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There are several things that are indulged by people that create awful looking marks called stretch marks. These marks can be seen in some people who are overweight, have rapid weight loss or gain, or are pregnant. Even though the joys of a precious newborn are endless, the visible stretch marks are not desired. Therefore, finding out how to get rid of stretch marks that are haunting your tummy can be a great bit of information to hold on to.

There are several home remedies to get rid of stretch marks quick and painlessly. These range from creams to tanning or using over the counter medical ointments. For women that would love to learn how to get rid of stretch marks but are not financially able to purchase the medical products or lotions needed to help in their objective, knowing that in time they will fade might not ease the mind, but time is one way that stretch marks will disappear.

It is also advised, that if you are looking for ways on how to get rid of stretch marks whether you are pregnant or not, exfoliating daily with a scrunch or loofa will prevent the visibly of stretch marks. One of the greatest methods that many pregnant women have found to help them reduce the sight of pregnancy stretch marks is by using coco butter while pregnant and after the baby is born on the tummy and breast area. This might not be a proven scientific fact, but Vitamin E is used on stretch marks and advised by doctors. Coco butter, among many other lotions, contains Vitamin E and can be used to help reduce the sight of stretch marks.

The more expensive methods that are not home remedies include Endermologie machines which help to increase the circulation and expel toxins that are located in and under the skin, Laser therapy, and cosmetic surgery. The Laser therapy, although costly, produces great results for those that have more than the average amount of stretch marks. Cosmetic surgery is normally done to improve the appearance of a person as they desire. However, during several of the procedures the surgeons actually help by eliminating the skin that once held the stretch marks.

Learning how to get rid of stretch marks at home can definitely save you tons of money versus the clinical procedures that could cost you thousands. Many of the over the counter lotions can serve as a stretch removal cream and help you get rid of stretch marks. Rose hip oil, Emu oil, Castor oil, Shea Butter, and Jojoba oil are just a few of the oil based creams that allow you to successful rid your tummy and other areas of those horrific stretch marks.