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1. What are Stretch Marks?

Strech marks are scars left behind when skin is overstretched, and fibers in the middle layer (dermis) have broken. They most often occur during pregnancy, bodybuilding, extreme weight gain, occasionally puberty and are usually found on the abdomen, breasts, buttocks, legs, and upper arms. Fresh stretch marks appear initially as red lines and then slowly fade to a pale white color over the course of several months. While it is possible to reduce and even eliminate the appearance of stretch marks, it is much easier to prevent them.

2. How to Prevent Stretch Marks

Since stretch marks occur when skin is stretched to the limit of its elasticity – it follows that the best prevention is either to reduce the cause of stretching or to increase elasticity (or both).

Increase your Skin’s Elasticity

  • Skin Creams and LotionsLotions containing cocoa butter are rumored to not only help reduce stretch marks, but to help prevent them entirely. Any cream or oil that is made specifically for the prevention or treatment of stretch marks will help keep your skin healthy and elastic. If you are pregnant or breast feeding consult your doctor first as lotions can contain ingredients that may be passed to your unborn baby or into breast milk.
  • Vitamin A, E & C – Supplementing these vitamins may help increase the strength and elasticity of the collagen within your skin and reducing your chance of forming stretch marks.
  • Stay hydrated. Ever try to squeeze a dry sponge?

3. Stretch Mark Removal

If you’re more concerned with getting rid of stretch marks than preventing them, read on. There are many methods to choose from, ranging from home remedies for stretch marks, to medical and cosmetic procedures. You will notice that every single one of these remedies also helps promote the overall health of your skin – the healthier your skin is, the better it can heal itself. Always consult your doctor before undergoing any treatment, especially if you are pregnant or nursing.

Home Remedies to Remove Stretch Marks

  • Time – Stretch marks, like all types of scarring fade over time.
  • Retin-A (Tretinoin) – 0.1% Tretinoin creams have been shown to significantly reduce the appearance of stretch marks in a study published in the May 1996 Archives of Dermatology. See your doctor for a prescription. These creams work best when used on fresh stretch marks. WARNING: Do not use tretinoin treatments if you are pregnant of breast feeding as the active ingredient may be passed to the unborn child or the breast milk.
  • Exfoliate daily – use a loofah or scrunchy to remove daily.
  • Vic’s Vapor Rub – Many people have reported success using Vic’s Vapor rub by applying it to a washcloth or paper towel and rubbing it forcefully into the scarred skin on a nightly basis for a few weeks.
  • Increase Circulation – by taking hot baths and massaging the areas regularly.
  • Tanning – Go sunbathing! Tanning can diminish and even eliminate minor stretch marks. Be sure to use sun screen.
  • Vitamin E Gel – Break open vitamin E capsules and rub the oil into the skin over the stretch marks daily for 2 weeks.
  • Unstretch the skin – After the skin returns to its normal, unstretched size, stretch marks often become nearly invisible.
  • Stretch Mark Creams and Lotions – Using stretch mark creams and stretch mark lotions that heal and beautify your skin can reduce the appearance of stretch marks. The following ingredients are widely accepted as beneficial for this purpose:
    • Cocoa butter
    • Rose hip oil
    • Emu oil
    • Jojoba oil
    • Castor oil
    • Shea butter
    • Vitamin A
    • Vitamin E
    • Vitamin C
  • Know of any more? Please use the form at the bottom of the page to share them with other visitors here.

Medical Procedures for Stretch Marks

  • Microdermabrasion – Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic procedure popular in spas and salons where the top-most layer of skin is removed by chemical or mechanical means.
  • Endermologie – Endermologie machines massage and work the skin in order to increase circulation and expel toxins.
  • Laser Therapy – There are several different types of stretch mark laser treatments available that can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks and heal you skin. See your dermatologist for the latest information on these methods.
  • Cosmetic Surgery – Strech marks typically appear below the belly button and the only way to remove abdominal stretch marks is with a tummy tuck. During a tummy tuck some of the skin below the belly button is removed. For stretch marks that appear on other areas of the body cosmetic plastic surgery can help depending on the areas affected.

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  1. After I had my baby I had stretch marks all around my hips and back. I used CoCoa & Shea Butter Lotion along with black soap which is pure Shea Butter(smells great) for a year and they not only lightened up, but mostly disappeared. They were still there, but only my husband could get that close to see them.

  2. my friends i was quite pissed off with my strech mark i got from weight training and i try bio oil it worked a bit but not as good as my next tip i heard about vapour rub thought giv it a try i used it on ma shoulder were the strech occured and massaged it with my fingers rapidly but firmly for the first day for abt 15 mins it was a mircale next morning half of the strech mark was gone only a minor piece is left try thid method and u wont need 2 worry who wouild fink vapour rub is going 2 work

  3. I have had stretch marks on my thighs for a year now. I am 8 months pregnant, so that has made them even worse. They are almost purple in color. I use Cocoa Butter Stretch Mark cream on them at Least once a day but that hasn’t helped them go away or prevented them!

  4. im 17 and a male and i have them around the top of my butt and on my sides.. i havnt lost weight or gained any and there are no other reasons but yet there still there.. and the white and deep…. any ideas on how to remove WHITE DEEP STRETCH MARKS??

  5. give it time. they go away, mostly. when I was a teenager, roughly ages 13-18, I gained a lot of weight quickly and as a result I have/had stretch marks nearly everywhere. arms, chest, belly, hips, back, thighs, even down to my forearms. I’ve recently started losing a lot of weight, and the skin has been gradually re-absorbing itself, but it doesn’t help that a few stretch marks are now semi-permanent scar tissue due to a motorcycle accident. side note, wear long sleeves of some heavy fabric if you’re going to ride a motorcycle fast, and don’t ride fast at night.

  6. well..i have my fathers legs…unfortunately, and well that also comes along with the big thighs and calves…which also comes with the strecth marks..and of course they are quite visible…i have tried vitamin k solution…but juss didnt work…actually i think it made them i tried this jergens stuff…didnt work either…so im outta ideas…but i thnk i will be tryen the vics vapor rub to see how that goes…i would recommend using that…see how that works!!!

  7. I was worried about stretch marks for awhile and then I got it on my breast. I got scared and cried for awhile but then I read this website and I didn’t have any of it until I found a lotion at my house with Vitamin E. My stretch marks are getting lighter and slowly fading away.

  8. I am 18 years old and for about 3 years now I have had stretch marks from my thighs to my calfs, they are very light but i can FEEL them more than see them i HATE it. I’m very very skinny and have never been any bigger than now I am guessing they are just from growing. I’ve been using Victoria’s secret crackling cream that is made for cellulite but i’m hoping it will decrease the feeling of the stretch marks. I think i might try that vick’s vapor rub…

  9. I had stretch marks when i was going through puberty, i lost my baby fat and gained stretch marks, the only way to get rid of them is not drinking caffeine, or limiting the amount consumed, and doing at least one hour of cardiovascular excersize such as running, riding a bike, or aerobics, even dancing! anything that keeps the heart pumping.

  10. Hi, I know this works because I’ve tried! Mix cocoa butter, shea butter and aloe vera and rub directly onto stretch mark. It works like a charm! Oh and keeping up with daily workouts could help reduce you getting stretch marks over the next couple years!

  11. ive been using Bio Oil scince the birth of my daughter 8 months ago, and suprise suprise! nothing! all this talk about vapour rub makes me wanna try it! give anything a go, you can only try!

  12. I am 19 years old and have gained my stretch mark from puberty,loss of kid fat and growing.My marks are located on the tops of my brests and the sides of my hips down to just the very tops of my outer thights.They started off a light pinkish purple color.My remodies have been consistant and progressive.First thing I started using stretch mark cream(for pregnant wemon).I would use this coco butter based cream every night,massaging and rubbing it in thouroly into the marks.During the summers I do sun bathe but have noticed that this is any remody to rely on.Sun tanning will reduce the apearence (some what) but will not leave your skin as heathy as it should be.After all tanning is just a nice way of saying -toasting the top layers of skin off-. As some people suggested above ,daily works outs and cartio do help.The exorsizes not only tone your body but tighten the skin as well.This will help the deep stretches.I couldnt agree more when they say beautiful skin is healthy skin.
    I have been a vegiterrian all of my life.I do eat cheese,eggs,fish and milk.My diet consists of delicious recipies that never contain meat.There are endless vegiterrian recipies that will fill you up and leave you feeling like “thank god I didn’t have to eat a dead carcus again” after all the onlything good we get from red meat is the vidamins and iron (wich you will always find my vegiterrian meals).Red meat is bad for the stomach,heart,arteries blood and colesteral levels. I highly suggest you consider some if not all of these things I’ve strech marks are almost completly all gone.
    -good luck ladies and gents..stay healthy and live it the F*** UP!

  13. DO NOT- WHATEVER YOU DO USE STRECHMARKCURE.COM…my stretch marks were hardly visible, yet I thought they were the worst thing in the world. I used this program and it removes the top layers of your skin from scrubbing and my stretch marks increased about 50% in depth, length and width. They are so much more noticeable and I have more now than ever. The stretch marks that were once under the skin have come to the top and made my skin wrinkly and nasty looking where it use to be tight. If I had before picture I would sue the woman. BEWARE…DO NOT USE THIS METHOD!

  14. hi i don’t have a tip as such, i really need to know how to get rid of stretch marks. i have them all over…arms, legs, tummy, breasts and even lower back and they are still growing even though i havent grown in 3 years!!! please help by telling me something that really really works.

  15. Use Palmer’s coco Butter. It smells amazing & it keeps your skin smooth.
    I’m 19 and 5’3 and 105 pounds. I’m not big at all and i have not lost or gained any weight & i have terrible stretch marks on my arms, shoulders back, sides and tummy and thighs.. yea a lot!!! some are red/purple and others white. It makes me depressed & i cover up all YEAR around and avoid going to doctors & hospital’s if i need to because im way embarrassed…but I guess I am stuck with them…Anyways , Try the Palmer’s ^__^

  16. ok so im 19 and ive had stretch marks since i was about 16 but they were barely visible but just recently over the past 10 months ive gained about 30 pounds keep in mind that ive always been skinny so i went from a size 5 to a size 9 or 11 but only from the waist down my stomach is only a little bigger and my arms are almost the same.. any ways at first my stretch marks were only on my inner thighs but now they are all down my legs on my thighs buttocks and calvs and they arent light theyy are a redis purple color really horrable i might add.. im soo embarassed of them and dont know what to do ive been trying coco butter but it hasnt really been working and i tried this cream i bought from avon with vitamin E but it also didnt work.. and all the other creams are way too pricey i cant aford that kind of stuff soo i think ill try vics vapor rub i really hope it works!! if u have any suggestions please let me know!!!


  17. well a size 9 or 11 is still thin, and stretch marks are from gaining to fast as well. when you gained the 30 pounds in 10 months, did u start noticing stretch marks? or did u always have them? Drinking water helps the skin out and eating healthy. Good luck

  18. Will vics vapor rub help get rid of stretch marks that are deep and that are a purplish color???Will they be gone before summer???

  19. Vics Vapor rub does not help, but just hydrate your skin and drink lots of water and exercise. I have stretch marks every where!! and i am very thin. [[105 pounds]] && i have no clue why the hell they keep popping up. anyways, they r normal. so i wouldn’t freak out.

  20. To all the pregnant women out there… There is really no hope. Not to make you feel bad but just let your body do its job its really working hard right now. After the baby is born your stretch marks will decrease. In order to really deminish the stretch marks just stick to a healthy diet and eat more peanuts and other sources of protien…oh and LOTS of WATER. But if nothing works deal with it later there are more important things to worry about.

  21. whatever you do do NOT use Bio Oil…it does nothing!!going to give the Vapour Rub a go,im 17 and have stretch marks on my tummy,thighs,hips,breasts,upper arms and behind my knees…(yeah a lot i know)im curvy and toned(not perfectly) but not fat.drink lots of water and massage cream into them every day,this helps slightly,but don’t get stessed out about them though,they fade eventually to a whitishsilvery colour hardly noticable.

  22. Katie, i have the same problem with the stretch marks…im not fat at all.. [[105 lbs]]..and i have them everywhere. they make pissed sometimes but you have to think about it like this: Stretch marks do not interfere with daily activity, normal functions and it is not a life threatening thing. But i still obsess anyways lol any ways I stick to my Palmer’s coco butter. Even thought i see no results, it keeps my skin smooth. DAMN stretch marks!

  23. I got stretch marks when I gained about 30 pounds when I was 18. One day I was working around the house and my mother noticed the marks on my hips, and asked if I had those anywhere else. I had them on my upper arms too, and she recomended cocoa butter. I’ve been using it since, and they’ve almost vanished! Just these little white lines now… I’ve got to say it works… that and a gym membership. If you can’t afford one, look up some cardiovascular workouts on the net. I’m just gald they’ve gone now!

  24. Stretch marks NEVER just go away. it is impossible. They just fade to your skin tone or darker or lighter. Gosh don;t i wish they just would just go away…

  25. I use to work out in da gym when i was 16 years old, i guess i over worked my legs because them ugly stretch marks started to appear on my calves and back of my thighs, ever since dat, i’ve been using coca butter but i can still seem them very good til this day, i’m 19 and havent worn skirts, short dresses, or either shorts ever since i got them, it’s really depressing for me cuz finally when i got my legs to the perfect size i ever wanted them, strectch marks started to appear, and i cant get rid of them, and i love to wear skirts but i cant now cuz its so embarassin for me, my boyfriend who i’ve been wit for more than a year doesnt even kno dat i have them, whenever hot weather comes around, i make up the dumb excuses for me not to wear skirts, im so tired of them stretch marks, i hate seeing other girls wear cute stuff just knowing dat i can’t wear things like dat nemore, i used avon, silk therapy, cocoa butter(3 years) and they wont go away. I need something that REALLY REALLY WORKS and it’s getting hot over here already.

  26. You should be able to wear cute skirts, who cares if you have stretch marks, use body make-up to cover them. I doubt your bf will say anything mean if he see’s them. 99% of men and women have stretch marks, be happy with ur body hun =]

  27. Nikkie but im really self conscious about my legs ever since i got my stretch marks, but thank u, and also i tried to cover my marks with makeup but it doesnt work and i even had a professional try to cover it but she couldnt even do it either, i had never seen nebody with stretch marks in the same spot i have it at, except for me and my sister.

  28. Candance, i have them to on my legs. its so normal to get them. i know they are a pain lol but i have them all over.. my tummy , thighs, legs, hips, upper arms, shoulders, lower back..yea ALOT. And they keep popping up …my mom has them and they are hereditary as well. I haven’t gained any weight or lost any .. ive been thin all my life. i heard that stretch marks come from nutritional deficiencies and stuff..anyways just be happy with ur body, u said u got ur legs to the perfect shape…girl , u should flaunt them then!!! =]

  29. Nikki but over here where i live at, there are very few girls who have stretch marks but on their butts and breast but not on the back on the legs like i do, it seems like im the only one who has them, it seems it’s not normal to have stretch marks, i’ve either gained or loss weight but only like 5 or 6 pounds and no more, its not like dramatic weight gain or weight loss, i weigh 120 or back up 125 but its nothin that caused my stretch marks, if only i knew i would of got stretch marks by working out cuz obviously i would had never went on that exercise machine that gave me my marks,have u ever tried the vicks vapor rub?? i cant flaunt them cuz in the back of my head i would be sayin thangs like “oh my god, i hope their not looking at my stretch marks” ” are they looking at my stretch marks” bla bla bla, i cant do that, i really wish i can be happy with my legs, evrythang else is good, i love my shape and body but just not my legs, but have u tried vicks tho??

  30. I heard alot of stories about alot of things that could help with stretch marks. did anyone ever try mixing olive oil,cod liver oil,vitamin E oil with aloe vera and rubbing it on where the marks are? im still trying it and so far its been okay. my marks are fading. you could also try these other home remedies:
    -A bit of Apple Cider Vinegar in the bath.
    -*Rub coconut oil and leave it on over night.
    -*It is believed that smearing the area with egg white and letting it dry before washing off with ice cold water regularly can help in getting rid of stretch marks completely.
    *Castor oil,heating pad and plastic rap. First Rub plenty, and I mean plenty of Castor oil on the place that you have the stretch marks. Then place the plastic rap over marks and then heating pad on.
    Try these and let me know how it goes. =)

  31. Candance, it might seem like your the only one with them on your legs, but ur not hun. Just becuase where you live you don;t see other girls with stretch marks doesn’t mean they don’t have them. I myself, haven’t tried vic’s, but i doubt that would work. I guess you just got to let them fade away. 120-125 is a great weight. Even loosing 1,2,3,4…pounds or gaining can cause stretch marks. Also working out does it to. I found out by my doctor. she told me, because i have them everywhere, ever since i was working out. It’s because your muscles stretches and i guess your skin isn’t ready at the same time the muscle is..i don’t know, my doctor explained it better. Just be happy your healthy hun.

  32. im 15 years old and i have stretch marks everywhere. on my butt, thighs on the inside outside all around my leg at the top. around my breasts. completely around my breasts i just looked at my hips and found some growing there, and now in gym class i found some on my calfs. because its winter its no a big deal because i dont have to show off my body cause its to cold. but during the summer i like to where short shorts and tang tops or bathy suits but im to embarrased because of them. im not fat im normal size but i did gain a lot of weight from waht i used to be. im tired of them and i cry all the time because no other girl in my school has them. well none of my friends. i need to get rid of them.. im working on losing weight but i know it wont prevent them from not coming or dissapearing. please help! i want them to vanish

  33. well im 15 and when i was 10 i started getting depressed over a best friend who killed himself (i didn’t understand why and just got really sad). so i started getting nervous and eating would always calm me down. so i got fat in the next 3 years and when i got into high school i started getting depressed because i was the “fat guy”(248 lbs) so my mom got me to a gym and i lost 50 pounds in 1 year. so i would have stretch marks all over my stomach and all over my elbows, so what i did when i was 14 was i drank lots of water(i read somewhere that keeping your skin hydrated gets rid of them) and now that im 15 my stretch marks are nearly invisible but i have little grooves. so what i would do to get rid of them would be to keep your skin hydrated i guess.

  34. Just keep putting your favorite lotion on your skin to keep your skin hydrated and drink lots of water. For a fact there are probably girls in your school who has them. It isn’t something that people talk about like talking about your favorite tv show. So try not to stress it. It is soooo normal to have stretch marks. Anyone can get them, skinny, fit, big, rich, poor, gorgeous, pretty…you name it. It’s life…just love your body =]

  35. Stretch MARKS , i hate them! i have them on my stomach and upper arms, and hips, Im not even big. I am 5’4 and 98 pounds. && i am active, i cheerlead, and model and play lots of sports, how do i get rid of them!?!? IT is getting to the point where i cannot model becuase i do not wanna show my skin, its getting worse, they keep popping up. =[ IS it maybe a hormone thing? I do not wanna sound vain but i am getting really depressed about this..

  36. i grew very fast when i was in grade 8 and up and ive put on sum extra pounds too. But recently i have been slimming down a bit and im STILL getting marks…i now haveone on my back11! the weirdest spot ever. I used to think that guys wood be disgusted by them but they dont care. So for every irl out there who has stretch marks DONT WORRY AND LOVE YOUR BODY! just moisturize and try drinking lots of water , thats relaly good for your skin.

  37. i seriously hate myself and my ugly body. I have too many stretch marks, they keep popping up, on my arms and sides and stomach. im only 5’4 and 134 pounds, im not big or anything, im just getting to the point where im sooooo sad about my body so i hide it , then when i shower i am in disgust by the stretch marks, ive tryed EVERYTHING for them but they get worse…=[ any advice?

  38. Hi Girls – I have had stretch marks for about 5 years since the birth of my son – they started of purple but are not thin white lines – i use cocoa butter – makes my skin smooth and soft but hasn’t taken them away , i hate them – but now at 25 i just had open heart surgery and now have a big scar down my chest – yuk – now gona try bio oil – but will keep in mind the vapor rub to give a go..

  39. im 19 and im very skinny and im like 5’4 or 5’3 and i have stretch marks on my butt an on my knees (weird i knw) i hate them so ver much!!! whenever im naked i feel so nasty i cant stand to look at my body! it makes me so unhappy! Candance i feel ur pain!

    im going to try the vapour rub and

    mixing olive oil,cod liver oil,vitamin E oil with aloe vera and rubb it
    also Aloe-Vera

    sorry guys tht i dont have any tip for those ugly stritch mark! but if i find any i will let u guys knw

    keep ur head up there must be something out there!

  40. I just hate my stretch marks so much, like i said before they r getting me depressed. Like I said im not big or anything [[average, 5’4 134 lbs]] i keep getting them, ive tried freaking every product out there. This is gonna sound weird, but ive been a self-mutilator since i was 12 – im 18 now and i have recently cut myself where my stretch marks are, like my stomach , hips, upper arms shoulders, etc… i know its odd because why would i want ugly cuts when i hate my stretch marks? right? well it is so different for me, i rather have and see my cuts all over then to see my ugly stretch marks, it isnt me being shallow, its me just wanting them to fade away…gosh this sucks =[ Sasha-Lynn, you are not vain trust me girl..

  41. that whole castor oil, with wrap and heat does not work…its just helping u lose water weight for a short time, I know a lot of exotic dancers who do that before a show…NO BIG DIFFERENCE and they say its supposed to be to make ur tummy look flatter nothing about stretch marks!!! Just my tip from seeing it in action LOL

  42. i got stretch marks when i was 15 i have them all over my chest i am now 20 i just had a baby girl 6 mths ago i used coco butter 3 to 4 times a day when i was pregnant i only got 5 little marks they do have purple look but i know they cant help with old marks

  43. I have stretch marks from loosing weight to quickly. I am 5’3,i went from 160 to 143 in like 2 months [[from anorexia]] so i got them on my arms, back, tummy ..ALOT on there..and upper arms, but idc because i rather have my hip bones stick out =]

    Just put Palmer’s Coco Butter. it is amazing =]

    Good luck..

  44. I was a playboy model before I became pregnant with my now 1 year old son. I developed stretch marks postpartum and researched what to do about them. They developed on my lower stomach mainly. They were reddish purple. I had laser therapy to get rid of the red color. The laser therapy did work for that and made them a lot less noticeable. I could finally relax about them. Also, I was told to use Retina A and that would reduce them about 30%. I did that and they did get way better! The laser therapy cost about $400., with 2 treatments. The Retina A only cost about $7.00 with my insurance. Now, having lost nearly all the pregnancy weight, I am checking these suckers out again and with the right light, I do notice them again. My skin where the stretch marks were prominent is slightly striated (indented lines). I want to get microdermabrasion from what I have read about, but scared it will make them worse. They are not noticeable in most lights, but when sunlight is coming in from only one angle, you can see them. Good luck to all you out there with stretch marks, they really only are annoying when you are thinking about them. When my mind is not thinking about them, they don’t bug me at all and I even feel beautiful again!!!!! Lol Quinners

  45. I have been using tea tree oil for almost a month now on my stretch marks that I have had for 21 years! They are FAR from gone, but I can definitely tell a big difference in them!….Keeping my fingers crossed that they will GO AWAAAYYYYYYY! =}

  46. I’m 15 I play soccer year round. Varsity in the fall and Cup in the spring. With indoor in the winter and camps during the summer. I’m a goalie so I put my body through a lot of abuse. I have scars all over my legs and elbows and they don’t bother me. What does bother me however is my stretch marks on my lower back down to my butt. I got them 2 years ago, I was going to Physical Therapy when I hurt my back and the Therapist pointed it out to me. They are white on my lower back and purple on my butt. My skin is also really really sensitive and I break out if I use the wrong product.

  47. i have a question does anyone know if going tanning will actually reduce or lighten ur strech marks so they wont’ be visable?

  48. buy self tanner, like a bronzer not to dark, but it will make them noticeable…don’t do the tanning in the bed, that does not cover. good luck =]

  49. Y’all think you have it bad? I seriously think I have the worst stretch marks on my breasts I HAVE EVER SEEN. Seriously, I’m always looking down women’s shirts or trying to find ugly stretched breasts than mine online. So far, nothing. I’ve had them since I first started getting breasts, about age 10.5. The red marks just kept coming and coming and like most 10 or 11 year olds I just thought they’d eventually go away, or there would be something I could do to make them go away. What did I know? So here I am at 20 with the worst tits ever. Sadly enough, they’re only sized 34-36B. At least if they were big a dude might understand why I have such misirable stretch marks. I’ve never had sex or a boyfriend, in part because I don’t want to just be like DONT YOU DARE TURN ON THOSE LIGHTS. It’s shallow, but who would want to marry me and know they have to look at these breasts for the rest of his life? I’m not kidding. It’s one thing when you have a kid–you gotta know stretch marks are a factor. You have given your husband a child and so you have a few scars now. But how do ya catch the man with these boobs. Oh, and I haven’t even mentioned the ones on my sides, arms, lower back, inner thighs and my bloody bacne (one area not afflicted by stretch marks, but covered with pimple scars). I have such a nice shape that can only be seen in shadows (so if lights are off I am totally comfortable). I imagine having really kinky sex, but I don’t see how I can do that with this aweful stretched body of mine. If I don’t like what I see, how can anyone else. My stretch marks are so wide and deep that I have more stretch mark on my breasts than I do regular skin. Just writing this makes me want to cry…

  50. I know how you all feel 🙁 Mine are horrible. They go from the bottom of my stomach to about 2 inches from my breast. I gained 40lbs in a short amount of time. They are ugly and have ruined my sex life. I know for a fact any guy in their right mind would find them ugly because I would. I also have them on my inner thighs,underarms, and breast. I have been using vitamin E and Cocoa butter for months. They have faded a small amount but not enough. I wish I could go back and have never gained wait but that is impossible. I guess I will just have to deal until someone creates a miracle cream that I can afford lol. It is hard expaling to guys that I don’t want to date when with my clothes on I am attractive. I just have to say I like being single and that I am not interestd.

  51. Suki, wow i know how you feel!!! i have a curvy shape which i like and i work out and stay fit, but i have stretch marks EVERYWHERE! shoulders, back, thighs, arms, uppers arms, boobs, stomach, hips, sides, alot. and im only 19! i was never big. maybe ive lost a couple here & there, but nothing so extreme it would mean stretch marks everywhere. i am so upset by them that if i have a doctors appt So i cancel cuz im scared they will laugh at me, and this is costing me my health. this is taking over my life. ive tried every product, diets, water blah blah blah.. nothing works. i know that alot of women and men have them but when its ur own body ur like damn i wish i was that percent who didn’t have them. well girlies best of luck, i bet ur all beautiful =]

  52. First of all, Michelle, I am really worried about you! The fact that you’re cutting concerns me b/c it shows that you’re very unhappy with yourself, and I’m afraid it could lead to worse problems. PLEASE try to get some kind of help; counseling works wonders for some people, and you may suffer from depression which can be successfully treated. I remember when my stretch marks made me want to be invisible, but as you get older, they will matter less and less.

    I am 35 years old; yeah, I know; old lady!, and I’ve had depression since I was a child but didn’t know it ’til I was 25. Since then, I”ve been on medication and my life is totally different. I also have had stretch marks since I was a teenager and I’ve never been overweight in my life. In fact, I was teased for being too skinny! I am 5’6″ and 115, and this is the most I’ve ever weighed. Take it from me, there are a LOT of people out there who have stretch marks. My husband couldn’t have cared less about them; he loved me for me, flaws and all. Stretch marks are just flaws that are on the outside, and no one is physically perfect. And trust me, I have never had a man say that he didn’t want to be with me b/c of the marks. (If he did, I would know that it wasn’t ME he was interested in, just my body, and I respect myself enough not to let myself be used that way). In fact, I have never had anyone comments on my stretch marks AT ALL, and I have them on my thighs, breasts, and buns.

    No matter what you rub on them or how much water you drink, etc., they will fade in time. I have done absolutely nothing to mine over the years and they have faded to white. Yes, you can still see them, and I am still a little self-conscious about them, but not like I used to be. I think I have a big nose and child-size head, too, but everyone has their hang-ups to deal with. Like I said, no one’s perfect. You would be surprised how minor most people think stretch marks are…I have a friend with a port-wine stain all over half of her face, and she would KILL to have my stretch marks instead!

    Chin up, girls…I know stretch marks suck, but PLEASE don’t take them too seriously. You are valuable people no matter how many flaws you have. God made each of us the way He did for a reason; it’s up to us to figure out why!

  53. I have stretch marks from childbirth and i am 21 years old. I have tried vitamin E oil and that works a little bit. I want to get the laser surgery b/c that seems like the only way the marks will go away for good! Does any one have any idea about how much the surgery costs? i just want to be able to wear a bikini again. Please help! i think i might try the vicks vapor rub and see if that works.

  54. Well:-) I have stretch marks all over my hip area, and its very depressing because I like to dress really cute. I am 25 years old I have two Children I am 5’3in and 130lbs So I’m on the smaller scale. I will difinitely try and Vapor rub, and the plasic wrap N heat. b/c cocoa butter or Renissance cream DON’T WORK.

  55. I don’t have any tips, but I have loads of stretch marks, I have on my upper arm, my breasts, my entire stomach, my butt, my hips, my tighs and my calves. I workout five times a week, drink lots of water and I eat very healthly (no red meat). My stretch marks are not going away though – I have tried every cream and remedy around and my mom or my grand mom don’t have any! I am very comfortable with myself and my partner embrassed me with them and that made me feel even better about myself. I think if you think less about the stretch marks, people around you will not even bother with them as long as you are happy. Enjoy life and if they fade they fade and if they don’t moisturise them. 😉

  56. Suzi, thank u for ur advice 🙂 Reading what you wrote made me feeel soo much better. Earlier, i smashed my mirror because of my stretch marks.[[&& other things..]] i know i need help and i hope i can be brave to get it. it is just sometimes i see stretch marks that are not there. i dont know what that is..scares me..maybe i have body dysphormia disorder…but anyways, reading what u wrote made me feel better ..ur amazing =]

  57. Can i be skinny with strech marks

    in gr 5 i was 195 ponds but i went for walk now im in gr 7 i just turned 13 im 6 ft tall and i wiegh 155 pounds

  58. OMG.
    NONE, im telling you… N.O.N.E of these stretch mark healing cream will work, if you do not COMMIT, and use them REGULARLY, and FREQUANTLY, or be PATIENT WITH THE RESULTS.

    i am serious. ALL THESE CREAMS, that you’ve ALL mentioned here, DO WORK.
    The only silly problem is that, you expect, torn skin to heal quickly. IT WONT HAPPEN THAT QUICK!
    Give it some time you Bums.
    i am damn serious.
    Ive been patient with bio-oil.. it works great. I just gotta commit to using it REGULARLY. OF COURSE WITH EXERCISING, EATING RIGHT AND DRINKING GALLON OF WATER. Ive Also USED COCOA BUTTER, works great.

    its so simple everyone.
    COMMIT to using your cream solution.
    Eat properly
    drink well.
    and be bloody

    can you read that???

    i swear… you all better take my word, because i’ve read the whole damn web and i know what im saying about stretch marks, i’ve tried everything, and they DO GO AWAY.


  59. I am 28 years old and I have had stretch marks since puberty. I did not care about them when I was young. If I just knew that I could have prevented them or cured them while they were just purple, I would have done it. Now, I am totally depressed about them because it is too late. They are here to stay and I am miserable! They have turned into white silvery lines, very deep and long (4 inches). I have them on my breasts, underarms, thighs, butt, knees and calves. They are everywhere! They look really HORRIBLE and they are a LOT. It’s like my body is covered in stretch marks. I tried every cream I could find in the market but they do not work at all. I am depressed about my stretch marks. My self-esteem is very low because of them. I couldnt wear shorts or sleeveless. I couldnt even show my body to my boyfriend. I am afraid my he will just be disgusted by them. I have noticed that new ones are still popping! Do stretch marks ever get worse? I was thinking of exercising and toning. Do you think it would work at all?

  60. i’ve been using bio oil for about 6 months, twice a day and NOTHING, oh well i have gained 3 more so it doesn’t even prevent them, although it isn’t completly useless as it faded a acne scar i had.

  61. Reigna- you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself, stretch marks do not make a person and if someone is disgusted by them , then screw them. EVERY single person has them. Fat, skinny, thin, chubby, rich , poor, beautiful, gorgeous…etc..exercising and toning will not make your stretch marks go away if thats why you want to tone/exercise. Drinking lots of water & eating right will help prevent them.

    Your boyfriend should love you for YOU

  62. aandd.. is anyone taking my adive yet??

    comment number 5 from the bottom????


    becoz its a mixture of things that make any age of stretch marks go.

    that mixture includes, regular cream treatment, the essential vitamins for stretch marks, EXERCISE, STRENGTH TRAINING (because guys’ stretch marks go quicker then girls because guys have muscle close to their skin then girls do… which helps in healing the torn skin!!!)

    &&&&& most of all, since skin mostly depends on its moisture and most essential things you have to be DRINKING WATER . A LOT OF IT!

    these things i just said do get rid of stretch marks, no matter how old or new, or how thin o fat you are! But i suggest if your fat. STRENGTH TRAIN and probly lose some weight so that your muscle can be close to your skin rather then all that fat wobbling.,, preventing your stretch marks from dissapearing.

    THINK about it. A toned body doesn’t need stretch marks to hold the skin together because all that toned, muscle, and healthy skin and keeping it together!!

    You all better listen to my advice.

  63. I know how you guys feel. I am 24 years old and had to take a round of steroids for a condition. Which caused me to gain like 20 lbs. in a very short amount of time. It was like one day I looked in the mirror and I had stretch marks all over my theighs. They are purple and big and sometimes can be a little painful. I will not leave my house in shorts or a skirt. It saddens me so bad that there are nights I just look at them and burst into tears. I have been trying differnt things but instead of getting better they are worse! So is anything been proven to work for someone please let me know!

  64. hey simona,
    good to see an advice that was positive. i would definately try being patient. i have dark skin, and my strect marks have to vanish. coz even faintest ones are visible.
    have yours really vanished?? how long did it take??

  65. Hey Guys,

    I’ve had stretchmarks for a few years now, all over my stomach, right around my belly button, all the way across my stomach. They’re all pink and red and gross, but I’m mostly okay with them. I’m not exactly the skiniest person, but I still wear bikinis.

    My point is to love your body, no matter what. We’re not all SUPPOSED to be stick thin with perfect skin and hair and everything. Our Blemishes (and how we deal with them) make us who we are, so accept it! Love your stretch marks, love yourself.

    And drink water.

  66. The stretch marks faint but not disappear right? I have some across on my upper arms and inner thighs.

    Do they really ‘disappear’ if I use shea/coco/aloe vera mixure?

  67. My Daughter is 10 and I just noticed her upper thighs are covered with red/purple streatch marks, I was looking here to see if there was a cure I could use on her, Regina said if she took care of hers when they first happened she they would have not been a problem now, does any one know what I should do now that she just got them, she is so young and loves to swim and I am afraid she will be made to feel bad by her classmates. shes not fat either just goig threw puberty.
    Do you know what I should do for her Regina? or anyone? Thanks

  68. I have used cocoa butter everyday during my first pregency and it helped a little although I still got them all over my stomach, now they are fading but still there.

  69. Hey everyone,

    Im also trying to heal my stretch marks. Im going to try applying castor oil to them with a heating pad and see if that works at all. Ill let you all know.

    For the person who asked, DO NOT USE OR ORDER LIVADONE!!!! Its a scam. Seriously, DO NOT order it!! Try applying some creams and massaging your skin regularly. Also, eat healthy foods to feed your skin the vitamins you need. Im sure this will all help a lot more than taking a pill from an internet website that is unsafe! Good luck everyone!


  70. I have had stretch marks for as long as i can remember. They are on my upper arms and around my stomach and on my breast. i have tried everything form coco butter to the avon stuff. Nothing works. I actually have been working out and i notice that they are actually moving closer together. I am using coco butter but i think i am going to try that vapor rub starting tomorrow. I hope it works in time for the summer because it will really suck to be toned with a bunch of stretch marks. Is that possible.

  71. Ladies.. like I said before 100% coco butter don’t work. It may prevent stretch marks but once there @ the surface it DO NOT work. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I neglected to use the coco on my hip area so after I realized that stretch mark was beginning to appear I started using 100% coco butter heavily. neadlessly to say after 7 YEARS using coco everyday no progress. I eat right and exercise ad least 3 times a week, and drink water like its in style. but I tell you ladies this I have been using the vics vapor rub for about a week now, and I can see them fading slowly away. This is a must try for all.

    Oh…, If you don’t have any nice and helpfull suggestions please don’t comment b/c negative comments makes you look really challenged.

    Thank you in advance!

  72. Vic’s vapor rub doesn’t help. Stretch marks fade from only one thing – TIME- wow, i do not know why every one buys these lotions and such. give it time people. There are other things in life to worry about. =]

    There is my helpful advice ^_^

  73. Has anyone ever tried rubbing olive oil on your stretch marks? I was doing some internet research and the olive oil suggestion came up a few times. Also, has anyone tried Jean’s stretchmark rememdy ( Thanks guys!!:)

  74. I cannot take this. EVERY night I am constantly gazing at my skin in mirrors. I find new stretch marks..i exercise and drink water..I’ve been trying to tone up. is it maybe from toning up?! I’m so depressed about this. I feel like im the only teen girl who has them on her shoulders, and uppers arms down to my elbow…they r white and some are purple. im not big at all and was never. I’m 5’4 and a healthy 124 pounds. I hate wearing long sleeves all year around..damn i wish i had healthy glowing skin. I want to be able to wear shirts that show my shoulders. i like my body type i just hate the nasty marks all over it. No guy will ever find me attractive. DAMN =[


    Now believe me when I say this because I have tried EVERYTHING. From being pregnant to having the baby a year ago, til now, I’ve tried bio-oil, cocoa butter, vitamin E cream, Skin repair and they didn’t work. None of them. I got so fustrated that I did what you guys are probably doing now and tried some research. I tried all these items in all types of ways. Alone. Mixed together. Different Steps. But I found it! Try it. No harm.

    FIRST STEP (Very important) EXFOLIATE!
    Exfoliate around the area/s in cirles and after 10mins or so, start exfoliating the area in the direction towards the heart. (e.g. From your stomach you stroke the exfoliating brush upwards. From the Arms, across ways.)

    Okay this may sound funny but the Vicks Vaporub REALLY WORKS! Ok, now don’t leave just yet. I think I know why this may be. It has something to do with the ingredients, Eucylyptus and the menthol. And I think there may also be a small amount of Emu oil in there also.

    I know a constant strong smell of the stuff isn’t pleasant but grab a dollup of the stuff and rub it in circles but mostly in the opposite direction the stretch marks are. (On my stomach, they’re vertical so I rub it horizontally). You don’t need to go fast or hard but go firmly making sure you concentrate on one spot! Do this for 15-30 min. Does seem long but you won’t notice if you do this while watching desperate housewives and resting your arms during commercial breaks. Lol.

    Here comes the Olive Oil. I measure about the size of the lid and rub that on my tummy afterwards. And yes, on top of the Vicks Vaporub. Rub it in till the skin loses the oil shine. That’s how you know it’s being absorbed. Don’t go overboard on this part, cos you will be repeating this step.

    The Gooey Part. Lol. Crack an egg. Throw the yolk and keep the white. Apply on the area you’ve just treated. No need to massage in really, but apply with circular movement. Wait for the yolk to dry. Sit on a towel perhaps if you’re worried about the runnyness. But really, it’s not that bad if you’ve applied it in the circular motions like I sed. May take another 5 min to dry depending on the area size.

    COLD SHOWER! AHHHH! Yes ladies, a cold shower. This is where you wash off all the Vicks, Oil and the Goo! Lol. Use a strong, almost rough loofah too on the spots. It’s like another mild exfoliation. But also to make sure you’ve gotten rid of the crap. After that you can put the water on a bit warmer and use your bodywash and whatever.

    Mosturise. With a stronger moisturiser. Something that will keep your skin very hydrated. The natural and very GREAT product to use is… YOU GUESSED IT! OLIVE OIL!

    And don’t forget to drink you eight glasses of water a day. This will help keep skin hydrated and in the long run, will prevent wrinkles setting on faster.

    Give it a try guys. Does take time but is worth it. Well, I have tried this routine for aa week and a half and I have seen great results!!! No joke! I know this works cos I put my method to the test by only using it on one side of my tummy. And geez! My stretch marks on the right are visibly thinner (fading) and I can feel that the skin has smoothed out much more than the left. Still a bit bumpy but I’m sure in time will smooth out for good! With all the exfoliation!
    If I had pictures I would prove it!

    To be honest I have started getting lazy and am only doing this every second night now. But even so it’s working. Am positive will work if you do practise this every night and make it a ritual. It worked for me! Give it a go and tell me how you’ve gone. What’s your story. =)


    And I hope I’ve given YOU guys a little hope! We’ll find the cure one day girls, really we will!

  76. LOL. And I know the cold Shower sounds like it sucks, but only wash it off in cold water. It will pay off. It has something to do with the skin. *shrugs* Will definately tone the area too. You can also try rubbing bath salts during the cold shower once in a while. Once a week maybe. =)

    Thanks for reading on, and hopefully trying.

    Maria Again.

  77. Maria-) I will definitely take your recommendation. B/c time does not fade or get rid of them I had these annoying things for about 9 years now. So if time is the key it would be pointless b/c I’m trying to live my twenties with beatiful skin. Ladies… I would try Marie remedy, starting tonight. I will comment in a week from now hopefully with progression.

    Thank you Marie

  78. there’s these marks i had on my lower back. i noticed dat they appear when u gain wieght. but after i lost weight, they still remain. i cant really call them stretch marks and my cousin also has them. does anyone know what it is called and how to get rid of them please?

  79. wow im so trying what maria angelica said!!!

    its just so unlucky that mainly guys, since they’re all muscly, they have that natural quick advantage or their strethcmarks to go away. ( the muscle close to the skin does it.)

    But for women, we’ve gotta work really hard to get rid of em!! But thankfully, since our skin is naturally designed to repair, all it needs is our help to repair at its full advantage hehe.

    but um i have a question for maria angelica!!
    How long, after the egg has dried, do i wait to have that cold shower?

    thanks heaps

  80. When I was pregnant I thought I had it good. I used Palmers CoCo Butter products daily. You name it I had it and there were no strech marks. Up until I was 7 and 1/2 months pregnant slowly but surely the strech marks crept up on my belly. After I gave birth I worked out a lot with my skin being tighter you could barely notice the stretch marks. Trust me it helps.

  81. Hi Guys! Yes! Well I’m glad your gonna try it out! Just takes time and patience but it should work! 🙂 Thanks Nicole, Sara and Simona! Andto answer your question Simona, hunny, leave it on til it dries and maybe a little longer? I mean, no harm in that… Egg whites are soooo full in protein which is one of the main ingredients in most stretch mark creams! So you could imagine how good egg whites would be for your skin! Just make sure it’s completely dry before washing off. Okie Dokie Girls. Mwah. Good Luck! And keep me posted!

  82. I had been living stretch marks for the past 7 years or so. It is not just stretch marks, I also have acne problems and uneven skin tones. Some of you have it goods with just only the stretch mark. Just imagine waking up in the morning to stare in the mirror not only at the stretch marks but also acne all over your body. I tried everythings possible to get rid of them. Somehow it just wouldn’t go away. I became depressed it evens tried to commit suicide. I would never wear shorts, or even tank tops. I became a loner, I hanged with myself because I am afraid nobody want to hang with me. I know there must be something that work. Right now, I am trying something new *Finger cross hope it works*. Have faith, be patient, don’t stress out, there is other important things in the world to think about. It will go away in time. You should appreciate the person that your are. What count is inside. If a guy found you attractive it doesn’t matter if you have stretch marks or not. He will still find you sexy. God made you all different for a reason. Be happy girls and guys!!! God Bless you all. I will pray for everyone to be stretch marks free.

  83. Does Working out help stretch marks look less noticeable?

    Nary, I’m sorry you were so depressed and suicidal. I wish the best luck to you And i hope you are not depressed..Best luck =]

  84. Hello everyone, maria I’m definiely going 2 try ur remedy. I used 2 have a beutiful stretch mark- free stomach, but since I’ve had my soon it’s liek I’ve become the stretch mark princess. They’re on my side my chest and the worst area is my stomache. I hope Maria’s remedy works!

  85. Thank you Xnobodyximportantx, I am not depressed anymore. I have found God and realize there are better things to think about. It wasn’t easy for me to get over the facts that I will be living on trials and errors. It is a test we have to go through. Good luck with everyone. I will keep on pray for all.

  86. I am 20 years old, and when i was in middle school i had strech marks on my thighs. All I did was lay out in the sun one summer, and by the end of the season they were practically gone. Now Im 9 mos pregnant getting ready to have this baby anytime now, and i have stretch marks EVERYWHERE… no need to go into details, but i am going to do the same thing this summer and we will see if that is what caused them to go away when i was younger. As for the vics vapor rub, you guys are making it sound really convincing, but im still not too sure, i think im going to give it a try though. I guess only time will tell.

  87. I am 13 years old and have stretch marks on my thighs, butt, and chest. I am at a healthy weight, my doctor says. I’ve tried the Vapor Rub, but it didn’t work very well. (It was offbrand. Does that mean anything?) I went to the doctor and she said to keep it out of the sun, so I’m kind of worried about using Jennifer’s solution. Any ideas on what a should do?

  88. wow nary, i am like, so impressed at your outlook now, makes me happy. Im 15, a teenager, and like, have world breaking stretchmarks, and pimples, and chicken pox scars on me, but i do try to rememeber the stuff your saying. Helps, really does!

    && rid these stretchmarks!!! Yay.

    OH!!! and thanks for the answer maria angelica, big HUG for you. maybe if i remember, ill email my results.


  89. Dear evryone,

    Do any of these remedies work…? I am soooo depressed, i am 20 years old female and since i was young hav wanted to be a model. I kno everyone wishes to be one but this is my absoulte dream…i hav been practicisn since young how towalk i am very tall and thin, and hav done everythin to prevent myself getting wrinkles later on in life and keepin my hair shiny, and now i think wat for? I hav stretch marks on my thighs, a couple above each knee, a couple on each arm (tho these arent really visible), and the all over my butt and a big one on my lower back. The worst ones r the ones on my thighs, butt and lower back. I am so depressed. I moisturise daily using lik oils (whatever i can get like almod and olive and stuff) plus i hav been usin 4 da coco butter for da last few weeks, so far no improvement. I wanted so much to become a model mayb even a supermodel i hav almost the body 4 it. I hav heard that victoria secret angel adriana lima has them all over her butt, and heidi klum has some and so does kate moss and halle berry but i dont kno if these r just rumors. DOes sprya tannin cover them up? This could explain if thyey hab them y u dont see them. Why cant guy models get stretch marks?
    I so wish they would disppear. I can see them they r white and in light u see the skin ruined and I can feel them and i hav then allover my butt to my thighs….PLEASE HELP!!!! I want my dream to come true

  90. For all you Stretch mark victims. I was a dancer since I was 5 and when I stopped dancing I developed stretch marks from losing muscle in my legs. I have tried everything and have noticed great results from doing a combination of treatments. First dry brush your skin everyday before you shower morning and night, spending extra time on the areas where you have the stretch marks. You can buy a dry brush at a health food store and they can tell you how to use it. Then use a glycolic lotion on the area everyday, preferable in the night. You can buy the glycolic lotion from the drug store but you need at least a 10% to be effective. If you can use retina on the stretch marks that’s even better, but if you can’t get a prescription from your dermatologist, Glycolic will work. In the morning or night, whenever you’re not applying the other treatment (Retina or Glycolic Lotion) apply a cream called Strivectin, which helps to rebuild your skins collagen. It was designed for stretch marks and they recommend using it 3 times a day but if your using retina or glycolic, you should use it once a day, morning or night. You need to really massage the cream into the stretch marks or it isn’t effective. The Strivectin Cream retails for $190 a bottle at Nordstrom’s or Sophora, but you can purchase it at Costco for 90.00. It should last a while since it’s very concentrated. Make sure you don’t tan your legs when doing this treatment since the skin needs to heal and not be damaged from the sun. Use sunscreen and spray tan if you need to have tan legs. This treatment has helped my stretch marks by at least %60 if not more. Try it out but you have to be consistent or it won’t work. ..Give it a try, it works…

  91. Simona, Thank you. With words like that I am sure you are a beautiful person inside and outside. Remember to live like there is no tomorrow. God Bless you!

  92. I’m 16 and i have stretchmarks very bad!
    I have a boyfriend and i feel so unconfidence. I got them through gaining weight.
    I have them on my hips, Upper Arms, Back, Breasts & All over my legs.
    Its making me depressed. Its the worse thing i’ve ever gone through.
    My mum has some from pregnancy and she refusses to buy me anything to try and get rid of them it isn’t fair. So either way its hard. All i can do is get back down sizes. I’m a size 12 & i want to go back down to a size 8. eek

  93. Hey Cassie…I know how you feel. Are yours purple or white. Mine have turned into white streaks already so I think my situation is much worse than you…

  94. Cassie, I’m so sorry your depressed because of your stretch marks. I bet your a beautiful person inside as well as outside. Going from a size 12 from an 8 won’t make your stretch marks go away. They fade from one thing only. -Time- Keeping hydrated and exercise daily will help prevent them. Best of luck.

  95. Hey, a guy here this time. Seems like a lot of ladies are posting and I feel kind of alone here but maybe there are others like me. I have stretch marks on my biceps, thighs, hips, and inside of my knees. It’s embarassing and nice weather is approaching so I need to try something. Heck, I’ve even begun lifting now so that the marks on my arms can be blamed on lifting. I have a girlfriend of two years and she knows about them but it doesn’t bother her. I’m 17 years old by the way, sorry I forgot to mention that. I’ll try a simple Cocoa butter lotion for now as well as plenty of water. However, I think the ultimate thing I am going to do is get a tattoo this summer or shortly after my 18th birthday when I can do it legally in my home state. Anyone have experiences with getting tattoos over stretch marks? It’s a bummer to have them but I’m sure they’ll go away, and any guy who reads this knows they’re not alone anymore, in addition to the one, maybe two other guys who have posted so far.

  96. Im only 16. I dropped 20 pounds for basketball, and now am cut and defined. But these stretch marks on my arm muscles popped out of knowhere. There huge, and on my arms, so i cant even wear a t-shirt, i am a serious basketball player with scholarship offers to play in college, but im embarassed, i wear a t-shirt under my jersey, and people still see them, soon i will be on national television with them, how do i get rid of them, or at least cover them up quickly? Im desperate

  97. wow! i thought i was the only young female with this problem. im 17. it doesn’t make me feel better that lots of people have this problem, don’t get me worng, jsut knowing that i’m not alone makes all the difference. i have stretch marks on my inner thighs, and im hating them sooo much, i become so angry everytime i c them, and automatically go to the interent to find remedies. i’ve gotten some good tips, and i’ve seen Retina-A mentioned alot, i’m wondering exactly wut that is, and if anyone has ever tried it? mine are really red/purpulish in color, i think that means there’s still some hope in reducing the appearnce of them?
    anwyas, best of luck to every1 in gettign rid of these horrible marks. :S

  98. Well this isn’t really a tip, but I was wondering if anyone knew how to help me any…I’m 16 and I’m a redhead (that also means fair skin) And I have stretch marks on my tummy, from pubic area to under my ribcage…now I’ve had them since I was 12 or so,gained some weight here and there (i’ve had a few growth spirts) and some are light, and some a red, anything I can do to get rid of the red ones, they are very painful. I have some Coca butter…but I want to know, is there any kind of way to get rid of them (even with sugery) please give me a tip.

  99. I’m 18 male and I have them almost everywhere but i hate it most on my arm they look like track marks and people always stare I tried coca butter for 4 months and nothings changed im going to try vics

  100. i am 13 and have strech marks on my sides and cant seem to be able to wear a bikini. i might try the cocoa butter lotion or alevera what should i do? i dont want to look like a loser when its bathing suit season like it is now and be the only one with a 1 peice on. what do i do?

  101. i read that massagin the area everyday where the stretch marks are until it becomes red and hot helps them go away. It apparatnly brings blood and nutrients to these areas which help them fade and rebuilds the collagen. I dunno but i think ill try it. Mine on my butt and thighs lower back are white. Can anyone help me? I hav a really good body and tall and hav started modelling but i am scared that they will want to do a bikini shoot and i so dont want to do them because of the stretch marks. Like I said b4…it is claimed that so many supermodels and victoria secret angels hav them everywhere but is this true?

  102. Hello Everyone,
    Trust me I tried everythings from lotions to home remedies. I am trying something new this time, which I am seeing result. I am using a body scrub, which is a gentle exfoliating by “Kiss my Face”. It has all this great naturals ingredients like pear, white tea, and lemongrass. Also it has AHA a chemical that removes damaged skin. It works really good, I have old stretch marks, it will take longer to get rid of. But I am a patience person. The body scrub is really cheap about $5-$6. I used that also with a hand held massager. I exfoliate about 3 days a week. I also used St.Ives collagen elastin lotion. The only tips I can give right now. Eat rights, drinks plenty of water, get in shape and be Patience.

  103. hey guys

    im 20 and ALL my friends are just soooo HOT. they all have perfect bodies–boobs, waist, butt and legs!! i dont have big boobs, but i have a nice butt. the thing is, i have stretch marks on them! an i have stretch marks on the back of my calves too. my mom’s trying to peel the top layer of my skin (at the bak of my claves). i dont know if is gonna work. but to prevent more stretch marks from appearing, i use petroleum jelly (in the winter) and just regular lotion all over my body during the hot weather. just like u guys, i cant wear skirts or bikinis. i just wear them at nights when no one would be able to notice them. my mom saidthat when she was pregnant, she used to rub KERI on her stomach whenever she would be in the shower. it worked. she doesnt have stretch marks on her stomach. not even one bit. and i have two other siblings! so i guess thats a good way to prevent it.

  104. hey lisa wat about getting rid of them once u already have them? I have them on my butt too, which is bad because i have a really good but and body…i wish they would hurry and invent lasers to remove them completely….:(

  105. Nicole,

    I was just wondering if you are having any success with Maria’s remedy? Im currently working with vics vapo-rub and castor oil so im not going to try her remedy until I know if what im doing now is working.

    For everyone else who has stretch marks, I have a lot of them so I completely understand how important it is to get rid of them. I would recommend that you just pick a routine and start doing it consistantly. Then you can try and find something that works for your particular skin. Good luck and please post your routines and results as you see them!!:)

  106. stretch marks suck!! i have them everywhere..its weird ….i exercise and am not over weight…idk its only 18..and all my friends have good bodies without them….are stretch marks normal!?

  107. use petroleum jelly(skin protectant)wit vitamin E and only 16 and i have stretch on my calves, thighs and my butt i use it for a month and it goes away u could barely see them

  108. im not fat and i have STRECH MARKS my body. My boyfriend left me when he saw them i cry all nite bcuz of that and now im useing aloe and cocoa butter and it works well kind of i think i just use it lol.

  109. hmmm ur b/f left you.. he was an asshole..he deserves s**t…no guy should leave a g/f because of stretch marks…everyone has themm..better luck hun. u deserve better babe.

  110. Bianca, Sorry to hear about your boyfriend. He doesn’t deserved you. He must be a vain selfish person to do such thing to you. So what if you have strecth marks. Forget about him!!!! No man is worth that much to cried over about. You will find someone that love who you are as a person. Trust me! I am seeing result with the method I am using for my stretch marks. I will post it up soon. God Bless you all. Good luck!!

  111. I am a mother of two and I have a body full of stretchmarks. It sucks because before motherhood, I was always insecure about my body and never even worn a bathing suit due to self-conscious about the stretchmarks on the sides of my butt, the size of my breast, and thinking my legs were fat. With the body that I have now, I wished I had embraced the body I had back then and not have been so picky about myself.

    Now being a mother though, my first pregnancy…I started getting a lot of stretchmarks around 8 months. And when I saw them, I was just disappointed and just didn’t care. Thought to myself, I got them already so it doesn’t matter. So I just didn’t take care of my skin after those few stretchmarks started showing on my stomach. Kind of regret maybe I should’ve still taken care of it. I don’t know. But now my body is horrible. Being small to begin with I just have stretchmarks everywhere. Can’t even wear shorts at that because of the stretchmarks on my calves and thighs. Can’t wear even a v-top or that kind of tops because of the stretchmarks on my breasts. Oh and I can’t even wear a one piece. I thought that I’d get stretchmarks on my stomach but I didnt think I’d get it every other place on my body. Wished someone would have told me lol.

    But lately, the past few days or so I’ve been exercising and drinking water and exfoliating with the apricot scrub and then using olive oil and vit. e oil. Just started today with “Mary Angelica’s” home remedy and I plan to stick to this for months to come. Hopefully it’ll help. I think my eyes are playing tricks on me because it seems to be somewhat fading? But it’s probably my mind because I want it so bad. Hah. I plan on taking pictures though but probably wont post it unless I start seeing results. But I’m glad I found this website!

  112. does anyone know of over the counter self tanner/bronzers that help…I have mark on my the side of my buttucks, and I am trying to figure a way to get them to be less visible. (I am aware stretch marks cannot be completely removed)

  113. Judy,

    I know what you mean about wishing that you could have just accepted your body before… Thats something im struggling with now as well. Oh well, I guess all we can do is try and fade them as much as possible. Please let us know how your results go with Maria Angelica’s remedy. RIght now im trying the vics vapo-rub method and castor oil… Ill post any results if I see them. Hopefully we can find something that works for us!!

  114. Yes, hopefully something will work. And now I know that size is not the case. I thought I had so much stretchmarks was because I was small to begin with. But from what I’ve seen.

    This woman had twins and she had a two piece bikini on, and of course I had to look for stretchmarks. Her body looked flawless. I don’t know if she had any surgery done but yeah. This other woman had a child and showed her stomach off. I feel like she didn’t have surgery. But these two women were of my size yet no stretchmarks at least from what I seen. But I mean yes I didn’t inspect every part of their body and really look closely.

    Sometimes though, I think it’s more of a confidence thing. I think when you are confident about your body, it shows and sometimes what you think people are looking at, they really aren’t. But true, it’s tough when you are so picky of your body.

  115. I hate when people make comments like “everyone has them.” I’m not complaining about the one stretch mark on my bum or the two on my thigh, I’m talking about the ones that cover a good 20% of my body. Everyone has a few pimples, everyone has a few scars from childhood accidents, etc, everyones feet aren’t perfect…but there is a clear difference between having a small cut on your face and having a large gash from ear to nose. I recently looked at the naked body of this dude I talk to. Like most dudes, he doesn’t mind walking around naked. I wish I could be as free, cuz I really want to be. He has like a few on his butt, which I guess when I saw them made me a lil happy. But me having them everywhere is NOT the same thing. So please stop with the “everyone has got them comments”!!!!!!!

  116. I hate stretch marks, they’re incredibly depressing and hurt my well being. I’m not overweight, I regularly exercise(5-7 times a week), and I constantly put lotion containing vitamin e on them. They’re so embarassing. Sure I have a bit on my thighs(went away in highschool) and some on my shoulders and biceps(those don’t bother me much) but now I have them at that part where your arm bends near my forearms. I never want to wear short sleave shirts anymore and when I do I try my hardest to not let people see them (I try not to extend my arms whatsoever). The worst part is when you semi turn your arms and they kinda get darker because of they kinda make a little shadow because of how deep they are…. God I hate them, I wish I had better skin, stretch marks make me miserable.

  117. i have had stretch marks since grade school all over too. shoulders, arms, sides, breasts, and around my knees and stomach in my 20s. i’ve tried everything and nothing really worked other than them fading and getting lighter. i got tattooed over the ones on my arms, and they are impossible to see now. my esteem is a lot higher and when people stare at my arms its not because they are ugly now, but beautiful! the rest, im still depressed and self-conscious about, but i guess as i get older, the more people will have them, and men won’t be so picky as they will be bald and self-conscious too! :op

  118. can anyone explain to me why I have gotten stretch amrks? I lost about 15 lbs over the summer and suddenly stretch marks appeared on my butt.. but they were never red, just white from the start ( i pay a lot of attention to my body). Everyone says I got them from losing weight, but this doesn’t make any sense to me. Can someone explain exactly how and why this happens? Also I have been using shea butter, does that work at all? let me know

  119. also, i haven’t gotten any taller or any more muscles btw either.. i’m 17 and i went through puberty at like 12…so i really dunno!

  120. okay so i’ve done some research and just answered my own question.. stretch marks apparently can be cause by a zinc deficiency common in vegetarians (which i am!)and low income or 3rd world people

  121. Im 17 year old strength trainer and had stretchmarks on my kness but have faded because I take a multivitamin supplement and get eight cups of water everyday and get a good intake of zinc and copper cuz those minerals are wut your body needs for removing skin imperfections and regenerating. eating alot of fruits and vegetables especially carrots will deffinately help. im really sorry that your bfs broke up with you cuz of you stretchmarks which is a very crul and stupid reason but it proves that he was no man for you he didn’t love you for who you are forget em. its who you are that makes you beautiful person on the inside and the outside. you are a beautiful person regardless if you have stretchmarks or not. i think god gave us stretchmarks to remind us that its your soul and who you are that makes you the beautifulest person not what you look like. besides when you die you leave that body and get a new one!!! good luck and remeber to all ways stay healthy while mother nature completes the healing process.

  122. I am soo upset about my stretch marks…I am 22 and did not have one single stretch mark until i got pregnant and now they are on my belly, hips, and thighs. they are big and a reddish purple color! I am a single mom so i have this fear that no one is going to want to date me because of my gross stretch marks! i just started working out everyday so i hope that helps! i guess i can try the vicks thing too…i know stretch marks really never go away but if i could at least get them to fade that would be GREAT! 🙂 ANY ADVICE WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!

  123. Has anyone tried trilastin?

    Note: I got a bit more stretchmarks on my thigh from something. I’m guessing it was something I used in the remedy. Not sure which one but not as I planned though.

  124. since i was about 13, i’ve had stretch marks. They are on the inside of my thighs, my hips, and my butt…they’re so annoying and i hate wearing bikins because they are TOTALLY visible…
    i’m constantly told how skinny i am so why do i have them? when i was 13, i only weighed about 90 pounds…i’m now 15 and weigh 115 so why do they keep coming up?

  125. Hey i have really bad stretch marks on my hips, thighs top of my arms, loads on my stomach! But i am not that big either! It does make me low sometimes but i have learnt to live them and to be happy with my body! Im now trying bio oil! Seems to be good so far!

    Good luck!

  126. Well me and my sister got stretch marks from puberty destry is 16 and im 18. we’ve had them since we were little. we never thought there could be a cure so i the other day found this website and got butterflys in my stomach. You girls make me want to try all of these methods but i don’t want to fail.And like the other girls i want to try the viks vapor rub it sounds really soothing. me and my sister aren’t fat destry only ways 104 and me Ashlyn i only weigh 130 so we need help and we have tried excersing but never worked we joined a arobics dance basketball cheerleading everything and they are still there so any ideas???

  127. I’m 19, Male.
    I started getting stretchmarks on lower back when i was probably 13 or 14, during puberty. Now, they have pretty much faded
    However, jsut recently, I’ve developed some under arm-pits, on my chest, and biceps. This is as a result of working out regularly. They’re pretty big and noticeable if my arms are extended outwards. So because of this I’ve put working out to a halt.
    I read that bench press is one of the major culprits for this, and to switch to dumbell flyes or the like. Bench press puts too much strain on the pec-delt tie-in region.

  128. Hey guys, well ladies mostly. Trust me, no one is perfect and to be quite honest, I’m a 19 yr old male, never weighed more than 150 pounds in my life, I’m 5’10, moderately athletic (baseball/swimmer), and I work out and eat right and I’ve still got these things on the insides of my arms and on my thighs especially and even a slight few on my hips. My doctor said my case was a bit odd although I did grow from 5’2 to 5’10 in 2 years time. I’ve tried all of the cremes and what not -don’t seem to work although they did make my skin a lot healthier. In any case, the only thing I would suggest is to just be happy with who you are and TRUST ME, nearly every girl I’ve been with has had them. My last girlfriend was 5’2 and 100 pounds, never larger and had them on her thighs and buttocks. So don’t feel alone!! You’re beautiful just the way you are

  129. Hi! Well, i tried exfoliating everyday for a month and then putting vitamin E and using cocoa butter. I am not seeing any improvement at all. In fact, I think they are getting worse! My stretch marks on my arms on the underside are actually getting longer at 4 inches and I am afraid that they would reach my elbows! I was just wondering why they keep on getting worse. I am not losing nor gaining weight at all. I also have them on my knees and calves — which really lowers my self-esteem. Mine are very noticeable since I have brown skin and they have turned into deep, white, silvery marks. They are a lot, really a lot. Actually, my body is covered with them!!! Life sucks. Why can’t I be normal like other girls out there?!!!! I know a lot of people and I think I’m the only one who has them on the calves, knees, upper arms, breasts, buns and thighs this much…considering I haven’t given birth yet! I’m a freak. I have a boyfriend right now and this what scares me…it depresses me…I’m afraid that he would be disgusted by them when he sees them. There are times that I do forget about them for a while, but when I see other girls that dont have them….I cant help but just feel bad. You know, I am alone!!! I have had these stretch marks for a long time, probably 18 years, and they have matured already. All I can say is that they are not fading…they are getting worse and really very visible. I am planning to start working out and toning up. Do you think this would make my stretch marks even worse since I might lose weight? Please help me on this.

  130. You guys have some fantastic tips! I’m 17, actually I thought I was one of the lucky few cursed with stretch marks. Not to say that anyone’s skin affliction makes me feel better, but it does make me feel more normal. I’m not overweight, in fact I’m actually really healthy (I could stand to lose a few lbs. but then again…) I’m fairly curvy. I have strong upper arms and athletic calves. However, I also have stretch marks right by my armpit. I also have them on my stomach and hips. I use to have them on my inner thighs, but those have actually faded to nearly nothing. It started right when I began puberty. Luckily they are coming anymore, but I’m really grateful for the fading tips, and whatnot. See, my best friend and I are the same shape and she doesn’t have stretch marks. She even wears bikinis and things that I wish I could pull off. And my mom birthed four children (two of them twins) and she has no stretch marks. I’m really glad for all this posting, thanks everyone! I’m going to go exfoliate some Vics right now!

  131. Hey guys ive been taking alot of hot baths and puting vitamin lotions on my stretch marks and they are some what fading so you can try that and 19yroldguy you are very nice and i hope you read this.

  132. Hey, I’m fourteen and have recently discovered stretchmarks all along my bum and thigh, and I just can’t understand why they suddenly popped up. I mean, I’m 5ft and weigh under a hundred pounds. The thing that’s bothering me is, summer is coming and I want to be able to go out wearing a bikini and stuff. I think maybe Vic’s Vapor Rub is the best treatment so far?

    While I believe a beautiful personality is far more preferable than a beautiful body, it’s hardly my fault that boys/men think differently… Seriously, do males really find stretchmarks a big issue?

    Thanks everybody.

  133. Ladies and guys,
    I understand what you all are going through. I can’t wear short or mini skirt like other females, but somehow I have the gust to wear a bikini. Trust me my stretchmarks are visible but I have a nice figure and I want to show it off. I just started to realize if you are comfortable in your own body, you’ll be happy to show it off with stretchmarks or without stretchmark. Good luck ladie and guys!! God Bless you all. Happy Easter!!

  134. hi im 17 male,and have had stretch marks since i was 15.its not due to loseing weight im as skinny as a stick lol.its due to extremely fast growth the actual marks are large and in the middle of my back and thighs and even on the tops of my knees.the marks on my back are big and red and really embarrassing especially when my friends go swimming and i have to make up an excuse why i cant go.its really affecting me phychologically and denting my confidence.ive been using Palmers cocoa butter formula for 4 months and nothing not even fading so i have started using Bio-oil hope it works!! does anyone have any tips?

  135. Im 14 , And Quite Slim , I Have Stretch Marks On My Thighs and Its So Depressing , i use cocoa stretch mark Cream But, Wen i wer shorrts i put foundation On My Thighs. All My Friends Are Slim With Perfect Legs . I Feel Really Odd ! and scared of going on holiday and showing my legs ! , Any Suggestions Of What i Could Use? .

  136. I am 17. i’ve had stretch marks since the age of 14. I have them on my hips back of my legs and arms and worse of all my stomach. I have tried absolutely everything, i’ve tried losing weight, all of the oils and creams and i’ve now got to the point where i dont know what to do. I wear two t-shirts. alot of people ask me why. I wear one tucked into my trousers, and the other loose ontop. this is incase my top t-shirt comes up the one underneith is there to hide everything. My mother always asks why i insist on wearing two and i just shrug my sholders and walk away. I hate it and any relationship I have ended before they’ve seen them. they’re rewining my life and i hate them. what can I do?

  137. I see a lot of girls freaking out about this stretch marks thing, and speaking from a males point of view…i’ve been with a lot of girls that have various types of stretch marks and various degrees of them…and to be honest…yeah you notice them but it doesnt really make a difference, i’ve not once heard one of my friends say “ugh she had strech marks”, its because guys and girls both in and out of shape get them and guys get them as well…so if you’re going crazy trying to cure it… make sure its for yourself and not for the dudes…cuz we dont care that much lol. (ps. this comming from a 19 yr old dude)

  138. hey guys!
    I’m 16 about 5’6 120lbs. I’ve never gained a lot of weight or anything like that. I’m in 10th grade and have been [trying] to live with stretch marks since I was like 12 and in 7th grade. They have just always been here it seems like, and they really hold me back form so many things I wanna do. I used to play soccer, and I stopped in 6th grade(when someone extremely close to me died.) and that’s when all this stuff started happening to my body. I have ugly stretch marks on the side of my leg near the back of my knee and down my calves. I remember a year later when I tried to play soccer again we were standing in a circle and this girl behind me basically screamed that I had red lines on the back of my legs. She was like WHAT ARE THOSE balhbalblbh…I was sooo embarrassed and like ashamed and yea I haven’t worn shorts/skirts since. Its blows. I have them on my breasts too. I probably have the nastiest boobs ever. The stretch marks are basically my skin color now but they are shiny and really noticeable. It makes me so so depressed. Almost all my friends have boyfriends but I’m just so afraid to have some guy that I really like see my stretch marks and be disgusted by them. They disgust me so it only makes sense. I really hate myself for letting these ugly things have so much control over me. Maybe im just messed up but they’re really taking a toll on my well being. I HATE feeling trapped in my skin constantly. I know I’m more than any stretch mark or any imperfection but they just make me feel soooo ugly.

    To conclude this, I just wanna say until now I’ve just felt so alone [as you can probably tell.] I also feel like EVERYONE in my school has perfect skin and is beautiful I probably am the only one with stretch marks and I’m reminded everyday. You just have to always remember to smile and feel like the beautiful girl or [handsome]guy that you are. And no matter how many imperfections you have theres always someone who has it worse …haha JUST KIDDING..

  139. Elise im too afarid to tell my parent too. My dad always asks me why i dont wear shorts even when its 90 degrees out and i dont have a reason to tell him. It really makes me feel like im some weird freak. I wish i could fix myself. if anyone has experience with stretch marks on their legs and boobs and/or upper tighs please help me out. thx,i dont know what to do anymore…

  140. Awww bless you all =[. Most of your problems seem marginally worse than mine, but I would like to think I understand. To be honest, I’m just gonna wait for them to fade. If any of you have troubles with boyfriends/girfriends because of stretchmarks, these people simply aren’t worth the worry. Hey, they’re the ones losing out big time. Happy Easter everyone.


  141. I am 12 and i started to get strecth marks on my boobs and i dont know why maybe they where getting too big dunno but this advice is really good thankyouu x 😀

  142. I didn’t have stretchmarks till highschool. I didn’t gain weight I just grew. Everyone has stretchmarks or dimples. My friend complains about hers which I don’t see she. She has had three kids and you cannot tell. she has only one that I can see but she pointed it out. I still see things that my husband can’t see. I have heard of the coffee and seaweed rap that tightens your skin but you usually have to keep doing it. The Vick’s I have never heard of I might have to dig some out of the cupboard and give it a try. I am shocked to see all of the oung girls on here. I am 24 now but when I was in my teen years I never cared or noticed. I was more comfortable then with my body then I am now and I am maybe 5 pounds heavier. I think alot of it is the media hype of being thin and flawless. We just have to start loving our bodies the way they are. How we do that I have no clue.

  143. I’m 19 years old & i am in good shape. I say i have curves. I am 5’4 & about 143lbs. I work out a lot and i keep getting stretch marks on my arms. is that normal? it is making me self – conscious, and i cannot wear tanks. It is making me sad. Any advice?

  144. I know how you all feel… Ive had them since I was 11 and im 21 now. Its hard to deal with but im determined to fade them as much as possible. I really think that everyone should pick a way to treat them and stick with it for at least a month. If we all post our progress then we can see which methods work best.

    Im doing castor oil and a heating pad for 30 minutes, immediately followed by an application of olive oil and aloe vera gel. Ive only been doing it for 3 days but Im going to keep at it for at least a couple of months…. Ill let you all know if I see any improvements.

  145. hi guys oh my gosh ive been feeling so upset coz ive had stretch marks since i was about 12!!!!! im 15 now.
    i hate feeling that i cant wear skirts and small tops, always afraid the sum1 will see, but after reading what people wrote i just feel so much better. everbody has imperfections and stuff that they wish they could change but at the end of the day ive realised IT’S WHAT’S INSIDE THAT COUNTS!!!!
    if someone doesnt love u for hu u are, then they obviously have the problem!!
    i am no longer letting strech marks ruin my life – to be frank i am actually quite lucky – i only have them on my calves and on the top of my thighs – not my stomach and not my arms!!!!!


  146. Hi guys an gurls….well where to begin with these stretch marks……….i have them on my buttt lower back inner thighs knees calves and on my upper arms(don’t really bother with)IT’S ALOT! i am really fair skinned and they are all white i’m 19 an has lost and gained back a few pounds in the past few years. I have noticed stretch marks on my legs since i was 14 an most of it has fadded away By now but yet am really self conciouss of them an don’t wear any shorts.I live in the caribbean and the suntan don’t really do anygood to them.Anyway my boyfriend recently asked me y i don’t wear shorts or skirts an i told him.We have been together for almost five years now and he said he don’t really care everybody has them and nobody’s perfect and don’t be afraid to show them off.Most importantly don’t care what other people say.Who sees thats them, and whoever have sum bad to say,let them talk.Because eventually that loved one will see have to see them an they will love u no matter what atleast they should.Don’t let ur imperfections run ur life plus showing them off is a sign of maturity,I do!

    P.S. when you use coco butter or any oils it is better to apply at night because when u go in the sun it with it it would only make it worse

  147. I’m 26.. Two children. Got pregnant at 19. Went from 135lbs. to 222 lbs. I have stretch marks EVERYWHERE! I am now 164 lbs and stand about 5″7. I would try anything at this point in the game. I have heard a lot of great suggestions..Has anyone come back with Marie’s idea, good results? What about the vapor rub? I will say that before my daughter at age 23, I had lost all of my weight execpt for 5 lbs, and tanned regularly. They were almost unnoticeable. For some reason, I can’t seem to lose the weight to get back to that point. I think sitting behind a desk for work has a lot to do with it. I hope the best for you all and if you figure something out, please share the wealth( :

  148. I’m 23 from Belfast, NI, and I’m an alcoholic……nah I’m not really. Basically I started weight training twice a week for the past 7 months and have developed stretch marks under my biceps where they meet my pecs and lower shoulders. Under each arm there are 3 marks, and the largest one in each case is about 2 inches long and 1cm wide. They are quite a dark purple and look like they could rip open. So I’m gonna give this Vic’s Vapo Rub a go and I’ll get back to you all. But remember because of our genetic make-up different things work for different people. If at first you don’t succeed try, try again.

  149. Ok guys, I am a 42 year old woman and first got stretch marks during puberty then again when I was pregnant with my daughter. TIME will make all your stretch marks fade…although the stretch marks will never “heal” or go away. Once your skin has stretched to cause the stretch mark it CANNOT go back together and disappear…it’s like when you stretch a plastic bag or platic wrap, it cannot be repaired, it’s been stretched! I know it can be really depressing for you kids but it is very common, you’re not the only one even though I know you feel like you are. Just take care of your body by eating healthy, drinking plenty of water and exercise…just know that your stretch marks will fade with time. So many people (girls and guys) have them, just try to put your energy into something positive instead of letting it get you down…there is so much more to life! And if a guy doesnt want to be with you because of your stretch marks then he’s too shallow for you to waste your time on him anyway! Stretch makrs are a part of being a growing human being :]

  150. I think I’ll try vic vapor rub also…never heard that one before…and if it doesn’t work, then at least I’ll breath better at night…lol

  151. yo people i have strechmarks to and my mom and are going to try ur advice and ill let u no what works and what doesnt. my bf loves me for who i am. my bffs loves me for who iam too. eveyones advice was convincing. everyone shoul listen to Simona. it would probley take awhile k. iam not big or skinny iam in between.


  152. I am 18 soon to be 19 and has very little strech marks before i got pregnant i am now 37 weeks along andmy thighs,hips and whole stomach is full of them ive tryed every lotion out there including everything they sell that helps strech marks and nothing has seemed to help i walk aleast twice a week and other then that im going out of my mind trying to get rid of these im going to have my baby soon with in the next 3 weeks and it is almost summer i want to be able to go swimming without having to worry that everyone is staring at me because how nasty my stomach looks…my god getting huge is not the worst thing about pregnancy i tell ya!!!!I did try the avon stuff before i got pregnant but gave up on it ,i’m thinking that i may give that one last shot because i can get it for 5.00 a bottle instead of like 10 or 15 because of family sellers…Does anyone have any ideas for me at all anything that may help to aleast fade them????

  153. hey… well…im busy studyin so most of my time is spent sitting.this has led to slight weight gain..and i’ve got stretch marks…help!

    well coco butter mixed with vitamin E oil wit diet and exercise will help them fade.But as i said before don’t go into the sun with the coco butter on ur skin it makes u darker and your stretch marks darker at the same time. And as someone said before give it time, with constant use you’ll seee the difference! BUT If U WANT SOMETHING THAT WOULD HIDE THEM EVEN THOUGH UR SHOWING THEM OFF. TRUST ME I USE THIS AND IT WORKS GOOD ENOUGH………THERE IS THIS MAKE UP U CAN USE BY SACHA COMETICS (YOU CAN VISIT THEM AT SACHACOSMETICS.COM), AND ITS CALLED KAMAFLAGED FOUNDATION AND YOU CAN ORDER THE TESTER KITS AND FIND UR RITE SHADE BEFORE YOU BUY THE ACTUAL PRODUCT. TRUST ME IT HIDES THEM WELL ENOUGH. you all should give it a try

  155. Im thirteen and have some stretch marks on my inner thighs,inner knees and my butt i have been trying cocoa butter but i think im going to change to the retina-a becuase i have some left over from when i had acne.I hope they go away be for i go swim suit shoping :/

  156. i have got this proplem for when i was like 13… now im 17 i thought if i lose some weight it would be even worse but thaks to you i sneak on my mothers make up kit and use her papaya butter (cocoa + shea butter) and some butter whit vitamin e… i hope this works…. i might start losing weight after this… sorry about my bad english…. not from england or america 😀

  157. Try a cellulite cream by Avon or some kind of skin firming cream in the morning along with vitamin E oil about midday, then at night use vucks vapor rub before bedtime. Use for about 6 weeks and you will be happy with the results. You’ll love the results and want want to ever stop using. Helps for dry skin too.

  158. Well like many of you have stated I too have stretch marks…There are things that helps …I lack patience so I tend to give up then …wait ..then try again. I am in my mid thirties. I got them when i was in my teens. About 2years ago I made a goal to get rid of them. I have notice that dry brushing the skin on your whole body helps… i do it 3day a week…I did all that Jean Wu stuff
    It can work but it is a slow process

    If you do not have any type of keloid type skin conditions then do not do this …but needling (P&R skin products W/dermaroller) helps ….Always keep the skin moisturized …i prefer st ives lotion and aveeno lotion mixed together …for your breast i will use aveeno rub it on everynight before bed…..I usually take showers because i am busy…but at least once a week take really moisturizer bath…I will use calgon spa bath beads…or when i do not have that stuff…i will use 1/2c dry milk and 1/2 olive oil….alway moisturized after bathing with st ives and aveeno lotion mixture. Oh i forgot …exfoilation the skin does help i use scrubs sometimes or i will make my own with either oatmeal/pineapple ..or oatmeal/buttermilk just bcuz it quicker …if after axofoliation your skin feels too irratated use witch hazel …alot of it …great at healing it with out discoloration…also then moisturize. Why do i use the aveeno …mederma works well for the white stretch marks but it gets expensive …aveeno works just at good …i wish i would have take photo of my stretch marks b4 they improved but i was too shamed.

    I know alot of home remedies …so i do think that vic vapor rub will work …it the camphor in it …vic is good for alot of stuff …i tried camphor remedy before but it was a slow process ..i did use vic vapor rub to get rid of really ugly toe nail…i had injuried it it took 2months using it 2x a day ..nail turned dark at first then it healed up like a charm with out losing my nail…and a healthier nail grew right in….I hope this helps …bcuz i hated having stretch marks in my youth…and being black…old white stretch marks show up alot….as i saw improvement i did not care about them as much…the skin discoloration use to bug me alot but it is much better now

  159. Im 13 soon to be 14 in a few months and i have stretch marks on my chest and thighs. im too scared to wear bikni’s now cause im afraid they’ll show and i have Graduation comming up real soon and im also afraid they’ll show in the top area of my chest cause im wearing a strapless im so embarrased i mean im not even over weight i go to the gym every week so im in shape and i have no idea why this is happening im so upset about this it’s made cry a few times BUT! i think i’ve foundsomething that actually works “VASELINE” it works fast but not overly fast and its fading too and i have been using it for awhile now so what im saying is some of you people should try vaseline and im also goign to try vapro rub cause alot ofyou people say it works well Thank youu:)

  160. Hey all. I am 22 years old with 2 kids. Before my kids i weighed 100 lbs even. I gained 58 lbs with my pregnancies, and i didn’t sit around and eat all the time either. My doctor told me that it would prolly happen because i was underwieght. Anyways, in my 8th month, stretch marks started popping up everywhere. They were BIG and DEEP. I got them on my abdomen, breasts, thighs, and calves. I got them in every possible place you could get a mark. Also considering i had my kids back to back. (11 months apart) Didn’t help the situation either. I finally got so tired of looking at my purple marks because they WERE healing but not fast enough for me. I decided to try something that i had read all over the internet. VITAMIN E. When u get in the shower take a loofah or a rag or anything and exfoliate the area and get the circulation going. This helps speed up the healing process of skin. WHen u get out of the shower take some Vitamin E oil and rub it into your marks for about 10 to 15 mins. YOU HAVE TO RUB IT FIRMLY.
    Dont rub too hard but dont rub so light it wont get your blood moving. I am telling you it worked a miracle. My stretchmarks are deep and long and i know they will never completely dissapear but the first time i used it i noticed a huge difference. i continue to use it everyday after a shower and it gets a little better everytime. Vitamin E also helps to regenerate skin, But i think massage is the real key to it. Anyway my boyfriend that i have been with for 7 years and had kids by still tells me I’m sexy! So regardless of who you are and how bad they are what really matters is that you learn to accept them whether u want to or not. And if u ever meet a person who makes fun or doesnt want to be with u because of them then seriously dont even waste your time on them. Trust me, i prolly have worse strechmarks then anyone on here! LOL! Every one is beautiful!

  161. There is hope! After 30 years of abuse – my body still seems to be able to recover — I am not fat but ten years of studying, working with chemicals and solvents, sitting in front of the computer (others might sit in front of a Tv) and bad eating (none or too much and the wrong stuff – coca cola and chocolate) caused a couple of common problems – too much sugar effects your hormones – your hormones effect your skin!!!
    You need a ROUTINE and you need to love and do it every day! I am conservator of art and now i started to become conservator of my self and I want to share my experience – These points have worked for me… I feel energized, healthy, balanced and considerably reduced my cellulities, stretchmarks and improved my skin.

    A – Change your diet – eat fresh stuff – herbs, veggis you never had before – try something different – explore the net for more information (ideally avoid these:- milk – wheat – red meat, cookies and frying oils)
    B – try supplements – great is a morning drink of macca (balances your hormones) + spirulina (rich in essential amino acids) + dried wheatgrass (detoxes and also has most essential amino acids) -mix a table spoon of each into a lukewarm herbal tea (if you can’t stand the taste add a bit honey) – have loads of vitamin C – best fresh lemon juice with water the first thing in the morning (after!!! tooth brushing otherwise it is bad for your teeth)- this helps to hydrate you – pure water does not do the same trick – also herbal teas are better absorbed by the body… zinc is essential for the skin! Get Floradix – a great iron supplement and Cod fish oil – alternate with flax seed oil – the vitamin E contained in both is essential to repair the damaged tissue
    C – Yoga or Tai Chi -do postures which work the muscles on your effected areas – these increases the flow of energy (prana or Chi) – minimum 15 min everyday…
    D – Breathing!!! Air is the essential food for our body!!! Go into nature – run – walk – cycle… this is essential – develop deep breathing – Frisbee and ball games are great for breathing
    E – get your heart moving – yoga is not all – you need to get your heart moving – dance (in a club or at home in front of the mirror) – run and cycle up a hill – go to the gym – play Frisbee at least 20 min a day
    F – most effective are cold swims – in a pond or sea or hot-cold showers – Last winter I did outdoor swimming and my skin often looked like a lobster – everyday swim+30min cycling toned my body within 2! weeks – no joke – you need to get your blood flowing!!!
    C – rub and massage yourself – but gently with respect – lovingly stroke across the stretch marks – I also started to make my own massage oils – use base oild with lots of vitamin E -jojoba oil, grape seed oil, coco butter, neem oil (it stinks but is great) – Ideally add essential oils that improve your blood circulation in the effected area (This is the vaco rub trick)- eucalyptus, menthol, ginger, pepper, chilli, oregano — this seems not only to reduce stretch marks but also cellulites (do never ad more than 5 drops to 10ml!!! and test first on a small spot if you are not allergic) –
    D – Exfoliate every day – use a body brush, a rough towel whatever just do it… befor shower (not before sleeping as it wakes you up)
    E – Did you ever try clay?? Not only good for stretch marks – I got rid of my skin problems in the face – no more acne!!! Order fuller’s earth on the net – mix it with lukewarm camomile tea till it is a custard like paste – add few drops pure jojoba oil (loads of vitamin E) and apply it on your stretch marks – if you have acne on your back add few drops of chilli or oregano oil – this kills everything – bacteria, fungi, mites…and increases your circulation (good for cellulites on the tights as well) Apply every second day for the first three weeks – let it dry completely -it opens up the pores -and rub it off dry with circular movements – it is like sanding – your skin will be smooth, hydrated and full of blood after this treatment.
    F – Your body is your temple – care for it – love it – beauty comes from health and health comes from balance of mind, energy and body- – – go to Asia – you rarely see stretch marks – it is an western disease – and I believe it is hormonal – like most skin problems – based on a crap diet – low self esteem – no movement / exercise – loads of chemicals – food preservatives hormones in meat, tap water… not talking about the anti baby pill…
    Fight – we are sacred warriors – get your routine and do it – and even if you don’t get rid of the stretch marks you will win – maybe much more then you expect…

  162. heyy ladies im in teh same boat as all of you and i know it sucks. espically for soemone like me and most of you who are in high school. i felt like i was the only person my age and in my school with them but after i read this and heard how common you all say they are i started looking for them on people i know. Theres this girl i know in my gym class who has them on her legs too, like me! even tho hers are a lott better than mine considering i cnt even wear shorts i mean i would be so uncomfortable, and feel like everyone was staring. but i was happy to see her wearing a skit even tho she had them. 🙂 it was empowering, maybe thers hope for me one day , also my best friend kinda has them on her belly even tho they are basiclly invisible, she still sees them. but shes lucky bcuz i have them on my boobs and calves which is ten times worse them a few little ones on the belly i think. well wutevr anyway the point of this is your not alone and there is hope heres my advice…
    first i do Maria Angelicas method. IT REALLY DOES WORK!! its doing wonders! the steps are a little tedious but its SOO worth it i swear to god! im alredy seeing results and i just started like a week ago. trust me its working for me and its giving me so muvh hope. im just happy im finally doing somehting about them and possibly finding a solution, its worked really good so far and my skins a lot softer too which is a plus 🙂
    *** after i do all of Maria Angelicas steps and im in the cold shower i do use the loofa again but this time I’m in the shower so i put dove body wash on my skin first. I think this dove body wash is contributing too its a new cream oil body wash (ultra rich) it has natural oil and 1/4 moisturizing cream so its really good for making your skin smooth and moistturized 🙂 it also has rose wood scent and cocoa butter, so thats basiclly why i got it .. almost done..
    then after i get out of the shower i use this new cream by the brand name Vaseline intensive care… its deep conditioning Cocoa butter cream (extra rich) it says its for soft supple skin but its basiclly for smoothing the apperance of **marks and discoloration** 🙂 jackpott! it says that rite on the back of the bottle *and and and* it is enriched with cococa butter, petroleum jelly && vitamin E!!!! i think its doing me good so far!! im jsut so excited to see more resultss and i really really hope this helps some of you out there who are looking for soloutions.. try it and let us know!! the more updates the more chances we all have at getting rid of these things!! stay strong my lovess i feel for all of you

  163. Tasha,

    Thats awesome that its working for you!! Im happy for you and im really motivated to give it a try… Do you do it once a day? Thanks!!

  164. I wana ask Maria Angelica that how to exfoliate and with which scrub.Any specific scurb.
    I have tried one remedy it is painful but shows results.
    Take a scrub contaning apricot and rub it with a pumice stone on the stretch marks after bath daily using a shower gel.then wash it off and apply some vasiline over the worked area.It does show results very painfully slow.

  165. hey sarah!
    yeaa ive only been doing it for a little while but im convinced its really gunna help me .. and yea Maria angelica said to do it everyday for best results so i try to. On days i get lazy tho i just rub the vicks on them a little and do the egg part.( i think the egg is a bigg helper) i also do the exfoliating step daily no matter what because its kind of addicting. But yea its deff best to do it every single dayy. ohh and im not sure if your supposed to do it more than once a day but i only do it once daily and that seems to be having an effect. its not like a miricle tho, i mean the marks are still here but they are deff getting smootherrr:) slowly but surely.

    hope that helps and you find something that will work for you!

    and thanks for posting that apricot scrub thing im probably gunna try that one too. do you just use like an aprocot face scrub or is it a body scrub? and is the shower gel anythign specific? kk well thxx so much and i really hope you find something withh really good results!

  166. i don’t have a tip but i wanted advice i just had a beautiful baby girl named jaeda and during my pregnancy i gained 40 pounds and strecthmarks i want to try vic’s vapor rub but i’m scarred and scared because i had a c-section they seem to be slowy going away on there own so also since that should i interfer?

  167. Hey tasha16!
    Thanks for telling me your experience.U can use apricot body scrub its very good.I will try maria advice from today.I hope it will work.Take care!!

  168. i know you’ve probalby heard every story in the book, i’ve had stretch marks since day dot, and they really do stress me out. i’ve got them all over my body from my upper arms to my shoulders, on my back from top to bottom, my bum, my thighs, my hips and and the ultimate, the stomach!!! i dont know how to get rid of them they jus seem to pop up everywhere!! i’ve treid a various number of cocoa butters, bio oil, olive oil, shea butter, and aloe vera, even avons own stretch mark remover, which i must say helped a little bit. nut out of all of the the aloevera gel helped the most which you can get from hollond and barrets health store.
    Im still not happy with how they look and always try my hardest to cover up, but it gets hard in the summer when you cant wear big jumpers to cover up. i know how everyone feels when you say you HATE STRETCH MARKS. im not the type of person to hate thing but this isone thing i do hate. i’ve cried so much about them that i literally cant cry anymore, it hurts to look in the mirror so i dont bother, its even resulted to me not goinng college because i cant find anything to wear to cover them up.
    it doesnt help that im quite a big girl aswel. im 5’6ins and weight 220lbs which in my eyes is huge. no, i havent had a boyfriend and dont think i will ever get one. im trying to loose weight and thats why im 220lbs to think i was actually bigger lol!!
    im scared to loose anymore weight for fear that my skin will be loose and sag when i do loose weight so im stuck, and for all you that say you have a nice shape, and like how you look accept for your stretchmarks be proud to be you, eause when you think about it i dont think you would want to be me. and to make matters worse i inherrited testosteron into my system from my mum when shewas young she used to have asphma, so her asphma pump had steroids in it so now i have facial and chest hair and im sick and tired of being me, i feel like im the only one with multiple problems, i know im not but i feel as if mine are the worst out of my friends and some of the issues i’ve heard and read. what can i do please please help me, im on the last straw, and dont know what to do???????????

  169. Hello I just wanted to suggest a tip. I am an 18 year old university student who enjoys the gym about 6 hours a week and another 3 hours swimming. I have been getting good results but have unfortunately received the results of stretch marks. I have read this site over and researched on stretch marks a good amount, including Vapor Rub. Honestly you should not be scared to you use it. I find the more it is applied, the better it works, at first I put it on 3 times and day and saw a substantial difference. It’s best to massage and then later in the day, apply again or even a third time. Doing this has caused my stretch marks to decrease a lot. I found if I stopped for a week or more, the gym came back and I found more. So keep it up and hopefully you will find the same results I have. Im telling you it’s worked for me, and im sure there is not too much of a difference from you and I. Good luck with your findings.

  170. I disagree about “no lotions, creams, water etc. will not help” with stretch marks! My mom and sister both got tons of stretch marks and they did nothing. I read up on a LOT of info, and took Target brand prenatal vitamins, Coromega and GNC Salmon omega-3 fish oil, used Soft-E-Lotion twice per day, drank tons of water and did not get ONE stretch mark! I am now into my 6th week on my second pregnancy and making sure I repeat my daily schedule. If you do nothing I am almost sure you will get stretch marks and tons of them. If you do something I am positive you will get fewer or none at all.
    JMO but, I did not get any during my first pregnancy and according to some it is genetic. I say it may be genetic but you can do a lot to help your skin. Dry skin does not stretch, skin with the right conditioning, supplements, and moisturized will stretch to some extent if not a lot. It worked for me.

  171. oh i was answering sara not saraH so i think we got confused ..well i got confusedd.. sorry but yea that was for saraaaa no h

  172. Hi guys. I kinda stopped doing the exfoliating thing directly onto the stretch marks because I’ve noticed that mine got worse. By the way, they are deep and white in color. I have had them since puberty and I’m 28 now (and havent given birth yet, so I cant be proud of them like any other women out there yet as I cant call them badges of honor!). I have them EVERYWHERE, on my arms, calves, butt, thighs and love handles and they are a LOT. I’m just wondering why most of you here say they are deep and purple? I havent seen them in purple color ever. They are just there as deep and white and NOTICEABLE!!! BHAM! What I’m actually doing right now is I mix collagen elastin lotion, firming lotion, Vit C serum, Vit E oil, and cocoa butter. I put this mixture every morning and after I shower at night. I concentrate more on my calves and upper arms as these are the most bothersome to me…I just want to make them more unnoticeable. I have been doing this for like three days and will stick to it. I have noticed that my skin is tighter and they are not that as deep as they were. I also use this collagen soap I got from the beauty store and it makes my skine smooth and tighter after a shower. I went to the dermatologist and asked for any services that they have to diminish the appearance of stretch marks and they have this TENOR laser that they call. They say it would work on mature stretch marks but may take more treatment sessions and it is very expensive! So, I would just stick with the lotion thing at the moment and see. Good luck to all of us.

  173. hi i had really bad stretch marks after having my kids i tried everything and have found the best thing is the sunbed and my far infrared tdp lamp neither is a magical cure but the sunbed blends them and the tdp lamp tightens the skin.

  174. I’m 29 years old and have three childern. Iv’e got stretch marks along my hip area, and I’ve been using african sea butter. It’s been working wonderful and keeps my skin looking healthy and beautiful. My strectch has reduced in size and hardly noticeable. I think you’ll should give it a try.

  175. Sheretha,

    Do you mean shea butter? Where do you get it? Is it just the normal shea butter that you can get at health food stores, or is african shea butter different? Also, how often do you use it? Thanks!

  176. hey Tash! I’m sooooooo glad to hera that its working for you. And I’m happy to hear that you’re getting great results. And yes! The intensive cream is doing alot of wonders for me too! I have been using the cream for about a month and a half with my routine and I am noticing good results with the smoothing out and lightening. Please keeps the comments going guys. And I’m so happy I could’ve at least helped one person *smiles*

  177. hello there ive had stetch marks on my shoulders for the past 4 years when i got into high school i started to ntice them on my shoulders now they have stretched themselves all the way to ym forearms what do i do i cant show off my sexy with these on me!

  178. Well, I have stretch marks on my breasts and i have been using coa coa buteer, which has done NOTHING, does the vapor rub work on boobs?

  179. I started getting strecth marks when i started working out and lately i pushed myself so hard at the gym i got them all over my arm shoulder and bicep. I have them alot worst then the picture above and i dont know what to do. any Suggestions?

  180. can any of u guys help im in desperate need to get rid of my stretch marks im onley 19 and if been dating this guy for a few weeks ha hates stretch marks and i dont want to loose him, but i also want to do it for my self i have no convedince and were i stay most of these stuff u recomend they dont have i really need help its all over i look like a map on my but plz let me know how to get rid of it or even hide it for a while untill its disapeared

  181. Hey all, I have a few things to say. I’ve read through a lot of the responces here, and I feel that you all are worrying too much about something very trivial. I know it’s hard to convince yourselves of that as we’re all very self concious about our looks in today’s society. Don’t get me wrong, if you wish to try the different remedies to get rid of your stretch marks, by all meens do what you feel you must, but PLEASE don’t go as far as to hide yourselves because of the stretch marks.

    Real quick before I go on further. Sammy, if your bf breaks up with you because of stretch marks, he OBVIOUSLY does not appreciate you for you, plain and simple.

    I’m 24, a guy, and have stretch marks going up my sides (I grew nearly an inch a month for a few months in 7th grade), and stretch marks on my arms from heavy weight lifting in high school. So I know how you all feel as well, but let me be very straight up and honest with you all. I can tell you right now that I would MUCH MUCH rather you girls that are hiding yourselves to just go ahead and wear your short skirts, shorts, bikinis, etc. All of my friends are the same way, we really don’t care in the least if you have some stretch marks. Stretch marks are something that happens to the majority of us.

    If you enjoy showing yourself off in cute outfits like a lot of you have been saying, you’re not only depriving yourself of that fun, but think about it this way, you’re also depriving the guys out there of being able to appreciate you in those outfits. We want you girls to wear your cute outfits and everything as much as you want to wear them! (yea, i know that sounds kind of perverted, but lets face it, i’m a healthy young guy and like to look lol!) 🙂 So again, please don’t deprive yourselves of wearing your favorite cute outfits, and don’t deprive us guys of being able to appreciate your beauty in your favorite outfits.

    I’m sorry if this came off as a little too straight forward, but I just wanted you all to know straight from one of the guys that we want you to not be self concious about stretch marks because all that does is makes you want to hide your beauty when out in public that’s the last thing us guys want you to do! 🙂

  182. Hmm, so i didn’t read ALL of the previous posts, but mostly all of them.
    So i definitely didn’t realize that i was like… the only teen out there that felt like crap because of this. I’m 17, going on 18, and it’s almost the summer after my SENIOR YEAR! so this means like, partying, beach trips, pool parties, hanging out, wearing cute outfits, and cool bathing suits. I’m not like, a stick but i’m about 5’4″ and 150ish pounds, give or take a few, and for the past like 2-3 years i’ve had hardcore marks on my thighs, mostly up high an on my inner thighs, that then would creep down my legs, i didn’t know what to do about it, but over time they’ve just faded to a white-ish, and barely visible. I also had a ton around my breasts, because they’re bigger then a lot of girls my age; but they’re pretty much faded away. But sadly i’ve developed them behind my knees, small ones on the back of my arms near my arm pit area, i had a bunch on my butt, that have also faded white, and there are some on my hips that are starting to fade as well, they have been there for a longgg time as well. Within the past few months i’ve gotten them on my stomach 🙁 like hardcore reddish colored ones, not THAT big, but definitely noticeable. i’m going to try out the cocoa butter thing for now since they seem to be in early stages. but i’m so depressed.. like i’m just know i’m going to be way embarassed. i should just be comfortable with my body, esp. since it’s friends i’ve known forever. and love to death. but.. man..
    it’s just reassuring to relize that i’m not the ONLY person my age with like body problems like this.

  183. Hey there.

    I was wondering… Does the VapoRub and other lotions also work on older stretchmarks that are white of colour? (not red or purple)

    Thanks in advance.

  184. Well, I am a 31 year old mother of 4, 3 of which I gave birth to. I developed stretch marks with my first child and they were terrible on my tummy they reached 3 inches above my belly button. I was embarrassed for years, I am physically fit, I am always told that I look great, even in a bikini. I tried everything out there for my stretch marks and the ONLY thing that has really help is time. But I did find that if you use a self tanner on the stretch marks they are considerably less noticeable. I tried every cream, vitamin, vapor rub, consulted cosmetic surgeons, and I finally came to the understanding that this is apart of me. They remind me of the time I carried by beautiful children, or the weight lifting program where I squatted 250 lbs at the weight of 110. I look at my stretch marks as accomplishment reminders. I embrass them they are me and yours are you. Be proud of who you are and no one notices your flaws.

  185. hi,i m 17 years old and i have got stretch marks at the back of my knees,i have a good figure and never in my life i have been fat,but yes i have done stretching exercises such as skating,playing cricket ,football etc and i m also an athelete,can anybody please tell me how to remove them?

  186. hey…its so great how everyone is helping each other out…erm i dnt know if Elise still reads this…im 17 not fat,,,i have lost weight im now a size 8 and im so scared of seeing my bf 2moz,,,as he hasn’t seen me yet as i only got these stretch marks 3 days ago…i have got them on my stomach my bestfriend says it is to do with puberty and growing up and the fact i have lost wieght…but i can’t belive that is this the reason…they only came 3 days ago after i exfoliated..why?? im so scared of going out…and im not someone who wears the the baggy clothes i like to wear fitted clothes and what happens if my top slips up?? what will people say?? ew!!?? help!! they are right there…and so horrible…i feel so depressed and to make it worse i have my exams soon and its not helping my concentration….help!! thankyou xxxx 🙂

  187. OK this might be dangerous or bad idea so no-one do it without like doctor consultation, but what about skin-grafting? They help deep acne pits so they can help stretch marks that are not so deep right? Is this possible?

  188. I used 75% TCA in the Stretch mark itself. Keep it on for 4 min. Burns like hell. In 1 week, the skin will peel. No more scar. Good luck! And yes, there is a cure. Google Subcision. That works too. I combined both. In the least, your scars will not be deep, and easily covered with makeup.

    ; 0 )

  189. hi there!
    I wana ask Maria Angelica that the steps she was doing for stretch marks removal, is it working or not.How much your stretch marks have reduced?

  190. I work in the skin care industry in conjuction with a plastic surgery center. I’ve seen all kinds of stretch marks on all skin types. From minor to major stretch marks of all colors, you have to understand that stretch marks are scars. They are deeper than the epidermis, meaning they are not just on the top surface of the skin, which is why creams DO NOT WORK. Thats like trying to kill a Buffalo with a sling shot. If all of the things some of you were saying worked, no one would have these issues. Stretch marks would cease to exist. They are scars. The only way to get rid of a scar is to have it surgically removed, which would replace it with another scar—this is typical in a tummy tuck. Otherwise, you can only treat them in an attempt to minimize them. THEY WILL NEVER GO AWAY AND THIS IS A SCIENTIFIC FACT. They will only appear less noticeable. I have them myself on my thighs and belly. Stretch marks are 70% genetics and 30% weight gain or loss. Why do you think some women never get them, even after having 3 kids (like my friend)? Well, her mother wasn’t genetically predisposed to stretch marks and thats why she didn’t get them. I had one baby and they’re everywhere. So remember, its partly genetics, partly weight control. If you have never fluctuated in weight or had children then their is a genetic reason for your marks. Your skin is not the most elastic, genetically. One treatment is to use Retin A for two weeks before a series of microdermabrasion treatments. They will smooth out and be NEARLY INVISIBLE. I promise. Any color variations are best disguised by having the marks tatooed to match your skin tone or use dermablend to cover them. Only use dermablend if you’ve had them smoothed out with microdermabrasion. Otherwise you’ll see the ridges. Please adhere to my advice as I am a professional. If creams worked, I wouldn’t have a job. Anything anyone else is saying is B.S.

  191. Candace,

    I understand what you are saying but im not sure I agree. Many people have had great success with exfoliating and using creams. Im not saying that stretch marks will be 100% removed, but if you can make them less noticeable then I think its worth it. I know that the stretch marks I have treated with ONLY creams look so much better than the ones I have left alone- and even though they arent completely gone, they dont bother me nearly as much as the others.

  192. Okay, so I was pregnant and I got lots of stretch marks. I have noticed them getting lighter with time but how about that extra skin?? Does that ever go away?? I started exercising and I am seeing my belly going down but it just seems a little too loose. Does any one know what to do about this…

  193. Guys, you should defenitely try putting on petroleum jelly, it worked for me, although it tooked some time. A friend of mine did the same thing and it also worked for her, I had this marks for a very long time now and manage to at least make them semi-invisible (its like I dont have them). Try putting on some vit E oil, it also works thus prevents further stretch marks.

    I hope this can at least help you all

    A 19 year old guy =)

  194. hey so yeah im 17. i was always thin and cycled but got strecth marks in the past 6 months even though i didnt put on weight. recently ive started cycling again and eating loads of fruit. i hope it helps. maybe ill try the vics vapor rub thingy. thanks for all the advice. makes me feel better that everyone has them 🙂

  195. hey yuo guys use trilastin sr it really works it the best trust me it works go to the site trilastin sr


    Here’s a few things that is working for me.
    At nite I ruba mixture of pure coco butter wit vitamin E oil and some palmers for stretch marks.(i melt all in the microwave then mixes them wit the palmers together)
    During the day I rub olive oil on and because most of the olive oil is absorbed into ur skin i also rub sum jergens skin firming cream over it……… I have been doin this for the past month an the stretch marks are begining to fade into my skin tone, it is working so far.

    There are also some things that I take into consideration, which involves my eating habits.
    EAT MORE….
    1.Soya cauliflower, spinach, oranges and tomatoes as they have skin strenghtening lecethin (So it would be harder for stretch marks to form)
    2. Salmon, walnuts, almonds and olive oil are rich in fatty acids whichrepai skin tissue
    3. Poultry, skimmed milk and eggs. The amino acids they contain witt boost your collagen levels
    4. Alot of bright fruits and vegetables prevents the damage tissue in the first place
    5. Broccoli, peas and lima beans, which supposedly help fight inflamation of the connective tissue


    P.S. U don’t have to change ur eating habits just add some of these into it and it helps.

  197. I tried Jean’s remedy from for 2 months straight on the back of my calves and my marks faded a bit but I got disheartened because I was putting in sooo much effort for so little gain. The treatment really does take a lot of time and effort but I think I’ll try it again only this time I’ll just concentrate on one calf for a few months to see what happens. I did notice on the site tho that in the testimonials nobody has said the treatment has completely gotten rid of their stretchmarks, they just say they have faded so that’s probably the best you can expect from it. Has anyone else tried it?
    I don’t care about the stretchmarks all over the rest of my body (I’m slowly turning into one big stretchmark!)I just want to be able to wear a pair of shorts so I can go to the beach! I do agree that stetchmarks must be influenced by genetics because I, like so many other people who have responded on this site, have never been overweight and yet since puberty (I’m now 26) they have spread all over my body. I have eczema so maybe that has affected my skin’s elasticity. Also when you think about it, there are lots of overweight people out there who still show off their bodies and don’t have stretchmarks. When I tell my boyfriend I’d rather be overweight than have stretchmarks he tells me I’m crazy and that people who are overweight would probably rather have my stretchmarks. I don’t know…my strecthamrks are pretty horrible!

  198. I’m 15 and have had stretchmarks on my hips and my buttocks for the past 6 months now. They started off on my hips as nearly unnoticable reddish lines, then moved on to my buttocks and then turned white. I haven’t tried any of the methods mentioned above, however I have a question. Since I have a darker skin type (southeast asian)I wonder whether the deep stretch marks will stay as whiteish scars or fade away completely incase of treatment.

  199. Im 16 years old and i’ve had stretch marks on my outer and inner thigh do to weight gain i’m ‘5’5 and 145 pound but in appearance i am very skinny looking my mom says i’m all muscle when i was younger i was always skinny I started gaining weight and that when my nightmare began my friends tell me don’t worry about them every thing else is beautiful. Since I was 13 years old and i hate them Ive tried putting coco butter oil in my bath water and it seemed to me working now I am useing vaseline intensive care Cocoa butter
    deeep condotioning
    even skin tine and texture
    with petroleum and Vitamine
    and I;m looking at my legs right now and it seems to be working

  200. I am 13,i put on quite a lot of weight when i was 7 (due to stress of a parents death) so i started comfort eating,but now i’ve started to ‘grow into’ my body and have lost some weight,but i’ve been left with stretch marks on my hips,thighs,upper arms,behind my knees,and some on my stomache,the ones on my hips started to go away by themselves,but,the ones on my stomache are bright red (but the ones on my arms have faded slightly)…..i used Bio-Oil for a while-NOTHING,i tried vit E cream-NOTHING,(maybe i should use the capsules),i now expoliate with the mitts every day-helpd slightly,BUT i’ve started using Extra Virgin Olive Oil,and it REALLY does help to fade them,i have regained most of my confidence,but i still stuggle to go sleaveless as where i got my TB jab there is a big red ugly scar,what makes it worse is i’m the only one in my year with it..(they stopped doing it when it was our years turn),but,unfortunatly i still had to get it due to a family history of the illness,does anyone know ANYTHING that will help reduce the appearence..(i know eventually it turns into a little white dot)although that doesn’t help me,PLEASE tell me if they know of anything…thankyou in advnce Katie..:)..*namaste*

  201. Hello to all. I’m 22 years old, and I just wanted to inform everyone that; unfortunately, the stretch marks will not go away. In time these stretch marks will fade away making them less noticeable or completely fade them to the point that we won’t be able to see them as much, but they will be there! I heard that the only way to make them go away is through laser surgery, but it is way too expensive. Depending on how these things make you feel, and how much you want them to go away you will get a variety of results. I had a baby 9 months ago, and although I used cocoa butter, baby oil, lotions everyday to avoid these things, I got them! It did lowered my self-esteem more than how it already was, but just like you I’ve been searching for everything out there to fade them away as much as possible. Here’s what I’ve been trying so far and it’s working. The stretch marks on my sides are completely faded, you can still feel them, but you can hardly see them. Now my goal is my stomach, there are a bit darker.

    -Apricrot Scrub
    -Baby Oil
    -Vitamin capsules & cocoa butter

    1* Use an apricrot scrub or any other scrub to gently massage your stretch marks.
    2* When you come out of the shower or while in the tub, without drying your skin, apply a nice amount of baby oil throughout your whole body ( this serves as a very good moisturizer and leaves your skin smelling great). Should be put on damp skin though so you won’t have oily skin.
    3* Still with skin damp, cut open a capsule of vitamin E & take the oil on your hand adding some cocoa butter lotion and put it on your stretch marks. The vitamin E oil is very thick and is why I use the lotion, you can use any other lotion if you may, I use cocoa butter because is a very good moisturizer.
    4* You can towel pat your skin to dry it or you can let it air dry for a little bit in the shower which ever one you prefer.

    Do this after a shower as many times as you want and you will notice some results. I’m still looking for more recipes out there, and I will surely try Maria Angelica’s recipe. The more you try the better for your skin, so my advise keep on trying until you are satisfied.

  202. i don’t have any tips, but i am only 13. i have sopme light purple stretch marks on my inner right thigh, and so do some of my other friends. i am 5’7″.. yea i know – tall for my age.. and i weigh about 138. i want to loose 8 pounds.. but anyway. i NEED to know how to loose these stretch marks fast, becuase i don’t know what to do. i have read the tips above, and i think i will try vick’s vapor rub.. or i might go get some cocoa butter. but, if you could reply, that would be awesome!

  203. o0kayy so im 16 && had them since i was 14 && it reallly i mean really sucks =[ im afraid to even wear bathin suits && shorts cause im afraid people will see them and talk about me..they are purple on my inner thighs and now i just started getting one on my calf.. && i just get so depressed and mad and cry wen i see them i really want them gone by the summer so i can actually have a good summer and not worry about them but im just ttooo depressed and all to do anythingggg;someone help pleaseeeee =) thanks

  204. Thanks everyone for trying to help. I am 15 years old and about 220 pounds and 6’1″. I woudl like ot loose at least 10 pounds and be able to swim in nmy pool this summer. I have tried the cocoa butter and the vics vapor rub. I didnt really notice nething. I have bad strechmarks on my bicept and some on my stomach Thanksfor helping!

  205. im 14 and i have like puplreiish strechmark in mt inner thighz and the back of my knees and i have use cocoa butter with shea butter for strech marks skiin and it doesn’t seem to be workin i have used it for over like 31/2 months!!! what do i do


  206. hi i need advice iM 17 there this girl i really like n shes told me she likes me n im planning on asking her out but im veryy nervous that if we get romantic and get sexual ETC she’ll be put of by my stretch marks all the way down my back what should i do plz help me there been sum excellent advice on here so far! PLZ!!!!

  207. – I have a cure that takes six weeks. It gets rid of scars, strech marks, and acne scars! I got strech marks during puberty and they sucked. I had all types: red light ones on my pecks, deep white ones on my tummy, and dark purple ones under my arm pits and love handles. I used a product called Trilastin and it helped the purple ones turn white and thats it! So if u don’t have six weeks and u want them to fade quick trilastin. After using this I still had all the strech marks but u could only see them under bright lights. But the deep whites ones were horrible.

    Solution— L.E.D.
    I live in Arizona and I was looking on the web for solutions. I checked more creams, home remedies, and sugerory. I came to a salon web site that had a laser techinque that wasn’t expensive. Its called light-wave rejuvanation. I went into the clinic with high hopes it cost me 500$ for six weeks of theropy. Its condensed sun light without the harmful uva’s and all that crap. It has extra stuff like infered and etc. I go in twice a week for six weeks and I lay down and they put a machine over the strech marks( I did my pecks and stomach). 20 min on each section. When I was done all the strech marks were really red, but not the rest of my skin. It targeted the strech marks. Then right after the doctor used a pure collagen paste and it was extremly cool and tinkly were the strech marks were. I have gone for four weeks now and the red strech marks are gone, so now she is using it on my love handles. Also the deep ones on my tummy are still lightly there , but there is no more indentation. There just little marks on top of the skin. I am sure in two weeks they will be gone. If u plan on doing this u have to go twice a wek and have 30 hours in between each visit. Don’t miss a visit, its crucial that u go every time.
    And on my last visit the results were so good that she is going to use my before and after pics for the web launch and tv launch.

  208. Sara – I’ve recently bought and tried one. I’ve been using it for about a week and cannot see a difference yet..

    “The Cure and its not surgerory or a cream” can you tell me the name of this place? I live in Arizona too and I’m really interested in trying this treatment out too now.

  209. It seems like the only thing people keep mentioning is Parmers Cocoa butter! Well its crap bcuz it doesnt work on Stretch marks and its sticky if ur wearin clothes after the application! Bio oil is another, which for some it works but really takes its time!

    Im a guy and i got my stretch marks doin work outs and playin football n stuff! Its more frustrating for me bcuz guyz dnt really get them n when i go swimmin i feel really embarrased!

    here are a few things i came across whilst doin some research!

    rosehip oil

    scrubbing (dnt go crazy or ur skin will get even worse)

    wheat germ oil

    pure Aloe vera gel

    moisturizing daily with specific creams and lotions made for stretch marks

    and exercising (not body building for men which makes them worse)

  210. hello im 17 and i have strech marks on my belly and butt..they are not too bad but they are white..has anyone tried that vics vapo rub and pllzz tell me if that works

  211. Microdermabration does work and so does chemical peels to some degree Exfolation ,cocoa butter aloe vera and bio oil are good preventative measures. I am a thirty year old mother of three ten, two and one. After my first child I got rid of my stretch marks completely, using microdermabrasion, to the naked eye. I had six below my navel 5-7 cm long. After having my second child after six years later they appeared again. I got pregnant virtually straight away and had my third child. I did nothing in between having my second and third child except preventative measures so they are deeper than they originally were, also I am older now and skin is not quite the same at repairing itself. Just started a course of micro dermabrasion and after the seacond treatment have seen a significant dfference.
    I believe using combined methods you can if not get rid entirely significantly reduce the appearance of stretchmarks. However once the skin has beeb damaged in this way any weight gain or loss could show this damage or make them more apparent. Once you get stretch marks one has to continue to treat them.

  212. grrls dont worry so much about strech marks its only skin deep if people cant see that they are the ones with the problems

  213. hi my name is sandra when i was only 12 years old i notised stretch marks one my hips firt it was a litttle now im 14 and i have some on my breast to i try some cream but it doesnt work im not verry skinny and im not fat im kind average 130 pounds so why am i getting so many strech marks im kind aktive but not relly im just a normar teen someone please help me so i can have a boby of a 14 year old

  214. (this is not a tip)my name is rachel and im 13 years old; i have stretch marks on the top of my legs and a lot on my boobs. im not so bovered about the ones on my legs but the ones on my boobs do, as this means i can’t wear low cut tops and im really self contious abut them has any one found a way that will actually work as ive tryed creams and they don’t seem to be working, has anyone else got any tips for me please. it would mean a lot!!!

  215. This is a tip that will just save you time and money. I’m 19 and just had a baby. People told me to use cocoa butter to prevent stretch marks. Well, I applied cocoa butter every day after showering and then again at night and it didn’t help prevent stretch marks at all. For a while I was even convinced that it was making it worse. Hope this helps

  216. AAHHHHHHH i am 15 and i have stretch marks on my thighs and they r a purple color and they r super visible cause i love to wear minni skirts and shorts…well i did i should say. I am totally freaking out cause i dont know what to do and i juat want them to go away soooo badly, i am willing to do anything just to get rid of those ugly things. PLEASE HELP!!!

  217. rachel i tried vics vapo rub aloe vera and any abricote scrub use the abricote scrube in the shower aloe vera after you get out of the shower. and vics vapo rub the morning midday and before you go to bed
    i have been using this technich for about 6 days and i noticed a mininal result after 2 days

  218. yeah so im 15 and i have stretch marks on my inner thighs and i hate them. i really havent gained much weight. but i reallyy hate them. like im 15 and i dont wanna worry about having stretch marks. helppppppppp!

  219. ok so jess you say you havent gained much weight so how much more a less do you weight and how tall r u im 17 years old i used to weight 180 at 13 it was bad but know i lots now i lost 60 pounds and i way 130 sometimes excercise and eting propely can help get red of ugly stretch mark use all of moisturising cream i did and i notised its going away im not the kind of girl to wear minni skirt but in the summer it bothers me i also live in canada so its not so bad just keep using moisturising cream and you well see a big difference

  220. this is not relly a tip more something to make all u girls and guys out there fell a little better look at this page there is myabe 100 people that have wrote something and there all different stories we all no that we all cover them so dont worry so much. any one can have them even if your supper skinny of over weight or average or tall or small even if you have a friend who is relly pretty you never khow he or she can have it to think of the bright side there lots of people the care and want to helpthis page is a example so keep your heads up high and dont worry aboout waht people think cuz your all looking for advise cuz your araid people well talk about you not because it bothers you its the truth we are all in this together and maybe one day there well be a cream were you put it on and it all goes away just be strong ****!!:)

  221. im only 13. i have terrible stretch marks i have them on the back on my knee’s & on my upper inner thigh’s i used Vaseline’s cocoa butter, it works somewhat give it a try!

  222. what is vapo rub so good to use what makes it go away and does it relly work becaude i just stated using it and nothing is happing

  223. melanieee im likee 118 and im 5’4 and ive been mosturizing every dayy. but i know it takes timee. soo ill see how it goes.

  224. I ave them sence i was 14, and now i 19, i’m with my boyfriend 3years
    and he doesn’t care, none of my friends know, i’m a size 8,and a lot of my friends always say i have a nice figure, i’d be like “ye rite”:)
    HALLE BERRY has stretch marks i seen it in a magazine on her hips and they were big,you see a LOT of people writin here are sayin there ugly, now i don’t know about you but even if Halle Berry had them every were (she could) i’d stil see her as one of the most sexiest woman in the world would you??I love Aloe Vera for everything but i’ve never tryed the products for anyone did let me know??

  225. I am 14 and i have gained weight but i have been the same weight for about 2 months now but i have stretch marks on my sides, thighs, and boobs and i really want to get rid of it but i don’t have the money help.

  226. Hey,
    I am 18 and male, and have stretch marks everywhere, i mean, its ridiculous, im an an average build,muscular, but i have them, on my hips, behind my knee, on my Biceps and behind my shoulders. isn’t fun having to try and cover everything up.i was working out everyday in a gym, but then i stopped for a long time as i moved house, thats when they all started appearing which was a big smack in the mouth. i think i’m just gonna try and eat healthy and drink a lot of water to make sure no more appear. and hope that they fade, they are at an early age of appearing, last 1-4months i’ve had them, anything that can make them fade? that people have “actually” had a success with? as its beach season soon and i need to get back with the ladies! or at least feel confidant about my self again.

    If anyone has any nice remedies or suggesting please let me know.

  227. HEY! i just wanna know if many guys got stretch marks on their biceps because of visiting the gym a lot! and what can i do with mine?!
    is Vic’s Vapor Rub the ideal solution or should i just try the vitamin E rub? please tell me what i should do, thank you 😉

  228. I’ve had stretch marks since i was 17. i got pregnant, but then had an abortion. i was depressed, so i ate everything and stretch marks started appearing all over my body: hips, shoulders and butt. i use strivectin SD, but it doesn’t work. i’m trying to get laser surgery or anything that’s going to work.if anyone has a suggestion, please help.

  229. I am 29 and had a baby when I was 19. I got terrible stretchmarks on my sides and stomach{think deep red zebra stripes} I have tried everything from cocoa butter,bio-oil,jean’s remedy,trilastin,mederma,strivectin—nothing works. My marks are still red and purple in color even after 10 years. Recently I had the idea to use neosporin scar pads. My doctor said my stretchmarks reminded him more of scars, so I thought maybe the scar pads might help. Has anyone else used these for their marks? I have only been using them for about a week, as they can get expensive.

  230. jay gave me a tip a while ago about the vix rub i tryed it and it isent working, i am 13 and im covered in them and in a coupple of weeks im going on holiday (to the south of france) with the school and i dont no what to do please help PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  231. Im 15,almost 16..and I have stretch marks on my thighs,butt,and boobs. they drive me crazy and im not sure what to do. I’ve been using Coco Butter for a while,but no results yet. Im already self contious about my body so this just makes it even worse. I’ve been with my boyfriend for a month now,and I feel like I have to be perfect for him. So when && if he sees my stretch marks..Im afraid he might leave me. I know that if he really liked me he wouldnt, but no guy wants a girl with stretch marks. Please PLEASEEEE help me. Any tips or anything would be much appreciated.
    thanks. =]

  232. I had my first child 4years ago aged 16 i was covered in stretch marks, my doctor (who has FIVE children) said if they are getting you down use bio oil twice a day and rub it in to each mark / scar for about 3minutes then treat yourself to a sun. My little one was born september 2002 i used bio oil daily and my hubby & i went to the tanning salon (fast tan) and took our baby with us to take it in turns everyday for 12minutes and three months later every single mark was gone!And i had a gorge tan! I am now nrly 5 months pregnant and have about 6marks already, i definately plan to use bio oil and make my daily trip to the tanning salon once baby number two is born! This worked for me and my dr who has a perfect body!! Good luck

  233. plsss………… help! me iam 14yrs old i had it since 13. i got my arms,chest etc. i think it is getting worse. my theory is losing some weight co’z iam a little bit chubby. how can i get rid of it by not using some product?

  234. i hate that i cany go swim suit shopping and show off my nice body because my strech marks on my thighs are so visible ……… i’m losing so much self esteem…. i hate my self… im 18 what do i do i want a cureeee

  235. I know I have posted on here before ….I still have stretch marks but they are fading …Lately I have gotten lazy. But what I am doing it is still working.

    It is a slow process bcuz I allow time for my skin to rest. When i a letting skin rest. I will take moisture baths with calgon bath beads. Your skin will be really soft after you will be able to get rid of alot dead skin. After I will rub firmly with a towel. Once dry I will dry brush my skin. Next really moisturize with lotion of your choice. Brands i like St ives, aveeno or Queen helene cocoa butter mango.

    I like that everyone is posting what they are doing. Personal I think there is more than one to rid stretch marks. I wish people would stop being negative and telling others not try.

    Well because right now I do not have alot money …I was looking was simpler way to rid my stretch marks….I bought queen helene 100% cocoa butter stick (like it better than others) and use it faithfully about 2 times a day to the areas with stretch marks. FYI: I have tried the palmers tummy butter too its just as good just costed more). But I like the queen helene stick it only cost about $1.50

    I know people may not know what I am refering to but I have derma roller that I use on my skin. I do not use it all the time. (It is bcuz I am lazy…also stretch marks do not bother me as much as they did when i was younger.) It needles the skin with little nicks. The skin will have little scabs like dots but it works. I only do the area with stretch marks. Then I will use witch hazel to sooth my skin in the areas with stretch marks. Next I generously apply the cocoa butter stick to areas with stretch marks.

    Since I have using the QH cocoa butter stick…it works to fade them on its own. But cocoa butter worked even faster to heal the stretch marks when I used it after needling. I do not like to needle my skin more than once in a week. Why needle…it gets rid of them faster (my personal option). I had alot of stretch on my arms for years bad ones….and other areas of my body. I worried about the ones on my arms the most for years. So I would only work on my arm for needling but I have been have such good results that I am going to do the other areas. The stretch marks on my arms are almost completely gone (the deep one) …some have totally disappeared.

    I tried jean wu…I did notice some type of improvement but it so so slow. Too slow. Hope this helps someone

  236. hi guys[girls]
    i am 13 and have stretch marks on my legs and butt and i know how depressing it can be. but let me tell you a few things that can help a lot!!! first of all TRY to have a good self esteem!!! thats a big part of it!!! also…vitamin E capsules work, just break ‘m open and rub them on you stretch marks at night. also neosporin works great. lots of it!!! these things work!!! when you wake up and look at them they are gone!!! unfortunately they come back a little bit…but oh well. i hope they work for you like they are working for me!!! have a great day!!!!!!

  237. hey (loser) which i am sure your not!!! Neosporin works and so does vitamin E capsuls!!! just put one of them one before you go to bed. and i know…i love my b.suit but i hate wearing it!!! i always look at other girls and am like dang it!!! i am also going to try egg just let them dry on your stretch marks and then wash it off with ice water!! i will let you know if it worked!!!

  238. hey nicole
    if he loves you he will stay with you…i have a guy friend that i like and he said he doesnt really mind…guys dont care about skin. but i know how you feel…try putting Vitamin E gel (from the capsuls) or neosporin on before you go to bed…it really works!!!

  239. hey rachel…
    neosporin works great!!! put it on before you go to bed… gives fast results!!! hope it works for you!!!

  240. hey sara…
    there is an alternitive brand that i use..equate triple antibiotic ointment[it comes in a tube]…it works just as good as the nesporin brand and is like half the price!!! also right now i am using the gel from Vitamin E and it seems to work even better!!! mine are almost gone…hope you have as fast results as i have!!!

    your welcome =)

  241. rachael t…
    the equate triple antibiotic ointment is just as good and 1/2 the price!!! and it works pretty good.

  242. I haven’t heard of mixing vitamin E with olive oil but I bet it would work really well, especially since they are both really good for stretch marks. I would say give it a try and see what happens- and post your results here!!

  243. i just sent my dad to the stire to get me more Vitamin E Tab. and he came home with this container of just the oil thats inside!!! it saves a lot of work and is less expensive because it lasts much longer. just thought i would tell yall…i write in here a lot!!!!

  244. i tried vit. e oil with olive oil awhile back but wasnt consistent with it. didn’t like it too much b/c it was just so oily and wet. it just takes forever to dry. good luck on that though.

    anyone try aloe vera (pure gel)?? says it’s good on scars and stretchmarks are scars soo thought it might be somewhat effective.

  245. iI have stretch marks everywhere and I’m in my 30’s and tried cocoa butter, vitamin k, creams from magazines and they have not worked at all. That is what has been bothering most of my life I hate them they are ugly I’m sorry. I can’t even wear shorts because I have them all the way from the back of my calves all the way up my butt and thighs and stomach and arms they are just everywhere. Yeah I’d rather be fat than get stretch marks anyday. Is there anything to help them fade away I know you cannot get rid of them I learned this in my a and p class. I t goes deeper under the skin.

  246. Hey everyone,

    I was looking online and I found a couple home remedies for stretch marks. I just found them so I dont konw if it works but I thought it might be useful to someone… Good luck!

    Recipe One
    2 tsp Vitamin E Oil
    5 tbsp Cocoa butter
    1 tbsp Wheat Germ Oil
    2 tsp Sesame (Seed) Oil
    2 tsp Apricot Kernel Oil
    4 tsp Grated Beeswax

    Recipe Two
    6 tbsp Virgin Olive Oil
    3 tbsp Aloe Vera Gel (from fresh plant if possible)
    3 tsp or 6 capsules Vitamin E Oil
    4 tsp or 4 capsules Vitamin A Oil
    4 drops lavender oil
    4 drops chamomile oil
    6 tsp grated beeswax
    3 tsp grated cocoa butter

    With both recipes, you warm all ingredients gently over very low heat until they have slowly melted together. Remove and stir, leaving to cool for 20 min. When it has cooled, stir again then rub into any areas where you have stretch marks. If you do this every day, you should start to see some improvements after a few months.

  247. hey bella whats good are you sure that vitamin e capsules work i saw them in walmart so where is the pure gel they are on my shoulders and i run track i need them gone and how fast will i see results?

  248. candace, if i didn’t know better (wait, i do), i’d say you, as a “professional”, are harping on people in order to ensure you retain business along with a hefty paycheck.

    Guess what? no one in my family has sm’s, so I guess genetics don’t seem to play a great part in my case. And microdermabrasion of all sorts in regards to sm’s, from store bought kits, to doctor sessions, have 99% of the time yielded people NOTHING. Do you really think there are people on this thread that haven’t seen countless postings from cure-chasers spilling their guts on all the thousands of dollars they’ve spent on medical and spa procedures as well as their disappointing outcomes??

    You say microdermabrasion renders marks “nearly invisible”, yet you’re suggesting tattoos
    and creams to mask the color… basically, this means a client gets to keep the ugly red/purple/whiteness of the mark at the expensive cost of sandblasting their skin so it will only retain a temporary smoothness – but I didn’t notice you mentioning that.

    If one could get rid of the opposing skin color, all they’d need to smooth out the skin would be a good home exfoliation with any number of cheap scrubs or sponges. But you won’t say this outright, cuz it’s much better to skirt the truth to ensnare the gullible, ain’t it?

    But people in your business need to make money, which is why you show up on the sm help thread in order to begin with a slap in the face and end with the intro to one of your magic services as an end-all solution to the problem – but you’re careful not to say “completely gone” with this stream of potential clientele, so you won’t have to worry about possible false advertisement claims when everyone walks out of your office hundreds of dollars poorer and nothing to show for it.

    Sure, if creams worked, you wouldn’t have a job. But if microderm was even one iota of a decent solution, there wouldn’t be a thread. Or 500 others.

    So basically – (lol) – if microderm was all about sm’s, you also wouldn’t have a job.

  249. antwain nance…
    the results are immediate…put them on at night and they are gone i the morning…they do come back a little but they are much lighter…after a week or so they can hardly be seen…be sure to rub it in and not just slap it on. i just found at walmart that there is Vitamin E oli so you dont have to break them open…it works just as good.oh yea…and make sure it is pretty dry or soaked in before you get in bed. hope it works as good for you as it did for me…and good luck on your track.

  250. ronnie…
    i have them on the back of my calves too!!! i hate it i cant even wear capris!!!! Try Vitamin E…ive never even heard about Vitamin K!!

  251. i havent really got a tip sorry though i no this is the reason why most people came to this page hoping for a cure. but the thing is even though were all secretly wishing that these remedies will work if they did? dont you think we would already know about them? im 15 and have them on my thighs (inner and outer), breasts and knees. ive read people with way more than i do so i can’t exactly say how miserable i feel when i know alot more people are going through worse. but it doesnt change the fact that their there, on me and while everyone else is outside playing in bikinis in summer im just sitting aside in a pair of board shorts n a t-shirt because im scared people will see me as being flawed and not as perfect as them. yeh it might sound vain but i would give anything to look like i used to all i want to do is be proud of what ive got but how can i do that when what i have got is nothing to be proud of? theyre is so many important things in life that are more important than this but being a 15 year old ive got the rest of my life a head of me but with these things on me! and plus, im petite and skinny too so i dont know where ive gone wrong! i hope that whoever i marry in how many years time will be able to accept wot i have, (which will probly get worse with time) because when youre with someone you want to feel perfect. i dont know wot im gonna do when the time comes when im with that someone i just hope THEY can love me for what i have, cause i cant seem to love any part of me becauses in my eyes, theres not one part of me thats worth loving. i just wish everyone in the world new wot we are feeling and going through. then it wouldnt be so bad.

  252. I used to be very fit about two years ago when I did Taekwondo . But once I stopped I started to notice my body change , I developed stretch marks around my upper thighs. With summer coming I can’t be seen in a two piece looking like that I don’t know what to do , I guess i’ll have to go back to Taekwondo .

  253. I’m 16 years old and around Christmas i started to notice stretch marks on both of my hips, they’re bright red at the top and they stretch vertically….I really don’t want my g/f to see me with them and summer is 3 weeks away…I’m desperate to get rid of them. I’ve been using Skin Oil with Vitamin E but haven’t seen much improvement…any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  254. You guys (mostly girls) need to chill. Stretch marks aren’t the end of the world. I’m a 15 year old male, 210 lbs. I have a bunch of stretch marks on my arms, all the way down to that line thingy where your arm bends, stomach, chest, sides, etc. I see people a lot fatter than me that don’t have any stretch marks but honestly I don’t care. Just get over yourself and wear whatever you want to wear. Most people could care less if you have them. Do you see people with pimples covering up their faces?

  255. Kirsty…

    I know EXACTLY how you feel about yourself (as does just about everyone on this site!). I used to think my sm’s made me worthless too and ugly but then you have to remember that there are people out there with things like limbs missing, disfigured faces, or who can’t walk and I’m sure they would LOVE to have sm’s instead of what they hate about themselves! I’ve learned that the outside is just a shell and the inside IS WHAT MATTERS. Start believeing you are sexy and that you have so much personality and guys will flock to you. I know because it worked for me. I am COVERED in sm’s but before I met my boyfriend guys used to ask me out all the time! I just accentuated my good points like, I knew I had a good figure so I wore figure-hugging clothes and I laughed and smiled a lot. I thought my boyfriend was gorgeous and perfect when I met him and when it came time to have a physical relationship he had hang-ups about HIS body! Guys out there are insecure about their bodies too. You will find the perfect person for you. Hey, don’t get me wrong, I’m still hoping for a cure for sm’s or I wouldn’t be on this site, but having them has got me in touch with who I am on the inside and I think I’m great and I’m sure you and everyone on this site is too! I just don’t want you to think it’s the end of the world. Chin up now!

  256. I am 17 and i hve stretch marks on my uper arms and back. i cant show my skin cuz i am very self concious about them. i cant wear dresses, halter tops or anythin like tht. and i am tried of wearin long sleeves shirts =[ PLEAsE HELP! does anyone knw how to cure stretch marks that are white =[ PLEASE HELP

  257. I got a bottle of St. Ives Collagen&Elasin. I don’t know what much it would on my skin since I already have stretch marks. But collagen was something I was looking for. So right now, I’m still exfoliating with St. Ives Apricot scrub then will use the collagen one. They’re both body wash. But then I will apply vit. e oil along with this hand lotion i used for my dry/cracked hands. It is 60% aloe vera gel so that’s why I’m trying it. And vit. e oil already has wheat germ oil along with other oils in it. So hopefully I’ll keep this routine and see if I get any results.

  258. im 5’2″ and i weigh 200 pounds im 18 and a female and i have a few strecth marks on my tummy i dont look like i weigh that much but god knows i feel it! i would like to know what works to get rid of the marks and how i can lose this weight!

  259. hey does anyone know if the menthol method works?

    and bella ill be sure to try ur method! sounds promising. but after its gone will u still have to conutinue putting it on?

  260. oh and which one of the vitamin e oil did u use? i see equaline, nature valley, or tocophery category or something

  261. yo bella thanks ma ill try it mines are deep should i use neosporin and vitamein e oil before i got to bed?

  262. hi i am onli 12 and i av quite a few stretchmarks. i have about 3 half a cm on my boobs (they are fine! i dont worry about them at all with a bra on u cnt see at all) none on my belly none on me bum or my arms but on my waist they are like nearly 2 cm long and theres like 6 of them they r really noticeable. i av them on my legs none on my calves but on the back of my knees my left leg is fine im really proud there is like one stretchmark thats it but on the other one its like thin red lines about 4 3cm ones and on the top of me legs (thighs) are i no there small but there smaller than a cm but there is quite afew. but i av a lot of pimples on me skin me being pale skinned so i could were skirts and shorts. if i wanted to but im not fat and not skinny. the only problem is me waist i just wish they would go away just me hips that is all! im puttin fake tan on (bottled) so that hopefully will improve them and make me relax a bit more. doesnt it do ur hed in tho wen u see adverts like veet and everything wen u see stretch mark free women really p****s me off. i av told me mum im not scared or ashamed she just sed they will go away in time and not to use any lotion. so im usin her advice.

  263. hate them…
    i hate them too!!!! no the menthol dosent work..will get back to you on the brand…@ a friends house!!!

  264. just wondering if anyone new of a clothing srore that has bathing suit shorts that are cute but cover-up the stretch marks on the thighs.

  265. i Know how u feel i have them on my inner thigh and there like pink. i’ve tried everything.i think i will try the viks

  266. I found this cute swimming shorts that cover my stretch marks up on my thighs at wal-mart. there really cheap.there in black brown blue and i think white. so yeah you should go and cheak them out bella. i hope this helps.

  267. Ok I’m a 14 girl and I have stretch marks on my back, my arms, shoulders, and hips.
    I’m black and my stretch marks are lighter than my own skin…but I also have a friend who is black, but her stretch marks are darker than her own skin, and shes a lil darker than I am…does that mean something?
    Well…any advie helps…

  268. ty it means yours are from loosing weight to fast hers are from being fat probably get vitamin e oil from walmart in the pharmacy aisle or if u cant find that get vitamin e capsules break em open and put on your skin

  269. hey bella, how much tablets of vita e do u put on ur area? i put 2 tablets for each area which is like 200lu each, and my area are kidna medium sized? this does work i wake up ini the morning and im lke oooo its lighter but unfortuenetly it comes back after a few minutes in the morning. ah so sad how long did it take u to make most of it go away? so far ive only used it twice.

    hey people would losing weight help the stretchm marks?

  270. ~*Ty*~ u got them on ur arms backs and shoulders? how did u manage that? i have them REALLY bad on my hips but my legs are ok the odd stretchmark about 8 altogether but but hips r so horrible!!! and i thought if u were tanned u cnt see or get them theres less chance or somat

  271. Hey everyone…..
    Go watch the movie “Secret”, I am gonna watch it tomorrow again. I hope it will help you a lot with your confidence. Just believe that they will go away and they will by the time.

  272. seriously i thought i was the only one with stretchmarks everywhere, i hate it i can never were sleeveless tops, skirts or low rises jeans and its depressing, i have tried most things but im gona give the vapour rub a try. i always dream of the day i will have clear skin, if that will ever happen. oh has anyone tried microdermabrasion, coz if the vapour rub doesnt work, thats my next option.

  273. vics wroks males them like whiteish but it really smells!!!!have you tried Vitamin E oil??? and the microdermabrazion doesnt work…stretch marks come from one of the bottom layers of your skin and a micro…only takes away the top layer. sorry if that is really disapointing!!!

  274. Antwain nance…i havent lost more than 5 pounds wen i got them… ill definantly try the vitamin e oil!

    Angel…i used to be in the sun ALOT! but they’re still there.

  275. if you have dark skin tone like me (hispanic background) tanning will make your stretch marks more noticable because the marks will not tan with the rest of your skin and the contrast will make them more noticed. i have htem all over my breasts and in the winter, they are rarely noticeable but during the summer its all you see.

  276. ahhh i cant wait 2 weeks. i wish theyd be gone already sighhhhhhh im getting so depressed and whats more is veins can be seen on my legs. oh yeah bella how much tablets do u use for each area.

  277. Hi there guys, I’m thinking of using Vicks and Vit E Capsules, I have stretch marks on my inner thighs, back of kness and hips, they used to be pink at first but now they are white, I heard last night on Radio one white is the last stage of the stretch mark, white is the scar, pink and purple are more easily treated, so that annoyed me cos I didn’t know it was better to treat them when they are pink or purple because when I first got them I was only about 12, I’m 19 now, anyway what I was trying to get to was how many capsules do you open on one particular area (the Vit E capsules) and how long should you rub in for, also about the Vicks, how much of that do u use, does any of this really work or am I wasting my time 🙁

  278. My cousin used Bio Oil on darker stretch marks and they ahve worked on her she has managed to turn them silvery colour, so that’s something, also my mum used Palmer’s cocoa butter formula during and after her pregnancy and she has not got one single stretch mark so that does work in preventing them

  279. sex, yes sex! this can help alot by taking away fears of people looking at the marks, after all, if u getsex hus boverd!

  280. Vicks – Vicks Vapo Rub is the one you use when you have a cold/flu you rub it under the nose and/or on chest/back to clear nose, its a UK thing so if you live somewhere else I don’t know if you have it there, here is the url to view a picture of it: .

    I think mixing everything that is said to work along with massaging the area and lots of hot baths etc (everything mentioned above!) is bound to do something, surely! OMG isn’t it a nightmare!!

  281. Hi Everyone! There is a new treatment out called ‘ Relume Phototherapy’ that works to bring the white colour in the stretchmarks, back to the normal colour of your skin! I am sure this would be an expensive treatment and will need alot of sessions, thats the disadvantages. Laser therapy also works for stretchmarks. Microdermabrasion would also reduce the appearance of mature white marks and will probably work on new stretchmarks. Why not visit a Dermatologist or an Advanced skin specialist for advice! There are cheaper versions of Microdermabrasion body polishes that you can buy online or search on google. Another product you could try is a glycolic acid body lotion or a microdermabrasion mitt, that you can also buy online, again search on google. Exfoliation will also help reduce stretchmarks, you can buy exfoliation products at a low cost. I would also advise you to take a multivitamin, drink 2 litres of water a day and exercise atleast 3 times a week. Hope i have helped. Good luck!

  282. This isn’t a tip, but i have a question, do stretch marks, mild ones, have red dots, or something, and light faint red lines? i have some on my inner thighs, so im gonna try and start preventing them now, and is 143, for a 15 year old, with a height of 5’4 too much?

  283. where can i get vitamin e oil from? does bio oil realli wrk? and if u stop using vitamin E would i get more marks?

  284. girll1
    i am not sure if you would get more or not…i have never stoped using it!!!! and u can get the oil from walmart or krogers…and i have never tried bio oil.

  285. hate them-
    i know i hate waiting to!!!! i used like 3 200iu tablets..or you can get the oil which is less os a hastle!!!

  286. steph-
    the vixs DOSENT WORK!!! it just smells really bad!!!the vitaminE wirks great…you put like 3-4 200iu capsuls in each spot..but i use the oil that is less messy and cheaper and works just as well!!! how can you get any better than that??!!! you can get this @ walmart or kroger…hope i ve helped!!!

  287. hate them-
    an hour is PLENTY of time!!! its not going to be completley dry for a long time so just until you can tell its not just laying on your skin!!! and also a good tip is like when u take a shower put epson salt on them and rub it in, right now i am trying neosporin and v. E on my really dark ones and it seems to be working…i will tell you how it goes!!!

  288. loosing weight helps, but its so hard!!!
    i am doing hip hop abs and it is so much fun!!! the guy is exactly like will smith from fresh prince!!!its a great esteem booster!!! and you can really feel it workin!!!!

  289. I had a baby 6 months ago. I am the type that really care what my body looks like. Before I got pregnant I was was at 120 pounds and by the time I had my son I was at 175. And I cred every time I put a pound on. And every stretch mark that appeared. I have them all over my breast and from my bikini line all the way up to my rib cage. I have tried just about everything. I am getting ready to go to the laser treatment. Does anyone know what I can do before I go and get this done. PLease Help!!

  290. hmm at the albertsons here they dont have just the oil so i have to use the tablets. i wish i can find just the oil. oh and when u put neosporin on too, do you apply it after u apply vitamin e oil or the other way around? would mixing cocoa butter wrk?

  291. I am only 13 years old,
    I grew a bit and at the begin of the winter I got stretch marks.
    Im one of the strongest girls in my class and I do soccer, vollyball, track, basketball and now dive tetam I use cocoa butter every morning evening eat lots of protein and drink lots of water but it hasnt worked, and Im embarrassed to go to our pool in my bikini what should I do?

  292. Sofia red line stretchmarks are newly marks, this is the best time to use a cream and body scrub on them, because they are still new you have a better chance of healing them, therefore reducing them. White Stretchmarks are old mature marks.

  293. Kisha are your stretchmarks still red in colour? Because laser therapy would be the best option for red, pink or purple newly marks. Laser therapy works better on red, pink, or purple marks – ones that still have colour. Relume phototherapy would probably be the best option for white mature stretchmarks.

  294. bella do i apply the vitamin E oil and then put the neosporin strip?? or the strip first then the oil? do viks make the marks worse if u stop using it?

  295. ITS NOT FAIR. im only 15 and the marks are soooooooooo big 🙁

    cover up girls! sadly thats all we can do until they fade 🙁

  296. mmm yah i gots stretch marks in right inner thigh,, startin on left 2 now. uh i dunno i do tumbling so i mite have like bulky muscles i guess mayb dats y. i duno how much i weigh honstly but im a average 15 yr old um range from sizes 0,1,3,5,7 depends on brand o.O
    but its mean & annoyin so i been usin cocoa butter 4 like a month now & i just noticed like a min ago dat they like multiplyed. ughhh. i never drink water tho cuz i hate it but i guess i shud try.
    i eat healthy kinda tho im a vegitarian so i eat lotta salad & such. but shud i like stop doin gymnastics>?
    i been doin it on and off for like 4 years its super fun but
    i dun wanna b all overly muscley & have purply lines all over meh legs. blah i hate it. i guess i will jus keep workin on gettin um not noticable but y r ther moreeeeeee i been usin cocoa buttterrrrrrrr ick,,..


  297. Yes mine are still purple-redish color. I got told today that the laser wont take the stretch marks all the way gone so I dont know what to do. Has anyone tried anything and it actually worked.

  298. its hard to except them but after a while u just say forget it i have them on my shoulders probably worser than anyone on here i went swimming yesterday people stare but hey forget what they think GOD loves you and he is the only one who can judge you take it from someone who knows

  299. you can prevent stretch marks but once you have acquired them they are nearly impossible to get rid of so stop wasting money on magic creams if it is a fresh scar try shea, coca, butter or aloe vera but if they are no longer red its too late and they will be less noticeable in the future

  300. Hey my name is Tiffany. And im 15 years old and ever since I was 13 years old. I gain a lot lot of weight I have them on my upper arms, belly,breast, love handles, legs, and on my side of my back also. I hate looking on the mirrow and looking at thses nasty stretch marks. I am using to coco butter cream and it seems to help and im also trying to loose weight and im going to find out if that helps or not I will kept you posted and tell you how it works to.


  301. Damn i have read all your guy’s tips n some work n soe dont!!
    this all didnt give me much hope…but i do feel kinds better, i thought i had them bad!
    i have some on my inner thighs n my hips n a little on my lower back, but there all white except for a couple on my inner thigh close to my private parts!!
    i havent gained much weight ithr these things are natural in life!!
    so from what i ahve been reading i think ima try the eeg whites and vapor rub! i will keep you posted on what all goes on..i will give you tips on what works!
    alright good luck to you all with your success..

    keep posting advice i enjoy reading

  302. Heya, I’m from the UK & over here I know quite a few girls with stretchmarks. I’m one of them. I came on here looking through the remedies ect.. & I saw Vic’s & I was like Omg I have lots of that.
    So for the past few days I’ve been rubbing it on the affected area’s and they’re basically gone. Just a few more times & they’ll be gone I guess.

    Good luck to the rest of you. xx

  303. So far, I’m seeing good results with the method from I was really surprised by the difference. Instead of using the drugstore cream that Jean recommends, I’ve combined her massage technique with Trilastin. I’m also trying to build collagen from the inside out using supplements and foods, but it’s a slow process.

    Also, do NOT buy the ebook from It’s a total and complete scam. All of the included nutritional info (which is not complete or even helpful) is readily available through any Google search, and the massage method is the same as Jean’s, just less thorough.

  304. Shae,

    That is so great- Im really happy for you!! Did you rub the Vics in once or twice a day? Also, how long did you rub it in for? Thanks!!!

  305. yeah i gotta load of f****ing stretch marks on my back. Due to excesive exercise. Now I know how to heal them (so they are not that clear/visable-the sh***y marks will still be their, but won’t be as visable!). Just scrub the stretch marks with sponge and soap daily. Don’t drink caffiene, coffee, loads… and eat breaky, lunch, and dinner. No junk food, just healthy Sh**. And, most importantly, don’t do as many repetitions of push ups, or whatever you do (sit-ups are highly not recomemnded), dont do loads of reps, just 20 or 30 daily or so, this will prevent more marks. trust me. j

  306. kisha…
    mine are prcticaly gone after using vitamin e oil!!! 3 weeks so far, will probably be com. gone in 4 or 5 !!!! so excited!!!

  307. girl1-
    i put them together, i use the neosporin in the tube…just put in enogh that it looks like enough and isnt to runny!!!!

  308. girl1-
    i dont like the vics!!! @ all!!!! it smells and hardly works!!! it just stays this one lighter pink color!!!!

  309. hate them-
    i dont know if the coco would work…i mix the neosporin and vit. e together in a small container put just enough v. e so it works but not so its runny!!! hope this helped!!!

  310. hi im a 14 yr old girl i have not done anythin wrong or bad to my body yet i have stretch marks on my hips they are like a black ,purplish and a bbit of red. I only have it on me hips i dont know what to do an im embarraessed to tell my parents. WHAT DO I DO
    ps im not pregnent or anythin im clean

  311. my stretch marks are reddish in color… they are on my stomach and thighs. the ones on my boobs are white and don’t bother me at all. I hate them… Does everyone’s fade to white? I would be so much happier if they would fade. The reddish color is just too much…

  312. kat-
    if they are that dark i would suggest doing some intens workout for the hips like in the gym or something and then at night put vit. E on them…vics works for some people more than others so you could try that too. and dont be embaressed to tell your parents they wont care because they love you and moms can offer some great addvice!!! hope this helped!!!

  313. kat-
    only do workouts for like 20 min or even walking would help…if you do it to much then more will come!!!

  314. girl1-
    iam sure it would be fine..never used them before..i would probably put it on before the vit e so it can soak in tho…

  315. i just got some bathing suit shorts at walmart hey are acctually workout shorts but they are made of the same material and they cover up my stretch marks completly!!! i love them…i got a bakini to go underneath because it dosent have the lineing but they were onlt 8/98 so how much better can u get!!!!???? they are danceskins…hope this will bring hope to some of you guys!!!

  316. i have really bad strech mark on t he back of my legs. i have tried absoluty everything and they wont go away. i cant wear a skirt out without tight or have to wear trousers permantely. please someone help me what can i do?

  317. leanne-
    OMG!!! i have stretch marks on the back of my legs too!!! i feel like i am the only person who has them there!!! i put vit. E oil on mine…i put it on right before bed and let it soak in before getting under the covers. it works really well but it takes 1-3 weeks for them to be almost gone…if they are really dark…if they are light just a few days!!! hope this helps.

  318. im am 20yrs old i had stretch marks since i was about 10… i have them everywhere all over my arms down to my fore arms my back stomach tighs and knees… i hate them soooooooo much they are white i dont remember them even being pink or purple… i just kept tellin myself they will heal with time… time yea right i had them for about 10 rs now and they are still here worst… i dont show my arms for nothing i wear long sleev even in the summer… i refuse to show my back or wear short cut shirts… i dont know what to do i keep hearing nothing work so i dont want to waste my money.. i dont know what to do anymore i might be trying the viks really soon.. im so despret im going to try the viks along with neosporin and vit.E.. i will let yall know how that comes along..

  319. Bella,

    Are the stretch marks actually gone? Like can you still see them in some lights, or in the sun? Also, do you think they will come back when you stop using the vitamin E?

  320. i’ve tried fruit of the loom cocoa and shea butter lotion also i break open vitain e capsules and neosporin ive combined all of them together evrynight for 2 days now il post my results here it should work tho

  321. Hey everyone I don’t have a tip but I need some help, I’m 15 and have stretch marks on my stomach and arms. I am about 210 pounds and plan on loosing weight this summer. I would like to know what the best thing is to get rid of them because by next summer I would actually like to go swimming.

  322. i have stretchmarks on my legs the inner part i can wear shorts but not short ones. im going to this volleball camp and im afraid off them laughing at me im 13 alamost 14 i have had them for about 1 year and they are now sartin to bug me and i use the cocoa buter lotion and its not working but i think im goin to try the vix rubb and if there is anyone out there that can help me please do!

  323. Look,my name’s Regina and my story relates to Sierra’s story. I’m 16, I’m 5″10 and i weight 197 lbs. I don’t have any tips, I’m looking for some. I want to know how can I get rid of my strecth marks without getting laser surgery or spending like $50 and $60 on cosmetics. I’m 16 so my money is limited. Does anyone have any advice for me? And by the way, I’m a brown-skinned African American so I can’t go and get tanned. Can some one please help me?

  324. I am only 15 and I cannot live a normal teenage life because of the stretch marks behind my shoulders and even when i am absolutely burning in the summer i can never jus take of my jacket because of my fear of ppl staring at me….PLZZZZZZ if there is any one out there that knows how to eliminate this monster forever let me know i am DESPERATE

  325. regina buy some neosporin also vitamin e capsules from walmart break open the capsules and rub it in also get cocoa and shea butter rub it in evrynight before you go to sleep

  326. Wow! It’s my second day using vic vaporub and I recomend it totally! They are gradually vanishing, but at first you should try it just in one area, to see if you’ve got the wanted results. I’m tryin’ it on my shoulders and they are getting invisible. Thanks for the tip, I was desperated to get rid of this awful strech marks.
    Try that and then post here to show your results

  327. can any one tell me how to do the vaporub plaese iam really desperate for my strecth marks to be gone so please help

  328. Has anyone used trilastin sr? it was even featured on the tyra bank show…go to to see some results…maybe some help after all =)

  329. Haha well i def. do not have a tip. but i have stretch marks on my inner thighs pretty bad. I hate them..hah. I am only 13 too! Well when i was younger i used to be kinda chunky haha and i lost all my baby fat. My body is very toned and i play 5 sports. I am busy all the time with the gym and pratices…and i drink a lot of water everyday. My body is full grown, i am 5 foot 7. I haven’t tried the lotion thing but i guess i will.I havent been able to find that vics vapor stuff tho so i guess i will keep looking. Just Frusterating b/c none of the girls on my team have them where i do. And idk it just sux. And o yah the whole tanning thing doesn’t really work either cuz i am like mexican dark from laying out and i can still see theM! haha

  330. hey i know exactly how every1 feels ay, im onli 19 and ive neva eva had stretch marks untill about 8 months ago when i started going on the pill and i gained about 10-15kgs. Then like all of a sudden i got stretch marks everywhere on my hips,breasts, thighs, butt and behind my knees, im like so depressed i cry everyday when i look in the mirror and ive tried bio oil and it hasnt reali worked in fact i have gotten more now, im so lost wot to do can any1 help me???

  331. LOL, your birth control is probably causing the marks, and not just because you gained weight. Stretch marks are hormonal. I’ve gained a lot of weight strictly because of health problems, but my marks are all due to hormonal fluctuations, not stretched skin. Bio Oil has mineral oil in it, so I don’t think it works. is good but takes times.

  332. Hello.
    I’m Jessica and I’m 16 years old.
    I stand 5’3″ and weigh 115lbs.
    I have deep, white stretch marks on my inner thighs. Small white stretch marks just abit between my hip and outer thigh.
    Then so far one fresh new purplish-blue stretch mark on the side of my breasts.

    I came seeking help to my problem of getting rid of these dredful things but have found nothing so far that has worked. Is there any advice you can provide me? I’ve tried cocoa butter mixed with shea butter but it has done nothing but help provent them and make the skin soft and silky.



  333. please help im quite over weight, and i have stretch marks everywhere belly behind my knees arms just everywhere im going on holiday in the summer and i reali want to wear nice clothes and where my tankini without them showing im trying vic vapour rub at the moment its my first nite i so hope this works !! any one got any tips ??????

  334. has anyone tried mederma? i saw it in like commercial and its for scars and stuff, and i went to walgreen today and i saw it and it said it was also for stretchmarks. like 18 bucks. i wonder if it works. and does vics vapor rub really work???? ive been using vita e oil and neosporin. sorta works. been 2 weeks and stopped using. >

  335. If people stopped complaining and read this forum they would realise that there r many tips available…has anyone tried trilastin sr?

  336. listen..this is some advice for people who want to get rid of stretch marks….some people will get stretch marks for many reasons like… growing up, hereditery, weight loss, weight gain, pregnacy etc….who knows dammit im not a doctor..haha…but there are many more reasons!! and there are many creams, oils, and a bunch of other good stuff that will lighten them up possibly make them hardly noticible…i mean dont put on a cream one day and expect results the next day..people who say they see results in two days are probably bull*****ng…its consistency..that means u need to be day and night on those damn stretch maarks…u need to rub watever lotion/oil etc that u are using really good…personally everyones skin is different…for me i used vics vapor rub and mine seemed to get worse..and some people who used it said it worked on them…..then i bought some cheap a$$ stretch mark cream from vons-(a store) and mixed it with jojoba oil that i got from trader joes and in a couple weeks i could alredy see them getting a little lighter and its because i put it on every night and day not just throw it on there and expect to do magic….u have to rub it in for at least 15 mins…trust me…consistency takes time and effort……good luck!!!!

  337. I am very fit and got stretch marks from pregnancy. I developed them back in 1990 so they are very old. I started doing research on organic remedies fro various things and found that some oils are very good in helping heal stretch marks. I started massaging flaxseed oil to the areas and saw a difference in less than a week. Now I have added cod liver oil and vitamin E (with/aloe) to the mixture and massage it in in the morning and evening. The skin becomes smoother and the ridges slowly disappears. I have been doing this for almost two weeks now and it is incredible on the difference, especially on my stomach. There are other oils (olive oil, wheat germ oil, etc.)but these work very well. Vitamin A and K is also good. Try a few and see what works for you.

  338. First of all, I have had my personal struggles with stretchmarks they have ruined my life.I had them for 16 years , when I was 17 i got pregnant , and had to hide my pregnancy from my mother because I WAS SO young i couldnt treat my skin the right way , because i thought if my mom or siblings saw my stomach it would give me away.Well after all those years I have tried mostly everthing on the market. Nothing seems to work but exfoliating the skin every two days. I get my loofah, damp my skin and i scrub lightly over the skin , For every area needed to be treated i rub for 10 minutes, I then use aloe vera to sooth the area then I put Vaseline on the skin. Its not so much as the creams working you need to exfoliate the layers of skin, yes its take along time probaly 4-6 months but you have too be patient , u didnt get them over night so they are not going to leave over nite. I deal with them for a long, long time and they were the worst I every seen on anyone they were long, deep, and covered my entired stomach and breast, I am a black female, and I’m 35 years old . I hope this helped someone.

  339. I would also like to add if your stretchmarks are not that old then are more likely to fade very fast, still if you have very old ones still dont give up just give it some time,I promise you will see results in some months yes i know its summer and we all want to wear the bikini! but remember some of us have suffer this long possibly alot of years, whats a few more months going to hurt. I recommend also drinking plenty of water and any creams u were using keep using them because long as you exfoliate it still would help.

  340. I’m so embaressed by my stretch marks and im so sick of them! I want them to go away but i dont know how to get ride of them. What is the fastest and cheapest way to get rid of them?

  341. Hi everyone i have been using bio oil for about seven weeks now. Every day i take the time to slowly massage the oil into my stretch marks and i must say i have noticed alot of fading but i do have to be consistent
    with this stuff or my stretch marks flare right back up. both my mother and sister share this problem with me. I have been body building since i was 16 im 24 now so i guess i haven’t helped things im very self conscious about my appearance and i can only describe it as purple looking lightning all over my arms, chest, and sides but as ive said this bio oil has had some positive effects so far but i would like to try what some people have recommended vapour rub?

  342. yes i work out all of the time usually for about 2 hours at a time intensly when i use cocoa butter it helps because they stop growing but really you can lie to urself and makeurself feel better about them but really everyone wants them gone. im thinking about geting tattoos over them ive heard they bleed after that and the tattoo might look a little messed up but i dont care i just want to see if it looks good, but id like to see if any of yall have had tattooing done on your stretch mark after you got the stretch mark and I mean did tattooing on the stretch mark a week a year or more

  343. oh and to that girl who keeps talking about trilastin, its helps a little but she keeps talkin about it cocoa butter works just as good that trilastin is expensive compared to cocoa butter

  344. hi i amm 13 and i was obece as a child and thats how i got them
    i have them on the inside of my thighs outside of my hips around my belly button but they are starting to go away i say take care of your skin andsgivce it time . and remember that you criticise your body more than anyone else does. everyone has problems no body is perfect!!
    my tips : hot milk baths and fizzies , Stri vectin helps reduce the looks, lotion, and dove body scrubs help too, and i am trying the vapo rub good luck to everyone

  345. Bonjour, im going into grade 11 next year and i HATE my back of my legs, i just started to get them.. and its a killer. i hate these vile ugliness that has come to me. i never had these worse, only when i was 13 when it started between my thighs and my breasts and nobody knew about it except me. my bestfriend has them too, i think its because the size of her boobies lolz.. she is slim too but just big in the chest area so i think that might have an effect on it. but hers are fading away so its not noticable (sp?)….

    and i cannot wear tank tops without myself trying to cover it up with make-up (acutally works for a bit), but my back of my leg stretch marks have kind of been fading and reappearing at some points.. it grinds my gears because they’re just THERE and it looks like a huge scar, thats there for around 6-8 months and then randomly dissappears.. my boyfriend also has the same thing, but on his abdomen. he isnt obese but i think its puberty because he is well built and lean. his are starting to fade away also. but more likely will come back up no time 😎
    i’ve read some of your tips and i will try some of them. because school is out for me and i need to be in a bathing suit tanning with my girls and wearing tanks and shorts without hessistation and embarassment! >:0

    i dont think my boyfriend has noticed them. because i wear capris, and sometimes shorts but thats when we go into his pool and you cannot see stuff underwater unless you have goggles.. but anyways, its emabarassing to show your love one because i (we) think its a major turn off and its out there, very noticable.
    but thanks and i will try to take some tips and sink it in my head and try them out
    (essay much? haha typical canadian)

    la revedere

  346. Alex i have 20 inch arms so you can imagine how my stretch marks look lol, i have half sleeve tattoos on each arm to give you and idea they are copied from a H R Giger book a bio mechanical look they do cover up the stretch marks well but sweet jesus did it hurt when going over the stretch marks!

    Ps trying the vapor rub today.

  347. so thats good i mean pains really nothing for me cause i box in a league so the tattoos do cover em up thats whats up

  348. Giving up on the vapor rub cant stand the smell i’ll stick to the placebo effect bio oil lol. Alex i done over nine hours on each arm in two sittings it was nothing until he went over the stretch marks trust me its going to hurt i almost fainted with the adrenaline rush!

  349. Start taking a multivitamin for preventing stretchmarks, i started taking a multivitamin after my stretchmarks appeared, i havent had anymore stretchmarks since.Exfoliate your skin on a daily basis and moisturise, drink plenty of water. There are treatments out there called Relume, this treatment works on old white mature marks. I think N lite treatment works on red marks. But these treatments are probably expensive. Search on google for advice, if your serious about treating your stretchmarks!

  350. Im 16 and last month noticed i had small tretch marks appearing on my tits. I wasnt that worried cos i thought they would just go away + its probably one of those teenage things. BUT THEY DIDNT. :@ They grew bigger + today ive noticed i have the same small lines appearing on my left thigh at the top. Its so annoying that its happend to me cos im only 16 + boys my age wont understand about things like this. By the way im not pregnant + havnt put on weight quickly im a uk size 10 + weigh 8 stone. Its ridiculous. And those of you who stay ‘wear a tankini and boy shorts’ annoy me – althoguh i know your only trying to help people.. Because we shudnt have to comprimise on our summer fashion. i live for summer – its awesome. But not anymor 🙁 i put moisturiser on every night – that coconut body butter stuff but neither me or my mum know what to do! please help! xx

  351. none of these tips that you all are saying work. the only way to get rid of stretch marks is to get them cut off or some laser treatments. stretch marks derive from under the epidermis and that is bascially torn skin and it shows thru the top layer. so it’s ruined and if yyou didn’t get enough vitamin c help build up that collagen for your skin it’s either gonna be hereditary or from weight and pregnancy. i’m in nursing school i have stretch marks i have 3 kids and i had them since i was a teenager. so none of these methods that you all are talking about work at all. i’ve tried them all people. laser surgery work and save up money to get them lasered off people that’s the only way because it is damaged skin underneath.

  352. I disagree with ronnie. No disrespect. These treatment’s results are paricular to the individual skin types, so you never know. As for laser treaments, they are just a very expensive way to exfoliate. The laser is just a high tech and quick way to remove layers of skin. As for its effects on stretch marks, the lasers will most definately not work on light colored ones, it is not affctive on that lighter color. It also won’t work because of the lack of mass beneath the stretch mark surface. Sorry but as a surgeon will tell u it is not for certain. it is basically a 1,500 to 10,000 dollar gamble, price depends on size of marks and # of treaments.

  353. Ive got a few stretch marks, mainly on my boobs, and like alot of ppl who’ve commented up there^^ im only 16 and weight 7 stone and havnt put on weight quickly + im not pregnant or had kids yet. I’m really curious as to why ive got these? – seeing as my growths spurts have always been pretty constant + i dont seem to ‘shoot up’ as my nan wud say 😛 ..Anyways thanks for everyone’s tips and im going to try them out but was also wondering how does the sun affect stretch marks? A few people have said the sun makes them worse because they appear really white against tanned skin but a few people have said ‘go sunbathing it helps’- how does it help? Really need answers as im from England goin to america next week and i need to know if having a lot of sun on them is going to help. Please reply to this, thanks 🙂 Caz xx

  354. I too do not like the smell of vapor rub ….I mix with lotion …seems to approve the look of the my skin ….I like it .

  355. I’m tired of cryin all the time cuz of these stretch marks behind my arm…..every thing i wear has to have a jacket….they are pretty severe and im only 140 lbs and 15 yrs old……some of u guys that say u have them on ur thighs…i think ur better off b cuz u can alwayz were pants all yr round but sometimes in the summer when i have a jacket of ….i almost pass out b cuz i refuse to take it off…..i seriously need help…..and i cant get it lasered b cuz my mom dosnt seem to think i should b to occupied wit it but i cant think of any thing else but thes dayum STRETCH MARKS!!!!….HELP!!

  356. Stretch marks are permanent, however, there are natural ways of eleviating them and making them not visible to the eye. I have been using oils for a few weeks now and I am telling you that my skin is almost smooth and the ridges are almost gone. Everyone does have different types of skin, however, with oils like cod live oil, vitamin E, flaxseed, olive oil, etc., you can slowly see them disappear to the touch and to the sight. There are also herbs that help in repairing damaged skin, etc. I have tried many things but this is truly working. My stretch marks are very old and I was going to have peels done but this is much cheaper and it works. I used cocoa butter and it just maintains you stretch marks and my fade it a little but it doees not help to eleviate them or prevent them. You have to research don’t spend all that money for something that may not work.

  357. Please can someone answer my question about how the sun affects stratch marks i reeeally need to know soon? – its 4 questions up from here.^^ Thankyou,
    Caz. xx

  358. I used the sunbeds before and they did actually make my marks less noticable, i suppose everyone differs!!

  359. Hey everyone,

    Before I got out of high school I was a well fit person, running, walking, playing sports, and every now and than I would weight left. I used to live in a small community with not much activity. I moved away from home to go to university in the city. It is pretty hard to go for a run here when the park feels like a million miles away. I did gain a bit of weight. I used to be like 150 – 160. When I moved in here I gain when I didn’t even know I was. Until I saw stratch marks coming out all over my stomach area and upper legs. So if any one has suggestions to help me PLEASE send them my way I will do anything. I’m in the process in losing weight and getting back to me again. Thanks everyone for taking the time to read about my problem and helping me in my time of need.

  360. Stacy,

    That’s great that the oils are working for you. I was reading a natural remedies book and I remember it saying that olive oil was great for dry skin and stretch marks. If you dont mind me asking, what is your recipe? Do you add any herbs? Thanks in advance!

  361. I was doing some research online and I found this homemade remedy…I havent tried it yet, but I am putting it on here and maybe we can all try it together to see if it works, because we all have the same problem….
    1/2 cup virgin olive oil
    1/4 cup aloe vera gel
    liquid from 6 capsules of vitamin E
    liquid from 4 capsules of vitamin A

    * Mix all of the ingredients in a blender, put it on the area of the strech marks and completly on the stretch mark, leave it on. when you are finished put it in a jar and store it in the fridge until the next time you want to use it…

    * I hope this works out everybody…best of luck..I will update in like 2 weeks or so….

  362. For the person interested in Livadone, I just wanted to say that it seems like a complete scam to me, unfortunately. I, too, was curious about it but don’t think it will help whatsoever after researching it. First, the company doesn’t list the ingredients on their site, which is always a bad, bad sign. Even in the FAQs section, they only say something about it being “all-natural” and “herbal”, two claims that mean nothing in terms of safety and effectiveness. Herbs can be VERY dangerous. I have been harmed by them.

    Anyway, I e-mailed them to ask what it contains and never heard back.I did, however, get a bunch of marketing spam that is written to prey on people that have self-esteem issues about their stretch marks. They use a lot of drama to draw one into buying it and even go so far as to call marks “gross”. Not exactly professional.

    Still curious, I ended up finding the ingredients list on a different site and am totally baffled as to how they formulated this junk — none of it has to do with skin health. The main ingredient is used for veins, not stretch marks, and even that’s a stretch. I know a lot about herbs and supplements, especially as they pertain to collagen, and their herbs don’t offer any benefits. The dosage is also quite small when you break it down, so even if there were any effective herb in the mix, you probably wouldn’t be getting enough of that individual substance to matter.

    Basically, this sounds like a terrible product with an even sketchier way of marketing. I do think it’s possible and even necessary to approach healing the skin from the inside out, but Livadone is not the way to do that. Hope this helps someone save a few bucks. 🙂

    P.S. I’ve continued to use the method from and am surprised to see that it does work.

  363. Ronnie, I have to disagree with what you’ve said about nothing working. I have watched my marks improve with one method and know others that have done the same with their own programs. Different things work for different people, and it doesn’t seem fair to discourage others with a blanket statement when this is a help site for those that want to try. No doubt marks are hard to treat, but I know a woman that healed some incredibly deep ones.

    Plus, stretch marks are not generally caused by a lack of vitamin C. I take TONS of C in a form that’s eaily absorbed, yet I recently got more marks anyway because of a hormonal situation. I didn’t gain or lose weight during this, either. It’s true that C is needed for collagen formation and is great for trying to heal skin, but the lack of it is not usually at the root of dermal breakdowns in young people, but a hormonal disturbance is. That’s why corticosteroids are known for causing marks and why people with Cushings Syndrome — a cortisol problem — are so prone to them.

  364. Everyone i think in life is bound to get stretch marks its just from ur bodys skin strecthin to fast for ur body to handle and i was like 110 before i got preg. and i never had stretch marks except on my chest and they faded and then i got preg and they got dark and then faded again and then i got them on my tummy like light ones not alot but i didnt understand why i was getting them i put every thing on my stomach palmers cocoa butter for pregant women amd the message cream and tummy butter and bio oil and everything and it just doesnt work so dont stress ur self some women get them and some women dont ..but dont go kill ur self they will eventually fade just whatever u do dot itch alot when ur preg or where u have stretch marks becuz that makes them worst so whenu feel like scratching some where go grab some lotion or sumthin and message the area…

  365. i am a 15 yr old girl and i deveolped strechmarks on my inner thighs my hips on my rear end and my brests. i have tried many solotions and seenmany docters but nothing seems to work so if anyone knows of anything that has worked for them please let me know

  366. Caz I have read that the sun will inhibit skin repair and dermatologist say it causes wrinkles by breakind down collegen that is why you should keep your face away from the sun…so if stretch marks already hav broken down elastin and collagen then it makes sens it will not work…plus your normal skin will become tan and stretch marks do not tan so they will be more prominent…egt a professional spray tan or spary tan in a bottle and it will help cover them up…also try buying dermablend, they make makeup especially to cover stretch marks for all skin types and it doesnt come off with rubbing or water…

  367. HEY EVERYONE….i am willing to put myself as a guinea pig…I have bought strivectin sd for stretch amrks (sooo expensive!!. Today is day one…I will post weekly maybe daily news of my progress…I intend to use it like it says 3 times per day no less. Just so yall know I hav stretch marks all over my behind, some on my knees, arms, breasts and thighs. The ones on my knees r still purlish while all the rest r white/silver so i can tell you how this cream works on all types of stretch marks. If it works it will be so helpful!!!!

  368. Have anyone thought about trying ‘permanent make up’ for white stretch marks. The permanent make up lasts for 3 – 5 years, then you have to have it done again. Permanent make up artists work for the NHS, for people who suffer with scars etc. I might consider this option for my white stretch marks, but i better start saving first! If your interested search on google permament make up artists and they should all pop up! All the best!

  369. Hi everyone
    i am really desperate about my stratch marks
    i can not tell you have depresing to live with it.
    I spent a lot of many buying diffrent creams and lotions to get rid of it, However, nothing seem to work.
    I am all in your hand seeking for help. Your tips worth more than anything.
    thank you

  370. Hey Stacy, I believe you about the oils you mentioned …I had some flax oil caps hanging around that I take for omega 3. I figured what could it hurt…immediately it made my skin really soft in the area I put it on…and just after three days I noticed a difference ….It was enough of a difference that I stop the vic’s….I will be trying some of the other oils you mentioned. I have in the past heard of old remedy using cod liver oil…but i never tried it bcuz i granny use to give me the stuff to take…after trying the flax and seeing a difference so quickly. I figured again why not. Thanks for the heads up. I have stretch marks on my arms …i wear short sleeves but not super short sleeves …anyway when i started putting the flax on my arms …it also seems to be evening out some of the skin discoloration of the white stretch marks. On the 4th at bar b q people keep touching my arms stretch marks and all …. telling me my soft my skin is. Hey lol…they were’nt doing that b4. Everyone keep giving tips …its great…so positive …find what works for you. Again thanks Stacy

  371. been using biol oil lately (not even twice a day like they suggest) and I’ve seriously noticed a difference already. looks like my marks are becoming less noticible. now if only i could take the effort to do it twice daily!!!

  372. Kerry, I’ll be interested to see how things go for you with Trilastin. I’ve used it for a couple of months with no results, unfortunately. Good luck with your trial.

  373. I suggested using 100% cocoa butter solid.Rub it all over the area that is scarred.And please don’t stress yourself out.Don’t wear long sleves in the summer.Dress for the weather.I have stretch marks and i wear tanks and shorts.I know people who are skinny and have stretch marks so don’t stress it. You’re beautiful. My stretch marks aren’t that obvious because i’m light Skinned and they match my Skin tone so they are not horrific.Be confident with yourselves.

  374. Ok its been a week but i dont think im gonna count the last 3 days because I have only used it twice a day for the past 3 days because im running out and go only weekly 2 were they sell it…looks like im gonna go get some more tomorrow or the day after. Anyway so the result…well my skin feels slightly smoother but the indents all over my buttocks are therte still really bad as well as all the rest of them. My bedroom window allows for a certain angle of light to shine through which has always shown my stretch marks worse than any other light, worse than fluroscent (i have this in my bathroom) worse than normal light and sunlight. Tomorrow im gonna tset my skin in this light(as well as fluroscent and sunlight). If it looks better in this light then FOR CERTAIN we have a winner!!!! =)

  375. Stretch marks are actually caused by an abundance of a hormone, not directly by weight gain or weight loss. In some people, weight gain, weight loss, pregnancy, and muscle growth releases a lot of this hormone, and this is what causes stretch marks. That is why there can be people whose weight changes by 5 pounds that get stretch marks all over, while there can be some people who get very very fat and never get any stretch marks. Almost everybody, however, gets some sort of stretch marks of any size somewhere on their body. Its a normal thing, you shouldn’t let things that you can’t help hurt you. I myself have them on my stomach, chest, arms, back of the knees and the insides of the thighs, and as a male its a little harder to accept them, but they don’t affect your appearance as much as you think they do. The only thing that can help their appearance for sure is time, so keep your chin up and love the skin you’re in.

  376. (Sorry this is long, but these are some valid points to bring up.) Well, after having read over all of this, something I’ve always believed to be true was only further emphasized: society totally messes up our self-esteem. The media shows us perfect guys and girls in the movies, magazines, etc. and so we all believe that we have to have perfect flawless skin without any scars or anything like that.

    My self-esteem isn’t in good shape, either, and I realize that. I have stretch marks too on my thighs, since I’m a tall girl and have been that way for a long time (now 17). I really HATE them, but unfortunately there isn’t much that can be done. As all of us can see, there are hundreds of people just on this comment list alone who have the same problem, not including the millions of other people out there who must have it too. So even though we all DESPISE having stretch marks, just keep in mind that you’re not alone. Besides, all those swimsuit models that appear in magazines are usually photoshopped and airbrushed…

    I know what you’re saying, ladies, when you feel upset about not being able to wear the clothes you want, like cute shorts or shirts because you feel extremely self-conscious. My skin is ridiculously sensitive, I mean, baby lotion irritates it…so, as you can imagine, I scar easily, and because of that I hate wearing low-cut shirts even though I have a nice chest. Isn’t this horrible that we feel like we have to hide ourselves and positive aspects of ourselves just to please society’s expectations? It’s ridiculous.

    As for guys not liking us because of stretch marks and imperfections, well… a guy who drops you because you’re not Giselle is a complete jerk who’s only looking for a personal skank, not a girlfriend. Just keep that in mind. Believe me, I COMPLETELY understand how uncomfortable and self-conscious these awful marks can make you feel. But you know you’ve met the right guy if he knows about them and still wants you and thinks you’re beautiful, so don’t be afraid to show him, you’ll know if he’s a keeper or a loser much sooner.

    On a final note, if you want to treat things like stretch marks and scars, the best three tips are these: Exercise so you can firm the skin up, and there won’t be a reason for the marks to stay. Runners get a firmness in the butt and thighs which should help, so try jogging if you can. Next, drink a ton of water so that your skin is more flexible and won’t get marks in the first place. Then, instead of lotions, I recommend going with the vitamin E trick… take a capsule of it and break it open, and rub it onto your stretch marks or scars. It’s the only thing that has ever once helped me… collagen doesn’t work much, don’t bother with any treatments that include that, it can make it worse. Good luck to you all, and do your best to try not to compare yourselves to the media. You’re all beautiful as who you are, ladies, and besides… if you’re confident despite your flaws, guys will like that, and they’ll be far more interested in you than a girl who’s hiding self-consciously in the corner. Try it and see. =)

  377. I also wanted to try the tri lastin…..has it worked for anybody????….and does any one know the remedy on so that i dont have to buy it??

  378. i’m a 19 year old male, in high school i played sports and stayed active and never had stretch marks. during the summer after high school i started weight lifting. I weight lifted for about 5 months into college then stopped and gained weight as does everyone freshman year…so they say. well its back to summer again and i know iv noticebly gained some weight that isn’t muscle…… Ive noticed stretch marks on my hips and inner thighs, as soon as i saw this i immediatly hit the tred mill to loose the weight which i am in the process of, but how do i get rid of the marks i have now. I know the marks are fresh or new, so is there anything i can do

  379. i am going to try plamer coca butter and vicks and try to take baths in stead of showers all the time yall tips were very help ful

  380. I’m a 34 year old woman who has had stretch marks since the birth of my daughter when I was 19. I have been on a quest to heal them ever since. Here are my findings. I DO NOT believe that they are just genetic and you are prone to them without any control. With my first daughter I was plagued with them all over my entire stomach and thighs. When she was six I had a tummy-tuck that got rid of some of them but left me with a horrid scar, to top it off two months after that I got pregnant with my son. This time there were not as many stretch marks, four years later I had my second daughter and I didn’t get but a few more. I forgot to mention that with each pregnancy I weighed more and more. So what was the difference between all of these pregnancies? I will say that over all I ate better and drank a lot more WATER! When I was pregnant with my first daughter I was a poor kid living off French fries.

    What’s changed? ME!
    Over the past six of months I have been doing something that is having great results, I probable have reduced the size and reduced the color of my old stretch marks by at least 50% and my skin is looking better then ever.

    What’s the trick? Create and environment of healing in your body. Creams and lotions may help but if your body does not have the proper building blocks to heal it’s self your wasting your money. A body heals best when it has an alkaline PH. I spent time learning about what I should be eating and what I shouldn’t eat. Food can be a very powerful healer when done correctly. Now, I am going to give you my secret that I do every day…..(Don’t ya love the build up ;P)

    Lemons, limes, strawberries, blueberries and tons of them. Let me explain. Lemons and limes when processed by the body are no longer acidic but turn to alkaline ash, this in turn helps your body become PH balanced. How do I ingest them everyday? My homemade LEMONADE….

    There is a famous cleanse known as the “Master Cleanse” that is similar but mine is far more palatable and user friendly.

    How I make it…
    8 large Lemons
    10 regular limes
    1 c. strawberries – frozen or fresh
    1 c. blueberries – frozen or fresh
    sweetener of choice – I use Splenda 2 1/2 – 3 c. easy measuring kind.(I’ll tell you why later)
    2 gallons of “good water”

    This usually makes two gallons, I have to make that much because my family lives off it and I try to drink at least 1/2 gallon or more a day. I use Splenda because it really does taste the best (even if it is processed with chlorine) DO NOT USE REGULAR SUGAR – this defeats the purpose and it is bad for your blood sugar. You can use such natural sweeteners such as agave or stevia. What does this lemonade do you ask? Tons and tons of vitamin C and antioxidants!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    People have complimented me on how my skin looks, that there is a glow. To top it off a great side effect is I have lost over 30 lbs in the last six months too!!!

    What result have I noticed? My scar from my tummy tuck is has disappeared by at least 80% I would say and my stretch marks by at least 50%. I would say that doing a regiment of salt body scrubs, emu oil, aloe vera, and what ever else you find will only work better while your body in the healing mode. I do also try to eat a healthy diet with fish and fresh produce the rest of the time. I try to limit my dairy food (got to have ice cream once and a while :D), I quit soda pop all together (nasty syrup stuff), last but least……..

    I visualize my body healed, healthy and whole. It may sound cheezy but your body has the power to heal and correct itself.

  381. P.S. to the lemonade cleanse.

    I blend the lemon and lime juice, strawberries and blueberries until they are smooth then I add sweetener and water.

    Another thing you is may want to use a straw when drinking this super refreshing stuff everyday to save the enamel on your teeth.

  382. desperate, somebody earlier left a tip saying “DO NOT USE STRETCHMARKCURE.COM” because it only left her stretch marks WORSE! BUT IF ANY BODY ELSE HAS USED IT PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF IT WORKS! OH also, i used vitamin e oil during my whole pregnancy and i STILL got ugly stretch marks! i also used the palmers cocoa butter concentrated message cream especially for stretch marks! umm and yup i still got seems as though there is really nothing inexpensive that works!

  383. for HIDING (not getting rid of)your stretch marks use Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. Just find your color and cover em up! It wont always cover completely but it really helps, also if your’s aren’t too bad you can mix it with a little lotion and that’s better for your skin. It’s mostly waterproof too, so you should be able to go swimming and have it stay on, although I haven’t had a chance to try that yet. Other than that, there’s alot of good tips on here for keeping your skin moisturized (THE most important thing), and just try to be happy with what you got! And girls, don’t worry about the guys. It really doesn’t matter that much. I’m 19, and between the acne scarring on the top half of my body and the stretch marks, cellulite, and scars from ingrowns on the lower half, if guys paid that much attention and/or cared that much, I’d never have a date! Self-confidence is more obvious than any stretch mark. I promise.

  384. hmm…

    yes, I’ve used (Jean Wu) for over 8 MONTHS and nothing at all. Today, I’m 50% worse than I was when I quit a year ago.

    Now, I’m getting REAL confused with all the crap I’m hearing here. Vic’s works. Vic’s doesn’t work. Vit E oil works great. It does nothing. I’m sick of being sick of my skin, and I want a non-bull answer.

    If Vic’s works good, explain the progress, time it took, and method for getting it that way. Same with the Vit E oil. Several people have said it “works great”. So tell us how. How did you apply it, how often, and how long until you found results? And, what kind of results were they? Same with the various oils, lotions, etc. that are mentioned here. We need good side-by-side comparisons in order to make an educated decision.

    Also, I haven’t heard anyone has used glycolic acid. Think a chemical Jean Wu. Someone had mentioned that glycolic acid peels in conjunction with an LED infrared massager used after a mixture of olive oil and glycerine works great. I’m trying it myself.

    And to the guy saying “nothing works I’m a nurse…” : Yeah, sm’s form deep in the underlayers of skin. So by your logic, lasering the top layers of the skin is going to fix it. Didn’t you just say the upper layers are not where the damage is?? Finish school.

  385. pooka i have to admit vics has reduced my stretchmarks and my skin is smoother …..
    1. Use a paper towel or face towel
    2. Apply vics on towel and rub firmly into affected area for 15 mins or more
    Hot showers, Excercise, a good diet, and lots of Water helps a lot

    my stretchmarks are not completely gone but they are fading

    I currently tryin to look for a faster method….like Tri lastin which i have heard works tremendously but on a 15 yr old budget its a lot of money so …i am havin every one in my family chip in money kind of like a donation…

  386. AHHH
    right…i’m 14,medium build,i wouldn’t call myself fat,i have stretch marks EVERYWHERE,my upper arms,behind my kneese,right down my thighs,stomache and hips >:|,they are sooo horrible :(,i can’t wear short sleeved tops,i always hae to wear a zip up,long jeans and NOTHING that will show my tummy,it is soo upsetting,i’ve used bio-oil for a while but NOTHING =|,i wanted to use but i would have to pay for it,and i can’t =[…i don’t know what to do as i have a tight budget,but it is SO SO SOO important for me to get rid of these…
    will toning up help a little??..and how long does vit.E cream and olive oil take to help??..PLEASE comment back to this..i’m bloody desperate 🙁

  387. Pooka, I have to say that your message is pretty rude. I don’t think anyone is giving you, or anyone else for that matter, “bull”. Not everything works for everyone. If you research the ingredients in Vics, there’s some basis for it to help. I haven’t used it long enough to notice a change, but I believe people that say it worked for them.

    Guess I just think there are nicer ways to ask for help. No one owes anyone anything here.

  388. I have had stretch marks for about 19 years and over a month ago I faithfully started using coffee scrubs, natural oils and essential oils twice daily and 100 % body butters. These products help redistribute fat, fight cellulite, tone and tighten the skin. Just recently, i started to notice that these natural products I put together has improved all I have mentioned and in addition has helped fade away the stretch marks. 1. exfoliate & 2. moistorize your skin and keep it well hydrated, you will see results. trust me. I’m seeing changes from my head down to my toes.

  389. I am 13 (turning 14 in a couple weeks) and I have stretch marks ALL over both my breasts. I mean ALLLLLLLL over. I have like 50 dark purple lines on each breast. They are AWFUL! My breasts are size 34 B’s. I haven’t tried anything yet but I think I am going to start with trying some lotion. Any brand of lotion yall suggest? I also NEVER drink water. I maybe have a sip of water everyday. I just hate drinking water.

  390. I hate drinking water. I have stretch marks on my breasts, and I’m 14. I thought I was a 34b but I’m really a 34d when I went to get measured. I thought maybe I got them from wearing a too-small bra but they still haven’t disappeared! Please reccommend something for breasts.

  391. I am exactly like Angie! I am begging someone to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reccommend something for getting rid of stretch marks on breasts.

  392. Has anyone used the entire program from I just received it but haven’t started yet. It’s very involved and includes a lot of products and ‘lifestyle/holistic’ instructions for various issues. I’m going to use it on part of my body and continue with something else on other areas, to see what works faster/better.

    The owner’s logic seems interesting and makes sense to me. She says that you have to reopen the follicle, which is closed due to scar tissue of sorts, for the treatments to penetrate. She recommends starting with a liver and gallbladder cleanse, so that will probably be my next step.

    I think this method could really work but isn’t popular because it’s so time-consuming and relatively expensive. Would love to hear from anyone that used it for a long period of time! The only user I could find only tried the lotion for a few weeks, which isn’t long enough. Rebuilding the dermis a slow process.

  393. This is the first time in 11 years i really have heard of other people haveing them as bad as me. I wont date,or take my kids swimminge ever, where shorts or tank tops, skirts dresses i feel like a prisoner.I hate myself and feel ugly.No one knows because of my humiliation, my family or my best friend.I fought this alone.I feel like a monster.Every one says i am so beautiful, well if they saw my skin i am afriad they would freak!I am so sick of trying to find new excuses why i cant wear shorts or go swiming etc.All these remedies dont work.I have spent my life trying to get rid of them and they are deep in the skin.No cream is going to reapair that. I am sick of the oh cocoa butter etc works.If that were true none of these people would have them. If you noticed i cant even call them by what they are called cause i am so discusted with it.the only thing i can say is thank you for letting me know i am truely not alone in this. I just wish at my age i could find a man to over look them. how do you explain that when they are expecting a hot normal body and they end up seeing wrinkled scared up skin everywhere?

  394. Jo & Angie, the best thing I’ve found for marks on the breasts is Kiss My Face’s Tighten Up body moisturizer. It has a lot of great ingredients (namely Gotu Kola, proven to increase collagen) and is inexpensive. I didn’t start using this for marks, even. It just happened to help heal some of their depth, and I haven’t been using it long. Will continue and see what happens.

    I have *very* large breasts, always have, and by some miracle never got a single stretch mark there. The skin was perfect until a few months ago. I say it’s a miracle because I’m so prone to marks and have them on 90% of my body. These marks developed for a crazy reason recently, nothing to do with size or growth, and all of my skin became shredded and lost its structure. I didn’t think anything would help, but this cream is good. I exfoliate first so that it can penetrate.

    Marks really are hormonal.

  395. P.S.

    I meant to add that, in my opinion, drinking water won’t get rid of marks. Sure, water is good for you and needed for your body to perform its various functions, but mark formation and healing is much more complicated that just staying hydrated. I drink at least 140 ounces a day, always have, and it makes zero difference for me. I also eat a perfect diet and take the appropriate supplements, but they have not helped my skin. Everyone is different, though.

  396. This is to kim with her saying to all the pregnant women that there is no hope for preventing stretch marks! first of all let me tell u that u can prevent them while u are pregnant! i know this one lady who had a baby when she was 20. while she was pregnant she was worried about stretch marks. but who isnt? my aunt told her to rub vitamin e oil on her stomach during the whole time she was pregnant. after she had her baby, she didnt have stretch marks on her stomach, but she forgot to rub some on her sides and ended up with stretch marks on the sides. which she is now working on.

  397. Oh kay, i’m 13 years old and i have stretch marks all over. well, just on my chest and the tops of my thighs, really my hips i guess. I started modeling when i got my braces off, but i am still self conscious of my body. Like being 5’9″ and 113 pounds isn’t enough pressure. I’m far from fat and i don’t know why i have them. someone help me get rid of them before it ruins my career!!

  398. hey….firstly i have to say that the stretch mark cure web page does work the reason they are noticable more now is beacuse there comming to the top of the skin which is good..secondly stretch marks can go with the help of laser and microdermabrasion. Any cream with aha will help loosen the scar and exfoliate the skin…..I have stretch marks down my thigh and i had microdermabrasion done and there gone…

  399. I am 13 yrs old and i think that these marks are unfair but i dont want to live wtith em. I am trying the vapor rub. I want to have bearly noticeable streatch marks for school. i just want to be able to wear skirts and tank tops like all of my other friends. I just want to be a kid

  400. Ok sorry for the delay in my update…Ok sonow it is 2 weeks on strivectin using 3 times per day on my stretch marks locatedallover my buttocks and th start of my buttocks and lower back, my thighs, breasts, and my arms a few. Also i hav a few red ones one each knee so i can tell u exactly how it works on all stretc marks, purple or white, raised(i have 3 rasied ones on each thigh) and really deep ones. So far my scars are less deep adn they look lik they r less wide. So far not bad…

  401. Kate, my marks are mostly indented. When I pull my skin taunt however it looks a bit raised. Usually I would make my skin taunt just to give my skin more firmness so I can use the file easier (I hope you know what I mean). Before I started this foot filing, my skin had less elasticity and was very thin but now it looks like my skin is firming up. I also put on msm cream and emu oil afterwards sometimes. I think the combination of the two have helped “puff” up my skin too and made my marks less noticeable. I have also started to tan (Sun. Sunless tanning makes my marks look worse). Personally for me they have helped disguise my marks somewhat. I am olive skin toned and have had my marks for 7 years if that helps. This is the only thing that has really helped so far and I have tried A LOT of different lotions, creams, oils, vitamins, herbs, and routines. I still have a long way to go but I am committed to getting rid of these marks. I have marks on my thighs, my calves, my hips, my arms, and some on my tummy so it’s a PAIN!

  402. I’m hoping this vapo rub will work… I had my first son @ 18 yrs old… I am 4′ 11″, and weighed 97 lbs before the pregnancy. I gained 40 lbs by the end of that pregnancy, and have since had another child, gaining almost 60 lbs during that pregnancy.. I have stretch marks from the bottom of my calves, right up to my boobs. My days of wearing shorts, skirts, bikinis etc are probably over, but i wont give up hope!!!

  403. my main reason for getting these stretch marks off is so i can b able to were a prom dress and show my arms……i work out a lot and im 135 lbs and 15….and since my prom is in 2 yrs im tryin to get rid of these marks now…..i am using the vics…..its working but i guess im not patient……does anyone know anythin faster

  404. I have stretch marks on my inner thighs, back of my knees, and sides of my stomach. I’ve had them for a while and have done just about everything I could possibly think of to get rid of them, except the Vics. I’ve read how some people say it works, others say nothing at all….if it worked for you, how long did it take to see improvement? Also you guys you have to remember no matter what size a person may be..they most likely have a stretch mark or just dont notice theirs, you notice yours. No ones body is perfect but celebrities and models have cover-ups for all their imperfections.

  405. okay heres a question for Maria Angelica. your advice sounds good and i’d like to try it but why do i have to exfoliate first? doesnt that mean i have to take two showers before and after applying all that other stuff?? and what do i exfoliate with? should i just use a loofah or some scrub? and as for the egg, well ive got stretch marks on my butt so i cant really sit on a towel cuz all the egg would just rub off on it so i guess i’ll just have to keep stading but some of it will trickle down. is that okay?

  406. oh ive got yet another question, why the cold shower??? i just read someone else who says hot shower works. whats the reason behin the cold shower anyway

  407. Wow, that sounds awesome! Thanks for your description. I will have to try a foot file next. 🙂 I have several methods & products going on right now, each on a different area, but none are producing the dramatic results I’m hoping for. What kind of foot file do you use? Does it cause you to wound or scab the skin, or is it just like a manual exfoliant? I’ve read a lot about controlled injury and its ability to produce collagen (like the deeper DermaRollers) but am not sure if that’s how the foot file works. Have you heard of other people having success with it as well?

    Sorry for all of the questions. 🙂 Oh, and I just happened to buy a 12% MSM cream the other day. It has a number of essential oils, too. That and the file sounds like a good combo.

  408. take a loofa and rub apricot scrub on your stretch marks every time you shower. after awhile, they will began to fade and then disappear.

  409. Are there any tips i can use to get rid of some seriously bad marks which have appeared around my armpits and along my biceps. I have been working out for about a year and took it to a new level which dropped fat off me and put on muscle. Im looking better but will have these hideous marks on me. So any help would be much appreciated as i have been hoping for some sign of dissaparation but none has appeared… despite buying an expensive cream which supposedly removes them. Thanks

  410. Sorry folks, stretch marks cannot go away with a magic cream. They’re just stripes of life and do fade some over time. It’s perfectly normal to have them. What I do to help miminize their appearance is use fake tan lotions (like the stuff Mary Kay sells). It makes them look much better!

  411. I am 14 and from the UK. Im in year 9 going into year 10 and not being big headed but i am one of the most popular girls in my year group. I’ve always been able to talk about things scream it out loud or even shout it out on a microphone. But this is one topic i couldnt talk about. My boyfriend knows about my stretchmarks and he’s fine with it. He knows it’s a part of growing up and therefore doesn’t have anything against me.Basically im feeling every single one of you. I never had the confidence to speak out about my stretchmarks until now. I’m mostly worried about what people think or say about them or even worse – me. I know it sounds like im protecting my pride or ego or whatever but its not. I am a self-concious person and always worry about how i look. No i dont have loads on strectchmarks only on my boobs and hips but i can see their growing. I tend to get jealous when i see some other girls in my school have none at all. One of my best friends is very athletic and very healthy but i’ve recently discovered that she too has stretchmarks. Were both on the hunt for some of the best strechmark removal creams out there. Sure it wont take it away completely but its a step right? One thing that my sister-in-law warned me about is laser surgery. She went for hers and ended up looking better but soon after a while she had side effects from the surgery. Im guessing things like Cocoa Butter,Bio-Oil, Vaseline, Vitamin-E capsuels, Olive Oil (etc) is best for me. Also things like healthy eating and a regular exercise helps too. Once i find out something i’ll let you know. This has been the biggest breakthrough for me and it’s given me some confidence back in myself. I used to think being popular meant you were perfect. I guess not.. every one has something to hide and for me its my stretchmarks.

    -Alexis xx

  412. dont use these products they dont work at all.i used mederma,vitamin k stretchmark cream,borboa from victoria secret but im sure its on websites as well,i recently used strivectin its kinda pricey i got it from thr internet it says it erases stretchmarks they even have before and after pictures but to me my stretchmarks are way more visable and its so depressing im trying all these things and nothing is working,i have 2 kids with my first i had light stretchmarks on my legs hips breast and some on my butt,i recently had my second child and i have way more stretchmarks and i have them on my stomach now,i hate it it sucks,and im only 100 pounds and 5’0..crazy everyone thinks skinny people cant have stretchmarks i hate hearing that just cuz were skinny dont mean anything.anyways i need some help what can i do or buy to get rid of these ugly marks.i hate it i cant wear a bikini in the summer and its embarrasing to be covered up at the pool you know and then having them on your legs are grose when wearing shorts im constantly looking atr my legs to make sure there not to visable.maybe ill give the vapor thing a try,and i do pilaties,cardio and i work out,i also drink lots of healthy fluids but nothing is working.please lrt me know if you have any suggestions….

  413. hey girls!!!
    ok i was the person who was raving about the vitamin E oil a little while ago… and it really worked for my lighter ones, but my darker ones are really bad still, please help me!!! which do you think would be the best to use??? there are a lot on this site!!!

  414. Has anyone heard anything about coffee grounds on stretch marks, i’ve seen a tip online where a woman says it helped get rid of hers; i always thought it was just a coincidence, but on a recent yahoo answer somone says that she saw on the Ellen show that they brought it up on there, and i was wondering if anyone had heard this or more likely seen the episode

  415. has anyone gotten good results using tretinoin cream? is it safe?
    because I’m 16 and still don’t have my period. is it going to screw me up? and I have realy sensitive skin, I don’t want to make my Stretch marks worse

  416. im 11 years old nd im about 5’6/5’7 i weigh 13.5 stone im way over weight ive bin doing fun activites to loose a bit of weight its worked a lil bit i have stretch marks on mi hips,back of mi knee,arm,breasts,nd deeps ones in the side of mi thighs!
    im so self consious but them i dont go swimming even though i have gold in swimming i dont go cos of mi stretch marks nd i NEVER wear shorts or vest tops or even t-shirts for that matter even when its boiling hot i sweat like a pig but never take of mi jumper cos of trousers! ive cut down on fatty food but always become tempeted nd start eating loads! what can i do to loose weight nd get rid of stretch marks? please help me mi live will be hell if mi stretch marks nd fat doesnt go! i cry miself to sleep sometimes cos im so depressed! nd im goin secondary school soon nd im scared i might get bullied cos of it! pelase help 🙁

  417. i was really surprized to see a guy on here. it was pretty cool to know that ther ARE guys out there w/ them too!!! my guy friend makes fun of my weight(iam 5’6 and 130) and my streatch marks i used to have on my calves, know i am sooooo scared to wear my bathing suit around him because i think he will make fun of the ones on my thighs too. they are like dark pink…i really need so help with them!!! thanks girls(guys)!!!LOL!!!
    even tho its hard to smile and have a good time when they seem sooo noticable, girls, most guys dont care, and guy(s), most girls dont care either!!! just be who you are inside and they will love you for who you are!!!

  418. hi, i was reading through some of these post and i was interested in the vapor rub.. i am 15 years old and have light stretch marks all down my thighs, i have very dark ones on my arm between my shoulder breast and arm pit.. they are horrible and i have no idea what to do, and i wouldn’t call myself skinny.. but these stretch marks have just started appearing.. i’m hoping to be able to wear cute short sleeve shirts before school starts! i recently rubbed vicks vaporub on the top part of my arm to try it out.. i rubbed it for about 10 minutes, i will re-post and let yall know how that goes.. i might ask my doctor if she can give me anything to get rid of them.. if i do is there any perscription medicine yall recommend? please post and tell me!! thanks

  419. That’s what I’m going to do… I’m gonna take a cold shower every evening and after that I’m going to cover myself up with olive oil, then I’ll go to sleep and hope the oil does the job while I’m sleeping. In the morning I’m gonna just put on some cream, without showering the oil off… And in the evening I’m gonna take a cold shower again, then the olive oil part comes again and so on… Anyway, i think this will work… I don’t know why, but I do… Oh, and I’m gonna drink as much water as I can.

  420. ok 3 weeks so far…some more improvement though nothing drastic as is claimed…they say to do it 4-6 weeks…looks like ill have to take the 6. So I hav been good on putting it 3x per day on mybutt and hips/sides and breasts, but my knees and arms only twice…still soem results though better than nothing at all. BTW has anyone tried trilastin SR????

  421. Im 15, and i’ve had stretch marks for about 1/2 years now. There inside my thighs at the top. I cant stand them!! I cant stand to look at my body. I feel so ugly. I dont want to tell anyone about them, and its not like i can fork out on expensive things for them.
    At the minute im using palmers coco butter. Ive been using it for about 6 months.. But there still the same. Thik purple lines!
    I went on holiday, and i wanted to look good in my bikini, but whenever someone looked at me, i thought they were looking at my stretch marks!
    Im not fat either, i have a nice toned shape. Im really self-concious, and id love to flaut myself off with short skirts and shorts. And to just feel comfortable about myself. But i cant!
    I sit and cry about it sometimes, wishing that i could just be like all my other mates.
    Whever i see girls in short skirts, i envy them soo much! They look great! I could never do that. There must be a way to get rid of them. A easy way! And fast!
    I just wish i could feel happy about myself :(.
    What shall i do??

  422. Oh, and after cold shower, don’t dry yourself… Just massage your skin with olive oil, but don’t stop before your skin is dry… Oil will lock the water into your skin, and this helps to heal stretch marks.

  423. I am a 14 year old male, and have stretcg marks on my shoulders, stomach and sides. I have used Bio Oil and it works and covers up the stretch marks and reduces them, but i think it depends on the person that uses them and where, because it works on my stomach and not my shoulders. Does vapour rub really work????? because i don’t want 2 have 2 go back 2 school with stretchmarks and having to get undressed infornt of everyone. Also, they ruin my holidays because i always think that people are staring at me because i have them and it makes me feel as if i have to go swimming and sun bathing in a t-shirt.

  424. hi, im 15yrs old, 6’2″, 200lb. I sound overweight but quite skinny. I started going to the gym about the same time i started getting stretch marks(about a year ago). Later I got a bowflex, used it often which made them worse. I have em on my upperarms, hips, butt, and back of the knees. The marks are very deep and i can easily feel them if i run my finger over them. Ive tryed using some sort of skin cream my mum suggested. I havent noticed any difference while using it. Does any1 have any suggestions i can use.

  425. Hello folks! I’m sorry this is so long, but I think I might have some interesting answers for you. I’ve spent the past two days reading ALL the comments posted here. I am 25 years old and, of course, I also have stretch marks (duh). I’ve had them since I was 10, so it’s been practically 15 years. At the beginning my father took me to a dermatologist, who prescribed glycolic acid, and I used it for a few months, and the sm did improve something, but after a while it just stopped working. And unfortunately I got a few more over the years. I always moisturized on and off, and exfoliated on and off, but never did anything else to really improve them. I sort of accepted it (I have great support from my partner) to the point where for the past couple of summers I even dared to wear a bathing suit. Last year, however, a series of events in my life which I will not detail for the sake of space and time, I decided to so something about them.

    I got a very ugly burn on my arm. The doctor that attended me in the emergency room, right before he gave me a prescription, asked me if I had access to an aloe vera plant. I did have one dying in my bathroom window. He told me that was better than the prescription, so he advised me to save some money and better split open the leaves and put them right on top of the burned skin instead of getting the prescription. He told me it has iodine, which prevents infection, and a lot of stuff that helps skin regenerate. I decided to use it on my stretch marks as well and guess what… they improved. Not to mention the burn; no one can tell I ever had a third degree burn three inches wide on my arm! No raised scars or anything. This convinced me there IS hope, and I started doing the following, on and off because I am VERY lazy, and I also found other info:

    1. I massage some days with pure aloe vera. I have a plant, so I get the gel and massage my hips and buttocks while watching TV. Sometimes my partner helps ;).

    2. I have a lot of bathroom gadgets to exfoliate, but I wanted to get a “good proven method” so I went ahead and got the thing some people have asked about. It does help in a certain way, but it wasn’t some miracle thing I didn’t know about. I basically paid for info I knew and stuff I was already doing. The bottom line is to exfoliate. Some people say exfoliating make the scars worse, but the reason for this is because the skin is resurfacing. I will add another posting after this one to further explain this exfoliation thing and why many people and doctors claim lasers and microdermabrasion are the only solutions.

    3. I used to do the “pinch the vitamin E capsule with a needle and apply over sm”, but from what I’ve read the actual amount of vitamin e that reaches the dermis this way is minimal. It is better if you drink those because that form of vitamin E needs to be digested. I have gotten better results with a little inexpensive bottle of vitamin E oil and aloe vera I got at a walgreens. It is better absorbed by the skin. I also used to do this with vitamin A capsules because Retinol apparently works, but the same principle applies. It’s better in a cream form. Those I wouldn’t recommend you to take on a regular basis, especially in you eat fish and dairy products regularly, because an excess in vitamin A may damage your bones.

    4. I got extremely curious as to the scientific basis for the vic’s vapor rub thing because I always thought that was for chest congestion only. Someone posted its main ingredients are eucalyptus and menthol and I went: AHA! I’ll explain in another posting why the apparent success with this. And I am definitely going to try it!

    My results? As I said before, I am the queen of laziness… so I do not follow a strict regime. I do moisturize daily, at least once a week. I exfoliate my stretch marks now and then, and at least twice or three times a week massage them with vitamin E oil, aloe vera, or both for about 15 to 30 minutes. From time to time I also use olive oil.

    How do they look now? Well, they used to be very indented, deep, discolored (they are old ones), all wrinkly. The ones on my thighs and hips are thin, sort of a spider web. The ones on my buttocks are long and wide. I’ve been taking care of them since March 2007 and today, five months later, I can say they are WAY smother. They are not indented and deep anymore; they are almost leveled with the rest of my skin. I have to bend my leg backwards to get them wrinkle like before. The ones on my hips and inner thighs, which were the most recent, are a little bit difficult to notice now under certain types of lights. The long ones are thinner and their color, little by little, is matching the rest of my skin. If you need to get rid of them in two weeks, forget it. But if you commit now to do something about it, maybe in two or three years you could be wearing a bikini. I think that is the time it will take me at this pace to get COMPLETELY rid of them (again, I’m lazy-it could take a more disciplined person way less time). I truly think it’s possible. The reason why so few, almost no people report any complete success in removing them is because of the time commitment it requires. The healing process for the skin is long, and most people are impatient and give up after just a few weeks, but it is worth it. Forget about magical cures that work overnight. Those are scams!

  426. Exfoliation

    Stretch marks are a special type of scar that do not heal like other ones, such in the case of a cut with a blade or a scratch on the knee. Let’s see first the basics of wound healing and scaring. Bear with me, please.

    When the skin is damaged, two main processes occur. First, the body’s reaction is to stop the bleeding. The affected area gets swollen because of the rush of all kinds of cells that run to help like little soldiers. Some, like the platelets, go to form a wall to stop the bleeding. Others from the immune system go to “eat” bacteria and eliminate any debris that might infect the area. That white-yellowish substance you get sometimes in the wound is all those little dudes working. Now, for those reactions to happen and start that inflammatory phase, blood has to come in contact with collagen (that’s the trigger). A lot of different kinds of cells go to help, all with very complicated names. The important thing here is that those little dudes replace the missing skin cells for a while and activate some mechanisms our body has to start growing new skin. This inflammatory period, which can take a couple of days after the wound occurred to complete, pushes the skin to activate its regeneration mode, which then will start producing new skin.

    Second, the skin starts repairing itself, of course, which is a process that might take a couple of weeks. Other types of cells start to replace the ones that came to help to stop the bleeding and prevent infection. When you see a healing wound getting a reddish color skin that looks sort of like plastic paper, it is because of the increase in blood flow to the area to help the healing process. It requires a lot of oxygen and nutrients, which are carried by the blood. This is why it is sometimes more important to eat the nutrients instead of waiting for a miracle cream that just won’t do the trick. These processes occur at cell level. Over the course of several days and weeks, many different types of cells will go to the wound area to replace others and fill the empty space created when the wound occurred. During this second stage of healing, some of those new cells replacing others send a signal to encourage production of new collagen. There is no collagen gain during the process because some is degraded, but the process helps the skin to heal properly.

    Third, the wound starts to contract and reduce its appearance. This is why people that report stretch marks healing say they get thinner or that they shrink. The skin tightens around a center or axis. Once this happens, then the real healing occurs… yes after a couple of days or even weeks after the initial wound occurred actual tissue repair starts. All that emergency collagen formed to hold the “provisional skin” is replaced by a stronger form of collagen. All those emergency blood vessels are no longer needed as the dermis and epidermis recuperate, and the skin loses the reddish color and turns white. Pigment formation, which is the last thing that happens, might not take place for even years in some cases.

    Now, what has all this to do with stretch marks and exfoliation? Because the rupture of the skin in sm occurs only in the dermis, contrary to a normal scrape, there is no real inflammatory period, so there is no emergency collagen production to fill the void and you get a depressed scar. A lot of the signals sent by the contact of blood with collagen do not occur, even when there is some capillary damage (red or purple stretch marks) because there is no real blood loss. Those capillaries in the dermis just die, the blood is reabsorbed by the body, no especial cells go to the rescue, and the skin just sort of redistributes what is left. The trick then is to promote that inflammatory period that launches all those dudes to the rescue, and one way to do that is exfoliating. Voila!

    When you exfoliate, you are removing the upper layer of the epidermis (the body interprets that as a damage) and activating circulation of blood to the area, thus inducing the skin to “heal itself”. Lasers, dermabrasion and microdermabrasion, which must be performed by a professional, are extreme methods of doing this, and they tend to work faster because the “damage” to the skin is greater than just exfoliating in your bathtub, so the reaction of the skin to heal is more aggressive. Maybe because I am lazy and do not exfoliate very often is because I actually get results, because you must allow your skin time to go through the inflammatory process and the initial repair stage in order to be effective. This is when aloe vera, olive oil, and all the other oils and creams really will work. And of course a good diet and exercise to oxygenate the blood, which is essential for the internal process.

    Some people report that exfoliation, lasers and abrasion make the stretch marks more noticeable, and it indeed happens, but only because the skin is resurfacing. The first thing that your body will do is NOT to produce pigment, but to rebuild the collagen. Pigment is in the epidermis, which are the very cells you are removing to create some “damage” and promote collagen production. If you remove the pigment, yes they will get silvery or even reddish again because of the blood flow. The epidermis in stretch marks is very thin, contrary to other skin areas. But then, as the skin regenerates over time, the scar will resurface completely (or almost completely), your skin will level and fill with new skin cells those depressions and ridges, and the pigment will level itself again. Now, this process takes a lot of time, and if your stretch marks were very deep, they will only get worse before they get better because there is more scar area to eliminate. If you decide to exfoliate, you must realize it is a very long process and that you must give time to your skin to heal between applications. Massaging is another way to gently stimulate blood flow in the skin, eliminate toxins, and promote skin health, so massage those creams now and then on the sm. And yes, it may take you many many many months, or even years. But then again, if you would have started two years ago, maybe you could have worn a bikini this summer ;).

  427. What’s the deal with the vicks vapor rub?

    Okay, I have not tried this one yet, but I can see why people report success with it. The main active ingredients in it are: camphor, menthol, and eucalyptus oil. The camphor and menthol serve basically as anesthetics and antibacterial agents when applied to the skin, but they also stimulate circulation with that tingly and cooling sensation they give, which is good for the stretch marks. But the real deal here is the eucalyptus oil.

    Eucalyptus is, among many other things, an astringent. Astringents (i.e. skin toners) are used to tone and tighten the skin, increase blood circulation, promote healing, minimize wrinkles, and many other things. This is why many stretch mark miracle creams say they contain astringents, because they help scars heal. Actually, if you try to look for the ingredients of many of these creams and lotions, they won’t tell you the exact ingredients (astringents, moisturizers, miracle herbs, no actual ingredients), but if you look carefully many have a warning about people not using them if you are allergic to eucalyptus, thus admitting it is one of the main ingredients.

    Eucalyptus oil promotes circulation and skin regeneration, which is probably why so many people say it works on stretch marks. If you are thinking about getting one of those $100 creams that most probably has a diluted form of eucalyptus, better try the grandma’s cold remedy first and rub some vicks on it. Chances are if it does not work for you neither will those expensive creams that actually contain what’s in the vapor rub. This one is actually a low brainer once you get what’s behind those expensive creams. You either buy the concentrated form of eucalyptus for one or two bucks (the only downside being the strong scent), or get one ounce of the very expensive one. Actually, I just had a brilliant idea… jejeje. Why not just mix the vapor rub thing with another nice cream with vitamin e or something like that you already have and make your own “expensive” stretch mark cream? Bet ya it works just as good, or even better. I’m gonna try that and keep you posted.

  428. I used to have stretch marks on my boobs from them growing I used Johnsons Baby Oil first bathing in it every night and then rubbing it in the affected areas directly after bath. After a few months they really dissapeared!

    I tried this after being recomended by a friend who used it on her stomach everyday after bath whilst pregnant to prevent the strech marks (she hasnt got any!).

    unfortunatly I have been rather depressed and have gained 2 stone! and now I have them all over my legs (including back of knees!), hips (they go right round lower back!)and my boobs again! I have tried coco butter and it didnt work have started with bio oil but dont think it will do much! I am gonna try the vapour rub or go back to my trusted baby oil method! hope this helps!

  429. I am 15 years old 5’0 130 lbs. and i have strech marks EVERYWHERE. my breasts my hips my calves thighs and arms and i HATE them, i tried cocoa butter for two months and saw NO results, im going to try vics thoughhhh i hope it works

  430. Ok I am 39 weeks pregnant and with that came stretch marks no they dont go away no matter what u can try to hide them u can try to get rid of them but THEY WONT GO AWAY they fade pretty much and if some one doesnt like it then just ignore them ok and wether ur 105 ponds or 205 pounds who cares what people think of them and if ur boyfriends dont like it then they dont love u beleive me I have been self concious about my butt my belly and my thighs and my boyfriend looks at me the same way he did when I first met him it doesnt matter the way u look and u see all these people on tv who just popped a kid and they are skinny as hell and have a six pack come on nobody is able to do that unless u have millions of dollars for plastic surgery and tummy tucks not everyone is the same and u know I think I d rather have stretch marks that faade away then find out im dying of skin cancer or something from haveing surgery…. Just get over the fact you have stretch marks they dont go away they just fade and like I said ur bf’s dont like it tell them to f*** off find a better man to treat u well….

  431. im 18 years old and i have stretch marks all around my butt and it looks very weird .. my weight is normal and didint lose or gain wait !! im just normal and im afriad to lose creams or whatever so it could get worse than it is . so please help me!

  432. Ive tried everything, and nothing is working!! im on bio-oil at the momenet, but im not seeing any results.

    Im 21 year old, and I cant wear nice clothes without wearing a jacket ot cardi on top.

    Im asian, olive skinned. My stretch marks appeared for no reason at all (i didnt gain or lose weight , so im guessing its my contraceptive pill, although my doc disagrees).

    My stretch marks started whiteish / silver and have stayed that colour, but as im darker skinned they can be seen more. I have them everywhere. Breasts, shoulders, forearms, behind my arms, hips, thighs, behind knee, everywher. Im getting really depressed. I cant wear shorts or swimming costumes, and I cant even wear a dress or vest top unless I wear a cardi on top, im the only person who covers up in the summer or a night out.

    People say to go in the sun, but on hol last year that made them worse as i tanned, and my stretch marks stood out even more.

    Im going on holiday soon and I’l again be coverin up, as it embarassing! if anything my stretch marks are getting worse (deeper, brighter, longer) than anything!


  433. i have strech marks on my hips,thighs,stomache and my arms..i am only 16 years old and i have not had a child,i have gained some weight but i am not overweight i understand that i am a growing young woman..but i dont know how to stop them from getting bigger or getting more..i dont know what to do..someone please help me!!

  434. I too have stretchmarks and find them abit upsetting. But what I find more upsetting is reading all of your comments.Its so sad that we actually are learning to hate ourselves because of the way we look.
    Beauty is not something that can been seen with the eye, its something that is experienced. We all strive to be beautiful and yet deep down none of us ever feel that we have achieved this and never will.This is because we are looking in the wrong place. The reason being that true beauty lies within, corny but true. If you give yourself a hard time about your appearance, you in time feel bad within,its very destructive. When we start to see our good qualities about the person we are within then we begin to see beauty in all. Its a circle almost, too see beauty in others and in life, you must start to see beauty within you. Make a list of your good points,list times you have been kind to others or showed another compassion. It is these traits that radiate from a person and not how they simply look.Be kind to yourself and show the same compassion towards the person within you.There is no need for anyone to hide away or to be ashamed of thier body.There is a saying ‘that nobody is perfect’.I strongly disagree.Everyone is beautiful, and everyone is perfect. The problem lies in our lack of ability to see our own inner beauty. None of you would ever be unkind or cruel to another because of the way they looked, nor would you say unkind things to them. So do not do this to yourself.Stop making statements that enforce any ideas you may have of not being attractive or worthy. Such negative statements will in time become your reality and you will indeed be very sad.
    Why not replace the negative affirmations with kind statements. So instead of standing infront of the miiror in your underwear and saying that you hate your appearance and self, stand there and start by saying that you are infact ok. Look at yourseklf and say kind things and begin to reprogramme your beliefs of your self-image. It may be hard at first but you can start to feel better.
    Start to look within others and see the person within the outer appearance, start to make efforts to see beauty in the being inside.
    It may sound crazy but it works, you are not giving in, just altering your ideas of what beauty really is and where it lies.
    Positive statements! ” I am beautiful! I am a kind person!I am perfect in everyway!”
    Remember beauty is all about kindness and compassion. These are what attracts good people into your life, and these are what makes a person shine!
    But exercise the two, both kindness and compassion,towards yourself.
    You are perfect in everyway, you just need to learn how to see it.Be kind to others, but more importantly BE KIND TO YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  435. Hi guys,

    I’ve had a chubby body since I was a kid. When I started college 4 years ago, I started losing weight (from the stress, I imagine). And now I’m 20 (I graduated with my BA in Journalism) this year, 5’1″, and weighs 107 pounds! I don’t know if this is proportionate, but that’s not reallt my problem. I have white stretch marks all over my body—from arms to my back, my breasts to my tummy and hips! They’re everywhere and it’s driving me nuts!

    I know for some, this might sound vain, but doesn’t the sentence “Look great, feel great” mean anything? Like I said, I have only started to lose weight since college, and eversince I’ve been so insecure about my body. My career takes a lot out from me, and time has been a problem for me to workout. So I mostly wake up around 4am and do yoga before I go to work!

    Anyway, does the Vicks Vaporub works even when the stretch marks are already white in color? That’s been my worry while I was reading this forum all the way down. If it doesn’t, do you guys know anything that might work on them?

    Thanks and I really appreciate all the advice/tips you can give. ^_^

  436. I have just read through the tips and comments on this page and must admit I do feel more comfortable and inspired about my stretch marks now. I too have always felt I was the only one my age (started getting stretch marks at 16) who had stretch marks! I have them all over my butt, thighs and lower back. They have turned silvery over the last 11 years but still incredibly noticeable, as it works out though, only to me, after speaking to my fiance he hasn’t really noticed them and doesn’t even care!! My friends thought that I didn’t have any and they were worried and upset about their own, which I thought they didn’t have!!!!! It just goes to show, we all think ours are worse than they actually are but the fact of the matter is nobody thinks other people’s stretch marks are ugly, only our own. There’s not much that can be done, we should all try our best to be healthy and enjoy ourselves…. The buggers are not going to disappear, oh well 🙂

  437. I had subcision done, about 5 treatments. Most of my Stretch marks are gone, and the skin has toned considerably. You can also buy the rollers. I would have to say 75% improvement and still working on it. I also exfoliate and use Vitamin A lotion with C & E by Jergens. Try also 5 green tea bags in your bath water nightly. Hope this helps. Worked for me. 🙂 No one needs a tummy tuck. You just have to rejuvenate your skin. 🙂

  438. girls,if you have them on your breasts,can i just say,i’m being honest,about 99% of guys WON’T care about them,i would say they actually fade the quickest there,basicly for guys,boobs are boobs,EH?..

    although,i do have horrible marks on my stomache,i tried using olive oil,and for some reason,MORE showed up as soon as i used it,i’ve also got them on my hips,back of legs(only a tiny bit so i tend not to worry about it),my arms(used to be a lot,but are for some reason dissapearing),thighs(like most women),and breasts

  439. can applying only egg whites on white stretch marks really take out stretch marks? if so please tell me and if it does tell me how long. Thank you

  440. and Maria Angelica, what happens if you use extra version olive oil? and
    can we dont use the Vicks Vaporub? will it still work? please give a message asap Thank you

  441. Well, i had my baby over a year now and I have stretch marks everywhere! I hate them sooo much.
    They are on my sides, hips, butt, stomach, and thighs, but really dark on the sides. I tried everything from aloe vera, cocabutter, shea butter, olive oil, and even some massage cream for stretch marks,but nothing works. I think I have gangsta stretch marks, lol.
    I’m goin to try the vapor rub and get to yall.I’m hopin for the best

  442. hi, im hannah and i am 14 yrs old… ive had stretch marks on my upper thighs and on the back of my calfs. i have always been self conscoush (donno how 2 spell that gimme a breaK!) about myself ever since i got them in the 6th grade… they are ruining my life. i feel like i can never show my body in public, i have always skipped the “pool partys” because i cant wear a bathing suit. the only way to re-gain my self confidence is if i get rid of them but i doubt that will ever happen. my stretch marks are purple and red and i can feel them and it makes me want to cry…. thank you all on this sight for writing all the tips, im sorry i dont have any but (like yall have heard many times) im gunna try the vapor rub!! thank you!

  443. hey peoples!
    if you haven’t already had that laser surgery, heres some advise for you or for anyone else that wants it. im only 13 and ive never been pregnant, so this isnt experienced advise. but i do have bad stretch marks. i have an “early bloomer” family so i got breasts at 8 yrs old. recently ive gotten stretch marks on them and my buttox. my mom said use olive oil, it works. it helps your skin stretch, which softens them alot. i noticed good changes within 2 days. it feels weird if its room temperature, so i would put it in the fridge for a while. i rub it in at night before bed, and make sur you rub it in all the way, or it’ll stick to your clothes. hope you don’t mind taking advice from a teen, hope i helped!

  444. hi tatiana you seem to have the answer to everything and how they work so im asking this question to you! im 18 years old and very slim but ive got stretch marks on my butt altho i never gained weight. they;re not that bad but i used vic’s vapor rub on them and they worked pretty well: they’re much lighter and thinner and just plain less notciable. but everytime i use vics my vagina gets really irritated and it keeps itching for atleast a whole day so i donno if i should just stop using it. can you please tell me why it happens and if its like seriuos enough to do a lotta damage later? and should i stop using vics?

  445. Well..I’ve spent like 7h reading absolutely e-v-e-r-y message here.

    It did good to my self-esteem, thats for sure!! I feel for all of you and i understand your hate/frustration feelings. I’m a perfectionniste and i’m not going to compare myself with the ‘worst than me’.

    Conclusions till now(resume for those who are too lazy to read every post ;+): -everyone can get these stretchmarks: old/young, darker/white skin, girs/boys(!!), doing sport/not, gaining/losing weight/not, etc. The positive thing for me in reading all these conffessions is that i’m now considering me and my strechmarks in a big majority;
    -apparently vitamin E, cocoa butter, bio oil and Vicks are the best things on market..maybe i’ll give it a try;
    -strechmarks are part of genetic hereditary, part of yo-yo weight diets, part of hormones up and down, part of what we eat, part of what and how much we drink, part of sports done, part of how much we hydrate our skin.

    I’m not a doctor, thats why im wondering if after a sillicon implant/liposuction we don’t get to see any marks, how about after a
    surgery on strechmarks/or a laser therapy applied on?

    About me: i wasnt fat, but b/c it was ‘trendy’, and i was too stupid and young at my 14-15y, i did a very tough diet,then is when they first appeared..on my breasts. Then long-big ones all over my butt..
    I think every people’s skin is different, thats why every recovery process is differents from body to body.
    My strechmarks got white very quick after they appeared. But i can still see them, even though my skin is very white. And i’m ok with it, b/c my body looks preety nice-thx to the M.Nature! :+) even now, at my 26th!!
    For the girls that are not self-confident: is true what one said: 99% of guys dont care AT ALL about the strechmarks!! And the 1% of superficials guys, i’ve never met yet! ;+)
    Be aware, if u dont start to forget about strechmarks..ignore them..or at least DO sth about it and stop complaining, this would not do any good to your health! And as we all now..this-lack of self-esteem is a Huge part of stress-the main factor for much bigger problems such as..mental problems or cancer..
    Myself im not in love with strechmarks, but i’m trying to get rid of them..or make them not so ‘noticable’. The thing is, i’m planning to lose some weight, and as i’ve notices, once i’m losing weight, my 2 best features: breasts and butt, start showing their strechmarks, again more pinkie-violet colour(from white-as they are when i’m not skinnier) and worst is it seems like a deflated ball with somekind of ‘ditchs’..So im super ok with my breasts now and my butt, the question is what to do when i lose weight-in order to have nicer legs- for not to get and ‘feel’ those grooves?

  446. I have to say i’m planning to do sport, diet, drink 8 cups of water/tea and i bought 2 Strivectin SD..i’ll let you know in a while..the progress(i’ll apply only on my breats, hoping not to get again pinkie ‘ditchs’ when i’ll lose weight.

    P.S.: i’m doing this b/c i feel like, none of my ex-bfs had any kinda comment about my strechmarks, they’ve always appreaciated my body as it is.

  447. I just got strech marks on my brests, tighs, leg, my back about 6 months ago. I am very athletic, but i have gained about 15 pounds.
    I really hate my body right now. I would do anything to get rid of the streach marks. I have been using cocoa butter. And it looks like it is working. My streatch marks are starting to dissapper very slowly. I use it every night.
    but i think i’ll try Vaporub a try.

  448. I did some reseraches and besides the microdermabrasion or laser, the best thing right now-fro those who don’t trust the cremes, is a method between the classical and the alternative medicine, called Non-Ablative Skin Rejuvenation. This method, uses low levels of light energy to make alive ths skin cells, causing them to regenerate/repair themselves and to function as new young cells.

  449. Hey guys, I’ve just started using vics vapo rub and I am going to report back to you in a week to tell you how things are going, at the moment my legs are really tingling and I have to try sleep! I hope it works, I will give you all the full results after two weeks so for those of you who havn’t tried it wait and see :o) If this doesn’t work I have a few more tricks up my sleeve! Steph

  450. i read every comment on this site and dont get me wrong i’m a postive person so everyone idea is very good but i love, love tatiana comment she is smart very smart because i have been exfoiliating for a year now and let me tell you guys, if any one has stretchmarks its me . i have them so bad that they looked like someone slice me up from my breast to my thighs but a year ago i started to exfoiliate my skin and its been a long journey, i feel like giving up sometimes, i have to everyother day, scrub my skin i start on my stomach first i rub the swiss scub on me , and i take my loofah cloth and i scrub hard as i can my skin, going in circular motions over and over for 15-20 mins. i do this intil it just burns and burn, then i repeat this on my thighs but i go alittle gentle on my chest because the skin is sensitive there. i do this every other day and i take shower after i scrub and rinse then after i dry off , i put a gylic peel lotion on me , before i go to bed i soak in the tub for a hour , this seem to work even better because the skin peels more. then i put my peeling lotion on me . every 4 or 5 days i go without my lotions because my skins peels easily right away when i let it go dry for a day. well all the same its been a year and they are fading so much really not fading but just peeling off slowly tatiana was right it seem at first when u start to exfoiliate they seem to get worst but thats good news, it just mean u are bringing thnm slowly to the surface . i promise give it time, i know mine going take along time but i had them 17 years because i’m 35 and i had my first child at 17 , well thats been along time ago , i just learn what to do a year ago be patient people please, and exfoliate the skin intil it stings , u might even get skabs if u do put vasine on the skabs , i promise this method works . dont give up on your creams , use them too.

  451. hey im 15 years old and going into the 10th grade yup that means PE and changing clothes infront of other girls how can i do that if im so self concious about my body. i have stretch marks on my arms hips and tummy i need them gone please tell me what i can use to get rid of these stubborn stretch marks!! and may i add that i’ve got a b-f what will he say if he SEES!!

  452. wow all this talk about vics vapour rub make me wanna try it too,
    i got this ugly streched marks after i gave birth to my son
    also i wanna know if abdominal excersise can also help,u know to tighen up the loose skin 🙁

  453. Hey people how you doing?

    Probably stressing about stretch marks like me.

    Well I don’t know if this helps but recently I went to lanzarote and randomly asked a shop keeper of a cosmetic store that why is aloe Vera so famous here. She replied back saying that it keeps the skin healthy plus any stretch marks that have occurred are reduced tremendously and nor do any new occur.

    I use aloe Vera every day since then my skin is so healthy and my stretch marks have reduced. The trick is you have to use the cream every day. I buy my bottle for 750ml from tesco’s for £1.50 this is a tesco’s make by the way but hey it works.

    But if you want to reduce you stretch marks temp for an occasion there is a cream it’s called NIVEA VISAGE TINTIED MOISTURISING CREAM, light reflecting pigments, hydramine & vitamins. It’s great it lightens those white shiny stretch marks. This cream is great even if you don’t where foundation but want to brighten your face as it’s a light tinted cream which brings a great glow to your face.

    Nivea and other brands have body tint creams which allow your body to have a tint and have them stretch marks fade for that special occasion.

    Let me know how it goes.

  454. hey well i’m a 13 yr old girl and i just started getting stretch marks about four months ago on my boobs, hips and thighs. i didn’t think much of them at first but now they are popping up all down my legs not just my thighs. how can i stop them from getting deeper??? some of the comments say you can still get rid of them if they’re just purple/pinkish and not white or deep. if so HOW???

  455. Hi guys. Sorry I have no tips. I’m 20 and have had stretch marks since puberty. I haven’t gained or lost weight rapidly or become pregnant – they just developed as I grew. I have a healthy diet, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly.

    They are mainly on my hips and are thick, long and white. Being a person who doesn’t overly care what people think, I try not to be concious of them but every time I wear shorts with a bikini top, you can really notice them clawing up the sides of my hips, past the top of my shorts. They are really annoying and really noticable. I’ve tried to live with them but they are stopping me from wearing certain types of clothes. They have been the same for years and not faded at all over time.

    I might try and give the vics vapour rub a try to night and promise to keep people posted. Could anyone please offer some advice on products that actually work for reducing white stretch marks??? I don’t want to waste loads of money testing out numerous products. Thanks

  456. hi , i have strech marks and it is getting to the point where i cant take it any more!! 🙁

    im 16 and when we all go swimming, im the one who will sit at the side and watch and think wish i could do that!!

    but i cant, i have them on my hips, brests, thighs and its horrable, people say there not even bad, but when you have to see them every day then its bad!, i cant do anything i have tryed bio oil and it has worked a little bit but , i can still see them, it makes me feel like crying all i want to do is be a normal 16 year old and have fun but they stop me, none of my friends have them so why should i!
    just please give me a really good tip to make them go away and make me feel better about myself 🙁 xx

  457. After reading the post about Lightwave LED therapy eliminating marks, I’ve ordered a similar device for home use. I’m sure it’s not as powerful as the spa version and that it will take more time and sessions to see results, but I’m hoping to duplicate a professional outcome if I stick with it.

    As for healing skin internally with diet and supplements and externally with exfoliation methods/aloe/creams/oils, none of this has ever made a difference for me. People have said that it will work if you give it enough time, but that isn’t necessarily true. I’ve been at it for years. The skin doesn’t always regenerate, even if you do the “right things”. I’m disappointed by how much misinformation is on this board in regards to how stretch marks form and assumptions about what people must be missing/not doing.

  458. what’s up every1,
    I’m always reading for new advice on here and I just started the vics today. I read something from V-Jay up above about something called gylic peel lotion…
    If anybody knows what that is can u get back to me?

  459. im 16 and i have strech marks on my buttocks,tighs and hips!!they are the worst!!i could never were skirts,shorts or batthing suits and seeing other girls my age were them, makes me feel even more self concious!!ive tried everything from lotions to aloe vera.i just need something that will help them fade away.NEED HELP!!!but i am thinking of using Vic’s Vapor Rub so if any one has any other suggestions it would HELP ALOT!!

  460. Hey i was just wondering everyone has been saying that their stretch marks are almost gone or are invisible because of some method.
    But has anyone gotten rid of the stupid grooves?! Or is it impossible? Mine are old and silvery but they are still deep and groove like as ever!

  461. ..i have them on my boobies…pretty bad.. and on my legs..
    like below the hip bones on the right and left sides of my theighs and alsoo on my calves and te back of my leg right where the knee bends at… its horrible and its always on mymind..i try not to let it bother me but it does b/c i have them on my boobs and legs.. like its so unfair.. the two parts of the female body that any guy would agree is “sexy” and basiclly what makes u a beautiful girl.. is scarred on me. i dont understand why .. nothigs really working … i hate hiding my body.. i need help. and the worst part is every guy i like i push away when it gets too serious b/c of the marks.. and i havent gone to the beach once this hole summer.. not so hot b/c im very pale and would love to geta tan but i couldnt bring myslef to wear a bikini… normally i hear im a beautiful girl… if only they knew.

  462. i think being postive on this site is the best thing for us to do. you have some teens that is very broken over their situation and it dont help to break their spirits and say negative things like i tried it all, well maybe if you just keep going instead of stopping and giving up you might find out that these methods do work. so ,you gave up let someone else try them everyone skin is different maybe u spent 15 minutes doing the exfoliation methods but maybe 30 to 40 minutes was needed, maybe u went a year and two years was needed, maybe you didnt scrub your skin hard enough . you have to find out what method works better then others . i was doing certains things and found out that i wasnt applying the right methods. all in all be postive to the next person, dont say that didn’t work for me , please give others hope. some people take these things serious , in a time and era where people put apperance above all things acourse i can say beauty is in the inside of a person, but come on we all know how society is about appearances. this is v-jay speaking please try the method i about earlier and dont expect miracles overnite, and if u have to do these things for a long time in the end you will thank yourself. someone ask about the gylic lotions , i found one called booth,s , it does four things for your skin, it has a potent combo of alph hydroxy acids that work tirelessly to ditch dead skin, it also contains sweet almonds, apricot kernals, and shea butter oils work in perfect harmony to hydrate needy skin , vitamins and minerals to fight off the dastardly deeds of the harsh environments,and it also contains caffeine , caffein firms and tone less -than-taut skin, making it feel youthful, revitalized and wide awake. i found this in the walmart section it comes in 32fl oz/946ml and it has two fragrance , lemon sugar and coconut. in the meantime while u or not exfoiliating this lotion can be peeling the skin.

  463. even if you may think i’ve lost my marbles , but i’m giving the vit.E and vics and flaxseed oil all a try rubbing them in together daily , I’m even working on toning my body . somethings got to work 🙁

  464. HI!
    I HAVE my stretch markS ALL OVER MY BODY from first pregnancy.
    I tryed many creams every day.THE BEST ARE
    VIT E in liquid
    abricot scrub
    aloe vera from wild oats natural store.
    grape seeds oil It’s works very good.It’s a newroduct in walgreens

    It’s help, but you have to be petiente.It’s take a time.
    I see difference, but I think I need more 6 months.

    Dipence what type of your skin for one its helping for other not.

  465. hey michelle i know exactly how u totally against the whole emo thing, but i would rather hav ppl looking at my scars than my stretch marks,ive done wat u did and then i decided it wasnt going to make it any better, so i see my stretch marks are genetic,and ive had them since i was 10/11,and they were very severe.wenever someone wears a bikini i look for signs of strech marks to make myself feel like im not alone,but none of my friends hav them and it makes me feel horrible,i cant even wear a bikini anymore.i also feel like guys will judge me,and im afraid to have sex because of them now.all i can do now is pray to GOD that they wont be a problem in life.

  466. i been using palmers for about 5 months and its been working. It has lighten old marks as well as smooth them out. Now that i have a baby on the way, i gain black stretch marks. What should i do? Once i notice them i start using more differnt lotions. I ran out and got some palmers soap as well as some ambi fading cream. Do you think it will work?

  467. I did not give up (am still trying new methods all the time, which I mentioned in my post concerning LED therapy!) and I’m not saying that people shouldn’t try exfoliation or trying to discourage anyone. What I am saying is that 1.) there is a LOT of misinformation here, which I am specifically concerned about *because* of the number of teens, and 2.) there is a lot of judgment, as if people are responsible for their stretch marks and just aren’t trying hard enough. Personally, I find it a lot more discouraging and offensive when someone comes on here and, solely because something worked for *them*, acts like everyone else has their head in the sand and hasn’t tried hard enough. (“No one needs a tummy tuck…”, “lose weight so that they don’t have a reason to stick around…”, etc.) These statements are absurd.

    FYI, I have exfoliated vigorously and tried numerous creams and every last measure to heal from within for *ten* years. It has not helped. Wish it had. Are you going to tell me ten years isn’t enough? That’s exactly the kind of judgment I’m seeing and talking about here. It’s always the person’s fault if a method doesn’t work. Well, my opinion and experience is that it’s no one’s fault except nature, and that is backed up by sound research.

    Will any of these methods help other people? Possibly. Do I hope that these marks can be healed? Of course! Will I keep trying? I always do, and I post here because I hope to find something ecouraging to say. But telling people that they need to lose weight or limit exercise or try harder is ridiculous and unfair. Stretch marks are hormonal, period. I did not get ANY of my marks from pregnancy, weight gain, etc. My skin did not stretch — it’s a misnomer. They are caused by glucocorticoids, hence why people with cortisol disorders and those on steroid medications end up with marks. I could go into great detail about how and why, but the basics are that the steroids interfere with collagen synthesis. This type of hormonal shift often occurs *while* the skin is being stretched or strained by pregnancy or weight gain, but it’s a case of correlation and not causation — the hormones are the root of the problem. So, I hope to see people look at the cause more, stop saying things like “I’m only 100 pounds!”, because that doesn’t matter whatsoever. Perhaps a method will work for a person, perhaps it won’t, but it’s all luck. You can’t control nature all of the time or FORCE your skin to heal (believe me, I’ve tried), and I resent people saying you can. That’s all I was saying, not that mark removal is futile for all.

  468. Hi there, I know how all you feel, I have stretch marks on my inner thighs, outer thighs, upper arms, some on my breasts but they aren’t very noticeable. But, anyways I absolutely know how you feel, and I haven’t really tried anything yet because I haven’t looked up on how to get rid of them because I was always told that it’s not possible. Anyways, finally doing some research online, and I read about this TriLASTIN-SR® Of course I’m not positive if it’ll get rid of the stretch marks I have but I’m going to be positive, and I’m going to work at staying very hydrated as well. I’m really hoping this works out for me, it’s so embarrassing. There has to be something that’ll work, everything else has a cure, and this is just scars. Well, anyways, if you have any other tips that have worked for you, please share, and if you’ve tried TriLASTIN, tell us if it worked for you. Looks like it does, but I’d like to hear from some more people who’ve used it. (:

  469. hey everyone.
    it is so sad to read all of your blogs. i know cause i feel your pain. i try to tan to cover them up. that does not work. i will do anything. i have lost weight and have many stretch marks. i am going to try the scrub does anyone object to this? has anyone had there stretch marks actually go away? i have had them since i was 15. i am 5’7 140 and did gain and loose weight. which did not help.i have been using trilastin sr. was ont he tyra banks show. only been using it for a month. not a drmamtic difference yet.

  470. I started on the exfoliating with the foot scrub/just scrub thing. I don’t scrub daily, not even a lot really. Yes it burns and I worry about that everytime. I’m only doing my legs right now. I started with one small stretch mark on my leg then I just ended up doing the back of both my calves. I’m working on the back and sides of one of my thighs. I just started and I don’t think my eyes are playing with me but they seem to be improving. I’ve only scabbed in two small areas and don’t have any of that hyperpigmentation or whatever.

    Oh the stretch marks on my calves are like one year from my last pregnancy and some on my hips and thighs but, all my other stretch marks are from my first pregnancy, three years ago. It hasn’t been too long so I hope I can reduce or get rid of (i wish) them. I rinse the parts I scrub and use the st. ives apricot scrub then apply vit. e oil and aloe vera. I put msm cream on it once and yeah, that burned. I just took pics today so if and when they improve and i can see the difference. I’ll post them up.

  471. I haven’t got a tip, but I sure do need one. I am 18years old and I have got stretch marks all over my body, makes me feel so depressed. I don’t know what to do. Do they fade away soon? Is there any remedy? It makes me feel horrible to have these stupid stretch marks.

  472. as long as i can remember ive had strech marks i used to hate them and tried everything and i mean everything and belive me nothing wil get rid of stretch marks i am not really big but i have them all over my stomach, bum, hips, back, boobs, arms, thighs, and behind the knee and this has affected me soo much as i can not wear shorts or skirt or even t-shirts i hav 2 wewr long sleeves and look really silly on hot days i dred those p.e days getting changed as i am the only person in my class with strech marks as every1 is dead skinny they laugh bhind my back and it has scared me forlife i know i will never be happy with my body or confident but i just wish someone had told me about this when i was younger because now i hav decided to strave myself which sounds dangerous but so be it i know im 15 and its dangerous but its the only way i eat a little a day and sometimes miss a whole day out of eating and yet here i am still the biggest girl im my class and i know dont care if i get holes in my bones and i dont care that i will loose control of my bladder and hav to wear a nappie and i dont care if i get took into hospital and since im going into year 11 i hav my gcse’s coming up in a few months and i dont care if i fail them because of starving myself its shoking i know but t is worth it and i dont care what anyone says my mind is made up o dont waste money on lotions and creams..starve yourself thats what im doing so it may not get rid of strachmarks but i will be skinny!!!