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We aren’t talking about the adorable cartoon character Pépe Le Pew here: this article deals with real skunks that are a serious nuisance. Whether you are looking to protect your friends, family, pets, or even yourself, nobody wants to be sprayed by a skunk. Their musk can travel up to fifteen feet, and boy is it ever hard to get rid of that smell!

Before you do anything crazy, you need to realize that skunks can carry rabies, so you should never approach them directly. If a skunk bites you or anyone else, be sure to have them tested. Read this article for some of the best ways you can follow to get rid of skunks once and for all!

1. Remove all food sources

Skunks are scavengers, and they will eat just about anything they can get their paws on, including bird eggs, small rodents, bugs and larvae, and garbage, so don’t leave any food out for them! As soon as a skunk finds something delicious to eat in your yard or anywhere else on your property, the chances are high they will come back for more (and they might bring their buddies as well!)

Skunks are nocturnal: they thrive on darkness, and perform most of their mischief at nighttime. You likely will not be awake to police them during these hours, so take all of the necessary precautions beforehand:

Never leave garbage bags unprotected outside. Use a heavy-duty metal garbage can with a solid lid on it, so even if a skunk manages to knock it down (or any other pests like raccoons do so), the lid will stay on. This applies even on garbage nights! Never leave unattended garbage bags outdoors.

If you have pets, don’t leave their food dishes outdoors. This is simply asking for trouble, and you will likely have an entire family of skunks living on your property before you know it.

If you have fruit trees or bushes on your property, make sure that skunks cannot access them, or be sure to clean up any fruit that happened to drop on the ground. Rodents enjoy this food source, and skunks enjoy the fruit and the rodents! You don’t have time for double trouble.

Remove any other food sources on your property, including water sources, bird feeder spills, or any other forms of open food, such as a compost heap, for instance. Be sure to cover your compost to keep the critters out!

2. Trying out skunk repellants

If you are still having trouble getting rid of skunks, then skunk repellents might be next on your list. Try one or all of these suggestions:

Because skunks are nocturnal, they don’t like bright lights. Try using a motion sensor in your yard that will turn on once your unwanted guest arrives. Use some flood lights as well to really amplify the effectiveness.

Just like automated lights, automated sprinklers can also help. Skunks aren’t huge fans of getting soaked with water. This can also help water your lawn in the process! Pest services even sell motion detecting water sensors specifically designed for pests like skunks.

You can also find several commercially designed skunk repellants to help your cause. These include spicy pepper solutions, for instance. You might even have success with a natural approach of applying a homemade pepper paste around high traffic skunk areas. Remember that you will need to reapply these sprays frequently so that they remain effective!

3. Put up some skunk barriers

If you have a resident skunk living on your property, don’t fret! You can follow several solutions for getting them out of your life. Skunks live under porches, houses, sheds, and just about anywhere else they can fit. Try and seal off these areas as best as you can!

The best strategy is to put up some barriers around areas that skunks find interesting to help keep them away. Keep in mind that skunks cannot jump (almost at all) so these barriers do not need to be very high. However, skunks are good diggers and they can fit through openings roughly four inches in diameter.

Basically, you want to make a skunk’s job as hard as possible for them. If they cannot see a space for them to get to on the other side of an obstacle, they won’t bother burrowing towards it. Fill in holes, ditches, or any other gaps that they might try and sneak into.

A great solution you can use in this regard is chicken wire. Chicken wire is affordable and easy to install, and it also annoys skunks. And squirrels. And raccoons! The list goes on. Make sure you install the chicken so that it is high enough that they cannot get over it, and deep enough that they cannot dig under it. Sink your wire at least a foot into the ground.

4. Track their movements

If you want to get rid of skunks but don’t want to trap them inside your barricade, it’s time to become your very own private eye: who doesn’t love a little detective action?

Use chalk or any other form of powder and sprinkle it near the opening to the skunk den. You will have to stay awake for a while for this to be effective, but it will be worth it in the end! Wait until you see skunk’s tracks in your powder leading away from their den. Once they are gone, quickly get to work sealing up all the open entranceways. If you move quickly and effectively, the skunk cannot get in. If they do happen to find another way in, just try again the next night!

5. Use some skunk traps

If you have tried everything else and the skunk is still sticking around, it might be time for the next step: trapping your skunk and sending him on his way! Always check with your local authorities to ensure it is legal to trap skunks in your area.

When buying a trap, make sure it is small enough that any skunk you capture cannot raise its tail inside the trap. If it can, you will have an awful time approaching the cage!

For safety purposes, attach a few old blankets or towels outside of the trap so that you don’t get sprayed. Use any food with a strong odor in the trap, like sardines, or canned cat food. Check your trap often in case you accidentally catch some other animal!

After trapping your skunk, cover the trap so that the skunk cannot see outside and secure it in your trunk. Don’t smother the poor guy! Drive your skunk a long distance from your home and set him free in the woods. Open the trap, and let the waiting game begin. The skunk will leave eventually, but it will likely need some courage (so don’t be afraid about getting sprayed immediately). If the skunk refuses to leave, just wait a few hours and come back for your trap, which should be empty.

Getting rid of a skunk doesn’t have to be a massive process. With a little bit of work and preparation, your yard should be skunk proofed in no time: and eventually skunk free as well! Good luck in your skunk removal quest.

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  1. WARNING: What ever you do, if a skunk is trying to crawl into your barn (using a hole that your barn cat is using), DONT take a bb-gun and shoot in in the butt as its trying to crawl back into the hole!!!! True story, thats what my dad did…..NOT a pretty site…or smell for that matter of fact. lol

  2. We have a really bad skunk problem where I work at. The skunks always come out at night, and there are a lot of them! Anyways, I was told that if you put out moth balls, the skunks eat them, get sick and do not return to that area again. The moth balls do not seriously hurt the skunks, they just get sick from eating them. I’m not sure if this works or not, but it’s what I heard.

  3. Tried mothballs-did not work. I did learn not to try and use bug bombs to “smoke them out”. It really ticked em off and now my nice cabin smells pretty bad. The lady at the rental place said to trap them as they are probably starting to hibernate.

  4. skunks dont hibernate.. they juss dont come out alot at night… and mothballs do work…. they will eat them and get sick and not return

  5. Uhhh…mothballs didn’t work for us–and they seem to be digging under the foundation to get into the crawl space. Honestly, I don’t know which is worse–three boxes of mothballs under the house or the skunks!

  6. Mothballs have not worked for me and this is my 3rd skunk underneath my house. Unfornately it is an old house and the smell of it’s spray just creeps right on up in through the floor boards so my house has stunk horrifically 3 different times now and one of those is currently. Does anyone know of effective way to get the skunk sent out of the house, where there is no particular area sprayed but underneath the house? I’ve tried leaving the windows open, it doesn’t work too well. Any other suggestions, it makes me smell as well as my house. Sorry to everyone who comes in contact with me! Thanks!

  7. Hi, I’m trying the moth balls to, I hope they work, I think I will try & soak rags in ammonia to & put them in the holes too. I’ve had problems with them for a few yrs now & I’m tired of them to. I’ve covered there holes in, but they just seem to dig somewhere else along the bottom of our house. I have a old house to, so I’ve been using a PROZONE AIR PURIFIER which works great for removing the smell that comes up from the bottom of the house.

  8. I also am on my second round with the skunk smell. I used coffee grounds sprinkled on the floor to get rid of the smell. You should give it a shot, it worked really well. Hope this helps.

  9. Boy do we have skunks. They live and breed under our deck and with three dogs we always have something going on with them. They even breed on the patio next to our bedroom sliding doors. I have been sprayed twice, once trying to get my dogs back into the house and once taking a foster puppy outside to pee at night. We have paid a trapper who took three off but soon more moved in. We heard that Alka Seltzer will work by making them sick and they will leave. Did not work for us. We are going to try pounding flashing into the ground around the perimeter of the deck to see if it keeps them from digging.

  10. If your animal is sprayed by a skunk……

    This happened to us the one morning, our dog got out of our yard at about 4am, chasing what appeared to my wife as a cat, she frantically ran into the bedroom to inform me that the dog ran down the street after it, of course I got up, went out to attempt to find the dog, luckily she wasn’t too far away, but she refused to get close to me. I sternly called her over, and regreted it immediately, she reeked of shunk. Obviously it wasn’t a cat. I called up our local emergency vet clinic to find out if they had anything that was a sure fire way of removing the smell. I knew that tomato juice didn’t really work, nor did douche which was suggested to a friend of mine. The woman was very sympathetic and said that there was no pricy remedy. To simply get the following….

    1 quart of peroxide
    1/4 cup of baking soda
    2 tablespoons of dish liquid

    (You can double, or triple the mixture depending on the size of the animal)

    Wet the dog with warm water, mix the peroxide, baking soda, and dish liquid, mix it, and put it on the dog, (Do not get it in their eyes or ears), let it soak for about 10 minutes, rinse with warm water.

    Amazingly enough, it worked.

  11. I have skunk babies under the foundation of my house. I can hear them squeaking. My problem is, if I trap and dispose of the parent, then I’ll have decomposing skunk babies for God only knows how long. Any suggestions?


  12. I live in a Townhouse association. Near our association was a wooded area. This was torn down and replaced with a driving range. However, all of the skunks that hung out in the wooded area are now in our neighborhood YEAR-ROUND!

    I often wake in the middle of the night smelling skunk order. The past weekend was one of the worst so I purchased an air purifier and scent absorbers. They worked, after two days. Last night was another horrible episode. I had to lay in bed with the covers over my head. I barely got any sleep AND I slept with the air purifier on.

    I fon’t believe they are IN my house just around it. It has gotten so bad that I am thinking of selling my house. I tried the Critter Away, that lasted for about a week. If anyone knows of a remedy…PLEASE let me know!

  13. I appreciatre all these tips and sure would like to know how to get rid of those pesky skunks. We live near a wooded area and have problems with them big time. So far we have been fairly lucky, the only one that wasn’t so lucky was are dog because he would’t come in when we called for him..So needless to say he learned his lesson the hard way!!! Poor thing!!! Well we are going to try all of the suggestions that are on here however if anyone finds something that works better please let us know we would definitely appreciate it. I also need to make sure that none of these things will hurt our domestic animals since I have two dogs and a cat..and most of our neighbors do too. I definitely don’t want to make any of them sick by doing these things that is for sure. I also have a 3 yr old that loves playing outside in the warm weather too.. we have a fence around our back yard but those pesky things still seem to find their way in. Well thanks to all!! We will let you know what works the best for us.

  14. Thats nothing, my 2 dogs have been sprayed a total of 11 times in 2 months. The dogs killed 5 of their babies! Now I go out before them and try to get rid of the skunks first but it just doesn’t work. I am going to put out a trap again and try the sardines as bait. (peanut butter didn’t work) Lets hope this ends soon!

  15. Hi!

    We had a skunk spray under our house in the crawl space. 3 days ago. The smell is slowly going away – but now I have a cat-pee smell. Is this a result of the skunk smell slowly dicipating?

    HELP….I can’t stand it anymore….does it eventually go AWAY?

  16. I have not had a skunk problem until this year. I think that I have a den under my house. Because I’ve gotten three in my traps in the past three days. How will I know if they are all out or not. Any pointers? Please let me know. I’m up for anything.

  17. I had a profesional trapper come to my house when a skunk got into my garage. The skunk was gone when he arrived, but he left me with some very good tips. If your animal is ever sprayed by a skunk go to the local drug store and use women’s feminie hygiene products to get the smell out of your animals coat. He said it works instantly and the animal is as good as new. As far as your houses and sheds they should have the flashing as a deterent. Also, you can use coyote pellets from your local feed store to ward of the smelly bums.

  18. Living in the country AND raising chickens – we have skunk problems. The most enticing skunk bait for our trap which does not attract cats is raw EGGS, which is something we have a steady supply of.

  19. ammonia works, setting traps right up to the hole, we are waiting for the skunk to walk into the trap. This has been a nightmare for several months now and we just got our house de-skunked as far as the smell goes and it sprayed 3 x’s in the past few days. It is living under our garage floor and has been uder there for a week now with no way out but in the trap. We know it is still alive as it just sprayed yesterday. I am an animal lover but at this point I want it gone and dead. A word of advice, seal up your home real good and they can’t get in anywhere.

  20. Help, we also have a skunk problem under our house, our house in old too. Our bathroom stinks so bad, the skunk is living under the bathtub. We got a trap from the county and we have trapped 1 of our kitty’s, 3 raccoons, and 1 skunk in 3 weeks, we thought that we had gotten rid of the problem when we caught the skunk, but no the smell is back under the bathroom again. We’ve tried peanut butter and raw eggs to catch them. But we are having better luck catching raccoons then skunks. I think we will try some of the other suggestions too. Please help if anybody else has any other suggestions.

  21. Skunks are smelly, stinky, and ugly animals. The one tip to get rid of them is to get a rifle. Yup, that’s right, a rifle. Then at night, go out and shoot them good. It worked for me, so it will work for you!

  22. We have a skunk or skunks living under our old house. I set a trap and caught a possum. No pest control company will come out but a wildlife services company advised not to set traps with food because this will only attract more animals to the area. What they do is seal off the parimiter and install a one-way door so the little prick can get out but not back in. The problem is either they want too much money or I’m too cheap. I have set my trap up against the building in this manner and we got him out but he climbed over the trap and dragged his stinky carcass back in. Does anybody know where one can locate a one way door for this purpose? I have now relocated two possums, the skunk hyasn’t sprayed lately but I think this is because with the possums out of the way, the skunks may be doing the dirty deed.

  23. We are in our second go-around with skunks living under our deck. The first time was an old sick skunk that sprayed 24/7 for 30 days. He was trapped and disposed off. I am amazed at how the smell permeates everything inside of your house. I understand it is mating season and we are back at it again. THis time there are more than one. Last week after they sprayed I looked outside and saw two snuggled up to my foundation just hanging out. We smell, our kids smell, our belongings smell. Once we get rid of these vile creatures we plan to put chicken wire around the perimeter of our deck. Where do you get a one way door? Any suggestions?

  24. We have recently been noticing a skunk living under a classic car outside of our house. The car is so old and delapated that the tires have meleted to the drive way and there is a ton of leaves stuffed around the car. I really think the skunk is living under there but my fiance is in total denial. I have two small kids and I’m afraid the skunk may have rabie or something else. How in the hell do I find where this skunk is really living so I can call animal control and get them to come get it.

  25. Every year starting in the spring my house gets sprayed and the smell sticks around for about two weeks. The floor just soaks up the smell. I end up washing all my clothes and bleaching the floors. I found boiling vinegar on my stove helps, then boil cinnamon and vanilla, open all windows and have the heat on as high as you can. It takes awhile and it is a pain in the ass. I did find out only a certain kind of moth balls work, and it is best to crush them up. How they keep coming around is beyond me, I have fixed all the holes and just can’t figure out how they keep getting under my house. I got a trap,and in the last four years I bet I have disposed up to twenty skunks, hell last fall we got rid of five in a week, and belive me they ain’t coming back, may they rip.

  26. If you don’t see a skunk and you don’t hear them, how can you tell if it’s living under your house?? HELP, my German Shepherd got skunked last night and he was under the deck. I think one might be living under there?? We don’t leave food out and I haven’t had one in my yard before (that I know of)

    Any other signs??

  27. I don’t have a tip but like many of you I have been pleged with the skunkahoo smell. My husband said that about a month ago he saw a skunk in our back yard walking away but we throught nothing of it until last week when my son came home from maryland and my daughter came home from college. My husband and I had gone to church and after meet them at home. And they were very upset to find that the family room downstaris smelled like skunk and so starts the skunk saga, I can’t get rid of the smell at all please help. This is my first experance with skunk smell.

  28. This is my second year the first was a pain but the skunk was caught and taken care of. Then when I finally start to get rid of the smell this year. Another skunk shows up I stayed up all night waiting for it to leave then blocked all the entrances, it made a new one. Oh yeah and I finally realized that it was the reason my dog was sick. I guess it is called canine distemper I was scared that it was rabies but after visiting the vet and research. I found out what it was called and my dog had all the symptoms he has recovered a little but is not the same. Please if there are any tips that will help my dog fully recover. Thanks.

  29. For all of you trying to live trap skunks I have found regular Potato Chips are irresistible to them. I tried cat food, tuna fish, & fresh salmon only to catch cats, opossums & raccoons and then find 100 more holes in my yard around the trap the next morning. The poor coon probably watched the skunk have his way with my grass while he was trapped in the live trap. But the Potato chips have worked first try every time for skunks to follow them in the trap. Now I will leave the rest up to you on what you want to do from there. I know what I have done and its a bit smelly for a short period until u get them to their resting site, but they have never returned after that. All the other victims that I have trapped have returned to their homes the next morning a bit scared but with a full belly. Good Luck!

  30. I heard that if you put Exlax around the area , the skunk will eat it and won’t return. Ha ha ha It works too. I wonder why!!!!!

  31. My family and I, like most of you have the very same skunk issues that you are all talking about. I was online and came acrosss a product called “Shake Away” and apparently it is a granulated product that consists of urine smells of a Bobcats and Fox’s that scare the heck out of Skunks. I will let know how or if it works.

  32. My first posting on this website was Feb. 23rd. Since then I have been looking for another place to live. I was all skunked out. I tried everything…So I thought.

    Very recently I have been using ammonia. I soak shop towels (the blue paper towels used mostly by auto repair techs.) in ammonia and place them around my townhouse. Every 2-3 days I pour more ammonia on the towels. IT WORKED! It’s not perfect but some relief is better than none. I thought I would smell the ammonia in the house or in the yard. No scent at all. I recommend you all try it and let me know your results.

  33. I am one of the biggest animal lovers around, but after 3 weeks of nightly spraying, the line has been crossed. We reek of skunk, everything we eat tastes like skunk and it is almost impossible to sleep after they spray. We finally resorted to traping and shooting them. I feel bad, but its they only way. Besides, our vet said they can be carriers of rabies and not show any signs. We needed to get them away from our house and this was the only sure way.

  34. HELP!!!!! We just moved into a house in the country. We have the skunk smell along with that animal urine smell. We are trying moth balls but now I have a cross between moth balls and skunk….ARGHHH!
    What do we need to do? Is trapping them really the only way?

  35. I just hosed a pesky sknuk with OC Pepper spray (cop strength) it made it leave chopchop. However if it comes back it will be the .22, its a last resort but its gotta go.

  36. Now, coyote pellets I’ve never heard of! However, will the pellets actually attract coyotes? I have them in the woods behind my barn too, but the skunk took up residence under my riding mower in the barn. I can’t try to trap him because I have barn cats. I think I’ll try moth balls and hope the ducks don’t eat them. Any other suggestions would be wonderful 🙂 (The skunk moved in 2 days ago when it was torrentially raining. I was hoping he/she would move on when it quit, but I thought I smelled him/her again last night. At least the dog(s) didn’t get sprayed again last night.) Thanks!

  37. Had a skunk move in under my shed about two weeks ago. I tried the moth balls & ammonia. I thought he was gone cause I didn’t smell it for a few days untill a couple days ago and I was leaving for work about 5:50 am unlatched the gate turned around the motion light came on and there I was face to face with it. It was a loud Holy Crap and back through the gate I went. It started to follow me but turnned to where I had the hole under the shed blocked. It sniffed around and went around the shed. I left for work didn’t want to miss the Vanpool. Got to work called The Skunkworks in town. They wanted $175 to set a trap and $60 dollars more to take it away when caught. I told him I would call back later. Anyway one of the riders on the Vanpool got me a pack of “THE GIANT DESTROYER” they are like giant smoke bombs that emits Nitrate something and sulfuric something and they are real bad smelling when lit. I am glad I got them for free cause I would have been pretty mad if I paid for them! Don’t buy them they don’t work either. Got a trap from my son yesterday set it last night. Caught the dirty bugger and my son took him away a hour ago, said it was going to be a present for someone! Truth is I tried everything and the only thing that worked was the trap. The second truthfull thing I learned was if you keep it covered in the cage it won’t spray.

  38. I heard that the fox urine works really well. I just purchased it on-line and pray that it works. My dog gets skunked like 100 times over the summer. I’m already not looking forward to those summer nights. I was also told that putting garlic or perfume in a stocking and hanging on your fence will keep them out!!! I’m going to try everything and hope something works…

  39. I have more of a question than a tip. I believe I have a skunk living in my basement which is part of our living space. I’m not sure what to do because I am not sure if it is in the house or outside. The smell is so bad that you can’t tell were it is coming from. Help! If anyone has a suggestion please let me know.

  40. Seems to me after reading everything here that ammonia is the best way to rid of these pest. I’ve got holes everywhere in my basement and I’m sure they are coming in from under my deck because I just ripped off the decking and noticed the holes where they are coming in. I think what I will also do is nail some rebarb around the foundation to prevent them from digging back in. Though if I had the money I would concrete my entire basement.

  41. This all sounds familiar. I have a 2 level deck, a skunk recently moved in under the lower level. It sprays almost constantly – must be sick. It is getting to the point where I know I will have to call a trapper, but the guy is going to charge $100 to set the trap and $60 for each animal caught and that’s the best I found. Seems ridiculous. I am going to try blocking off where is gets under the deck when it leaves to dig up my yard for grubs at night – hopefully that works but I’m not crossing my fingers based on what I read above.

  42. We have a skunk under the mud room floor. Sprays alot and the skunk smell has gotten into our house and our clothes. We got a trap from animal control and placed it by his hole. The skunk just looked at it and went around it via our low steps. So we sprayed bear repellent around the hole but the smell of that nearly killed my husband and I. We coughed and couldn’t get our breath. Our eyes watered…it was bad. That didn’t deter the skunk at all. Now I’ll put bread with cayenne pepper by its hole and see if that will do the trick. Hope that something works soon

  43. My husband and I suffer from the Multiple Skunk Spray syndrome. Last summer we had three different occasions we were sprayed under our home. Now, this season has begun as of last night. 1:30 am and it bombed our entire house. It was horrible and we couldn’t breathe. My husband has found that the skunks hate the twist up Renuzit air fresheners. You have to keep investing in them, we probably have about 100 under our house but it seems to keep them away for short periods of time. We are now going to try burying the bottle full of bleach with a rag sticking out of it and the crushed mothballs around our house. Hopefully that will help, but we’ll see.

  44. So far…the skunk has not returned. I just put straight ground cayenne pepper ( the hotter the better) by its hole. I watched the other night that I did it and the skunk got it up it’s nose and took off into the hills and hasn’t returned. It rained last night so I re-did it this morning so I hope it keeps working. The cayenne pepper only cost about 70 cents a bag from Wal-Mart.

    PS Don’t breathe it in as it really burns your nose!

  45. I have resorted to a trapper to cure my skunk problem, and so far he has caught and removed one male skunk in one week. Should I expect another skunk? I’m not sure if they usually have families in their dens. I have been lucky to avoid the spraying, but these skunks make up for it by digging divots in 20′ – 30′ areas. Basically, it looks like a minefield when they’re through. I put down Scott’s GrubX and hopefully that will eliminate one of their food sources. For resident skunks, I have found that trappers are the way to go. Just get quotes, some trappers will only charge for skunks and let other animals go.

  46. We have three Boston Terriers (black and white) who continue to get sprayed when we let them out in the yard after dark. We were told the skunks might be attracted to them because of the similar color and size. I don’t really buy that, but I am tired of playing the “Fun with Skunks” game until at least midnight. I can tell you the peroxide, baking soda and dish detergent mixture does work, and putting coffee grounds around the house in bowls gets rid of the smell. If your dog gets sprayed, DON’T let it run into the house. You will be sorry. Try to minimize the areas they are in before you apply the solution. I am on the hunt for a deterrent that really works. I don’t think they are living on our property, but like to visit. I plan on starting with the fox urine then moth balls and then ammonia rags. I will post what works for us.

  47. I occassionally get a skunk that comes into my yard. I found that its coming into my yard through underneath the fence. I’m planning to patch that space from under the fence and also maybe sprinkle hot pepper flakes along the bottom of the fence in hopes that will make him “hot” enough to run. We’ll see………….

  48. I have trapped 5 skunks and all of them have been really big about 8 to 10 pounds. I put the trap in front of the hole about 1 foot and put a can of cat food in the trap. Take a blanket and and as you get closer to the trap hold it up so that the skunk does not see whats coming at it( i have never been sprayed that way yet.LOL) then as you get closer throw the blanket over the cage and cover it then you can lift it up and carry it and dispose of the skunk as you see fit.

  49. It is 2 weeks now and the skunk has not returned. I still have the ground cayenne pepper by the hole (which is now blocked off) but have not smelled or seen him now for over 2 weeks. It must be the ground cayenne pepper and not the flakes. And the HOTTER the better!!!!!

  50. I do not have a tip but I have read all of these and I am sure going to try some of them and hope and pray it works. We have been skunked so many times it is not funny. This weekend I have a friend getting married in my yard and I can only hope that the little devils will not stink up everything around here for the festivities. Not exactly what smell I have in mind. Everyone keep me in your prayers for the weekend and hope that they remedies I try will work and I will let you know. I think I will try the ground cayenne pepper first, it sure makes me sick maybe it will the skunks.

  51. HELP a skunk is living under my house and sprays about twic a day. We have ttied trapping it and for 3 days no luck

    ANY advice would be helpful….what about a bomb!!! tried everything am putting flour outside the whole in hopers of seeing when he leaves. He hasn’t left yet today. HELP HELP

  52. How about leaving human hair around and at the area where the skunks are?

    I haven’t tried it yet, but you can easily request for cut human hair from a local hair salon/barbershop. I know someone who works at one, and someone came in once and requested for hair to use to repel skunks. I also found a few sites that suggested it for repelling a few different animals. I am guessing the human scent from the hair should scare them.

    Tell me if it works!

  53. Karen,

    What are you using for bait? The trapper that I hired is using marshallows, dog food, chicken and an assortment of other things. If one bait isn’t working, just try something different. Good luck.

  54. I have tried EVERYTHING also, still fighting the nasty B”%^$*’s, what helps the most with the smell in the home is Peppermint/Spearmint oil. Use a spray bottle of water and add several drops of oil. I sprayed onto the carpets and into the heating vents. Sprayed everything that wouldn’t ruined. Still trapping the creatures and shooting them, going to try a woodchuck bomb in there holes. Lets see if they survive the gas chamber.

  55. We have a BIG skunk problem. In 2 weeks the skunk has been under owr house. We tried mothballs…..didn’t work. We tried to put a string to chock it…..didn’t work. We tried to put gass in the skunk hole…..didn’t work. We don’t know what to do any more. Can someone plz(please) help us. We are tired of that stupid skunk.
    My father doesn’t take the change to go neer it so he doesn’t get sprayed by that ugly smelly skunk.
    Good luck for you guys.

  56. We live in LA, near the LA river and have seen the devils in the neighborhood all along. But just within the last week, or dogs have been hit TWICE by the sons of *******. The tomato juice thing really doesn’t work all that well, so I’m going out tomorrow to get some peroxide and go that route. And the dogs did try to make it into the house before we intercepted them. P. U. I really like Gianni’s tip, but unfortunately, if I did that, I’d have an LAPD helicopter over my house in minutes. I am actually thinking of hiding out and ambushing the hideous creatures and spraying them right in the face with a good dose of wasp spray. Hell, it shoots a good distance. Hopefully it will blind them.

  57. I have a tip, DON’T POISON THEM!!!!! They will die under your house, and smell 10 times worse.
    I do know the peroxide, baking soda, and dish liquid works.
    My neighbor has a “skunk home” under her house. We still haven’t found a way to get rid of them. We are on year 2 of trying. She has mothers, fathers, babies, grandparents, aunts, and uncles all living under her house.
    My only other tip is good luck to anyone that has skunks living with them.

  58. Use ground cayenne pepper. It works but you have to re-apply if it rains or every few weeks until the skunks do not return. It has to be the fine ground type. The skunks hate it it burns their nose. If the skunk already has a hole under your house, wait for it to leave at dusk and then use the cayenne pepper.

  59. Just buy a .22 rifle and wait for them to come out at night. If you dont see them then put a little garbage, like a rotten banana peel outside on the ground and wait for them. .22s arent loud and wont be heard but be extremely careful that you dont shoot something else. Practice with the gun and make sure you can see what is behind where youre shooting.

  60. We have skunks and raccoons. Everyone say place bricks on top of garbage cans, they are so smart, they knock them off. What does work is lights, ammonia, and noise. We tried placing a radio on the deck, real low, like someone talking. Light bill be go up burning lights all night, but it beats the smell and the mess they all make. SO far so good. However, it only been 8 nights.

  61. Chris must be my neighbor, cos I’m in L.A. (Atwater Village area), and these nasty things are all over the place. They were probably displaced by the recent fires in the hills of Griffith Park. You can’t leave the house at night without seeing them everywhere: streets, sidewalks, yards. They ain’t bashful. Our dog was sprayed twice this summer already, and the smell in our entire neighborhood is unbearable. I’d love to find a reliable method not just to keep them out of our property, but out of the neighborhood. You can’t leave the house without the threat of being sprayed.

  62. I am working on getting rid of some new neighbors myself. I have used moth balls before and it only worked for a short period of time. I am now doing the one thing that animal control has said to work….FEAR. Skunks are skitish animails. Leave on your outside lights or get a motion detector. Play low music. Stomp around you house (loudly) when you first start to smell them coming. I will let you know how well it all works. It is so bad here you can taste it!!!!!! GROSS

  63. We only thought we had 1 skunk, but looking out the window tonight we discovered we have 2 visitors. At first we thought they were cute, but now they are becoming a problem. Luckily, they haven’t sprayed yet and we hope it stays that way. We don’t know where they are coming from or what to do to get rid of them. We have never experienced a skunk before. We want to be humane and not harm the poor things in any way. It’s kinda cute to watch our cats stare at them out the window. Please help us and give us tips to get rid of our unexpected friends. Hope you can help… We’re desperate!!!!!!

  64. Wendie, these beasts are not your friends. They are dangerous, and their odor is only the least dangerous thing about them. They are dimwitted, quick to take offense, and known carriers of diseases that could affect you or your pets. The “final solution” mentioned above is the best way. If you doubt your firearm proficiency, go out at night and place flour across suspected entry- or exit-ways. When you are certain they are out, block their access and sprinkle cayenne liberally in the area. Human hair, preferably from a sink drain, is an absolute deterrent. You must get rid of them, your only question is the level of finality you seek. Be determined, and do whatever is necessary to deny them your personal space.

  65. I almost got sprayed this morning while taking the dog out. First time living in the country and I’ve never smelled anything more disgusting. I did a quick search online and came up with a company that sells “predator pee.” Has anyone heard of this concept? And, does it work?

  66. Using french fries in the trap works wonders, but when we went to move the trap a friend got sprayed use water right away if it gets in your eyes, then a good way to mask the smell a bit is to use Cheap FEMALE perfume NOT cologne it doen’t work and it has to be the cheap perfume not expensive stuff.

  67. As a city worker, sometimes we get pest control issues. Currently we have a trap set under a building in a park. 5 skunks have been spotted at once leaving the hole and returning. We have a trap set, and this morning we finished off 2 of them. I use Aguila Colibri 22 shells, made in Mexico, but can be found online. They have no powder, and use the force of the primer to propel the bullet. This means no loud noise, and very very limited range. If you are in a situation where you can get a close shot, they are excellent.

  68. Help!!! We have a skunk that keeps wandering into our garage. I got rid of him the other day but he’s back tonight. We have left the door open for him to wander out, but he isnt budging. There are no holes leading into the garage, he wandered in before we got the overhead door closed for the night. What can we do to get him to leave? Im afraid he will stay all night and tomorrow he will sleep all day and we will think he is gone…only to have to do this again tomorrow night. Not to mention, my cars are out there and I’m afraid they will be sprayed. Any suggestions??? Thanks!

  69. We have a skunk problem!! In our front yard they are digging holes!! Even big holes around my banana trees. Tried ammonia soaked rags, did not work! What else can I use? We live in San Diego, CA…..Anyway I can stop them?

  70. Hi all, I FEEL your pain! I live near Pittsburgh, and we never had a problem with critters of any sort, until they bulldozed this huge field next to my house and built townhouses ( nice of them) now, we have deer, raccoons, rabbits, turkeys, and SKUNKS! It’s illegal to shoot a gun where I live…but I’m so desperate I’m about to tempt fate….I can’t take it. I think the beasts are under my deck. The moron former owners of my house had this deck built over an existing concrete patio, they busted up the patio and left it all piled up UNDER MY DECK! now there are loads of little nooks and crannies for a multitude of beasties to hide in under there, there’s all lattice and no HUMAN access…but lots of ways for critters to get in. I am going to try a combination of ammonia, mothballs, and Cayenne FIRST… I’ll give that a try…next step..the trap and the Beastie meets my pistol….law or no law, if the township won’t do something, I sure as hell will. I don’t want to hire an exterminator because the whole neighborhood has skunk problems and I am not feeling generous to pay for everyone’s skunks to be removed…now if they all want to pitch in…I’m game. Thanks for all the suggestions here, I wish everyone luck, I’ll check back.

  71. Ok so..there is a family of skunks under our neighbors porch in the front yard. Theres a mom and FOUR babies!! They run around all night and we have a dog and so do they. So. we are just going to call animal control..yeahh thats what we are going to do!

  72. I Found the answer and its so simple, but only if you have a porch. You only need two things, a shovel & and an empty one gallon paint can. First fill the paint can with water and put the cover back on tightly. Wait on your porch til the shunk (s) come out. When the bugger comes to the porch drop the water filled can. Splat goes the skunk. Take your shovel and bury the critter. Hardly a smell. Problem solved. If your good maybe you can go for a twofa. Oh buy the way if your not such a good aim and you miss, the shunk gets mad at the can and (as in my case) did not even spray, just hissed a lot. They don’t appear to look up so you can watch the whole thing. I only have one left. Happy bombs away.

  73. I keep reading about everyone trapping and shooting skunks or hiring trappers to get rid of them because shooting is illegal… We have terrible problems where I live, they are under houses, porches, they spray all the animals in the neighborhood, so we live trap them ourselves and take them to the river in the traps. We put the traps in the water and when the bubbles are gone, so are the skunks. There isn’t any blood to clean up and you don’t have to worry about being sprayed if you let them go 🙂 After last nights episode with the dog, I am going to try the shake away preditor stuff, if not I am going back to traps.

  74. Used peanut butter on fresh bread and have caught two just tonite! the third one got away…..but I’m waiting. We use a friendly trap and drive them to far away lands….. We are having a rabies epidemic in my town and the pro’s use peppermint extract on marshmellows.
    By-the-way, when I get the third one I will do the pepper thing. THANKS EVERYBODY!

  75. We have smelled skunk for almost a week. The smell wakes us between 12 and 2 nightly. It disapates within an hour or so and the smell doesn’t linger in the house (I’ve had friends come in to check). We do have 2 oreck air purifiers that we run so maybe they are doing a good job of getting rid of the smell. Does this mean we have a skunk or skunks living nearby? Do they always stink? I thought they only sprayed when distressed. If so, why would it return so often to a location with such distress? Our poor beagle is on our deck at night and hasn’t been sprayed YET, but we are all miserable. If we go out and look around at smell time will we be able to locate it? If so the world will have one less skunk tonight.

  76. I am back to give you my results as I said I would. It worked they are gone. I placed 2 moth balls under my home and took off all the trash. Then I throw five or six of the moth balls into the woods around our home. We live in the middle of their home, go figure. Then for 3 nights I left all the outside lights on and placed a radio in my daughters window. Just playing softly whatever came on. Walking loudly whenever possible. Believe it or not it worked. They are gone and we are starting to get that nasty smell out. Thank you for all of your suggestions. I hope that something works for you.

  77. We have 5 skunks babies living under our shed.My dog got sprayed last night.I used hydrogen peroxide,baking soda and dish liquid on him.It worked on him but his head still smelled so I went to Pet Smart and got Nature’s Miracle Skunk Odor Remover,it worked.Now we have to get rid of the little critters,we are going to try the flashing or the chicken wire first.

  78. Go to Home Depot, or similar store and buy a trap, est. Price $30 – $40. Set it near where you think the skunks are and bait it with wet catfood or the like. Make sure you put it in a place where the cats wot get to it first. I caught my cat the first night I had it out. If they are in your cellar or uder your house put the trap there. Tie a rope or something to it so you can pull them out somewhere to dispose of them. I have gotten rid of 4 in the past 3 days like this. Tip: It may seem cruel but I would recommend killing them. They WILL find there way back if you don’t. Also seal up any holes you have so new ones wont know wher to look to get in.

  79. Rabbits have been eating my roses. Have tryed

    Rabbits have been eating my roses. Need to find coyote pellets. Local nurseries have none and farm store said to try the internet.
    Any ideas.


  80. I just learned that pepper spray is something they don’t like. I’m going to try it. If it gets rid of Polar bears, then I can see where the skunks might hate it. The one that has just decided our patio is a good place to burrow under doesn’t like it when I turn on the light on the patio. My problem is the thing seems to be foraging in the yard. My cats are indoor cats, but it is definitely freaking out my tomcat. Both cats are quite nervous over the “alien” critter. Get the STRONG pepper spray. There are different dilutions.

  81. i am a 3rd shift security gaurd at a factory that is situated out in the country between a road and a train track. i see more skunks in one night than alot of people have ever seen in their life, sometimes as many as 15. most people think that light will keep them away as they are nocturnal. this is not completely true. our building is surrounded by intensely bright floodlights that point toward the buiding. it turns out that right beside those lights is one of their favorite restaraunts. they sit next to the flood lights all niht sometimes eating bugs that hang around the light. i dont want to kill them but they are huge pests. i think i will try the cayenne pepper and some of the other more “organic” methods to keep people from getting sprayed at work. thanks for all the tips.

  82. okay. It’s that time of year (4th of July.) Did you buy your smoke bombs? Wild animals don’t like smoke. Smoke=danger. Skunky leaves, you drop a couple of smoke bombs in the hole, then pepper spray liberally. I was told to follow this up with some ant and roach spray; you know, the kind that has the warning on the label to keep pets away from it? Skunks can smell and know this is dangerous (it’s diluted nerve gas.) They know they can’t live there; gees, who could? Pepper spray around like any animal would who is marking their territory. So far, so good. This is working for us so far and has worked for the person who told us about it. Best of luck to everyone!

    Also, for any wild animal “marking” around your place, a liberal dose of Fabreeze works extremely well. It completely neutralizes any scent (that’s how it gets rid of urine smells) and if our four-paw friends can’t smell it, they don’t re-use it as a potty, and it works to kill the scent for us two-leggeds whose noses aren’t so sharp.

    Happy Fourth of July, Happy Birthday America! May all the skunks have a greater fortune and happier life somewhere other than our homes, decks and out buildings!

  83. I feel everyone’s pain… Here we are on our third night of sleeping with the skunks. This smell is so bad it smells like rotton onions. One night our eyes were burning. We live in a mobile home and lets just say our landlord has much better accomodations, go figure. I am going to try the cayanne pepper, also my mother in law bought us something called the Bad Air Sponge. It comes in a can and it works good to absorb odor. This is the first try with peppy la ##@%^!!! PEW so I will let everyone know how it worked. I am not sure where my mother in law got it, but maybe Walmart. I will get back to everyone on that as well. It costs around 12 bucks and it has on the can a picture of what I can only say reminds me of my x sitting in a chair smoking a cigar with his wife standing in front of him. I have to go puke now happy hunting and shoot some for me please.

  84. I have a family of skunks mother and three babies under my deck or did. I haven’t noticed any smell under there yet but I have sprayed boiled hot pepper water all over and I think I have got rid of them. I haven’t tried the flour thing yet to see. I also three a box of mothe balls around. I don’t think I should have to pay to get rid of them. They are not my skunks. What do we pay taxes for.I am going to buy some critter ridder to if I can find it. I was told to put some garlic out to but wouldn’t they eat that. I am trying everything because I want them gone. I read somewhere I thought to use mineral oil or was it olive oil and dish soap I don’t remember which and I was going to use that. Beside if you pay someone to come and trap them others will just come. It would be cheaper to sell the house but then the buyer will have the same problem.

  85. We had a skunk get through the cat door in our garage and sprayed the cats and the entire garage. I bought a hand held 2 gallon sprayer and gallons of vinegar. Sprayed the entire garage, both cats (of course they didn’t enjoy that), tools, windows, walls, every squaree inch. Repeated the same process the next day. Smell gone.

  86. My dog got shunked the other night and I also used the hydrogen peroxide,baking soda and dish liquid.It worked well but his head still smelled,so I got shunk oder remover from a big chain pet store,it worked.We found out that we have shunk babies living under our shed.

  87. To get rid of any skunk smell in the house, shed, garage, etc. Use an ozone machine. You can rent them at large rental stores. (Rent, don’t buy, they are very expensive) We had a skunk spray our basement. I could not believe how fast this machine worked. Four days and the smell was gone. You’ll breath better too!

  88. Now we are trying to get rid on Mamma and her five babies. So far, each night I go out and wait. When they start to come in the yard, I spay them with the high pressure hose. So far it works, they ran away. My husband thinks I’m crazy for doing it, but I’ll try anything!

  89. Hate them! We saw a skunk the other afternoon — apparently the skunk didn’t know that it should be nocturnal. I purchased some commercial Natures Miracle Skunk spray and some tomato juice in preparation for the inevitable. Our dog was skunked last night. This morning she (and I) bathed in the hydrogen poroxide recipe. So far so good. I’ll save the commercial product for the next time.

    As for those of you who have said that tomato juice doesn’t work, I disagree. The Bloody Mary I’m drinking is helping erase last night’s adventure. Cheers!

  90. I tried to poison them with rat poison mix with cat food. I saw them eating and eating and eating. I have tried continously over ten days, they have buffet every night and just keep cominb back! Actually it will kill be by brankrupcy to buy all these cat food and rat poison before I kill them. Finally the patience went out. So I bought a trap, catch one on the 1st night, drown them will a big bucket of water. BIG MISTAKE. That bucket of water became all smelly with their last moment of spraying and musking! I have to dump it somewhere. But it will not stop me to continue. I know I have more than one bugger!

  91. Had one living under the porch since winter. Tried the HaveaHeart and only caught an opossum. Tried cat food, peanut butter, chicken scraps, etc. None worked.

    What the thing did like was potato chips as somebody above mentioned. Made a trail into the trap but the thing ate up to the trap and didn’t go in.

    Finally had enough of pussyfooting around. Placed a Conibear trap over the entryway and baited it with a cracked raw egg and potato chips. Second night it worked. Smelled it and went out and looked to find it struggling to get out of the trap. Ran inside and got the .22 and bye-bye skunk. I used a #110 muskrat Conibear trap since that’s all I had, but it didn’t kill it, it was still very lively and struggling to get out of the trap. Use a #220 Conibear (~$19 on line) with dual springs. That will kill it without the .22. Be careful because it will also kill and maim small pets. Cover or remove it every morning. Our cat stayed away from it since it was right in the entryway hole that reeked of skunk so she wasn’t interested in getting that close.

    I don’t know why this thing wouldn’t go into the HaveaHeart. Must’ve had a close call with one before and was shy. They are weasels of sorts so I guess they can be pretty smart and learn from prior experience. The smell is finally dissipating on its own since it isn’t being “refreshed” nightly.

    In any event I suggest cracked raw egg and potato chip. Try the HaveaHeart and if that doesn’t work go with the Conibear or the .22.
    Sad but necessary.

    Good luck.

  92. Mothballs worked for us. We were having skunks under our house. We spread one box of balls under the house. I don’t know if they ate them or what, but they left.

  93. We have been having skunks and skunklings appear at our house almost every night for several months. My husband gets rid of them with a full bullets only to have another show up a night or two later. I might suggest trying the cyenne pepper

  94. Figured out it is probably a skunk that is rototilling my garden. First symptoms were topping off my green beans. At that point, I figured woodchuck, which I’ve had before. Then I see 3×4′ areas dug up like a tiller.

    At that point, I thought it must be a skunk because the woodchucks go for the greens and all I’ve got are a number of small, conical holes (squirrels digging up last fall’s stash?)

    Bought 10 lbs of crushed red pepper to sprinkle generously around the fence (8′ high to keep out the deer). Didn’t work.

    Just ordered online something called “Shake Away Critter Repellant” which is supposed to be organic and safe. Anybody have any experience with it?

    I’m now worried because the critter is doing his excavating near my tomatoes… my prized tomatoes.

  95. I live in the boonies in Central MA. There is a very small skunk coming around during the day. I’ve banged pots and pans to scare it, it doesn’t budge. I’ve tried to get my Yorkie after it, but the dog is more afraid of it than it is afraid of her. I sprayed it with the garden hose, it left, but keeps coming back. I’ve tried moth balls, ammonia rags, etc. too. There’s a lot of open space around here, lots of neighbors yards. It may be under my car in the morning, under the grill when I come to cook out, or right by the front steps.. all during the day. It’s out and about at night too. HELP

  96. I’ve seen the shake away product. It is a lot easier to go to your local trapping supply store and purchasing fox urine or bobcat urine. Put it in a spray bottle and go at it. Now you have to realize that fox and bobcat urine are smelly too, but not as bad as the skunk. This year we have had a family of six living out behind our garage. Luckily none of us have been sprayed. My husband placed a can of cat food outside of their den and shot two of them. Earlier in the summer he caught two in a trap and drowned them when they came out to eat it. Apparently this was a good winter for them and with all the rain we’ve been getting there is plenty of food for them. The smell is awful but the babies are sure cute.

  97. Thanx for all your tips.I’m gonna try moathballs,amonia, cayennpeper than let you know also ‘shake away’ sounds good to me.

  98. Update on my rototilling skunk in the garden:

    I replanted the beans that were uprooted, planted new seeds, covered the area with netting, sprinkled enough crushed pepper on the patch to choke a Thai national, surrounded it with bricks and cinderblock, and sprinkled the “Critter Repellant” which maybe contains fox urine, around the patch.

    Guess what? The &^%^$##&*(^ went under and dug around the beans.

    Next stop…. I ordered 464 18″ rebars to pound in around the perimeter of the garden at 4″ intervals. The rebar will cost about $400 and the labor, who knows?

    So far, I haven’t harvested a bean and the skunk is dining on some of my ripening tomatoes. This may be the year of the $60 tomato.

    Should know if it works by Sat.

  99. Well, it’s Saturday. We pounded in 462 18″ rebars about three or four inches apart and the (&&*^&%%$$ got in last night and tore up areas around the tomatoes and even got back into the covered green beans.

    We repositioned some of the rebar to help hold down the fence in case the skunk is somehow lifting up the fence.

    Now, if that doesn’t work, I don’t know what else to do before checking with a neighbor to see if he has a .22 I can borrow.

    Any ideas?

  100. We have a bad skunk problem too, still working on getting them to leave but we did find an awesome product for the stinky smell called Natures Miracle – skunk odor remover, an it takes the smell out of anything, you can put it right on your pets, just be careful of their eyes and ears and whatnot. Its all natural and safe to use. (it works really well for the cat pee smell and other animal odors) Ive been testing it on any stinky smell that comes up and it has worked so far!

  101. Added another 45 rebars so there was nothing wider than 3″. The sucker still got in. Now, we’ve been putting cinderblock over the openings where there is some digging evidence.

    It seems this skunk will probably die of old age before I get this under control.


  102. Two days have gone by with no evidence the skunk got in!

    All the rebars and cinderblock seems to be working. Night before last, we smelled skunk. My guess is that the skunk couldn’t get in and let one off in frustration.

    I’ll take that any day over the rototilling.

    Btw, the reason I can tell the skunk didn’t get in is because I spread 3 bales of straw around for mulch and they’re still in place.

    Add another $10 to the cost of tomatoes for the straw.

  103. I now have a skunk in a live trap. How do I get him out without getting sprayed? I live in the city so I can’t discharge a firearm. Will drowning in a garbage can work? or will he spray as he expires?

  104. Nature’s Miracle is a great product. gets the smell out of our ridgeback! our problem is the skunks in the neighborhood are all teenagers right now. they just got kicked out of their dens and are scared of everything. so they fire off at the drop of a hat. I’ve recently been reassured that in a week or so they will have a little more muscle control. that means no more sleepless nights. Hopefully…

  105. ok we had a skunk problem. We have had this problem for about several months. We called a “PROFESSIONAL”, yeah ok the traps were there for about a month with no luck $$$$$$. So anyways the other day the skunk came out in the open. It was a younger skunk but not a baby. We tried for an hour trying to get this skunk with a bin. Well it went back under the building thru a hole about and inch in height. So it was being nosey. There was no signs of rabies. So anyhow we lured it with Sour cream and onion chips, it came out and i got it with the bin that was leaning against the building where he was coming out. Now to tell you the truth, NO ONE got sprayed nor bit. But boy did the building got sprayed bad. By accident it was killed because the bin landed on his neck and cut off his air flow. His but was still under the building. So it is possible to capture one. The smell is gone now.

  106. Tried the Shake Away product of various dried urine granules.
    The good news: It absolutely works.
    The bad news: It only works till it rains.
    Bad news No. 2: It is very expensive.
    It is only TEMPORARY HELP.

  107. If you shoot them then they will spray and dump all of that funk right into your yard and it will linger for weeks. I do not recommend it… Noise scares the crap out of them and they will leave. Smoke bombs work great and really hot pepper near there holes and human hair works. The only thing that I can’t figure out is that I have lived in this house for years and the only problem I had were groundhogs and once I get them all killed skunks move in. Luckily they don’t spray my house and I don’t smell them at all I just see them running around my yard at night. So last call for my pugs comes really early…

  108. We are located in HULL MA 02045 and some of these postings are ar iot ….. I suggest the pepper mixtures sprayed …around ….we are off to an apartment building to re spray …… good luck all .

  109. We live in a Mobile Home Park in Costa Mesa, California and as I have a Garden Railway in the back yard the Skunks are delirious with fun digging up my building and plants. Yesterday I put cat food in the Haveheart and sure enough the next morning there was that bugger. So called Animal Control and they choloroformed it and took it away in a bag which of course brought our daughter Julie over hollering at me for killing this poor skunk. She worked at Lion Country Safari in Irvine, California and said not once did these kids ever spray. Hmmm doesn’t that make you wonder. So anyway last night another skunk came and proceeded to dig up my railway. So I bought and sprinkled a product called “Critter Ritter.” from Feed Barn. This is made by Haveheart. Also I have tomatoes, bell peppers, eggplant and cucumbers which I am sure draws them here. So tonight I will see.

  110. I know what all of you are going through. I live in a small town (Kersey) Colorado. Ever since the snow storms from last winter, the stinky little fellows decide to make their homes in our town. Just about every two or three nights our dog gets skunked because he tries to run it or them out of his yard. I’m am so sick and tired of waking up to that GOD AWFUL SMELL, and after words I can’t get back to sleep. So I had asked a few people around town if they have skunk problems and believe or not only the ones that pets with food outside. This really sucks because our dog is an outside dog. Our neighbors had a momma and four babies about a month ago. So they called animal control was told they couldn’t help them because they live in a small town, and told them to call the division of wildlife. So they did, guess what DOW wouldn’t help either because we’re not in the district. DOW told them to try this before calling a pest control service in which they charge $250 for two pests they had five. When they told me this I thought forget it, I’ll come up with something of my own then pay them for their service. PUT FLOUR AROUND WHERE SHE THOUGHT THEY WERE COMING FROM TO SEE IF THERE WAS ANY ACTIVITY they found them under their detatched garage. THEN TAKE A HAND FULL OF MOTH BALLS AND PUT THEM IN AN OLD SOCK THEN TIE A KNOT SO THE MOTH BALLS DON’T COME OUT, THEN DIP THE SOCK WITH MOTH BALLS IN AMONIA and put it in the hole when you see that their out looking for food. The stinky family has not been in their yard for a month now. They put a few of these socks around their yard. Sorry this story was sooooooooooo long before I got to their remedy, but I’m going to try and see for myself if this works. I can’t wait to try it.

  111. i dig this site and your stories. i live in town and have the smallest patch of grass you can imagine. reworked grass and skunk(s) tore it up like it was personal. borrowed a trap. set covered with blanket overtop with holes for handle and trap lever. caught it first night with potato chips leading up to it with apples and peanut butter in the trap. took skunk to fishing creek and tried letting it out…for about 10 seconds before it sprayed a little so it tried swimming. didn’t make me feel so great but limited options at that point with a meeting in the hour. thought that was it but two days later, smell a nasty spray so i set another trap the next night and caught a bigger one. this one failed the same swimming lesson. i caught a possum the other day and released it b/c they don’t spray. but what i learned is most townships or services charge up to $100 to do what you can do and they euthanize them anyway. they aren’t into releasing them into new environments. eliminate all the potential food sources, trap them and get rid of them. may be harsh but nothing good is coming from this relationship. good luck!

  112. My poodle was sprayed in the middle of the night when I let her out…
    The skunk sprayed her face, eyes and mouth. I flushed her eyes with water immediately!!The mouthwash really helped to neutralize the odor…The smell did get into the house because I hadn’t realized she was sprayed until it was too late….Today i bought “Natures Miracle”…it really did help as well on the carpet and on my hands…

  113. if you do live trap them have a container with enough water too set whole trap in.yes they will drown.but if you turn them loose no matter how far they will return like Lassie LOL.ive got a pair just moved in and its katie bar the doors time!

  114. Help!! We have just moved into our new home in Lake View Terrace. For the past month we have probably got bombed at home 5 times. At first we thought my dog had to do something with it. Since in our last house we lived at we got bombed 2 twice before we left. But last night my parents and I smelled the nasty, disgusting and very familiar smell ran to windows to close them. We looked out and there was 5 baby skunks eating our dogs food.. After reading this web site I will eliminate the pet food from out back yard. We are dying of the smell it does not only make your house stink but your clothes gets penetrated….

  115. Geezus!! I kept thinking that I’d read a “sure fire” way to get rid of skunks, and the only thing that absolutely works is a “sure fire” with a .22

    I don’k know, I feel sorry for my dog, and me for having to clean him, but shooting the skunk. Yeah, I know, I’m over it… WHERE’s the GUN?!!

  116. We have a family of skunks dining on our pet chickens & their babies. They have halfway eaten 4 adults now & 5 babies. Will try some of your tips on getting them into the traps. But what do we do to not get skunked once we get them trapped??? Where do we take them? We live in the san fernando valley area of Los Angeles & cannot shoot them nor can we take them to the animal shelter as we have no permit for the traps. HELP!!!

  117. We seem to have a whole family of skunks living under our cold storage room. Last night the dog went crazy, barking at 2am. When my hubbie went down to see what was going on, he said there was fight going on(between the skunks) under the floor. then they sprayed.

    So …this morning I have the radio speakers pointed down to the floor (skunks don’t like noise) I’m going to build a one way door( I figure a hinge on top of a piece of wood to make a flap should work) and I’m simmering lemon juice to rid the smell from the house.
    hope it works, or I might just have to rip up the floor boards and strangle them with bare hands!

  118. Mona – it has been awhile since you wrote anything about the ground cayenne pepper. Any updates? Do you need to lay down the pepper after the skunk leaves his hole at night? I was up at dawn this morning and saw where the little critter is coming in?

  119. My dog got skunked a few years ago and I tried Tomato Juice,(DOES NOT WORK!!) so don’t waste your money. I called my vet and he suggested to come buy skunk away or use Bleach & water(Just be VERY careful around the face!!!!). I just looked for the correct proportion that I had written down and I can’t find it so call your local vet to get it… I’m going to have to because I saw a PEST out in our yard early this morning and I know it’s just a matter of time before our dog gets it!! I wanted to try the ground cayenne pepper but I have a out side cat and my dog loves to sniff around and I don’t want to hurt them. Good luck to everyone!!

  120. These are all worthwhile suggestions. I tried the Mothballs idea this morning and I await the outcome when I return home. I will also try the Cayenne. If I could burn their noseholes out permanently, It would be ideal. Anything to rid our grarage of those F(*^&ing pests. If all else fails, the gun theory is a great option.

  121. We have a big,shumk problem. I opened my back door to step out onto the deck and there behind the trashcan was a big stinker. It took one look at me and went back to trying to get at the trash. I sat there at the back door and watched it for ten minutes. I live in a city and shooting them is out of the question. What kind of trap do i need and how much does it cost?

  122. Skunk attacked again, twice in two nites. He was cute, but now it’s war! He’s taken up residence under the shed, and sneaks into the dog house to steal the dog food there. I don’t mind him easting, the Rotty hates him, but the spraying is abslutely gonna stop. Here’s the plan. First, wash the dog with peroxide mixture — again. (Please note this mixture becomes explosive if kept in an enclosed container, dispose of any residual.) Gonna put a radio in the dog house, tuned to liberal talk so the bugger doesn’t retreat in there. Cruel, but this is war! Gonna get me a boat load of cayenne pepper, and blow it under the shed usng compressor air, followed by a few boxes of mothballs. Gonna be prepared to peroxide myself after this battle, plus a hose of high pressure water to chase this critter outta here. Keep you posted, go time is 1800 hours tonite.

  123. First stage: 1200 local; fire up the lawn mower and the snow blower. Got the 8 hp snow blower running inside the wood floor shed, rattlin the floor above el stinkwad, and the lawn mower running outside with the exhaust blowing into the Skunk HQ underneath. Run this force for 20 minutes or so, then shut it down for 30 minutes or so, then fire it all back up again. You want stink, I got stink, dude! Tonite, if he’s still in the mood, we got more. I’ll burn it down, don’t mess with me, I may be craaaazy!!!!

    Dog is clean, we play while the skunk gets vibrated and fumigated. Dog fud is put up.

  124. Got the “All Hillary, All Day” station running in the dog house to keep the skunk out of there. Hey, look what it did to Bill.

  125. I am a animal control agent and I am working on some skunk problems for a resident of town. We live in the middle of nowhere and the animals run wild. I was trapping for dogs about 100 feet from her house and got 2 coyotes. I am going to try some of the things listed here each day until we rid the animal. I have set the trap and will take it to the river if I catch it. It has been a pain in my side since I am on call 24/7 and she calls when ever she smells it.
    TonyMac what happened with you? Hope you didnt burn down the house. I thought about taking a fire house and blasting under the house to see if I could scare it out, any thoughts on this????
    This is the first time I have been called out on skunks, have dealt with bats, raccoons, oppssums in the kitchen, snakes and squirells and had good luck with them all, hopefully the skunk will join some more of the animals with no air and lots of water.

  126. Buggers had me boobie trapped. Tried to take my dog out 4 a late night pee and theres 2 in the front yard, one in the back. Just started to have the problem so we’ll try some of these suggestions and see what works. Heard from a few that tomato juice is pointless and the peroxide is the pretty reliable. A neighbour who is on her 3rd spray this summer says the worst thing you can do is wash the dog. (spray runs off the fur and into the skin, much harder to remove smell) Atleast for her pet this is an issue. She has bottles of solution from the pet store called “odor away”, i believe, that you stray directly into the sprayed area, let air dry, take a sniff, and go again if needed. Once its gone, then she peroxides. Havent had to try it yet but might work for some folks. The odor away is apparently great for pet, carpet, furniture, clothing, etc. You can spray is on anything and it works and wont stain. Note to self: Buy odor away BEFORE dog gets sprayed so your not cursing yourself at 3am for not having it at hand.

    Im with Paul…what happened to TonyMac? Enquiring minds what to know who won the war. Were all pulling for you.

  127. If your dog gets sprayed, DO NOT bring them in the house, clean the dog outside. My dog has been sprayed twice in the past month. I use the peroxide, baking soda and dawn recipe. I wipe her all down with the solution and if it is really bad, I scrub her well with it and then rinse her. This works well enough so that my dog slept with me that same night and I could not smell the skunk odor. Peroxide is cheap and I think it works better than the Odor Away.

  128. My dog was nailed this morning by a young skunk. Fotunately it wasn’t hit too bad. I bathed her in dog shampoo and then went to the Vet and purchased “Skunk Off” It seemed to work instantly and cost about 12 bucks for a bottle. You can also buy it as a shampoo. You will still get a slight odor when your dog gets wet for about the next 2 months.

  129. Bad news for Californians, I called the animal control people inquiring about getting rid of skunks They are a endangered/protected animal WHAT (ok endangered i believe, by folks lucky to own a 22) but protected. I’m paying taxes so some idiot can write laws to protect a animal that nobody wants around. We live in the San Gabriel Valley (So. Cal.- L.A. county)and have had skunk problems for years, and have tried alot of the tips listed here. Will try the cayenne pepper powder next. But I do have some tips to pass on, for those of you with dogs; if you have a dog door close it every night, if fido/fifi has to go out for a late night trip turn on outside porch light and make some noise (cough,bang on door whatever) before letting them out, any pepe’s in the yard will most likely leave, thus avoiding a late night nose to tail encounter. Also this area has alot of fruit trees, date palms, and other naturally occurring goodies that attract skunks, be deligent at keeping fruit etc. off the ground. Also just keeping a outside light on at night doesn’t really do the trick,(they get used to it) get motion sensor lights and point them down towards the ground. last stock up on peroxide, just in case.

  130. I’ve got one under my shed. Think I could shove the hose down the hole and FLOOD THE LITTLE STINKER OUT!!??? Maybe I might end up drowning him!

  131. We had skunks digging up our lawn in the spring…I made the following spray for the lawn, and it worked. 2 tablespoons Murhpy’s oil soap, 1 capful of orginal (yellow) listerine…put in a 1 litre spray bottle and fill with water. Spray the areas the skunk is digging. reapply after rain. The skunks were living under our next-door-neighbours shed…as of today, it seems they’ve moved under our shed. We sprayed the same spray around the hole tonight…will keep you posted.

  132. I live in the rural part of northern Alabama where most of our homes have a crawl space. With our daytime temps well into the 90’s and the 100’s during most of August and our AC’s constantly running to keep cool, I ended up with a skunk in my crawl space the last week of August – what a nitemare that was. My solution was to buy mothballs (both the pellet balls and the clothes hanger type). The critter was getting in and out through my heat pump. So, I waited until after dark (when I think he was out), and I went up under the house and hung the hanger types off of my water pipes and threw the pellet balls on the ground. Then I put pellet balls all around the heat pump and up under it where the critter was getting in and out. Also, I changed my air filter and hung a night light in the return vent in the event that was the part of my system where he was getting in and out. It seems to have worked; I don’t think he has come back.

    To eliminate the odor in the house, I boiled a half gallon of water with 2 cups of vinegar to absorb the skunk odor, and used fans to get it throughout the house. Then to make the house smell better, I boiled another half gallon of water, this time with 3 tablespoons of cloves and 2 tablespoons of cinnamin. Finally, after the boiling was done, I sprinkled some vanilla extract on the hot burner to give the house a smell of baking a cake.

    It’s been two days now since I did all of the above, and I’m now living a happy and odor-free life again. Thanks to all who provided me with a multitude of suggestions.

  133. The spray tip seems to have worked, along with putting bricks in the hole that the skunk had dug. We smelled the skunk the other night, in the middle of the night through the window, but I’m pretty sure it’s not under our shed anymore!

  134. Suggestion would be to use the scarecrow sprinkler which blasts some water at the critter. Seems it is about 79% effective on skunks. Can be found at Going to use it tonight.

  135. We just bought a house in a small city in Upstate NY, just the other night found out we had a skunk problem. I tell ya I have never seen an albino skunk ALL WHITE. Anyway it does not smell any different I can tell ya that. The screen door is like 10 feet away from where we keep out garbage and we opened the door to scare them away and he just stood up on his hind legs and Looked at me like HEY WHAT YOU WANT FROM ME, I GOTTA EAT TOO. I cant believe that there not scared. I think that amonia thing works I will try it tonight. If not I have been reading everyones posts and will try them all if I keep striking out.

  136. Skunks are back. They seem to come back every now and then. Cayenne pepper has always seemed to work for me. As far as household odors. I have found simmering water and vinegar on the stove for a few hours works. MOTHBALL attempts: Skunks love rodents, rodents are very much deterred by mothballs. Not sure if mothballs directly deter skunks.

  137. I am also one of the many who have become victim to the notorious black and white devil. My vet told me once that dogs fall into 1 of 2 categories. 1) Dogs that learn immediately or 2)Dogs that NEVER learn. My Saint Bernard unfortunately falls in category 2. I can assure you that I have tried every remedy known to man for getting the smell off of your pet and the best so far as been the baking soda, peroxide, and dish soap. However, with a thick coat, it takes a couple of applications but your dog should be able to join you back inside after drying. If your home gets sprayed, I recommend boiling vinegar and placing a bowl of coffee grounds in every room. As far as keeping them out of my backyard, it is still a challenge. I think I will try the cayenne pepper that was suggested in previous posts. Thanks and good luck to all!

  138. I have trapped 4 skunks (peanutbutter& honey sandwiches) this year and paid a “humane relocation” guy to come get them. Yesterday, he left me a tarp yesterday to make his job even easier. Last night, I saw another. Problem is- I get charged $40. pr.skunk, and there are always more. Skunk man is known to kill them in the river (it’s a small town w/grapevine), so I’m not getting anywhere and loathe the killing cycle. The skunk guy says my koi pond (10X12X3) in this high desert area will keep them coming back. I will try a fence before filling it in, but the frogs may be enough to attract outside the fence. I read all the hints here and thank you. I’ll try to black the easy access under my decks too. As nice as the pond is, I’m thinking it has to be sacrificed before I become a killing machine. Here, killing varmits is ok.

  139. Had a skunk living under my backyard shed. Saw the hole/entrance
    where he / she went in/out. Left a trap near the hole and baited
    with bread and lots of peanut butter . Got skunk on day 2 . I
    still used the corrugate box trap came on , but just left
    one end open ( door end of trap )and made several airholes
    in corrugate. Once skunk trapped ,I put larger corrugate box over top of trap and had 4 inch foil hose attached to my truck exhaust and into
    hole on top of corrugate box. A good 10 minutes of running truck
    will put Skunk to sleep. My city will not look after skunks or
    racoons , and is up to residents to pay $ 100 to $150 for private
    trapper. Trapper just euthanizes them as well.

  140. Our skunk saga started when two of them decided to start a family in the crawl space under our bedroom. The smell was so bad we had to sleep in our guest room at the other end of the house for a week. The only way to get rid of the smell was to mix up a solution of bleach and water- one cup to a gallon- put it in a garden sprayer and soak the area under the bedroom. We got rid of the skunks by trapping them (8 so far) and shootig them with a pellet rifle, I’m not a hunter, don’t particularly like killing things, but had no choice. Moving them makes them some one else’s problem and there’s the issue of transporting a rabid animal to another person’s property. As for how we confirmed the crawl space is critter free? We bought a motion activated camera on eBay, baited the trap and put it under the house. Three weeks and no change to the trap. I THINK we’re OK. Still have skunks in the area but not under the bedroom anymore.

  141. all i know is i have never seen so many f- – – – – scunks before my dog has got sprayed 4 nights in a row. my kids cant even go out after 5 pm because the scunks are therer they just walk down the road like they own it i am going to go get a better car and start running them down.all i smell is scunks since we moved to the new house.if anyone has any ideas let me know. i will try anything. please help

  142. We have a new visitor to our home. Yes.. the dreaded skunk. My dog got sprayed for the first time last night. A colleague of mine gave me some good advice on how to get the smell out. When we bathed her, while she had the shampoo on her, we added a tube of crest toothpaste. It worked…. the smell is gone. For added assurance, we put “Skunk off” on her afterwards. Now on how to get rid of the little critter… we are working on that.

  143. Ok….wanna get rid of your skunk? Try this….next door neighbour said this will eliminate any unwanted guest….skunks, racoons, possums, even your friendly chipmunk. Go to a TSC store, or some store in your area like a Home Hardware but one that tends more to farm sales. Buy something called Fly Bait, it’s a can filled with crystals. Then go to your local 7-11 and buy a bottle of coke. Keep coke warm. Get a pie plate, fill it with warm coke, sprinkle 2 tablespoons of fly bait into it, place by little critters entrance to his home….then wait a day or two. WARNING!!! Do not let your pets out during this time. If they drink this they will die. Most of the little pests will be able to walk 8 feet before they drop over dead. I had a skunk that moved in under the deck. 3 nights later, a white possum scared him out and took over the den. 2 nights later, possum was dead 4 feet from the pie plate, and the skunk was outside the fence 8 feet away from my second offering. I REPEAT – KEEP YOUR PETS AWAY FROM THIS WHILE YOU’RE ELIMINATING YOUR SKUNK. Tell your neighbours so they don’t let Skippy run into your yard. Good luck!

  144. I have been dealing with skunks ALL summer!! I cannot go outside In the morning or evening, I do and they come running right at me. I amke noise when I go out so that they will hopefully GO AWAY!! Does not work, they want to cfome right up to me….GROSS!! I live in town, my dog has been sprayed, I took her to the dog grooming place, they put her in solution, smell was gone. My house reaks, I wake up at night to the awful smell, the stupid skunks play with my daughter’s toy’s in the yard. Until I read everything you all wrote today, I was starting to think that maybe they can climb like cats. I am at my witts end. I am calling the humane society today. I do not want to pay to get rid of them, this is rediculous!! I am very frusterated. I put tomato juice all over my patio, yuck…..the smell does not leave. I will try these other solutions, I like animals, but I HATE SKUNKS!!!!!!! I think drowning them is a good idea, but I do not want to do it; as I personally do not want to be close to them at all! We do not have any food outsidde, and we live in town, I do not know WHY they like our back yard. I would like to know when they hibranate???? Where I live it gets very cold in the winter. If you know if they do, please let me know.
    Thank you, I am off to make some calls.

  145. i have to say that if you met me I am a very loving and caring person! BUT…I HATE SKUNKS!!!!! i use to think “flower” the skunk in Bambi was so cute. NOT anymore!! It was a summer night…a great night to sleep with the window open..NOT!! thats when it happend That little skunk let off a stink bomb right outside my window. I thought i would die. I tried spraying every air-freshener i had in the house. Ended up sleeping (if thats what you want to call it) with my head under the blanket, barley being able to breath. Couldnt open my window the rest of the summer. Now i think the “cute” little thing is in my crawl space. Now I jump for joy when i see one as road kill! KILL THEM ALL i say!! Do you really think Noah had two of these on the ark? Why i ask, were they ever created? What is there purpose? Beside irritating the HECK of most of us!! I am going to try some of the “friendly” means of getting rid of them. But im pretty sure the only way is the 22! I HATE SKUNKS!!! Screw Bambi!! Anyway thanks for listening! i really needed to vent! Good luck to you all and God Bless!

  146. i was rolling up the hose inside of the like box thing it goes into and it was dark i had just waterd and the hose wasent moving it was stuck so i opened the hose holder and i see these to little eyes Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh1 i ran in!! how do i get rid of them???somone said to through a non ripe kiwi at it yeah sure i am going to wait for a skunk to walk by and then through a kiwi sure those neighbors wont think i am werid!!!!!!! HELP

  147. I’ve done a lot of research on how to get rid of skunk smell- here it is- AND it WORKS- SMOKE! We often get skunk odor from outside wafting in thry the bedroom windows. Just light some incense, or light some matches and blow them out, waving the smoking match around. If you or a pet gets sprayed, build a small, smoky fire outside, and hold clothes, cat, dog etc. near fire and have spouse waft smoke towards clothes, cat… Apparently the charge of the smoke particles is opposite that of the mercaptans (smelly stuff) in the skunk spray, and the smell is neutralized. Forget tomato juice, soaps, all that other stuff. I know THIS works. Now I gotta go out and shoot the #@$%$, now that I’ve learned how to attract them with raw eggs. THANKS

  148. I have a skunky that likes to rattatattat on my front screen glass door. No joke. The lights will be on, all kinds of movement through the foyer and Skunky McStinky is hanging loose on the front deck waiting (begging)for a meal. I was just on coumadin (a blood thinner)after the birth of my daughter for 6 months and have a whole bottle of it left. I am thinking of opening a nice can of pink salmon and adding a few nice raw eggs to it… with the entire bottle of coumadin crushed up in it. i felt like death warmed up while I was on it… Will this work on Skunky?

  149. Is this trouble,or what.last night i was having a smoke and a drink in the back yard.suddenly i see it.within 2 second he was sniffing me all over.i could not move for more than 5 minutes.this night it happened again.i just can’t use the back yard anymore?does that cayenne really works?someone says here to put it on their way at night?I’m already horrified to go out for a smoke.can i apply that before dark?

  150. My dog got sprayed three time by one and no-one new what to do. I had some extra smoke bombs from the 4th and set thows of at night and they seemed to work so far. Hope it helps

  151. Has anyone tried calling for help from the animal control? Not helpful at all. They don’t even come out to capture the skunk.
    We had one in the garage. We used water hose to shoot it out. Plus, we wrapped up some bleach-soaked paper towel on the end of an umbrella to scare it. It skunked our garage before it ran outside. Fortunately, our garage is attached to the laundry room, we just turned on the fan in the laundry room to clear the smell. Boy, it was scary!

  152. I live in an urban area in Ohio and was having problems with raccoons and now skunks besides useing a 22 caliber the other method that worked for me was Blue streak fly bait mixed with Coca Cola. You can buy it at any farm store. Depending on the size of the animal it will only go 2ft to 50ft after eating this mixture.

  153. Hey!
    i used cayenne and it look like it’s two nights now i don’t see them around.i will let you know if they show-up again

  154. I have a major skunk problem. My neighborhood has skunks everywhere. Today my dog got sprayed twice. I am going to put ammonia on rags on the outside of my fence to see if that helps to keep them from coming in the yard. I don’t think they are living in my yard as I do not see holes anywhere, but they are everywhere. It was 4 in the afternoon when she got sprayed today. The skunks walk around in the day time, they are afraid of nothing. It is making me nuts. My neighbor traps them, almost every night there is one caught int he trap. I have no idea how many are in the neighborhood, tons! They even come in the yard when kids are playing very loudly! I am going to also try the coyote urine.

  155. This is our second experience with skunks living under our front porch. They just moved back in a few days ago. Here’s how we got rif of them the first time–we’re starting the same assualt again. After wasting money on a professional trapper who caught nothing, we took a multi-layer approach. I bought shiny pinwheels at Walmart and placed them all around the porch (skunks don’t like quick movememts) and I bought a large plastic owl with moving head (I’ve heard skunks are afraid of owls). We sprinkled hot sauce (like tabasco) around any possible entrances. We lit off firecrackers under the porch during the day. We had a Halloween skeleton head that talks and the jaw flaps whenever someone approaches. This time, we’re also adding the amonia rags. Sure, our front porch is totally pimped out, but it worked the first time after a few days. Let’s hope it works again. This time, we’ll bury chicken wire once they’re gone.

  156. Our 110 pound yellow lab got sprayed a few days ago and ran into the house spitting all over the floor and carpeting. It was “NASTY”! We did get the dog outside and bathed him with peroxide, baking soda and Dawn dishsoap…two times. Our house was so bad I was ready to go to a motel! We washed all floors with dishsoap and vinegar, but still the odor was all through the house. We also gave the dog two more bathes the next day. I burned candles, sprayed about eight cans of Febreeze and still both us and the house stunk. We finally boiled a pot of vinegar on the stove…adding some spices for about and hour. Now all we smell is vinegar…but sure beats the skunk smell. Also spread bowls of vinegar and coffee grounds all over the house. Sure has helped! Worry now every time we let the dog out at night. Don’t want to EVER go through that again!

  157. To get rid of any burrowing animal here are some things I have tried, some worked, some didn’t everytime. 1.light a road flare or two and let the sulfur smoke go into the hole 2.fill the hole entrance up with dog piles 3.pour tar down the hole 4.pour turpentine down the hole 5.continually fill in the hole with rocks & dirt 6.pour kerosene in the hole and light it 6.firecrackers in the hole on several occasions 7.smokebombs in the hole.

  158. It is against the law in Ontario to relocate animals such as skunks. As a result I hired a wildlife company which did the following. Dig a trench around my deck and install a strong wire mesh (14 or 8 gauge I think)about a foot deep and out about the same distance out. Attach wire to bottom of deck. They then used a one way trap door in the only opening of the mesh screen. The mother would leave but not be able to return. Instead of trying to find a way in she would call out the young ones and the whole “family” would be locked out. After a week or so the company returned to replace the door with the mesh; they also sprayed a scent (pleasant smell) under the deck so that the skunks would not recognize their scent.
    Wildlife expert warned if you trap young skunks away from parents they will chew through whatever to get them (including deck). Also, any structure (i.e. deck) that is more than three feet high is not likely to attract skunks as their natural predators can follow them.. If less than three feet the skunks feel they are in a safe spot. Hope this info. helps.

  159. My Malamute got sprayed only a few days ago by a skunk that’s been living underneath our shed, and it was horrible!! She has a double coat so we had to work for hours trying to get it off of her. Poor baby, she got it point blank so it was even worse for her. We found that using orange oil or de-skunking shampoos with orange extract in them worked pretty well, but you have to get it completely down to the skin or there will still be some smell left.

  160. We’ve had skunks living under our shed on and off throughout the summer and have successfully evicted them on a few occasions. Unfortunately we didn’t skunk proof the opening under the shed soon enough and another has moved in. *Sigh….

    We put mothballs under the shed, although it didn’t seem to help at all. Then we heard something about loud noise, so we put a radio tuned into a hard rock station on the floor of the shed and played it non-stop. After a few days, the skunk vacates the premises because it’s not so pleasant. I’ll try the music again to get it to leave, then will fumegate the area so it doesn’t smell like skunk, THEN SEAL IT OFF!

    We’re very tired of the skunks in this neighbourhood, which have been a HECK of a lot this year. Of course, it doesn’t help that our neighbours don’t use a garbage bin either…

  161. I have no tip. but i can say that i have a sunk under my house and it is every were and the smell is goin were ever the sunk goes.

  162. in home skunk smell i have a 3 inch ceramic bowl 2 1/2 inch deep fill half way with dry sage light and blow out to smolder fill house with smoke make sure sage is burnt out leave house 1hr come back open windows repeat as needed sage smells way better than skunks

  163. We have had a skunk issue in the past and it’s been nearly two years since we’ve had our dog and back of our house sprayed. Unforutnately the last few days they are everywhere come nighttime! They are digging for food all over our lawn – several of them – right next to the kids swingset, sandbox and other outdoor toys! We can’t do anything with too much an odor to deter them becasue the back side of our home (where the pesky things come out of the woods) is where a vent is to our home and the smell will spread through our house (trust me when our dog scared a skunk and it sprayed a couple yers ago it spread up through the vent and through the house so fast). I am going to try the bait and coke thing – it seems from others that it works. Only question – what do you do when it’s dead on your lawn? I am a little concerned about this, because I run a home daycare and it wouldn’t look good to parents to have dead skunks all over my yard in the morning when they’re dropping off their kids. Plus, we don’t have a lot of extra $$$ to pay someone to remove them, and does the bait and coke attract them? If so they’ll never fully leave the area. Also, we have been turning on our outdoor light in hopes to scare them away – they don’t care, they just keep on digging for food!

  164. I just saw the biggest skunk of my life this afternoon when I went outside of my office building for an afternoon break. That was about an hour and a half ago… I’m still thinking about it, I’m nervous to leave at 5PM. Where I work is a pretty commerial kind of area but we are close to a river and there are lots of swampland around. Besides reporting the skunk to the building management, what should I do OR how should I react if I come across it again?? I’m a city gal, my limit is stray cats and rats… but I don’t want to run or jump or yell if that is what’s going to make the skunk spray me! The skunk was big and fat! Any advice on how to avoid getting sprayed if there is another encounter??

  165. well i live in oshawa and i have a mjor skunk problem i went outside tonight trying to get my brother and saw 5 skunks i dont know if they are babies or mothers or whatever i just want them gone. i am going to try the moth balls and whatever else there is to get ride of them i also have a 2 yr old daughter and would like to know if i could just call someone to take the skunks away for free just to get them away because i think they are creepy and they are keeping me up at night

  166. Just thought I’d chime in, here, since we had our first close encounter with a skunk tonight. I went to take the sheets off the line and heard something walking in the leaves. It’s dark where the clothes line is, so I got my husband to bring a light, since here in Colorado we can get bears and mountain lions visiting. He said to let the dog out to scare it away. Big mistake. Spooky got sprayed and then quickly ran back into the house and up onto the sofa. I’ll start leaving the porch light on, now, and try the cayenne. To hear something walking on the dry leaves in the dark is very disconcerting.

    After doing a little research into using mothballs, especially since we have a well for our water supply, I won’t ever be using them. Info is below:

  167. I do not have any tips yet. This is my first experience with a skunk.It is under my house. I have the smell coming up in my bathroom out of the walls. The smell is also in my laundry room, and in my dryer which is vented under the house.Today my son went under the house, and could not see a skunk or any other varmints. We left the doors of the crawl space open to air out , and I have closed them for the evening, as I do not want anything else getting in. The odor is in the house,and outside the house. I intend to try everything I have read in your tips so far. My husband has no sense of smell, so it has been hard to convince that something is wrong. I have taken all pet food off the porch, and emptied all bowls of water. Last month my neighbor was sprayed through his open bedroom window while he was sleeping. I know the skunks are in our neighborhood. After reading all the letters above, that this will not be an easy battle. Thank you for all your shared experiences. I will come back and let you know what works for me.

  168. We got so tired off the suckers eating our duck’s eggs and digging up the yard for grubs that we got some live traps and started to trap them. I had some left over cat sedatives and mixed it some cat food. Then I got my fishing pole and put some of the mixture on the end of a fishing line and lowered the mixture into the cage. The skunks eat it and then pass out from the drugs. Then I take the cage and after tying a rope around the cage, throw it into the lake and drown the **** things. Works every time!

  169. Its pretty cheap and works pretty well, if your trying to get rid of them for the moment, if you can, spray what ever they are trying to get at with oven cleaner, work great, just don’t get it on the little guys you don’t wanna hurt them, soak paper napkins in windex, roll it in a ball and toss it in their direction, use a couple though, and they should get on the move

  170. Live trap & 22. Only thing that we’ve found that works. Put meatloaf in the trap. They loved it. We have got 5 so far & the trap is set again tonight.

  171. I’ve read all the posts here and was particularly interested to read about the “teenage” skunks being kicked out of the den, and then spraying all the time because they’re nervous … this week we’ve had four episodes of skunks spraying under the house. And nothing’s going on! We’re not awake or making noise, they just spray! (And wake us up from the horrible smell.)

    When it happens, my father opens the doors and points fans out — to send the smell out of the house. Now that I’ve read about coffee grounds, I will try that, too. We did realize that Oust works better than Febreze, but I’m out of Oust!

    This house has had skunks under it for over 10 years. We’ve never been able to get rid of them completely. Partly because we have 16 cats, all outdoors. So we can’t do anything, set out any poison that might harm the cats! My brother has killed about 5 of them with an air rifle. No bullets, just pellets. But you must shoot them in the head, as a shot anywhere else does not necessarily kill them. If they crawl under the house to die, the smell will last for six months or more …

    I’d like to try the cayenne pepper trick, but am worried about the cats. We do supposedly have a trapper in this county who will help Sr. Citizens get rid of skunks under the house, but he takes them far away and releases … and if we have as many as I think we have, he’d get tired of us!

    Another part of our problem is that to get to the plumbing, you have to crawl under the house — so we can’t block access permanently. I did think to try a one-way door … maybe one I make, because the ones you buy are expensive?

    Sorry, no solution to share. Except that if they’re dead, they don’t come back! Every time my brother killed one, I was so relieved!

    I guess we realize the only real long-term solution will be to burn this house down and build another one, with a cement foundation.

  172. We also have an old house that the skunks decided to move into the crawl space under the kitchen. There were two ways they could get in. My husband closed off one place entirely. The other way he closed it all except for an area where he set a have-a-hart trap. (We didn’t want to trap them in if they were already under the house.) It had to be a trap that had a door on both ends. One reason is so you can catch them coming or going, the other reason is because if they see the wire on the other end they will not go into the trap. The trap worked! He caught a woodchuck in it Saturday afternoon. He reset it and caught a skunk that night. He didn’t even put anything in for bait. The peroxide, soda and soap works great to kill the smell. Now I just need to find something that will get rid of the smell on the boards on the underside of our porch where we can’t reach. I am thinking a match to the house and starting with new is the only way!

  173. I tried noise, fox urine, human urine, pepper, flooding with water to noe avail. Then I put moth balls and poured a half gallon of ammonia at his entrance, and presto he was gone the next day.

  174. I dont have a tip but more of a question for all you shunk….My daughter has a pair of tenny shoes..and well for some odd reason they smell like shunk. Now Im thinking it come from a feild that we went to on a weekend bases. So I bleach the shoes, and well its still there. These shoes, I could just toss away but they did cost me 45.00. Anyone have a clue on what I could use on them to get this smell out?

  175. My aunt lives in a rural area on several acres and her home is on a raised foundation. I asked her what she did to keep the skunks away as we just moved in to an area that has lots of skunks. She said she purchased one of those high-frequency noise deterrent things (I’m certain that’s not the official name of it, tho) and she hasn’t had a problem since they moved in 15-years ago. It’s something that is outside the house and is plugged in. Apparently, the skunks don’t like high-frequency output. She also has four dogs and several cats and the noise doesn’t seem to bother them. I’m going to get one and see how well they work. Fingers crossed!!

  176. I had one in my barn recently which I discovered after just putting new hay up. I tried trapping it for a week with the only result being 1 possum caught. I resorted to spreading mothballs around and hopefully that will do it.

  177. johnson’s baby shampoo gets the smell of sknunk out dog’s fur. fortunately never had to try it on anything else. also we unfortunately gave this away to someone else and now that our skunks have returned i need it back, but we got this mat from a company called science america or something close to that. when the mat is stepped on it would bark like a dog it is battery operated so it is easy to place anywahere. i am going to put up billy bass tonight and see if he scares em off, “don’t worry be happy” might work. i don’t think killing is such a good idea, we seem to want to kill every creature, you know they kill yellow jackets and wasps. our skunks left and it has been 5 years before they returned, so i am look ing for another mat . you put it at the entrance where they come in. also something no one mentions is that they kill chickens if they aren’t higher off the ground than the skunk can reach, our old skunks could digg through the biggest rocks to get to our chickens.

  178. A tip for Joy to get rid of the smell. I used 1 quart peroxide, i/4 cup baking soda and 2 tablespoons dish soap. Mix it together in an ice cream bucket or something like that and pour it on the shoes. rinse and wash. This should work

  179. Back to report that we used the ground red cayenne pepper … and it WORKED. Hey, I would not be back here to say anything had it not worked, but (fingers crossed) since the night we spread it generously at all four places the skunks could get under the house, we’ve not had one spraying smell.

    That night we came home from dinner and saw a skunk in the front yard, digging. I said “well, we know they’re out from under the house!” and we went to work, grabbed the pepper, and doused the ground at all four places.

    Less than an hour later one went off and by the kitchen, which was where two entrances were … then a few hours later, another went off … but as I said: NOTHING since then.

    I think they came to go back under the house, got a nose-ful of pepper and sprayed and ran!

    I keep knocking on wood, hoping that’s it. But it has rained, so I know I need to put more pepper down in all four places. Don’t want them moving back in!

    Also, tried the ground coffee to reduce the smell and IMO it didn’t really work … and we don’t drink coffee, so the can is wasted!

  180. My lawn was loaded with grubs. I found deep holes dug into the lawn each morning. I sprayed for grubs and tons of them crawled out. But the skunks still came back and dug up more. I had a skunk move into our raised flower bed in front of the house. I tried amonia rags – they just dragged them out. I read hear about building a trap door over the hole. So I cut about 14 x 14 inch of wire fabric fence and stapled a 10inch piece of 2×8 on top for weight. I drove two stakes on one side of the hole and tie-wrapped one side of the trap door to them. I also layed plastic fincing all around the hole with bricks on top securing it so the skunk could not dig another hole. It worked !

    The skuk however still came back and dug into the lawn each night for a few more weeks. So I’m rid of the skunk – Yea! and my lawn is now rid of grubs plus well airated. Not so bad !

  181. We have a problem with skunks. We live on a small farm and have dogs, cats, and horses. I have 2 house cats I had to put in a dog cage out back and Im scared the skunk will climb the cage or dig to get in. The cage is 6ft tall. The cats will not try to escape but im scared the skunks will get them if they can climb that high. We have tarp across most of the cage. How do I keep the skunks away? Do you think they would hurt my cats?

  182. A .22 pellet gun (rifle) with a scope works nicely and is no where near as loud as a .22 rifle. Gamo makes a nice one that is made for varmin.

  183. Skunks have dug their way under the foundation of our house. I think it is a female and the males get under our floor and fight over her. Our house has probably been sprayed underneath the floor boards 10 times at least. I have been sprayed in the face by one and the smell, even with the dishwashing detergent/peroxide/mix didn’t make me smell normal for a couple of weeks. It actually felt like acid running down my face, it left burn marks. Now our carpet, our furniture, our clothing . . all stink. My son went to school and said when he opened his backpack everyone could smell skunk. One sprayed under my brand new car and it smells horrible now every time we get in. We decided to start trapping them and shooting them. The trouble is that they smell just as bad after shooting them. I’m actually getting physically ill when I smell one now. Any suggestions?

  184. Okay, a tip for the smell. I have discovered, and yes it is a bit pricey at first, but the Air Wick, Hidden Pleasures*, and it must say hidden pleasures at the top, does help pull alot of the smell out of your home. In fact, the best scent that does the most trick is the Apple Cinnamon. I can smell the skunk smell occasionally myself, but every time someone new comes in my door they only smell the air wick smell, thank god. My issue with skunks at this present time is pretty gross. They discovered how to hide in my vents. OMG! In the middle of the night, when they decide to spray, the smell travels through my vents from one end of my home to the other. I’m so fed up with these dang skunks it’s unbearable. At night, I hear them moving around in the vents, and fighting, and I’m pretty positive that there’s definitely more than one under there. If there is a more positive, less intrusive way to get rid of these skunks that wouldn’t be too harmful around my babies, I beg anyone to please let me know. God Help Us All!

  185. Here is what I did I went out to the garage and got a board.Then I threw it at the little devel and he hasen’t come back for a week.That will teach him.

  186. Here’s my tip backed by many years of experience. You need 3 things. Those Hologen lights, like the kind used by contractors, predator pellets (fox, coyote ect.) and a few cans of cheap air freshener. Run 2 or three light, whatever it takes to totally illuminate your crawls space. One will do for a porch. But make sure it is done wisely to avoid a fire hazard. Keep them on non-stop for about 2 or three days, most importantly in the very early morning hours, 3 am to 7 am. If you have an old boom box, cranks some heavy metal music under the house with the lights. Skunks hate bright light and noise where they nest. Also, unload a can or two of ****** floral air freshener in the area where you suspect them to be. It seems the smell repels them. When it seems they are gone, use the fox pellets, freshened up once a week. Once the skunks are surely gone, check and block any openings. The bright light, noise and massive dose of cheap air freshener does not a good skunk nest make. Keep in mind that although the pellets work, they must be used after the skunk has fled. If used before, it might make them scared to come out.

  187. I have had a skunk living under my house for quite a few months. My house stinks, my clothes stink, and the smell makes me sick. We first noticed it when we were awakened by what smelled like burnt onions in the middle of the night about three months ago. I heard that if you put something with fragrance near the hole, the skunk will leave because it doens’t like to compete with the smell. This worked and then I filled in the holes around my house. About a week later, the skunk dug new holes and moved back in. I’m gonna try the crushed moth balls next. I also am woken up almost every night by a horrible screaching. Like the sound of something being hurt or killed. Is this the skunk? If it is, whatever is trying to kill it isn’t doing a very good job.

  188. My dog was just sprayed again early this morning (for about the 5th time within the last year). You would thing that a dog would recognize a skunk and stay away. The smell is dominating. I had to go to work on my motorcycle just to get the smell out of my clothes and nose.
    I’m interested in the moth ball remedy. Do you have to “coat” the moth ball with some food to attract the skunk?

  189. Swimming pool-Chlorine pucks will keep skunks out of your yard and away from your grub infested lawn. Just place them around about 20 ft. apart. This will burn your grass.

    At least your pets will be safe.

  190. Hi!

    We had a skunk spray under the deck. 20 days ago. The smell is slowly going away What about TASERS STUNT GUNS BATON STUNT? I like the rifle idea too.

    HELP….I can’t stand it anymore….

  191. We were “hit” this week. Woke up about 5am to the smell of skunk. Thought it was just outside but on my way to work could smell it on my coat. I headed back home to see if it was in the house. I looked everywhere but it does not appear to be in the house. I can only figure that it sprayed outside and it has gone thru the foundation. I went to the pet store and bought a couple of bottles of Natures Miracle. Not impressed. I used Oust and it worked much better and much cheaper. Used baking soda on carpet and have been doing a lot of laundry. I have not actually seen the buggers but it still smells outside and at my side entrance door. Will try the cayenne pepper and amonia. What a week.

  192. This is the second season that skunks have found their way under our shed which is attached to our house and under our deck. Because our deck is about 14 feet off the ground and supportd by columns, these creatures have found a way to dig around the cement, under the foundation and into the shed. No sound, no sight, just smell. I did call an exterminator friend of ours and he said to put the moth balls around all openings and keep doing it until you longer sense any smell. The critters do get sick and are reluctant to return. I don’t believe the ones that are here now are the same, and if they are, they will get very sick again.

    However, one of the suggestion listed will be to put in a motion sensor light and blind them out as well. And also put saturated rags with ammonia out by the holes. So between all three, these guys shouldn’t last long.

  193. We have had a skunk problem over a 20 year period off and on. I live in a residential neighborhood with 1/4 acre lots. it is in a heavily wooded redwood tree area a short distance from a state park and a river. no one leaves garbage or pet food outside. the adjacent neighbors all have dogs. it does not scare the skunks. they keep coming to all of our yards! Have spent thousands on trappers, and every kind of “critter ridder” produced, tried every remedy above and some others. none have worked. they come back every couple of years and stay for the season. my house is old and has raised decks as well as ground level decks. they always find a way to get in under the decks. my nights are hellish with the smell. is this kharma from a past life???
    my latest tip is carpet fresh sprinkled around the perimeter of the house. it lasts for a couple of days but then they still come back. now when i smell them i go outside and blow a police whistle while walking around the house. can’t do that in the middle of the night! they run away, and we watch them go, but always come back in a day or so. i also have motion lights everywhere and it doesn’t stop them. today i will buy a huge can of cayenne pepper. it’s a full time job (and i hate it). i’m ready to sell my sweet house and move away. someone could make millions if they came up with a permanent solution. unfortunately one has to disclose this fact on a house listing transfer, so buyer beware or buyer be scared and find another house!

  194. my workshop has the stink of skunk, and i found a burrow along an outside wall going underneath. the problem is, the tracks look like raccoon, but the smell is most definatly skunk. either way, i am trying a one way door, and sprinkling with flour to determine when the critter heads out for a nightcap. my neighbor works for the humane society here in colorado, and she suggested putting talk radio on overnight. i have a stereo out there, and i figured dr. laura would annoy a skunk as much as she annoys me. luckily, no animals have gotten sprayed yet. also, if the skunk starts looking for a new home, i recommend closing any pet doors for a couple nights.

  195. I have graduated from Skunk Removal 101, so will endeavor to tell others what we did. I called Animal Removal and they said to put cooked bacon (wasn’t sure what brand they would like), canned cat food, or peanut butter on bread. We did all three of these. Be sure and put the live trap in a big black plastic bag (they won’t spray you if they can’t see you)–put the trap where you think friend skunk is at. We caught ours first night we tried this. We have slight odor yet, but with my cooking, this smell won’t last long expecially if I burn our food.

  196. Well, found out for sure we have a skunk in the backyard, under my stairs. I’ve suspected it for a few days; the slight smell tipped me off. It is only a temporary shelter for him cause he got stuck outside of his usual haunt. There is a ton of snow around the stairs in my back yard. In the summer, nothing can live/hide under my stairs.

    I called the Wildlife people in Montreal and I am not going to pay 300+ to get rid of it. That is just a starting price!!! He said that mothballs and the usual home remedies don’t work :(. I’m willing to try though. A lot cheaper than 300.00 and he wouldn’t be able to take the thing very far. Said it was against the law in our area.

    Anyway, I am going to try the Renuzit/Air Wick twist ups that someone suggested earlier on in this thread. I also have some amonia. Heck if I wasn’t scared that the thing would freeze, I would’ve gotten one of those Air Wick, battery operated, sprayers.

    I have to let the hubby know first about the skunk. I don’t want him killing me if I smell the place up. He has hunting rifles that he could do the job himself, but that’s a nono here.

    Now here is a tip I got from my Avon lady to get rid of the smell of skunk. Her dog got sprayed a few years ago. She used Skin So Soft bath oil to wash the dog with. She said it worked.

    Good luck to everyone and please wish me luck. If the Air Wick or Renuzit works, I’ll get back to you about it.

  197. My skunk saga began 5 years ago when I rented out an old farmhouse with no foundation. Before I moved in, I noticed the faint aroma of skunk. My landlord claimed that he forgot one day and left the door open…come to find out, the skunks have been nesting under the house for upwards of 10 years. It might seem crazy to you that I would continue to live in such an environment, and I completely agree. The skunks spray a couple times a year, usually during mating season in February. (Last spring we counted 12 babies coming out from under the house-netted 2 of them, but couldn’t bring myself to bash their little heads in…)
    I have tried every technique possible to get rid of these little critters-traping, killing, whacking with shovels, shooting, relocating, moth balls, plastic owls, fox urine, foxes, barriers, fences…Barriers are definitly not successful. Fox urine (sold at sporting goods stores)works well, but you have to spray a lot on and reapply often. Moth balls also seem to help.
    Once the skunk has sprayed under your house (usually obscenely early in the morning on the day of some important event, so you can show up to work haggard and smelly) the best thing to do is take immediate action-you won’t be sleeping anyways. Find the source of the smell, in my case under the kitchen, and seal it off from the rest of the house. Next, open all doors and windows. Invest in an industrial strength fan. Let the house air out for about a day, and wash ALL of your linens. Curtains, couch covers, towels, rugs, carpets, blankets, clothes, EVERYTHING. Linens hold the smell of the skunk. Use about 3 cans of air freshner, and 2 cans of carpet cleaner. Leave windows open during the day. Incense also works really well. Good Luck!

  198. I worked for a veternarian for several years, when people came in with their pets that were sprayed by skunks we would bathe them in a tub full of Massingill powder the stuff women use to douche with. This really works, better then tomato juice, take the time to let the dog soak in it for a bit, just keep rinsing the tub water over him until the oder is gone, it won’t hurt his skin and it comes in different scents so he’ll come out smelling nice. I don’t know if you can get it in the large bottle that is powder anymore , but it would be worth writing the company to find out. It also works well in a spray bottle to deorderize carpet areas were dogs or puppies have peed or on area were cats have spryed.

  199. I work as a second shift security guard in Lowell MA, and we have a skunk(s) that live on the property. I haven’t heard of anyone being sprayed yet, but I’ve run into the little fella twice last week alone and I really would rather he stay away. I’m gonna try the ammonia around the base of the security office and see if that will encourage him to take another path on his explorations, thanks.

  200. To take the edge off the skunk odor in your home try burning coffee grounds on your stovetop or sprinkle cinnamon liberally on a cookie sheet baking it for about an hour at 300 degrees(convection ovens use an internal fan so use it if you’ve got it). Open the oven door and let the smell go throughout your home.

    We’ll be trying ammonia, coyote urine, and then fly bait w/cola. I live in the burbs, but I feel like I’m out in the woods with all the raccoons, opposum, chipmunks, geese, wasps, hornets, rabbits, and worst of all…SKUNKS! Until they pay the mortgage, we’ll fight for our territory with everything we can.

  201. Caught 3 skunks in the last five days. At first we baited the trap with raw chicken, and sealed off as best we could all the entrances/exits under the house so the little buggers have to go through the trap to get in or out. After the first one we stopped baiting the trap at all. Stupid little critters get caught in there anyways. After we catch them we cover the trap with a tarp and move the trap away from the house. Then, my husband shoots them with his bow. We’ve caught a gigantic female, smaller male, and the latest has not been dispatched yet. Feel kinda bad for the little buggers, but my clothes and me stink when I go to work. People ask me if I am smoking pot before work, and I have to explain about the skunk, which usually brings wierd looks, and they quickly back away…
    Does anyone know how many skunks could be living under our house? Three so far, last year we saw 12 babies and 2 adults. Even if half of them survived…

  202. Well, I have to tell you, I am so sick and tired of these **** skunks. You would think my dog a (full blooded German shepherd) would realize to stay away from these nasty critters since he has been skunked numerous times.I don’t want to kill them either because, I think they are so cute and I too am an animal lover,but this has got to stop! Just this a.m. I let him out and of course he spots and darts to the **** thing, gave him the bath at 4a.m. But of course the whole **** house stinks trying to air it out. Probably why the last couple sold. My husband just ran out to get moth balls, hope it works. Also I will never let the dog out in the Dark again! My son has paintball guns and we have even pelted them with paintballs at 23 rounds a second and they still return,you would think that they too would learn!!! Not!!

  203. Okay I have a big problem I have a 125 lbs rottie and she kills small aniamals. I don’t like that she does but she will not stop. I have a skuck living under my house and in side my walls. My rottie is tring to eat my walls to get to it. I have a 5 year old so I can not use a lot of things. Can someone please tell me a way to get ride of the skuck with out hurting it or my child. Please I can not go another day with the smell of skuck being in my house. ( Or the smell being on my rottie)

  204. I took a radio and put at the foundation vent opening and turned it up as loud as I could tolerate it. It seems to help. They must not like the noise.

  205. Trying something new to get rid of the skunk in my garage, Put out the trap with cookie dough in it. What makes it unique is that I placed an Ambian in the dough.. A full 10 mg pill should put that sucker to sleep for 8 hours even in a thunder storm… LOL This way I can take the bugger out to the local watering hole.. (not the neighborhood bar) and try to teach him to swim. Of course he has only one chance to learn. Being asleep might help as he had not time to be worried about his upcoming lesson, and to accidentally spray cologne in my truck.

    I like the tip on using a large garbage back to put the trap in.. I also places right next to the cage a motion detector alarm, that will tell me he has asked for that faithful lesson.

  206. HEY HEY HEY,,, it worked well.. Ambian sleeping aid, in cookie dough, and the Driveway alarm worked like a champ. The Garbage bag worked real well too.. Put the whole trap in the back with only the door open.

    What i did do is to try to figure a way to release the little bugger without getting sprayed. and this worked. I put a rope handle on the front end of the cage, and a Hook on the Locking Bar. When got into the country I hooked the locking bar to the open position, and the sleeping skunk did not make a move… Then got in my truck, and hand out the window,, Slowly raised the front of the cage up to tilt the bottom onto the road, I slowly drove away, while picking up the cage forcing the black and white cat out the bottom… Pepe la pew fell out the bottom still sleepy,, but alive… No swimming lessons this time. Next time might put him in the Olympic high dive, and practice diving off a bridge closer to home.

  207. I’ve read many of the posts here and haven’t seen anyone mention a pellet gun. Trust me, a modern compressed gas pellet gun in 22 or 17 caliber has more than enough power to off a skunk. My friend uses one to kill ground hogs and they are a lot tougher than skunks. I’ve seen him make through and through shots on ground hogs with his pellet gun. They have an effective kill range of 40-50 yards and come with intergral silencers so they are whisper quiet. Of course, all the usual firearm precautions apply, but at least you won’t be waking up the neighborhood with the report from a gunshot.

  208. The best thing we found to get the sent/odor out of your house is “OdorBan.” It come is a gallon jug and you can bug it at SAM’s Club. It has many uses including your laundry. Our dog was sprayed by a skunk and getting the ordor out of him wasn’t a problem. Getting it out of the house was. We had tried candles, roasting coffee, boiling coffee grounds with cinnamon. They only disguised the odor. The “OdorBan” really got rid of the smell. Now we just need to find out how to get rid of the skunk that lives under the nieghbor’s shed.

  209. I live in the country, and was looking at buying some predator urine. However, the HIGH cost was prohibitive, so we decided to have my husband and son pee outside for awhile where we knew the skunks had been. It is working surprisingly well and the price is right!

  210. This is our second season of the **** of skunks (omg) it is horrible… We live in the country and we cant get anyone who is willing to come and get rid of them for us..I even called PETA figured those morons would come rescue the little herd from **** for us, no such luck, they told me they wont handle skunks but not to harm it, and my response was you were my last hope if you dont want them, then know when i blow its head off its shoulders it will be on your shoulders.. Still PETA wouldnt help…We have tried everything finially the only thing that did work was hubby stayed up all night long and waited for the dam thing to come out from under the house and he blew it away.. we sealed up the holes and whole underneath of the house and dammit it this year they are back (think its the long lost family of our dear departed skunks from last year, may they RIP) and hubby and i are gonna make sure the family members get to be reunited with there ancestors gonna blow there heads of too… Hopefully they will be RIP very soon… And anyone who wondered what **** would be like, I can tell you 2-3 weeks of having a skunk under your house…

  211. We have skunks under our house and have tried everything we have a box of mothballs, Ammonia everywhere, cayanne pepper at every hole. They still live under there I even put ammonia in a steam cleaner and let it spray under there until it ran out with no luck. Finally I caught one in the yard after he came out and shot him. I really don’t suggest doing that unless you are using a shotgun. I used my beretta handgun at night and it is very intimidating having a skunk running at you trying to get back under the house. But after 9 shots he dropped dead. Also a good note for people who are going to resort to shooting them he didn’t spray at all thank god. Now i just need to take out the rest of them under there we have seen at least 1 more come out since then. Right now I have all but 1 hole blocked off with glue traps and rat traps everywhere outside of it. I am hoping he gets on one and struggles and falls on the rest of them then I can blast him without him running.

  212. Omm. There is a skunk in my gargage in the back, and i have no clue how am i going to get it out any suggestions.

  213. I have a big skunk and babies living under my deck. Will Bear Pepper spray make him want to move and take the babies too? I don’t want dead
    babies under my deck. I have not tried it yet as I just read here about using pepper spray but I don’t want him to spray the deck either.

  214. HELP US! This morning woke up to a terrible skunk odor. Walked around the house and smelled the worse of the smell coming from the basement. I think the skunk is living underneath our addition. The whole house smells, we smell, what do we do? If anyone has any suggustions that me know! Thanks

  215. My wifes cousin tried everything, and I mean everything, to get rid of the skunks that had burrowed under his back porch. Finally he resulted in trapping them and releasing them in the woods. But I suggested to him that if he were to urinate, yes I mean “pee”, all around the edge of his porch every now and again that the strong scent of human would keep them away.He reluctantly tried it and to this day he still is “peeing” from time to time around the porch and it has been four years without a skunk or racoon or other critter. It is the best repellant I know of, and also the cheapest.

  216. We live in upstate NY and have a skunk living under our house. We have sealed off around the foundation with the buried wire and the skunk actually has torn thru the wire to get in. We are now trying the mothballs and amonia. One sprayed under our bedroom about 5 years ago, I’m hoping this doesn’t happen again.

  217. The best tip for dealing with skunks?


    That’s what I am doing this weekend! HAHAHA whoever rents my house after me!!!

  218. I get them a few weeks into late spring,they tear up my front lawn with thier little holes.I went to Canadian Tire to try to buy something to get rid of them ,and a little old fella told me to go to the dollar store and buy up a whole load of Cyanne Pepper.I did it and resprinkled it every other day,and after about a week they are always gone

  219. The mother skunk and her 5 or 6 youngsters were living under a neighbors porch. I was afraid to walk outside at night. I tried a sling shot and a hand pellet gun but I can’t hit the side of a barn. So finally it came to me, use the old fashioned “woman’s” way. I set out Norway rat poison-from a big nursery around here. I counted the chunks of bait because I didn’t know how much to use. I also put out some antifreeze because I heard they like to drink it-apparently sweet. Next morning all the bait was gone so I doubled it. Then there were three chunks left so I put the prescribed number out the next night and none was taken. Wasn’t long before the horrid scent started to come from the neighbors porch. They slowly died from the Warfarin poisoning. Then after about 2 weeks, all is peaceful around here. I don’t think the anti-freeze did any good and it made me nervous about my cats, so I only put out one bowl of that. The Norway rat poison is what did the trick.

  220. If you have a trap, this works! Our freeloader was under our front step and dug in real deep.The ground still frozen and snow covered. First off,double bag the trap with dark garbage bags so as to expose only the entrance. This protects you from being sprayed. Secondly,the bait. The BEST bait is….KFC, Yeah, you read right.They love the Colonel’s secret receipe.This tip was passed down to me from an exterminator and they were right.It may be wise to drug the bait with the wife’s sleeping pills.It didn’t hurt.It made transporting a lot safer. Crush up 3 and apply to the nice juicy skin of the chicken.Now you’ve got him. Take trap to desired disposal site,and plug that sucker!! The less witnesses the better! He never knew what hit him.Empty trap,don’t be down wind,and wash trap if sprayed.Rebait trap for next of kin. PS: It felt real good!! Location… Manitoba, Canada

  221. Never mind that $100 water spray contraption. Just shoot the little pests! It is cheaper and a lot more fun. Those white stripes are a dead give-away in the moonlight.

  222. So many ideas on getting rid of skunks that have taken up residence under your house, deck, etc.. I’ve been dong this for a while so I thought I’d share my suggestions. The bottom line for me is to
    trap them and then to keep them away from that point on.

    Trap.. best to use a small trap that is no larger than a 9″ x 9″ opening. Have-a-heart has one that 7x7x24.. perfect. The small size keep the skunk from raising its tail and.. well, you know. Not to
    worry, a hungry skunk will have not problem gong in this trap to get the bait. ACE hardware has these for less that $40. You can rent them.. or may be able to borrow one.. but keep in mind that there’s
    rarely one skunk. And they all come out at night at the same time so when one gets trapped the rest (usually just one other) gets scared and won’t go near the trap for at least a few days. I suggest you
    just buy the trap as I’ll bet you’ll need it again.

    I suggest that you block up all but one obvious entry/exit and let the skunk(s) get used to that for a couple of nights before you set a trap. Then, a bit before sunset, set the trap as close as possible
    to that entry/exit. The crunchy peanut butter, the cheaper brand is fine is great bait. Glop maybe a couple of teaspoons of it onto something like a jar lid. Rough up the surface for better odor dispersion and put the lid at the far end of the trap, but not where it can be reached thru the trap from outside. Then place a trail of chips (corn chips are best) from the bait to the hole about every
    6 inches or so. Chances are good that you’ll get your first skunk that night. Since they tend to shack up in pairs, you’ll need to repeat the process. Reset the trap the each following night. Refresh the chips, but the peanut butter lasts a few days.

    Ok, how to get rid of them. Bear in mind that most towns, counties, etc.. have rules about transporting animals like this.. so don’t even think of it. Anyway, you have to get like 10 miles away or they will be back. Best plan.. drown them right where you are. If you took my advice and got the small 7x7x24 trap, all you need is a regular ‘ole storage tub from Big Lots, etc.. Place an old dark cloth over the trap so they can’t see you (mostly your eyes) and slowly (slow is key here) in the “DRY” tub. Cover the tub with the lid. I made a hole in mine just the right size for a garden hose. Put in the hose and run the water so the tub SLOWLY fills. With the small trap and SLOWLY rising water, the chances of a spray is very close to zero. I’ve not had a spray yet in the ten or so times I’ve done it this way. Anyway, after the deed is done you can simply dump it into plastic (dbouble bagged) grocery bag, tie up , and into the trash (yea, the outside can).

    Ok.. how to keep them away. While blocking the holes seems like a good idea, it’s useless until you make where they’ve been skacking up unattractive to them. Remove all of their droppings you can get to, spread lime over the area and into any holes (dens) they may have made. Get a timer and set it to run from dusk to dawn. Hook up a light to the timer.. maybe an old radio for some sound. I have an ultrasonic generator that I put on the timer. The ammonia wicks (way above) do work. Fabrize spray.. you get the idea. I’ve never tried the pepper. Might work, but put it at /in the entry holes. After week or so or no activity, try lightly blocking the hole(s) so you can see if anything has been going in or out. If nothing happens in several more days, than an all out blocking is worth a shot. Flashing and hardware cloth (heavy screening) is best. Be sure to run the flashing not just down over a hole, but at least 10″ out from a wall, deck, etc.. or they will find the edge and just dig another

    Well. I hope this might be useful.



  223. My father-in-law says that bananas are good bait for skunk traps because they don’t attract cats. Skunks love ’em – cats don’t.

    Thanks for all the good ideas and insight.

  224. Kill Them;Thats the only way.We use a 220 body trap over the hole,and nine out ten times no spray.The traps work like a mouse trap,but will require what trappers call setters,and can be found on Set the trap in the daytime,let stand overnight.

  225. My sister-in-law got rid of the skunk under her deck by playing a radio 24 hours a day near where the skunk was holed up. It left and hasn’t been back.

  226. All the tips are great. I should have read this first. I’m paying someone $75 (each) to catch the skunks under my house — recommended by Animal Control — whew, it’s expensive. As far as killing them, a friend of mine had to put a sick cat down and said that carbon monoxide is easy enough and quick. Attach a hose or something the gas can go through to your tailpipe and then make sure the skunk is in an airtight container (or without much air). Let the car idle and in about two minutes the skunk will be dead.

  227. Who are the real animals here the skunks or us–with all the media talking about animal cruelty and some of you people are talking about rat poison and the slow deaths the poor things go thru, what is wrong with this world. I realize they are a pain in the but and real stinkers too but they have a right to survive as well. Give the dollar stores some business and use cyanne pepper or flood lights (as they are nocturnal) as well. You who use the rat poisoning are taking a risk of harming CHILDREN, HOUSEHOLD PETS RABBITS, SQUIRRELS AND SO ON. Its bad enough that we are responsible for pollution but do we have to take all of nature with us! We had better enjoy it while we can!

  228. Look here people, the ONLY way to get rid of a skunk is to physically rid yourself of it.Buy a live trap for around $50.00, bait it with Kentucky Fried Chicken,,secure the trap so the skunk cannot flip the trap on its side,and tie a long strong rope to the trap.If there is a skunk nearby, the chicken WILL draw him into the trap.Once trapped,if the trap is small enough,he cannot raise his tail to spray.Place trap in strong plastic bag.Take critter to nearest swimming hole for,well YOU KNOW! Once he fails his swimming lesson pull trap out by rope and dispose of PEPE.Repeat as required.Do NOT release them, They WILL return. I tried being nice and they always return to the den.

  229. K thanks although you put these tips up tp help they kinda didn’t…. so please let me know if you could find anymore tips on HOW TO GET RID OF SKUNKS.

    K peace&&lovveeeee

  230. Try moth balls. Skunks don’t like the smell of them. I live in the country and we get a lot of skunks. This seems to work for us. Good luck.

  231. Sandra, are you for real. Have you or your children ever had the pleasure of being sprayed by these wonderful pests. Well we have done everything possible humanly, to rid these pests from under our house, we trapped them and relocated them 10 miles away, put chicken wire in an L shape all around our house, used mothballs, ammonia, cayenne pepper. All this done night after night only to have these scummy, stinky pests rip through the wire in many spots. Then after our home was sprayed again under our bedroom, we said that was enough, no more nice guy. We loaded the cage with chicken, put darvocets in their peanut butter (makes them not care about anything you do to them)and rid ourselves of them each time we were lucky enough to catch them. We thought we were skunk free, no sight of them for almost a week, then one returned this am. We are settin the trap again, then we have to replace ALL the wire around the house again with heavier wire. I’m so scared of them having babies under there as this is the time of year. I know babies like to experiment with their new shooter toy. Peew. Happy hunting!!

  232. Wow, I never knew that anyone hate skunks so much. We’ve co-existed with the skunks in our neighborhood for 22 years and only twice has anyone been sprayed. Both of them deserved it!! One idiot neighbor was throwing oranges at the critters, and my stupid teenage son was chasing one and hit him in the behind with his skateboard. My son was easily cleaned up with vinegar, and he howled more about the vinegar smell than the skunk smell! The only vinegar I had left at the time was balsalmic, but it only took 1/2 cup to watch his whole body and hair.

    I just came in looking for something to repel them out of my shed. Shed is getting kind of funky.

    But honestly, I can sit on my porch in the morning or evening with a cup of coffee and a ciggarette and a skunk will come up maybe 4 or 5 feet from me. Tonight it was a momma with two babies. I’ll continue sitting with my cup, I’ll look up and go, “TSSSSSSSS, TSSSSSSSSS”, and the skunks will stop and look at me, then I’ll wave my hand at them and say, “go away, go away” in a mommy kind of voice, and then they just toddle away. I think they have bad eyesight when they don’t notice us very quickly. It sure is funny to see the rest of my family run into the house while I just sit there. I’m trying to train them to not be afraid to tell the skunk to just go away. Unless the skunk is sick, he doesn’t want much to do with you either. Just don’t startle them, threaten them, throw things at them or hit them. The kind of things you wouldn’t want done to you.

  233. park infront of ur house late at night and u can usally see where there going or staying and put traps there bad eggs work best

  234. i agree not to try to hurt them but its hard when they spray at u its not there fault were taking there land


  236. After reading these answers, I will try everything I can to just get the skunk to not comeback . Killing is not an answer and is cruel at best. No wonder this world is such a mess with the cruelty that comes to mind and no feelings about these little guys that only do what they know. I do not want them at my house in the country either but there has to be a way to get them to leave.

  237. My dog recently killed a skunk in the yard. I haven’t seen any since, but I really don’t recommend this method – pee-yew!

  238. seriously skinks are stupid and i can’t get rid of them!!!!! 6 are on my patio right now blocking me from getting into my house and i am sitting on my neighbor’s porch waiting for them to go away!


    hopefully once i make it inside i can try all of these useful tips.

  239. I tried the moth balls, amonia, antifreeze and filling the hole back in.Gee, I still have skunks. My daughter can’t play in her little back yard since she is nosy enough to go poking around in there and maybe find a new pet. I have made a shoot out of PVC and this weekend will whip up a batch of concrete. When I know they are home- bury them alive. Got the pipe long enough to go in deep and keep myself out of direct stink range!!! I HAD ENOUGH!!!

  240. You will never get rid of every skunk, especially in the rural areas. Deterrents don’t work, if they want in a certain area, they will get there. I have two dogs that are getting sprayed quite often while chasing the pest off of my property. The only sure fix is a shotgun! This step may have to be repeated if more show up!

  241. I have a real problem with skunks. WHen I moved into my home 4 years ago, a skunk had sprayed under the house. I should have known right then that it was an omen of things to come. My house has been sprayed so many times I have lost count. I went around the outside of the house and blocked, fenced and enclosed any area that I thought they could get under. All seemed well for awhile, but the little devils keep coming back and digging or squeezing thru areas. I tried moth balls to no avail. I dont leave the animals food out and the horse feed always is in a container with a lid. I think they are telling all their relatives to party at my house, cause my neighbors dont seem to have a problem with them spraying. The only thing I found that really worked was fox urine. I sprinkle it around the area where they are going under and it seems to work. Its a little pricey but worth it to me. Its awful going to work with your clothes, hair and anything else thats been in the house smelling like a skunk.

  242. We have skunks underneath our sunroom. We do have a tip. They LOVE slim jims. We have trapped the mother and a baby so far. They get right in the traps (within a couple of hours). This also worked for my husband who works on elevators. There was skunk in an elevator pit and they got him out by slim jims…go figure! I can’t wait until our problem is over…they sprayed and my house stinks!

  243. My mother just found out she has a skunk burrowed underneath her porch. She first discovered a small hole by the side of her porch in February. Not paying much attention to it, she put 2 bricks to cover the hole and didn’t think of it again. Well upon working in her yard today, she discovered a skunk sitting on the front porch. She ran inside and tapped on the glass door. The skunk then ran into the hole that it had created on the opposite side of her porch. She then threw a bottle at the hole to lure the snunk out but the skunk stayed put. Now it’s a question of what to do. There are so many different tips online but reading thoroughly, none seem to be guaranteed. What do we do?

  244. I have paid to have an extermintator try to get rid of them or it. I have tried traps, moth balls, pepper mixed into vaseline, chicken wire, concrete patio stones over top of gravel, sulphur bombs, loud radios tuned to talk stations, brite lights and they keep digging holes under my shed. I’m running out of patience, options and money. I’ve tried to be civilized, but they are not getting the message.

  245. I’m going to try what got rid of my possums and coons. Fly bait with molasses. I got rid of two possum and 3 racoons this way. Now the skunks found their old den and have taken over.

  246. live release cage, with a paper towel soaked in paul newman salad dressing ( sorry paul) that way you don’t get the friggin’ neighbourhood cats. Blanket with a peep hole, walk slow, peep hole comes in handy for guidance and site line to cage. Cover cage in one slow motion. When covered, grab cage and shake lightly, skunk settles, put in back of half ton ( NOT CAR) and drive skunk to country locale, ( DON’T KILL THEM!!!)Rlease is still covered cage,a short stick holds door open and watch him/her leave.
    Moved over 35 in the last two years and never smelt a single one. They do have a bear’s face and dullest black eyes. Cute

  247. I guess my sensible idea didn’t go over big, sorry folks, I just can’t buy into all that killing and maiming you got going on, I’m outta here, SC Canada


  249. Black Cat fire crackers and Roman Candles scare them off my property ( make sure a water hose is handy in case of drought conditions)

  250. This is for “Skunks underneath Sunroom” who wrote on June 5,2008 whose house smelled like a skunk. Buy some activated charcoat at nursery or hardware store and put some in shallow containers and place a couple in each room out of the way on the floor. You can also use cat liter in the same way. Smell will be gone in at least a week. Worked for me when dog got sprayed and rubbed all over the carpet.

  251. I’ve got a whole family of skunks under my house, but I plan to do the same thing I did last year, which is to set off an insect bomb under there in the evening and angle it so it shoots way under there. That drives them all out, then I’ll plug the hole in the vent they’ve been coming through, then I’ll take a leak all around the vent. Should do it until they find another way under the house. They used to live under the deck, until I had the deck renewed and the contractor mixed some kind of stuff into the dirt under it to repel them, but I don’t know what it was.

  252. this tip is from my daughter in laws grandmother she swears that giving them dark baking chocolate works ive tried it and there all gone. trapping and releasing them only gives the problem to someone else unless theres someone you dont like?

  253. I am told, and will put this to the test, that moth-balls (Don’t get silly with this one folks.) repel the stinkers. I’ve just become aware of a famly of five, (One mom and four little stinkers.) have made a home near my home. Tomorrow, I’ll do the moth-balls and we’ll see if the myth is indeed, fact.

  254. Skunk, meet Hershey Chocolate. That’s tomorrows plan. Moth balls didn’t do jack squat to my brash bunch of pesky la’pews from their nightly invasion.

    Well, if Kisses don’t blow the innards out of the putrid pundits, I’m raising the skates. Don’t get all emo if it doesn’t resemble a Warner Bros. toon, ok ??

  255. If they are under a shed,put a radio on and set it loud. They don’t like the noise and will move on. I have done it lots of times.

  256. The chocolate worked nicely. Just stating a follow-up for those in doubt. We never saw or smelled another skunk after the first night of placing the chocolate out.

    It’s nice to sleep with the windows open and also reclaiming our back deck for drinks and late BBQ’s once again.

  257. HELP!!! Didn’t realize these buggers can camp out under my deck..bought pest repellent from English Gardens…that didn’t work…trying mothballs now…just got home (5 pm) and saw one go under my deck- scared me to death!!! What is the chocolate option??? I am wiling to put out a stereo, flood lights and KC and the Sundance Band…just tell me what will work fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  258. Whats the chocolate trick? This is the first that I’ve heard it mentioned . Please let me know the smell makes me sick to my stomach!

  259. My dog keeps getting sprayed, we haven’t been able to catch or get rid of the skunk. I did get a great recipe for scent removal though – equal parts Dawn, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. I have a large Golden Retriever, so I use 1/2 cup each.

  260. As we all know gasoline is expensive these days but this is a trick that works. Pour a little gas on a brick. place under your deck, shop, porch, areas along your fence or anywhere else where the pesty critter(s) is getting into your yard, and it gets rid of and repels them. A friend of mine had a family of skunks living under her house and she put a gas can in the crawl space. the whole fam damily was gone by the next day. Wash sprayed areas with tomato juice works great to get rid of skunk smell.

  261. Saw 2 skunks going under my neighbors shed this morning. Put two traps into plastic bags one small and the other is larger. The larger one has a broken egg in side and the other nothing. Hope this works. The mobile home park I’m in has enough animals in it to start a zoo. Will let you’s know, but right now I think I’ll take that tomato juice and make me a cocktail and use the hydrogen peroxide just in case I need it for that blast. The peroxide has an enzyme that cuts the urine smell and the baking soda takes out odors and the dawn dish washing liquid is used on animals that get coated with oil from oil spills, so it’s all enviormental friendly..Happy hunting!

  262. A nice 17HMR will do nicely.
    A 22LR as well… but the 17 is almost surely a 1 shot kill.
    My problem is I live in the city where I can’t fire my rifles… Uhg.

  263. Bingo. Set out trap in a black plastic bag with a broken egg in it and would you beleive caught TWO of the little critters. Dumb luck I guess.They pulled the black plastic bag into the cage. Then covered it with small beach towel and they pulled that to in the cage. Today we covered the cage and carrierd it to a garbage can full of water and finished them off. Still have some under the shed because we laid flour down and saw action. We’ll repeat as necessary…

  264. This is old and probably don’t work any more, since animals are loseing there sence of fear towards humans, but it costs nothing for the try. Go around to your local hair salons/barber shops, collect the hair clippings and trail the border of your property/ garages & sheds. The human element used to work similar to fox/cyote urine.

  265. Could someone help me i can’t even keep my central air unit running they keep spraying the unit my dogs are stuck outside because they keep getting sprayed by skunks.I can’t let them in when they get sprayed because of the baby SOMEONE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  266. Just an FYI to everyone using baking chocolate to to get rid of your skunk problem. BEWARE!!! Baking chocolate is TOXIC to DOGS!!! Even a very small amount can kill a large breed dog. Dont put your pets in danger!

  267. a combination of all the above works best… if you do encounter a skunk face to face you’ll notice that it will make a hiss / click sound at you as it turns its tail up. make the same sound back as quickly as you can with out moving towards the lovely bugger. then step back repeating the sound. the skunk will fall back. this has worked for me over 50 times without being sprayed.. even at distances of less then 4 feet

  268. You guys think you have it bad, try having one INSIDE your house! Yes, inside. It ran in when we opened the back door at 5:30 a.m. & has been in there for over a week now. It’s not mean or aggressive and hasn’t sprayed (yet). We have tried moth balls, 2 live traps filled with old fruit,sardines, cat food etc.. we have seen him actually walk up to trap smell, turn & walk away. He is living in our spare bedroom. We only see him late at night or early morning. We do not know how to get him out w/o spraying. Was going to try bombing house next, but sounds like nothing works.We really need help!

  269. We were unfortunate enough to have one of our small dogs sprayed by a skunk. There was a tip in a home remedies book that we tried as crazy as it sounded. We were desperate!!! Use one massengill disposable douche with one gallon of water. Apply to small pet (double for larger) and rub in for 15 minutes. THIS WORKED!!! Within 7 minutes the smell had began to go away, but just to make sure we left it on for the entire 15 min. The smell was completely GONE!!! We rinsed and used dog shampoo afterwards. I also used Febreeze on the porch and furniture. Could not even tell a skunk had been an issue. Good Luck to anyone who has to go through this.

  270. Ok my cocker got it in the face tonight and i used this remedy and it worked well. Brought the dog back in the house after the bath and no problem. 1 Quart of 3% peroxide 1/4 cup of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of dish detergent. i used dawn. sponge or use wash cloth around there face so you dont get the solution in the eyes. the only thing that smelled was his breath. Leave it on for ten minutes. WORKS AWESOME

  271. This was suggested to me to keep bears from coming back and getting in the garbage cans…
    Fill a balloon with ammonia, then coat it in peanut butter and hang it where you don’t want the bear to go.
    When he DOES go there and tries to grab the balloon, it will pop and spray him with ammonia. The idea is that he will never come back again…

    Do you think this would work for skunks? We have some living under our shed.

  272. No tip to give but a Thank You to Keith and Eleise for there tips. My two shepherds were hit three times
    by skunks there tips will save me from taking them to the groomers it can get pricey. Thanks…
    Also is it true that moth balls keeps skunks away????

  273. My dog got sprayed by a skunk one night… a quick and non-messy way to remove the smell is to soak the dog in sprite or diet sprite(not as sticky). Leave this on for 20 minutes to soak in.. then rinse off and wash the dog. The smell is completely gone!!

  274. I had skunks under my garden shed. Put a radio in the shed and played it 24 hours a day, in three days they had left! Worked for me, give it a shot.

  275. Our very large dog got sprayed and we put her in abath tub and filled it with nice warm water, 1/4c dish soap, 2c baking soda & a few glugs of vinegar. We just kept rinsing her and rubbing the soapy water into her fur and after about 10 minutes, the smell dissapated. When she dried completely, we vacuumed all of the loose hair off of her and she was totally odor free! I sprayed my house with baking soda water to get rid of the smell. If a pet gets sprayed in the face, take it to the vet.

  276. My black lab has been sprayed twice in the last two months. The first time was much worse and the area included her head and neck, including in her mouth. The vet told me about the peroxide solution others mentioned on the site and it really does work. After getting rid of the smell on her coat we had to deal with her extreme bad breath. My vet suggested I give her a 1/4 cup of milk to drink. Some dogs may have a problem with the milk but not mine. Giving her the milk made a huge difference. I gave her a second 1/4 cup a little later and the breath was nearly back to normal.

  277. first off if you have a good German Shepard dog it will alert you. As mine used to. Then she learned to kill them. Lets back up. The first three encounters I shot the skunks. Two of them sprayed. The first one didnt. Then “Jamie”, learned to kill them. She ordinarily never killed anything before including my four cats. So….over the years she killed three skunks and I learned very quick that the best remedy for spray removal is warm water, baking soda, dish soap, and alot of white vinegar. That combination works so good you can let your dog up in your bed as soon as she is dry and you wont be able to ever tell she was sprayed.
    So….Wall Mart sells “Old Roy dog food”, and that has been (voluntarily recalled), but not before infecting my eight year old pure bred shepard with Salmonilla poisioning and she just died last monday and that traumatized my almost four year old daughter. Back to the story…tonight at eight pm arizona time I carried my daughter towards her room and a skunk was walking down my hallway! Holly crap! It took two hours but I was able to locate it by using one of my cats and thier keen sense of curiosity we found it under my dresser in my bedroom. After a few moments thought with the fact that my daughter needed to get to bed shortly, I came up with the idea to fill my out door pump up spray canister with a very heavy mixture of piosion and got on my bed and aimed the sprayer and hose under the dresser and proceeded to spray about two gallons of this potent formula until Mr. Skunk came out, ran down the hall and back out the pet door! My daughter is in bed, I am on the phone with the love of my life, and the pet door is locked for now and I am watching for Mr. Skund with my loaded 22 rifle. He is soon to be dead! One dead skunk here is a good skunk. I am surprised and thankfull it didnt spray in my house, Maybe too young or just considerate, how ever I dont care he was unwelcome and shall pay the ultimate price.
    So.. to make a long story short you should shoot em!

  278. The skunk tried to get back into my house last night at about one a.m. and I went out and shot it. Bye Bye untill I get a new German Shepard puppy and raise it right.

  279. My Akita/German Shepard got sprayed twice by skunks…since then, he lets them come right into the garage where his food is or just watches them walks by him as he lays on the grass of the yard…he’s afraid of them. I made a trap and trapped and released one but there are more. I’ve trapped another one a few nights later but it got out. I trapped another one a few nights later and it got away. I examined the trap and noticed on the outside, something was diggging around it and helping it. When I looked inside the trap, it was completly trashed with skunk hair, saliva, skat and it had totally destroyed the bait bowl and water bowl. Does anybody know if skunks work in teams and help each other out and how can I keep the skunk in the trap? Help!

  280. I am surprised tomato juice has not been suggested…My brother was sprayed and we rinsed him in three gallons of tomato juice mixed with three gallons of water…He had to stand naked in the garage while we did it, and then we sprayed him off with the hose…He slipped through the back door and showered…smell gone…I am just glad it was summer in Texas…or that poor old boy would have been shivering…My mom said it was a very old remedy she had heard of from her grandmother…

  281. This worked for us:

    Soak a piece of clothing (preferable underwear that has been worn but not laundered)in ammonia and put it near the place the skunk visits. I never heard from our critter again

  282. Our Siberian Husky was gettting sprayed every other night by a skunk. Well about a month ago we smelt the skunk went outside to shoo it off and we go to the dog to see if she got sprayed again, nope she got a really big skunk, and killed it. The next night same smell we checked out the dog and she had a baby skunk dead. Well one week later another one can around and that one died too. So we’re proud of our husky for keepin the scunk population under control in the trailer park where we live. And it’s been about 3 weeks since a skunk has been around.

  283. I’ve had skunks under my house for weeks. What I did was go and buy a 10 shot co2 revolver. It works great got two so far!

  284. We have tried moth balls,setting ourcats food up at night and a shotgun so far allthat has really worked is the shotgun. but they seemto keep coming back. Going to try the radio next

  285. I recently found out that I have a skunk living under my porch. We had 3 Kittens and I set cat food out on the porch for them. One day One kitten went missing I brushed it off not thinking twice about it. About two weeks later another kitten went missing I got concerned. My husband was coming home from work one night when his lights hit the porch. We then found out what was eating our kittens Just a few days ago the third one went missing. We have no more cats so this means no more cat food out. Hopefully the skunk will leave because there is no more food.

  286. We have a skunk that has been in my buddy’s fishing boat for about 3 weeks now. We have not caught ANYTHING!! We usually catch several large Stripers or Hybrids every time we go out, but it seems this particular little black and white bastard has us….well….skunked!! We have already sent several other skunks to the unemployment line (Larry, Fred, Sammy and Bill)….but this one is kicking our ass! Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  287. Wow a whole lot of great tips on here! I found out that I have a skunk problem in my front yard now too. I was thinking.. What if you filled up a balloon full of paint then put the peanut butter around the outside so then when the skunk pops it, it gets a face full of paint. Or too bad you couldn’t rig up something that would sound an alarm that you could hear so then you could go out and shoot it!

  288. You are all stupid! We skunks will have the last laugh tonight when we spray your dogs and your disgusting little kitty cats!
    Vive Le Skunk!

  289. very good tips. A skunk living in my neighbors yard somewhere kept coming to my yard to look for food, sprayed my dog 3 times. easiest fastest solution, go hunting. sat, waited and killed it. 🙂 no more stinky nasty horrible excuse for an animal

  290. i got 8 skunks running aound my house dont know were they live but there shreaking keeps me up wat can i use 2 suround the perimiter of my house would bearmase work or should i stay up and shoot them does a pellet gun work

  291. as you might have already heard of me i am a professional bug reasearcher and the ugly duckling bug industry, so u have some very important advice for you if you are really willing to get rid of your pests, forst of all you need to bath youself in vinegar and dry off with rhye bread. second, spin around 16 times chanting the words high low buffalo teeny tiny bracelet beads, cantalope and butterflies, robert much bakes a pie. now most of the bugs have fled theyr nests in your home all you have to do now is realize THAT BUGS HAVE FEELINGS TO AND YOU KNOW WHATA IF THEY DONT WANT TO LEAVE THEYR NESTS TOOOOOOO BAD!
    yeaah thats right im a professional

  292. I have no tip. Just a thank you for all the tips here. I am going to try some. We have a skunk under our trailer. He’s been here since just before winter or atleast that’s when he made his presence known to us. Which my house smelled like skunk for a while. My husband put moth balls under the trailer and that helped with the smell eventually but wasn’t a quick fix to the odor. Well we know the skunks still here cause he made himself known again a few days ago. I’m going to try the amonia. So thanks for the tips.

  293. i need help. I think i have a skunk living in my basement. i can’t find a way for them to get in, but three times I have woke up to the smell of skunk. once with the alarm clock. my grandma said they don’t like mothballs. Should I try it?

  294. To the person which is supposed to be an exterminator, you are an idiot and as bad as any skunk. Hope you get sprayed!

  295. I used hydrogen peroxide,baking soda,and dish det. with a small amount of essential oil of orange. make a paste, scrub the dog for ten min, rinse , do not dry with dryer, it’ll dry out the skin to much. worked like a charm !

  296. Years ago my husbands family dog got sprayed on a visit up-north to the family cottage. His mother and sister got out the ketcup and slathered the dog with it. No more smell, Dad arrived later that night after everyone was in bed. In the morning when Mom woke up to find Dad eating his egg with ketcup (back in bottle off of dog) noone had the heart to tell him what he was eating. Mom went to the store replaced the ketcup and tossed the other bottle out.

  297. Skunks hate water. In order to get them out, we are going to continually spray the hose under the porch and drown them out. My husband did this yesterday and you can tell that it really ticked them off. The skunk dug so much and so deep this time that he could not control his bowels. Now we’re SURE that it’s a skunk…not a rabbit based on the type of skat. The other thing is Home Depot carries a product that smells like coyote urine that comes in granule form, so late tonight (after it’s been dark for a while) I’m going to sprinkle these so it seems that there could be a threat nearby. I will try to post the results.

  298. Hey hoping for some help.. I just tonight found Mom or Dad with two young skunks come out from under my back deck. I understand sealing the area up but if they are living under there how can I do this during the day? I’m assuming they are residing under there but the deck is only 6″ of the ground. Any help out there???? Thanks in Advance

  299. What if i get rid of the skunk one way or the other and it is a mommy skunk and it has baby skunks dont want them rotten under my garage how do i know if theres baby skunks?

  300. I’ve Whacked 7 skunks this year alone! Get yourself a small trigger trap and bait with KFC chicken. Regular or Crunchy, it don’t matter. Microwave before baiting so the smell brings them in. They love the Colonel!! Remember to wrap the trap with a heavy gauge plastic garbage bag leaving ONLY the opening exposed.Once trapped, tie off the exposed end.Take PEPE down to the local pond for a swimming lesson. Remember to poke a hole in the bag before submerging trap in water. Once satisfied PEPE is KAPUT, remove bag and dispose of trespasser. REMEMBER TO ALWAYS WEAR RUBBER DISPOSABLE GLOVES.Trap must now be aired out for several days and then washed down or it stinks up your yard and may lure more skunks. Sounds cruel,BUT it’s the only sure way to rid yourself of the problem.
    For those who feel for them, have your house stink through out for months,cloths,dishes,my TT roadster, and you too will join the club.

  301. To all those saying “love the skunks..they are living creatures too and are only doing what they know, they deserve to live” well I have one thing to say to you: I’d put money down that YOU don’t have skunks living under your house right now and keep coming back month after month, year after year. If they want to live there, as you say they deserve to, let them pay me rent because i’m SICK of it. They STINK and are a menace to anyone who owns a home. Trapping and releasing them does no good they just come back. I’m sorry, but my family and my house are more important than the skunk. Had to get that off my chest.

    I appreciate all the tips people are posting

  302. well having about 4 skunks at my house and living underneath my porch is no fun!!
    i cant seem to get a hold of theese suckers..
    i was woundering if anyone knew if amonia helpss keep them away?
    well thank u all for all your advise and i will keep attempting to
    get rid of theese stink b0mbs!![skunks]

  303. Mothballs, ammonia, loud music, and so on do NOT work. To rid yourselves of these pests that are ruining your life there is only ONE solution. Trap and exterminate.You must take a stand and declare war!They will return and breed if released. My neighbours and I have gotten 10 skunks this year to date. A one time investment in a $50.00 trap is well worth it. It may sound cruel, but its you or them.See my other comment earlier on. It works every time. I tried the loud music,mothballs,ammonia,
    urine,critter ridder and so on.They are a VERY determined species.They are not cute.Last year they cost me over a $1000.00 in destroyed property.Not to mention the dogs being sprayed 3 times and the mental anguish.Take a stand and send them packing!!

  304. we both last year and this year have been having problems with skunks in the area and my good friend at ace hardware told me that they do not like the smell of amonia!! I put amonia in a zip bag with some cotton balls and puncture the bag and throw it in areas of interest for the skunks-just during the weekend my dog got smelly due to them and soon after put the bags around and under my deck where of course my dog could not get to them and we have not smelled a skunk for four days-I know this does not permanately get rid of them but they seem to not want to come around anymore!! Heads up this might be a good idea to save the aweful smell of our furry and household animals that we charish sooo much!!
    thanks for listening and i hoped helped in some way!!

  305. Best bet, set up on the porch with a high powered air rifle, .22 rimfire, or hell a 9mm will do if your neighbors arent gonna call the police on ya.

  306. put some food (or if youre feeling particularly serious, chocoloate) into an empty pop or beer can and they will get their head stuck in there as long as youve taken off just the silver rim and left the curve to the top. they cant get their head out so you can either cover em with a garbage can and dispose of them, or if youve gone with the chocolate method, let em wander off and have the chocolate do the work!

    happy hunting!

  307. The skunk was under our house. The fox urine stuff didn’t work. we had good luck with amonia soaked rags stuffed in the entrance after the skunk had left. Next day we put bricks all along the space he was getting in. We’re still putting down the amonia soaked rags but have been skunk free for three days!!! YAY!!!!!

  308. Flanna Pilokski needs to learn how to spell & get serious?? Defending skunks thats kinda scarey?? Do you wear a straight jacket during the day??

  309. I am finding little divot holes all over my back yard. I am told that it is a skunk in my yard, neighbors have seen the sucker. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of it. I live in a rural neighborhood so I can not shoot a gun and my dog goes outside so if I put something down I dont want it to harm him. Also I dont know where it is coming from his living area is unknown. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!

  310. After reading these comments quickly, I noticed many suggestions to shoot them. If one were to do this wouldn’t they just spray and funk up the yard as they died? Because that’s what we’re trying to avoid here.

  311. We have a dog that keeps finding a skunk den or hole. He is smelly and so is my house. Some one said peroxide.baking soda and dawn dishsoap. I did sprayed my carpet with it and it helped. Also do not keep in slealed container.He is next to get a bath in it.

  312. I came home today to have a smell of skunk in my house. it seemed to be more in one end. I walked all around my house and found a small spot that looks like something was digging under my ground level deck.I will try the flour tomorrow to see when he leaves but if I were to trap I how do i keep from smelling when handleing the trap. I am really scared of getting that on me. Also where do i get a trap?

  313. The only thing we’ve found that works is liquid smoke. We mix with a little water and spray. We put a little on small pieces of rags and toss under the house. We have to remember to keep refreshing though especially during mating season. Once the fear of fire is gone, they will return.

  314. I have trapped a skunk and I don’t know how to get it out without it spraying me. Do you have any suggestions for me? Thanks

  315. Have been smelling skunk whenever entering our house. Neighbor told me to try placing Ex-lax in strategic places, so put some on a flat rock by our front porch. Then as I was putting some in window wells, found a skunk in one of the window wells. I can’t tell if it’s dead or hibernating. No way am I going to poke it to find out. Help! I have to burn scented candles to stand being in my house.

  316. I have a skunk or skunks living under neath my back porch for a few years now & at night when i come my house smells really bad.To the point that the odor makes me sick.My back porch smells bad all the time what can i do to get rid of them.
    pest controls are to expencive.I can’t handle this on my own for i’m afraid i will get sprayed.What can i do?

  317. I have skunks living under my enclosed porch. We’ve tried everything! Got cages from animal control and covered them with garbage bags (cause they’re supposedly very smart animals), baited them with sardines, tuna, marshmellows, you name it I’ve used it. We’ve soaked rags in ammonia & thrown them under there, moth balls, all kinds of animal urine….no matter what we’ve used it hasn’t worked. We’re digging a trech all around the porch & filling it with chicken wire & concrete. Mid Feb is mating season and I certainley don’t want a family living under there. Once a female skunk has babies in like April you can’t even try & get them out til like June because the babies aren’t mobile til then.

  318. In my rural area, apparently, my pier and beam house is a haven for skunks. I set the wire cages, baited at the end with dry cat food and sprinkle a little on the ground in front of it. The trap is about 12 feet from the hole under the house and about 15-20 feet from the front fence. In the last week, I’ve caught four skunks and one about a month ago. I can hear more under the house though. I call animal control for my county and they could shoot them and haul the carcass away. They initially asked that I cover the traps so they wouldn’t get sprayed. I never caught one with a cover on it, so I placed the trap far enough away from the fence so the officer could shoot it but not get sprayed. However, they often spray just by being caught. This smell hasn’t kept the others in the next day or so from getting in the cage. My brother has been catching them as well with dry cat food. He elocates them but as often as they spray under the house, until I get rid of them and can seal the opening, I’m O.K. with them being shot as I have no way to relocate them.

  319. Many good tips on here and if you notice there is no “fool proof” way to catch them. Recently, we noticed the smell of skunk that literally permeated the house.
    I found an entrance (under my bedroom window-great…) placed a wire cage/coon trap (with 10ft. of rope attached to drag after trapped) about six feet out and baited it with moist cat food ( i barely opened the can so that he/she would have to work at it and trip the trap). This morning like clockwork, awoken from the stench, i looked out the window and there he was working at the can. I used my .22 caliber to put an end to him, one shot and no time for him to spray again. I know this isn’t the most humane thing to do, and frankly don’t care. let it air out and threw him into the field for the vultures. Reset trap and we’ll see if there are anymore to be caught from under the house.
    Biggest tip>>> fill in any and all holes around foundation of house before the end of fall. You’ll probably never have to go through what myself and the dozens of others on this site have. Good luck.

  320. We woke up one morning and noticed a skunk smell. The next week it happened every single night. We couldn’t take it any more. We called a guy that does nuisance animal control to come and try to trap and catch them. Then my husband and I were forced to move in with my parents for a while until we could get rid of the smell. Feb. is mating season and the skunks are only after ONE thing. There is so much activity going around our backyard. They are getting under our porch and our den that was added on as an addition. It’s the worst thing I’ve ever been through. So far we have caught 3 skunks. Our animal control man is pretty sure there are more. I am having our first baby on Friday and if some more aren’t caught then I guess we’re bringing the baby home from the hospital to my parents.

  321. Save your ammo for Al Queda and get a wolf hybrid…works wonders. One night back in 2008…my wolf hybrid who will remain anonymous…started barking and growling really loud. I was on my patio…where I could not even see her. Then I smelled a skunk. I ran back there and I could only watch…as I did not want to get sprayed. This is what I saw: Pepe Le Pew lifted his tail and sprayed her. She got all pissed off…pounced on him…bite him in the neck real hard…threw him about five feet. Pepe tried to get up which made her even more mad. She grabbed him again…by the neck and just whipped him around so violently…you could actually hear bones crackling and shattering. She carried him about five more feet and set him down. She then rolled around on the ground and rubbed her face a bit. Then she went over to Pepe one more time and finished the job. He was dead. The whole thing lasted about 90 seconds. He was not fast enough to get away…helpless actually.

    Cleaning your doggie:
    Oh…make sure to look closely. You may have to cut off some of that sticky and stinky black tar before you begin.

    Then…I highly recommend…hydrogen peroxide…lemon fresh Dawn dish soap…and baking soda…mixed in with ANY dog shampoo. As your shampoo bottle says…you may have to ‘rinse and repeat.’ The smell was gone right away.

    Back in the mid 90’s…my old German Shepard got sprayed and I used 2 gallons of Tomato Juice, and it DID NOT WORK. “Skunk-Off” is a good product that worked on attempt #2. I think I bought it at Petco or Pet Smart.

    Remember…all dogs are related to wolves. The natural prey for the wolf is a freaking buffalo. However…dogs and wolves also make great exterminators. Yes it was a long night bathing her THREE TIMES IN A ROW, but she is a natural born killer. Out in AZ…she was killing scorpions too. Ate them…stinger and all…and never even got sick. Any animal in her territory is in grave danger, but she is great with little kids, dogs, cats and she even gets along with my dad. She nailed two possums, a raccoon and a squirrel. This week…she got her second skunk kill. “Pepe II” did not have a chance to spray her this time.

    Eat it, Pepe.

    I am waiting for the sequel…”Pepe in 3D: This Time: It’s Personal.”

    Oh…if you call an exterminator…from what I have heard…they use some type of real thin pole for underneath the porch. It is some type of harpoon now…which has a poison tip…kills them instantly…most attempts…with no spray. So for those of you without a dog, cat or wolf…call the Skunkonator. Good luck out there.

    “If it bleeds…we can kill it.”
    –Arnold Schwarzenegger

  322. I have a skunk living in my barn right next to my house and it is the most annoying thing I have ever had to deal with. My car, my house, my dog….everything smells. It is embarrassing. Last night at a club my gal pal was like, ewwww, what smells skunky? I live alone in the middle of nowhere and I am scared to death to try to trap the stupid thing. I would shoot it if I had a gun.Has anyone heard of trying to make it leave by blasting the radio with lots of bass? Now I am freaking out because after reading all this stuff on here it says Bebruary is MATING SEASON. Great! This is March. Am I doomed?

  323. I have had a skunk problem every spring for 3 years and I am fed up. I have sat on the porch with my 410 and waited for them to come out but they always wait till I’m sleeping. I don’t have a trap, though its probably a great investment. My question is, is there something i can mix with peanut butter to poison them? Only problem is that I have 2 cats and a dog. So I need something to kill them in seconds before they go back into the hole, or before a mouse gets into it, and then into the house near the cats. I cleary don’t want to hurt my pets. I’ve heard of using fly bait but i don’t know how fast it works.. anyone have any advice?

  324. Question………… far would I have to drive this skunk away from my house in order for it not to return? I have taken one away about 2 km’s and had either same one or another a few nights later.

  325. I’ve tried skunk repellent, moth balls, ammonia, etc. with no lasting effects. I live trapped four, on successive nights, in a large cage trap a couple of years ago and shot each (headshot), and every one sprayed. This year, I purchased a spray proof skunk trap and have caught six in the last couple of weeks. A spray proof trap, baited with peanut butter-covered bread stuck to the trigger pan of the trap has been 100% effective. Once caught, drop the entire trap in a 40-gallon trashcan filled with water. The trap is heavy enough to sink, and the solid metal ends of the trap have a couple of small holes in them which allow the escape of air. Drowning has been the only way I’ve found to dispatch them without a scent discharge.

  326. The only entirely effective way to eliminate skunks is to trap and kill them. I’ve live trapped several, and in my experience, every one sprayed when shot (headshots all). This year I purchased a “spray proof skunk trap”, which has been very effective. I bait it with bread smeared with peanut butter which I stick to the traps trigger. I’ve caught six in the last couple of weeks using this method. Once caught, quietly approach the trap and gently lift it off the ground. Then drop it in a pre-positioned 35-40 gallon trashcan filled with water. The weight of the trap and its contents will sink it to the bottom. Drowning is the only method I’ve found that prevents a discharge of scent.

  327. I have skunks under the house at the moment. I’m in Texas and they seem worse this year for some reason. We have been using moth balls to repel them from getting under the house, it’s been working, but you have to make sure to check them and replace them as needed. It’s not much of a trade off smell wise, but I would rather smell moth balls than skunks on any given day.

  328. If you don’t have any skunk-off tomato juice and white vinegar will work if it’s a female skunk. Male skunks will require something stronger like skunk-
    off. Of course you won’t know it’s gender until after you do it and can smell the results. I had a dog that got sprayed 5 times throughout her life. so I’ve experienced both scenarios. My vet told me that male skunk spray is much harder to eliminate than female. The last skunk that sprayed her she killed right afterward. At the time she was an 11 year old 30 lb cocker-beagle with paralysis in her back legs. Feistiest dog I’ve ever known!

  329. Hello. Just wondering if you have been successful? I have gone through the same thing. My skunk man said Feb was the mateing season and will come back to under my home in the spring to have the babies. He got rid of them and my air conditioner people came and fixed my unit (we thought) where they were getting in. Now, they have dug through again. Everytime we block them out they find another place to dig a hole under my unit. I am going to try concreate this weekend. Any better ideas? If you have not been successful, try the concreate. My skunk man told me to begin with I should do it. Shoud have listened.

  330. I have a skunk under my bed as I write! My housemates leave the doors open all the time to get a breeze, and of course a skunk happens to wander into my room. Any tips for getting a skunk out of your house without it spraying?

  331. I’ve had this skunk problem for a while now, every now and then one will come around my yard at night and on Tuesday’s which is our trash day the skunk that comes to our yard likes to tear into the trash bag and pull the trash out.

    Now I don’t have the money right now to call in professionals so I’m asking for any advice I can get on how to get rid of the little buggers. I also don’t have the money to buy the cages either at this time due to being unemployed.

    If anyone has some non lethal idea’s as how to get rid of em please let me know.

  332. Yeah I have a family of skunks around my house they have sprayed 2 of my dogs I have tryed to shoot them but they are to fast and they are sparying something or some were every night I just don’t know what to do anymore they are all over my yard could anyone please for the love of god help me.

  333. I had a skunk living under my porch. I wanted to make it leave before I closed the hole under the porch. So I lit 4 large smoke bombs and threw them under the porch last evening. This worked! I saw it scurry out of the hole and run away. After the smoke cleared I hammered 3′ metal rods spaced 3″ apart to block the hole. Then with quickcrete, and last with dirt. Smoke bombs are sold where fireworks are, just in case of any confusion.

  334. We just moved in this house with a pool, and the land-lord made a deck with house. When it rains (this is the second time) I have seen skunks. We have tons of bugs, I think I have seen one or three skunks. So can anyone help me?

  335. I heard anti-freeze works good for poisining the little varmints but make sure there are no cats and especially dogs in the area because they like the taste also.

  336. My dog has been nailed twice this year. I bathe him in hydrogen peroxide and baking soda which works pretty well, but is hard on his skin so he sheds like crazy for a while. He still smells a little when wet!. Try to call your local animal control They may have traps and removal available. I have also had problems with coons and beaver. I had to find a trapper for the beaver, but he didn’t charge me. LIttle buggers took out 10 quaking aspen and some apple trees before we caught them.

  337. My mother has a family of skunks on her property, all of them babies ( between 5-6 of them), no mother. They are out at all times of the day. The dog has been sprayed and my boys have almost been sprayed. there are so many that you can’t tell where they house at. How do you catch baby skunks?

  338. My mother hasabout 5-6 baby skunks on her property. They are out all times of the day. They don’t seem to be scared of us or the dog. The fish and wildlife won’t come out, there is no animal controle and the police department won’t risk being sprayed. How do you get rid of babie?

  339. Ya i got a story for ya i live in a mobile home park and have 4 cats and we have a pet door and the skunk found it 3 yrs ago. it was coming in the pet door and eating the cat food it would wake me up with the crunch, crunch, crunch so i had a hard time trying to keep him from coming in but still needed the cats to come in. barriers are the best i had to gate the back steps and seal off the porch. but made a spot where the cats can jump up on the porch but the skunk cant

  340. My dog has been sprayed 3!!! times.What worked for her was Natures Miracle foung it pet stores i.e. Petco..etc. My problem is the skunk babies are still in the den…the mother was caught yesterday..I hate seeing any animal suffer but i don’t know what to do for the babies or what will happen to them!!

  341. We have two baby skunks in the yard. The problem is, we live in a forested area so it’s natural that they would be wandering around. But I’m afraid to let my kid play outside as they walk around the yard all day long. How long til they learn how to spray?

  342. There are three young skunks living under my chicken coop, We keep trying to block it from them getting in but it’s not working. I don’t know what to do without either hurting the chickens or having them get sprayed. I need to get them out before they get older and start eating the chickens (right now they are eating the eggs which is not good either), any suggestions?

  343. Well I have been reading a lot on getting rid of these stink bombs today and keep coming across “trap and exterminate” as the only solution. I plan to do both at the same time. Why no body has posted this as of yet? I don’t know. I will whip up a delightful treat with anti-freeze and set his dinner table….in the trap. So now I eliminate the need for using a bag or towel in the fear of getting sprayed after trapping one. Little bit on the cruel side, but they really don’t have a place on the food chain…sooo……..That’s it.

  344. In areas where animal control will not help maybe call a company that removes them? I could not find anyone to deal with my skunk and he was not afraid of my 105 lb dog at all. In fact when he saw me or the dog he would wander towards us. Tried noise, throwing things (he would go look at rocks you throw) etc. Poison seems cruel but man and skunk can not co-exist in the same space so one shot with a .22 pistol sent him to his maker.

  345. I had a family living under my storage building..Big white skunk momma and several young ones, I placed a big trap and wrapped it in cardboard. I caught all six within 10 days and easily removed them and never got sprayed.I can email you a picture of how I did it…

  346. I have been reading about the use of chocoloate, what does this do? Does it kill them, do they wander off and die? Also read about chocoloate exlax what does this do?

  347. Get a 22 it is quiet and very effective . set a pile of marshmellows outside in a open area get a nice comphy chair and a few beers wait then hit the flood lights on that site they get stunned for about 3 seconds which is plenty of time to whack the critter then take the carcus and toss it into the retarded neighbors ( All NATURAL) garden win win situation . if that doesnt work try placing carcus at neighbors doorstep making sure the puncture smell bag with 12 foot poker . In time skunks & neighbors gone lol

  348. Well I’ve read about 30 of the 39 pages.. have to laugh at some of the comments here.. 😀 .. I live in a small city.. neighbors and I have a few cats.. no one has ever gotten sprayed but I still want to get rid of the skunk(s) that live under my shed… I fell sorta bad about the method I’m choosing as this guy/girl skunk(s) are sorta friendly.. once I was leaning against my car when I fely what I thought wasw my cat brushing up against my leg.. it was momma skunk and her baby.. a few other times I’ve been sitting in a lawn chair and he’d/she’d come up and go right underneath me.. all the cats around her get along with it/them.. but I need to redo the flooring in my shed and I don’t wt to risk getting sprayed… SO… I went out today and bought a big chocolate bar.. 3/4 of it for me.. and the rest near the hole… I was gonna put it in a can so it’d get it’s head stuck in there and not find it’s hold and crawl back in but ahhh.. I’ll just wait a few days and I’ll put some flour near the entrance to see activity.. after I rip up the flooring, I’ll fill it with rock and pour concrete.. then line the edges with mothballs.. seems to be the cheapest way out.. 1 dollar for chocolate, a few more dollars for mothballs and concrete.. I’ll see if I can post back with results.. good luck to all you others out there.

  349. My goats were no longer sleeping in the barn and I thought nothing of it until I discovered a family of skunks living in the stall where they normally sleep. I was leery of most methods of getting rid of the skunks as mothballs can be dangerous to livestock, shooting is not something we do and I was afraid using coyote or fox urine might stress the horses.

    I have a marking male pomeranian that wears a belly band with a pad when he is not out to do his business. I collected 3 of his urine soaked pads and placed them in the barn where I knew the skunks were living. It has been 3 days now and there is no sign of the skunks. The goats are back sleeping in their home and there was never a stress issue with the horses. Finally found a positive use for my marking dog’s pads!!

  350. Threw my dog’s urine soaked pads from his belly band in the barn where I had a family of skunks. Now no more skunks. Cheap, easy and totally safe

  351. I took old towels and blankets and soaked them in amonia and put them around my house and i haven’t seen any skunks since then. the only time you need to re-soak them is after winter or after it rains. i’ve learned that skunks hate the smell of amonia so they stay away.

  352. In case when animal control will not help you to get rid of the skunks, you can help yourself following my advice. Buy a cage trap “Havahart ” model 1079 with one door ($50.00), then a water container, best “Roughtote” ($20.00) PVC storage container 30”x20”x15”(L,W,H), which accommodates exactly the above trap. Build the steep ramp( from plywood 48” long) , with the directional wooden strips on sides, and place the trap on the bottom of the ramp, with opening facing down. Use minimum 20 ft long string or rope, but do not attach it directly to the cage( skunks will chew it off).Use a tie wire or chunk of chain for the first foot. Make sure , stretch the rope, otherwise skunk will pull it into the cage and you have to find another alternative hove to pull the cage into the container:(long stick with hook).
    Now you have to only fill the container with the water, aprox. 100 liters, set the bait in to trap , best is the cat food (dry) or smoked salmon skin and wait. When you pull the trap into the water container,
    skunk is surprised – must move his feet and will not spray . Sometime you have to help with the stick to push the trap fully into the water. Leave it there for minimum 15 minutes. Then you take the shovel, and dispose the dead skunk in to minimum 2 ft deep hole. The coyotes will dig it out otherwise.
    This way in the last 1.5 months, with the help of my neighbors we got rid of 22 skunks in our area.

  353. When I was a kid ,I heard that if your Cat,or Dog gets sprayed by a Skunk,bathe them in Tomato Juice!

    It works too,because one day our Cat that we had when I was a kid,finally tangled with Pepe Le Pew and when my mother got to the Grocery Store checkout with some Tomato Juice cans,the guy says: “Oh boy,your Cat,or Dog ran into a Skunk,eh?You haven’t got enough cans,you need more!”

    Thankfully,it’s not an old Wives tail -it does work!

  354. When my yellow lab got sprayed in the face and chest while in our backyard by a skunk I called the emergency vet line and asked what to do. I was told to clean out her eyes and mouth with saline solution (like nasal spray), and then to bath her in Dawn dishwashing detergent of all things. I bathed her in the Dawn and it took the skunk smell away immediately. I was amazed. I will always keep a bottle of Dawn in my house just in case. ( I also remembered seeing on TV how they bath all the animals from the oil spills in Dawn, so I knew it was safe to use on my dog).

  355. I’m gonna tell ya’ll a little secret for getting rid of skunks, possums, & coons. Get some “Golden Marlen” fly poison, and a bag of marshmellows. Get the marshmellos damp and roll them in (wear rubber gloves) the Golden Marlen, then place them in an old tin pie pan or some old type of dish that you can throw away. Place the pan close to where you have skunk problems. The first time I tried this I put the pan out in the yard one night and looked outside the next morning I had 3 skunks and a possum laying out in the yard within 10 feet of the pan. My cats won’t eat marsmellows and I keep the dog put up while I’m feeding my furry little friends. You should try and keep from putting the pan of goodies too close to your house because the little buggers will probably get under your house before they croak. I then take the carcasses to my butthole neighbor’s house and hide them in the bushes and flower beds in front of his house cause he is a real A-hole.

  356. Don’t dump them in someone’s yard in the city — we don’t want them any more than you do. That’s just plain rude.

  357. My dog(yellow lab) used to get skunked all the time until I started using “Shake Away”. It is a powder that you sprinkle around the perimeter of your yard and works like a charm. I do it every few months. I bought it online.

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