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Public speaking is one of the biggest fears reported by adults. It usually tops fears of flying, sickness, financial ruin, and even death! A lot of people can feel very nervous when they get up in front of a crowd. If you are filled with a feeling of dread in a situation like this, you might very well have some form of social anxiety disorder.

But you shouldn’t panic! Never do that. A lot of people experience this problem, but you can definitely follow a lot of steps to get rid of stage fright. It will take some work, but you can do it if you commit to your cause. Don’t let stage fright lower your self-esteem or your self-confidence. Many others have gotten over this fear in the past, and you can too!

1. Understand the symptoms

There are several symptoms of stage fright. Common signs include a rapid or irregular heart beat, tics and jerky movement, and trembling hands or feet. It might also case a dry mouth, diarrhea, and incontinence.

You might experience these symptoms in stage or musical performances. Rehearsals went fantastic, but when it comes for the main show, you just can’t seem to remember your lines or play your musical part properly.

The same thing happens all the time in athletics and in business as well. Maybe you are in charge of a product and are pitching it to the company. But as soon as you enter the conference room, you lose your confidence and can’t remember the important selling features. Athletics work around this exact same idea. You have practiced for months but on the day of the big game, you just don’t seem to have the same confidence in the heat of the game.

Even regular activities can seem daunting! Maybe you are out at a party and your friends want to play charades, but you realize that even this innocent game would be too stressful for you. Everyone has been there before!

2. Preparation is key

If anything mentioned about sounds like what you are currently going through, it is likely that you indeed experience stage fright. Fortunately for you, now you know. And knowing is half the battle to figuring out how you can get over your fear!

If you feel like you aren’t ready to do whatever it is that gives you stage fright, then you might actually have more work to do. Take some extra time to memorize your duties. This can help you stay calm when your time to shine arrives.

Be disciplined and dedicated to your performance, and it is likely that you will do an amazing job! Try visualizing yourself having success. Focus on what you are strongest at, and think about the best ways that you can handle a challenging situation.

3. Use a mirror

Part of the preparation stage should always involve a mirror. Lots of professional performers use hand-held to practice and steady their nerves. Using a mirror can help you control that way you deliver your lines and what you are doing with your gestures, for instance. But, more importantly, you can use this to measure how confident you are.

After you convince yourself of your performance, you will likely find that you can convince your audience as well!

4. Take deep breaths

Breathing exercises are a great way to help calm yourself down. They don’t call it meditation for no reason: breathing deeply and evenly can work wonders for your confidence.

If you are performing in a play, for instance, begin your breathing exercise before you get your cue. Take long, deep breaths before you are supposed to start giving your lines. Doing so helps take the focus away from the audience and puts it on your part instead. Quickly inhale your breath as deeply as possible, and then slowly let the air out of your lungs. You will likely see a highly positive result!

5. Avoid stimulants

You should do whatever you can to control anything that might make you feel more nervous. Some food and drink can make your stage fright symptoms even worse!

Try and avoid candies, coffee, carbonated drinks, onions, tomatoes, or other acidic items, and salty foods or fast foods.

Some professionals will tell you that a nip of whiskey or a glass of wine helps settle their nerves before they perform, but it’s always better to play it safe. You don’t need a stimulant to get you through a performance! You have what it takes; all you need to do is find it.

6. Have fun on stage

This can be very difficult to do, but try and avoid thinking what the crowd or audience might feel about how you are performing.

Make your performance about you, or about you and your team. Doing so will help you get rid of your stage fright because you are actually enjoying what is happening rather than focusing on what could go wrong.

The world isn’t going to end if you miss a line, if your voice cracks, or if you don’t give as confident of a delivery as you had hoped. The earth will keep on spinning, and you will too! Don’t dwell on what might go wrong, as this is not going to help you at all.

Your audience is human as well, and they know this as well as you should. Try connecting with them throughout your performance. Pick a few friendly looking people, and make them just that: your friends at your performance, not your enemies.

Try your best and put forward a strong effort. It shows when you are having fun on any type of stage. Leave your worries and anxieties in the dust, and you might just find that you will have no worries after all!

Don’t let your fears crush your dreams or stop you from having a great time. Who has time for that! Now that you know some of the best ways to get rid of stage fright you are well on your way to controlling the stage you are on so that you can not only have fun but also give an award-winning performance.

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  1. Hi sir
    My problem is speech disorder i mean cluttering not clearly produce words and sentences every people laughing afer leasting my sentences therefore i am quite become silence person please you help me and give me tips what I do how get rid my speech ploblems.

  2. Hey guys I’m only 11 I know this is weird but I have a band concert tonight and lots of people I know are coming th at are related and my friends I don’t care about because I’m the giggly person but I have broken foot and I am going to have to exit the stage with crutches I’m not really worried about that.. Its my grandparents they are very ya know perfectionists but my Mimi called and asked where EXACTLY where i was sitting! i have so many butterflies I WANNA KNOW HOW TO GET RID OF THEM I’M LEAVING in 1 half hour so hurry please! :O

  3. Sir,i am a shy boy and having a great fear of speaking on stage.when i speak my voice starts shievering and my hands starts please give some tips to overcome thiss.

  4. Hello sir im doing a concert in 3 days! and i mite b doing a solo for I dreamed a dream. I am a good singer when im with my closest friends or alone but when i was auditioning today infornt of my peers my hands began to tremble and my voice was shakey PLEASE HELP ME!!

  5. Thank you, but I’m still nervous. I’m part of a Church hand signing team. I am new, and I get my first performance tonight. And the worst part; there’s people that rarely come and people that are always there plus a great new preacher! I want to be good… wish me luck, I’m leaving right now. I’m only 12!

  6. I’m auditioning for the wizard of oz play and its supposed to be a comedy at my school. I thought that the most fun part would be toto, which is actually one of the characters and one of the hardest roles. This will be my first time in drama club and I’m really worried that during my audition I’ll see someone I know (not including my mom who is going to be there eash) and I’m going to mess up. But another thing that I’m scared of is that I won’t get the part and since I’m already a nerd at my school I don’t want to be any less unpopular. Again this will be my first time and yeah don’t forget I’m trying to play a DOG!!!! OMG! This is gonna be hard plus I have to memorie a full page of the script which is mostly body movements and sounds that have to sound just a bit like a dog but the audience still has to be able to hear what it sounds like. AHHH! Help me!

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