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Having stretch marks can feel like a burden when they are on unwanted parts of the body. Activities that cause stretch marks are body building, pregnancy and extreme weight gain. When an individual first receives this particular type of scarring, their first initial thought is how to get rid of stretch marks quickly. The fortunate part to this situation is that there are numerous solutions to this problem including lotions/skin creams, home remedies and a variety of medical procedures. Every step taken to ridding your body of stretch marks is also another step forward in building your self esteem and confidence.

Home Remedies

If you are in to the natural way of living or even the cheap, easy way than home remedies are a great way to start the process of removing stretch marks from your body. Some popular remedies individuals use are Vitamin E capsules and increasing circulation of the body. When using Vitamin E capsules to rid stretch marks, you simply break the capsule in half and smear the gel over the area of your body where stretch marks are present. It is a very simple procedure. Another great home remedy used to increase your body’s circulation and reduce your stretch marks appearances is taking a hot bath.

Lotions and Creams

An extremely popular way of making stretch marks disappear is by using lotions and cream that are specifically designed for ridding stretch marks. Some products that may be listed for healing this type of scarring are Cocoa Butter, Emu Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Shea Butter and Vitamins A, C, and E. When you are using these types of products you are not only healing your stretch mark but keeping your skin well-hydrated and healthy. Everybody’s skin is different, therefore not everyone of these products will work on a persons scar tissue. It is important to try them out for yourself and decide which lotion/cream is the most beneficial to your skins health.

Medical Procedures

Sometimes home remedies and stretch mark creams just do not cut it when it comes to self-satisfaction. When this issue arises it is important to visit your personal physician or dermatologist to find out the best course of action after trying other products and remedies. Some medical procedures your doctor may bring up to you is laser therapy, cosmetic surgery, Endermoligie and Microdermabrasion. Although these procedures may be more speedy, it is important to look into possible side effects before making your ultimate decision.