Posted on: August 19, 2013 Posted by: Nicole Harding Comments: 0

ADHD and Sleep Apnea are not uncommon ailments affecting much of modern society. Though they are different in the ways they afflict people, they are similar in the ways in which they can be managed and possibly even cured. Many people want to know how to get rid of sleep apnea and ADHD. Following is a few helpful things people can do to help manage or treat these ailments.


It is the mentality of our society to treat everything with drugs. There is little to no preventative measures or alternative treatments taught or suggested. If something can be cured with drugs, that is what doctors will prescribe immediately. This is a sad reality that we have come to live with but it is not one that we have to accept. If people want to know how to get rid of sleep apnea and ADHD, they need to know that there are better and cheaper ways to prevent and treat both.

The first and most essential strategy in treatment and prevention of these afflictions is exercise. Exercise is one of the most highly underrated and extremely effective ways to help with many various illnesses and health problems. Exercise gives you a healthier body, a sound mind and overall better quality of life. Not only does it give you many benefits, but it is free for the most part. One of the easiest ways to get a daily dose of exercise is running. Running can be done at anytime, anywhere and costs nothing. When running, your brain releases endorphins which make you feel good. In addition, running raises your bodies dopamine and norepinephrine levels for quite a while. These natural substances can act as a natural ADHD medication and help increase focus and reduce fidgeting. Daily jogging is one of the best ways to treat ADHD over a long term.

Being overweight can be a major cause of sleep apnea. Exercise can help you to lose weight and can keep your body fat levels within a healthy range, often preventing sleep apnea. Exercising daily can help your body to relax and the healthy body weight exercise leads to can help you stay asleep when it is time for bed. Avoiding drugs and alcohol, which slow down your bodies respiratory system, is another good way to prevent sleep apnea.

Something else to avoid when preventing or treating ADHD and sleep apnea is chemicals and fats that are packed into junk foods and fast foods. Not only do these things lead to obesity, they are also believed by many scientists to be the cause for the increasing rates of ADHD.

Knowing how to get rid of sleep apnea and ADHD is not unobtainable knowledge. Being healthy and dedicated to living a lifestyle surrounding exercise and healthy foods can be better than any prescription a doctor can give.