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Squirrels can be pretty darn cute. Some days the funny actions they do almost make them seem like squirrels could make a fun household pet. The majority of the time, however, this is far from the case. Trying to get rid of squirrels is no easy task because they are some of the worst pests out there. They do not like to take the hint that their presence is unwanted, and will try almost any way that they can to get back into an area. Squirrels nesting in your attic are a huge nuisance, as they cause damage to your property and make a lot noise in the process. Do not be discouraged! Like any problem, squirrels can be controlled and they will move elsewhere. Follow these suggestions to a squirrel free life in as little time as possible!

1. Use traps.

Traps are a popular way to get rid of squirrels, and have several advantages. Trapping one squirrel from a colony and having it removed may be enough in itself to make the rest of the squirrel’s pals to move elsewhere.

Trapping squirrels in a cage is quite easy to do, and is also one of the best ways to get rid of squirrels generally speaking. Make sure the cage you have is appropriate for squirrels specifically. If the cage is too big, the squirrel may injure itself by taking a running start at the walls of the cage to try and free itself. If you don’t want the squirrel to get hurt, then try to avoid this problem by having the right size of cage. From a practical point of view, squirrels may not even trip the trigger of a larger cage. Those rascals will eat your bait and get away with it! There is nothing more frustrating than that.

Don’t set traps on the roof of your home. This option is slow, and possible dangerous for you when you are setting up and taking a trap down. Especially if you are dealing with a trap that has a squirrel inside of it, you will not want to be climbing down a ladder with an angry squirrel in your trap! See if you can watch where squirrels might be climbing into your home, and place these traps on the ground instead.

Don’t set traps in your attic, as squirrels tend to avoid these. Your best option is to set a trap outside on the ground.

Once you have the squirrel in the trap, you have a few options. Some people recommend exterminating the squirrel, but this is a little extreme. Squirrels are not out to get you; they are just trying to survive like any other species. Consider instead putting the trap with the squirrel into your vehicle and driving between ten and twenty kilometers away. Squirrels are very smart, and if you try releasing them too close to your house, they will be back in a flash. Make sure you have taken them far enough away!

Trapping is a great idea to get rid of squirrels, but it is not a permanent solution. You will want to try some other ideas as well, as other squirrels or rodents are likely to return and give you a hard time.

2. Use a scent.

Using the scent of a predator can be a useful strategy to keep squirrels away. Humans are not the only species that squirrels make angry. Using a urine scent of a bobcat or a fox, for instance, can be a great way to scare squirrels away. There is a range of products available that mimic the smell of a squirrels’ predators. Chili pepper can also be an inexpensive way to offend the nose of a squirrel.

These repellents are not always effective, as they often only work for a short period of time. A squirrel may get used to the smell and simply try to come back. Also, after rainfall or after a long period of time the smell might disappear because of the elements, so you will need to reapply the scent.

3. Use sound.

Sometimes sound is a great way to keep the squirrels away. Certain sounds that cannot be heard by humans are very noticeable to the more sensitive ears of rodents. “Hoont” makes a great product in this regard. This can be a worry free way for you to manage the squirrel problems in your life without having to deal with traps, for instance. The “Hoont” product can run non-stop but it can also be set to motion activation. It produces ultrasonic sound that drives squirrels up the wall (hopefully not YOUR wall, of course!).

Another effective way to use sound is to play music. If you have a sound system that will not bother you or your neighbours during the night, try playing some music or turning on a radio station for these squirrels. Squirrels need to sleep just like anybody else! Ruin their day (and their night) by keeping them awake. If you have squirrels in your attic, consider employing the same strategy. If your house is well insulated, the chances are good that the sound will not be loud enough to bother you or your family while you try and sleep.

4. Use light.

Just like sound, light can also frustrate squirrels and keep them both awake and away from your house. This is especially useful in your attic. If you have a spotlight or any other form of a bright light, try turning this on and shining it into your attic.

5. Use poison.

Poison is another way to get rid of squirrels, but it is not a very good one. Killing a squirrel might weigh on your conscience. But from a more practical standpoint, a squirrel might eat the poison and die in one of your walls, in your garage, or in your attic. This can cause damage to your house and also produce an awful smell that you likely want nothing to do with.

Use this suggestion with caution and recognize that it is likely the worst idea that you can try.

6. Don’t let them in!

Traps and other strategies are a great way to keep squirrels away. But one of the best ways to make sure that they stay away is to block all the possible places they might be getting in.

Look around the walls of your house, your garage, and your roof to see if you can find any of the areas that the squirrels might be using. Squirrels can fit into many small places, so it is better to be safe than sorry. Try and block whatever you can. Cover up any possible holes with wood, metal, or anything else that squirrels might struggle to get through. Chicken wire is a great way to block up small holes that might be giving you trouble to fill in. Squirrels can chew through almost anything, but they are much less likely to chew through metal if they don’t have to.

If this option seems too difficult for you, you might want to call your local exterminator to help with this. Exterminators have seen it all and they have all the tools and knowledge to get rid of squirrels, and any other animal for that matter. They can block up any holes and also install a one-way door at key access points, for instance. Squirrels can come out of an area but they cannot get back in.

Other helpful prevention strategies are to cut away overhanging tree branches that are providing an easy access point for squirrels to get into your house. If they cannot get to your roof or to your house easily, they likely cannot get in! Five feet is a good recommendation, but you might want to go a little more than this. Better safe than sorry, as always.

Don’t let squirrels ruin your day. Follow these suggestions mentioned above to get rid of the squirrels in your house and in your life! Remember that squirrels are very smart and are up for almost any challenge. You might find that you will need to use several of these strategies at once to make sure they stay away for good. By sealing up your house as best as you can, you can help avoid this problem in the future. If you work hard to keep them away, chances are they will admit defeat and move on.

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  1. Our high intensity strobe lights were designed to evict squirrels from attics and crawl spaces. I personally did all the field testing …..the Evictor will evict squirrels even if the infestation has lasted 40 years!

  2. i have squrriel’s ever where all around my house and my friend’s around all so they are many we just dont no what to do about them can you please helpthank’s

  3. One sure cure for squirrels is the Conibear trap… These are powerful spring loaded traps that when properly set will break their necks and likely kill them in a heartbeat. Just be careful when handling – they’d as easily break your hand. I use the equivalent of a #110 Victor Single Spring Conibear Trap to eliminate city gray squirrels. Used by trappers for muskrat and the like, you can Google to see what they look like and affordably cost. This smaller [4 x 4 or so] size is perfect.

    All you need is a proper set and cubby if you will… Quite simply, the cubby is just something they can stick their heads into. Also be sure to securely chain the trap to something. Build a box cubby or use your imagination, but to create one here I just use a soft plastic [the kind you can cut] flower pot, with a top rim only somewhat larger than the trap when set [you position this pot on its side]. Cut a little notch for the spring stem extension. Select an appropriate and preferably elevated spot, and use a shaft of some kind through spring ring to stabilize. In any case you want the set trap just inside the pot opening [hence the need for notching], and an appealing bait well inside the pot. I use popcorn, or cheaper yet the not popped kernels. Leave it and wait, but this probably won’t take long. You can toss the carcass in the trash, or thrown in the street it will look like road kill. I have a nearby woodland and feed them to my coyotes and ravens there. When your last is gone, problem solved until the next one shows.

    Just a couple caveats: These traps are intended to kill and almost always do. But be prepared for the worst, and able to bash their brains in with something if you have to. Be location mindful of pets or children of course, and again – watch your fingers throughout the process.

  4. A good pellet gun, a chair and a summer evening. Or a good cat, put him in the attic. The first is more entertaining. Squirrels are nothing else then overgrown, furry rats: they are not cute. I have one right now chewing on a wire and I can,t get at him. As soon as the sun shine I know he will come out (we have met already) he needs food, and my pellet gun is loaded. Just watch for the neighbours windows that is all.

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