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The blood vessels are a very important part of your internal system, carrying supplying the various body areas with an adequate supply of blood. As you grow old, though, these vessels can become weaker, especially when you live a careless and unhealthy lifestyle. Excessive weight, smoking and alcohol intake raises the cholesterol levels, which in turn causes the fat build-ups in the elastic artery walls, forcing them to bulge outwards and become weak. This can result to aneurysm, reason why you should get rid of weak blood vessels.

What Is Aneurysm?

Aneurism or aneurysm is when a blood vessel dilates and becomes filled with blood, due to weakened blood vessel walls. It most commonly occurs in the arteries just at the brain’s base and in the aorta, which is the major artery that comes out of the heart. The bigger the aneurysm, the higher the risk of rupture, resulting in severe hemorrhage, as well as other complications. In some cases, it can even cause death.

Weak blood vessels, if ignored, can become ruptured and cause aneurysm. Although aneurysm itself can be treated, prevention is always the best option. You should get rid of those unhealthy and weak blood vessels. There are ways to get rid of this condition.

Avoid Vices Like Smoking And Alcohol Drinking

Smoking and drinking excessively both have many unpleasant effects on the body, one of which is blood vessel weakening. Stay away from these habits, especially if you’re already at an old age. Nicotine not only increases the cholesterol level in the blood stream, but it also weakens the blood vessel walls. Even second-hand smoke can be very detrimental to your blood vessels, so don’t stay around people who smoke too often. (Tips on how to quit smoking)

Change Your Diet

Lowering your cholesterol levels is the first step to getting rid of weak blood vessels, to flush out the plaque buildup in your arteries. Switch to a high-fiber, low-fat and low-cholesterol diet. Choose foods that strengthen and clean your arteries, such as nuts, apples and beans. Two of three servings of these foods everyday will be great. Also, make sure you read the nutrition label whenever you buy processed foods. Some foods say they are “healthy”, even if they aren’t.

Here are more diet tips you can try.

  • Eat citrus foods to strengthen the blood vessels. These are high in bioflavonoids, which are important antioxidants that prevent capillary rupture. Alternately, you can eat bioflavonoid supplements twice a day.
  • Try black tea instead of black coffee. Tea also has high flavonoid levels, that lower blood pressure and strengthen your vessels. You can also apply the black tea bags externally, reducing swelling and tightening the skin.
  • Incorporate oatmeal in your diet. Make it a point to eat a bowl everyday. Oats have a soluble fiber called beta glucan, that act as small sponges and soak up bad cholesterol and take it out from your system. Add healthy fruits to make your oatmeal sweeter and healthier.

Try A Garlic Remedy

Garlic is an herb that offers numerous health benefits to the body. Use it as often as you can, by mixing it in your dishes. When ingested daily, it can sufficiently strengthen blood vessels, by lowering cholesterol levels and preventing fats from building up in your arteries. If you can’t always include garlic in your diet, try taking one 500mg of garlic capsule everyday.

Take Food Supplements

Ingesting food supplements with fruit extracts will help you get rid of your weakened blood vessels. A couple of options you can try are:

  • Grape seed extract. It contains proanthocyanidins, helping prevent blood vessel damage. Check the manufacturer’s label, so you’ll know how much you should ingest everyday.
  • Bilberry fruit extract. It has anthocyanosides, which can sufficiently strengthen the capillary walls, lessen inflammation and stabilize skin collagen. Take 40 to 80mg of it three times everyday.


A healthy person who frequently exercises often doesn’t have any weak blood vessel problem. Exercising regularly increases blood circulation, preventing build-up of plaque in the arteries. It removes cholesterol, lessens stress, and even lowers blood pressure. Try to maintain a 30-minute exercise regimen everyday. It can be as simple as stretching or as extreme as outdoor activities (biking or running).

Use Creams

One of the most apparent causes of weak blood vessels, is the formation of dark circles under the eyes. According to some studies, there’s a simple way to improve this problem, and that is by using a skin cream rich in vitamins A and K. Regular application of these will improve blood vessel strength and also lessen the appearance of dark circles around the eyes.

Having weak blood vessels might not be very obvious at first, but when you start to feel its effects, you’ll definitely be sorry that you didn’t take the precuations to strenghten them. Remember these simple, but helpful tips, and you’ll surely get the healthy vessels your body needs.

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  1. Thank you for the advice.I have varicose veins(legs)if yet a circulation problem isn’t that also an indicator of weak blood. Also wouldn’t the remedied described work as well.
    By the way I drink tea everyday (green tea)sometimes twice a day,are you saying that I should also drink black tea as well.

  2. Recent studies also suggest that eating cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, etc can repair and help weakened blood vessels – more specifically, I believe the research was focused on high-pressure areas such as areas where the vessels branch, etc.
    This may or may not be generalized to more superficially visible veins etc, but keep all systems and your whole body healthy when dealing with one issue – all systems are interconnected.

  3. How do you strengthen blood vessel wall structures? are there foods to help? i know helathy lifestyle is not guarantee. couple of friends died and they lived healthy clean lives.

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