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Among the numerous dermatological problems people encounter, warts are perhaps among the most common, but detested types. Warts can occur in various parts of the body, including the feet, hands, and genital areas. They can come in different sizes, shapes and appearances, whether as single bumps or clustered groups. Warts are annoying, painful and unsightly, reason why you should get rid of them as soon as you see them growing on your skin.

Warts are caused by the human papilloma virus or HPV, which enters the body through tiny cuts and breaks in the skin. If you get too close to someone who has the virus, you can contract it too. These benign skin tumors feed on the blood vessels, causing soreness. Warts come in three kinds, the flat warts, the plantar warts (Tips on how to get rid of plantar warts) and the genital warts (For genital warts removal, read how to remove genital warts).

Most warts disappear on their own, but you can also get rid of them quicker, if you want. There are numerous over-the-counter remedies that are readily available to diminish these infections on your own. These destroy the cells affected by the warts by either freezing or burning them. Cryosurgery is another popular procedure that also works by freezing warts off using liquid nitrogen (See how to get rid of warts by freezing).

There are also home remedies that can readily remove warts in an instant, like duct tape, aloe vera and castor oil
. Aside from these, another famous method is using vinegar.

The Benefits Of Vinegar

Vinegar is a popular all-around household product, and although it’s primarily used for cooking, it can also work great for cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing. Vinegar also has numerous benefits on several health conditions, like cholesterol, yeast infection, heartburn and acid reflux (Learn how to get rid of acid reflux). It also works great on many skin problems, like acne and warts.

For wart removal, apple cider vinegar is preferred by many people, although regular white vinegar is also appropriate. Whether plantar, flat or genital, this product works very well. You just need to know how to properly do it.

How To Do It

You need several items before you can proceed with this tactic. You can do this anytime you want, but it’s more advisable to do it at night, so you won’t be annoyed at having a bandage stuck to your skin all day.

Materials Needed:


  1. Use the soap and water to wash and clean the affected area thoroughly. For best results, use an anti-bacterial soap. When you’re done washing, pat dry.
  2. Get a cotton ball and dampen it with the vinegar. You can do this by pouring the vinegar directly on the cotton ball, or dipping it into the solution. Make sure the cotton ball isn’t too full of vinegar, though, since that makes the ball harder to stick onto the skin.
  3. Position the cotton ball directly over the wart (or warts), with the vinegar-doused part directly on top of the wart. Seal it using a normal bandage, band-aid or some medical tape. Let it stay there overnight, or for a whole day.
  4. When removing the bandage and cotton ball, make sure to throw them away properly, so that the virus will not spread to other people.
  5. After removing the cotton ball, wash the area again using rubbing alcohol or anti-bacterial soap and water.

Keep doing this for a few days, until you see signs that the wart is disappearing. One tip: If the skin surrounding the warts is rough, rub it using a pumice stone first, before applying the vinegar. This helps loosen the skin, so it’ll go away along with the warts.

For Genital Warts

Of the three types of warts, this is perhaps the most difficult to deal with, because of their location. Genital warts are sexually contracted and they grow around the anus, the genital areas and the mouth. You can still use the apple cider vinegar technique on this type of wart, though. Wash the area, then attach a vinegar-doused cotton ball on the warts, securing it with medical bandage. Do this every evening, then remove the bandage in the morning.

Since the genital areas are more sensitive compared to other parts of the body, this tactic might cause a painful burning sensation on the areas. This means the vinegar is working properly, and is starting to exterminate the virus. Of course, the pain might also be very unbearable, making it hard for you to sleep or even move around. If this is the case, apply the apple cider vinegar solution for just three times a day, in 30 to 40 minute periods. This is better than having it on you all the time.

Consistency Is The Key

Proper application is very important, but that’s just half of the process. The other half is being consistent with the vinegar application and making sure that it stays fixed on the skin. If you don’t maintain this method, chances are the warts will not disappear, or they will, but after a very long time.

This vinegar method, if used properly, will take effect a couple of days after continuous application. The wart will throb, swell and hurt, but after a while it will turn black, harden and fall off. These can take between two days to two weeks, depending on the size of your wart. Most small warts are usually gone by the end of the first week.

Another helpful tip: Keep applying apple cider vinegar to the affected area for a few days to a week, even after the warts have disappeared. This helps ensure that the virus is completely eliminated and that the warts will not grow back.

Nobody wants to have unpleasant and painful warts spurting all over his or her body. You can try the doctor-recommended ointments and drugs, but if they don’t work well for you, you can always try this easy vinegar method. With a bit of patience and proper application, your warts will surely be gone sooner than you think. For more information on warts removal, read how to remove warts with duct tape.

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  1. hi i have warts everywhere in my hand and i really want to get rid of them
    can u please help me get rid of my warts

  2. ive been doing they apple cider vinegar method on my genital warts for 2 days seems to be working they turn white after its been on them and definitely wart the largest of the three has turned blcak already, hiw will it fall off?do i have to pick it or ignore it and itll fal off in the shower?

    and about your hand im sure the apple vinegar technique will work as well

  3. A 50/50 mixture of lime (calcium hydroxide) and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)in a thick paste form can be applied on the wart to burn them off in about 15-20 mins. This is a single application treatment and care should be taken to use a thin match stick or something similar to apply the mixture only on the warts. Application on normal skin would cause deep chemical burns. However, the method never fails to destroy the wart once you get the hang of the application method. Always use fresh mixtures.

    Good luck

  4. I have been using Apple Cider Vinegar and Tea Tree Oil on my warts for three days and I just now picked all the warts off of me with a tweezer. I picked all the warts off and the surrounding skin. I am going to continue to use the Tea Tree Oil for a week or so to be sure the virus is completely gone from the area. I must say that I am absolutely amazed and glad that I did not purchase the $800 cream Aldara the doctor had prescribed to me. I would recommend this to anyone. All you need is cotton balls, apple cider vinegar, large bandaids, and tea tree oil. After leaving the Apple cider vinegar on your skin most of the day, change it up with tea tree oil… I find it soothes my skin and is aiding in the healing of where the warts once were. I can’t tell you how excited I am!

  5. I had a huge huge wart on my left hand middle finger that just consumed the entire top of the knuckle. A nurse in my doctors office gave me a home remedy and that was the vinegar treatment. I tried the wart off med several times over 5 yrs or so, but the wart came back every time. I have been wart free for 3 years now, absolutely no sign of it coming back. I bet i had that darn wart for 20 years, it was an eye soar for sure, right beside my ring finger. Do the vinegar treatment, but it does throb for a bit, wash your hand(s) good between applications. If i remember correctly, i did pick at it when i didn’t have the bandaid on, that might be why it did throb the way it did because i had opened up areas on the wart. But it was worth it.

  6. Iam glad that I foud this web page.I have done the vinger thing and it started working with in an hour. But I used toillet paper and not cotton ball it was easyer to get it were I needed has been a hard thing to handle because I don’t want anyone to know bout it

  7. I had a wart that grew on the side of my face, at first I didnt know what it was, it was large. So I read about apple cider vinegar because the castor oil was not working. It took about 2 months and it does stink. I used a cotton ball soaked in the vinegar and had to hold it there for about an half an hour a few times a day, then it slowly started to turn black and eventually it fell off. It never came back. I think apple cider vinegar is great and great for people who want to have Normal blood pressure.

  8. I have a wart by the fingernail on both of my pointer fingers. I’ve had them frozen off at least 3 or 4 times each in the last 8 years but they have always come back.

    I just read about this ac vinegar trick and I have some on both of my fingers right now. Will continue for the next few days and report results

  9. Hi guys just read this treatment and i have about 5-7 warts on my elbow spread out and about 2 large ones and i just scraped abit off of one of the big ones and applied the vinegar and cottonball and a bandaid to hold it there i will keep it there for most of the day and continue with this and post my results.

  10. Ive had a wart on my index finger below the finger nail for about 6 months. it was like a little bubble that kept on growing so i tried a medicine called compound W, and it had little effect. I eventually got fed up and tried vinegar. And within one week it turned black and the skin around it dried up which caused it to peel off without pain. I am now wearing the vinegar just to make sure its gone. Use it, it works!!!

  11. There is only one totally effective remedy for warts.
    Go on e-bay, and for £2.99 you can purchase 50ml of acetic acid, it is totally colourless just dab it directly onto the wart with a cotton bud, you can put a plaster on it or not it doesn’t matter. I have tried all the over the counter remedies, they are not strong enough. Freezing leaves a mark and even when the doctor froze them off they came back. This is an old remedy, but of course you can no longer get acetic acid from the chemist. I can guarentee it works.

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