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In the event of a drug test, medical institutions have different ways to check if there are traces of marijuana in your body. You probably know the consequences if you’re proven guilty. Either you face termination, with possible arrest or you’re given heavy sanctions by your company or school. You must get the traces of THC off your bloodstream and fast.

How THC is Eliminated

Before you start getting rid of THC, which is the psychoactive substance in marijuana, you should understand how it is deposited in your body. Once you take a whiff of marijuana, THC makes its way to your bloodstream, latching onto the fatty tissues it comes across. It can stay there for over a month, if you don’t take substances for detoxification. So, you should drink liquids that remove toxins off the body or perform activities that induce sweating. Doing the said measures doesn’t eliminate THC outright, but speeds up the process, in which it is expelled from your system.

Consume Detoxifying Liquids

THC has a stranglehold on your fats, which is loosened gradually by drinking lots of liquids. All liquids, given their cleansing properties, can remove properties. However, those that are high in fiber or have blood-cleansing properties work better against the substance. The one or two month expulsion period for THC is significantly reduced to just a few weeks, short enough to escape an impending drug test.

Drink Lots of Water

Water, when consumed in large quantities, can wash away THC off your fatty tissue. The force in which it enters your body carries some of the THC into the digestive system and out of your body. You don’t have to drink eight glasses of water. Just drink enough, so you won’t feel thirsty throughout the day. Before the month ends, you’re probably free from any trace of THC.

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is a natural diuretic, forcing you to urinate more. Upon consuming several glasses of the beverage, you will have an increased number of trips to the restroom. Each trip removes a few toxins off your body, incuding THC. So, the more you drink cranberry juice, the faster THC will washed out of your system. Cranberry has a delightful flavor, making detoxification quite a pleasant experience.

Apple Cider Solution

Apple cider, with its high acidity, is a potent blood cleanser. It neutralizes toxins then expel them once you sweat or urinate. Given its sour taste, taking significant amounts of vinegar directly may be too much for your taste buds. Prepare a drinkable solution by mixing two tablespoons of apple cider with eight ounces of water, a pinch of lemon juice and some sugar. Down the solution right after. To maximize its effects, prepare and consume the solution at least three times daily, during the detoxification period.

A Bowl of Oatmeal

Food that are high in fiber influence quick bowel movements, which in effect, speeds up the elimination of toxins. Oatmeal happens to be your most delicious option. Eat a bowl of oatmeal mixed with fruit slices, milk, nuts, and raisins for breakfast, all of which acting as mild laxatives. After enjoying your meal, you will soon have frequent trips to the restroom. Drink lots of liquids and enjoy another bowl later, to quickly get rid of THC.

Fruits and Vegetables

Instead of eating your usual slabs of meat for lunch and dinner, make fruits and vegetables the focal points of your meals. Both products are high in fiber, influencing the speedier expulsion of THC and other toxins from your body. If you’re not accustomed to eating vegetables, you can prepare casseroles which contain a balance of meat and vegetables. Don’t forget to munch on an apple or your favorite fruit after meals.

Including one or a combination of these items in your daily meals, shortens the duration of detoxification. Most of them are quite delectable, so you should have no trouble incorporating them into your diet.


Aside from changing your diet, exercise comes as a healthy means for eliminating THC. Engaging in sports or strenuous activities promotes sweating, which expels THC, toxins, and other unwanted substances. You can combine it with the consumption of detoxifying solutions for optimum effects. In addition, it enhances your metabolism, strengthens your muscles, and makes you more resistant to diseases. The elimination of THC is only secondary, with the number of benefits exercise brings.


A steam bath causes you to sweat profusely, speeding up the detoxification process. Best of all, you don’t have to do anything inside the sauna. You just wait for your body to produce sweat and you’re automatically rinsing THC off your bloodstream. However, refrain from staying too long inside the bath, otherwise you might suffer dehydration.

Detoxify Early

Eliminating THC isn’t much of a problem. Your main concern is when you should start the natural detoxification process. Effective as these strategies are, they won’t make THC disappear in an instant (Learn how to detox). You should plan ahead and do some research on when the drug test will be held. If you apply these strategies on time, you can walk out of the testing room with a clean bill of health. If you’re interested in reading this article, you’ll surely enjoy learning how to pass a drug test.

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