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Ulcers are painful lacerations on different parts of the body often marked by extreme pain. It often occurs on the digestive system, particularly the stomach and the small intestine. The painful condition, in most cases, is caused by bacteria that damage the intestinal walls. Strongly formulated analgesics as well as tumors are also known to cause ulcers. Such a condition causes much discomfort, keeping your from performing your daily activities. Clearly, you should know how to get rid of ulcers.

Treatment Options

Ulcers are not simple to get rid of, given where the rupture is situated. Simple cases are remedies through medicine, antibiotics and stress management. Severe cases, on the other hand, may require a surgical procedure to extract the heavily ruptured organs. The point is to close the wound and limit the production of gastrointestinal acids, which worsen and make the rupture more painful. If the pain is too unbearable, you can skip all the immediate options and go straight to your doctor. He or she can properly diagnose your condition and provide you the best treatments for swift recovery.

Medicine and Antibiotics

Medicine and antibiotics are formulated to eliminate bacteria in the digestive system and promote faster healing for the ruptured stomach or small intestine. Ulcer medicine is available over the counter while many of the effective antibiotics can only be bought with your doctor’s prescription. Use them as directed by your doctor to prevent side effects from occurring.

  • Antacid – Gastric acids, being corrosive, cause the ruptures to worsen and emit more pain. The antacid is made to neutralize those acids, limiting their production or acidity in the stomach. As a result, the wound gets a chance to heal up, without the acids causing infection. It’s a pretty effective treatment for simple and early stage ulcers, so stocking them at home is certainly a good idea.
  • Bismuth Solution – Bismuth specializes in reducing or even removing bacteria and other unwelcome organisms in the gastrointestinal tract. Naturally, it can be used to take out the ulcer-causing microbe, Helicobacter pylori. With continued use, the bacteria in your stomach will soon perish. Just use it with an antacid to quicken the healing process. However, some bismuth solutions aren’t made for those with ulcer. Better read the label and consult your doctor before one.
  • Serum Test and the Barium Swallow – The serum test and the barium swallow are medical procedures aimed to check the status of your ulcer. The barium swallow checks the extent of the bleeding and rupture on your gastrointestinal tract while the serum test determines the presence of ulcer-causing bacteria. To make sure you’re taking the right medicine, you should go through both tests. That way, you can be sure that the pills your taking are indeed targeting the actual causes of your ulcer.
  • Ulcer Antibiotics – There are several different antibiotics for ulcer, each of them used for a specific extent of Helicobacter pylori infestation. They have powerful formulations, which can kill bacteria upon continuous contact. To ascertain the right type for your condition, consulting your doctor is a must. You will then be advised to take two antibiotics along with a proton pump, the most powerful counterpart of the antacid. If the combo does not work, another antibiotic is added to the mix.

Unlike many ailments, blindly taking medicine to control ulcer should be avoided. You may end up complicating your condition if you drink the wrong set of medicine and antibiotics. The doctor’s advise is a must.


For the severest cases, say, massive bleeding and the presence of a microbe armada in your gastrointestinal tract, a surgical procedure comes as the only option. The doctor has three options for surgery:

  • Cutting the nerve that provides sensations to the stomach
  • Taking away a portion of the stomach which contains the ulcers and the bacteria
  • Severing the part of the stomach that produces gastric juices

You will surely recover from ulcer after going through any of the procedures. The problem is, you have to make the necessary changes to your diet and your lifestyle, since a portion of your stomach will be missing. Don’t get disheartened, though. You’ll be living a healthy lifestyle, which means you’ll be fit, active, and mentally alert.

Stress Management

Stress management is an unlikely solution to ulcers, but it has been proven to be effective. Stress increases the production of gastric juices in the stomach, which in turn, will cause the ulcers to be extremely painful. With stress management, you can limit the acidity levels in your stomach, promoting quicker recovery upon taking medicine and antibiotics. Start by having a generally positive outlook on your condition, so you can deal with the pain more easily. (How about learning how to relieve stress with exercise)

Doctor First, Treatment Later

Ulcer brings numerous agonizing moments. With the various options you have, recovery is quite certain. Just brave through the pain. It will eventually fade once you have tried the treatments mentioned. Remember, pay your doctor a visit before deciding on the medicine your will take. If you enjoyed reading this article, learn more helpful tips on how to get rid of stomach ulcers.

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