up a lemon wedge in a damp washrag and squeezing the juice out into the rag will give you a great deodorizing “spot wash” technique for stubborn smelly spots on your dog. “Bruiser” is almost welcome on the bed now !

  9. My “Bruizer” just got skunked last night!! I already read about the hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dish liquid solution and made sure to have a supply on hand. I have three dogs and skunks are currently ‘residing’ under our shed. My little beagle loves to hunt the skunks so we figured it was only a matter of time before one of them got blasted. Bruizer took it mostly in the mouth. We bathed his mouth and head area with the solution (being careful around his eyes) rinsing quickly with cool water. It helped him tremendously, enough that he could finally sit, relax, eat a snack and rest through the night. I’m going to try some of the tips to get the smell out of the house !!

  10. My dog Peryl got skunked last night. When the smell hit me we (my husband and I) thought the house was on fire. Then our teenage son told us she was sprayed (this was after he let her in the house to roam freely) I work 3rd shift, (thank god I did not have to deal with that smell all night) when I got home from work I used the arm and hammer carpet pet deodorizer on all my carpets and let it sit for a while. I noticed it was pulling the smell from out of the air. I then place it in some dishes and placed them around the house. I am relieved that it didn’t mask the odor it really neutralized it. It may be the baking soda that is inside of the carpet freshner.

  11. I’ve used this several times over the years and works great – Massengal Feminine douche. Buy the concentrate and mix up a gallon or so ( i have golden retrievers – large and long hair). Poor it over the dog and massage in – set it sit a while. Rise off – no more smell and a soft coat

  12. My dog got sprayed by a skunk this morning. We first tried tomato juice and it worked enough just to tolerate her in the house but not enough to get rid of the smell. The baking soda/vinegar/dawn method worked wonders on her and no more smell. Thanks for the awesome tip!!

  13. Our Vet recommended “Murphy’s Oil Soap” worked great!!!
    Will need to bath the dog/cat a second time after they get wet again, but it will KILL the smell.

  14. Well I don’t have pets…but our house STINKS!!! I can’t seem to find just where it’s coming from. It’s in every room! I’ve sprayed room nuetralizers and they don’t work. Please help!! It’s been 3 days now!

  15. Our house was skunked last night. What time we were gone to work yesterday a skunk crawled under my house and died. The smell is awful, every room. I’ve been looking for help on the internet. I’m going to try a bag of burnt lime under the house, A guy at the Co-Op said that would be the only thing that would held. We pluged up a air filter it seems to be helping. If anybody knows of anything that would take the smell out of my home I would love to hear it.

  16. I have a Akita and as a young adult he got sprayed. I had to buy a case of resturant size cans of tomato juice. This did not work for him I called a friend of the family and was told (costly to me) I had to soak the dogs fur w/Massengal Feminine douchs and let it dry on him no bath to follow after laughing about this thinking it was a big joke I went to the market and of course had to buy over 30 (.99 @ the time) imbarrassing but funny IT WORKED the only way you were able to tell that he got skunked was to stick your face in his coat an even at that the smell was faint. This just happened again only now it just ran me 34.07 for the s&s brand 2 to a box had to get 16 boxes thats all they had on the shelf.

  17. well, i let my dogs, (baxter and booboo) out to go pee, and baxter got sprayed! poor thing, it was all over his face and his neck. the house smells so horrible! candles work for a little bit. but what i did was, i mixed tangerine juice with some soap ( you can find tangerine juice in your grocery store, the brand is naked juice) and we put him in the laundry room to sleep over night, and right now, he doesnt smell as bad, but he still smells. we are going to try the peroxide baking soda and dishsoap today. i will give you my results!

  18. Well I ended up buying Oust brand room spray and bombing the house with it. Make sure if you buy it, to buy the fragrance free one. Otherwise you will have berry berry skunk. And believe me, it will kill you. It’s at least getting warmer, you might be able to open some windows. Years ago, we had a wood pile out back and a skunk sprayed it( beknownst to us) and we burned the wood in the wood stove. I now know what hell smells like. Mmmmm…cooked skunk piss. I didn’t know it at the time since the logs went on before bed. I was used to the smell when I woke up, and when I went to school I was almost expelled. I stank and didn’t know it. It was embedded in my clothing. I had to have my mom do a load of laundry and bringing it to school.

  19. after trying all the tips i read my dog still smelt like skunk after 2 weeks. real bad if i let him out in the rain. i gave up with the skunk shampoo ideas and shaved off his fur. now he smells good.
    skunks come out at night.. train your dog to pee before it gets dark or after the sun comes up.

  20. it the seconde time in 1 that my beagle cookie gets sprayed dish soap baking soda and peroxside is the best. but know the whole house stinks help me!!!

  21. Our Border Collie “Rocket” was sprayed by a skunk two nights ago,I knew from past experience that tomatoe juice doesn’t work and had used femine wash with good results the last time, but didn’t have any on hand so I tried the mixture of peroxide, baking soda and dish detergent with awesome results! day three..noone would ever know we had a skunk encounter!! Thank You!!!

  22. Our cat/kitten was just sprayed tonight the whole porch, downstairs, and a bit ofthe second floor reeeeeeek of skunk! I don’t know if the smell is from the room or imbedded in my nose! We tried the baking soda bath but we had to sub the peroxide (we didn’thave enough) with vinigar. Willit still work? And now our house smells horrible what can we do? HELP, S.O.N (save our noses)! Thanks for all the tips too Lub the site!

  23. TOOTHPASTE is the answer to your Skunk odour problem..I used it on my cat as recomended by a friend….

    Wet your pet down and later up with Toothpaste, thorougly rinse. Your pet will smell minty fresh in no time.

    One Regualr Side Tube for a cat or small dog.
    Two Tubes or more depening on the size of your pet.

  24. Thanks for all the tips.. I guess you just wash until something works right? I have found if you put bowls of vinegar around the house the smell gets cut pretty quickly, but it smells like vinegar… As for the animals… I have tried tomato juice and pizza sauce. both worked ok and the pizza sauce gives the fur a nice shine:)

  25. So our yellow Lab got sprayed for the second time last night. After remembering how hard it was to get the smell out the last time, all I could do was be mad! I decided to look online to find the “best” remedy. I decided that she was going to spend the night outside in the garage with our other dog the dashund, who’s only mistake was following the lab to the “big kitty”. Even though neither one of the dogs entered the house, the smell inside was unbarable! We used Nature’s miracle skunk remover on the dogs and used bleach outside the house on the deck and the siding where the skunk sprayed! For the inside of the house my husband decided to fry up some smoked maple bacon because I always complain that the smell of bacon lingers on all of the furniture and our clothes! 24hrs later and no smell of skunk! The lab and the dashund are back in the house and loving the bacon smell!

  26. For Dogs that were sprayed:

    DO NOT WET THE DOG……..cover the dog with Dawn dishwashing dish detergent. Really get it down in the dog’s coat. Wash off soap. I think we ended up soaping up the dog after we rinsed her. This worked good enough we kept her in the house that same night….in a kennel….in the kitchen, but it wasn’t horrible. Her eye and breath smelled for a month, but it wasn’t noticible unless she was right up in our face. We used 1/2 bottle of Dawn on our 80lb. lab.

  27. I used the peroxide, baking soda and dawn dish liquid method on my beagle. I didn’t have much peroxide on hand either so I used some Plus White 5 Minute Speed Whitening Gel. That was much easier than just plain peroxide because its a jel. (and it smells nice too)

    It didn’t get the smell out of Friend Lea’s coat completely but you would have to really get close to smell it.

  28. – My two small dogs got sprayed in the middle of the night. Not having hydrogen peroxide, I used the following formula:
    — Wet dog, rub in baking soda.
    — Wash well with oatmeal dog shampoo
    — Rinse well, then rinse with a mixture of 1/2 cup vinegar and 1-1/2 cups water.
    — For nose/eye area, I used doggie wipes….took three tries (washing and let dry) for the one dog to totally remove oder.
    – For stuff the dogs touched when they ran twice around the house, I washed with normal soap and additional baking soda, then added vinegar to the rinse cycle.
    – Still working on deordering the house.

  29. My labbie’s got skunked 3 hours ago and I went to this website for advice as well as my husband who is a fireman and is at the station 6 hours away. He said tomato juice as well as some others. I ran out to the store and bought tomato PASTE & tomato juice. I used both on them on dry fur and it got the smell out. So I think it works on certain fur maybe and the paste is probably more concentrated then the juice. I used 2 huge cans of paste for each dog. They are 115-lbs each. Let it sit on them for about 5 mins then rinsed off w/the tomato juice then rinsed with water. I checked them 45 mins after their bath and they didn’t smell at all. The house is still tangie but what can you do it’s a skunk. We did the candle, fabreeze thing all over the place. My vote is for TOMATO PASTE & TOMATO JUICE.

  30. Our lab-mix got skunked, I used UltraBrite baking soda and
    peroxide Whitening toothpaste. I squeezed a large amount in
    my hand and lathered it up and rubbed it all over the dog.
    It took several times, but the smell came out. He is laying
    at my feet right now, still a little wet, but smelling minty!!

  31. WOW! I guess I am not the only one in hell. My dog never has to pee in the early hours…around 4AM. Well, he did and got skunked.Worse than ever before. It’s still raining so I can’t fumigate the house.

    I had some skunk shampoo left from the vet and followed up with the dawn/peroxide mix. All is good but my house smells like a burnt garlic clove…it must have been one old skunk! I have had vinegar and orange mixed with a gallon of water on the stove for an hour, still not any better. I have fabreeze, hot oil deodorizers…still nothing. Any suggestions? Also, how does one hunt down and kill a skunk?

  32. Thank you everyone for the toothpaste suggestion.

    I soaked my cat with soda, vinegar, shampoo… But in the end it was the toothpaste that got the smell out.

    As for the smell in the house, lemon juice with vinegar boiling on the stove, Febreeze on all fabrics… And lots of open windows. The smell isn’t completely gone, but it’s a lot better now.

  33. For the second time my youngest weim got skunked! The first time we tried wiping him down – NO GO – you must bath the dog immediately. We used a can of crushed tomatoes, vinegar, dish soap, and baking soda. It worked great – just a little smell left when snifting the fur up close. Next time I think I’ll drop the tomatoes (little messy) and add in the Murphys Oil Soap.

  34. My dog ( long haired border collie ) just got sprayed. Me and my husband used ivory snow liquid detergent, the kind you use on baby clothes, right after it happened. It didn’t take the smell complete out but you got to stick your nose right in the wet fur to smell the faint skunk smell. Hope this helps somebody else cause there is nothing worse than that smell.

  35. we live in a heavily wooded area. our cat loves to be out side we have skunks that come to our door all the time. we newit was only a matter of time.baking soda with h2o and vinigar it seems to do the trick but she is still wet. the sound she made in the process of getting wet was fierce experience we never want to have again good luck to all.

  36. First, get a large storage tub and fill it with water about two inches deep. Then put your pet in it and get it somewhat wet. Use 2 large cans of tomato juice for large pets and 1 large can of tomato juice for small pets. Dump it on the and rub it in. Let your pet run around for about 2 hours or until dry. Then rinse your pet off. After being rinsed use pet approved soap and give them a bath. Let air dry and the nasty stench should be gone. It worked for my 3 dogs.

  37. my Thumper was sprayed by a baby skunk.
    I used j&j baby shampoo mixed with tea tree oil to lather
    and soaked her in a tub of water with baking soda and
    hydrogen peroxide. then i doused her with two bottles of
    coca cola. finally i rinsed her. it worked great, although
    i have her sleeping on a bed of laveder until morning to calm her
    because she was frightened.

  38. I once walked through skunk spray and tracked it onto my floor mats, in my car. It really wreaked!

    I poured baking soda over the mats and brushed it into the fibers with an old toothbrush. I let it sit for half an hour and vacuumed the baking soda out. There was no trace of the smell after that.

  39. Now we know why we named our two inbreed barn cats (sisters) Thelma and Louise. They are in the suburbs with us, but seemed to have let a shed skunk in my art studio where their food is. Thelma proceeds to get sprayed over 70% of her body, even her eyes. We are all gone for a late night, so I am the first home. UGH!
    DO NOT touch your kitty in this condition. Ya, I did.
    Go directly to Pet Smart and get NATURES MIRACLE skunk odor remover.
    Spray on cat, rug, yourself (if you didn’t get that first rule)
    several times if you have to. I wasted all night and half the day with everything else and now Thelma looks at me like I am loco, I have done so many weird things to her. But the smell is gone and now I am going to go throw some lead at the skunk. ha ha

  40. My white precious little dog had his first skunk siting at 2:30 last night and decided to share it with us in bed….I’ve heard of tomato sauce so that was the first thing I thought of….I then thought hmm,…I better be sure because all I had was a V-8 and I’m not quite awake yet…so I got on the Internet and did a search(that’s how I found this site)the advise about washing the dog as soon as possible encouraged me to go outside and get my upset whining dog and wash him emediatly….but with what??? I had the peroxide (after a Short search 1st aid kit,kitchen cabinet and some in the bathroom not quite a quart) and baking soda, and I also had the V-8….OK not yet awake I decided to do both… dog like I said is white so I decided to do the v-8 first and then peroxide/b-soda/soap as a “bleach” second….I don’t know what worked but the dog was “skunk smell” free but a little pink in spots and slept with me down stairs.

    Something worked and after reading these posts it would seem one trick is not enough….

    My advise ….I wouldn’t change a thing I did….I now stock v-8 peroxide and baking soda in larger quantity’s…..


  41. I came to this site and read your suggestions! Thank you eveyone for posting what worked for you!

    I used what I had.. first I powdered down my Westie/Schnauzer mix with scented baby powder and then I used 1/2 a box of baking soda and 1/2 a container of vinegar and washed my dog with that. He smells good again! 🙂

    But my house is another issue!! It stinks still…I’ve been boiling water and vinegar off and on since last night and my house still smells so this morning I boiled a pot of water, garlic cloves, dill seed and oregano. My house is smelling pretty good right now. I’m going out for a bit.. I need to get me & my toddler out of here for a bit. I’ll see how it is later when we return.. hopefully it’ll be good!

    Thanks again everyone!

  42. My American Eski got sprayed I was told to soak her in Tomato juice 1 hour. the only thing it did was make her orange for several days and made it so the smell did burn my nose. The tomato also clumped up her hair so I had to take a letter opener to cut the clumps out. The peroxide worked wonders she had a show to go to and won 1st palce thanks to it!!! As for the eyes I drop 2 drops of Mineral oil in each eye BEFORE bathtime EVERYTIME. it protects the eyes from both soap AND water. I also have a black Chow Chow and the vingar works good too!!

  43. My nephew got sprayed with a skunk the other day. At the time, I never thought of checking the internet. I just tried some household products.
    He laundered his clothes, twice, with no name Ultra Lemon Scented laundry detergent.

    He’s 5’9″ and Skunk is just little, and it seems that the kid’s shoes got the worst of it. I mixed some of the same detergent with warm water and used that to scrub the shoes. I left the shoes outside for about 40 minutes. These are running shoes with a smooth, leather-like surface. The shoes still smelled a lot. I went and took the air freshener from the bathroom. I sprayed the shoes outside and inside. I loosened the laces and sprayed the shoe-tongue. I left the shoes outside for another 40 minutes or so.

    So now, one shoe was much better. Very little smell left. The other shoe still smelled. So I repeated the process with the air freshener. It’s Air Wick 2 in 1: fights odours, (Spell check just criticized my spelling – that’s the correct Canadian spelling, copied from the can), adds fragrance. Crisp Breeze scent.

    Then I left the shoes outside for 24 hours. Now, one shoe is perfectly fine and the other has a slight skunky smell. Of course, my nostrils may be burned out at this point.

  44. Well my little orange cat Paris was just sprayed by a baby sunk,she (Paris) was playing with it! and I guess the little guy had enough! Not to bad but she still smells! I went to yahoo and it sent me here. I used the peroxide and baking soda bath works great!!!!! I just can’t believe that a sunk would be living in Huntington Beach Ca.!!

  45. My dog got skunked last night and I was hesitant to use the peroxide combo as I had used it before and it turned my beautiful black dog mottled. I dedided to go online and see if there were any other remedies that would work. I did not have all of the ingredients for most combos so I made up one of my own with things I had onhand and it worked beautifully. I took a 28 oz can of crushed tomatoes, poured about a cup of white vinegar into a pail with the tomatoes and added about 1/3 cup of dawn dishliquid and poured about 1/2 of baking soda. I mixed it all up and rubbed my DRY dog with the concoction. I let her dry for about 10 to 15 minuites and rinsed her off and no more smell. I was delighted.

  46. We always have skunk problems because we live in the mountains. I’ve tried the tomato juice, the Vet recommended the peroxide remedy. I have found that shampooing them well and rinsing with Downy works the best. Their coats get really soft too.

  47. We used peroxide/katsup/baking soda/spaghette sause/rain water worked GREAT accept for their head it will burn their eye balls out…..just leave spaghette sause on their heads for 10 minutes…then wash them off….then you should have a GREAT smelling dog….then spray some frebreeze around the house and open your windows doors anything to drain the house of the horrible skunk smell……..=D

    Love, Sweet Honey J-Grubez

  48. One of my two 1.5 year old Boxers was sprayed this morning around 4. We knew we had a skunk around and now we are 100% certain. Pumba was sprayed around the head area & in the eyes. I didn’t have transportation and it was 4am so I couldn’t run out and get peroxide. I used Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint & Hemp soap on her body (what we always use to wash them) and I’m working to figure out how to wash her delicate head/eye area because other than that she smells pretty good. Any suggestions for the head & eye area with something I would probably have around the house? (My next task: getting the garage and house free of skunk stank!)

  49. Have the best answer!!

    5 cans of tomato juice
    2 frozen can of conscrate orange juice
    many squirts of dawn dishsoap
    couple glugs of peroxide

    rub on anaimal as shampoo in a bath bathe throughly then wash off and apply dawn dishsoap if it sitll smells repeat every 3 hrs best result blow dry when done

  50. My little Maltese was sprayed last night in the face. I called my dad immediately as he is a vet in another state and he recommended the peroxide rinse. I used that 2 times on him, using a sponge and toothbrush around the eye area. It really helped, only a slight smell, if you sniff him closely. I have been working on the house as he made a run through the family room. I saw the posts that recommend that you boil vinegar/water and then cloves/cinnamon mixture and tryed that and have been simmering the cloves/cinnamon all day. I also sprinkled baking soda on the carpet overnight and then went to the store and bought the baking soda for carpets. Another thing that I purchased was Odors Away, at Ace Hardware. All of these things have almost gotten rid of the smell.

  51. I used a lemon — this was for my child!!! He got sprayed by a skunk so I made him immediately take a shower with a cut lemon. I made him rub his body from head to toe with it. Then I put the other half in a trash bag with his clothes. The odor went away from him and his clothes!

  52. I let my two dogs out to pee at midnight and I didn’t see it but there was a skunk on the edge of our deck. One of my dogs got sprayed full force in the chest and mouth and my other one ran the other way (thank god). Once I got her in the bath, I didn’t have any tomato juice, but I had V8 juice. It mostly worked but because it was oily the smell lingered and whenever you pet her chest your hand would smell like skunk. I’ll try the peroxide/dawn method next time since the stupid skunk is living under our neighbor’s deck and she’ll probably get hit again.

  53. Last night our dog got to meet a skunk up close and personal. My wife caught him by the coller and sprayed him down with fabreeze. we let him stay outside last night and this morning he smelled fine. I was amazed but my wife had heard from her boss that fabreeze is what they have used for quite a while. Try it- it works

  54. I leave early in the morning and let my white shepherd to stay outside. When I came home from work I could smell the shunk stinch as soon as I got out of my truck! I tried the tomatoe juice- it was messy and did not cut it – but the murphy’s oil soap worked the best.
    Now I stink – I think! I remember this happening to my son in law. You get used to the smell – he stunk for days!

  55. Thank god for this site! We were just about to drown the poor dog in tomato soup. The only thing we have that’s close to tomato juice! I came on here to make certain before wasting the soup. I’m glad I did. We’re trying the peroxide/baking soda/Dawn dish soap method right now. Wish us luck!

  56. My german sheppard got skunked last night. Instead of the tomato juice I tried a product that we had purchased to relieve stubborn smells in snickers (yes, running shoes) but said on the bottle that it was good for pet smells, etc. It is called Nok-Out (knock out) and it worked great for the rest of the night. Today, we wash her with Skunk-Out (at the Vets for about 10$) and it rid her completely of the odor. To get rid of the smell in her mouth, we put a touch of vanilla extract in her large bowl of water. She is back in the house and there is no smell. The Nok-Out may be used in the house to rid the odor and may be used for stinky laundry (hockey uniforms, etc.) It is well worth trying! The products were bought in Canada so I am not sure if they are available in the states!

  57. Ok- we tried everything on this list for our sheltie… We tried the tomatoe juice immediately… We tried the baking soda/peroxide/vinegar within 10 minutes… In the morning- the dog was still stinky… So, I went shopping… I bought more peroxide… Bought massengil douche… I bought arm and hammer baking soda toothpaste… GOt home… Used the peroxide straight from the bottle… let it sit 5 minutes… Rinsed… The poured the bottle of douche… let it sit 5 minutes… He still stinks… So, I tried the toothpaste… Let me tell you… It might only be a cover-up… But he smells so yummy… I hope it works for a couple of days… I figured worst of the worst is to take him down and shave him… But if the stinky skunk smell comes back quickly- we will get him again with the toothpaste… It’s so worth it… ~Skylar

  58. Head & Shoulders. My lab was sprayed tonight and first I covered him in baking soda and then bathed him a few times in Head & Shoulders. After finding out that the skunk emits an oily substance the first thing I thought was the shampoo made for oily scalps. It seems to have worked fantastically! I smelled only wet dog when done, as well as it gave him a nice bath and all that loose hair came out too. I guess that was a good thing to come out of a late night skunk escapade! We had one defiant skunk, I have never seen such a thing it wouldn’t give up and now we are dealing with the house smell. A pot of water, 2 heaping tablespoons each of, nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon with a huge splash of vanilla is doing the trick. Thank GOD the wind came up blowing the right direction aiding in our relief!

  59. My small dog got sprayed a week and a half ago and my house is just now starting to smell normal. Immediately after he was sprayed I put him in the bathtub (getting the smell on me too!)and went out to get tomato juice and vinegar….doesn’t work! Called the emergency vet clinic (since it was almost 11:30 pm) and they gave me the homemade recipe of 1 litre hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 c baking soda, 1 tsp.liquid dish soap. It worked but the smell came back. I had to resort to getting the “skunk” shampoo from the vet a few days later. Most of the smell is out of him now, but every once in a while I still get a whiff of it. My bathroom still smells a bit even after a good bleaching and Febrezing. At least now I’m not gagging from the smell.And on top of all of this my internet was down so I couldn’t even look up some remedies! Fun to read all of your stories now…after the fact.

  60. I put baking soda on my dog and let it sit for about 5-10 minutes and vacummed it off, it actually worked quite well for getting the scents out. or the usual peroxide dish soap baking soda viniger worked as well or a douche as funny as it sounds works to. For the house smell try coffe grinds in bowls around the house or baking soda in bowls. Sprinkle baking soda on the carpets or floors or furniture and let sit for a little like 5-10 m inutes then vacumme off, febreze pet oder elminator works as well. GOOD LUCK! =D

  61. Ok, dog has been apple cider vinegared, orange juiced, baking sodad, vinegared, dawned, arm & hammer detergented, dog shampooed, baking soda conditionered, I think we threw some lemon in…and he still reeks! Do I just have evil uber skunk? And yes we put the water the vinegar (no reaction wrestled dog) threw in baking soda, and soap and rubbed like hell

  62. this site is great,.at least i can laugh after the fact. i thought i was the only one in hell in the late hours of the night! of course, i panicked because my poor dog (Vegas) got sprayed in the chest and in her mouth. she was foaming at the mouth and my first reaction was to get her in the tub and spray her down. we then lathered in pasta sauce (which was funny because she’s white and she turned bright orange- it reminded me of the horse of a different color in the wizard of oz). we then shampooed her. she still stunk so we tied her up outside and got out the garden hose. if your dog gets sprayed wash them outside! our bathroom STINKS, the whole house stinks. we shampooed and washed her down two more times outside, the house is a whole nother story. i am boiling cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and vanilla right now. it smells really good, i boiled vinegar and water prior to this. poor Vegas is locked in the laundry room with two industrial fans. i have candles lit, used febreeze and have bowls of baking soda everywhere. i have a headache from all of the smells going on. ugh, i don’t even know if anything has worked. my nose is burnt out. i feel your pain, good luck…

  63. Our German Shephard and Husky got sprayed last night around 2:00. I used the Baking Soda/Peroxide Bath listed, luckily I found this site and had the supplies in the house so I could do it as soon as it was light outside. The smell isn’t to bad they can now come in the house and relax and dry off on the porch, I think I will do it one more time and they should be good, however the smell in the house is horrible! We used candles, Febreeze and car air fresheners that we had on hand, that seemed to make it a little better. I will definetly stock up on all these items for future use.

  64. all i know is tomato juice does not work at all my husband went to the a&p its open 24 hours and bought every last can we washed and scrubbed our dog the next day still smelled like scunk. so now my dog is tied up every night and cant come in the house cause he smells. what do i do…………………………….

  65. Tomato Juice does work however some people forget to tell folks that you need to pour the juice on to the dog and work it into the fur so that it can get down to the skin and you have to let it sit for a few minutes. BUT PLEASE NOT TOO LONG tomato juice is very acidic and can burn (probably why my rottie spent the whole time trying to rub the juice off in the grass) so must be thoroughly washed off. To make sure we get it all off we follow up with a soapy bath for which we normally use whatever soap (hand, dish, whatever is close by).

    Also I have heard on white dogs the the tomato juice can tint their coats (not for sure though) and if the dog is in the sun too much after being treated their coats can lighten because of the stripping of the oils.

    One of my dogs is a Rott and I have to be careful to condition him the next day because the tomato juice and soap break down the oils in his coat.

    Good luck and heres wishin you a stinkless night!

  66. forgot to mention I was told this stuff rocks for taking smells out of carpets/floors what ever they might be.

    I havent had a chance to try it on skunk yet but while I went out of town my pet sitter decided not to show up and let my two BIG dogs out and they let me know just how “pissed” they were if you know what I mean. They got furniture, floors, linens you name it if it was below leg level it got hit.

    Ryter Original Enzyume Formula “ODORMUTE”

    The stuff is great you cant even tell I have dogs by smelling (the chewed up balls are a dead giveaway though)

    It is money back gauranteed and safe to nature, pets and humans too so happy washing good luck.

  67. my dog got nailed tonight luckily we keep a product in the house at all times called skunk off works so well you can’t even tell sasha got sprayed the house on the other hand isn’t so nicely can get the product from your vet its amazing

  68. i used tomatoe juice yea that did’nt work at all but the peroxide ,baking soda ,and dish soap worked really good thanks for the tip now if we could get a little more advice on how to get the smell out of the house that would be great the smell is absolutely horrible

    I tried everything. Dawn is great for all over smell, but doesn’t get the direct spray area. This is the steps I used to get rid of the odor completely:
    Colgate Whitening Toothpaste – rub into hands and work paste into fur
    Dawn – work into foam
    Lime Juice – pour into hands and rub into fur
    Garnier Fructis Shampoo – shampoo as directed

    Can put my nose into fur and smell fruity, minty odor!!

  70. We just purchased an older home and it was a great deal, butttttttt it smells like skunk. I think one is living under the home. Any advice on how to drive it out would be appreciated.

  71. My cat just got sprayed by a skunk late at night. The next morning we gave him a bath in tomato juice and it didn’t work at all. Tomorrow we are going to try the soda/dawn/peroxide remedy and see if that works.

  72. My Golden got sprayed last night when he went outside for his evening constitutional (when nature calls we go)He barely got out the door and came bursting back in and immediately began to rub his face and eyes in my carpet. I thought my husband and I were going to die the smell was so horrible. So I came to this site here to find some help. First off I will take the smell of burnt garlic clove over skunk any day of the week! But all the different advice was really helpful. So here is what I did, because my cowardly husband went to bed, I mixed up gallon of water hydrogen peroxide and garlic flavored vinegar and rice vinegar to make one quart and then added the cup of baking soda then watched frantically as it fizzed up over the the top of my spaghetti pot onto my kitchen counter. Cleaned, up that mess and added a little more of both vinegar and baking soda. Took the concoction upstairs and grabbed some towels along the way. Also I brought into the laboratory, Neutregena T-Gel shampoo for dandruff, flakes etc, and also Listerine minty fresh (green) mouthwash, and some Desenex foot and shoe spray for odors and fungus. I proceeded downstairs to acquire the victim of said attack. He came kicking and screaming all the way, I literally had to throw this dog into the tub. So to add insult onto injury I doused this dogwith some of the concoction and rubbed it into his fur and skin, squeezed a complete tube of toothpaste all over him and rubbed it deep into his fur making sure to really coat and work the most offensive areas and I left said mixture on him for ten minutes at least. My dog has an oral fixation so while we are waiting for the cure to take hold he has decided he likes toothpaste. I had to keep him from licking off the cure. After we rinsed off the concoction and toothpaste with the remaining concoction and more water I bathed him in the T-Gel shampoo because I didn’t want him to get all dried and flaky which causes him to lick himself raw (that oral fixation thing), leaving the shampoo on for a good ten minutes too. Then I rinsed him off with water and in the last two pans of water I used the bottle of mouthwash. I thought about the Desenex but figured it was overkill I just hope he doesn’t start licking himself. Needless to say my dog smells like my dentist’s office and my house reeks of skunk. I’ve started the process of eliminating the odor there by trying all the great tips I read here. Maybe I’ll just boil a bunch of Listerine?

  73. My flat coat got sprayed yesterday morning just before dawn. Nice way to wakeup. I used a natural orange product called TKO, diluted it to about 30% and washed the dog-repeatedly- rinsing frequently.
    Took about 45 minutes but the dog didn’t smell then or in the evening after work. Good product for just about any cleaning. Be sure to dilute it.
    Tomato juice with lemon juice squeezed in, a bit of pepper and celery salt also helps. Mixed with vodka, taken internally. Dog doesn’t get any but you like him again. Not for prework, just evenings.

  74. My dog was skunked Wed Oct 3. My son & I weren’t home when it happened. My mom took her dog and my dog out. She noticed my dog rolling on the ground. (Which she does a lot.) But didn’t notice the smell and brought the dogs inside. When we were pulling into the driveway the smell was so bad our eyes were watering. We went inside and the smell was bad. (Mom had know idea – head cold) I went to Petsmart and picked up Nature’s Miracle. It worked pretty good. I think I might need to do a 2nd wash. One problem I have is my house. I bought all kinds of air order neutrilizers and the smell is still there. I’ll try the suggestions for the home. “”””I also have another MAJORLY HUGE PROBLEM!!!!”””” Everything in the house stinks. Our clothes, my mom’s & my purses and briefcases and our bodies. My son went to school today (Oct 4) and the smell was so bad on his backpack that it was making him sick. The other kids could smell it and it was making them sick. He went to the nurse, who then sent him home. She told him if the house still smelled of skunk, then he would smell and he shouldn’t come to school Fri Oct 5. Everyone at my mom’s work complained of the smell. I was lucky I worked basically alone so I didn’t need to worry about if the smell was too bad for me to stay at work. I NEED TO KNOW HOW TO GET THE SMELL OFF OF THE 3 OF US AND OUR THINGS!!!!!!! ANY IDEAS HELP!!!!!!!!!!

  75. to get the smell of skunk out of your house try burning some orange peelings on the stove. I put some in a fry pan and slowly let them cook. It eliminates the odor quite quickly.

  76. This summer someone mentioned a potion with Peroxide and Toothpast and something else. So tonight when our dog got sprayed I did the toothpaste, peroxide and since I forgot the rest I used a dog shampoo and baby shampoo that I had. I am guesing the missing thing was Dawn.
    My potion actually worked really well. Now to find out how to keep the stupid skunks out of my yard to begin with.

  77. My cat’s too smart to get skunked, so he goes the other way. Unfortunately, the skunks appreciate this and have decided to live in the crawlspace under my house! I guess they were respectful and didn’t spray for a long time until one started to claw into my heater ducts in the middle of the night and wake us up. So I called the County Wildlife Rescue Association and for a small fee they came over and got two out! The third one doesn’t want to be evicted and now my house reeks. My two boys had headaches and now they are ar their mom’s house because they couldn’t take it. I’m going to the store to get baking soda carpet fresh, febreze, oranges, lemons, vinegar, and incense to see if my house is livable tomorrow. I feel for all of us.

  78. I used dawn dishsoap with odor eraser.
    I work pretty good he doesnt smell a near as bad but you have to be close to really smell it.

    For the house, mine wasnt too bad and i didnt have any febreze so i put 2 dryer sheets with water in a spray bottle and i works just the same!

  79. A quick fix for the middle of the night is sprinkling coffee grounds in the carpet if you don’t have any baking soda. Also, preheat oven to 250, sprinkle coffee grounds and cinnamon on a cookie sheet and pop it in the oven and leave the door open a little. It doesn’t completely get rid of the awful stench but it will help til the morning.

  80. My lab got sprayed this morning! Nasty! I heard about the peroxide, dish soap and baking soda but didn’t have any peroxide. I also read something about mouthwash. I grabbed our Crest mouthwash (use alcohol free) – drenched our dog – rinsed him and washed him with his regular doggy shampoo – worked like a charm!

  81. my DUMB dog was sprayed last night,this is after a week of tring to get at the skunk… well she did and smell’s real bad we used the tomato juice didnt work well. … Got rid of the dog keeping the skunk!

  82. Cadbury, my Kelpie got sprayed last night on her face. We immediately put vanilla extract on her and some eye drops in her eyes. After a night in the garage, I gave her a Dawn bath today and reapplied the vanilla extract. I do not spell any skunk musk on her. Good luck .. no more off the leash after dark.

  83. I’ve tried everyone of these remedies. tomato juice, peroxide and baking soda, dawn. I’ve gave my dog 3 baths so far and her and the house still stink. I’m glad these worked for you but I’m still suffering 4 days later. The vet gets to try now.

  84. Baking soda/peroxide mix works the best for me. Our boxer got sprayed twice in 1 week…this time it was in the eyes/nose. Only problem is trying to get the smell to stop coming out of his lungs through his nose…it’s awful…any suggestions?? i’ve read sprinkling garlic on the food, but i’ve heard garlic is bad for dogs…we’ve been giving him breath freshening herbal treats all evening, but to no avail. He’s sleeping now. hopefully will be better in the morning. no goodnight kisses tonite!! any tips would be appreciated!

  85. My rotti’s have been sprayed twice. The first time was the wrost experience. We tried everything: tomatoe juice, vinger, etc Nothing work. Until we came acrossed the peroxide, baking soda, dish soap solution. This really works. It doesn’t take it all out, but it works better than anything else. We gave both dogs 2 baths back to back and then the next day gave them 1 more. It seemed to do the trick!

  86. My Boxer was sprayed by a skunk early in the morning. I let her in on my way out the door to work. I thought the smell was a skunk hit in the road. Boy was I surprised when I got home from work! The whole house stunk. I ran to Petco and got Natures Miracle, and it is truly a miracle. The dog smells fine, but the house…different story. When I go home tonight, I am putting the Natures Miracle in my carpet steam cleaner and going over the entire carpet. And the dog beds are going in the trash….wish me luck.

  87. My wife and I woke up to an extreme chemical smell that seemed to be coming from our furnace. We assumed we had a chemical fire of sorts. The $300.00 emergency furnace guy said, ‘Nope, you got skunked’. That of course was after having gone to work. We are both teachers and had a pretty tough time with our students as we didn’t know how bad we smelled. Our coworkers were no better. We are thinking of changing our names and moving to Alaska.
    The cinnamon, coffee on baking sheet in oven works to mask the odor. We have been using vinegar in crock pots throughout the house, along with baking soda and every brand of air neutralizer available. Our coats and shoes smell something awful and nothing seems to help. It is day 5 and my eyes are still burning. I must have been an Inquisitor in another life.

  88. When I got skunked it was absolutely disgusting. When the skunk sprays not only does it smell worse than anything on earth, it soaks you in this thick yellow oil. It feels like somebody covered you in thick syrup that reeks of skunk. Tomato juice bath worked for me.

  89. We have a friend in high school (her name is Susan) and recently dyed her hair. Of course Susan always has to be different, basically she dyed her hair completely black. It didn’t look good at all so she tried to give herself blondish/whitish highlights to cover the black of the dye. Now she looks like a big skunk. Ha ha, every time I see her I just have to laugh, it just looks hilarious I wish you guys could see it. And every time we walk by we will say like “PHEW! Do you smell skunk?!” or we will hold our noses and say “Ugh, P.U! Where is that skunk smell coming from!”. And then of course the jokes on us, now we always hang out with her and it’s all just fun of course. Then she starts wearing this new perfume, I think its Ralph Lauren or something and this stuff really does smell like skunk! I mean, we walk with her a lot, and this one day, she completely STUNK! Like her smell would make a skunks face turn green.

  90. I let the dog out to run on the golf couse and she came running home and sneezing… she go t sprayed….. I am going to try to use one of these soulutions tonight…..hopefully it works.

  91. My lab was sprayed last night..used 1/2 cup oxyclean granules, 1/2 cup Scrub Buster dish soup 1/2 baking soda and 2 cups of water..mixed it up and washed him down..he smelled awesome..for his face a got a facecloth and washed his face with listerine..he is now shunk free..if only my house was the

  92. about an hour ago we let our black lab in and we didnt think that he smelled bad or anything, until i smelled him and i relaized that he had gotten sprayed. We tried the vingear, dawn and perixoide thing and it worked great! Although the house smells terrible we have been lighting candles and that has masked the odor. Also baking soda and frebreeze. Im also about to make cookies to get rid of the smell. And as for the dog, hes in the basement drying of from his bath !

  93. ok, I used a product I bought at Sam’s called OdoBan. I sprayed it on my dog, than shampooed her with Head and Shoulders. It has worked really well.

  94. i tried everything possible soooo to help you guys out ii came up with a great treatment…boil 1/2 of a cup with lemon juice add cinomone. then apply one teaspoon of dawn. this will help eliminate odors. you rub in the carpet or in any other surface. this helps! trust me.(WARNING DO NOT BATHE IN IT.)This is for your house.

  95. Ok I have 3 Labs and our youngest lab got sprayed just yesterday about 5:30 am. I thought our house was on fire when my husband came and woke me up the smell was just horrible. Some of you that doesn’t know what PURE skunk smell is, it is cross between burning wood and rubber. Terrible. So I come to this web sight to find out what to do. I did use 1 part baking soda, 1 part peroxide, 3 cups white vinigar, and dawn. mixed it up in the bath tub because the soda and vinigar will make it over flow. Now use cool water and wet your dog as fast as you can. pour the mixer over him use a rag to get around the face and ears and eyes let it sit for about 15 min. then rinse very well. It works but didn’t get the smell completely gone so I used from walmart in the body wash section, Body Essence Pomegrante big bottle is about 3 dollars. Lather him up and let it sit for about five minutes and NO MORE SMELL. it works. Now for your house there is no way to get your smell out completely so here is a tip to help. In a spray bottle, mix half baking soda half water and spray your carpets good, this will help draw the odor from the air then I used Renusit car spray over my carpets and on the stove I put on a big pot of water and three table spoons of Gain fabric softener and put it on a rapid boil, leaves your house smelling fresh. The skunk smell will where off in a day or to, but you can mask it with the Gain.

  96. About 2 years ago my mixed boxer got sprayed. We were unable to give him a bath right away, because we had to go to work. We also had not realized he had been sprayed until after we let him in the house. When we returned home the house reeked and so did he. We did the traditional tomato bath, many cans, and the skunk shampoo and nothing worked. He and the house reeked for what seemed like months. Well, first thing this morning at 5:30 we let him out and not too long after we got that first whiff of skunk. I quickly went out and called him, this time closing the door behind me, and when he came around the corner it was clear he had been sprayed. We put him in the garage and I got on the computer finding this site. I called in to work and took a sick day and off to the store I went, purchasing the vinegar, peroxide, baking soda, toothpaste, a couple of pairs of rubber gloves, and since I use Dawn, I already had a supply of that. I came home changed into some clothes that could be pitched and got to work. First, I put the Dawn all over him while he was still dry, then the toothpaste, then the baking soda and finally the peroxide. It seemed like doing this while he was dry worked much better. I rubbed him with that for about 15 or 20 minutes before I finally brought him in and got him into the bathtub. At that point I just lathered him up and continued to add Dawn, baking soda, toothpaste and in the bath is where I used the vinegar. I kept him good and lathered for another 15 or 20 minutes and finally rinsed him for another 15 mins. or until he didn’t have any residual suds. I wiped his face area with make-up removers. I will absolutely be making up the emergency skunk spray box with the extra supplies that I purchased. He is now smelling fine, which I am shocked by, considering how long it took last time for the odor to finally fade, and taking a well deserved nap!!! Thanks so much for all the tips!!!

  97. Niki, my 3yr old shepard pit mix, just had a playdate with a skunk. Used vinegar baking soda with dish soap and it helped quite a bit but she still smelled. I then shampooed her with Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree Special shampoo used to get rid of chlorine/swimming pool smell in human hair. Let it sit for 5 minutes and rinsed. It worked great. She smells nice and minty and her coat is shiny. For clothing I heard that putting peppermint extract in your wash helps.

  98. Please help
    I live in a very old home somehow a skunk got into the dirt basement of my home and sprayed. How do i get rid of the odor?

    The skunk was removed form my home how do i prevent more from coming in

  99. My Giant Schnauzer just got nailed. I had v8, but decided not to go that route…the toothpaste worked! Thank you for the advice! I did get to him right away though…and he did not mind at all!! He usually doesn’t like showers but as soon as I put the toothpaste on for 10 min, he happily ran into the shower.

  100. Second to none! Start with the tomato juice worked into the fur and rinse. Lather in a mixture of baking soda/peroxide/sunlight dish soap and rinse it out. Finally, rub in a good dose of minty toothpaste and rinse. All of which has been endored by many others tips herein. If it is warm outside, then that is where to do it. We just had to perform this in the bath tub this last weekend and it sue was a task to clean up and now the chore of erradicating the stink from the house. Of course you must wash all clothes, linens and curtains exposed to the rank. Run thru the place using up the whole bottle of Febreze and you are on the road to recovery.

  101. I don’t have a tip, but I do have a question. I was awaken at 1:30 this morning by the smell of skunk. It’s like the thing pointed its butt at my bedroom window and fired! TWICE! I just know that one day, one of those little guys is going to get me since I leave the house at 5:00 am. What do I do? I can’t put peroxide in my hair. It’ll fry it, or worse, make it fall out. I know the tomato thing does not work. Will substituting citrus or vinegar for peroxide with the baking soda and dishsoap get the smell out of people?

  102. My big 50 lb dog got sprayed by a skunk yesterday. I read this website and thanks to all of you for the ideas. Heres what I did and it worked. Using rubber gloves I put tomato juice all over him(which he spent more time licking off than anything) and then rinsed. And then I rubbed peroxide in his fur, then Dish soap(cheap stuff was all I had) and then I rubbed baking soda on him, and the only extra toothpaste I had was kind of old and was only a half a tube that I had in my spare room, so I put a little of that on him and just rubbed it all over him this mixture of stuff. So he basically got a great doggie massasge which also kept him calm I did not leave it on for a certain time just rubbed it all in and then rinsed and then I washed him with his normal dog shampoo. It worked he smells great. Also have had several skunks get under my house and spray my house before was told to put out moth balls around where you think he is going in and of course plug the hole. Also air purifier machines take the smell out real well along with many other things like baking soda in your carpet and potpourri burners cinnamon and vanilla water simmering on the stove and incense sticks.

  103. my amstaff just got sprayed very badly in face and neck chest area.Her eyes will not open will this go away or does she need the vet?

  104. Ok heres the best way to get rid of the smell of skunk out of your house…trust me this works. We had one that sprayed under our house right by our floor furnise, it was so bad we had to leave our house for 2 days it was still unbearable. I called the local zoo and asked them what to do, they told me that smoke was a nutralizer for skunk smell. They told me to place a fan in the window blowing air into the house place a bar b que pit or grill as close to the house as i could so it was safe anough not to burn my house down. Be sure to use wood not carcoal,place fans throghout the house to pull the smoke into all the rooms.Your house may smell like you a fireplace burning thats better than skunk any day. Put some ribs on that grill too..that way dinners done too lol

  105. Everybody always says to bathe in tomato juice to get rid of the skunk smell, but how are you supposed to get rid of the tomato smell???

  106. At 4oclock this morning, a skunk bombed my whole house. yuck!! My dog got sprayed and ran around the whole house! When I went to school the next day, everyone could notice the smell. Horrible day. To help get the odor out is if you put atleast 5 plates or bowls of ground coffee in each of the rooms then that should clear up in one day with all the windows WIDE open.

  107. try a product called shake-away. it is made of fox urine granules…I know it sounds aweful, but it works like a charm. A lesson I learned though…I put it down too early and the spring rains washed it away. You should wait until july to put it down…and buy extra to put down again in september.

  108. My dog got sprayed the other night by a squnk and I recommend the baking soda and peroxide with soap it worked awesome. It took the foul smell away.

  109. You can also use Selsun Blue or other dandruff shampoo on your animal as a follow up to the tomato juice or peroxide/soda bath. It works great. Now another question. My dog was sprayed last night and was let in the house before realizing the smell. It was really bad. Made your lungs burn and eyes water. We did the whole baking soda and peroxide thing followed by dandruff shampoo and he is fine. The house is another story. It is horrible. We did everything – burned candles for two hours, baking soda and Febreeze on every surface, washed clothes, bleached the whole bathroom where we bathed the dog. Woke up this morning after cleaning until 1 in the morning to skunk smell. More suggestions?

  110. My Sheltie got nailed by a skunk at 6:oo am this morning! Went to Wal-Mart and got peroxide, baking soda, cheap mint mouthwash and cheap dog shampoo. Dilute the baking soda in hot water. Add the peroxide, some shampoo, mint mouthwash and cold water to make the solution a tolerable temperature for the pooch. Wash and rinse….over and over until no odor is detected. (do all this outside if possible!) Once done, wash the dog in all dog shampoo. I took the dog for a long walk until dry. This work great!!!

  111. jothenia u probably should take him or her to the vet. Hopefully they will be able to take out the musk from the dogs eyes. if it was my dog i would take him to the vet

  112. My dog got sprayed about midnight tonight. I’ve tried tomato juice, the peroxide mixture, regular dog shampoo, soda, and everything in between. Nothing works. He still smells and now my house does too.
    I’m going to the store tomorrow to buy some Nature’s Miracle. If it works, it’s well worth the money. I HATE SKUNKS!!!!!!!!!

  113. Dogs and skunks. What a wonderful combination to bring nature into the house. Well, a very light hint of skunk odor would smell like freshly brewing Starbucks but this is one I wouldn’t want to get myself close to. My Chihuahua was one brave dog: No skunks left behind. Well, she got behind. Now, it’s a skunk nation in the house. So we stay in the out-house.

    Thank you, I have searched different places for deskunking the odor and seems like Peroxide + Soap + baking soda mixture has been the popular suggestion. Or else, I’ll go to Petsmart for some deskunking solution for my dog. And for myself.

  114. I do not have a tip but a question! My Akita got sprayed by a skunk about a week ago and i tried the dawn dish soap and dag shampoos.. Does anyone know if its too late to get the remaining smell out?

  115. In his vigilence to protect house and home, Zeus, our husky/border collie cross was skunked at 4:10 yesterday morning. Having being skunked prior to Zues,I reached for the cure we used last time, which was toothpaste and a soft toothbrush, which has worked in the past, but depending on size and hair type, you go through a lot of toothpaste! So Zeus was coke-bathed a few times during the day and it has taken the majority of the smell away…a little remains around his snout, but think that might have something to do with the coke being licked as we bathed. Have heard good things about the baking soda and hydrogen peroxide concoction.

  116. I have two cats and have tried everything. I recently found an amazing new product called Room Shocker. It not only took the urine smell out but it also helped with my husband’s allergies. It seems that it completely purifies the air and eliminates any severe bad odors right at the source. I ordered it online from a website called The best part was I didn’t have to scrub anything. Very low maintenance just leave it in a room for a few hours, come back and the smell is gone!

    This product seems to work well for all severe bad odors.

  117. The best product I found for getting rid of skunk odors is BioWorld’s BON-CC-41. It worked great. I had tried many products before I finally gave up and tried this one. I had to have it shipped so it did take some time to get it. The other solutions helped to reduce the odors but it did not eliminate it completely. BioWorld worked like a charm! It is completely safe to use on dogs. I was concerned about the eyes since she was sprayed around the face but BioWorld told me that it will not damage it. It is even safer than shampoo and will not do any damage! I LOVE this product! I even use it around the house, like on the carpet and in the laundry!

  118. 1st tip, remember that the skunk smell stayed on because… it was the first thing to soak into the dry hair. So in removing the smell, apply a STRONG good smell directly to the affected area first! Then, use the processes above… Dry the dog VERY WELL, and repeat the exact process again if the smell persisted. But I’d use a good smelling quality dog shampoo, not dish soap, PLEASE! You may create more problems for your pet and your vet bill! The peroxide, B. Soda, Soda pop, are all safe. As far as getting the smell out of your house. Can’t help ya! Sorry! Nose plugs!

    Good luck!

  119. This is for people like some of my neighbors who have not trained their dogs to come inside let alone stand still for an intense body bath.

    If Cesar the dog whisperer isn’t a close friend, you might have to think this one out ahead of time because you will have to be able to mix all of those chemicals (just joking) together without drinking the orange juice, anointing Mr. Jencks without getting the smell on yourself and to find three fearless friends with no sense of smell.

    If your dog has passed a six pack of obedience classes you are lucky.

  120. My dog got sprayed by a skunk last year. My friends told me to use tomato juice, orange juice, or use coke. Well i decided not to use tomato juice cause my dog is white. So i used coke. I washed him then coked him, i did that 3 times. my dog was in the house that day. I was amazed on how well it worked.

  121. 2 large bottles of tomato juice depending on the size of the animal really. let it soak in one bottle at a time. rub it in real good. rinse. on to the 2nd bottle. do same as 1st bottle. rinse. and then use a generous amount of animal soap or dish soap. lather up real good. and then rinse.

  122. A couple of bottles of Scope mouthwash poured over dog asap followed by bath with dog shampoo is quite effective. We had a lingering but faint odor for day or two but nothing we couldn’t live with.

  123. A product called Odor-Mute. We bought it at the vet supply. You don’t have to wash the dog first. Use a trash towel or a whole bunch of paper towels to wipe off any skunk-oil. Then just douse the dog in the recommended solution of Odor Mute and let it dry. Sometimes you have to do it twice.

    We’ve tried the soda, the orange juice, the tomato juice, the vinegar. Odor-Mute works.

  124. We live in the country and we have 2 dogs, so dealing with skunks is part of life here – we always always use Coke – we keep two big bottles handy – pour over dog and work into their fur – then give a regular dog-shampoo bath with a hose. Repeat if necessary. Remove the collar first and soak in a bowl of Coke. It will fizz and hiss and you’ll see why Coke works! Before we discovered this, we tried many of the traditional suggestions, but this really really is the best by far….

  125. My (very hairy) terrier got skunked TWICE this week. The first time I just used dish soap, then powdered his fur with baby powder. It got most of the smell out. The second time, I immediately rinsed him outside with cold water, then used Dawn dish soap. Then I put him in the bathtub and used a blender to mix up a bunch of Roma tomatos (tomato juice will not work if it is pasturized). After the tomato bath (lots of seeds to rinse out!) I used Dawn dish soap again, followed by his regular dog shampoo and followed by conditioner (make sure you use conditioner if you use dish soap, it dries their skin out). He smells so much better! You can only smell a faint skunk smell right around his mouth. Hope that helps!

  126. I used peroxide, baking soda, and dish soap on my yorkie, and I am still waiting to see if that worked, but he came in from outside and rolled all over the house!!! Any suggestions on how to get rid of this smell?

  127. Tecnu Outdoor Skin Cleanser for poison ivy gets rid of skunk smell too when you wash with it. It’s even on the label now.

  128. My Jack Russell Terrier just does not get it. Constantly getting sprayed by skunks, in fact, we just got done de-skunking her now. Remedy: WORKS EVERY TIME: mix 16 oz. H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide), 1/2 cup baking soda and 1 tsp. DAWN DISH SOAP. (Dawn seems to be the only one that works.) Lather the dog up and leave of for 5-10 minutes, then rinse off and should be okay. You usually only have to do it once. And again, my Freckles just loves barking at skunks…and we all know what happens after that!

  129. After trying everything to get skunk smell from leather furniture, I ordered Skunk Off spray on line (couldn’t be found locally). If only I had this from the onset. It worked on contact and has been the only remedy to make an impact. It has effectively saved the furniture. It even saved the working element on the dog’s (darn dog!)invisible fence collar. Waste no time, get it!

  130. Just used the dawn, hydrogen peroxide, and baking powder (did not have the baking soda) mixture with huge success on my dog. Second time in a month my pet tangled with a skunk. Thanks!

  131. Trust me when I say the BEST product to get rid of the skunk odor around the house and ON your pet is BON-CC-41.

    I have lived in the country all my life and can’t even count the number of times we have had skunk problems (including skunks coming into my house – got rid of those doggie doors years ago!)

    I have used every skunk odor remover known to man. Some with pretty good, but none worked as good as BON-CC-41. All my country neighbors swear by it now!

    It is also a lot safer than other methods and environmentally friendly! I can apply the product right to my dogs face and don’t have to worry about it (of course I avoid the eyes, but I treat it just like dog shampoo). What I found that worked the best is adding the BON-CC-41 and dawn dish soap together. That mixture does the trick in no time!

  132. After trying the peroxide method, it helped a little, but I was disappointed. Everyone RAVES about this but it doesn’t get rid of all the odor. My poor puppy had to sleep all by herself in the garage for the first time, which means I didn’t get any sleep with her whining.

    So I tried the BON-CC-41 Carrie mentioned and had it overnighted to me. I got it the next day, gave her a bath with it and it actually worked! I was nervous because of the perxoide method not working but this worked surprisingly well!

    I would suggest you buying the BON-CC-41 and storing it for when it happenes to you.

  133. We have a skunk who has burrowed under our back steps and apparently has sprayed in its den, because our entire house now smells of skunk, particularly the room adjacent to the porch. Any suggestions for getting the smell out of the house? Bear in mind it’s February in Chicago…opening all the doors and windows isn’t really option. Thanks!

  134. I don’t have a tip… I need advice on how to get skunk odor out of my garage. Yesterday our black lab tangled with a skunk and we put him in the garage. Took dog & innocent bystander puppy to groomer for bathing. Garage is NOT clearing out the odor. I put baking soda all over the garage floor and left it over night hoping it would help absorb the wonderful aroma. However, the smell has only faded a little. Anyone have helpful suggestions on how to clear the garage of the odor?

  135. I found that best way to get rid of skunk smell is cinnamon. I give the dog a hydrogen peroxide bath first and then a cinnamon bath. The two together works. For the house I clean and vacuum and then boil cinnamon sticks or even water with cinnamom powder and the scent evaporates. My dog get skunked at least 4 times a year and it always works.

  136. Both of our dogs went after a skunk this morning and managed to kill it. The Mountain Cur got the intial hit of the skunk but the Newfoundland had to get in his two cents worth as well. We gave them a bath in dish soap alone but that didn’t do much for the Cur. Our whole house stinks of skunk now and will remain that way until we can get home from work and deal with it. We are planning on spraying the house with a vinagar solution. If that does not work, I will be spending my weekend shampooing all the floors in the house.

  137. This is a weaker formula that won’t necessarily work with all cases. It will probably work on minor sprays, but if your pet got a full blast of the skunk spray (like mine) it won’t do much. I tried this skunk smell removal recipe and it had some similarities to the one here, but packed a bigger punch and knocked the odor off my dog.

    As for the posts about tomato juice, everyone knows that doesn’t really work. I think the person who came up with that idea did it as a joke so their friend would be stained red and smell like a horrible tomatoed skunk. I also heard that vinegar works, but didn’t try it for my case.

  138. We have aproblem with skunks spraying outside of our house, but the smell came into our whole house this time. cant get the smell out at all. If anyone can help us to get rid of the odor please let me know !!!!
    crying out loud !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. This is not a tip :Im asking for help to take the skunk odor out of my house .if anyone can help me , please ! the smell is nasty.
    crying out loud please HELP ME!

  140. This unfortunately is not a tip. Our dog got sprayed by a skunk, and is stinking up the whole house! If anyone could let me know the absolute best way to get skink out of clothes and hair on time for work tomorrow I would greatly appreciate it!

  141. Use Technu to get rid of skunk odor. It is sold at Walgreen’s and is usually found next to the products for poison ivy/oak. Use as directed, I found that it worked wonders.

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