Posted on: August 19, 2013 Posted by: Nicole Harding Comments: 0

Whether it is from a sudden loss of weight, pregnancy, or new muscles developed on your body, stretch marks appear on both men and women of all ages and on all areas of the body. If you notice stretch marks on your body and are looking for ways to remove the marks, or at least reduce their appearance, you are in luck, because it is possible for how to get rid of stretch marks naturally.

For starters you have to eat healthy. This is very important. Natural fruits and vegetables are good for the skin, plus lean protein helps the skin and muscles regenerate, which is going to reduce the overall luke of the stretch marks naturally. Although it won’t completely fill in the marks, it will reduce the visibility greatly.

Another method for how to get rid of stretch marks naturally is massaging then area with flaxseed oil. This helps smooth out the skin area and promote cell growth. This is what you want to do as the cells have stretched out and thinned in the particular area. With the cells regenerating it is now possible for the stretch marks to fill in.

Look for creams with collagen. This is another product that you can use naturally that promote the growth of skin cells. In fact, many dermatologists recommend these creams for wrinkles around the face and, after extended periods of us, have shown the ability to fill in the areas. This is true for stretch marks also. You just need to apply the collagen cream to the area twice a day (generally in the morning and evening times). Over time, it is going to lessen the visibility of the stretch marks, and soon you won’t even notice the marks at all. If you stop using the cream, it isn’t going to revert back to its former self, as is the case with some skin products, but the longer you use the products the better off it is.