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There’s nothing quite as enjoyable as spending a day at the beach with friends and family, swimming and relaxing in the sun, listening to the waves crashing up onto the shore. Unfortunately, a red painful sunburn can often result from these all-to-seldom retreats to the beach – but don’t worry, your sunburn doesn’t have to ruin your vacation. Read on and learn how to get rid of it.

1. What is Sunburn?

Sunburn is literally a “burn” to the skin that is caused by overexposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The energy contained in the UV rays is absorbed by the skin and slowly builds up over the course of exposure. A short exposure can cause tanning, longer exposure can cause burns. This means that all you need to do to prevent sunburn is limit your UV exposure – and there’s lots of ways to do that.

2. Sunburn Prevention

Chances are if you’re reading this article that you’ve already gotten burned and are looking for pain relief and healing advice. Nevertheless, the information in this section is still golden if you plan on venturing back outside while you’re still licking your wounds. You don’t want to worsen your burn, but you don’t want to miss out on fun in the sun either, right?

In 1992, three Canadians developed a standardized method of measuring the strength of UV radiation from the sun at any particular time and place. Since then this system, called the UV index, has become used throughout most of the world. It ranges from 1; the weakest – to 11; the strongest. Listen to your local weather forecast to see how intense the sun is supposed to be on the days you intend to tan and prepare accordingly.

Safe Suntanning

If you normally don’t spend much time in the sun, don’t expect to be able to spend all day long tanning at the beach without burning because you’ll be in for a painful surprise! Use high-SPF sunscreen and start small with 15 minutes to an hour in the sun and then see how you feel a few hours later. You can then build up from there based on your level of sensitivity.

If you want to make the most of a vacation at the beach, consider visiting a tanning salon for a week or so prior to the actual vacation to prepare your skin for the sun. Most tanning salons will create a schedule for you to gently ease your maximum time exposure up. Don’t let your first day of vacation be your last!

If you are taking any regular medication, consult your doctor before leaving on vacation as some meds can increase sensitivity to the sun’s rays. Your doctor may be able to swap you over to medication that doesn’t have that side effect for the time that you are on vacation.

Warning: Babies under 6 months should not be exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time! Keep them cool and in the shade. Sunscreen should never be used on children this young either.

Preventing sunburn

Following are some tips that you can use when you go suntanning that can help prevent sunburn:

  • Use a sunscreen with an SPF (sun protection factor) of no less than 8. Rub it thoroughly into your skin paying special attention to sensitive areas that don’t normally get much sun (under your arms, the insides of your knees, and the bottoms of your feet)
  • Re-apply your sunscreen every 30-45 minutes while you’re skin is still acclimating to the sun. Once you’re used to it you can re-apply every 2-3 hours. If you venture into the water or start sweating you should re-apply your sunscreen more often.
  • Protecting your eyes is important, but sunglasses can leave some funny tan-lines.
  • If you think you’re in danger of burning but don’t want to pack it up, move into the shade and put on some light, loose clothing. A wide-brimmed hat will protect your face and neck.

After tanning

  • Use skin moisteners and after-sun lotions generously. Those containing aloe are the most popular. For an extra-soothing feel you can store the bottle in the fridge to keep it cool.
  • When bathing, use a loofah or other exfoliant to remove dead and peeling skin.
  • Cocoa butter applied directly is claimed to help preserve your tan while moisturizing your skin.

3. Sunburn Pain Relief

Unfortunately, once you’ve been sunburned – much like any other type of burn, all you can do is baby your skin and wait for it to heal. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to relieve the pain. It’s important to stay out of the sun until your burn has healed as you can make it much worse! Refer to the previous section for tips on protecting yourself from worsened burns.

Topical Sunburn Remedies

A general rule of thumb when selecting or making a topical sunburn remedy is this: If it promotes moist and healthy skin, it’s good. Give the body what it needs to promote healthy skin and then give nature the time to work her magic. The only exception to this is blistering sunburn. Blistering sunburn should not be covered in any lotions, creams, or balms as it can cause the wound to become infected. Do not attempt to pop the blisters – wait for them to subside on their own.

Following are some commonly used topical treatments, make sure you give your skin some time to breathe between applications; otherwise you can lengthen the time needed to properly heal. If you know if any remedies that are not listed below please use the form at the bottom of the page to share them with other sunburned surfers who make it here in search of relief.

Sunburn pain relief:

  • Reach for a product that contains lidocaine – Lidocaine is an anesthetic that will dull the pain.
  • Cooled whole, plain yogurt applied topically can help soothe sunburned skin.Sunburn pain can also be eased through the use of over-the-counter analgesics such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Follow the usage instructions printed on the bottle.
  • Use a washcloth soaked in cool milk to gently dab the sunburned areas periodically.
  • Cold compresses and cool baths will help temporarily ease the pain – but it will likely return soon after the skin warms back up.

Sunburn treatment (Many of these will also help soothe the pain):

  • Some skin-friendly ingredients to look for in store-bought products are aloe vera, cocoa butter, vitamin E, lavender oil, and tea.
  • White or apple cider vinegars can be used to hasten healing, soothe your pain, and prevent blistering and peeling. Dampen a wash cloth with the vinegar and periodically dab the liquid onto the burns. Vinegar can also be added to bath water.
  • Pretend you’re a hot dog! Slather some mustard onto those sunburns.
  • Crush a raw tomato and apply it to the burned areas. This will be painful, but you will find that it speeds healing.

If you develop a fever or become dizzy or disoriented, see your doctor immediately!

Click here for more information on how to get rid of sunburn.

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  1. I have been badly sunburned many times in my life because i have such fair skin.I got sunburned so bad once that i was blistering….i was told that burn cream helps and every hour to a half hour applying apple cider vingear to a wash cloth and applying it will help.

  2. You also can use evaporated milk, what you do is you rub the evaporated milk all over the burnt area and allow it to dry (very sticky) then wash it off do this two times and the pain is gone, i dont know why but this works

  3. I have been badly sunburned many times in my life because i have such fair skin and i also live in the caribbiean the best island remedy is to use the aloe vera plant it self 4 and almost instant pain relief. all u need is the green goo that is in the plant it is a wonder worker let me tell u. just find the plant brake off one of the spires cut it down the middle scrape the goop out and apply it to affected area this is also grate for other minor burns e.g. cooking burns ect

  4. Aloe vera offers instant pain releif, also, using zinc oxide on the area that has been burned will make the burn heal so much faster.

  5. If you have a majorly bad burn, go to the drug store and get Vitamin E liquid spread. It helps and sooths the pain as well. It’s quite thick and sticky, but it really works. I was sunburt to a point where I was blistered and actually bleeding (Second degree burns) And tried it. It really worked. Really!

  6. I found an aloe gel with lidocaine and kept it in the fridge. It soothed and killed pain. I found that certain foods, cucumbers, light meals and clear soups helped too.Jello and chewing ice cooled me inside. Cool compresses to the forehead helped get my mind off some of the pain. Drink enough fluids so as not to dehydrate (further).

  7. When I was at my camp I stayed at the beach with my friends for about 6 hours straight with temperatures about 30-40 degrees celsius. It was so hot but when we went back to the site we were all burnt so the camp director told us to go into the kitchen and get some lettuce and BBQ sauce. We thought that was a bit crazy but we did anyway. When we got back she had some lotion that contained Aloe Vera. At that point we had no idea what she was going to do. To our surprise she broke tha tomatoe and rubbed the seeds and juice on the peice of lettuce then she rubbed the Aloe Vera onto the lettuce. She used the lettuce as a clothe and rubbed the juice, seeds and lotion on or sunburnt skin! It was GONE the next day! Does it ever work! It’s awesome, you should, no I order you to try it! NOW!!

  8. put a facecloth with wet water on the sunburn put it on for 10-15min at least 3 times a day and put sunblock on it

  9. Hey everybody, A good thing to use is aloe vera plant! it works sooo good all I do is put it on twice a day and it heels everything up!

  10. its my first day of march break in aruba and im soo burnt. ahh i look so gross. like a lobster with bikini marks. anyway vinigar and tea helps sooth the pain and sometimes ( if the burn isnt too bad ) GETS RID OF THE BURN!

  11. i laid in the tanning bed the last two days and i have very fair skin so needless to say i got burnt…………….so i would not recommend laying two days in a row……vinegar and aloe vera is what i have been using and its ok

  12. I just got the worst sunburn I’ve ever had. It hurt really badly and the aloe wasn’t helping soothe the pain enough. A friend acctually told me to use Noxema, the deep cleansing cream (it’s a facial cleanser). As soon as i started to use it the pain was gone, and the heat from the burn was gone. I put some aloe on top of the Noxema, and blew on it for the cool feeling and my burn didn’t hurt anymore, and it healed faster than I ever expected it to. On the label for the Noxema it says to use it on inflamed skin too!

  13. Well….I layed on the tanning bed yesterday and I never burn well I”m BURNT! It hurts to even sit……well I;’ve been trying aloe and warm baths but nothing is helping…..any advice?

  14. Good news guys, I’m still a little red but thats it! I went to walmart and bought burnjel, it worked well for me it took the burning pain away. You can find it in the medicine secion. Good Luck! I tried some crazy stuff to help it and if ya need any advice or have questions just ask! Have a good day!

  15. i am totally, 100% scorched on my backside. My back and the back of my legs are in extreme pain. It’s almost irresponsible for me to get burned this badly, but what i’v been doing is filling the bathtub up with cold water and just laying there. this works amazingly. try it. good luck with yalls burns!!

  16. I went fishing yesterday and i got burned so bad i actually had chills in the night, so i went to walgreens and got this stuff called Solarcaine, a spray can, its like a blast of instant pleasure!

  17. Also you can buy the tanning lotion not sunblock, that has some spf in it that will still allow you to tan but should keep you from burning…..and will even keep your skin looking younger longer.

  18. well guys….I did it again! I’m burnt, but this time only on my legs from laying on a boat….remember on cloudy days you can burn!

  19. Okay, I was playing tennis with my friend the other day. Then I went down to the pool to see my mom. When I got there, my skin started hurting really badly. I didn’t notice anything, so I layed down to tan further… Well, I am very burned now. I have been using a aloe lotion and Solarcaine. I needed a few tips, went on here, tried some of them, but none really worked for the heat. Does anyone have anymore tips?

  20. Use the goo from inside the aloe vera plant. If you have access to one, its the best remedy out there.

    cut off one “tentacle” thing and slice it length-wise down the middle. rub the goo wherever you are burnt. make sure you squeeze every bit of juice out of it before throwing it away or composting it.

    Works AMAZINGLY well! i swear by it, as does my family

  21. okay well my first day in florida i got a terrible sunburn. im allergic to like pabaua or something i have no idea how to spell it but its an ingredient in sunscreen so i cant really use sunscreen, or else i get like red bumps so i went in te sun with no protection and im burnt to a crisp. somebody help me my week in florida is ruined cause a sunburn i want it gone tomorrow!! how can i do this???? PLEASE HELP ME….im going to get my mom to go to the grocery store and try the apple cider vinegar, tomatoe and lettuce, milk, vitamin E liquid spread, and zinc oxide, but does anyone have anmore ideas.this stinks. its already tuesday and ive been inside since sunday!! GRRR

  22. all i got to say is ouch. i got sunbunred really bad the other day. like soo bad. ive tried everything from bakind soda in a bath tub to using evaporated milk and nothing seems to be working … any OTHER ideas?!

    this is soo NOT fun.

  23. I never get burned but i went to the beach and i got burnt. My aunt told me that baby powder works well. It doesn’t get rid of the sun burn but it soothes it. :PP

  24. alright so I have been using the aloe and putting a TON of lotion on, and nothing seems to work. i have very dark skin and this is the first time I have really burned, and I cant say i like it. I hope some of these lame remediees work, however they talk about soothing the burn and NOT getting rid of it? WHAT GETS RID OF A BURN FASTER? IM DYING


  25. i am sunburned very badly right now. and i have to say that my mom keeps a bottle of aloe vera gel in the fridge… and it helps get rid of the sunburn, feels great, and works so well. i think that everyone should keep some in the fridge. you have to try it!! trust me!!

  26. i went to the tanning bed 2 days in a row. that was stupid. i don’t know what happened i usually don’t burn im italian. i suggest loose clothing and alot of noxema to get the sting out. i used the aloe stuff it didnt work for me but, maybe it will work for you. good luck.

  27. I’ve just got burned very badly on the front of my legs (from sitting in the back of a pickup truck, wearing shorts)- so bad that I can barely walk, and I’ve got blisters forming.

    aloe seems to work. alfalfa- for some odd reason- seems to work. vinegar seems to work. I’m out of all three of these things now.

    the other thing I did was I got a towel wet and wrapped my legs up in it before I went to bed, just to keep the skin moist. I put the wet towell on a plastic trash bag so that it wouldn’t get my bed too wet and just went to sleep like that, it was heavenly…

  28. When I was younger we alwayse used white vinegar and it alwayse worked it smelled but it took away the pain and sting.

  29. Ok question so with the noxema do you just rub it on like you would lotion or do you use it in the shower and rinse it off? Also does the vinager in a bath really work?

  30. wow. i went fishing monday and forgot to put on sunscreen until i was already burned. my arms have healed nicely… but because of a breakout that i had on my shoulders, my left shoulder is burnt pretty badly. like… i’ve never been this burnt before. it started peeling today and it looks horrible. o yeah- i have 2 of those blister things and i just really want it to hurry up so i can move comfortably!! My shoulders and neck were the only things burned badly- the rest is tan now.. but what should i try for the shoulder with the blisters?? it hurts really badly =[ and i didn’t know i wasn’t supposed to use the aloe.. i’ve been using that at least 2x a day. =/

  31. got the worst sun burn on my face..try cider vinegar. it stings for the first 10 seconds but after helps great. dab it on with a cotton pad

  32. Hey yall Well yesterday I went to the tour de georgia and the weather was overcast so I thought well I won’t get any sun,boy was I wrong!I have huge sunglasses that cover like half my face,I look rudolph Well today I went to Beaufort,SC for the crab festival well if I didn’t get burnt again and yes stupid me had my sunglasses on again and now I look even more red so I can’t take my sunglasses off how can i get rid of some of the redness and the sting I have 3 bottles of aloe and it doesn’t work for me and I smell like a Salt&Vinegar chip because of the vinegar PLEASE HELP!!:)
    P.S.This has nothing to do sunburn but today the blue angel crashed and died

  33. ok i just got a frozen cup out of the freezer (:HEAVENLY:) I met Floyd Landis he has major sunglass’ lines to so if he has them i guess i could deal with them

    Omg I have sunscreen in my purse im so mad oh well =(

    sorry i’m so board but if you don’t now who Floyd Landis is he won the tour de france last year he is a famous cycler ok time for me to go get a life XOXO, Rudolph

  34. ok well I figured it out. I blended blush with my sunglasses’ lines no one knew except the people I told.But the bad news is that my forehead is killing me so i’ll have to deal with the pain :)Emma Jayne

  35. well i was at a carwash and got burned baddddd!!! but i kept noxema on it like 6 times a day and it stopped hurting with in 1 day but theres always the burn look still there

  36. Hey fellow fried friends. I too am an idiot who got burned VERY badly yesterday. A combo of yardwork and the tanning bed. I have been using Tylenol for inflimation and Aloe from the fridge. Someone above said not to use Aloe. Why is this?

  37. so i tried tomato and it worked wonders
    you must try it@!

    only im upset b.c i have to be outside for 4 hours today and i have a burn!
    its 80 and sunny too!

  38. i went in the tanning bed 2 days in a row, and i usually never burn this bad. the pain i can deal with even though it hurts really bad, i just want the redness gone. HELP!

  39. I got burned realy baddly! i have been using aloe vera gel/vinegar and taking hot showers….ITS not workin..PLEASE HELP!!

  40. Hey tanning bed. I think everyone above is right with the apply cider vinegar. I even put some in a spray bottle mixed with two ice cubes so I could get my back really good. I let is dry and then I put aloe over it. Worked wonders and the redness is really going away. The cooler you can get the burn the less read it will be. Good luck.

  41. ok well the pain has gone away but my forehead and my nose is peeling
    and so my forehead is polka dotted half pink and the other half tan ii’m enbarrased to go in public how do i keep my forehead and nose the same color?????????

  42. ouchh ouch ouch.. i just started tanning and i’ve gone 3 days in a row… on my back i have rows of red stripes from the lights! it’s only my back but you can see where each row of lights was! it hurts sooo bad and i’ve tried noxema, aloe, all tha vinegar. EVERYTHING. nothing seems to work. it’s not as painful anymore, but the burn part is horrible! anyway to get rid of the actually redness???

  43. HELLPP!!!! i just started tanning and so far i’ve gone in the bed 3 days in a row. my back is totally burned!!! that’s the only part of my body that actually burned though! it is so burnt you can see each row of lights down my back. i have burnt rows from the tanning lights going all across my back! if zebras were red and white i would look exactly like 1!!!! i’ve tried so much for the pain and the pain is going away, but im going to be in a wedding this weekend and i need to find a way to get rid of the redness,,,, somebody HELLP !!!!!

  44. Please Help! I started going to the tanning bed around the 16th of march. I have fair skin so it takes me a while to build a tan. The tanning place I go to has the 12 minute beds, but I can only start out for five. The bed I started laying in didn’t have very strong bulbs because it didn’t take me long to be able to lay the full 12 minutes. I went to tan on the 7th of April and the bed I usually laid in was being used so the lady put me in another bed. She said if I could lay in my usual bed for 12 minutes then I could also lay in this one for 12 minutes. The lotion I use is the hot tingle lotion that turns your skin red. The next day I noticed I was burnt on my stomach, but I didn’t think I was burned anywhere else. I went back to the tanning bed the next day and put something over my stomach, and laid in my usual bed for about 8 or 9 minutes because I noticed my lower leg and feet were stinging so I got out. The next day the tops of my feet were pink and swelled with no blisters. I put aloe gel on them. I went to the Dr. and they said it wasn’t a bad burn, just a first degree and they gave me something for the swelling. They said I could go back to the tanning bed, but to put something over my feet until they heal. I waited 13 days. I didn’t know if I should even go back. The tops of my feet were the only place that got burned. They still have some mild swelling and they are still a little light pink. I use sunblock. The Dr. told me to use at least an 8 if I wanted to still tan. I have gone for about a week now laying three to five minutes. Today I put tape over the parts that are still pink because they still sting a little. That should work like the stickers. I’ll just have to use self tanning lotion on that part of my feet that are pink. I don’t understand why the pink hasn’t went away. I’m afraid to go back to the dr. I don’t want to stop going to the tanning bed and that’s what they’ll say. I know that sounds crazy, but I love summer and getting out in the sun and tanning. Can someone tell my why the pink won’t go away after 22 days. Will it ever go away? Has this ever happened to anyone else?

  45. Hi
    Two days before my son went to swimming after he came back I saw small rashes on his body and till evening it became more so what I did is I took little basnfloor and pinch of turmeric I mix with little milk applied it on his body .now he is ok

  46. I got totaly toasted saturday @ my doubble header softball game. four the scorting sun resulted in me lookin’ like a lobsta!I woke up crying last night b/c I could’nt lay down. So @ twelve o’ clock in the morning I hopped in the COLD shower. NO RELEIFE!please help me.

  47. I went back to the tanning bed yesterday. I covered the top part of my feet that had been burned before with tape. A little while after I went to bed I noticed that they were burning again. Part of my legs were too. I finally got up. The whole top part of my feet are red and my legs are too. Now since I’ve been up for a while they are cooling off. They aren’t a dark red, just light. A few years ago I got sunburned on the bottom front part of my legs. It never did blister, but the redness never did go away. I was still even able to tan. This year I’m having so much trouble. I think my feet are going to do what the bottoms of my legs did and stay red. I want to be able to tan. Can someone please tell me what to do?

  48. I was also in the tanning bed yesterday and burnt all over my face and neck, I was in pain till I tried the vinegar. Works amazing, I put some white vinegar in a spay bottle, had a shower and then sprayed it all over my neck and face, once it dried I redid it and waited to see, all the pain was gone, reddness still there, but pain gone.

    I drank 2 bottles of water waited an hour and sprayed the vinegar on again, the reddness was starting to disappear and I was feeling good.

    Vinegar is the best thing I have ever done, It wasn’t immeadiate, but close enough, and I had to keep doing it for a few hours, but well worth it as I am not near as red and my pain is completely gone.

  49. Tanningblues, I would advise you to not use the tingle at all. Sounds to me like you don’t need a tingle to get a good tan. Tingles are usually used when someone plateus and need a little boost. I would also ask if the bed you were in was the EXACT same and the bed before. If you do 12 minutes in a regular bed, you can’t do 12 in a super bed. you would need to decrease the time.

    My suggestion would be to decrease your time in the bed, don’t use a tingle (try a bronzer instead) and if you have decreased your time in the bed you usually use and go regularly you should slowly tan, you will notice more tan if you use a bronzer creme. Thats what I do.

    Just play around with the minutes and stay in a level 1, regular, whatever they call the bed at your salon. When you get through 3-4 sessions without burning anywhere, up the minutes by 1 or 2 at a time. Just a little slower pace should help. Let me know how you do.

  50. Tanningblues, sorry one more thing:

    I reacted to a tingle lotion about a year ago and thought I was burnt, the reddness wouldn’t go away. I finally found out I was reacting to the lotion and actually getting a chemical burn from it. It wasn’t the bed it was the lotion!!!! maybe that is something thats going on. Think about it.

  51. Thanks you all for all the good advice. I’ll try the vinegar. Sarah, I did stop using the tingle lotion on my legs. I used a lotion with a little bronzer in it this time. I do think I reacted to the tingle lotion though. Do you think that still could be it even though I haven’t used the tingle lotion since I was red the first time. It really didn’t go away from that time. If it is a chemical burn, how do you treat it, and will I be able to go back to the tanning bed?

  52. Sarah, I didn’t get to finish earlier. I had thought it might be a reaction to the tingle lotion, but I didn’t know because I hadn’t used it since April 7th. I went back to the Dr. this morning. She said not to go back to the tanning bed for a week because my feet and legs are red. She suggested wearing socks when I do go back. I don’t want to have to do that(but I will). You can’t get an even tan like that. I have been using a self tanner on my feet where I have put the tape. It looks orange. Looks like I’ll have to find a better product because I’ll be using it on my feet and probably my legs too. Do you have any idea what kind I should get? The reason I used the tingle factor lotion in the tanning bed is because I am so hard to tan. I have fair skin. A few years ago I used the SHO tanning lotions and I got darker than I’ve ever been in my life. This one that I tried this year was an australian gold product. I know people are going to think I’m crazy for still wanting to tan, but I do. I feel better about myself when I can get a tan. It’s almost summer and I want to be ready. Do you know how I feel? Did the reddness ever go away on your skin? I had never heard anyone except me say that the redness stayed. I would really like to talk to a Dr. who knows about burns. I live in a small town. The only Dr. we have in the clinic is never there. When you go you have to see nurse practioners. Maybe I just need to give it up though. When I finally got a response from you, and you said that the reddness wouldn’t go away on your skin, I thought maybe that’s what happened to me. How did you find out for sure that yours was a chemical burn? Please let me know what you did to treat it. You go to the tanning bed amd get om the sun now, right. Maybe there is hope for me.

  53. Sarah, Please look over all the mistakes in the above note. I am in the middle of finals this week and it’s stressful. I don’t proof read anything unless it’s for a class. I was up late last night doing a paper and worrying about my condition. I really hope I can still tan in a tanning bed and in the sun. I was trying to get ready for summer. I’ll be working this summer and the tanning bed was my chance to get a tan. I wanted to go on vacation with my family or lay by the pool at my sister’s this summer. I know this is stupid, but I pray I still can. I know I have written alot, but please look through these and help with all the questions you can. Maybe you know of a burn specialist you could give the number for. We have nothing where I’m from. Between school and family, I have been on the net trying to find a dr. who is close to me. I’m ready to go where I have to to get help. This scares me too. I hope I haven’t done any damage to myself that can’t be treated. Thanks for all your help, and thanks to everyone else too. Any advice or dr.’s contact info. anyone can give would be appreciated. Thanks

  54. Red color is still on my legs and feet. It doesn’t hurt and has no blisters. There is still some puffiness in my feet. My feet and legs are sensitive to the heat of bed covers at night. They get more red, warm, and my feet swell more. When I uncover them for a while it helps. I still can’t figure out why the red color won’t go away. Can anyone tell me why this is not getting better? I’ve not been back to the tanning bed since the 30th. I hope I will be able to go back soon.

  55. Has anyone heard of a phototoxix reaction? I found some information on it and some of the symptome are the same as what is going on with me right now. My skin is still pink and warm when covered. I couldn’t find out if there was any way to treat it to make it go away so I can still tan. Does anyone know about it?

  56. I went to a dermatologist. She said the years of tanning have caused the skin symptoms. She said uv rays tan down to the bone, ths causes swellling of the capillaries which is what causes the red color to my skin. My diagnosis was dermatitis. She advised me not to go back to the tanning bed, but did say I could be in the sun with a sunscreen if I had to. I can’t be in the sun for another month though. I can’t help but think that the tingle lotion caused this. The dermatologist said that it didn’t help it. Has anyone been diagnosed with dermatitis? My skin is still red and my feet still swell, but there’s no itching. Would it be dangerous to go back to the tanning bed after you’ve been diagnosed with dermatitis if you wait until next year?

  57. Hello,

    I got sunburn on sunday at the beach and since yesterday tuesday my arms are just itching and red. I haven’t been able to sleep because it stinks I decided to look for some remedies, because the remedie that my family always use I don’t have it at home! The bottle it’s at my parents and it sucks, but I just want to tell you that is something similar to tequila that is call MEZCAL. When you are sunburn really bad, you just put that on your skin and it works fast, you don’t even feel any disconfort, of course you will peel after a few days, but you don’t get any itching and your skin doesn’t hurt either. It’s great, MEZCAL is a little hard to find, but always try the hispanic stores. I hope this will help someone. Right now Im putting the milk thing in my arms ahhhhh!! I just want to go to sleep!! Good luck to all

  58. I was outside having a yard sale from like 9 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon and i didnt think to put sunblock on becuase it wasnt sunny just cloudy. but after the yard sale i went in and saw that i was burnt really bad i couldnt even move. the next day i put some aloe on but then i dropped the container behind the conter i went to get i came up quickly and caught the corner of the conter with my shoulder and a lot of skin came off my whole shoulder it hurts really bad and just my luck its been almost a week i still have my sunburn and i have to go to prom with half my skin off and im wearing a strapless dress

  59. Tanningblues: If your dermatologist told you NOT to go back to the tanning beds, I wouldn’t do it. You are messing around with possibility of getting skin cancer. And if that occurs, then you will not be able to go in the sun PERIOD!! I mean the choice is yours, but if it were me, I would choose no tan and living cancer free, rather than the alternative. That’s my 2 cents for what its worth!!

  60. Ok, everyother year i tan really well and the other i have the hardest time getting any color at all. This is my good year. So yesterday i laid out reading for about 20 minutes trying to even out my back. Later on last night i noticed that i started to get a little red which didnt bother me too bad so i immediatly put the aloe on so that i could prevent any peeling or pain from the beginning. Around ten last night though, i was in the worst pain ever. only on the back of my legs and on my butt where i had pulled my bathing suit up. I could not sleep at all because i was shivering so bad but if i put covers on, my body would release so much heat that it felt i was on fire. I have tried aloe, lotions, ice, aspirin, real aloe, hot showers to draw the heat out, cool showers make it feel better for about a minute then the heat comes back, i can barely sit down and when i do i end up with crease marks on my legs and those hurt even worse!! Seriously i have run out of options here and i need to go to work soon!! im in alot of pain does anyone have anything that really works??

  61. Hi. I have recently gone to a friend’s house because they just got a pool and she invited 2 friends over and I was one of them. Well, we were tanning on the rafts in the pool and we all fell asleep and now we are all burnt REALLY BAD!! I need something to get rid of it because it hurts so bad and I had so much trouble going t osleep last night. I am burnt everywhere you can imagine! Well I need something to help it because that aloe didnt help me!!
    from, i yi yi

  62. ok i don’t tan and i don’t burn…….
    well ok SOMETIMES i burn…but only if i don’t put on sunscreen!!
    anyway; i use SPF 15 and DON’T TAN AT ALL!!!
    does anyone know how i can tan, or if i can turn a sunburn into a tan? b/c when i do get sunburnt, it just goes away and leaves me as i was before, but with all my friends, it leaves them a tan in its place. anyone know why or how?

  63. TanningBlues:I know how you feel. Although I don’t have dermatitis
    I can understand what you mean about your feet.I love to tan but it does scare me know because I just heard about a story off a girl who was getting married and wanted to get really tan so she went to every tanning bed in town every day.The day before her wedding they found her dead in the tanning bed! They did an autopsy and said that the tanning bed cooked her from the inside out!That’s what the tanning bed does to everyone and you can also get skin cancer like my mom’s friend because they used to put crisco on themselves so every on PLEASE be careful

  64. Thanks for the advice everyone. I am not going back to the tanning bed. I think I was one of the ones who was addicted to it. I am getting out in the sun with sunscreen. I’ve done it a little each day to get at least some color. My feet and legs are still red and my feet swell when I’m on them alot. I think that may have a little to do with the fact that I have mild form of cerebral palsy and they have always swelled when I’m on them. I hope I’m okay to be out in the sun with dermatitis. The dermatologist said that if I had to be out in it to use sunscreen. I’m not the type to sit indoors on pretty days. I am an outside person and I love the water. If anyone prays just keep me in your prayers. Thanks.

  65. i have blisters on my face from 4 hours in the sun usig factor 4 hawaiian tropic lotion. i feel like the biggest fool! i went to the doctors and she gave me cream for it. im also using aloe after sun.

    please let this be a lesson to everyone because its put me off sunbathing for life! take care

  66. This is for the other Katie above. A good way to turn a burn into a tan is to put vinegar on it. You shouldnt do it if the burn is really bad, but if its a light to moderate burn it should turn golden in a few days. Just put it on with a wash cloth and leave it on for 30mins to an hour and wash it off

  67. Yesterday, I went to the beach all day.. I didn’t relize I was getting burnt, so by the time I got home, my neck and legs look like a lobster..Today I have to go to band practice and march..not only that, but I play saxophone and you have to wear a neck strap..ouch..well practice is at 6pm so if u have any ideas besides aloe vera(does work but not quick enough)please do tell

  68. I went with my class to Sandy Point beach in Annapolis, MD today. I am unevenly burned all over. I am graduating on Tuesday and have numerous violin recitals. I used tomato and it soothes my skin. My dad has had skin cancer and I don’t know if this BAD burn could result in me getting it later in life. ANY SUGGESTIONS?

  69. betacarotine is supposed to work very well on sunburns. it is in some stuff like bee’s wax and smells like carrots. i cant seem to find stuff like that thought.

  70. i went tanning and ive never gotten burnt in them b4 and now my WHOLE body is burned i mean every single part!!! it hurts so bad i tried sleeping last nite and i would wake up every hour in the worst pain…i slept with wet towels, ive used vinegar, cold baths, and the aloe gel and it dosent work this pain literally makes me want to cry and im normally very tough..i cant lay or sit in any position since im so burnt i got to the point of taking sleeping pills so i wont be awake for all the pain and idk wht to do nothin seems to work!!!!!!!


  72. Idiot me got completely burned today. I am usually white as a ghost, but after an hour and half out in the sun, I am as red as a lobster. I am using the green Solarcaine with aloe to help with the sting, and it really does help. I was just wondering if anyone knew how long it takes for blisters to develop? Because I’m really hoping this burn isn’t that bad…

  73. I got really burned!!!! argh! skin cancer runs in my family and no matter how much sunscreen i put on, the more i got burned!!!!


  74. I went to the beach thursday lay out all day with very little sun screen on stupid me so im like a giant walking tomato den ive d white marks tat are embarrasing had a cool bath put on aloe vera so not too bad for now am going to try dabbing on cold tea I read somwhere about tat my boyfriend calling around so i think ill give the vineger a miss for now bad enuf he has a g’friend wit a multicoloured body dont want 2 stink off vineger 2!!!ha ill get back to ye soon!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. If you get sunburn the best thing you can do is baby your skin take a cool shower or jump in a cool pool to take away the heat!!!!!

  76. i was tanning 4 about 2 hours my body got tanned but my face is lobster red i dont have any aloe vera or vinegar–mustard stings–tomatoes doesnt work–milk just make my face stale please somone give me relief pleeeeeeeeeease!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Yesterday i went to the pool with my friend and like an idiot i didnt put sunscreen on my back. now im fried and in alot of pain. alovera only helps for a minute and its impossible to sleep help!!!!!!!!!!

  78. I Have been burned all throughout my life i am actually burned right now as i type this and i have no pain and you know why i took a realllllllly really hot bath it is said by the chinesse that taken a hot bath can vanish the burn

  79. hey the other day i went up to lake texoma and in the begging i put a little sunscreen on and then later i was pink so i put alot more on. now a day later i am burnt all the way down my LOWER back i put some aloe vera on yesterday when i got the burnt and a couple minutes ago i took a cold bath. tommarow i HAVE to go work out its hard to even sit though any advice? i am about to try the cold aloe vera thing but i have no toates!

  80. ok so i did the cold aloe vera and its alot better but not fully healed so what can i do to totally get rid of it?

  81. ok i need some tips i have horse camp all week and i got burnt monday and i been putting on aloe vera but its not heeling fast enough and i have to ride tomorrow HELP!

  82. Face is pretty burned after a couple hours in the sun, normally I don’t care about sunburn but this time my face has swelled up. Got burned Sunday, Monday forehead was showing some puffiness, Tuesday my forehead was no longer puffy, which I wish it were because its moved down to my eyes and cheeks which makes me look 1000 times worse and becomes extreamly uncomfortable especially while trying to keep your eyes closed to sleep.

    Now its Wednesday and while not as bad as it was yesterday it’s obvious that the swelling will be with me for few more days. I know of aloe gel for the burn its self which does relieve the burn quite nicely In my opinion but I don’t have a particular interest in going through this swelling experience again in the event I do get this degree of burn, so I’m wondering if theres anything out there that can reduce the swelling caused by a sunburn.

  83. ok i went to the pool and my face was red but now is fine. last night sleeping was horrible only the back side of my body is burnt, and under my arms (the forearm area). i woke up this morning is aching pain it was unbareable. i dont have any aloe vera but i been using my lotion with aloe vera in it. my back hurts as if i pulled a musle it hurts to move at all.anyone know what i can do to help relive the pain?????

  84. Yesterday i went to my friends house and i guess we were out for awhile, she was giving me a massage and had put oil on me(very bad idea), well i had (some) sunscreen on… apparently not enough. I’ve put three different types of aleo vera lotions, nothing has been working, i really want the pain to be gone, i don’t care if the red color is still here. The pain needs to be gone ery soon!!! Please help…

  85. Okay, this WON’T help with the pain, but if you’re scared to go in public because you are so red and burnt, add a spoon of sugar to horseradish sauce 1/2 cup, mix, then cover the area for 15 minutes, and then shower well (exfoliate as much as you can, too). Not a PAIN remedy, but it does really reduce some of the red. My grandma taught me this, they did this in Ireland.

  86. Hey i did a car wash yesterday for 5 hours and i out sunscrean on twice! But, i am really really burnt. I am also camping at the lake this weekend so i have been staying inside all day…and i have to work this week and my job is outdoors and its supposed to be about 110 degrees this week! What should i do???

  87. I tried it and the redness is going away, it is the same day too! Although my burn was pretty minor…it still works! Yay!

  88. OMG! IM in Hawaii on oahu and the first day i tan i fall ASLEEP! my dad forgot to wake me up to turn over and now im so sunburnt! My neck, chest, legs, and the back of my knees burnt but not really bad. My Grandma lives here so she told me to either SQUASH A TOMATO in a bowl and have my sister rub it on my back or use a can of CRUSHED TOMATOES and rub it on my back with a soft washcloth i thought it was stupid, but it totally worked! HOPE THIS HELPS

  89. well after being in a hotel room for the last 4 days because of terrible sunburn i got the 1st day at the beach….lets just say i got a swollen forehead…leading to a swollen face eyes everything pretty much….and on top of that every part of my body was burnt….i recommend any type of soothing gell containing lidocaine hydrocholoride with at least o.5%…it worked for me instantly and my bf as well on his back since he isnt burnt as much as i am…hope this helps

  90. ok, so i went to a lake last weekend… and i got burnt. im fair skined and now im red skined… it doesnt hurt anymore and its only bad on my nose and cheeks. but my skin is really red,peely and dry! i dont know what to do that gets rid of it. im in a drama proformance in 4 days and it HAS to be gone by then. any suggestions?

    ps. ill try vineagar and tomatoes!

  91. Ok, Well I have my prom coming up next week on the 27th and today while outside for and hour i forgot to wear sunscreen. I was wearing a tanktop and now I have a horrible red burn all over my shoulders face and chest. I now have two white stipes on my shoulders from the unexposed are and two oval red marks on my shoulder blades. My dress is strapless!!! I am very fair skined so I am freaking out that I will show up with two white lines on my front or even worse the area will still be burnt or become a tan and I will have patches of burnt skin. I platsered cream and vaseline all over my back and I hope that helps… I have read the tips but If anyone has ANY tips that will get rid of the burn before next week it would be really helpful! PLEASE HELP!!!

  92. I just got burned pretty badly on my back and shoulders. I’ve been putting aloe on it about 4 times a day and a cold wash cloth works really well to soothe pain.

    I got burned two days ago and its already fading a lot. aloe vera works.

  93. i no wat u r all going through i stayed n 100 degree wether for 8 hrs for 2 days n a row and put sunscreen on but not on my face i made tea without sugar and let it cool then put it on my face it made the pain go away in 1 second

  94. im still in hawaii and my first sunburn went away but then i went surfing (i was totally on tv!) and burnt the back of my legs. this time they were not as bad as last time so i put SOLARCAINE WITH ALOE to sooth the pain! to get rid of peeling just put a good lotion on it so it wont irritate it. a good lotion would be something without fragrances ( avoid bath and body works stuff the lotion i used burned my skin) and something with out alcohol. USE AFTER SUN ALOE LOTION

  95. I have sun burn very bad, so bad I can’t walk. When I do walk I look like an old lady pushing a shopping cart, anyway. I have it on my knees and my arms, it sucks so badly. I can understand though because my skin is very white, like emo white and I didn’t put any sun screen on so it’s my fault. I haven’t slept in 3 days and ouwch, yeah. I’ve been putting this spray on and it’s been working but it’s like really cold and I wind up freezing. I’ve been staying out of all the lights and everything and it’s just starting to go away!

  96. HELP!!! I went to the pool with my nephews this weekend and, despite slathering the sunscreen on, I still got burnt pretty bad. My arms and back are red but don’t hurt as bad, but my legs are killing me. I start a new job at a daycare tomorrow. Any advice on how to get rid of the pain and stiffness in my legs?

  97. I have a BAD sun burn! I just read alll of this stuff so im going to use vinger and try to take a really hot bath with bakingsoda in it.

  98. So I recently went to the countryside for 2 days and when i came back, I had the wierdest burns. I had one on my upper lip, one under both my eyes (I wear glasses) and lots of other funky ones. The pain is actually okay but the redness makes me look like a funkay monkay. I really really want the redness to go away. I’ve tried aloe vera – got rid of pain a little but it just stayed red, vinegar made it redder, tootaste turnd it pink and not rough looking so I guess that works a little. The toothpaste will fel really peppermnty and burn a bit but rinse after like 20 seconds and it’ll be less red but wont permanently stay pink. Tomatoes work well with pain and redness. Made mine pinkish and lighter and sayed pink. I think I’m going to put tomoate seeds and juice on my burns for a while each day.

  99. does anyone know how to get rid of sunburned blister on your face? i was playing softball for 5 hours the other day and i woke up this morning with not very noticable blisters but still… it just looks bad and is kinda sorta peeling. HELP ME!

  100. Ok ya’ll, this may sound crazy and ya’ll may think i’m a weirdo. But when you want the heat taken out of a sunburn try preparation h. it may have a slight smell and you might get a look from a cashier but it’s worth it! I normally use aloe, but when we didn’t have any my mom gave me prep. H. i put it on and the heat was gone! it’s very cool and slightly gelly like aloe. but it lasts for hours! no pain! i know this is a weird remedie but if you need relief fast, this will work!

  101. OK. I have had a very bad sunburn since Tuesday. Here’s how it started. I was at the beach with my 3 foster brothers, my foster sister, my foster dad and his friend. My foster sister and I went in to the water to go swimming and we were in there for about 2 hours. We got out and we laid in the sun. Well we were at the beach for 5 1/2 hours. So my foster family and my foster dads friend and I, we kept going in and out of the water. Well my foster dads friends was like, “Olivia why is ur skin so hott??” and i was like i dont know. Well I noticed that my foster dad was starting to turn red and he didnt really care until after 5 1/2 hours later when we were at a baseball game we all were red except one of my foster brothers. My foster dad, my foster sister and I got the worst of it. We were all wondering what can we do to get rid of the pain. I cant even put a bathing suit, a shirt or a bra on without this stupid sunburn hurting. I cant sleep at night same with my foster dad and sister. WHAT CAN WE DO TO STOP ALL THIS PAIN?? PLZ HELP

  102. like i said above try preparation h or aloe olivia. the prep h. takes the heat right out of the sunburn and it is instant relief. i had a friend buy those shoe cushion things that go in your shoes to feel more comfortable. they’re really thin and she slipped those under her bra so that wouldn’t hurt. hope it gets better!

  103. Noxiema (spell check that..) Helps with the pain very well. I use the sensitive cream and it really really helps with the burning and that pain. hope this helps!

  104. im only 13 so i dont know any good tips or anything so my mom got me aloe gel and its not working very good so i was wondering if any of you had any good tips that i could use thats works good and fast becasue i dont want to look like a dork on the 4th so i only have 2 more days…PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!!

  105. Just use noxema in the jar for dry skin rub in like lotion and alternate with solarcaine first aid medicated spray its by the baind-aids usually not by sunscreen

  106. I noticed someone had mentioned they burned using the Hawaiaan Tropic SPF4. I also burned using this. I went to the pool and slathered it on so that I would tan but not burn. After I went in the pool I even slathered it on 2 more times. Burned terrible. I thought that maybe it was because I went in the pool and did not put it on soon enough or something.

    Today, I tried it again but made sure to dry off right away getting out of the pool and slathered up…no such luck. Reburned on all the areas where I had peeled from last weeks. Needless to say, I am going to only use SPF 50 from now on and leave the tanning to LOVE MY TAN spray on company. They do a great job and it is NEVER ORANGE. Highly recommend it and definitely say stay away from the hawaiaan Tropic SPF 4!!!

  107. This sounds weird, but put Carmex on it. I’m about 3/16 Danish and about 1/8 German, so frankly I’m a burning nightmare. My sister treats Carmex like a panacea, and I didn’t believe her. But it does work. The only problem is it comes in little containers, so I use it on places that I missed with my SPF 30-45 and burnt–which always happens somewhere.

    Oh, to the person who said that they’re allergic to part of sunblock. My little brother is allergic too, but for some reason he doesn’t react to Water Babies brand. Might want to try it.

  108. Ok I have this bad sunburn on my sholders and i put aloe gel on them and the pain did not go away you got any tips for me?

  109. I went to the beach on wed and on thur, got on thur only. im burnt severly on my stomach n back. last night i had someone but a sun burn gel on my back and slept on my stomach all night with a fan on. now th front is blazing and ive got blisters that ill start to oze out in a few hours. any ideas on the blisters?

  110. A few days ago i went to a public pool and i was there for 4 hours
    I am burnt like a lobster, and i have open skin wounds and they are oozeing stuff. i tryed aloe vera but it hurts. i cant even go to the pot because my ass burns so bad. TIPS PLEASE!!!!

  111. i tryed some spray stuff and it makes me smell like eggs but it numbs the pain for like 30 minutes, i wish i could paste a pic of it on here, any tips?

  112. I was just sunburned on sunday the 1st of july, out on the boat for six hour, my face,arms and top back burned real bad. I kept blue ice with aloe on it with cream and now it is healed, now i am peeling, when I stop peeling, Will my skin even up?

  113. hey guys.. i got burned really realy bad yesterday. and i have been putting aloe on it like every 5 min. but it seems to come back. i really cant stand the pain.. any tips?? thanks

  114. Here is something that sounds weird but really works: A&D ointment. While it doesn’t help with the redness, it does work great at keeping the skin moist so that it doesn’t dry out and you don’t peel as much. You may smell like a baby’s bottom, but it REALLY REALLY works!

  115. yesterday…..i went to the lake and laid on a raft for about an hour and a half and im very fair skin….and i made a stupid mistake by not using sunscreen and my whole front side is burnt, but not the back and you can see where my suit has been at is horriabl, white and red, i hurt so bad, and want to get rid of this burn as fast as i can, and im goin to try alot of the tips every one gave, Thanks for the helpful tips!

  116. My family and I just went on camping and on a canoe trip this weekend. Saturday when we went on the canoe trip we used Coppertone sprayable sunscreen SPF 50 (the doctor recommended stuff) We reapplied every 45 minutes and each time we got out of the water. Every single one of us got burned. Myself and my husband recieved 2nd degree burns and my husband had to be checked out by EMTs. Maybe it was that fact that it was the sprayable kind but either way were still paying for.

  117. Tea–>> I am burnt to the point right now that I cant even move, but my hair up,and or basically do anything by myself. I have started using regular tea no sugar, cool it but it in the fridge, then put in a spray bottle, and apply to your burned aresa. workd wonders.

  118. whoever said aloe vera with lidacaine was 100% right. solarcaine is the best brand for that. If you use that stuff religiously, drink water constantly, and get a solid nights sleep, you can wake up the next morning without a burn that was moderate the day before. another helpful thing is l-tyrosine, best brand is solaray (about $7.00 a bottle) it helps your body produce more melanin though this may be more effective if taken before the sunburn occurs. finally creatine ethyl-ester complex, no point in buying it just for a burn but if you have it laying around take two before you go to bed, but it won’t do anything unless you’ve had an excessive amount of water to drink, this supplement helps your body’s cells absorb more water.

  119. Hey u guys! Henry’s horse radish cure from a few weeks ago really took my red away (and for me, the pain with it!) My b/f loves my tan now when we go sailing!

  120. hey, ok so yesterday i was at the beach with a few friends and i got the worst sunburn ever! i now have blisters on my face along with the sunburn. it’s not so much that it hurts, i just want to know how to get rid of the blisters. can anyone help me? know any remedies to get rid of the blisters? i would apprecaite it! thankkks!

  121. i got sunburnt on the beach last week really bad and the pain has now nerly gone and i am peeling but i need something to speed up the healing process as i am going to cyprus in 2 weeks is there enything i can buy and use that will do this?

  122. Pour some vinegar on some paper towels and press it on your sunburn. It will take the heat out of the burn.. After you press it on your burn feel the paper towel and you can feel the heat on it. This will not totally heal you though.. if you have a bad burn i suggest also using aloe or another product that helps the pain.. the one thing i am having a problem with still is finding out how to heal blisters fast.. they kill.. i cant even sit.. so if anyone has suggestions can they help please?!?!

  123. OMG PLEASE HELP ME!!! I was sitting in a chair in my backyard trying to tan today, and well i never turned over. I am completely burned on the whole front of my body, but not the back! I have to get rid of this sunburn ’cause I can’t go out anywhere… PLEASE does anyone have a super good remedy that can help me even this out relatively fast?! I’ve tried to even it out with sunless tanner, but it was hopeless so I’ve just been applying and re-applying after-sun with the lidocane in it… HELP ME!

  124. I have also been badly sunburned many times in the past. A couple of time I have actually had burns that blistered, popped, and then got infected. It was horrible. Just make sure to put LOTS of aloe vera gel on (keep applying until your skin cant soak up any more, wear loose clothing, and DO NOT peel your skin. If you pick or peel at your sunburn too early, your skin will break, and believe me, it will be much more painful.

  125. Go to Cvs and get solarcaine it releives irritation and its the best i got it the same day as my sunburn and the next day i started peeling whitch is a good thing!!!!!!!!!!Buy it sun burned friends !!!!

  126. look i have a dance coming up and i have the WORST burns in the most random places, it looks soo terrible. is there a way that it can get better within a week? please tell me some one knows a way

  127. Vinegar works well on the body to help relive you of the pain, so long as you DON’T PUT IT ON YOUR FACE!!! Also helps to get rid of the redness. BTW, can anyone give me some advice on how to get rid of the color in a day or two?

  128. What I did to speed the healing and to get the pain to go away was use white vinager, put shaving cream on it and let it sit there for a while, and put aloe lotion on it for about a week and I started peeling right away and the pain was gone within 2 days of treating it.

  129. when i got sunburned i was scared because it would start peeling, revealing red tender skin!
    something i learned i have leanred is..
    when you try to peel it off it worsens it!
    use aloe vera, cold baths, and somme ice!!
    take it from a future doctor and someone that currently has a sunburn!

  130. I tried the horseradish thing too. I think it worked. I don’t know, it was gross, but I think i’m a lot less red now which is good because i have a date tonight with a baseball player and i didnt know what I was going to do.

  131. Put aloe extra on, sold at your local drugstore. You can only apply it about 2-3 times a day, read the directions on the bottle. Then stand in front of an air conditioner.

  132. yeah i got burned a while back on my cheeks and its been many months since i gotten burned but the redness wont go away, I have tried after sun tons of times and i use sun lotion when i go out.
    what can i do to make the red go away?

  133. Don’t forget about your lips!!! Put on LIP BALM with spf 8 or higher to help them!! I have some with spf 15 that works well!!!Also now that you got a burn ( i have got them to) try to prevent them!

  134. Well i was playing tennis for about 4 hours yesterday and i got a really bad burn on my face. I even burnt my lips (and i have a nice sunglasses tan! oops). I have burnt several times before and all i do is put on aloe vera but i want something that will work a lot quicker. My forehead is already starting to peal and i just want all this to go away as soon as possible so if anybody has any ideas on how to get rid of it reallly fast please let me know!!! Thanks

  135. Hey, yesterday afternoon I really fried my face from Marching Band, and then I tried this by doing what you said, but then also making a black tea leaf face mask and then wearing it for an hour, along with taking a hot shower, and putting on a coating of Aloe Vera. I made a bet with my dad that I could get rid of it by this morning, and what do you know, I won!! Thanks alot! =)

  136. Well i dunno about you guys but the vinegar made my badly burned face sting like a mother!!!! milk soothed but made me smell like rotting cheese, and i have aloe lotion but its only soothing! I NEED TO GET RID OF THE RED! i have been keeping frozen paper towels on my face and it is nice relief, but again it is NOT helping with the red. what do i do?????

  137. To get rid of my burn i had been using a thick aloe lotion that had alot of oils that clogged my facial pores (but worked very well on the burn) and i really needed to wash my face but I knew my acne wash with Salicylic acid would be too stingy and harsh on my burned face. If you have the same problem as me, use Aveeno’s gently daily cleanser!!! it works great because it moisturises and unclogs. theres also a foam one too!

  138. Boy, do I love the horseradish trick! Worked wonders on my sunburn. Although, it took awhile to get the smell out of my skin, clothes and apartment. My boyfriend stayed away from me for a week, but, it was worth it cause the redness turned into tan. But thats ok, because I wanted him to leave me alone and I met someone new. He loved my tan, and he laughed when I asked about the horseradish smell.

  139. I got a sunburned on my legs, arms, and especailly my chest while at Mosport (racing). This was on fathers day approx 3 months ago. I still have really bad burn marks and my chest was so badly burnt that I have white dots. If I go to a tanning bed to try to tan the areas that weren’t burnt and even out the tan, I’m scared that the area’s that used to be burn’t will either get burn’t again (since it is more sensitive to the sun) or will just get darker. Does anyone have advice on how to make the tan lines go away faster. I’m scared I’m going to have them for a few years!

  140. I’m from Australia and we get burned on cloudy days! Once got so wind & sun burned I had to sleep in the bath tub for three nights in a row and spend the days laying on an old bed sheet in front of the TV covered in natural yogurt, straight out of the tub (but not too cold). Take a couple of pain killers and a gastrolyte drink (gatorade etc) to keep hydrated.

    Even when you are burnt, keep out of the sun and apply suncream as soon as you can to protect the new baby-like skin! To even out colour try a good self-tanner liek St Tropez. Goodluck!

  141. I sunburn really easily (I have fair skin) and THE BEST way to heal it FAST is to NOT PUT ANYTHING ON YOUR SKIN!!! As soon as you put any kind of cream/lotion/aloe etc you’re trapping in the heat of the burn (makes sense, right?). If it’s a small area like your face, take a washcloth soaked in ice cold water and set it on your face. As soon as the cloth gets warm re-dip it in the water. For your whole body… take as cold of a shower for as long you can. Cold water will draw the heat out and help you heal much faster! Hope this works!

  142. After you get out of the sun apply aloe vera. It reduces the peeling and pain afterwards. You can apply it as much as you want.

  143. take a tomato
    cut a hole in the bottom
    take the insides out like your carving a pumkin (getting all the seeds out of the pumpkin)
    cut the tomato so it’s not a circle, but like a peice of paper you curve to make a small model of a globe
    put the tomato (insides on body) on a spot that is burt, and press down hard for 20 seconds
    repeat for other spots until whole burn is gone
    ********PUT THE TOMATO ON YOU AND PRESS FOR 20 SECONDS~~~~~after doing this to another spot, repeat in spots you have done before until totally gone THIS STEP IS IMPORTANT~~~~~********

  144. I have been burnt before and i’ve found that if u cut up slices of zucchini and put it on the burnt area it helps with the pain.

  145. ok i gotreally burnt todayat the beach nd i heard some one a fewweeks ago saing that tomatoe juice and seed mixed with the goo from an aloe vera plant latherd on work well. so i m trying it now and will let you know how it goes

  146. okay.. so yeah if you have sunburn on your legs, put a lot of vinigar on it with a cotton ball, then rub a lot of tamato on them, then put mustard all over your legs. it reallly helps sooth the pain! and a lot of the red is going away.
    im gonna go try horseraddish stuff i hear that works good, ill tell you guys how that goes!

  147. Does anybody know of a way to get rid of sunburn on lips? I’ve tries everything.. I mean everything! except for aloe vera which I am allergic to. HELP!!!

  148. hey! i find that using Rosehip oil on my sunburn works like a charm. it contains all the essential fatty acids in it for your skin to repair its self. i was burnt yesterday, massaged some rosehip oil into my sin about 20 mins before bed and again in the middle of the night and today its gone! also drink loads of water so prevent dehydration (of the body and skin)

  149. Ohk. Well, if you want to get rid of the redness you need to get steroid based creams… which sound bad, theyre usually prescription, what they do is strip a layer of skin pigmentation, so applying it to sunburn strips the redness.
    I also suggest things that contain alphahydroxy acids as they strip layers of skin – strip burnt layers and theyre actually really good as most beauty therapists use them.

  150. I get sunburt all the time and what i do is before i go to bed i apply BODY BUTTER it tottally works and is So much better than aloe vera because all aloe vera smells the same not body butter tho u can get different smells. i hav strawberry (it smells yummy)

  151. Hey I am sunburnt so badly because I swim too long and at the wrong times, does anybody have any tips please my brother keeps calling me a tomato. So I need some tips, I have tried the aloe vera plant (first time) but incase that doesn’t work I need a backup.

  152. you can buy ‘after-sun cream’ it works best if it has coco in it.
    alternitivly if you have a aloe vera plant- pick a bit of it the skin it with a potatoe peeler and place it in the freezer for 30mins or so. once frozen place on burn

  153. I laid in the tanning bed for 10 mins yestorday didn’t notice a difference til today! mY bUTT IS fried!!!!! I put equal amounts of water and milk together and it seems to be working. also useing alot of Cocoa Butter works!!!!

  154. oouch ! i have really bad sunburn on my forehead and on my upper shoulder parts. i am only 13 so i dnt realy know what to do !!!!!
    mum just brought me a bottle of cocoa butter thtat a frend suggested to me and i havnt got vnegar or cold water for my bath because of water restrictions 🙁 does anyone know what to do with cocoa butter ? pleasee help !!!!! 🙁

  155. well people always make fun of me because i have red skin and they will say ur a cherry and yea
    i get really upset
    but i tried warming up milk and putting it on my face with a wash cloth and it WORKS!!!

  156. Dont buy anything … keep an aloe vera plant just in case! Anything form a bottle does not work as well as the fresh stuff! Aloe Vera works wonders for sunburn. I am in encruciating pain when I walk, but know that it would be 100 times worse if it wasn’t for my trust old aloe vera plant!

  157. if you have trouble sleeping with sun burn wrap a wet towel around your legs and put plastic bags around not to wet your sheets. it will make you feel a lot more comfortable and it constintly hydrates your skin which gets rid of sunburn also.

  158. omg…i got srsli burnt, especialli on my shoulders.
    Aloe vera doesnt really work for me, so i stuck ice paks on my shoulders. It hurt for a bit, but after a lil while the pain subsides.


    good luck

  159. omgah, i went to the tanning bed yesterday, and geez. im in pain. this was pretty much the first time i went in forever, and the lady said for me to lay ten min. that I wouldnt burn. SUPRISE I did. Im VERY fair complected and was dumb for laying that long.

    I hear all these remedies for aloe and aloe gel, personally i think aloe hurts, and then having to rub like lotion on….mann it hurts bad, and then your all sticky and pretty much have to stand for hours. and then taking showers are HORRIBLE. so yeah. dont use mayo..or w/e they say, like butter, thats horrible for your skin cause it just helps cook ya. and ew.. lol

    any non painful ideas…haha thats near by impossible for sunburns but heyy idk lmfbo

  160. Like alot of people I hardly ever burn and when I do its not that bad. I went to where my wife works and they had a new tanning bed called turbo tan its a 12 minute bed NEVER EVER EVER use this bed from the middle of my chest to my knees I am burnt bad and I tanned naked. Nothing is working I cant sleep cause it hurts so bad. Please never use this bed or u will pay for it. After this im not even getting in a regular bed dont learn your lesson like I did.

  161. Ok so I went tanning for 20 min and now my face,neck,chest and legs look like an overcooked LOBSTER!!! AHHHBURNS I have had a small fan in my desk all day you get chills but beter then that burn feeling!!! But also fill the bathtub with ice and cold water and relax!!! ahhhhh good

  162. im 12 and im going to a pram tonite.i realy need some greats tips. i cant get hold of aloe,creams or anything. i need tips for in home

    lots of love red lobter plllz hurry!!!!!

  163. Hey Guys, I Like Many of you am sun burnt……I have tried vinger but no relief. I was reading on here about using Noxzema Deep cleasing cream (face cleanzer) And I thought it would sting worse than the sun burn Itself but amazingly it worked….

  164. Ok so i went tanning at a salon i started on Tuesday i went in the level 3 bed for 5 minuets then 6 then 7 on Wednesday I burned on my tummy and i have a stinging itchy feeling and i don’t know what to do i tried lotion and aloe and nothing has worked. what should i do now? I have also tried a cold washcloth and it is only temporary fix i cant go to work with a wash cloth on my tummy (that is a little weird) help please!!!!

  165. Try to use Aveeno Skin Relief Bath Treatment, this worked really well for my children when we would go to the beach for spring break, they would sit in the bath with it for 20 minutes then take some asprin before bed and in the morning the burn would be gone !

  166. I went tanning in a tanning bed.
    And my butt it soo burnt!

    OUCH I’m feeling it.
    I have school tomarrow and it sucks to sit.

  167. i was at the beach on saturday for spring break i was there for five hours without a shirt and it was hot iam a dark kid and i usaully dnt get sunburns and now i have some on my shoulders OUCHHH i tried the milk didnt work i have aloe vera lotion it doesnt work can u help me??

  168. hey guy was up just kiding well the other day i went to the beach and now i look like a lobster. and i hate just siting around waiting for the stupid sun burn to go away so plzzzzz get me some tips the will go away the day you use it.

  169. coppertone sucks!!!! i used it periodically and im burnt real y bad, espiecally on my legs and o the tops of my feet!

  170. HELP!!!!!!i went to the beach yesterday and i applied sunscreen before i went,when i got there i went surfing for about an hour then i sat out in the sun for 4 hours. i came back and i was completly burned(i look like a lobster) ive tried almost everything and im still red and it still hurts what should i do?

  171. just take a bath in ice water if your burnt all over of course anywhere else then u just stick that part in afterwards be very genourous with a bottle of aloe then wrap itself in cold damp clothes or even light clothes would work then take nyquill to MAKE you go to sleep I did this for a week excluding the nuquill and my burn was pretty much gone I only took the nyquill to get me to sleep the first night just any sleeping aid will do

  172. so i went ranning and I never ever burn… so someone told me to use babyoil to help the tanning process! Tip number one… dont use anything that isnt ment for the tanning booth! my eyelids were swollen shut! when i woke up the swelling was gone completely. “with in one night?” yes the best thing you can do for your skin is aloe aftersun lotion! it works good and soothes that aweful feeling… another good way is taking a HOT shower! it burns like a B*^%$ but it makes the burn go away FAST!

  173. ok well i went to the beach for five hours and i came back burnt. i soaked myself in the tub with vinegar. my sunburn was gone within 2 days:)

  174. ok. i am like so burnt and i cant get to sleep. i went to the beach today (really yesterday becuz it is really morning) and i played with me friends in the front yard in the sprinklers yesterday (really the other day) but i am in SOOOOO much pain that every once in a while i would start to weep. does any1 have any advice 4 me?

  175. you can also use lemon juice and peels. It will sting like a @#!$& but trust me it worked 4 me!!!!!!!! me and my friends got sunburnt 1 day and went on a healing spree and tried everthting we could find and this seemed 2 work the best!!!!!!! good luck!!!!!!!!


  177. ok i went to wet n wild friday and its now monday i feel ten times worse!! ok my whole front side is burnt and i use the aloe stuff with the medications in it also i have taken the bath with backingsoda but it hurts to take baths!! =[ =[ i need tips i want the sunburn to go away fast hurry please it hurts also i have blisters

  178. take a cold bath then lather on aloe periodically then ice and drink plenty of water then try plain yogurt it will take away some red.

  179. The cool-watered washclothes are a good idea but they get hot quick. Lets step it up a notch. Put the damp washclothe in the freezer. Make sure you drap it over something like a bottle that is about the size of your arm so you dont have to unravel it. This should only take about 10 minutes to freeze and it stays cool for about 30 minutes or so.

  180. OUCH….my sunburn hurts! My face is burn really freaking bad and i cant even put on make-up! *tear* But…my friend told me to put Vigin Oil or Face Oil on my face and leave it on for about 10 minutes then take a damp hot towel and wrap it around your burn for 30 minutes. It’s working, at first it kinda stings because it’s hot but then it soothes you burn! It’s working…and it takes the redness of your skin away which i totally love. =) Try it im so happy the way it turned out.

  181. use Noxema face wash cream. it works great i was desprate an my aunt told me to try it and it helped and i smelled good!

  182. Witch Hazel gets rid of the stinging feeling. Its clear and comes in a rubbing alcohol bottle. ITs cheap and works great. Wet a cloth w/ it or pour it directly on the burn.

  183. BEST Cure Yet…It is called “Aloe Cure” sold in Wal-Mart for balanceing stomach acid. It is 98.7% PURE Aloe Juice and it is organic
    You will feel relief instantly…just apply it to burnt area…

  184. so yesterday i was tanning and fell asleep and now my back is as red as a lobser. i need some help. and i have school tomarrow

  185. I need help first day of real sun and well i was reading lost track of time and my whole right side of my legs are red and the left are white and I was wearing shorts so major farmers tan! Oh and I was wearing a tanktop so the right arm is red and hurts! WHAT DO I DO!!

  186. I would recommend using a vitamin C product. Specifically, Skin Ceuticals C+E Ferulic. I am an Esthetician and the Vitamin C products help to reduce redness, trauma and damage that the skin is going through. This does not necessarily help with the burn feeling however, it repairs the tissue damage that could further lead to blisters, welting, and skin cancers. It is good to use this product before and after sun exposure.

  187. ok me and my friend went to oklahoma for 4 days and we were out in the sun too long !! my neck and half my back is sunburnt and red it hurts alot and i dont know what to do ….. pleaze help !!!

  188. Put some milk on a washcloth, then dab it over the burn… It soothes it alot and takes away the sting. But it smells bad 😐

  189. i was just burned at a soccer game so i went to a sanna and if you apply aloe in a sanna/or hot bath tub it eases the pain for a while, when starts to burn again just apply aloe.

  190.’s something that really workx…but it hurts a little…rub toothpaste on your burn and keep it on four about 7 min. then gently wipe it of and put milk in a washcloth on your face for the same amount of time… i know it sounds wierd but it works better thatn anything i have ever tried….USE IT!!! good luck

  191. i was at lemoore at a hotel called Tachi and i told my mom “did u bring the sunscreen?”she said “no?” and all my family were there and we all forgot our we went down to the lobby and the stores were sold out of my cuzens and i were in the pool for a while and we all were badly burned!!!!!!we were at home and i was in major pain!!!! so my mom try’d aloe vara and a cold damp cloth.but,it didnt work? so all night i was miserable cause of the i went online and searched “sunburn relief”and it brought me here so im resently trying diffrent if u get badly burned try one of these ideas.if ur a tiny bit burned use aloe if u want 2 relieve the pain of sunburn just try one of these ideas,i know i am.just try!!

  192. Take some tea bags, whatever you would use to make regular tea. Boil on the stove or make it in the coffee pot ( this is a lot faster). Do not add the sugar and water! When it begins to cool enough that it will not burn the skin. Soak a wash cloth with it a lay on the burn. It will sting a little, but will draw the heat out and help it to turn tan a lot faster.

  193. well i was out on feild day at Middle school and we were out there from 9:30 A.M – 4:00 P.M. and i came home and i didnt take a cold shower so in the morrning my bra strap was hurting my back. Take a cool shower A.S.A.P after you get a nasty sunburn 🙂

  194. I went out on the boat uyesterday i am really pale skin and my back chest legs and face are burnt AND I PUT SUNSCREEN ON. and it really hurts can anyone give me some tips to help soothe it and fast and maybe get it to go away faster?? thank you =]]

  195. omg!!! i waz at rapids water park, and my face, arms, neck, and shoulders got serveraly burnt!! please help me someone!!!:(

  196. i’m black and my sun burn goes white i was wearing pants so i’m now half cast litrely my top half it white and bottom is black

    HELP! :(:(:(:(

  197. I was on Field day yesterday, And I got sunburns on my face and arms. When U got home I used aloe vera and it did not work. So then I used a zip lock bag full of ice and put it on the places where I got sunburns. And believe it or not! It DID Work. Well the bad thing is the same day, I sprained my ankle.


  198. This is amazing! For mosquito bites (not sunburn) use the banana peel and rub the bite. It goes away! well not really but it doesn’t itch! TRY IT!

  199. I use Vitamin E capsules. Make a little hole and extract the vitamin and rub it on the sunburn and peeling of skin. I did this last night and I slept the whole night. After the sunburn the skin starts to peel and itch, the vitamin E on the skin alieves the itching. Another thing I tried was Walgreens Aloe Vera pain relieving gel.Two ingredients that help is Lidocaine and Menthol. It numbs the pain. This stuff is better then just applying Aloe Vera cream alone.

    Good luck!

  200. thank you for all your tips i am like a lobster and have wierd burn lines and everything from rhody weekend..Whooooo

  201. Well, I was walking downtown with a friend for like a half an hour and came home with a HUGE sunburn all over my back, neck and arms. When I got home from work I saturated a small hand towel in COLD water and placed it on my back and I slept on my stomach. I slept all through the night! Try it.

  202. i went to port de la veca and a gat a huge sunburn in my face and in all my back.i could not sleep at all .and tomorow i go to school
    and all my friends are going to see me .=[
    i need help??=[

  203. I got a sunburn so big on my back and shoulders so I got a pack of aloe vera and dipped it in a bathtub and soaked in it for an hour. It really helped you should try it.

    It may sting 😉

  204. I have extra sensitive skin that if even its 10 mins…Im already burning!!! Even with sunscreen on!! Its crazy I know! Just go buy some Banana Boat Aloe Vera Gel, Cocoa Butter and totally avoid the sun!

  205. I think that the yogurt might work, but I’ll have to get my mom to buy some to see if it actually works. All I can say to help ease the pain just a little is to turn your shirt inside-out so that the seam woun’t rub against your burn. Use aloe gels rather than creams, that helps too. Hope I helped!

  206. I put some coconut butter on my sun burn but it only last a few hours. try tea bags they work get and can get rid of the burn. also i took a cold bath with ice cubes in it, it got rid of the pain and burning feeling but came but in 3 hours.

  207. i just got a pretty bad sunburn a few days ago, the ice packs and cool baths didn’t work very well, but you want to know something that did work that you would never expect? simply placing your hand gently onto the sunburn, your hand will actually take in some of the head and it will cool down reducing the pain, if only for a short time

  208. i was at the lake and i came back with a sunburn on my face and shoulders…well now my face is peeling and i have to go to school tomarrow…whats a great way to stop the peeling…someone help me please!!!!!!

  209. hey.. i went to a soccer tournament today and it wasnt ever sunny outside.. somehow i got sunburn on my face.. i try cover up put u can still see it underneath..
    and guess what? tomorrow im going to ottawa with my grade at school and i look like a tomatoe!!

    could someone tell me how i could get rid of the sunburn on my face? i would be so happy if some one was to tell me:) thank you so much!

  210. So, I got a pretty bad sunburn yesterday (only on the front half of my body), and prom is in three days. Plain old aloe gel hasn’t really been working, but ice and ibuprofen have. And as far as the appearance problem goes- I suggest you use a self tanning moisturizer. It a) moisturizes your skin, helping a little with the pain, and b) (if you’re like me and only parts of your body are burned) it helps to even out your skin tone so that the burned areas aren’t drastically darker once they’ve healed. Give it a shot 🙂 But don’t expect it to help with the pain too much.

  211. uMm We haVE rELe BAD SUnbUrn so wE uSeD teA … aND It aCTuALlY StarTEd tO wOrK RiGhT aWay …. ThE rEdnEss iN The SKiN wEnT aWAy =)

  212. if you just wait it out the burns usually go away in two to three days(depending on how bad the burn is). But to make that time easyer you can put aloe on it. Also for you people who don’t want to be seen with the burn put aloe on it and take a cold bath that can get rid of the redness. Also you can just cover it up with make up(girls). But all over the best thing to do is to just let nature do the work and live with the pain.

  213. I got a horrible sunburn from the pool, and i took a freezing cold shower, then put an ice pack on my burn, and a cold wash cloth.

    and the sting went away(:

  214. I’ve got sunburn on my legs, and my like right side of my chest. And this red reaaalllyyy doesn’t look to good. So, how do I get it to where the redness is gone? I can’t be going around looking like this. I’ve got parties to go to this weekend.

  215. soo, i spent 6 hours in the sun yesterday for a soccer tournament and baseball practice, and of course i got terribly burnt with MAJOR lines, and my prom is tomorrow!!!!
    i am trying tea bags and vitamin E now and it helps the pain and is taking down the redness, but does anyone know about how to even out the lines? i’ve heard toothpaste, does it work? my dress is backless, help!!!!
    (and its cloudy now, so re-tanning over the lines isnt gonna be possible)

  216. take an icy cold shower…. then put on aloe and/or soothe-a-caine and if you have to use make-up or self-tanning lotion. this hsould help.

  217. To get rid of bad sunburns on the face quickly….Get some chilled cucumbers and place them on ur face….wait for about 20 minutes and the sting goes away and the sunburn dies down

  218. I used the cold milk and dip a cloth in it it felt good but when you move it will feel stiff so be careful.Then I put about 2cups of apple cider vinegar into a little bit cooler than warm water.I sat in it for about 20 minutes and then I put them milk on it.
    I hope I helped 🙂

  219. hey ok so i went to the lake and got burnt bad and it took a week for it to go away, well i have this huge X on my back from my tan line. well i got burnt bad again today and i dont want to have to wait a week for the pain to go away. i have tried aloe and it helps but i can hardly sleep so can anyone help me please!!!

  220. okayy well i heard that if you have a cool bath and you add some vinigar [sp] and then soak in it. i heard it would work may sting a little bit at first but after that the pain goes away.

  221. i was a the beach for 6 1/2 hours yesterday. and my arms, chest and back are really red. it hurts real bad. does anybody know any ways to get the redness out.

  222. i never burn, because im italian, but aloe vera actually really works, so buy some from walgreens or something 🙂

  223. It’s a little expensive, but Arbonne After Sun Lotion helped me a lot. I went to Cedar Point (roller coasters, no shade loads of sun…) yesterday, and got my entire top half burnt. I used this and half of it is gone this morning. I have a party tomorrow and I expect it to be almost gone by then. It’s kind of pricey, but worth the fast relief.

  224. Okay, I looked up the price and it said $32. Here’s the recipe, for whomever wants to try and save money:

    Avocado oil

    That’s really all they put in it. Their products are vegan.

  225. i have that x on my back too
    well i have banana boat sooth a caine lotion and it really works especially if u keep it in the fridge

  226. ok so listen. this is going to sound crazy but it works, take a steamn’ hot bath, and pour 3 cups of vinegar in the bath. soak for 4 hours and scrub with luffa.
    (only for realllyy bad sun burns)
    the next bad you sunburn will be almost gone and the stinging pain will be completely done. I PROMISE.

  227. The best thing to do for a bad sunburn is to put aloe on it, put a cold wash cloth on it, and to take a cold, but not freezing (you shivering will make it more painful), bath. Im not so sure about the cucumbers because they’re usually just for show but if you have a sunburn on your eyelids, it really helps a lot. hope this helps! (:

  228. a day ago i got sun burnt on my back on shoulders i tried aloe but putting it on is like major pain and it doesnt even work anybody kno what takes away the pain so actually can wear my shirt and go to school the next day

  229. aloe dosnt really work on really bad sunburns but if you have a little redness on the bottom of your eye, it will get rid of it by the next day.

  230. dude…lotion..i got burned seriously bad…like to blisters and peeling turned purple..and seriously u guys….JUST USE LOTION..its been 3 days and the burn is GONE and i have a party on thursday…lubriderm daily moisture lotion works just as well as all this expensive it doesnt feels really good…also a way that is even faster, but hurts, my grandma makes me take a hot really hot, and then she puts vinegar in a spray bottle and sprays it over the entire burn with like 5 layers and lets it sit..then she sprays cold moisturizing senty stuff on it..lotion works too…and even tho i smell like a salad, the burn is gone that night..yay

  231. I just now put some olive oil on the sun burn that is on my neck.
    I also put water on a rag then put it in the freezer.
    It was very cold but it work since i have to where a suit and tie with a sun burn >.> very tight around my neck.
    But it feelsfine with very little stinging but it will feel like it isnt working but trust me it does.
    I hope this helpful tip works for everybody.


  232. I got burned really bad and I use lotion, that helps. Also get some black tea, brew it, and then soak a rag in it and dab you your skin. My burn was gone 1 day later.

  233. ok guys or(girls) u should dab vinager on it and then take a cold shower…dude it should work… or u could just put cold wet wash cloths on for ahwile ok hope it works

    awsome dude

  234. I am so sun burned. I drank 9 cups of FROZEN water. and my sunburn is actually going away! I am really excited .


  235. apply and re-apply lotion! i agree with the simple, fragrance free lubriderm daily moisture. also drink lots of water. if its really bad( like blistering), i like the solarcaine burn releif with aloe…it also feels good from the start since its spray and is reaally cold!

  236. I neeed help my whole back is burned!!! I was at a pool paty for 5 hours and the burn has to be gone in 3 days please HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 WHAT SHOULD I DO TO GET RID OF IT WHAT IS THE BEST WAY!!!!!

  237. sounds crazy but Orajel spread on thick and a cold water mist works instant and feels great (cold mist first then spread the orajel on then mist again) mist again when seen drying 🙂

  238. Hey girls and guys. Sunburns are the worst so when I get a sunburn I apply Lubriderm with aloe to my skin, and I put on a cold compress to ease the pain. If it’s blistering don’t pop the blisters! It will only make it 10x’s worse! Also my #1 tip is to drink TONS of water!! It helps soo much!!

  239. yea i got burned really bad yesterday and were going camping the weken and im like nooooooo cuz i won’t have any fun cuz i’ll be burned but the black tea stuff sounds like it would really work i think i’m going to try it!!!!!!

  240. I am very very sunburned and its killing me! I have no idea what to do in a country with very little products cause im on vacation! ice rag doesnt work much either

  241. Do not use oils… no olive oil, no vitamin e oil (unless taken in pill form)… oils are bad because they will hold in heat. Moisturizing lotions are very good, but be sure not to use any with an oil in the first half of the ingredient listing. The higher something is in that ingredient listing, the more of it there is in the product.

    My personal remedy/s or advice:
    1) if it’s your face that is the problem, I tend to make a facial mask of yogurt (100% all natural, none of that yoplait stuff with a bunch of sweeteners and stuff… just plain yogurt) and let it stay on for 15 to 20 minutes before washing it off with cool water (not too cold or it will actually increase blood flow and as such, increase swelling)… I do this about 3 to 5 times a day, depending on how much it’s bothering me.
    2) soaking a rag in milk and then wringing out the majority of excess, and then letting it sit on the burned area will help a lot… something about the milk helps absorbe and draw the heat out faster and longer than just using cold water, ice, or a frozen bag of veggies.
    3) try not to drink a lot of alcohol, this may seem obvious, but I’ve known multiple people who drank to relieve the pain of a sunburn… in the long run, this just extends the time needed to heal and makes it more painful. Beverages and foods high in sodium will also extend the healing time and increase overall pain, so stick to water and avoid sodas.
    4) Ibuprofen and Aspirin are blood thinners that will help reduce swelling and inflamation, even on the surface of the skin. I would suggest against Migraine specific pills though, as they will thin your blood, they tend to have a lot of caffeine in them and may make getting to sleep in your uncomfortable state even harder.
    5) Water is attracted to water, and as such, actually misting your legs with a spray bottle of water can draw the moisture OUT of them. While it provides instant relief, it may infact draw out the healing process longer and make the itching stage particularly longer…. drinking a lot of water will work a lot better than soaking in or spraying on a bunch of water.
    6) Don’t shower too often, if you can get by with just 1 shower a day, do it… soaps, shampoos, and shaving gels tend to dry the skin out.
    7) I haven’t done it personally, but I’ve heard that hemmoroid cream (Preperation H, etc) will work wonders on relieving the discomfort of a sunburn… the cortizone acts as a topical pain reliever and reduces inflammation to decrease the healing time overall. I haven’t tried it personally because I try to avoid oily substances that may hold in the heat of the sunburn.

    Hope that helps… most of this is stuff you’ve probably already read or heard somewhere else, but I figured I’d post, just in-case.

  242. ineed help it hurts really bad and i just got out of school and its summer and i want to go to the beach with my friends but it hurts… what should i do to get rid of the pain by tomorow?

  243. ok i just got burned a couple of days ago at the san diego county fair i forgot the sun block bad idea i was burned pretty bad but yeah using apple cider vinegar for a few days and takin cold showers and using a rag soaked in cold milk totally helps im tellin u u have to try these remedies they work unfortunatly my burn was pretty bad so it hasnt gone away fully yet but its gettin there
    much luv

  244. I recently got sunburned really bad, and i’ve got my senior pictures tomorrow!! Is there anything that will help me?

  245. K, so yesterday i was at the baseball field all day. My face it completely burnt! Mostly me forehead, nose, and cheek bones. My upper arms are also very red and i got a major farmers tan! My problem is that i have grad this coming friday and my dress is strapless. So i somehow have to get rid of my red arms by friday and hope to god i dont piel, but i usually never do but i have never been this burnt before. What can i do to not be stuck with this farmers tan?
    And also, would it be alright if i were go back to the tanning booths???

  246. OMG i got totally sunburned when i was in the sun today… WE KNOW – this is for posting tips on how to get rid of sunburns not your sob stories – we are all here to get tips – it’s kind of the point

    use tea to get rid of color – lotions and gels help with pain – if you’re really badly burned don’t go back in the sun – that’s just asking for trouble

  247. “Burn Jel Plus with pain relieving lidocaine HCL 2.5%; External Analgesic; first aid for burns, scalds, and sunburns; Moisturizing with Vitamin E; Fast Pain relief”
    is so amazing

    i can get rid of a really bad burn in about 3 days
    you out a thick layer over the burn without rubbing it in and let it dry
    it makes your skin looks gross but its really worth it!!

  248. i got the worst sun burn from being outside and i tryied everything to get it to go away and i found that tea took the colour away but i had a bath in oatmeal ( like what you bathe in when you have the chicken pox) and the colour is almost gona and it dosn’t hurt at all
    hope i could help
    ME 🙂

  249. i went to the beach on friday and got really burned on my face and back. the best thing to use is aloe vera.! it’s a fast burn relief.!!!
    this really works!!

  250. how do i get rid of a sunburn in one day someone plz help me i was swimming for four hours and i need some help

  251. PLEASE im dying here my sunburn ( all over my body ) has just started to itch so badly i cant stop i need something quick … ive had a cold shower but that hasnt helped at all HEEEEEELP

  252. I went to the beach with some of my friends and got burned really bad!
    I used some of the apple cider vinager, it really helped!

  253. I have found that sunburns go away quicker if I don’t put any sort of lotions on my skin for the first couple days. Cold showers might feel good, but warm showers are better- it helps to open pores and release heat. Wear loose clothes, take an Advil, and drink lots of water!

  254. ok i was at the beach with some friends and i really want the tan, for school pics coming up, it burns but i want to keep the color,

  255. get a hand towel and soke it in white vinerger it smells bad but it works also take cool baths or showers do not take hot ones also if you have aloe or lotion with vitamin E in it use that it will help stop the pain

  256. igot sunburned really badly and i have tried everything and it hurts!!! sometimes at night i get really cold but im hot at the same time what do i do i got listers too!

    P.S I will never go swimm ing for five hours agian:(

  257. There is a lotion that is at walmart that has lidocane in it. It works really good if you keep it in the fridge. Being lite skinned and blonde hair, I burn so easily. I have found this to work wonderful. Its called ICE

  258. 3 words…..OCEAN POTION ICE!!! Bliss in a bottle!
    I went to the waterpark this weekend and got absolutely fried. I had to endure a whole day with no relief. My brother brought me the Ocean Potion and it’s a dream. (It has lidocaine in it, aloe vera, tea tree extract and menthol) In betweeen applications i’ve been dabbing cool tea bags on my shoulders (which got it the worst) Also, making a paste of baking soda and water and slopping it on has helped too. There doesn’t seem to be a miracle cure, but doing this and taking tylenol before bed, at least I can sleep at night!! Also, drink LOTS of water!!

  259. so i got a real bad sunburn on my arms and chest and legs and its red… i have a date on saturday and i want to get rid of the red/pink color of the sunburn…any advice that wont make my skin look weird the day of….. pleas i need HELP!!!!!!!

  260. Use Cactus Juice as soon as you see your sunburn. It stings but helps relives the sunburn quickly. Use it morning and night for better results.

  261. i got really bad sunburn all over my chest face and sholders at the Vans Warped Tour and ive found that taking a luke warm shower followed by applying aloe vera gel stuff on the burned areas helps soothe the pain
    i also go without my shirt so that the material dosent irritate the burns(woult not reccomend for girls) but it does seem to help

  262. When you get sunburn on your face, i find it better if you use a face wash scrub. It kinda burns but it helps. Just for the face though

  263. be careful with the vinegar if you already have sensitive skin. I got sunburn a few days ago and dabbed vinegar on them and I developed a rash on top of the burns which I also had to treat so if anything, use the tea bags, they do help.

  264. If you’ve got a pretty bad burn, DO NOT take a cold shower (cold showers can heighten the possibility of going into shock, and shivering makes the pain worse), take a cool shower or lukewarm, even. Aloe gel with lidocaine usually works, but the best way to keep from peeling/keep peeling to a minimum is to use a heavy-duty moisturizer. My mother gave me this olive oil body butter, and it helped tremendously with the pain and the redness! For the ladies, if you’re burned on your back, try wearing a cotton tank under your bra so the band/straps don’t rub against your skin; it really helps.

  265. i went swimming for four hours and im as red as a tomotoe litterlay
    does a thing called banana boat work?
    or anything from walmart email me and tell me

  266. I used teabags when I got a very bad sunburn in Costa Rica. It Helped so much and did not hurt/irritate the burn. It soothes/heals too. I love using teabags!

  267. use natural yoghurt. i got really badly burned last year and used this. it take sting out of it and doesn’t hurt though you are still left with the redness.

  268. tea bags krista K. tea bags. cover the tea bag(s) in yougurt then smother the body. if youve got enough milk(9/10 pints) pour that on yourself too.

  269. I have very fair skin and i went swimming for about an hour to an hour and a half i forgot to put sunblock on and got a sunburn it started out as a regular sunburn but then these blisters/bumps started appearing aloe vera with lidocaine and ibeuprofin helped but they did not go away i was thinking about the teabags thing but it’s not like a regular sunburn what should i do?

  270. I just let my sunburns go away on there own. Sometimes it would get unconfortable so I ould just splash a bit of water on it and leave it alone. Thats what I do.

  271. hey does any one got ideas about getting rid of red !!!!!

    every thing has stopped the pain but the color stays!!!

    -burned bad

  272. guyyysss- aloe and cocoa butter, or pretty much any lotion with “soothing” ingredients will help the pain BUT BE CAREFUL using these lotions and moisterizers on your face…. they can clog your pores and cause acne!

  273. I got the most red and painful sunburn i’ve ever seen. I’m in so much pain!!!!!!!!! Anyone got any easy and helpful tips i could really use it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  274. I’ve tried everything i tried anything i could find online i need to get treated im in so much pain please pain i say,pain PLEASE!!!!!

  275. Hi Little Girl With Lobster Face!R u only burnt on the face?seriously, try bathing with tea. if u hv a bathtub,soak urself in tea.any kind of tea. I had a nasty,really bad sunburnt 5days ago.The 1st day,my skin was so raw i couldnt do anything bout it except to put lots n lots of aloe vera gel. those 100% pure ones u can get at pharmacies.It immediately soothed my skin right after i applied it.2nd day, i tried bathing with tea.any kind of tea but green tea is better.I soaked myself for 20mins in tea(I boiled water in kettle n put in 3 teabags,then left it to cool,pour it into bathtub n soak myself).Then i tear open the teabag n used the tealeafs to scrub my body gently.It got rid of those dead skin.After that i rinse quickly with clean water.Dont put soap.It will irritate and dry up the skin more.
    Then while my skin was still damp,i slathered lots of aloe vera gel on it.
    the gel dried up pretty fast,its not sticky.i waited for it to dry up b4 i put on clothes.I put the used teabags on my face while they r stil wet but not hot anymore.I also washed my face with tea.
    After that i applied cold cream on my face. Im using Loreal HydraFresh nightcream which i keep in the fridge,so its cold. I did this for 3days n it worked!Im sooo happy now that my sunburn is gone!I swear nvr to let myself get burnt again!
    Im still putting Vitamin E oil now.Its oily..but it helps to ease the itch coz when its healing,the skin will peel a little n its itchy when its peeling. N the oil hydrates my skin n makes it soft n stop the itching.
    Good Luck!Try this method.It works!Even the 2nd day itself im sooo much better.

  276. I have got a suntan after lying 5 sessions of 20-25 mins in the sun in late Aug this summer (diferent days). During the first four sessions I did not have any significant tanned color. The last time after 25 mins in the sun I left the swimming pool area. After two days I found out that my skin colur has become quite dark (about 8 degrees). I am originally very white. Now, two months has passed and my skin color has not changed at all, though I have been staying indoors and out of the sun, using sunscreans, etc. How long will it take for the suntan start removing?

    Thank you very much

  277. if your sunburn doesnt hurt that much but feels really hot, then rub some vicks rub onto it (you know the one you rub into yourself when you have a cold). it will burn for a while but when the burning stops, have a shower and wash it off and the heat will be gone!

  278. hey everyone,
    i just got sunburnt today and im thinking about trying the tea bag thing now… i just got out of a really cold shower to try to cool it but i just read that that makes you go inot shock if cold enough!
    is there any easier way to get it off??
    this article says that tomato works???
    i am really ready to try anything! even if it is extremely painful!

  279. I got sunburnt the other day after over doing the tanning. Now, I dnt care about how much the solution may hurt but i just want the red gone. I have job interviews and everything coming up and I have no idea what to do about the lobster colour on my cheeks.

    Any solutions would be helpful


  280. I went to Seaside, Florida, and I stayed out in the sun for like an hour and I got sun burned on my face so bad! People have been calling me mean names to! I need to get rid of it fast! But without getting rid of the tan! I need a tan badly! Thanks for all of the tips above though!! Peace Out!

  281. Put 1-3 spoonfuls of baking soda in ur bath and soak. Use a reg spoon lik the kind u normally use. Thx 4 all the tips abov my skin hurts &loks so terrible but ur tips will def help.

  282. Shaving cream, I heard, works. So I used it on my currently VERY painful all-over sunburn. It does draw out the heat very well, and I stayed cool longer than any other method I used until I took a lukewarm shower. Then I heated right back up again. I would suggest at least trying it.

  283. I got a sunburn two days ago. and ive tried aloe, burn cream, vinegar and water, cold showers, and nothing works. the pain hurts really bad to the point i cant even get a good nights rest. i cant move to my side or lay on my stomach without the pain coming on. i need something that will take the pain and heat out of my skin.

  284. I feel you guys.
    I got so burned yesterday, and i’m used to the pain so it dosn’t bug me.
    But the red, ugh so bad looking.

    I’ve been using milk, and it really DOES take away the sting.
    I take those little cotton round pads, and dip them in milk, and get them pretty damp, then lay them on my cheeks. It looks dumb, but it really helps.
    Take lukewarm showers, apply tea for color ridder, and put pleanty of aloe vera.
    Don’t use lotion, it traps heat in! 😮

  285. I got sunburned yesterday. It’s mainly just my face and my shoulders. I have been putting aloe vera gel on my the burned spots like once every 2 hours. The color is going away and it still burns a little but not much. It’s nothing major but it seems to be helping!

  286. i was at a car wash for agood 5 hours. i put on sunblock but only once. I was feeling a little odd after awhile i kinda new that i ws getting a burn ii tryed to stay out of the sun most of the time but couldnt i had to was cars for Relay For Life and so it was hard for me to do anythinng. so now im at home sick with a really bad burn? how can i take care of it( oh also prom is this weekend and i really need some help) quick??

  287. i went in a tanning bed these past few days, and now am suffering from one of the worst sunburns of my life.
    i have aloe and coacoa butter lotion, and they are both currently in the fridge, i find this not only soothes ten times better then normal lotion, but it also makes your skin nice and soft by the time your burn does go away.

    like most burns its going to be sensitive to touch, but this pain is outragious, i even burnt my bottom.

  288. I went to my friends house yesterday and we swam in her pool and my bathing suit has a big hole in the back(it was made that way)and i got fried on my shoulders and where the hole in my bathing suit is please tell me a way to get rid of it i tried something called COOL BLUE and it works for a little while i need the pain to go away i cant sleep it hurts too bad i am in misury

  289. i am sunburned really bad on my shoulders and back from my swimsuit i dont know what to wear i tried a long t-shirt the seam hurt my shoulder i am wearing a tank top right know please tell me how to get rid of it__________________latr______________ryleigh

  290. i know i got a sunburn and i forgot to put sunblock on but i heard if you put your sunblock on then waiting 30 minutes and then going in the sun it will prevent sunburn……and jojo try soaking yourself in lukewarm water or doing the tea trick……tried to help if you got any other ways for me to get rid of my sunburn i am waiting…

  291. let me give you guys a tip i got sunburned on my back,my shoulders,and my face alls i did was i soaked in lukewarm water for about 5 mins. and then washed the aloe vera off and then i dried with no problem it really works and then i put aloe vera cool ice back on it i feel fine now


  293. my sunburn went away i am finally in peace and a tip to melissa i used a aloe vera lotion called cool blue and then i soaked in lukewarm water then i put it on again then repeat every night then the 3rd day youll feel alot better thanks guys

  294. I have a bad sunburn on my shoulders and neck. It hurts like crazy. I have rubbed alot of aloe vera on it for the past 4 days and it is still sore just not as red. Any help? PLEASE!!!! IT HURTS LIKE HECK!!!

  295. Try using noxzema cream that you use to clean your face. Smooth it on nice and thick. Your skin will absorb the cream and leave the soap on top. Just wash it off with lukewarm water after its dry this is the only thing that has worked

  296. use yellow mustard or Matrrix essentials Instacure works wonders if you cant get a hold of any of them take a lukewarm shower and rub a Black tea bag on the burned area

  297. i was sitten in wexford ,on the deccon with my feet on a table and i fell asleep and when i woke up my legs were as red as a man u t-shirt and i cant get rid of it its been like that for about 4 days

    any tips!!!!!!

  298. i got a sun burn all over my face and i have a recital tomorrow!! YIKESSS!!! i need something that will take away the redness… FAST!!

  299. Get in front of an air conditioner and stay there for 15 mins. It will cool down the nerves causing the redness and burn to go away no more sunburn its gone. iv’e done it, it works.

  300. hey peeps i know how u guys/girls feel i went to the pool yesterday and was out there 4 bout 8 hours and i put tanning oil on and now i look like a fire truck i am in so much pain i tried putting aloe on and so far it does not work well if u got any tips plz post

  301. eh….my back and shoulders hurt ahh….i cant sleep at night i got my sun burn yesterday….but mine is going away the natural way ….with some aloe vera ~~~!!!

  302. not necessarily a tip, but a question..
    i read up there that the vinegars help avoid peeling, but i don’t have that.. is there anything else that will prevent peeling, and preserve my tan. i get sunburned often enough that im not worried about it being ridiculously painful..

  303. Man this just sucks big time! I went to the lake for a whole dqay to swim and i got sunburn SOOOOO bad on my neck and tube area!!! But the bad thing about it is that now it is peeling all over the place. So now people think I got aids or something! any advice?

  304. I got a sunburn at the beach the past two days and going back out into the sun doesnt help. So once u have gotten sunburne dont go out into the sun untill ur pain free. Oh and the vinegar really helps too!

  305. Hi its Sarah I have a verrrrrrry itchey sunburn and it is pelling like crazzzy I have to ask my mom to scratch by back and shoulders every hour and only my shoulders are peeling I have 3 huge aloe vera plants at home I almost killed a plant trying to stop the itching and pelling by using the leaves so I tried solarcaine it said it was the number one sunburn relif brand but it just took the heat out and I tried lotion coa coa butter lotion but it still left me with a unbearable itch and I had to scratch it and I am dieing to get outside agian to ride over to my friends house and swim at my nebhiorhood pool but I am afraid I will get a doubble sunburn because I don’t think sun screen will help and I am embarssed to go to the pool because people might think I am stupid to go out in the sun when I am peeling and swim:[ HELP!

  306. If your sunburn itches and it is only a tiny area try putting ice on it for 5 minute intervals to sooth pain and temporarly stops itching. Make sure you are not covering up the sun burn with clothes they will only rub it and make it hurt like athletes foot all over it burning and itching. Take some anti-histemene pills to stop the itching. If you are very sensitive or have alergies do not use these methods can cause allergic reaction except for the ice.

  307. Hey, I got sunburnt on a day out, and when I went to get a bath, I couldn’t because it caned so bad when I tried to was my back. I have a tip, I heard if you bathe in milk, it soothes the pain!

  308. hey, i`m only 13 years old but my mom told me if you put some petrolium jelly on your sunburn , you won`t feel the pain just keep using it , i`m hoping my skin will turn back to the same color because i stayed in the pool for eight hours, i learned my lesson!!!!!!

  309. E45 cream, its a bit sticky n shiny, but it made me feel better. My shoulders are completly cooked n a bit blistery so i also put some blue aloe vera after sun gel on. what a beut!

  310. I’m 11 and I got a terrible sunburn from going to the beach on the forth of July and it was killing me for a few days then I took two cups if milk and poured it into a 3/4 filled bath tub of room temp. water and sat there for about a half hour. it helped greatly but now I’m peeling. lol.

  311. take a cold shower. drink lots of water. put on aloe. wear a light shirt cotten works best. try to keep cool and STAY OUT OF THE SUN!

  312. So last Sunday I went to the community pool with my two step sisters, and i was some how convinced that baby oil would help me tan, but uhh, what happened to me was like taking a thawed out hash brown, and frying it in cooking oil in a saucepan. and i am extremely white and pale, i have been using solarcaine to get rid of the itch and Banana Boat Sooth-a-Caine (has aloe vera in it). But i just got my permit today, and i have my first driving lesson tmrw and im hella nervous because im afraid that my sunburn is going to be a painful distraction to me!!

  313. to get rid of a red sunburnt face by the next day, moisturise and leave for an hour before applying calamine lotion to the area, keep applying this, by the next day the redness will have faded and you will have a normal looking face (i do it for any redness or blemeshis i get)

  314. If you want the burn to turn into a tan rub vinegar on the burn generously a couple of times. You will smell bad for the day but it works.

  315. I have really bad sunburn and its really red and embaressing and im in a lot of plain..someone please post something that actually works!! Thanks a mill..xoxo

  316. I got sunburnt yesterday, is there any way i could get rid of the red/pink colour (in two days)? Because school starts in two days AND we are going on our Grade 8 Camp and I don’t want to look like a tomato (like I already look like.

  317. WOW. I hate sunburns. I went snowboarding..and I usually wear 70spf even when it is rainy…. and well yeah I have a sunburn on my FACE D: and all these crazy food ideas everyone is giving are unbelievable.. D: What the heckkk. Mhh I don’t have a sting… I just want the pink gone!!!! 😛

  318. Though it is very painful around your face, try rubbing real butter on the affected area. It causes a little discomfort put it reduced redness and prevents peeling.

  319. Hi its Becx I just wanna say all of those food thing’s u said would work they actully work,because 2 days ago I got sun burnt and now the sun burn is almost all
    gone!!! sorry got to go to the shop and get sun cream,bye

  320. I took the Made from Earth Pure Aloe Face Treatment on a recent vacation to Barbados. I usually burn on my face, shoulders and arms. My skin is quite painful and I peel for two weeks after I get home, which is never a pretty sight.

    This time, I applied the Pure Aloe Skin Treatment every evening after getting back to my hotel room. The first thing you notice is how immediately soothing it is. Also, my skin recovered more quickly the next day. I was done peeling within only a couple days after getting home, and had a great tan as well. I’m never going on vacation without this made from earth aloe again.

  321. Question mainly I spent an hour in the sun with sunscreen mowing the lawn and I have a party to go tommorow and I have this really cute strapless dress and my shoulders and neck are burnt horribly is it possible to get rid of them

  322. If you have a sunburn already and you go outside with “cooking oil” slathered all over you to lay in the sun some more you deserve to get the sun poisoning you are so obviously after….”cooking oil” really….how stupid do you have to be to do this??????

  323. Hey
    Im over in Japan at the moment studying and im from ireland.I dont have really white skin like most im sallow enough..but yesterday i took a break from study and went to the beach surfing.Like an idiot i thought since it wasnt that hot i didnt need the sun lotion.So when i came in at the end of the day i had a red face,hands and feet.I was wearing a wetsuit.I put after sun on the burns but my face is kinda swollen and im pretty sure it will blister either today or tommorow.Also im going home to Ireland and i dont want to give my family a heart attack when i come off the plane with blisters and a red face..any advice??

  324. Thanks, heres a tip for da ppls that is reading the comments. Hot tubs wokrs great if you want to get rid of the dead skin and to get rid of the pain.WARNING It will magnify the pain for 5 to 10 seconds, it will not make it heal any faster its only prpose is to have to temporarily get rid of the pain as long as you stay in.

  325. Our school went to a water park and my face, arms, shoulders, and left leg look they got a really bad spray tan!!! it sucks i followed the advice but it still hurts like hell OMG!!! holy shitzoo owwwwwwwwwww it burns like a mofo

  326. When i was 12, i went with my grandma to the beach. Well, when we got there, my grandma didn’t didn’t bring any sunscreen. She told me i would be fine and to go play. When we got home, i was burnt all over (Damn you grandma!).
    I had blisters all over my shoulders that they are actually scarred now for life. What i did was i took a wet rag and popped all the blisters by rubbing it over them. Then, i took a rag dipped in milk and rubbed it all over my body. When it evaporated, i got a can of solarcaine and sprayed that on. My sunburn was gone in 2 days.

  327. A good way to reduce redness and pain from sunburn is to turn your air on(real cool),and to sit in front of the airconditioner…fells great…

  328. A good way to reduce redness and pain is to turn your air on(real cool),and to sit in front of the airconditioner…works great…(this will work in one day depending on how long you sit and whatever temp. your air is on…

  329. Once I got a blistering sunburn on my face and shoulders and all day I searched on google on how to cure it. I read a pleather of articles and stories and each one had different cures. I decided to mix the cures all together to make a creme and in one day the blisters were GONE!!! Steps:get a small container 2: get Clear sunburn gel because clear means it is all natural and will heal faster and better. 3: get some oatmeal or oatmeal body wash. 4: get a moisterizing lotion (preferably one for sunburn or tan.) 5:cut up some aloe vera and put all of the ingredients into a container and mix it all up. Put a lid on it and refrigerate. Once the mixture is cold put it on the infected area and slowly massage in. Apply 2-3 times a day the more you apply the faster it will heal and it also relieves the pain FAST!!!!

  330. I went to the beach yesterday,and i was swimming all day and laying down.Then when i got home i took off my sun glasses, and i look like a raccoon!Can i get rid of the sunburn?!?!?!Cause people are making fun of me so i need answers!!PLEASE HELP!!

  331. Im 13 and I have really bad sunburn, So I went into my bathroom and randomly stumbled upon my sisters acne cream (Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Treatment Cream)and I thought to myself “Heyyy it reduces spot size and redness, I’ll just put it on my sunburn and GOD PLEASE LET IT WORK!” And what do you know! Its been Hmmm maybe an hour? And my sunburn is disappearing already! Like the redness is going down and I have no pain at all! I have really sensitive skin but i have no irritation at all! Its working amazingly well!
    Its a weird, cheep, and FAST way to get rid of sunburn! TRY ITT 😀

  332. Okay sooo today i went to splashtown in houston,tx. andd i need to know how to take offf my suburn D:
    i forgot to put sunscreen anddd i justt puttt alottt of mustarddd inn my face andddd body, [LITERALLY]

  333. Well I went to the beach for the 4th of july and my mom kept telling me to put sunscreen on , but I told her I was fine (bad choice) well I was playing in the water and sand all day with the sun hitting me. Well when I got home my face was RED !!!! Iv tried putting milk and cocoa butter cream but nothing has worked. I’m going camping really soon so I want to get rid of it before I do. Anyone !!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!! I need a fast cheap or something anyone has in the house already please anyone any advice ?!?!?!?!

  334. First of all i NEVER burn. this time is the very first!! read my story 🙂
    I’m 23 years old now, but when i was around 14 years old i worked at a horseback riding stable. It was great! I spent all day with horses and part of the payment was a free ride on any horse you want,
    Anyways, it was really hot day in the summer and i had decided that i was going to wear shorts and a tank top with my barn boots. BAD IDEA!! I went home not only to find out that i had sunburn on my shoulders, back, neck, ears, face, nees, and thighs but that i also had blisters! what i decided to do was 1.put some skin treatment on the blisters first (ex. acne treament to sstop size and redness) then 2.get a cold shower/bath 3.put TONS of after-sun lotion/burn treatments all over myself 4.take a pair of silk pj’s turn them inside out and wear them all day & night (yes its gross but it stops the iratation) 5.drink lots of water 6.strech (painful but helpful) my terible sunburn was gone in 2 days! 🙂

  335. When you get a sunburn use aloe vera trust me it works (except for sun blisters) and i know it works because i have very white skin and burn very easily so i always use aloe vera firstt

  336. Take a really hot shower,and use body scrub.Scrub your burns.This is painful but neccesary.Also make sure this is body scrub,not body wash or regular soap.When you get out bundle up.Put on warm clothes and wrap up in blankets.It feels like you have a fever.You should do this before bed.The next day you should have no pain.I heard this from someone.They claim it works.I was to scared to do it. Hope it works for you.=0}

  337. When I was in 8 th grade I went to a water park with my friends the day before school picture day… Bad idea! I got a horrible sunburn. The rest of that day I smothered my burns with aloe directly from the plant and I put a cold wet wash cloth on my face. Although the burn wasn’t completely gone for pictures it got alot better in just 1 day 🙂

  338. On my 14th birthday I got a sunburn as a present (lol) and it hurt so badly! But then i put gel with lidocaine on and it doesn’t hurt nomo! 😀 Now i just got to get rid of these damn blisters!

  339. I went to the beach yesterday with some of my friends, i put tanning oil on my stomach, and kept putting it on because i didn’t see no difference from the time i got there. ahh! terrible idea. i got home, took shower, then after i was in PAIN, i am red. you could totally tell where i my bathing suit was at. ha. and tomorrow im going to the beach again with my friends, and how can i get rid of this ugly burn by tomorrow? i am using a wet wash cloth and ive been using aloe vera. Please help. thanks for answering back to mee (:

  340. Take potatoes and cut them in half. Rub the halves over your sunburnes areas. It helps take away the heat while adding vitamins to your skin.

  341. Needed is 3 tea bags, a cloth ( that u dont mind getting dirty) warm water and a jug or glass
    put warm water into the glass add the 3 teabags and wait until the water is almost a very dark colour once this has taken place get the cloth and put it into the teabag water and dab it on your skin but do not wipe this off your skin let it absorb and dont shower after wait a couple of hours and this helps heal the sunburn much faster!

  342. I went on holiday and got splochy burns all over my shoulders, face and back.
    i am really pale and i like my skin that way,Is it possible to limit my tan and/or the pain? please help

  343. I got sunburnt a couple of weeks ago and just kept putting after sun gel on it and now my skin is blotchy a yuck.
    its really rank and embarrassing.
    Help ?!

  344. I was at the pool only for about 2 hours and got a relly bad sunburn this is not the worst one ive ever had i once had a sunburn for about 2 weeks and big blisters any way i just want to know if there is a quick and easy solution to the pain

  345. I just got back from skiing two days ago and got a really embarrassing goggle burn! I need a realy fast way to get rid of the redness as fast as possible. I also have some blisters (i think) that are like skinn colored bumps in a group. What can I do???

  346. I don’t even have sunburn and I’m taking the time to post this comment. There is nothing on here about how to get rid of a sunburn. That is because, as you hide fully halfway down the page, there *is* no way to artificially get rid of sunburn. There is help for pain, but that isn’t even close to ‘getting rid’ of sunburn, or even the pain! What a cheap ripoff of a site. Bet the ad money is good though. Screw you.

  347. I got sunburnt a LONG time ago to the second degree, and i had spf 15 sunscreen on. The next day i took someblack tea bags and made some black tea (make sure you use the cold brew kind) and dabbed it all over my burnt skin. It is soothing during application, and you dont want to dry it off. leave the liquid on your skin, and i used to the entire bottle of black tea. My burn was gone in about a day! Im sitting my hotel room in Daytona beach right now burnt to a crisp and just wanted to see if there was something a little more clever then what i do. Also, make sure you apply Aloe Vera immediately just to help with the soreness and stiffness the nextday.

    i learned all this from mygrandmother who has her medical degree. just in case yall wonder about credibility

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