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Warts!!! Ugh! They are very unsightly and very embarrassing. And you don’t have to ever touch a toad to get one. If you have ever experienced having a wart, you know just how terrible the process can be for removing them. Here you will find home remedies as well as medical methods used to rid yourself of the discomfort and awkward feeling that accompanies warts. (also learn about the kinds of warts that can be causing problems)

Causes of Warts

Warts are caused by a single virus, of which there is many strains. This virus is the human papillomavirus or hpv. This virus is one of the most prevalent infections in the world – it affects approximately 40% of all humans. Because of the warts that result from HPV, it is often times referred to as “the wart virus”. Genital warts are the most known wart in association with this virus; however, all warts are a result of HPV. Each type of wart (common, plantar, flat, and genital) comes from a different strain. Common warts originate from HPV types 2, 4 and 7. Plantar’s warts come from type 1, in the plantar area of the foot (Tips on how to get rid of plantar warts). Flat warts come from types 3 and 10 of HPV. Genital warts are a result of over 30 different types of the human papillomavirus.

Warts are actual viruses living IN the skin. Blood vessels feed the wart, and therefore the virus itself, keeping it alive and present. This is the reason that wart removal can often times be very painful – the wart is attached to capillaries and embedded in the skin. If you look at your wart, you will probably see little black dots inside. Those black dots are actually the clotted blood vessels feeding your wart. Yummmmm.

Warts are spread when a non-infected area of skin comes in contact with an infected area, either through direct contact or contact with skin cells shed from the wart. It is presumed that the uninfected skin must have at least a miniscule tear in order for HPV to be contracted. In other words, if you have a wart anywhere on your body, and that wart comes in contact with another person’s damaged skin, that uninfected person could now have HPV. (This includes warts on the hands and feet.)

Types of Warts

Warts come in varying shapes, sizes, and appearances. Some are single bumps, while others form in groups. Following is a guide to the types of warts and what to look for when determining what type of wart you have.

  • Plantar’s Warts: A common wart that grows on the side or bottom of your foot. Because they are located on the bottom of the foot, they are usually flat and painful due to your body weight pressing down on them. The wart is actually a lot bigger than what you can see. If you push down on the wart you will see an area that is yellowish in color which is the area of the whole wart. These warts are very contagious because this skin is so easily shed from your feet. Also, the virus likes warm and moist environments, including the gym-shower floor, so they are spread to athlete’s in the same manner as athlete’s foot. Athlete’s have the highest incidence of planter’s warts, and diabetics are also susceptible to them.
  • Flat Warts: These warts are small and smooth, with a round or oval shape. They appear in large numbers – 20 to 100 at a time – anywhere on the body. In children, these warts are most commonly found on the face. In men, they can be present within a beard, and in women, on the legs. Flat warts can spread quickly from cuts while shaving. Also, scratching the affected area can cause the warts to spread in a linear fashion.
  • Genital Warts: Genital warts are spread through sexual contact involving the genitals, anus or mouth. They generally form as tiny, soft, flesh-colored bumps. They can become hard and rough and also develop a stalk. Sometimes multiple warts may grow resembling a small cauliflower. These warts are usually painless, and disappear after a couple months, but they are incurable; therefore they can come back again and again. (For information specific to genital warts, see our article How to Get Rid of Genital Warts)

Wart Treatments

Over-the-Counter Wart Cures

Lucky for you, most warts will disappear by themselves, but if you want to speed up the process, there are many over-the-counter products you could try. These are all either used to freeze (a mix of dimethyl ether and propane) or burn (salicylic acid) the wart off, which will destroy the cells containing the virus. Some of these include Compound W (gel, liquid, pad and spray), Dr. Scholl’s (pads/discs, liquid), Wartner (pads, liquid), and Curad (pads). It is important that you DO NOT use OTC medications on facial or genital warts. These medicines are too harsh for these sensitive areas.

Home Remedies for Warts

There is a vast array of home remedies for warts to choose from:

  • Duct tape. Cut a piece of duct tape to fit over your wart. Leave the tape on for six days, then remove it and soak your wart in water for a few minutes. Use an emery board or pumice stone to file the dead skin on your wart down. Dry the area over night then reapply another piece of duct tape in the morning. Continue this process until your wart is gone. This is believed to work because the irritation that is caused forces your immune system to fight off the virus.
  • Garlic. Crush some fresh garlic, rub it directly on your wart, and cover it with a bandage. Apply new garlic every day and your wart will blister and fall off within as little as a week. Be careful not to get garlic on the surrounding healthy skin; it helps to apply petroleum jelly to the skin around your wart.
  • Vinegar. Soak a cotton ball in vinegar and tape it to your wart with a bandage for at least one or two hours daily.
  • Dandelion sap. Pick a dandelion from your yard, break the stem open and drip the sap onto your wart. Do this daily until your wart disappears. The sap will mildly irritate your skin, stimulating your immune system to get rid of the wart. Do not use dandelions that have been treated within the past few years with an herbicide.
  • Vitamin C. Make a paste out of ground Vitamin C tablets and water. Dab it onto your wart and cover it with a bandage. The high acidity of Vitamin C will aide in eliminating your wart as well as helping to fight off the HPV.
  • Banana or lemon peel. Cut a piece of the peel to fit over your wart and tape it on, inner side down before bed. The chemicals and oils in these peels will help dissolve and discourage warts.
  • Papaya. Using an unripe papaya, make small cuts on the surface, allowing the sap to run out. Collect the sap and let it coagulate. Mix the thick sap with water and apply it to your wart morning and evening. An enzyme in the papaya will digest dead tissue.
  • Basil. Tape crushed, fresh basil to your wart using waterproof first-aid tape. Do this daily up to a week and the virus-killing compound in the basil leaf will kill your wart.
  • Castor oil. Rubbing castor oil on your wart every day will break it down, possibly because the oil keeps the wart moist, causing the tough skin to just come apart.
  • Aloe vera If you have an aloe plant at home, break a leaf off and rub the gel on your wart. Repeat this daily and your wart will disappear, perhaps due to the malic acid in aloe vera. (If you don’t have an aloe plant, learn how to grow aloe vera)
  • Hot water. Because plantar warts are sensitive to heat, soaking your feet in hot (110- to 113-degrees F) water for 15 minutes per day can eliminate your warts.

(All the above home remedies, and many more can be found in the book Reader’s Digest 1,801 Home Remedies: Trustworthy Treatments for Everyday Health Problems)

Curing Warts with Hypnosis & the Power of Suggestion

Hypnosis (learn how to hypnotize someone) has been a proven method for getting rid of warts. In some cultures, the patient is told to look at the night sky and count nine stars for nine nights. This method may seem like superstition, however it is meant to stimulate the subconscious mind and create belief and expectation, thereby getting rid of the warts. This type of hypnosis works for children often times, by convincing them that a certain ritual will “magically” make their warts disappear. One example would be to develop an intricate “wart-curing” ritual with your child, such as rubbing a stone on the wart, then burying the stone, signifying the disappearance of the wart.

Adults who have lost much of the innocence of children must use other methods of hypnosis, or the power of suggestion. The placebo effect works with many illnesses. Suggesting that the wart is being showered by potent x-rays has, in fact, worked with one man in making his warts fall off the next day (Reader’s Digest 1,801 Home Remedies, 2004).

The Deep Trance Now Hypnosis Program has recordings for sale that claim to be able to assist in the elimination of your warts.

Surgical Methods of Wart Removal

If none of the OTC, home remedies or hypnosis techniques work in eliminating your warts, there are some surgical procedures that your doctor could perform to remove your warts.

  • Cryosurgery – freezing the wart off with liquid nitrogen. This freezes the wart and destroys the infected tissue, requires multiple visits and scarring is common. Very painful – the doctor may inject Lidocaine to numb the area.
  • Electrocautery – using a high-frequency electric current (wire) applied to the wart. Very painful.
  • Lasers – May leave scars, does not destroy the viral root and the warts may return.
  • Surgical excision – cutting the wart off. Lidocaine is injected to numb the area. Scarring is common.
  • Cantharidin Treatments – this chemical that comes from “blister beetles” is diluted and applied to the wart; a bandage is secured over the wart and can be removed in 24 hours. If the cantharidin is mixed with other chemicals, the bandage can be removed in 2 hours. Not immediately painful, but extremely painful 3 to 8 hours after application. The wart will blister. You must then revisit your doctor in order for him/her to remove the dead skin. If it is not completely removed, your doctor may repeat the procedure. This has varying degrees of success. (Beware: Cantharidin is as toxic as the most extreme poisons like strychnine. Only 10 mg ingested is fatal.)
  • Miquimod – a drug most commonly used in treating genital warts. May be prescribed for plantar or flat warts. Is applied to the wart every one – three days. The cream triggers the immune system response against the wart-causing virus. This may cause redness of the skin around the wart.
  • Bleomycin – (an anticancer drug), Cimetidine (antihistamine) and Tretinoin (vitamin A derivative used in some acne preparations) – all could be injected in small amounts directly into a hard-to-remove wart.

Wart Prevention

How to avoid contracting warts:

Your only prevention from developing warts is to avoid the human papillomavirus (HPV). The following tips will help with this task:

  • Wear sandals in public showers, locker rooms, and around pools. These warm, moist environments are ideal for viruses.
  • Do not touch any warts on yourself or anyone else.
  • Do not share socks, shoes, razors, or towels. Just because warts are not visible, the virus may still be present.
  • Keep your feet dry. If your feet sweat profusely, wear socks that will wick the moisture away.
  • Take extra care not to injure the soles of your feet. Warts grow more easily if the skin is broken or injured.

How to keep from spreading warts:

  • Keep your warts covered with a bandage.
  • Do not bite your nails or cuticles. This may spread the virus from one hand to the other.
  • Dry off your wart after washing your hands. Warts tend to be more contagious when wet, and by drying your hands you reduce the chance of spreading the virus to someone else.
  • Leave the warts alone. Don’t scratch or pick at your warts because the virus can be transferred to other areas of the skin.

Click here for more information on how to get rid of warts.

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  1. I have serious wart problems!! I’ve tried many things but I’m gunna try some stuff on here. Whatever you do don’t waste your money on the freeze away remover cuz it doesnt do n e thing!!!!!

  2. I have a wart on the top knuckle of my thumb. I thought it would go away but instead it keeps multiplying. I used the liquid, the freeze, and I had my Dr. freeze it., all with no success. Now I have to see a plastic surgeon because its so big theres not much skin to work with. I am also using the “Aldara” perscription but no changes yet. So my tip is- to get rid of it as soon as you find it cuz theyre very stubborn.

  3. Seal off air to wart. it stops it breathing and it should die. u can use clear nail polish super glue or duct tape. any should work

  4. I used to get them on my fingers. The best/most inexpensive and effective way I found was to take a piece of aloe vera (the plant), cut it open so that the flesh is exposed, tape it on the wart after your shower and leave it on until next shower, repeat every day until gone. Usually takes 2-3 days to disappear, but they never return to that area.

  5. i have had plantar warts on my feet for coming on 3 years now. the doctors say they will just go away after 1 or 2 but mine seem to be an unusually stubborn case. i first had my doctor freeze them, then i used an over the counter cream on them, that didnt work so i then began going to a dermatologist weekly to get them frozen, which was incredibly painful, and that as well did not work. i am now also using the aldara with no results until now! warts are ridiculously hard to get rid of!

  6. I used to have MAJOR wart problems. They were horrible. Then my friend got a wart that was different from the type of mine. So we both went to the doctor to get them frozen off together. ( I have had warts before this experience and freezing them off by the doc was my best bet. When I get them frozen off I only had to go once.) So we go in and the doctor looks at us all funny. He says, “You two have different types of warts. I heard this old gypsy tale once. It goes like this: If two that love each other (Friendship or family love) and their disease is different, they trade an equal worth and the diseases shall leave.” So we look at each other and me and my friend pull a quarter pout of out pockets. She gives me her quater and I give her mine. The doctor tells us to come back tomorrow, he does not freeze the wart off. The next day we woke up and called each other at the same time,our warts were gone.

  7. put in hot waterfor 20 mins each night then file waith an emery board then apply tea tree oil….. it works………if u keep doing it

  8. well i have had major warts,i starting gettin them in 3rd grade and had the froze, and tried some many differnt creams, but the best way to get rid of big warts is lazer surgery!! i had 5 grow on one finger and they grew together and one grew into my finger nail and i had just had to many!!! but for little warts i found some really good liquid stuff called *Wart Wonder* you can get it at some herbal stores or places like that!i was so embarrassed of my warts and i know others are to and thought i would share my experience!

  9. Just some recommendations; don’t use duct tape, freeze off, or hot water. Those don’t work. The doctors don’t work either so don’t waste your money going there. I’ve found that using home remedies work better.

  10. I had a wart on my finger so i pulld the end of a q tip off n soakd it in apple cidar vinegar n bandaided it to the wart. i left it on for a day or 2. it made the wart go white n swell up heaps so i got nail clippers n cut as much off as i could. little bits of blood came to the surface where the wart was. then a few days later when it had all dried up heaps i just picked it off like a scab n there was normal wart free skin underneath! cool as 🙂

  11. smoking. perhaps the nicotine, perhaps the closing off of blood vessels. I started smoking several months ago and one wart in an untreatable area (halfway under a fingernail on my right hand) has shrunk so that it’s barely noticable (a wart that I had for roughly a year and a half). since I have other warts that are still the same surface area, I don’t heartily reccoment starting up smoking, but this is the largest cause I can figure out.

    as for others, i’ve got several plantars warts on my feet, one that I’ve had for 12 years with no cure. aldera doesn’t work, nor do any of the other ‘immune system stimulants’ that are all the rage these days. lasers don’t seem to work either. surgical removal works- I’ve had several warts successfully removed with surgery, one large one on my foot and several on my fingers, but all the home recipes I’ve found lately I’ve yet to try. side reference, most of the warts I’ve had are plantars warts, with one or two exceptions. last but not least, freezing works, but only on surface warts. I successfully used dry ice to remove 2 small warts, one on the instep and one on my left pinky, but both warts were quite small and on thin skin. if you can take the pain, do it yourself. if you can’t, get a doctor to do it for you.

  12. I had a planter’s wart on my heel. At first I didn’t do anything with it, and it just kept getting worse. So I went a bought Compound W liquid and it didn’t relly help either. So I used duct tape and it went away. Stick with it until the wart is gone. You could also try clear finger nail polish it works too. Good Luck!!!!

  13. If your feet sweat, don’t waste your money on those medicaded wart disks with the sticy pads or bandeges they won,t stay on. call your docter and see what he says.

  14. thanks to taking one of your advices, i have tried the aloe vera on my face bc i have small commmon warts and nothing has worked. I was prescribed retinen which is an acne cream but also treated for common warts and all that did was dry my face out and evidently i broke out into hives but today is my first night using aloe vera. It has been recommended to me by several people and so far its looking better already. I will update on my results between 2-3 days.

  15. i had a wart just under my knuckle on my thumb it was like a cauliflower shape , rough and embarrasing. all i used was bazuka all i used to do was put it on one night then the next night i used to pik it of then kept applying it until it was gone this system is really good . i am only 11 and i was at school and every one kept askin me wat it was so i was so embarrased. so plz take my advice if u want your wart to go away 🙂 gd luk

  16. don’t have plantar warts cut out. i had a wart cut out of my foot and it took 4 stitches for 6 weeks. i couldn’t get it wet and my doctor sugessted i wear a special boot how embarassing a special boot just for a plantar wart to be removed. i have 3 on my other foot and have not tried anything to get rid of them. although one of my friends sugessted after soaking your foot kind of rough the warts up and cut a potatoe in half and really work the potatoe in the wart. she swears it has worked on everyone she has told.

  17. hi i’m 17….i have a huge califlower wart on my thumb and i hid it every day with plasters to save embarassment!…i’ve used duct tape but it makes it go down for a while but not get rid of unless i nedd it on everyday….i alway cut it down with nail clippers when it gets big…i know it’d made it worse but what sould i do……i also have a huge one under my foot near the big toe and it gets bigger everytime i have a shower…and i always cut it down when it gets big!…how can i keep my feet dry while having a shower….please help because i’m getting so warty and wearing plasters everywhere and so everyone asks what have i been doing…thanks!

  18. I saw my dermatologist who prescribed aldara cream for a wart on my elbow that has been removed twice in the past five years by my family doctor (slicing it off and then burning it off) and keeps returning. He suggested I use the cream at night and put duct tape over it to secure the area. After only two applications the wart came off one morning while removing the duct tape with no pain at all. Now I have a bit of a scar but at least the wart is gone.

  19. well .. i have only one genital wart on the shaft of my penis for about 1 year..initially i didnt know that its a wart and what is a wart actually…then just before 4months the wart turned a curliflour like shape and increased in size.. i got worried and started searching on the internet to know what the hell is happenig with me . At last with the help of internet i came to know that this thingy is called wart.
    its been just 1 week that i am using a CLEAR NAIL POLISH and believe me its working …. my wart shrinked about 60% in just one week…..i hope it will be gone in couple of weeks time….

  20. I have a BUNCH of warts on my right hand and I am REALLY embarrassed of them. I have tried this Heartburn relief pill like 2 daily (morning and night) and I kept forgetting to do it. My dad asked my doctor and he says I should keep trying to remember that pill. I gave up and tried freezing one off. It worked, but blistered up and REALLY hurt. I had to keep sticking a needle in the blister to keep letting the water out. It was disgusting. So now I am trying something like Compound W. If this doesn’t work, I will try duct tape again and maybe freeze them. So it’s what you want to do! If you want it the painful way or the less painful way. Well, whatever you do . . . GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

  21. I had my warts frozen off it was painfull and worked for 3 of them, but not the one under my nail unfortunatly. So i’m back again becasue 2 more propped up and i have had them frozen again. Let’s hope it goes down, otherwise i have to have half of my nail removed then the wart frozen again over my flesh where my nail was ouch 🙁

  22. The Compound W Freeze Off over-the-counter freezing stuff works for genital warts on guys.
    + I had them for several months, tried Aldera which didn’t help at all, had to keep going back to the doctor for the professional freeze off. Aside from being cheaper and much more convenient, the real benefit of the home stuff is you can take lots of time to really, really look for them, and hit them as soon as you find one. Here’s what to do:
    + Buy a couple canisters of the product
    + Use an electric razor to shave as much hair off as possible (just use the heavy-duty trimmer piece that flips out). Doesn’t have to be 100% gone, just get as much as you easily can so you can see. The shaft and around the base is where you get them. Douse yourself with plenty of alcohol immediately afterwards to any HPV that might spread.
    + Then sit in a chair and take about 30 minutes to very very carefully find all of the warts. Use a flashlight, or better yet for me was sunlight from a private window as it is brighter.
    + Follow the instructions in the booklet and stick to the times (saturate tip, hold upside down, apply for I think 45 seconds). I changed the swabs for every like 3rd burning just because it was easier and it kept working fine.
    + The swab tips are a little big, but you also want to get the area around the wart and I’d rather do too much area than miss it.
    + Don’t get too carried away and start burning every small bump that’s just the bottom of a hair follicle. You’ll know them when you see them, they may be small but they are raised and a little shiny or off-colored.
    + After you burn them, apply an anti-biotic ointment immediately and liberally. Get several tubes of the stuff and coat everything, then reapply at least 3 times a day for a week (when you awake, during lunch, when you go to bed). This cut the healing time and scarring dramatically.
    + It will take at least a week for the scabs to form and fall off. Then you will have pink spots for another couple weeks until they fade. Plan on 4 weeks to heal. You can use the equipment before then, but it will be noticeable, certainly in the first 2 weeks.
    + Check yourself at least once per week after your first burning session. Shave again after a couple weeks and keep looking religiously. Chances are that you’ve either missed one or another few will pop up. You may even have to burn the same one twice although this didn’t happen to me.
    + Don’t use Aldera afterwards. I did this after a doctor did the burning and a couple of the spots became dark pigmented and took a couple of months for the pigment to go away. I never had that issue without the Aldera.
    + Try very hard to boost your immune system. Take a multivitamin, quit smoking, get plenty of sleep, eat healthy, exercise. Use some sort of lubricant when you spank off, otherwise the rubbing seems to encourage them to return.
    + As to whether you get rid of them, there’s a lot of conflicting crap out there. After researching it to death my conclusion is that as a guy, if you check yourself religiously and don’t find any for a year, then you are no more likely to have it than anyone else. In fact you are probably less likely because you are looking for it whereas other guys have it and never realize it.
    + I think it’s more difficult for women because they can’t check and treat themselves as easily. I’m convinced that my girlfriend of over a year gave them to me, I think she had a persistent case that didn’t treat it aggressively and decided not to tell me because she didn’t want to lose me.
    + And by the way, I think LOTS of women have it and don’t tell their partners for that reason – A gyno told me the reason they don’t give the new HPV vaccine to women over 23 is that it doesn’t work if you’ve been exposed and the vast majority of women have been exposed by then. It strikes me as especially amazing that no woman I have ever dated has mentioned a previous HPV incident to me. It is simply not possible.
    + I also found that I couldn’t get rid of them while dating a woman that also had them. Maybe trading back / forth, maybe she couldn’t beat them but without her they are gone. I’m not sleeping w/ anyone else for 6 months and then only w/ a condom thereafter.
    + Good Luck!

  23. I had a wart on my right hand thumb when i was in grade eight
    i didnt think anything of it and it went away
    six months later it returned and i have had it ever since
    i am too chicken to go to the doctor to have it frozen off and the clear nailpolish and ducttape isnt working for me
    i also have two planters warts on my left foot and i am trying the apple cider vingegar but it doesnt seem to be working
    i might try the banana peel method

  24. found tip on internet wrap in celotape (about 5 layers of it as tight as is safe ) for 6.5 days and allow air at it for just half a day can take up too 4 weeks, my little girls was fully gone in just under two. miracle or just luck im not sure but its gone hopefully for good.

  25. When I was about nine years old I got a bunch of warts on my hands, then later plantar warts under my feet. I felt like a freak, of course. My two siblings got them on their hands too. My mom did research and bandaged garlic on all our warts. About half of them went away. I don’t recall what other remedies we tried.
    Anyway, by the time I was in my late teens I had one left on the underside of my pointer finger and several on the undersides of my feet (I never took my socks off around people). But nothing we had tried got rid of them so I resigned to the fact that I was a “freak”.

    Recently, I went on the South Beach Diet and cut out all sugars and carbohydrates from my meals. I was only on the diet for two weeks. Somewhere in the middle of the diet I was shocked to notice that the wart on my pointer finger had completely vanished; I hadn’t even seen stages of its defeat, it was just gone! We think the sugars were feeding the warts.

    I would like to know if cutting sugars out of one’s diet works for anyone else.

  26. I would suggest trying to cut or rip them off when there small! I have tried this method and it seems to work out just fine. I would also try out those awesome band aids that have medicated medicine on them. I also used these on my elbow because I had 4 or 5 on there and it’s just a little patch and in one or two days you can see results! If you also have a plantar wart (like me) just maybe you should buy running shoes and go run. I am a football player and I guess I get them in the shower so when i do all i have to do is put my cleats on that are very tight and do what i got to do. These I think are the worse ones just because of the pain but if you can’t handle it then you really don’t want those nasty things off!

  27. well i have 3 warts and you now it is not easy to hid in the summer i was using dr.sholls frezze away and it is not working i really need help

  28. I had two plantar warts for 5 years and did nothing about it until I got two on the side of my finger and under my nail, the other on the top of my middle finger. First spent $500 to freeze all 5, none of them went away, just peeled skin. Tried Trans ver sal from the doctor which was very painful and just produced peeling skin, none went away. I took anything that I could read about afterwards including taking walnut hull (green) extract, Thuja ointment from Boiron, and an oil from Forces of Nature, Alfalfa internally, Colloidal silver topical and internal, Candida Clear from NOw (has pau D’ Arco, Oregano oil, Black Walnut). Finally what did it was Cinnamon Leaf oil from Simplers Botanical Company. They say to dilute it but I didn’t and put it directly on all 5 warts. Within hours I could see the warts turn a yellow color and became very hard within a day. I did it again being carefull to put just on the wart. The smell is pleasing and the warts are not growing and look dead. All for $4.00 price tag. Wish I knew this 3 months ago.

  29. ever since I was young my left knee used to be covered in warts. I went to my doctor atleast two times a month to try and burn it off. I also spend big bucks on anti-wart products, and they never worked.

    just put a piece of it over the warts.
    change the piece 1-2 times a day.
    in two-three weeks mine dissapeard.

    just be PATIENT.


    try it! its the cheapest way too.
    dont spend all your money on those useless wart-remover products out there.

  30. I had a planters wart on the bottom of my right foot, and I though that it was just a callous so I used a pumice stone to try to smooth it out….big mistake because I used the same stone on my elbows and knees and then ended up with warts there too. I got the smaller warts on my elbows and knees frozen (this was not that painful, especially since the pain is gradual…but the blisters are irritating and one of them scared – but it was a quick way to get rid of them). The planters wart on the bottom of my foot though was a much, much harder wart to treat. My doctor and I burned and filed and burned again, used aldera and duct tape (which didn’t stick well to my feet for a long enough time to be effective), none of this helped. What did help was this stuff called wart formula 4 (and I needed a prescription), and we got it from a pharmacy called NuCara. There is wart formula 3-5; formula 3 is just crazy strong liquid acid, formula 4 is a liquid acid and an immune system booster combined and formula five is a acid and immune system booster that is a kind of gel that forms a seal over the wart. I used formula four and it worked so well – but I should let you know that this is only for warts you can easily see, because if you get this on healthy skin you will be in a lot of pain. I also recommend cleaning your tub, sheets and towels very often (and your shoes in case of planter warts) so you don’t re-infect yourself. In addition it might be a good idea to go out in the sun and giving yourself a thorough check about once a week during treatment so you don’t miss any and then re-infect yourself. Good luck, and don’t despair!

  31. I had plantars warts on my feet all through college ( I think I got them in the communal shower). I finally decided to get rid of them and here is what worked. Dr. Scholls wart remover discs-make sure to get the ones with the most acid-with the flat bandages (the raised cushion come off in 2 seconds). Change 1-2 times a week and rub with emory board when you change them (make sure you only use this emory board for the warts and throw it away when they are gone). I had about 20 warts on both feet and this worked on all of them-the first one was gone in 2 weeks and the last one hung in there for 4 months. I know that sounds like a long time but now I’m not embarassed to wear sandals!!

  32. I have common warts all over my hands. I have to put bandages over my thumbs before I go to school EVERY day! I have gone to the doctor but it doesn’t work. I have found that nothing works and to just let them run their cycle.

  33. I have a rather large and stubborn cauliflower shaped wart on my calf. I tried the over the counter freeze off remedies for about 6 months with no success. I have also tried the banana and bandage method also with no success. I’m now going to try the duct tape method. If that doesn’t work, I’m going to try to forget about it and pretend it’s not there at all. It seems there is no one definative cure.

  34. the type of wart that i get i don’t think is wat they say it is… i only get mine if i get sand burrs or bits of tiny thorns in my feet/hands. they pop up if i don’t get a sliver out, basically digest the material, and then go away. so dont worry too much that you have HPV… it might just be that ur body is trying to kill a littl bit of thorn or something

  35. this is probably the worst solution anyone has given but here is mine:
    I’ve had a wart on the tip of my indext finger for about a year now. I tried the over the counter freeze stuff and compound w liquid. the freeze stuff did nothing and the compound w didn’t do enough.
    I got bored and went in the basement (where my wife couldn’t see me) and got out the trusty knife and kneedle nosed plyers.
    A half hour and a butt load of pain later (it was wrapped around a nerve) and I am wart free again.

    I’ve done this a few times in the past (with great success) but this time I am a little worried that I didn’t get enough of the root.

  36. I let one on my foot and thumb get so bad that the doctor had to freeze, burn, and cut it off in the same visit!!! And if you ever see a wart by a finger nail opening, get it taken care of RIGHT AWAY!! It could end up growing under your nail and just imagine, it hurts enough getting them off of your foot!

  37. What i do is shave the wart down with one of those callus shavers whenever the wart grows above my skin. Then i put Aldara on the area and instead of using a bandaid i use ductape! so the medicine is closer to the roots of the wart and its sealed from air!

  38. I’ve had about a thousand planter warts on one of my feet for about 5 years now and I have used duct tape, and nail polish ALL THE TIME AND IT DOESN’T WORK. I dont want to have to show the doctor because I know it will be painful but are their any suggestions to get rid of them that actually DO work?

  39. I got a very tiny wart burned off my wrist about 3 years ago… it hurt for weeks and left quite a scar but the wart was gone…
    Now, 3 years or so later the bloody thing came back. Theres no way i’m going through the pain of getting it burned again!

  40. I had heaps of warts on me right hand. They made my whole hand feel really oily and dirty all the time even after I washed them and dried them. I had them frozen off. Very, VERY painful! =[ With the freezing my doctor suggesated this treatment called “Diswart”. Most of them went away eventually after freezing and then soaking every night in hot water, applying Diswart and using an emery board to remove the dead cells but, the big one on my palm keeps coming back. That stupid solution is so hard to remember to do every night and, because I swim alot I can’t stay away from moist areas and I’m getting more! I’ll try some of these home remedies….if not, its back to the doc to get them frozen again! *ouch* ='[

  41. Not actually a tip just asking for help….My wart is on my left index finger of the upper knuckle .. I have tried it all including the doc’s, freeze off, all types of bandages with medicine and I am in pain still daily…. I want this gone and I will do practically anything. I prefer not to be in a lot of pain, I am sort of a baby about that…lol anyway, I will keep looking for everyones advice. Please adress by name so I can read. Thank you so much!


  42. Ok, if your unsure about freezing or think it won’t work read this.

    If you have common warts that are not near finger nails, dermatologist freezing will work. I have had around 20 common warts on my hands, neck, face, legs and 19 of them went away due to freezing. The one that did not go away was on my right thumb halfway under my fingernail and halfway showing outside my fingernail.

    DONT let a wart get near your nail. Control it.

    IF YOU have a wart near your fingernail, GET RID OF IT BEFORE IT GETS beneath your fingernail w/ freezing. If a wart gets beneath your fingernail, it will be very hard to get rid of. Currently, i have a wart beneath my fingernail, and i have tried freezing MANY times at least 8 times, and the pain is HORRIBLE. Depending on your doctor, the freezing process pain varies. ( my doctor sprays the FREEZING nitrogen for like 30 seconds straight VERY PAINFUL!! ).

    Hopeful Solution: I still have it, but i’m going to try the home remedies. This process seems less painful and should work overtime.

    Good luck

  43. help i have 9 warts and i absolutely hate them i have had them frozen off 4 times and they still havent gone i really hoppe this website helps i am at uni and everybody says errrrr whats that on your finger and i just cover them up with my clothes this makes them spread !!! good luck every body with the treatments !!! oh and in some chemists you can get this wart oil and you put it on the wart evry couple days and then the wart should go !!

  44. i have tried a lot of different things for my plantars wart that is on the palm of my hand ….i bought compound w freeze off wart solution and the compound w bandages i also got it frozen off by the doctor and it always seemed to come back i finaly tried to crush up garlic and stick it on my wart with duct tape it it was gone within a week you should try it this method works wonders.

  45. i have this planars wart on the palm of my hand and i cant get rid of it ….it has been there for about 4 years and ive gone to the docotors 3 times to get it frozen off i have cut it off with a knife wich was very painfull i have done a number of thigs and it keeps coming back it wont go away …does any one have any advice for me? id appricate it very mch

  46. I have had warts on my thumbs for 4 years and when i get them to go away they come right back they keep getting bigger and bigger i have got them froze off and it dosnt work.I have tried wart remover and it dosnt work. Im going to try clear nail polish i really really hope it works.I dont even want to raise my hand i class because i think someones going to see them and say something.I am afraid to hold a guys hand because of my warts.Well im going to keep tring until i get them off.Im only 13 and i really dont need these pain in the butts so if u have warts just keep tring to get them off even though it might get on your nerves and make u just want to cry u will get them off.Take care all k ttyl toodles

  47. Freezing at the doctors work, but when i was in europe and didnt want to see a doctor i just pressed the lit end of a ciggarette against it for a few seconds…it blistered and fell off really quickly…it hurt a bit but it was wort it

  48. Many years ago, I suffered from a bad outbreak on my hands. Tried everything I could find and nothing worked. Not burning them off, not compound W, absolutely nothing.
    Finally got a referral to a dermatologist who prescribed something called ‘Fowler’s Solution’. This is a liquid whose main ingredient is arsenic, but it needs to be made up by a compounding pharmacist.
    Took about two weeks of putting it on under a bandaid every evening at bedtime and having the dead stuff scraped off….and wow….no more warts….ever 🙂

  49. Disinfect your nail clippers! I have a nasty, huge wart on my thumb. When it would get big and start to peel away, I would take nail clippers and cut the dead skin off. Not thinking, I would then usually trim the rest of my fingernails since I had the nail clipper out.

    BAD IDEA!!! I now have warts on my other thumb, and 4 of my fingers!! They will not go away. I managed to cut one of them out with nail clippers and it has not returned. Freezing has not worked. Aldara is useless.

  50. I have a planter on my big toe and on my right hand thumb. On my thumb I’ve used bazooka for over three years, had it frozen 8 times and quarterised (sliced out with a blade and local anesthetic) twice. I’ve also had my foot one treated with freezing three times. They are still there!!! The nasty things won’t go away. Now I’ve resorted to freezing and visiting my dermatologist as soon as they re-appear. I’ll try our some of the suggestions with venigar, garlic and duct tape, and if need be even a burning cigarette. I’ve had enough!! With all the modern medicine and cures that exist, I cannot believe that there is no cure for a simple bacterial skin condition. I sympathise with all of you and wish you luck in getting rid of these aliens.

  51. I have had 3 types of warts (plantar, common, and flat) and had success in getting rid of all of them:
    You will need-
    1)lots of alcohol (isopropyl or ethyl, it doesn’t matter), as long as you can clean the skin and utensils and kill the virus
    2)Some medicine with at least 17% Salicylic Acid (what’s in asprin)in either liquid or gel form…Compound W is good.
    3)Tea tree oil- Melalueca brand is the purest form, good quality. It kills viruses, bacteria, and fungus and is non-toxic. Sold at health food stores, or Melalueca on-line store
    So now for the killing!–
    Soak wart in warm water until softened. Clean area around wart before and after removal and all utensils (nail clippers, emery boards, etc.) with alcohol. You don’t want to spread these! Remove as much excess tissue as possible, then rub again with alcohol. Stay clean!
    Put Compound W or other Salicylic Acid formula on wart (plantar’s warts use medicated pads) to help kill virus. A way to know when you are getting close to getting all of the wart is that the Salicylic acid produces a slight burning sensation in healthy skin, but not in the wart. Use again the next day or as necessary, and repeat.
    In between using the Compound W, use the Tea Tree Oil (Melalueca). You can use it straight or diluted (10 drops/1 teaspoon olive oil). Use straight on the end of a Q-tip at first, then later with olive oil to stay on longer and prevent scarring. Cover with a band-aid to keep the tea tree oil/olive oil mix on the bandage. Since it kills viruses, this is a particularly important part.
    Liquid Colloidal Silver (from a health food store) is also effective on a bandage taped to the wart. It also kills viruses. (Check often for irritation of normal skin and let it rest.) Use tea tree oil/olive oil to soothe it.

    You are doing 3 things here, and they are all important: 1)Removing the excess wart tissue to the “base” of the wart 2)Killing the virus with Tea Tree oil and Sal.Acid 3)Keeping it clean to prevent spread of infection.

    I used this method on a particularly stubborn one on my knee that had been frozen off twice and returned. Also on “flat warts” that are spread by shaving. Wax or pluck those areas–don’t shave over them.

    This really works, try it and good luck!!

  52. I am 12 years old and I have a wort. My mom wanted me to get it froze off but my friend said it hurt. Having a wort is so emmbarassing. People keep calling me worty. I will try some of the some of the stuff I looked up on getting rid of worts. To the other kids with worts try painless treatments!!! Bye.

  53. When I was about 10 or 11, I had a plantar wart on my left foot and it was hard to walk without affecting it. It was summer, so keeping it dry was out of the question. So I would soak it in hot (almost scalding) water for 20 minutes each day. After the hot water soak, I would scrape off the top of the wart and all that would come off from the inside of it. I think it went away in about 2 weeks.

  54. To the 11 year old boy with warts on his lips–use Tea Tree oil!

    It will not scar or blister. The downside is that it is not fast. It may take as much as two months, but it WILL go away. I did this for one in the sensitive skin under my eye that could not be burned off. It works gradually, but with no pain.

    1) Get Tea tree oil from health food store (or buy some from someone who sells Melalueca brand–they even sell lip balm, too.)
    2) Get 2 medicine droppers or syringes without the needle from a pharmacy so you can put tiny drops on your lips.
    3) Wash the area gently and debride wart (remove excess skin) be sure to clean your hands with alcohol gel germ killer to prevent spread of infection! Don’t get alcohol on lips, only hands–rubbing alcohol will burn lips and is poisonous if ingested.
    4) Put Tea tree oil on wart, rub in. Then put 10 drops Tea tree oil/1 teaspoon olive (or corn or canola) oil in second dropper. Put on wart and surrounding area. The olive oil helps the Tea tree oil stay on that area longer.

    This works well for warts you can’t burn or cut off because of sensitive skin or mucous membranes.

    (Genital warts are a different virus entirely. You should go to a doctor for that, especially if you’re a girl! They can cause cancer and be life threatening.)

    A warning though–Tea tree oil smells (and tastes) like a cross between strong pine tree sap and kerosene. Chemically it is almost similar, but it is all-natural and non-toxic, so don’t be afraid if it tastes funny. I actually like the smell of it. About 1% of the population is allergic, so if you begin to get red and itchy, discontinue use.

    Otherwise, put it on as often as you remember–2 to 4 or 5 times a day to get rid of it faster, and stick with it until gone.

    This Tea tree oil/olive oil mix can be used to reduce the appearence of scars if you rub it in twice a day, for minor cuts and burns, to take away the sting of fire ant bites, and also for earaches! I used it on my children for all these things and especially for bad earaches and the pain lessens almost immediately.

    Good luck!

  55. so i used to have many — i mean MANY!!– planters warts on the bottom of my right foot. i tried everything. i was so embarassed and kept it to myself so there weren’t really many things that i could do by myself. i didn’t go and buy anything because i didn’t want my mom to find out. i ended up just using duct tape. i would use the duct tape and tape around my foot for days at a time. that way the warts couldn’t breathe. after that i would take it off, soak my foot in hot water then i would dry my foot and file them down. it sounds gross but it really did work. the warts would get all hard so i would just file them down and put more tape on… GOOD LUCK! try it though. it might not work for some people but it really did work for me!!! im wart-free!!!

  56. I have a small what I think is a wart on the tip of my nose! It doesn’t bother me unless I pick it, so I’ve leaned not too. Anyone have any suggestions for warts on the nose? It is very damaging to my self-esteem, please any advise or suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thank you.

  57. I had warts on my fingers for a long time. My girlfriend hurt her back one day as asked me to give her a massage with ben gay. The bengay had an affect on all of the warts. It seemed to attack them somehow. By the next day the warts were all like dry scabs. I took the scabs off and my warts where gone in a bout a day and a half. I also tried lots of remedies and wart be off type stuff, but this accidental use of bengay worked better then all of them. it was also painless.

  58. 1. Drink a lot of Vodka
    2. Heat the end of a tea spoon handle on a gas ring
    3. Burn the thing off

    If you have consumed enough vodka, you shouldn’t feel a thing!

  59. I went to my dermatologist mr antonini and he said that the best way is to freeze it off i tried Dr sholls or what ever his name is on it but it didn’t work its just made it kinda bigger. But at the doctor it made a huge red blister and i took it off and it never came back 🙂 thank god now i have another one but its growing really slow so i think my immune system is getting used to the virus and killing it i hope….

  60. warts are evil they should all burn to death grrrr….. they guined my freshmen year i hate warts there embarassing and just plain evil!!!!!!

  61. Okay, I’ve had my wart for about 1 year now, on my left leg’s knee cap. It’s so embarassing! I believed someone passed it on to me because she had the same wart on the same leg on the exact spot. I was wondering if I rubbed a piece of cut garlic and put a bandage and NexAir First aid tape over it, will it come off eventually?

  62. I had two plantar warts on the bottom of my foot frozen at the doctors’ a few years ago and it worked on one of them…but before that I used to use bazooka.

    My tip is be really careful not to touch them when ur treating them, or at any other time cos now I’ve got five warts on my hands and I think it’s from when I tried to treat the ones on my feet. Having them on your hands is like a million times worse as u see them and have to try to hide them all the time! SO embarrassing. if u only have them on the bottom of your feet, my advice is just to use a gel or tape to prevent them spreading, don’t bother trying to get rid of them, it’s just not worth the risk :o(

  63. I was about 6 when i got my first wart on my right knuckle. i was a kid and i picked at it like crazy. eventually it went away. i had no more warts untill i was 16-17. i got one on the under side of my pinky finger. i read somewhere that 50% of warts fall off on their own in 2 years so i figured id just leave it alone. however now i have 5 warts on that hand . i have treated 3 of them previously with dr.scholls freeze away ( the freeze with the liquid ) they shrunk down to almost nothing so i stopped the acid treatment. they grew back twice as big as they were before i treated them and i have now treated all 5 with the same stuff. ill probably end up using the liquid acid untill i run out of it just to be on the safe side. if this doesnt work i plan on getting surgery done.

  64. Probbally don’t try surgery, it’s not worth
    thetime, so far the vitamin c stuff is working!
    My friend used this goo that she put on her warts.
    she had 2 plantars warts and 2 on her hand. She used the goo
    and she said it was a miracle how quick it shrunk! I’d try that,
    it’s better than surgery!

  65. I have had this disgusting growth on my pinky finger for almost a year. Because I didn’t know what it was when it first appeared I just let it go. It grew so large I was required to get liquid nitrogen treatments once per week. Doing this for about 2 months the wart still hasn’t gone away. I then started using some liquid salicylic acid. This method does seem to dry out the affected skin in order to scrape away the tissue. I even pulled out a plug with tweezers which bled like crazy. I have been told that I’m not a candidate for cutting it out because the wart is on a joint and there is not enough skin to replace what is taken out. I would rather have a big hole in my skin versus this ugly growth

  66. hi um my name is brittany and im 17 and i have 5 warts and they hurt really bad and i cant find a way to get them to go away.i am trying garlic right now becuase i was told it worked but u never no soo if anyone has a really good why to get them to go away then let me know.

  67. Buy a box of matches and light one up, blow it out and then rub it onto the wart. I dont know what is in the match but do it twice a day and your wart will be gone in a week or 2.

  68. well now I’m trying multiple treatments and I’m only 10. I
    have this plantars wart on my foot and everyone asks what it is
    and I’m embarrased to tell them what it is. During P.E I had
    Duck Tape on my foot so I had a hard time. Not I’m using Compound W wart remover. It has 17% of that acid stuff. Yet the one my mom
    wanted to get me had 40% of that acid. I wouldn’t uy it because I
    was afaraid it would hurt. Do you think I made a wise decision?

  69. I just recently had 5 warts on my hands froozen and it was so painful I will never do that again now I have these big painful blisters. If I ever get them again I’m tryig something different.

  70. I have got a cluster of about 5 or 6 small warts on my face, just below my lips and would really like to get rid of them. It started off as just one and has spread please help!

  71. I have had flat warts on my legs for about five years but they have recently gotten worse. I think this is because I started going to a dermatologist who gave me a bunch of creams. I used it and I think it caused the virus to spread. I now have about 20 flat warts on my leg and am so upset. Please be careful not to spread the creams. Now I am trying the duct tape method. Good luck everyone!

  72. i have a wart that touches my nose end skin, and reaches into the inside mucas membrane. I can feel it all the time, I don’t know what to do !!!!.

  73. I had 2 warts on my finger (thumb)for the past 6 six years and I tried everything from over the counter products to home remedies to seeing many specialists and nothing worked. I almost gave up until one day I decided to try another specialist one more time and thank goodness he was so good- he got rid off my warts. He prescribed the Aldara cream that I need to apply after soaking my finger into very hot water for 10 minutes to shave off the dead skin on the warts in between my visits. I did this at bedtime 5 days a week and covered it with a bandage so the cream can soak in. I then made regular visits to his office once every two weeks to further burn the warts with the liquid nitrogen. It was such a PAINFUL experience but after about 6 visits with him the warts starting to vanish slowly and now they are completing gone and my finger nail is growing back on my thumb. I think it is the combination of the cream and liquid nitrogen that did the trick. So if you tried everything and nothing worked maybe ask your specialist to give this a try…it worked for me. I just want to share this with some of you out there that have stubborn finger warts like myself.

  74. ihave one on my knee i for about 35 years it started hurting a few weeks ago and then the other nite i bumped my knee into a table and it took piece cleane out, so i cleaned it with alchool,and put on a band aid after i took it off the next day it was still sore ao i did some reading and found out that i could put vit c on it i did that and the next day it was dead weel there was no more pain, any way so i am now using the vit c thing to see if it will prove it self will be in tuch….mm

  75. I don’t really have any tips, just don’t pick at them….they do spread….I had only one my freshmen year of high school , I’m in college now and I have 4 on my hands and who knows how many on each of my feet….I feel gross and are embarrassed to tell people what they really are. I have hope though, and I’ve been trying Dr. Scholls Clear away Medicated discs..they work but if you don’t take vit C along with it they will come right back….still working on getting rid of them all. (also trying finger nail polish).

  76. I had my first wart in grade school on my palm, between my thumb and index finger. it grew bigger, and so i tried the garlic remedy but i didnt work. and then it gave birth to another, and another, and another. they’re so many and in different sizes that they’re like a family, complete from the great grandparents to the newly born stubborn baby warts.

    i finally used the salicylic acid to murder the whole family of warts and i was successful. for a few months, i was wart-free! one wart(a passerby, i think) grew on the thumb of my left hand, near the nail but i totally forgot all about it, and so after a few weeks, it was gone. and then another wart popped out of my thumb of my right hand. it went away when i bugged it with the scratching, pulling out and cleaning. i was wart-free again for a few weeks.

    but the warts werent finished with me. a big bad bully wart grew on my thumb just below the area where you get your fingerprint. and then a small one near my thumb nail. also on my index finger, near my nails. on the other hand too. i tell you they’re everywhere! im treating them now with salicylic acid, and so far, theyre decreasing in size. the smallest one was practically gone.

    to conclude the story of my warts, salicylic acid, the pulling out and cleaning, and the “dont mind it” tip works for me. i hope they would for you too! no to warts!

  77. I’ve had a couple, I use Apple Cider Vinegar, works great. You just have to remember to continue the treatment for a week or so and never skip a day. I put a plaster over cotton wool full of Vinegar before bed, then take it off in the morning. Goodluck!

  78. I’ve got 3 warts on my ring finger and so read all those tips and I’m gonna try the duct tape remedy, I’ll update you on progres.

  79. I’m using sacycillic acid. My dermatalogist said it workds the best becuase it kills the roots. It takes about 3- 4 weeks but is the most reliable remedy. So try it!

  80. I have had warts all my life. Ew, I know. I had one on my pinky on the opposite side of my palm. I used my sisters planter wart medication and applied it to that wart as well as my new planters warts that I got from her. Now I have 5 warts, one big one on my left index finger and one small on on the palm of my right hand. 2 big ones on my toes and a third small one growing near them. Since it is summer and I will be at the beach next week I am trying to get rid of them. Dr. Scholls discs are working for the one on my finger. The toes are kind of hard because they tend to fall of. I put a bandage on it with the discs in place. That seems to be keeping them in place. The two small ones I might use vinegar. Wish me luck!

  81. I had heaps of warts when I was a kid and tried all kinds of creams and home remedies. Once by chance I hit a huge one I had on my thumb with a hammer. It went black deep down inside it and slowly dried up, ached a lot, and eventually came out with a bit of help. Damaging the center of them works. They kind of die! When they’re damaged in some way, garlic helps to kill the virus as it’s a natural antibiotic but make sure it’s organic (so it’s strong). The white garlic is bleached and often grown in sewage ponds in China! Yuck!! Getting warts completely out when small is the best thing. You mush get all the roots out though or they’ll grow back. Either cut a circle around the top of the wart or use a acid cream to make it break away from the top of the skin (suffocating it with tape does the same thing), leaving the hard roots exposed. Then carefully rip the thing out, being sure to get all of it. When they’re really deep it hurts like mad. They also bleed like mad so try to keep the blood from coming in contact with other skin. If you pull the wart out without damaging the surrounding skin it won’t scar. I had a huge one deep down in my finger tip and the fingerprint has grown back fine. Try and cut them out when they’re tiny. All the best!!

  82. hey, iv got warts everywere on my hands and i havent tryed that much things mostly acids but at the momment im using a treatment called salatac gel and it seems to be working so far. u can by this treatment from local pharmicists

  83. Freezing can work – if it fails it’s probably because you (or your doctor) is being too cautious and not freezing the area for long enough. You want the blister to form a visible bump within about 10 mins, but not frozen hard enough to cause bruising. Skin thickness, circulation etc. vary so you need to experiment. I’ve found 20-40 seconds’ freezing on my hands is about right.
    Do not attempt to drain fluid from the blister – you want the fluid to separate the root of the wart from the new skin cells underneath.
    Then cover with a plaster & wait 2-3 weeks until the scab falls off. There is no need to scrape away dead skin – if you do that you risk spreading the virus. The wart *will* return but it will be smaller & thinner each time until eventually it is no longer visible.

    For freezing use dimethyl ether, available in aerosols from electronics stores (it is also used for testing electronic temperature sensors.) The same stuff is used in the kits (including swabs) made by Scholl & others, but you don’t get as much in a can plus there is the embarassment of buying a box labelled “Wart Remover Kit.”

  84. I’m about to heat up a knife and burn off my wort after a few beers.
    tried doctors and freeze off time for drastic measures rather have a scar than 2 worts that look like tits on my fingure! maybe i’ll be able to shake someones hand again, without them rubbing on my “finger boobs” and snatching their hand back fast! peace

  85. Hey i’ve had this one wart all my life. im 14 by the way and i ve been trying every way ti get rid of it for the past 3 years of my life…Which is why im here. i know what its like. The one on my finger is troublesome and when people shake my hand they jump back and say egggghhh. I have tried everyhting possibvle to get rid of this. Duct Tape, acid,nail clippers and a knife,home remedies, hypnosis, otc treatments banana peal orange peal aloe vera. The most effectivewhy ivefound istotally pickkin at the wart andcuttingit down until it getsto the core…..FINALLY i just rippped outthe core today and hopefully it will go away…..:>

  86. I had a bunch of planter warts on my foot and had them for 8+ years. I started with freezing them and using duck tape, then went to burning when that failed I had them cut out. A year later they all came back plus. At that time the dr recommended Bleomycin. Its a type of Chemotherapy. Its working! I haven’t seen my heel like this for Years but its looking really good! I would Highly recommend it if you have tried everything else.

  87. I started using salicylic acid, and it semmed to work well but it turned the surrounding of my wart white! It freaked me out so I stopped using it, but overnight it came back to normal, should I use the salicylic acid again?

  88. When it hails outside I had collected some froze it then rubbed the wart on my wrist and finger and they went away after doing it a couple of times.

  89. Listen guy’s…
    Ive been useing salicylic acid. And its working really well actully im useing salicylic acid and tea tree oil and wow its really working i noticed changes that day wow its looking so much better and the warts are just falling off on the genitals and just coming off .. ill let u know in a few more days how the treatment is . i went to the pharmancy and got stright salicylic acid in a jar so i put it on the genitals and then drip tee tree oil on top really working nicely

  90. Yes, use the salicylic acid again. That happened to me also, so don’t worry. Now one of my warts are gone!

  91. I had plantars wart in high school. Of the all the options my doctor offered, I decided to go with a rather painful, but better suited to my needs, method:
    He would cut away all of the dead skin, and some of the live skin, so the wart was VERY exposed. Then take a rather sharp, fine pointed object, stick it in some sort of liquid (acid I suppose), and proceed to stick the very sharp object in my foot and swirl it around. He’d do that about five times, and it wasn’t exactly pleasant, but I have a high tolerance for pain.
    The reason I chose that method was because I ride horses, and my warts were pretty developed, and the timeline of the treatment worked best for me. (The real pain was riding. The warts were on the part of my foot that rests in the stirrups, so I rode without stirrups for quite a while.) Oh, and I also hobbled around for hours after each treatment. But it worked, and I’d do it again in a heart beat.

  92. i had a wart for 3 years.and i froze it at my docter but it came back in like 3 months so i need a way to get rid of them

  93. I had my first wart develop when I was 9 years old. I am now 18 years old and after 10 freezings and 24 laserings, they are still here, and I have over 100 of them total!!! They’re mostly on my left hand, about 10 on my right, and a cluster on each foot, one on the ball and the other on the heel. What should I do? I don’t care how painful it is, as long as I don’t do it if it’s a painful method (like cutting them out myself) and it gets rid of it. I’m thinking about having the doctor cut the suckers out. Though this is gonna put me out of commission for work for several weeks. Fun stuff…

  94. Hey im trying 2 use lemon peals 2 get them off! I hope it works? Coment back and please tell me iff it works….

  95. I had several painful warts on my hands for seven years. They were so bad that they affected my daily existence. The worst ones grew under the nails of my right thumb and middle finger. Over the years I tried various home remedies without improvement.

    At year two I tried a dermatologist and he proceeded to freeze a few warts on my palms and fingers. This was painful, but nothing most any normal person couldn’t handle. Then, he started to freeze THE ONES UNDER MY NAILS. This is when things went from unpleasant to downright intolerable. I have not, before or since, been in such horrible pain in my entire life. I nearly passed out. It was as if there were red-hot coals trapped under my nails. I was in absolute agony for about sixteen hours. I couldn’t even drive myself home. I called my mother to drive me home. At two week intervals I repeated this procedure three more times. Before each visit I told the doctor of the excruciating pain and asked for some sort of pain reliever. He looked at me like I was from another planet and suggested I take Advil! What a $%&*# of a docter! All of the warts grew back. I spent the next several years covering my warts with superglue and hacking them away with razors and toenail clippers. The warts under my nails I could not even attempt to try to cut away but continued to cover them with superglue. At about year five I submitted myself to the fact that these warts would never go away. I could live with the ones on my hands but the one growing under the nail of my middle finger was intolerable. One day, I decided the wart under the nail of my middle finger was going to go away. I gathered a roll of gauze, some rubberbands, a roll of tape, a youth sized .410 shotgun and a few shells loaded with birdshot. Then, I drove to a nearby national forest. Basically, I got on my knees and placed the buttstock between them. I grabbed the end of the barrel with my right hand and placed the tip of that finger about an inch above the exit of the barrel. I put my head down and squeezed the trigger with my left thumb.

    Noise, shock, blood, and very painful burning. I couldn’t believe that I did it. The fingernail was entirely gone along with about 1/2″ of the fingertip. I wrapped the finger in gauze and tape and went home. This may sound strange but this method was only about half as painful as the cryosurgery.

    Anyways, about two years later my warts started to feel strange. Then they sorta just died and fell off. I don’t have an explanation. Not that I’m complaining, but it is interesting to note that the skin that grew back in place of the warts is not unlike scar tissue.

    I’ve been wart-free for six years now. The fingertip I shot off eight years ago has a short, but normal looking nail and the fingertip is very sensitive. If I ever get warts under a fingernail ever again I’ll probably have a nervous breakdown.

  96. when i was younger i had terrible problems with warts, one or two popped up on my hands one day and then it didnt take long for a whole bunch of them to spread over both the top of my palms and my fingers. i think i had over 30 of them and they seemed in – destructable.

    it got so bad that in the end i went to my local Gp and she treated them by freezing them off, it is a painful experience but not un – bearable. the nxt day after the having the treatment i noticed that the smaller warts had turned to blisters from the intense freezing and once the blisters had burts and healed it self up the warts were gone and never came back. All those warts jst vanished after a few days!

    tho saying that i had a massive wart on my left hand, about the size of a penny jst below the thumbs this sucker didnt seem to care if it got frozen / burned or what, it jst stayed there even after the treatment. but then after a couple of months it jst got a little smaller each day until it kind of jst shrunk and fell away gradually.
    i dont know whether it was from the freezing treatment or not that it gradually went away. but maybe it was due to that, it jst took longer to take effect cause it was so big.

    freezing treatment did work for me on the smaller watrts, a little bit of pain but totally worth it as i hav not had warts now for almost 10 years.

    guess different methods work for different people.


  97. um k first of all its a virus… second of all freezing it does work but u have to get a blister from freezing it (sure the blister might physically pull it off the skin but i think the most important thing is that a blister is full of white blood cells which itself fight the virus) i still have warts but im just stubborn not to freeze them every 2 weeks u know whenever the blister goes away… btw dont mess with the blister at all… if u do u just reveal a part of skin with no immunity and it just spreads… and if u want to go around with duct tape on your hand all day go for it the idea is to get rid of warts without wasting your time… but ya ill have to admit those freeze off tips on the compound w thing are wayyyyy to big…

  98. i have warts on my finger right near my nail and it just looks ugly i really need to get rid of them !! 🙁 please if anyone knows any really good tips to get rid of them please tell me !! im only 13

  99. Drink up 5 oz of Jack Daniel’s, light up a smoke, and ask a crazy friend to burn it off… Sounds dumb but works faster than duct tape!

  100. Vitamin E is used to treat warts. Mainly in whole grains. I have heard many stories of warts disappearing with vitamin E.

  101. I’ve been going through approximately 8 months of freezing every 2-4 weeks. Problem is that every time the same spot is frozen it gets more painful. At one point I had around 20 on my right hand. As of now there are about 10 on my right hand and a couple on my left. I feel for everyone that is embarrassed by them. People are constantly asking me why my hands are covered in bandaids etc. This is mainly to cover the gigantic blisters that more often than not reside on my hand.

    Next week I’m going into hospital to get them all burnt off at once – with a concentrated flame. Its gonna hurt a lot, but I dont care anymore.

    I got really drunk last week and almost cut the end of my pinkie off with an axe, but I didn’t trust my own accuracy.

    The specialist today told me I might have to do the procedure 2 or 3 times, as almost all of them are around my fingernails.

    Funnily enough, my immune system has been able to resist some horrible colds and flus that I normally would have caught, yet it can’t kill my warts.

    I’m going to really have to consider what I can do about the new warts that I know will come through between treatments. Only problem is that my hand is going to take at least 3-4 weeks to heal I’m guessing. I’ve had the flame thing done before and they go damn deep, and wide.

  102. 1. cut open a fresh garlic clove – put aside. 2. crush up aspirin and make past with water. 3. put on aspirin paste then, add garlic slice – cover with band aid. Do this everyday until the ugly things fall off.

  103. I had one really bad wart on my palm for years. About a year and a half ago I started treating it with bazuka, and two more warts appeared on my hands. I tried freezing these and picked one off – it had been quite small before but then it grew back to epic proportions. I then started filing down all my warts, and treating with scholl’s and i now have 9 warts on my hand. i’ve just been for my second freezing treatment and my hands are covered in blisters. its very embarrassing, everyone knows i have warts because they’re so blatantly all over my hands.

    I was wondering if anyone knew if using the same emery board on all your warts can cause problems?

    and also what to do at the first sign of a wart?

    picking them off clearly does not work for me, since the one time i tried that it got massive and i ended up with 6 more warts!

    its nice to read here anyway that other people have had success, i just don’t know what to try next!

  104. I have a MAJOR wart problem. At the moment, I’m trying the aloe vera gel treatment. but I think that I should just comment to tell you what DOSENT work. I’ve had my warts since the 6th grade. I am now in the 8th grade, and I’m just sick of it. so, here is what DOSENT work.
    Dr Scholls freeze away-I tried it twice, and it only made the warts bigger.
    Ripping it off- It not only grew back, but it also multiplied.
    Burning it off-Did not work for me
    Rigging the dr.scholls can to make the nitrogen in the can spray directly on the wart.
    Over-the-counter wart treatments.

    I dont know if it’s just me and I have superwarts, but I figured i should tell you.

  105. well this is a story of my Planter wart so far. Never had one before but early last year I developed a small wart on my middle finger so read all the info and after 7 canisters of liquid nitrogen 5 tubes of bazooka varooka later carious other off the shelf wanders, it has not shifted one bit . I have dug into it and over the last few months I have been ( don’t try this at home) putting a tiny bead of caustic soda on it with dia consequences, and more pain that any of the pervious treatments. After about 1 min the wart bursts and bleeds very badly throbs for about two hours and then gets bigger. I have contemplated just cutting the Fxxxer off but I play classical guitar and am very passionate about my music it would mean the end of my music I don’t know what to do, I havn’t played in two years and and going MAD. All the doc’s can say is let it heal but I if I do this i will never be able to play. Today I sit with duct tape on it under the tape is a corn cap some kind of flesh eating past (salicylic Acid)that seems to eat all the skin round the wart but it’s a last hope and line of defence I have tried all the things, burning, herbal, doc’s medication come on doctors we/ I need a cure fast HELP will up date soon.

  106. I have heaps of warts on my foot that are on the sole of my foot and near my toes. Theyve been spreading for about 3 years. This is esspecially embarrising because i am a model and its very hard to hide them. I have tried over the counter remidies. Althogh the dead skin is flaking off, there seems to be to many layers for it to work!!!

  107. okay. I have this one slightly smallish plantar wart on the bottom of my left heal…just wondering if anybody else knows if you HAVE to use CLEAR nailpolish? I’m only 12 and I don’t have clear nailpolish…PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. i have a wart on the top of my right hand and its been there for like 5 months I have been using compound W gel and it was working fine in one day it shrunk 1/3 of its size then it stopped shrinking I really want this wart gone before september 5th i really dont wanna start high school with a wart… whats a really fast way to get rid of it?

  109. Andy,
    Try soaking some cotton in Apple Cider Vinegar and place on it with a bandage over it – overnight keep doing and it may go away. My daughter had one on her finger and I did this and it went away in a week.
    However, not working on the one on her thumb.
    They are tricky and stubborn things!

  110. Pretty much every home remedy is just a different way of stimulating your immune system so that it starts to attack the warts. Like with the duct tape method: the chemicals in the tape soak into your skin and your immune system responds to that. They also find the warts there too so they just attack the warts as well; the only setback is that duct tape takes a while to work.

    I had a bunch of warts my feet, and one day during the summer I got a ton of mosquito bites all over my feet because I forgot bugspray. Within about a week all of the warts were gone. I did some research and it was the same concept… the immune system responded to the mosquito bites (which is actually what causes the itching and red bumps) and it found the warts as well. So yeah, if you’re around mosquitoes one day just let them bite you… It works faster than anything else I’ve ever heard of.

  111. Ive done freezing i tryed it last week. Dude it didint hurt i dont understand what u guys are talking about compound -w hurts way more then freezing lol .personally i wish the doctors would freeze my genital warts every day so i can hurry up and get rid of them.But my doctor does itevery two weeks so aug 28 will be my 2nd treatment

  112. I am 17 and have literally hundreds of warts on my hands. I have tried freezings(it took a couple off but more popped up), Condelox(It worked for a little while but then stopped and again more popped up.) Aldara(again, the same thing. It did burn large chunks out of um. But a package wouldn’t even last me a week, I might ask to go back to using it while while using other treatments.) Tagament(I’m pretty sure it’s just a plecibo.)
    After getting the dermatologist shuffle, I’m now getting the Imuno Therapy treatment. I’m on my second one and haven’t seen much change.
    My warts have gotten so bad that I am considering starting private school. Please help me.

  113. Also, Sexy one. If the freezing doesn’t hurt then your dr. didn’t do it long enough. You should have a blisters the next day and it shoulda stung pretty good.

  114. I had genital warts for 18 months. Tried everything to get rid of them including Cryotherapy,laser,leep,bio-t,acv,thuja and TTO.Took loads of vitamins but nothing worked. In the end I sent off for Wartmole Vanish after doing research on it. Costs $70. 2 months later and I am now clear of all ten warts that I treated. Also removed 2 small moles.I hope someone else will try it and post result on here.


  115. Well, I am 14 and I have had 5 small plantar warts in a row on my little toe for a while. I can’t feel them but I constantly know that they are there. I am going to try a few of the techniques and rport my findings soon. I am getting ready to do the Garlic now, and It really reaks, but if it works, it works.

  116. i recently got a couple warts behind my pinky toe nail (i also have one on the side of the toe for a while but very very small). i wanted to try the duct tape way but since it was summer i didn’t want everyone to see gray duct tape on my toe so i covered the duct tape with a band aid and it didn’t look so bad then. i did this for about a month, only replacing it every week or when it got too fuzzy from carpet sticking to it. the wart behind my toe is gone, i was shocked! but for some reason the tiny wart on the side did not leave. so my point is treating a new wart is hell of a lot easier than an old one. if u see one do something about it right away and stick with it till it’s gone. i’m treating a planter wart on the bottom of my foot with 4 thieves oil (i have had this wart for 8 year, for the first 2 years i thought it was just dry skin). i’m determined to get rid of this one with oil. it’s only been a week but i have high hopes. >:O u hear that wart, your gone f$#@er

  117. oh boy i started getting warts 2-3 yrs ago. and i have a terrible one on my right thumb. it goes around my whole nail, not only is it embarressing but it hurts trying to remove it. i go to a dermatologist but he puts me in throbbing painnn. ive gotten rid of 3 warts from freezing but the rest just wont budge.
    ive tried the aldara, the compound w, the disks, the clear nail polish, and trimming them with toe nail clippers. ughhh.
    someonee helppp 🙁

  118. I’ve had a plantar wart on my foot for 9 years now. Tried burning it off at the doctors for a year (every 2 weeks). It went away but then came back. The duct tape method does not seem to be working for me, this is my 6th month and its still there. I might try the garlic and vinegar.

  119. I have had warts since i was 7. I have froze them off many times and they just keep coming back. Lately, I have tried clear fingernail polish and its working. I have 3 on my fingers, 1 on my ankle, 2 on my leg, and 12 on my feet… TRY CLEAR FINGERNAIL POLISH!!!

  120. I’ve had a planter wart (between my toes) for about 4 years now. And I got the cantharidin treatment done and it works wonderfully. But if it starts to burn really really badly put half a box of baking soda in a pan filled with cold water and soak it for 1 hour. This is my first treatment for it because it never really hurt and my wart is already half way gone so I suggest this treatment for planter warts.

  121. I have been getting regular Imuno therapy treatments for the past 2 months and they have been working great. As I stated earlier, I have lots of warts, and after my 3rd treatment, about 10 of them have either disappeared or fallen off, and I’d say about 3/4 are brown and dying.

  122. Well I have had a planter wart for around 4 months now and whenever it gets big I use the nail clippers to trim it down. One day I couldn’t feel it so I ended up ripping out strands of it and it started bleeding. One day I tried a knife and that hurt like Hell. So I’m going to try the Duct tape or Superglue method.

  123. I am American indian and every time I got a wart my mom made me eat 2 cooked chicken livers every day for a week and it has always worked. My mom said she doesn’t know what is in it but it works and has been passed on for generations from my family. I would always drown my chicken liver in ketchup to hide the taste but it was worth it when my warts were gone. I have recommended this to many people throughout my life and been made fun of until they thanked me after it worked for them. THIS WORKS

  124. Mucous warts that are on the vagina or penis known as (H P V) may have gotten placed there from your own hands if you have warts on your hands. If you gave yourself warts then first you need to get rid of the warts on your hands. Secondly you need to make sure that when you handle external genital warts that your hands DO NOT have cuts in them or you could get warts on your hands. If you have mucous warts on the external parts of the vagina or penis then the best way to get rid of the warts is to use any kind of hot toothpaste and be sure to tape a piece of paper on the tube of paste that says “for warts only” so you don’t get warts in your mouth. Use a Q-Tip to apply the toothpaste to the wart(s) areas (if they are in the lips of the vagina then sit on a clean towel and use a small mirror – then use a blow dryer to help stableize the toothpaste to keep it from rubbing off – – and lastly and most importantly use pieces of cotton ball to cover the toothpaste applications to help the toothpaste stay put. Now it may hurt, but that means it’s working. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after every application. Apply more toothpaste everyday or every other day and as many times a day that you can handle. Remember to take a hot bath and rinse off the toothpaste before you go to bed. If the pain is to much to handle then grin and bear it because this is the only method that works.

  125. Now my wart is really emabrssing its right dead smak on my forehead wich is a part of me that everyone looks at everyday im not ugly or anything but this wart on my head is very unatractive…im tryin the duck tape right now as we speak and it is working.. right now its turning white and my skin is softening and its kinda lifting this is my second day i cant wait to see the results

  126. 1.The freezer thing thing gives temporary relief.
    2.The applying lotion thing never works.
    3.The laser surgery(isn’t as complicated as it sounds) definitely works
    BUT!!! there is no guarantee it wont regrow elsewhere
    Because its roots are deep and spreads across the bloodstream and can remain dormant for years. BELIEVE IT OR NOT there is no antidote yet for the elimination of HPV(funny it rhymes with HIV) which is only virus causing all forms of warts(different strains).

  127. Freezeing does work, But you have to keep up with the opointments. And alot of the doctors dont know how to freeze the right away and they dont freeze often enough if you have alot of warts freezeing every two weeks is not enough … Im also going to start useing aldera because i really wanna be effective when im not doing freezeing treatment. Lets all hope we can get the new hpv show soon 🙂

  128. i have a lot a lot of wart on my body. it almost at my right side and quite many years already, but i just know that it is called – wart.
    i’d consulted doctor before, but it not works.
    i’d tried a lot of medicine before, it not works too.
    some of medicine can remove it, but just a few days only, it return…
    this is one of the things makes me feel very annoy.
    2nd is, a lot of method need to tape it, bandage it. but my skin is really sensitive, i cant tape over 5 or 6 hours or it will get worst…
    3rd is, is this virus cos from HPV? i never sex before, why still will like this? and my parents dont have these problem, why i have?
    *sigh* can someone help?

  129. oh dear! plantars on feet for eight years now, tried acid with the doctor, marigold preperation and am now trying the cider vinegar which stings like crazyy!! The warts seem to get black bits inthem, like the vinegar makes them bleed inside. anyone know what is happening when they do this? Also spread to hands…

    Been hacking away at them as well, what mineral should one take? Is it a mineral lack?
    Best wishes gab88

  130. Whatever your podiatrist might tell you, the treatment can be VERY LONG. I have been attending mine regularly every 3 weeks for the past year and the cost is mounting up! He has me on zinc now and it seems to be working. I found that the duct tape method was not effective as it kept on coming off on my socks and had to be replaced daily, which I sometimes didn’t have time for (before leaving for work). Also I am sure that nobody at my gym would want to see that there is someone in the lockerroom who is infected with warts! So I have taken to the clear nail polish method. Apply as often as you get the chance. This way it is invisible, and most importantly IT STAYS ON! Also take hot foot baths when you get the chance, it whitens the warts which I am told means they are dying.

  131. At the moment i have around 11 wars on my hand it, it started out as one now they just multiplied… At the moment I’m trying the nail polish which i was told about a little while agao… o help the process i’m going to add duct tape to it as well… With the heat that australia is coming into now i want to get rid of them before i start to sweat… I will let everyone know how the nail polish and duct tape work…

  132. I have a wart on my right index finger and its making my finger nail have an indent in it, is there anyway that would get this off better

  133. I have had large worts on the bottom of my foot for a couple of years. I tried having them burned out at the doctor, and have tried the duct tape thing. I my job requiers me to shower sometimes 2-3 times a day, so keeping any form of treatment on is hard. I may try the clear nail polish thing. If anyone has any other suggestions, PLEASE let me know a.s.a.p.

  134. I have about 10 little warts between both hands. My boss told me that her daughter had a wart on her foot that was so big she couldn’t even get her shoes on. My boss scheduled a Dr. appt for her daughter, and the day they were to go to the Dr. she looked at her daughter’s foot and the wart was completly gone. She asked what her daughter had done, and she said she had put Hand sanatizer on it 4 times a day, and it had gone away. I decided to try it, and so far its worked. I sit at my desk with a bottle of hand sanitizer and rub it on my warts. Even just squirting a little directly on the wart and letting it sit there for as long as possible works well too.

  135. you can take ducktape and put it on your finger well i had a wart on my finger on the my right hand and i write with my write had i had the wart since 5 years and i still have it and i hate it anyway u can use duck tape put on tape repeat this ever yday for 6 day the soak it till it get soggy it looks disgusting then u file it away u can find the filers at wallgreens and cvs

  136. Had them since i was 8 years old. We tried the freezing stuff and all that but it never worked. tried the acid tape. the duct tape. i saw a new doctor today and he injected my warts with canda. Its a yeast infection bacteria that the body kills within a week, and the body is supposed to say “hey there is a wart here lets get it” after it kills the yeast infection. doesn’t work for everyone but he said if it turns red and hard within a couple days then your body will react to it. Mine turned red like 3 hours later so i think it will work. maybe this will work for some of you ask your doctor about it.

  137. i had about 10 on my lips. TEN! Went to dermatology and they numbed them all (ironically the numbing hurt the most)and then cut the big ones off and cauterized the smaller ones(guess it melts them with electricity swelled up for like 2 or 3 days but after that they never showed up again.

  138. i have the most painful one on my hand. it is on my palm and i have had it on and off for a year now. i use diswart which hurts so much!! and it makes my hand look so ugly!!! i think i might try some of these home remedies though .. because this liquid is too painful and it doesnt work (this is the 2nd time this wart has come back) OUCH …

  139. I used to have terrible warts on my hands during high school. I’ve tried every procedure you can think of. Compound W, prescription grade salicilyc acid, freezing, removal by scalpal, etc.. If you really have a stubborn wart(s), take my advice. The most effective and longest lasting remedy I ever had was to have a dermatologist numb the area, cut the largest warts off, and then use a laser to caulderize the wound. Smaller warts do not require cutting and can be just subjected to the laser treatment. To be honest, if the warts are small enough, you can have the laser treatment done without any local anesthesia. Kinda feels like being snapped hard with a rubber band. Very little pain during the procedure and even less during the healing. I also had the best results in keeping the warts from returning using this method.

  140. I had a really BIG NASTY looking wart once, and I went online to look for a cure. I found out that if you use a banana peel, (the inside gooey part), on the wart, and put ductape, or a bandaid over it, then that will make it go away. Good Luck!!

  141. A friend told me that one of the older ladies at her church told her to use tagamet (the over-the-counter acid reducer,) for about 8 weeks, and it would kill the virus. I asked my nurse practitioner, and she said yes, for some reason, over the counter acid reducers like tagamet, prilosec, that type of thing, they kill the virus in your blood stream. So, I’m going to try that. My friend said she tried it, and all hers went away, and she hasn’t gotten any more.

  142. i have about 12 warts. I hate them every tuesday i have to go to a doctor.They spray something on it and there still not gone I hate them

  143. I had severe planters warts about 35 years ago. The warts covered the ball of my foot. Very painful. Had every medical treatment at the physicians office available at the time. Finally someone recommanded a product, over the counter, which worked within a weeks time. If I remember correctly it was a topical creamointment. I believe the name was something like “Virgo”. Has anyone heard of such a product. Where can it be found?

  144. I HATE WARTS!! its really embarrasing isn’t it?! i’ve tried so many times with the freeze away **** and that DOESN’T WORK! now they’re getting even bigger and even more noticable since they’re on my fingers..(whats worse is that the guy i like saw them!! nooooo!) im just tired of trying to cover them up and having to live with them. whats the fastest way to get rid of these nasty things??

  145. I’ve had my battles through the years.Only thing that works is to dig em out. Seems to work better when cold, like when outside on a cold morning they seem to want to be dug out. Take sharp pointed pocket knife or razor knife stick knife in several spots around base then tear it out if your lucky you might see a hard yellow center the root I guess stick the tip of knife in it and pry up and out. seems bad but once removed skin closes and heals very fast. Sometimes you have to do a couple of times but goodbye wart. Be carefull and good luck

  146. I have so many warts on my right foot right now and they hurt like ****!! to the poing where i cant even walk and i have to take tylenol sometimes. I’ve been researching today and i found this duct tape method which i started doing it today! i really hope it works because im desperate!! does anyone have more tips for me?

  147. hi smon.. i am 17.. 18 n february.. anyways..

    before 5 years.. because i was swimming alot.. someone n the pool infected me with warts.. it really hurts like ****.. i used to have 4 or 5.. now they are all gone..

    i used “duofilm for treatment of warts” it is like nail polish..

    how to use it.. well u hv to patient!!

    everynight put ur right foot.. n a solution of WARM water and salt.. then using the nail sharpner.. sharp the warts.. then clean the shapner with alchol.. apply “duofilm”

  148. ok i have a wart just below m middle knuckle on my left hand and one in the middle of my left hand middle finger (palm side of hand)
    any tips would b great thank you im gona try the vingar and duct tape and garlic an cut it and warm water and freeze jel this should work as im using alot of ideas ogether:)

  149. hry guys i had an idea but i need some one to try is lmao
    im to chicken but i heard from a freind tht if u soke it in bleach acupitly every night it will die fast (he said very very fast)
    but hey i duno its a very powerful acid so if u try it and it works plz post bak

  150. hi kiki, thanks for the your tip…ya i got my warts too while swimming which sucks!!

    i tried filing it with a file and its TOO painful!! im gonna give the nail polish a try tho.
    oh and btw do u know if its healing or not? because when i put the duct tape on it becomes really white and not as hard and im scared that it happens because the wart is moist and, i believe thats not good.

    thank you:)

  151. iv got 3 warts on my right pointer finger 1 just left of my nail and 2 just before it the 2 before it are circle shape and the 1 next to my nail is a strange shape i have had these about a year now they have not spread but i really want to get rid of them HELP PLEASE THEY ARE SO EMBARASING AND VERY PAINFUL WHEN IM DOING MY JOB (MECHANIC) WERE I HAVE TO USE MY HANDS.

  152. Hi Smom 🙂

    please when the warts get better.. post a comment :)… i wish u the best… i will not open the internet till the 17th of january.. maybe 18… got lots of stuff to do… ministry exams.. planning for the graduation ceremony.. its just the school wants us to sing “we are the champions for queen” and i have another idea.. is to sing “Affirmation for savage garden” u know what… nevermind… just keep on putting the nail polish thing…TRANNN.. they are gone.. kiss them goodbye… YUCK:P


    you grab a cigarette, light it, put it as close as you can to your wart ( BUT DONT TOUCH! ) and as soon as the pain becomes to much your wart comes off sraight away.

    and then the rest leave in quick time.

  154. OUCH.. r u kidding me???? but is there any possibilty an infection will happen.. i mean the same wart will get infected?

  155. get a sharp knife, heat it, the cut off the wart rite at the root, then dab with surgical spirit…not for the faint hearted though

  156. this web site is great!!! i had warts on my neck i used bannana peel i rubbed it on every night and tthe warts are all gone it realy works!!!

  157. i had 2 warts on my thumb on my left hand just above my finger nail a large one on the rite and a small 1 on the left. couldnt stand it. it was imbarasing so… i went to my docter and he said that if i go to the chemist and get some stuff for it and bathe my hand in hot water and then file the wart down and then put some of the stuff on (do this evey day) it will go within 2 weeks but then my warts turned white when i put that stuff on so i stopped doking it because people at school laughed at me and afterall im only 13

  158. hey..need help.. i have so many warts on my neck down to my clevege and on my face…it is a small to get rid of them?..i really hate my warts….what to do?

  159. I have a huge wart on my index finger on my left hand, another on the right thumb, and 3 more on the tip of my right middle finger ( next to and partially under the nail). I have had these for many years and I have tried all sorts of things. I have gone and had them frozen many times with no results. I have tried all sorts of ” over-the-counter” items and nothing works. I have even tried Tea Tree Oil and that almost worked, but I feel like I may never get rid of them and I am sooooo embarrassed by them. I hate to even show my hands because they are everywhere. I will never give up trying to get rid of these painful pesky problems.
    Wart sufferer!

  160. Okay, so I’ve been getting warts since I was really little. For the first, the freezing method worked, but now I have a wart on the knuckle of my thumb, on the right side of my index finger, and one on the left side of my big toe.
    I’ve had the one on my index finger for 3 years! I’ve tried to burn it off 4 times, and it came back. I tried the duct tape thing, but got sick of it before it did anything. When it gets too big I chop it off with nail clippers, but it grow back in a dayish. The one on my thumb got HUGE! I had it burnt 4 times. It would swell up and get all white and I’d tear it off leaving a hole, but in less the 2 weeks it was back. The last time I had it done it got really huge and filled with water, I tried to let it be, but popped it and tore it off anyway. It grew back different this time. It protrudes like a wart, but it feels like skin! I dunno what that mean, but I’m still gonna treat it like a wart and hopefully they’ll all go away with one of these methods…

  161. I have BIG wart on my knuckle just below my middle finger, i got it froze about 6 time now and it STILL hasnt fell off. I started using tea tree oil and its got a little smaller but it still aint falling off. tried to use the duct tape but its hard because i have to wrap my hole hand with it so it wont come off so i just took the duct tape off.. i need a new way to get rid of it.. and advice? thanks!

  162. I used to have two small warts on my right hand thumb, i picked at them(not knowing what they were) and soon they merged into one massive big one and it wont go away 🙁
    I’ve been to the Doctors and had it frozen but it just wont go & i’m embaressed about it at school because people keep on asking what it is!
    Please Help me! Any tips which have worked on massive stubborn warts on thumbs appreciated!

  163. I tried the white vinegar one. I got a Q-Tip and put it in the vinegar then i put it all over my wart, then i grabbed the vinegar and a cotton swab, then i poured the vinegar on the cotton swab and drained it so it was damped then i put it on my wart and covered it with duct tape. I did this for 1 whole day then i took it off and it was all white after that i rinsed my wart in water then later it turned brown, i went to bed and woke up and it was black then i peeled it off. It came back so i did the vinegar thing again and after i peeled it off again it never came back

  164. I have a real plantar wart problem and I have some on my fingers. I have tried all freezing and acid products, but they are useless. I would take a knife and cut off the dead skin caused by the acid products and when I would get deep enough, I would burn the virus with freeze products.

    They all came back!!! These products don’t work at all! It is a scam. **** you Dr.Scholls.

    Anyway, I have tried Aldara also for 3 months, but nothing. I have no clue what to do anymore. I will try duct tape I guess…

  165. Hi,im 15 and 8 worts and dont know what to do?
    and if you use the compound W dont leave it open for too long cuz it will dry out and its stings a little but when you peel it off it does i did use it bu then i dried out so now i might try the banana peal one or duck tape no sure but yeah if you do use the Compound W DON’T LEAVE IT OPEN FOR TOO LONG!!
    and it will be white when you put it on 😀
    and plz give me the best advice i really need 🙁

  166. Hi, I’m only 13 and I have four warts on my feet. One is on the very bottom of my heel and just won’t go away! I’m too embaressed to go to the doctor and I was wondering whether anybody can help me?

  167. I have two plantar’s warts on the bottom of my left heel. I had only one before, got it burned off, and it came back double! One of my friends suggested soaking them in pickle juice, so I’m going to try that. She said she got rid of a big one in just five minutes of soaking!

  168. I got a wart on the thumb on my left hand last summer. I didn’t realise what it was for ages, so it was quite established when i started treating it because i didn’t think it was anything to worry about until it was fairly big. I bought some Scholl Seal & Heal Verucca Removal Gel and started applying it. I used a spare pair of nailclippers and trimmed it whenever it went hard, but kept applying fresh removal gel every day, or whenever needed. This stuff is good becuase it seals the wart in to stop it spreading. It’s a bit weird to use at first as it turns the skin white, but that’s just it killing the infected cells off. I gradually had to trim it less and less, and it finally has now totally disappeared! Success! Thought i’d let people know that this kind of stuff does really work if you stay patient and keep at it.
    I think this tehnique will work better in the long run, because i’m very sure that it’s totally gone, whereas with freezing, there’s often some left which comes back after a few months.

  169. I have a huge black wart on my forehead. It is a size of a small grape. I have been using freezaway for almost a week but it does not seem like its working. Anyway suggestion?

  170. Hi, I am 19 years old. I recently just got this thing on my face. I thought it was a pimple but then it got to big so I assumed it was a wart. I have had them before, just not on my face. I got to online and read some information on ways to get rid of them. After reading I decided to try something different. I think it is working because I feel this burning where it is. Try getting one type of medication with Salicylic acid in it, then try to get something with 10% Benzoyl Peroxide in it. I washed my face with warm water and soap to get rid of any bacteria, then I used Clearasil ULTRA Deep Pore Cleansing Pads (this has the Salicylic Acid in it) and squeezed the “juice” out of one of the pads, put it where the wart is and within a minute you should start feeling a burning either on or around the wart, next you use the stuff with Benzoyl Peroxide in it (I used a cream of some sort) and put that on top, finally you should cover it with a bandaid I hope it works. GOOD LUCK!!!

  171. DO not use wart freeze away, the freezing hurts and the acid therapy is much too hard on the skin ive had my warts for about 3-4 years and they still wont go away, so im considering medicine or duct tape.. they are on my right wrist and the top of my left hand. anyone have something easy i can do to get rid of them fast? Thnx

  172. OMG! i need help! i have a wart on the knuckle of my left thumb! its soooooo annoying! im only 14 and im afraid that im gonna have it for the rest of my life! by the way… ive been using vitamin e and putting a bandaid over it every morning before school and it doesnt work @ all! i know how everyone says ur supposed to be patient but ive been using this for like a year or two now and it DOESNT work! all it does is make u feel like u need it on…..its like addictave and if u dont put it on you want to bite @ it! so DONT use vitamin e cuz it doesnt work but if u have any suggestions that would be nice! thanks so much,

  173. I have 11 warts, 5 on my little finger, a MASSIVE one on one of my middle fingers and numerous ones of my palms, along with 3 on my feet. I honestly cannot think of anything more embarassing, and I have tries Soluzac (I live in the UK) with 19% Salyic Acid, which made them get smaller, but soaking them for 5 minutes everyday was a pain in the butt. I have no idea wich way to turn, nothing works for me and it seems like I will be stuck with them for life!


  174. I dont know if this is recommended or whatever but its a good solution if you have the money for it. I bought the Dr. Scholls freeze away kit and their medicated salicylic acid bandaid devices. I have this one stubborn wart on my palm that would never go away using one or the other but i froze the wart 5 times today already and i have the salycylic bandaid on it. The wart has already shrunk massively in the 4 hour period since i did the last freezing. This might be really irritating to the skin for some people but its not bothering me at all. I’ll update how the removal is going in around 2 days to see if this combination remedy is as effective as its already showing to be.

  175. well first of all no one method can be much better than others. everyy wart is different and sometimes it just taked different things to get rid of them. for some people duct tape works like magic. for others, they’ve used an entire roll and the damn thing still won’t go away. it’s all about finding the right method for you. it will take patience however. i mean about 5 years ago i got my first wart on the index finger of my left hand right on my cuticle next to my nail. it was just a little blister looking thing at first but it seriously tripled in size in like 4 days. it got big. so my dad took me to the doctor and they froze it off and after a day or two it scabbed over and it wa gone. about 6 months later (if that) it was back. my dad took my back to the doctor and had it frozen off again and the same thing happened but this time it came back in like 2 weeks. it was really big and it looked swollen or something and it hurt soo bad. next thing i knew i started getting more and more. now i think i have a total of 5 or 6. they aren’t huge but they’re big enough to hurt and be disgusting. it’s so painful getting my nails done now. i’ve tried the freeze off stuff and the wart band aides and i even tried duct tape for a little while probably not long enough but i’ve got to do something because they’re just getting worse. i’ve got a tiny tiny little bity small on the the outside of my nostril. having one on your face is the worst. my brother always tells me that i have a booger there but its the wart so i know it’s noticable to other people other than just me. i think i might try the aloe vera or.. the vitamin c. just remember if you have a lot of them be careful i didn’t realize this but touching things with the warts can just spread it. if you pick at them will nail clippers or pumice stones or anything you HAVE TO SANITIZE that thing like CRAZY otherwise the next time you use it you could spread it. anyways good luck..

  176. i have s wart (i think) on my pinky and my thumb at the end of my finger nail. How do i get rid of them? the best way?

  177. i have a wart on my hand and i always cover it up with my sleeve,ive tried picking it off but it just comes back 🙁 please help x

  178. Had them since I was 8. Now at 33, I still get the damn warts on my hands. Not too badly, but I’ve done some pretty barbaric things to get rid of them – none involve blowing the tips of my fingers off with a shotgun, though. I used a soldering iron and burned them – minimal results. I used the over the counter Dr. Scholls freeze thing, and it sucked – if anything, it caused the warts to spread, which is clear in the indications as risky. Salycilic acid – nasty, messy, and not useful. I tried a wart stick, like chap stick, but as bad as salycilic acid. The best thing was by accident when pointing the stones on my patio outside – the lime actually started burning my hands about 20 minutes into the work, and I washed it off. My hands were wrinkly like prunes, but ALL of the warts – maybe 8 or so, were gone in a week. 8 months later, I have 2 coming back, and I’m going to try finger nail polish now. Good luck, folks. Be safe.

  179. Freezing warts is the best way to rid them. Ive had warts on my right hand since i was a kid. I have one on my pinky right now which i have frozen 3 times with the compound w and is almost gone. You have to file down the skin about a week after the treament and pick the wart out of you skin. There is no point getting a doctor to do it unless you wanna go in there weekly. I had one stubborn wart in my palm of my hand which i had left grow for about 3 years and it took almost the full bottle of stuff to burn out but it worked. As for people saying the freezing hurts???? Stubbing you toe hurts 100 times more so suck it up, or have fun with warts all over the place.

  180. I’m only 12 and i have 6 warts, I dont wanna be stuck with them the rest of my life, I have one on my right thumb, one on my left index finger, and four on my big toe. i have tried freezing them all but they wont go away and they keep multiplying. Multiple times i have picked off small ones forming on my other fingers and those go away, but those 6 stay! i talked to my mom and she said that when she was about my age that she got a lot of warts too but then they all just went away, but since genes change I’m afraid they WILL stay. HELP ME!! I have tried EVERYTHING!

  181. Im in the 8th grade. in the 6th grade i got like 8 planters warts on my right foot…they hurt so bad and one day i took a needle and dug under every single one of the wart’s roots(i have thick skin on my foot and it didnt hurt a bit)but if youve got thick skin on your feet try my needle method. it works and it doesnt hurt. it feels good! and they havnt come back! then like in the sixth grade i got a massive one (planter again)on the inside of my index finger. it was so embarassing. i tried freezing/burning, compound w, duct tape, and some $100 wart cream…and my needle technic and that suckah just got BIGGER! and then i got two more! one on my middle finger and another on my thumb. when those two came i was just like “screw it” and i left them alone. then a couple months later they ALL went away…they just reveresed in growth or somthing. right now (a year or so later) ive got another planter growing on my index finger an inch from the old massive’s scar. im not going to mess with it. i might try hot water. but guys, for me, screwing around with the ones on your fingers only makes them BIGGER. so patience… dont worry im going to have to be patient with this one…we’ll do it together…

  182. i have a couple of VERy stubborn warts on my right knee. i have tried aldera, immunotherapy, lasers, and of course freezing. i recently had them frozen (make sure ur dermatologist really holds the stuff on, it should hurt A LOT), then maybe a week after started compound W gel. it seems so be working theyre definitely going down. ill keep everyone posted!

  183. I have a six yr old daughter and she has had 2 warts and both times we put garlic on them and they have fell off in a week. Every night before she went to bed I taped the wart off with bandaids around it so the garlic didnt burn the skin b/cause it hurts and then put fresh garlic that has been pressed with a garlic press and then a bandaid on top of that and then in the morning take it off. Its gets black and nasty and one of them even oozed with some liquid but I can but up with that for a week to get rid of.

    I also had plantars warts on the bottom of my feet for seven yrs and they were painful I tried freezing them and everything nothing worked but they finally fell off so dont lose hope they eventually will. Wish I had known the garlic thing then.

  184. Get a bowl of cup of very salty hot water, not too hot, or you will burn yourself. Soak the wart for about 30 seconds, dry the wart then use a nail file gently on the wart. Keep repeating the process and wart should go, or atleast reduce in size:)

  185. THIS REALLY WORKS!!! I was fighting with a wart on my foot for almost 4 years – acids and cutting it out didn’t work at all. My doctor suggested duct tape. I thought is was crazy, but it worked! You should leave it on for 1 week, When you take it off several layers of dead skin will come off including the wart. Because mine was so deep it took two weeks, but it did work!

  186. ok what i did was i took duck tape n put it on there n let it sit 4 1 week then soak it in water it worksss.

  187. My son at the time of outbreak was 16 months he had what i thought was a skin allergy and i was treating it with calamine lotion etc. Went to the dr because it had spread all over the back and belly. Small blister like warts, they would get red and pop almost like an ant bites. The dr said he had seen it alot he said because of his age he would not recommend the cream normially used to treat it, so try rubbing maalox or any stomach acid relief on the area after bath before bed and in the morning. I did it at night only for about 10 days and it was gone. I noticed a huge difference after 3 days. He is going to be 2 in a few days and he is clear.

  188. UHHHGGGG!!! I have over ten warts on my heel, and one smaller one on my bog toe. Whatever anyone says, never try digging them out! It hurts like **** if you have soft heels, and even if you have togh feet, it’s still uncomfortable. Over the counter freeze-away stuff doesn’t work either. I’ve found that the tougher your feet are, the harder it is to get rid of planters warts. Ugh, are they annoying! I still have yet to try garlic and hot water. Good luck!

  189. Okay, I have warts.
    There sick and nasty!
    But I want to get rid of them,
    I love flip flops but how can i wear them with Warts.
    Im always hiding my feet to cover them up!
    Ive ried freezing, this gel stuff, finger nail polish, and duck tape!
    Nothing worked,
    Ive had these for about 7 years!
    So please tell me how to get rid of them Fast easy not painful, and cheap.

  190. I’ve tried 3 methods.

    1) waiting: THIS DOES NOT WORK. Well maybe if I wait a billion more years, but I’ve had these warts for more than 5 years now. All they do is spread.

    2) Verrumal Solution for warts (through prescription)
    This doesn’t seem to work either. I’ve used up the entire bottle and my warts are still very much alive.

    3) Cryosurgery
    This hurts like a ***** for a day or so. After that it was not as painful, but I couldn’t walk for a few days since the warts were on my big toe and the next one. I even had a blood blister which oozed out blood and pus. Sounds gross and looks gross (it was quite fun to scare my family with it though).

    The warts on my second toe were pretty new so they’ve disappeared after the blister peeled off. The ones on my big toe spread though. I should give them names or something ‘cos I don’t think they’ll go away… 🙁

    I think the most effective method was cryosurgery, but I’m too much of a coward to go through it again.

  191. Try Homeopathy ,there are some medicines that really work wonders.Examples are Thuja 30 or 1m and nitric acid 30 etc.It is absolutely painless and definitely worth trying

  192. well, i had like 20 warts all over my hands. well mostly next to my finger nails.i think they come when the skin peels up and the dirt gets was a difficult place to have them because i couldn’t get them burn’t or frozen off, well i could but the doctor said it would deshape my fingers, i tried everything, banana peel didn’t work, garlic didn’t work, duct tape didn’t work, and most of the wart killer things i tried didn’t work either. but 1 did, it takes a few months but its affective, you apply the wart killer put a band aid on and leave it over night, the next day, using tweesers pull the layer of wart killer of and it will bringa layer of wart with it, keep doing this every day for as long as it needs and hopefully it will work, i can’t remember what it was called but i know it was in a purple box, well i know that warts are an embarrassing thing to have but they can be removed, i hope this helps

  193. Thanks Amanda for saying they are on your knee!!! I have never met anyone else like me! They are on my left knee and have been there for YEARS!!!!!!! I kinda think they are cute now, in a cluster… but it can be gross for other people! Plus it is embarrassing to wear shorts or skirts which I love by the way! I have tried laser, freezing, and now aldara… not working!!! I think I’m going to buy some duct tape tomorrow then try the garlic method if all else fails!

  194. quite effective, buy salicylic acid to any drug stores,apply on affected area using cotton buds…do it every night before you retire.

  195. Someone told me to cut a potato in half, rub the wart with it, make a cross shape in the potato and bury the potato. This sounds soooo crazy, but I did it with my older son and it worked. They say when the potato starts to rot in the ground, the wart comes off. (Give it a few weeks). I just tried it on my younger son, so We’ll see.

  196. Angie! I have the same exact thing as you. I have three warts on my left knee. One is right below it, one a little below my knee and one on the side smack dab in the middle. Everyone notices them and I get soo embarrased! I always have to wear jeans/longer skirts/long leggings to cover them. I only wear shorts in public or with my best friend. I have had them for many years. I think I will try the duct tape or the garlic trick.

  197. ok so i have warts on 4 of my fingers and three toes and im so insecure about them and try to hind them
    what are you supposed to say when someone’s like “what’s that?”
    i just try to change the subject…. im in high school and can’t stand them im not a dirty person and just want them off my body.
    i’ve tried freezing them off but just results in more
    i have just started puting apple vinegar on and then duct tape on them every night. the pain isn’t to bad..its bearable
    so hopefully in some 2-6 weeks they will be gone

    if it works or not ill write to tell
    fingers crossed!

  198. If you file down your warts everyday with a nail file, and apply moisturiser after you have filed, they should start to go, but may take a while.

  199. i’ve got two on my fingers and i can’t hide them properly.
    i’ve tryed duct tape. they went away but cause i took it off they came back.
    i’m way to embarressed to go to the doctors :
    and scared if others see them

  200. I have had warts on my hands for about 5 years now! 10 of them! I tried having them froze and lots of different things, but yes of course nothing worked 🙁 but i got Bazuka gel the other day (you buy it from the chemist or you can get in on prescription) and after 4 days of using it 2 of them are gone!! The rest have got smaller and seem to be going! FINALLY!! 🙂

  201. i have about 9 warts on my foot and i have had them or about 5 months now . i have tried lots of wart killers and jst none of them work so now i will try out the vinegar

  202. okay, i had some nasty warts right on my chin !
    EW ! well, ill give you an easy tip, dont tough them i
    did and they spreaddddd ! but i did try the duct tape,
    it workeddd ! and the pain wasnt that bad, i only had
    it on for an hour too !

  203. hey i used duc tape for one day and then when i took it off it was flatter but it was bigger wats wid that. but the garlic thing might i have warts all over my hands at least 20 of them they are so grosse.

  204. I have 9 on both hands and they keep coming!! they are sooo embarrassing, i even feel insecure when i have a band-aid on!!!!
    Help me!!!!!!!!!

  205. Ohk so I have about 3 warts on each finger.I am a very pretty girl,but everyone notices my warts and ask what they are! I get so embarassed.I go to the dermotologist and get nitrogen put on them and I use medicated stuff but it seems not to work!! I keep getting new one’s everywhere!! ughhhh HELP!

  206. My poor little boy, just 4 years old, has warts all over his chin, some on his chest, arms,and back. The doctor gave us the acid stuff and patches and it burned the **** out of his skin!!! So here I am, looking for an all natural cure that will kill the wart and not harm my son, I think I am going to try the duct tape first.

  207. I had a few warts on my foot for the longest time.. they even joined together… adnd they hurt.. it was so nasty…
    But my gramma told me to use leather… which I thought was weird.. So I tried it.. and it worked… (I tried it on one on my finger) I just wet the piece of leather and use a bandaid and left it on till it dried.. and re-did it a couple of times… and it just slowly disappeared….
    So with the ones on my foot I tried taping leather to it… But we all know that it just doesnt stick on your foot…
    So I bought 2 pairs of leather slip ons… and wore them everywhere and as long as I could… and they slowly disappeared.. and my feet are now back to normal…
    Time frame was maybe 2 months.. and that was for warts on both feet…
    Believe it works!!!

  208. i got alot of warts. im really scared if other people see them. i went to the doctors and they tried to freeze them off. but it did not work. the duck thape is very help full. put it on and then wait 1 or2 hours. then take it off then put a new one on. then when you go some where just put a bandaid on. when you get back just do the same thing

  209. You Want the Truth – About Genital Warts ? The Truth No One tell’s You. Before you comment live with genital warts for 2 yrs and deal with doctors 1 by 1 because there all useless. Please read trust me i wont lie to u like the rest .. Genital warts – Suck’s & get use to them.They say they go away you can hope but they wont.This may sound rather Blunt and you may hate me but its truth.Ive red everything about genital warts to try to cure my self no one cares.Ive tryed builting my amune system dont work. Freezeing Is the best treatment because the wart get taken off and free treatment does work if they use the gun.But warts grow back.You can control them with freeze treatment and also learn to take the pain.but warts will grow back.then they spread from genitals to your butt then if not control’ed they can even spread to your belly and trust me even to ur nositral. Dont comment unless u have had genital warts.Dr’s act like it easy to control lol they have no idea. Ive tryed all treatments accept for a few. over the counter drugs are a waste aldera huge waste of your money.personally think its a scam.When your infected your infected.They say they can burn them question is will they grow back and now your scared for life. Truth is doctors dont care and no one cares that millions are infected by this stupid hpv and its spreading.ive not had sex in a year cause i feel nasty do u think doctors care. i got a wart in my nose after genital warts doctor told me they dont cover me under ohip to freeze the wart from the nose.Fking Useless.think as you may but people your wasteing your time untill medical studys bring something out to fix genital warts were all screwed read this site but most of these people have never had genital warts…if they did they would know freaking garlic dont work and parsley and jelly and blah blah blah. waste of your time money and pain..this is a blood thing u can take the warts of your skin but they grow back. the best thing we can do is make a site saying fight genital warts and write cnn and other news companies and complain and tell them we want a cure there not even looking people .We have aldera a peace of junk 200$ cream.. and a bunch of people out there scaming us hurting people for money…

    The spelling is bad i dont care im upset and u should be too..

  210. Why is Genital Warts not being taken seriously ? Why does Aldara , Freeze treatment burning , and many other treatments so
    useless. Why does my family doctor not care about my health or curious why my genital warts have spread to my **** when they started
    at the front of my penis.Why does my family doctor not even want to take the time to apply freeze treatment to my genitals to fix
    this huge problem in my life that makes me suicidal.I thought doctors became doctors to help? Since when did doctors become doctors to
    Make money and not want to help the public. ill tell you a story my doctor refered me to a skin doctor for my genital warts after i asked him
    to refer me to someone who could help me .My doctor sent me to this skin doctor do you know what the skin doctor said after i told him
    i have a wart in my nostril.He said your Genital warts spread to your nose . It was so easy for him to not care and then state it will cost
    you 40$ to freeze it if you want it. When did the health care in canada get so bad. When did doctor’s and health care providers stop careing
    and simply say live with it. Living every day with genital warts is not easy for young males who are 19 and make 9$ an hr working in
    retail stores then have to pay these high doctor fees ..You say that what happens when you get an std ? I say I was carefull wore protection
    used Trojans the best condom on the market and since Hpv is a skin to skin genital wart infection .Infected my genitals since condoms only protect
    the penis.No one where told us about hpv in school..And now the heath care system wont help us cure this std that millions are getting.
    How do i even know i got it from sex now that i got one in my nose as far as i know i shook someone hand and went to the washroom touched
    my self and got infected with this hpv infection.If it spread to my nose there is a strong 87 percent chance thats how i was infected.And your
    saying that the health care system wont find a cure or look after me .No wonder millions are getting std.Im very upset.No one cares
    What has this world turned into.I’m good in computers so i decided to teach people because i enjoy my job .When did we lose the doctors that
    loved to help and loved to cure .There is no cure for hpv .And men are always the last ones to get any sort of treatment such as gardsil.
    Genital warts is a problem and we need a cure.. millions are hurting… being scamed trying treatments online and probably hurting each other
    by trying these new treatments…

    Sighed by one upset person

  211. i have warts on my left foot and I didnt do anything about it cuz i was hoping that it would disappear.. then i decided to use the Compound W gel… it has only been 3 days and also.. is it normal that after applying the gel that it leave some white residue covering the warts?

  212. ive had a wart on my foot for about a year and it spread to my hand as well (which has now turned into three) the thing that’s helped the most is a combination salicylic acid/tape combo, cutting or filing the skin off after soaking. the wart on my foot has finally turned black. i found that getting rid of a wart requires many different tactics, different for everyone. crysurgery worked for me when i was 6, but not now.

    keep your hopes up everyone. research all kinds of remedies and try them all. you’ll find one or a combination that will work 🙂

  213. I’ve had warts for several years. I have about 9 on my hands, and about 6 on my feet. I’ve been to the dermatologist for freezing, laser surgery, and even some special cream which still doesn’t work. I have to drink down some yucky medicine that is supposed to help my warts go away – none of it has worked.

    So what’s my plan? I’m going to try to use duck tape or even the vinger or something natural. Don’t go to a dermatologist because they put you on medication that really doesn’t work.

  214. hey im 13 years old and i have loads of warts!
    Left Hand –
    i have a massive one on my thumb which is about 16 joined together, one smaller one below it, 2 on my middle finger and one on my little finger!

    Right Hand –
    4 on my thumb, 2 on my index finger, 2 on my middle finger, 1 on my palm and 1 on the back of my hand!

    Oh and one growing on my upper lip! Which i am not very happy about!

    so thats about 31 warts all together! 🙁
    I get really upset about them all the time when people slag me off because i have warts, i am so sick of them and stupid doctors i just want to cut off my hands sometimes!

    I have tried everything and i mean everything going to get rid of warts and nothings worked. I tried getting them frozen but that made them bigger (dont ask me how :S)

    but now im trying these little pill things which you cant touch with your hands, you get them from boots the chemists they are £5.10, they are called `Nelsons Thuja Homeopathic potency`
    I have been taking them for a 8 days now and so far nothing has really happened exept my warts are really, really hard so it might be working.

    At school I keep my hands all plastered ond bandaged up and people sometimes think i am self-harming, which is silly,I have been in trouble loads of times because i wouldnt tell the teachers why I had bandaged up hands!

    anyway if you find something that really does work please tell me as I am in need of help!

    Louise Gray.

  215. ii had 9 warts on my fingers, horrible things and really hard to have a relationship with. disgusting to live with aswell, not very higenic.
    anyway, rub a little amount of savalon on each wart first thing in the morning dont wash of and do the same last thing at night,, my warts when within 2weeks.

    Thank You.xo

  216. i have 2 warts on my elbow and a whole bunch spread on my knees.i tried the lemon peel and duct tape remidies and they worked INSTANTLY!thanks for all yourr help im not self conscious!=)

  217. I have had a wart on my hand but i froze it off. It has never came back 😀 yay. But now i have one on the inside of my arm. I tryed to freeze it off to but it keeps coming back! Now i have one on my finger whitch im putting duck tape on i sure hope it works….

  218. ok ppl this is simple! APPLE CYDER VINEGAR!!! i had genital warts & a-nal warts & this worked miricles in 3days! all i did was soak the nasty wart with ACV using toilet paper roled as a burrito! i pressed it on the warts for 10min consecutively 2x a day and the 4th day… POW theyre gone! they pretty much dissolved into skin! it burned like a mother but that was the infection! warts need air to live so suffocation them is the best way! use this & afterwards poor some peroxide so the germs wont spread! then put a bandaid over to stop air fron getting to them! also if u think this is too much pain or whatever use CLEAR NAIL POLISH! yes this works too! a lil longer but it works i tried these 2 in different areas & the ACV works faster but the nail polish works just as good! good luck ppl & stop stressing! warts are very common & its easy to get rid of them! this is a cheap, easy & discreat way of getting rid of these horrible things! good luck!

  219. i forgot to say somethng else! dont get misled ppl with genital warts! this is not a STD! THIS IS A STV! there is a difference! the best thing to help control it is the gardisil shot or going to ur doctor making sure its not cancerous! its very sad that doctors cant do what a $3 bottle can! it just goes to show that sometimes nature does over power science! the ppl who havent had genital warts dont comment! cause u have no idea how it feels & those who r giving up… DONT! if the brains wont help us then we’ll help eachother! after all were all we got! 🙂

  220. Try Liquid BandAid or Liquid Bandage. The inactive ingredients are either “castor oil” or “oil of cloves” which both kill warts. Plus the liquid will seal the wart and eventually it will fall off or disappear.

  221. I have 2 warts, one on my ankle and one on the back of my ankle.Someone at work told me to tie a horse hair as tight as I could stand around the wart, then put a bandaid over it and it should fall off, it makes sense, you basically cut off the blood supply and it dies and comes off, hope this helps someone!

  222. Omg I have 2 warts. Im only 11! I have 1 on my thumb (its huge!!) and one on my index finger (smaller but still evil). I tried that banana peel thing and it didnt really work for me. I really want them gone but Im terrifed to get surgery to remove them. Im such a scary cat. I so hate warts!!! Im gonna try that duct tape thing. It looks very helpful!

  223. Heyy,

    I started having warts when i was in 3rd grade. Ive tried to hide them with bandades and anything possible because it sucks to have them. I used to have about 20. It sucked. I had them all over my hands,ekbows,and knees. I started to use apple cider vinegar which made 3 of them go away which i was happy about. Then when I was around 13 they just all went away. Except for the mother ship on my finger that was huge. That was my last one and I was so excited. I started to use apple cider vinegar agian, but it just turned it black. THen I was DEVASTATED when I started to get them again. I now have three. The mother ship, a small one but still one on my index finger and one on my leg. I need help because I HATE warts and Im about to be an 8th grader. I dont want to stil be the girl that has mysterious bandaids and always covers her hands. It sucks and I am going to try using the methods abocve. For you people out there who say gross when you see warts, dont, they suck and all of us who have them know it

    devasted and still with warts

  224. hey guys!!

    here is one little tip from me!!!!

    1: last year i had worts ALL over my fingers! maybe 8 or 10.
    so when summer started and school was out my friends pool was open.
    i swam for a couple of weeks and some of my warts were gone in a few weeks so then i said to my self (the chemcicals in the pool must be killing my warts!)so next time you guys go swimming, swim for at least 2-3 hours a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and now i have another wort on my finger!!! time to go swimming again!!
    hope this works for ya! 8)


  225. i have warts all over my hands too!!!!!! its hard to keep them off once you get them off the come right back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no tip thought just wanting to tell you

  226. hi gals and i am trying out the cnp (clear nail polish) it is sooo working it does nt sting or anything. what you do is just buy some put it on the warts and then leave it to dry. when it like dead skin just pull it off and put some more on trust me it does work.
    from a member of the soc

  227. When I was about 12yrs old I had 24 warts on my fingers! So we went to a doctor and had them cut and burned off. It was awful. Then horrifyingly enough they all started to come back in 24 different places. So, I didn’t want to go to the doctor again so I said to myself, “to heck with it, I’m just going to have them, so I’m just going to forget about it”… then they all went away, by themselves. I believe we nurture them by fretting about them. So I think you make them go away by “not caring about them”.

  228. people always think warts are horriable and they are but once you have them you try to prentend you dont well thats what i do anyway i have them all over my fingers and some on my feet too they really get me down but no one knows i have them i tend to hide them from my family and friends so they dont see them and laugh please some one tell me how i can get rid of them with out them finding out PLEASE i really hate them and there ugly

  229. I tried the duct tape and it removed my wart and it has not come back!! However, my daughter has quite a few on her hands and nothing, even the cryofreeze at the Dermotologist, is helping her. I guess maybe it depends on you chemistry!? So give the duct tape a try – it can’t hurt right?

  230. GARLIC has always worked for me and is worth a shot for anyone who hasn’t tried it.
    When I was a teenagers I had over 20 warts on my hands/fingers/cuticles. I hid them too…haha my poor boyfriend at the time would always get mad that I wouldn’t hold his hand! After nail polish, over-the-counter products, freezing at the Dr.s, my mom had told me about using garlic.(it’s a natural antiviral)

    Crush it or cut it and band aid it to the warts over night or a full 24 hrs. I just did it overnight. It was the only thing that has ever worked… they started to harden, turn dark and eventually shriveled up and died…even the ones that I didn’t use the garlic on. all gone. It does hurt a little. After the garlic has been on for a couple hours you can feel your wart, like..throbbing. haha like it has a heartbeat…and it burns. The garlic can also cause the skin to blister, so be careful to not get it on your healthy skin too much. I have read that if you can kill the “mother wart”(The 1st one)…then the other ones will go away too.
    I used the garlic again years later when a few popped up. My boyfriend had one too, didn’t believe it would work….all gone again. Though my daughter, who is now 6, has them really bad and the garlic didn’t work for her. So I’m thinking different strain? Though I’ve never been consistent…maybe she just needs more treatments than I did. I’m generally kinda lazy about it. Eh…that’s why I’m on here. Poor girl…they’re taking over her fingers!

  231. I hate to say this, but I have no tips for you guys.

    I had just a regular wart on my knee when I was 15, and I went to the doctor and got it frozen off. Nearly a year later it started to come back, only now it’s in a circle, and the skin between it is where the one wart used to be, and now it’s just a circle of warts around where it used to be.

    I’m 18 and tonight I finally decided to take a long, hot shower, steam a wash cloth in the microwave, and grab a knife and a pair of sharp scissors. All I can say is that there was a lot of blood, and it hurt really bad, but I didn’t care. It’s been about 2 hours and it’s still bleeding just a bit, so I am keeping a damp cloth on it. I have aldara cream that my doctor gave me.

    He told me to make sure it was hot and moist, then put the cream on, the duct tape on top. I honestly didn’t have the patience to walk around all the time with duct tape on my knee. It wasn’t improving at all, and it’s summer. It’s embarrassing, and every time I go to the pool and lay out I have my legs crossed so no one can really notice it. If I wear shorts and go out, I put on a band-aid and said that I hurt myself.

    Sometimes I can even get away with calling it a scar, which it isn’t clearly when you look at it closely. All I am saying is that I NEED help. If the cryogenic freezing doesn’t work, and the cream doesn’t, and the duct tape doesn’t, then I doubt garlic or lemon peels would work either. I hate this little circle of warts.

    It makes me feel gross. Some one please, if you have an idea for me, please specify my name and post something.

    I will be looking out for it.

  232. Well, my birthday is on July 5, and its the 1st. I need a quick wart removal, cause I was gonna get a makeover. So I poured tons of white vinegaur on my dad’s medical tape and put two straps on it then one to prevent it from going. It’s barely stinging, so I hope that means its working! It should be.

  233. I too am the host of a wart, only the one I have decided to make my big toe its home. I’ve filed it off with a nail file only to have it come back, thus I have come here looking for answers. Thankfully, I only have one. It is embarrassing with it being summer and all as I like wearing sandals.

    I never would have thought about duct tape… or nail polish. I have those on hand. I’ll try those methods first. Thanks everyone for the awesome tips. Good luck with your wart removal!

  234. I haven’t had a wart before, but my husband has and I’ve found a technique that actually works! It is one suggested on this site, but I don’t think people typically use it. One of my friend’s mothers was at a pharmacy to buy wart remover, and the pharmacist told her to save her money and use a banana peel. When her daughters tried it, the warts came off in anywhere from 3-4 days. You can either cut a piece of banana peel and place it on a bandaid or you can scrape the inside of the banana peel off and put it on the bandaid. Change the bandaid 2 or 3 times a day, and it should come off fairly quickly. It sounds made up, I know, but even my unbelieving grandmother tried it and her wart turned black and fell off in 3 days! It’s worth a try, especially for those of you who have tried so many things that haven’t worked. Hopefully this method works for you too!

  235. Hi, the only stuff that worked for me on my hand and finger, was a small Costicsoda pencil, I got from the drugstoor, way back then.!. If u can found one, take some Vaseline and an ear-bud. Dip the ear-bud in the Vaseline and apply a layer of Vaseline around the wart on the healthy skin and on the inner circul where it was healed. Now take the Costicsoda pencil and carefully wet the little tip and apply it only on the affected areas. Blow lightly on the treated areas until completely dry. Do so every morning and evening. It will go pitch black, don’t worry about that. U just keep on doing it until there is no more sign of any of the wart left.!,BUT!…DON’T put it back on the healed skin, keep using Vaseline until all of the wart is dead and gone!

  236. I had a wart that started on my thumb and it spread to 5 warts (my scratching and picking at it probably didn’t help). Anyways I have been using apple cider vinegar soaked in a cotton ball and held on the warts with a band aid. I put it on at night before I go to bed. I have done this two nights in a row and my warts have all turned really black. I hope this is good news.

  237. hello, iam 13 years old and have 14 or so warts most on my foot and then 5 on my hands/fingers. i tried the freezing and it never worked for me i went 7 times and then stopped they got really sensitive and my docter gave me pills they didnt help much either.i have tried some alternate methods but i dont think i did it for long enough to get rid of them. now iam trying garlic after i cut the excess skin around it and we are also experimenting with vineger to see what works better and faster. lol we even put vineger, garlic and taped on to my hands. haha hope it works.
    thanks for the tips too.

  238. im hannah
    i have got 3 warts so far and i am almost certain that i have got another two comming up.
    i am 15 years old and have got to say, that the warts are taking over my life!
    i know this sounds dramatic but i hate them
    i can barly stand looking at my hands, and i get scared to hold other poeoples hands because im to embarrsed if the warts are noticed,
    it is harde for me because i am still at school and it coud cause bullying, warts are so off putting and un attractive.
    i dont know what i am going to do, i keep on seeing warts appear and they just keep comming an comming. i have recently tried wartner but as the process says it takes up to 10 days i cannot say weather or not it has actually worked,
    it has been applyed for 3 days now so i hope to god it does work, if not then i am thinking about getting them sergacally removed.

  239. Hey, i am 11 years old and i have so many warts! It all started with one big one on my big toe and then it spread to 5 others on my warts. I went to the doctors and got the treatment and a prescription. I tryed it for a while and it didnt work, so i tried a different midicine. Not working either. I used vitiman E and a band aid and my warts on my feet were gone(exept for the one on my toe;. I have really discusting warts on every finger! im gonna try garlic!

  240. Jess, I have found with experience from my younger sister that apple cider vinegar works. All you have to do is soak a ripped off piece of paper towel in the vinegar for 3 seconds, take it out, put it on your “circle of warts” and stick a bandaid over the papertowel. This method works in 3 to 4 days: procede with this method before you go to bed, and when you come out of the shower. If the warts turn black, or sting, thats good (it means you are killing the wart). Good luck

  241. Hey everyone i have had a really bad wart on the bottom of my foot for years. I have asked doctors and may other people what i should do then someone told me about duck tape. I have had it on for five days and looked at it today and it looks like it is almoust gone. If you are looking for something that might work try that i have had good luck with well what i have seen so far. Good Luck to everyone and their wart removal.

  242. If your suffering from genital warts. And have gave up on finding a cure. What I’m about to tell you may shock you As it shocked me. I know you have red sites believed in cures and trusted so many and still searching for a cure suffering day by day nite by nite and feeling so sad hoping for a cure. Please listen to me Ive tried Freeze treatment and it helped a lot but warts grew back as fast as they left. Ive tried burn treatment and aldara and pretty much every other treatment on the market . I spent so much money so much time but besides the money was depressed upset and really didn’t feel that great about my self. I found something and it cured me witin a week the faster you apply the faster it dies. Ive been testing this project for about 1 month now I had quite a lot of genital warts and went from at least 70 to about – 0 not only have they gone away with out taking a pill but they have not grown back ive been repeating treatment just to test my method of treatment and ive not visited a doctor in at least a month. Trust me when I say this genital warts don’t go away they are a skin infection and I almost gave up I kinda found it by luck and decided to try it .No one told me about it but I thought id take one more chance and prayed it would work.I pray every day that it never returns .If you have more question email me .If you have to ask if you have genital warts your not ready for this cure. Trust me I can turn your life around within a week genital wart free. Take a chance like I said and email me .Im wrighting this because I care.

  243. My son has several warts, and they are spreading. We have tried Compound W liquid and gel. We tried the over the counter freeze removal and that didnt work. We went to the dermatologist and he says he can burn it off, or cut it off but it will be very very painful. So I came here to find new ideas. I am going to try a different home remedy on each wart and see which one works best. Thanks for the advice.

  244. i have about 5 worts between both my hands, and they are embarrising. i agree with all of these comments and wouldnt even think anything like them would remove warts etc. ive ive had them since i was in year 7-8 and now in my second year at college, no one knows about them accept my family which i do find embarrising to them too. i have tryed the freezer which does not help, except take the pain away which i get with them occasionally. i used to wear gloves 24/7 and yes even to bed because what ever i touched i was in pain for some reason, and where as public i wouldnt like anyone to know about them. but really im starting to not wory so much people have warts so what? its the same as people get acne and other types of things really! well thats my oppinion. but i have signed up to get them lasor removed which i hope works and they dont come back. all your tips are helpfull which i will try for time being.

  245. I have a planter wart on my foot. I belive i got it when i was running bare foot at my cousins house. Planters warts are extremely painful if u dont get rid of them first. Thats because when u walk u press down on it and it hurts ALOT. Mine is still new sooo i need to find a cure soon. I going to try the garlic or the duck tape and the baasil. But im going to try the ummmm… apple cider vingear on a coottonn ball first. Wish me luck. But really if u think u have a planter wart. treat it.RIGHT AWAY. youll thank me.

  246. I used to have about 2 warts on my hand. i tried using that freeze stuff and like liquid acid. the acid just burned it away within a few days but they just came back. these 2 warts spread to about 20. its probably the most embarrassing thing i ever seen. im tempted to just cutt off my hand. im 17 years old and to embarrassed to show people my hand besides my moron friends. what is the best way to remove these hideous creatures. i tried tape like once but its kinda hard putting it on 20 warts lol. unless i just wrap my whole hand in it. i need help before they start to spread even moree!!! =(

  247. hey i got a bunch of warts all over my hands the other day i tried this baking soda mixed with water idk if its working or not but if its not i need ideas on how to get rid of them their soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo disgusting aaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!

  248. I have been trying the garlic for 2 days and the wart has already started to turn blister like and pull away from the healty skin I have decided to mix it up with the vinegar and it’s really working. If you try the garlic method try leaving small pieces of garlic in your bandage, it helps speed it up. Goodluck and use waterproof strong bandages you dont want the air to hit it.

  249. I have about 28 warts on my hands. I have had them for quite some time and they just keep popping up. I am 21 years old and this is just getting embarassing. I have tried EVERYTHING. I even had them to the point to where they seemed gone and within 2 weeks they were all back plus more. I don’t know what to do anymore. Does anyone have ANY tips on how to get rid of them for GOOD?

  250. iv got 4 warts on my left hand and 5 on my rign hand 🙁 x
    i find it so embarrising because when my mates try to look at my hand i dont let them because they will just laugh.
    i brought the wartner remover in boot’s for £11 and it didnt work and then i went to the doctor’s just for a week but i didnt like the pain 🙁 x
    i would love 2 get them removed how do i?
    please get back 2 me x

  251. i had three warts on my hand and they were all cut off, the one on my thumb came back. I’ve cut it off again, frozen it, and used Compound W. It won’t go away. I don’t want it cut off again because it’s very painful.

  252. I had one on my hand and used apple cidar vinegar. Just dip it in a cotton ball and cover it up with a bandage. Since ACV is acidic it may sting a bit so that is why I suggest doing it at night so you sleep on it and it smells too. It actually worked and killed off my wart within 2 weeks. I guarantee it! Try it and let me know!

  253. I have 5 warts between both of my hands, im going to be 15 in a few days and these things are super embarrassing. im going to highschool this year and ive tried everything to get rid of them. ive been to the point where i sit there with a lighter and burn them but they always seem to grow back. so what im planning on doing is well i cut then with a box razor blade yesterday and im going to use potateos garlic and duct tape all together today and im going to continue and see how if goes. thanks for the advice. i never new garlic was even thought of. =]]

  254. I got this disgusting wart in my hand about a month ago and at first it just looked like a bug bite but then it started hurting. I went to the Dr and she used the liquid nitrogen to freeze it and then told me to use the over the counter method a couple of time a day. Well it is not 2.5 weeks into the treatment and it doesn’t seem to be getting better. I found a site that talked about natural cures and it was recommended that warts let you know that you have a potassium deficiency. That is why the banana cure seems to work. I am trying the apple cider vinegar treatment with the cotton ball and also there is a apple cider vinegar mixture you can drink. I am desperate to get this thing off my hand. I will check back and let you know if it works. check out this site. Hope it helps.

  255. I had a planter wart on my foot around 10 year ago. I went to a Doctor to get rid of it. The 1st Doctor cut the wart with the result after all the pain the wart return again even bring more friendsss!! So I think at that time i got 4 warts in each foot (before the cutting i have only 1 wart!!). Frustating after the 1st tried then i moved to another Doctor which then used electrocautery in 1st day to get rid 4 warts on my left foot. He told me that the right foot will have the same treatment after somedays. And what happened was very amazing. After the very big wart (and his friends) in my left foot was removed, then all the warts in my right foot just disappear. I was so happy at that time coz i dont need the second pain for getting rid of them for my right foot.….I have the same problem but this time is on my left hand…under my middle finger. I hateee it so muchh. Tried already the cryosurgery but it return again. A week ago i just had a electrocautery now it still in recovery butttt….i can see very clear that in the hole its not a healthy meat growing but its my old wart who is growing….Hiksss…hikss…..I will try as soon as my wound recover the garlic dan apple vinegar methode. Hopefully it will kill that damn wart!

  256. i have got 2 warts on my face and they are a pain, i also have one on my hand and am verry conciouse of writing as i get asked what it is! I go to my nurse to get them froze but they do not seem to budge, unless the nurse isnt doing a good job!!

  257. i have had this 1 wart on my leg and i want to get ride of it really fast what is the fasted way to get rid of it please help


    Melaleuca alternifolia












  259. i have a wart on my elbow and its embarrising i have to walk around with my right arm over it all the time and its getting annoying. im going to high school in two days and i dont want anyone seeing it can someone tell me the fastest way to get rid of it!!!??

  260. Hey guys!
    I had one giant wart on my foot, about the size of a two pence piece for several years, and nothing i tried to treat it with helped, I even went to the doctors for freezing treatment and tried many of the over the counter products and they didnt help. If im honest the medical treatments seemed to help the spread of the wart to my hands, as it became very irratated and grew in size.
    In the end I had the wart on my foot and4 on my hand 🙁 thankfully I discovered the duct tape treatment and started it straight away! It seemed to work as the warts became much softer and all the dead skin filed away really easily with little to no pain, however it didnt seem to kill the root of the wart. After this I combined the duct tape with garlic and it worked so quickly within a couple of days the smaller warts had blistered and died off completely. Im cuurently still treating the last couple which are dying off 🙂
    I thought id share my experience and wish you guys all the luck with yout treatments!!!!!!

  261. I have had an INCREASING number of warts for 3 years, and i have been told that the lifespan of the wart virus i have is 4-8 years, so i assume that after 4 years treatments will start working because so far NOTHING has worked. nothing. whatever i try just seems to make the wart immune to it, so ive stopped treating them BUT i have found a way of making them less noticeable, flatter and the best thing is i think it is taking layer after layer of the warts off (!) This is taking a piece of ordinary, bog standard sellotape tightly over your wart MAKE SURE IT IS NOT BIG ENOUGH TO GO AROUND YOUR WHOLE FINgeR THOUGH OR IT WILL CUT OFF THe BLOOD SUPPLY. Change the sellotape whenever you feel like it or it is beggining to come off, just make sure you always have a piece on the wart.

  262. Iv Had this huge wart since well about 5 years ago and it keeps makin more warts iv been 2 the doctor but she said that i couldnt have it frozen because it will cause so muh pain because iv got so many (8) And i think iv got another one growing! But its really hard for me because i LOVE Swimming and im goinginto year 8 iv tried everything Bazooka (neva worked) Dr freeze American! wartner! And more but nothing seems to work and they are really annyoing! but i keep getting fears that they will never go away! Please Help!!

  263. In response to Ben im afraid not fella, the wart virus is very hard to get rid of and until your immune system reacts to it there isnt much you can do to speed it up. All of the methods mentioned are to stimulate your immune system into combating and killing the wart, by irratating the skin. However a good idea would be too eat lots of potassium foods such as bannanas, as they help boost your immune system and this probably will help speed up the process slightly,
    I found the garlic treatment worked with 2 weeks, from start to fully healed afterwards.
    🙂 hope this helped! and gd luck!

  264. I had warts on the bottom of my toes for years, it started as one on the top of a toe and then one on the bottom of a toe and grew to about a million all on top of eachother, I would cut all the dead skin off and try to get deep in to get rid of the black root with nail clippers once a week and they would grow back everytime, so for 1 1/2 to 2 years I left it alone and then cut all of the dead skin off and lit a match and then immediately after blowing the flame out applied it to the wart area. They have been gone ever since.

    I tried this with the warts on the top of my hands as well but nothing seems to work, I am a hairstylist and always have my hands in water and can’t try the duct tape remedy. I’ve never heard about the garlic one so that I will definitely try!

  265. i have had a wart on my finger for like a year or two was small but then it grew!!! its ugly and big. i hate it! i want to get it frozen off. but maybe i will try these ideas first. (sound less painful) but it would be embarrasing top have duct tape on my finger in school. and when i eat even the tiniest bit of garlic, my body smells like garlic for 2 weeks. it like comes out of my pours. -_____- maybe i will try the eucalyptus oil. idk.

  266. I had a wart..have a wart between my eyes ie – in the centre of my eyebrows on the bridge of my nose.
    Its been there appearing over the last 2 months.
    My girl called it a horn one day and that pissed me off.
    so today – i have taken drastic action.

    I took a pair of nail cutters, and i surgically removed it myself.

    It left me bleeding non stop from what seems to be a small hole.

    Now the bleeding has stopped.. ive assessed it and it looks non other than a small crator.
    its still red and not really that sore, but im sure once the redness dissapears i dont think it will come back.

    im happier with a tiny scar than with the horn

    if youve got a wart, just get rid of it.

  267. hi ,i have 4 warts and i think i am getting another 1:( i tried everything its so embarrassing when people see them because they look so gross.i had this planters wart for 3-4 years now and i don`t know what to do i tried everything even the doctors freezing stuff and there getting bigger and bigger.At least not i know a lot more ways to get rid of my wats and hopefully one of them work for me!:)

  268. I’ve noticed recently that I have a small wart growing under my fingernail!!! I can pick away at it every now with a tweesers bu it just keeps growing back! Does anyone know a cure under nail warts : (

  269. bye some wart treated bandaids and tell people you cut yourself with a knife while cutting an apple. the dr.sholts compound w thing does not work i used it and it came back in one year! i think i’ll try the dandilion but u dont know where its been and its not in season. does anybody know why the warts multiply on top of eachother?

  270. I had 30+ warts all over the bottom of my feet in 6th grade, plus one on the tip of both of my index fingers. I constantly picked at the ones on my fingertips, until one day one of them just fell out, litterally. No blood, no pain, just a little hole in my finger that went away in less than 24hrs. Shortly after all the warts on my feet disappeared, I was left with only one small one on the inside of my ear. A few years ago, I had one on a finger again, I used a store bought wart remover and it went away, but now I have one on my thumb, and still the one in my ear. I think I will try the vitamin c solution on both that I have now. Hopefully it works for me!

  271. Hey Guys! I had warts on my feet ever since I was like, 5 or 6. At first I didnt think much of it cause it started as one big one on my big toe [on the bottom], then next thing I knew it I had maybe 97 clustered around it and some more startin on the bottom of the foot part. Luckly I didnt suffer from much pain, but it was still embarrassing! I ended up wearing socks all the time. I tried the duct tape and even though it did remove many of the warts, it was unpleasent and smelled horrible. I felt like no matter how clean I kept my feet and changed the duct tape, it smelled horrible and the healthy skin was peelin off like nothin. BUT it did help. I say Duct tape and will power cause when it came to the fact that I had maybe 4 left, I just tried to forget about them. Now I am wart free! Good Luck to you all! Dont give up! There is a cure somewhere! Just remember, if you have a great personality and people already like you for the way you are, they will still like you even if they find out you have warts! True friends will stick with ya no matter what!

  272. I have a wart on my hand near a finger is attached to my hand..
    Any Suggestions To Get Rid Of It? (That Works Really Fast) 🙁

  273. I have a wart on thumb right next to the nail – it’s been there for atleast a year now – I HATE IT!
    IT’S SO UGLY!!!
    I’ll try anything I can to get rid of it so thanks for all the tips!!

  274. dude my boyfriend told me i have a wart on my ass the other night after we had sex. He told me you get warts from black people touching you. I was so offended. Cause one, i’m not racist. And two it hurt my feelings that he was pointing out to me my imperfections.

  275. i have 17!!! warts and i am only 13.i have had them for about 5 years. i hate them so much i have tried filing them with a nial file. didint work. i have use all off those things that u buy from the chemest and doctor. i have a bf and when we hold hands it is so embarrising.
    THERE IS ONE TIP THAT I KNOW OF… AND THAT IS ON THE FULL MOON ( check ur full moon chart 2 see the time and every thing ) TIE AS MANY WARTS AS YOU HAVE ON SOME STRING.. for eg. if you have 10 warts tie 10 knots in the string then dig a hole and burry is.
    it didnt work 4 mee i tried it 2 night’s ago 🙁 🙁 :(.
    but it might work 4 you. GOOD LUCK.
    ohh and does any1 know a really really quick way 2 get rid of them i will DO ANYTHING! i have even thought about cutting my fingers off!!

  276. right now, I’m trying a combo of apple cider vinegar, lemon peel and duct tape.

    Leave pieces of lemon peel in a cup of apple cider vinegar for a day.

    Personally, I took an exacto knife, and cut off the top layers of the warts (i have 6, and only one bled but it didn’t hurt… I cut too much by accident)

    So before going to bed, and after filing or removing some of the top layers of skin, cut pieces of the lemon peel to about the size of your wart. Apply the inside of the peel directly to your wart, and hold it in place with duct tape.

    In the morning, take off duct tape and peels, throw away. Take a shower, bandage and socks after your shower.
    The bleeding wart HURT 5 minutes after taping the peel, but it seems to be the one that’s leaving the fastest. The others started hurting the second night. All the warts hurt when I walk until i put bandages and shoes. For some reason the shoes cushion it all and you can walk with no pain 😀

    this is my 3rd day, I’ll let you guys know if they died finally!
    I tried the patches with acid by dr.S, I tried the feeze off thing nothing worked. Turned my skin white a couple of days and the warts actually multiplied. I only had 4 when I started. I now have 6.

  277. I’ve just got my first wart on my middle finger half way down. It’s so annoying :@ I pick at it constantly but the evil thing has just grown bigger! :O I’m gonna get some wart stuff from the shop later 🙂

  278. I’ve had exactly one wart my entire life, on the bottom of my foot. It has never spread, and it hasn’t caused me any pain. I’ve tried using things to get rid of it, but it’ll disappear and then show up in a couple months in exactly the same place. I’ve decided to let it hang out down there for a while before I go to the doctor. Enjoy your last days of freedom, little wart!

  279. Hey,
    Now guys i have had 23 warts (20 of them were on my hand) and im only 13 all i did to get rid of them was went to the doctors every sunday and got them burnt off my hand. The first time it killed but after that it didnt it took 3 – 4 weeks for that…… Then i went to the doctor for the last 3 of my foot, he put the stick thingy on 1 of them and in 10 seconds it dissapeard!!!!! i was so amazed it didnt even hurt!!!!!!!!!!!

  280. i was told i had the hpv viruse at eighteen and i’m now twenty nine and i have cervical warts and i have warts on my right tumb and my left thumb. why do i have have warts on my fingers? I have an eight year old son and he has warts on his hands and fingers. WHY DOES MY SON HAVE WARTS IF I DIDN”T HAVE AN OUTBRAKE WHEN HE WAS BORN?????????????????

  281. I seem to get one on my finger every once in a while. It takes awhile, but i’ve had success using the common salicylic acid. I put a small drop on the tip and let it dry up for a minute. Then I put a band-aid or a piece of scotch tape on it. You want to feel a sting or I don’t think it’s working. You might want to use a nail clipper to trim it down. Try not to get any acid on the surrounding area. Do this before you go to bed and before you go out the door in the morning. If you can, an application or more during the day may help, but I usually don’t have the focus to do this. BE PERSISTENT for up to a week! This is the hardest part. Eventually the wart area can be dug out and with some luck and patience, it will not come back. Don’t dig it out too early or you’ll be wasting your time. At least one successful removal occurred when I didn’t pick at it but kept up with the treatments for almost a week. I remember this because I tend to pick at the wart daily and I think this is a bad idea. You want to apply the acid drops on top of the already burned wart skin for a few days or else it can become too painful and you’ll just give up, let it heal and have to start all over again.

  282. A few years ago I’ve had a few small warts under my foot. They went away fairly fast after soaking + filing them down, but I jabbed my foot with the file by accident while filing one down and caused one of the warts to bleed, and now it’s been more than two years and I still have that one wart that I jabbed. It probably would be gone by now if I didn’t jab it with a file. Cryosurgery failed, nothing happened. Surgical excision failed and it was back before the wound could heal. Duct-Tape does nothing. Super glue does absolutely nothing. I had laser twice and it barely shrinks the wart and the wart quickly returns to its original size. I’ve been using OTC salicylic acid (17%) for what seems like ages. Sometimes the thick skin on top of the wart falls off revealing fresh wart (almost pink) underneath. The thick part of the wart came off yesterday, exposing some pink wart skin, and I poured salicylic acid on there like there was no tomorrow. I am in so much pain now, it’s burning. I can’t feel anything much other than the intense burning sensation. It’s been burning all day but I am willing to endure the pain with the hope that the wart is in more pain than I am. I want to it to die! DIE WART DIE! Been too long, die now!

    Moral of the story: Whatever you do, DO NOT jab your wart with a sharp object, it sends the wart deeper into your skin making it much difficult to remove!

  283. I have had three warts in my life…maybe four. First one was when i was just a kid..had the doc burn it off. quite painful really underneath my thumb was a planter on my heal…oh how i picked that thing continuously till it would bleed..i wanted it gone…i went to walmart and bought some wart gel and it did nothing till i soaked my foot in really hot water several times a day, opened that sucker up with a needle digged as deep as i could stand…got the insides of that wart reallly nice and mushy..then i put some of that gel and a bandaid over it…seemed to work hasnt come back..but now i am 10 yrs later and i have one on my pinkie toe…so i am back at it again…awww. so nasty. so i got one started on my finger…before it could even root deep i dug it out by using a nail clipers on the skin…cause you could tell that the seed or virus was in the top layers of skin..i am so happy i caught it before it got bad…I hope this pinkie wort goes away..i cant even get a pedi now… 🙁
    Well moral of the story is…WORTS SUCK AND WE ALL KNOW IT…FEEL FOR YA I DO.

  284. ive had a wart for just over a year now, ive tried treatments from the shops and they dont work! i HATE them, and when people notice them its so embarrising! im going to try duck tape. i hope it works!


  285. hello, at the beging of year 7 i had a wart on my thumb, i hated it and since then i have just got more and more, i really hate them, there in noticed places too, i see people look at them and it upsets me, i also hate it when people notice them and point them out, its so embarrising! i really want to find away to get rid of them, is there a way that doesnt hurt? i also had a wart on the bottom of my big toe, it often hurt. i used some treatment from the shops it went in a couple of weeks. but i have one on my other foot and its slowly going with out any treatment? i had a big wart on my finger that went from warm water. i know somone that used alot of salt water and her warts went. i hope i find some thing, thanks for the help :)!

  286. my son has had warts for two years about twenty on his hands and fingers some as big as a pea and they are getting worse well that was up to one week ago i was given some battery acid and they are now shrinking i have tried every over the counter medication freezing them natural cures everything and the one thing that works is free so try it give it afew weeks it doesnt burn or sting at all but it does work

  287. Um, I’ve Got a problem, I’m An 11 year old kid and ive aparrently have genital warts!(No i havent had sex yet!) How Can i get these w/o ever having sex??? I started with 1 wart and now ive got 13 warts, IVE TRIED EVERYTHING!!!!! they are really embarresing and i hate them what DO I DO?????

  288. im 12 and i dont like warts there nasty i have 10 warts on my hand i try to hide them but some kids know but they dont care and i dont know how i got them i never had sex or hold a frog im scared of them and i tryed ever thing but nothing works i had them for about 4 years i want them to go away now.

  289. I hate my wart. Its on my thumb and its small but resembles a tree trunk with rings in the middle of it. It doesn’t fit any of the descriptions of warts I can’t figure out what kind it is. I’ve tried freezing,gels,fileng it, but it keeps coming back so I have to keep it filed down so it doesn’t look so nasty. I’m going to try the duct tape I really hopes it works.

  290. I have had a wart for ages on my thumb there were two next to each other…. I used this stuff from the chemist to spread onto it. Only one went but there is still one there and it has made little warts around it……..I might try and use the stuff agin but if that doesn’t work I’l try out these tips

  291. i have a lot of warts…..and they are starting to ruin my life!! there’s MANY on the side of one of my toes and one on the top of my pinky toe….it almost looks like a growth now…not a buttload of warts….and now they are spreading on the bottom of my feet AND i just noticed the other week that they are spreading to my other foot….
    they’re seriously ruining my life…can someone PLEASE HELP ME!??? i’ve been trying compound w but it doesn’t seem to be working…

  292. I have had a wart on my foot for about 5 years and it has completely ruined my life, i can’t wear sandals or jandals without someone asking what that hiseous thing on my foot is. i recently tried the duct tape one and it surprisingly worked. P.S: don’t pick at it, it begins to bleed and multiplies, trust me it has happened to me before . . . NOT PRETTY !


  293. I’ve had warts on my hands as long as I remember.. started out as 3 or 4 harmless ones that never bothered me as they wern’t noticeable, however, about 5 years ago I started shaving my arms and had an absolute outbreak. I started using the freeze away dr. scholls stuff and it worked here and there but would leave light scaring…

    Now over the last several weeks I’ve noticed something of a phenomenon as I’m starting to think anyway as I can’t find anyone else to which every wart you’ve had your entire life just.. go away? Every wart I have had, which I believe to be close to 30 small warts on both arms and hands total have completely disapeared?

    Can someone explain this to me? I guess it could be called a flare up or whatever, but I’ve had some of these since I can remember, over 20 years, so why now? How is this possible?

  294. My wart cure:
    I learned this from my grandma.
    Mix egg yolk with enough salt to make a thick paste.
    Apply to wart(s). May cover with a bandaid. Store mixture in refrigerator. Reapply throughout the day and every day until wart is gone. The wart will quickly shrink disappear.

  295. some people are lucky and their warts go easily
    others are not.
    I am one of these.
    But i know how to hide finger and toe warts while you serve out your sentence of 4 years minimum with the virus.
    *bonus* it takes layers off your wart

  296. P.S. I EVEN got called a witch once with 13 fingers. Hilarious. (the extra 3 were my warts :S) HORRIBLE…but the girl who said it apologised… there are others who are mean about it and those people should have the warts…..

  297. i find mens deodorant works the best, even the cheap ones.

    its like going to the doctors and putting the frozen carbron stuff on them,
    i had a massive one for years on my toe, tryed everything, within a week of using dedorant it was gone, i found if a sprayed it on, but kept spraying it till the wart turned white helped

  298. Listen!!! I had a total of sixty three warts!! It would take me a long time to make friends and even then they won’t touch anything I’d touch. My biggest fear is becoming another tree man. Then my Friend Kris told me to wet an asprin, tape it on the wart, and leave it until the top of the wart is really hard. Pick it off and re-tape the asprin. Your wart should be gone completley in a week. It’s been six months and now i’ve only got 20!!! I’m as happy as I’ve ever been in my entire life. So PLEASE, anyone who looks at this tip. DO IT. IT WORKS!!!

  299. im 13 and i started having warts in 4th grade and it didnt really matter then having 2 warts. im now in 8th grade and i have 26 warts in total. its so emmbarrising at my age, i have tried freezing them, cutting them off( dont try cutting them hurts!!)and other things. i have them on my palms so its easyer to hide but it hurts when i race in motocross. i need help

  300. ive had one on my foot for ages, tonight i cut it out with a really sharp knife then soaked the wound in tcp so the wound wouldnt get infected. there are 2 smaller ones that have cropped up near the main one, am just wondering can worts from your feet get transfered to your genitals? Its bad enough having them on your feet but if i passed them onto my genitals it would be 1000 times worse!

  301. I thought that I had warts for 10 mths. I tried everything, liquid nitrogen, salicylic acid, Aldara, apple cider vinegar, Pototoes, herbal wart treatments, tried raising my immune system with Vit C, Anti-virus herbal liquid, I used antacid pills (apo-cimetidine – can help with warts apparently, and I was even going to try cantharone plus (a very potent acid formula for genital warts – even though the warts were on my hands) but found out it WASN’T WARTS IT WAS PALMER PLANTAR PUSTULOSIS! It is a type of psoriasis. I had so many small bumps all over my hands – they were filled with white puss (white blood cells apparently) but looked like warts to me. Anyway medicated spectro eczema creme over the counter took it away. AMAZING! Make sure this isn’t what you have.

  302. I’ve got small warts on one of my feet, nothing to bad. But i have a larger one on my leg,butt. & Its so embarrassing i shows in my swimsuit and makes me feel so akward. Its horrible. Ive tried every over the counter thing. Now im going to try the egg yolk& salt, and the duct tape. Any other ideas?

  303. I had a wart on my toe for about 7 months. It got so painful that I went to my family doctor. She recommended me to a doctor who would remove it. Instead of removing it he tried freezing it. But it was to large to freeze. Before he knew it I had about 20 warts on the bottom of my toe spreading to the bottom of my foot. He told me there was nothing he could do for me, that I needed to see a dermatologist. Before spending money on a dermatologist I decided to do some research. I found out that if I put a banana peel on my toe everynight before I go to sleep it will remove my wart in about a month. I tried putting a banana peel on my toe everynight. I did this for about a week maybe less. My warts soon dried up and quit hurting. A month later they have fallen off and my toe is as good as new. I would recommend this home remedy to anyone!

  304. do this, gut some axe or any other kind of cologne, and put it next to a window or something. spray it on you wart till it freezes solid, do this once daily, and in about a week or so the wart should be gone. (this really only works on single warts, easiest on your hands). it won’t really hurt but it will get cold and sting a little.

  305. well ive got worse i have one on my face. and two on my fingers. its really gay because im 13 and im very sensitive of my face and it looks like ive got a bogie on my face

  306. I used to have warts on my eye .. just above my eyelid ..imagine how nasty that looked ..i was self-conscious for years =_=’ as soon as one went another came and took its place …
    you have to keep warts clean .. otherwise they come back ..pulling them off doesn’t do the trick!

    I don’t have any now .. perhaps the nitrogen paid off .. or surgery killed it!!

  307. over the past six months i have developed hundreds of small warts round my ankles and they itch what has caused this and what is the cure

  308. my wart tells me that he lost its cheese!
    so i asked it wat kind of cheese it was and it said it was chedder.
    so i told my wart that i had chedder cheese in my fridge and it told me it wanted some so i gave it some and then the next day my wart was gone.
    so peace niggazzzzz!

  309. My little boy has warts about 15 on his hand and he has one big one and a couple of little ones on his lip I dont know what to do I have tryed everything try keeping duck tape on a little one any ideas how to get them off his face

  310. Okay i had a wart on my finger and I used a bunch of home remedies to remove it but none worked. and than i read on a website that a great solution was duck tape. That’s right… duck tape. Wrap duck tape around the wart, only replacing it at the end of the day or when it gets wet. When you do take the tape off use a pumice stone (important) and scrape the dead skin off the wart. Then re tape it and repeat the process. Eventually, (within 2-3 weeks) it will just fall off. You’ll be left with a small crater in your finger but this will usually heal up in a couple of days, provided you have a bandage that allows some amount of air to pass through. That’s it, that’s all you have to do it worked for me and it’s almost impossible to tell that it was ever there.

    – oh yeah, i wouldn’t recommend cutting, biting, or pulling it off. Normally it will come back and it will be much bigger. If you get lucky and it doesn’t come back you will most likely have a scar.

  311. I know that some poeple have it worse than me and im sorry for that but i have a (or what i think) a wart in a different place. its on my knee. Im 13 and I wont wear shorts or a swimsuit because i dont want anymore people making fun of me. one day about a year ago i cut my knee shaving and went to the pool, a week later i had a wart there. i tried the Dr. scholls freeze away but it never worked. Lastnight i took mini scissors and cut it all out. I used a razor before but didnt get in all the way off. it kept bleeding for a hour.
    does anyone have a SIMPLE way that will take care of it becase my mom wont take me to get it froze off by a doctor.

    thank you for helping,

  312. I am having trouble removing my wart. I have one on my finger and it like wont go away no matter what i cut it off, froze it, and used duct tape (which actaully made it smell horible.) I was wondering if anyone had tips taht i could use because i just dont think it will go away.

  313. Rave you could use the duct tape i think that would work for you on your knee. If you really wanted to wear shorts you could just put a bandade over it then wear them. Good luck with your problem Jenny 12

  314. I am 15 and i have had planters warts since i was in 6th grade (i got them from the locker room floor). Over the years they have spread and now I have 5 planters warts on my foot. I have used Aloe Vera and tried soaking them in hot water but i don’t really notice a difference. I really don’t want to have to get them removed surgically because i have a very low pain tolerance. Any suggestions?

  315. i have a wart on my knee at first it was a little bump until i started scratching it …it turned into a wart and i have had it for like 2 years . i havent been able to wear shorts or knee highs because im embarresd about my knee im only 12 and i go swimming alot it is VERY imbarrising to have a noticable wart .. i cut it with a razor and it bleed 4evr.ive used compound d and freezing stuff now i have like those little bumps all over my arms

  316. i have lots and lots of warts on my neck i have tried alot of methods but nothing is helping can someone help please

  317. I have had many warts on my legs and hands and i tried every1 of these steps and it didnt work so then i just started picking at them with a knife and they went away 🙂

  318. i would not suggest picking at your warts with a knife. if you havent tried duct tape i would suggest it…. And if you are embarissed about your wart put a bandade over it. its not that bad, and everyone knows that you cant remove them too easly.. and those who matter dont mind and those who mind dont matter.

  319. I had a wart on my ring finger, I used aspirin to get rid of it. Just get some aspirin, add a tiny bit of water (just enough to make the aspirin into a paste). Put the paste on wart and cover with band aid. I did this a long time ago so I am not sure for how long you should do this, but it might be about a week or so. You will see the wart slowly fall off.

  320. i had about 3-4 warts on my fingers and through experience found an effective and inconspicuous treatment

    first, freeze the wart using domestically available freeze treatments (dr. scholl’s, etc. available at most pharmacies/grocery stores)

    then patch the wart up with a band-aid. that’s it! no messy, gawky duct tape! it’s hardly noticeable (just pretend it’s a cut) and is painless

    now keep the band-aid on as much as possible. you might want to replace it 1-2 times a day (i put one on before going to bed and another before going to school). after about 2-4 weeks you should magically see the wart fade away as it’s replaced with smooth, normal skin!

    the magic behind is my personal theory–the pressure exerted by the band-aid stimulates immunity response to that particular spot. the white blood cells notice a weird pressure on your wart spot and they go check it out. “hey what’s that? A VIRUS!!!” and so the battle begins…

    therefore it might be even more effective to use smaller, tighter band-aids–but don’t go TOO tight to cut off any circulation

  321. i have three warts on one finger and one on another. one ive had for about two years and the others just developed about four days ago. the other one on my other finger has been there for about a year. how do i get rid of these and prevent spreading them to other fingers and hands?

  322. I had warts on my finger and thumbs for a long time. I tried all the remedies there were but to no avail. I am into bodybuilding and I decided to start taking zinc supplements (30mg/day) and a very good brand. Over a period I looked at my hands and realised the warts were gone (Im not sure of time scale, but within a month or so). I can only put this down to taking the zinc supplements, but not 100% sure

  323. Serena, if I may say so, I also have many plantar wart’s on my feet, actually, on the ball of my left foot. The first one I got, was surgically removed, and I assure you that, it was not too bad, having them removed. But, it may come back. I now have like 5.

  324. IMPORTANT REMEDY!!!! (Works!)


    Mix these two ingredients together to form a thick type of paste and apply to wart repeatedly. Let the clay dry, then wash or scrape the clay off and reapply until the wart is gone.

    The way it works is that the apple cider vinegar has a corrosive acidic nature that eats away at the wart and the clay draws out the virus and stores it in the clay as it dries.

    The type of clay I used is called “Aztec Secret: Indian Healing Clay”
    This is the clay women use commonly for facial mask because it opens up ones pores and draws out all the toxins…

    I tried everything for months; and this is the only thing that finally got rid of my wart which was on top of the 2nd toe of my left foot. (had been there for a year and growing)

    hopes this knocks out that wart that has been leeching off you for a while~~~~~

  325. this is a follow up…

    I did try using Vinegar on a cotton ball and taping it too my foot, but this turned out to be excruciatingly painful!!!
    The vinegar eats straight into the wart and it took out the top, but the root kept coming back; not to mention barely being able to sleep at night. So this is why i suggest “APPLE CIDER VINEGAR w/ BENTONITE CLAY” (it does the job perfectly!)

    Just want to mention that I tried making potions where i combined a mixture of everything, because i had tried them all separate and they worked at first but it seemed that the wart would form an immunity to what method i was using.
    So i combined “Aloe Vera, Vitamin C, Potassium, Honey, Grapefruit Seed Extract, & MSM” to formulate this ultimate solution. It definitely brought my wart down in size but never got at the root of the sucker. I imagine this potion would have worked if i hadn’t let the wart live for a year and then try to do something about it.

    Oh yeah; when i used the “APPLE CIDER VINEGAR w/ BENTONITE CLAY” – i still got some toenail clippers and clipped of the skin where the root of the wart was just to be safe that no virus remained and i’ve been wart free since!! YIPEEEE

  326. there once was a guy named lort
    he just couldn’t get rid of his wart
    he rubbed it on dogs
    they turned into logs
    he now has to go to court!

    sorry that was really random
    but i have a wart i just cant get rid of
    im trying compound w but i think its not working at all!
    it just seems to be getting bigger im desprate can someone please
    give me a tip!! thanks!!

  327. Okay i have had this wart for like a year and can’t get rid of it it is big and gross i can’t even show it in public places like the swimming pool it to gross. What should i do

  328. i have the worst wort on my toe and can’t get rid of it but i will try to get it removed hopefully the doctor can do that for me today because it it getting to be a real pain i am only twelve years old what should i do . PS. help 🙁

  329. i hate my wort i have one on my toe and my friend knows about it and said it looks like i am growing a second toe can i have some help please 🙁 🙁

  330. Ron peter i have to tell you the truth about your warts i think you should try to look under your bed for bed butgs because i don’t that is a wort

  331. I have had a plantar’s wart on the bottom of my foot which is quite big. I’ve tried freezing it off and had wart surgery but its still there!!

  332. Well i have the worst little evil wart on my pinky toe ow how i hate it but i am having the doctor put some weird stuff on it i hope it works because i m only twelve and it is really ugly and summer is coming and i do not want that little thing hanging around when i am swimming but just a note to all you people who have warts that wot go away, a lot of things are caused bye eating to much sugar and i know if you eat your fruits and vegetables it might go away so think about that . xoxo

  333. Amber, Alyssa, & Guinever…
    did you not read my post right before you ask?

    Combine “APPLE CIDER VINEGAR w/ BENTONITE CLAY” (apply paste to wart)

    i had my wart for a year and tried everything to kill it and this is the only thing that worked!!!!!!!

  334. Why hello my friends i feel great today . Lemmy tell you why , it because i got rid of my wort. For a long tim i had this wort atualy a year it started at the end of last summer and went on through out the year until know. but let me tell you something it was not fun a lot of times i thought it would never gt rid of it but i tryed every thing and found its maker. you know each wort is different okay just keep trying and trust me no matter how long you have had it someday it will go away just keep hoping and it will soon be gone beffore you know it. well know i am back to my usual self:) boys want to see me and girls want to be me 🙂

  335. Im a 16 year old girl and i have 14 warts spread out between the two of my hands, its just embarrassing! i used to have more but i got them frozen off, this did work but it was very painful and caused really bad scaring so i decided not to get rid of anymore in this way, im going to try as many mathods as i can from this sit, its just embarrassing and its ruining my life, any advice would be appriciated!

  336. I have had warts for over 10 years. They gradually spread from one on my right hand to over 20. I also had them on my left hand, on the inner side of my elbow and a few on my face. I have tried so many things to get rid of them, freezing, duct tape, bazuca that wart (which is rubbish do not use it they will only get bigger and spread) and vinegar. I then read somewhere that garlic is a natural defence against viruses. So I started to take 2 odourless garlic capsuals a day that I bought from Tesco at 70p. After only two weeks they started to dry up, after 4 they fell of and now on week 6 I am virtually wart free after 10 years. I would recommend garlic capsuals they can be found with the vitamins. Good luck

  337. Hi everybody if you think your warts are bad, mine is the worst its on my ankle and the size of my pinky nail .im trying ductape and vinegar i hope it works and im going into middle school try living with that

  338. If u have a big wart thats embarrasing and ur desperate my granndma a very religious woman told me to rub the wort with a pea,and to put it in moist ground,and the more the pea rots so will the wort.

    But, if not then tie a long pice of hair around it for 4 days….what this does is it stops the blood circulation to the wort eventually the wort will fall off….

  339. everyone what you do is put cooking vinegar on you r wart and it will come off i have had mine for 2 years an we were fishin and i was pickin at it and it came off on 6/10/09

  340. hey guys, i had my warts for about 7 years, i had 46 of them on both my hands. i remeber hiding them at school. whan you need to do if find the starter wart, which is usually the biggest wart you have or the wart that you got first. Preform your wart remeving treatments to that wart, when it goes away, the other warts start to go away. i also recommend to take Vitiman C tablets every day, twice a day, it worked for me. try not to get your warts wet because they grow with water. I also had planters warts all over the bottom of my feet. i went to the beach one week end and i guess the combination of the salt water and the rubbing of the sand helped to get rid of my warts because when i went home my biggest wart was black getting smaller, after that all my planters warts went away. dont feel bad if you have warts because alof of people have them, learn to live with them. It also helps to act like you dont care that you have them when people ask you about them, crack okes about them, make them laugh with you.
    I hope this has helped someone out there!!

  341. hey guys, i had 47 warts on both of my hands for 7 years. What i reccomend doing to get rid of them is locating your starter wart, that is the wart that is the biggest or the first wart you got. Once you locate it you should direct most of your treatents to that wart. nce the starter wart goes away the other warts wil slowely go too. taking Vitiman C tablets twice a day, everyday, also helps.

  342. I have 7 warts on my big toe. Ive tried compound w and banana peels. Currently i am using nailpolish and it is reduceing the size but wont go away what should i do?????

  343. I have had warts in my beard for the past 4 years and everytime I shave the situation seems to aggravate, eventhough I have been seeing a dermatologist for the past two years and he’s been burning them with electric wire (regularly). They disappear and come back again!

    Initially, they were bigger in size but now they have become small yet they are still present. I shaved after a year and they were there, prior to which the doc said I was free of them. Don’t know what the problem is and how I could get rid of them forever.

    I wish I could rid of them once and for all.

  344. Ok so every one who reads this is going to all me insane!!! If you have warts, plantar warts included, use Epsom salt and vasline!!! I have had warts around my cuticles for 5 years! My doctor said that I could freeze them off but it could make my nail fall off. And never come back!!! So my friend told me about a Chinese guy she saw that told her to mix as much Epsom salt as the vasline would hold put it on you wart with a bandage and it would be gone with in a week! I tried it and it worked!!! The second day hurts really bad but after that they start to turn a blackish blue and by the time the week is up the fall off!!! It is incredible!!!

  345. i had a very small wart on my ring finger and i thought it was just a bug bite, but now i know its a wart because this morning i saw that it turned in to a little cluster of bumps on my finger!!! D-‘: OOOOHHH NOOOO!!! i dont want to go to the doctor to get it removed, so i am going to try the thing where you put fresh garlic on your wart and put a band-aid on it, or something. i hope it works because i am 12 and i get toataly FREEKED OUT when i go to the doctors.:-( wish me luck with my hogwarts magic that i’m going to do.

  346. hey yallzz!!! im tryinn the apple cider vinegar and the cotton balls…. ihope it works.. i pray for them to go away fast!!!

  347. Alcohol works great on warts. You must be vigilant about it and apply it every day. Alcohol doesn’t work as quickly as salycilic acid or freezing, but it is safe to apply on the face and other sensitive areas. Be careful not to apply it too close to the eyes or nasal passages.

  348. Ok i have had this wart for over a year its right above my knee.I just had it freezed yesterday so im poping it soon. my mom works at a foot docter so ive been getting it treated there but it didnt work the wart got bigger and turned into a circle. my mom said the next step is to get it cut out but she also said that it is very painful so i dont want to do that. im so despret to get rid of it if tried praying to god!

  349. i just had a doctor freeze mine actually i have 3 on my hand 1 inside bottom of my thumb 1 on my right ring finger on the side next to my middle finger the last 1 is on my right pointer finger by my nail well like i said i got them frozen the 1 on my ring finger is uglier now around it is purple and all the other 1’s look the same HELP!!!!!! i want them gone b4 skool starts

  350. I finally figured out what will get rid of my wart. I had tried the at home freeze off and did work. But a couple days ago i did it again and i held it for a really long time and it is now forming a scab and will fall off soon hopefully. Thanks for the tips everybody else before. and i hope you can get rid of your ward 🙂

  351. SQUARIC ACID was extremely effective in removing the warts on the bottom of my son’s feet. This was after two determotolgists suggested surgical removal! SQUARIC ACID FOR WART REMOVAL IS EASY AND EFFECTIVE.

  352. I had a wort on my knee and now there are smaller ones under it, its really embarressing cos it looks really gross what do I do about it?
    I’ve tried clear nail polish, and ‘wort off’ didn’t work instead it ripped skin around the wort off and it really hurt.
    So don’t waste yhuur money buying it!
    What do I use?

  353. Hey everybody. Listen, use salt! If you use salt you should need a band-aid and( or tape ) salt. you find where the wart is and you put salt on the wart, making sure you don’t get it on your skin so not to harm it. Keeping the salt on you wart so you it goes away. You should then put the band-aid on the wart and leave it over night. It then should go away after 3 days ( At least that’s what happened for me ) or a week possibly. If the band-aid falls off at night don’t worry get it in the morning, but I left it the way it was.

  354. I have a single wart on my thumb, it’s pretty big – about 1/2 the size of my pinkie finger. I’ve had it roughly since 2007 I think. Anyways, about 1/2 an hour ago I was looking at this web site and decided to put some of these remedies to the test. Firstly to cut the circulation from my wart I (I know this sounds gross) put pushed a bobby pin onto my wart, all the way to the end (which hurt quite a bit). I left it on my finger for about 10 minutes. My wart had gone pure white in colour. I then put Aloe-Vera on my wart whilst the bobby pin was still on as well as sprinkled salt on top, then removed the bobby pin & put a band-aid on tightly.
    15-20 minutes later I undid the band-aid to see what was happening. My wart had turned yellow in colour and it was visible the top was lifting off my wart. It’s now almost fallen off. It’s only been 1/2 an hour!!!!

    You must try this! It works really fast!

  355. well, im only 14 and im in school right now, so my wart on my arm is embarising… its probably like ( ) this big lol… and i put crushed vitamin C on it then covered that with ducktape so i hope the chemicals in tape maek the wart die pretty soon while the acids stop it from growing any more and kill it also!! good luck

  356. i just cut mine off, sure there was alot of blood, but come on, u have alot of it! and in like 2 days u’ll get it all bk

  357. I have this wart ont he tip of my right pointer finger O <---its about this big maybe a little bigger and it rly grosses me out its embarrassing and it makes me self conscious to hold my boyfriends hand i tried the dr.scholl freeze off thing but its only made it bigger ! so im hoping these remedy's will work !!! im thinking about trying the clear nail polish and the vitamin C . and even tho it sounds painful the epsom salt and vasline

  358. heey, i’ve got a tip.
    you should purchase a bottle of coconut oil. it works, just apply a few drops. massage it . and then let it absorb. it should get softer then keep repeating it for the next few days, it should be gone by then. hope i helped ! (:

  359. okay I have seriously have ever type of wart, i use to have them on my heel but I used “wart off” and soaked it in hot water for a few nights and it got rid of it within two weeks. but wart off doesn’t work on my hands/feet/or nose.
    yes if you think having one is embassing.. try having over 30.. one on my nose. ten on my fingers.. alot on my legs from scars from getting them burnt off they grew right over the scar… yes they all hurt very bad.. I’ve had them for about ten years.. some just recently.. so don’t be embaressed but your one wart.. its nothing haha.. 🙁

  360. A helpful tip: I have had warts for almost 4 years and have never been able to find a cure for them. Then I did some research and found Mediplast by CURAD. They are like a medicated band aid that you cut to fit your wart. I went to the nearest pharmacist and bought some (I suggest buying several)and followed the directions on the package. They have worked wonders for me, my warts are fading fast and some have already disappeared.

  361. I have warts on my feet, and my knee (onl one foot and one knee sme side) and I hate pain so how can I remove my warts none painfully?

  362. i tried everything to get rid of my warts i have 4 on my thumb,2 on my pointing finger,one on my middle finger,one on my right foot and one on my left.

  363. take nail clippers and clip the whole wart off (its gonna bleed a lot and hurt a little.) light a cigarette and extinguish it right on top of where the wart once was. this kills the root. Most people wont try this, but if youre desperate and tired of looking at the ugly thing like me you wont care to do it.

  364. hi you uys i have a wart on my face and hand im trying the duck tape thing on my hand but i dont know about my face and im in high school

  365. i have had warts for over 10 years they do not always go away on their own. the first set that i had i went to the doctor and he freezed them it didnt work. i used dr scholls that did work. for about a year i didnt have warts and not i have them again trying to get rid of them for about 3 years now. i went to the doctor and got them froze like 5 times already it didnt work. i used dr scholls it didnt work. i used compound w it didnt work.

  366. yall try this it works it got rid of mine,
    buy cotton balls,apple vinegar(not distilled),band aids and duc tape,first take a cotton ball and tear a small piece and make it into a ball and soak it with vinegar and put it on the wart wrap a band aid around it and then put tape around the band aid so that it wont come of keep doing this every day till the wart come off oh and you should try this at night to avoid questions from your friends you can take the tape off in the morning and switch the band aid and jst say you got a cut or something this way is a litle pain full but its worth it and its also a sign that it works hope this worked

  367. I have had a large wart on the tip of my ring finger for about 7 years now. I have tried every over the counter med they sell. I have tried duct tape, hot water soaks, garlic and I was going every two weeks for over three months and having it fozen. I finally had to stop because it hurt so badly and it wasnt going away. It hurts when I accidently hit it, when its cold out and sometimes just to hurt I guess. It has got to go. The doctor wont cut it off due to its location. Do any of these things listed actually help? I am desperate but not desperate enough for the pain that it causes.

  368. A few of the better tips are lemon peel, so just cut a piece of the peel to fit over your wart and tape it on, inner side down before bed. The oils in these peels will help dissolve and discourage warts.

  369. Hey im 15 and i have 9 worts on my right and and 3 on my left! i have had them for ages and im really upset about all of them. we tried the banana skin for a wile, got bored. then we did plasters, didnt work well not really. so then mum toi=ok me to the doctors and got the freezed!! NEVER DO THIS IN YOUR LIFE!!! it hurts soooo much and i was terrified! it hurt for days after and i am never doing it again! we are trying tea tree oil now! hope fully this will work if not WHAT SHOULD I DO?????

  370. I’ve had a wart on my foot for just a little while now but its hurting like crazy it kills im going to try the duct tape thing now

  371. The Castor worked for all 3 of my children!!! It’s the easiest, safest, & inexpensive. Try it first! (Between the 3, they had warts on fingers,face,arm & leg). We have tried freezing, Compound W, duct tape with Compound W, a $330 RX from the Dr. Wish we had heard of this first!

  372. Okayyy,
    Im 13 years old, and i have had a wart on my rightt middle finger for about 2 and a half years now.
    ive tried everything, freeezing it at least 12 times, its been remvoed 3 times and still came back in the same spot, i tried compund w remover, dr. schols,ect removers, and nothing seems to be working!
    its embarrasing because everytime i put my hand up in class or anything my wart is there, and everyone can see it.
    its really bigg too, almost the diamaeter of my middle finger.
    i just want it gone!
    any suggestions?

  373. I had a wart on my hand for ages. I used lots of products from the chemists but they did not work. Then I read that if u rub a raw potato onto the wart it will go away. I tried it and my wart disappeared in two weeks!

  374. I had warts on my fingers, knees, elbows, under fingernails, for many years, freezing them off was painful and they would just reappear elsewhere. One day I got a tattoo done and three days later noticed that all my warts had vanished. I had no idea they could disappear so quickly. I hate how unscientific this sounds.

  375. I had about 25 warts spread out between both of my hands, some just underneith my nails. i only have 7 left now and they are all small. THIS ACTUALLY WORKS TRUST ME. i soaked cotten wool balls vinigar (normal vingar used to put on chips etc) then i taped it on over my wart and left it over night. it throbs and stings slightly but is definetly worth it. the next day i just peeled it off and my fingers looked a bit sore and the warts were black. a fewdays after doing this they just dropped off and havnt come back. i hope this helps as i have suffered wuth warts for years and i hate them!!

  376. ive had warts 4 sooo long, had them burnt off but then they just grew back some where else!!! i even tried this acid that i got from the doctor but that just burnt through my skin leaving the wart. ouch! hope these methods work


    I have had a terrible time with warts. I had one on my wrist for I think 3 years that never would go away, about a year or so ago, I had one pop up on my pointer finger that was terrible, and it began to spread to my other fingers. I was so embarrassed by it that I tried to hide them with bandaids and say I had papercuts.

    I literally tried so many different things, every over the counter product (multiple times), I even went to the doctors to get them frozen off (normally when they freeze them, they turn white and eventually fall off… mine didn’t even flinch!). I felt so upset over the fact that I would have these for life or have them surgically removed, because I had plantar warts which are the hardest to get rid of because they go deep deep inside.

    Bare with me.. I’m getting to the good part!

    My Dad had introduced me to a moisturizing product for hands and feet that was made specifically for working hands to repair the skin, called O’Keeffe’s Working Hands. The skin on my fingers was starting to peel and hurt so I thought I’d give it a try. Not only did it completely repair my poor skin, but low and behold, after 2 FRICKIN DAYS, my warts were suddenly disappearing. I was completely stunned, and by the end of the week, my warts were almost completely gone. No scar, no sign of them ever even being there. These are the warts I had for over a year that not even doctors could help.

    This stuff is seriously a miracle. I mean, I really thought it was hopeless getting rid of them, I did. If nothings worked for you, or if you’re seeing a wart start to develop, I highly recommend O’Keeffe’s. AND, it’s way cheaper than the wart medicines that don’t even work. USE THIS STUFF.

  378. I’ve had a wart on my finger for about a year and I soaked a small piece of paper towel with apple cider vinegar and held it onto the wart with a bandaid and within a few hours the wart had started to go grey. By the end of the next day it was completely black and I could peel it right off. I didn’t think it would work, but it took care of it completely. This will hurt when you change the bandaid every 5 hours or so, but its well worth it. Hope this helps.

  379. I had warts on my fingers. I used duct tape and every night i would soak them in water and clean them. they vanished. the tape is too hard to use for feet though because the surrounding skin will peel off too.

  380. I’ve had a pretty big wart on my left middlefinger for about one and a half year now. It’s on the left side of the nail and pretty visible. I haven’t really done anything about it until now, since it has spread and now I have like 4 warts on my hands. I think it spread because I used sandpaper a few weeks back and the skin on my hands got a little hurt. No matter how hard I try I can’t stop touching them either…

  381. I had a ton of warts. I tried many methods. Irritating, burning, even freezing. None worked. One day I just had enough and cut off my warts with a nail clipper…More grew, which made it worse. Then a couple days later, I started eating healthy again, stopped smoking and drinking. Cleaned the whole house, and washed everything, clothes, sheets, shoes, coats, etc. Then I didn’t believe it, but it just 1 week, the warts started dying and shrinking. My immune syste was finally Fighting them off, and Now I have no scars, and no signs of warts. So try that hope it helps.

  382. I think your body is the strongest remedie for warts. Eat healthy, excersice, and keep your immune system strong. Treat your body right and it will do the same for you =]. Warts haven’t came back, and feeling better than ever. Good luck everyone.

  383. Hi,
    I had facial warts for a couple of months. I used a pill and an ointment. They were gone for a month but reappeared to my fear. I searched over internet desperately and I found “amoils healing natural oil”. I bought a small bottle. I didn’t see a sign of removal after 4 weeks. But then they gradually faded. I’m so glad they are gone. I just realized it now when I looked at myself in the mirror and thought to share this with people suffering from facial warts.

  384. Im having a wort AROUND MY FREAKING LIP. I cant kiss, people sometimes stare at it T_T. God i feel so monstryous… But trying a cream now and some other skin cremes, i hope that it works, it did work a few months ago. 3 Dissapeared but later came back. Im even trying to cut my worts off with my NAILS :O.

  385. I had warts all over on the bottom of my feet, toes, ect. I went to a podiatrist. They applied a liquid which i think is a beetle juice, over my warts and within a day they would blister for a day then they would peel off somewhat. They repeated this to them several times about once a week for about 5-6 weeks. I didnt think it was working because they didnt blister to the root, but they blistered the black dots called membranes. After about a week after the last session my warts had all cleared. i only reccomend this to people who have tried and tried but cannot get their warts to go away. I have very little pain tolerance, but this seemed to not hurt at all. the blister for some reason was not painful. If you have insurance i highly suggest you find a good podiatrist and see them.

  386. I am 14 and have never had a single wart in my life.i now have two large warts on my toes due to my cheerleading shoes which are too small for me.(i am now wearing my correct size,finally!!)i have tried freezing them off with dr scholls and using compound now trying to use the viniger idea.

  387. Does anyones wart on there foot hurt so bad that its like sharp pains throbbing especially at night? Im in so much pain underneath the wart.

  388. Im 14 & ive haad warts for ages; im really fed up with them and they keep spreaading. theyre very embarraasing & if someone see’s them i lie & tell them its something else and all. they;re right on the surface of my fingers and stuff :/ so when im writing in class & all id cover my hands with my jumper sleeve and all.
    gonna try some of thesee.
    ive tried creams and freezing them & all and went to the doctors n all too; nothing really works.. a few of them are fading because i soaked them under a hot running tap for ages :L oxox

  389. Is there a medication for hpv warts? and if so what is it called? i’ve had my doctor back home remove warts on my elbows and my pinky finger before but they came back…and now i have a lot more…grrr! lol i dislike my warts

  390. I am 46 yrs female & I have lot of small warts on both my cheeks & on my neck. But on my left cheek I had a small flat wart which is growing slowly & became the size of a peanut now. If I look my face in the mirror it looks so ugly. I am desperate & don’t understand what to do. Everyday I search the home remedies in the internet as I am scared to do anything on the face which may leave a scar. Many people have given many suggestions & majority of them say Apple Cider Vinegar is good. Can I use this on my face? Please help me!

  391. Lysol concentrate kills warts (is viricidal). Here’s what worked for me:
    Apply a small amount of Lysol concentrate on wart twice daily. Allow it to dry on. Continue application until wart is gone- depends on size of wart, so about 1-4 weeks. Works on plantar warts, warts on hands, fingers,arms and legs, trunk, and so on. Not to take internally, not to apply to mucous membranes.

  392. Hi I am 30 year old male and developed a single wart on my neck 2 years ago…got it surgically removed, but then it came back and with 2 more around the same area. Then i got all three of them removed and started to apply Aldera. But it was of no help as shaving spread it over my neck and face. I think I may have like 12-13 warts, most of them are flat warts and not easily visible. I went to a dermatologist and he killed all of them using electric needle. He says I have to do it a few times over next few months and they would be gone for good. Hope it works. I thought i throw it out there, it may work for you.

  393. I hve one rely BIG wart on the joint of my thumb and i started picking it i new i shouldnt,but i did and then i got one on the starting of the thumb. After a month or so it got bigger and then i got one bitween my BIG BIG one. And then i got a tinny one on the side of my thumb!!!! <<<<SOOO EMBARESSING
    So i am going to try the vinager one or the duck tape one if enyone else has some info on how to get rid of warts, please contact me
    thanx xxxxx

  394. Age12-I have warts all over my hands and I’m sick of them!Ever since I held hands with my little cousin I’ve had them.I’ve tried compound W,but it doesn’t work.I’ll next try aloe vera.I don’t want to get them cut off because it hurts!

  395. I had a bunch of warts on my hands, feet, and knees from when I was 8 till I was 14 years old and I didn’t start getting them treated by a doctor until I was 13. I went to a dermatologist and they used liquid nitrogen and Canthrone (or Cantharidin Treatments as it’s called above). I will admit it hurt quite a bit and it took a few visits to get them all off, especialy the planters on my feet. But they’re all gone now. I used to hate it cause of the pain but trust me, it’s all worth it once there gone.(:

  396. My son who is 5 has a wart on his thumb, he just started playing tball & it was bothering him everytime he held the bat, so we started soaking it in warm water & then applying compound w and covering it with a bandaid. It isn’t working!! Basically the skin around the wart bubbled and he peeled it off and now the wart is more visible and kinda popped through the skin. I dont know what to do to get rid of it. He would never let me freeze it off, so I need something kinda painless. Any suggestions??

  397. Just to let every one know DO NOT USE A PUMICE STONE OR FILE on ANY wart! It is mentioned in the duct tape method and it is a out right lie!. What is going to happen when you do this is it is going to spread the wart to all surrounding skin causing thousands of warts! I had one wart on my foot just one! Then after using the pumice stone my entire foot was covered. It took over a year and many painful doctors visits in combination with home cures to even begin to see a difference! And trust me when I say the entire foot was covered! I had to get a Doctors note to sit at work! DO NOT USE A PUMICE STONE OR EMERY BOARD!

  398. I have had 4 warts throughout different times in my life. Here is how I got rid of every one. Take a piece of duct tape and put. It over the wart for 2-3 weeks. only take the tape off for a few seconds every few days to put a new piece on. After these few weeks take the tape off and the wart should be dead and soft enough to rip off. This is painless and has never failed me. I went to the doctor to get it frozen off and tried many different things till I discovered this method. Good luck

  399. I have this wart on my right hand. It just popped up like a year ago, and it was tiny. Now it is kind of big and annoys me. I’ve picked at it a few times. And I’ve tried the wart band-aid removals. For example, it didn’t work. It made it smaller, but it never went away. So I got aggravated and just quit even trying. I have no idea what type of wart it is, but I do believe that I am going to try the duct tape method.

  400. I Have a wart on my elbow that won’t go away I tend to pick at a lot but I didn’t get anymore from doing that. Is that unusual?

  401. I started getting warts when I entered middle school. I got one really big one on my thumb, then a bunch of little ones started popping up all over both hands. At one point, I had 9 warts total on both hands! I always thought they went away by them self, but never did for me. I tried almost everything. I knew why I get them, I tend to bit my nails a lot. So that made the warts spread, unfortunately. I finally just got the Dr. Scholls liquid wart remover, and every night I would cover the wart with it and cover it with a bandage, and let it sit overnight, then take off the bandage the next day, and repeat it every night until it went away, it usually took 2-3 weeks. I guess it just burns it right off, it does hurt, but definitely worth it!!!

  402. I HAVE A QUESTION!……i cut mine off almost every day, i use a really sharp knife that i clean really well, my uncle used them on my cousin to get rid of her planters warts……i have one on my knuckle and one between my nail and skin on my right thumb, they are grose and annoying and how do i get rid of them!?

  403. My first wart was in 4th grade on the bottom of my foot. I had it removed and it never came back, but ever since that very first one… I started getting them on my fingers years later. I figured it was from being on the flag team in high school and touching the equipment everyone else was touching. I’ve used all kinds of home remedies and nothing worked but maybe once. I finally went to a dermatologist and have had at least 10 removed over the course of 3 to 2 years. It just seems that once I get one removed…another one comes back about 4-7 months later. I dont understand why they keep coming back!? When they do come back its mostly in different spots on my hands. Im not picking at my fingers, biting or anything to cause more warts to come back. I just wish I knew why this keeps happening.

  404. I have had warts many times before and i just picked at them until they went away. but now they have come back and i have givin them to my sister, brother and uncle.I hate them so much

  405. I found that using a nail file on the wart everyday works wonders! it decreases the wart’s size. However, only file the wart until it is smooth. If you see that it is beginning to bleed, then just leave it until the next night.

    Good Luck!

  406. I’m only twelve but i have 5 warts on my hands. They keep getting caught on things and they start to bleed. I bought some stuff to get rid of them but it didn’t work. I had one when I was about 8 and i keep getting more. I will tell my mum about the home remedies and I will try them. I hope I get rid of them. I hate them!

  407. I Used A Banana Peel On Mines Every Day For About A Week And It Scabed Up Like The End Of A Cold Sore And I Rubbed It One Last Time And Hasnt Came Back Since Its Been About A Year NowBut I Have Another One And Its Not Going Away

  408. I found the following on another website, with hundreds of similar stories for removal of warts, the ACV method is the most used. I am trying it tonite for several hand warts.

    Tuesday, December 16, 2008 10:32 AM
    Country_of_Remedy: USA
    Ingredients: Apple cider vinegar, cotton, bandages
    Instructions: I would like to enthusiastically offer my support for APPLE CIDER VINEGAR in the cure of various SKIN AILMENTS.

    WARTS: I dipped a very small piece of cotton in ACV, put this directly on the wart, then covered all with an air-tight bandage. I left on for c. 12 hours, then let the entire area breathe for 12 hours. I repeated for about 3 weeks, as this was a deep and large wart. The first 2 applications stung and throbbed a bit, but from then on, the entire enterprise was painless. The area eventually ulcerated–looks messy for a while–and painlessly peeled off. No more wart! As maintenance for about 3 more weeks, I dabbed a little ACV on the area, without bandage. The wart has not recurred after more than a year and a half!

    SOLAR KERATOSIS: My dermatologist identified this on my skin just above my upper lip. She offered to burn it off with liquid nitrogen: no, thanks. I followed the same ACV routine, and it worked! Took a lot less time, as this keratosis was not deep.

    OTHER SKIN GROWTHS: I am currently eliminating a little bump from my nose that I’ve had for over 10 years: it is in the red and ulcerating phase and about to sluff off.

    I am excited about the way ACV works to remove skin ailments! This method is cheap, safe, and natural. The skin afterwards is perfectly healthy and not scarred: quite preferable to liquid nitrogen or fluorouracil-5 or other harsh chemicals. Try it!

  409. Hi i had warts when i was 4 and i didnt like them i got rid of them when i was 10 so i had warts for 6 but i got rid of them i tryed lots of suff but some of them didnt work so my mom tryed these sweets called Bassett’s soft&chewy Multivitamins Blackcurrant flavour you take one a day it helps your :Healthy bones,teeth and gums
    healthy eyes and skin
    a healthy immune system
    a healthy nervous system
    a healthy heart and cirulation
    long term health

    you get these fron homebargins and bodycare and some other places

    thank you very much i hope they help you
    good bye miss emma age 10 thank you

  410. I’m 13, and i started off with one wart on each foot in 3rd grade. one was below the 3rd and 4th toes on my left foot, the other was in between my big toe and my actual foot. i went to the doctor, just a regular kids doctor, and she suggested that we soak my feet in hot water, then cut off the dead skin on and around the warts, then apply wart remover liquid. i began to get more and more warts buy only on my right foot, so we continued this process for awhile. All but one hidden wart was removed from my right foot, and the one on my left foot stayed. Now there are about 10 warts on my left foot because the one that stayed spread. The one on my right foot is beginning to spread, but right now i have on vitamin C paste taped on with a band-aid. This is the first time im trying it so i hope it works! and i have tried freezing the largest one on my left foot, but it was extremely painful and it never went away. but im considering to try it again. and now i have a wart on my left thum next to my nail. and once

  411. I have been jumping on the trampioline with my friends and then a couple days latter i see that a wart came out. I got really embarised beause even little kids were grossed out at looking at them. I had only one wart and then more came out.Now i realy want them to go away please help.Thanks.

  412. I HAVE A QUESTION…Can Common warts (on the hand) be spread to a vagina? I know Genital warts and Common warts are different, although they are both caused by HPV. If my fiancé was to touch my genitals with his infected fingers, could i get HPV and be at risk for not being able to have children?

  413. I had a decent sized wart on my knee. I got rid of it by drying up the skin, so it was hard. Then, cut under the wart along the skin, so it resembles the shape of a mushroom. I cut it because this allowed for me to tye floss around it to basically suffocate the wart. Everyday, I just tightened the floss, until it popped off, root and all.

  414. I have a very large wart on my hand (knuckle) I had it frozen off a few weeks ago and all seemed well, now its back but there are five small warts in the area the large one was in! Its very painful too. I dont want to get it frozen off again because of the pain, anyone any tips on what to do? The doctor is refusing to cut it out. I just want it gone now its so ugly and sore. Thanks

  415. I had some warts but my gran said she used this remidy when she was younger:
    1. get some red steak
    2. pace it on warts and leave for a few hours
    3. take steaks of and bury them

    this worked for me it was rather sickly seeing as im a vegetarian hope this helps

  416. I Used Vinegar On My Plantar Wart, And Its Almost Gone! 🙂
    You Only Have to dip a cotton ball into The Vinegar and then you have to
    tape it on your wart. But I recomend Using a Band-Aid. Tape Comes Off Easily.
    Its Going To take More Than 2 Weeks But For Sure It Workss! 😀

  417. I had about 8 warts on my fingers for about 5 years and it seriously made me self conscious. I had them frozen off by a doctor about 8 times and sometimes they got better, some went, and sometimes more grew.

    I haven’t had warts on my fingers for about 6 months now (don’t think they’ll be coming back either), so i thought i’d share what worked for me – try ‘Scholl’ Freeze Verruca & Wart Remover, it’s in a blue box, sold from a Pharmacy at $38, which was totally worth it (i’m from New Zealand so i’m not sure if this is sold everywhere).

    What i did: – sliced the tops of the warts (this doesn’t hurt) to expose the middle of the wart, then followed the instructions but froze the wart for a bit longer that i was supposed to (i didn’t care by this stage, i was so sick of them). They will blister up, but then they will go.

    Good luck to anyone out there.

  418. Ive had a wart on the outside of my right wrist for a wile now ive tried using wart off but that doesnt work and i want the damn thing gone coz its embarasing please help

  419. I have a whole bunch of small little warts on my hands(2 on one hand and about 13 on the other!) and no one makes fun of them but I really really really dislike them! I need my warts gone FAST! 🙁 Any suggestions that will work fast and aren’t too painful??

  420. I have one large wart on my right index finger and smaller ones around the nail on my other fingers for about 4 months or so.I’ve tried most treatments but it seems none of them work and my dad will not let me have them taken off by a doctor as he thinks its a waste of money and time as he thinks they will go away in a year or so.But its ruining my life,i always hide my hands,i don’t hold hands with anyone i’ve even changed the way i hold things so i hid the largest one. I really hope theses tips will help :/

  421. A few years back when I was around 14, I had 2 warts on my right hand, which escalated to 7 on the same hand. I applied Scholls liquid without any luck. I saw a Dermatologist at the hospital, who treated them with some liquid nitrogen I think (can’t remember exactly). I only had to be treated three times with it and they all disappeared.

    Now I have 2 warts that have reoccurred on my right hand. My mum said she had a wart on her hand when she was younger, and she had an idea to cut the skin off the top of the wart, and apply drop of the milk from the fruit of a cactus plant. The wart was affected like almost instantly, within a few days it had gone.

    Be VERY careful with cactus plants, their fruits are POISONOUS and that’s why they ‘killed’ the wart (speaking as a microbiologist, viruses are not living).

    A damn shame that poisonous cactus plants are only found in hot climates i.e Asia, South America.

    Freezing them seems the best way. Hope this helps.

  422. Heres this great article about many tips that probably work, but here are people asking for help when they could just read the article!!!!! you dont deserve to have your wart gone if you dont even act on this good advice. as for me, im actually going to put a plan into action instead of saying “i hate my wart blah blah wha wha help please”.

  423. You know what worked for me was vinegar. I used apple cider vinegar, but I dont think it matters what kind you use. I had a wart on my thumb that was monsterous! Anyway let me explain how it went. I soaked the cotton ball in the vinegar and put it on the wart and applied medical tape. (Bandaids work too but medical holds it better in place and puts less pressure on the wart resulting in less pain) I did this right before I went to bed and took it off in the morning. Pretty simple. I did this for two nights in a row. After the second night my wart was pretty sore when I took off the bandage so I decided to give it a break for a few nights. Well for the next few days I didn’t do anything but the wart turned black and turned into a scab. I noticed it was swollen and sore, because the scab had infection underneath. I ended up taking some little nail cutting scissors and taking the scab off. In it’s place was a large hole in my thumb. It did not bleed though, and my thumb felt much better, once the scab was off. It was awesome to see that the wart was gone!I just washed the hole out with soap and water, put on some neosporin and a bandage and a few days later everything was healed! now its gone and I’m soo happy. I did this whole procedure this month. I’m now doing the same thing with my planters wart. I’ll let you know how it goes. I hope this helps!

  424. I am 13 years old and everyone in my family has had them my dad currently has 2 and we have tried all sorts of wart removers..I am trying duck tape but it never seems to stay on as the plantar warts seem to sweat…is there any easier and efficient way to get rid of them because it makes a terrible oder and we believe it spreads through the shower. I currently clean the shower with scrubbing bubbles(foaming cleaner). wart freezers sting and make very cold acid doesnt seem to help at all. i have it on my heel and it makes it very hard to ride my bike to school.

  425. I have had a gigantic wart on my hand since 3rd grade. after about a year it went away. now im in 7th grade and my wart is back and bigger than ever. i have tried the nitrous oxide treatments but they dont help. hopefully these tip will help me.

  426. ACV is useful for MANY ailments,

    and can treat anything from acne to food poisoning

    I swear by it, and got a TON of my own troubles washed away.

    I’m going to try it on my wart~

    just so you all know: if on the face, test it out first… it’s safe to use,

    but you should test it first; dilute as necissary. DO NOT USE REGULAR VINEGAR


    ACV[Apple cider vinegar] CAN be taken internally

  427. I had the same problem as Liam did. My wart went away and came back HUGE. It was so ugly and embarrassing. I did find some amazing tips found at the site below that helped me get rid of my wart and it hasnt came back! Check it out it maybe it can help you too.

  428. I have a wart on the inside of my nose which I really want to get rid of. I am not sure how to go about doing that since I can’t put a bandage on it or really anything that needs to be held in place for a few day. Can anyone help with out?

  429. Nick: Duck tape works great for plantars warts. Every time you take a shower take the tape off. When you get out dry it well then put a new piece of tape on it. It is a constant thing to check the tape. I did it for about 8 or 9 days I believe. I wanted to make sure to do it right so I didn’t have to do it again. Once I finished there was a hole just about. I personally dug into it with tweezers to get out what looked to be the seeds. Then a scab showed up and about 2 weeks later there was nothing. But lucky for me since then I have had 2 more show up in different places on same foot so I am currently doing the process again.

  430. I had six warts on my hands, i tired everything, vinegar, ducktape, which there was a little bit of difference but just grew back, but i started takiing SOLAR MULTIVATIMINS 2000 V in i swear in 4 weeks my warts have completley disappered and the skin they were on looks brand new! i feel great as being multivitamins they give a healthy daily boost, i was quiet prone to catching colds to which many of you be due to a weak immune system, as this is an occurant for warts, i have not caught a cold through this whole winter and that is a first in 18 years!!! i would highley recommend it, it takes a bit of time but works and is painless!!


    I started with a huge wart on just one finger and pretty soon it had spread so that almost every finger had at least one wart on it. I went to the doctor and they told me to put these patches on them. That reduced the size of the wart but didn’t get rid of it. It also caused my fingers to become red, inflamed, and slightly infected. So then I saw this website that said to use apple cider vinegar on the warts. I tried that and for a while it seemed like it was working, but they still weren’t going away. Finally my mom called a holistic doctor and he suggested two homeopathic remedies. He sent two small bottles in the mail and told me to take five drops of each orally three times a day. At first I was really skeptical but then I figured what can it hurt? (By then I was beyond caring, I just wanted to get rid of my stupid warts!) After two or three weeks, my warts were almost completely gone! I am still in shock and am so thankful that he suggested this to me.

    Here is what he gave me (there are other kinds you can take also, but he said this covers 50% of the cases he sees): VIRAL-FUGE and MIASM-VAC
    Good luck and I hope this works for you as well as it did for me!

  432. I got my warts I suspect from my dance studio , and I still have them. I’ve gone through two bottles of wart remover and a few wart bandaids. Of my three warts on my foot I have two left , however I’ve had them for about a year and my Mom still hasn’t gotten them. So I will try some of this stuff like Aloe Vera and the banana peels , but I don’t know if It’ll work.

  433. Cut a potato in hafe and burry one hafe in the back yard on a full moon and rub the other hafe on your wart a few times a day it will go away it take about 2 weeks though

  434. I have developed a wart on my right thumb near were you would have a step mother jag, i pick at it all the time because i didn’t realise it was a wart:L i am 14 and its really embarrasing. it doesn’t even look like a wark its white and dry. i thought it might be a veruca, but i’m not the cleverest, haha. any ideas how i could get rid of mine?:-)XX

  435. Thanks to this website and used comments, I’ve found two ways that do get rid of my warts. First, let me start off by saying I’ve got about 5 on my hands, 30 on my feet. I’ve spent so much money on the freeze off stuff. I’ve tried cutting them off with nail clippers and an xacto knife, filing them off with a nail file, but nothing seemed to work.

    The first thing I did, which only works on the warts on my fingers, was take a long piece of scotch tape or packaging tape, cut it to a comfortable width, and wrap it around my finger where the warts are. In order for this to work, I had to make sure I felt the circulation being cut off slightly. It starts to hurt a bit, so I recommend doing this right before bed and sleeping with it on. You know it’s working when the wart starts to hurt real bad. It will look white when you take the tape off and through out the day, it will start to turn black. This is very uncomfortable, but effective.

    A less painful way of getting rid of warts is to use apple cider vinegar. Once again, this is probably best done overnight. What I did is take a cotton ball and soak it in the vinegar. Tape it to the wart and let it sit for a few hours. I do this over night because the vinegar smells REAL BAD! If the wart is white, it worked. The hand ones will turn black through out the day. The feet ones will start to disappear with in the week. All the ones on my hands are gone now. However, I have re-applied the apple cider vinegar in hopes that if there’s any source of the wart left over, it will be killed in this last soak.

    Don’t get me wrong, these will hurt for a day or two after you kill the warts. But it is better than having a nasty growth on your skin. If you’re going to try this, I do recommend the vinegar over the tape. Good luck and I hope this helps you guys as much as you’ve helped me!

  436. (I realize this is long, but bear with me and it will be completely worth it)

    Thanks to this website and used comments, I’ve found two ways that do get rid of my warts. First, let me start off by saying I’ve got about 5 on my hands, 30 on my feet. I’ve spent so much money on the freeze off stuff. I’ve tried cutting them off with nail clippers and an xacto knife, filing them off with a nail file, but nothing seemed to work.

    The first thing I did, which only works on the warts on my fingers, was take a long piece of scotch tape or packaging tape, cut it to a comfortable width, and wrap it around my finger where the warts are. In order for this to work, I had to make sure I felt the circulation being cut off slightly. It starts to hurt a bit, so I recommend doing this right before bed and sleeping with it on. You know it’s working when the wart starts to hurt real bad. It will look white when you take the tape off and through out the day, it will start to turn black. This is very uncomfortable, but effective.

    A less painful way of getting rid of warts is to use apple cider vinegar. Once again, this is probably best done overnight. What I did is take a cotton ball and soak it in the vinegar. Tape it to the wart and let it sit for a few hours. I do this over night because the vinegar smells REAL BAD! If the wart is white, it worked. The hand ones will turn black through out the day. The feet ones will start to disappear with in the week. All the ones on my hands are gone now. However, I have re-applied the apple cider vinegar in hopes that if there’s any source of the wart left over, it will be killed in this last soak.

    Don’t get me wrong, these will hurt for a day or two after you kill the warts. But it is better than having a nasty growth on your skin. If you’re going to try this, I do recommend the vinegar over the tape. Good luck and I hope this helps you guys as much as you’ve helped me!

  437. I have a wart on the middle of my hand and today i got out of the pool after being in there for like a hour, and i bit it because it was soggy,bad idea huh? will i get warts on my lips lol?

  438. Ya i am so imbarrast i have a wart on my thumb and on my big toe,,,,the one on my toe is small but still visible its gross and the one on my thumb is geting big well any ways i am tring to get it off with viniger i hope it works!! so ya i hate this im gonna be very care full from now on i dont need any more!!! if this dosent work ill try the garlic idea! tnxxx !!!!

  439. I had around a dozen warts on the bottom of my foot, right under where the big toe is, for over a year. I went and bought some Max Strength CompoundW acetic acid solution – those little brown bottles with the application brush. I went through 3 of those bottles, all ~$20 each(to apply on each wart, I had to use a lot) After using those everyday, for almost a month, the wart had been almost entirely disolved, leaving the root inside my skin. That night, I did the vinegar trick listed up top and left it overnight. In the middle of the night, I was awoken by an extreme pain on my warts, and they had all turned black. It’s been a couple weeks since then, and as my skin has healed over, it has simply pushed out the dead warts from my skin, and the underneath of my foot looks perfectly normal again. Ah, the joys of walking on that foot without any pain again.

  440. I have a huddle of warts on my lower palm and 1 on my finger. everybody in school make fun of me and im trying to get them rid of quickly i tried freezing them but they just got even bigger !! help mee

  441. This may seem gross, but I have helped my self and a few friends this way.
    Scrape/cut off the surface of the wart,
    then put NEOSPORIN on it for a few days.
    And POOF it’s gone!

    I don’t know if it works for all kinda of warts, but it worked for us.

  442. PLEASE, if you have a wart, definitely use the apple cider vinegar trick. Despite what some people say, it is painful BUT IT WORKS. I used it for a plantar wart and it was gone almost instantly. I used to have one on my hand and since I didn’t feel like putting vinegar on my hand I tried using store bought stuff, freezing it, etc. It definitely didn’t work. Used the apple cider vinegar, and it was gone almost instantly again. Definitely suggest the apple cider vinegar. 😀

  443. My friend has a wart shes had it for like 2 yrs and shes tried all the sprays and freezes its not working help me

  444. My friend has alot of warts and we need help shes tried freeze spray and stuff but it doesent work im randomley wondering does the garlic one work and what about the peels one
    thank u

  445. *******EVERYONE WITH WARTS ESPECIALLY HAND WARTS BUT WILL WORK WITH REGULAR WARTS. I CAN FINALLY SAY I AM WART FREE. TOOK YEARS and YEARS OF TRIAL AND ERROR to the point of crying and embarrassment. I had tons all over the back side of my hand. Wound up going to the doctor with my wife and as we were leaving i asked the doctor real quick if he had any other ideas of what can help on my hand. I told him i tried everything. Searched for years online for answers. Freezing, olive oil, castor oil, over the counter meds, duct tape, +++++. And they never went away. He said TAGAMET!!!!! Just cheap regular over the counter acid reducer 800mg a day for 2-3months! I tried it and i can not fkn believe it. It was just going little by little. Read up on it, it was an absolute lifesaver. If i just helped one person rid themselves of that nasty virus then my time spent writing this was worth it. God bless and good luck. Do not waste your money or time with anything else. **************

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