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There are two things you surely hate everytime you cook a dish with soy sauce: the stench and the stain. The smell of the soy sauce is part of its composition, but the stain on your clothes while cooking is not. It surely annoys you everytime a droplet falls on your precious carpet, or some amount is spilled on your immaculate white top while preparing a soy-based dipping sauce. Now, you need not worry because here is a list that provides you with everything you need to know to get rid of soy sauce stains.

Working On Soy Sauce Stains

1. Attend to the fabric as soon as possible. Do you see the fresh stain on your blouse while cooking a soy-based dish? Wash it immediately while the stain is still fresh, because the fabric has not completely absorbed the staining substance from the soy sauce yet. You can take off your top and wash it, or just run lukewarm water on the stained part. This way, you are not only removing the stain, but you are also getting rid of its bad odor.

2. Cleansing agents and mild detergents work wonders. It is no longer 1820 when you had to work real hard even for simple things like getting rid of a soy sauce stain because today, if you need to get rid of something, you can visit a department store or a grocery shop and buy a cleansing agent or a detergent that solves the problem for you. Traditional methods of getting rid of stain are a great help, but when you talk about efficiency, you cannot underestimate the power of newly-discovered chemicals and technology.

Mix some amount of detergent with water until foam is created. Gently rub the affected area with your hands while it is in the mixture until the stain is removed. A cleansing agent is easier to use because all you need to do is to spray it on the stain. Let the washer do the rest of the cleaning. Washing the fabric immediately is important because some brands of cleansers leave marks. The marks cause discoloration, causing more damage than what the soy sauce stain has already done. Cleansers and detergents are easy to find. Your local grocery shop or department store surely has it.

When it comes to relying on cleansing agents and mild detergents, you should choose the right detergent or cleanser for your fabric to avoid any further damage. You also need to find out what type of fabric was stained, because this is what determines what type of substance you should use on the cloth.

3. Why cure when you could’ve prevented it? If you are cooking a soy-based dish, why wear white? If you are cooking, you should know that you need to wear an apron in the first place. Instead of staining your clothes, the apron will carry the burden. If you are worried about having some stain on your carpet if someone dips some vegetable sticks on the soy-based sauce, why not remove the carpet if you know you are serving dishes which can stain your carpet? You can also ask your guests to use spoon and put some sauce on their plates so that they wouldn’t need to do an extra effort of reaching the sauce a few seats away from them.

If you like to serve the soy sauce and dipping sauces, You can also always cover your dining floor area with a plastic runner to catch drips from the bowl of soy-based dip. It is easier to wipe the plastic runner than clean soy stains on the carpet. On your couch, you can put a decorative blanket if you need to invite guests because having a few people come over your house will surely cost you a few small stains from eating. Your guests will enjoy the dip, and you’ll enjoy, too, if you don’t have to think about getting rid of soy sauce stains while having fun.

4. Follow a traditional method. A teaspoon of mild dish washing liquid soap plus a cup of water should be combined. Pour a small amount of this mixture on the stained area. Blot until it is almost dry. Next combine a full tablespoon of regular household all purpose ammonia with approximately one half cup to one cup of room temperature water. Put a small amount on the stained part of the fabric. Blot until almost dry, and then do the first step again. Lastly, wipe the area with a sponge immersed in clean water. Make sure that the sponge you use is clean. Do this step over again until you don’t see the stain on the fabric anymore.

You may find this technique tedious but is guaranteed effective. It can even help you get rid of stain from soy milk. Stains set into the fabrics so make sure that you attend to the stain as soon as possible because if the stain stays longer on your shirt, the stain becomes harder to remove.

5. Dry cleaning shops are reliable. If you can’t do it yourself, and if you think you can’t do the methods right, then bring your shirt or your carpet to a dry cleaning shop and here you can even ask advice from the dry cleaner on how to remove soy sauce stain by yourself.

6. Follow your grandma’s advice. Your grandmother may have told you about how ice works wonders on soy sauce stains. While this is an old technique, it is still being used nowadays. It is as simple as rubbing an ice cube over the stained area. After this, run the stain on cold water while rubbing the stained area with your hands. Stop only when you see the stain wearing off.

It cannot be denied that while cooking is fun and eating soy-based dishes is bliss, you need to deal with the fact that soy leaves a mark on fabrics if you become careless for a second. Always be careful when using soy, so you wouldn’t have to worry about bringing it to a laundry shop, or washing your stained shirt after excusing yourself in a formal occasion.

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