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Whether you’re a student or a full-time employee, just about everyone gets tired at some point in the day. Some people are what we call a ‘morning person’ and find they are most productive in the early hours, whereas others are ‘night owls’ who work better in the evening. The problem we have here is that there is going to be some point in your workday where you aren’t as awake or productive as you might like.

Not everyone can get their choice of work hours, so we need something to keep us awake and active during our less productive times. There are many solutions you can use to help you get that needed boost during the day, some longer lasting that others. This article outlines different ideas relating to exercise, health, and diet that can help you get rid of tiredness in your life!

1. Move your body.

It’s no secret that exercise has many benefits towards your quality of life. Getting at least 20 minutes of exercise a day can greatly improve the functioning of your muscles, heart, and lungs. As your body performs better internally, you’ll be spending less energy to do routine things like breathing. Use that extra energy to focus your attention on your report or that new proposal.

2. Try yoga or meditation.

There are many forms of yoga; some can be physically demanding; some mentally demanding; and sometimes both forms apply. Tying in to the last point, this kind of exercise can improve your quality of life through physical activity.

Mindfulness awareness is another growing trend in North America, with many seeking out yoga/meditation combinations to improve their focus. Many of you have had a long day in the office where you barely get up from your seat, but still feel exhausted after the day is over. Learning to spend less of your mental resources on daydreaming and more on the task at hand can improve your work efficiency by wasting less energy with other thoughts.

3. Have yourself checked out.

Sometimes experiencing fatigue can be a sign that you have another underlying illness or health problem. If you haven’t changed much of your daily pattern and feel more tired than usual, check in with your doctor to see if you might have any other problems you should be concerned about.

If you have recently started taking a medication and feel drowsier throughout the day, this might be a side effect of the treatment. Ask your doctor about changing the medication or suggesting another form of treatment if the fatigue persists.

4. Get lots of sleep.

Scientists are still working to figure out exactly why humans need sleep, but we know it is definitely required. Most doctors suggest that adults get about 7.5-8 hours of sleep every night. However, sometimes getting a proper sleep isn’t enough; falling into a regular sleeping pattern will help you adapt more to the time you’re awake and make you feel less tired during the day.

If you have the time to do so, 10 minute ‘power naps’ are also very effective at refreshing the body. Just be careful not to nap too long or you may have problems falling asleep that night.

5. Hit the gym.

Among the numerous other health concerns of being overweight, larger sized people are more likely to feel tired throughout the day. If you are carrying around more weight than an average sized person, you are spending more of your bodily energy to do so. Losing excess weight can help your body feel fresh and invigorated throughout the day.

Many overweight people have unhealthy diets that can also lead to more health problems. Buildups or clogs in arteries reduce the amount of possible blood and oxygen flow, so the heart has to pump harder to make up for it. This is essentially spending more energy by doing nothing, just because of a poor diet. Make sure you are getting all the essential daily vitamins and try to cut down on foods high in trans and saturated fats.

6. Listen to some music.

Boredom is another main contributor to fatigue. As the day goes on and we find we have nothing to concentrate on, our mind starts to drift and we begin to get sleepy. To help, pump up your favorite tunes and don’t be afraid to dance and sing along. Anything to distract you from sleepiness is a good way to get your day back on track.

7. Laugh a little.

Among numerous other benefits to your mood and overall being, laughter can help to make you feel more awake. We release feel-good chemicals called endorphins every time we laugh which can contribute to feeling more awake.

If you’re too tired, go chat up one of your friends or co-workers for a few minutes and crack a few jokes. If there’s no one around, you can browse some funny videos online to give you a boost; just be careful not to get sucked into the infinite loop of related videos or you might not get anything done that day.

8. Food is fuel.

Eating the right kinds of food during the day can give you big boosts of energy. Proteins and carbohydrates are essential for giving us energy, but it’s important to keep a good balance. Overeating can actually make us more tired than not eating at all, by making our body work harder to process more food.

The norm for most families is to eat three meals throughout the day, but if possible it is actually better to have about six meals spread throughout the day. Eating smaller portions more frequently helps to raise your metabolism levels and turn the food into energy at a quicker rate.

9. Drink some H20.

Drinking lots of water is not only important for our health, but can help us feel more alert and awake throughout the day. Water helps regulate our blood levels, which when dropped requires the body to work harder to transport fuel throughout the body. It’s useful to have a glass of water next to you throughout the day as a constant reminder to stay hydrated.

10. Get Wired!

Caffeine is an excellent temporary fix for fatigue. The key word here is ‘temporary’; there is often a crash later in the day from reduced body activity. Caffeine is also very habit forming, and drinking it over long periods of time can actually cause our body to feel more tired at regular periods when we don’t have our daily dose.

If there’s one take home message from this article, it’s that good health can help you stay more alert and awake during the day. Practice good exercise habits and diet choices and you’ll be sure to maximize your energy output throughout the day, and get rid of your tiredness for good! Don’t let a sleepy day get the best of you.

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