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A pair of kissable lips is connoted as having a sizable kisser. Judging by Angelina Jolie’s looks, you can see how her lips make her sexier and more seductive than the average Hollywood diva. Not everyone is blessed with such lovely lips, but with a good makeup strategy or through cosmetic surgery, you can have something similar. Just make sure that a large pair of lips blends well with your facial features.

Create an Illusion

With the development of different types of makeup, enlarging small lips suddenly becomes possible. They won’t look as luscious or as sexy as natural ones, but your facial features will improve. The trick is to create an illusion using shades and colors, so other will think you have large lips. Like an artist, you must find the right combination of cosmetic products to produce the effect while suiting your facial structure. Examine your face, particularly your skin tone and lip alignment and placement, before proceeding.

  • Pinkish Red Lip Gloss and Glossy Pencil – The combination of a pinkish red lipstick and a glossy pencil creates an illusion of having large lips. As opposed to a deep red shade, the dash of pink makes your lips look natural. Use the pencil to create the outline and a light layer on your lips. Apply the pinkish red lipstick, make sure its even, so it won’t mess up the illusion created by the outline. Once done, apply lipstick with a slightly lighter gloss at the middle of your lower lip. Check the mirror. You might be surprised with what you will see.
  • Plumper Lip Gloss – This wondrous creation not only makes the lips look wider, it also makes them look slightly raised. The drawback is, the illusion disappears when the lip gloss fades. You must always keep one in your vanity kit, otherwise other people may notice that something’s amiss when they look at your face.
  • Vaseline and the Toothbrush – Vaseline is an odd solution, since it isn’t normally applied on the lips, but it works. Apply the lotion on your lips. Distribute it evenly. Once done, scrub your lips lightly with a toothbrush for a few minutes. You will then notice that your lips are smoother and seemingly larger. Do this process three to four times a week for optimum results.
  • Lipstick – Eyeshadow Combo – Eyeshadow is used for creating subtle dark hues around the eyes, which is perfect for a lip-enlarging illusion. Of course, dark colors on your lips will make them look smaller, so you only need thin layers at the middle of your lips. Apply a fairly light lipstick evenly. After doing so, use a slightly darker eyeshadow to create a contrast. Good eyeshadow colors are light green, peach, and pink.
  • Maintain a Pout – If people with big bellies can look thin by tucking in their tummies, you can have larger lips by maintaining a pout. The lips will look plump, given the way they’re positioned. Apply red lipstick or a brighter hue to complete the illusion (Learn how to wear read lipstick). Just make sure that a pout looks more flattering than funny on your face. Remember, a pout does not suit all facial structures.
  • Mint Lipstick – Mint-based lipsticks make your lips swell, as it creates an allergic reaction. Upon continuous exposure, your lips will be plumper and larger. Just apply red lip gloss right after.

Things to Avoid

  • Dark Lip Gloss – Dark lip gloss makes your lips look smaller, even if you pout. Limit yourself to bright, clear and very slightly dark hues.
  • Flaky Lips – Keep your lips smooth, otherwise the enlarging effect will look cheap.

If the options do not provide your desired effect, you can combine some of them to have large luscious lips. Use Vaseline and the toothbrush to make your lips seem plumper. Right after, apply pinkish red lip gloss and a glossy pencil. Do a perpetual pout if it suits you. You should look pretty sexy after the application. If you’re still not satisfied, your only options is to have cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery

Botox is your only way of getting actual large lips, without resorting illusions. The operation may be pricey and has several minor risks, but you will surely end up with your desired kisser if it is done properly. The doctor injects collagen-based substance in your lips, which in effect, raises and enlarges them. You’ll have your very own Angelina Jolie lips when the substance has settled. Monitor your lips from time to time. The moment they seem to sag, consult your doctor at once.

Large Lips, Many Options

With the number of ways you can make your lips larger, you should have no trouble creating an illusion or getting your lips done. Just go for cosmetic surgery if you can afford the operation. Then again, do you really need to enlarge your kisser, if you’re already beautiful? Think about it. If you learned a lot from this article, you’ll surely learn from how to get rid of cracked lips and how to get rid of chapped lips

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