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How to Get Rid of Stuffy Nose Fast

Congestion and stuffed-up sinuses can be the unpleasant results of allergies, sinus trouble, colds, flus, or even the shifting temperature of the seasons, but it is unnecessary to live with one for very long. Here are a few simple tips on how to get rid of stuffy nose fast!

Allergy remedies work for different symptoms under different circumstances, so when looking for an over-the-counter remedy, look for something that specifically states it works on stuffy nose. Otherwise, you can fall back on a tried-and-true home remedy: yerba maté tea. For fast-acting relief, try an instant yerba maté powder and brew at two to three times the recipe for pleasure-drinking. For longer-lasting relief, set a pot of herb on to brew at the same time and drink a whole teapot within the next few hours.

Stuffy sinuses can lead to headaches, so you want to know how to get rid of stuffy nose fast when your sinuses start acting up. The most effective instant remedy to get that nose running is to brew a cup of vinegar tea. Mix two spoonfuls of honey with two spoonfuls of unfiltered raw apple cider vinegar, then add boiling water. Drink with a box of tissues nearby.

Cold and Flu
Cold and flu tend to go hand in hand, and both of these remedies can prove useful for either.

To simultaneously soothe the throat and clear the nasal passages, opt for a cup of garlic tea. This tea starts out with two spoonfuls of honey mixed with an equal amount of garlic powder. Make sure the garlic is fresh or has at least been kept cold. Pour in boiling water, then add vinegar or lemon juice to taste. This remedy is especially helpful for the flu.

Ginger tea is another helpful brew. Make in the same fashion as lemon garlic tea, but substitute ginger powder for the garlic. For best results, be sure your ginger is still somewhat fresh and smells spicy in the bag.

For any of these teas, repeat as necessary until you get the desired results.

When deciding how to get rid of stuffy nose fast, it is helpful to remember the cause before trying to treat it, but the basic remedy is the same. Get in a warm place with a warm cup of tea and a box of tissues, and blow your nose!

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