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Pregnancy is one of humankind’s most amazing events. Bringing a new life into this world should be seen as nothing short of a miracle. Unfortunately, many women are forced to suffer some unpleasant symptoms and bodily changes throughout their pregnancy, and even afterwards.

Pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness, weight gain, more can be quite the challenge for any woman. One bodily change in particular that most women must face during and after their pregnancy is the sudden appearance of stretch marks.

Stretch marks from pregnancy show up most commonly on the stomach area, but have also been known to make an appearance in other places like the thighs or breasts.

If you have recently given birth and would like the take steps towards fading away your pregnancy stretch marks, take a look at these helpful tips.

1. Soak up the sun!

Sun tanning is a great natural way to make your pregnancy stretch marks less visible. Remember to wear sunscreen while doing so, it’s not worth risking even worse skin issues! Also, be sure to avoid tanning beds as they have been proven very risky to your skin’s health. Try to avoid this method until after you’ve given birth, as a pregnant woman’s skin is typically more sensitive to the sun.

Before heading outside, cover your entire body with a sunscreen of at least SPF 30. Do not tan for any more than an hour per day. With some time spent in the sun, you should start to notice your stretch marks slowing fading.

2. Special lotions and creams.

Because many women experience stretch marks from pregnancy, there now exists a wide variety of lotions and creams that claim to help these markings fade. Most of these products are high in Vitamin E and/or cocoa butter which are known to help some skin conditions.

These creams vary in price, but can cost anywhere from about $4-$100 per bottle. Look up some reviews of the creams online, or ask around your circle of friends to help you decide which cream to try out.

If you want to use the cream while pregnant, consult your doctor first. The cream could affect the fetus, and when it comes to a pregnancy you can never be too careful.

3. Natural remedies.

If you’re looking for simple solutions, there are lots of ways to help fade away your stretch marks with the easy use of common household items.
Lemon juice has been proven to assist in getting rid of dead skin cells, and is also a natural skin lightener. In order to try this method, cut a full lemon in half and then rub it on to the stretch marks, squeezing the lemon slightly in order to release its juice. Let the juice sit on your skin for about 8-10 minutes, and rinse off with water. Do not use this method if you have any unhealed cuts or wounds, as the citric acid will cause painful stinging.

Egg whites are also a great natural remedy for stretch marks from pregnancy. The amino acids in the whites have been proven to help these marks fade.

If this method appeals to you, simply whip 2-3 egg whites with a whisk (normal or electric) until soft peaks have developed. They should resemble a meringue, just without the sugar aspect. Take the whites and apply a layer onto the area, preferably using a sponge to do so. Leave them on the skin until they have dried and slightly hardened. Rinse them off using cold water, and then moisturize the area to avoid dryness.

The application of warm olive oil is also very good for stretch marks. Simply pour some olive oil into a saucepan and warm it slightly, but make sure it doesn’t get too hot! Massage the warm oil onto your stretch marks, and leave on for a half hour. Afterwards, rinse off with soapy water.

4. Exfoliation.

Exfoliating the skin is a natural way to rid of dead skin cells, and ultimately having them replaced with newer, healthier ones. The hope with the exfoliation of your stretch marks is that the skin cells that were damaged by the stretching can disappear and become replaced with smoother, more even skin.

Use an exfoliating cream or shower gel on your skin once per day. Do this before or during a bath or shower, rubbing in a circular motion for 1-2 minutes. You may choose to apply using a shower scrub for even better results. After application, rinse completely. Be sure to moisturize the area afterwards to avoid dryness.

If you would like to use a more natural exfoliation remedy, try using sand or sugar. The graininess of these items do the job just as well as some other methods.

If you want to use sand, simply add water to about a half cup until it is somewhat moist. Rub on the area for a few minutes and rinse. Using sugar is slightly different, since you have to mix it with olive oil, not water. Be sure to rinse off the sugar thoroughly after use, or else you will end up sticky and uncomfortable. Always moisturize the area after exfoliation.

Stretch marks occur when your skin is forced to stretch at a relatively quick rate. This is typically due to rapid weight gain. With your pregnant belly growing more and more every day, it becomes very difficult to avoid stretch marks from occurring. This is why the majority of women who have experienced pregnancy have dealt with them.

All stretch marks look a little bit different; some are a dark brown or purplish colour, whereas others are a light white. Some women choose to simply embrace these natural markings. Others, however, are a little more self-conscious of them, and would do anything to make them less visible.

For most women, stretch marks are unavoidable during a pregnancy. They are extremely difficult to prevent, and even harder to get rid of. If these marks make you feel self-conscious, this can seem like a nightmare. Luckily for you, there are some ways to help your stretch marks from pregnancy fade. Try out some of these methods, and you are bound to start seeing results!

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  1. I was obsessed with the Made from Earth Aloe & JOJOBA CREME THERAPY I was pregnant! I started using it around 3 months and kept with it everyday until my son was born (and a bit beyond). Its 100% chemical free with no fragrance, is made from wonderful ingredients, feels amazing on your skin, and best of all…no stretch marks!

    I thought I would be prone to them, since I have others on my hips and thighs from teenage years, but not a one appeared during pregnancy. It is a bit pricey, but a little goes a long way. I applied very liberally, 1-2 times a day and used almost 4 bottles during my whole pregancy.

    Very well worth it if you are looking to avoid stretch marks, and if you are a healthy mom who refuses to use chemicals in your skincare products…

  2. The best product I’ve tried so far is Mama’s Gold Stretch Mark Prevention & Treatment Oil. It is really great.

  3. I’m a 17 year old soon to be 18 and i have had stretch mark from when I was about 12. Because of this i have my body and i feel uncomfortable about it, i like wearing somethings but i cant because of my body and i would like to know if you can help me, please cause there is this big party coming up and i would like to do please

  4. Im 19 i had my child when i was 14 i have stretch marks from my chest to my calfs and have had them since i had my child its really hard for me cause i dont have the money for the expencive creams and surgerys its really hard during the summer time cause i cant wear a swim suit or shorts thats why i cant wait till winter time

  5. I did some research for home remidies to get rid of stretch marks and i came across this one that i find to really have worked for me. i poured some lemon juice (fresh) and i rubbed it on my tummy this is my 3rd a day of doing this and it does lighen nup the marks it hasnt gone away completely yet though

  6. I just had my baby 3 weeks ago and i am really worried about my stretch marks.i feel embarrassed when my husband sees my stomach. What can i do or use?

  7. How about Mederma? i haven’t used it but i’ve been very close to buying it. i have very thick stretch marks from 4 pregnancies. i’ve tried everything. i’m hoping to get a tummy tuck in 1 or 2 years.

  8. I am 22 years old i have a big boy his almost 4 and i have had stretch marks on my sides and belly ever since my baby was born huge ones too i dont have money for laser treatment or anything like that because am a single mom but i would really like some suggestions on how to minimize them an where i can find the product please help! i used cocoa butter through the whole pregnancy 2 to 4 times a day since the third month and that didnt stop them from appearing my son was almost 9 pounds and before i got pregnant i was only 126 pounds and 5’1 that mite have had something to do with it

  9. I gave birth to my daughter 4 months ago and i ave stretch mark on my tummy, they look really awful i hate seeing them. i’ve used cocoa butter cream but it didn’t help. could you please give me any advise that u can on how to reduce their appearance.

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