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Blotchy skin is caused by overexposure to sunlight, and while some people may call it sun spots, you may be more used to calling them freckles. Blotchy skin is never pleasant to look at. You may have tried creams and lotions in an attempt to get rid of sun spots, but you end up getting frustrated because you can’t seem to find the right solution to your skin problem.

If you haven’t found the answer to your problem, feel free to try the tips below. There should be something for you from this list:

Sun Spost No More

Staying Out of the Sun

Staying out of the sun should be the first step in getting rid of sun spots. The majority of sun spot cases are caused by exposure to sun as it makes your skin more susceptible to pigmentation. The scar tissues and the pigments on your skin work the same way as they both absorb sunlight. Just don’t stay too long under the sun because it’s not safe for your skin.

Since exposure to sunlight is inevitable, the least you can do is to wear sunscreen or protective clothing. Long skirts, long pants, turtle necks and long sleeve shirts will do, but you should be able to tolerate the heat. You can always wear a sunscreen with a high SPF if you think wearing protective clothing is not possible.

NonAblative Skin Rejuvenation

Nonablative skin rejuvenation is a noninvasive technique that makes use of natural light pulses to activate the skin cells that are almost dying. If these dying skin cells are activated, they will start functioning as younger skin cells. Nonablative skin rejuvenation works like photosynthesis in plants where the low levels of light used in this procedure stimulate energy in the cells. It is indeed an interesting technology that people with sun spots can look into. You will see results after repeating the procedure eight to 10 times and only after applying vitamin rich skin creams every session.

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter has been recently discovered to protect skin, especially if you are in a harsh environment. It does not exactly block the sun’s rays but it is used as an ingredient in different organic and skin treatment products.


Using cosmelan is also an effective way to get rid of sun spots because the melanin found in your skin is reduced, making the sun spots less visible or not seen at all. Melanin is responsible for the dark color of your skin, and cosmelan acts as an agent to decrease it. It decreases melanin by inhibiting tyrosinase, which is responsible in manufacturing melanin. Today, cosmelan is a popular agent used in depigmenting or lightening up the skin.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid

You can also apply Alpha Hydroxy Acid or AHA topically, acids that come from dairy products and fruits. Aside from sun spots, AHA is also effective in treating acne and wrinkles. AHA has a growing market because it is effective in fighting sun spots and other skin disorders. In fact, dermatologists consider AHA a sunspot cream. The acids disintegrate your skin’s upper epidermal layer’s cellular binding mechanism, making your dead skin cells slough off. With that, your newer skin cells take the dead skin cells’ place.


Retinoids are derived from Vitamin A and have been used as treatment for sun spots for many years now. Vitamin A is a popular nutrient essential for humans because the body uses it to regulate cell growth. Retinoids specialize in the cells that are closer to your skin’s surface. Vitamin A, when applied to your skin directly in higher dosages, exfoliates your skin. New skin cells replace old skin cells, leaving your skin free of scars, wrinkles and sun spots.

Laser Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing is a technique that makes use of a laser to dissolve the molecular bonds of a material. It is done during laser surgery while treating your spider veins, actinic keratosis, stretch marks, scars, sun damage, wrinkles and of course, your sun spots. Sometimes, laser resurfacing is combined with liposuction to tighten and smooth new contours.


If you’ve been to medical and day spas, you have probably heard a lot about microdermabrasion. Doctors employ this procedure by removing the dead outermost surface of your skin with the use of light abrasion. The skin damaged by the sun is removed and your dark spots and scars are also reduced. You can also try this procedure to treat acne, but you will have to go through numerous sessions to completely treat your condition.

Try microdermabrasion because you don’t need any anesthesia for this. A roughened surface, fine organic particles, aluminum oxide crystals or zinc oxide may be used to perform mechanical microdermabrasion.

Now that there are many different types of technology available for treatment, you should make use of them to have fun in the sun.

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