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It’s spring time in the country again, and what comes along with Spring; gardens and flies. America may not have as many issues with insects as some third world countries, but flies have always been a part of the American scene, especially when it comes to white flies and gardens. Getting rid of this pesky critter is not too hard a task. If your plants have already been infected it is necessary to immediately cut off the dead leaves and get rid of them completely by burning them to ensure that the white fly colony does not continue to spread.

White flies multiply at a rapid rate so it is very important to treat your leaves as early as possible.
These flies suck important nutrients from the leaves as well as leave a sticky substance on the leaves that causes a black fungus to grow further damaging the plant growth.

How to get rid of white flies in the most affordable way is to make a homemade solution by placing a bar of soap inside at least a gallon of water and allow it to sit over night so that the soap can dilute itself into the water.

Place this soapy solution in a spray bottle and spray the entire plant. This may take several applications to ensure results, as well as several weeks. To ensure the best results you should check the life span and stages of the particular breed of white fly you are up against as all the species have different life spans and cycles, and it is very important to continue the treatment to make sure that not only are you affecting the adult, but that you are also getting the eggs and stopping the adult flies from laying more eggs. The exact time of this process actually depends on the breed of white-fly in question.

You can use a chemical to eradicate the insect but be aware that the chemical used for this process are also responsible for a decrease and deaths in the bee population. Also keep in mind that these insects have been known to build up a tolerance for the chemicals.

When you take on the process of eliminating these pests form your crops there are a few things you need to know about them. First, they evolve n four stages, from eggs to nymphs, to pupa, them on to become an adult fly.

How to get rid of white flies in a natural way to combat these insects is also a way to improve the look of the garden and that is plant marigolds close to your growing crops as they have a natural repellant that repels the white fly. No matter your choice be patient and consistent, a healthy harvest is the goal at hand.