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Did you know that there are more than 20,000 different types of wasps spread around the globe?

Don’t worry though – for our purposes here they can be broken down into just two groups (Thank God!).

1. The Types of Wasps:

  • The Solitary Wasp, a lone hunter, really isn’t much of a threat. They usually only target one kind of prey. Some types just target flies, some just grasshoppers. So you really don’t have to worry about the Solitary Wasp unless you are allergic the their stings.
  • The Social Wasp is what you have to look out for. They are very aggressive and they don’t take much crap from anybody. Anyone that gets near their nest is seen as a threat – so if you get too close (OUCH!) you will get stung. The stinger on a wasp, unlike a bee, does not break off during the sting; therefore you can be stung numerous times by one single wasp. Some species can nest underneath leaves on the ground, as well as clumps of moss, in trees, on a garage ceiling, the corner of a window, underground, even in an old car. The colonies that nest above ground; the aerial colonies, tend to be smaller than those that nest underground. The underground colonies could nest in an old snake hole, or some other rodent hole, so be careful when around any holes in the yard. All wasps die when temperatures get below freezing, except for the fertilized Queen. The Queen will hibernate until the spring. When it comes out of hibernation it will seek a new place to start a colony. If you see a wasp flying around your attic, or garage in the beginning of spring KILL IT immediately! Use a fly swatter or house-hold insecticide. If you do not get rid of it you will probably have a colony somewhere in your house soon. The queen is solely responsible for starting a colony.

2. Wasp Stings

Treatment for Wasp Stings

  • Wash the area where you were stung with soap, and water.
  • Put an ice pack or some sort of cold compress on the sting to relieve the swelling and pain. (Learn how to get rid of swelling)
  • Apply an antihistamine cream, such as benadryl within two minutes of the stinging to reduce the allergic reaction.
  • Mix a paste of baking soda and water, and apply to the affected area.
  • To weaken the venom, mix a past made with one-quarter tablespoon of meat tenderizer and one or two teaspoons of water.

How to Prevent a Wasp Sting

  • Avoid wearing perfumes and other sweet smelling substances.
  • Avoid wearing bright clothing as it can be attract this aggressive insect.
  • Avoid flowering shrubs, and beds of flowers.
  • Outdoor activities like barbecues can attract wasps. They love the smell of sweet foods. Any nearby garbage might also attract them.

Wasp Allergies

Many people are allergic to the sting of wasps. The range of reactions runs the gambit from only mildly painful and itchy, to sending a person into anaphylactic shock that can result in death if not treated immediately. If you are one of these ultra-sensitive persons and you are searching for more information on the subject I urge you to head on over to and read David Glaser’s story. His site provides an abundance of information on this subject.

3. Wasp Control

How to keep the number of wasps around you down

  • Keep all outside garbage bags tied up and tightly covered.
  • Seal fruit and vegetable waste in plastic before throwing in your trash can.
  • Fill in any possible nesting areas; small holes, rodent and snake burrows, drains, and openings around foundations.
  • When you are picnicking or having a cookout set out some tuna fish or dog food a good distance away from you to try to lure any local wasps away from the area.
  • DO NOT swat at one if it lands on you. STAY STILL – if you alarm the wasp it will sting you and then attract more wasps to the area by excreting a pheromone that calls in reinforcements, all targeting YOU.
  • Wasp traps are available in some hardware storesand online. These wasp catchers will not eliminate them, for that you must find the nest.

4. Getting Rid of Wasp Nests

Any nest near a high traffic area like a playground or entrance way should be destroyed whether it is below or above the ground. The safest way to get rid of an underground nest is to get a certified exterminator to do the job. If you decide to do it yourself anyway, here are some pointers to assist you:

Getting Rid of Underground Wasp Nests:


  • A helper that will remain calm
  • A half-gallon of kerosene or diesel fuel (NOT gasoline)
  • A shovel
  • A large wet cloth or towel
  • Protective clothing
    • A beekeepers suit would be perfect. If you can’t get one make sure your clothing has a thick, slick surface like rubber. Woven materials like cotton or wool are easily penetrated by wasp’s stingers.
    • Tie your jacket cuffs and pant legs over your gloves and boots. Do this so no wasps can fly under your clothes and sting you.


  1. Wait until after dark, or early in the morning. This is done to make sure that all of the wasps are in the nest.
  2. Approach the nest VERY quietly.
  3. Pour the fuel into the entrance of the nest.
  4. Immediately have your partner cover the hole with the wet cloth so the fumes and wasps won’t escape.
  5. DO NOT light the fuel. The fumes alone will kill the wasps almost instantly.
  6. RUN!

Getting Rid of Aerial Wasp Nests:

The safest way to destroy a paper wasp (or any hanging) nest is with a pressurized bomb specifically made for wasps. Please follow these guidelines when using a bomb.

  • DO NOT use a household insecticide like Raid. These work too slowly and you will not have enough time to get away from the angry swarm.
  • Follow all of the directions on the bomb carefully.
  • Stand about eight to ten feet away from the nest.
  • Try to aim the stream right at the nest’s opening. If it is hitting the outside of the nest it will still kill the insects, just a little more slowly.

Please note that there is still a good chance that you will get stung while trying to destroy the nest. Do not attempt to do this yourself if you are allergic to wasp stings.

Click here for more information about how to get rid of wasps

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  1. Wasps and their relatives can also be beneficial. Paper wasps and dirt daubers eat black widow spiders, and almost all types of wasp eat insects that feed on plants. My best advice is that if the wasps are far enough out that they won’t bother you, leave them alone. You may do more harm than good by eliminating them.

  2. I found that taking a 2 litre bottle (like a large coke bottle etc.) and using a knife or scissors,cut off the funnel part at the top and about an inch extra. Turn this upside down and insert int back into the bottle (so the bottle looks like it has a funnel in it.) Secure this in any way so there are no gaps around the edges of the funnel but leave the center hole open! Then, get any kind of juice, preferably something like strawberry (or sweet) and pour it in the bottom about halfway (UNDILUTED!). For extra effect, heap some suger in as well to attract more. This works because the wasps fly in (attracted by the juice) and as the insect instincts tell them, jump right into that sweet juice. Once wasps get their wings drenched, they can’t fly, so they go in and they can’t come out. When you have finished with the trap (or when its full of wasp corpses!), use something to block off the hole in the funell (ive found play-do/clay/cork works well) and walk as far away from the area as possible and dispose of it (bury it or tie it up in a bin bag and sling it!)

  3. I found that gasoline will kill a wasp instantly. I would put some in a hand sprayer, and spray the nests with it. They would drop before they could even step foot out of the nests. Granted if there were some I didn’t see, I’m sure I would have been stung. But it was the fastest way I could find to kill a whole nest in a matter of a couple of minutes.

  4. get a 5 gal. Bucket fill bottom with car oil. Put bucket over the hive and poaition the bucket thet the wasp enterence will fall into the bucket bottom. Ge friend to cut hive with shoval or garden shears.The when the hive falls into the bucket the wasps will try or may try to file out og their enterence into the oil. Works ..oil kill the wasps when they emerge into the oil.

  5. For those deathly afraid of wasps, like myself…try hairspray. When you see a wasp, spray it with hairspray. The stronger the hold of the hairspray the better. It’ll glue their wings together and they fall to the ground helpless. ha ha…take that you nasty little buggers.

  6. for the ground-dwelling hornets/yellowjackets, wait late in the evening (or early in the morning, before full sun-up). cover the nest with a tarp or garbage-bag, making sure to weight it about the edges.

    then lift one corner of the tarp/bag and spray like mad with insecticide. quickly weigh down that corner…and leave the bag/tarp there to ensure all the beasties are killed.

  7. Used the gasoline method and it worked great. Snuck up on the nest early in the morning and poured the gas into the ground nest and then covered the opening. The nest appears to have been destroyed.

  8. Try using Bleach. It’s not as flammable just incase someone walks by smoking a cig. Either way. Nothing will grow there for a while.

  9. ive found but its kind of expensive.brake cleaner with that lil extendible red thing 2 cans at that nest will make em drop in an instant

    i also have a masive nest right above me door way in the wall somewhere i tried to get it or spray them out i must of killed 100 + but for some reasdon there so many that keep comming back.

    when they do come back i thro some water in a weed sprayer i put soapy water on that next and they drop but they dont die thats when the brake cleaner comes it
    got stung but im not alergic to it it swell up a bit so i need better ways to get rid of them

  10. Spectracide Pro! Its a Wasp and Hornet Killer and comes in a can. Home Depot carries it. The great part is that its a jet spray that reaches nests up to 20 feet away (so gives you plenty of time to run). However, there was no need. They dropped out of the nest instantly. Now just need to get a long enough pole to knock down the nest.

  11. Be careful about your hair, especially if it’s blonde because wasps also go near your hair. I dyed my hair almost blonde and it attracted a lot of wasps, I tell you.
    Another tip of mine is, don’t let a single wasp come into your home, it will be very scary. Plus, going outside less helps.

  12. OK, this is hands down the fastest was to rid yourself of a wasp nest. I have tried different techniques but this works everytime. If you use wasp spray you risk the chance of “pissing them Off” and getting stung. Thet do not die immendiatly and tend to try and defend their territory. Got to your local Auto Pars Store and pick up a can of BRAKE CLEANER. BRAKE CLEANER is some nasty stuff (Chemical Composition) so be careful, do not breath it in or use indoors. SImply approach the nest with the can of Brake Cleaner (use the red nozzle extension for a good concentrated blast), Aim, and fire away!! you will be pleased to see that the Wasps die INSTANTLY…ALL of them!!! They will simply fall to the ground dead, never to move again. I do not know what BRAKE CLEANER has in it to cause this instant death reaction but it works (this also works with MOST spiders, I have found one type of spider here in florida that seems to be immune to the spray…nasty bugger…I had to step on it).

    WARNING !!!

    Please Read the Lable on BRAKE CLEANER prior to use. This is some nasty stuff!!!

  13. leo,you think brake cleaner works,which is made of caustic soda and phosphoric acid(by the way phos acid is in coke and other soft drinks)i’ve got a wasp nest right under my front veranda,door they have more than one avenue of exit? damian in melbourne australia

  14. I tried that outdoor mortein stuff hasnt worked as yet, so I have covered the nest with sand than plastic and more sand. It will take a few days for them to die from suffocation, I have had some others hanging around trying to get back in the nest but I am sure once the others are dead they will hopefully go away. They must beable to here the humming from under the ground. Will let you know how long it takes! Kylie in OZ

  15. I’m extremely afraid of bees, hornets, wasps and yellow jackets. And also deathly allergic to them. I have a big can of Bengal Foaming Wasp & hornet killer. It does work. You can get it from and type or general store. Like Family Dollar… When I see one flying around outside I’m afraid to go outside to spray them. So it takes a lot for me to go spray them. Much less to even get near them. I don’t know where the hive is, other then the front area of my home and yard, so I can’t kill them all at once. Anyway, I want to know if there is any way to keep them from coming around my house?

  16. The kind of insulation you spray from a can get them contained pretty well and easy to get rid of ( it breaks right off from the surface and they are trapped inside ) But I have a storage shed of furnature and electronics, so I dont want to spray ANYTHING in there. Any one have anything good for that?

  17. I had two nice size wasps in my house
    i found they were both attracted to black light
    i sprayed the light with hot shot ant and roach killer
    and they stayed at the light buzzed around and died
    Thank goodness

  18. i find that deodrant works well, when combined with a lighter!! indeed this can be dangerous as if the flame goes back inside the can, it can explode and you could lose your arm…but hey, it works a treat on the wasps! they just frizzle up and burn to death!

    (….if you are going to try this indoors, keep away from the curtains and beds etc. as they will burn also…)

    and dont just try one or the other, it has to be both, deodrant just pisses them off, and they will come and sting u, and the lighter dosent give you enough range.

    the incineration method works on most insects, and i am yet to find a fire retardant wasp

    if you dont wanna try that, then just leaving a bottle of beer out on the side is good, they fly in and drown..problem solved!

  19. Brakekleen works great,Just watch out what you are spraying it on other than the wasp nest, Brakekleen will disolve plastic such as siding.

  20. I don’t have a tip but I need help. Every day there are at least 5 new wasps in the house. I just know there are living within the walls because I have hunted high and low for a nest and have found nothing. What can I do about this?

  21. I heard ploacing deer food like a deer garlic around your house will help deter these pesty wasps, anyone hear that before?

  22. For Debbie….a couple of summers ago we had wasps mysteriously appearing in our house and I actually saw one come out of the fireplace!….we have the kind without a brick chimney, a gas only fireplace, but inside there was a hole leading to underneath the house that husband plugged up and that appears to be where they were coming in!….is that possible for your situation?

  23. walshy,
    that was the funniest thing i have read in quite some time. i laughed so hard it took about 5 minutes to finish.

  24. If you cannot get away from the nest very quickly,immidietly cover yourself with something thick!!!!!!JUST SCREAM TOO!!!!!!!

  25. Last summer I caught a pile with my wasp trap with beer and a bit of Sunlight dishsoap. The hard part is giving them the perfectly good beer.

  26. For indoor buggers (wasps and other bugs) you could try HotShot Spider Killer. My roommie picked it up because of her hate of spiders…it works on wasps too. This last wasp was a strong one, but one good spray will knock them down twitching in usually less than a minute.

  27. This is not a tip but need a tip or two. We have bees, wasps, and yellowjackets that are around our deck. We have tried every product on the market but they keep coming back. I believe they’re nests are under our deck. I was wondering if we poured bleach on our deck floor that will go throught the cracks, would this possibly kill what may be underneath? Any tips or suggestions is greatly appreciated.

  28. This is not a tip but a problem….I have the same problem as Edith. We have wasps that hang around our deck. They fly in and out of the spaces between the boards and up under the railing all over, so they can’t have one or two nests – they are EVERYWHERE around our deck. We keep spraying them with wasp and hornet killer, but they won’t go away. Any suggestions???? Please help – we can’t enjoy our deck!!

  29. For Sue and Debbie (and others),
    We recently moved into a place with a beautiful garden…and lots of bees! I don’t mind the honeybees, since they only care about the flowers. But the wasps have decided to set up shop right under our bedroom door to the patio! It’s a small nest, but already a pain because so far we’ve had to deal with two of them getting inside. I know they’re good for keeping the spider population down (in itself a big selling point) but why did they pick such a rotten spot?? Now I have to kill them. Sue and Deb, I would call someone in pest control — they will locate your nest and get the issue under control for you. Myself, I’m off to Home Depot for some of that Spectracide….

  30. If the wasps are near an entrance to a home or near an area where humans or dogs may get attacked, then it is imperitive that you get rid of the threat.

    I found a homemade trap that works fairly well, Cut the top off of a 2 liter bottle and put and mixture of One part Water to One part sugar, (fill bottle about 1/2 way). Then attach the top of the bottle back to the hole, only UPSIDE DOWN, secure it with tape of whatever. Then just place it relatively near the hive and let them fly in for a snack :). Let the bottle sit for a few days to ensure they are all dead on the inside and dispose of appropriately. Since no poisons were used, you could even dump out the dead on your lawn and let birds eat them.

  31. Thanks for the tip with WD40. Had run out but had something of similar ilk called fluid film. A nest was just being started on the underneath surface of a shelf we have on our deck – about the size of a pingpong ball. Went out at night when cool, sprayed the nest a couple of times and in the morning there was a wasp laying on the shelf underneath, very sluggish, not quite dead. Put soapy water in an empty coffee can, put the can over the nest and slid it across the surface. The nest dropped into the soapy water – put the lid on the can – done. The lubricant aided in the nest coming off cleanly. Not happy about killing anything, but better them than me. Allergies.

  32. I have a huge problem with really anything that flies and might just bite or sting. I swear I will jump out a building one of these days cause of it. I went on a trip with a friend and her father in law has a ranch with a ton of stinging critters. So he devised this contraption. You take a jar, fill half way with soda, cut a whole in the lid, hook a paper clip so it is hanging into the jar and dangle some lunch meat off it. The bees and wasps are attracted to the meat and the soda and eat but cannot get out. They will die in there. We had 4 or 5 around and they were all full by the end of the week. YAY!!!

  33. For Sue and others who have wasps flying in and out of your wooden deck, first check if there is a nest. We had no nest, but the same problem of the wasps flying in between the wooden boards – My husband sprayed the deck with Thompson’s Water Sealer (liberally soaked it) and voila – the wasps have disappeared. You need 2 dry days in a row so it can dry thoroughly.
    try it, it can’t hurt.

  34. Putting petroleum products into a nest will certainly work, but it creates a serious groundwater problem. Petroleum and other organic solvents end up in someone’s water supply. I’d recommend using the sun dishwashing liquid. It works fine and it is far less harmful to the environment. As long as you do it at night you wont have any trouble.

  35. For those who dont want to use poison or any other chemicals…

    use the vaccuum cleaner, place the nozzle at the hole of the nest, and leave on all day. Sucks up and kills the workers. Any hatching workers will return the next day or two, so you might have to redo the trick. Eventually the hive dies with lack of worker wasps bringing back the bacon.

  36. For wasps inside the house, fill spray bottle with dish soap and water 1 part soap to 10 parts water. It’ll soak their wings and they will fall, then sweep them up, flush them down toilet, and use a damp rag to wipe down where the spray bottle solution was used.

  37. Mine is not a tip but a problem…Found out the hard way wasps were nesting in a wind chime made of wood. It was cylindrical & suited them perfectly. Bumping it caused several to fly out & I was stung. I sprayed the flying ones with all I had – Raid Roach Spray. This deterred them long enough for me to get the chime down & toss into the yard. I later threw the chime away when I was sure the wasps were knocked out of it. The problem is the wasps are still hanging around where the chime used to hang, & now they are congregating at the corner of my door jamb. They sit in wait until I unsuspectingly open the door & then swarm. It’s been 3 days since I removed the nest. How do I eliminate the die-hards who now have no nest but seem to be lying in wait for revenge?

  38. I have some wasps that have decided to be brave and build a nest on the ceiling fan on my upstairs deck (right outside my bedroom door). It’s too high for me to reach with normal methods. What’s the best way to get rid of them and get that nest down from such a height? I really didn’t mind them being around last year cause they didn’t bother me…but this year, I can’t sit out on the upper deck without them flying around me (and the deck is small, too…so not much space to manuever). Thoughts?

  39. For those afraid to spray wasp nests, do it early in the morning, right around daybreak, just before the sun comes out. Do it in your attic also, if there is no light in attic, hook up an extension cord and bright light, then start the hunt for the nests. Bees and wasps are less active in cooler weather, so early mornings are best or late at night when it gets cool, but late at night is a little rough because there is less light. This works for me.

  40. if you get stung by a bee or a whasps you can take the stinger out with twesers and then clean it out with cold water and then put segerate tabaco on it and then when you are done for a minute with the tabaco then you will know that it is all cleand out so you can be active again , because mom daffiny did that for me when i used to get stung because I am very suverly alergic to them and it helps me a hole lot.

  41. citronella oil , like the stuff used in tiki lights , works well. i found a small nest inbetween some ward waste bags, pored the oil on it, and they fell out , coated with it. to finish the job i grabbed a spade with a long handle and knocked the nest off the bags and lit it on fire, being careful to make sure the fire didnt spread

  42. Help! I was driving today and at the light, noticed a wasp exiting from a nest in my back window — right behind where my small daughter usually sits! It looks just like a small gray tunnel. Can’t leave the windows down all the time, can’t use gasoline or fire of any kind, obviously. Really not sure what to do! I guess it was pregnant and got caught inside the car and just started building?

  43. NO tip, problem – i have wasps coming from the fireplace. Last October we had an externiator come out they sprayed the whole house the second time they came out, they said they were coming up from the flume. We lit a fire (per their suggestion & $110 later) my husband said a few dropped from the flume and we did not have any troubles. It seems they have come back – this one was rather large. We lit another fire (on a 78 degree nite)> Any other suggestions?

  44. When it comes to wasp nests, what always works for me is to fill a big bowl of hot soapy water and throw it at the nest and once the nest falls from your overhang, the wasps that were on the nest fall and die while the eggs just dry up. This has worked everytime, just make sure you have enough water to hit the nest:)

  45. Help! I am terrified of wasps. I work in an old paper mill. There are about 3-5 wasps that enter the room I work in on a daily basis. We had no idea where they were coming from until today. It seems there is a hole in the wood next to the window that leads outside. They were also building a nest in that hole inside and outside. We sprayed them down this afternoon. No wasps came out. I walk around with the wasp spray and fly swatter just incase. There really isn’t a way to knock down the nest because we are about 4 floors and no door that way. Anyone got any ideas?

  46. I live in the country and we have a swimming pool. We have 15 to 25 wasps flying in and getting water all day everyday. it is hard to get in the pool without them flying all around you. I don’t know how to get rid of them or stop them from getting their water from our pool. Any suggestions???

  47. I got on this site for some info. Did not get much, but did get a lot of good laughs in. Thanks Walshy, my kids and I got a really good laugh from yours.

  48. I tried the WD40 and it worked like a charm! I used the plastic extender piece and was able to spray from a safe distance. I went outside at night and all the wasps were sleeping. I started spraying and the wasps started moving around but couldn’t fly. They just started dropping dead after a couple seconds. I knocked off the nests the next day.

  49. I tried to suffocate them. Yes it didnt work. They can dig out and in to anything. I paid the $100 for the exterminator man to come round. It was worth every cent. He sprayed them. A couple of hours later they were dead.
    Kylie in OZ

  50. The wd-40 seems to work. Hooray! And from what I understand, wasps find their way back to the nest by smell, so washing down the entrance or area around it works to keep them from coming back and starting all over again.

  51. The best way I have found is to use a wasp trap. You can get them at Menard’s or other hardware variety stores. It has cone shaped entrance holes. The wasps can squeeze in, but can’t get out, because their bodies can’t flex enough to get around the small inside edge. You put in some sugar water, jelly, soda pop, fruits or any sweet smelling stuff or a combination of them. Then screw on the top and hang it up or set it on a table outside. There are also plenty of breather holes to allow the sweet smell to attract them. Last summer I had three of these traps and had at least 50 dead wasps in each one.

  52. Well, tried the sweet juice and sugar with a yellow hornet trap. That didnt work at all on wasps. I tried the hornet attractant and that didnt work either. You think there would be a wasp trap that works like the hornet trap with wasp bait. I have gotten rid of every hive(the spectricide spray works fine) , but my neighbors are not as astute. I will go to another hardware store a look for another wasp trap.

  53. My Grandmother owns an old old house. Wasps are everywhere. We have canceled all of our family outings to the old place because of the wasp problem. They have built nests in the walls, outside of the doors, under the house, and elswhere. I know we can spray the ones outside of the doors, but what about in the walls? Wasps just pour out of the cracks and places the walls meet outside. Does anyone have a good tip or should we just hire and exterminator?

  54. Not a tip, a question. We have in the last week discovered a new kind of wasp we’ve never seen before… larger, with a mostly dark black color except for two or three yellow stripes. There is also a new mound of dirt in the garden with what looks like a “slide” curving down into an entrance hole. The slide is the size a finger would make pushing into the sand.

    Are these a ground wasp and is this their hole? I haven’t seen any wasps flying in or out, but they are around this area, and the mound returned today after I washed it away with a hose last night.

    Thanks for any help!

  55. no tips, sorry but huge problem! I am deathly afraid of wasps like you have no idea! i live in an old house and the are everywhere in the front yard and back. i have not found any nests but there are just always wasps everywhere, and i am usually stuck inside my house all day because i am to scared to go outside! please helpp!

  56. not a tip need help.. i have a couple wasps nest underground in my front garden right by my front door i;m not sure how to get rid of them i don’t want to use anything flamable as my husband smokes by there and i have 2 small children so i don’t want them to get near it.. i am scared to go outside as no matter how i want to leave my house i eventually have to go pass the nest can anyone help…

  57. Chemicals, Chemicals, Chemicals…Why use chemicals? There is a much more simple way… Wasps are very territorial…I had a wasp nest on the over hang of my roof right at the house entrance. Everytime i knocked it down they would just start rebuilding immediately again in the same place..I wise person told me to blow up a small brown paper bag so that it is bulged out and kinda rounded. Tie a string around the neck of the bag and hang it as close to the nest as possible..The wasps will soon vacate there hive and will never come back…It worked great for me..The brown paper bag appears to them as another hive and because they are so territorial they stay away…Very simple solution. Hope it works for you as well as it has for me..

  58. no tip, big problem. i have a huge Staghorn fern and wasps have built a nest inside of the plant. They have also bored out more holes when I covered the origional. Something to kill the #$%#@&&^% (I have been stung several times) and not hurt the plant.

  59. I have got a large wasps nest near my kitchen window every time a night I put the Kitchen light on a bunch of about nine wasps come in and I have got small kittens. So at night I have candels instead of the mane light. I had a kitten that got stung by a wasps nest I din’t know where he was after daylight was gone I found my kitten near the wasps nest not moving. The hole wasps nest attact him and there was nothing I could do for him.

  60. Used the WD 40 solution. Wasps dropped and smell seems to be keeping those that weren’t home, from coming back. Loved the hairspray idea. Told friends and we all had a good laugh.


  61. To keep wasps from re-appearing take a small paper bag and blow into it and tie off the top so it looks like a balloon.

    Hang it where the wasps have had a nest in the past or where they congregate. They think another wasp family lives there and they will move on as they are very territorial.

    My aunts campsite had a major wasp problem until we put up a few bags and that was the end of it.

  62. has anyone tried that freezer spray plumbers use to freeze pipes ? it is certainly non toxic but could give you frostbite too if you are silly enough to get it on your fingers

  63. Just got stung 3 times in about 15 seconds by the same wasp. Fast little suckers. I’m grabbing the hairspray and lighter right now. Vengence will be mine!!!!!!!!

  64. Thanks so much for the WD40 advise. Just one bugger, but I’m not good with a fly swatter. Sprayed the WD40 on the wasp and it became slow enough to swat to a gruesome death. No sting for me – 35 years old and never been stung yet 🙂

  65. not a tip a question…. I had a wasps nest under my deck and i sprayed it with water and they went away for about a day. I asked my daughter to go spay the flowers the next day and she cam inside and said that there was some wasps still hanging around. I said that I had sprayed them already and I went to check the flowers. I looked at the deck and said that there was no wasps. Famous last words. The wasps came flying from everywhere and i ran inside( i hate andthing that flys stings or bites )
    What should I do? Use my sons deodrand and my lighter? lol
    I think i might uses the WD40?! 😉

  66. I had an underground wasp nest under a small bush next to my deck. I drenched the hole with store bought wasp killer at night on two occations, which stopped activity for only a day or two (the nest was too far from the entrance to be fully impacted). This morning I went out and found that a small animal did the work for me. The nest (about 18 inches from the entrance hole) was completely dug out and the remnants of the hive were spread every where. We have Red Fox and Skunks in the area. Any idea what small animal would have performed the service for me?

  67. HELP! My husband is in the process of making this awesome sandbox for our 18 mos old baby boy. It is right near our garden and I was out watering, when I noticed that wasps are taking over the sandbox! There are several holes and they were very aggressive toward me when I went near it accidentally. Yikes, imagine if I had put the baby in there to play! My brilliant husband said to just smother the holes and they will die (Good one!) I told him “Yeah you try that one, I’m staying inside to call 911 when they attack you!” Does anyone know a good way without any chemicals or anything to completely destroy the nest? My son will be playing in there so I want to keep that area pesticide free etc! Please help! 🙁

  68. I don’t have a tip, but I do have a problem. I have these 3 nest’s in the wood surrounding my old sand box and I just cant seem to find out what kind of wasp is in there. They are black and red. The wings are black and the bodies are red. It looks like it could be blood almost. Anyways, we are trying to build the dog kennel there and my father just keeps going, but I am worried that he may get stung, and for all we know the could be dangerous. So please if you know the answer of what kind of wasp this is, please answer a.s.a.p.

  69. I have literally hundreds of wasps and hornets flying in my yard. So many, that my children are unable to play out there. I have found 1 nest and destroyed it, have hung 4 wasp traps, (which work ok) however I still have a problem. They seem to fly very low to the ground. Any suggestions?

  70. Something I have learned about wasps and particularly wasps living in the country all my life is that they simply wont don’t or can’t fly at night. I proved this fact to my brother one night on our patio as there was a wasp sleeping on the wall near our door and I touched it and teased it and it refused to take flight or fight back. Evidently it didn’t make it to its nest before nightfall and decided to sleep over (mistake). So when you decide to launch your attack whether it be a single wasp in your home, or a nest you’ve discovered, do it at night. You can use fire, volatile chemicals, or whatever. One of the methods mentioned involving a projectile automotive chemical does work well. I personally disagree with the sugar water method cause you may end up attracting them from all over. If one wasps drinks and escapes it tells the whole wasp civilization of your generosity and hospitality and your home becomes a feeding place for 10 billion wasps. So arm yourself, wait till nightfall and lay siege. If you live in a rural area its probably impossible to prevent them from visiting and or setting up residence. Just destroy every nest you find that night.

  71. I used the vacumcleaner to get rid of them all. I taped the nossle so it was an inch away from the entrance. Then made the vacumcleaner do the job. Took a couple of hours , however it is non toxic.

  72. I get something heavy like a used oil filter which is about the size of a hardball. Then I make sure my path is clear to a car or house. I sneak up to a place I know I can hit the football sized nest and I let her fly. Then I run away and go off to work or something. Later that night, I do it again while they are settled and these two attacks make their nest unlivable without killing the poor buggars.

  73. Go to Payless Shoe Source and find the biggest shoes you can buy, like a size 13 or 14. They come in great for swatting, throwing, or just stomping on the nest!

  74. no tip but i have a neighbor that has these big big wasp looking things they have nest in the ground but don,t seem to be around in the evening after about 5pm but are in plenty during the moring and afternoon they seem to prey on locust because you always see them dragging them in the ground into the holes they are about three times the size of a normal wasp but look just like them they are not to adgressive towards human unless you mess with them don,t no for sure whatthe sting feels like but i’m sure this thing could put a hurting on you pretty good does anyone have or know what they are plz help me find out would like to know someone told me they were cadian killers what ever that is can’t find no info on that either

  75. they are forever after the humming bird feeder so we had to take them down, take a plastic water bottle or large pop bottle cut it in half ,put the neck of the bottle in side the bottle andpush down so the cut parts are even run tape around bottle to hold together, fill with sugar water or beer or juice,pop fill to about a ince or two below the neck of the bottle set away from people area or push wire throw the bottle and hang…..also have heard of hanging a fish up some where the meat eater will eat on meat or fish put a bucket of water below and the just drop in. or spray the nest is good to if you can find it…good luck…

  76. HOMEMADE WASP TRAP (safe for bees)

    get a mid-sized jar and fill just under halfway with water. Then add Vegetable oil (which will float on the water) and add a small amount. Rest a popsicle stick or twig across the top of the jar and tie a piece of string to it with a peice of meat on the bottom end, just above the oil. (I find chicken works well)

    As wasps are attracted to meat, they fly and get oil on their wings, fall in and die. This is safe for honey bees as they are not attracted to meat, unlike alot of the sweeter traps I’ve seen posted on here.

  77. Have a problem need help. I have about 100 wasp holes in my backyard. I have tried sprays, but they keep coming back. I am at war with these little critters. What can I do? Help Help Help!!!!!!

  78. I have wasps nested in the overhang of my roof that is covered with wood(I don’t know the name of this house part-facia board?)There is a small space where the wood has moved from the house. They go to and fro from this in great numbers. I have used several products such as the insecticide foam and sprays. I am going to try WD-40 tonight but I am not sure it will work because they are up under the roof. I would like to just caulk them in but I am sure they will eat their way out elsewhere.Any sugestions other than setting my house on fire?

  79. We discovered a yellowjacket underground nest in our yard after one of the “beasts” stung my grandchild and a friend 3 times and was coming after me. My husband sprayed a whole can of Spectrocide or however you spell it from Home Depot. The next morning 4 were flying around the hole. Then that night he poured gasoline into the hole. This morning they are still flying. When do you call an exterminator
    Did anyone ever use 409 the cleaning spray? I read that it was good to get rid of wasps?

  80. I had a huge, disgusting wasp nest on my patio with huge eggs…YUK! I went to Home Depot and bought a can of “SpectracidePRO” Wasp & Hornet KILLER. It worked instantly, they all fell down including those big nasty egg looking sacks. I got the little buggers when they were all sleeping. It was only $3.97. You can stand up to 20 feet away from the nest and the jet spray hits the nest right on. It was amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  81. I read somewhere that if you put some of those little pinwheels near an underground wasp net the pinwheel causes ground vibration that irritates the wasps and they will leave. THis may not get rid of them but its worth a try.

  82. Does anyone know… Will Wasps hurt my chickens, I have a lovely little flock of Bantys and something has gotten a couple of them. I decided to put them in the barn for thier own protection while I build a fenced pen, but there are wasps out there! It’d be nice to think the chickens will eat the wasps, but I’m afraid that the opposite could be true!! Help!

    I live in a small block of flats in the city and a couple of weeks ago we had a lots of wasps in the block and outside the frontdoor it was 4:30am, they only went when it started to rain, but they have never really gone we sometimes seea couple late at night flying around the light outside the frontdoor is there anything I can use to stop them from coming back….. PLEASE HELP!!!!!
    Thank you

  84. Why do they say that you shouldn’t seal up the entrance to a wasp nest (in the wall of your house somewhere)when there are bees in it? Besides the obvious–they come inside.

  85. I tried Tom’s method using the 2 liter bottles and blended strawberries with sugar (can’t get any more undiluted than that!). The only thing the 3 containers attracted were flies. After a week in the August sun, it really began to smell bad. Not a sucessful method for me.

  86. I need help! I have 5 wasps in my bedroom window well. Every day or two another one shows up and at least one of them has died(the first one – thought that was going to be all.)My bed’s on the other side of the room so I’ve just stayed away from them and they don’t bother me. But it’s been about a week and I don’t know where there nest id and/or where there coming from. And every “over the counter” spray says not to use them inside. Help!

  87. Tip to kill yellow jackets living underground.
    Place a clear glass bowl over the entrance to the nest. When you no longer see them trying to escape you will know they are dead. It’s kind of gross watching them going into a frenzy because they can’t get out but it does work.

  88. My tip is that you wait until night and use that foam stuff that you spray up into the nest. I haven’t been able to take my son outside for three weeks because the neighbors are on holidays and the nest is in their tree and the wasps are coming into our yard! But the foam works, I have yet to do it this year, had to do it once before. Good luck with getting rid of these annoying pests!

  89. Not a tip but same problem as Karen does. I have a fern hanging on my porch. I killed a nest of wasp behind one of my window shutters and now they have relocated to the plant. What can i use on the fern to make them leave without harming the fern. PLEASE HELP!

  90. Not A Tip, Question regarding Leeanne’s problem she asked on August 13th. We have almost the identical wasp nest up under our roof shingles and just noticed another family up in our vinyl siding at the pitch of our garage. My husband has climed up on a ladder and spayed with foam wasp spray at night raising the shingles with a flat screwdriver but they keep coming back. We have two new puppies that have been stung numerous times. Any Suggestions? Please Help?

  91. We’ve had a MAJOR problem with wasps at my house for a long time now. A colony of 20-50 wasps clumps itself up right above our front door! I live in a 20+ year old trailor so there are many places where they can just shack up in and there isn’t much we can do about it ourselves 🙁 See, theres the wall where our door is on, and then theres this space about a foot in width between the wall where the door is and the start of the roof of the porch…. thats where they’re heavily populated. There are other nests SURROUNDING my house, they’re EVERYWHERE…. Me and my mother are so sick of it. We’d call a pro exterminator, but we just dont have the money for that kind of thing. 🙁 I’m afraid even if we did get rid of all of them somehow they’d just come back again…

  92. I thought I had a bee problem and purchased Sevin but it hasn’t gotten rid of the problem. Today I did additional research and realized that I had paper wasps and will head out to purchase some WD-40 to see if that works. For those of you that have laughed at the suggestion of using hair spray, I had one wasp get into my home and I got my hair spray, shot the wasp with three blasts of the hair spray, (one probably would have worked) and with the wasp incompacitated I was able to kill it with one swat.

  93. Hey, My Dad has spotted a wasp nest just outisde and inside our walls, they came in summer and my dad didn’t do anything! he says that now it’s getting cold weather they will go but we get like 1-4 wasps in the house everyday! im not allowed to do anything because it’s not my house but i have the risk of dieng everyday because of my allergie! what do i do if i find one in my room everymorning???

  94. I have a brick house with wood trim around the top and I have wasps at both corners. Their nest is up under the wood, and they seem to gather in a bunch at the corner where the wood comes together. I have tried spraying wasp spray directly into the crack. It kills some of them. I have also tried throwing gasoline on them, at and around the crack where they come out of. It kills alot of them but I can’t seem to get all of get all of them. Can you tell me what to do!!!

  95. There have been about two walnut-sized nests hanging around my roof next to my window with about 15 wasps around them plus the eggs. I got Brake Cleaner and WD40 from Autozone and the wasps were all dead in an instant. Be careful if using this, as it poses a threat to anyone who breathes it. But is highly recommended. Gasoline is also ok, but is more susceptible to fire. And most importantly, do it either early in the morning or right at night, because the wasps are sleeping and it will catch them off-guard.

  96. Amazing site, thankyou, you answered my question, humans are essentially mad. Here in the UK we are thankfully low in stinging critters but wasps are around. My problem is that the nest is at the base of a tree and chemicals would/maybe kill the plant. The tree is a long way from the house at least quarter of a mile, so no vacum cleaner is going to reach, so any suggestions. I would love to ignore the problem but my three dogs are fascinated and I’m afraid for them. Please also remember that here in the UK we are very limited when it comes to chemical warfare.

  97. Everyday I have 10-15 wasps show up inside my house!! They go to my kitchen window or back patio door. They are large and tough. Swatting at them makes them furious so I take a large drinking glass and cover them, slide a coaster underneath and put them in the freezer. They die fast in there. I cannot find where they are coming in from outside or the attic. I HATE THEM as I’m allergic!

  98. Finally, by Nov 25th, it is cold and I have not seen a wasp for 3 days. I think I had 2 nests, one of reddish black wasps and one of yellow jackets. I had over 120 wasps IN MY HOUSE over a month period. I will have to seal every crack before next spring.
    Can’t believe no one got stung. God Bless!

  99. We rent a home in the coutry located near lavender fields. Prior to the lavender harvest, the wasps problem peaks and the wasps like to use the nearby swimming pool as their water source. This makes swimming almost impossible. The wasps do not seem as interested in the other local pools. How do I discourage them from using ours? Any tips?


  100. Ok, like others, I love the Spectracide. We have wasps that seem to get inside our house from somewhere around the fireplace. But one just got in the house thanks to unseasonably warm weather, and all we had was Raid Wasp & Hornet spray. I sprayed at him, aimed badly, got the wall and barely got him. But the little bit that got on him was enough to kill him within a few minutes. I’m deathly afraid of wasps and other stinging nasties and anything that lets me spray them from a distance is a blessing.

  101. I`ve got what i`ve been told are clay wasps. they keep building little nests (filled with little green babies)over my nice WHITE house. Anything I can do to stop them. I chip the nest down with a knife but they leave brown marks all over the walls

  102. We tried boiling water, putting the hose down the hole… nothing.

    I sense it is now vengeance they seek. A kind of subterranean humming… goading me, taunting me….

    Ha! Whilst they slumbered in waspy smugness, I plotted their doom. Tonight I shall buy 5 litres of kerosene. I have little courage, but good running shoes.

    Drink deep this evening my little friends.. drink deep.

  103. Well. It is done.

    I could only afford two litres of kerosene.

    The best ‘instant knockdown’ is foaming degreaser – a bit like a flak canon – a wonder to behold.

    Also, I grew wisdom through the teachings of Lowenbrau. What was an operation to occur under the cover of darkness soon became ‘swig and run’ as I fought the waspish demons in the late light. The wasps keep coming back – at the rate of one or two per minute. I can assure you that there is NO POINT in trying to kill them before darkness falls. They just keep appearing out of nowhere.

    I poured one litre of kerosene down the hole. We had covered the first hole – then they dug another – about half a centimetre on the outside – the kerosene revealed it was quite large beneath.

    I will venture forth at first light. May God have mercy upon my soul.

  104. for those of you in oz Wasp & Nest Killer, get it from bunnings, knocks them flat. It has a 4 metre jet and they literally just drop dead. Good stuff!

  105. I live in the country in a granny flat the wood is semi dry rotted and we have seen many wasp building at the edges of the house, at night i go looking for nest and have sprayed down 10 5 being larger then 3 walnuts, i did this a week ago, I looked again and see these critters have again begun building, I am going to try the wd 40 hopefully they wont come back, I wish i knew where they are comming from though i have many huge trees around the house as well as many leaves in one area that i refuse to rake as i am scared they are underground or in the trees, I moved in oct of 07 and i am very anxious for summer so scared..

  106. The red bodied/black winged ones are red wasps & their sting is especially painful. The larger ones that are mostly black with a few yellow stripes sound like hornets – very nasty.

    Another website suggested rubbing a bar of Ivory soap on the area where they like to build as a deterrent. We are going to try diluted liquid Ivory soap in our spray jug – I’ll try to let you know if it works!

  107. Man your stations! Prepare to make war!!

    This site is great… it’s always nice to know you’re not alone. We are getting ready to open the pool and love all the good ideas. I find that my time in the pool each year turns into a tunnel-visioned quest to drown any and every wasp that dares TRY to drink ‘my’ water…

  108. Joe Of Melbourne is one funny guy!! lol
    Spring is here and so are the wasps!! I’ve already had several in the house. We had a hard, icy winter….lost power for 6 days so I know the attic was cold. I don’t know what to do.

  109. squirt ant powder on or around nest, buggers walk it in the nest. and pass it to all there kin. job done by there own feet

  110. i have a major problem with ground bee’s. they keep coming back no matter what I do. I have poured gas, diesel, kerosene, bleach, ammonia, wasp killer, brake parts cleaner, motor and cooking oil… everything. Each time i cover the whole with a bunch of dirt and pack it down…. the next day, they are like I did nothing. I have even used the vacuumed trick. I have sat a mower over the whole for a whole day with it running… Still no difference. Any Ideas? I think there are black and blue….

  111. We have red wasps and some little black wasps nesting in the eves of our modular home. They are so bad I stay inside during the day and work outside at night. We have tried foggers, aeresols, bombs and even lighting smoldering fires. The best we’ve done is to drive them away for short periods(15 minutes to and hour) and then they come back even stronger. I need better solutions. Please HELP, I am a prisoner in my own home.

  112. Help I have wasps in the attic. They got in by the front door at the top on the railing. Now I see them coming and going. Thanks for any hints. Ursula

  113. Need a tip: Wasps are flying in between the window and the wall of my house. Need a way to get them out of there – what’s the best way to do that? The wasps that were living in the clothes line pole got duct taped inside last year, but not really sure duct tape will work in this instance.

  114. So I had my tools in a shed that was present when we purchased the land. I soon found that the wasps living in the shed did not like to be disturbed durning the day, so I would gather all need tools at first light. At the end of the day I would return the tools to the wasps shed. 6 cans of the stuff that sprays 27 feet and in a week they return. Plus every am there are multiple dead on the floor. I have fought the good fight. We purchased an new shed and soon will burn the old one! Letssee ’em come back to a smoldering pile of ash!

  115. Hello again. This just might work!!!
    Now I dont know if this will work and I have done much research online to see if there is any validity in this but no solid manswers. We recieve a catalog called ‘Gardeners Supply Cmpany’ they offer a natural wasp deterrent. I quote “Turn your deck into a no-fly zonewith these immitation wasp (supposed to say Hornet) nests.Research has demonstratedthat wasp are territorialand avoid other nests. Hang in a protected arealike under eves or on a porch. Works for camping and picnicking too!” This thing looks like a big bee hive. Set of two for $12.95 You can find them online at

  116. I have a single (hopefully) wasp inside my apt. at my skylight window about 15 feet from the floor. I tried throwing magazines and rolled up towels at it but at best it will only bring it down only to have it fly back up to the window again. Any advice?

  117. Please help me! My daughter has a trampoline in our backyard and where the springs are connected to the metal frame there are holes in the metal. The wasps that come out EVERY spring always nest there and they have even stung my daughter while she was jumping on the trampoline. I dont know what to do to get rid of them for good. PLEASE HELP!!!!

  118. I have wasp’s in the basement and i have tried everything. I sealed all the holes in the foundation but they still keep getting in. Any help with this?

  119. Does anyone know if there is anything that can wasp proof wood? The yellowjackets are all over my kids playscape eating the varnish. My kids can’t even play on it because of the amount of yellowjackets.

  120. Yeah, so…i am sooo scared of bees, wasps, hornets…all that kinda stuff…I swear they are in every freakin outdoor crevace of my house. I cant even go out the front door without them chasing me to my car. I have found that Black Flag for ants spiders fleas and ticks kills them sooo fast…the only problem is it doesnt spray in a stream. Its just a mist and it only goes like 3 feet so you have to be right on top of them. Someone please tell me how to “flying insect proof” my house before they take it over and i have to live in my car!!!
    Thanks in advance!!

  121. My husband and I just bought our first home and we have noticed a wasp is trying to build a nest in our mailbox. My husband has already been stung and we try to keep the mail box clean but it keeps coming back we know there is another nest by the upstairs window but can’t find it with the naked eye. I need a solution that won’t be chemicals because i have allergies and I am allergic to stings also. Please help

  122. I’ve never tried to kill off a hiveful, but I know what definitely works on individual wasps. It’s called “Real Kill”, & it truly lives up to its name! It’s sold at Wal-Mart alongside all the other usual bug sprays. As soon as the stream hits them, they drop. Make SURE they don’t recover – be ready to whack ’em with a thick magazine, newspaper, or a sturdy fly swatter. (Forgive me, PETA, but I’m DEATHLY hyper-allergic to all sorts of bug venom – even flies! A deer fly bit me on the foot once, & I ended up in the emergency room, gaspin’ for life! Never again!)

  123. This is for metal sheds only. I found that if you kill them all using Raid bee killer (the only one that really does drop them dead immediately!!!) and use a stream of carb cleaner and lighter to burn the nest and leave it there, they won’t come back. I don’t know if it’s cause all the dead bodies, and burnt village, but I know they haven’t nested in my shed in over four years now.

  124. i have a playground for my kid. i saw a wasp enter a hole in it. i haven’t let anyone one it since. i don’t know what to do. the hole is about 1 inch. i don’t know what type of wasp it was. but. im scared it will sting somthing.

  125. We have lived at out current location for about 6 years and I have learned not to leave anything sweet like soda cans or cups outside where my kids are because of the wasps and bees we get. Right now we are surrounded by wasps, we have them every few feet on the edge of the roof and I have learned to live with them, they leave me alone I leave them alone. But since it is warmer my kids have a pool and the wasps are attracted to it, we cannot go out there without seeing about 20 within an hour. How do you make them stay away from the pool? I plan to make a trap to attact them to it, but are there any other suggestions?

  126. Hi when there used to be a bee or wasp in my room or anywhere in the house i used to firstly close any windows or doors from where the wasp or bee could escape from. Then i would get a wasp or bee killing spray and spray on the bee or wasp and then spray the whole room. This way the bee or wasp will get infected witht the spray and also suffocate in the room and go uncouncious. leave the room and come back after 5 – 10 minutes make sure you close the room so that the bee or wasp suffocates! Hopefully the wasp will be next to a window dead or uncouncious.

  127. I have found that hairspray (haha!) will kill wasps & it doesn’t matter what kind. You have to kinda soak’em with it, like if they’re on a windowsill or on some furniture.

  128. We just used WD40 to spray a small nest inside of a long wooden wind chime. They dropped right out onto the ground.

  129. cloves are good. wasps hate them!
    try putting some cloves in some hot water to let the smell escape, or sprinkle clove powder about.

  130. I use a mixture of dish soap and water to spray wasps and their nests to kill them .I mix one third water and two thirds of some inexpensive dish soap in a spray bottle , it doesn’t kill them right away but they can’t or don’t fly far because of the soap then you just crush them and if you saturate the nest starting in the hole they just seem to drop out of it

  131. We live in Virginia and the wasps we have were attracted to the carpenter bees who dig into the wood to build nests. We had a pest control guy come and kill off the bees by sealing the holes, and the wasp problem got better. We are now reduced to finding individual nests and spraying them from a distance. The wasps here are not attracted to sweet things, but I will try the paper bag trick and let you all know if it works.

  132. I don’t want to kill the wasps. I’ve lived peacefully with wasps in the area for years and have never been stung. I just need to get rid of the nest that they’ve built IN my window. I have critters who like to chase and eat bugs & I don’t want THEM to get hurt. Does anyone have a suggestion for getting rid of the nest without killing the wasps, yet not having the wasps return to the same area?

  133. wasp powder in the nest hole and leave. my girl and myself with badmington rackets to swat strays returning to hive brill, cant miss. job done.

  134. We noticed a number of solitary type wasps around our garden this year more than usual. I have not found their nest(s). But my husband decided to try the shop vacuum on them. It’s worked really well, they are slow movers and he’s been able just to follow them and suck them up.

  135. If a wasp gets into your bathroom (usually from the moisture or if you leave the light on overnight) then you can use the bathroom spray to get they at close range. They drop dead right away. It is only a close range solution, but one that works indoors quite well, and you dont have to worry if you miss them with the swat.

  136. yeah there was a wasp in my room this very second! so i used WD-40 and it died right on my window. the problem is, its dead stuck there on my window all the way ontop and i dont know how to get it off.
    but yeah i used wd-40 and whatever bugspray i could find and now its dead!


  137. I’m in Alabama so i have all kinds of different wasps floating around. If I see one going into my shop I’m really jumpy at everything I think moves. If one gets too close I’m running away like I’m following a bomb squad technician. Being stung well over 100 times in my life, I’ve found many things that kill them instantly; WD-40 seems to be popular, belt dressing, carb cleaner, brake parts cleaner, accitone, a stick of wood and a shoe. I’ve had bad experience with using water, aerosol sprays and some commercial sprays.

  138. When getting rid of a hanging wasp nest I set up a shop vac – First I put some water in the vacuum and then put the hose near the opening and turned on the vacuum and let it run for about 1/2 hour worked very well. The wasps either suffocated or drowned. I tried the same with an underground nest but it didn’t seem to suck them out – will try again

  139. instead of using bug spray i use spray that includes alchohol but not perfumes or body sprays,especially atifungal creams.

  140. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of wasps that seem to be nesting under our concrete tile roof? We know exactly where they are going in on one corner of the house but they could be all under those tiles. They are very attracted to our fountain and they just float in the water. I tried hosing them down thinking they would drown but they didn’t. Please help!

  141. I live in Virginia and have a large deck which the wasps have been going down under by way of the gaps between the deck boards. The deck is only two feet off the ground and I can’t get under there to spray or vacuum safely without being stung. Anyone have any suggestions here. I thought maybe some type of smoke bomb or something. The bees are beginning to have a bad attitude and come out stinging lately.

  142. We had them in the porch roof, we sealed the cracks with caulk and they chewed thru it. So we used aerosol and a lighter (FUN) then used fly swatters and spent the entire Sunday killing bees. Yeah, I are a redneck.

  143. I need help, do not have a tip. We seem to have a tremendous amount of wasps around, both in above ground nests and in the ground. I can’t seem to find the underground nests. Help!!

  144. oh now that was stupid of me …I sprayed the human head sized nest with a stream of Raid wasp killer , walked away to get my shovel and 5 gallon pail with lid . When I got back none were flying around but the ground area as just filled with buzzzzzing so I sprayed the area for about 2 minutes straight (grass , bushes and nest basicly everything within 100 sq feet 10ft by 10ft area) . It was quieter so I knocked the nest to the ground shoveled it up and tossed it in the bucket and on went the lid . Really that wasn’t too bright but the nest is gone so I expect another nest elsewhere if the queen survived .

  145. There are wasps (I think) flying around my compost bin. It attracts them with the fruit leavings that go into the compost bin. Several of uy have been stung numerous times and I’m starting to get paranoid. I have to get rid of them. The nest is probably down in the pile (it’s one of those black plastic bins with a lid and slits in the sides where they can come in and out. I don’t know how I’ll find the nest. If I tear the thing apart and get rotten food all over the place, I’ll probably have a wasp revenge party and I’ll be dinner. And I’ll also have beautiful organic compost with Raid sprayed all over it. As I’ve been stung about 5 times now and a couple of people that work for me have been stung while going to the garage for tools, I’m sort of gettin paranoid. So, if I have to sacrifice my organic compost, I’m willing to bite the bullet. But, I still don’t know how I’ll find the nest without getting stung. Any ideas?? Noreen

  146. I seem to have wasps above my door jamb on the second floor. You can hear them swarming when you put your ear against the door jamb. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get rid of them without going to an expensive exterminator?

  147. i have a bunch of wasps that went under my umbrella to my patio set
    now if there is a nest i do not know how do i get rid of them before i have to bring it inside

  148. This fall when it has started getting cool at night then warm in the afternoons, we have had wasps swarm the cabins that are on top of the hills. They are not swarming the cabins down below. There are not food or water sources & believe they are looking for a warm place for winter. Also, do not see any nests, & this happens during the fall. This is a real problem because there are hundreds of them per cabin, & needless to say, we cannot rent cabins during this time with this huge problem.
    Have talked with pest control & they say there is nothing they can do because there are not any nests to get rid of. Does anyone know what to do to get rid of them?

  149. no tip just yet. but do have a bad problem when it gets warm here,north texas, i have a million wasps around my front door and house. as i walk the house,i donot see any nests. how can i get rid of these pest, we can not go out in the front at all. thank you very much.david

  150. I have yellow jacket wasps in my attic. They are making their way into the boys’ bedroom through the the light fixture. I want to cure the problem not the symptom, without hiring a pro how can I kill these wasps in my attic and in my walls?

  151. i am terrified of wasps and bees and horrnets and yellow jackets. My mom gets mad when i cry . I dont no what to do. I am looking for a way to conquer my fear and be able to swim again. I am only 11 but will do anything to get rid of them(ALMOST). I read your site and need a different way to make them not come after me. My mom always says if you dont mess w/ it it wont mess w/ you. I dont believe her. I have been stung once but it hurt like heck! The wasp came at me willy nilly and stung me! I have heard that if you stay calm and put your hands behind your back(to slow down your blood flow) they wont sting me. One day i expiremented that tecnique. It didnt work, but luckily i got inside before it got me. Before i stop typing i have 1 question… why do wasps like the pool? Is it the chlorine or something else?


  152. What to do with wasps nesting under the front step??? I can’t get at the nest and don’t really think that killing them one by one as they enter or exit is a good use of my day unless I get desperate. Any suggestions?

  153. Waste less spray or reach nests…Google Spray Close Spray Extender to find it. Product allows easy attachment to extension pole to reach nests with normal or non toxic spray.

  154. If you wait until after dark and then put a lot of putty in the entry holes to a nest in an attic, door jamb or compost heap, you might be able to seal them in until they starve to death. With a compost, you could just run the hose on the heap until they drown.

  155. i havent got a wasp problem but my sister and dad got stung yesterday my dad in the throat my sister shoulder and finger before that a week back my mum got stung in the hip but i did not get stung and i knever have but every time my family get stung a wasp keeps coming back in the house and we cant afford any wasp killer spay so how do you kill them little pests without the spray please please please tell me if you know

  156. Wasps are a nuisance….They are at their largest numbers in late summer and early fall…but as soon as the weather gets cold….they die. So just wait them out if you can. The best part….they don’t re-use the old nest. So start your wasp-proofing when the weather gets cold…caulking those cracks, filling those holes, etc.

  157. I had a large wasps nest under my deck. The deck was four feet above the ground. I had good size electric bug zapper. I placed the zapper on top of the deck over where the nest was underneath. I set up a garden hose with the nozzle under the nest pointing up to soak it under the deck. I positioned the spray so it would hit the nest continuously when I turned on the water. I waited until dusk when all the wasps would be in the hive. I turned on the bug zapper and it lit up. Next, from a safe distance I turned on the water spray. The wasps became infuriated and flew up onto the deck and began attacking the bug zapper. They keep being zapped and falling down. They would then get up and attack the bug zapper until they all were electrocuted and died. After a while they were all dead and there was nothing flying around anymore. I turned off the water and the zapper. The next day when it was light, I scraped off the nest and threw it away. No more wasps. Before I killed the wasps myself, I was quoted $75.00 by an exterminator to get rid of the nest. I already had the hose and the bug zapper so I saved $75.00. It you want to try this please be careful. The wasps may sting if you are not out of range. Also, my family was safely watching from inside the house with the windows and doors closed.

  158. Spaying the wasps with any kind of sticky spray aresole will kill them as it makes their wings sticky and they can not fly very long , Use hair spray or spray starch wasp killer spray ect. midnight is the best time.
    It worked for me


  160. Bingo,,,,,i have just got rid ov a wasp nest,i took a tip of another person and it works,the wasps nest was under my garage roof,i sprayed it with water hose dont turn hose off or they will come back,like i aid spay hose keep it on i then went under the spray and lifted the tile with a piece of wood then i could see the cone i then placed nozzle of the vacuum cleaner n left it there,then i switch the hose off and went inside to watch the cone go down tube and the returning wasps being nosey also go down the tube,leave it on for half hour till they suffocate and bingo job done

  161. If you need help to rid Wasps, Wasp Nests, Yellow Jackets, Bees, etc. contact us at Wasp Wand. We manufacture a tool that will make your job much easier and MUCH MUCH more safe. or available at Home Depot stores and Just search for wasp wand.

  162. Hi we are having a big wasp problem they are living in the wall of the master bedroom we have tried to cover all the wholes to comming into the house. but we are not having any luck of getting rid of them and can not figure out how they are getting into the house. i am allergic to them so can not afford to get stung how do we get rid of these stupid things please help me?

    from allergic to wasps

  163. I found a very effective and safe method last weekend for ground-nesting wasps. They were going into holes by my foudnation and a log pile. so i got my shopvac, attached the hose to a long pole with duct tape (so i could stay far away) and positioned the end of the vacuum in front of and partially over their hole, allowing about two inches of open space around the hole that they would try to get in and out of. You will need to experiment to find the perfect position.

    Then I turned on the vac and let it run for hours. The vac itself was 10 feet away from the hole and the end of the hose, so they ignored it. 90% of every wasp that tried to come in or out would get sucked into the vacuum on their first try. Eventually they were all sucked in! Very little risk and very little effort compared to the methods I tried before. I probably sucked up 1000 wasps! No matter their seemingly random flight pattern, they all eventually will fly into that small area in front of the hole and get sucked in.

    I think it is better to start in the afternoon and go through until dusk when they all should have come back to the nest.

    When done, duct tape the end of the hose closed and leave the shop vac outside for a while until they are all dead! They seemed to be dead immediately but I did not risk it. You don’t want them to somehow escape into your garage or house. Good luck!

  164. To Leigh and Eva:

    If you’re not being sarcastic and are really getting on people for destroying wasps around their home, why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and hire yourselves out? Why don’t YOU put on your “crash helmet” and come on over to my house where thousands of wasps swarm and dive-bomb us every day, and why don’t YOU put their nests in plastic bags for us? You think it’s that easy? Stop being a bleeding heart wasp activist and really do something to help those people who are allergic, etc.????


  166. We got a nest nere the grage and im cant go out becuse thay are in front of the frount door and grage how do i get rid of them

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