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Do you have tiny rough bumps on your hands and around your fingers? Those may be warts, which are symptoms of an infection by the human papillomavirus or HPV. These warts are usually called “common warts” to differentiate them from genital warts that grow on the genital area. Common warts are usually painless and don’t cause any harm. If you have warts on your hands, you may want to get rid of them for cosmetic reasons.

How do Warts Spread?

There are more than 100 types of HPV. While some of these types cause cervical cancer, others are harmless except for the fact that they cause warts. Common warts pass from one person to another through contact with people suffering from HPV. Each person, though, responds differently to contact with HPV, which means not everyone who is exposed to HPV gets warts. According to experts, warts can also be transmitted by sharing personal items, like towels and clothes.

Warts on your hands and fingers may spread to other areas on your body. You have a greater risk of spreading the virus on your own body if you have breaks in your skin like wounds and scrapes. In addition, do not bite your nails because this may cause warts to grow around your nails and fingertips. (Learn how to stop biting your nails)

Warts or Not?

Common warts may look like symptoms of other diseases, so be sure to have yourself diagnosed by your doctor. Warts on hands and fingers are typically flesh-colored, tan, white or pink. They are rough and may appear in groups.

Common warts are usually painless. They may bleed however, if you pick or cut them. Cutting warts on your hands may reveal black spots that some people call wart seeds. These are actually blood vessels that have clotted because of the warts. Children and young adults are the most common hosts of viruses that cause common warts.

Medical Treatments for Hand Warts

Warts on your hands and fingers don’t require treatment because they are harmless. You may still want to get rid of them however, for cosmetic purposes and to prevent their spread to other areas of your body. Home treatment is usually enough to get rid of common warts but if it doesn’t work, your doctor may suggest the following medical procedures:

  • Cryotherapy: This procedure works by freezing the warts with liquid nitrogen and then shedding them off. The process is not that painful and is often very effective. You may need several sessions of cryotherapy though, to remove all the warts. (For more info on this procedure, read how to get rid of warts by freezing)
  • Cantharidin application: Your doctor may apply cantharidin along with other chemicals on affected areas of your skin and cover them with bandage. The procedure is painless, though the resulting blisters are uncomfortable. These blisters lift the warts off the skin, making removal a lot easier.
  • Minor surgery: Warts on your hands can also be removed through minor surgery, which usually involves cutting warts or destroying them with an electric needle. While the destruction of the warts itself is not that painful, the injection of anesthesia can cause some pain. Another drawback is that the procedure may lead to scarification. Minor surgery is usually not advised until all other treatments have been tried.
  • Laser surgery: Another surgical method to get rid of warts on your hands is laser surgery. The procedure involves destroying warts with a laser. It can be quite expensive and may result in scarification. It’s usually done to remove tough warts.

Home Treatments for Common Warts

After your doctor diagnoses you with common warts, you have the option to either treat them at home or at the hospital. The following home treatments are safe and can be effective at getting rid of some or all warts on your hands. Consult your doctor all throughout your home treatment however, to avoid any complications.

Be gentle with your hands that have warts: Clipping areas with warts is dangerous because this might spread the virus to other parts of your body. Also, do not use the same nail clipper or file that you use on your warts to cut your finger nails. Picking at warts should also be avoided because this promotes the spread of the virus. If you have a child that has warts on his hands, cover his hands with bandage to prevent him from picking at the warts. Finally, always keep your hands dry because warts spread easier in moist environments.

Use wart patches: Wart patches contain salicylic acid that peels off the skin. Experts recommend choosing patches that contain 17 percent of the acid to effectively get rid of hand warts. Use patches every day for a few weeks or until warts are gone or have lessened.

Make sure to soak your hand in warm water for about 15 to 20 minutes before using the patch. Slough off the warts using a pumice stone or a nail file between each treatment. Be careful though, since the acid in wart patches can cause some damage to the healthy skin around the warts. Also, talk to your doctor before using any acid treatment if you’re pregnant. Wart patches can be used along with other treatments, like cryotherapy.

Try the duct tape method: Some people use duct tape to get rid of their hand warts. Researchers are divided on the effectiveness of the duct tape method in getting rid of warts. One study showed that duct tape can be more effective than cryotherapy. To do this treatment, simply cover affected areas with duct tape for about six days. Next, soak the your hand in warm water and rub off the warts with a pumice stone or an emery board. Repeat the process for two months or until all warts are gone. (For more tips on this process, read how to remove warts with duct tape)

Consult your doctor immediately if you notice any wart-like features on your hands or fingers. It’s important for HPV to get diagnosed early so that the spread of warts can be prevented. Consider leaving the warts on your hands if they’re not causing you any pain or discomfort. Medical procedures carry some risks that may be harder to deal with in the future, like scarification. If the warts are not that many and you can hide them comfortably, it may be best to just leave them there and wait for them to go away on their own. If you enjoyed learning this article, you’ll surely enjoy reading how to remove genital warts.

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  1. hi my 7 year old daughter has alot of warts small ones around the cuticle area and a big one right by the thumb knuckle and a big one on her foot we have tried everything u can buy over the counter and still to no avail she hates them and the doctors wont do anything for her i am now tryin salicycle acd and phenol plasters at a last ditcht attempt to see if thy work on the big wart at a 5er for 5 plasters im hoping so .

  2. My daughter had several warts on the palm of her hand. A friend said her dermatologist recommended taking Tagament (like for heartburn) once a day. It takes about 2 1/2 months of 1 pill a day to see results, and you may sprout a few more, but it does work! We did this and within 3 months her warts have totally disappeared.

  3. My 10 year old daughter had several warts on the palms of her hands. A friend said her dermatologist recommended taking Tagament (like for heartburn). She took 1 pill daily for about 3 months, and her warts are completely gone. She seemed to sprout a few extra before they all went away, but all of them have vanished. I think we’ll continue the Tagament for a least another month to be on the safe side.

  4. When I was younger I used a home remedy that worked for me. I did not get the wart wet for 4 days, after the 4th day I soaked the wart. Later that day, the wart fell off when washing my hands. You could not even tell it had been there. The old wivestale really worked.

  5. Hi, I am only twelve and ever since I was in first grade I have had a lot of warts. In got worse, and in my pity, I remember covering them up with bandades, and thinking of a new excuse to all my little friends that got curious. Almost my whole ring finger on my left hand was covered in clusters of warts. Thats when I went to my Aunts boat and she recommened castor oil. You can simply find castor oil in a drug store, and if you rub it on like lotion every night and every morning, you will see results.
    I got rid of my warts two years ago, and now another ONE is sprouting up, good thing I can always keep my castor oil at a safe under-the-counter distance!! Hope this helps, if not. Go to a pharmacy or docter, and ask for: Spring Valley Natural Selenium. It only takes about a week to get rid of your warts, but it tastes absolutely terrible when you take it. It is just a small circular pill, but it’s all totally worth it! 🙂

  6. I had warts on my fingers and was trying the duct tape method when a friend told me that he had warts that he could not get rid of until he had a job where he had to use acetone to clean up paint and after a couple weeks his warts were gone, so I went and got myself some acetone and soaked my warts for 5 minutes every night for a week and the warts were gone about a week after the treatment.

  7. Hi, my daughter has several warts only on her hands. she has lost a lot of self-confidence so she went for several sessions to freeze the warts but only caused extreme pain and scarred a finger – the wart came back though – the doctor advised using a nail file to file it down but only makes it bleed and has not stopped the growth, please help!

    1. Speaking from experience, some doctors may advise minor surgery to remove a stubborn wart. I had a wart on my right middle finger and after 4-5 trips to my family doctor for liquid nitrogen freezing treatments, the wart continued to come back. So that was when the doctor advised having minor surgery to have the wart laser removed (basically burning the wart) where the minor surgery took place at the city hospital. This procedure did end up working and the wart never came back. However in the healing process because the doctor wanted to ensure burning of the wart down to the root, it initially left a bit of a crater on my finger whcih took a few weeks to fully heal. As far as scarring, you can’t even notice that I had a wart on the finger, so the healing process was very good.

      In the case of multiple warts on a hand, the laser procedure may not be suggested by your family doctor, however if it has not been mentioned, perhaps worth investigating as a possible solution.

  8. Hi there, i few years ago i had about 3 warts on my finger and 1 on my knee. Iwent to a local store where i used to live and asked to see what the had for warts, the person suggested i use an acid like liquid every night and in the morning was it off with hot water until i can no longer take it.after first week i notice the wartrs were falling of but keept growing back so i got another loton like it was called PENCILIN and everyday i would put it on. i notice the warts were fallinout with the roots and didnt come back out. probably five years ;later now i am growing another wart and going to uses the same products i used five years ago but pencilin works really good=]

  9. First off, I’ve had warts, big, disgusting ugly ones, 14 total, all over my hands for two years now. I’ve tried every remedy on the face of the planet and more — I either didn’t follow through fully or it didn’t work. I’m a hairstylist so my hands are constantly in water which is why a lot it wasn’t successful. Finally, one of my friends was telling me about hemp oil and all the things people were claiming it was curing for them including cancer. I figured if hemp oil was being used for cancer, I wonder what it’d do for my warts. Through my research I also came to find that there’s a lot of obvious politics with the distribution of hemp oil and what not. I was going to go buy some but found it was the first ingredient in this oil I have to treat my clients’ scalp problems called Miracle Oil by Earthly Body [ or 877-EB4-HEMP] I applied it once a day for a few days and started seeing a HUGE difference. All the black head of the warts’ roots started coming to the surface. They looked so much smaller and incredibly dried so I begin using a sharp needle to pick them away. Two of the worse ones came right off. After that, about 2-3 times a day, one of those times being before I went to sleep, I applied it to my warts. Within about 10 days they’re GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There two or three of them that are nearly gone but didn’t disappear as fast as some. I keep making sure I use a needle to remove the roots when I see them but other than that my hands are completely healed. I’m curious to see if they’ll come back after I stop using the oil but I’m SHOCKED. I can’t believe it.

  10. Well hi my name is raychel i have a wart o my finger an i dont know how i can gett rid of it its always bleeding an getts on my nervous it really needs to go some where i cuttt it out with a razor still came back idkkk what i a going t doo on soome for real raychel


    I started with a huge wart on just one finger and pretty soon it had spread so that almost every finger had at least one wart on it. I went to the doctor and they told me to put these patches on them. That reduced the size of the wart but didn’t get rid of it. It also caused my fingers to become red, inflamed, and slightly infected. So then I saw this website that said to use apple cider vinegar on the warts. I tried that and for a while it seemed like it was working, but they still weren’t going away. Finally my mom called a holistic doctor and he suggested two homeopathic remedies. He sent two small bottles in the mail and told me to take five drops of each orally three times a day. At first I was really skeptical but then I figured what can it hurt? (By then I was beyond caring, I just wanted to get rid of my stupid warts!) After two or three weeks, my warts were almost completely gone! I am still in shock and am so thankful that he suggested this to me.

    Here is what he gave me (there are other kinds you can take also, but he said this covers 50% of the cases he sees):


    Good luck and I hope this works for you as well as it did for me!

  12. We I was in the Marine Corp years ago, I had a wart grow on my knee. The method that I used, and it hasn’t come back in over 20 years, was to take 4 needles and heat them up till they were red and placed them in alcohol. I then took the 4 needles and pushed them into the wart in several different directions. With the needles in the wart I then heated them so they were once again red hot. This caused the wart to become quite hard. In fact while removing the needles I had some of the wart pull away with the needle. There was some bleeding. I then washed the wound and placed a medication on the wound to prevent infection. It did form a scabe, however the wart was removed and never came back. The one problem is that there is some pain, however it worked well for me, and for me the pain was worth removing the wart.

  13. I have a wart on my middle finger from sucking my fingers how do u get rid of it any advice o and warts on toes put duck tape on them and keep it on there for a couple days

  14. I have 17 warts,All but two on my hands.One is a little above my ankle and one on my elbow…I want to get these off in like 2 weeks max if possible because they are pretty embarrassing to have and explain to all my friends what they are.Sooo,Any ideas?

  15. I have about14 warts on my hand except on my 2 pinkies! and I’v been to the docter several times, and they put some kind of acid that make my warts into blister they were so hurtful cuz anythign that touched my warts wil hurt like if i would squeeze them, but they came back there so embarassing i need help!

  16. Warts on hands can be removed by rubbing with the inside layer of a banana peel.
    Wipe the “banana paste” on and cover with a plaster to keep in place. Renew daily and warts can be seen to clear up after 4-5 days.

  17. I haave 4 BIG warts and i have ones that are growing on all of my fingers i need a way to get rid of them… people come up to me and are like ew. whats on your hand? and i am very self concioius about it… please help me!

  18. Sup pipo i used to hav warts on my hands wen i was young and was adviced to apply the oil that comes out of a burning wood lyk camphor it realy worked and they healed

  19. *******EVERYONE WITH WARTS ESPECIALLY HAND WARTS BUT WILL WORK WITH REGULAR WARTS. I CAN FINALLY SAY I AM WART FREE. TOOK YEARS and YEARS OF TRIAL AND ERROR to the point of crying and embarrassment. I had tons all over the back side of my hand. Wound up going to the doctor with my wife and as we were leaving i asked the doctor real quick if he had any other ideas of what can help on my hand. I told him i tried everything. Searched for years online for answers. Freezing, olive oil, castor oil, over the counter meds, duct tape, +++++. And they never went away. He said TAGAMET!!!!! Just cheap regular over the counter acid reducer 800mg a day for 2-3months! I tried it and i can not fukn believe it. It was just going little by little. Read up on it, it was an absolute lifesaver. If i just helped one person rid themselves of that nasty virus then my time spent writing this was worth it. God bless and good luck. Do not waste your money or time with anything else. **************

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