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Spiders are one of the most feared creatures in our society, with up to 6% of the North American population suffering from arachnophobia, which is the fear of spiders. The image of a hairy tarantula often conjures up terrifying memories of Hollywood horror films, or the pet of that weird kid in your sixth grade class. You’ve probably even recently walked into a spider web while walking down the sidewalk. Or, more horrifyingly, this might have happened in your own home. For some, spiders are a pest like any other: an annoyance that you’d like to get rid of. For those with a major fear of spiders, seeing them in your house can make you feel like a prisoner in what should be a safe space. Luckily for you, we have the answer to your spider problem. Here is a list of 9 ways of how to get rid of spiders.

1. Clean your house.

The main food source for spiders is small insects. Bugs are often attracted to crumbs and other various pieces of food that might be lying around, especially in places you rarely clean, like under the couch. Set aside some time to clean all of the areas of your house. Lemon Pledge is especially effective, as spiders hate the taste. Chances are your place probably needs a good cleaning anyways!

2. Remove clutter.

You might not be a hoarder, but all of that furniture and junk you’ve been storing in your basement? It’s basically a jungle gym for spiders! Damp, dusty, and dark areas like basements tend to be the ideal location for a spider to spin its web. The more items you have lying around, the easier it is for spiders to create a comfortable environment, and the more difficult it is for you to find them!

Just like cleaning your house, it is never a bad idea to organize your clutter, either.

3. Properly seal the entrances.

Spiders can find their way into your home through cracks in improperly sealed windows or any other entry point. Resealing all of your main entrances, including doors, will not only help keep spiders out, but save you on your energy bill.

Also make sure that you patch any other holes leading into your house, including damaged roof shingles and gaps in your siding. Spiders can fit into very small spaces, and once they lay eggs, no other solution will prevent them from continuously terrorizing you!

4. Clean outside.

You’ve cleaned your house, removed clutter indoors, and sealed the entrances. So what’s the next step? Now, you need to remove web-friendly items from outside your house! Remove any brush or tree branches within 10 feet of the side of your house or roof. If the spacing is close enough, spiders can connect their webs between these things and your house.

The closer that spiders are to your house, the more likely that they’ll eventually try to find their way in. As a bonus, this method will also improve the appearance of the exterior of your property.

5. Turn off outside lights.

Spiders themselves are not attracted to light, but most other insects are. Again, this is the spider’s main source of food. Keeping your lights off outside whenever possible will ensure that insects head over to a neighbors’ porch, taking their predators with them. If this is not an option for you, make an effort to spot spider webs in the area around your outside lights. Dispose of them immediately, and you might be able to convince these pests they should not come back.

6. Set spider traps.

You might think that spiders can walk on any sticky surface because of their web-crawling abilities. The truth is, spiders have just as much difficulty with glue traps as other insects and rodents. While the main purpose of these traps might not be for spiders, they can certainly be effective. Place your traps near areas where you know spiders are lurking in your house. If you’re lucky, more than a few will find themselves caught. At the very least, it’ll be sweet revenge for all of the times you’ve walked into their webs!

7. Get a cat.

This one might surprise you! Cats are natural predators, hunting down basically anything that is smaller than them. This includes insects!

Because spiders are mainly stationary, unlike flying insects, cats have a much easier time tracking them down and killing them. Don’t worry about the health of your cat either; most house cats don’t hunt for sustenance, and simply play with their prey before destroying it. This is why most outdoor cats bring back unwanted mammal trophies for their owners. In your case, cats are a perfect way to get rid of spiders. Most importantly, you can help out a local shelter by adopting a pet!

8. Make a spider stick.

You’re probably terrified of spiders right? Is your arachnophobia keeping you awake at night, thinking about where the spiders might be? Well, sometimes you just have to buck up and kill them yourself! If the old tissue method is too close and personal for you, find an object with a long handle to give yourself some distance.

Another easy method is to invest in a hand-held vacuum cleaner. You can get rid of the spiders and their webs all at once.

9. Call an exterminator.

Maybe you’ve tried everything or are too terrified to get rid of a really bad spider infestation on your own. Now is the time to call in the professionals. Most exterminators don’t specialise in spider removal, but they will certainly take care of your problem for you. This method is probably too expensive for removing solitary spiders; call a friend or relative if you’re having issues with one or two spiders. For larger infestations, it’s probably safest to let the experts handle it.
When dealing with spiders, the most important thing to remember is that they’re smaller than you, and rarely harm humans. Remember that old statistic that the average person swallows eight spiders per year in their sleep? Well it was actually a myth created to try and prove that people will believe any “fact” that they read. The truth is, spiders are far less concerned about your business than you are with theirs. But if spiders are making you feel uncomfortable in your own home, there are plenty of ideas on how to get rid of them. Remember, these methods work best when used together. Try them out, and your house will be spider free in no time!

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  1. If there is a spider in your house just get a cup and put fingernail polish remover in it and close the lid then wait for about 30 min. and take the lid off and it will be dead or if your daughter or son already smushed it with a boat.hah hah hah hah hah p.s.i am a little 9 year old girl but it really works .

  2. To treat brown recluse bite, try a nitro-glycerin patch. Your doctor may not have heard of it. Search the web. It looks like it works, and makes scientific sense.

  3. Web spiders are best eliminated by physical removal. Poison sprays do not work well because that method depends on the spider being in contact with the surface on which the spray settles. In general, they are in contact with the web, only.
    Ground-running spiders can be controlled by glue boards or sprays. The spider’s lungs, in the abdomen, will be in close contact with the surface where the spray lands.
    Final point. Any person whose doctor suspects a “spider bite” should also be cultured to determine that the bite is not MRSA, a Staphylococcus aureus infection that can be serious or even fatal. There is a superficial resemblance but the treatments are very different.

  4. Use Pledge Dusting Spray. Spiders Really Hate That,Becuse There TasteBuds Are On There Feet! So Spray ON to KILL SPIDERS!!

  5. The best advice on how to kill a spider came from my mother:
    Spray it with extra strength hairspray. The spider can’t move, so you can then swat it with the fly swatter. Bigger spiders take an extra spray or two, but it works real well.

  6. I have read over some of the differant comments given on this web site and others. I feel some of you are not taking it seriously enough. I have had two small dogs that have died as a result of a Black Widow spider and a friend of mine approx. 50 years old bitten by one and it took him more than 6 months with Doctors care to recover. Please don’t made this a funny, LOL, laughting matter.
    The sad thing is I have done what “the experts say” and still have Black Widow Spiders. Sprays, Powders, Experts, Tape/stick stripes, cleaning, removing. I guess it takes time considering a new batch of babies will be hatching soon. Back to spraying again……….

  7. An old wives tale is to put “conkers” (horse chestnuts) around the house in corners. And it will dramatically reduce the amount of spiders in your home. My dad swears by it!

  8. My advice is just squash the thing! And btw,the nail polish remover thing is a HUGE waste of time,and your wasting it…C’mon people…30 minutes?! That’s a bit ridiculous! Yep! Just take an old shoe,get a good aim,and its dead. Botta-Bing-Botta-Boom!

  9. Hi there, this is a easy thing to do… get a vacuum cleaner and suck him up.Dont look into his 8 eyes cause he will cry “heeellllpppp meeeeee”.

  10. Too bad I did not got any “real” good advice. I’m presently stuck with ~200 spiders from tiny to big (as in bigger than a quarter just for the body part). I heard Garlic in hot water for 24hours and after that you spray where they are. Looks like they did fast. Will come back to tell you

  11. I have no clue as to what to do…I have cream colored spiders to huge (half dollar size) reddish brown in my house…Lately they are EVERYWHERE and its the end of August..Not sure if that has anything to do with it..but some jump too…I tried to smash them but they jump and run FAST…I hate them….I have heard that if you spray that oily spray from Avon it works well, but I haven’t had any luck..I think my spiders are ammune to everything I have tried…They are so gross I am even afraid to walk into the same room as one much less smash it and I am 40!

  12. I thought this was suppose to be a site to help with spiders, i guess some of us take it more serious than others. I think i might have brown recluse spiders and i have two little kids and i am really looking for information on to how to get rid of them!

  13. i hate people that think these things r a joke. i have black and brown widows by the dozens around the outside of my house, which nest close to the ground, and i have 2 toddlers and dogs and cats. one cat just died we dont know from what.. but it did cross our minds. pest control suggests spraying eggs with hairspray so the babies cant break loose when its time. did u know they hatch anywhere from 8-436 babies?? ewww. the widows come out at night and r very easy to see if u look around for them. someone also suggested insecticidal dust on the webs because most spiders eat their webs to recycle the silk and thus the dust will kill them. we do smash them WHEN WE SEE THEM!!! its scary to know they r surrounding you everywhere and u dont know where though. i check everyday, 2-3 times a day. today we power washed the house with bleach, every inch of it.. it took a lot of webs and eggs down and disturbed a whole lot of nests so we were able the kill what came stringing down from the eaves and gutters on the house, but less than an hour after cleaning there were 2 more huge ones out there. ortho’s home defense seems to kill them rather quickly so we are going to treat the whole perimeter and get rid of alllll the bugs.. no bugs, no spiders, right? their population depends on the food supply, i would imagine.

  14. one more thing and then ill shut up. this weekend we will be caulking every open inch of anything outside the house.. hopefully this will keep in what is in so it will die and keep out what is out so it cant feed whats in. my fiance is a commercial painter so i have the luxury of having this done at no cost… but its a good suggestion otherwise.

  15. Hey, I agree with you kristi, people don’t take this stuff seriously, you are doing all the right things, and tha caulking will really help. The problem with spiders is that they will always keep coming back, you can NEVER get them away permamnently, just keep doing what you’re doing, and they will eventually decrease in numbers. Getting rid of eggs and nests is key. Clean your house with lemon scents, they hate it. Kepp clutter off the floor, sweep often, under and behind furniture. My husband cleans out our storage with Lemon scented pinsol or similar cleaners, then we vacuum every corner and then he leaves lemon scented air fresheners in the corners before putting all our storage back in place, we do this every spring and fall, that way the eggs and nests don’t have time to hatch. And we smush the ones we see, but I was recently bitten during my sleep…HEAR that all you not-so-serious people out there…they come in my bed at night. Yours too. You can’t always see them and kill them. I guess that’s enough for now….happy hunting!

  16. I have heard that if you spray a mixture of water and vinegar in the corners of your house it will keep spiders away. I have not tried it myself so if any one has, let me know…

  17. I do not think it is something to joke about. I have a toddler too. In just two days I have seen seven brown recluse spiders in my house. It feel like everything i pick up or every where i look there is a brown recluse. I am very scared of spiders, and am begining to freak out. I read that once they have established themselves in a home there is no way to ever completely get rid of them. I have been spraying all the base boards with RAID and it has seemed to minimize the number of spiders so far.

  18. Last night I saw a large house spider in my garage. Just a few weeks ago my roommate saw one in his shower. I’m not talking about a tiny spider either, those things are huge! (he took a photo) I’m from up north and I grew up in an old farmhouse and never saw spiders this big. I guess Fl grows the mutant spiders. Anyway, I’m deathly scared of spiders! I called my pest control seeing if I could get sprayed again but she informed me that thier solutions do not kill spiders. The only way to kill spiders is on contact. She told me to spray them with windex and it would kill them. She also said that the only other way to kill them would be for them to eat bugs that have eaten the poison. Not much help to me…I’m not getting close enough to spray the damn thing with windex! Good luck guys, at least the spiders I’ve seen so far are house spiders…. One more old wives tale I learned being a country girl….hedgeapples are supposed to repel spiders. I’ve already called in an order from my mother up north to send me some! We used to keep them in our cellar…maybe that’s why I never saw any that big…

  19. I’m from Southern Utah and we have just moved into a new home. The home is crawling with female Black Widows,ewwww. There is nests everywhere and they have made webs everywhere. I’m a single mother with a 8 year old daughter, I have had the pest control people out numerous times with no luck there and I keep paying for thier services on top of it. Does anyone have a suggestion that would be helpful to me. I’am starting to get so grossed out I don’t even want to go home…

  20. we live in SE Wisconsin and use a pest control service. They have a spray that kills spiders when they walk on it; absorbs through the feet. It works. They also lay a few sticky traps. It is worth the money. I’m not sure of the name of the chemical. Can I name the company? It is called Wil-Kil. The technician also has lots of tips to seal the house and what and where to look.

  21. here is simple easy step, you first take a cup and put the spider inside. then drive some where far so the spider does not come back to your house. i know they are annoying but we should respect what god created on earth. also,make sure you always have the pest control come over your house yearly to check for any spiders and kill them. if you have children ask the pest control what kind of chemicals they are going to use and what is the dangers of having kids around.

  22. WD-40 works!!! I bought a house and found that it was infested with Black Widows and after using the industrial spider killers and getting no results I got desperate enough to try anything before calling a professional… So this is what you do: Sweep and Clean the area where you find black widowns and spray WD-40… Why does this work? I have no clue but it just does… I’ve sprayed all around my home and in the padeo area and no spiders of anykind anywhere. Nice.

  23. I put conkers in my room and it has worked but the other day I went to get into bed and there was one under the covers. For people like me who have a real fear this is not funny. It is easy to say stamp on them etc but if you have a fear that is no good. Does the hairspay stun them quickly? please help

  24. I will tell you SERIOUSLY that putting down chestnuts work. We have a cabin in the middle of the forest and I started this practice in the spring about 5 years ago and I have not had ONE spider inside the cabin. I put two in each corner on all the window-ledges and in the corners of all rooms. You can keep them there until they dry up, then throw them away. Mine usually last about 3 months. I have never BOUGHT them from a store — we have neighbourhoods close by that have them fall from the trees. Just FYI — if you do get them off the ground, store them in the open air as I learned the hard way when I put them into a bag. They will eventually get mouldy without air.

    No jokes folks — chestnuts work.

    And I put them under the bed as well.

  25. This seems to be a very bad year for indoor and outdoor spiders. I am too creeped out to stomp on them or hit them with a flyswatter. Indoors I have used both hairspray or a foaming bathroom cleaner on them with good fast results…the hairspray being best…but only works on surfaces that wipe down easily. Wouldnt want to use on a carpet.

    I found online a cheap nontoxic bug spray to make:

    2 parts water
    2 parts alcohol
    1 part dish soap
    …put it in a spray bottle and shake before using.

    So far that has worked well on wasps, flys and no-see-ums, beetles and weevils, …sorta works on spiders but you have to really drench them which can be hard when the lil buggers motor so fast.

  26. We have tons of large brown spiders in and around our house. I am afraid of them and will grab anything handy to kill one. I have tried Raid (they just keep running), hairspray (slows them down), and windex (again slows them down-more like drowning them than anything else). I was in my garage one day when I found 2 of them and the only thing handy was some generic cleaner with bleach added. Killed them on contact! I am going to start spraying them with it all the time. Good luck to all of the serious people out there.
    This is a serious subject and those who make fun should take a moment to consider the helpless children and pets who don’t know to “smush them”. My 2 year old has a huge brown welt on her ankle from a spider bite. It is my job to protect her and in some cases prevention is the best protection. So if I can find something to rid my house of spiders before they get close enough to bite my 2 year old again-I’m going to do it. People are here asking for help, they do not need to be ridiculed by all the comedians looking for an audience!

  27. Essential oils such as citronella, peppermint, tee tree, all of these work in the yard and in the house. I add peppermint oil and water in a metal canister sprayer to use in the areas of the yard where I don’t want the pest conrol man to spray. This mixture deoderizes as it wards off all insects. To avoid pesticide contamination of the water my father uses this mixture on his dock to ward off insects drawn in by the nightlights. Once or twice a month usually does it for both of us.

  28. I also read about the “Lemon” Pledge prevention- It was recommended by the gentleman who trained spiders for the movie Arachnaphobia-

    I have no choice take drastic action as my child is terrified of spiders – she has arachnaphobia – So not only am I using the pro service I am buying pyrethrum insecticide an lemon pledging my whole house –
    I also heard they love cardboard so get rid of it especially in the garage – plastic casing is better!

    Good Luck!

  29. I just moved into a new house,chaulked and painted ever room had all the floors cleaned and even had the outside of the house painted.I have killed Three black widows and one male in the last two weeks, they are all over my house.I have two toddlers and a new born baby I’m very worried I have tryed everthing does anybody know any other ways to kill these spiders

  30. The Only thing that get rids of spiders
    My house was invaded ny spiders..and I dont like them..I am scared of them…but they were everywhere I used even bleach on the nest and did not do anything..the babies were all moving happy, then I read that the guy who trained apiders from the movie Arachnophobia used lemon oil or pledge…he said spiders all alike HATE lemon oil and you can used pledge but in order to wash the whole house in and out and the roof I would need a lot of pledge I bought a lemon scented cleaning a real cheap one a gallon was $5 dollars at HomeDepot and used a nozzle from the windex outside windex ..I sprayed the whole house then used pledge around the windows inside and out..and door and around the bed ceiling etc..well like a miracle no more spiders!!!! for four years! they hate my house…now I just moved to the mountains and today I found one huge black widow..guess what? I am going to buy the lemon cleaning hope this the guy from Arachophobia said spiders bud taste is in their legs…so when they step on it they run like a bat out of hell..:)

  31. Honestly this is not a laughing matter. I have heard a lot of people on this site mentioning that they have young children and are deathly afraid of spiders. I finally have realized that I am not alone. I think I am more afraid than my newborn. They say that to overcome your fears you need to face them. Well that is bullcrap!! I have never seen so many in my life. It is playing head games with me. I am going to try dusting every inch of my house, clean with the lemon pinesol, and update everyone in a week. If no luck, guess what? My landlord is going to take care of the problem!! If not I will find a better SPIDER free apartment. For all the smack talkers that made light of the situation: I hope your biggest fear becomes a reality for you everyday, so other people can make light of your uncomfortability…..Bite me!

  32. Great to have found this site! I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland and we have been demented for the past 4 years with giant spiders getting into the house from Sept to Dec. These are the biggest we’ve ever seen in Ulster so much so that the media have been reporting the infestations – apparently due to warmer summers not killing them off and better food sources keeping them alive. I’ve been petrified of spiders of any size or shape since a small child and now that my mother, who used to be able to deal with them, is now so terrified, this is freaking me out. We have bought 2 (different companies)plugs that work with the electrical wiring in the home and emit sonic waves or some such nonsense, and these are not working. We are out a fortune so don’t waste your money. One night we had three spiders in the house inside a few hours. They get into the bath, beds and one was sitting on top of the kitchen work surfaces. I freeze and can’t deal with them so my mother (70s) is left to try and kill them but they scamper so quickly and are hard to kill underfoot. They’re the size of the palm of your hand. I’ve had to sleep in different rooms in the house or one week we just left for our holiday caravan to get away from them. They can also swim, and jump. I agree – it’s no laughing matter – our nerves are shot. Any ideas cos we can’t go through another year of this?

  33. “EEK!!! Says:September 12th, 2007 at 5:35 pm
    This website has the best accurate info I have seen on spiders. Proves a lot of the removal methods to be just myths:

    On the link above- I used to work at Burke and knew this gentleman and he was most knowledgeable.
    Not worried for myself, but agree that black widows can be an issue for toddlers and pets- some websites have said that 90% of cats bitten by (female) black widows die, and that vets don’t gen. have the antitoxin. So I clear my patios for their safety…

  34. I have used WD-40 many times and it has killed them instantly. I have heard (don’t quote me) that spiders breathe thru their skin and the WD-40 “sticks” or covers their skin and basically sufficates them. That is why using a vaccum to suck them up kills them as well, you can’t breathe in a vaccum.

  35. I’ve read most of these tips and will probably get my husband to try some. I just found a huge brown spider with a large backside in our shed. It is bigger than a dollar coin…not exagerating. it is also hairy. It is on the shed door just hanging there. I got so scared I slammed the door shut. My shed is attached to our house. I am hoping it does not find it’s way inside. Does anyone know what kind of spider this could be?

  36. to G. Hughes – a vacuum cleaner doesn’t actually create a vacuum, it basically displaces air and I doubt it’s enough to hinder a spiders breathing much. I reckon getting mangled in the machinery is what kills it. My wife and I moved into a new place, before we moved in we doom fogged the entire place, basically a fogger per room, and it’s a small place. One month later the spiders are back in force. We’ve tried perimeter spray etc. to little or no effect. My workshop is infested with them (again). We have decided to doom fog the entire place every month for a while and see if that slows them down. I was wondering if setting up a bird feeder would help, since some birds eat spiders.

  37. lemon zest sprinkled in affected areas and lemon essesntial oil diluted in water sprayed in affected areas as effective repellent

  38. If not allergic, diluted lemon oil is safe enough to spray on bedding and the lemon zest idea is supposed to work for 6 mnths before you have to replace it with new zest.

  39. i live in england and we dont have dangerous spiders but we do have some really big ones! im currently living alone with my son and im not setting a good example as i end up running and screaming whenever we come across one of these creepy b******s. the other night i leapt onto my sons bed and ended up throwing a box of kaplunk at one, my son thought this was very amusing and chanted pick it up pick it up but we can no longer live in fear! i read online spiders dont like lavender im gonna have a go with that and il let u all know if it works. i know its not a black widow or a poisonous spider but they do effect my life.

  40. Im sure that chestnuts definately work. Just place them around the house, in corners would be good or any place that the type of spider you have might hide in. This reduces the population of your spiders. Also hairspray helps a lot. Extra strength would be better, so it can kill the spider faster and I’d imagine that it would be more poisonous. If you have any tea tree oil, then this is a definate way to reduce the population of your spiders, just like chestnuts. Almost all bugs HATE the smell of tea tree oil. It is all-natural and is excellent to reduce your spiders. I’m a 13-year-old girl, but believe me, all these will at LEAST guarantee you the reduce of your spiders. I have a minor problem with black house spiders, and I have to make sure to control the population, because my parents are usually working. I’m terified of spiders, even squishing them. If you have a BIG spider problem, and can’t get rid of them, then move! I know it may be expensive, but if it’s absolutely necessary, then it’s a helpful action (obviously). Stay strong to all the people out there who are SERIOUS about this stuff! These little creatures are or can be VERY poisonous and/or deathly, good luck! I hope I helped!

  41. I just moved into a new house in FL and discovered I have a major infestation of Black Widows. I have a 2 yr old and a 10 mos old and a terrible fear of spiders. I came here looking for answers and now I don’t know which ones to follow. Which of these are legitimate solutions and which ones are just someone thinking they are funny? I need serious help not a shoe joke. Will lemon cleaner and WD-40 really work? I have babies in the house who are in danger. I have already killed 7-8 females and taken out nearly 50 egg sacks. This is not going to work. My 2 yr old has play toys that they are nesting under and I can’t just throw out a play yard so I need honest, SERIOUS answers on what to do please.

  42. I’m the arachnophobe living in Northern Ireland! I rang the local council’s environmental health dept and no joy. The technician is having the same problem with large brown spiders – as are everyone else in her dept adn she’s inundated with people phoning in. Technically, the infestations we (in NI) have been suffering from over the past 3-4 yrs are the usual garden spider which are all harmless – just have grown massive last no of years with warmer weather and more food, so not being killed off naturally. The councils therefore cannot give us anything to kill these as they are not considered pests, so if terrifed, too bad. I’ve since tried using lemons & placing these in all corners of the rooms and strangely enough, we’ve been clear for a week. I’ve cut some of the lemons in half and wiped the juice over the external doors frames back and front including the door saddle.Apart from the stickiness when walking on the saddles (which I will gladly put up with), there doesn’t seem to be a problem, and at night, I’ve been spraying the back of the bathroom sink where they’ve been coming in from, keeping all plugholes in sinks & baths, and all lights and lamps on in the living room, where they mostly come in. They don’t like bright, well lit rooms. Any we see outside the house or in the garage, we are killing through the daytime, in case they try to get in at night. As the weather here is starting to get cold, hopefully this is us sorted for another year. And I got a refund on the useless PestXit Ultra plug!

  43. i would say lighting is not a good idea as this will encourage other insects such as flies and moths etc ie spider food! if u have outdoor lighting there is usually loads of insects which are attracted to light so spiders will gather round these areas.

  44. How do I stop spiders from comming into my car? That seems to be happening quite often and they freak me out, especially when i am driving. I have nearly had a few accidents because of this and the thing is i keep my car clean and it is brand new?

  45. Get a squirt bottle fill half w/ vinager and the other half with water. Go around the baseboards of your whole house and spray! This keeps spiders from coming inside your house!! This really works! I do it about once every two weeks…and I haven’t seen any spiders yet!!

  46. I think this is a serious matter as well because just in the past 3 or 4 days alone I’ve found over 7 spiders in my home. One was in my shoe this morning. My husband has woken up with bites all over his legs and I’ve found a few on myself as well. I’ve cleaned, I’ve gotten rid of what nests I know of, the problem is, they won’t go away. Do you have any idea what it’s like to be afraid of your own home? I’ve ran out of ideas.

  47. To Amanda in Colorado, yes I have problems with black widows in Colorado as well as other spiders. I like some of the suggestions that were given ie Lemon oil/Lemon Pledge, WD-40, and half water half vinegar. Hope this helps. We have had such dry warm weather lately here, I think that is why we have more spiders this year than in yrs. past. Good luck!

  48. if you are too scared to go near a spider then find a really long stick or something and smush it with it. if your not scared 2 go near it then get some kind of chemical like hair spray or freebreeze and spray it on him. it should slow him down. just step on it people!!!!!

  49. Hey i was ready and i HATE SPIDERS there like big and hairy and ugly and god they just remind me of the itsy beetsy spider went up thw water………. omg i hate them i cant even squash them i just yell at my dad to come kill them cuz i cant do it by the way mind my stupidity what is WD-40?

  50. Hey does anyone have any ideas about avoiding spiders getting into or onto your car. BTW i’m going to try the lemon thing, will let you know…

  51. Hey can someone direct me to tips on spider prevention? I came here hoping to find a way to eliminate any and all spiders lurking in my basement. I hate to kill anything but i cant stand the thought of one trying to sneak upstairs and bite me while i sleep. lol, i know how silly this sounds, especially since im a 30 year old 6′ man, even as i type this i am laughing but i am dead serious. I know they do a lot of good by eating insects but i would rather have a fly buzzing around than a hairy 8 legged set of TEETH! PLEASE HELP ME 🙂 Jesse

  52. i have lots of spiders living in my car (wing mirrors, bumpers, front grill and i’m so freaked i cant actually drive it. question is if i spray their webs with raid ourdoor killer will they run inside the car and house?

  53. I have heard and going to try this year. Spread ashes from your wood fires around the outside of your house and mix it in with the soil. Spiders and ants both hate ashes. I know it is dirty but supposed to work. I was also told to use salt as it is also supposed to work. I am going to try road salt.

    Don’t know if it works yet, a friend of mine told me this and he says he has no bugs at all, inside or outside.

    Just a thought for now

  54. Since my husband was bitten by a hobo spider we have worked to
    keep them out of our home and are very careful in the garden.

    In the house – take off the fancy bedspreads and duvets – make sure
    that the sheets and blankets are tucked in and 6 – 8 inches from the floor. Put the legs of the bed in glass or heavy plastic containers so they can’t climb up the legs and get into the bed. Pull the
    bed out 6 – 8 inches from the wall.

    Install electronic spider gizmos that send out vibrations that shake the spider webs, which they don’t like and will move elsewhere. One on each level is good.

    Put double sided carpet tape across doorways and on window sills to catch them on the way in. Duct tape works ok too but is trickier to
    turn up side down and attach to the floor.

    Buy sticky spider traps and put in corners along the wall of every room.

    Shake out clothing and turn inside out before putting on, clean out closet regularly, vacuuming inside shoes and boots.

    Outside – wear gloves and handle everything as though it has a spider lurking in it. wear a hat so they can’t drop on your head. When working in the garden wear long sleeves and long pants tucked into your socks and gloves of course. One man was bitten on each hand when he cut back a bush.

    The cure for a hobo spider bite – prednisone – it takes the pain away in 20 minutes.

  55. My husband is an exterminator, and I have learned that the chemicals bought at the store and glue boards are not the way to go. Spiders get immune to the store bought chemicals, and in order for glue boards to work, the spider has to touch the ground. Most female spiders do not travel far at all and are the ones hiding sending other spiders out for food, or capturing insects near their hiding place, avoiding these all together. Personally killing them is not good either, as they are very poisionous spiders, and one slip up could get you in a bad situation. As expensive as it is, really professional help is the best way to go as most pest control companies know all of the tricks and hiding places of spiders and usually carry some sort of guarantee. I know we are not made of money, but it is the most effective and safest way to go

  56. Iv hated spiders for a long time. . Extra strenght hairspray immobilizes them quickly. Completely freezes most spiders. Dont go for the cheap brand get the hardiest hairsspray out there. You might want to research what the strongest hair spray is. Put those sticky strips along the wall, near each door in your house, on each side. One on the left and one on the right of the door along the wall. They dont have to be right by the door. But spiders generally follow the walls so they can be behind the tv or sofa a ways away from the the door but the closer the better. If you have cats or dogs put them behind your tv and put your tv snug against the wall so your cats dogs and toddlers cant get to them. Same for your refrigerator and wash machine etc. Wd-40 doesnt kill black widows from what I have seen. It will make them retreat with hate, but I never seen it actually kill them. I am going to read the rest of the comments, to add to my arsenal ^^. Also, turn off all the lights in your house and look at your doors, lay down look at the bottom see if you see any light coming in. You might need new weather stripping or caulking. Also follow your antennae wire and check to see if the hole it goes into to the outside is secure. You can buy a plastic cover for it if you need too. Check under your kitchen sink where your pipe goes out, and add caulking if need be. Same for all windows n what not. Also your attic may need caulking. Heck now that I think about it putting screens on your vents would probably be a good idea. My grandparents have seen scorpions go in and out of ceiling vents and drop right on the ground in the middle of the room(and onto there beds). My uncle freaked me out when i saw him pick up a wolf spider almost as big as his hand and pet it, It lives in his shop and they get along grandly. Personaly Im at war with spiders, Iv had a life time fear of them. I almost forgot, there is a sand type stuff you can put around your house, it acts like little pieces of glass for all insects, scorpions and spiders. When they walk on it it barbs into them and slowly kills them. My grand parents used that for scorpions and it worked great for them. Next time I speak to them ill add the name of it. I am sure you can find the name with a litte googling. You basicaly just circle your house with it, its not expensive and its easy to do. Treating your yard with pesticides helps too, since it lowers theyre food supply.

  57. I got bit by a brown recluse when I was a teenager and it opened into a giant gaping seeping wound on my leg and I have been terrified of spiders all my life and even moreso since then. I’ve just seen 4 of them in my new house in the last week and I am freaking out. I have 4 kids and it’s easy to say just smash them which is what I do if i see them but I am going to try some of these remedies becasue you can’t always smash them. If they get somewhere and bite you or your kids you’re in trouble and they do like to hide in stuff. I am willing to try anything. Used Raid Max and similar products for most of my life but it’s not completely effective unless you spray it directly on them. I am going to try the lemon and peppermint, maybe the WD-40. I hope these work because I hate being afraid for me and my kids.

  58. I have read all of the tips above and i live in england where there are no really dangerous spiders, but they scare me so much and just reading all that! i was not aware of all of these black widows and i would just have to leave my home
    all i seem to get are wolf spiders and a few i’m not sure about but if i saw a black widow in front of me i would just freak out! you people who have killed 7-8 of them you are mad lol!!!! i dont really know what to do or how to kill them i suppose you could spray them with deodrant or cleaning spray but maybe that is too slow or cruel? id just give them a good old whack with a long object…… 😀

  59. I have killed over 70 brown recluse spiders in my house, only 15 of which were outside on my porch. The sticky traps I use work but only during mating season as they are baited for males. This doesn’t kill the females which don’t roam around. Since I sell on Ebay full time I have a lot of cardboard and tubs around. IN my offsite storage unit they make a short web between the tubs. In the house between June and September is when I killed so many. I’m a night owl and so I see them constantly at night while they are hunting. There has to be something I can use more effectively before mating season comes again (though I just killed the second of the year today!) preferably something that won’t harm my Parrot. I am going to try the citrus items first.
    This is a SERIOUS problem. My husband was hospitalized for 9 days due to a brown recluse spider bite. He was bitten last June (07) and hospitalized in August 07 for it. That wound even after surgery has not completely healed. Killing them when I see them YES! Finding a way to kill them before they get into our clothing and bed? Hopeful!

  60. DONT use any medicine or remidie that hasnt been approved by a doctor. Dont risk your health because somewhere it was posted on the internet. It may have worked for that person but it could cause you to become ill or worse. DUH

  61. I have a 8 month old getting into everything and everywhere I look there is either a brown reculuse or….a furry black spider with red on its back. I am scared that this will harm him. I live in a rental property at the present and what I didnt notice when I moved in here is there is rock all around the building. I think Im finding that was a bad sign. I also had ants real bad last summer, I can only imagine what it will be like this year. I found with ants they dont like or cant even cross over liquid laundry detergent. If make a perimeter with it where ever they are coming from they cant go anywhere but within the perimiter. Then add some ant bait to the inner perimeter and they will die. But I can seem to find help on how to rid of spiders when there is a habitat for them all around me. I gave some help with ants and I know it works, as I have had literally hundreds in my kitchen and dining room at one time lasting for 5 months. Can someone help me with spiders?

  62. This elderly man from Louisiana said to put boric acid out in dixie cups or sprinkle it around the perimeter. I got some but Lemon Oil seems safer to me. I wish there was a place were there were no spiders. I guess I’m looking at the artic or antartic to live.

  63. I have a question. This time last year I noticed spiders crawling around the inside dashboard of my car outside mirrors, and inside and outside of my front window. Today was the first warm day, and when I was out with my friends I killed four spiders crawling on the outside of my car and just missed on crawling on the inside.

    Now I saw the picture of the Brown Recluse, but I live on Long Island and the areas it is native to is no where near here. Also these spiders a little lighter in color. Are they the same thing? And is there anything I can do to rid my car of them for this season and future seasons. I already tried spraying lysol into the vents.

  64. Im so scard im trying to get over it Thats the only reason im looking this stuff up and i sow a black spider in the dinnig room

  65. You guys I am so terribly afraid of spiders. Can anyone suggest anything to prevent them from getting into clothing and my bed? I just moved into my house, and already I’ve seen 3 different kinds of spiders in my bedroom. I don’t know what they are though. Can someone please help.

  66. Try using Eucalyptus in your windows. We live in Indiana and there are dense trees in our backyard. Big huge spiders are coming from these woods. I have put the leaves from the eucalyptus branches in my windows and have seen a major improvement. Put the leaves between the screen and the glass in the corners. Spiders dont like the scent. You can buy it at any hobby store like Michaels or Hobby Lobby. Plus they make your home smell good too!


  68. Spiders love the wood so try get rid of all the wood items in you home like newspapers, cardboard boxs, etc. and if you have wooden furniture rub some eucalyptus oil on it. April is right. I’ve also found if you bug em enough they just go away so take 10 min’s every 2nd or 3rd take to look for em and mess up their webs with a feather duster or spray em. Thats the only pearls i have.

  69. I have an ant problem every year. A friend told me to sprinkle ceyenne pepper in all my window sills and at the base of my front and back doors. This really works, I’ve been doing this for the past 2 years and no more ants.

  70. I have a 7 month old who’s constanly being bitten by some bugs or insect which i assume is spider because that’s the only creature i see all the time around my house. everytime when he wakes up, he’d have a red bump somewhere. i really want to find a natural and safe way to remove those creaturs so it won’t harm the babies. Can someone help?

  71. Depending on where you live, you will come across a variety of different spiders. I live in the deep woods in North Carolina. I have several black widows in my yard along with wolf spiders,and a beautiful variety of harmless colorful spiders. If they are not poisonous, they don’t bother me much, but I have a newborn now and it is becoming more of a concern.
    I am also seeking natural remedies to rid spiders. Some basic suggestions…Make sure you rake your leaves far away from your foundation as soon as early spring is over. Ticks, fleas, spiders are drawn to wet leaves etc. I hear cedar mulch helps with Ticks. If it is not too warm, dress baby in full outfit pajamas at night with feet in them. I find this helps a little. Ask local farmers and gardeners for tips as well. Local farmer’s market may have lots of suggestions, even those who use pesticides may also know of other remedies. Good luck!

  72. to the lady in “Florida with the black widow problem. Take a weekend away from home. Then have set off bombs or have a professional set them off. Either way, if I had that situation, I would bomb the place first and for most. If this is a rental property, the land lord could possibly have to do it. Especially since its a pre-exhisting condition. Call your local housing authority and report it, if your land lord will not take action, proper action! That is too serious of a situation to even live there. You can get out of your lease due to the problem for sure. You have to report it right away, don’t wait another minute to do so. Get out and have it handled professionally, period! Once the place has been professionally bombed or cleaned or both, then worry about preventative measures. Good luck!

  73. the first real step is treating the outside of your home. Until you do, all efforts are futal. there are millions of spiders living in our yards or various types. 99% are harmless and needed, but there is the other percent! I hate spiders! Have had nightmares about them from the time I was 8 until 30. Every night! Now that I know more about them, I don’t any more. I treat the outside of my home more often than the inside. Around the base of the house and the yard. That eliminates cuts down on the work inside. orkin is good stuff for sure. Use a combination of things and don’t rely on one source. But be sure to treat your yard well. Keep webs cleaned up to cut down on thier travel

  74. As far as clothing, try to hang most of your clothes. Buy those closet racks that are wire and not solid. Also, we keep our shoes off the floor and in plastic shoe bins bought at target or store ontop of the closet racks. Change your sheets at least once a week and keep them laundered. There are other simple common sense ideas on this site about maintaining and sealing your home. Use them and don’t freak out. Professional exterminators are important if you have a real problem. But remember, even after an exterminator does his job and does it well, he cant control what happens with your own habits.

  75. I am a new and inexperienced homeowner. I read the tips here about treating the outside of the house for pests. Will this stuff kill my lawn? Any tips about applying the stuff? I’m assuming I’m just going to go to a home improvement store like Lowe’s or Home Depot and buy the stuff, as I’ve seen it on an endcap there recently.

  76. There are several things I’ve used to kill spiders that work great. I have a recurring brown recluse and black widdow infestation in my shop. It’s in 3 devided sections with the end section wall about 8 inches above the ground (lawn tool and mower storage). I’ve used carburator cleaner, break parts cleaner, WD-40, spray paint, accitone, paint thinner, engine degreaser; pretty much anything with a toxicity warning on it will kill just about anything that walks, crawls, slithers or breathes.

  77. hey. if u not afraid of Spiders, pick them suckers up and rip they legs off. Then drown em cuz they cant swim w/o legs. If u are, get rid of wood cuz they love the stuff. 4 ants i find BABY POWDER works great for those dudes. Just sprinkle it in the area where you see ant the most and the ants leave! WINDOW SILLS are main spot 4 ant, WALLS W/O WALLPAPER are main spot 4 spider. Good Luck 🙂

  78. I was told before it is best to spray the inside of your house to keep spiders out and kill the existing.

    Stephanie- we are talking about spiders, not ants

  79. i have a question bc i dont know any tips. i have these small spiders in my apartment in louthern louisiana. im not sure what kind they are but they freak me out. and my boyfriend, our 3 month old, and i are constantly getting red bumps on our bodies which im sure are spider bites. ive had and exterminator come and it doesnt help. its really starting to bother me and if anyone can help please let me know. ive seen them on my walls, in my bed, in my dresser drawers and on my floor. please help me if you can. thanx.

  80. If anyone is looking for a pesticide-free way to kill spiders, try spraying them with hairspay. You must get the shellac-like, 60’s “beehive hair-do”, extra-hold kind. This may sound cruel, but spraying the spiders with this kind of hairspray suffocates them (they breathe around their bodies). Use “Super-Hold”, unscented, “Aqua Net” Brand. That’s what I used to kill spiders when my daughter was a baby.

  81. scoot the spiders outside with an old photograph of someone or something you dont care about anymore. they wont care about them either. then no spiders are dead and everyones happy. as for outside, shake your outdoor furniture real hard before you sit down.
    you guys are funny

  82. My backyard is FULL of black widows, we find at least 2 every other day.
    This Spring we had a local company to come and spray all the house and back yard, they come every month to spray around the house but looks like it doesn’t help. Everytime we find one we spray all the area where we found them with comercial DDT . Any tip to get rid of them 100%. I have 2 small kids that play aoutside a lot.

  83. well the only tip i have is for the indoors…spiders eat other bugs so if u rid of them, the spiders wont have any food to eat and should go away. Im not sure what u can do outside but I have seen some massive black spiders in our backyard…freaks me out but we just removed all the useless rocks, yard debris etc and it has cut down the amount we find

  84. I have black widows ALL around my house. Front and back. Also have them in my grill. Ortho Home Defense spray works really well. Just spray where you think they might hide and let it dry. Then sweep away webs and dead spiders. They’ll crawl out of their hiding spot and curl up. Then you smash them with the broom or step on them when they fall. It says on the bottle that it kills spiders excluding black widows and brown recluses. It still kills them. I just sprayed today. And it’s safe to use indoors too. Humans and pets can reenter the house when the spray is dry.

  85. i hate spiders and so freaked out by them!!!!!!!!!!! was bit on the butt in aug 2008. its been a horrible time and was in the hospital. the pain was terrible. today is sept 15 and will be another 3 weeks before it finally heals up. dont be stuip like me and waited a week before i went to the doctor. docyor cut it open and squeed out a golf ball size of infection.

  86. Hello today is Sunday and I awoke at 1:30 a.m. from pain; the pain is in my foot and toes; they are tight and swollen and itch. I feel that a spider is somewhere in my room and I can not find it. I have been bitten 20 times!!! Yes, 20. First on my hands and arms they would swell up and after a couple of days the area would begin to drain. But now it is crazy my feet hurt and I know it takes 1 week for the swelling to go down. I assume that it is a spider bit; because of what I read the syptoms were. swelling, itching, redness. and I have all of that I live in the Wisconsin area and I’ve never had this problem before and all of my kids live with me and I am the only swelling up here from bites, could someone please help me kill soething I have not seen but know it is there, due to the fact that my children always kills spiders in the front room, kitchen, basement and bathroom. Note that I only get bit when I go to bed and the lights and televison are off. I don’t care saving the spiders from pain they are causing me pain and I want them to DIE NOW!!!!!!

  87. Heather are you sure they are not bed bugs. Check around you matress and see if there are small black spots on it and around the lining. Because if there is you have bed bugs.

  88. Today i killed a spider and ewwww a bunch of orange nasty stuff squirted out of it… NASTY!! they wont leave they just keep coming back.

  89. I would recommend the use of a product called Microcare. I worked for a profession pest control company and that stuff lasts 30 days or more when sprayed in a corner or around entrance points.

  90. Spiders can be quite scary, but they dont really do any harm. The chances of getting bit by a spider is very low and most are harmless. Many people think all big spiders are poisionous, its mostly the small spiders which are. For example The Tarantula and huntsman are very feared because of there size but are actually both not poisionous, [but they have enourmous fangs,, so there bite is going to hurt but not actually kill you.] But then again small spiders are strangley less fearful and most small spiders are poisionous. If you leave a spider alone it will leave you alone. Spiders are no harm to us unless we harm them and they actually do good by keeping our home free of bugs and insects.

  91. I’ve read many sites about spiders lately, because I’ve noticed brown recluses in my work’s storage areas, and our rental home’s shed (and I mean HERDS of recluses), and a huge tarantula-like spider appeared in our living room recently. ICK!

    All these sites say “spider bites are rare, so you shouldn’t be afraid.” What is considered rare? I mean, I could understand if someone said “snake bites are rare.” I’ve never been bitten by a snake in over 2 decades of life – including living in the woods for half my life. However, I have spider bites at least 8 times a year. Rare? Really? Trips to Italy are rare. Finding a $20 on the street is rare. Spider bites are not rare! I rarely see spiders in my home, yet I still get bites! Kill them!

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