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Skunks pose are more than just an annoyance also as serious health risk. Skunks can spread diseases as well as get into the most vial substances they can find. Their pungent odor alone is enough to make humans not want to share a home with them. How to get rid of skunks under a house is one thing but to do it humanly is a whole other, I wouldn?t suggest shooting them but there are a few safe things you can try. Keep in mind that there is no one right solution getting rid of these pests.

How to get rid of skunks under a house can be costly but there are a couple of cheap solutions that one could try. First is urine, skunks tend not avoid anywhere that smells of human urine, and best of all it?s free. If the thought of spreading urine around your home every few days grosses you out, ammonia tends to work just as well and is cost effective. Mothballs are another viable option but there is some debate about posing as a possible health risk to your family.

If you are wondering how to get rid of skunks under a house without having to go spread things around the house every few days the proceeding solutions are for you, keep in mind though that there are more costly. You can board up all entrees leading to under your home. When using the boarding up method you must keep a few things in mind, skunks are nocturnal so are going to have to do this at night, and make sure the din (under your house) is completely empty. Also it is wise to keep in mind that although a skunk may not be a great climber/jumper they will dig if they can see a way through and they can fit into holes and gaps that are as small as 4 inches wide. Now if you are handy in the wiring department you may conceder butting a bright motion sensor light under your home.

There is also a motion sensor sprinkler system you can place around your home near its entry points as well as specialty spray repellants on the market today. If all other methods fail call your local animal control department or seek a professional exterminator who is willing to trap and release.