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Our feline friends are second only to dogs in the hearts of pet lovers everywhere. Domestic cats are wonderful companions, but their feral counterparts can cause a lot of trouble through urine spraying and night time cat-calls. They can also create a mess and cause damage to gardens and other parts of your property.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to discourage cats from continuing such activity. In this article, we break down how to get rid of those stray cats on the prowl around your house.

1. Determine the type of cat.

Do the cats frequenting your property display signs of being domesticated? Are they friendly and approachable? They may belong to a neighbor or someone in the area, so check for an identification tag.

If that turns out to be the case, contact the owner and ask him or her to please keep the cat on their own property. The last thing you want is to approach a mountain lion cub that you thought was a cat, so be careful when getting close.

2. Don’t give them food or shelter.

While it is very tempting to feel sorry for stray and feral cats, feeding them will just guarantee that they come back on a daily basis. They may also end up bringing a number of their rootless friends with them.

Make sure that any garbage containers are tightly sealed and do not have holes where small cats can squeeze in. Also, if you have any pets that cats might like to feast on, keep them inside.

Another thing all cats want is a safe and warm place to sleep. You’ll see this more often in feral cats in areas where the winters can be quite harsh. Inspect places where cats could take shelter, such as barns or under porches and homes, and repair or cover them up. With no food or shelter possibilities available to them, most cats will move on to somewhere else.

3. Yard solutions.

Cats like to dig and gardens make attractive litter boxes for them. Try surrounding your garden with chicken wire and make sure that the wire goes several inches under the ground. You can also lay the wire flat over the garden, cover it with soil and put your plants into the various spaces. Any cat that tries to dig down will encounter the wire and stop almost immediately.

If your area is not under water restrictions, using motion controlled sprinklers is a good way to keep cats from settling too long on your property. Cats also have a strong sense of smell and dislike the scent given off by citrus fruit; try leaving orange and/or lemon peels in spots where these felines tend to gather around. They also dislike the smell given off by coffee grounds, tobacco, black pepper, lavender, ammonia and the urine of their predators.

4. Use cat repellents.

There are a number of cat repellents on the market that will help deter felines. These contain scents cats find repulsive or threatening and are best sprayed in areas where they usually gather. Some high end repellants even use a motion detector mounted on top of a spray can that activates when a cat comes into the vicinity. If you are applying the spray yourself, be sure to re-apply it after any big rainfall or storm.
If none of the repellants work, try giving them a big ol’ scare. Dogs are the mortal enemies of cats, so having one patrolling your property will certainly make them think twice about stepping on your property. There are also some cat repellents that include an alarm which sounds out high pitched noises, guaranteed to make a feline flee.

5. Build a shelter.

If feral cats are patrolling areas of your property where you do not want them, one way to change that is by building them a shelter. If you have a section of land where this would be appropriate, plastic storage containers can make for effective cat shelters.

Cut a hole in one side big enough for an adult cat and fill the container with straw; open the lid for easy cleaning access. This will keep the animals less interested in exploring others parts where you do not want them and also provide protection for the animals during the cold winter months.

6. Contact animal control.

Most cities have catch-and-release programs where they catch feral cats, spay or neuter them, and then release the felines back into the wild. While this will not stop a cat from visiting your property, a neutered male will no longer engage in urine spraying, which can be an especially unpleasant annoyance. They are also quieter and less aggressive. Contact the local humane society and ask if they can perform this service for you.

Animal control often has a set of traps they will use, but these traps designed to catch feral cats are also commercially available. The idea is to lure the cat using bait, such as tuna, with the trap then closing once the feline is inside. Traps should effectively contain the cat without hurting it. Once you have trapped the cat, contact animal control to come and get it for their catch-and-release program.

7. Have a cat party.

By the time they reach adulthood, feral cats have become set in their ways and are all-but-impossible to domesticate. However, you can easily socialize kittens under ten weeks of age.

This can begin once their mother has been trapped and removed from the area. Socializing these kittens can take a lot of work, so if you think you won’t have the time, have animal control come pick them up instead.

8. Adopt them.

If you investigate your local humane society, you will likely find an assortment of cats available for adoption. People who can no longer care for cats have surrendered some, but most are strays in need of a home. If you love cats, open up your home to one. You will be doing that animal a favor and lowering the number of cats wandering around loose and creating havoc.

Feral cats are helpful for keeping the rodent population in check, but they can be a significant nuisance for home owners. If you are experiencing this issue, try some of the methods we have suggested. Remember that, unlike weeds, cats are sentient beings, so try the most humane methods available to you. The most humane method of all is to adopt one. Who knows, you might even come to like the little fella.

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  1. TNR = Trap, Neuter, Release. One male cat who is not fixed can increase the number of cats in your neighborhood by up to twenty (or more) cats a year. Turn in irresponsible neighbors with unneutered outdoor cats to local animal agencies – many cities mandate the registration of personal pets and with that neutering. Once you have trapped and fixed any homeless cats in your area, consider returning the cat back into your area. Feral cats keep other “real” pest populations like mice, gophers, and rats low – like a free pest control service.

    Know the difference between feral cats and strays. Feral cats are better off placed back into their colony, while strays are often cats “disposed of” by people who could no longer care for them. Strays can often be quickly re-domesticated and make great pets for someone else.

    Contact a local feral cat organization to learn how to trap – sometimes they can dispatch volunteers to your area to trap, neuter, release the cats for you at no cost to you. They often can relocate small colonies to areas that are more “feral” friendly.

    Finally, this article’s claim that feral cats can transmit many fatal diseases to humans is a bit dramatic. As long as you ensure that cats in your area are fixed, you shouldn’t have much to worry about.

  2. This article is inhumane in its recommendations. A cat that is stray or feral in an area needs human aid not further imposed stress or harm. Rereleasing a feral in a new location can prove stressful or fatal to the animal. Trap, Neuter/Spay, Release is the only proven effective method of controlling feral populations. If you “move them”–you’ll only get new cats coming in to claim the territory. And your neighbors feeding the cats is not generally illegal–so you have no control over that. I can’t even believe the photo presented of a German Shepard chasing a cat up a power line. Buying an aggressive domestic animal to molest or kill another domestic animal is an outrageous and inhumane “solution” to this problem.

    Thankfully the writer does acknowledge that it is _rare_ for a human to become ill due to contact with a cat. And our vet won’t even euthanize FIV+ ferals. Once neutered, the cats are less inclined to fight and spread this disease even to other cats; and the cat can still live out a healthy life without incident (unlike FLeuk, which is debilitating). The vast majority of common cat illnesses cannot be spread to humans.

    There are also a number of rescue groups who are willing to handle ferals or provide advice on working to HUMANELY placing strays and control feral populations in your area. Disrupting a feral colony is cruel, abusive to the animals, potentially fatal to the animals, completely unnecessary, and generally unhelpful in truly “solving” this dilemma. Information, not fear and cruelty, is our best ally in addressing the issue of feral and stray cat populations.

  3. Tracie is crazy. There is nothing inhumane about getting rid of feral cats. My elderly parents made the unfortunate mistake of feeding and, later, “adopting” a cute cat that had been showing up in their yard. It made itself right at home, but would never allow itself to be cuddled or touched. Indeed, they couldn’t even catch it. They thought they could ultimately tame it and turn it into their family pet. However, unbeknownst to them, the cat was pregnant. It gave birth to 5 kittens, which have since multiplied to 22 cats. They all live in my parents’ house. My dad and his wife are elderly and half blind. They can’t even see where the cats are hiding. Out of “humaneness”, my stepmom, who has early Alheizer’s Disease, continues to feed them. In fact, she’s afraid that if she doesn’t feed them, they might attack her. She refuses to call the humane society b/c she knows that they will be euthanized. My dad is powerless to control the situation. So, Tracie, get real, and don’t give sucvh bad advice. Feral cats are a menace and need to be controlled. And the only way to control them is death–as they cannot be tamed.

  4. Feral cats may “control” mice and rats….but can have a devastating effect on songbird populations and other animals like pheasants. These cats breed out of control and one can quickly turn into dozens…..think of the impact on other animal populations when these efficient predators multiply so proficiently. Capture and euthanize.

  5. I agree with Cathy and Aaron. Our country place used to have a pheasant and quail population. Now, because of all the loose cats….there are none. It is the “law of the land” in most states that requires “everyone” regardless of the type of pet, that it be in a fenced enclosure, on a leash or under physical control. (that includes cats).
    Too many cat owners are still living in the past when they let them roam free. And animal control does not enforce rules that exist. This is the single most problem in the beginning of cats getting out of control in a given area.
    Elliminate them however you can.

  6. I agree with the others in that these cats need to be controlled. I’m not for the TNR because unfortunately cats are often unwanted and they often carry fleas, which is the case in our new home. The previous owners fed feral cats and they have made their home under our deck and even had a new litter of kittens. We have fleas in the house, thanks to these cats. I don’t know if you know it or not, but in the absense of a pet, fleas will feed on the humans. So the fleas are feeding on myself, my husband, and our 6 year old and 2 year old. We’ve had the house treated twice as well as the outside. However, the flea-infested cats stay in our yard and when we go into our yard, we bring the fleas back inside and the cycle begins all over again. So needless to say, I’m not too sympathetic for feral cats.

  7. I cannot beleive you are telling people to get rid of stray cats by the catch and release method! This does not solve the problem, it merely passes the problem on to someone else. Often a person doesn’t want to take a stray to the shelter because it may be destroyed. However, the life of a feral cat is not a good life. The thing to do is to catch it, and take it to the shelter if you cannot find it a home. When I lived in a small town I had a deal with the vet — I would leave a stray cat in my carrier on his porch in the morning, and he would put it to sleep for me and charge me $5. I had the guts to do that. Dropping a cat off on someone else, or out in the country is the coward’s way out. This is what can happen to a stray cat:

    get torn apart by dogs or coyotes, kittens can be eaten by raccoons or possoms; freeze to death, die of diseases. The list is endless.

  8. I can understand all of your points.

    We too are facing a problem, last Christmas 2005 I had 16 red cardinals (8 sets) eating at my feeder. It’s taken 18 years to build up this these song birds around my home.
    Last year a new neighbor moved in and her cat has had 7 or 8 kittens. Need less to say I only have one male cardinal left and I seen the black kitten try to get at it last nightup in the top my my ash tree.

    My animal shelter is full, I can’t find a vet to put them to sleep and the only thing left is to either stop feeding my birds and squirrels or re-located the kittens/cats during the night.

    My neighbor sees nothing wrong with letting her cats ruin the neighborhood.

    Any more ideas?
    Thanks, Debby :>


    Cathy, you did not read my post closely, and you are misrepresenting my statements. I did not say that people should feed these animals and NOT spay or neuter them. To say that what your parents did in any way reflects what I advocated in my statements is completely unfounded. Feeding strays and ferals and NOT spaying or neutering them is wholly irresponsible. Allowing them to populate out of control is not any more humane than sending a dog to maul and kill one (as this article implied). Please don’t say that I advocated breeding ferals–as your parents apparently ended up doing. I certainly do not and DID not. Had your parents taken that cat in to have it spayed and vaccinated–as I advocated–they would have found out pretty quickly what the situation was–and the problem could have been halted before it turned into a single litter or, ultimately, 22 cats.

    Yes, feral cats will multiple if you feed them and don’t do the responsible thing: Have them fixed. Trapping and neutering absolutely does control the population. I, and many, many others have used the method successfully in our areas–many organization and veterinarians also advocate this method–including the one who handles our ferals and strays; and including the shelters and organizations who have offered me much help and information throughout my last decade of involvement in animal rescue.

    Ferals do not make good “pets”–but strays often do–since they were already pets at one time. Trying to be kind to feral cats, but not educating ourselves on the best methods to use for the welfare of the animal as well as ourselves is completely irresponsible. I’m sorry your parents didn’t know how to handle the situation, and that they invovled themselves in something they were obviously ill-equipped to cope with. They in no way did anything like what I recommended in my post. Please do not compare apples to oranges.

    The problem grows exponentially and almost always boils down to the same thing: Somebody NOT spaying and neutering when they should have.

  10. FYI – I’ve had to deal with a couple of stray (probably not feral) cats in the area. For a while, it was so bad, none of the small wildlife (birds, chipmunks, etc.) were around. Now we try to ‘encourage’ them to stay away by always chasing them, yelling, etc. But a while back, there was one that kept showing-up. I used a “Have-A-Heart” trap (reserved for skunks that decide to live under the house), got it, then took it to the local humane center. I didn’t notice it had a collar (same color as it was), so the lady assisting me told me it was illegal to trap cats. Illegal? Yep. At least for non-feral cats. So be careful, as some municipalities may have similar, if not more extensive, laws.

    Fortunately, the next time that particular cat came around, all I had to do was call the local office, as they knew of our “history”. The ended up taking the cat away from the elderly owner who wasn’t taking care of it. So all was good in the end… I guess.

    Now, anything unwanted on the property gets a warning shot (with a marble shot from a slingshot)… if the geese don’t chase it off first. 😉

  11. Trapping a cat and then taking it to another location and releasing it would be considered abandonment -a crime- in Illinois.

    It’s strange to me that people seem surprised when a stray cat has a litter of kittens. I see that is the obvious result of having an unaltered animal around. It WILL happen in six months or less.

    If you trap and remove a cat, another cat comes to take it’s place.

    When you trap, fix, and release feral cats, they remain territorial and chase off other cats. So it’s always the same cats. Since they are not having young, their numbers do not increase. Since they are not wearing themselves out having babies, they are healthier and live longer. Since they are not breeding, or fighting about it or discussing it amongst themselves, they make less noise. If you were smart enough to vaccinate and worm when you fixed, it means the cats you have around are also less likely to transmit disease.

    But if you can’t afford to fix them, take them to a shelter or pound for humane euthanasia. Unwanted kittens and cats die from an awful combination of cold, starvation, parasites, disease and infection.

    There is debate as to the actual damage feral cats do to songbirds (though I freely acknowledge that some cats are absolute monsters about it, killing many, many birds- but that’s not always because of hunger), but it is a consideration if you allow feral cats to hang around, OR let your own cats go outside. The bird lover I know feeds BOTH cats and birds, trapping and removing the cats he notices targeting birds. The cats are all fixed and chase off newcomers, so he doesn’t have to remove cats from the colony much.

    My friend swears by TWO bells to discourage bird killing. I recommend keeping cats as indoor animals (take them outside on a harness) from kittenhood. They are less likely to start spraying, and they are much less likely to transmit disease and pathogens.

    It may be helpful to offer to fix your neighbors pet. Pretty crappy, but a solution. Otherwise, check your county/city ordinaces. Your neighbor may need to keep her cats out of your yard. Get pictures or video and go to the governing body and demand enforcement.

    Good luck! Be kind and fix animals!

  12. Castrating or Spaying only works if one gets ALL the females in an area. A castrated male will not defend territory against a normal “rival”, he usually ignominiosly bails out. It doesn’t take a mathematician to figure how many songbirds a mother cat will consume to support a litter. The easy pickings are those who nest low – thrashers, cardinals, towhees, wrens and others. If one is watching the populations of robins, jays and other higher up nesters, there may not be any change, but meanwhile the populations of low nesters are being decimated. I have seen so called “colonies” of wild cats virtually eliminate low nesting songbirds. Domestic cats are usually not a problem inasmuch as they are: 1) as fat and out of shape as their owners, 2) not nocturnally active – the easiest time to devour a whole family of wrens. Occasionally a young domestic stud can be fast and strong enough to pounce. How one can be appalled at what fate befalls a cat at the paws/mouth of a solitary dog (probably not much more than a short donnybrook and then both decamp)and not be bothered by the routine torture of any victims unfortunate enough to fall prey to a cat is surely devoid of normal reasoning. Baby rabbits exude heart piercing wails untill the cat wears them out in their death throes. Once wounded, a bird is the cat’s plaything untill it expires. These animals are NOT normal, natural inhabitants of the North American environment. They are an invasive species, and an exceptionally cruel species at that. I find it absurd to pay for a trap that may well catch a local racoon or opossum as easily as a cat. And it is definately ridiculous to expect me to pay for castration or spaying for a band of wild cats. If you have the extra money, send it on a regular basis and I’ll try to comply. Otherwise, as long as you’re swatting mosquitos and flies, killing rats and eating meat, don’t bother those having less expensive alternates than your subsidy of an alien population.

  13. Manifesto for a feral cat-free world

    Here are our reasons for believing that all responsible citizens of the world must oppose feral cat colonies.

    The trap, neuter, and return [referred to hereafter as TNR] management of feral cat colonies [as practiced in the USA and some European and other countries] is considered an effective and humane method of control by those who practice it and by many other well-meaning people from the general public. The colony managers and their supporters are seeking a humane method for solving the catastrophic problem of the millions of cats dumped by irresponsible owners into our ecology.

    However, many of us disagree strongly and are convinced that this policy is an unethical way to manage feral domestic animals as it only solves part of the problem and only from the perspective of the welfare of cats.

    We especially believe it is inexcusable to re-abandon a domesticated animal into what is an alien ecology; especially an animal that is universally known to be a deadly predator and a threat to the survival of native birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians which have all evolved in an ecology without it, so have no protection from it.

    When choosing to practice TNR, feral colony managers make a conscious decision to do the following:

    1. abandon a domestic animal into an environment it is not equipped to deal with without assistance from humans – by virtue of thousands of years of domestication. This also breaks existing laws designed to protect those same domestic animals. Many cats become diseased and are malnourished despite their predation of millions of songbirds, small mammals, reptiles and amphibians.

    2. enable those domestic animals to continue to prey on our native wildlife. This contributes to the staggering damage to our ecology caused by the huge population of feral cats, destroying up to a billion birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians each year in the USA alone as well as breaking laws designed to protect our endangered wildlife.

    3. when releasing these animals from captivity this domesticated pet animal becomes a public nuisance, trespassing, urinating and defecating in yards, gardens, and on public property. Their fighting screams keep people awake and they can carry disease to domestic stock and properly cared for pets.

    Whilst the majority of people agree the original abandonment of the cat was unethical, they do not realise that the re-abandonment is equally so. In fact we believe it is even more unethical and flies in the face of the facts. To abandon the domestic pets again to suffer in the wild, kill more of our native wildlife, and to alienate the general public is indefensible.

    How can the TNR advocates rationalize the violent deaths of billions of our native fauna each year for the benefit of millions of alien animals as ethical? They really believe that they have chosen to show compassion and humane treatment to cats yet they are doing them no good whilst, at the same time doing harm to many more millions of equally deserving innocent creatures.

    The fact is that we must learn to deal with this present and real danger to our wildlife in an adult and responsible manner that benefits the cats and the wildlife they currently predate.

    We call for feral domestic animals every where to be eradicated from the environment which they are harming.

    In many parts of the world introduced rodents and mustelids [such as rats, mice & rabbits and weasels, stoats, mink etc.] are eliminated with humane poisoned baits and native wildlife flourishes. There is no lobby to trap, neuter and release these animals simply because the species have not been considered pets by most people but pests. In other words it is not the elimination of living creatures that people object to but only the culling of particular species¦ where is the sense in that?

    On islands, such as the Galapagos feral goats, pigs and so forth have ruined much habitat and unique animals have disappeared. Many believe that the most famous extinction of all, the Dodo, was caused by feral goats and pigs being left by sailors as potential food, out-competing the birds for food.

    In some countries, such as in Australia, legislation has been passed to make the release of cats into the wild a criminal offence and here too it has been shown that once feral pets and mistakenly introduced non-native species are eliminated from an enclosed area it is immediately re-colonised by rare native species which then flourish.

    We believe that the most humane solution is to cull all such feral populations including cats. However, if there are those who cannot contemplate the death of one animal [i.e. a cat] to save hundreds of others [i.e. many birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians], then they must be responsible for their beliefs and pay for the entrapment, neutering and then housing in enclosures of feral cats themselves.

    Here are your contacts for the United States House of Representatives
    and United States Senate. Please write them. You are welcome to quote from our Manifesto, or send the entire thing.

  14. We have many stray cats around here and a few that have homes around here. We were able to catch one of the cats with her litter of kittens, their were not even a week old. This litter of cats will have a better life. Our local animal shelter will be able to adopt them all out. It breaks my heart to see the cats out there and not feed them. Anyhow, here is my problem and hopefully someone can help with it. We have a brick wall garden on the porch, much to large to move or do anything else with and I like it as a garden. There is also another garden on the walk right in front. It seems all the cats in the neighborhood have talked and decided this is their new litter box. Does anyone out there know something we could put in the gardens so it is not a litter box anymore? If we don’t keep it cleaned out the porch starts to smell aweful.

  15. I use a precision pellet rifle with a scope; head shots ONLY. Took care of the feral cats on the block and the neighbors’ kitties are relaxing safely again, as are my two princesses. And yes, I cleaned up the dead bodies.

  16. OK… so EVERYONE has gotten out their rants on the cruelty to animals. But nobody has told me how to get the nasty critters off my freakin’ porch. The website asked for other suggestions of how to get rid of stray cats – not to tell everyone about your personal belief systems. Does anybody have a REAL way to keep strays off my porch? I really don’t have time to set up a deer stand and stalk them.

  17. The best way to handle such a problem as cats in your yard is to use a shovel to unload the feces back to the yard of the owners of the cats. It works because now they’ve gotten rid of all their cats, and I’ve retired my shovel.

  18. Fredrick – Can I borrow that precision pellet rifle?? My neighbor has around 20 wild cats that roam the neighborhood and recently one of the bast@$&ds got underneath my house, clawed it’s way into my duct work and has spent the last 2 days popping it’s head up out of my floor vents. I have yet to figure out how to catch it. I have a trap set in my utility room with the door shut and the floor vent off, but so far no dice……

  19. I have two small cats at home. Recently we have found that other cats (especially one in particular) has been coming into the house through our cat flap…and marking.

    I dont like the idea of having collars on our cats but feel that its the only option.

    Does anyone have any ideas.

  20. Well we are sick to death of the cats. We counted 10 out there in the backyard. They get in the backyard and poop and spray on everything. We can hardly walk outside anymore. We ask everyone around us about the cats and no one knows them. Oh at night they stand underneath the windows and howl. Hubby called the shelter and they said they would not even take them. They give you no advice. He wants to shot them and I say no. We have a trap and they will not get in it. What is a person to do????????????????Help

  21. Just picked up a Havahart raccoon/cat trap. Hoping this will work as the new neighbors next door have several cats they just let roam outside with no regards to local leash or fencing laws. When I was a kid here, we had german shepard dogs that dealt with the strays/ferals and we had an enormous squirrel, songbird, rabbit, raccoon, and possum population, to name others. You couldn’t look in the backyard without seeing a dozen squirrels playing on the deck by the pool. Now years later, there is not a single bird in my yard, I haven’t seen a squirrel in 2 years now, not a single one. I HAVE found dead birds and small mammals left on my back deck as ‘trophies’ by these little monsters. In my younger years I’d have been out there with the crossbow hunting them as usual, but maturity has given me a greater respect for life. Hoping I trap more cats in my new Havahart and not one of the foxes in my front yard, yet I’m at a loss as to what to do with it if I do trap it. If they have one of those chips imbedded in their backs like my brother’s cats and dog do, then taking it to any vet or local agency will just have the monster brought right back home to my neighbor and into my yard-exactly what I do NOT want to happen. Still searching for other avenues at this time however as I don’t want to resort to what my father used to do to curb the feral and stray populations which involved catnip and cyanide.

  22. I have a litter of four kittens, approximately 2 months old and their mother that have made a home under my shed. Big problem, it is the shed I use for storage behind the little diner I own and they will not leave, get on customers cars, and can always find food in the dumpster out back. A couple of times they have even ventured into the back of the bread truck when it stops for its delivery!!!!! I sprayed ammonia under the shed after some advice from a customer, no dice there! I don’t want to harm them, but I run a restaraunt, not a petting zoo and they HAVE TO GO!!!!!! Any help out there, please!

  23. I agree with Missy, some people may be cat lovers and that is great. However, the strays in our neighborhood pose more harm and filth than good. We live in a large urban area and these cats are like no other. There are small children and pregnant women around and these cats have even been known to become aggressive and lunge and hiss very loudly at people. They are not afraid of people and will challenge you in a heartbeat. SO WHO CAN TELL ME HOW TO GID RID OF THEM OUTSIDE OF SHOOTING THEM? Does anyone know if the D-Con and Coke (concoction) work?

  24. Cat hater…

    I understand your plight 100% !! I live in a nice mini home community, area people simply drop off stray cats in or development., some locals feed and care for them enough to help them survive. I own a dog (black lab) and not a cat….I am plagued by these unwanted cats plus the local cats that owners seem to think can go wherever they wish to roam.
    We are not talking about a couple of strays …it’s between 40 and 60 !! They spray under our home ,at our steps ,on or kids outdoor toys and wherever else they please.
    The spca will not get involved and the local vet wants $60.00 per cat to put them to sleep. All shelters have been contacted and they are overflowing …thus they refuse more cats for obvious reasons.
    These cats are flea infested (many of them) and present a public concern.

    Here’s my solution…

    I am building several live traps to catch these cats, I shall build a small shelter where I will keep and care for these cats for two weeks… a suitable period for caring owners to locate their family pet and rescue it. I then plan to transport the remainder into a remote wooded are where they will be released into the wild. If they can survive (and some will) great…if not what makes anyone think that they would have endured a better fate being killed by other means ?

    I want to be as humane as I possibly can however there is no other recourse available unless one of you wealth cat lover want to foot the cost of a new shelter.
    Humans need to live in this world as well and some of us don’t want to inhale the foul odors of a cat…I for one will enjoy my property and home without such grief….and you should too !! I can provide free plans for building a humane live trap that can rid you of such vermin.

  25. my mum has six cats that come to her house but we feed our cat inside and never have feed our cat outside mum doesnt leave any food laying around we have dogs now and the 6 cats have cause millions of fleas all over our yard and house we need sum thing to kill them off can sum 1 help the dogs had no fleas when they came here (the cats wont come in yard now but now we have fleas they have left)plz plz help

  26. Well, I have just found this site and have found no real helpful tips. I have 3 of my own cats and need to keep the strays from coming in. As mine are desexed and very placid they allow the strays to come in and eat their food and sleep in our house, every morning when i come downstairs, my 3 tumbling down behind me, i hear two strays exit through the cat door, then I smell their spray – not nice. I am sick of it, i want to replace my curtains and carpet but cannot until I have sorted this. So…. tonight I have locked the cat door, put a dirt box inside and kept my three pretties inside. I will have a loaded water pistol with pepper in it and be ready if I see the strays on my property. They think it is their home so hopefully if i keep this up for a few weeks the cats will give up this habit and find somewhere else to live 🙂 I’ll let you know how i go, otherwise Fredrick, can I have your number?

  27. it’s sort of nice to know that some people are having similar difficulties as us. i have had to apologize to both of my childrens teachers as to why their snowsuits reek of cat spray. i bleach and clean my stroller at least once a week, but alas the lil buggers keep on zapping the stroller, the porch, the windows (basement apt.)and christ almighty twice INTO my master bedroom, soiling and stenching the curtains. the city wont help me and the spca wants an exorbitant amount to rent the humane traps. i’m getting ready to stalk the friggers with a pellet gun or shovel. i dont care how much people love cats. when my kids stink at school, i draw the line at humane. i just want em all dead. i cant believe that cities wont help these problems.

  28. Most people on this forum can read to some extent, so maybe they’re just not paying attention … so let me repeat: TNR has been proven to permanently address cat overpopulation. As far as I know, it is the ONLY method that has. It does not abandon the animals, and it does not put the problem on someone else. Cats in managed colonies have caretakers, and the caretakers are eager to help residents solve any problems the cats are causing.

    You can sit around saying “why don’t THEY do something?”, or you can educate yourself and try doing something yourself. Even just a phone call might work, if it’s to the APPROPRIATE group. Plenty of non cat-lovers advocate TNR once they have all the facts.

    In general, cats (even hungry ones) catch FAR more rodents than anything else. A few birds are caught, but except for a very few contained, isolated environments (e.g, islands), no species in the US has ever been devastated by cats. If you’re worried about species eradication, consider the million birds a year that are killed when they fly into the huge glass windows we’re all so fond of. Or worry about the principal problem: habitat destruction and habitat FRAGMENTATION caused by the housing sprawl and its accompanying interstate spaghetti.

    I’m glad all the people who are stalking cats with guns and bows, along with the ones who “just want them all dead”, are posting on this forum. We need to know who the silent psychopaths … or just people who are unable to experience empathy … are. I don’t think there’s any real help for them (or their children, since sterilizing people is not an option), but we can at least be forewarned and know to avoid them.

  29. PS There’s an amazing product called “Zero Odor” we ordered after we saw it advertised on TV. I’ve had it successfully remove the odor of set-in tomcat urine from lots of fabrics, even silk. You need to saturate every fiber, and the easiest (and cheapest) way I’ve found to do that is to spray the stinkiest parts and seal the entire item up in a plastic bag for a few days. If your keep it cool (even refrigerate it), the item won’t sour … but if it does, the product will take out that smell too. It works on other substances too, and it will also freshen the air and remove stains. The only problem I’ve had is using it on painted metal. I think it’s salt-based, therefore not too kind to the paint.

  30. I have a neighbor that has over 20 feral cats that she feeds and protects. I can not even sit on my porch because of the smell. I do not dare walk through my own grass because I pick up a little suprise on my shoe. I also have to shampoo my carpets often because the smell gets carried in on our shoes. I am not going to catch these cats pay to get them neutered to let them to continue to roam. What I may be forced to do instead is move. If this was a colony of squirrels no one would care if I called animal nuisance, but since these feral cats had an ancestor that was once someones pet no one cares about the headache.

  31. I read online that spraying undiluted white vinegar around the area discourages strays, as they hate the smell of vinegar. I’ve heard the same about coffee grounds. I live in an urban neighborhood overrun with feral cats and strays — often 5 or 6 to a yard! These cats are bold, too — if our dogs are out, they’ll keep away. But the second the dogs are let in the house, the cats are yowling around the garden, spraying everything in sight. The stench remains long after the creatures are gone. I don’t hate cats, but I’m getting there…

  32. We had cats get into our ductwork also this past winter. WOW… UP went our heat bill…. When the weather broke and we were sure that no cats would be trapped in there, we reconnected the ducts. I tried ‘scareing’ them out, by screaming into the ducts, and stomping on the floor… I know it worked ONE time, but caused our indoor cats a lot of stress, not coming near me for a few days…

  33. Excuse me my bad english as it is not my spoken language.
    I live in Portugal (Europe) and i think i might give a somewhat different insight in this feral cat yes or no theme.

    I am defenitely what several may call a “cat lover” but i am also a biologist and i perfectly understand the necessity of protecting native fauna.

    I think one cannot adopt the yes or no position and apply it to all cases; each place and circumstances are different from another.
    For instance, here in Lisbon, stray cat colonies do not present any problem to local fauna as they are preferentially stationed in places not frequented by rare bird species, such as the harbour zones (birds that live there are sea gulls, pigeons and sparrows) or small gardens between buildings.
    The city, being ancient (900 y old aprox.), is comparatively small in size for a capital and the urban nucleous is pretty dense, so green areas are very rare and scattered. But there is a nice rural area surroundig it and i think the native fauna might prefer that zone.
    Obviously there are cats there too but the cat population in rural areas is not the main problem that threatens wild life here in this country but rather the habitat destruction caused by peolpe.

    I find most european urban environments very adequate to sustain a manageable and controlled stray-cat population regarding there is a mangement for it!
    The native fauna is relatively scarce in this environments and since cats have been here from ancient times most of the fauna as developed some escape behaviours.
    What is lacking in most cases is the existence of a task force contemplating every aspect of this solution and contributing to solve the problems in a constructive way. For instance, getting an ornithologist to select wich areas are forbidden to install cat colonies.

    It is not that difficult to capture them in cage-like traps. And i am talking about having to climb ruined roofs of ancient buildings to leave there traps with food!
    It takes patiente and a strong will to do the right thing.

    To kill them or to capture them to get them euthanised is hardly a solution as this is not a cat-problem but surely a human-problem, derivated from all the people who does not spay and watch properly over their pets. The “easiest solution” is not a solution, i think it only promotes the maintenace of the “loose” mentality and bad “behaviour” from all the irresponsible humans.

    It takes very hard work and people nowadays seems to forget that nothing is achievable without some effort (or a lot of it!).

    Rationally one can think that the life of an endangered species or even of an individual of a native species is more valuable than that of a cat but emotionally i really cannot deal with the concept of killing one to save one, it has the same outcome.
    I have cats, they live indoors but one of them managed to capture a sparrow on a balcony!
    All people that are cat owners and support the “final solution” should think for a moment if they are prepared to face it with their own cats because all it takes is a moment of distraction and your cat is out there following its instincts.

  34. Just forgot to say that all stray cats MUST be neutered /spayed or we are not getting anywhere. And it is absolutely possible to do it.
    Costs a lot?
    Maybe if the people in charge don´t have an agreement with local vets or the will to make things more feaseble.
    Let me just tell you all that we are not rich here, people live on wages that average 800 dollars per MONTH and the living costs are the same or above this wage. And still people manage to get some “small change” to get things done the proper way.
    You may say this is a personal option and it is in fact, but you may discuss this item with the humane society in your residence area and if they are really interested in saving the cats they will manage to do something.

  35. So i gave no good tips hey… Sorry!

    I guess the only one that might solve all the problems, since most of the complaints i read here concern neighbour’s cats not truly feral cats, is GET RID OF YOUR NEIGHBOURS!

    How about that? Again, this always comes down to human (mis)behaviour!

    Poor cats…

  36. I live in Brooklyn N.y. The cats around here really don’t care were they poop. They just drop and poop on top of my white rocks(I pulled out all of the grass) I now take small cans, put a sponge in it and fill it up with Mr. Clean Orange cleaner or any orange smelling cleaner( mr. clean has the strongest smell) It’s been working. I also spray the whole yard with it. I have used moth flakes, I have used store brought items, I have used a mixture of black pepper, chil pepper and red pepper flakes. Mr. Clean seems to be working for now. It must be orange flavor. Good Luck. Anna from Brookln

  37. This site obviously has a variegated panopoly of opinions. And tolerance seems to carry the day. Usually. The 21 March post of K. Lee was just a bit much to not respond. Starting off with “Most people on this forum can read to some extent,” is decidedly supercilious and condescending, but “We need to know who the silent psycopaths” is beyond insulting – it is the product of a very self-centered mind. And to continue with labeling complete strangers as being “people who are unable to experience empathy” is beyond the pale. Such vituperative name calling only exposes the inability to properly reason. And the wacko reasoning in the intermediate ranting is really quite devoid of factual basis and bereft of the ability to reason. When you say “a few birds are caught”, whenever did you subscribe to this delusion? I am not alone in seeing the demise of the low nesting songbirds in areas I’ve lived untill the stray cats are eradicated – not set loose on some other poor sucker’s land. Many are slaughtered and left as trophies as others have herein noted. A million birds a year killed by flying into windows? Really? The number seems to be one conjured from thin air. Male birds, noticing their reflection in a window, attack it, believing it to be a rival. A concussion ensues, the bird drops to the ground, and recovers shortly because the velocity is not adequate to cause severe damage. A million dead a year? Preposterous! Cell Phone towers are a real and pressing problem, but one would have to study the topic to become knowledgeable, and that does take some discipline and effort. The pricipal problem is habitat fragmentation? For some species, that might be true, but in the main, if one plants to provide forage and shelter for songbirds, as well as some source of water, they amazingly survive and thrive in residential areas if imported, invasive species such as stray cats are eradicated. By the way, chronologically, interstates do not accompany housing “sprawl”. The interstates are built long before neighborhoods are developed. As you probably know, PEOPLE desire these residences or they wouldn’t be sold. The population of this country has almost doubled in fifty years. And yet, native born Americans are approaching zero population growth. I certainly hope you are not advocating the elimination of immigration, as this is where our population growth comes from. You really need to get some respect for the idea that this is America and that divergent views are permitted. I may not like what my neighbor is doing on or to his property, but as long as no laws are broken, it’s none of my business. Some may want to coax, repel or intimidate stray cats. Others choose more efficient ways. If an animal is dispatched humanely, there is no difference whatsoever between that process and slaughtering a hog or chicken. Or killing a mosquito, flea or cockroach. THEY ARE NOT HUMANS. If you believe otherwise, go live in the squalor of India, and quit fabricating facts to try to bolster your insults.

  38. WOW! I didn’t realize this was such a problem everywhere. I thought it was just my neighborhood. My two outside cats (spayed female and male)have lived happy until last summer. I started noticing my cats food was gone and my cats were still hungry. The neighbor had take in a large stray male cat and a farmer in the area had given the children in the neighborhood one or two kittens. All these cats were coming on my screened in porch through the cat door to eat. Also, my neighbor’s cat decided he liked my house and started fighting my cat. I talked to the vet and he suggested taking up the food after my cats ate. So I began an elaborate program. I blocked off the cat door to the porch. I now feed my cats in a storage building which has a cat door for my cats. Each morning I feed the cats and let them out and each night I close them in the building and lock the cat door.

    Problem now is the other male cats spraying and fighting during the night. Now my male cat has started spraying the yard too. I have tried a water gun but it hasn’t helped. It may have given me some satisfaction in knowing I have aggravated them a little! However, today one of the cats pushed open the door to my art studio and sprayed on a large painting!

    I am very discouraged. I was hoping to find some help. I do take some comfort knowing they are not getting into my house, YET.

  39. Hey Oliver just so you know.. In Toronto at least over 100 birds are killed every night by flying into glass windows because they can see the light but not the window and end up flying right into it… and they DO die because there are a few organizations that have volunteers picking up the dead birds…

    Also if any of you people with feral cat problems were really interested on FIXING the problem you would do some research. First of TNR IS and HAS been proven to be the best way of fixing the long term problem. Shooting and/or scaring the cats will only scare them off for a while… and they are also nocturnal so unless you want to stay up all night every night waiting for them then i suggest you come up with another plan. Removing the cats or poisoning them will just open up more room for other stray cats, especially if you have neighbours who care for feral and strat cays. If you cannot afford to TNR the cats there ARE many organizations that offer to do it for free…

    Also there are methods such as putting up scarecrows for cats… Like a fake coyote that is sprayed with a coyote scent..

    As for the cats spraying and pooing everywhere.. its funny because raccoons, rats, possums all do that too.. and without the cats there would be many many many more of those… As for the bird lovers. Birds are naturally WILD therefore they have the capabilities to survive in the wild with predators.. ever hear the saying survival of the fittest? If they are getting killed and eaten by the cats it is clearly because they are not fit to survive. I used to live in Lebanon, and there the feral cat population is so immense that they fill up the streets and many hundreds die a day in one town just by being hit by cars.. Most of the people there hate them because of the sheer numbers and at first they used to shoot, poison, throw them into the wilderness and all these proved fruitless because the cats just kept coming back in bigger numbers and wilder. Some had even mated with small native wild cat populations creating a feral/wild cat mix breed which is now moving into the cities and town from the mountains and valleys. Basically my point in all this is that the only way to stop them is to stop them from breeding. No matter how many you kill more will come unless everyone in your area is a responsible owner (which by what i get from you guys is not very true) or everyone stops owning cats. Other than those solutions the only other true options to keep populations low but not completely eradicate them is to TNR. If it is only your property you can scare them away. Even owning a dog will keep most cats at bay. Just there bark is enuff to send feral cats scurrying.

    Regards, Mike

  40. Hey Mike,
    If birds are flying at night they must be owls or migratory. I don’t believe 100 owls a night are flying into windows in Toronto.I find it just as hard to believe that migratory birds will fly into a lighted window after dark. Cell phone towers that are unlighted are devastating to a flock of migratory flock. There have been efforts to have marker lights and those with such are generally avoided. Migratory birds do not have good nocturnal navigational skills like bats and owls and thus will fly into obstructions they cannot see. What they see, they avoid.
    As to fitness for survival, your logic would have the endangered species protections rescinded. If inability to withstand the onslaught of an introduced alien species renders another species “unfit for survival”, then certainly you wouldn’t object to rendering stray cats similarly “unfit” and eliminating them. The most efficient method is a head shot with a 1000 ft/second pellet gun (not being a firearm, it’s legal to discharge within city limits) with a good scope. Stray cats wander quite often during the day and they become creatures of habit as far as their preferred “rounds”. Scaring them only minimizes later opportunities.
    If euthanizing the critters isn’t your style, so be it. However, castrating, spaying and cutting them loose doesn’t solve a thing. If you want to cultivate the things, why not get yourself an acre or so and keep them and their mess and noise all to yourself (on leashes, of course). Or if you must cut ’em loose, at least declaw them first.
    Our society has seen fit to domesticate and have as household pets the animal commonly known as a house cat. They can be a warm, cuddly friend that has a most entertaining intelligence. We have also for generations used the terms alley cat and stray cat to describe the nuisance engendered by the unattached vagrants that at times have reached epidemic status. How they got there is really irrelavent inasmuch as there will forever be selfish idiots dumping surplus pet populations of an incredible variety. The reality is the problem must be solved. How things are done in Lebanon is a poor example. Use of the terms “feral cat” and “colony” is but an attempt to indoctrinate people that these cast-offs have a legitimate place in the North American environment. If somebody wants to raise beef, we expect them to keep the animals within their own fences. If you want to farm alley cats, fine. Just CONTAIN them on your OWN property. And don’t believe for a minute that shooting them doesn’t work. There are posts above that attest to it.

  41. My elderly parents are kindhearted, well-meaning (but soft-headed) people who have begun feeding ferals and it’s turned into a cat hoarder nightmare. They THINK they’re only feeding one or two, but in reality, the number is closer to 70, because of the constant, prolific breeding. The damned dirty things have sprayed everywhere- inside their vehicles, in their garage, etc- the smell is so awful it literally makes my eyes water. They refuse to have any of “their” cats fixed (they think it’s cruel) so the problem only gets worse. Their delusion is that they will somehow “tame” them and convince them to “quit being bad” (ie quit breeding, fighting, spraying, etc)…considering these are NASTY cats and every bit as vicious and wild as a bobcat, yeah right.

    I’ve offered to livetrap every last one of them, and either relocate them to a farmer I know who cannot keep enough barn cats around (due to coyotes eating them), haul them to the humane society over in the next county & drop ’em off, shoot them, or have someone sp/neuter them. My parents have refused to do anything, other than feed them and allow the population to explode.

    We have no animal control here, either (I am my own animal control) so calling an agency is not an option.

  42. By the time we inherited my grandfather’s farm, there were about 80 feral cats in residence. They were inbred, diseased, and unapproachable. We already had 3 strictly indoor cats, and this colony of disease ridden infection vectors had to go, so my husband and son spent about a week with .22 rifles taking care of the situation.

    Both are good shots, and none of the animals suffered. When you have that many of them around, all the politically correct pap goes out the window. Reality sucks, but eventually it bites us all in the butt.

    My recommendation is to shoot feral cats, try to rehome strays. No middle ground.

  43. If you are genuinely serious about stopping cats (feral, stray or otherwise) from pooping or spraying in your garden, but you do not wish to harm them, one very cheap and easy solution is to make the environment unpleasant for them.

    We have an active colony of feral cats. We monitor them, have trapped a few and gotten them fixed through a local charity. We are working on getting the whole colony taken care of.

    We provide minor care and monitoring to them and also feed them out of our own pocket. There are about 5 of them. They are lovely, like a little family.

    I take offense to people advocating shooting, poisoning or otherwise harming ANY animals, and suggest ignorance has more to do with that attitude than anything. It’s funny Lorri, that your family sees fit to shoot the feral cats at your farm, while here, the farms take in most of the neutered/spayed ferals the charity we work with places. I guess maybe the difference lies in ownership, I don’t think any of the farmers here would feel comfortable teaching their children to go on cat shooting sprees. You must be a different kind of farmer… or perhaps a different kind of person. One without a heart perhaps?

    Anyhow, they do sometimes poop where we don’t want them to. It has, in the summer, gotten pretty stinky. The solution? Cuttings of blackberry and rose bush branches placed in the area we don’t want them going to. They hated the prickles on the branches, found another place where it’s not a problem (in a thatch of shrubs and plants where we don’t go and nothing is harmed). After about 3 months we took the branches away, and they continued going in their new place. They seem to enjoy sticking to where their smell is already present.

    Problem solved. No dead or injured animals, no cost to us.

    Incidentally, the cats that are loose on our property fighting, yowling in the night, displaying aggressive behavior, are the intact males that belong to various neighbours. The ferals are very non confrontational and only defend themselves when there is no other options.

  44. This isn’t a tip this is a request for advice…
    Ok so I have several cat’s that have decide to live in my yard, under my house and now in my attic too, (not sure how they got there but I can hear them and the air conditioner now makes the whole house smell like cat to which I am allergic and have been very sick lately)…I have one male cat who is an excellent mouser, he lives outside and is fixed, so i assume they started coming to share his food, which I didn’t realize untill they got so bold they do it right in front of me…I have not had food outside for weeks now, they are still coming and now in my attic. I don’t know what to do, I have no money and obviously every option requires money…the shelter or animal control will not come get them, they will loan me a trap at $25/10 days, yay but i don’t have 25 dollars, and it frustrates me so bad that i have to pay to remove these cats that i didn’t invite or encourage to come, because i am a humane person, i cannot shoot them with bb’s or any of the other strange things people have told me -now i am overrun and sick, and probably going to end up the front page of some paper labelled “the cat lady who had 80 cats living under her house and in her attic”, i really have no idea what to do, and no money to do it.

  45. I am having that problem now, we just had new neighbors to come into our quiet neighborhood within the last six months, every night they let out their cat, I have a lovely cat that has been with me for five years, she is fixed and she is usually a very quiet cat. Everynight that darn cat come on our porch, my cat hates it, we ar awaken by the awful growl and loud hissing, our cat it totally upset to see this cat making himself at home on our porch, I want to get rid of him, I think I will use the idea about the Mr. Clean orange cleaner that is the most sensible thing I have read yet that is not so costly. My husband and kids need our sleep and if we cannot stop this cat I may do the inhumane thing and trap him and sit him in front of a vet office.

  46. ‘Tis a pity that some can become offended when others do not rally to their value systems. All one can assume is that such are vegetarians, have a house full of cockroaches and allow mosquitos to feast upon their blood. And the assumption must hold that they would jump at the chance to establish “colonies” of escaped Boas and Cobras. Otherwise the philosophy is inconsistent, the hallmark of one separated from reality. Kudos to those who, of a good heart, attempt behavior modifications in stray cats. And a salute also to those who humanely eliminate the problem with quick dispatch.

  47. Patty; If you are able to successfully trap the animal, and your jurisdiction has laws against such animals at large, you might consider calling your local equivalent of Animal Control and have them take possession. The neighbor will most certainly have to pay a fine (and waste time in Court). I suspect the the neighbor will think twice about continuing with such selfish behavior, and you will have established credibility should future complaints become necessary.

  48. I find it rather amusing that some of you who have posted insist that people use their own hard earned funds to solve a problem that they had no part in causing. In truth all cats should be fixed so in the in the unfortunate event they escape or are abandoned by thier owners they will not have a chance to reproduce. I also understand that fixed cats have more docile personalities and are less prone to disease.

    Cats are not native. For those of you who advocate that property owners spend their own money to trap,spay and maintain a population of unwanted feral animals I ask that you open your narrow minds and consider what you are asking. Why should a person feel compelled to spend their own money to cultivate a population of malicous feral animals that they themselves had no part in creating? I dont adovacte that feral cats be tortured, but I do not object to them being humanely dispatched.

    I know of a person who reintroced several cats that had been fixed back into his nieghborhood. What to know what happened? They were pushed out of the territory by unfixed feral cats. That person has a whole new colony on his property.

  49. Has the country gotten too soft or totally flipped?. As for the so-called ‘only proven method’ of TNR, RTN, or SOL which is spending needless time and resources to pamper and coddle WILD CATS, just look at Australia’s no BS approach to the problem. The Northern Territory openly encourages the shooting of feral cats. Think it does not work? One farmer hangs them from a large tree after they are dispatched. About 60 were hanging from one tree, a discreet notice to other ferals to steer clear of the joint. What else does their legal (and prudent) method of cat control deliver? It gives good incentive for owners keep there domestics indoors! The vast numbers of birds that are decimated by cats causes increased insect problems as a Robin is said by biologists to consume half it’s weight or more in bugs each day. That include mosquitos. The Aussies hear about these detached sentimental types that are out trying to feed and maintain feral cat colonies and they just laugh. You can put about 40 ferals out of action in a few days for under $12.00. If another colony moves later too claim the ‘territory’, well just imagine how much your marksmanship will have improved while dealing with the first colony. Bounce that math off your mega-buck 10 year plan to HOPE to get the stabilize the area via TNR.
    As for anyone that has finally realized that relocation is no solution, TNR is just asinine, and euthinasia (which should be covered by the county or city) is too expensive, well here is news for you. According to some folks dealing with rampant ferals, once they are in the Havahart boxtrap you just place it on four bricks (one at each corner) with a short pan in the center. Pour into the pan a cup of bleach and cup of the strongest ammonia you can get (careful not to get any on the feral). Quickly place a heavy blanket or tarp over the boxtrap to speed up the process. Bingo- the feral drifts off to feral dreamworld for good in about a minute or so with no pain or whining. To be humane and a good neighbor, check the cat to see if it is feral by it’s behavior as you are in proximity with it. If it gets aggresive and hisses, lights out. If it just sits and meows, it is most likely someones pet. So be your own judge. Think of it as local euthanasia for less than a buck. That idea of the sensor water sprinkler would be great if it dispensed pepper spray. Talk about memories of what yard to avoid, sheesh.
    Oh, and nobody made too much racket about all the ferals/strays that meet their demise under car tires everyday. I saw a mother feral run out to grab her kitten that was flailing around after it’s hind section got Michelin’d only to be flattened by the very next tire that came by. I bet they had some last words together there in the street about the dopey chuckleheads trying to perpetuate their colony because they are soooo cute…

  50. PROBLEM –
    We have two cats that are mainly indoor kitties but like to hang out in our pool cage when the weather is temperate. If our kid leaves the pool cage door open when in the yard playing, a neighborhood feral will come into the pool cage to stalk them. One of our cats is now under vet care with three drains in his tail as part of a $500 treatment for a bite wound by the feral.

    Our county has FREE humane traps with a $40 deposit. You use it for a week and then return it for a full refund. FREE. Anything that is caught is collected daily by a local county run animal services group. Check into what free services you have available to you locally.

    After using it for two nights, we have come up with only a raccoon each night (these populations increase too when well meaning neighbors feed the feral cats). We are using tuna as bait which is perhaps why we are getting raccoons. The feral cat we wanted to catch STROLLED by the trap yesterday afternoon but didn’t go after the tuna. We are changing to a stinky canned cat food today to see if that doesn’t do the trick.

    FYI – In our county, if the cat is stray, it is put up for adoption. If it is feral and not adoptable, it is put down at no charge to us.

  51. I’ve been reading down your posts. Apparently there’s no easy way to get rid of these cats. I bought a mobile home two summers ago, and it’s in a park outside of town. When I first moved in here, I saw cats in almost every driveway as I came up the ridge. Stupid me… thinking they were people’s pets. Turns out they’ve been here for several years. They’ve multiplied so much that it’s nothing to see a dozen or more in each yard. They’ve dug into the flower beds to defecate. You can’t put anything outside on your porch because they sleep on the furniture and spray everywhere. I have an elderly neighbor who continues to feed the **** things every night. So, come dusk it’s nothing to look down and see them all on his porch and railing waiting for feeding time. They’re so distructive.. that’s my problem. Last summer they got under the trailer, and dug and scratched through the ducts coming in and out for my central air. I had them all replaced, and this Wed. I wondered why it was so hot in here. They had pulled the duct work off completely. They’ve torn my phone lines underneath out, and I’ve lost phone service 3 times since Jan. Also the satellite dish. Last night I heard this awful noise and for the second time found 2 on the tongue, trying to paw open the skirting underneath. When they’re chased they either come right back, or as last night, I heard them at the back going under. When I checked this morning they have cracked large pieces out of the skirting. Last winter I watched 2 going along the skirting of my neighbor above me. They actually inched there way along, puhing with their paws till they found a place that gave a little. Usually at a seam. Then it pushed with it’s head several times till it came apart, and cracked. The landlords that own the ground say they can’t do anything. They said it’s like asking them to trap and get rid of all the wild birds. They get into the garbage on garbage nights. There have been a few dead found under neighbors properties. Neighbors tried trapping them for a couple years, but after a while they caught on to that, and stay clear of the traps. And everytime you turn around they’re having babies. There comes a point when you get so frustrated that you’d like to see them dead. The more money they cost me… I wish I had a gun of my own. I have a large dog, but they come within taunting distance. Nothing scares them. The pepper spray and moth balls… nothing helps. They’ve climbed up on to my shed roof, it’s built into a hill. I had to take my bird feeders down. I don’t want to draw the birds maybe to their deaths. For being in the country, we have absolutely no rabbits. I’ve seen a few squirrels earlier on, but find carcuses lying around. I was in a bad accident and am now disabled and on oxygen. It makes me so darn mad that I can’t keep after them, and have no clue as to what to do. We have no one, that would take care of them in this small community. To take them to a shelter if you could catch them is 40 miles away… then they want a contribution. But they’re the first to tell you that they’ll be euthanized. makes alot of sense. I’m sorry I’m rambling.. they’ve just me so darn mad. I have to find someone who can put the skiring back up someway that it’ll stay. You can smell cat urine in the house from them being under there all the time. And they’re trying to climb in ontop of the ducts now, ripping all the insulation out when they’re scratching away. There’s pink laying everywhere. So, it won’t be long till they need replaced again.

  52. Inexpensive plastic forks, prongs up, in area the cat and kittns go. Helps a while , looks ridiculous. Am going to buy the Mr Clean Orange cleaner. I have dogs but that does not help. The cat is not afraid.

  53. I’m sick of cats doing thier business within about 10 feet of my front door!!! I’ve tired cayenne pepper, amonia, and bleach. Its neighbors cats that go to the neighbors to do this dirty trick. I’d like to get close enough to them to knock them in the head but they always manage to do it at night when I am asleep. People should keep their cats at home. Period.. I also have a long scratch on the hood of my car that I am sure was made by a cat. There should be a law and it should be enforced that people keep their pets on their own property. If this means keep it in their house, so be it…

  54. well i have to say i really couldnt beleive all the haters lol…. and then there are the ones who dont even think about how nasty these cats are for real … i have 3 yr old twin daughters and they have seveire allergies to cats one of them can not even go out side without her inhailer , im tired of cats . and cant wait to get rid of them for my kids sake …i am fully determined to find a way to get rid of them , im pregnant and god only knows the diseases these nasty creatures carry … my children are human these cats are not and it is a shame that my kids cant go outside , have a swimming pool or sand box for a bunch of nasty cats …. now come on this is rediculous … if your so worried about the cats and their saftey come and get them and take them off my hands … please by all means … because i am tired of fooling with them and my kids have more of a right to play in thier own yard than a bunch of cats so you want to fight over how these poor animals should be treated better or adopted come and get them by all means please …. just contact me by e-mail now i am begging you want to run your mouth come and get them …. because death for them is looking awful sweet right now …

  55. I dont hate cats but the 3 strays here have killed off all my song birds and 4 of my 6 baby rabbits..its war, sorry to them and nothing personal but this stops today….havaheart trap and a cardboard box with my motorcycle engine running with a hose connected..easy painless and my birds get to live….hate if you like and Im truley sorry and feel terrible… cant be live and let live anymore…

  56. I’ve read many of the posts concerningg stray cats and sad to say, the cats are taking over. There many cats where we live in the mountains and many beautiful birds, I have tried to “run” them off, (cats) or scare them off but it does no good. NONE> Let me tell you what’s inhumane, people who let their cats have litters and run rampant. Not only isit inhumane, it’s inconsiderate, cruel and damned rude. I don’t want them around me. I control my dog and his boundaries and so should the cat owners. I’m sick over it because I can’t find a viable solution short of a pellet gun, trapping and removing or downright killing them. Neither of them should be my responsibility. Period. And I’m getting really mad. We have have many speies of birds, woodpeckers, finch’s, jays, robins, etc. and many others, that are being terrorized because of pepople who aren’t responible. Hate the cats, but fault the people who own them. Solution? Don’t have one but I refuse to pay for somebody else’s responsibility.
    In Texas, they have a menancing law, after repeated attempts to rid your property of menacing strays, you have the right to eliminate them. Not in TN. That sucks and so do stray cats by the droves. It’ll make me sick to see even one of these beautiful birds die at the claw of a cat.Unfortunateely, my dog is a Maltese, and he chases them off the property for the most part, but he isn’t big enough to deliver a fatal blow. Too bad. Good luck to all of you that are fighting this ridiculous problem and the people that are to blame for it.

  57. Cat haters,

    It has been repeatedly mentioned that in order to stop most spraying, breeding, yowling, and hunting of feral and stray cats, you MUST neuter/spay them. Thousands of cities across the US have made spaying and neutering cats cost very little, so take advantage of it!

    I dont have a huge cat problem… there are only afew cats that roam around my house. I used to have a gray tabby named Zip, he was neutered and very sweet. My entire family loved him. One day, my neighbor got tired of locking up his cat-flap so that those few strays couldnt get in. (lazy) He started shooting them. (which is allowed in Texas) He first shot the identical white cats that visited my house frequently. Then he shot a black one. And lastly, he shot my Zip. He didnt pay attention to the fact that Zip had a collar or that Zip wasnt the wild yowling type. He didnt pay attention to anything. He just heartlessly shot him…

    Shooting cats isnt the right way to do things, but letting them breed and spray out of control isnt right either. Neuter/Spay them to keep away future cats. They wont spray anymore, nor will they be so happy to hunt our songbirds. It’s a perfectly logical and reasonable way to do things.

  58. Wish I had a tip to share! We tried boxing them up to take to animal control…we have SEVEN of the not-so-lovely beasties roaming around and they drive me up the freakin’ wall…and there’s my husband, tears in his eyes as I talk about ‘getting RID of them’…needless to say, the tuna fish to entice them only worked for 4 of them, and they ended up squeezing out of one of the little holes in the box…I could pull my freakin’ hair out! I keep the water hose on and they SIT there watching me pull that damned thing around the yard trying to spray them out of the yard…they get a kick out of me, I’m sure.
    I’m going to buy a case of the Orange Mr. Clean today and see if that doesn’t make a difference…sigh…if I only had a pellet gun…animal control said if I could trap them, I could drop them off for euthanizing bright and early Thursday morning…they are totally slammed with strays…all of them CATS!!

  59. You all do realize that this problem is due to HUMAN irresponsibility. No one else to blame. Ignorant people wanting that cute little kitty. That’s where it starts. Most cat lovers are appalled when you say you shoot them. Me? So what. I will shoot them when I can. Do I like to? Of course not! More humane that I do shoot them – don’t go all awwww and sissy on me. WE are the problem and WE need to fix it. Millions of unwanted domesticated animals are euthanized yearly yet horrendously high number of discarded animals never decreases. THAT my friends is OUR problem. Try to catch one of those strays or feral and you’ll end up with high emergency room bills. Disrupt the feral colony? You have GOT to be kidding me. Who cares? It is our duty to destroy them as humanely as possible. They got tossed out to begin with because no one wanted them, so now we need to take care of it. Educate your kids and just tell them NO when they want that cute little pet. Stop buying pets you cannot or will not educate yourselves about first. Stop being the cause of this terrible situation.

  60. Kill the cats I am highly allergic to them and they are spraying all over my back yard. I have severe allergic reations to them and some irresponsible cat “lover” is letting them spray all over my garage and in my back yard. What is more important, that a cat has his freedom, or that I can go in my garage without having to go to emergency room over some cats freedom!!!!

  61. Well, I did not get a dog for this reason. But I can say that since my yellow lab jumped the fence to go after a cat that hangs out right by my fence… that cat has not been back. He caught up with the cat twice before it escaped under a shed. I did not want my dog to harm the cat, or get cut up himself. These cats would just hang out though, he’d bark non stop at them but they felt safe on the other side of the fence. So I’m outside one day, he’s going crazy about the cats and finially just leaps over the fence to get the cat.
    I guess the word spread among the strays, because my neighbors yard is no longer the hang out for them. I do/did not encourage my dog to attack cats, it’s natural. And honestly I’m glad he did, since the cats no longer kick it over the fence, he does not bark out of control any more. Now, if I can get him to stop digging the mole paths up.

  62. I don’t hate cats but I do hate the fact that they think that they have the right to mess on my garden. I have no pets but three children who love to play in the garden. When it comes to cutting the grass I have to check for mess. I wish that you could train cats to mess on thier owm property and not others like you do dogs. If I see cats getting ready to crap then I chase them away and throw stones near it but they still come back. Is there anything that will deffinatley absolutly gat rid of them messing in my garden?
    Help nedded quick.

  63. I wished I knew what the answer was. I live just 1 mile from Cornell University, ever January and every June we are inudated with strays that these college kids thought were oh so cute but end of semester arrives and they can’t take them to their next apartment, nor can they take them home to mom and dad. Their solution… open the door and let em out. 2 days ago we found queen under our back deck with 2 precious kittens an orange and white patched and an adoreable cally. Yesterday add a tiger striped patched.. what will we find tomorrow.

    Add to this, multiple calls to a self proclaimed progressive SPCA, where it takes 2 days and multiple attempts to get a live person. Where I am told I have to pay the surrender fee for each animal, the queen, tom, and all the kittens… but wait.. these weren’t mine to begin with. The surrender fee is upwards of 30 dollars or more apiece. In addition I have to rent have a heart traps from someplace, and listen to a perpetual case of giggles from the receptionist.

    I truly do understand everyones dilemma here. Think I will start calling the local vets to see if when we do catch them if they will cut us a deal on neutering and spaying and just leave em be. Heck.. theres already 6 wood chucks further out back, and I havent seen a mouse or mole in more than a month. Sadly tho, even tho this is a semester issue by Cornell students here, you don’t see their own vet school step up to the plate and offer free or low cost spaying/neutering. They simply charge an arm, leg and two feet for everything.

  64. I am going TODAY to spend money for the absolute last time to get rid of these freakin’ cats who think my property is their property. My next step is to mix D-Con in cat food and kill them! I freakin hate them with a sincere passion. We had to board up the area beneath our shead because we’d get rid of one family of cats and another family would move in. Closing off that area solved that problem. Now the jerks are looming around my front yard and have the audacity to stare into my face when I open my front door to leave.

    Another problem is that the cats used to walk along my backyard fence and over time, jumping up on the fence causes the planks to weaken. MY SOLUTION: NAIL DOWN CARPET TACK STRIPS ALONG THE AREAS OF THE FENCE WHERE CATS WALK. That stopped that! My dad was nice enough to pass on that advice. LOL

    We’ve used traps provided by the City’s Animal Control to capture cats, but after catching and returning more than 20 cats, we’re so done. My next step as I said is D-Con in cat food, and I don’t care how many of those jerks die!

  65. How about my neighbor who allows he’s cats to climb my plastic greenhouse and when I asked him to take them to his farm, he told me to shoot them, well I did not have the heart to do that so they went for a ride… Now he has three more kittens to use my herb farm for a kitty litter box, and a scratching post… don’t get me wrong I love animals and the local apl has 90 folks in front of me… what to do???
    I need new plastic this year since I have thousand of cuts and nail holes… Any suggestions….


    The automatic sprinkler is for the “humane” people. Really, it takes care of your problem and gives it to someone else who does not own such a product. What ever the solution, it is money out of your pocket. I guess it depends on those who will only pay $0.05 for a bullet or are willing to fork out the $80 for a “high-tech automatic water pistol”.

    I think every community has lovers of cats or animal-rights activists who do not want to see cats treated inhumanely. In each area there needs to be a list of those people who will volunteer to pay for the rental and deposit of traps, cost of neutering, purchase of scarecrow devices, transporting animals, etc. Does that not seem reasonable? It is a matter of hypocrisy for those people to stand back and pass judgment on others while not taking an active part of the solution (usually their solution – kind of like an “armchair quarterback”). Perhaps it would take canvassing each neighborhood to find these people. There must be some.

    In our city, there is a bylaw that prohibits the free roaming of cats. There are all sorts of fines but unfortunately little funding in place to properly enforce the bylaws. Humane traps are available for rent (plus deposit) but I ask myself why I am paying for other’s negligence whether it is my money or my time?

  67. It depends on where you live, but I once lived in a smallish town and there was a vet who would take strays. He would then give them all of their shots, de-worm them, neuter/spay them, and clip one of their ears (so that if the cat was brought in again he would know he’s worked on it). He would also test for feline leukemia and if a cat was positive it was euthanized (feline leukemia is akin to HIV in humans)

    All of this was free. I brought a stray that was living in my apartment complex and he fixed him up. If I wanted I could have released the cat (which was fed by various neighbors) knowing that he was neutered and healthy. But I decided to keep him and he was a wonderful pet.

  68. If my dog has to be kept in the yard so should the neighbors cats. But if they continue to use my flower patch as a litter box they will be trapped and the right steps will proceed!!

  69. I’m at the end of my tether, I have a stray that comes in my garden and terrorizes my two young female cats (who are now a year old and have both been ‘done’). He even gave them a thrashing when they were kittens. The last bill for ‘Milly’ was £61.00 & that was for a bitten, infected paw.
    Anyhow i trapped the bugger & took him to the vets, he was ‘done’, de-flead, wormed & had a good tidy up (our cat protection league footed the bill) After he was cleaned up he was then released again locally.
    Blow me down with a feather he has attacked my cats again as they were playing in the garden. One has been missing all day and the other one is hiding in the house! WHAT NOW? It didn’t quieten him down did it!

  70. I work overseas, and in the compound where I live and work there are at least 30 cats. now I love cats and dont mind having them here but there no longer good to me. im the Vector control person adn the ferrel cats were good when they ater rthe rats and rodents in the area, what a help. Now there being fed by the cat lovers how feel sorry for them and want to help. but there not helping me. I have orders to get rid of them but they wont give me a rifel (pellet gun) to shoot them and I dont want to poison them because who knows where they will go to die? and help?

  71. I don’t hate these animals and I don’t want to kill them. What I have been trying to find is a birth control medication to feed these stray/ferel cats. Is there such a thing available?
    Not feeding them is the first line of defense but of course, jack rabbits and field mice provide ample food here in the woods where we live.
    Any advice would be appreciated.

  72. Shooting feral cats, despite all the propaganda, is both effective and humane. I have been doing it since 1994. Usually the pattern is that after a couple of large planned slays the population of ferals drops drastically and then a couple show up every now and then. Continued application of the policy means you never have a massive number of them to deal with.

    After two year-long absences due to military service I have found they are back in full force. Each time the pattern has ben exactly as above.

    It is important to use enough gun because cats are remarkably tough. I have found the 7.62×39 is the preferred cartridge. Do not use .22 rimfires nor shotguns except 12-20 gauge with buck or slug loads. Such weapons are unnecessarily loud but bird shot except at point blank range is ineffective. .223 is effective only with head shots.

  73. Pat, your tip is valid in a rural setting, but one risks the chance of a citation for discharge of a firearm within city limits. With the range only 5 to 25 yards, a 1000 ft/sec pellet gun can be really effective. I find I need a scope inasmuch as I can’t focus on front and rear sights without one or the other blurring. Close range is the norm on small city lots. With a good head shot, the legs collapse immediately. That is about as humane as it gets. I wish I could use a firearm legally, but am relegated to other means.

  74. I too have been using a pellet gun…it is old and weak…much like I am getting after chasing these damn cats !!
    The weak shots are great for getting the cat’s attention…a good shot near the base of the tail or anywhere in the hind quarters.
    I tested the gun on coffee cups …I don’t want to break the skin …just cause the cat to feel enough pain to pass on the message to others… seems to work !! We used to have up to 10 different cats per day 2 months ago…BUT now only one per week if that !!

  75. Hi,

    I’m from the Philippines and quite frankly, I hate cats… And, since we don’t have any laws here in our country that prohibits the killing of stray cats or if there is, the authorities here isn’t quite enthusiastic about it as compared to in the US for which I am thankful for. Right now, I have about 6 stray cats in my house and it is terrorizing my house.

    I don’t feed them, I keep the garbage secured, my neighbors hate them, I tried the pellet gun, I tried planting tomatoes, I even tried chasing them and hitting them with a stick and yet, they just don’t go away. They urinate and poop in my yard and making a complete mess of things. Another problem is that almost every other night, they fight or make strange noises that is driving me crazy and sometimes, they find an opening to get inside the house and you can just imagine the mess they make when I get home. One time, I got home from a hard day’s work and I just discovered my brand new leather sofa ruined by those razor sharp claws with a cat sitting on it and you all probably know how frustrating this can be!

    There are no predator urine sold here so I didn’t have the chance to try that, no traps, and my dog is just too damn lazy to scare away cats. So, I would be very thankful if someone here provides a “humane” solution that actually works for getting rid of this menace that is terrorizing my home before I grab my rifle and start shooting at it or feed them with poisoned food.

  76. Oh, one more thing, we don’t have animal control here… Which is another reason why I’m about to use that rifle or that poisoned food strategy as my last resort.

  77. We have no cats here on our country property for the first time in almost 20 years, the feral cats have left after our outdoor cats died this past winter in the huge snows. Once again I see the Baltimore Orioles and many other birds which had not been present. Yes there are more chipmunks everywhere and because we no longer have a dog either there are rabbits and wild turkeys who wander about. Its kind of nice, my wife is already asking for another cat. I do not want any, I like to see our little piece of the earth not being overseen by cats and having to hear the bluejays constantly warning of where they prowl. A declawed, indoor cat may be ok if you like them rubbing across your leg which I do not, I guess a dog will be a compromise, for now I got her a Venus Fly Trap, Marbles make nice pets as well, just dust them once in a while. Having no cats smells better, sounds better at night, no fights and those people who drop them off on the road are ridiculous, people around here will shoot them, I have a friend who has over 50 in his horse barn and he buys a large bag a week of dry food for them as he is compassionate, they are feral, deformed etc. It is a real problem, we now have an increase in coyotes, they are eating cats, fisher have moved down from the mountains to eat cat. Spay and Neuter Keep them inside is my view.

  78. Take heart those that are considered cruel for wanting feral cats dead. I have coped with litter after litter of kittens being born on my property for 5 years now. I have caught the kittens when ever possible and taken them to the humane society. I have found many kittens dead in my garage, yard and other places that a tom cat killed. I have coped with these cats tearing up items on my property, getting into garbage, killing my Koy fish in my pond, and destroying all the wild life I moved to the country to enjoy. Well, unless someone has dealt with something like this for 5 years they have no idea how it feels. I am fed up and from now on killing these killers is my mission. I want to once again enjoy my life on my own property that I pay such high taxes for and maintain. There is no one that will convince me that a cat is more important than a human and if they think so they need serious counceling.

  79. I don,t hate cats, just the ones that took up residence in my backyard. I live in a small apt. with asmall fenced backyard. I just purchased some patio furn. I went to sit in one of the chairs and found it covered with cat hairs. I don,t want to kill the cats, just keep them from entering my yard. I really would like to know what I can spray around the fence to keep them out. I didn,t get them, don,t even want them. So why should I pay to trap them and take them to the pound. If the method does not work, then I will take another approach and get rid of them permanently.

  80. Every year I’m overrun with feral cats (no animal control where I live). I once asked the Sheriff what to do about them; he asked if I had a shotgun or .22- I said yes, he said “problem solved”.

    I keep a number of livetraps- Havahearts work okay for squirrels, but cats can easily avoid the trigger and escape. The BEST trap I’ve found for cats (also possums, coons and small dogs) is the trucatch trap ( My old Trucatch is 36″x14″x12″ and I have NEVER had a cat ‘miss’ or escape from it. Put a small paper plate with canned cat food or tuna mashed down, and lay the trap on top of it so the animal has to walk on the trigger and can’t reach the bait. Works every time!

    I generally trap spring and fall, when the vermin are breeding- so far I’ve trapped just over 90 this year alone (which is pretty normal). I try and eliminate as many of the breeding adults as possible early on (late winter/early spring), and zap the juveniles and any adults I missed in the fall. However, I’ll break out the traps at any time of year when I start catching whiffs of tomcat pee around the house (d@mn things spray my front and back doors) or start hearing catfights- and keep trapping until a week goes by without any hits. Usually I’ll get one right after dark, and one or two more by sunrise- sometimes as many as four a night if I’m able to dump & reset the trap. Sunrise and sundown are your prime trapping hours.

    As for what to do about the trapped cats, I feed ’em to coyotes. I used to drive them waaaay out in the sticks and turn ’em loose, but gas is expensive and bullets are cheap (a 55 gallon drum of water is cheaper still). When I get a big enough load of dead vermin, I haul ’em out someplace near a coyote den and ring the dinner bell.

    For the person suggesting D-con, be aware that it will NOT work unless extremely high doses are fed, and even then it’s not a sure thing- it’s slow acting, too. You can try mouse/rat baits with zinc phosphide, but since cats can vomit, it renders it much less effective (rodents can’t vomit, and are poisoned by phosgene gas- result of zinc phosphide coming into contact with the stomach contents). Antifreeze and canned/dry cat food may work, but cats are pretty picky and may not eat it- you might wipe out the local coon/possum/stray dog population, though. The quickest, most lethal and EFFECTIVE poison there is: a gopher grain-based bait laced with strychnine. It kills in minutes. Mix a cup of it with a dab peanut butter to counter the bitter flavor and a can of canned cat food or tuna for smell, and your cat problems will be solved. Problem is, the d*mn things will stagger off and die where you won’t be able to retrieve them- usually under the porch or in your attic/garage- so you’ll have to deal with flies and dead cat stench for quite a while. You can also try using fly or slug bait, but strychnine is 100% guaranteed fatal.

    If you do use poison, be aware that it is illegal and you can and will be prosecuted if you get found out (depending on the laws in your area, of course). I strongly suggest using livetraps to nab them, then use a .22LR or barrel of water to snuff ’em. Either put the bullet in the ear or aim for the vitals. You could use a .420, a 12/20ga will work too- but shotugn shells are expensive and .22 ammo is cheap. Letting them go is stupid and irresponsible. The only way they get out of a trap around here is if they’re in rigor mortis.

    If cats are a problem, then cowboy up and take care of the problem yourself, because NO ONE ELSE WILL (tho I’m sure the bunnyhuggers will be happy to judge you and not lift a finger to help).

  81. BTW- a bucket or haybale set with a 160 or 220 conibear trap is also extremely effective against cats (also coons, opossums, etc).

  82. Never feed a stray cat please your just asking for trouble. Now I beileve that saying they multiply almost over night and this really was very upesting to me. I became anrgy and I did not what to do. Be advise .NEVER FEED A STRAY CAT.

  83. After reading all the complains written in this site I agree with both sides, having feral cats is a nigthmare in the aspect that they can destroy completely your garden and the smell is awful, but I also agree with the persons who claim for the humanitarian side of the problem. I am a Vet I live in Mexico City and as you can imagine we dont have any law regulations for this problem, we have an Animal Protection Law that doesn¨t apply in any way because of corruption and bad administration, because of this scenario what we call the “civil society” the persons who do not belog to goverment offices take charge of the issue, the first and most important thing to do is to talk to the neigbors to know who else if being affected by the problem, ther will be always humanitarian people who feed the cat and there is nothing that can be do about it, so what we do is to catch the cats with humanitarian traps, spay and neuter them and relocate the whole group in farms where they are together as a clan an do not have the stress ob being confonted individually to animals that already live in the farm. this help to make their own group stronger. We do this with the authorization of the farm owner and we never release less than five and never in wild areas. the importance of doing this is that once you relocated the cats they still are under human influence areas because althoug they are feral as all the persons that write to this site can confirm, they obtain their food directly from humans or from the human actvity. This has been a good solution for us because it beneficiates the cats (wich are feed in the farms) and the farmes (who obtain a pesticide free way of geting rid of mice and other pests). I know that this is possible in my country because the lack of regulation even in milk or meat producing farms that is why we can do this, but if in your country it is no possible, meet with your neighbors and try to figure out ALL TOGETHER a common solution, because when you are affected by this issue the most probably is that you are not the only one affected.
    Thank you

  84. Although I am in favor of using active methods of control to eliminate cats, I think you should be careful.

    Using poisons outside is considered an indiscriminate form of killing and is thus highly illegal. Also It is important that you present the poisoned food in a manner that limits the chances that a native animal will ingest it.

  85. only tip i have is kill them, wharever way your able to. by shooting ,poisoning.whatever. the humane shelters are a joke…… my neighbors cats ,she leaves out all the time to roam over here. and she thinks its funny. on are cars poops in my flowers. poops in my yard. anywhere they want. there persian or himaliyain cats. which do not belong outside. they eats mice, snakes.whatever. she thinks it funny. she needs to be shot…. and they have pop my pool 2yrs. in a row. the blow up ring at top of the pool. its made are lives hell. i have no feelings towards , irespondsible pet owners.. there dump off in the country. no-one gives a sh_t!!! so ill get rid of them myself………………………………………

  86. well it would seem appart from culling there is no real way of eliminating stray and feral cats from my yard. It is not within the law here to take upon culling myself, the local council and shelters are 100% useless and I am just about ready to have a major brainsnap because of these damn animals. I did like cats once but now my hatred has gone almost to the point of obsession. They are dirty filthy pests that now wear whatever I can get my hands on that will drive them off. I have a dog but soon as he is out of sight they are crapping, spraying and howling which wakes me many times all hours of the night. Cats are pests no doubt about it!! If I were allowed to shoot them I would as they are driving me and many others insane of late. I have a zero tollerance for these menacing pest!

  87. I never used to like cats after my childhood cat died when I was 13. Then I developed an allergy to them. However, 10 years later, met my highschool sweetheart again, and he was a cat lover. Fortunately, he only had 1 cat. Needless to say, after some time, I got over my allergy after being exposed, and now, 6 years later, we have 4 cats (2 male, 2 female spayed & neutered) of our own. A new male tabby has wandered into our neighborhood after have been here 3 1/2 years. I live just outside the city. My neighbor likes to feed all the stray cats; which keeps them hanging around. Now, this male has evidently sprayed our house, used our backyard for a cat box, and raided our shed. Since the appearance of this stray, my 2 females are attacking our male cats and I have to keep them seperated. We’ve asked the neighbor to stop feeding the strays because of this. Didn’t work, just today I saw the cat dishes on her proch again! I’m going crazy. I know it’s not illegal to feed them.
    Today I went to the pet store and bought organic anti-anxiety medicine for my cats. (Ridiculous I know) Plus, doused the perimeter of my house/yard and part of the neighbors with hot pepper oil extract. The smell was strong enough that I got a whiff of it as well. If this doesn’t work, I know my uncle said there’s a program where I can take the ferral cat in to be neutered for nothing. I think that’s fair to the cat. At least maybe the problem of spraying, which may be why my females are going crazy, may cease. I will let you know what happens with this first round.

  88. There really is quite an easy solution…
    its called a twelve gauge w/ bean bags and/or handguns with rubber bullets.

    that should discourage them and encourage them to move.

    and if they dont move use the real thing, not bean bags and rubber pellets.

    paintball guns are quite effective as well.

  89. I am a frustrated condo owner in a small complex in Los Angeles county. My neighbors are cat lovers who allow their cats to be everywhere, the odors are so bad that I can’t even go outside on my patio for the stench of poop and urine. I must say, this website has been quite enlightening if nothing else. I still even after reading almost everything this evening, haven’t found anything that I can use legally or illegally to the level of satisfaction I am seeking. So, until someone comes along and gives me the right formula for this undesirable situation, I guess I will use mothballs, Mr Clean, pepper spray and get myself a registered gun for official cat hunting season. Thanks for the memories..

  90. I have cats in my roof.. the pepper stuff only works for a little… when the 4 cats are meowin on my roof and wake me up.. i grab the garden hose and a stick.. and go bashing. 🙂 already have six under my belt.

    the pest control wants money to pick up cats that i dont own? ill do it my self

  91. I don’t have a tip… I need help! I have 2 two year old neutered cats who get agressive with each other only when a stray cat comes in the yard. They growl, hiss and then attack each other. It greatly upsets my mother. Other than never letting them look out the windows any ideas what to do when they get agressive and how do I get these strays to stay out of my yard? Thanks for any help you can give me.

  92. No tips… just more anger.

    I am a wildlife rehabilitator and this summer I have lost 3 young rabbits and 5 young birds to a neighbors pet cats who find the young animals fun toys. It’s to the point where I can’t even do rehab anymore because I’m essentially raising cat bait. I am the foster mother to these animals… I care for them for weeks or even months and nurse them back to health only to wake up one morning and find their bits strewn across my backyard!! I can’t take it anymore!!! I have a very large pre-release cage in my back yard and I will wake up and find two cats sitting on top of it trying to paw at the birds through the bars. The thing that I hate the most is I am an animal lover, but the rage that this causes in me is so immense I can’t even control it. I know if I could get my hands on one of these cats I would just kill it without even thinking. On top of them killing my babies, the cats are digging up/ pooping in/ peeing in my gardens, have scared away all the birds from my feeders and all my squirrels that I released last year are gone (I just hope they left and were not killed).

    I have no clue who owns these cats (I know they are pets because they have bells on… you know, because birds intinctively know that bell=danger and that a stalking cat moves enough to make a bell jingle *rolls eyes*) but besides finding the owner and asking them to keep their cats off my property, what can I do? I have a feeling they would adopt the “it’s your problem” attitude… and if they did, then I would make sure it became their problem, too. But, I really don’t want to start a war…

  93. Cathy, I have the same problem as you. For 7 months, I have tried to do the humane thing and tried to catch this demon of a stray cat, but now, I have had enough. My family and I love our cats more than the stray cat, which chooses to leave it’s mark in my house. With the first chance, this cat will be no more. Peacefull sleep at last.

  94. I just want to get rid of the cats that are pooing in my gardens. I don’t care if they are feral, stray, or whatever. If the owners are so incompetent that they can’t keep them on their own property as required by our local laws, then they deserve to lose their cats anyway.

    So what works …… trap and take to the pound and let the owners pay the $100.00 to get them back is a good, expensive deterent but time consuming for me. I heard that ground pepper works but I’ve not tried it yet. I’d use poison if I knew what would work, but then I’d have to get rid of dead cats, yuk. I have zero tolerance for feral cats and irresponsible cat owners. Maybe I could borrow a cat killing dog. Any successful ideas folks ?

  95. No tips but would like to share my agony. Past couple of weeks I have been losing valuable darn expensive koi to darn strays. People say to catch and neuter them, will it keep them away from my pond?? I think so “NOT”. Also, try catching the pests for me..have tried and failed repeatedly. Before I lose all my koi to this sucker, I have decided to get rid of em. I have no rifles, I have no authorities to handle this because I live in a 3rd world country. I guess I’ll have to poison the m-f s..sorry for the’s so fustrating.

  96. I don’t so much have a tip, but rather a story I’d like to share. I lived in an condo complex where there were some stray cats roaming. When we first moved in, things were fine. We had a cat that we didn’t let outside. We also lived halfway underground beause our unit was on the bottom floor, so our windows in the bedroom were even with the ground outside. To make a long story short, it was impossible to sleep at night and have the windows open because the strays would taunt my cat at the bedroom windows, who, naturally, would get upset! She urinated on my bed and flipped out screaming very loud everytime she saw this cat. I don’t believe in outside pets. That’s why they are called domesticated. I even trapped the stray my cat hated the most and found out the owner lived down the hill, the first house down. I called the 1-800 number because the cat had a tracking chip number and it was raining outside (I felt sorry and thought it was lost). It showed up on my porch one day (this is all before the stray and my cat “met” each other. I got in touch with the owner who said to just put him back outside. Hello!? Why do you have a tracking chip then? It’s just about the stupidest thing I’ve heard. We ended up moving because the landlord couldn’t do anything, but I was determined to trap that cat an take it elsewhere… never saw it again before moving. Now I live in a feral/stray free neighborhood. Less stress for me and my cat… always smelled like cat urine at my condo as well… love that smell in the morning…

  97. I have six INDOOR cats of my own. I used to feed bunnies, chipmunks, squirrels and birds in my yard. The bunnies would even come to me and eat from my hand. But they’re all gone now because of a stray cat. And this one gets overly stimulated by rubbing on my let and then it bites me. I’m afraid to go into my yard anymore. Today I had to clean up PIECES of birds! I don’t feed this stray and I’ve even tried putting the hose on it. It just keeps coming back. I want my peaceful yard back! I couldn’t hurt any animal. It’s obviously an outside cat so even if I found the owner, they’re not going to start keeping it inside. I don’t know what more to do.

  98. Tip? That’s right! All the neighbor hoods that have a sray or ferral cat problem should have a spay and neuter cans about your town for donations (tips)= loose change . When enough to do the THING with a cat or two,get r done. Have like a treasure for each area,once a month check the cans . All the complaining people,get your change out!! Another tip,1 part ammonia to 2 parts water,sray area where cats hang out and the cat if you can get close enough to it. Do not spray in the eyes,inhumane. Do not feed them neither.
    Have some passion for God’s creatures.

  99. I dont have one stray I have over 40 strays in my yard all night. The dogs keep us awake all night long barking at them. we dont feed them, and my cat is in the house. Its not like my cat is in heat since he is a neutered male. So I am wondering why they are all coming into my yard. AC wont do a thing with them. and I am about ready to see if I can start poisoining them. I cant sleep at all at night. between the dogs barking and the cat fights I have had enough. 99% of them look sick. There hair is all matted up and goey looking eyes. AC told me to shoot them. But I am not going to buy a gun and have it around my kids. I am just at my witts end.

  100. I recently moved into an apartment while I build a house. There are about 20 stray cats running around the neighborhood. yesterday one went after my kids and tried to get through the screen door, they were petrified, I chase them away, but due to some local people feeding them and some restraunts dumpsters they just hang around. I don’t particularly dislike cats, I had one when I was a kid. BUT WE FIXED HIM AND KEPT HIM THE HOUSE! I also have a small dog that I have had for 12 years, the cats just taunt her through the fence. We walk her on a leash and pick up her mess behind her, we are responsible and considerate to others. If she became a problem to someone, and we never addressed it,I would understand if someone decided to put a bullet in her head!Nobody is responsible for these mangy stray cats. If you want them , post here and feel free to come pick them up, I will respond and tell you where they are. If not then I will take care of them to protect my kids and dog from disease, fleas and stench!!!

  101. Anyone tried these products? Are they effective?

    Also getting frustrated with the stray cats using the back and front yards as their ‘toilet’ – stench of poop and urine.

  102. T.D.= Trap and Destroy.I myself am going through a time of feral cats living under my mini home. Sure it’s ok to trap, neuter, and release these cats…. not! They still need somewhere to live and under my home is not one of them.
    I just got finished cutting the insulation out of my floors to get the kittens out and the cat destroyed the underside of my mini home when it couldn’t find the kittens although I left them in plain ear shot trying to trap her. This cat has cost me at least $1000.00 in the last month.
    Update the cat tried to back under my mini home again after I released it.
    I agree that cats control the mice population but they also control the bird population, and peoples health risk. Do you really think feral or stray cats are any cleaner than mice? Responsible people still own cats who can control the mice population,and the cat goes home (not to my home)!!!
    If this cat attempts to or any other cat for that matter to invade and destroy my property again it will die.
    Stop throwing the idea around that out of control cats are ok. Smarten up!!! This ends here as far as I’m concerned !!!

  103. Wow, thanks for the interesting stories. I have two cats that someone droped off in our neighborhood, like a dumb-a.. we fed them and now my wife has become emotionally attached. Two very nice indoor cats that are both fixed. I am contemplating on weather I should drop them off in a different neighborhood, or make them “disappear” via my .22 rifle.

    I am wondering if it would be possible for me to start a business that would help people in similar situations… If you had enough, and want to get rid of your pet or a cat who does not want to leave your property, call up the pet reaper sign a waiver, and bada-boom-bada-bing, problem solved. Think $20.00 bucks a cat is fair?

    Have Van, will travel….
    West Michigan.

  104. Missy buy yourself a Havahart trap and make sure it is big enough to handle a tom cat. I myself am using a 1078 model. Once you open the box and remove your new trap.Figure out how the trap works. Set the trap on your table cut out a piece of cardboard(I used the box itself)and place it on the floor of the trap. If you use the box put the colored side down. The reason for putting paper or cardboard on the floor of the trap is cats hate to walk on steel wire.MAKE SURE THE CARDBOARD DOESN’T INTERFER WITH THE DOOR OR FOOT RELEASE PEDAL OR TRIGGER PAN.Make sure the cardboard fits snugly where you want it and doesn’t move around accidently obstructing the trigger pan, release, or door. I find for cats the best bait is Brunswick Sardines in soya oil(small fish with a pretty good smell) Herring will do also.Place the bait on a paper towel on the porch in a corner where cats hang out. Place the trap on top of the bait(let it squish through the mesh) in front of the trigger pan as far back as possible so the cat can’t get at it without entering the trap. Cover the trap with a towel or cloth not including the door or entrance way. This calms the animal until you remove it.One more thing make sure the trap is on level ground or porch. Cats get nervous when walking on wobbly ground.Make sure you know what your going to do with this animal once you have captured it! Have you bought that trap yet? Any more questions? Please send to this site and I will answer them as best possible.

  105. If one is not prepared to liquidate the beasts there are few options.
    -Attempt to repel them (rarely works, but product sellers gain, almost into perpetuity) and be prepared for a career of it.
    -Attempt to trap them (more money) and dump your problem on some other poor sucker.
    -Attempt to poison them and risk doing the same to any other animals.
    -Enjoy the visits of these filthy noxious troublemakers.
    If you want a final solution, try a high velocity pellet rifle. It is not a firearm, thus not illegal to discharge, even in city limits. (I have a sawed-off 12 guage, but I keep it only for emergencies.) A scope really helps. If you cannot trust it around your kids, I assume you have no prescription drugs or kitchen knives either. Cat food or fish in an open area that is in a direct line of fire from a window is very effective. If you can see the profile, shoot for the ear. If you’ve practiced well, it will be an immediate kill. If you haven’t practiced well, you may well have created a very cautious beast. Ideally, you want the sun behind you – hawks use this technique very effectively. Get rid of the carcass immediately in case some do-gooder has a caniption fit. For somebody inundated with 40 cats, it will probably take months unless you have some like minded neighbors. I had this problem 4 years ago. It took a few weeks (they are incredibly intelligent animals), but I haven’t had a problem since. So quit yer belly achin’ and choose one of the options above.

  106. Over the past few months I have had a major problem at my residence with feral cats. This problem has compounded itself with the infestation of fleas brought onto my property by the feral cats. These cats have reproduced, thus adding more problems. It is said that the average number of litters a fertile cat can produce in one year is three; and that the average number of kittens in a feline litter is 4-6. Since these cats first took up residency on and around my property I have had to have the interior of my home fumigated for fleas twice, including the surrounding grounds, which includes under my home. This has been a costly process and one that is not readily going to go away due to the fact that these cats keep multiplying and coming onto my property. With every litter there are more fleas and the vicious cycle repeats itself. I also can relate to those that speak of the foul odors eminating from their property and the propeerty damage caused by the free-roaming cats.

    I am having remodeling done at my home and the job has had to stop due to the risk of introducing these fleas into the attic. My exterminator is continuing to spray for fleas in an effort to rid them, however he told me that as long as these cats continue to come on my property and off-load their fleas the situation will continue. We have tried to go through the accepted channels (Dept. of Animal Services) but after trapping these ferals for two months and taking them to the shelter they denied renewal of the permit because I told them about the fleas. (Did they think that the 40 or so cats we took in didn’t have fleas???)

    Even if the political machine moves very slowly I think that if enough of the people in the US send their letters to their representatives ultimately something might be done. The TNR proposal make sense BUT these animals should not be returned to the neighborhoods. If someone wants to adopt them, care for them, and KEEP THEM INSIDE then “hats off to you.” All the suggestions by the animal advocates sound nice for a very perfect world. But, this is not a perfect world and the trap and neuter concept is one that is not going to get all the cats because they multiply faster than they can be trapped. Add to that the fact that there are well meaning people who feed these ferals and that means THEY ARE NOT HUNGRY AND WON’T GO INTO THE TRAPS.
    In Los Angeles, it would take a very large effort on our city government,the animal advocates, the city departments all working together to abate this problem. It seems that they are much too busy debating the issues, etc. to take some effective action. I don’t think we, in Los Angeles, can expect to see anything done in our generation, or even our kids generation, who knows!!
    I am not saying that these cats/fleas carry disease. I don’t have to the county health department does. The key word is that they have the potential to carry the disease. I guess like everything else someone has to end up very sick or even die. The number of feral cats in neighborhoods running loose and spreading fleas and diseases is of concern but what is of greater concern is the lack of our local officials to adequately resolve a problem which will no doubt become a major site for disease and future quarantines.

  107. I have found that trapping them and releasing at least 5 miles from the house on the street works great. I collected a grocery bag of cat feces and left it on my neighbors lawn.

  108. Well….I did’nt read through EVERY post here but I am having the same problems, with a little twist. My neighborhood has been inundated with strays. I live in a Mobile home community and the quarters are a little tight. The neighbor seems to think it’s “ok to feed the needy cats.” I however disagree. Being a former cat owner myself I am aware of the disease and dangers posed to them, my neighbors, and my dumb neighbors 4 yr old son. He’s been bitten twice and scratched multiple times with very bad infections afterwards. ( Some people are just DUMB!! )
    Here’s my problem…..I own a quite nice and valuable summer car. It’s a convertible and I don’t have an enclosed garage to park it it overnight. These cats have made a wreck out of my “once beautiful”car!!!!! It’s going to cost me over $2k to replace the damaged and leaking fabric of the top, and almost $1k to repair all of the scratches in the paint fron the stones and mud that they have drug throughout the cars vertical surfaces. HOW THE HELL DO I KEEP THESE THINGS OFF OF MY CAR WITHOUT EITHER MOVING OUT OR HAVING TO ENCLOSE MY GARAGE?? ( Then I’ll have entrapment problems. ) Nobody can pay for this but ME. And don’t say to call my insurance…..cause I STILL PAY!!
    My other neighbors suggest some chicken marinated in anti-freeze, but I’m not one to go there. There has to be a better way!!

  109. Feral cats are pests. You don’t have to feel bad for them and you are not a bad uncaring person for wanting to protect your beloved pets from these pests. As for the despicable posts from some of these so called animal lovers whose motivation like the vast majority of self proclaimed animal lovers is only to personify their own ego and to make themselves appear loving and caring have little concern for the animal itself. I find it comical that most would advocate spending your own money to fix a pest problem although very few would depart with their dollars to help save the animals they claim to love so much. Most of their organizations are the same way. The Humane Society of the United States and the heralded National Humane Society can’t seem to cough up one thin dime to actually help feed and care for animals in need but instead choose to spend your donated dollars to lure high profile Hollywood types to spread their lies for them. Oh you didnt know that? Well wake up folks. Check out and read up on these animal lovers. They don’t love anything except a big travel budget and your money. Euthanize them with a good pellet rifle and a scope. Practice up because you certainly dont want them suffering. Cull the little pests with a very humane fatal shot and then feel good about it because you have saved hundreds of songbirds, your beloved pets and countless other small animals from these disease ridden and destructive killers. I have no problems with it, I don’t feel bad when I do it and I never will. If you feel bad for these vermen then please send me a trap and everytime I trap one you can send me the money to have it shipped to you and you can love it all you want. If you’re not willing to do that then please don’t bore me with your ridiculous rantings that could only be inspired by a person whose only motivation for being an animal lover is “If I tell them I love animals and would never harm one won’t they think I’m something special then”. Hypocrits

  110. Certainly both points of view have validity. But I have to tell you, if my indoor cats accidently got out they would most likely act like ferals to any strangers and if anybody shot and killed them I promise they would have to deal with me! Sometimes you can’t tell someone’s pet from a feral or stray. Yes they should have collars, but might have microchips. You can trap a cat and take them to the Humane Society and let them deal with the cat. They have scanners for the microchips and will euthanize ferals and strays because they just can’t house them all.

  111. Further comment, I became the neighborhood person for trap, spay, release and I have to tell you it really ticks me off! I can think of better things to spend my money on and just won’t do it anymore. My neighborhood had a severe mouse problem a few years ago and I’m sure some idiot set a cat loose to take care of them and that’s what started the whole problem around here…thanks alot! Couple that with people that won’t fix their pets and won’t keep them inside and it easily becomes an epidemic. The problem isn’t the animals, it’s stupid people.

  112. I don’t know what to do w/the ferals that come around. My indoor cat has become extremely aggitated as he sits by the patio door with the feral on the other side. There is alot of hissing and howling, wanting to fight each other. My cat is very territorial, and doesn’t want these ferals around – that is quite obvious.
    We live in a townhouse community. Somewhere here feeds them and has brought in a shelter of some kind for them in which to live.
    My problem is they still roam the complex, and get my cat riled up, to the point that he re-directs his aggression to us inside the house.
    I’m at a loss. Any ideas?

  113. I don’t know what to do w/the ferals that come around. My indoor cat has become extremely aggitated as he sits by the patio door with the feral on the other side. There is alot of hissing and howling, wanting to fight each other. My cat is very territorial, and doesn’t want these ferals around – that is quite obvious.
    We live in a townhouse community. Someone here feeds them and has brought in a shelter of some kind for them in which to live.
    My problem is they still roam the complex, and get my cat riled up, to the point that he re-directs his aggression to us inside the house.
    I’m at a loss. Any ideas?

  114. To Toni…..I agree that some cats are hard to identify as someones pet. I won’t merely just see a cat and shoot it. This situation needs to stop here in my neighborhood. As I stated before..I used to have cats and I am partial to having them as pets. Their love and affection can be very gratifying. I know which neighbors have cats and what they look like. If I do find a menace( Like the one that damaged my car.) I will verify if it’s a stray/feral/ whatever you want to call them. IUf it is indeed a “NON-PET” and damages my property, it will be taken care of. If it is a pet, then ohter arrangments will be made to rectify the problem/ like “KEEP YOUR CAT INSIDE!!.
    I agree, this is not the fault of these cats, it’s the fault of sensless stupid human beings.
    Katie, I had the same problem. I solved it by limiting the access my cats had to windows and doors overnight. I velcrod the patio curtains to the window so my cats could’nt “seek out the stray” Í also fit peice of cardboard box to the other windows that these rendevouz where taking place. It only took a few weeks and the stray became uninterested in visiting my front door and windows. All went back to normal for my cats. Hope that helps.

  115. My neighbor had 10 to 15 feral cats that spend most of their time on my property or my other neighbors property. We spoke to the cat woman, who didn’t seem to care about our problem. So we purchased a couple of cans of tuna fish and drained the oil. We then replaced the oil with anti freeze. We made sure none of our pets were allowed in certain areas for a few days. We placed the sweet tasting tuna fish near the cat womans property and after a day we noticed no more cats. We then retrieved the half eaten cans of tuna fish and disposed of them safely. For a few days we had a stench in the neighborhood, but it soon went away as quickly as the cats.

  116. We have a VERY lazy neighbor that WILL NOT keep her male cat out of our yard. This cat we’ve seen going in and out of the sewer, can you imagne the filth that that cat is carring??? Plus she has three dogs that she lets run in and out of the house free at will, she has the patio door wide open all year round, can you imagne all the bugs she is letting into the house??? She has a 1 year old the lives in that dirt. PLEASE HELP US!!!!!

  117. Jay…..I’d be contacting animal control for that one….Then Child Protection Services to take care of that situation!!!!

  118. Steve, I believe you have the solution! I have thought of doing this and maybe I should just invest in the pellet gun and start practicing. I live in a rural area and have one little cat that is 15 years old. She can’t really fend for herself any more at her age. Several years ago we had a horrible feral cat problem and I caught at least 15 feral cats and relocated them. I think then a neighbor’s male cat that was only let outside every so often helped the cat population grow out of control because the neighbors car was a long haired cat and most of the kittens would have long hair. Over the years my domestic cat has gone nuts because of the harrassment of the feral cats. I can’t keep her in the house because of allergies. I have considered having her put to sleep just to get rid of the feral cats. Now there are three or four in the neighborhood and one looks like a cross between a cat and a bobcat, it has no tail and is male. I try to just put enough food out for my little cat and watch while she eats, but this is not always possible. The feral cats will hang out under a security light in my side yard at night catching crickets. When you live in the country there is no shelter to take feral cats to. It is a horrible problem for me. Maybe farmers can just shoot stray animals. I believe the best thing to do is catch and take to a shelter somewhere and have them put to sleep, but they charge money for that. They all look very fit to me. My cat is the one that is suffering.

  119. I put carpet tack strips on my fromt window sill, just this evening I had one of the 2 strays in my yard keep hopping up there and peering inside. So I grabbed some tack strips from the garage and lined the sill with them. It hasn’t hopped up there since.
    It’s dark now, but tomorrow I’ll be out with the 12 gage to end the problem permenantly.

  120. HELP! We have had three generations of wild/ stray cats between us and the neighbours around us, they just keep moving and seem to evade the RSPCA traps! Now they are back in our ceiling (old style bungalow home) ABOVE THE BED! We have tried pellets, sealed the obvious access to the roof (but it’s open all the way around), trying to disrupt them by banging on the ceiling, etc. Will insulation bats or fibers stop them settling in the roof? Can’t use a gun here, any other suggestions (please be specific) I’m about to try spraying a tabasco solution all over the place…

  121. Camphor tablets are a cheap and easy way to keep an unwanted cat from nesting in your bushes and ambushing small creatures or in my case, my gentle dog! I found the camphor tablets in a Miami drug store– but they are not easy to find in other states. When you get them — unwrap and lay out along the perimeter you want to protect– 1 tablet every 3 feet. These last about 1 month– unless you get lots of rain. Besides that, a good sling shot and a large marble is worth a shot 🙂

  122. It is not stray cats that are a bother, it’s the neighbor’s cats. They let them run loose and these cats eat dead animals and then **** in my yard. My dog has eaten cat **** and caught worms three times in the past 8 months. At 60 bucks a worming I am getting REALLY sick of it.
    I have trapped and taken to the pound 4 of them in one week. I am going to buy my own trap so it can be out 24/7 and every cat I catch will headed for the shelter. For the ones who won’t go in the trap, some tylenol or antifreeze in a can of tuna should work nicely. Left in my yard late at night and picked up in the morning of course. I am furious. I have place mouse traps around the areas they use to come in, I have let my huge dog chase them, nothing works. I’d like to shoot the owners in the butt, they are ultimately the ones responsible. Please do not release cats at least 10 miles from your home, they will only become a problem to some other person, and I would not wish that on anyone.

  123. There are several problems:

    No. 1 – People who release cats rather than dealing with their own and leaving them to become someone else’s problem(s).

    No. 2 – House cats go outside too.

    No. 3 – Birds and other animals spread disease just as much as feral cats. Have you ever had histoplasmosis? People feed wild birds and it helps support their populations. Incidentally, bird lovers ought to know that birds also eat cat food.

    No. 4 – The feral cats I know are not violent and are not invasive to the local environment any more than the local birds, house cats and dogs that occasionally get loose.

    No. 5 – Without neutering, any wild animal can breed to the point that it becomes a problem.

    No. 6 – Poisoning animals can be a crime and could lead to worse problems if a child consumes it.

    No. 7 – Those who own pets and hate feral cats need to know that their pets can be a problem for others, as in – “my dog doesn’t bite”!

    No. 8 – There is no easy solution, just think about what you are ssaying and the logical consequences of the theory that you adopt – it might apply in ways that you never imagined!

  124. won’t cats just vomit up anti-freeze treated tuna/chicken? Would raid bug spray, which from what I understand is cyanide work? We have stray kittens that the indian children are letting loose in the neighbourhood and one grey & white with no bell that is a neighbours that is killing our front porch birds in the feeder.

  125. Feral cats everywhere!! The fleas are driving me mad.

    I have yet to find an acceptable solution. I have tried predator urine, store-bought concoctions with a wide variety of things like spices and oils, chemicals to get rid of the fleas, traps, and a low-powered bb gun (old worn-out spring powered thing that wouldn’t shoot 15ft if I wasn’t firing it from the upstairs window).

    I have seen generation after generation of these darn cats, and I’m frikkin sick of it. I’ve had enough. Cat sh!t all over, they utterly devastate the fish population in my small pond, but what really gets me is the FLEAS!

    I think I will have to give in and buy one of those Olympic-style break over air rifles… the real decision though is whether I should shoot the cats or my neighbor who leaves their giant trashcan wide open 24-7. Just kidding, kind of. Soooo frustrated.

    If I go into my backyard for 5min, I have to spend then next week or two covered in flea bites.

    Some other fed-up neighbors repeatedly call animal control, and once for about 2 months I didn’t see any cats. Now the next generation is here, which may be the first generation to experience the soon-to-be-adopted ‘trespassers will be shot on site’ policy.

  126. I’ve read all the comments on this page! There is a feral cat problem where I live that seems to be getting worse since my new neighbor moved in. At first she was complaining about the cat problem and I told her if they don’t have a food source they won’t multiply. So now I see she is feeing them and as a result we have 3 mother cats that are pregnant which one already had her 4 kittens. Seems like my neighbor is deliberately adding to this problem and I’ve also seen the feral cats in her apt. I can’t figure her out, she first complains about them and now she’s feeding them and allowing them in her apt., at night. I don’t know what to do about her, she is no longer talking to me and if I was to trap the cats and the kittens she might have a COW about it, since now she is suposabley taking care of them, but that doesn’t take care of the flies and pee and *** that they are all doing around my door and as a result I’m having a major fly problem that I never had before she moved in next door. She is becoming a nuisance and as I recall, when we were on good terms she said she loved it here and would live here for a very long time. Well I’ve been living at the triplex longer than her for about 7yrs now and she just moved in 3months ago, I am so upset that she is going to be her longer so therefore there will be more cats than there are now and more flies and pee and *** to follow. I’ve tried cleaning up around my area and spraying the flies outside but they won’t disappear, as long as the cats are around doing their business. I’ve talked to the property management and they say nothing can be done and for me to trap them. I don’t want to get clawed by these diseased cats and to top it off have my neighbor become more angier with me, but I’m not sure what to do anymore. She is the root of the problem and since she has moved in she thinks she is the boss and has the run of things. And not to mention I sympathize with KEVIN because I have had one of my cars get clawed up because of these cats and now I have a newer car that’s nice and chances are my car will be getting clawed up since I’ve been seeing paw prints on the hood and the windshield. I’m going to try spraying the orange cleaning solution as someone here has suggested and see what happens. I don’t want to kill the cats, not only because I just can’t do it, I am not that type of person to kill a living creature, but even if I got the courage to do it, I have my dumb neighbor that will have a cow with me if any of them happen to disappear or die…so please anyone out there with any suggestions on how to solve this problem…I can’t move as I’m on a fixed income and my rent for this area is very good. So please help me with any comments that you may have? THANKS A BUNCH!!!

  127. Since I wrote in March about the cats in our heat ducts, thought I would update you on our ‘progress’ and ‘NOT!!!’…. About March we probably had 20-25 feral cats. Due to my husband’s atitude concerning ‘killing’ animals, I have been overcome with the problem of catching litters, taming them and finding homes for them. (Of course, my kindhearted hubby doesn’t help with any of that).. Believe me, since we have been trying to ‘HUMANLY’ lower the feral population without any help… I have become very frustrated. In the spring we had around 8 females PG. Surprisingly, about 10 of all the litters have survived in the wild. Some got sickly and died, 3 were run over by passing vehicles, a few killed by toms, and a few just up and disappeared. BUT, the population has STILL GROWN. We also have had dead kittens in our insulation (4 times) and the stink and flies in the house was overwhelming. I have given away 10 kittens and have been continually searching for help from AC or SPCA, the county, neighboring towns, etc… Without any ANY success! NOW, my husband suggests I find some local animal activists group that would either come and catch, neuter these pesty pets of his (since it is fall, we now have 5 females PG, one has had her litter in the insulation AGAIN).. Searching for these ‘activists’, I see that they will be of NO HELP in our situation. SO, I have stumbled across this site once again, and read down thro the suggestions, and stories. In three years, I have given 40 cats and kittens away. I am at the END OF IT, EXHAUSTED, and TIRED of the expense, time and work that is involved in doing it THIS WAY. Like I said, we have about 5 females PG, but the total population right now is about 20, with more that come in the night. I have tried to suggest NOT FEEDING THEM, but hubby says NO WAY. Whatever I do, that he might CONSIDER INHUMANE, I will have to do on the sly. Gun, poison, trap and move… ?? I will let you know IF I find any successful way. Thinking about running an ad in local papers for people with barns that need mousers.. But then again, we would be spending MORE money that we cant afford. Right now we spend approx. $30 a week on food, litter, for these very UNGRATEFUL things.

  128. Stray cats are not welcome on my property, legally owned or not…these animals kill far too many wild animals including birds, small mammals and reptiles. Harmless Bull and Desert King snakes on my property take care of the rat and mouse population.
    I have been using several “live catch” racoon traps baited with sardines or tuna and that seems to work really well for trapping cats. Cats are then turned over to local county animal control where the animal will be dispatched…no release! If you have trapped a cat once and it is released, you will be hard pressed to ever catch the same cat again.
    Releasing cats in the country will only prove a burdon on local quail and dove populations and is not recommended.
    I have trapped well over 60 cats in such a manner on my property however folks still continue to buy kittens and then release them to the outdoors after they mature…the animal will soon end up on my property. Fines should be much higher ($300.00+) for people who do not follow local leash laws. Until then…I will continue to trap. The point is, if you own a cat and let it roam free and then something happens to the animal or it just dissapears, you have no one to blaim but yourself. Releaseing a cat to roam on other’s property is cruel to the animal and selfish of the owner.

  129. 7.62×39 mm and 5.56 mm (.223 Remington)…(rifle calibers mentioned earlier) are far too much gun but will indeed hammer the rascals. We have called (with wildlife distress calls) bobcat, fox and coyote for the last 30 years in West Texas and the little .22 rimfire CCI stinger or a .22 mag is all you need for above mentioned preditors as well as stray cats. One shot to the head works everytime.
    So if you live in an area that allows you to “bust a cap”…a .22 caliber rimfire rifle is by far the most sure, humane and effective way to take care of the stray cat problem. I consider a stray as any cat “straying” onto my property.
    IMPORTANT note: there is also a new .22 LR rimfire cartridge being sold in the US by AQUILA Ammunition (Hecho en Mexico). They are subsonic and fly about 475 FPS muzzle velocity. The cartridge is topped with a 20 grain lead bullet. At ranges under 30 yards it works everytime and they are quiter than any hyper velocity pellet gun. You will have to feed one at a time in a semi-auto however.
    Stray/Feral cats will also respond to recorded or hand/mouth animal distress calls (Johnny Stewart, Burnham Brs. etc.)…a good way to get them in close for a clean shot.
    So…the solution is very simple: In town, live trap and then a lethal injection by animal control. Out of city limits: shoot first and ask questions later (good pre deer/elk season rifle practice also). So..GOOD HUNTING everyone!

  130. This site was a lot of help for me . The pepper spray works very well thanks . Cats breed like rabbits and are very unclean animals. The best thing for them is to be six feet under.

  131. Be sure to have a live catch trap that is large enough to trap a feral/stray cat. I use three (single door) traps that are at least 35″-36″ long and 12″ to 15″ x 12″ to 15″ in height and width.
    I seem to have a little better luck with the larger of the 3 traps possibly because the feral/stray feel less in danger walking into a larger opening. These traps are actually raccoon traps.
    Be patient…I have left baited traps out for sometimes over a week without moving or rebaiting and about the time I give up and go to clean, rebait and move the trap to another set…there is a cat sitting in it! The large majority of my catches are nightime. Bait with tuna, sardines or cat food. Dispose of the trapped animal “best way” that suits your area (local animal control can help in some areas) but whatever you do…don’t release it back into the outdoors!
    TNR programs are useless so don’t beleave the hype…if I trapped 20 cats off of my property one week and they all went to TNR…I would real soon have the same 20 cats back on my property…and those cats would never fall for a live catch trap again!
    Push community leaders for enforceable pet leash laws with fines that include cats. We have such a leash law in my area.
    My feral/stray cat problem has now simply become trapping one stray cat maybe every 4-6 weeks since the main cat colony has FINALLY been eliminated. Trapping must be continual however since other cats want to move into an area where cat groups have been eliminated. With this practice, my property as well as the surrounding country side has become virtually cat-free and native birds and wildlife are re-establishing themselves. I am seeing more cactus wrens, mockingbirds and sage thrashers as well as colorful songbirds than I have ever seen before as well as small wild mammals…a good indication that the cats are gone and the area is becomming healthy again.
    I will say however, to maintain a cat-free zone, trapping of feral/stray cats will be a never ending process because of cruel pet owners. I am convinced many cat owners will never change their habits of letting their so called “beloved pets” roam free…they just don’t care about their pet’s safety, your property, or native wildlife and they leave the many times difficult decisions up to us and/or AC.
    I hope this info has helped.

  132. I, for one, don’t understand the TNR theory. First, why would I spend MY money to neuter a stray cat that I don’t want, and then bring it back to my neighborhood to continue being a problem?? If I ever catch it, it’s outta here!! We have a stray that my next door neighbor has been feeding for several years. I actually thought it was her cat. The cat is partially tame, but too wild for the neighbor to keep in her house. Meanwhile, this cat has scratched up the last 3 trucks I’ve purchased because it likes to sleep on them. I had the last truck (over $43K) for only 2 days when this stupid cat scratched it.

    When I talked to the neighbor, she became upset because she thought I was going to call Animal Control and the cat would be put to sleep (she’s 8 months preg.) Now I have this hysterical woman AND that crazy cat to deal with.

    I finally decided that if I catch the cat, I’m taking it to an animal shelter not in our town so she can’t find it, and hopefully they will put it to sleep.

    And trust me, my true desire is to take the easy way out and just buy some cat food and rat poison…there is absolutely no good reason for this cat to stay alive!

  133. TNR and catch and release are a waste of time. You still have a cat living in the wild and bothering either you or somebody else. The only way to “get rid” of cats , as is the title of this page, is to kill them either yourself or the local humane society. I use both a rifle and rat poisen mixed with canned cat food. It ends the problem and costs me very little time or money. Both methods are very humane.

  134. Acquire Bennelli, Heckler & Koch, or Smith & Wesson, or similar quality instrument
    Add full choke.
    Insert skeet cartridges or heavier load.
    Adjust comfortable rocking chair or porch lounge chair to taste.
    Don ipod or similar relaxation device.

    Alternatively, set trap and take to shelter.

  135. It will be very difficult to re-trap any cat that has come from a TNR program. If you have a cat that is not falling for your baited live trap, there is a good chance the cat has been trapped once before by TNR or others and then released.
    You will have to dispose of these “educated” critters by “other means” and those means may be illegal…so, just be careful! To make it easy on yourself and your trapping efforts (traps hunt 24/7), don’t support the TNR programs. If you do, you may soon be over-run with hords of these nasty, destructive varmints and your traps will be useless. Our shelter’s kill rate is very high and AC will not release in any case. Fines are high for owned pet pick-up. Local AC will even do animal pick-up service…all at no charge as long as (you say) the animal is not yours and it was trapped on your property. And for everyone’s sake, never release a trapped cat… take out the Garbage! Good luck trappers!

  136. Slingshot with ball bearings, amonia, water, chlorine, broom, Slingshot with rocks, dogs, bleach, pepper spray, Slingshot with pellets, baby oil.
    You have to make the animal know that you are the biggest predator on earth then they generally don’t come around. If you play around with them, they will keep playing you by showing up. I share a garage with an elderly uncle and whenever we would exit our cars the cat would run into the garage through the open automatic door. With all the junk my uncle had in the garage it was a nice nest for the cat. All that was good until she had five kittens. And so then when we would pull in and exit our cars the mother cat, protecting her kittens would rear up, tail pointed straight up and hiss at me. Well she did that twice to him and once and I mean only once to me. That same day I went and got the garden hose I filled several buckets full of really hot but not boiling water. I also got one gallon of amonia and one bottle of bleach. I used the water hose to shoot in the area of the garage I thought the cats were in. Once I heard the movements the mother cat I charged her with the hot water buckets striking her and she immediately ran out the open garage door leaving her kittens behind. I closed the door behind her so it was just me and the kittens. They were hiding in some old tires my uncle left stacked upon one another in the garage. SO I got the amonia and basically just dumped the whole thing on them. Did the same thing with the bleach, then followed that with consistent spraying with the water hose for a good 15 minutes. Tired, wet and stinky they eventually stumbled out into the open where I scooped them up with a shovel and dropped them in an empty bucket about 24 inches high. The sides had been coated with baby oil so they couldn’t get out. But one still wouldn’t come out. The mother hearing their yelps kept trying to get in the garage so I enlisted two friends, one came over with his slingshot and the other had a broom. Slingshot guy kept the mother cat at bay while the one with the broom helped me catch the last kitten. I then put the bucket with the captives in the trunk of my car and dropped them all in four different parts of town. PROBLEM SOLVED!
    Now before you give me the that was inhumane speech; no that I called the city animal control, county animal control, humane society and ASPC. All were as useless as *** on a bull and kept giving me the runaround of what they could and couldn’t do. So I took matters into my own hands to protect myself and property and I’m darn sure I did.
    I really hope this posting helps others.

  137. Trapped two roaming feral/stray cats 12 days ago and again the area is cat free…I have not seen or trapped a cat since that time. Actually, I did not know the two I trapped were even around…they must have been moonlight visitors. AC picked-up and disposed of the varmints at no charge. Lots of native birds & wildlife still returning to my area and wintering in the sage, rock and cactus eco-areas I have planted & developed for just that purpose…you can’t knock it…constant trapping and a “no release” policy REALLY WORKS! As soon as other cats try to move in, they are Busted! I have even seen some little Inca Dove which I have not seen around for many years and there is no cat stench or spore.
    My three live catch traps are still baited and set however keeping a tireless vigil while I sleep.

  138. Mark,I am more than intrigued by the subsonic .22 – please tell me more. I can probably find the ammo, but what do you reccommend as a rifle? (I haven’t had a .22 for 40 years or more) The idea of a .22 that is quieter than a pellet rifle is almost revolutionary. Can one switch back and forth from the subsonic to a standard load, or does the rifle need to be dedicated? At that low velocity, does the load trajectory drop sufficiently to require a lot of practice? Here in Atlanta a gunshot is not all that unusual, but I’m afraid the do-gooders will sic Johnny Law on me if they hear the loud report. Where is an outlet for the distress calls? I knew an old boy in Oregon who said he could stalk and kill a mule deer with a .22, but an Elk. Man, you gotta be good. I haven’t had a rifle since I lived in the northwest 20 years ago. In the city I feel better with my Sig Sauer and my 12 gauge pump – excellent for two legged varmints. And you’re right about too much gun – my old favorite was a 30.06 but it would endanger too many people here.

  139. It is called d-con or any kind of poison. Here they charge over 60-100 dollars to put ONE cat to sleep. Who has that kind of money for a cat? I say take out the gun and shoot them or set out some poison. Wait for spring or summer becasue you will have to burry them and the ground is frozen right now. Stop all this bleeding heart bull ****. They are just cats. Especially if they are ruining your life or pose a danger to humans. Someone posted there are 40 or 80 feral cats ….not in my neighborhood…that just would not happen,,end of story and I sure as **** would never allow that smell. Peole are freekign crazy for thinking that is ok…nugh said

  140. Oliver…
    Elk with .22 rimfire?…NO, you missunderstood. We do alot of jackrabbit, prairie dog, coyote & bobcat hunting on area ranches with .22 LR, .22 mag rimfire, .223 Remington, 22-250 centerfire etc during off season.
    Trying a .17 rimfire this year. By doing this we keep our “rifle” edge…trigger squeeze, quick sight alignment, fast reflex and a steady hand. These are small targets also.
    Then when Elk season (big targets) comes around, we switch to maybe a .300 Ultra Mag or .338 Winchester Mag. and start the grill. I believe many sates have min. caliber requirements also starting at 6mm. Check local laws.
    Aquila ammunition from Mexico (they have a web site). About 450 FPS and subsonic so the shot report is very, very quite…I would suggest (for small game) any bolt action or single shot .22 LR, rimfire rifle with a scope because the low powered round will not cycle the bolt on a semi auto…you will have to feed in the chamber one at a time. The round works OK on wild cottontails and jackrabbits in the field as long as you get a clean head shot and the shot is not over 30 yards. You can use the same rifle for the sub-sonic ammo or change to standard .22 RF rounds at any time. In town, check local laws.

  141. Another stray grey trapped last night…my first bobtail! No tags, or collar. The Cat went to the larger of my 3 live catch traps which was baited with some left over steak fat, table scraps. He is history now!
    He must have been a roaming tom from another area because I have not seen him before. The local “gatos” have all either been eliminated or now being kept in their house…where they should be.
    All 3 traps re-baited, set and awaiting new arrivals. Trap/No-Release (TNR…lol) not only works, it can be quite fun.

  142. Ive spent some time reading everyone’s postings. Some made me laugh and honestly some infuriated me.
    There are a couple of products that work quite well to keep cats out of the yard. One is a motion activated water sprayer. It has a range of about 40 feet and is a humane, and effective way to keep unwanted cats out of your yard. The company also carries an array of products that are useful in dealing with unwanted cats in your yard. They can be reached toll free at 1-800-877-7290.
    I think the most important thing for people to understand is that cats did not cause this problem, people did. Cats do what is in their nature to do and unfortunately it is sometimes at odds with what we want. We dont want them killing the birds at our feeders, crapping in our flowerbeds or yowling at 3am. People may scoff at the thought of TNR but it is one of the most effective and humane ways to deal with the feral populations.Killing them only leaves room for more to come in, whereas neutering and releasing them back to their colony they stay healthier, are not fighting or breeding. Neutered feral cats are effective at keeping down the rodent population and contrary to popular belief most songbirds are killed by people’s pet cats that they refuse to keep indoors or in suitable runs. People need to understand that there would’nt be a continuing feral population if they were trapped and altered, if owners would spay or neuter their own animals, and if irresponsible people would’nt abandoned the animals they’ve decided they no longer want. I have run an animal rescue for many years and have had more problems with irresponsible, thoughtless and cruel owners than ever with the strays that have come to me. The local racetrack has a colony of feral cats that they have maintained for several years now using the trap, neuter, release program. They have reported a huge decline in the rodent problem yet report that they still have numerous birds, attracted by the horse feed and also the bird feeders they have on the office grounds. They have also reported a big decline in new strays to the area. They attribute this to the fact that all the ferals are fixed so new cats to the area are not attracted to females in heat. Best of all no new litters of unwanted kittens to grow up and have kittens of their own.

  143. I have neighbors across the strreet who had a kitten lst year and let it go stopped feeding it. I now have to keep my old house cat that is fixed and up to date on annual shots inside when eating. I have a standard poodle that I have had since a puppy and he will be five in April. My backyard is fenced so my dog can enjoy being outside without a leash. The stray cat population over that last yeard has grown and there are 5 strays that continuously come up into my carport sleep and **** all over my yard and now are jumping into the backyard and driving my dog crazy. They howl under the bedroom window at night and nothing I do keeps them away. Now this morning they attacked my dog and almost tore one of his eyes out. I have called animal control and no help there. My dog will now be trying to recoup from being attacked in his own backyard. My solution? I just don’t know anymore… I so upset about my dog. I think the only solution at this point is to shoot them all.

  144. Dawn…our area law does not allow cats or dogs running free. We have a leash law (includes cats). It is illegeal to release a cat back into the area (you would get a citation & fine) therefore we trap these animals and AC will take care of the rest. If the cat colony is straying onto my property, I will not allow that for long…note I said “my property”. The “release” crowd keeps saying that if you release a neutered cat, the problem is solved…Not true…the cat still strays on other’s land, neutered or not, and many property owners will not stand for this. Trap No/Release works…I had many cats straying on my land and now I have none. Wildlife has returned and thats sure proof positive. I have a healthy area once again aside for maybe a roaming new commer now and then, then he gets zapped.
    Frankly, if someone has 100 cats on their property or in their house, I could care less…BUT, when those cats stray onto my property, the problem becomes mine and my solution is to trap and then to AC for elimination…and this indeed works, I never see the cat again. If it creates a void for other cats to move in, thats real good! I am helping others get rid of the vermin. If you really love these animals stop releasing them…pay for their vet bills and keep them in your house…by releasing them you are sentenceing the animal to certain elimination. Have some heart for the Cat…keep it indoors.

  145. I agree with Texas West. Be responsible for your own pet, or leave them the heck alone!!!! My Idiot neighbors took in the last stray I had in my neighborhood this past spring/summer. WELL, Now they have a new baby and they put this sucker right back out this past fall……NOW I HAVE TO DEAL WITH A LITTER OF HUNGRY FERAL KITTENS RUMMAGING THROUGHOUT MY PROPERTY….AGAIN!!! How is that a fair shake??? Should we rent a bus and drop off all the local bar drunks in your front yard @ 3 am when “we have had enough of them”? …just because we thing the drunks are cute and cuddly? I think NOT!! I’m gonna trap and rid myself of this expense all on my own. I love animals…….but sometimes I really hate some of the STUPID humans I have to live with!!

  146. My problem is not with feral cats, it is with neighbour’s “pets”. What infuriates me is that I have to spend *my* time looking for a solution for a problem that is caused by irresponsible pet owners. For several weeks, I have seen cat tracks (in the snow) walk across my driveway and up my porch. I had no idea why until I saw a pile of cat **** in the corner of my porch on a nice bed of leaves. Of course the animal could not find anywhere to **** in the snow so it chose my porch, which was nice and clear. This is absolutely disgusting. I have two children and the other day my daughter happened to step in some **** and then wiped it all over the snow so now I have cat **** bootprints all over my yard. This is not the first time I have had to deal with neighbour’s cats in my yard. I have tried to reason with the owners and the woman’s response was “What do you want me to do about it? Just kill it!” I was floored…how about keeping your pet in the house where it belongs!! I dont get the mentality of cat owners that they have some God given right to let their cats roam free in the neighbourhood causing problems. Unfortunately I do not have any tips to pass on – I’m here looking for help. I cannot afford a trap and releasing it would just pass the problem on to others. I think if pet owners do not care enough about their pet to keep them safe indoors, then they should not be surprised when their pet ends up dead. I’m wondering if anyone has any more tips about poisoning that actually works. I’ve read about using antifreeze but I doubt a cat would want to eat that.

  147. Take my word for it Dawn doesn’t know what she is talking about. Does it make sense to you that if there is a cat you want to get rid of that you should release it after you have caught it? Now you have the same cat only now it can’t mate. What problem have you solved? I am not trying to ruin it’s sex life.

    You need to kill them to get rid of them. If you can you should shoot them as this is the most humane way to do it. If you can’t shoot them then use rat poisen mixed with cat food it is also humane.

  148. You should Hot Pepper jucie out for the cats,on every side of the house. They will go away to try and find water or something to drink but they can’t.

  149. MY MY MY, after reading several posts on this subject I feel that I have to take a turn- First and foremost.. feral and stray cats are outdoors because of irresponsible humans- the impact these ferals and strays have on small game and bird populations has been documented in university and government studies for years and years- finally, the federal government has had enough- Re: HR 767 a bill addressing invasive and non-indigenous species in federal parks and refuges- near extinction are the Florida marsh rabbit and along the eastern seaboard the piping plover, a ground nesting shorebird are in the final stages of extinction. this bill has passed the house of reps overwhelmingly and now sits before the senate- contact your senator and encourage them to support this bill before we loose another bunny or bird to feral cats- the future of wildlife depends on us..

  150. I really need help to get rid of the stupid cats, the problem that I have been facing is every evening when I comes back I will park my car in the porch and the next day all I can see is the cats foot print all over the bonnet and also lots of scratches.

    I wish not to kill the cat if someone has encountered this and managed to get rid of the cat’s please share your experience.

    Thank you so much.

  151. I was told to put moth balls on all the areas that the cats hang out. This powerful smell should keep them away from your home.

  152. Andrew…You might want to enclose the porch or car port and include an overhead door…in short, build a complete garage. A vinyl car cover may also help.
    If you are not prepared to exterminate the beast or have it exterminated, you have pretty much used up your options unless you want to adopt the critter and keep it inside 24/7.
    Some time ago I had cat tracks on my new Dodge/Cummins 4X4 I keep in my back garage/shop which is open on one end… I believe in TRAP / NO RELEASE (TNR) because it works 100%. AC gives the beasts a lethal injection at no cost, therefore my cat problems went away Other helpful elimination suggestions are listed in previous postings by others. You have to make a personal decision to either live with the cats and their “nature” (spend your money to protect your property) or, live without them…exterminate them. There are no shortcuts to the solution and the ultimate choice is yours.
    Good luck amigo!

  153. i have an empty house which i am doing some work on, some cats have set up home under the house and there are now too many kittens to count, we have tried spraying bleach, clearing up the block, blocking the entry to under the house, yelling, screaming, chasing….
    the smell has penetrated from under the house into the floorboards so badly that we are facing the prospect of having to actually replace the entire flooring. We have no options. We cannot bait for if another pet strays in and takes it, we get into alot of trouble. I can pay a pest control company to come in and set a trap, then every day they have to attend because of the heat the law provides that the animals must be removed from the traps within 24 hours, at $300 to set trap and $150 per day for visiting… with at least 10 cats…. well its $1 more than im willing to spend on these uninvited guests.

    We are now looking at options in borrowing a dog that isnt fond of cats, but the yard isnt fenced yet while work is being done so we have to spend money doing that first (not an option)… we have tried every product on the market and some home made remedies.

    The Animal shelters wont help with cats as there are so many stray / feral they cannot cope, the local councils wont help, i have tired every organisiation, company and cat hater in the phone book!

    Those that are on this forum having a go at the people that are here for what the forum was designed for…. ERADICTING PEST CATS!!! go start another forum up and ***** about us, or come over and get these cats from my yard.

    I am going to try disprin in some milk, im told it puts them to sleep (permantly) not sure of the dosage will do more research, thier fault or not who am i to judge, this forum isnt about whether its moral, or right or not…. its about getting rid of stray cats.

    ps bleach, peppers, chilli spray, amonia dont work.
    can you buy bottled dog urine?

  154. Hi Mary, Hi Texas West,

    Thank you so much I really appreciate your tips to get rid of the cats. I have decided to feed them a grand dinner with the rat poison marinated salmon and the last few words for them is if there’s something called next life ask god not to make you as a cat ever again. Goodbye cats.

  155. Texas West response to Dawn is spot on. I like cats – in somebody else’s house. They can cuddle up to me, purr and we can enjoy each other. But my property is MY PROPERTY! I am not the subservient species. If somebody wants to be a cat farmer, more power to them. Just keep the ***** things on your farm! Open range disappeared in this country about the time of the the Homestead Act. Owners traditionally pay the damages caused by their roaming animals. If there is no owner, brand it yourself or slaughter it. All songbirds do not nest the same. The uninitiated may think the presence of birds indicates that all is well. The low nesters can be completely annihilated by cats and there will still be songbirds, just no wrens, thrashers and other low nesters. Fat bellied house cats are no where near the efficient killing machines the strays are – it really escapes me that someone would subscribe to the theory that house cats and not alley cats wipe out the bird populations. Remember, the root of the word humane is human. If the beasts are dispatched with a minimum of suffering, then it is humane. This is a non-native INVASIVE species with precious little fear of natural predators. Fortunately, here in Atlanta, coyotes are beginning to move in and maybe some of these **** “colonies” will be eliminated. For those who subscribe to the idea that the creatures can’t help themselves, that’s just the way they are, I would suggest you apply that to the mosquito or cockroach or better yet the microbes that would infect us. For the prudent and educated, I would suggest having a hole ready for the carcass before firing so that any local “do-gooders” don’t catch on and call johnny law over some phoney cruelty issue. I remember reading where some poor guy along the Texas coast someplace was busted for shooting wild house cats to protect the bird population. The good news is there is no season. As to being infuriated, I had friends in the panhandle of Idaho who found themselves the “Dumping Depot” for the release crowd. Eventually they saved a few of the carcasses and tied them to fenceposts. Either the cats read the tea leaves or the selfish release bunch wised up, because there were no more new arrivals. The best animal rescue operation would be to try to patch up the baby rabbits tortured by the cats.

  156. Narelle…I have bought bottled coyote and fox urine when I was trapping preditors but that was 20 years ago. You might try one of the TRAPPER’S SUPPLY sites on the web (they also sell live traps). The scent was used to attract the animal to the trap rather than keep the animal away however. I have no clue as to how a cat would react to dog urine but it is a unique idea. Have you seen Gamo’s ( of .17 caliber, precision air rifles? I have seen these in action and they are deadly on small game. That may be a solution for any vermin if you cannot trap.
    Scope the air rifle, remove a window screen…raise your window a little and fire away from inside your house. Shots I have seen on jackrabbits are pass thru with the high velocity pellets…tiny hole in and out. The vermin will run off and die. If you cannot get a good head shot, aim center, right behind the front shoulder…lung shot. Any small game will be dead within 5 minutes. I would think that if you did not want a dead animal thrashing around in your front yard after a Head/Kill shot, a lung shot would at least allow the animal time to run out of your property to die elsewhere. Of course I am just speculating…right?

  157. I too Have recently moved to a nice small town right outside our larger city. Since moving we have become overrun with ferals/strays. I have tried everything and was left with one option. This one has worked now for bout 6 months. So For all of those looking for a solution to cat problems continue to read. This may not be harmless or “tnr” but it definetly works. I bought my son a air soft gun when he was 8. Since moving i have let him have at it since we are in the country a lil. One day when venturing into the woods he was attacked and came home crying. THAT WAS ENOUGH FOR ME! i like all animals but i took his air soft gun which is not strong like a bb gun or pellet gun but loud and stills projects something at them. I sat outside for a few hours a day with it. I dodnt shoot directly at them but close enough to scare them away. Now the stay further in the woods and wont even think bout coming close to my neighborhood. All my neighbor’s thanked me and asked me what i did. I just tell them that i handled it. The wildlife population has increased and they are nowhere to be found.

  158. Folks you cannot poison domestic animals, you will get hit with a cruelty to animal charge.

    To control defecating in unwanted places, provide a large sand-filled litterbox in an out of way location.

    Don’t feed the cats? O.K., well how many days could YOU go without a meal. jeez.

  159. Deb,
    What some people don’t know won’t hurt them a bit. You say ….let me get this straight…I should put out a litter box for them to **** in?????? What happens when it gets FULL? Oh..let me guess… want ME to empty it. Is’nt that CARING for a cat that I don’t want or own? Won’t that attract them , much like feeding them would? Let me guess, you are a cat lover and spend money to make sure you have a big bowl of food out for these disease carrying feral and stray cats? I think a trip to the local Mental Heath Facility may be in order for you if you want me to , in ANY way, think that your suggestion would be a good idea to rid the neighborhood of strays. You may be someone who could USE a few days with no food but I won’t get into personal insults unless you post a link to a picture of of yourself to confirm my hunch.

  160. Deb,
    Good idea with the sand filled litter box! Going to try it…however I am going to add a couple of #2 or #3 Coil or long spring traps right in the center of the box. That may be a new twist to catching “hard to trap” ferals.
    As for as “How To Get Rid Of Stray Cats” as this site is about, (TNR) Trap-No-Release is a sure fire answer. Works night or day, cold or hot, rain or sunshine; all I have to do is clean and re-bait traps!
    Actually, I wish Kevin would send me some of his cats down here…My strays are all exterminated and its getting a little boring around here!

  161. I have question…if anyone has any ideas. I have two cats of my own. A particular stray (yes, stray, not feral) sits outside my window and torments my cats. I would love to get rid of her, but my neighbors all love her, but none of them want to take responsibility for her. She is sweet to people, but horrid to my cats. I have tried drenching her with a hose on several occasions, but she keeps coming back. My one neighbor refuses to stop feeding her, and I can’t find anyone who wants to adopt her. I just want her to go away without hurting her. I also don’t want to spend ANY money. I shouldn’t have to pay for someone else’s resposibility (enough of my tax dollars pay for irresposibility already). My cats deserve to enjoy their lives without a stray hindering that. I don’t feel comfortable letting my cats out during the day (they are always in at night) because she will fight with them. The last fight cost me $200 in vet bills…luckily, I take care of my animals and all of their shots were up to date, so it was just a few stitches and some anti-biotics. My cats should not have to go through that at the expense of a stray. Any suggestions?

  162. Deb is nuts! It’s simple, kill the cats “by any means necessary.” Personally it got fun to me because I got to be creative in my exterminating capabilities. I think the most resonable suggestion is the air gun because they are legal to have. I live in Chicago and we can’t have handguns and I wouldn’t want to be firing a .22 rifle in my neighborhood as it would attract too much attention. A good quality air gun does the trick all the time.

  163. Cindy…
    If you really love your cats, keep them inside 24/7. After reading all of the previous posts, if I had a cat, the cat would be inside all of the time because they virtually have a “Big Bulls Eye” painted on them when they are running free. If you do not want to exterminate the stray, you might consider giving your two cats to a home where they can “enjoy their lives” inside 24/7. By not exterminating the stray, you have used up your options, and with one stray…more will appear. Make the hard call on the strays and keep your cats inside. Its not an easy choice but it is all we have…there are no magic formulas to the problem when you limit your options. Good Luck!

  164. Texas West……I’d gladly send some of mine your way. I wonder how much it costs to mail box full of cats? I like your idea about the traps in the litter box….very creative. Thanks for the idea.

  165. Ok so heres the problem if anyone could help it’d be great. I currently live in a trailor park so of course my next door neighbors are a hop and a skip away. They have cats 2 or more i think and when they moved next to me so did all the strays that they fed. They keep letting their inside cats outside which along with they strays have made a litterbox/home under my trailer. When it gets the least bit warm out my whole house stink or urine. Not even the humane society can catch these cats because trust me I’ve tried. And now i believe the one is pregnant. How can i get these animals to leave my house alone?

  166. Totally relieved to have finally found this website. Every time I go to google and type in something about feral cat control I get all of those *&^(%^ “Trap Neuter Release” sites. The TNR people don’t get that the released ferals don’t cr*p where they eat. They think neutering solves the problem. In my situation, the neutered pests have a freakin’ smorgasbord at the little old lady’s house next door and then come waddling over to unload in my yard. Grass, rock mulch – it doesn’t matter, the world’s their litter box. Judging from what I pick up EVERY DAY, these are well fed cats.

    None of the sprays or granules work. I live in a large city in the Southwest with a huge problem with feral cats. Can’t trap them and take them to the Humane Society because they’ve been fixed and the ears are clipped. Can’t poison or shoot them.

    My first line is to try to keep them out of my yard and here I have had some limited (but encouraging) success: Chicken wire. They tend to go in out of the way places so I cleaned those areas and put down chicken wire. Hard to see from a distance and solved the problem instantly and completely…. of course, they just move to a new location and start up again. But at least for now I’m moving the smell farther and farther from my front door.

    My heart goes out to everyone with this problem. Having lived for a couple of years with the smell of cat urine at my front door and the stench of cat feces under my carport (and neighbors who claim, “Oh, we can’t put out a litter box”), I understand the anger this causes. Good luck to everyone.

  167. Exterminate them! Especially in a trailer park. Strays get to much exposure to idiots that will feed them, but not care of them in that setting.

  168. I am SO glad to find that my family is not alone in being tortured by free-roaming cats in a neighborhood! Our story begins 18 months ago when our New Idiot neighbors of 6 months at the time decided to bring home two kittens. . .which have now multiplied to at least 19 at my last count a few weeks ago!! We tried talking to them after we saw that the first batch of new kittens arrived (their daughter constantly wants our girls to come over and see the new kitties!) ~ asked ’em what their plans were. Response? Well, they would still be living outdoors because she (mom) has terrible allergies to cats! What????!!!! So. . .in the last year, we have been forced to get rid of my kids sandbox. Have had to pick up I don’t know how many piles of cat **** – Yes, we have NO pets and yet I have to check MY yard on a daily basis and cleaning up after someone else’s cats! I do lots of babysitting so I certainly don’t want any of the young children stepping in, picking up, rolling in. . .you get the picture! What really bites ~ the HAVE stepped in it and those are the times when its too late ‘cuz now its in my home brought in on the bottom of someone’s shoes!!! It’s completely disgusting!!
    One of the cats has taken to peeing ON the glass of our front storm door – the smell is unbearable and no matter what I’ve tried, the stench remains! The cats urinate on our front door-step. . .remember, the mention of babysitting?? What do you think is on the bottom of people’s shoes when they come into our home through the front door??? Yep! That’s right. . .I don’t own a cat yet my front door area reeks like a litter box ~ and of course, I’m smelling it more and more IN my home!!!!!!!! How is this fair?????

    I say survival of the fittest. . .DON’T feed these stray cats in your neighborhood. If you own these pests, have some common courtesy for your neighbors and don’t expect them to have to “deal” with your ignorance!!! I never used to see myself as somebody who could actually have “hate” for anything ~ at this point, I can totally see how somebody can be cruel to an animal like this. It is so COMPLETELY frustrating, and there’s virtually NO municipal, county or state ordinance in place to protect us (property owners/homeowners) and our rights to enjoy what we’d like to call “home”. We pay our mortgages, taxes, etc. . .. yet we are forced to continue to suffer at the hands of irresponsible, clueless pet owners like my neighbors!!
    Yet, I should support programs that continue to enable this continued type of behavior??? NOT!!

  169. Up until now I was thinking someone has been keying my car!!!
    It’s those ******* cats. On closer inspection they are mostly on the hood, trunk, and roof. I’ve seen muddy paw prints on occasion as well. If I ever get a hold of one I’ll take it in the house and kill it. We have a “cat lady” in my neighbourhood, about 5 doors away, stupid b****. It started off with 2 cats, and now it’s 12+. I want to punch her in the head everytime I see her. They **** and **** evrywhere. I swear I’m gonna **** in bag and throw it on her porch, see how she likes that. She’s in her own world, doesn’t get it. And the dirtbags just keep coming. None are fixed and I never see them go into her house. They just keep reproducing. I look at her and think ‘stupid people shouldn’t breed’. OK in her mind she might feel better about her sorry self by feeding them? That’s my guess. But she’s not doing any of us any favors. The overall feeling about the cats, I’ve polled my other neighbours on this one, is that they can’t stand it either. I detest the smell of cat **** so much, it actually triggers a rage reaction inside me, I don’t get that way about too many things but cats, I hate. I dream of cats often. I think I live out my fantasies in this way, because I kill them every time in my dreams. Honestly. I don’t know how many times I’ve had a cat by the head and twisted it’s head around or held it by two legs and smashed it against a brick wall. Just dreams folks!!!!! I don’t think I could do that in real life. They spray my front and back doors. My car and tires. Just when you thought you can just leave the house to be away from the stench… it’s in my car!!!!!!!! (God you have no idea how much I hate that)so it travels with me too. My BF has a cat, outdoor cat, old, fixed. I think she is part of the problem. Is it fair to say she could be attracting other cats to her or do they want to make her part of their property too. I wouldn’t miss her, my neighbours wouldn’t miss cleaning up dead mice, rats, and birds off thier astro-turf covered porch (and they still feed the thing and all the other ones while they’re at it). The world would be a better place without cats. Or maybe without stupid people. Which one I don’t know. We have the same BS here with the Humane Society, they won’t come out to pick up strays. We’ve brought in 3 strays, just left them there in boxes for them to find when they open for business. I refuse to spend money for that. Drop off fees. What kind of **** is that. As far as I’m concerned people need to be held responsible. What about dogs. We can’t have stray dogs running around ****ing all over the place. Dog people are getting FUTA with leash laws, muzzle laws, breed laws, leaving **** on someones property laws, leaving **** on public property laws. What is it, dog **** is bigger than cat **** therefor more of problem if the mayor or someone like that steps in it. Cats are considered pocket pets and no rules truly apply. And cat people get off scott free. Cats are scoundrels, opportunist (I don’t even like that quality in humans), disease carrying filth, unless of course it’s your “house” pet, fixed, and declawed (optional). I think next time I catch one I might “release” it into a “really” nice neighbourhood, like the mayors’. See how far out of control the feral/stray population gets there. I bet they move thier *** quick. This whole problem is seen as a down town, ghetto hood problem along with the crackheads and prostitutes, it’s just DIRTY. By the way, (not to harp on the mayor so much but….) we used to have a big prostitution problem close to where I live, “used to”(key word) in the arab district, go figure the mayor’s an arab. It’s sad but it’s what needs to happen for anything else to happen. Any way I’m done with this, it’s after 2am, before I get off topic some more. Finding this site has made my day.
    Submit tip. I guess my tip is get a high powered air gun. Get em behind the shoulders for a lung shot so they die in thier own yard for once.

  170. Hey “Here goes”….you are clearly frustrated to the limit. My instinct says to just find a good way of riding yourself of this problem and be done. Don’t act on emotions because that can get you into trouble…..just one wrong move and your neighbors will have your *** in a ringer. Relax…then take care of the problem. There are plenty of helpfull and humane ways suggested in this forum, take the time to calmly read though and I’m sure you will find your solution. Good Luck.

  171. Hey Kev

    Yep the limit has definately been crossed. I spoke to someone about this issue and I’ve come up with a solotution. I hope. Trap them, one by one, drop them off at the humane society, the one in the same town. Here’s the kicker, I’ll write a nice letter to along with the vermin explaining how it got to their doorstep.
    “Cat is not fixed, litter after litter, neighborhood overrun by both feral and stray cats, constant nuissance to everybodies property, if someone wants to adopt or if she comes looking for it, DO NOT release it unless it is fixed!!!!!!! At that persons’ own cost”
    My guess is even if that stupid b**** goes to the humane society she won’t have the cash to get it fixed therefor cat stays at the pound and will be put to sleep. She doesn’t care for any of them anyway, just feeds, like a fn do gooder. She’s probably going to think it got hit by a car or died under someones garage. It’s not funny anymore. So that’s it in a nut shell. No cruelty on my part + her dumb *** = on more dead cat X 12 = no more cats.
    The last thing I want is for her to come knocking on my door. I’ll just say, “Oh I saw a dead cat on the road a couple blocks away, looked black, maybe it’s yours. By the way, ever think off having those cats fixed, they probably wouldn’t run off and get hit by cars.”

  172. All of the ideas sound good, I have 3 stray cats, the traps rent 10.00 a day, costly. So if I put out the cat food with decon and spicy peppers will they die in my yard? I am allergic to cats. I need them gone. Does the moth ball action work? I don’t want to kill the pesty little things, but I do want them out of my yard and off my porches so I can breath and sleep. I started to put out rat traps to snap the nose of them,not to mention I don’t want the city after me either. Please help me get rid of these cats. ASAP.

  173. I can not BELIEVE I am asking this question and considering this option, but like so many of you here – and I’ve read the entire thread and taken notes – I am done being patient and humane with a certain fearless and ferocious stray. He walked right by the bated trap yesterday and sprayed the shed I had put it in. I will keep trying for a few days more, but…

    Is the consensus here that the quickest and most effective cat poison agent is strychnine?

    Thanks for all the commiseration and advice.

  174. Taking a cat to the shelter to have it put to sleep is cruel in my opinion. Who are YOU to determine the animal’s fate? Putting the cat to sleep just makes it easier on you and your conscience. If you transport it out to a remote area, it will at least have a CHANCE of survival. Sure, it may die out there, but it may also survive and live a content life. Let nature take its course. If you are concerned about them breeding, you can also get the animal spade/neutered before you transport them. Just allow them time to heal before being transported into a harsh environment.

    If your problem is based on food or feeding strays, feed YOUR outdoor cats twice a day, give them 15 minutes to eat the food and then take up the bowls with any remaining food. Removing the food from the equasion will eliminate the problem naturally and effortlessly.

  175. As a homeowner trying to cope with the problem of stray cats ruining patio furniture, defecating/urinating on our deck, front doorstep, flower beds. . .I would have to say that definitely gives me the right to determine the fate of the cat. We work our butts off to keep our house and property in good condition – I’m tired of stepping in piles of cat **** or having to try and rinse away the stench of cat urine from my front porch and deck! Did I mention the overwhelming, disgusting SMELL???? It’s become a never-ending battle! THIS is where MY responsiblity to the welfare of that cat ENDS – especially since we decided that we don’t even have time to think about getting a pet of our own!

    I’m SO tired of hearing about these “poor” cats. . .what about the people that are being forced to put up with all of the problems created by these stinky, disgusting beasts???? None of us asked to have to constantly be cleaning up after these cats – what about the risks/dangers to us and our children?? And why should the solution come out of my pocketbook???

    If somebody really wanted/wants the cat, they can rescue it from the shelter. If not, it’s one less cat to reek havoc on the lives of other familes who do not deserve to have to try and cope with the constant mess! (And hopefully prevent a future litter of more of the nasty beasts from being “created”!)

  176. essential…Who am I?…the PROPERTY OWNER! I am somewhat confused however. Have you ever seen what a pack of coyotes will do to a house Cat as they are ripping it to shreds? Guess you have not.
    Our “remote area” as you call it, is covered with coyotes.
    We also have a few roaming cougars…a house cat to them is a fine little meal. Lethal injection by AC is simple and quick…and free down here. If the critter happens by chance to survive the varmints, coyote hunters usually will cull them out using animal distress calls and then blasting them with a good rifle shot. They are pretty stupid and usually respond to a distress call before a coyote or bobcat will. State srappers also put out some pretty heavy poisons and strings of traps for coyotes and bobcats…that would make a lingering death for your stray kitty. Then, they could always be bitten by a rattlesnake…that would take a few hours for your kitty to belly-up. We also have guys who will trap cats and give them to hunters with Bobcat/cougar hunting dogs…they use the cats for training and exercise for their dogs. Remove the food?…my song and game birds?…not hardley! Concern or problem with feeding or breeding?…not any more! The varmints have been pretty well eliminated in my area by Trap & No Release (TNR Texas style)…AC picks up cat for a free lethal injection. I do keep my traps set 24/7 however waiting eagerly for the “big herds” of cats the “release crowd” says are going to show up after the local colony is gone…I have not seen those cats however and it has been about 2 months (I believe that is just a myth to keep people from trapping and eliminating area cats). My Conscience?…I have none for stray cats when they are ripping my dove and quail apart. And to close…outdoor cats and dogs without a leash or in a fence/pen is breaking the law in my neck of the desert…We have found “Removing the CAT from the equasion” eliminates the problem once and for all.
    Good hunting!

  177. Tracie,Cathy is correct. I do not have a single pet I am not an animal lover nor an animal hater. Every time I come or go from my home I smell cat urine. From all of the srays in the area. You walk by any of my planters around my yard and you will gag. So because there are so many irresponsible people in this world I have to put up with that NOT ON UR LIFE HONEY! Why dont you stop talking about how these animals should be treated and get off ur butt and go save em because im at the point of doing ANYTHING necessary. It is 9 degrees here and the smell is still there imagine what it will be like in the heat of the summer Tracie!!! You better get going there are ALOT of strays out there and the shelters and other animal agencies wont bother.

  178. Most of these post aren’t tips. But I think everyone has valid points. To the womadn with the older parents I am sorry to hear that cats have taken over. My mother in law has a stray cat that her friend found for us as a house warming presents (who does that?!!). WE told her abousloutly not. So my mother inlaw kept it. He is 20 lbs fatty whose alse loving, & sweet. I am not a big fan of pets. Other peoples pets are cute and fun but I could not handle one myself. Probably because we didn’t have any growing up. But I think that to catch and give them to a shelter or adoption place is the best idea. I have about 8-10 cats that my neighbors feed. Well the kitty’s come and lay on my pourch, spray my front door, **** on my front pourch, and also **** on my glass block windows on the side of my house so when it rains my basement smells really bad. I have tried to speak to them about either putting collars on them or giving them to a family member who would like a pet. Both neighbors say “well they don’t pee on our house…” are you serious. So I have made empty threats to poision them (by the way I would never do that, ever) and they don’t care. Animal control just rides by doesn’t even stop. I just want my house not to smell anymore it’s really gross. I have tried that urine gone stuff, I’ve tried the stuff from lowe’s, these little pelits that smell like predators or something. No results. So when I get home everyday I have to chase them off, only to watch from my front window as the slink back up and stare back at me taunting me…..meow.
    Any HELP would be greatly appreciated.

  179. All these suggestions are great, but let me ask what do you do when all the animal welfare agencies are packed to the gills and you are not of the financial state to take these cats to the vet and pay to have them fixed and/or checked for diseases?????????????????

  180. My stray cats never see the light of day Lori so I’m actually saving the pounds and welfare agencies space. If you’re caught on my property or in my hood you die. Simple as that. And I despose of the corpse for free. I mean I’m a good citizen and all I wouldn’t have a cat corpse just out in the street.

  181. I just shoot any cat that wanders onto my acreage. They dont have any reason or right to try and take over MY property. People who have cats are going to have to realize that the only way to keep YOUR cat is to keep them inside YOUR house and not force them on others!
    I dont have one cat on my 20 acres and I am going to keep it that way. I find that cat owners are just like smokers…….very very selfish.

  182. Start fining people for having unspayed females. If anyone wants to breed animals they should have a kennel license or face paying a huge fine. That is the only thing that will stop the pet overpopulation problem.

  183. I get such a laugh about what is “humane” and “inhumane” in the treatment of cats.

    See, getting rid of cats on your property is “inhumane”, but it’s perfectly OK if they kill your parakeets, wild songbirds, and everything else. That’s just their “nature”. So getting rid of a cat is inhumane, but birds getting killed is nature. Got it.

    I guess letting my sons suffer from fleas, is noted by other writers, having them see ripped apart birds, and having stray cats “caught and released” so that they can lounge on my cars and scratch the paint, or that’s humane and I should just put up with the cats, right?

    I’ll tell you, I don’t think so. In my old townhouse, strays (or owned cats, it makes no difference to me) had sh!t up my backyard so badly and all the sprays and alarms did nothing. 15, that’s FIFTEEN trapped cats later, I had two years of peace before I moved. Cat’s didn’t automatically get “replaced”, that’s just a bunch of BS.

    Doing the same with my new home, and enjoying the peace finally.

    All together, I have trapped and gotten rid of 45 cats. That’s an insane number of cats running around. I can only hope that my local animal facility euthanized the cats, most were snarly creatures that I considered potentially dangerous.

  184. Wow, kill the cats, their monsters!! Thats all your thoughts on this? Oh please. Use the bloody TNR approach. These are animals, not monsters. I have a kitten that was a feral that was nearly dead. I saved its life, and raise it. The only problem I have with him is that hes hyper, but who isn’t. Just take their goodies from them and their will die sometime, and will no more babies. They have a right to live like we did. I’d be in jail, if I was shooting at kids that kept coming into my yard, so what makes it right to do it to cats?

  185. That is good trapping Tom!…glad to see “Trap NO Release” works for you too. I have to agree…NO new colonies have moved back in my area after a 4 month trapping period here in 2007. I estimete about 30-35 strays sent to the dump by AC here during that period (free lethal injection by AC) because of my traps. Other folks in the area are catching on to the idea and trapping also with no release..I now own 4 live catch, single door, large raccoon traps and they have really “done a Number” on the strays…what size traps do you use? What type of bait? single door? I use sardines and that works pretty well, however since early Jan 1 2008…I have seen or trapped NO cats. I do not release trapped cats to the remote areas because the local ranchers would not approve and that is THEIR property…I have no right. If new cat colonies move back in (I am looking forward to that), I am going to try Raccoon “long range” fish scent bait just for grins but for now, all is “Quite on the Western Front”. Ian…you are welcome to release your Hyper cat here if you wish. Maybe warmer weather will get some more cats moving so my traps can get back to work…I always keep them baited and set however. I refresh the bait in each trap every 2 weeks. Am trapping feral hogs now (big traps) because the “cat trapping fun” is gone. Keven…did you mail your cats to me or did you use UPS? Good Luck Trappers and be patient…Spring is coming!

  186. To the Animal Rights Nazis: if I had thirty kids that surrounded your home and defecated in the planters around your front door so that, every time you came or left home, you were attacked by the smell of child feces I’m sure you’d be tempted to shoot these kids that came into your yard. Please have some sympathy for our frustration. I assure you, I do not receive any pleasure from wanting to ‘get rid of’ any of God’s creatures, but it is not okay that stray and feral cats should have more ‘right’ to my yard than my family or children. Do you feel the same about cockroaches or rattlesnakes? They have just as right to live as anyone else and anywhere they please? I doubt it. Be realistic, these cute, furry, cuddly creatures are pests to some of us–if you all are the animal lovers you claim to be, I encourage you to adopt some thirty cats here around my home to save them from a bleaker fate.

  187. The best way to get rid of them is to eat them catch them in a leg hold trap. pull the fur off of them they skin just like a rabbit gut them and preboil them for about 30 minutes and then deep fry them in a flour and corn bread mix make some gravy and fried taters makes the best poor mans supper out there sure beats being on food stamps. Urban survial skills that is how you make it in the big concrete jungle of 2008,Screw the big gas sucking suv,s and big nosiy house wife yaking on there cell phones about nothing get back to the basic’s eat some cats. My cardboard box is just as comfortable as some of those yuppie row houses that cost major bucks the wife and husband both have to have new cars and trucks and all of the best of every thing but when it comes to crunch time i bet the couldnt raise 50 bucks to but decent car part to fix stuff. so go a head and eat a nother cat after a while problem fixes it self good day every one

  188. I moved into a new house about 3 weeks ago. There was cat **** all over the yard and in the flower boxes. I cleaned it all up and it is all back again. There are strays all over this damn neighborhood. I didn’t pay $150,000 for a new house that is a huge litterbox. Don’t talk to me about TNR…give me a break, I shouldn’t have to pay because my so called neighbors feed these strays. I have told my husband time and time again…..antifreeze…but he doesn’t want to **** of the neighbors. I am to the point where I really don’t care. I moved into a nice neighborhood and want to be able to have my 3 kids go outside without all the cat **** all over and it smells so bad. I chase cats off my deck, off my front porch and one day a cat tried to get in my house when I opened the deck door to shoo it away. If the situation doesn’t improve, I will be getting my BB gun out and taking care of the problem myself. The local police won’t do anything about it because it is such a big problem. Call me insensitive, I don’t care. My family comes first.

  189. I’ll bet that none of those kids are urinating or defecating on your front porch! There’s a big difference between kids and stray cats. . . Sorry, have no sympathy left for any stray cats ~ not after what we’ve been forced to put up with over the past 18 months.

  190. I have read all these posts… i dont want to kill em… but my neighbor is a “rescuer” and she has a deal with a local vet. she has names for all the cats… has them spayed and neutered.. our little neighborhood now houses (outside) in the vacinity of 60-70 cats…

    cute as they may seem, and how the heck are they reproducing if they are all fixed??? but for whatever reason these 60+ cats are using MY BACKYARD as their pooping ground. i am livid that i have a pool that i can’t even swim in because there is so much cat feces daily and the flies are constantly biting and dead in my pool……this is frustrating. i want to put antifreeze down so they’ll drink it and DIE. but the neighbor keeps even telling me that weed killer is toxic to cats, so now my weeds are out of control too cuz she is so sweet and i would hate to upset her.

    please, someone tell me… is there a way to get cats to just vacate my yard? i tried coffee grounds.. don’t seem to care.

    pepper spray? ammonia? vinegar?
    if someone doesn’t come up with something “humane” (cuz i can’t take away her kitties that she’s rescued)…..
    then I may be using the antifreeze……..

  191. My husband and I have 2 INDOOR (himalayan) cats and 2 dogs (greyhound and a chihuahua)…We are now (for the SECOND time) having to DEWORM our INDOOR cats because our dogs are somehow eating the cat feces of the 20-30 stray cats that visit our yard (that our neighbors feed)…These cats just keep reproducing and reproducing…..This is getting ridiculous and expensive and is putting my pets at health risk….We are HUGE animal lovers and don’t want to see any animals suffer but we are at our wits end not to mention completely sceeved out by this….I called the SPCA and all they could tell me was that I could come and pay $35 for a trap and trap each one, one at a time and bring it to be fixed…..Any suggestions??

  192. Brenda ~ you took the words right out of my mouth! I feel exactly the same way (very similar situation) and I am just as frustrated over the lack of help available to us as homeowners – everybody is so worried about the dumb stray cats!!???

  193. SHOOT THEM DEAD AND DISPOSE!!! It’s the only true solution in extreme cases!! Stop letting the idiot neighbors talk you into this “Humane” solution..It’s BS and just does’nt work. I recently told my neigbors that if the cat’s are seen, they die. If you want to feed them you have to house them as well. Ï’m not responsible for your irresponsibility. ” They have since stopped feeding these ******* after the police told them I was doing nothing outside my rights as a homeowner. ( they called the police and accused me of MURDER and wanted me prosecuted. The officer said they would’nt settle for less than murder….and they subsequently did’nt pursue animal cruelty either. ???? ) Talk about bleeding heart bullcrap!!

  194. Somehaow a feral cat has managed to infiltrate the heating ducts and give birth. We have tried luring them out with no sucess. The house now smells like a litterbox. Any suggestions as to how to get rid of these vermin?

  195. Oh… did I mention TNR is NOT an option? I don’t want the cats around–as a matter of fact someone stated that if the feral/stray leaves, it gets replaced? Well, I want to KEEP the area feral/stray cat-free. We have enough responsible cat owners around as is.

    I think someone else mentioned catnip or cyanide… Can someone suggest a poison which I could use to entice cats (or stray anything).

    Has anyone tried the pepper oil or whatnot? What is it exactly? Is it in the spice aisle?

    I’ve been told the consumer sprays don’t work well enough to waste money on–and I don’t plan to have to keep buying it.

    I’m really leaning towards a pellet rifle…pellets are cheap and they come in containers of 1000’s…

    Also, I really don’t care where you stand on the ‘humane’ issue… I’m just tired of these ferals/strays damaging my property.

  196. I don’t think anyone could love animals more than I do. However, there is a limit that to go beyond is insane. It is completely irresponsible to feed cats and allow them to reproduce like rats. About a year ago I purchased my own single-door live trap (raccoon-size). I found it online and it cost about $50. This cost is by far less than it was costing me to keep my pets healthy. Plus it’s nice to not have to constantly chase away cats to keep them out of my house and car. The only bait I use is dry cat food. This method has also removed opossums that were raiding my enclosed back porch for cat food. When I make a catch I call Animal Control; they come same or next day. Unfortunately if you don’t have the money to hire lawyers and the time to keep a check on irresponsible neighbors, it’s not really possible to stop people from feeding and collecting animals. I do my setting and checking of traps during the early morning hours when no one else is up and around; plus I’ve made arrangements with Animal Control to do pick-ups elsewhere (so “neighborhood watch” doesn’t see who’s responsible for removing the cats). This keeps the “collectors” (my mother being one of them) from knowing who’s removing their precious charges that they’ve “saved” (if you call living in squalor and disease and tick infestation “saved”). If you’re having to endure the smell and nuisance of cats running the neighborhood, I strongly urge you to do your own catching. Animal Control has to be careful about catching strays because they end up with lawsuits when they capture someone’s registered pet loose on the street (which is ridiculous because all neighborhoods have bi-laws that require animals be restrained). But if you call them and tell them you have a stray captured they will come get the animal (this method works with dogs, too, by the way). If I happen to know who the cat belongs to I never volunteer this info (so far I’ve not captured anything wearing a collar so I don’t know what will happen when that occurs). The neighbors have been asked to be considerate of others and they feel their animal’s rights are more important than mine. Happy trapping.

  197. For cats in the yard, common rat traps work. They look like oversize mouse traps. Bait with cat food. They will not kill the cat but the cats do learn that getting the traps off is hard. Always have the traps secured so the cat does not run off with your trap. You can get them from most farm supply stores.

  198. Glue traps work well too, although expensive and the cat always gets it off, but for places where you are trying to stop cats from entering, they work best, almost as good as a rat trap. If your traps get rained on or old, the cats don’t know it. Same as with the rat trap. After the cat has stepped in one, just having it sitting with the trap set to look like it is set will keep a cat from trying to figure out if it is set.

  199. I have the same problem in Massachusetts. Some lunatic cat lady brought some into the neighborhood years ago, and dumped them out on the street. Now we have half a dozen or so true ferals – born outside and have always lived on the streets. When she moved, there were also 18 cat bodies in various stages of decomposition INSIDE her house – GROSS!!!. I have tried the ammonia, vinegar, citrus, pepper. I even spray them with a garden hose or throw rocks at them any time they get close enough thinking maybe they’d be smart enought to stay away. No such luck. The local animal control officer is no help – I also got the “you catch them, bring them in, and pay to put them to sleep”. They are VERMIN and should be treat as such. On top of all of that, some idiot who doesn’t even live in the neighborhood keeps bringing them food and leaving it on other people’s property. One good/bad thing is they have now started attracting coyotes – dangerous for the neighborhood CHILDREN, but I am really hoping they eat a few cats.

  200. My mom suggested putting D-Con in a can of 9Lives and leaving a bowl of antifreeze nearby when they get thirsty. I live in an apartment and the cats are multiplying like flies. I’ve been scarred by the regular infestation of fleas, have to smell cat **** every morning and be careful not to step in it(they defecate on grass and concrete), and they have carnivals at our four dumpsters. Maintainence is good about cleaning up after their mess but management should be taking some steps to address this issue as it is getting worse since my 3 years of living here. SPCA told me the same **** about buying traps… that is b*lls**t!! After watching Oprah’s show about the pet problem in the US and learning that shelters are enthunizng an average of 15 cats/dogs EACH day when left unadopted, I feel that my actions are justified. These cats are not worth my patience anymore.

  201. These people offered no advice on how to keep stray cats away, other than sick inhumane ways to kill them. I am really hurt and upset that there are so many evil people who resort to murder instead of finding a peaceful way to solve the problem.If you are a problem neihbor should I find ways to poisen you too? Live and let live, don’t they think that we are all Gods creatures and have a purpose in life?
    I’m sorry I clicked on this site. It feeds into the evil pools of life that are already too prevalent.

  202. Bustards will only put on airz when they are sick enough to pass the plague on to your family. Save a few hundy and go to your local auto parts store for some USA-quality Antifreeze. If they drink that and live, consider the rifle, because super-cats need not breed.

  203. I live in an RV Park and I cannot believe HOW MANY people continue to feed stray cats (because they “feel sorry” for the “poor little things.” Not only does feed them cause them to keep coming back, but it also does not help any rodent problems which occasonally exist. My boyfriend called Animal Control. He was told that stray cats are “free roaming animals” and therefore there is NOTHING they can or will do about them. He also called two local law enforcement departments, where he was told the same thing. So then he asked these people what a person is supposed to do about stray cats and the excrement they leave all over the place. Basically, we were told tough ****. What is wrong with this world? Where has common sense gone? Whoever invented all of this “politically correct ****” should have to live among the combined cat **** on all the property of we who are trying our best to legally get rid of these cats. Some of this “animal lover” stuff has gone W A Y too far – way past any kind of rational thinking. Reason has been replaced with emotion and the people who think totally with their emotions are ruining the entire country – not only with respect to the stray cat situation, but just ruining the country in general. These are some very sick people. They have been brainwashed and don’t even realize that they no longer think for themselves – they only follow the rest of the blind sheep and one day they will realize that they have been led by the blind and they both shall fall into the proverbial ditch, which they deserve. Apparently, the answer to the cat problem is that there is no answer, because if one takes it upon himself to use his common sense and just get rid of the cats however he can, he will probably end up getting arrested. This is how BACKWARDS things have become in our country today. God help us all.

  204. I have been doing this for a week now and it is definitely working. Take a dish of cat food, mix in a cup of antifreeze, and drizzle some hydrochloric acid on top for good measure. Any cat that doesn’t die right away will die somewhere else in a few short days.

  205. A simple Yahoo search for “Humane ways to keep cats out of your yard” showed this;

    1.Cats are sensitive to smell and dislike many scents. Choose one or more of the following and scatter it around in the areas you wish to keep the cats out of: coffee grounds, pipe tobacco, cayenne pepper, orange/lemon peelings, rags soaked with perfume or dried rue (an herb sold in health food stores).


    Push disposable wooden chopsticks or 10-inch plant stakes into flower beds every 8-inches to prevent cats from digging or scratching.


    Spray cat repellent (available at pet supply stores) around the perimeter of your yard and along the top of the fences.


    Purchase a motion-activated sprinkler that sprays intruding animals. One such model called the Scarecrow is available at 1-800-767-8658.


    Instead of using antifreeze, or killing the cats , try to show some patience, humane treatment, and toleration. There are other ways to keep cats out of your yard besides poison, leg-hold trapping, or killing. There are plants you can put are the perimeter of you yard to keep cats out. I agree that cat **** poses a threat to human health, but no one has to resort to poisoning, or killing, or trapping cats to keep them out. Buy a dog to keep cats away.

    You can go to a feed store and rent humane, non-injuring, live-animal traps. Trap the cat and take it to the animal shelter.

    NEVER use antifreeze, or any other poison to keep cats out of your yard. Poisoning an animal is cruel. They die a slow, painful death. At least when an animal shelter has to euthanize animals they can’t find homes for, they kill them quickly and with no pain. If you are actually that hard-hearted, mean spirited, intolerant, cruel and cold that you actually want a cat to die, at least trap it humanely and take it to a shelter where it will be have a chance to be adopted, and if not, will be euthannized humanely.

    How does anyone know the cats are “strays” anyway? How do you know they don’t have homes where they’re loved and taken care of? Just because it’s a “stray” doesn’t make it okay to hurt them. If your neighbor, who was a friend of yours, had a cat that you knew was loved, was fed, had a home, how would you feel about killing that cat? After all, it could be one of the cats going potty in your yard.

    Poison is indiscrimiate. It kills whatever animal eats it. You can NEVER know for sure what kind of animal may ingest the antifreeze. Domestic cats, wild cats, wild animal, or even a dog that escaped from his backyard can all be poisoned by anti-freeze.

    Have you ever watched Animal ER on the Animal Planet Channel when people bring in their dog, or cat, that ingested antifreeze and the their liver, or kidneys are shutting down and they’re in pain, and the owners and their little daughter are in tears because they love their dog, or their cat? Do you really want to do that to a animal? Stray cats suffer as much as cats with homes and people to love them. And it’s not a cat’s fault a human abandonds the cat and it becomes a stray. Imagine someone’s cat gets out, eats the anti-freeze you put out and then it suffers a painful death and never comes home. Have you never experienced the loss of a cat that you raised since he was small enough to curl up in your hand, you feed him every day, you play with him, he sleeps with you, then one day he just is gone and never comes back? How would that make you feel?

    I hope “Brenda” retracts her statement and never poisons any animal ever and never offers that advice to anyone else again.

    Have a heart.

  206. If you kill a cat coming into your yard, it doesn’t deter other cats from coming into your yard. Cats don’t reason like that. They need a DETERRENT, and killing some may solve the problem of those individual cats going in your yard, but other cats won’t stay away.

    There is no “Word on the street” among cats. They can’t warn other cats to stay away.

    Is anyone really going to sit up all night with their pee-shooter picking off cats? That’s just plain mean. You may be “within your rights as a homeowner”, but that doesn’t make it morally right.

    A live-trap costs less time and money than killing the cats. Take them to a shelter to give someone a chance to experience to pleasure of owning a cat.

    Step off you high-horse and show some humility.

  207. I live in a condominium where one of the neighbors is feeding a colony of strays and feral cats. The problems this colony have created are identical to those problems I’ve read about elsewhere: filth, ectoparasites, killing native wildlife, rampant reproducing, etc. The local animal control organization is very small and not well funded so they are little or no help, not to mention that my cat problem is not a priority for them.

    My solution is to live trap the cats and euthanize them. This is a one at a time process, but it is permanent.

    A friend of mine in another, larger town, also had a cat problem. He informed all of his neighbors–by letter–that he was going to begin a campaign to trap and euthanize all cats that entered his suburban property. He very kindly informed them that any cat he caught that was not wearing a collar adorned by the required registration tag would be euthanized. He suffered a little flack from a few people who insisted that it was their right to let their cat’s roam about doing whatever in someone else’s yard, but otherwise no problems. In one year he caught and euthanized 92 cats. He continued to set his trap after that year, but the number of catches dwindled dramatically until within 18 months he was seeing a cat in the trap only once every six weeks or so. This effort occurred four years ago and his property is still largely cat free, proving “trap and eradicate” works at least as well–if not better–than the “Trap-Neuter-Spay” option the pro-feral cat people advocate. It is certainly less expensive. He paid about $60 for his one trap. Imagine what the vet bill would have been had he taken all 92 of those cats to have them spayed/neutered, vacinated, and de-parasitized.

  208. I realize that this is a lot to ask, and I don’t expect anyone to go through with this, but here’s what I did. Keep in mind I’m a crazy cat lady. Ok, not THAT bad, but I just didn’t have it in me to kill these poor kittens or even call someone to take them away and kill them. All you have to do is get one of those racoon traps. My dad had one that he used to get rid of gophers in his garden. If you don’t have access to one, call your local animal shelter and they’ll likely loan you one. They’re really easy to work, you just pull the trap door up and slide some food in. The cat steps on this hatch inside and it closes the door. Then bring the cat to the animal shelter. (Make sure it’s a NO-KILL shelter! Haha)

  209. I have alot of cats that I feed. The first thing that I did was put posters out looking for farm homes. Alot of farmers like cats around to control the mice. They then can live their life out. The ones we wanted around, I took to the local humane society and have them fixed, and bring them back. The local vet gives the society discounts. One neighborhood in town had all their cats caught and killed. They now are dealing with other pests. Ha Ha, Most of these cats come from people who dont fix theirs and let them out or get too many and dont want them. Dont blame the cats we have a responsibility to them also.

  210. Hello. I have a few strays/feral cats here outside that I HAD been feeding, but frankly I’ve got to stop it for you can be fined for it and being on disability I sure can’t afford to pay huge fines for feeding them. Sooooooooo I got out the credit card and ordered some stuff online called StopCats. It’s a spray that is non-toxic and you spray it around the perimeter of your house and outside buildings and it is a deterrent to use that will take maybe about two days, but the cats should be gone by then. You order the amount you need depending on the size of your yard (or where you need to keep the cats away from). I’ve read some good testimonials on their site and I am gonna give this HUMANE way a try. I called the man who works there on the phone and he said you have to more or less ‘retrain’ cats like outside strays/ferals by their senses, especially smell. If you’d like to check out this website for yourself, the website address is:
    CHER in SC

  211. how do i keep a stray mannerless cat which keeps on pooping at our door steps from the ground floor to the 2nd floor of a building all the neighbours are complaining of this cat,he………………lp

  212. I believe that poisoning any animal or abusing an animal is against the law. I can’t believe some of the folks on here actually admitting to using anti-freeze to kill cats. I hope this information gets into the hands of legal authorities, and the legal authorties taken action against those who are inhumanely killing these cats. Oh, and as to cats not helping with a ‘rodent problem’, when we were living in Arkansas, we had mice in our house. When we started feeding a mama and her 4 babies (we later had another mama and 5 bundles of joy) as well as our own house cat, our mice/rat problem dwindled to ZERO. I’m now in Germany, and couldn’t take our pregnant outdoor cat with us. My sister-in-law has her and wants to keep her as “She does what cats are supposed to do”. For those who love cats, try to encourage the cats to stay within your own yard and not go into the yards of neighbors who would kill them. Put up an invisible fence or some shelter for them. If nothing else, take them to a feral cat colony or no kill shelter. For those who don’t like cats, use items to humanely keep them away, and don’t infringe on the rights of those who enjoy having them around. For those who like to have cats around, get them spayed and neutered. Earn their trust, and you may have a good house pet.

  213. I am a feral cat colony caretaker in a very large RV park. I have TNR’d over 60 cats/kittens that some so called humans drop off here every year. Some are pedigree animals, house pets and many are very pregnant. I have the cats/kittens spay/neutered and find homes for them. I have no problem with rodents, and in a rv park this size there is tons of trash from campers. Some of my campers have actually adopted these cats/kittens. I think the biggest problem with strays/ferals is the humans get kittens and think they are so cute, but when they mature are not so cute any more, they think I will just dump at the RV park, Forest preserves, etc. there is plenty of food for them. Actually there is no food in the cold harsh winters and many of these ferals migrate to where there is food and shelter. About anti-freeze in many states it is illegal to poison any animal and the cost is very expensive and may include jail time. There are many orginazations out there that are lobbying for stiffer penalties and longer jail time. I belong to few of these orginazations. Also anti-freeze poising is a terrible death, these animals do not die instantly or in a few days, many suffer for days. I have found a few that were poisoned and trapped them and had them euthanized. It is very heart breaking to watch.

  214. I see how trapping, “fixing”, and releasing cats will eventually decrease the population of feral cats… but that doesn’t fix the immediate problem of loads of dookie in my yard. How can I let my child play in the yard that is potentially full of toxoplasmosis? There has to be a more effective or faster way.

  215. Yep I too was told that Cats are free roaming animals like Birds and Squirrels and that nothing could be done. Squirrels and Birds were not trying to get into my house like the strays were so we took matters into our own hands via a bowl of Antifreeze and sausage. Friends of mine remind me of my actions every so often. To me stray cats are the same as rats. My dad is in a peaceful suburb over run with strays and people feeding them. From looking at this web site I can see that he is going to have to follow the advice he gave me in college. I love animals but I also do not want to see the balance of nature being destroyed with too many cats.
    see below

  216. I am with Rod, I grew up on a farm, and cats definitly have their place in this world, but many cat owners feel they have to have a cat, then let them roam free. If I wanted cat hair all over my lawn furniture and **** all over my yard, I would have my own cats. I respect cat lovers rights to keep and own cats, respect others rights as well. Keep your cats at home with you.

  217. My tip is to tell all the stupid people who allow their cats out side not to!
    If you don’t want your cat indoors, don’t get one…or get rid of it. Just as the other person stated, if I wanted cat **** all over my yard,flowerbeds and kids sandbox, I would get one myself.

    My neighbors cat…….the “last time” it got into my garbage, it was trapped and sent to the mountains. yup. I sure did.

  218. My problem is a bit different from some of these in that I live in a small rural town outside a metro area where I have 24 1/2 acres and 4 spayed and neutered cats of my own. Many people drop off unwanted cats in this area and I have a problem in that the agressive tom cats are attacking my male cats that aren’t as aggressive since they are neutered. Oh yes and the spraying is intolorable. I can’t blame this on my cats attracting other cats since I had this problem before I had my cats. I’m very frusterated in that I can’t afford nor have the time to have all the feral or abandonded cats that come up fixed. I leave food out for my cats so I am feeding them inadvertantly and I know of someone in the neighborhood that is makeing an effort to feed them. This is generally a poor area and there are no facilities close by to deal with this problem. I think the solution lies in that there should be laws passed that would require people to have their pets spayed and neutered unless they are a cattery intending on breeding for sale. There could be programs locally for supplementing the people with no extra income to do so. It is getting very bad and I don’t know what to do.

  219. Only one sure way (short of shooting them)…TNR= Trap and No Release. I run 5 live cage traps on my property and have pretty well trapped out all strays…they are gone! maybe 45 last year and only 8 so for this year (I keep a tally)
    Our Animal Control Picks cats up the vermin for free lethal injection. I really do not care if a cat is fixed or not. On my property, night or day…cats are toast. I can not be responsible for others ignorance when they release their animals on my properety or when their animals roam on my property.
    So…I am now Cat Free and will stay Cat Free!

  220. 2008 has been a slow year for trapping cats after a great 2007 trapping season. Only 9 cats eliminated since Jan 1 2008…very few actually seen. Some of these have been neighbor’s “replacement” cats because theirs have somehow dissapeared! Spring is here however and the fun is picking up a little. My property has become somewhat of a drain hole for cats as they wander in from distant areas. They do not last long here so this area is virtually Cat Free. I have even moved some of my traps (now have 6 traps) to brother-in-law’s & friend’s property 3 to 4 miles from my property and have started trapping the cats on the out skirts of this neighborhood. Our AC’s cat kill rate is over 95%. Local farm and feed supply stores are now selling large “Raccoon” traps (great for cats). I trapped a cute little dog in March which AC put up for adaption and it was adopted. When I spoke to the AC officer he said he had picked up 7 cats from HIS string of traps JUST THAT MORNING in other city areas! (Made me feel bad since I was being out done by AC). AC officer said all 7 cats were already in a body bag. Answer to the question “How to GET RID of stray cats”?…trap em…then dispatch the beast…never release! Works every time.
    I get a kick out of people’s notion of a “No Kill Shelter”. We have an SPCA “No Kill” Shelter here that will not even take animals at this time because they are full. My son worked for them last Summer for College scholarship community hours. He says that when the “NO KILL” shelter gets too full, they send the animals to City Animal Control where they get a lethal injection…thus, by having others do the dirty work, they can still call themselves “No Kill”. They will not say this because it is not PC, but we know first hand that this is what they do. I am somewhat confused…Why so many questions on this subject???…the answer is as clear as the nose on our face. You are not going to keep the cats away as long as people keep releasing them, however you can sure cut down their numbers and eliminate cats on your property. TNR=Trap-No-Release…the only sure solution unless you live in an area where you can use a rifle…traps however are still more effective because they will trap the animals you may never see. Good Luck Trappers and have a great 2008 season.

  221. To Kibegwa, I had a cat piing on my front door step. We could smell it in our home. I used javel to wash the door step and it keeped the cat from comming back.

    ” To B.J.” I hope you read this. Last year I spent over $200.00 dollars on humane cat repellent. I would like you to answer this question:

    Most of the cats that do their thing on MY PROPERTY are not strays.
    I confronted an owner. I caught him feeding his cat, 2 strays and 4 kittens. He was rude and abusive, He said what right do I have to tell him what to do in his yard.

    I told you can do IN YOUR yard whatever you want, if it doesn’t affect ME.

    You talk about the rights of cat owners, what about my rights????

    Why should I spend money for other people pleasures?????

    There is a electronic system for sale that you can put around your yard and put a coller on your cat which will prevent the cat from going into other PROPERTIES.

    Concerning the owner, he is my direct neighbor, Give to God what is God’s and to Rome what is Rome’s

  222. First I forgot in my first comment: We are in the proccess of *trying* to rid our yard of nasty stray cat feces. The step we are currently taking that seems to have made an impact so far is spreading a MAJOR combination of Red Pepper Flakes and Ground Red Pepper… The only problem is it needs to be freshly sprinkled every day or every other day and absolutly after a rain… and it’s getting expensive… we have a pretty big yard and are only sprinkling it in a 2 foot wide line along the fence & property line int eh front yard. It’s getting expensive and aggrevating. I’m going out sprinkling red pepper every day at the same time my neighbor is spreading a 6 ft line of cheep cat food on his back porch!!! It’s like trying to climb a snow covered mountain without using your feet… an impossible feet!

    Oh my gosh I can not believe some of the arguments I have read here. The title of the subject is “How to get rid of stray cats* Not how to make sure stray cats have equal rights…. Equal rights to what? HUMANS? Are you kidding me?!? I’ve been reading some of the comments under this subject and just can not believe the extremists that come here just to complain that I don’t like cat urine on my kids outside toys and feces all over my front and back yards!

    Someone actually compared these stray/feral cats to children!!! In the United Stated of America it is a law in most states if not all (I don’t know) that you have to get your children vaccinated by a certain age. It’s the law that you provide food, shelter and a safe home for children. You can not just allow children to live in a field or behind your house in a old shed, infested my ticks and fleas, and throw cheap cat food at them occassionaly! You have to clothe them, take them to the doctor when they are sick and mostly you have to provide safety and education for your children… Why is that? Because children are human, not wild strays that deficate outside in your neighbors yard. Compairing human children to wild/stray/feral unmaintained, uncared for cats is ludicrous and just not even reality! Male stray cats mate with whatever female is available, whether it be it’s mother, sibling for same litter or another, they don’t care what they are inpregnanting as long as it is fitting their need… So is what all the *Equal rights for animals* people are saying is what’s right for the stray cat is right for the human child?!? Are you kidding me?!?

    Stray wild cats have no more *human rights* than the mouse that got caught in the very inhumane mouse trap in my son’s room last week. Stray/feral cats have no more *human rights* then the dead skunk that I passed on the road last night. (Those mean murderous car drivers, hitting wild animals. *ugh* Give me a big human reality check please!

    I have not enjoyed reading the comments by posters who compare me not wanting my *human* children to have to walk through cat diarehea in our own yard to a murderer!!! My uncle was shot answering his own front door, point blank in his stomache by a MURDERER! My uncle was not urinating on the neighbors car wheel or deficating in anyones yard, he was answering his door. A murderer is not someone who tries to control pests from infecting his own enviroment, a murderer is not someone who is left not other options than to take matters in his own hands to insure his children are able to play in their own yard safely!!!

    So please remember that before bashing the people that came here to seek *real* help and actual *helpful* advise (like myself). Do I want to antifreeze a stray cat, not particularly, do I really want an animal to die a slow painful death, not particulary, do I consider stray cats equal to humans? Heck NO, and if you do, I pray for you.

    Any week, any day, any hour if I am asked to choose between the safety of my family (including our 2 four legged family members) and the life of a stray/feral cat… No choice, with out a doubt… the health and safety of my family!

  223. get a pellet gun and use conibear traps your cat population will drop in a hurry. cats are the biggest reason for the decline in game bird and song bird populations. they kill beyond natural predation levels because of the fact that people dont keep them indoors. If a cat is running free it is doing damage and therefore I consider it an enemy of nature. they are not native they are invasive.

  224. cats are a real problem in my neighborhood. This problem doesnt come from strays, it comes from the fact that my neighbors have several cats and they let them roam freely. a few years back, cats would climb all over my parents cars. they frequently sprayed the windshields and the back of my dads truck. they sprayed my dads boots and a duffle bag, both of which had to be thrown away because the terrible odor is impossible to get rid of. they sprayed all over everywhere and it was terrible. they got under our house and had several kittens. the problem got so bad that my dad eventually started trapping them. he just put a live-trap in the back of his truck with tuna in it and caught several cats. we started noticing that the cat problem kept going down until we didnt have anymore cats. a few years later we started raising ducks. we raised 22 ducks successfully. we ran into a problem though when the ducks would have nests and the cats would attack the mother ducks while she was on her nest or eat the little babies after they hatch. we have not had a single duckling that has made it due to all the cats in my area and there have been 12 nests. we have had about 36 little ducklings killed by the cats. we try to just let nature take its place and let the mother duck raise her young on her own, but we cant. weve tryed saying something to my neighbors about it and they just blow it off every time. weve tryed putting traps out again, but weve had no luck because the cats arent around the house, theyre in the woods behind my house and around other parts of the neighborhood. we would result to shooting the cats but, we live near other people to which it would not go over so well. i need help on what to do about my situation. any ideas?

  225. Relax peoplez! It’s simple if you no like kill’um.
    Fill CLEAR GLASS bottles of water and twist covers back on tight. Place them where ever you want. Cats will see a bright reflection to their imagination it looks like a big eye and an animal biger then them and they’ll turn away.
    If you or somebody smokes cigarettes or cigars, just take out the unused Tobaco and simply spread out every place. You may want to keep refreshing it if it rains or you water it down when watering the grass or flower pots or washing down your gaurage area. Just keep little bit after you pau smoke and spread it out. Works more better when it becomes slightly moist from humidity, comes more stink to their sensitive nose.
    IF it still doesn’t work for you, just kill’um den!

  226. An update on our icky furry invaders… The red pepper flakes in combination with the ground red pepper is working!! Of course it’s not doing anything for the cat population BUT we have definatly noticed the little varmits walking around our yard *LOL* They walk down my neighbors drive way and out into the street in front of our house *YEA!!* My husband hasn’t seen one in our yard in the early morning for a week or so… We went to SW’s and bought the HUGE Jugs of red pepper supplies and every other day or so go out and sprinkle… dogs don’t seem to mind it at all, they just try to sniff it up 🙂

  227. HL…set the traps in the woods (or wherever you see the cats) where the cats roam! Place, set and bait at dusk and check and remove before dawn. If this is done in the dusk hours, you will not have to worry about someone stealing your traps or seeing you remove the trapped critter. I have not seen a cat for over 4 weeks in my entire neighborhood due to Trap-No-Release. This entire year, I have only seen and trapped 9 cats…last year it was over 40 cats.
    My cat population has dwindled to a big fat zero. A free roaming cat (pet or no pet) is not part of nature…it is feral…a human introduced animal to the natural enviroment with only one option for a sure…”never see the cat again” solution. Give the ducks a break.

  228. texas west, thanks for the advice. haha, i know that may seems like a no-brainer. i guess i should have explained better.. i have a 2 acre back yard and a next door neighbor who thinks the killing or harming of anything is just terrible. shes been to my house several times about me shooting birds with my bee bee gun and thinks i am just the meanest little kid that has ever walked the face of the earth. anyways, i shouldnt have said woods because its more like a ditch with about a thirty yard wide stretch of thin pine trees that backs up to a golf course. when i see the cats they are walking down the ditch going from one neighbor who has all the cats’ house to the other. i really cant put a trap out there because it would be way obvious walking all the way across my long backyard to put it out and my neighbor would deffinately be able to see it. she is always grilling out late after dark and leaves pretty early to go to work. other than that, workers for the golf course are out mowing the grass on the golf course often before dawn and they would probably see it and maybe even steal it. and third, my dad says no trap is going out there. lol. thanks for the advice and sorry i didnt explain better. id love to just shoot them but, like i said, neighbors…


  229. Texas West, you sure seem to have it down to a science. I used to rely on my pellet gun, but don’t seem to have time anymore to wait around. And my eyesight ain’t what it used to be. I missed a mother cat the other day, and to top it off, I must have winged or missed one of her kittens because I couldn’t find the body. I am about ready to try trappin’. Any tips as to bait, is it necessary to move the trap periodically, do the beasts make much noise while they’re confined (I live in Atlanta and I do have a few goody-goody neighbors that I don’t want to tip off to my nefarious deeds)?

  230. After building a 50 thousand dollar garage/workshop it now belongs to cats… not our cats but stray and neighborhood cats…. you can not stand to walk into the building because of the odor…. how dare anyone say it is not right to shot the darn cats that ruin my property that took my hard earned money to build… took me 10 years of saving to build it and took those cats 6 months to ruin it…. man a good hunting night is in order… those ******** about shoting those lil holy ******* do not have the same problem I have that is for sure… Walked into the garage the other day and with just walking in 4 cats managed to run under my feet and enter the garage before I even got in… and since you can not catch them… they are still in there.. no food , no water. Therefore now there back door is cracked so they can get out, or others can get in, so be it, damned either way. ABOUT TO BUY A 22!!!!

  231. Oliver…thought you might have left the site…glad you are back on!
    Cheap sardines in Oil…they have a real STRONG smell. I usually leave the traps in one spot for a while. The stupid cats think it is just another outside piece of my garage/shop or what ever the traps are sitting next to. I always put one side of any trap next to a wall, bush or fence so it sort of blends in with the surroundings.
    I have yet to have a cat make noise when trapped. Somtimes the wilder ones hiss and claw at the AC officer when they pick them up for the ride downtown for their “last meal”, but really, the critters are pretty quite and very confused…some just bounce from one end of the trap to the other at full speed…like a little Cat Circus!

  232. There is a herb called rue which will keep the cats away. It is a
    perennial and will spread rapidly. The seeds are cheap – 120 for a coule of dollars. Just do a search on the internet. Just bury the
    seeds in shallow ground. Nature will hopefully do the rest. Wear gloves.

    The herb provides an irritant to the cats. There is also an
    annual (a coleus) which is also an irritant to the cats.
    Good luck.

  233. I have a pond with a fountain and some cat is killing birds who like to bathe in the water. Can I poison the damn things? I’m tired of going out to my little sancutary and finding death floating.

    Opinion: cats suck, I have no idea why anyone would want them as pets.

  234. oliiver, i have had the best luck with canned tuna in my traps, although i havent tried the sardeens like texas west suggested. good luck!


  235. Tuna in oil works better than tuna in water. The smell lasts longer. Chicken that sat around too long to eat. Cook it up and use if for bait. sells a decent trap but you will need to tune it. I had to throw a board in the bottom to take up the slack from the bottom. I had a nasty ferule cat take one look at me and force its way out from under the trap door. The board stopped its escape on the second time. Newspapers and an additional platform hinged on the trigger platform helped a bunch. 3 cats down and 4 left to go!

  236. Rule number one: if you haven’t already, don’t feed a stray cat or else they will keep coming back. That was my mistake. Now there is a gray cat that comes back and hisses at my kitten through the window. What I do is that I put pepper all around my doors and windows. When it rains, re apply it. It has worked all up until now and now my kitten hasn’t a care in the world. :-)~

  237. When you live next to the d*** cat lady in an apt and she continues to feed them on OUR shared porch, you go crazy! Cats…especially strays carry all kinds of infectious diseases and should not be taken lightly. Spray their a$$ with pepper spray! And then spray the perimeter of the area with it. They will soon get the point when that burning sensation kicks in.

  238. These people and the killing of cats. This is what I don’t understand about stupid people. They would rather get rid of the problem instead of fixing it. Don’t you people know that getting rid of a problem doesn’t FIX it because it’s always going to be there. Killing them will not solve it. It will 1) Temporarily get rid of it, but the problem always comes back (there are more cats out there). 2) Make you a murderer. Try to actually fix it first.

  239. Serouisly, get some brains people. Stop being lazy and doing things the wrong way. Spend a little money, save a life, and plant those seeds they sell to keep them away from your yard. If not, don’t leave food and whatnot around. It’s that simple. Getting a brain… well, that is a little harder to get, but that is a different subject. lol.

  240. I live in a townhouse and my neighbors feed a colony of about 10 strays. The homeowner’s association has asked them many times to stop feeding them but three in particular refuse to stop. 2 of the cats are currently pregnant and one other had kittens about a month ago. Our city and county do not do anything about strays cats and there are no shelters in the area that have TNR programs. I don’t have the money to have 10 (not even counting the kittens) fixed. These cats are a nuisance, they fight and yowl at night, poop and pee in our gardens and garages, one even attacked my 4 month old puppy in broad daylight while I was walking him (which amounted to a HUGE vet bill). I am an animal lover, my puppy and my two cats were all rescued, not bought from a breeder or anything. I don’t want to have to set out poison but I’m at a loss for any other options!

  241. For keeping cats from digging and muching on my plants, my Mom suggested cutting up orange peels and strewing them around the plants. Works like a charm with my own cat!

  242. Debi is dead wrong…case in point. Extensive trapping and AC’s lethal injection has wiped out my stray/feral cat population. Cats are gone!
    I did trap a bird killer at my Brother-in-Law’s house a few weeks ago however I have not seen any cats at my place for quite some time. I am looking forward to the cats returning in the future (as you say they will Debi however they have not returned) so I can continue trapping. About 58 cats exterminated in about 10 months of trapping, and those 58 are gone for good…never to return. Remember Debi…this is my property I am talking about, not yours, therfore it is my call how to manage. You are welcome to come here and try your “release” program (that would be illegal here) however you better be quick. Stupid…lazy…murderer…brainless…whatever you say Debi, however I am also CAT FREE!

  243. I came to this site just a few hours ago for a tip. My problem “was” a stray cat living on my apartment’s deck. He has a tag, but both of the phone numbers on it were disconnected; based on the address, he traveled more than a dozen miles.

    The cat (“Kirby”) somehow chose my deck as his new home. And I made a stupid mistake by giving him some milk, a couple of times. I’m not a big fan of cats, but he seemed hungry.

    After reading the tips and all, I began to worry about rabies. As I have two young kids who love to play on the deck, I didn’t want to take chances.

    I tried shoo him away with many non-hostile methods–e.g. gently pushing him. Yet, the cat seemed resolute to keep his newly found domain.

    —The Answer—-
    The answer came from my 6-year old son. He suggested using water,
    as cats usually hate water. But pouring water on hims seemed too cruel. So I chose to use garden water sprayer.

    A couple of gentle sprays later, my problem is gone!

    Sure, he will make home on another deck in my apartment complex. But until the apartment management takes action, water sprays will keep my deck cat-free.

    It works.

  244. Coyote urine is ineffective for urban animals. Tried it for raccoons in NYC. The raccoons don’t even know what a coyote looks like, much less the smell of their urine. I’ve wasted too much time and money on trapping raccoons that are nesting in my attic — got in through the small vent hole by the roof. Tried ultrasound on both raccoons and cats — no use. Probe light cost me $200 and didn’t even use it once b/c you need an outlet to plug it in. Even used trapping for the raccoons but they keep coming back.

    I need a more efficient and cost-effective method for stray cats in the backyard. I live by a railroad full of stray cats. There’s also a guy who doesn’t live in the neighborhood who feeds these bastard felines every weekend with a truckload of food.

  245. very simple go out and buy a green bowl to blend in with your yard and pour antifreeze into it. It’s sweet and cats will drink from it and make them sick or KILLS them. I’m tired of mainting my yard and stepping in cat poop so this was my last resort.

  246. I have about 15-20 cats that live on my porch. They bring in trash, bones, and other garbage. That brings in ants and it is a problem. I have 2 young kids and they like to go out there to play, and I can’t let them because of these cats. I have sprayed them with water and bleach, I’ve physically removed them, but they keep coming back. I am about to go buy a bottle of antifreeze since animal control won’t do anything. All the neighbors are sick of them as well.

  247. Why is it that we have to put up with neighborhood cats, I don’t like cats and can’t understand why we have to take the humane measures to “save a life”. Keep them in your own yard or house or where ever it is you keep them and off others property. I still can’t get rid of the one(s) that are crapping in my flower beds. Any useful tips would be great! Dogs aren’t allowed to roam free.

  248. When we moved into our urban neighborhood eight years ago we were overrun with stray cats. We had several good hearted neighbors who were feeding them and, unfortunately, helping the breeding cycle. We started trapping, fixing and releasing the strays, getting our neighbors invloved. Many neighbors helped fund the process and helped handle the cats. We have seen a siginificant reduction in the stray population and fixed cats are calmer and healthier.

  249. i would try using a loud sterio. you could put it where the stray cats are and turn it on when they come. it doesnt hurt them but will scare them away.

  250. Can someone let me know what poison to use because I am sick and tired of cats on my porch and hissing at me and I have to carry a broom to go to the neighbors house. Help I need to get rid of these animals and no i am not an animal lover and that is why I choose not to have any so why do i have to deal with strays.

  251. Hooray for the antifreeze!!! Works like a charm and they usually go away before they die so you don’t have to put up with their smell even after they die (note, if they’re living under your house, you might not want to try that method!). Happy for those who hate the idea, YOU live with the pests: I’ll stick to what works!

  252. I have a problem with only one cat but he’s really pushing it, I’ve had to purchase yes purchase 2 dogs since they are puppies they’re unaware this cat does not belong here. This cat has ripped new bags of dog food, pushed over items on my porch to get to the dog food when caught it looks at me as if to question me as to my business in this yard. The cat urine and feces are disgusting and stink, living in the desert in the heat these odors are extreme. I’ve found watering the yard & dirt before bed and in the morning works but my water bill is going up, with everything so costly I think I’ll be getting a sling shot and lots of rocks. Yes I hate cats and should probably go to jail, but until you have to live with these stinky nasty felines invading your space then you can tighten my cuffs. All cats are not pretty & soft and the owners should have taken better care of them then we wouldn’t need to go to extremes.

  253. I have 2 pet cats outside so I have to feed them out there obviously. Lately though I wake in the middle of the night and her my sweet male cat getting beat on by some nasty feral cat. Once he was bleeding! They don’t seem to mess with my momma cat. So one night I hear my male, nelly, meowing like no other and I run out there and see this nasty cat on too of it! So I grabbed my paint ball gun and shot it more then I can count! And it hasent been back yet! Yes! Point to my story use a paint ball gun…won’t kill them! And to you people who are killing them with antifreeze, that’s very sad! If I only knew who you were I would turn your ass in so fast! Some of those cats could be just lost trying to get by, by running with the wild cats to survive. But you will be punished when it comes to judgement day for you. Next time try my idea! And guess what NO dead cats. Peace out peeps

  254. WTH is wrong with some of the people on this forum? A shot gun or a pellet gun to use on the cats?! Antifreeze or a paintball gun? Don’t you know that is cruel and INHUMANE?

    There have been several stray cats going in the trash, but we just shoo them away. Spraying them with a bottle just with luke warm water is fine. Or even using the hot pepper powder to deter squirrels away from the bird feeders.

  255. This is why people should think about whether they can handle keeping/having an animal when they adopt or purchase. Take the animal to a vet and get it spayed or neutered.

  256. any suggestions on how to really get rid of a huge, stray, tomcat that has been attacking the wild rabbits that roam in the yard? I just buried another bunny b/c of this cat. Anything from anyone would be appreciated. The cat has got to go

  257. Treehugger, to your response. I do agree with you. But don’ missunderstood, the cat I shot with a paint ball gun was a bad nasty cat, trying to kill my cats. This cat is like a Jeffrey dohmer of cats.(sp), it deserves to be dead! But I could never kill a cat so I just scared it a little. If you know anything about paint ball guns then you would know they don’t puncture your skin. Maybe a slight sting, but that’s it. And also we use it on our cows who break the fence and end up on the road. Haven’t had to use it in a long time cause they have learned! And if you have a comment for that use of the gun, let me stop you before you go any further. Cow= road. Which could mean that someone could hit them and end up killing the people. Anyways about the cat, I found anothe nasty cat around, and it actually ended up killing my little baby kitten. So yeah that cat IS NOW ON MY SHIT LIST! And I will be sure to have my paint ball gun ready tonight! Peace!

  258. I have no tips. I am looking for advice. I will call animal control and see if they give me any help. I will also try to hose the cat with a water hose, will that help? I think the cat is pregnant, she just appeared and then there were two males hovering around her night and day, now she is hiding under my kids pool. We don’t feed them but the nieghbors probably do. They feed the ducks as well and the ducks have overpopulated this area. Anyway, animal control, hosing and then pepper spray the areas they like. If we do end up trapping it, we will take it to animal control because of the pregnancy. Good? I’ll try this stuff today.

  259. I have a stray cat issue as well. It seems that a neighbor a few doors down loves to house stray cats. I had 2 male neutered tabby cats, both 7 years. Just a couple months ago a male stray was trying to encroach on our property and our orange male tabby Comet would not see to that. The male stray was able to bite him in the hind quarter and pierce the skin. We brought him to the vet and tried to help our Comet. The wound healed, but he soon passed most likely due to a transferred disease.

    Now, this same stray male is coming after our other grey male tabby Choas… Just this morning the bastard was in our yard attacking him. Im going to get a sling shot tonight and teach the stray his boundaries.

    The thing with male cats is they are territorial. The more “alpha” males – most likely un-neutered ones – will continuously try and increase the territory that the inhabit.

    I think Paint ball guns are a great idea for deterring stray animals from the yards. The paint ball gun will only sting and scare the living sh!t out of the animal. Anything that could harm the animal should not be used unless the animal is posing a serious threat to you families or pets.

  260. Nicolas; So what are you supposed to poison them with? Some people are frustrated and desperate, can’t afford a gun and don’t have the time it takes to deal with a non-native invasive species that has no predators. The “Final Solution” doesn’t include harboring these vermin.

  261. Debi; if you are a vegetarian, don’t kill mosquitos on you, don’t kill cockroaches in your house, I might tolerate the use of the word “murderer”. Otherwise, act rational. And rational thought makes no differentiation between getting rid of a problem and fixing a problem. And it’s not fixed if it’s still there. If the filthy felines (a non-native invasive species) are decimating low nesting songbird populations, torturing to death baby rabbits (their screams are remarkably like a human baby) defecating in places even a vagrant wouldn’t think of and howling at all hours of the night do you really think that’s a solution to the problem? Send me your address and I’ll send you a few castrated ones for your “Cat Farm”. Just make sure you keep ’em fenced in like a responsible owner should do. And enjoy the noise and aroma. We’ll all be happy.

  262. Honestly, cats are really getting on my nerves. They’ve caused my niece ashma and she is nowhere near the cat. The cats just sits and scratch it’s lazy behind on my porch from morning till night. Lately, I’ve been getting flee bites all over. I don’t want to hurt the cat. I tried using a spray bottle with ice cold water. Doesn’t do any justice. It just runs away then comes back. Animal control came by couldn’t catch it. It’s like they know when there coming. Just a few minutes ago I caught him laying and scratching on my porch again. I’m fed up with the non-sense. It’s time for some action. Probably tell my buddy to bring his pit-bull…eh? Just kidding…I’ll just go buy a supersoaker and fill it up with some stink bomb or something… Good luck to those who have the same problems. Im going to try it out tomorrow =)

  263. Wow…still questions on this subject? T.N.R. Trap-NO-release is a winner. Trap ferals/strays with a live catch trap using any canned fish for bait. You can read previous tips on this site for trap sizes and tips plus other alternative methods. After trapped, dispose of the critter at your descretion…you can use your imagination here but never release the vermin while it is alive. I use AC for free lethal injections. Guaranteed to be 100% effective…you will never see that evil beast again.
    My stray/feral problem has vanished after about a 9 month trapping period…many, many cats sent to the dump. It has been about 14 weeks since my last cat trapped (and seen) and no strays/ferals have returned…that “return” rumor is just “release crowd” bunk. If you really want to stop the cat slaughter, keep your cats inside…keep your strays and ferals inside also…most of all, keep them off of my property. If your cats, pets/strays/ferals are left outside, don’t be surprised if they should disappear…we take no prisoners. And, please remember to blame the owner of the beast…not the trapper. Good Luck!

  264. The root of the problem is people. And the end result is feral cats over running our cites, suburbs and country sides destroying song birds and other native species such as Quail, Pheasant and other ground nest animals. The catch, neuter and release program is a joke. It still allows the feral cat to roam and wreck havoc on the eco-system. Bottom line…….reclassify them as “unprotected species”, hunt them, kill them and use their fur to make blankets, coats and use their carcasses for land fertilizer. Pet owners………wake up!

  265. Ok folks,

    All animals like the taste of ethylene glycol, or ANTIFREEZE, and they WILL die from ingesting it, it’s a nasty death however…don’t do that!

    Feral cats, or for that matter abandoned cats will kill EVERY other animal in thier area that they can overpower. Rabbits, squirrels, baby “anything’s” birds, etc…they kill just for the fun of it.

    Coyote’s LOVE cat meat however.

    I live on a farm and have cats dumped here all the time. We’ve taken in more than we would like, but there has to be a stopping point to the strays we take in…

    I wouldn’t poison for a feral cat, but I would shoot a feral cat, .22 caliber is enough for the job, and be responsible about how you shoot one. Be humane, don’t torture them, just kill them. The animals that SHOULD be out there will appriciate it.

  266. Texas west, you are one cruel person! It is people like you that end up killing a humane with no remorse, very sad! So please tell me how farmers, like myself should keep our cats all inside our house, please! All farms have at least 5 cats! Usually at least. And there farm cats so yeah they might roam around, but not harm anyone. If you were my neighbore and I knew you were doing that I would call the cops, PETA, and the local news. Your a very disturbing person and I ll leave you with some advice, GET HELP RIGHT AWAY!

  267. “farmgirl”…how you keep your animals on your property is strictly your business…keep them in your house…a pen or whatever. However…what happens on my property is my business and any cat on my property will be dealt with accordingly. Actually…I would be the one calling the police on you if I chose to because cats running free in my area on other’s property is against the law (we have a strict leash law that includes cats). You noticed I said a lethal injection from “AC”…thats Animal Control “guys with a badge”. If you call the law in my neighborhood about your cats on other’s property (trapped or not) YOU would get the fat fine. Farmcats around these areas become a quick lunch for coyotes and roaming cougars…
    Our animal control runs many more traps than I and constantly show me up with what they trap and eliminate. As for as additional “Help” needed (and thank you for your concern), My Local Animal Control as well as my traps are the only help I require and since that teamwork is very effective eliminating cats, I need no further help.

  268. I have just moved into a new neighbourhood with my siamese cat. The house had been empty for months. I am kept AWAKE at night with the entire neighbourhood’s cats yowling all around my house. Its irritating as !@$% and freaks MY cat out! They are all over the garden and even get bold enough to sit on the window sills trying to get into the house at night. I want them gone, they all belong to other people, how do i keep them away – and getting a dog is not an option! ADVICE WELCOME…

  269. Why shoot, poison, spay or neuter the animal? It’s the irresponsible owner
    that should have these things done to them.



  271. There are some good tips on getting rid of unwanted pets like animal control and not feeding them, but my god people have a heart. Antifreeze…if you give that to an animal I hope you take it yourself. Some of you guys are real jerks and deserve the same treatment you give these animals. it is the OWNERS responsibility to take care of their animals and not the cat/dog’s fault that their owners didn’t take care of them. I believe animals have feelings and can feel pain and love just like anyone else (still wondering if some of you people are sadists)and the way you treat an animal is a reflection on how you treat CHILDREN…any yes for all you people that are going to b**** about me comparing an animal to a child I am comparing an animals inability to speak to a babies…..Get a clue people..wake up and smell the coffee there are tons of humane ways to get rid of a cat or dog. I hold you people that do horrible things to animals right up there with child molesters and people who put their children in the closet….ALSO DEATH-TO-FERAL-CATS POSTER WHY DON’T YOU CONSIDER THE SAME THING TO THE HOMELESS PEOPLE…LETS JUST HUNT THEM DOWN, KILL THEM, AND THEN I DON’T KNOW PUT THEIR HEAD ON A MANTEL….DAMN YOUR AN IDIOT..YOU NEED TO WAKE UP NOT THE PET OWNERS..ITS PEOPLE LIKE YOU WHO CREATED THE FERAL CAT PROBLEM IN THE FIRST PLACE BY NOT SPAYING/NEUTERING YOUR PETS.

  272. Please someone out there help me with the stray cat litter. Its becoming a nuisance and it only litter at the front of my gate. Please please tell me how I can keep away the cats from their daily nuisance right in front of my house. Its stinky smell I have to wake up to every morning !!!

  273. I can’t believe how cruel some of you are out there. I have a cat problem and I live in the moutains. I agree the owners are the problem, however, the cats around my house are all wild (feral) and at some point in the past, someone dumped cats around my woods and now I have 9 of them around at any given time. I don’t feed them, they can be aggressive, they do, in fact, kill squirells and rabbits and commercial (expensive) reppellents don’t work. A sprinkler will deter them and I suspect the “red pepper” mixture that someone suggested would work, but, it would stain areas that you want to keep nice. I just keep sprinklers going in areas where they hang out and the water deters them. For God’s sake, don’t kill them. Trap them and turn them over to the local shelter or call animal control (which I don’t have in my Township), just don’t kill them.

  274. From what I see here with the site and with comments is no remedey for the problem. I wish I had one to offer, but this problem is evidently rampant in many places. I remember seeing a special program about house cats, that they are just like their “wild” cousins….predators and hunters. It is just their insticts. The main problem I have is the howling when they are mating at night. It’s the same problem with humans…noisy love makers around here. Oh well, suck it up and drive on.

  275. my neighbors cats come up on our lawn to much. i like cats and belive they are good animals, but please keep them in your house. they have 5 cats that they feed but leave outside other than that. they have no coller, and when the animal control asks, they insist that they are strays that thry feed. these cats ften stroll up and down my street and take their “stops” on my mulch. i chase them off when ever possible, but i desire just to capture them. can i catch a cat and dump it of a good distince away, or am i better of trying with the animal control?

  276. Trap stray/feral Cats with Live catch traps…(Raccoon size). Animal Control where I live will give the nasty vermin a lethal injection for no charge (system I use). You can also “do in” the trapped critter yourself by “other means”. Never release a stray cat on other’s property. I trapped over 35 cats last year…this year just 11. Stray cat problem solved! There are also many hunters who will welcome any stray cat you give them to train and excercise their bobcat or cougar chase and tracking dogs. That has caused a big drain on stray and feral cats here because so many are trapping the strays for that purpose. Any Trapped stray/ferals are in demand for dog training here and they do not last long.

  277. I have just recently moved into a house and have cats that come up into my yard from the greenbelt. ( a place with a huge pond and cover for them to stay hidden.) I need good ideas to get rid of them- humanley!!!!!!!!! i don’t like stray cats- have no pets of my own but a two year old cousin who goes out into the yard alot- but don’t want to kill them. we are going to start sealing things up and stuff like that- but the lady a couple of houses down has taken them in. we tried to get her to quit but she wont. she has 5 cats of her own. there are about 20 stray and feral cats in this greenbelt area. if you have any recommendations go to go to contact us to leave a comment. thank you very much for your help. put “cat problem” as the subject as not to mix it up with anything else we get in our mail bag.

  278. I live in a neighborhood where cats {tame} seem to run rampid, with collars & bells. I feel it’s the owner’s responsibility to take care of them! I haven’t found any feasable way to keep them out of our yard and off our porch. I don’t care for them, don’t feed them, shoo them away when I see them,… but would never do anything to hurt them. It just upsets me because as a dog owner, I don’t allow my dogs to explore my neighbors yards and sit up on their porch and bark as these felines do when they sit on our porch and constantly meowwwwwww! And I can guarantee if my MinPin were to climb on a neighbor’s vehicle and scratch their hood…I’d be in court with a judgement to pay for it! It’s very irritating to say the least! These cats seem to have free reign to climb on our vehicles, scratch the surface, leave their fowl smelling urine wherever they choose…and I’ve grown so tired of it all! So please, if anyone knows of any homapathical {sure I didn’t spell that right} way to rid of cats on your property…I’m all ears!

  279. I know it sounds cruel but we all do not have to like CATS, when the owners don’t take care of these pests we have to, it is our property and our children and elderly that we have to worry about with these filthy animals, The law should be applied to the owners and the nut jobs out there feeding these filthy animals , maybe they (owners and feeders) should be FINED heavily then they would stop feeding these
    filthy animals , I’ ll bet a $500.00 fine would sure change these animals feeders , we know what you are . now we know the price of your love of animals.

  280. I live in a mobile home which is not skirted. There is a cat or cats that get underneath all the time. I am definately not a cat lover. Help!!!!!! Sometimes they are under there just crying. How do I get them to stay away.

  281. I have a male cat which lives my backyard. He lives outside during the day and comes back home to eat and sleep. I like my cat but he keeps bringing pregnat cats and his kids. How should I get rid of the other cats that he brings.

  282. Get some vinegar (any kind), poor in a spray bottle or poor straight from the jug, around your house and area cats frequent, they hate it. This only lasts till it rains, obviously, but it’s a cheap way to keep them away and it really works.
    You can poor in dumpster as well, to keep them out.

  283. It is amusing how many of you responded here. I live in a city and a stray cat managed to get inside of my home while I was away on vacation. I am not a fan of cats, and this cat dextroyed my carpet with its waste. There was no food for it to get, but it could not get out, the way it got in. I am still disgusted with the ordeal. If I had a gun I would have shot it. I had to pay 40 buckd for the animal control to come and remove the darned thing. And the carpet had to be replaced. The house will need to be painted. This was a horrible mess. Would you have killed it then?

  284. One thing people don’t think of is these cats keep the mice populations down that could be invading your home!! THe Most important thing is IT”S NOT THE FAULT OF THE CAT, it’s the owners or the ones who are dumping them away from their area. Cats are a clean animal. If you have a problem please call animal control or a rescue shelter etc. Many places are doing spading and neautering for free or very little. This will help the stray cat problem. Everyone is different some loves cats while others don’t but we should respect each others views. Always remeber some don’t like dogs and will do the same cruel things to your little puppy that you suggest done to cats. Some cats are lost and belong to some child whom misses their pet. Please respect life. I hunt, I used to not like cats was a dog man now I own dogs and cats. My daughter has a big heart and rescued a cat now I have rescued 3, I have one 3 legged cat. They are wonderful pets. I realized we all belong on this planet and cats are natures assasins. They mean no harm and just want food shelter and seek human friends for some. Whether it’s God you believe in or karma being cruel will come back around. If something bad happens to you or a loved one remeber it could be retribution for a cruel act to a defenseless animal. Please help life, not destroy it.

  285. you all speak of taking the cats to a shelter and not to kill them,but within a few months of you dropping them off them put them down. so in a way, there already dead. unless you adopt them.

  286. Dear People,
    Cats have been around for hundreds of years. And they do not stay at home all the time. they wonder,It would be a 24 hr. job to keep your cat at home. Suck it up …all you non cat lovers. Please a cat poops in your yard. And the smell is killing you?OH PLEASE!!!!! Or you move into a house …that no question ,the neighborhood cats had been living there. And What do you do WAAAAAAAAA….. Man Up Mr. Cat’s are Beautiful creatures….A very Big part of Gods Creations. Just like you! And for all of you who are scared of the wild cats. Wild cats are scared of you. Therefor they wouldn’t be hurting you.duhhhhh. And filthy they are not. Probley cleaner then most of you.z

  287. I have lived in the same home for 14 years. I have never had a cat problem until now. I certainly do not mean this wild cats any harm but they are ruining my property and unfortunately I can not allow my 7 year old in her own backyard to play for fear they may stratch her (because yes, they can carry disease.) These ferel cats have torn up my screen house and the smell is not pleasant. I also have a small dog who can not go out in the yard unattended. I don’t want him to hurt these animals or for the cats to hurt him. I just want a humane way of keeping these cats off my property. As far as the person telling everyone to suck it up, would you have you child playing in a yard full of cat poop and possibly carrying disease. It’s not about sucking it up, it’s about taking care of you children AND the property that you OWN and pay for.

  288. Try automotive antifreeze mixed with some milk. They will disappear. Doesn’t sound humane but when they are pissing all over your $500 stainless steel grill and its starting to rust and smell terrible, and the owners don’t care at all that there feline’s decide the whole neighborhood is their domain. I grew up on a farm, you think cats would be helpful on a farm for mice and rats, not at all true. The cats we had tore open our trash anytime we sat it out. The would get into animal feed and piss and crap in it daily. And pee on our doors to the house. That is not helpful for a farm so we would trap them and get rid of them away from the house. But if they caused to much problems then a .22 shell met with it. The only cats are good for is making kids happy and lonely, single, hybrid driving people happy. Peace!

  289. One of two things I feel can be done with unregistered and unowned cats.
    1. Pellet gun. Nuff said
    2 capture and release in a wild area. There are enough critters out there to eliminate the cat problem. I happen to have plenty of coyotes in the outskirts of town that would love a cat to play with (my choice).

    For those that think this is an inhumane way to deal with the problem tough. If they are able to adapt and survive in the new habitat then great. If not natural selection will take over.

  290. To keep less cats on the streets, Keep them inside. they get out, run away…and walah. Another stray cat scared out of its mind getting taken by complete strangers or getting ran over!!! AND WHY THE F WOULD YOU EVER WANT TO SPRAY PEPPER SPRAY?? THATS FRICKEN DANGOEROUS! THEY ARE NOT PRISIONERS! OKAY!?! My cat got ran over because my parents let her out to early! SO DO THE BEST FOR YOUR CAT AND KEEP IT INSIDE!

  291. i live in a mobile home and i have cats that have made a home under it. im not a cat person and there is alot of them . now threw my vents i smell cats. what can i do to get rid of them? i don’t want to hurt them i just want them to go away. what can i do.

  292. cats are runing my vechiles scratching paint, wetting on them and sleeping on them how can i stop thisplease help me tired of furnishing the vichels

  293. I had a huge stray cat problem while living out in Japan. The proximity of the houses provided great spots for them to ‘nest’ throughout the year. I learned that spraying Pine Sol around the exterior of the house and where they were ‘living’ got rid of them quickly. Apparently the smell is a huge deterrent. Didn’t kill them…but solved the problem.
    And for Theresa, who posted on Dec. 19 – there should be a gov’t agency whose sole job is to ensure people like you aren’t allowed to procreate…

  294. You all complain about feral cats. Guess who’s fault it is in te first place? Humans.
    If everyone took care of their pet, this wouldn’t be a problem. But no, people want pets and then later just let them go.
    These animals had no choice in where they could live. The best thing for them is to find someone involved in TNR.
    Oh and the person who had a cat sneak in while she was on vacation. If you left your window closed, it wouldn’t have happened. If the cat got in, a person could have too. Then it wouldn’t be just a carpet you’re replacing.
    Again, another human screw up.

  295. you should be ashmed of yourselves for offering some of your solutions. get your head out of your ass and take a look and see that man is the problem thes cats have this kind of life. shame on you!

  296. Is this site for real? Listen, I live in the country and there is no shelter, no rules for all of these crazy rednecks to keep their cats fixed or fed. If you end up with male cats spraying your house, fighting with your cats, killing your chickens, or whatever, you have to deal with it. There are no agencies here and it is impossible to catch a feral cat, they run away and claw. I don’t want a gun in my house, so what are my options? Poisoning? Buying an expensive live trap they may or may not use? Then after I trap them I get to drive x amount of miles to drop them off somewhere else? They are still a problem, but now not for me. I am not against poisoning at all. When the gov. or local law gives us another way to deal with these cats then great, until then I am going to handle it the best way I see fit!

  297. Thanks for some of those tips I know everyone don’t like cats or even dogs but these cats are a pain..I have tried everything and now that months have went by they have multiplied.
    I see that the neighbors has trash on top of trash I would of thought that was heaven for a dog I didn’t know cats liked damn trash.
    I will take some of the tips I have read and for those who have them doing car damage do what you gotta do know wants a scratched up damn car!

  298. Use the asprin and or anti freeze to drug it. Then use Shot gun with no 5 or 7 shot to make the evidence disapear… I renovated a house that had 156 cats in it unatended for over 3 months they started to cannibalize each other. $160 000 later and many days of dry retching the house finally looked and smelt better. Never again do i want to see another cat or smell a cat…

  299. Yeah…… you animal lover types are killing me here. Yes, I like animals and even own a cat (which, btw theresa, DOES stay inside the house at all times). Yes, cats are G_d’s creatures and have been around for hundreds of years, but I could care less. I’m tired of all the irresponisble cat owners (I assume that includes you) letting their cats out to run amuck. I have seen at least 15 different stray/feral cats around my neighborhood recently. The animal control officer does absolutely nothing when I call. I’m tired of wasting my time trapping them then driving out in the middle of nowhere or taking them to a shelter. I’m REALLY tired of cats marking their territory on my house, stinking up everything. I’m tired of waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of cats outside my windows. I’m also tired of having to clean up trash on almost a daily basis because they always find some way to tear open a bag or three. The straw that broke the camel’s back? paw prints and ruined paint from scratching on my brand new car! I’ve tried commercial cat repellants to no avail. I live in a nice neighborhood, so pellet guns are out of the question and are quite time consuming anyway. It’s milk with antifreeze for dinner.

  300. Ok…I have to revisit this site. I have had some good sucess in the TNR concept. I have also had to euthenize some very sick cats. They where damaging my vehicles, home, you name it. Pissing on everything they could find to mark THEIR territory!! I reached my breaking point when a feral marked my broom on MY front step!!! I got the trap back out and got 2…..YES 2 cats in one cage!!!! I was angry as hell , but for the first time ….I really felt sorry for the Adult cat. He /she was trapped with her/his young….I could’nt bring myself to kill either one with a witness. Damn………..they still went away to a farm, but that is the first time I could’nt just waste the pissing bastards!

  301. I have a stray cat in my area thaat keep liveing things at my door like deid squrels and parts of brids how can i get it to stop and go away Please give me ideas thank you

  302. I have like 8 stray cats in my neighborhood. My neighbors across the street feed them and, get this, our mail lady feeds them too!! They piss all over the yard and poop in my kids play area outside. I don’t know what to do, my husband wants to get a be be gun but i think that thats a little much. And we don’t have animal control in our county so theres that idea. I think the last straw was when one of the cats pissed on my twin’s double stroller that we store outside. The next day i went to take them for a walk and it smelled so bad!! I don’t know what to do and as more time passes i feel less and less worried about these cat’s safety if u know what i mean.

  303. The feral cat problem may be a human screw up but that does absolutely nothing to fix it and since I believe a property/homeowner has the right to not have these feral/stray cats pissing all over and damaging things then they need gotten rid of period! Maybe someday all the idiots can gather in a circle and sing kumbayah over all the poor cats but in the mean time they need eliminated not trapped and neutered cause that has not helped one damn bit here so eliminate them by any legal means necessary! I no longer have a problem here since the 5 tomcats and at least 3 females were all euthanized! Several were euthanized by animal control and the rest were either shot or poisoned. By the way I don’t hate cats and own 3 of them but mine are not outside reproducing or terrorizing the neighbors they are strictly indoor!

  304. My neighbours have several cats, all of which had seemed to take an interest in my garden – in that I couldn’t get rid of them! After much frustration, I ended up using a cat scarer – however, I had to be patient with it, and it didn’t get rid of the cats immediately. Apparently it irritates rather than “scares” the cats, so that eventually they realise the noise emitted by the scarer isn’t going to go away and finally they decide not to come back.

  305. a 22 with subsonic ammo, and preferably a silencer. its even quieter than a slug gun, you wouldn’t even notice it from a few meters away. its so quiet the biggest noise is the thud when it liberates the cat problem.
    if u want a cat, keep it on only your property. they descimate wildlife.
    kill a cat, be green. kill a cat, a tree and a few birds and don’t be green. my mate traps them with a leg type trap i believe, and allows the wildlife a chance.
    ps slug guns and 22’s are dirt cheap nowadays.

  306. I had a neighbor’s cat sleeping on the hood of my cars at night during the summer. I bought a cheap roll of contact shelf paper and put a long piece of it, upside down on the hood of the cars. I made sure the piece was just short enough so the cat couldn’t see it from the ground. When he would jump up on the hood of the car, the contact paper would stick to his feet which didn’t make him too happy. I would find the contact paper in a wad after he managed to get free from it. Since he coun’t see it from the ground he doesn’t know if it is up there or not and doesn’t risk getting stuck any more.

  307. Fulminator…that’s a pretty handy idea. How thick was this stuff? I’ve had cats sratch THRU my car cover down to the paint , apparently because they could’nt get traction. That Idea went to the wayside and cost me $$ to repair the damage. If the material is thick enough…..I really will try that. Great tip. Thanks.

  308. You people are pathetic, uneducated pieces of sh**. How could anyone harm an animal? Do you really think feral cats want to live in bad conditions, piss on cars and wreck people’s gardens? All this talk about posioning them and shooting them with a bibi gun makes me sick. There are more humane ways to remove these cats. I really think you people get off on killing innocent cats and you are just sick bastards!

  309. I love cats, but i understand that feral cats are a problem. The best thing to do is to trap them and take them to a shelter. Sadly, cats reproduce faster than rabbits as a result of centuries of domestication. Tell the nieghbor who’s getting a kitten to spay or neuter it. If you live in an HOA community insist that cat owners have their pets neutered. Over-population is the root of of feral pets. Male cats that are neutered before 6 months don’t mark or get into cat fights. Responsibility is Key. Even those of you who hate cats can benefit from telling the lady who picked up the “free” kitten to please spay her pet.
    A note on poison: Antifreeze in food left sitting out can kill the friendly neighbors dog, the roaming toddler, local wildlife and you may totally miss that poor wretched cat you were after.
    Poison is dangerous! lets face it.. not everyone watches their kids…don’t risk criminal charges. Tell people to neuter their pets and take strays to the pound.

  310. Hey Linda……Do me a favor. Buy a nice home and a nice car. Then when you get it just how you want it, let me know!! I’ll drop off all of the strays that I get in my cage on YOUR front step. You take care of them. Better yet….I’ll just drop them off so you can wonder for a few days about that strange smell around your home. When you are done gagging from it, maybe, just maybe you might get a clue. It’s not about the cats…….It’s about the lazy humans. We can’t kill them!! …… the only solution is to elliminate the immediate problem. Thanks.

  311. best way…. buy fatigues and a pellet gun (not a rifle, but a handgun, you get more shots off faster), camp out and wait for them 😉

    depending on how many there come to congregate, you may be able to put a huge dent in the stray population at one time!

    then take the bodies and stake them out around your yard to deter the rest… it worked in Vietnam ;-D

    you might think i’m sick… heck i might be… but i have no no cat issues either…hehehehehe….

  312. I live in a rural area,and have had what are probably a neighbors cats (well fed, and always return to their property when chased off) trying to hang out on my property, under the deck and house, along with their damn fighting and crying.I tried spraying Pine Sol and bleach,and putting hot pepper around those areas.Didn’t work, either.Found out that my wife was feeding them, and got that stopped, after I explained that the filthy beasts could be carrying disease. The final straw came when I went back into our house, after leaving the door open, and my dog seen one of the cats inside, and chased it under a bed, and got it cornered. I then commenced to beat the hell out of the cat with a wooden sword,until it ran out with my dog chasing it.The filthy feline was very aggressive for being a trespasser in MY house.Needless to say, I was furious, and I’m sure my neighbors heard me yelling about what I planned to do if any of their cats came back.Haven’t seen too much of them lately, but every time I do, they get nailed with a BB gun.It won’t kill them, and anyone that doesn’t like that….too bad.My 12 gauge shotgun could provide a quick,humane solution,if I need to.I’ve seen how bad a cats bite can infect somebody, and that’s NOT happening to my family. Think I’m not humane? Watch a cat play with it’s prey until it feels like killing it, or listen to a rabbit scream when a cat catches it.I kicked the sh-t out of cats that I seen doing that.Cats are filthy,malicious,hairball-puking pests.I grew up in a rural area,and am neither illiterate,unreasonable,or a ‘redneck’.The ‘farm cats’ my parents allowed to hang around were utterly useless, and never caught any mice or rats, but they sure loved to kill birds and rabbits.I guess the lives of local natural wildlife don’t count,right, cat-lovers? As far as what has been working to keep them away, for me : don’t feed the cats,use a BB gun,kick the sh-t out of them if you need to,seal up areas they can get into, let the neighbors know that you aren’t going to tolerate their cats, and make them fear for every time that they step onto your property.
    A final word: Don’t drop off cats, or any other unwanted pets in rural areas for those of us who live there to deal with. We don’t need YOUR problems.As for myself, if I catch somebody abandoning an animal, I’m NOT going to be friendly, and local law enforcement WILL be called.

  313. Live trap…traps hunt 24-7 and will work while you are sleeping and cats are playing. After trapped, do not release a live cat…our animal control will pick up cat and give a free lethal injection. If that is not possible in your area, use your imagination but remember, do not release live…you will never be able to trap it again. Do not release in the wild…bad for wildlife and do not release on other’s property, they do not want your cat problems. If you love your cat, keep him inside 24-7…if not and it turns up missing, you have no one to blame but yourself. I have no cat problems…end of story.

  314. I love this!!! I’ve been dealing with these darn cats in my yard for 3 years now and I’m awake at this hour b/c 2 of them just tried to get in through my screen to get after my cat ( that doesn’t go outside ). My windows are low on my porch and there they were SCRATCHING AWAY!! They didn’t see me coming with a HUGE SPRAY of my own in their face which was the first thing I could grab ( static guard). LMAO My neighbors keep feeding them and they think their so cute but they won’t take the responsibility of getting them to the vet to get fixed. It started with 1 stray when a family moved out and left the poor thing and now there’s at least 14 I’ve counted and every year there’s new kittens everywhere. I can say that I have contacted the SPCA and NEVER got an answer on what to do so now I’m going to take it to my level from reading these. I love animals and my cat is so spoiled!!! I’m sick of the shit in the yard and flies all over from it and let alone the fleas so YES I’ll be doing something else this spring with the clean up!!! THANKS!!!!

  315. We hunt many wild boars in night but cats come and rip down our game. We like to know how you get rid of big cats. They very big and have stipes. I try giraffe pee but they no care. Please, how you keep away big cats?

  316. I’m amazed at how many heartless people are out there. Honestly, it really makes me sad to know that you would kill a cat or dog. My cat got out of the house one day…I immediately posted flyers and searched everywhere. A fews days went by and my cat was dropped off dead at my doorstep with a letter attached to him saying I poisoned your cat..don’t like cats and especially cats on my car.Fortunately, we found out the neighbor who did this and he was arrested and had to serve 1 year in jail. I still don’t feel it was justice because my heart has been broken ever since.

  317. These idiots, like Theresa, who say these cats are not a problem or threat to your family must be retarded. I don’t own any animals, but there are about 15 to 20 stray/loose cats in my neighborhood and now I have a yard infested with fleas and they have even gotten in my house, my seven year old has flea bites all over his legs and my six month old baby has gotten bitten. I have had enough. I have sprayed and treated my yard, but as long as these nasty filthy cats keep coming around the fleas keep coming back and I don’t think the problem will go away. I don’t give a damn about these cats, I care about my kids. At this point I will do whatever I have to to eradicate these pests. For that stupid B***H to say suck it up, she must be dumb as hell. So I’m supposed to let my children be eaten up by fleas because of some nasty cats, you suck it up b***h when we use whatever means necessary to take care of the problem

  318. CAT LOVERS ARE NOT ANIMAL LOVERS, if they were, they wouldn’t let their cats kill every small mammal, bird, and reptile they find. This double standard is ridiculous, and only because they are “cute” compared to other animals that we have no qualms controlling. I think loose cats should be fair game within reason, as long as any other varmint is allowed to be shot on site in the same manner.

  319. Is there a more inhumane way of killing a cat than antifreeze?
    A feral cat killed both my cats in a week, I have no more pets (no kids either)
    I would like some revenge!

  320. Hi i started to look some info of how can i get rid of cats and wow! this site is great,i laugh a lot reading the articles,because Im having problems with cats too,and i tried almost everything, they piss all over my scooter over & over again,also when IM not home they use my wife plants like litter box,GOD! i hate them,they looked at you like making fun of you .Dont get me wrong I love animals,but I think is owners responsability to restrain,lock or tied their fricking cats,Helloooooooo….its your cat not the neighbors.Beleive me when I said I tried humane alternatives but none of them work!! so Im sorry but Im going to be “THE CAT KILLER” Seriously guys, do you really had the chance to smell cats urine,its the worst most disgusting stench that you can imagine,maybe some could think im a monster,but in puerto rico you can call the ANIMAL CONTROL CTR and you can die waiting for their response,its not like there (where you guys live),beleive me,if it would be like U.S.A. Im not being writing this letter….it were being solved long time ago….so in conclution “only good cat its a dead cat” If none of the above tips work…you could try “tres pasitos” (spanish for 3 steps)thats a dominican rat poison very powerfull and dangerous(illegal)& its looks like pepper,ask any dominican people where to find it & how to use it… “Buena suerte matando los malditos gatos”

  321. Here is the tip: try using “tres pasitos”(spanish for 3 steps)a dominican rat poison very powerfull & dangerous, forbidden in puerto rico,and mix it with cat food,ask any dominican where to find it and be carefull….

  322. well i think im going with the paint ball gun first(i almost forgot i had one)if that doesnt work ill go with the coolant…HASTA LA VISTA KITTEN!..

  323. For those of you who have your mulch dug up and don’t have small children to worry about…

    Take wire hangers like the ones left over from the dry cleaners. With a large pair of wire snips cut 10″ lengths, making sure they are all straight. Sharpen one end on a grinding wheel and then dull the point down if needed on the wire wheel so it will poke but not penetrate a fur coat (or your ankle). Paint the wire with grey primer to make it blend in with the mulch or a bright color as a warning. Place the wire into the mulch at a 70 degree angle, in all different directions about two feet apart and stick it far enough in to hold firm but also high enough out of the surface so that any cats walking into the mulch would eventually get a nice poke in the belly with one.

    If you’re fortunate to catch this method in action, it is pretty funny to see a cat that “learns the hard way” and takes off running. For all of you that wish to comment on how cruel I am I have but one response; I work too long and hard on my mulch beds to allow them to be magnets for green fly maggots and disease. Go ahead and complain – I may be so inclined to bring out the 30/30 lever-action and take care of the problem for good. The only reason they’re not all dead by now is because the old lady next door who feeds them seems to enjoy them too much and I can’t take that away from her.

  324. I had a problem with a bunch of feral/stray cats killing my pets and spreading fleas to the others. I finally decided to just shoot them whenever I saw one and so far I’ve killed two of them in the past week with pretty clean head shots and am waiting for another problem cat. I guess I’m fortunate to not have so many but still, they’re foul disgusting creatures that I’d rather have to deal with.

  325. I, too, am resorting to killing cats. They are a nuisance in my neighborhood and serve as hosts to fleas and other disease. They are very territorial and fight and hiss with each other over territory. And the noise that comes from a cat in heat or giving birth is one of the most disgusting things…
    Sorry animal lovers, but these cats have proven to be too much of a problem, so I will solve this the way it would be solved in the animal world – by killing them. I plan on mixing a poison with cat food… how’s that for a last meal!?!?!?!

  326. I too have a cat problem. We live in a state where it’s illegal to kill or dump cats. They are “free-roaming” animals with more rights then people. These cats live across the street from me but the “owners” deny they are their cats (although they “free-roam” in and out of the house all day). They poop in my gardens, spray my cars and front door, scratch the paint on my car when they fight on it (as well as poop on it), mate under my windows, etc.
    I’ve tried to do all the humane things: sprinkle pepper and lay down citrus rinds, have a dog. I’ve contacted all the shelters and local groups no one can help. I can trap the cats, but I have to call the shelter first to see if they have room to take them-risking my safety, because these cats have NO vet care or shots. I’ve called the health department, animal warden-NO ONE can do anything, because they are free-roaming.
    I love cats, and have ALWAYS had one, but I’m a responsible owner. I would never want to hurt an animal. I want to kill these animals because I can’t see anyway out of this. I can’t sit outside without smelling cat pee. They broke into a storage shed and sprayed all of my x-mas decorations and wood I had in there to replace moulding for my kitchen. They are as bad as squirrels or mice-if not worse. I watched one cat-a mean one-walk right through my neighbors yard-spraying all the children’s toys that were out there. OMG! How gross is that. They have young children-toddlers that still do the hand to mouth thing.
    To the non-kill people-How can I get rid of these animals? If the shelter is full and I have them trapped what should I do? There are about 20 of them with about 5-10 of them in my yard at any given time. You tell me…I’m not uneducated nor am I a insensitive beast…what do I do to keep my family safe, and keep my yard clean from their filth? Tell me please. I want to know.

  327. Oh My Lord, I can’t believe you people. I agree with Linda. We had one of the cats that someone dropped off (that we had been feeding out of kindness, along with his two siblings) act crazy– we had to put it down through the health department because we were afraid of rabies but turns out it didn’t have that– poor kitten was probably poisoned by someone like people on this forum. If people can do that to animals, makes me wonder what they will do to humans…The woman from the health department by the way said just because you feed them out of kindness it doesn’t mean they are yours– she does this too. I understand cats can be a nuisance if they are peeing on someone’s kids’ toys or car but that is no excuse for killing them. That is just sick.

  328. And by the way we caught and neutered and had rabies shots (all but one we couldn’t catch) for the family of five that were dumped in our woods. So the neighbors ought to be glad they aren’t able to multiply!

  329. Kat…..Instead of “feeding them out of kindness”……take the mangy bastards INSIDE your home!!! Stop burdening your neighborhood with your “kindness”. Maybe we should leave the cats alone and start aiming our scopes at your head instead? Your “kindness” is half the damned problem. If you want to be kind…go all or nothing, instead of doing it halfway. IDIOT!!!

  330. I agree with Kevin. And also, Kat, and cat-lovers, you do realize that after the cats are taken to the shelter they will be euthanized! I’ll save the taxpayers and myself the trouble by killing them myself!

  331. I have neighbors who continously feed Stray Cats and actually throw the food on the ground because they have been told to stop feeding the cats and want to hide it. These fricking neighbors should take them home if they want to be “ANIMAL LOVERS” BUT HAVE RESPECT FOR OTHERS. Especially when is told on your Lease “no animals.” Where is the respect for others.

  332. I too have had it with feral cats. They need to die. Unfortunately I live in a city and can not shoot them here, although I am looking into more quiet air pistols or rifles that require no permit and may escape neighbor notice. Another possibility suggested to me is to begin playing with spears or taking up archery. The poisons I’ve avoided – among other issues, their stinking carcasses I’d prefer not to find.

    One sure cure for any of us though could be the Conibear trap. These are powerful spring loaded traps that when properly set will break their damn necks and likely kill them in a heartbeat. Just be careful when handling – they’d as easily break your hand. I use the equivalent of a #110 Victor Single Spring Conibear Trap mostly to eliminate city gray squirrels. Used by trappers for muskrat and the like, you can Google to see what they look like and affordably cost. This smaller [4 x 4 or so] size is perfect for kittens, and they are available up to 10 x10 in a double spring style used for taking beaver and bobcat – perfect for the breeding whores and toms.

    All you need is a proper set and cubby if you will… Quite simply, this cubby is just something they can stick their heads into. Also be sure to securely chain the trap down. Build a box cubby or use your imagination, but to create one here I just use a soft plastic [the kind you can cut] flower pot, with an opening top only somewhat larger than the trap when set [you position this pot on its side]. Cut a little notch for the spring stem extension [or two on opposite sides of the rim for double spring designs]. Select an appropriate spot and use a shaft of some kind through spring ring to stabilize. For a cat set, you can probably drive this into ground for anchor. In any case you want the set trap just inside the pot opening [hence the need for notching], and an appealing bait well inside the pot. Cheap canned cat food is perfect [I use popcorn for squirrels and in a higher elevation set]. Leave it and wait, but this probably won’t take long. You can toss the carcass in the trash, or thrown in the street it will look like road kill. I have a nearby woodland and feed them to my coyotes there. When your last is gone, problem solved.

    Just a couple caveats: These traps are intended to kill and almost always do. But be prepared for the worst, and bash their brains in with something if you have to. Be location mindful of real pets or children. If you live in an urban area or under felony animal cruelty laws, be discreet and don’t leave trap sets wholly unattended. A dying squirrel caught by the fore quarter does not draw much attention. Cats can.

  333. I too have had it with feral cats. They need to die. Unfortunately I live in a city and can not shoot them here, although I am looking into more quiet air pistols or rifles that require no permit and may escape neighbor notice. Another possibility suggested to me is to begin playing with spears or taking up archery. The poisons I’ve avoided – among other issues, their stinking carcasses I’d prefer not to find.

    One sure cure for any of us though could be the Conibear trap… These are powerful spring loaded traps that when properly set will break their damn necks and likely kill them in a heartbeat. Just be careful when handling – they’d as easily break your hand. I use the equivalent of a #110 Victor Single Spring Conibear Trap, primarily to eliminate city gray squirrels. Used by trappers for muskrat and the like, you can Google to see what they look like and affordably cost. This smaller [4 x 4 or so] size is perfect for feral kittens, and they are available up to 10x 10 in a double spring style used for taking beaver and bobcat – perfect for the breeding whores and toms.

    All you need is a proper set and cubby if you will… Quite simply, the cubby is just something they can stick their heads into. Also be sure to securely chain the trap down. Build a box cubby or use your imagination, but to create one here I just use a soft plastic [the kind you can cut] flower pot, with a top rim only somewhat larger than the trap when set [you position this pot on its side]. Cut a little notch for the spring stem extension [or two on opposite sides of the rim for double spring designs]. Select an appropriate spot and use a shaft of some kind through spring ring to stabilize. For a cat set, you can probably drive this into ground for anchor. In any case you want the set trap just inside the pot opening [hence the need for notching], and an appealing bait well inside the pot. Cheap canned cat food is perfect [I use popcorn for squirrels and in a higher elevation set]. Leave it and wait, but this probably won’t take long. You can toss the carcass in the trash, or thrown in the street it will look like road kill. I have a nearby woodland and feed them to my coyotes there. When your last is gone, problem solved until the next one shows.

    Just a couple caveats: These traps are intended to kill and almost always do. But be prepared for the worst, and able to bash their brains in with something if you have to. Be location mindful of real pets or children, of course. And if you live in an urban area or under felony animal cruelty laws, be discreet and don’t leave trap sets wholly unattended. A dying squirrel caught by the fore quarter does not draw much attention. Cats can.

  334. Cat lovers are nuts. Thats all there is to it. Cat’s even look nasty when you look at them. They always sneak around waiting to shit, piss and tear up your shit. Screw em, survival of the fittest. Antifreeze, .22 shells, traps, mace, speares etc….What ever gets rid of them quicker.

  335. Hey cat lovers. Take any cat you see and keep them in your house. That’s the only way you can guarantee safety. Getting hit by bullets, cars, poison can be the outcome. If you can’t keep them inside then you must consider them gone. It’s only fair. It’s meeting in the middle. You like the cats take them in. Put your money and time where your mouth is. I have a few stray cats and now i just noticed 2 more kittens. Yard is getting sprayed and cat crap is building up. There will come a time when my patience stops. Free rent will end and I’ll make Caligula look like a kindergarten teacher. I’m guessing some of these “Cat Lovers” are renters so they don’t care about the condition of their yard cause they don’t own it. Brings down property value. Imagine trying to sell your house and the buyer is met with a nice quaff of cat spray?

  336. Ya my last name is cat. I did have a cat and loved her. She was there when no one else was. I leashed her in my yard. It was the other ones that crap in my yard and flower beds that I want gone. I tried traps, high pointed fences, plants, nothing has worked. I heard taking carpet tacks and putting them on the fence so cats can’t walk there. problem is when the fence is too low and people around you have kids. Looking for legal solutions. BBgun? sounds good to me. tresspassing is tresspassing. You want your pet keep it at home or……
    I say a kid, animal goes on your property and something happens not my problem. Enter at own risk!

  337. First of all, one of my dogs got killed by someone using rat or other poison (put out for something else, my dog doesn’t run free out of my yard, but I do wish he’d do a bit more RETRIEVING to scare them OUT!). This is a VERY VERY painful death for any animal. Remember, it’s not the animals fault. We have brains and need to figure out a smarter way to deal with this IGNORANCE!
    Second, cat owners, KEEP YOUR CATS HOME!! Ever had a cookout on
    a hot summer day when neighbor cats have peed all over your patio? This almost ruined many special cookouts, MAJOR STINK! Would you owners want a cat sitting clawing, kneading, whatever they do, to your house SIDING??? Want the bill to fix it??? Do you enjoy watching birds and put out feeders, then watch someone else’s cat come into your yard and kill them? Try to have a garden and have it dug up? If my dog did any one of these things I’d be in court! I don’t want anything to suffer BUT I AM!!!! It will be a lot safer and healthier for your cat to be kept in, for MANY reasons! So JUST DO IT!

  338. I have a neighbor feeding stray cats these cats are everywhere i turn. I didd get a dog so he chases the cats when he sees them but he just wants to play so when he get to them he just looks at them. My neighbor recently just told me not to let my dog out without a leash because hes scared for his cats. I need to do something because i want these cats gone!!!!. i do not want to use poison because i do not want to take the chance of my dog getting into it. i also live in the city so i dont know how legal a trap is. but these things have to go they are a PAINNNNN.

  339. I’ve loved reading all the stories on how to deal with the ferel cat problem. I too have issues with wild stray cats. We live way out in the country and there has been a number of cats living around the property. My wife feeds them so they stay put but I hate the little boogers. My soulution to the problem is the 22 mag rifle. It shoots nice and straight, one shot, one kill. I know it sounds cruel but it is quick and painless. I wouldn’t have shot them but they started attacking our two cats, both of our cats are fixed and have shots but like to be outside. We even had to take one to the vet for a wound on her leg that wouldn’t heal so that sealed the deal for the strays. I got the green light from household6 (my wife) to get rid of them. So far I have gotten 5 or 6 but there are stray kittens under the house. I caught them and a neighbor took two but two of them escaped. I was going to take them to the no kill shelter but now that they got away they are fair game. I don’t want to be mean to kittens, I’ll give them a chance for a home and to get nicer but I won’t put up with them making a nuicance. Anyway, the 22 works good if you can shoot. Antifreeze is a good way to go too but all animals like it, it tastes sweet. another way I have heard, if you want to make them suffer, is to cut a spnge into small bit size pieces and soak them down with bacon grease. Cats and dogs will eat them like mad but can’t digest the sponge so they get blocked up and die a very painful death of bowl obstruction. Not nice but effective. Good hunting.

  340. This dub cats keep coming in my yard. I haven’t found much cat crap but they’re is like a whole gang of cats wandering my neighborhood. I think one of my wacky cat loving neighbors is feeding them. They his at me and they give me this look that says you’re not going to win. Ha ha! I don’t know what to do.

  341. I moved into this house a year ago. 3 cats have lived in my yard and garage ever since. I have tried everything to get them to stay off of my brand new SUV. I’m not paying $25,000 for stupid strays to scratch it all up. Every single morning there are paw prints on the hood.

    Even worse, the rental agency I go through leaves written notices on my door for ‘owning pets’. I have tried to explain to them that the damn cats were here when I moved in.

    The local animal shelter makes you pay $20 to set a trap and take them in. I am at the breaking point where I’m envisioning snapping their necks.

    I hate these cats and don’t know how much longer I can be ‘humane’.

  342. I’m not a cat lover. More a dog guy. But hell, let’s not generalize about ALL “cat lovers” or ALL cats. Be a man and call the local humane society. Some are euthanized, after several months, but many are adopted.

    My sister works at a shelter. Not a crazy lady either. The girl Joseph and J could only dream of getting, actually.

    Should also say my family’s had cats that were just as fun and friendly (if not more so) than our dogs. Just depends. Like anything.

    Stay classy, Joseph and J.

  343. We have a cat of our own and we have two strays who come in our yard in addition to one who lives near by. The one who lives near by is harmless. Also one of the strays is harmless. But we have a fixed male and the stray who comes around is an unfixed male. He trys to kick the local cat and our cat. I don’t know where he came from but we want him gone. Does anyone have any ideas how to do this? thanks Rachel

  344. Rachel, simple solution…..SHOOT IT!! Behind the ear shot with a sub-sonic .22 or good quality pellet gun with varmit pellets. Problem solved.

  345. Rachel…Trap all the strays with a live catch trap and discreetly dispose of…however, never release a living stray. Traps hunt 24-7, they work great for me…I have no cats on my property after several trapping seasons…actually no cats in my general area at all. Also…there is no such thing as a “harmless” stray. In addition…keep your own cats on your property or inside. Your neighbors may not want your cats on or destroying their property. If your cat is roaming free and something bad happens to it, you have no one to blame but yourself. If you read back on this site, there are many other good tips for permanently “getting RID” of stray cats.

  346. You are all such kind hearted people talking about shooting cats and giving them anti-freeze…. They are God’s creatures and their lives are just as precious to them as yours is to you. It’s not their fault that some dummy abandoned them and left them to starve.

    Call the local animal shelter and see if they will help. If not simply stop feeding the cats and they will go elsewhere.

    But I do pity all of you who made the cruel comments. The hottest spot in hell are for those who are cruel to animals.

  347. I suggest just leaving it be for a while. Right now, me two female cats who haven’t been fixed, are currently making sure the the stray that snuck into my house, stay put. If you leave it alone and DON’T FEED IT or TRY TO ATTACK IT you’ll be alright. Eventually it will get bored and leave. If that doesn’t work than either catch it or poke it with a long stick until it go’s but be careful because the will swipe back.If all else fails, put some food outside and trap it so you can release it or take it to a pound

  348. Gwen…calling the local animal shelter is exactly what we do when a cat is trapped…you are right! Our animal shelter took in over 230 cats last month. Eighteen cats were adapted and the rest were given a lethal injection by our local AC officer. Local SPCA is full and will seldom take a cat. Every month the SPCA takes their cats to the same shelter for lethal injection. Cruelity is having an animal and refusing to accept responsibility for that animal…a good example is letting your animals run free on other’s property. At that time it becomes the properity owners (and tax payers)responsibility to handle the situation.
    TNR would be against the law here…all cats must be confined or on a leash otherwise they are a walking target. Trap and NO release works to elimate the problem. Keep your cats inside…others do not want them.

  349. To All You Ignorant, Uneducated, Inhumane People: Wow…I thought the likes of your types were a dying breed. You actually believe in your heart that killing homeless cats – who are homeless through human negligence – is a solution, or even remotely acceptable? HELLO…wake up! We, as a society have caused this problem, and it`s our MORAL DUTY to fix it, without taking it out on the very creatures who had nothing to do with our negligence! WE ARE ALL A PART OF THIS SOCIETY, and we all contribute to the problem. Even if you have never owned a cat, you are still a part of the problem…how many of you have lobbied your local government for mandatory spay&neuter laws? How many of you donate to animal welfare groups so that they can set up low cost sterilization programs? Does your local government require licensing fees for cat owners? They should! The cat owners pay for the license to own the cat, but receive a discount on sterilizing in return! Also, if you think it`s so terrible for someone to abandon an animal (and I agree) and cause these cats to go feral, then lobby the government for harsh punishment for people who abandon their animals. Watch the abandonment rates and stray cat population plummet if people know they will have to do jail time for neglecting their animal. It is beyond ridiculous and unconscionable to take it out on the poor feral cats…aim your anger where it`s deserved – government and social policy, and negligent people. Guess what guys…WE HUMANS ARE NOT A NATIVE SPECIES TO THIS AREA EITHER!!!! And we are way more of a nuisance (downright hazard actually) to our local ecology, and even other humans than any stray cat could ever be. Stop being arrogant hypocrites…you just make yourselves look like ignoramus losers who are taking up space on this planet.

  350. Not sure what the previous tipster is really suggesting…I guess we just have to consider the source. Anyway, Trap And NO live Release is a real solution that works well. I have NO cats and many songbirds…no cat damage or cat smell either after several years of continual trapping and lethal injection by Animal Control. The previous educated tipster somehow missed the whole, simple point…many people do not want cats on their own property neutered or not and supported by the local laws and AC, we have pretty well put an end to roaming cats in this area. Therefore I have done my “Moral Duty” and as they say…Fixed it! Oh and one tip for catching trap wise cats…line the bottom of the live trap with pine needles…I have fooled true “trap wise” gatos by doing just that. If it does not feel the trap bottom wire on its paws the vermin will be less likely to shy away. The pine needles scent takes away any smells that could be unfriendly to the cat as well.

  351. I recently moved because of my cat problems in a mobile home park. I used to trap, kill, whatever it took to keep them off of my cars and pissing around my home. NOW, they are welcome,,,,drop them off all you want. They control the mice around my home and they LOVE living in the barn. Plenty of mice for them to feed on and they know to stay away from the garage. I guess the situation for each individual is diffferent, bottom line…..Be considerate of your neighbors.

  352. I live in an apartment, and there are at least 4 cats at the bottom of my stairs. The neighbor under me feeds them, and keeps them around, but doesn’t want to keep them in her house. I’ve called all the shelters around my area and none of them are taking cats. I dont know what else to do!!! I was walking my dog the other day and the cat popped out of the bushes and clawed her. I kicked it and smack the bush with a fly swatter every time i bring my dog out, but that doesn’t keep them from hissing and wanting to attack my dog. Let me mention, they piss and shit everywhere and it smells AWFUL. i’ve even sprayed pepperspray in the bushes. what else can i do?!?!

  353. Back in the day, my grandpa used to get rid of ferral cats by hollowing out a piece of sumac and running a rope through it to make a noose. You then get the noose around the cats neck and tighten down on it and then drown it in the river. Yep

  354. Wyoming Guy, Trevor and Jerry,
    I hope you don’t vote, because idiots like you put guys like Obama and Bush in office. You are so brainwashed and self-absorbed that you cannot fathom how life forms (much higher than yourself) can tread same earth as you. If you don’t like something, you kill it. I hope you have not procreated and tainted this planet with your rejects. This blog is “Howtogetridofstuff”. Maybe a blog on “howtogetridofwyomingguyjerrytrevor” would be a great idea. Care for some anti-freeze?

  355. Wow, I grew up on a farm. People would drive out to where the farms were and drop off stray animals. It was a nuisance, but we were never as cold hearted as some of the people of here. I was raised that animals were not equal to humans, but that anything that could feel suffering is deserving of mercy and humanity. It really scares me that people can be so cold and are most likely breeding as quickly as the stray cats they despise.

  356. I have five cats, that are strictly indoor cats, one kitten I am fostering for the no kill SPCA, and one stray outside, is male and sprays, so I made a shelter for him…He was coming around for months and it was only the last month that he began to trust me.. I adore cats.. The one I feed outside is well fed, so hopefully he is not bothering anyone… As for people who would hurt or kill them, I firmly believe that they will suffer someday for their actions.. No crime goes unpunished.. Where I live, if you abuse, hurt or kill an animal, you are charged, you get a hefty fine, and sometimes jail time to…It should be that way everywhere… I know we all have a right to like or dislike certain animals, but no one has the right to hurt or destroy them.. Maybe there’s an afterlife where you come back as a cat yourself, and you get the same treatment to gave to a cat, or cats, wouldn’t that be a great payback.. 😉

  357. My mom has a soft heart for homeless pets. Now she has a stray dog witch just had puppies and cats that keep multiplying. I told her to not feed them, but she would rather suffer her budget to help them. There is not an animal shelter in our town. The other town(s) around requires residence of that particular town. What does she do? Shelter would kill the animals if not acquired at a certain time. We have tried to find homes and no one wants them. The other option would be take them far away into the wilderness. Maybe coyotes would help with the cycle of life.

  358. Chili powder, red crushed pepper, cayenne pepper gets on the cat’s paws then they wash themselves and they get it in their eyes, cats have literally scratched their eyes out because of this.

  359. The best thing you can do for inconsiderate crazy cat ladies that feed stray cats but won’t keep them in their house is to piss in a gallon bottle and then dump it all over their house, cars, lawns, garages, etc. Make them experience the problem they are causing firsthand. Every time you take a piss from now on, save it in a bottle for that crazy. Teach her a lesson.

  360. re: “crazy cat ladies that feed stray cats but won’t keep them in their house”-

    You fool. If it were THAT easy to lure them into the house, a lot more people would actually take in stray cats. Human cruelty makes the cats fear people, which means they won’t just walk right on in and allow themselves to be that close to humans.

  361. And one more thing:

    To JERRY, who recommended you “Crush up 3 tylenol pills and mix up up in cat food”-

    I once had a beloved pet cat who lived with me at my father’s house in semi-rural Ohio. The cat itself had been a stray we’d rescued years prior when we lived in the city. My father would sometimes let the cat outside to roam around and eat grass for an hour or so. One day, when I was out of town, he discovered our pet cat deathly ill. He rushed it to the vet and spent several hundred dollars trying to save its life. The cat died. The vet’s report? Tylenol poisoning.

    You sick, inhumanely cruel man. You have NO IDEA what you’re doing or whose lives you are affecting. What you think is a piece of trash stray could be someone’s loved lost pet. Because of someone like you, I was beside myself and cried for days. Worse than that, I had to hear my own father cry. My own father, who sat stone-faced and emotionless at his own father’s funeral, was crushed at the loss of our family pet. Even if it wasn’t you, consider yourself guilty- you might as well be. You put us through incredible emotional anguish. Imagine if I had killed your daughter’s pet. Your wife’s. Your mother’s. Your own. I believe in God, and I believe in karmic retribution, and I believe what you do in this life is what you go through. You will be punished, in the end, and that comforts me immensely.

  362. There is a good likelihood that people who hate animals and are cruel to them also care little about human beings. Several people in my area have lost beloved companion animals because cruel people are trapping cats. My neighbor despises cats and has threatened my 16 year old cat. I told her that if she harmed my cat (who rarely goes out of doors) it would cause me more grief than I could possibly express. She loves her dogs but does not understand that I also love my cat.

  363. Stray cats are as a result of irresponsible owners. They think that animals are simply disposable. What makes them get a cat in the first place? Most likely it as a kitten given to their 2 year old for a birthday gift, christmas gift, etc. Oops, kittie turns into an adult cat. It is now spending most of its adult life outside, not spayed/neutered and fighting for its very existence. I have 6 beautiful cats who were casted aside by their owners. Over the years, I have fed, spayed/neutered many stray cats. Some had to be put to sleep because of the horrible conditions they had to endure while living outside. I am now giving shelter in my shed to another stray who is facing the same perils. It is winter, cold, and stormy, etc. What kind of person would I be if looked out my window and not give help to a stray cat who is huddled by my home looking for some kindness. The great Dalai Lama once said “The compassion and affection we show to all creatures is a measure of our spiritual health”. What has happened to some of us?

  364. Why in God’s green earth, should a non cat owner have to travel to pick up a cage, pay for the traps, pay for good to trap them and then take them to a shelter when caught. Please should be more responsible for their pets and the babies that they have when unattended. I have a dog and now 6 cats that think my yard is there home. Animal Control SUCKS in POLK COUNTY!!!!

  365. Keep your cats on a leash, it’s the law. They keep shitting in the neighbor’s yard, don’t be all outraged if they come back wounded or not at all. It’s YOUR neglect that injures pets, NOT people who are sick of YOUR smelly, diseased trash feeders.

  366. I am an animal lover, but just bought a new vehicle and cats are climbing on it. Will the cat lovers pay to have my $40,000 vehicle repainted when their stupid cats scratch it up.. hell no. I will be my responsibility. We have leash laws. But police and animal shelter will do nothing of stray cats, even when we have numerous cases of rabies in the county. So now I will take some of the advice of comments, only to rid myself of someone else’s nuisance.

  367. These are some mean ways to get ride of cates why would you shoot it or kill it. Expecially cruely. why dont you just feed give them to a chinese person they will enjoy it. Or take them to a animal shelter like i am going to do with these cats at my house wondering around.

  368. I live in a desert community in Los Angeles County, and we have several (at least 4) stray cats that haunt my yard morning, noon, and night. They spray all over each entrance to the house, they crap all over the yard, and each time they roam into our yard, they set off the LARGE dog next door to barking like a maniac. The cats are VERY smart and are aware that that dog can’t get to them in my yard. I called LA Cty Animal Control and they will NOT respond to stray or feral cats. Animal Control considers them “free roaming” and will not respond. They suggested trapping with a humane trap. So I bought a humane trap from a grain & feed store, baited it with canned whole mackerel, and managed to trap one juvenile cat and whisked it to the local animal control office. However, they older more wiley cats seem to be able to get the food out without triggering the door to the trap. I have tried using catnip spray to get them to step on or rub on trap plate, but to no avail. These cats are driving me crazy and stressing me out. I work 15 hour days and to be awakened by cats yowling, or by these cats setting the neighbors dogs to barking is getting intolerable. I really hope these traps work because I am an animal lover and don’t want to harm them, but I can really understand all of the people posting here who do. If anybody has any suggestions on how to trick cats into getting into and triggering these humane live traps, pls post. Am at my wits end…

  369. We have a terrible problem with cats that started with a crazy cat lady who is no longer here. The cats keep reproducing. We have trapped at least 40 (40!) and taken them to animal care and control.It was better for awhile but now we are getting new generations coming into the yard. They are feral and misguided neighbors keep feeding them. I have tried everything humane and don’t know what else to do but move. There are so many and the dog has to sleep sometime. I was wondering if there was another kind of animal that would keep them out. Like a really territorial cat or mean chickens or a goose or something.

  370. We just recently moved into a house and now there’s a cat hanging around on our back door step.
    I hate cats, but I wouldn’t kill/harm it. I don’t believe in animal cruelty even if it’s to animals I don’t like. I do need to get rid of it, though. My husband loves cats, but I tend to have a fear of them and don’t like them, so I won’t have one around, yet he wants one. He fed it on the first night. I told him not to because it will keep coming back. It’s been back since. Now there’s been a nasty smell that got into the small entrance and went into our storage closet and onto our jackets, which I’ve had to wash.
    We think it might just be staying undercover to keep out of the cold, and it comes only at night, so I’m assuming the owner looks after it during the day.

    What can I do to keep it away? I’ve read that spraying vinegar will help get rid of the smell, and I tried that. I was also told that keeping a bowl of vinegar out will keep the cat away because they can’t stand the smell, so there’s a bowl out there. Is it true? Does it work?

    Why do people bother with owning cats if they’re not going to look after it? I don’t want it. I’m not going to spend money on looking after something I don’t like or want. Take responsibility for your own pets. Please. I’m seriously afraid of cats and can’t stand to have one near me….as stupid as that sounds.

    Some helpful, but non-harmless tips would be appreciated.

  371. Hello all that have a cat infestation, I have a carriage house on my property and for years deal with stray cats finding their way into it every year. I have trapped them, and moved them, I have not feed them, I have tried everything. But let’s be honest here, stray cats can carry aids,and many diseases, so if you have small children you need to take bigger measures. If you move the cats then you just move the problem, they are not lost domesticated animals they are wild, and will bite and claw you, not to metion destroy your things. I had three of them ruin over 600 dollors worth of hunting equipment stored in my barns. The best way is to poison them, they are not pets, so please no animal activists here, I love animals have my own cats and dogs, get some antifreeze and food and feed them, they will disapeer.

  372. The cruel people are those who feed cats and then let them roam around a neighborhood, where they crap in other people’s gardens, other people’s yards, kill 500 million birds in the U.S. every year, and are the filthiest nuisance animal of any. The reason for this is the stupid people who feed them, and then turn them loose to bother everyone else!

    Why not keep the cats in your own friggin house, if you really like them so much. Why turn them loose to crap on the property of everyone else????

    YOU are the inconsiderate cruel people, who have NO consideration of anyone else.

    Then you try to blame others, for not putting up with the problems that YOU are creating, not only for others but also for the cats!!!

    Get a frigging life and grow up!!

  373. Since I moved into my new home I have had problems with stray cats bedding down in the bark in my garden. What I find works for me is to sprinkle Cayenne Pepper in the bark-the cats disappear for a while… I used bleach water on my cement porch to get rid of their smell.

  374. I pay Georgia state taxes every year and do not understand why some of this money cannot be used to fund Animal Control’s providing traps to catch these feral animals. I hate cats but would not want to harm one. However, I am getting to the point where I am seriously considering just that, Poison seems to be the answer, much as I dislike the idea. I am an old lady on a fixed income and cannot afford to be buying traps, especially as Animal Control told me they are $30.00 and up per trap. I have at least 15 ferals that seem to think my yard is their playground and just go under my deck until I disappear. I have had it and unless someone can give me a humane way to get rid of them I will have to resort to poison. Thanks to anyone who can give me a solution.

  375. Our resident alligator lizard was found dead this morning with two of his feet bitten off by the d..n cat up the street. People seem to have no problem letting their cats roam to poop in other peoples’ yards, kill wildlife and then return home.

  376. Let me tell you…if I found out someone had crushed up tylenol pills and given it to one of my cats, they had better be on their hands and knees praying to God that I don’t find out who they are.

  377. I am sick to death of these stray cats using my garden bed as their toilet. I live in a small town and see these cats roaming the streets all day in various neighborhoods. I’ve tried pepper, Cayenne, ground red pepper in their food and around the areas where they spray. Just this winter I found tracks that lead to the top of my father’s car for crying out loud! Something needs to be done, and the authorities need to sign a bill that if you own a cat it must be licensed, registered annually, and seen by the vet as proof that you still own it, this way if a person gets rid of his/her cat there can be a way of tracking who just let the cat out to roam. Cats should be required to have tags around their necks just like owners of dogs are required to do. I have to pick up the poop when I walk my dog, that’s what a responsible pet owner does. I don’t leave it on someone else’s property because I wouldn’t want them to do it to me. This is getting truly out of hand. When I walk up to my house it smells like a toilet and I am sick to death of the smell. And by the way, why does Animal Control make non-cat owners pay for the traps? With all the taxes we pay, we should be given them at our request. Animal Control and legislators start making laws that benefit home and property owners. It is way past time.

  378. Typha:

    You let your cats run loose and then threaten others who don’t appreciate your wildly irresponsible decision? Yeah, that makes sense. Bottom line, and any pet owner knows this, if your pet gets loose, it’s nobody’s fault but your own if something bad befalls them.

  379. I also have a problem with stray cats – I have 5 feral ones that live in my yard and yes it is my fault as I fed them as kittens. Now they wont go away and beg for food every day. I know they wont come near the trap, they are too smart for that. I’m at my wits end with them and have spent endless nights thinking of humane ways to get rid of them. What about putting sleeping pills in their meat? Wouldn’t that be a kinder way of catching them and taking them to the pound for proper euthanisation? Just a thought – what does everyone else think?

  380. To all of those people out there who love cats so much maybe u can come and get all the strays that are running around annoying everyone and everything! If dogs have to be on leashes and fenced in yards then cats should too. I don’t appreciate the cats ruining my flower beds.

  381. Hey CATastrophe,
    I use a live trap, for bait one of those small cans of tuna with the pop top lid. Wrap a wire through the pop top and wire the can to the back side of the trap. (Inside the trap of course.) Use a strong wire. If the wire is long enough you can stick the wire through the far back of the trap and then pull the can back there. The can has to be just slightly cracked open with the pop top so the cat can smell the tuna, but not enough so the pop top comes off. If you accidently pop the whole top off, have a tuna sandwich!
    This works because the cat has to really struggle with the can to try to get it lose, and in the process it steps on the plate.
    If the cat has a collar, tape or wire a note to it that says “The next time I catch your cat it is going to the pound?”, then turn the cat loose. This worked for me. They never let that cat out again!!

  382. If you love cats, here is a sure way to fix the stray cat problem. Feed them in your yard for a month or so, gain their trust, get to the point that you can hold them and pet them. When you are petting them,and they are all snuggling in your lap, slowly pull out a stick of dynamite and light the fuse. Keep petting the cats. Your neighborhood stray cat problem will soon be solved.

  383. Summer visitors to the mountains used to buy their kids kittens or puppies at the beginning of the summer in the mountains, then when they returned to Florida in the fall, they would drive to the end of the pavement where our farm was and drop the animals off, probably telling the kids the animal would have a wonderful life on the beautiful farm. Before they drove one mile the animals were shot, and buried. We kept a shovel at the mailbox for just this purpose. Before we started doing this we had 14 dogs and 13 cats, all of which were drop-offs. I came home from school one day and suddenly we had NO dogs or cats. Nobody asked any questions. After that we knew the plan. Whichever of us boys saw the drop off just got the rifle, put the animal down, put the rifle up, then walked the 200 yards to the shovel. These skills later came in handy for two of us in the Vietnam misunderstanding. I still get a little target practice now and then. . . .

  384. A stray was sleeping under the deck. After mild attempts to chase it off w/o success, I`m trying a different attack. I took a five gallon bucket of cold water. When the cat was looking the other direction he got the whole bucket full. Hasn’t been around lately, hope he stays away. Hope this works.

  385. After several attempts at discourging a stray from under my deck. I took a five gallon pail of cold water. When the cat looked the other way he got the whole bucket on top of him. He has not been back, hope he stays away.

  386. The way i deal with it is leave the door to the barn open then chase it until it gets in or if that doesnt work i feed the cat until it trusts me to get close then with full force grab it from the back of the neck or from the tail if it tries to bite punch it as hard as u can with your other hand throw it in the barn and close the door. after that u can decide what to do with it ps. if you decide to kick , punch it to death be aware its bones r elastic making it very hard and then there will be a lot of blood on your shoes and in the barn, dont let it rot cuz the smell will make u vomit put it in a plastic bag wash of the blood on your shoes and causually drop it in the dumpster no on will knowand no harm done. good luck

  387. All you cat lovers do not understand the devestation that “stray” or pet cats have caused on the wildlife. There are species going extinct because of idiots like you. I have cats but they stay indoors. I am a wildlife rehabber, love animals, but you dont see me crying a river when someone kills or eats a squirrel? PATHETIC PEOPLE! You are the ignorant down fall of society, having a heart, understanding, or loving somethign is not an excuse of ignorance.

    Get this there are also stupid people who “rescue” wildlife like squirrels and then let the cats play with them, great why do not you just slowly torture squirrels!

  388. Melanie,
    Don’t give human medicine to cats!!! They have a different metabolism and the medicine would probably kill them. I saw something called the scarecrow water sprinkler that will chase them away. It is a water sprinkler with a motion detector. You hook up the hose and aim it at your yard. When a cat walks into the yard it gets a 5 second spray of water. It runs away. After a while it stops coming around. Cost about $70 but it’s automatic and safe.

  389. Mary, cats carry FIV not HIV or AIDS. H is for Human and F is for Feline. You can not catch FIV from a cat. Also, can you be more specific about what diseases cats carry and pass to humans.

  390. I can’t believe how many people have posted messages here angry at people who kill or maim their pet while targeting stray cats. If you have a pet you are responsible for it. If you performed your proper role as an owner your pet could never be harmed by a neighbor because you would be in constant supervision of it. Stray and feral cats are nothing but disease spreading pests. My tip is to use a 22 to get rid of the stray or feral cat. One shot. Sleepy time. In the garbage bag.

  391. So totaly agree cat owners should have to go threw hoops to own a cat WHY NOT DOG OWNERS HAVE TO! We bought our house 4 years ago and when moving in noticed this lady sitting in a culvert all you can see is the top of her head. Come to find out shes the CAT LADY feeding the cats…..she has 100 cats that are not spayed or neutered nor vaccinated and they keep on populating the neighborhood. I have spent several thousand of dollars on 2 ponds flower beds and fish and these DA** cats keep getting in them kiling my fish letting the water out of the big pond and killing my flowers. so so over these stupid nasty cats ruining my stuff I paid good money for. We have a dog he is in a fenced in yard he gets out for what ever reason and the things he does while out I am reposiable for but the cat lady says shes not resposiable for her cats the EAST RIDGE ANIMAL CONTROL says you have to purchuse these traps for $35 to get rid of them and for them to do anything about,she has them all over the place,Also this cat ladies cats have ruined the hood of my van it has claw marks down to the metal she doesnt care but let me be walking my dog and he walks in her yard to get out of road for vehicles its WWIII.
    We just bought a convertible and the crazy things are all over it too how can I keep them off from ruining my paint or clawing the rag top,out of my flower beds and away from my ponds any suggestions????
    does the pepper spray stuff really work????
    at witz end got a BB gun to shot at them to see if it helps does anybody know if it woul work?
    any help would be greatly appreciated…..
    Thank you,
    feed up with cats in TN

  392. A huge cat problem a blackcat pregnet started hanging around my house could not get rid of her a month later two more where hanging around and the 1st going to have kiittens any minute live in a rural comunity on two wooded acre lot cant shoot them my hubby wouldn’t let me anyway cant approuch them to catch them and cant tell if they where dumped or wild cats if there is away to make them goaway help me I have to lil house dogs but they like sitting on deck with us but these cats are much bigger

  393. Follow Up on: “After several attempts at discourging a stray from under my deck. I took a five gallon pail of cold water. When the cat looked the other way he got the whole bucket on top of him. He has not been back, hope he stays away”.

    It’s been a month, no cat to date. Saw it once a mile down the road. This may have worked.

  394. Hey “Fix It”
    My brother tried your idea with the dynamite. He was killed. Unfortunately the cats all survived, as they have nine lives. . . .
    I have a whole box of dynamite, but I only have 2 more brothers, so is there a different way to get rid of these cats?

  395. My neighbors (2 elderly brothers) took in a stray cat, 3 months later it had a litter. 1 year later they ended up with a total of 20 cats. They don’t take care of them or keep up with them. The city refuses to do anything about it and I have piles of feces all over my yard 6 to 7 inches high. I have spoken with them but they do not care, there response is they have a right to live where they please. That’s fine I own a cat put mine is fixed and is happy and healthy and well taken care of. I have a 2 year old child that I can no longer take outside to play without spending 3 hours cleaning the yard first.I am at my wits end and do not know what to do, does anyone have any ideas?

  396. After dealing with cats destroying my yard and gardens, not to mention defecating all over MY property we were fed up!. I spoke to the cat owners and they were just as ignorant as their filthy pets! I tried calling animal control but they were too busy to come and address the problem, I tried the humane society, and there was no help there as they had no room available. Finally after my 2 year old was scrathed and bitten by a neighbors cat, and had to recieve medical attention as cats are dirty filthy creatures, I took care of the problem myself!! A few containers of delicious tuna with a good helping of ANTIFREEZE did the trick! To all you cat crazy bleeding heats out there, go F**K yourselves, and you better keep your cats out of my yard or I’ll get them too!

  397. I have a neighbor next to me who feeds these cats her yard is all cement while my is a litter box for them I have tried talking to her but she does not listen to me. On a hot summer day I cannot use my yard due to the smell. These cats are not fixed and are having babies which of course come into my yard to do their business just like mom and dad – I have tried calling the authories but they were no use. I have tried malt ball, peppers bleach, etc no use besides getting a gun does any one else have any IDEAS!!!!

    Help me

  398. My cat, Diva, is bing chased by this big one-eyed cat that used to live under our house. hes been spraying our trees and now our whole yard stinks. hes fighting wih my moms cat, Fraidy, (he used to be wild).
    hes been trying to get on my cat, and now shes peeing everywhere. i dont know what to do. ill try calling animal cotrol, or just shoot him with a bb gun.

  399. I am really frustrated! For the past year, I have been saving my money so that I could afford a new car. I am a college student who goes to school full-time and works part-time. I have a decent job, but I still do not make enough money to spend on random unnecessary things. For the past few weeks, four stray cats keep making their way onto my property, more specifically, my garage. Their favorite place to find comfort seems to be right on top of my brand new car. Being nice, whenever I would see them laying on my car, I would kindly “shoo” them away. They would leave, but shortly after [about 10 minutes or so] they would return! This didn’t anger me until I saw LARGE, numerous claw streaks on my car. It looked as if someone had keyed my car all over. Not to mention, the cats had begun to urinate on my car as well. Some of the paint seems to be wearing off. I haven’t even had my car a full month and I’m already having to have it repaired! This is not fair! I should not be responsible for the actions of someone else’s cats. I really need to know how to keep them away from my property. I have tried just about everything “harmless” but sadly it is not working.

    This will chase the cats off your property. It is a motion activated sprinkler. You put it in your yard aimed at where the cats go. Hook up a water hose, turn it on, and when a cat wanders within range it gets a 5 second burst of high pressure water. Then the sprinkler shuts off.
    Google it.
    The videos of cats getting sprayed and running off are hilarious.
    It uses a 9 volt battery and only uses water for 5 seconds when activated.

  401. I own two cats and I love them very much. There is this stray cat that’s been here for at least two weeks. I need to keep food outside for mine and can’t use poison. My cats won’t fight it or anything, they sit and watch it from a distance. They’re both fixed, 1 male and 1 female. You would think, fixed or not the male should defend his territory. Howe do I get rid of the (bleep) when I can’t get near him?

  402. Being a catlover myself, I have to share my way of handling feral cats.

    I was born in China in the 70’s where our house cats were free-roaming ones. The problem is that there were tons of feral(wild) cats residing in my yard, and NO, they are not cuty, fluffy kitten that will rub your leg. They will hiss, growl, attack whenever people are getting closer to them.

    After my house cats were bitten very badly by a/several feral cat(s), we children decided to handle these beasts ourselves. Only tool required: big stick
    method: swing the stick with full force and aim the feral’s head. result: 15 were gone, but still tons left.

  403. I am disgusted by some of the “tips” you all have suggested. I bought my home and it came with one small skinny cat. My husband took pity and now we have alot of her grandchildren. But one thing I would NOT do is the antifreeze…Next time you ache (probally from a hangover from the sounds of your post)…multiply it by 50 or more on what you feel. Would YOU like to die like that? GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESH….I would have thought your mom taught you better.

    I personally think, after reading some things, that a major pepper spray (or oil) would work well…that and not feed them. I personally have to remind myself that these cats are NOT my pets. My cats inside (they do NOT go outside) are my pets.

  404. Between the big sticks to heads and antifreeze…………I am so sad. I would have hoped that you all would have a little more empathy for living things besides yourself. The pepper spray/oil works well, that and make sure you know that they are NOT your pets.

  405. Not a the most helpful article and some of the comments are just way over the edge. Call a local cat rescue and ask for contact info for feral cat caretakers. They will help you get rid of the cats from your yard and will HELP the cats. Imagine if your cat got lost and ended up in someone’s yard scared, lonely, maybe injured. Would you want your cat to be subjected to big sticks, big dogs, pepper spray, etc? While you’re waiting for the feral caretakers (try if you can’t find anyone and they will direct you), get someone to go under the house and check for kittens, sick or injured cats and when they are all out from under the house, immediately close up all entry routes. You MUST be sure there are NO cats under there or you will block them in and when they die, you will have another problem.

  406. Oh, and your pet cats should not be chased by ferals because your pet cats should be inside — the ONLY safe place to keep a pet cat.

  407. I have a two car detached garage behind my apartment bldg. One night I left my window open, just a bit but apparently just enough for one of the neighborhood cats to squeeze through and urinate inside. Needless to say, my partner and I were furious. We have seen several cats in the neighborhood and they do not seem to belong to anyone. I assume they must be stray/feral. They also urinate/spray/defecate in the garage when the doors are open. The structure is a simple wood one, with two sets of doors(not automatic) and one regular door. None of these close and latch completely but will stay shut with little effort. Anyway, these cats have stunk up the entire garage and now that we are being diligent about closing it all up, they are defecating in our yard. How do I #1 get the smell out of garage and #2 get these cats to stay away?
    I am not a cat person to begin with, and while I am too humane to hurt them, I must admit I have had enough.

  408. I am also disgusted by the tips. JUST CALL ANIMAL CONTROL if you really cannot deal with them!!! CALL A ANIMAL RESCUE! IT’S ONE PHONE CALL PEOPLE!! CK: If you don’t mind them sticking around but mind them sleeping on your car, you could maybe place a big rug on the floor of your garage and put some cat nip on it. 🙂

  409. My neighbor’s cat was using my kids sandbox as his personal toilet. I didn’t want to use cat repellent spray because of the smell and the possible chemicals in my kids sandbox. So I found a motion activated sprinkler that does a great job of keeping the cats away.

  410. I have tried the trap ( the trapped cat pissed all over my car as I was relocating it)the sprinkler (cat learned to avoid that area) and finally settled on just shooting the damn things with my super duper pellet rifle. A clean shot to the head is almost totally silent and they drop like a rock, especially if shot from the back of the head. I try to make my play either very early in the morning or around dusk, that way I don’t see many neighbors and avoid the law. They eventually end up in the garbage can waiting on the next pickup.
    I paid way too much for my car to have to endure their scratches as they fight their way to my roof, not to mention the stench of their urine when they spray my front or back porch, that literally makes me ill to smell it, especially when trying to enjoy a little fresh air at supper time.
    I grew up with cats, love them, raised them, but will not tolerate them ruining my possesions or my day.

  411. For all of you who keep saying “Animal Control”, animal control will do nothing. In my town they do not deal with cats. So because the crazy old cat lady next door keeps feeding them, we have cat poop, fleas, and diseased cats all over the neighborhood (and kittens every couple of weeks). It’s a huge problem.

  412. GthGr8t Have you ever considered a psychiatric evaluation? What makes it more disturbing is that you know it’s wrong and you avoid the law. I hope you are caught and charged, I hope you “Possessions” are worth it. Maybe instead of spending money on junk you should hire professionals to remove the cats for you.

  413. The only solution to stray cats is long-term: trap, neuter, and release (TNR). Often the local SPCA or cat rescue has funds to pay for the neuter and will loan you a trap. If the cat is found to be adoptable, a rescue organization will find a home for it. Using neutering eventually stray cats will decrease in number. As long as there are many stray cats, they will find places to live, and getting rid of one will bring another in its place.

  414. For the past couple of mornings when I let my dogs out to my fenced backyard, there has been poop full of worms on my back porch. My best guess is it is a cat. Any suggestion how I would discourage this cat from jumping my fence and fowling my porch with its sickly excrament. I do not want my dogs to be exposed to this. I am NOT a fan of cats. I do not want to harm it but I do want it out of my yard. My dogs are very tiny so having my dogs chase the cat away is not the answer. We grow habaneros in our garden, does making a mixture with the peppers really work?

  415. I had a few chipmunks in my yard that I had befriended, and was feeding them peanuts by hand.

  416. Use a possom trap to catch a stray 1. find a possom trap 2.get a small bowl fill it with some cat food i preferr meow mix a smal bag could cost a bout 4.22 3.set the bowl in the trap 4. place the trap where the cat is most 5.wait a coulple of day youll have the cat 6.then drop it off at anmil shelteror at leatse (20miles out of a city)

  417. Please help. I am an Operations Manager for a city bus company. We have a colony of feral cats that has gotten out of control. I contacted fix our ferals for assistance to remove the cats. The only help they offered was to trap and return.
    We began trapping them and taking to the local shelter to find out that the witch from fix our ferals went behind me and got all of them and brought them back.
    I have workers comp claims due to allergies, customer complaints because they are all over parking lot when customers come, one got stuck int the engine ruing the radiator $4000, plus cleaning, babies getting run over, and scratches all over the drivers cars. yesterday a poor kitten was trying to cross yard with both back legs broken making his stomach raw!! They have to go. Do I have any recourse against this woman.
    Any sugestions appreciated!!

  418. My cat who is 2, has just been attacked by a feral cat for the second time in 7 months. This cat has infected teeth and goodness knows what, only appears periodically but comes in the garden and attacks. My cat is now in the vet’s again having the infection syringed and on a large dose of anitbiotics. Any ideas would be most welcome to get rid of this horrible cat.

  419. The only permanet why to get rid of these cats is to shoot or poison them.
    There are websites that lists chemicals that what will kill a cat.
    Club them over the head if you can get close enough.
    Befriend them and put them in the back of a pick-up then throw them in the river
    works too.

  420. Try placing clear plastic water bottles in you garden (full of water). Don’t ask me why but it was reccommended to my partner and they are now a permanant fixture! The cat (or any cat) has not been seen since.

  421. CO2 Powered BB Pistol. Will quietly fire BBs with enough force to pass through drink cans, as fast as you can pull the trigger. Cats will scram and not come back.

    A cat with any amount of wildness in it is dangerous to little children.

  422. I live is NYC, in this area there are stray animals everywhere you turn. There is this one stray cat that keeps trying to push its way into a window that my kids bed is next to. it gets very hot in this city and I keep the window open at night. I share a fire escape with my neighbor and its not her cat and she doesn’t feed strays. Ever since this cat has been coming in my window I have noticed my kids have been getting bitten by whatever insects that’s on it. One of my babies is highly allergic to whatever it is and I see a lot of animal lovers in here and I’m not trying to offend. I’m also not the type to hurt animals but the health of my babies come first. Window guards keep it out but the fleas are small enough to get through. I don’t have a yard or a hose to spray it, and I don’t want to bb the cat nor poison it animal control centers are are overwhelmed and again I don’t want it in my apartment. What can I do to keep it away?

  423. Your answers to “get rid” of stray and feral cats just show your ignorance.
    The cats are a result of a people problem. People that are irresponsible and ignorant.
    And the reply by Jim Cattlefish is outrageous. People like you should be locked up and given a taste of you own medicine. Shame on all of you!

  424. Ok if these cats are feral then they can hurt other natural wildlife or pets in the area, as well as small children and even audlts. If you trap the cat and move it, it will most likely become a nuisance for someone else. Sometimes killing the cat is your only option. Especailly if it has rabies or another disease. It is important that the animal is Humainely Euthanized. People who do this to cats are not bad people, they simply care about the safety of their families over that of a potentially dangerous cat.

  425. I had a feral cat attack me while I was in my back yard. I’m tired of the damn things. I grew up with cats, but these things are a different mix. I now have pellet gun in hand. Screw the over-populated pests. I’m tired of being victimized by freaking animals. I have small dogs which I don’t want around these filthy, mean, nasty turd droppers. If the pellet gun won’t work, I’ll use bear repellent.

  426. I can’t believe how ignorant the majority of these posts are. Feral cats are not a danger to children, they won’t even approach children! The risk of diseases is pretty much nil, as humans typically don’t catch cat diseases and vice versa. Rabies is incredibly rare. As of the 1990’s there was an average of two rabies deaths per year in the U.S., and they weren’t caused by cats! I would say the lack of knowledge demonstrated by the posters here is much more detrimental to families than the poor, hungry cats that so many of you lack empathy for. People, educate yourselves! Knowledge is easy to come by. You all are barbaric.

  427. To the ones defending the feral cats, go jump off a cliff and take the cats with you. When you say the cats don’t hurt anyone, you don’t have a clue. I have mexican neighbors who illegally allow their dogs to run loose. The dogs bark 24 hours a day, even at the wind. The feral cats roam freely and make the dogs bark even more. The mexicans throw dirty diapers in the parking lot (too lazy to walk 30 feet to the dumpster) and the dogs eat the diaper contents then rip the diapers to shreds. No one ever picks up the trash here. We have a total loser dog catcher in our hayseed town who never does his job and if we complain to the apt manager, she will evict you for complaining. It’s a no win all the way. Total misery. The dogs barking tell me when to go to sleep and when to wake up. I can’t afford to move. It’s a good thing I’m a civilized person or I could go postal. When I get the money, I plan to do some dastardly things to get rid of the cats. I can’t do anything about the dogs because their irresponsible owners stay up 24 hours a day.

  428. Dear Diane Merlo, talking about ignorance is something you shouldn’t be doing. I know you are little beat more ignorant by the way you express yourself. If somebody asked how to get rid of feral or stray cats is because is a real pain in the neck, the fact that some peole is not taking care of their pets doesn’t mean that the rest of people needs to pay the price for someone elses mistakes. Everyone has different believes about life, so you should respect what people believe. If you love these cats, whay don’t you take them with you, or catch them and teke them to the Human Society. Bottom line you need to grow up and learn how to respect people, their believes and ideas. My personal opinion is that pets should exist only in houses where is people 24 hours a day, poor animals shouldn’t be aloe in small apartments where they can’t run and be happy and in most cases they have to wait hours and hours to be able to go out for a very short period of time before going back into 4 walls. Animals should be free far from residential areas living a real life not a life time jail penalty.

  429. Jim Cattlefish might be a little harsh but its alot better than my thought,I would like to add the owners of these little pests to the list of who would benefit from his suggestions…. GO CATTLEFISH

  430. My problem is neighborhood cats, not feral. I wonder if you could video tape these pests in action and take the owners to small claims court and sue for damages to planting beds etc… Might cost some money, but I’m at the end of my rope with these irresponsible cat owners.

  431. My problem is my neighbors cats. I can’t even open my living room window to let fresh air in because of the stench that comes wafting through my home. Cats in my community are considered ‘free range’ so Animal Control will do nothing about them. Next spring I am going to replace all of the bark in my planting beds with river rock to make them less attractive to these vermin. I am not a cat person, but I don’t blame the animals. It’s the owners that should be held responsible. I am considering video taping the cats and taking the owners to small claims court to sue for damages to my property.

  432. There’s no sense arguing with irresponsible cat-lovers, so here’s another novel solution to keep cats away or keep them from destroying wildlife. It is also an excellent method for those who don’t have the strength of heart to properly and permanently destroy a destructive and invasive pestilent species with a .22 or where guns can’t be used openly. Get any of the inexpensive $5-$8 green or purple laser-pointers on ebay from the China and Hong Kong dealers. Most all of them can be, what is called, “Pot Modded” to put out 100mW or more, easily lighting a match in under one second. For further info Google for: pot mod laser. I find it is easier and safer to file or carefully grind a small hole in the side of the laser barrel to gain access to the adjustment potentiometer than remove the laser inside, risking breaking it. Anytime that you see a cat in your yard, park, roadside, or anywhere out in public that that cat doesn’t belong, permanently blind it in one or both eyes with the laser. This is completely painless and fast. Far more convenient to human and humane to cat than even having them de-clawed or sterilized. If blind in one eye they will lose depth perception and won’t be able to successfully hunt and kill wildlife. If blind in both eyes they’ll stay home near their food dish, remaining safe from all other predators and auto-accidents. This won’t stop these lousy vermin from reproducing but it sure will stop them from destroying the natural environment any further. In daytime this method is also invisible to all people nearby so nobody will even know that it happened or who did it, even if they do find out later that the cat is now blind. The lousy cat-lovers will now have nobody but themselves to blame for not passing strict laws with large fines to keep all cats indoors in their OWN homes. Any cats that are painlessly blinded this way to resolve the problem that hypocrite cat-lovers have created are therefore now THE CAT-LOVERS’ FAULTS AND THEIR FAULTS ALONE.

    Word is rapidly spreading everywhere on how to accomplish this. Enjoy!

  433. I am definitely at my wits end. I have several neighbors who are terrible cat owners. Their cats roam the neighborhood at will. Many times one hears cat fights. Next one sees a pregnant cat strolling across the street. I believe should someone “get rid” of these cats, the irresponsible owners would go get MORE cats. Meanwhile I have just completely reseeded my front yard and I find a cat has come and scratched up an area where I had seed to cover its feces(I have to tell you these cats are not well judging from their stools). I have called animal control and was told that I would have to spend MY money to trap these cats for them to do something otherwise forget about it! I have been a longtime cat lover but when these cats’ existence infringe upon my space and cost me money to deal with them, death is definitely an option. I am a responsible pet owner (vet visits, food, bathing/grooming, medicine, treats, toys, living inside, comfort and most of all my love ). These outside animals are getting none of this…winter is fast approaching. These cats will be ripping open trash bags more than ever, crapping in others’ yards, spraying their urine to mark their territory, etc. Are you all SURE death to them is not a better option? True, it’s not their fault but it’s not MY fault either. But I am paying to repair their destruction!!!

  434. To Linda…. than the poor, hungry cats that so many of you lack empathy for… Well Linda you sound like a reasonably “educated” person. What would you say to this comment….why don’t those of you who feel as you do, just adopt all of the stray and feral cats and keep them in your houses and not let them roam free, destroying other peoples yards by using them as litter boxes. I would rather see those types of owners be arrested and heavily fined then just maybe they will become responsible pet owners…so stop your whining and crying and start criticizing those totally irresponsible people who let their cats run free. I say keep them in your houses or let the cats suffer the consequences of your stupidity!

  435. These ferral cats need to be caught and removed. It is not our fault these cats are here. It’s not my responsibility to deal with these wild cats. I live in an apartment and my neightbor feeds all the ferral cats which in turn has brought more ferral cats. And now they have taken over and have had ferral kittens. And now, one has attacked my dogs. I had to take one of them to vet, which cost me $100 and i have to give her antibotics for 10 days. So what, everytime i take my dogs for a walk i have to worry about crazy cats jumping out and attacking!? And the vet did inform me that they have had several cats reported having rabies, so its not rare. It’s just like any other wild animal, if it is causing a problem, you call and have it removed. I do feel sorry for the original cats that got left, but now we have ferral ones being born. Not only are you attracting cats by putting food out but other wild animals as well! Have respect for your neighbors and community. If you want to feed these animals then you take responsibility for their actions!

  436. Please don’t bring them to the country to starve or bug us folks out here. We have family’s too. I have about 10 drop offs around me and their all sick and starving. That is the cruelest thing, people don’t want it so they drop it off to starve in the country. Then they show up at our doors mieowing to no end until you feed them or let them in but we all have many animals that get sick from them when we do. And there are much more rabies in the country because of the wild life. When their lucky they’ll get caught by a big bird or something, but that is the exception. Keep your cats indoors, it is the safest for all including them. Vet bills from cats fighting are very expensive, and all cats will fight if left outdoors to defend their territories. Take it from someone who’s had many cats and many vet bills, until I learned my lesson.

  437. Technically its the humans fault that the wild cats are here. insead of me explaining it I will show it like this: how would you as a human like to be captured by an alein race that is greater than humans and be keept as pets for long years. then later in the generation they throw your great grandson out. then they grow up outside of the aleins houses, then the alens start trying to kill the wild humans because they are dangerus and spread dissese. but it was the aliens that caused the wild humans to inhabit their citys in the first place. thats what we are doing to the cats humans and peaple shouuld live togeather like the native americans did, and hunt them when needed but not hate animals for doing the same thing. I have had given food to one wild cat and it acualy liked to be petted and loved then oneday it jumped into the house. most wild cats don’t like humans becuase they throw rocks, brooms and trap them if the humans gave the cats a chance then they could live in a community where the stray cats don’t scratch and bite and can be petted by the humans every day. a few wild cats like humans becuase they have not suffered the abuse their freinds and faimily have suffered.

  438. When you remove one feral cat from a location, another will take its’ place. Because of human ignorance and irresponsibility, we have a feral cat population. Spay/Neuter/Release is the way to handle the feral cat problem. Ignoring them will not make them “go away.” They will continue to reproduce and be a nuisance. If you spay/neuter them and feed them, then you will not have new cats moving in and the ones that are fixed will stop unwanted behavior. Educate yourself before you willfully try to hurt a feral cat.

  439. If you can’t stand the smell that stray cats leave in your yard. Get some Out. You can get it at wal-mart for about 4 bucks and it works on human and dog pee too. It has saved my sanity through the years.

  440. A neighbor trapped a feral mother cat with 2 female kits, paid to have them spayed, rabies shots, then relased them; she did a wonderful thing by trying to control the horrendous feral cat population. 4 years later, we still have (had) all 3 who feed at our homes daily; they are mostly feral still (can only touch one of them)so live outside. We trap and provide worming and flea prevention (while heavily gloved). We feed them outside also. We have hundreds of acres of land behind our fence line; so we get tons of other ferals or discarded cats coming by for meals.
    We also rescued a “throw away” domesticated male cat 3 years ago and have made him 95% indoor cat (neutered, regular vet visits, inside toys and stimulation). He gets along with the outside ferals pretty well.
    PROBLEM: a new (male?) cat has shown up 3 months ago and has dominated the yard almost 24/7. He chases the 3 outside cats from their food; and yeowls in the yard until my inside cat is beyond agitation; nothing can distract inside cat from biting and clawing at the doors (locking him into a room, trying to get him distracted with play, etc).
    Inside kit has escaped outside and gotten into marathon (OMG the sounds!) fighting with this new cat, coming home with gashes and bites requiring vet visits and first aid care.
    We can’t trap this wily mean fighting cat; we’ve tried everything; we can’t get close enuf to catch it.
    Due to the woods at our back door, our traps have weilded raccoons, possums, but not this one cat.
    One of the outside regular ferals even refused to come to the door to feed from fear for over 5 days; she finally came for food and was starved to nothing.
    The mother cat has left permanently, I fear.
    What can I do short of stopping all feeding to discourage Mean Cat from staying around? That would be so cruel to the 3 who have depended on us for 4 years.

  441. Our neighbour has three cats…not feral…but live in his roof. They piss on our newly built home, it is a nightmare! Tip: checkout where you buy your land, if we had known we would never have bought here.

  442. I leave neighborhood cats alone, unless they deposit feces, urine, or dead birds on my property. Then I get out the Havahart trap; cats with collars go to the Humane Society so that the “lost cat” owner has to pay the $90 reclaiming fee. Cats without collars (so far all 9 cats I’ve caught were collar-less) get set free in the desert outside our city. There they can live out their lives in freedom until coyotes eat them, which doesn’t take long. If any outdoor cat enthusiasts have a problem with this, I give them the same “balance of nature” argument that THEY use to justify their cats’ killing of native wildlife.