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1. Eye Stye Info

Styes are enflamed sebaceous glands (near the base of the eyelashes) and are usually caused by staphylococcus bacteria. They look similar to pimples, but should not be squeezed or pierced as the bacteria inside can spread over the entire eyelid.

2. How to Get Rid of a Stye; Treatments & Remedies

Whenever you are treating a stye, be very careful and resist the urge to pop or squeeze it! Do not rub your eyes because you can easily spread the infection to your other eye – that is unless you want a matching set… πŸ™‚ If your stye does not go away within a week see your doctor about getting antibiotics.

*I repeat: Wash your hands after treatment of any type to avoid spreading the infection

Some common eye-stye treatments and tips

  • Soften the stye by applying a hot, moist compress several times a day for at lease 10 minutes at a time.
  • The tannic acid in tea is reported to help cure styes – take a used tea bag that is still warm and apply it to the eye as a warm compress.
  • An old folk remedy recommends rinsing the eye with milk. If it works for you, let us know!
  • Refrain from wearing eye makeup while the stye is active.
  • Do not rub your eyes or you risk irritating and spreading the infection.
  • There are many over-the-counter stye remedies you can try – see your local pharmacist.
  • Whatever you choose to do – be very careful when putting unknown chemicals on or in your eyes – if you’re unfamiliar with a remedy then consult your doctor first.
  • Have a tip to share? Submit it for the benefit of others using the form at the bottom of this page.

Click here for more information onΒ how to get rid of styes.

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  1. I’m not sure but it may be another old folk remedy. Use 14 karat gold to rub on the sty to make it go away.

  2. Bathing the eye in milk is an old family remedy of ours that really works.

    The milk is poured on a saucer and these days warmed in the microwave, soaked up on a cotton pad and placed over the eye for a few minutes. This is repeated as necessary to calm the eye.

    The theory in our family is the bacteria in the milk, being the now-famous “friendly bacteria” help fight the infection causing the stye.

  3. Putting an 18K gold ring on my stye made it go away in just ONE day.
    My housekeeper is from Poland and she gave me the suggestion this morning.
    I can’t believe it.
    It’ worked.
    Diane Carroll

  4. I get styes all the time, although, i try my hardest not to get them they show up anyway. The first day of school is tomorrow and I’m trying everything to get rid of it, right now i’m trying the gold thing, so if it works and is gone by tomorrow i owe all my thanks to you Diane and Brenda! My mom does the hot wash cloth thing and that always works for her…you can try that.

  5. My doctor advised me to rinse my eye out with no tear baby shampoo and then put a hot tea bag over my eye. The last time I had a stye, it really worked in a day or two. This time… I havent been so lucky. Good Luck!

  6. well if if u clean ur hands all the time get clean cotton pads put tae tree and disnfectant on it it will really help clean up the sty in about a day ir 2 so u should give it a try.

  7. The tea bag really does work! i got rid of mine in 1 day! =)….. I just dipped the tea bag in hot water and put it over my eye… i did this at least 2 times and just leave it on there and keep dipping it in water and putting it on your eye. Make sure your eyes are closed when doing this…Hope it works for you too!

  8. Try putting a hot cotton swab on your eye for 15 minutes. Make sure to Redip the swab so it stays hot. It helps the swelling and gets rid of it in about 2 days

  9. soaking bread in milk and putting on your eye will make it go away.something with the yest will soak up the infection or something

  10. Use a hard boiled egg (still hot) and a washcloth and let it sit on your eye for 2o minutes. repeat as often as necessary. Try it, it really works.

  11. My 10 year old daughter had a really bad stye for about 5 days. I did not know what to do for it since no one in the family has ever had one. So I looked online and came across this site. Will you believe I tried the milk thing and it WORKED! The stye went away after 1 day of applying cotton balls dipped in warm milk to the eyelid, and I also put 2 milk drops in her eye. Both her and I could tell just after doing the first set of dipped cotton balls that it was looking better. Thank you so much!!!

  12. that girl in the picture looks exactly like me, like freakishly so, everyone i show it to thinks that it is me, and i have to tell them time and again that it isnt me.
    who is she?
    i think she is my long lost twin…..
    seriously, freakyyyy

  13. this sucks i have damn stye in my eye…. and it justt wont go away i have a damn warm towl on my eye but noooooooooo it just wants 2 stay there…. im kinda afraid to use the gold ring thing on my eye and the milk cause i think that might cause infection and make it grow bigger…. what the doctor told me 2 do in 7th grade is 2 get a wet warm towel stik it in the microwave for 10 sec and stik it on ure eye and massage the stye….. hope that works 4 u ppl


  15. My boyfriend has a stye that keeps returning. We tried to warm compress on the first one and it went away literally minutes after we applied it. We tried it this time and not as fortunate. Hopefully one of these will work too.

  16. hello,
    I have a stye and i am most likely going to have surgery on my dumb stye that just wont go away crazy to say this but i think i will try one of these i just do not wenat to have to go back to the doctors again. I am school right now so ill try one oif those later and hopefully it will go away i have had my sye for like 4 weeks it sucks it just wont go away.

  17. I’ve had a stye for two/three months now.
    It’s not a very big stye, but it still gets annoying sometimes.
    Well, it’s not physically irratible (most of the time), but I don’t like the fact that it’s still there.
    I’ve tried the tea bag thing twice (once today and once yesterday).
    I can’t tell if it’s helping or not.
    I wish it would go away…I don’t know what to do.

  18. i got a stye this morning it wasnt noticeable tho ….then i was at my boi’s house and wen i got home i noticed it was bigger i used a hot ragg 4 about 10 min then tried the tea thang now im back on the ragg lol…but my stuff definatly has gone down hopefully ill be lookin sexy 4 skool 2moror ya digg!

  19. When I woke up this morning I had a stye on my eye – this is the first time it’d happened to me. I did some research and found that a warm face cloth on the stye as well as putting warm tea bags on your eye where the stye is helps the swelling go down and gets rid of it quickly. I was a tad sceptical but decided to do both methods – (in the hope of it going away even faster!) so put a hot face cloth on my eye for 10 minutes and then a hot tea bag for 10 minutes, and it actually worked!! It just went away! Thanks!

  20. I had a stye on my lower lid did not know what it was and squeezed it , now i have a lump about the size of a bebe under my eye. will any of these tips help one so big .its been there about a month now.

  21. I got stye here and there when i was a kid, now i’ve got one again. But what my mom did was take hot salt water and soak a wash cloth in it, then have me hold it on my eye.

    the salt helps draw out the infection. just like when you get something pierced holding the peircing in hot salt water will keep the infections out.

  22. hey everyone i have had my sty for 3 months goin on 4 months this website really helped i tried tht warm milk wit a cotten swab thing but i don’t think it worked then i tried the hot towel on my eye wit the sty for 30 minuets and it went down alot like you kan’t even see it anymore so if you use the same thing tht i used maybe it will work for you to o i also like to thank the ppl who helped me grttin rid of my sty thts everyone who put the one about the hot towel well g2g k by n thanks

  23. Does it matter what kind of tea you use?? my daughter is on her second round of antibiotics to get rid her stye. The docts say if this round of meds don’t help, the stye has to be removed surgically. HELP

  24. hi to all those people with a sty,
    i had one massive sty i rubbed a gold ring over it for a couple of mins and soaked it with warm water for about5 mins it took the pain away straight away, just avoid touching it with dirty hands and it will be gone before you no it. if not then see the doc and get antibiotics.

  25. ok so i have a stye, its been there about 3 days now. I`ve tryed every tip on this page. I even skipped school cuz it looks so bad. My math exam is wednesday, and i cant skip that now can i. Please, any tip that will relieve this swelling, the pain i can take, but i dont want everyone asking about the swelling. I rele want it to go down, at least for a couple hours, please help. =.(

  26. i v been doin every thing 2 get rid of my sty lookin at every web posiable and finaly found this 1 and tried sum requesed thing 2 do 2 get rid of it 1 thing i can tell u is 2 put a warm cloth or a warm used tea bag but do not rub ur eye wear make up 2 try 2 cuver up it will make it worse and get it infected and blieve me it will make it hurt i tried evey thing and these r the thing that best helped it ….. i hope it helps u

  27. okay…i got my first stye about last year and now i have been getting them off and on continuallsly and it has really made my top and bottom eyelid look like someone punched me in it. It’s sooooooooo unattractive and the ladies are starting to lose interest. Can someone please give me a tip or something. I think the infection must have spread because at first it started off like any other but it never really went away. So if anyone can give advice or at least let me know there is someone out there with a similar experience please let me know

  28. So yesterday iwake up and my eye hurts. ifigured it was because i got something stuck in my eye. Then i looked in the mirror amd saw it was a stye. ihad a stye before and believe me it wasnt a pretty thing to have. it hurt and it looked bad. The stye ihad previously lasted for about a week and a half. I didnt want another stye so iwent online and did some research. itryed the tea bag and the milk trick and believe me it worked! my stye went down alot. today i woked up and my eye is a little red but not swollen. the stye is gone all thanks to this website. irecommend these tricks to anybody with a stye. again thanks alot and i hope it for for you guys !!

  29. A firm, red, generally painless lump about the size of a BB is probably a chalazion. A chalazion is a clogged oil gland in the lid, not an infection. Chalazia can take many weeks to go away. Warm compresses several times a day can help them clear.

    Tiny bits of one’s own skin flakes get into the eye and clog or irritate the oil ducts in the lid. To avoid chalazia use a fresh washcloth with a mild solution of baby shampoo every time you wash your face. Do not dry your face with your body towel after you bathe.

    Staph infections cause styes. They are basically a pimple in the eyelid. Since we always have staph bacteria in our nasal passages, touching one’s eyes after sneezing or blowing one’s nose is probably their most common cause. DO NOT PICK OR SQUEEZE A STYE. Only in the most serious cases (vision is impaired from pressure on the cornea) should one consider surgical intervention by a trained professional.

    Most of the infection will be cleared by the bloodstream and lymph system. Your lymph nodes in your neck near your jaw, ear, or back of the head may feel swollen and tender as you fight the infection.

    The pus that drains into the eye may glue your eyelids closed as you sleep. Take time in the morning to gently rinse your eye in warm water with a mild solution of baby shampoo or with Cetaphil.

    In the event of a serious stye that does not clear with warm compresses and clean habits, seek medical attention for the prescription of antibiotics. Systemic antibiotics will help your lymph and bloodstream clear the infection. Topical antibiotic ointment made especially for the eye may provide an anesthetic benefit while killing the staph bacteria locally.

  30. The tea really works mine went away within two days.

    Another problem I face is that I have almost a permenant stye in my right eye, and occasionally get one in my left.
    Any suggestions on what to do besides go to a doctor?

  31. I Woke Up With a stye yesterday morning, I stayed off school. Ive tried a few of them things, havent worked just yet .

  32. well i had a stye for 3 dayzz and iu need to go away bc i ahve this huge date tht is super important to me.. well i the milk thing works. get milk warm up for like 1 min then put a wash cloth in the milk then put on ur stye tht helped the swelling go down alot.. im goin to try the gold ring thing now bc tht helped alot of u so why.

  33. Ive had a tiny thing in my eyelid for about two months, but its not a pimple, it looks like hardened pus, it keeps scratching my eye and it won’t go away. I hate anything to do with my eyes, it it freaks me out, PLEASE HELP!!

  34. This stye is really getting on my nerves and really embarrassing! I’m going to try some of the strategies that I see listed from you guys and hopefully it works.

  35. Well, I used to get styes every 2 weeks or so, and the tea bag thing worked… not sure about the ring or milk thing though…

    my personal remedy… bangs!!!! When you have long bangs, you can cover the swelled eye. Haha, it’s pathetic, but at least it isn’t noticeable. lol… mind you, it is permanent though

  36. i used to get styes all the time when i was younger.. its been a while since i had another one. what i used to do was i would stand in the bathroom sink and use a cloth and cold water (not so cold, just a lil) id soak the cloth and then push it against my eye until most of the water was out, i soaked it again and did this for about 15 mins or more for 2 or three times a day. the cold (again, not freezing water, just a tad cold) water makes the stye smaller, and took the pain away. my eye felt clean and i could relax and see better with my eye. after a day or two it was always gone, usually next day since your body fights infections when you sleep. here in honduras ppl say when you get a stye, catch a cat, and then rub its tail on your stye and it will heal. lol i dont think that works. πŸ˜€

  37. i used the warm water rag and med, it wont go away, i had it for like a half of yearr, im sooo sad and tired of seeing it, it stays the same size sometimes go down and other times go up, uhh im so mad!! i was crying for a hour today, i hope the salt and milk works, byee guys πŸ™
    i love this site!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. I’m currently working on the tea bag thing… i can tell the swelling is already going down. The only bad thing, there is tea running down my cheek.
    To Staci’s comment, I’m thinking burning is NOT a good side affect, you should try something else.
    Make sure you all close your eyes!

  39. The tea bag is not supposed to burn! Use chamomile tea bags. If it is burning, then the leaf in the tea is not calm enough to put on your eye. Don’t use green tea. The natural antioxidants burn. Hope this helps.

  40. i woke up this morning to find my eye was irritated and sore my friend told me it was a stye ive never had 1 of these b4 so dnt no what to do and i have very nice piercing blue eyes and dnt want an ugly stye there help me to get rid of it please!!!!!!!

  41. hae guys i have had sooo many styes its just not funny well you wat to know how i get rid of them is rubbing a gold ring on topand it sure does the trick 4 me so try that 1 it really works thanks guys good luck!!!

  42. Im going to use the hot compressent thing…I did it b4 but i forgot the outcome…anyways! GOOD LUCK!!!:):):):):)

  43. man i went to 4th block and mine started grown i try the hot rag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 and its still here ! idk about the gold or the milk but i prayed about it and hoping it goes away soon

  44. hey everyone i am 12 years old and i get styes every month!!! i even missed a few days of school because of it! well i have one right now i had it for about a week now and what i do is use a hot rag so this is what you do wet a rag or a washcloth and put it in the microwave for about 20 seconds and put directly where your stye is! and another thing to do is the potato thing that usally helps! but nothing is helping me and i really dont want to miss school 2 morrow so someone please help me!!!!!!!!!!

  45. I have a stye thats fairly large. I tried the tea bag trick, warm cloth compress, and the gold ring trick. I just did the gold ring trick but i have no idea how long ur supposed to rub it for. and it hurts to rub! its like rubbing a ring against a zit…I HATE STIES! So far i think only the warm cloth compress works. The gold ring sounds like some bull.

  46. My boyfriends son has had a stye on his eye for about a month and he is 7yrs old. He has been to the doctor several times and they keep treating him for pink eye but it is obviously a stye it is the size of a dime and then some. We have him every other weekend and I want to know what to do. Me personally I use the salt water on the wash cloth trick (soap the towel in the salt water; warm it in microwave and put on eye for as long as it is hot; reply)and that always works for me but only after I wash the eye out with Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo (apply to towel until it lathers then rub in circular motion) it doesn’t burn. It feels better when your done gone in about 2-3 days. Vicks also helps to ease the pain. Apply directly to stye, it takes out the soreness. I am going to try this for him. But I was hoping to find something that works fast because he is only here for 2 1/2 days. His mother tried the Stye eye drops but they obviously do not work. Any other quick advice?

  47. The one thing I learned from my uncle before he died is to rub a gold ring on a stye to make it go away. I’ve done this every since I was a child as I tend to get styes every so often. It really does work. I promise.

  48. I’ve gotten styes alot.
    Whenever I get them. I do treatments in steps. First, I warm milk and soak it in a cloth. And place it on the eye. Then, I use a warm tea bag. Then wait a few hours and then get a tea bag, act like your making tea, squeeze an orange into it. The acids in the citrus help dry out the infection. Before that I was a cloth soaked in salt water. It really helps. Trust me, my stye went away in 1 day!. =]

  49. The Tea bag works…my stye went down so much and i plucked out the infected eyelash as went down 20 mins after that alone.and it is getting better!!! Hopefully will be cone completely!!! Thanks for all of the valued info you guys!


  50. Im trying the hot compresses and the gold ring but nothing seems to be working :(….its my school prom tomorrow night! Any more ideas?


  51. The hot tea bag over your eye thing works like a charm…..and use eye-drops at least four times a day to clear out all the bacteria to spread. Works really well, only took a full day for my stye to go away :]

    Hope it works for you guys!

  52. I got a small stye and squeezed it before I found out you are not supposed to. It did not pop but went down and came back twice. This last time it popped on it’s own on the outside but was still a bump inside the lid. I popped it even though I was not supposed to. I threw out all my eye makeup/tools and my contacts. Hopefully it is gone for good. I am going to call the doctor and see if he wants to put me on antibiotics or prescribe eye drops. Also going to try the hot compress. Thanks for all the tips.

  53. i always seem to get stys very often. i’ve had this one for 2 or 3 days now. i’ve always done the hot compress thing and it usually works but takes a little while. i need this thing out of my eye before tomorrow! im trying out the gold ring thing but i need to know how long you rub it for.

  54. i got my first sye a week and a half ago but i keep touching it and now i have it in both eyes so i am going to try the hot towel thing
    wish me good luck

  55. I got my first stye in March. It spread. Now it is May 19th and I have 4 styes, 1 in left eye, 3 in right. My eyes have swollen shut and it blurs my vision. I have tried compresses, tea bags, and i was on antibiotics for two weeks, it hasn’t helped AT ALL! I’ll try the ring and milk to see if there is any hope. For anyone with a really ugly stye you would like to cover up, sun glasses! I got a note from my mom and I have worn them at school for a few weeks.

  56. i have a stye on my eye right this very second and ive had it for about 5 days now…ive tried the tea bag, the rag, and none of them have worked. now im trying to milk and im just hoping it will work! ill tell y’all if it works or not!

  57. ive been gettin styes for almost a year
    i have one right now
    luckly ma daddy is ah doctor he helpedd me
    you can try taking a multivitamin, hot compreses, and the milk trick

  58. Hey im 12 years old and i have had a stye for about 3 days now its friday and i have school on monday and i dont wanna go to school with a stye on mi eye :[ right now as i type im rubbing the gold ring on my eye but it doesnt look like its really working…should i try the milk thing???

  59. hey i am a 9th grader and i just got a girlfriend and have this like evil stye that will pretty much go completely away at night and then just grow like monument size while i’m sleeping. i haven’t let my gf see it, cuz i haven’t hung out with her much because of it. :(. pretty much all i wanna know is if i: 1) can use black tea, and 2) do i heat it in the microwave or just put it in hot water??

  60. ok… i’ve had my sty for about a week. i’ve done hot compresses and the potato. my doctor gave me eye drops, and ointment. IT’S STILL HERE. i’m going to try the milk, and the tea bag…hopefully it works.

    but question: wouldn’t the gold ring make the infection worse because it has also been on your hand and has been exposed to just as many germs…just asking. but thanks for some of the ideas.

  61. I have a bad habit of always rubbing my eyes…and now I have a job interview on Monday and, of course, I have a stye that just doesn’t seem to want to go away (It’s Saturday). My doctor recommended the mild baby shampoo and hot water too… but that isn’t very effective. I’m definitely going to try the milk and tea tricks because at this point I’m desperate!

  62. Well…. one day i woke up and my eye was hurting like really badly. I couldnt even touch it with out having a really sharp pain near the base of my eye. Well my mom said she thought it was pink eye. But it wasnt crusty or anything. So i asked my dads friend and she said it was probably a stye. Well then i kept getting the advice that it was a stye. But the advice they all gave to me was to…. put a warm compress on my eye a lot everyday. And today i still have the syte so i think i willl try something maybe that milk trick who knows what could happen with that folk tales if they are right or if they are wrong we’ll see!!!

  63. wel i woke up this morning with a style … i cnt believe it .. i look at all the other people with big ones n think mine mite get that big ..
    i have my photo shoot soon n im so scared it wont go away .. but i will try the gold thing n the tea bag n get bk to u …
    thx for all the tips.. i’ll let u no 2mrw or even 2day if it works :D:D:D

  64. Every two years or so, I manage to get a stye/chalazion (or whatever — it’s annoying) in my right eye. First, it was on the upper eyelid, then it was on the lower eyelid and now, it’s back on the upper eyelid. It has to stop. It’s way too annoying. I’ve soaked it, I’ve washed it. I’ve tried the ring, the potato, the tea bags, the surgery, and the antibiotics. I’m done with it. I’m going to cut my eye out and wear a eye-patch, like a pirate.

  65. THE POTATOE WORKS LIKE A CHARM!! Got a stye wednesday put the potatoe on it thursday its not friday and its gone! thanks to whoever suggested it!!

  66. I woke up yesterday with a sty and my doctor just told me to put hot compresses on my eye every hour.. This didn’t do anything for me. I tried the tea bag and cotton balls with milk and it worked!!! try it

  67. Hey ppl..well ive had a stye for about 6 months now maybe evan LONGER ! sometimes it goes down,but is still there and sometimes like recently it gets larger.My stye on te left bottom eye lid of my eye is about the size of a bb Bullet,And very red and saw.
    This looks very un-attractive and i have my prom tuesday i relli dont wanna go with my eye looking like it does.
    Has anyone got any ideas for a stye this suvier ?

  68. ok seei mixed all the stuff together u kno the salt and the tea bag sand the milk and the potatoa and i put it in the microwave and its going away u shud try it!!mines is going dwn sum

  69. i used the hot washcloth before i went to bed
    but ladies if you do this take off your mascara
    i woke up this morning and couldn’t open my eye because the mascara stuck my eyelashes together
    i only used the washcloth once and it just feels better it deffinently died down

  70. I get styes all the time I’ve tried everything tea rag milk. What seem to work for me is puttin a hot rice pack on it for about 15 min.. then switching to a cold rice pack about the same time.

  71. I wanna know how long to try the ring thing cuz I have to get rid of this thing on my eye QUICKLY!!!So does anyone know how long u have to rub the ring on ur eye? I am gonna try all the tips to see which works.Anyone please tell me about the time to rub a ring on it if you can, and thanks a lot for all the tips.

  72. when i was growing up i would get baby styes and my eyelid would hurt blinking and thats it. but when i was 15 i thought it was puberty lol. i got this big o whitehead on my eye for 2 weeks and it was so big i just f’n popped it and it went down from there. i guess that wasnt recommended. no internet then. but yeah a corner of a towel dipped in hot, hot water more than ten minutes just tell you get tired of it. that works for me just takes a week for my body. dont know about gold.

  73. Okay so, I tried the hot rag with salt on it and it really worked for me. Also, if you wear contacts on a daily basis, dont wear them with a stye. Throw them away after you’ve gotten a stye and get knew ones because they are so prone to bacteria and diseases.

  74. ANYONE WHO NEEDS 2 GET RID OF A STYE QUIK TRY THIS: get 2 cups then fill one with water and the other with milk then put a teabag in the cup with water in it then microwave both cups for a minute then take a sheet or 2 of toilet paper and drop it in the cup with milk. then get a face cloth and hold the tea bag against you eye using the face cloth over it for 15 mins (but make sure its not 2 hot 4 ur eye) then drain the tea bag and put it in the hot milk then hold that against your eye 4 15 mins then u may have to put the milk back in the microwave 4 another min when its not 2 hot 4 ur eye take the toilet paper out of the cup and put it on the face cloth dont ring the milk out and make sure the toilet papers drenched in milk then hold that against ur eye 4 15 mins. you stye will disappear or shrink down to a un noticible size this realy works cuz i had a stye for 2 months n i popped it not knowig it was bad then it spread n i had 2 steyes in the same eye eww but ya i was gonna get surgery then i tried this and it cleared up in hours jus try it n post comments if i worked or not 4 u =)

  75. o ya and another tip that works: u can only use this if u just got a stye like u woke up with one just get a q-tip and put vasaline on it itll clear up in a day =) k thanx bye

  76. look im 15 yrs old and i have had a sty for about 7 months….GOD…im sitting here typing with a stupid tea bag on my eye and u want to know what its not working….the milk thing…nope….not even the ring…i mean yall r talkin about surgery and stuff….is that necessary. please help me ppl for some doc tries to cut my eyeball out!!!!HELP!!!

  77. Ok i’m da kind of person dat likes 2 c results very quickly! i have 2 stys rite now one in my right eye n one in my left eye! i’ve been doin da hot water thing n the gold thing! NOthing yet! I’m going 2 try da tea thing n da milk thing! trust me i’ll let u no if its workin!

  78. I have had one for about 6 months my mom just says am to lazy to do anything but i have tryed everything.
    It suckes i get asked all the time what is it. My brother has had it and he’s have gone away in like 2 day.
    Does anyone have any other tips. My docter wont give me anytging she thinks am lazy to. I dont want to be the girl with that thing on her eye anymore. PLEASE HELP BEFORE I CUT I OUT MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. i have had a sty know for about 4 days and its bad really bad it is swollen and know i can see but it would`nt be so bad if it did not hurt i have tryed the tea bag thing and the warm cloht the tea bag thing mad it swollen be the warm or hot cloth seem to help i have red over everyones suggestions and i think you but this sty has a mide of its own it just wont go away i have one last month but that just went away my mom said people get them when they are lying or guilty about somthing you never know it could be true i really hope the best to all people with stys if yours hurt we can feel the pain together

    P.S thanks again

  80. i was sharing makeup with my cuzin once and she had a stye and didnt tell me about it >:-| yeah ik but then i told me mom before i had work …which was in 1 hour she said take some oatmeal put it in a clean sock and heat it with milk so i did and literally 45 mins later after soaking my eye it was gone but make sure everytime it gets cool you reheat the sock ! hope it works =]=]

  81. i get styes like a lot because i guess my eyes are delicate or somthing but the milk thing has seemed to be working. I tried the bread thing but stopped cause i kinda thought it had bactiria or sumthing.Last year i had to get surgery for a stye i had on my left eye, & i got just got one like two weeks ago. So i’m gona put hot compresses on my eye like every hour until its gonee..!.. It worked for my friend so it should work for and and u guys =]
    plus i dont want surgery again …

  82. ok I had a stye now for about a month and a half, for the first week it hurt but after that it swelled down but you can still see it but it doesnt hurt at all, I have been trying all of these tips but none of them seem to work but heres one that could. Boil hot water, put it in a cup, and put some baking soda in it, wait till it cools down enough for you then take a wash cloth, cottan ball (ect.) and lay it on your eye for about 10 minutes, if it works for you great!! πŸ™‚ and good luck to everyone who has a stye!!

  83. i’ve had twp sugeries for chalizia..or stye w/e.. and warm compress doesn seem to work…but i started getting two more…and it seems to be working. Im going to try the tea bag thing…but my advice take a body clense clear out ur blood and you will defianately see an improvement.Lemon clense recommended.

  84. i used hot milk and it worked
    my stye went from super big to super small
    but you should also use a warm compress
    you should not use gold often becuase of the bacteria on it,cause when you rub your eye the germs will go into the stye and infject more

  85. My daughter got a really big one on her eye lid and it took forever for it to go away naturally—like months.

    Then I read a message board that said to wash it with Johnson’s baby soap everyday and every night….and you know what it works!

    When I start to see a bump coming I start the washing in morning and evening and it goes away without getting big…..who knew it could be so
    easy. Johnson’s All in One Baby Soap.

  86. i have had a baby and the waking up in the middle of the night thing has given me a very ugly stye in both eyes. I look like shreks girlfriend.
    I am going to try the hot towel them maybe the milk if it dont work.
    I thought it would go but it has stayed for two months so i am really hoping that they will disappear soon by the hot towels.
    Thanks for the tips.
    I want to put one also that ime am going to try. Its using a warm tea bag and placing it over the closed eye.
    see ya

  87. People, listen.
    I woke up with a sty about two days ago and it wasnt so bad. i’ve never had a sty before, so i didn’t think much of it. As soon as it started getting worse and worse, waking up the next morning with a completely swollen red eye i went to the doctor to get some antibiotics. Today it’s alot better and it got much better by using TEABAGS. it eased the pain 1,000%. not to mention, the swelling went down a tonnn. My first day of school is tomorrow (how great, right?!) and its still there.

    how dooo i get rid of it faster?! the lumps are still there and i’m just really frustrated and wanting to get rid of it by tomorrow morning. should i try to sleep with a teabag bandaged to my eye?

  88. I woke up with a stye this morning and my best friend told me that putting the lining of an egg on it is supposed to draw it to a head. I have not tried it yet but I will let you know. All morning I have been dipping a tea bag in warm salt water, and placing it over my eye. I hope that works also!!!

  89. I’ve had a sty in each eye for about a week now and they keep on getting worse, I have tried the warm clothe but it didn’t work. I usually get them and they go away within a day but these have decided to stick around. I have a hard time not messing with them because I get long strands of sleep in my eyes all the time and I have to get them out because the blur my vision so I never know if its sleep or a sty so I have to keep messing with my eyes even though i know its not helping. I’m not sure about putting 14k gold on it that doesn’t seem to clean to me. I’m going to try the tea bag so hopefully that will help.

  90. omg, i`ve had a stye on my eye for about .. 6 months now, when i frst got it .. it didn`t hurt or anything but my eye was really swollen so i went to the doctor and he gave me a prescription which worked but then i lost the antibiotic and i didn`t do anything with it for about .. . 4 months, so about 2 weeks ago i went back to the doctor and she gave me a some ointment and said that it was going to pop soon, which it did. but now its just red and theres still a small bump. it`s really annoying me and i look so stupid. i put tea bags on it, but it doesn`t work much.. im scared to try the gold ring thing, but im gonna try the milk.. i`ll tell you if it works πŸ˜‰

  91. My husbands grandmother saw that I Had a stye in my eye about 6 years ago. She grows her own herbs for cooking and she went and picked some yerba buena (spearmint) leaves and put them inside of a sheer satiny fabric and told me to hold it on my eye and rub very little. She said that if I was going to rub it acrossed my eye to go gently and slowly. I tell you that is the best herb ever! It had gotten rid of my stye in just a few hours. We now grow some in our yard too and I just woke up with a stye so I am on my way outside to go and cut some. Best of luck to all with that darn persistent stye. Try the freshly cut spearmint leaves in a soft non abrasive cloth…it works wonders!

  92. okay, so i tried this milk thing on my eye last night .. & i didn’t notice much of a change, but then i tried a hot piece of cloth over my eye and then i put tea bag that was dipped in salt water over it & then to finish it off i put some of the ointment i got from the doctor. i woke up today and it’s gotten A LOT better, the redness has gone away.. and the swelling went down.
    try it .
    it works :):)

  93. So I had my friend sleepover last night and this morning I woke up and It felt like my eye was swollen. I got scared b/c we were outside all night and got a bunch of misqueto bites, so I thought I got one on or in my eye. But she said it looked like a stye. I just lifted my eye lid to see it b/c it was underneeth my eye lid I kept lifting it up and later I took a hot shower and now its gone. weird…

  94. i always get more than one stye, but nowadays, i can get rid of up to 4 styes on 1 eye using any type of REAL gold. the sooner you put it on, the least pain and swelling you have to suffer. Gold works, really.

  95. HELP!!! My three year old has a stye, well one on each eye. He has had them for about four months, or five.

    He is real fair complected, I have never had one! Anyhow, so this is new to me. Tea bags, warm washclothes all day, consuming my life and nothing is a sure shot!!! gets a little better for a day only, but doesnt go away!!!!! This is my baby and I feel horrible!!!! Help please, so I can help him!!!

  96. Someone pls tell me what tea bag to use!
    pls!….whoever used the tea bag trick && it worked:
    can you tell me the brand of the tea used && did you put anything else in the water??

  97. ok i have a stye on both of my eyes and i poped it be accitdent i didnt no it was bad i went to the doctor and got eye drops i tried the tea bags both it didnt work can someone pease help me school is soon and i have it for a week can somone give me the details to the milk and gols ring???? please help

  98. i’ve had a stye on my eye since like july and it’s september now and i’ve started school and its really getting on my nerves since i have to wear the same hair style everyday [[a little swooped bang!]] but im glad i found this website i think i’m going to try to soak a tea bag in some milk to knock two out with one and hopefully i will get rid of this thing!!!! i’ll tell yu about it if it works k?! xoxo

  99. Well ive had a stye for about 2-3 days now and my mom told me to take a washcloth soak it in warm-hot water then stick it in the microwave for about 15 seconds so it should be nice and hot close your eye and put in on there, it makes it a little less red and swolen, then i bought this medicine for it, its like eye drops its called Similasan Stye Eye Relief and you can find it at a drug store and its temporary relief of symptons such as pain, swelling and reddness and it helps. and i use that after i do the washcloth and its still not gone yet.
    hopefully its gone soon because i have picture day for school in two days πŸ™ and i cant wear makeup πŸ™
    so if anyone has any better tips please tell me.
    does that tea thing really work im kinda scared to try.
    what kinda tea?

  100. I’ve had my stye for three months now.
    And right now I’m trying some of the tips.
    It’s becoming paniful again.
    Although a friend of mine gets bad stye’s she’s had some for six months at a time.

  101. my daughter has been getting big horrid styes for about 2 years now. the doctor keeps giving her antibiotic cream, but it doesent work, they just come back a few weeks later. its a shame, she looks like shes been beat up.
    ive read some great tips here and will give some a try.
    also, she has a lump under her eyelid itself, this has been there constantly for monthes, does anyone know what this is ?


    i get them about 3 times a year and one time i had one that lasted about 9 months i was thinking about getting it surgically removed

    so im reading this site and it has alot of good ideas hopefully this one will go away fast i hate it i have tried the milk the tea bag the warm compresses but the gold ring …. rubbing against your eye wont that jst make it worse

    i think the milk thing willl work the best heat up milk and rinse your eye out with it

    also do not use green tea on your eye it will make your eye sting

    i have had styes everywere possible on both eyes

    so right now im trying all the remedies i can find

    also if you boil water but parsley leaves in the water
    then drain the water and put the parsley leaves
    on your eye IT HELPS ALOT

  103. I got a stye for about a week. I found out what it was 2 days ago, and tried the compress with the washcloth. That was the only thing I knew. But someone did say something about the egg yolk or something and the take a hot bath. well for them it came off.

    will it really go away if you pull the eyelash out? and wont milk make it worse since milk has bacteria? and the gold ring thing, how many karrots does it have to be. I got to use my mom’s ring lol.

    and for the tea bag thing, does it have to be hot, warm, or right from the tea? I really would like specific if anyone knows…

    and the potato thing…does that really work? do you just cut it and put it there?

  104. Well a nurse told me to put a warm wash cloth on it for a couple minutes to make it go down but last night i had a stye on the top lid of my eye so i did that expecting it to be gone, and now i have one on the bottom lid too it is so bad !!

  105. oh my god! my eye hurt yesterday when I was blinking and today I am getting one. I av tried rubbing gold but it hurt whilst rubbing even gently, now trying a hot cloth and later the tea trick

    Hopefully it works! I want to see all my friends tomorrow who I havent seen in ages!

  106. Eye Doctor Suggests a Daily Routine:

    First, gently wipe along the inner eyelids (top and bottom) with a hot wash cloth whle in the shower.

    Then, once you get out, dip a q-tip in DILUTED Johnson’s Baby Shampoo and “wash” the inner eyelid.

    My uncle was prone to them and hasn’t had ONE since he has done this! πŸ™‚

  107. i generally use the tea bag compress and the hot towel compress, however, i did try the gold ring tip once suggested by a collegue at work and it really helped in a strange way. moreover, today i have a stye on my upper eyelid, do people usually get them there? i’ve never had one there. my vision is all blurry and i can’t concentrate my vision on anything for more then a few seconds. any suggestions?

  108. my stye’s been here for about 2 days.
    its hurts really bad.
    i also get a lot of smaller ones too, but i pop those and they go away and come back
    what should i try?
    ive tried the hot tea bag
    im really tempted to try the milk in the eye thing, but does it work?

  109. i tried the warm compress the tea bags the gold ring and the milk. nothing worked. i’ve had my stye for 3 days. my eye is red swollen itchy and it hurts. the warm compress popped the head of the stye but no more than five minutes later i had another one. i’m not sure what else i can do to get rid of it. i don’t want to go to work with it tomorrow. any suggestions?

  110. Yeah if you read the tips, you would notice, your not supposed to pop the stye, cause it just spreads on the same eye, or even both. ;;
    i currently have a stye myself, right now im just going to try the teabag and hot towel tip. well hope it works out for you guys.;; and miiself.


  111. I had a stye that showed up last Thursday night. It got pretty annoying on Friday and was darn near unbearable on Saturday morning when I woke up. I found this site and tried the tea bag and you know what? I got immediate relief. By Sat night I barely noticed the stye at all and by Sunday evening it was totally gone.

  112. My Scottish mother always used the gold ring trick and it worked. Just prior to looking this site up today, I remembered it and have rubbed my stye with it twice today. It’s already half the size that it was 6 hours ago! Thanks everybody.

  113. OK here what happened to me, i have an internal sty, i had it for about a week, i used antibiotics then it went now I’ve got another one in the other eye, this time it came up a lot bigger, i am on oral antibiotics and eye drops, I’ve been doing this for the last few days and it hasn’t helped , then i tried tumeric powder in awrm milk, (a very effective remdy, but tastes vile) so i couldnt drink it due to the taste, then i tried hot compresses for ten mins and then theea bag treatment straight after for about alf an hour, still doing it now,and just cheeked in the mirror and my sty has gone down a lot so try it

  114. I got my first sty two days ago and I didn’t know what it was, my mom told me to put a warm compress on it so I did but it didn’t seem to work. Some friends at school told me about the hard boild egg thing, but I haven’t tried it yet. I am kind of scared, my eye really hurts and I don’t want to make it worse. ~wish me luck~

  115. I’m on my 3rd stye in 2 years. One of them went away by itself in a few weeks. the other grew really big like a balloon. I went to see the doctor and was given antibiotics and told to bathe it with a towel several times a day. Didn’t seem to work and it hung around for ages, getting steadily bigger. Became really annoying having to explain to people at school what it was. Finally, when bathing it one day it just deflated, not sure if i accidentally burst it. Anyway, all that was left was a small scar for about 6 months. Now, just this week it’s come up again. I’m trying the tea-bag thing and washing it with Johnson’s baby shampoo. Fingers crossed..

  116. Here are some helpful tips and reasons for their use.

    Gold does work, but the gold items must free of Staff, so if you can, drop the gold item into alcohol before using it(and let dry), and make sure hands have been thoroughly washed.

    Milk, potatoes, and rice warm compresses are all successful. The reason is that the starch kills the germs in the Stye (Staff).

    The baby shampoo is very good to clean eyelids near eye lashes. A q-tip can be used to wash around the eyelid edge. Make sure hands are thoroughly washed.

    For those that seem to get Sties repeating, try changing pillow cses often and spray with germ killers like Fabreeze, or Lysol spray.

    For those that use electronic things like computers, tv games, spray lightly with Lysol and dry with a hair dryer on hot. With the computer OFF. And wipe the desk with 91% alcohol to kill the Staff.

    Remember that zits have the same bacteria, so get some Acnomel or comparable to gete rid of those and don’t pick at them.

    Good luck to all,

  117. Ooops…

    Forgot about the Tea bags. Tea has properties that kill Staff. Use regular tea (not green tea). You also can pick up some Tea Tree Oil at any Health food store. Don’t use this in your eyes though. You can use it for zits and sores to decrease healing and reduce scarring.

    Oh, before I forget, if you use anything like Neosporin, be sure to read the directions on the labels first. If it says don’t use in your eyes, please don’t.

    Ordinary petroleum jelly like Vaseline won’t hurt, if you don’t make a habit of it.

    happy holidays,

  118. My daughter has been getting styes since she was little. She used to get them because she wouldnt wash her hands. She has one now. It’s gone, but now a new one on her bottom lid has showed up. When she got her first stye, I gave her and ammoxicilan, and they work, but its overdoing it. My daughter uses Neosporin and they go away in around 3 to 7 days.

  119. Thanks for ALL the different tips. What happened to me was that I woke up with a sore eye,but no bump was visible. I went to work,but when I came home there was a tiny bump on my lower lash line. I pulled the lower part of my eye down, and noticed I had an INTERNAL stye. So I tried the hot wash cloth method. (Believe me,if I had a Gold Ring,I would have tried that too! But I didn’t have one handy) I put my face cloth in hot water,placed it on my eye for 10 min(or until It got cold) and repeated the process for about an hour. When I woke up,the stye INSIDE my eye had a white head. So I got a new wash cloth and did the process about three more times, and then I got a Q-tip, ran it under hot water, and cleaned the inside of my eye. While doing this I swiped over the stye,and it just popped. All the stuff came out (gross,I know) , but then I used an EYE WASH (a very sterile fluid, what you would rinse with if you have pink eye)to wash my eye out, and now I have a cold wash cloth on my eye to get some swelling down. There’s my tip! Hope it helps someone else!

  120. I got a stye yesterday, and it wasnt bad, but i woke up this morning and it was twice the size! For about 20 minutes now I’ve dipped a cotton swab it warm milk and continously dipping so it doesn’t get cold. IT IS WORKING!

    Try it!

  121. i have had a stye for about 3 months and i am told by my eye doctor that i need to see a specalize which is going to cost heaps, the lump on my eye lid is like a small rock hard lump and or tho i can sometimes get alittle bit of muck out of it it just wont go away. any ideas

  122. well yesterday i woke up and me eye started to hurt but i didnt think anything of it and so i went on doing whatever but i woke up this morning with a stye so i followed the hot towel procedure and its already looking better

  123. this is my 2nd stye. I hate them so bad. I got one yesterday. I could feel it but it was just a little red, hardly noticable. My mom said to put a hot cloth over my eye and it will stop it from flaring up. I did that and even bought some eye drops to stop the redness and swelling. I woke up this morning and it is HUGE. I cant blink without it hurting and it kills me to touch it. I dont think the hot cloth is doing anything. I am going to try the milk and the tea bag. If that doesnt do anything them Im trying everything everyone said ^above. If its not any better tomorrow im going to miss school. i cant take people asking me whats wrong with my eye.

  124. first i use the treatment called STYE then i use a hot compress until it gets cold i do this about 3 or 4 times a day IT WORKS REALLY WELL!!!!!!!!!!

  125. I have a stye i have had it for around 8-9 months i’ve tried everytning except the milk thing. I must have been to the doctors areund 5 times still it hasn’t gone. So recently i went to hospital and got it surgically removed. However i’m still not sure if that has worked as i have to give it a little more time.

  126. ive had my sty for about 2 days now ive tried the gold ring trick but that didnt seem to work it just got worse over night ive just tried the tea thing about an hour ago and it seems to be working its gone down alot ive also tried the milk thing im relly wanting this sty to go away before friday bc my bfz coming down that i havnt seen in two months and i dont wont this sty to be there its sooo ugly!!
    if anyone noz anything else i can do to make it go away quicker please help me!! =[ thanks

  127. okay well i have been having my stye for about 2 days and i tried the hot water for like and hour but that didnt work then i tired the hot water w/ salt thats coming along it doesnt hurt nemore!! yea thanx ppl

  128. i often get styes and i always do the gold ring thing , it really works . rub the ring on ur jeans every so often to warm it up and then place it on ur eye for a few minutes at a time . my styes are usually gone by the next morning

  129. I get styes all the time from cross contamination from dirty hands….. Last october i had a stye that i didn’t treat and I ended up having the most painful surgery ever. I recommend that you treat your stye with warm water or a tea bag to avoid potential surgery. It’s not fun. Trust me.

  130. iv just got rid of a stye i used the milk and tea bag remedy at first i thought it was just making it worse but it went after 2 days!!* i definately reccomend this!* good luck guys because theyre horrible things to have!

  131. Does anyone else have chronic styes and chalazia? my 5 year old daughter has had them now for 2 years. we have seen two diffrent opthomoligists that have just prescribed ointment and warm compresses. I have had rude and uninformed people in town treat her like she is contagious and have gone so far as to acuse her of infecting other kids. I have had to print out information and give it to her teachers so that they can field any questions posted by other parents.This is getting so old. Just like to hear how other parents might be handling this with theyre kids and if they might have grown out of it.

  132. yesturday morning a woke up with a pain in my eye, i had no idea what it was, soo i left it for a couple hours.. then i looked in the mirror and there was a bump on my eye, so i went to school thinking it was going to go down, i got home went to bed, and the next morning it was HUGE ! I COULDNT EVEN OPEN MY EYE ! right now at this minute i am holding a warm tea bag up to it, and.. ITS GOING DOWN =] the pain is starting to go away and its not as swollen anymore ! you should try it ! it works,. i hipe it works for you πŸ™‚

  133. I’ve had a stye in my eye for like 5 months, it wont go away, it doesnt bug me or anything but it just looks a bit fater than a normal eye. Oh well, thats the least of my worries. I have a photo shoot in 3 days and i have a stye in my other eye. I soaked cotton balls in hot water, i think its better only because a rag can have dirt on it, even if its clean, I dont know, i just prefer cotton balls (comfier too) okay so its going down a little, but the tea bag thing doesn’t work at all. maybe i did it wrong, who knows, it just didnt work for me.. i just hope no one has to go what i went through :[ humiliation at school, and pain, i cant even laugh because i squint my eyes and it hurts, and ive been holding in so many sneezes today :[ grrrr. goodluck to everyoneeeeee!!

  134. Hey, so my roommate just got this stye. She’s only had it for about a day, but we’re going out tonight, and she has to be Santa’s helper tomorrow for this totally awesome party. She doesn’t know what to do! Right now, she’s trying the warm compress and some tea, but we don’t know if it’s going to work. We’ll let ya know!

  135. It worked!! She did the tea and the hot compress thing last night and it went down immediately, and then this morning you can hardly even see it! It’s not even red anymore!

  136. I have a stye on the inside of my eyelid and it’s really annoying and affecting my sleep. But my doctor rinsed my eye out with salene solution which helped the pain go away for 15 minutes or so. Although it didn’t make it go away, it really helped the pain.

  137. I think the best way is to, every day apply eye drops in your eyes every 4 hours. thats what i did and it went away in a couple of days.

  138. Ok, Hey there stye friends! I’ve had my stye for about 3 n’ a half 4 months. ITS SO ANNOYING! I hate it. It makes me look like I’m Cockeyed or something. Not to mention everyone always thinks I’m high. I’ve been trying the compressed wash cloth; however, no luck. It’s like JEEESUS! It makes me wanna just rip it out or something. Err. Well I’m gonna try the teabag thing & if that doesn’t work then the milk trick along with the ring trick. Wish me luck!

  139. hey i m 12 yrz old and i have a internal stye i’ve had it for about a year and a half now at first it was really big but know its hardly noticable i was supposed to get it removed but the doc said since it was going down he wouldnt have to operate back to present i have a stye on my eye and a huge zit on my nose on top of that i m sick i have to go to a wedding in 2 dayz ill try some of the tips but i am quite confident that both will go away before the wedding=)

  140. applying any warm thing regardless what it is will do the trick ( irritate the blood vine to push the infection out.
    but the causes is to to be considered more where i live i noticed i get styes in the spring and when we have a snow storm because of the salt they throw every where it dries up and fill the air. be careful and wash ur eye alot at these times.

  141. rubbing a gold ring on ur stye reli works!!

    my mum and my grandma both told me 2 and i was amazed
    but it reli does work

    just rub any gold ring on ur stye and it will start 2 shrink straight away
    mine halved the size in just 10 mins!!!!!

  142. im 23 years old i have styles all the time i would say like every outher month. i have had sergury 2 times because sometimes it does dot dran u have to go to the doc to cut it out..not painful very much u will just feel a lot of pressure and they put a shot to num it…i have one right now again. i put hot pad compress and it got the sweeling down alot but still hurts and feels od.but im gonna still keep doing it about every hour or so if i get time.that is doctor rememted.also try messaging the stayl softy that will help to bust it..i dont know why i always get this . my mother sayd its because i dont wash my eyes out right. but i know i wash my eyes just fine. i think the reason why i get this is because my eyes our very senstive and i have bad allergys and i think dust or outher things go in the eyes and make them infected…ok thanks .. make surem to used hot very hot compress thanks……Rocky

  143. i think too get a stye away you can use a tea bag!
    last time i used a tea bag it really worked and helped it make the swelling go down!

  144. the way i got my stye away is i put mirical whip and salt in a littel plastic bag and u gotta put quite a bit of saltin it but then mix both around together like a mix then cut a corner and put it omn the eye

  145. i went to the pharmasics and she gave me this littel thing of pollysporin for the eye and its helping alot when i first relized it was bad it was bleeding from my eye lid into my eye a littel

  146. I have had a sty in each of my eyes for over a year I have tried the warm compresses, the milk, the tea bag and everything you can think of. My eye doctor says I dont need surgery but they are noticeable and I want them gone. Does anyone have any other ideas?

  147. I have done a LOT of reading up on styes/chalazia (CHALAZIA are the long-lasting, real lump-like ones people, STYES last less than a week! The remnants are a chalzium/chalazia!) and unfortunately, my doctors haven’t been able to help much aside from antibiotics. In the case of naturopathy… nothing worked for me, but apparently Arnica, which is an Aspirin-like med, widens blood vessels and somehow targets the vessels around the eyes, which = reduced infections in the whole area. That probably won’t work for everyone, but it’s worth trying since hot compresses also draw blood to the eye sector, while a med would keep the blood constantly going there, even while a compress ISN’T on.

    The gold thing might work for some people, but as a FACT, it is just a folklore remedy… gold won’t do anything to cure ANYTHING, it’s just a nice, shiny, expensive natural product. And holding a much-touched/greased ring by your eye for more than a minute sounds a bit inadvisable… if the stye goes down with compresses, it didn’t do that because you also happened to lay a ring on it for a bit!

    Raspberry teabags/soaked cloths work the BEST, and that was also confirmed by two naturopaths for me (ala the sad state of getting these for years, starting at about age 13). I would highly advise anyone who develops a chalazion (solid lump, if the stye doesn’t go away for a while, it is a CHALAZION, go look it up!) to see an opthamologist, if you’re lucky, the doc will have time to/be WILLING to (most aren’t, don’t blame them for not wanting to do surgery unnecessarily… but PRESS them, having a lump on your face for months is NOT appealing) perform the minor surgery. Surgery can result in scarring, but the chances are extremely low (just think about the credentials behind your surgeon!).

    STEROID SHOTS… these are wonderful. Anaesthetic needle applied first, but a steroid can make a chalazion vanish and make surgery unneeded. Some doctors are even less willing to do this, for whatever reason. But, the steroid bacteria causes the chalazion/stye mass to dry up/get flushed out amazingly, so long live injected steroids!

    Make sure to take care of your skin when routinely doing compresses. It can seem bad enough to have a lump/red affliction going on, but flakey skin is even worse, and if you don’t at least put some cream on there, it’ll take longer to heal, meaning it’ll hurt/be more tender with each compress you apply.

    My advice for compresses is to invest in 2-3 moderately-sized (kitchen towel suffices, but smaller “tea towel” is good too) towels that you can rotate through (and just throw in the wash when all’s said and done) and rinse them in water, then microwave! I find microwaved compresses/wet towels retain heat better, probably because the whole damp towel is being heated up, as opposed to heated water added to a dry, non-warm towel.

    DO NOT try applying a pin/poking insanely unless there is a white/yellow/REAL head visible on your eye! It can be so tempting, especially if the mass is just a little nodule and you can tell right where the mass is, or wonder *** would happen if you poked the underside to just see what might drain out… but your eyelids consist of lots of intricate nerves/glands and as careful as you might be, it can be EXTREMELY easy to go through one “side” of your eyelid area to the OTHER, which is a reeeeally scary thought.

    Consider a halloween-type eyepatch if desperate, you can actually pass that off as a doctor-prescribed thing pretty easily, or actually ask for gauze from your doc. The thing with gauze is it’s really big and noticable, but judge how you want to appear based on your infection’s size…

    Hope this helps! Oh, and consider taking Vitamin A, a lot of stye/eye-infection sufferers are vitamin A-deficient, and the deficiency shows up only in reeeally subtle ways! Honestly, like slow-growing nails, smelly stools, frequent stomach noises/gas (not necessarily flatulence/farts), very rapid hair growth (yes, something IS wrong if your hair grows TOO fast!), excess eye discharge, poor appetite (this was me for so long, lmao vitmain A made me bulk up, I was just never very HUNGRY, or if I was, I filled up easy) etc. So vitamin A is to be considered, a lot of it (over 10 tablets, can’t remember what dosage per tablet though) is dangerous, but 1 a day for a month definitely won’t hurt you, and it’s something to talk to your pharmacist/naturopath about… alopathic (normal/family) doctor may not see the value, but go look up vitamin A properties yourself and then list some of your “symptoms” and your doc may endorse it.

    GOOD LUCK and please post if you somehow come up with a miracle cure. Also, Lid Care packs (a brand-produced lid care gauze/solution or pre-moistened wipes set) have honestly never done JACK for me, the gauze things are nice for if you have crusty eyes some mornings (oh, and vitamin A reduced that for me!) but don’t buy a ton of their products unless you really think they make a difference. It seems really annoying to do the eye-cleaning routine, but I’ve found using baby shampoo works the BEST out of everything, also, artificial tears don’t hurt to get and just put a drop in each eye and you will NEVER have dry eyes again, dry eyes can lead to rubbing/itching for more reasons than just dry lid skin, so consider that!

    Once again, good luck, and remember you now have insight into a plight many people don’t realize exists and be more considerate about blemishes/ugly features on people, having styes/chalazia SUCK, if they weren’t so visible, it might be less annoying, but ah well.


  148. I have a stye on my eye which is on the bottom and top of my eye lid which is really painfull its feels and looks like its growing my eye feels really dry i cant touch it because then it wont stop watering any ideas?

  149. my grandmother told me to put a wet tea bag wrapped in a washcloth on the eye for a couple minutes and it should heal up…. idk cause im not the one with the stye…

  150. I’ve had my stye for about 3months know. I’m starting to think it’s not a stye because I heard a stye doesn’t last that long.I’ve tried stye treatment but they don’t seem to work. My uncle says that you just have to be patient. Warm compreresses don’t work for me and the ring rubbing in your eye doesn’t work either it makes it worse and in pain.

  151. i got a stye on wednesday and today it was a little bigger but not much.i have tryed the tes bag but that was burning around my eye and i am currently trying the warm compress.i have been wearing my glasses because its not good to wear contacts when you have one so my boyfriend hasent noticed yet but im look dorky i need it to go away by tomorrow so that he doesnt notice.

  152. i have a horrible stye…ive only had it for a day but i wanna get rid of it soooo bad. its painful, red and soar. are styes in anyway related to hormonal issues? i have tried the tea bag and hot compresses but my stye is just getting larger. hopefully,it will go away! wish me luck.

  153. I have had these thing on and off over the years. My opthalmologist told me that I have blepharitis (look it up on the internet) which is basically the cause, so many people have it and don’t even know, it is a chronic problem and there is no cure for it, you just have to control it with good eye hygene. She also has it, and battles with styes and chalazia like me. I have had my latest one for over 6 months now, and have had two courses of antibiotic/cortisone eye ointment and taken antibiotics internally. None of them worked. I have also had chalazia surgically removed, I won’t have that done again. I have found that they do eventually go, but it takes a long long long time. At present I am using the hot tea compress treatment, while I hold the compress on my eye I gently massage the sty with it, as my opthalmologist says that the heat helps to soften the contents and the massage helps it to drain away faster. I wish some clever scientist would find a way to stop the things without us having to do all the compresses and eye drops etc., maybe just one pill and it’s cured!!

  154. Hi. A couple years ago i had gotten a really bad stye and had it for about 5 months or so. Nothing made it go away. I went to see a special eye doctor, and ended up getting surgery on it which was terribly painful. I think that i made the mistake of trying to wear make up, the doctor said the eyeliner got into my eye. So when you have a stye, to hot compresses and do not wear make up! No matter how bad you think you look without makeup, its not worth getting the painful surgery!

  155. I had one about a month ago well i did all these 3 things and i made it go away fast! like In 2 days! :]]

    1.) Take vitamin E everyday!!
    2.) Putting tea bags on my eyes for about 15 mins.
    3.) Rubbing a 14k gold ring on my hand until it gets warm and the putting it right on the stye!

    It really really works!! :]

  156. My daughters coach gets them all the time and yesterday he noticed mine and suggested that I use “as hotttt as possible wet washcloth” squeeze some of the water out so that it doesnt drip everywhere. I started doing this after having this stye for a month and being on amoxixilan and it went down half the size.. it has to be an aggressive treatment however… 15 minutes on 15 minutes off … as much treatments as you have time for.. Hope this helps …

  157. im 13 and i have a stye and i had it for about a week but when i used all of these things it started going away at first it looked the sam so i didnt even go to school!but now my eye is not as swollen and by tommorrow i know itll be gone the best thing to do is use really really hot water and a cotton swab or napkin then keep on massagin it and it will pop on its own like mine did. DO NOT TOUCH YOUR EYES like i did because i spread it to both of them well i hope this works for you.

  158. im 15 and the valentines day dance is in 3 days. i didn’t go to school today because my eye was swollen shut from the stye. i’ve had warm compresses on it for a while this morning and the sweeling went down a little bit. then i got some temporary relief drops for styes but it didn’t help as well as i hoped. i’m going to try a few of these tips and hope it goes away for school tomorrow!!

  159. with this whole poppin thing, will it just pop whenever? like if your talking to someone it could just pop???? or does it usualy happen at nite?? and can u tell it poped if it does it during the day? plz help this thing hurts and ive never had one before. (my mother in law told me that i got it from telln a lie. LOL)

  160. how do you do the gold ring thing? do you just rub it on the eye lid? this is my second stye and today i had to stay home from school becasue my eye was so swollen. please help me!

  161. If you’ve got the guts, just pull out the tiny hair growing the stye. Ok, it *does* hurt, but I pulled out the hair on mine and it disappeared and never came back.

    I’m not saying to pop the actual stye though, that just spreads infection. Just use a pair of sterilised tweezers to pluck out the hair. This helps the stye drain quickly and naturally, for some reason.

    Hope this helps.

  162. Shyshy 2007- It’s much like a pimple in regards to the popping thing. No, it won’t EXPLODE while you’re in conversation with someone. The infection should leave the affected area, and chances are it will happen at night. Don’t worry too much, my friend.

  163. I had a sty last year for over 10 months and i tryed tea bags and hot compress and gold and everything and it never left i seen a bunch of doctors that gave me polysprin drops that didnt work and then i went to the hospital to have it cut out and the doctor told me to wait two more weeks and use a hot cloth and if its not gone to come back so i waited 3 weeks but i never used a hot cloth it just dissappeared ……it left for the summer and came back in october and i now have one in each eye and there so annoying ive used tea bags everyday and eyedrops and its now almost march and there still live and kicking …..i just read about the milk thing so im gonna try it out and see if it works

  164. Ive always got small styes, but a month ago i got a HUGE one, i mean everytime i blinked, my bottom eyelashes went under my top eye lid and was so painful, couldnt sleep either.

    Took 2 weeks to go but left me with a lump, and now its comming back again and it feels like its going to be as big as the last one.

    Ive tried the hot compress and the ring thing, but nothings working.

    Also i cannot see any ingrowing hair causing the infection when i look at the lump to pull it out.

    The thought of it comming back is making me feel sick as i almost lost my job last time through lack of sleep.

  165. Before you go to bed put “Vicks” around your nostrils, cover your head with the sheets and simply fall asleep. In the morning should be smaller and stop the swelling. Another tip is you can mix mustard and soda mix them a couple minutes later should make sort of a paste place on stye may sting and stink but will stop swelling. Worked for me hope it works for you! πŸ™‚

  166. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to go to my college classes tomorrow considering all the ladies that might see my disgusting red stye. Thanks to this site though, I did the tea thing and it helped my eye a considerable amount. I used the Lipton night time chamamille and mint tea, and soaked it in hot water and applied it to the stye. Do this in 5-10 minute intervals, and be patient. It will make your eye red and hurt a little, but in a matter of minutes your eye will look considerably less swollen. Good luck on it

  167. ive tried the tea thing for 30 min now and it’s not working. ive tried massaging it, but that hert like ****! i’m fixing to do the tea thing again just to be sure. its like a lil bigger than a bibi. im also going to try milk and other things then ill tell you how it works.

  168. ok.. i have a bowl with hottt water in it. i had boiled it then put it there. i have two diffrent types of the tea bags im putting 1 in the water and the other on my sty untill one is cold then i switch. im seeing where the white part of the sty went away so it going down a little bit.. so im going to try this for about 30 more min. ill keep updated

  169. ive noticed itiching on my eye im not going to itch it lol. but when i take the tea bag off my eye it is like blurry i hope its just for awhile and it goes away

  170. ok im warming the milk up. and the blurr on my eye did go away. the last 30 min didnt help with the tea bag sooo ya

  171. I got my first stye in my right eye when I was 20( 2 years ago). It was the size of a ping-pong ball. I used ice and cold compresses on it an in like 2 or 3 days it went down. I got another one last week and before it got to big I used ice an dprevent it from getting any bigger, then I used hot compresses and a hot tea bag and it was gone in a day.

  172. I’ve had the stye since last Monday morning, and i don’t like it……. I been told that if you rinse a jalapeno pepper,dry it with a cloth,then rub the tip to the tip of the stye. for as long as long as possible it will make it go away. i tried it and it did not work for me. i set there for FIVE hours PEOPLE>>>>…. well, tonight i will try the warm cloth or the tea and see what happens.

  173. I’ve never gotten a stye my whole life… until this year! I just gotten my second one a few months in the same spot! What’s going on? WHY NOW!? My 21st bday is coming up and i need this thing to disappear! It just showed up this morning, it’s all swollen around the bottom of my eye (no visible “pimple”). I’m going to try the tea bag thing, so far warm compress isnt working, I’ve been trying to do it with a napkin all day at work, but it’s hard to do that while typing πŸ™ . Will try the tea bag tonight and see how it goes!

  174. ok so… i got this stye on friday and i poped it not knowing what it was and then this morning i woke up and my whole bottom part of my right eye is this big puffy bag so i would like it to go away so i can hangout with some of my friends tomorrow! GOd…. i hope you treatments work!!!!=/

  175. i got a sty 4 da first time saturday n its still there anmonday but da warm cloth helps da swelling alot….. none of that dumb **** works except the warm cloth ….if this dont work its time 4 u to see a doctor

  176. I just got a stye last night, and today I stood over my kettle while boiling, at a safe distance, and let the steam hit my eye. Like I said, I was at a safe distance so it was nice and warm but not scalding. The swelling went down right away, and its still there but its almost gone completely now. I’m going to try a tea bag as well tonight, I hadnt thought of that till this site said it.

  177. So here’s what I do. My boss is a pharmacist, and he told me about the hot compress, and I did that and it seemed to give me some relief. After about 3 days though, I couldn’t take the itching anymore. He told me there was one other thing I could do. This is only an option if you have an eyelash stye!! This is not for those with eyelid styes!! Now, you have to locate the lash that the stye is around. It will look like it’s growing out of it. And I’m sure you know what’s coming. You have to pluck the eyelash. It hurts like nobody’s business, but only for a minute. The best is to have someone else pluck it. I had my husband do mine. I felt better almost immediately, and by the next day you couldn’t tell I had had anything wrong. I hope this helps someone!!

  178. I get styes all the time and it get on my nerves i done had antibotics to surgery and they keep coming back yall remedies not working fof me but im trying warm milk for now and if it seems to work i’m let yall know……

  179. I get styes alot from rubbing my eyes. It hurts so much an dI don tlike them because I want to go to school not with a big lump on my eye. The hot compress works but evertime I go to sleep it gets big again. So I am putting a bandade on my eye but last time I had a stye it was like the whole bottom part of my eye and when I try to pull out the eyelash thats on top of the head it hurts. i did it before and stuff came out and made a little bump but it healed. So im steel strying to get it to go away now.

  180. Take A gold ring or braclet[make sure u clean it first] , then rub it directly on the stye and around the stye .

  181. I get styes CONSTANTLY and I have for months now. Every time the one in my right eye goes away, the one in my left is at it’s worst. Then by the time the left one is gone, there’s another one in the right eye, also at it’s worst. They swell my whole eyelide to the size of a golfball. They get so painfull I have to stay home from school and keep a hott compress on it ALL day.

    It doesn’t seem to help get rid of the stye, but to help with swelling, try a cold compress. It seems to take down the swelling some times.

  182. I got a stye a very painful one. So i got a spoon, warmed it up over my gas cooker, wrapped a cloth around it so it was’nt too hot then applied it to my eye.I kept doing it several times, then guess what…. it went away.

  183. this is my second time having sty and it itches really bad, I’ve tried sty ointment but it doesn’t seem to work, but one think that makes it fell good is Vicks, although it sounds like it can be painful its not, it makes it feel fresh and good, also blowing cigarette smoke in your eye works, it makes you eye cry but thats what you need…try it, it helped me!

  184. I get styes all the time more than anyone i know!!!! There the worst thing ever! It may sound gross i havent done it but someone told me i should really do it cause it works…..she said to pee on a little rag and put it on your eye!

  185. OK i get them all the time as you all should know by now LOL and i need to get rid of one by tomorrow cause i have school on monday and kids make fun of me when i have them so PLEASE if you know what works please tell me!!!! =(

  186. Vick’s in the outside of my eye helps it feel nice and cool, also what really helps is getting a piece of garlic and warming it up and placing it over your eye will help make the swelling go away, it really works

  187. i have gotten styes in the past that usually get better after a few days, but i currently have on in my left eye, and it is huge! when i wake up, i can’t even open my eye, i went to the docotors, and the gave me antibiotics, but they’re not giving immediate relief, i do the hot compress, but the releif is only temporary…i’ll try the tea bag thing, but is there any new sugestions for making the swelling go down?

  188. i have a stye and nuthing has helped it hurts so bad i have been putting a warm rag and a heating pad an didnt help what should i do?

  189. i have a stye in my right eye now – its right in the cornor by my tear duct and it’s huge!! It’s sooo sore and my cheek has swelled up too.
    I’ve bought some eye ointment that is kind of a vaseline type consistancy, and it seems to be helping…..

  190. I have two tips one is boil an egg and then rap it in a warm rag since the heat is what cleans out and I guess pops a stye the longer you keep heat on it the better but with rags they get cold so quick that you have to keep having to re-heat them this stays hot for like a half hour. The second one I was told to try is baby shampoo it helps clean the eye out but it’s so gentle that it doesn’t hurt your eyes. They seem to work but not over night.

  191. Ok so we have a lot of what we call “bush” remedies in Jamaica and the main one for a sty is to get a lime and cut the seeds in half and then eat them like pills, a lot of people say that styes will go away with a very powerful dose of Vitamin C which is why you cut the seeds in half, I’ve had styes very rarely in my life but every time this is what i do and they go away in a day.

  192. Well…I had eye surgery last year to remove a stye that was there for almost a year. The thing is, the stye just remained as a hardened lump in the eye lid but never actually “came to a head” like a pimple would. I thought I was free of styes since I had the surgery but only 8 months later, I have a stye on the same eye but on the corner. Try Teramycin which is an antibiotic and it does help! Just apply a hot compress and then massage downwards on the stye with the teramycin. It will hurt but massage for 5 – 10 minutes and this should take out whatever there is lodged in the eye. My opthamologist recommended this as the first step of action when you just get the syte so that it does not get a chance to harden and remain like a solid lump on your eye. This makes you look so ugly I swear! On the other hand, I am going to try that Jamaican remedy of lime seeds…but all I have now are lemons! I hope that helps because I really do not want another eye surgery!

  193. my daughter gets them and my friend said leave a spoon out over nite and the morning dew takes the swelling away.its taking the swelling down. just sprinkle the water on the stye but not in your eye.

  194. ive heard that putting a tea bag on your eye helps.i used to have a sty but it whent away by putting hot compress water on a warm wet flannel. now the stupid things back soo i guess i really need some more advice it has to go away by tommorow because i have school.

  195. So I THINK i have a hubby says its pink eye lol but Im not too sure. One weird thing is my cheek has kinda red too…Is this normal. Its like at the top of my cheekbone. Im going to try a warm rag but anything for the cheek?

  196. My aunt told me to mix warm water and salt put it in a bag and put it on your eye and it always works for me within 2 days it goes away. I’m not sure if the salt actually helps or if it’s just the heat. I’ve never tried it without the salt.

  197. I have a sty right and it is so annoying..
    i hate them and it’s very hard not to touch it πŸ™‚
    i have no tips on getting rid of it either sorry πŸ™

  198. Okay, I’ve tried pretty much everything on here and nothings working. I tried tea bags, hot rags, the boiled egg, vitamin C, EVERYTHING! It just keeps getting bigger. I don’t know what to do, it hurts like **** and its soo ugly. My eye is all small and swollen. Im so ugly, I look deformed. Im gonna have to stay locked in my room alone until it goes away, Im way too embarrased to let anyone see me like this. =[

  199. i have had about ten styies. when they go away one comes back again. i have heard if you wash the stye with luke warm milk it will help. if anybody has any more ideas, please send them to me. thnx so much!!!

  200. ]:
    So, I got a sty a day before the last and I couldn’t tell it was a sty. It was as if I had poison oak because my eye was hurting at the crease. I woke up the next day and it was still hurting. Later that afternoon my eye was swollen on the upper eyelid.

    I woke up this morning, after putting ice on it [which is a very bad idea, but i didn’t know it was a stye yet] and it was SO swelled.
    Gosh, it’s so embarrassing.

    I’m glad that I’m able to shrug it off a little, but I hate looking at myself, it’s so disgusting.

    I’m going to try the teabag method a little more.

    LOL, teabag the eye.

    That makes me giggle.

    I am so immature.

    anyhow, it hurts to blink.

  201. i have a sty on my right eye for almost 4 months now nd it luks ugly!!!! very ugly.. i went to the doc nd he gave me some medicine which never worked i went to him again nd he said i have to get a surgery done after 2months which m really not looking fwd to. anyone with an advise pls let know wat works to get it removed.thanks

  202. i have a sty and its huge!!i tried the warm compres on my eye and i also tried the hot spoon and tea bag and none of them work.if my sty doesnt go away the doctors will have to cut open and i dont really want that to week i have PACT testing and i don’t want to miss it because its too important. i will try to put warm milk on it and pluck the eye lid{not the whole eye though}

  203. I have had a few styes and washing it with very hot water and anti-bacterial soap frequently really helps, the tea bag helps, and if you rinse some hot salt water on your eye lid it helps (obviously close your eye). I did all of this and the next morning it was gone.

  204. iv been having my stye for 3weeks now.
    i havent been to the doctors or anything.
    for the past 2weeks.. i tried not rubbing my eyes
    and the whole week, it was going away. but then at the end of week i accidentaly rubbed my eye.. and now its hugee.

    00 & i tried the milk thing, just now.. but i gotta wait till the morning

  205. i got a stupid sty it not to big and not to small my dad always told me to a boiled water on a rag and put it on your eye i need more ideas plz i need them

  206. i asked jesus to heal it. and he did.
    my advice is to find someone who believes in the healing power of God.. cause he cares about small stuff like styes.

  207. They have a STYE gel at wal mart or krogers, meijers… and it atually works apply a couple times a day…and within a day or possibly two its gone!! =)

  208. well i got a stye like maybe 2 weeks ago and then it just went away but then i got up this morning and it was there again in the same eye so i had to stay home from school but idk what to do with it and its pretty swollen!!! i hate it and im going to try everything tonight and see if it works!!! thanks to all the people that submitted all the tips!!

  209. I’ve tried almost everything!
    Warm compresses, tea bag, egg trick, and I have a medication to take, and ointment to put on my eye.
    Nothign seems to be working for me, but i learned that to keep your cloth warm for when you keep it on your eye is to wet the rag, and then stick it in the microwave for about 30 seconds, while its folded. Then when the reg cools down, you fold it the other way, and the other side is just as hot (:

  210. I had a stye last sunday and it wasent that bad but i went to see a doctor and they gave me some eye cream, it went away after putting it on 3 times a day, but i must have spread the infection to the other eye and its even worse! I got another stye this monday, ive still got it and it kills, ive had 2 days off school, Ive tried cream, antibiotics, tea bags, bathing it, steaming my face, nothings working, its getting worse, my advice is DONT rub it at all or your eye could turn out like mine, REALLY swollen! πŸ™
    I might have a go at the tea bag thingy again I hope it gets better,
    And Yours πŸ™‚

  211. Im going to try the salt water trick what lola said πŸ˜€
    I hope it works lola
    I will tell you if it does x
    Thanks x

  212. i have had a sty for like three weeks now and it just popped this morning.. does anyone know how long it tsakes for the swelling to go down? cuz i totally have to go to work in like four hours.. oh and i did the hot rag thing.. it took forever but it worked.

  213. help!
    it hurts! πŸ™
    its not thts big but it kills when i try and shut my eye!
    It makes my eye look way smaller than my other one!
    im really down
    Pleease help

  214. I have two styes on each eye lid for a month. Took antibiotics, warm compresses,, eye cream from doctor.They don’t go away they’re ugly and hurt. My local paper had a tip to use tea tree oil which is in a shampoo made by Paul Mitchell sold in beauty supply stores and also natural food stores- I sent for some and am anxious to see if it works

  215. help!!! sos! i have two styes on one eye.i just got the second one two days ago and it hurts sooooooooo badly! what’s worse is that im leaving for hawaii in two days! it needs to be gone by today!im putting a hot wash cloth on my eye right now and im praying to GOD it will go away!!! if anyone has any other tips let me know!

  216. I use regular eye drops and as hot as u can stand compressions. Try stye gell u can get it at walgreens or any other store like it. u put it over your eyelid. it helps!


  218. I’ve tried hoy compress… not much luck! I get them all the time and I was told bc my makeup.. I still don’t know why I get them but my eye gets like swollen shut and it makes me look so gross! Anybody have a tip for me? I get them in both eyes now! They make me sooo mad


  220. I have a sty on my eye right now and Ive had it for about 3 days now. The doctors would not give me any medicine or anything so I been using the warm rag thing and it isn’t doing anything and im not really patient because this things hurt when i blink and it itches badly.I have to go to atlanta tommorrow, please help me!Im going to try the milk trick

  221. I have a huge sty on my right eyelid. my doctor told me a trick which actually does help… Johnson’s & Johnson’s tear-free baby shampoo. rub a little bit on your infected eye, since its tear-free it shouldnt hurt. It will look like it got worse at first but give it a few minutes or so and it should feel better. If you continue to do so for a few days it should help.

  222. yea im getting a stye on my bottom right eye lid….alot of times styes can be caused by staph infection…about 8 months ago i caught MRSA (AKA- the super staph)…i work in health care so i must of some how got it from one of my patients..the styes have been a constant problem for me since i caught MRSA i must of had more than 30 of them so far…once one goes another comes back…both eyes are infected….also sucks because every mourning when i wake up i have to wash the puss out of my eye lashes…(which can take forever)…i heard that while doing warm compresses to use baby shampoo on the cloth….hasnt worked much for me but it may for someone else……i have gone to the doctor many many many times..they have given me all kinds of things ointments, pills, and eyedrops…nothing seems to be working..and im blowing alot of money i dont have…its really reflecting my time at work …my boss isnt letting me work lately becuase of the stye..and her and i both are getting very frustrated about it…its been quite embarrassing…every where i turn somones always asking “whats that thing on your eye” about a big blow to ones self-esteem

    if anyone has any ideas of how to get rid of these for good….please let me know…it would mean the world to me


  223. I had couple of stye on both eyelids, so I’d clean them off with steam hot salt water, and then I’d mix a little of hydrocortizone and calamine lotion on there until it was gone

  224. these are goss! they say you get them when you’re run down, that makes sense bcos Ive had exams and have been so stressed!! they’re painful and leave a manky green or yellow ‘head’! but i know doctors won’t give out anything bcos they like you to do nothing to it and just let it go naturally

  225. i highly suggest yu use a lipton tea bag. or any kinda tea bag.
    put it in hot water, let it sink in for a little.
    and then put the tea bag on yur eye, with some water on it.
    and leave it on yur eye for a good 10 minutes.
    if yu do this as much as possible, yur sty will go away within 2 days.

    it worked for me so well. i had tea pags on my eyes for a whole day and it got 100X better lol.

  226. I got a stye today and came to this site & read about the milk remedy & tried it. I rinsed with milk and about 4 hours later the redness has gone away and the swelling has gone down!

  227. i used an old wives tale which was to pullout an eyelash in the centre of the stye. it has worked for me!! good luck.

  228. ive had a sty 4 ages like 2 motnhs now but only tday the yellow bit has come up i think this means its goin but im not sure someone tell me how 2 get rid of it its annoying and horrible someone w.b asap

  229. okay its been almost three months i’ve had this … its just a bump and is always been … it gets bigger and smaller … idk wat to do … i need help

  230. i am extremley annoyed with the second sty i have on my right eye. i am going to try using the tea-bags, but if that doesn’t work my boss has threatened to fire me. the worst thing about this situation is that i am an eye doctor. my patients are always wondering what i did to my eye and i can NOT ever have the courage to tell the truth. so basically…i lie. most of them have stopped coming to my office because of loss of trust. so please…HELP ME! it’s the only way.

    my life and career depend on this.


  232. I just discovered a stye on my eye today. A neighbor girl told me a few minutes ago that a neighbor across the street has been dealing with one. So my question is, does anyone know if a stye can be spread to another person?

  233. The hot water compress really helps and you usually can’t feel it anymore in the morning when you wake up..but make sure you do everything to get rid of it..i had one for almost 6 months once and had to have surgery to remove it.

  234. i’ve had several sties..1 time i had both eyes infected 2 on the right and 1 on the left…I must say DONT RUB IT {increases size]
    and rub alcohol around it [DONT PUT IT N UR EYE] WASH HANDS and the hot rag makes it soft but it really doesnt do any thing….THEY SAY U SHOULDNT DO IT but popping it actually helped everytime [as long as it was soft]

  235. i just found out the pimple lookingthing on the bottom corner of my eyelid is a stye. i haveno idea what to do !

  236. I have a sty at the moment and it is so horrible and painful πŸ™ Hot compress stopped the pain but i dont really know what to do, i hope it goes soon. People and pictures show that its a pimple but i dont have a pimple, its just swollen and puffy an red [and painful]. Is that normal?

  237. ok i have just gotten my first sty EVER and its really bad and sore.
    my brother has told me to pee into a cup and put it in my eye, does it really work?
    a friend told me to put hot salty water on cotton tips and eye droppers to try get rid of it but it doesnt seam to be working.

  238. Im 17 and I just got my stye like 3 weeks ago and i hate it. and i’ve been calling in sick at work cause i hate it when people stare at it. i tried the warm compresses, it just makes it soft, so i went to the Doctor and they gave me an ointiment to put on it, but it doesnt work. So know i got to go to work tomorrow and theres this girl im trying to go out with and i dont want her to see me like this. so as im typing this im holding a needle in my hand, im pretty sure yall know where im goin with this. i dont recommend this, but you got to do what you got do! i hope it doesnt get infected.

  239. On lower eye lid lash line, i had a recurring stye for 2 years; then, I used mario badescu glycolic acid toner (applied with a q-tip) to the stye every night and morning, and then washed the lower lid with Mario Badescu acne facial wash. It drained, scabbed and was gone within 4 days. I’m continuing to wash with the glycolic facial soap, just so that there’s no recurrence.

  240. uhhh.. i’ve had a stye for like month or so now and i’ve been told to put a penny on it.. something about the copper in it.. idk.. πŸ˜€


  242. I have just been told that a tea bag works on sty eyes so have tryed it will let you know how it goes hopefully it works fingers crossed πŸ˜€

  243. the warm wet cloth is fabulous…i fold the soft wash cloth, put epsom salt in the forth flap (so there’s only one layer of cloth between the salt crystals and my eye) and press this hot compress against my whole eye… do it several times a day—helps take the soreness out.

    there’s an eye drop i can’t remember what it’s called…headed to walgreens to get some because this one really hurts!

    i have a mortal fear of “pink eye” …

  244. YEAH! i found it—called GenTeal. Expensive…from CVS; it’s a lubricant for dry eyes (it says nothing about being a treatment for a stye) but a friend of mine recommended it and i’ve used it before. it is soothing and really helps quick, painless healing of these little devils! you’ve got to try it. oh, and i prefer the gel over the drops…(just so you know)

  245. Well I had a sty and nothing seemed to work, so I POPPED IT
    I lifted my upper eye lid over my lower eye lid and POPPED IT! AND IT WENT INSTANTLY.

  246. I have gotten styes for several years now they come and go and gets very fustrated. I was always told to rub a wedding ring on it and get it to pop because it lets the bacteria out and that has always worked pretty good. Also i tried the STYE cream but the pharmacist told me that its basically the same thing as regular jelly petroleum,so i tried that and it works basically keeps it soft and putting hot comprasses on it. The Doctor told me to try baby shampoo (the stuff thats tear free) just a warning it really hurts if u get it in your eye. But i didnt think it helped me but you never know it may help someone else.

  247. My wife had one for over a week and a neighbor told her to put a penny on it. She laid a penny on it and within a minute it started burning and then pus started running out and now within 10 minutes it is all gone. Don’t know why it worked but it worked.

  248. my stye is like the size of a basketball.
    i hate them and i never want one AGAIN!
    i hope it goes away very sooooooon

  249. stys are very painfull i got one now but the thing that works for me is 1.i rub a penny on it
    2.then a tea bag
    3.then bath it in hot water (it is amazin)
    try it you will be suprised

  250. I have one to and I can’t get rid of it I have to go to school tomorrow and I really want to go but I can’t bc the kids are Idiots and the’ll make frown of me!! And my parents will make me go so THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish it was gone so bad

  251. put egg whites on it… it sounds weird but it works.. i did it and it make it stiff causing it to pop and it was smaller when i woke up.. and it was HUGE!!!! do it when your going to sleep..

  252. I came across this miracle cure a couple of years ago. I can’t believe that I didn’t see it posted here. At the first twinge get a fresh lemon and remove a seed from it. Carefully cut the seed in half. Lay the inside part of the seed directly on the sty. Being VERY carefull not to get the seed inside the eye, apply this several times a day. The sty will go away.

  253. I’ve had a stye for about 3 monthes now and Im 12.
    I’ve put the tea bag on.. hasent worked.
    I did the penny tonight for 10 minutes and that didnt work either
    i have medicine and I used it for 7 days.. 3 times a day like i was supposed to and Nothing is seeming to work PLEASE HELP!!!

    Today was orientaiton at school and I got made fun of!!!

    Any help plz!


  255. what if the stye is INSIDE your eye?? it’s small but it’s definitely in there. it’s so irritating and i want a way to get rid of it but what do i do, like… stick a penny in my eye?

  256. Hey I’ve had this stye for about 8-9 months now, I tried to have it surgically removed about 2-3 months ago. The doctor tried to locally anathematize my eye, but failed. So after about SIX OR SEVEN painful stabs in the eye area with a needle, he finally semi-numbed it. Next he tried to put the stye in this squeezey prong contraption thing, but the stye was too big and god DAM it hurt.

    Anyway eventually he managed to get it in there, and cut my skin (which i felt him doing) and all this puss and blood released… over my face and in my ear. YUCK. So afterwards It was swollen for a couple days but went down, and I thought “thank god its over”. BUT NO. a few months on and now its back to its original size. It doesnt hurt and isnt really that noticeable since its down in the bottom right corner of my left eye by my nose.

    I’m going to buy baby shampoo today, try the copper coin, the gold ring, the hot tea bag, then hot compresses to see if i can burst this thing open today. I NEVER want to go back to the torture of stye removal surgery…

    just fyi I’m 20 years old and live in New Zealand

  257. some people in my family get rid of there styes by taking there wedding ring and makin the sign of the cross over the stye 3 times. it should go away over night =]]

  258. to get rid of a stye you need to put spit on it, its better if someone else spits on it because then u dont touch the stye. once the spit is on ur eye dont wipe it off just leave it to dry. yea its gross but it works for me.

  259. I have been wrking on computers 24/7 these last 4 years and have at times developed a stye on my left eye right on the lower rim. My mother told me to use a cotton bud (the ones people tend to use on ears) warm milk in a pan dip end of bud in and dab it onto the stye. I did this 3 times a day making sure a coverd the stye completly and used both ends of the bud each time. in 4 days the stye fell off and I continued an extra day to ensure all redness was gone. I use this method everytime I get a stye now and would recomend it. I use full fat milk (just incase it makes a difference) I guess it could be to do with the enzimes in milk but i dont know for sure why it works. But it is a great alternative to keeping the painful thing on your eye.

  260. Okay, this is straight from my doctor and will work everytime, it just takes a little longer. Go to Walmart, or where ever your grocery store is and buy the eye lid scrubbers. Wash your eye with the INDIVIDUAL packaged scrubbers twice or three times a day. If you wear contacts, don’t put them in, its better to let it go. While you’re at the grocery store, pick up eye drops, the individually packed ones, yes both of these products are expensive, but they work. You need the individually packed drops and scrubbers as to not transfer anything to another eye or around your eye. Once you are done, throw them both out. Just because there is still drops in the single sterile container doesn’t mean anything, just throw it out. Put about 2-3 drops in your eye 3 times a day.

    You can get the scrubbers for about $6.00 but the drops are usually $10.00. I know its expensive, but its safe, very clean, and works. Usually a couple of days, or if you notice one comming on, a day or two. The good thing is about both of these products: the drops you can use anytime, if you have dry eyes, or contacts, they help tremendously. And the scrubbers easily wipe away makeup, so its good to use to clean your makeup off.

    Hope it helps!

    i got a stye on my left eye it’s not on the top eye !
    and i need help please !!
    how can i get rid of it in 3 days ?????????
    oh please it’s important , does penny really helps or wht ?

  262. My infant is 2 and he keeps getting them on both eyes, not at same time. Top and bottom. I thought a mosquito was biting him. After the threat of Hurricanes were passed I took him to the doctor and she gave me an ointment and said warm compress. I remember tea bags worked on sore breasts from breast feeding so I may try that. The ointment works it went down in size by half the first day.

  263. this is a nasty way of doing it but my grandmother tells me to but saliva on it in the mornings and it works..nasty? Yes butworth it i guess?!

  264. okay so i get styes all the time. and one way that gets rid of styes quick is a boiled egg. it also removes swelling. i found this out from my middle school teacher and it works great. I suggests anyone to use it….make sure you peel the shell off the egg first and when your done with it dispose of it right away…dont eat it. [=

  265. i’ve tried every remedy i’ve seen on this whole page and all it does is get bigger every day, it’s not a stye yet, but the swelling and the look of the pimple thingy gets bigger. i’m pissed at it, because every morning i wake up my eye lid gets closer and closer to shutting… it hurt when i look with that eye, and my eyelid kills.. i wish my damn mom would take me to the doctor but all she says is that she’s working/too busy/or just tells me keep putting hot tea bags on it and it will go away.. help pl0x

  266. I have a stye and one of my friends told me to heat a small bag of rice in some cloth and cover my eye with it a few times a day and it helps it to heal faster

  267. I HAve a stye i think and i need help its on the inside of my eye and my eye is kinda shut and it hurts really bad!!!!!! ANY HELP WILL HELP AT MY EMAIL I will like some help so it wont get even more hurt help!

  268. to help a stye, u can take a nice and hot(not to hot) washcloth and stick it over the closed eye, i know it hurts i have one right now and it’s pain in the ass

  269. uhmmm your not going to believe this but my rat bastard son had a stye i told him to put some wd40 on it and bada bing bada bang it went away in 30mins.

  270. pluck out the eyelashes where the stye is… this will make all the crap in it come out, just wipe it and it should be gone within 2/3 days
    it hurts when you pluck out the eyelashes and its anoying with the weeping afterwards but totally worth it!

  271. If you take the same hand you wipe with and use that hand Right after Doing your buisnes and pluck the eyelashes with that Hand Not with tweezers beceause Tweezer are a breeding ground for Bacteria and oil wich cause styes. this is proven and much more faster and effecient. Will work within 2 1/2 days roughly

  272. Help!! πŸ™
    ive got a stye thingy but its not a regular looking stye, its just like a massive football sized red lump on my left top eyelid.. i dont know what encouraged it but anyway, it hurts like HELL! and i cant blink i can either shut my eye completely or half shut my eye and be in pain, but my eye was really sore a couple of days agoo, and it was just like inside the corner of my eye so i rubbed it and poked it which i know now what a stupid thing to do!! and i wish to god i hadnt, really i do.. it makes my eye look three times bigger than my other eye and im going on holiday tomorrow .. im going to try some remedies.. but if anyone could tell me if theres anything thats worked for them, that would be great :P:D
    also could you give me instructions on how to do it properly in case i muck it up and it gets worse ?
    Thankss so much guys and i urge your help, Byee

  273. i get styes all the time in the same spot… lower left side of my lower lid on my right eye and i always rub a penny directly on the stye and it works everytime. i usually do it right when i feel one coming and it’s gone before it gets all red and gross.

  274. Hey I felt a really bad pain in my eyelid last night and when I woke up, sure enough it was a sty. My husbands mom is an eye doctor and she treated my pink eye the last time. She said to put a warm cloth over my eye because it was a clogged oil gland so the warm water helps to remove the oil. The milk trick doesn’t work. Milk is a base and it only works with acids meaning if you have chlorine in your eyes, rinse them out with milk. I do this all the time in water polo matches during time outs but it doesn’t help with the sty. When I woke up I really felt like my sty would be the size of a golf ball and it was. After immedietely applying the warm washcloth, the size has gone down insanely. I thought it would just be a temporary relief but truth be told, the swelling has not gone back up. I had a sty when I was younger and my mom treated it with warm washcloths as well. I don’t recommend the gold ring because of the bacteria and dirt in addition to the penny. Oh and I don’t recommend the use of the baby shampoo or baby oil because like the milk, the shampoo is a base and the baby oil will not help the ‘oily’ situation, its rather oxymoronic..I’m going to try the tea bag to see if it helps the secretion of the pus but as far as reducing the pain and swelling, the warm washcloth is your best bet. Hope this helps!

  275. I’ve had various styes in both eyes. My first one was in my top right eyelid and it stayed there for a good seven months, until i got it surgically removed. Life was good until another stye came on my left top eyelid last Monday. It’s huge, and it sucks so bad. After reading seven pages worth of your guys’ tips, and half the people saying, “IT DONT WORK!”, i’m beginning to lose all hope by losing it on saturday, the third, which is technically tomorrow. I’m gonna try to get the STYE gel, if that doesn’t work, I’ll try the steam from boiling water, and the tea bags. If all else fails, i’m putting a HOT compress on my eye, softening the little bastard up, and POPPING IT.


  276. If you have a stye the size of a football I would try to put a used tea bag on your for ten minutes then what five to ten minutes then put a VERY HOT wash cloth on your eye or ten minutes and switch between the two each time. If that doesn’t work then I would go to the doctor and if it goes down alot then I would give a few more days.

  277. I have tried everything….doctor antibiotics, treatements from store, heat compresses, etc.

    The best rememdy is the Gold Wedding Ring. Must be good quality Gold. Clean the ring with alchohol to disinfect it and then rinse with h2o. Now, pull your eyelid out to expose the stye. Gently rub the ring directly on the stye for 50 seconds. Do this 2-3 times daily. Should begin going down by the next day!

    Works better than anything out there. The next best remedy is boric acid in hot water as a compress. It works great. Use phamacy grade. Mix one half teaspoon in a couple cups of hot water. Make compress and put to eyeball for 5 minutes twice daily. This will kill the stye infection within 1 day and get rid of stye by day 2.

  278. i am 13 and i had a stye for like 3 or four months i didn’t take care of it in the beginning because i didn’t know what it was and when i am at school everyone is like you still have that and i asay ues but now i am trying out everything so by nine tonight i will tell you what works meet me back here

  279. When i had my stye, it was on my bottom eyelid and i didnt think it was a stye at first cuz ive always seen styes on the top eyelid.. but anyways.. i was told to do many WEIRD things. One of the MOST weirdest is when this lady that i know told me to drip some urine in my eye and directly on the stye.. Pretty gross, huh??
    I didnt do it though. Ive heard it works. Try it and let me know. I just went to my doctor and took antibiotics for it.

  280. my god. this is only the second time i’ve had a stye, but it hurts like hell every time i blink! i’ve tried the hot washcloth remedy.. it hasn’t worked.i dont want to pour MILK into my eye, and im definatley not putting dw40 in my eye! If anyone has something that will help out this freaking eye, that a thirteen yearold would have laying around the house, please( PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!) e-mail me and help me out! plz…
    ( lol. i was younger when i made this e-mail XD)

  281. i have a sty. i woke up this morning and i looked in the mirror and it looked as if i got punched right in the eye!
    anywho, some girl at school said to put urine on it…has anyone tried this and does it work? please let me know!

  282. I get styes all the time and everytime hurts like a B%@#H! I wear alot of eye make-up so the built up oil doesnt help. I suggest (to all girls in particular) DO NOT use any eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow etc to hide your stye as it just gets even worse. I found that the teabags works wonders for relieving the swelling. Poppping it doesnt help cause it just encourages spreading.

  283. i have a sty and normally they just go away but i dont know why they have been coming on lately. i heard to put a warm spon on your eye or a gold band across the sty a couple of times

  284. i just got 1 like last week and my dad was tryin 2 help while he was here, he told me 2 use a warm wash cloth and my great-aunt told me 2 get a match and get the tip of it and rub it a little on the very point and it should start going away. and my dad told me u can get 1 bc 1 of ur eyelashes could be infected,so look really closely in a mirror and try ur best 2 pull out the infected hair!!! and DO NOT RUB UR EYE!! my eye has gotten bigger and it SUCKS bc i have 2 go 2 school and all so i left my hair down and let it cover my stye bc i didn’t want ppl starin at me!!!

  285. Once I had one on the inside of my eye lid like right on the side and my grandmother told me to put a little bit of urine on it. The next day it was gone!
    Now I have one on the top of my left eyelid and I never knew you could get one there! But I am definitely going to try the tea bag one I just have one question:
    What kind of tea? πŸ˜€

  286. I have got a tiny bump on the inside of my left eyelid, it is on the left hand side. Every time I blink it hurts. Is it a sty? What do I do ?

  287. Stye lubricant helps the discomfort,burning,stinging or itching the stye may cause. Applying this ointment will help prevent you from further irritation causing you to rub the eye and adding bacteria to the stye. It’s sold nearly everywhere but if your cheap like me you can simply mix white petrolatum and mineral oil which are the two active ingredients. I used to be a NA so I know what I am talking about. After you apply the ointment to the eye then apply a clean, warm (Not too hot)washcloth over the full eye lid or under eye, wherever the stye has accured. Keep applying the ointment and keep the washcloth warm until the stye has dispersed. If you still feel discomfort of the eye continue application throughout the day.

  288. pluck the eyelash that is infected after that leave a hot rag on for at least an hour if so a whole day if that don’t work see your doctor or go to the hospital for fast track hope this helps if does tell me!

  289. yea ive had styes for 4 years now.i have really bad eyeballz lol.but i jus got this one last year and it hasnt gone away at all!!!! im used to the old hot compress thing but for this sucker it wnt work!! so i went to the doc and he said he would “pop” it.but they had to put me to sleep in order to do it. they use anesthia??(dnt kno how to spell) but i was prego and so they couldnt!!! so my next plan was tht gell thing.ive been using it since like may.and now i have 3 styes!!! so tht crap dnt work…i am soo eager to really find out how to get rid of them. its embarrassing to walk around with them and having everyone stare at you and ask,”oh wats tht thing on ur eye?” PLZ hELP!! peace*

  290. ok, so what ive heard from friends, is to put salt water on the stye, and then do a warm compress for like 15-30 minutes a day πŸ˜€ hope this helps !!!

  291. i have a sty and it has only just come up ive had it for about 3 days now but today im going to go to the chemist to see what they can do but
    i heard if you just rinse your eye wtih cold water a few times it will start to go & you can also use a gold ring and just rub it on your eye but it has to be real gold.

  292. I use my great grandmothers rose gold wedding band to rub on it and it is gone in a day or so.
    Clearly I wash it in HOT HOT HOT water before and after.

  293. i have a stye. it dosent hurt but it looks weird. ive heard 4rm my friend tht if u pop if it will cause permanent eye damage. so dnt pop ur styes ppl!!!

  294. to help get rid of a stye boil an egg and hold it against your eye as a warm compress for atleast 5-10 minutes then when you are finished you have a tasty snack just peel and add salt!:)

  295. boil an egg then hold it against the eye as a warm compress . caution let it cool alittle first.then when you are finished you will have a tasty snack just pell and add salt!:)

  296. I got my stye on Saturday. It is now Wednesday. I started to get worried so I went to the doctor today. He told me to use a hot cloth and massage the stye as much as possible. And also to wear no make up and keep the stye clean by using lid scrubbers to clean it. I used the hot cloths but nothing has happened. Its so embarrasing. I work at a credit union so im face to face with people everyday. Im desperate. What do I do? Does plucking out the lash really work? Beacause I see that sucker but should I pluck it?

  297. i have a sty right now and as im rading these comments the best on that really works is the gold ring and the tea bag

  298. Yea, I’ve heard of so many remedies also. Man, I’ve had mine for like 3 years now! I gave up after the first year. Tried everything, teabags, gold rings, milk, doctors and antibiotics, etc…My only relief is that it’s not severe. Well not like it used to be I guess. It’s never really red and can only notice if your really close to me but it’s still really anoying. I’m hoping one day it just packs up it’s bags and leave.
    Every once in awhile I’ll do those remedies though just hoping that it will jump start that or slowly and slowly reduce the size. Like I said, I’m just glad it’s minimal, definitely not even close to the ones you see on this page or the web. Just my two cents.

  299. sometimes…the bump on your eye that you think is a stye…isnt a stye!
    it can be a chalazion
    at first mines started off as a stye…wen i went to doctor he said it was a chalazion…they had to flip my eyelid over and he popped it and cleaned it. i had a patch over my eye for 2 days. but it was gone for a while. i had that one for like a year!
    now since yestorday i got one…its hurting like hell!!
    and nothing works for i dont know. im nervous about it.
    im gonna try that gold ring thing.

  300. ive looked my many websites to see what is the best way to treat styes. i i found that using tea bags really do work. i was really surprise at how well they work. i just used this method today on my stye that had just popped up yesterday and i have seen a complete difference. i highly recommend using tea bags……specially over warm wash clothes which is what i use to do but it is not half as effective. πŸ™‚

  301. hey.
    i have a stye and its like six months and dos days.
    nothing has worked .
    helped yes.
    i’ve used teabags helps alot if use right.
    use medicine.
    i need help please.

  302. my mom always told me that if you take garlic and cut it into small strips that put that on your stye for a couple of minutes it should go away. and i had a stye a week back and i tried that it worked! that stye was gone within hours. yeah garlic doens’t smell that great so do it at night. =]

  303. when i had a stye, i just popped it and it went the next morning and i had no problems with it i just wiped away the fluid that it left on my eye ball with a warm wet tissue.

  304. I’ve only every had a couple of styes and my mother always made me look through a small flour sifter (metal mesh one, dense. I would watch TV while keeping my good eye closed and looking through the sifter with the infected eye.

    Believe it or not after a couple of hours the sty was no longer an issue.

    An Old wives tale? Probably but it worked and shouldn’t it, arn’t mothers always right.

  305. well ive had my stye for about a year now, it comes but takes ages to go. please help me it makes me feel rli ugly and ppl look sayin eww uve gt an infec tion i dnt knw wat to du. PLS HELP πŸ™

  306. if you wash the stye with baby wash or baby shampoo, Then apply a warm compress to it the it should go away in a couple of days. it works for me.

    p.s. do this everyday when you wake up and before you go to bed

  307. Steph’s mom’s garlic tip totally worked. I tried it out last night and my stye is now virtually gone. You just need to cut the garlic open and press flat on the surface of your stye. Keep cutting off a thin layer of garlic every time you reapply so you always have a clean, fresh surface to use.

  308. Does anyone know a surgeon in Alexandria, VA who will pop a chalazion without surgery? My eye doctor is crazy.

  309. I had a stye (Well… Three on one eye, two on the other)
    and i HATED THEM! they were all on the inside of my eyelid. The doc gave me some eye drops and told me to do the hot compress thing that everyone’s said. I have scars on the inside of my lids b/c of them. And now, two have popped up in one eye, and two in the other! They aren’t the size of mini gumballs, like on of them had gotten before, but still. I think i’m going to try a few of these tips. And do go to the doctor! MY last ones whent away, so hopefully thses will too!

  310. i just got my stye yesterday and half my eye is swollen i can almost not see out of it, but i have a had a teabag on it for like 45 mins and it has gone down a bit.

  311. i am tryin the garlic one but it rei stings
    i jus want it gone it came up yday so i went chemist and gt antiobiotics but it aint made a diffarence
    i feel dirty and it is heard to open my eye as it is on my upper eye lidd

  312. I just got one today! My aunt use to work for Pearl Vision and she told me to rub my fingers together to make it warm and just keep my finger on top of the stye or put something warm on top of it . Luckily mines is really small and you cant really tell its there but I want it to go away it hurts and its annoying!!!!

  313. I had one that last 6 month my sister mother in-law told me to use pork fat that you get in the store it work.It like raw pork fat.I just cut a little piece slept with it on my eyes till eventually it went down till it was completely gone.

  314. the garlic thing helps sooooo much…. but be ready cause it hurts really bad and to ease the pain I put garlic on for 5 min and then a tea bag for 10 min and did that for an hour and now you can hardly tell

  315. so i tried to put milk in my eye to wash it out. it’s only been a few minutes but my eye smells like sour milk. hopefully it’ll go away since i used skin fat free milk. i wonder if it makes a difference if its not whole milk or not?

  316. ive gotten them ever since i was two and if you wash ur eyes with johnsons baby shampoo no tears … every night …. the oil wont have time clog and form a sty .

  317. I had horrible styes when I was a child. My ancient great aunt, who was, incidentally a spiritualist faith healer (this was during the 1960’s) told me to put some lick on it, first thing in the morning, before I had eaten or drunk anything. It worked. Sometimes took a few days because the ones I got were truly awful!

    PS Alston – I’m sure what you have got is a small cyst. My daughter has one, and if it is too annoying it can be removed by minor surgery. Go see your GP

  318. The best remedy is to soak some bread in some milk and place it on your eye for 10 mins or longer. Should go away in a day or two if you do this twice a day.

  319. dudes, help i dont know wut to do. i think i popped the stye, and i dont know what to do, does anybody know? anyone? i got skool tomorrow, plz!

  320. Ok i have a stye right now, and guess what?? i just read through all the wonderful comments u guys left, and i tried rubbing real gold on it for a while right now and IT’S SMALLER!! like almost gone!!
    so i took a piece of real gold jewelry, washed it in hot water, and patted it dry, then i rubbed it on my infected eyelid for a while and it reallly works! thank you all so so much!!

  321. ugh ok mine is on the inside of my lower eyelid like rite in the corner. this is my 2nd stye. and my get rly big rly fast. what works the best? plz help me. it hurts rly bad

  322. i have a stye actually two on the same eye so i think i speaded it . In a book it said spit helps and it stoped stinging but not getting smaller. please help …people notice at skool!!!!!!

  323. DO NOT DO WHAT JAY SAID. it will only just make it worse. dont rub ANYTHING dirty on it. it will only spread. πŸ™‚

  324. I get these pretty often, I always use a slice of a potato. It seems to pull it out very fast. I simply hold it on my eye like the tea bag mentioned above a couple of times a day for about 10 minutes

  325. Ok. my dad told me told do this who got it from his mother and grandmother.

    Anyway right when you get up in the morning before you eat or drink or anything put some morning breath on it, like lick your hand or something.

    I never tried it but my dad always says to do it. And se says its gone the next day.
    Good luck.

  326. My mom told me to take something gold like a ring, set it on your stye for a few minutes and it should go away quicker. I guess the gold pulls out the oils. I’m gonna try it later.

  327. ok…i have a stye in my right lower eye lid and it hurts…but im afraid to do any of the thang u guys have said to do bc what if it gets worse…and my friends mama told me to get a cuetip and dip it in ur pee and rub it on ur eye…sounds god cuz ur urin is a great antibiotic..but dont u get pink eye from stuff like that…so idk what to do

  328. I get stye all the time and when they come they get really bad, so when i was training to get my cna my teacher who i s a registered nurse tolled me to wash my eyes with mild baby wash…it really does help a lot

  329. my mum says to rub a gold ring on it so i might try that to get rid of my stye i hope it gose away or out come the sisors jks

  330. in a small cup put 75 % boiling water, 25% pure sea salt, add a tea bag, take out and put on eyelid while it is hot enough for you to handle,if its too hot for you to put on your wrist don’t put it on your eye, wait a minute, then leave it on for 10 minutes, do this 6 times a day for 3 days till gone.

  331. just leave it and it will go. if it doesnt go in 2-3 days, then go and see the doctor..

    i have also heard you can rub a gold ring on it..

  332. faReal, Fa Real, while reading Like Aysha said..i put a gold ring on mi stye and its almost gone, IM SO SERIOUS AND SUPRISED, DIDN’T BELIVE ANY OF THIS, i was only told a hot towel and it will bust…now i have a hot tea bag…will let u know once im done, just gotta try everything for the next time. which get the best results.

  333. Removing a stye using milk – i think thats suppose to be breast milk and yeah believe it or not it works. Breast milk fixes loads of things I checked with my doctor and best of all its safe from newborns and up however adults including myself aren’t so keen to put breastmilk in their eyes.

  334. i’ve tried, the sppon in hot water, tea bag, warm rag, eye antibiotics.. so far, nothing has helped.
    i get them often and nothing ever helps.. if anyone knows any other things that can help, please let me know. Until then i am wearing my glasses at work.

  335. I get mine periodically as well, I heard that milk worked never tried it, and i also heard that Gold works to never tried that neither.. usually i just wait, or try to clean it out with a wash cloth.. I was also told, to pull out the “defected” Eye lash.. Or, just WAIT :0 to bad, i have homecoming with no ime to wait, WHAT WORKS THE FASTEST, AND THE QUICKEST??

  336. I just spoke to someone @ metropcs and they told me to use johnson and johnson’s no tear baby shampoo on a q tip, pull the eyelid back to where you can apply it directly onto the head of the stye inside your eye. Rinse with warm water afterwards. Try doing this atleast 3 times per day. The logic behind this is simple, you are getting rid of the bacteria from the head that is clogged on the stye and once it is removed, your eye will begin the healing process. In hours you will begin to see results. Trust me. The warm compress only works the minute you begin seeing the stye growing onto the eyelid. But from what I hear from you all, you guyz have aliens attaching themselves to your eyes:)

  337. Well i been having 2 styes for the past 2 years, one in each eye,but its not the ones that have that yellow pus thing like the pimples, mines are under the the upper lid and u can only see a bump on the outside of the eye lid when the eye is close and i would love to konw how to get rid of them seriously because i am in cometology n i have to where makeup everyday n look my best. i been to the doctor but they dont do anything about it, they just say to wash my eyes w/baby shampoo and not to share makeup.

  338. Well when I woke up for my prom I had one. It was huge! My mom took boric acid & warm water mixed them together & every 15 mins. I would wash my eye with it using a shot glass. I just kept doing that & by the time I had to get ready for prom it was gone! However I don’t know if you can get boric acid over the counter? My mom has it from a long time ago, it is actually in a tin can! It is the best ever! If you can find it use it, it works!

  339. I have a stye on both of my eyelids and i puting nesporn on the left one cuz its bigger and it get smaller but as it gets smaller the right one gets bigger idk wat to do plez help me i have skool tomarrow i dont want my bf to see this

  340. Applying the hot compress is crucially important because otherwise the sty turns in to a sist and may have to be surgically removed. ( I would know, not fun, trust me.) My doctor says to apply shampoo with water to the eye with a cotton ball to clean it out, as well as applying an antibiotic ointment to the eye.

  341. I have several styes on both eyelids. My doctor (that specialized in eye infections) suggested the warm compress 3-8 times a day for 3-5 minutes at a time. Right after you do that you should wash the rim of your eyelid (the part right next to the eye) with johnson&johnson’s baby shampoo. The shampoo does not burn your eyes and by washing your eyes after the compress you wash away any oil (from the clogged glands in your eyelids – thus the stye) that may have seeped out. My eyes have been getting much better, especially coupled with the eye cream perscribed by my doctor.

  342. My dad and I both get styes VERY EASLY…it sux but i found rubbing REAL GOLD** on the stye is very beneficial…it works!
    And there is a tube of medication for styes called,”STYE” it’s a little tiny tube you can get at wal-mart, walgreens, ect.
    EVERY time i use stye is gone in ONE day…it awesome! and it’s only round $6…hope these tips work for you πŸ™‚

  343. My mom went to the emergercy room one time and the said to take and put Johnson’s baby Shampoo on the top of your eyelid but not in your eye

  344. Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo no tears. Use a Q-tip gently rub the syte and it will disapear within a week. Used it on my grand daughter age 2 it worked well.

  345. I have a stye right now. I had one on the other eye last month. its terrible. it feels like you want to take your eye out!

    I neEd help. the teabags don’t help me or hot water.

    HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  346. Not wearing make up helps ahah i ussaully wear a sploch of make up on my face until i got a stye :1 and a warm cloth really helps πŸ™‚

  347. Well, i have a stye on my right eye right now.
    last month i had it twice. once in the begining of the month
    and another one twoards the end , but they were both on the left
    eye . putting warm things on my eye dosen’t help & neither did
    johnson’s baby oil. my birthday’s in 3 days !!! i can’t be looking
    like this on my birthday πŸ™

  348. I have about 4 styes which is lower fo rme cuz once i had 7 and right now i have four andone is undermy lower eyelid and it really hurts im going to the docer again tomarrow, i hope they will be gone before friday, please help…I have tried tea bags and shappoo and hotwater, please if yo u have any other way let me know (;

  349. When I was younger I always had styes but my mom would pull an eyelash out that was directly where the problem was…it would always work…try that.

  350. Hey guys, i know styes are REALLY annoying, so first take your finger, and run it along the area, try and find the eyelash that hurts the most when you do so. once you have found that eyelash, pluck it out. rinse your eye with salt water. then put a hot (not boiling) tea bag and leave it there for about 10-15 minutes. PAT dry, don’t rub. then, if you wanna try even harder to get rid of it… rub a gold piece of jewlery on the affected eye. whatever you do, MAKESURE to wash your hands often, for the injection may spread to the next eye. goodluck all!
    you friend – mclovin πŸ™‚

  351. This takes a few repeats but it always works.

    Cut a garlic clove in half and rub it on the stye. Make sure you are rubbing it w/the fresh milky side.

    CAUTION: make sure that your eye is closed while you are applying it and keep it closed for about another 2-3 minutes after (or until dry) so that it will not leak into your eye and irritate it.

    Yes it can be a bit stinky.. but it works!

    The best time to apply is overnight!

  352. I have had a sty for 5 months now and nothing has worked. I have tryed hot packs, tea bags, washing it out with water, meds, eye drops from the doctor.
    Nothing works for me.

    I read some of these tips and I think im going to go buy some Johnson and Johnsons baby shampoo and do that and then get the “STYE” eye drops!

  353. I Have A Stye And My Mum Has Tried Her Ring,We Have Tried It All. Its Just Not Going Away Though. How Do I Make It Go ? Help Me Please πŸ˜€

  354. I’ve had a lot of styes’ in my life.. and have one at the moment which should be gone by tomorrow thank god. This is a very straight forward remedy which i know from my great grandfather. when you have a sty, say on the right eye like i do right now, take an approximately 2 feet or so worth of any black thread, half it couple of times and tie it around your foot’s toe opposite to the eye, as i have mine on my left foot. and if your nervous that you’ll look silly the just wear socks and shoes when you go outside. i have been applying this method since i was 10 and it still works for me till this day. try it might help you too, you got nothing to loose… and oh approximately you’ll see your sty starting to go away in about 24 hours and that is when you also get a big pain relief, and in about couple days or so it should completely be gone. and you don’t have to change the thread… you can shower while its on your toe its all good just make sure that its not too tight or it will cause blood flow level in your toe, and its neither loose or it’ll come off your toe. this method has worked for me every time hope it helps you too. GOODLUCK

  355. I have a HUGE stye on my eye and it been their for 3 days idk how to get rid of it….. SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE ITS MAKING ME LOOK UGLY

  356. I am 29 years old and have at least once a year got styes all my life and i promise you the only way to get rid of them is as soon as you feel the irritation or at the first sign of the redness you get a gold ring and gently rub it say around 8 times side to side and do that every night and i GARENTEE it will be gone in a cupple of days. I have tried the tea bag and all the other stuff and this works the best and quickest

  357. P.S
    I also have one at the moment and did this as soon as i felt it coming on and it hasnt got worse just going away i also wear make up every day and it is still fine trust me rub the gold ring on it

  358. Hi. I am 23 years old and I’ve never had a stye before. I went to bed on Tuesday and woke up Wed. morning and my eyelid was swollen and red and hurt really bad on the edge around a certain section of eyelashes. So i got a warm wash cloth and put it on there for alittle bit and then went to work but we don’t got warm water at work so i was using cold water all day.. then went home and used another warm cloth and then my boyfriend gave me some ice to put on it just because we wasn’t sure what exactly was wrong.. then this morning I woke up and once again it was swollen and hurt in the same place so I did the warm cloth thing again this morning, and then today i put some cold water in a clean bowl and put it in the microwave to warm it up and all day I’ve been putting warm moisture on it .. it looks like symptoms of a stye my eyelid being swollen, red, puffy, but yet there’s no stye noticeable.. i can’t find it anywhere so I have no clue what’s going on but believe me it’s very painful, one of the most painful things i’ve experienced. everytime i blink it hurts that area.. i don’t know what’s going on. some people are telling me it could be an eyelash poking me and irritating my eyelid, but i don’t know.. how long do styes usually last is my question? i’ve already had this for 2 days.

  359. If you have a stye and rub gold on it, (wedding band etc) it is supposed to take it away. i have tried this myself many times successfully.

  360. Use a black tea bag. It has certain properties that helps bring it out and get rid of it. I used one for 3 days and it worked like a charm.

  361. I’m 11 years old and i don’t know if i have a sty on my eye or what but its been on for more than a month maybe longer i need some tips on getting rid of it i get shy looking at people in the eyes. Its like a pimple size bump it doesn’t hurt or anything its not red i want to pop it but i scared. i heard about the tea bag and the warm wash cloth does that work PLEASE HELP ME I DON’T WANT TO LOOK UGLY IM ONLY 11.

  362. I just woke up this morning with a stye and my eye kills! I had one in January this year, but it’s not disappearing. There’s no reddness or anything it’s just a red dot on the upper eyelash line right in the middle. It’s not noticable or anything I’m just worried it will resurface again. Could that happen? And does gold really work??

  363. Hi, I’m 13 years old and I have a stye I have tried everything, Warm water cold water and the gold Ring Trick, yet nothing works. What should i do I’m lost for words and Easter is coming up i don’t wanna go out looking like this i know we have some intelligent people around the world some one please help me fast

  364. Kk so hot water compress helps but it’s best to do it for 12 mins or tll the water on the cloth gets cold, three times a day

  365. I was always told by my grandma, to rub a gold wedding ring on a stye to stop the inflammation, and it worked every time.

  366. Im 11 too and i was at school when it started to hurt. i told my teacher she said to go on this web sight. So i did . i hope one of these work!

  367. I get stye a few times a year,and antibiotics is the only thing that works for me! The hot compress does help relieve discomfort,but thats about it.As soon as i spot a stye,i get antibiotics fast.

  368. Ok so i have a stye on my eye. I tried the warm compress but it just made my eye hurt worse. Please someonr help!!

  369. Use the boil egg that is better then the hot towel.
    the reason why is that the boil egg will be warmer longer than the hot towel.
    sometimes a sty stays on the eye for like a month or two thats ok it will go away sooner or later so chill lax to all those people that might be freaking out about their sty stay longer than a week or so
    p.s to all those teens its not the end of the world is ok i am 14 and in cheer so you are not alone little boys and girls

  370. Omg , i woke up yesterday morning and i had a sty … my teacher said just to leave it and it will go away but my friend said to put a teabag on it and i did but it looks the same , it actually looks like i got a punch ! does the ring thing work πŸ™‚ xxxxxxxx

  371. A pharmacist told me to put Johnson’s Baby Shampoo on the sty….and it worked…it was wierd to think about purposely putting shampoo in my daughter’s eye, but it didn’t burn or hurt and it did make the sty go away.

  372. I have had a stye on my right eye for a full year now. It doesnt hurt at all and its not red. Its just there.
    I really want it gone! Can someone plz help?

  373. I got a stye and i didn’t know what it was but now i do, when i came to this website i got some ideas, i tried the hot face washer and it didn’t work, i tried the gold ring and it didn’t work, but now i’m going to try the tea bag i hope it works. My stye it under my bottom eye lashs and it’s a round red lump, and when i push on my stye it hurts and sometimes i have to blink hard to make my eye feel normal, i had school photos and i had my stye grrr, i hope it goes away, when i’m tired it hurts more so cross your fingers for me that it will go away and i’ll do the same for you. πŸ˜€

  374. I got a stye and i didn’t know what it was but now i do, when i came to this website i got some ideas, i tried the hot face washer and it didn’t work, i tried the gold ring and it didn’t work, but now i’m going to try the tea bag i hope it works. My stye it under my bottom eye lashs and it’s a round red lump, and when i push on my stye it hurts and sometimes i have to blink hard to make my eye feel normal, i had school photos and i had my stye grrr, i hope it goes away, when i’m tired it hurts more so cross your fingers for me that it will go away and i’ll do the same for you thanks. πŸ˜€

  375. My aunt says to wash your eye with salt water, i’m doing it twice a day. It may work because salt has disinfecting properties and dries out the skin. And it doesn’t hurt because your eyes naturally have salt in them. No harm in trying it among all the other things you guys are using.

  376. I have had a sty since i was 16. im 30 now and ive tried everything. its still here. i have been to the emergency room 3x and they said put a hot towel on it and nuthn, this thing gets so big. its full of dark green and brown puss. it gets really heavy wen im sleepy, so ive been sticking needles in my eye lid for years now but im extremely tired of doing that. it works but it hurts. sumtimes i wish i could get the strenth to slice it open with a razor. i need help bad!!!

  377. Well about 8 years ago I was getting styes back to back and monthes later they never went away, so I went to the doctor and he sent me to a special doctor. They tryed medication first and it didn’t work then we went to the next thing, which was surgery. I had 7 styes under each eye lid and they had to be remove or they turn into a form of cancer. I had the surgery and my eyes turn out pretty. I still get styes every blue moon but they stay no longer than 4 days. So if they been there for months go to the could turn to cancer.

  378. I just found a sty this morning and only just got home and had a chance to try some different things to get rid of it. The first thing I tried was the warm, moist teabag over the eye and it actually worked. I was amazed. It’s still a bit red but there is literally no swelling anymore. I only just took it off so i’m not sure if it’s only a temporary thing. But anyways, it’s the first thing I tried and it worked so i’m happy =)

  379. Try witchhazel. It’s a natural astringent and it really helped me. It’s been two days and my eye is feeling AND looking really normal. I applied it once (using a cotton ball) before bed and once when I woke up in the morning and it’s doing really well.

  380. I’ve had a sty on my upper eylid for some time now..i didn’t know what was what it was untill two weeks after i first got it… it’s still there should i go and try too get an anobiotic from a docter???? please help me…

  381. I’ve got this stupid stye under my right eye also… and its been there for 7 months. Every time some one makes a coment or notices it I always make sure i do that hot towel thingy soon as I get home… But it never works… Hmmm, I’m gana try that tea bag thing, see if that works.

  382. Ususally when i get a sty i use a hot tea bag and that works. I have had what looks like a sty on the top corner of my right eye for almost a year now. when i went to the doctor i was told my tearnglands (or something) where blocked and i needed a small incision to drain it. So… if you have a sty that been there for a while… check with you doctor… might need surgery.

  383. Something else that will get rid of a sty:

    Cut out a piece of a potato.
    Scrap some of the juice from it.
    Pour a couple of drops of the juice into your eye.

    It really works.

  384. I’ve gotten styes really bad for the last few months and my mom has always told me to rub the stye with a gold ring. Not exactly if it ‘cures’ them, mine always end up coming back, but it does make them not hurt as bad.

  385. I literally just woke up about two hours ago, and noticed I had a stye. I tried the hot tea bags, I changed them about three times and my stye is gone.

  386. I have a painless stye ontop of my right eye i have tried drops over the counter type, no avail. i will try the tea bag tonight cross my fingers but i have also heard bacitracin ointment is that safe?

  387. Hey i tryed the teabag one but did not relise it had lemon in it OUCH but it did go down after using a normal teabag GOOD LUCK

  388. I am gonna try all these tips and im freakin out because the the first day of school is next week and i gotta look super sexy

  389. I had a stye from getting mascara in my eye that needed to be switched a month or so ago. I go tmy stye on Saturday night, I put hot tea bags on it 3 times a day for ten mnutes and it was gone Monday evening πŸ˜€

  390. So I’ve got this stye on the bottom of my right eye for about two days & I heard that if you apply a hot moist compress or a hot tea bag, it’ll workk.. So I’ll try it today & hopefully it works πŸ™‚ I was just wondering.. what if it pops?

  391. I tried the milk one, it reduces swelling and redness doesnt get rid of the head tho. oh and this reduced my swelling on my stye which is on my bottom eyelid.

  392. Putting a tea bag on your eye for about 10 to 15 minutesa day…. When I got a stye on my eye I did it once when I found out it would work and it worked… About an hour after I did it it started getting smaller and by over night it was completely gone.

  393. Ok so i have a stye and school starts in four so i read some of the comments and alot said the tea bag works so im going to try it ahh my sty hurts really bad

  394. Ive had very painful stys and also a bump on my eyelid ( not at the same time). too get rid of the sty the hot rag worked for me, but if there is a painless bump on your eye lid, take a wet wash cloth and rub your tearducks,the actual part where your eyelashes go out(it was kind of hard to do, you pretty much have to pull out your eyelid to rub it) , i had a bump on my eye for almost a year when i went to the doctor and he told me to rub it with a wash cloths a couple times a day and

  395. I got a stye last year i was only 10 know i am 11 and a got one again they drive me crazy!!! πŸ™ but , i dont know how to get rid of them i get them for at least 2 days straight !!! the hurt you can answer my qeustion on face book my name is jordon schuur privite message me.

  396. So my friend suggested rubbing garlic on it…good new: it worked swelling went down in 3 hours. bad news: burns!!!! oh and stinks…

  397. Ok so i shared make up with a friend..and now i have style in the lower eye lid of my left eye.
    Its in the corner of it…and its big and hurts.
    I’ve tried the wash cloth thing but that didnt help.
    And yes ive continued wearing makeup..because i don’t go anywhere without it.
    I know makeup will only make it worse…but i can’t help it.
    Does the tea bag thing “for sure” work quick and overnight?

  398. Hi, i had styes stuck under my eyelids after messing about with them wen they first got on my eye. the best way to get rid of the is regular hot compresses.

    putting gold on may stop itching also.

    go to the doctor and get ointment

    once they are hard under the eyelid surgery is the only option- but this is after a good year of them being there. the doctor only agreed to surgery for me when i had them in each eye and was very unhappy.

    so wash your hands and dont mess around with you sty- squeezing it is the worse thing as spreads infection.

    tea bags it up!

  399. O my goodness so yesterday I woke up with a stye and it was in the front of my eye lid but aparently it wasn’t cause now it’s inside and in the center corner and everytime I close my eye if hurts so bad and it’s super puffy and looks horrible I really don’t know what to try I guess I’ll try the tea bag thing and see what happens I hope it works!

  400. So i have a stye on the bottom part of my right eye right now and it hurts. i’ve tried putting a warm wet cloth on my eye for 10mins and a warm tea bag on my eye after but it didnt go overnight tho.. but my stye are still small. they r not big yet. imma try doing it for about 2 times a day soo wish me luck [: ! Hope the stye will be gone befor tuesday… or watever.

  401. Okay so i ALWAYS get styes. i do believe it’s from sharing makeup, which i TRY to avoid as much as possible, and it also may be from touching and playing with my eyelashes. my best advice would be to NOT touch your eyes! go light on the makeup, and DON’T SHARE it. making a hot compress works for getting the swelling down, but only for a little while. if anybody has a REALLLYREALLY good tip to getting and keeping the swelling down please let me know!

  402. I am a flight attendant and I wear contact lenses. I get stys all the time inside my lids and the contacts really irritate them. I have learned to squeeze them and you can tell when you are successful because for a few seconds your vision is blurry and that is because of the secretion. In a few minutes the whole things stops hurting.
    P.S. When I was a small child I had the pink eye and my mother asked a relative that was breast-feeding to squeeze milk into my eye and it does work.

  403. I used milk and it worked very quick. I usually have a sty for a week or more at a time. I dabbed milk on it right before bed and the next afternoon it was completely gone. The sty only lasted 3 days. Use milk!!

  404. Well i think different things work for different ppl , so i tried most of the things on here. what i found works for me is a rooibos tea bag (im sure any tea bag should work) and even better than that is a cucumber — i know everyone says use something hot (the tea bag was hot) but a cucumber straight from the fridge, cut into quarters and held on the eye took the extremely bad itch away almost immediately. its the first time in my life ive had a stye, i really feel bad for ppl that get them often, its not nice at all. good luck

  405. My grandma in mexico told my dad to take the smoke from a cigarrette nd put it on my eye by either blowing it or cupping it as good as possible in your hand and put it on my eye .. it will make your eye water possibly hurt but the stye will go away within a day or two

  406. Yes the milk does work, Vitamin A helps with the mucous in the eye (milk is vitamin A so is eggs and yellow vegetables)

  407. I have 2 styes both on the same eye. i woke up on tuesday morning and my eye was swollen and it looked like had be bashed up. this morning i woke up and it seriously looked like i was stoned but it only effected the one eye. everybody is at school are askin me what happened. i am trying the teabag thing right now pray it works

  408. An old wives tale says that rubbing a gold ring on your clothes untill it is warm and put it where the stye is. Also warm salt water dabbed on the eye 3 times a day helps πŸ˜€

  409. The best way to remove a style in tha eye is to keep distilled water on it..jus use a clean soft wash cloth and drain in water. keep tha cloth on you eye over night or as much as possible.

  410. Okay so i read 22 pages of tips and i tried everything. to make someone else’s life eaiser…i put milk on a q-tip and put it on my stye overnight and it made it worse and it just made my eyelashes hard. i washed it off and i tried plucking the eyelash that hurts the most and that helped with the hurting. i tried the tea bag things or more so three tea bags and i didnt notice anything. i tried the morning spit and it didnt work and i’ve beening doing the warm compress thing for the past three hours. i washed the sucker with cetaphil and i tried eye drops and aloe vera. i dont know what to do now.

  411. This thing is soooooooooo annoying i tried triphala water To make triphala water, add 1 tsp of triphala powder in 1 glass of water and let it stay overnight. Filter it in the morning and use it to wash your eyes.
    you can get Triphla water i dont know where to get it from it was my mum that got it

  412. My stye eye isnt going away… so im soaking it with some real hot water, thaan ima put some milk on it & go to bed, hopefully itll work!!! praaay!i


  414. Get a gold ring – like wedding or normal ring – and rub against the sty πŸ˜€ it works,, do it twice a day,, and it should go away in 2 days πŸ˜€

  415. The milk they should be telling you to use is Breast Milk not cows milk. BM will/ should make it better because it has antibodies in it, I have yet to try it the way described, such as rubbing it in. That will be my next try as this thing sucks and is painful.

  416. I have a stye right now…what im doin seems to be working…a small cup with a bit of salt with warm water – tissue or cottom wool n wipe around the area and put it on the stye for a while…it goes down πŸ™‚

  417. I’ve had styes most my life and they tend to happen when I’m stressed. My doctor has told me to do the following.
    1. Wash the infected eye with baby wash and a soft cloth (I use johnson and johnson no more tears) twice a day.
    2. Take a q-tip and put a small amount of triple antibiotic ointment on it (not the cream and not the one with the pain reliever in it) and dab that on the stye, twice a day.
    3. Take ibuprophen for the pain and swelling, as needed for pain.
    By doing these 3 things my styes are usually gone within 2 days. You can also put your used Green Tea bags in the frig to apply during the day to help with the swelling and pain. Good luck.

  418. Yes the gold Ring thing DOES WORK ! The tea bag thing calms down the swelling.. My mum taught me the gold ring thing and I just had one early hours this morning and tea bagged it and gold ringed it and then woke up this morning at 7-8am and it was GONE ! Try it, if it doesn’t work try something else.. Sorry if it isn’t any help but it works for some. Goodluck πŸ™‚

  419. The gold ring really works. I tried it! My eye was fat and almost closed but by that afternoon the swelling went down and now its gone. Two days like the lady said. I guess the minerals in the gold does something to the stye.

    Thanks to the lady who left that great mineral (gold ring) idea

  420. Don’t use milk! It hurts your eyes really bad. Take a hot wash cloth and rinse it with hot water. dont ring it out and lay it on your eye. let some of the warm water drip into your eye. it will soothe the stye and calm the swelling. Also, take away some of the irritation.

  421. I’ve had this stye for 2 days… I’m just gonna keep at it with the wet cloth soaked in warm water with salt! I’ll keep my fingers crossed though! Wish me luck!

  422. I woke up with a stye. As soon as you feel it rub saliva on it. It’s gross but it helps
    I also rubbed gold on it and that helped too, then I put a warm tea bag on it, and it’s not as puffy anymore.
    I waited like 5 minutes and put a warm wash cloth on it. So far it has been working.
    I am going to be doing this throughout the day. Let’s pray it works!!

  423. One home remedy I tried for a stye and it worked.
    It was earwax,it might sound gross but it actually worked!
    If you try this remedy, please use your own earwax.

  424. I went to the eye doctor several months ago. i still have my stye, but it doesn’t really bother me. he told me while im showering i should put a small amount of baby shampoo where my stye is. a stye is pretty much a clogged up gland that needs to be cleansed. if i stuck to this it probably would be gone. it helped when i did it, but it burns a little. thats why i stopped.

  425. Okay, this is going to sound really stupid, but it seriously works! Take some strands of your hair, and just rub it on the stye. You can do it while you’re watching tv or something. Do it for several minutes. It works!

  426. My mum always tells me whenever i get a stye to immediately start dabbing your own urine on it, it works instantly! it may seem disgusting but it actually works!!

  427. Use egg whites ! i tried everything on here but it didnt work fast enough. so i asked my grandma and she told me egg whites and it works within hrs. i did it b4 skool and 3-4 hrs later it was soo small i couldnt see it. but when you do it use egg whites, leave it on 4 about 2mins then use salt water to wipe it off then use a tea bag to soak up yet help your sty. it works do it twice a day for 2-3 days it should be totally gone. but wait a week to wear make up… but you can wear contacts just not make-up for a while.

  428. I visited my doc and he said that hot compresses always worked but he is crazy so my grandma told me that if its in a bad stage you can use lemon juice it really helps trust me, it stings a little bit its gone within a day it’s worth it bid time cause i know how much those suckers hurt so hope this helps πŸ™‚ GOOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I have had a stye for almost 5 months now, I have been faithfully using hot compresses and teabags and it would get better and then get worse again. I have even been considering surgery because I’m sick of this. After reading this, I tried the lemon juice. I poured some on a qtip and rubbed it on. It stings a little, but now my stye is almost gone after trying it just once! Thank you for the tip!

  429. Boil an egg and then wrap it in a clean, dry, thin washcloth, and place it over your eye. It will stay warm for 30-45 minutes. This will bring the sty to a head. Mine was gone that night.

  430. Ok i have had a stye for about 3 days now and nothing my doctor said will help im not so worried about the pain because it dosent bother me that much but its the swelling that bothers me when i work in a reatil environment and everybody ask (what happened to your eye) it gets kinda annoying anything that will make the selling stop ive used warm wash cloths tea bags and ice i cant seem to get it to go down any at all

  431. Im 14,nd i got a stye.:( My eye is hugeee! i had to get rid of all my makeup,and stay home all say yesterday but this morning it was gone.(: Al i did was take a wash cloth soack it in HOT water and dab it on my eye and push upwards from the bottom of the stye, it helps all the infection get drained.
    Good luck!

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