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Bringing new life to this world is a difficult, but fulfilling task for mommies. It involves proper care, numerous responsibilities and humongous sacrifices. For one, after giving birth, a mommy has to give up wearing her bikinis, because of the unpleasant looking red or white stretch marks on her stomach.

Many women are okay with having stomach stretch marks. Sometimes, these appear just because of weight gain, when the skin on the stomach stretches out, to accommodate its expansion. Stomach stretch marks aren’t bothersome, but if you’re one of those vain women who wants to show off your curvy figure while sporting a sexy bikini, don’t worry; there are ways to get rid of those nasty stomach stretch marks.

Avoid Sudden Weight Gain

Not all women get stomach stretch marks because they’re having a baby. Most just get them because they suddenly became fat. When excessive fat is stored on the abdomen, these unpleasant-looking marks appear. Obese people often encounter this cosmetic dilemma.

To lessen or even avoid getting stretch marks, make sure you avoid sudden weight gain. Maintain a healthy, low-fat diet and avoid fatty and calorie-filled foods (Learn how to lower fat in your diet). Products rich in Vitamin E, C silica and zinc are more advisable, since these keep skin healthy. Don’t overeat (Tips on how to get rid of overeating), and avoid sleeping after meals. Drinking plenty of water is also important, since it keeps the skin hydrated.

You should also exercise. Exercise tones down the body, removing all the unwanted, excess fat and preventing the appearance of these marks.

If you’ve already gained weight, and the stretch marks have already started appearing on your abdomen, try to lose some weight in a slow, steady and sustainable pace. Losing weight suddenly can also lead to stretch marks.

Don’t Eat For Two

If you’re expecting a baby, then stomach stretch marks are something you must expect to appear. After all, not only is a child growing inside you, which means a drastic change in your weight. Even so, it’s not true that you must “eat for two”. Your appetite will increase during several points in your pregnancy, but you do not necessarily have to ingest more servings just to “feed” your baby. This just creates more fat and more stretch marks.

Moms must ingest extra calories for their infant, at least 500 calories everyday, but the trick is to get these from nutritious foods, and not fatty ones. This allows you to shed off the fat easily, after you’ve given birth.

Start Early

Stretch marks are unavoidable for pregnant women, but thankfully, there are ways how they can reduce these marks. Even when they haven’t given birth yet, they can do simple tricks to keep their skin healthy and make it more elastic. One simple tactic is to massage their skin everyday, using a massage glove or a moisturizer. This helps new tissue to grow and also improves circulation.

Although it’s not proven yet that creams, lotions and moisturizers can prevent stomach stretch marks from appearing, there is evidence that these can help lessen the effects of skin stretching, since they keep the skin supple and maintain elasticity. As long as they’re frequently and properly used, unpleasant stretch marks won’t be very noticeable in the future.

When choosing creams or moisturizers to use on stretch marks, find some that contain vitamin A or vitamin E. Natural ones made from plant extracts and creams that have alpha hydroxy acids or AHAs are also very helpful. Check first with your ob-gyne if the product you use for removing the marks is effective and advisable.

Reducing Stomach Stretch Marks With Effective Products

You can’t totally eliminate stomach stretch marks once they show, but there are ways on how to reduce their appearance on your skin. There are effective skin products that helps minimize these scars. Here are a few popular examples:

  • Castor Oil – Rub it all over your hips and stomach.
  • Lavender– Massage it all over your hips, stomach and breasts.
  • Warm Olive Oil – It relaxes the person to a great extent and improves blood circulation.
  • Calendula Oil – This herb is useful for medicinal and cooking purposes. Massage it all over your abdomen gently, to improve blood circulation and reduce the marks.
  • Chamomile-Lavender- Almond Mix – Take half a teaspoon of chamomile oil and lavender oil and mix into a small portion of almond oil to treat the marks.
  • Flaxseed Oil – Useful for stomach as well as hip stretch marks.
  • Cod Liver Oil– Use the same way as flaxseed oil.
  • Cocoa butter– Made from fat acquired from cocoa beans, this light-yellow mixture is very helpful in reducing stretch marks.
  • Egg whites or egg powder – It sounds strange, but many people find these effective.

Natural products like these bring back your skin’s suppleness and health, but they don’t harm your child. When used regularly, they help your marks fade in time, until they’re barely visible.

Opt For Surgery

Once you’ve had your baby, and you’ve gone past the first few months of maternity, you can now consider a faster, but more effective way of removing stretch marks from your body: surgery. Modern technology now allows you to undergo a procedure that will help lighten stretch marks efficiently. One popular method is through laser surgery.

Depending on the stretch marks’ color and gravity, the surgeon will decide which type of laser procedure suits your condition best. Different kinds of lasers are used. One kind of laser can stimulate pigment-making cells’ production, found in already-faded marks. Another can reduce dark stretch marks. Some laser also restore the elasticity of the skin and stimulate collagen production in depressed stretch marks.

Consult a qualified plastic surgeon first, and see if you’re fit to undergo laser surgery. He will recommend different options for you. You should also keep in mind that this can be costly. Laser surgery can cost you a few thousand dollars.

Just because you’re a mommy now doesn’t mean you have to forget about your sexy and flawless figure. take away all those nasty blemishes on your stomach through these stretch mark removing methods. You’ll soon be able to sport that toned and sexy abdomen of yours. If you enjoyed reading this article, you should read how to lose weight after childbirth too.

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  1. In the UK there is an oil available called “Bio oil” its pink and does great work of reducing the apearence of stretchmarks although i have not been using it for long enough to see if it actually allows them to go once and for all

  2. Well my tip is that you’re choosy but not to choosy because the creams and lotions and herbs and oils cost so much!! Shea butter lotion and vitamin E, A and C don’t cost that much, neither does the vitamin E capsels!! Those help with any scar you have. I would mix the shea butter, cocoa butter, vitamins A, E and C together. so you put it all on at once. It’s great that there is this website or I wouldn’t the know-how to get rid of my stretch marks!!!! They’re so embarrasing, especially when they’re on your arms and really noticeable areas!!!!! Wish well to all those looking for their solutions!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I use bio oil on my stretch marks. it took a couple of weeks till i noticed any change but i havnt used it for 5 months and i still cant see the stretch marks i use to have on my legs. i love bio oil and i highly recommend it!

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