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Have you noticed the white spots on your fingernails? Don’t worry — they’re perfectly normal. You don’t really need to go the extra mile just to get rid of those white spots. Relax. Everything is under control. Before you even attempt to get rid of those nasty whites, you should first determine the possible cause.

‘White’ and See

The white spots will grow out over time. You just have to wait until you can easily cut them off. It takes eight months for a normal fingernail to grow out of your hands completely. If you slam your hand in a door, you may not notice the mark until several months later. Once you see the white spot halfway up your nail, you can tell when the injury took place. What if you don’t remember slamming your fingers on anything at all for the past months? It simply shows that there are other reasons why you acquired those white spots on your nails.

  • Are you using artificial nails, nail hardeners or nail enamels? These may be the reasons why you have white spots on your nails. Nail beauty products can cause allergic reactions. As soon as these products start making your nails fine and fragile, white spots come out of your nails.
  • White spots can also be caused by the way your manicurist did your nails. Poor hygiene, specifically by the salon attendant who took care of your nails, can be the main source of those white spots. Germs can also enter your skin through your nails in comfort rooms, gyms or malls. These can all cause bacterial, yeast and fungal infection and eventually lead to the creation of the white spots on your fingernails.
  • Eczema or psoriasis can also be blamed. White spots appear when separation occurs at the tip. Separation is caused by the disruption of nail production taking place at the root of your nail. Since eczema and psoriasis involve your nails, the white spots may indeed be a manifestation of any of these two disorders.
  • Aside from disorders, white spots may be caused by poor diet. If you are suffering from nutritional deficiencies, expect white spots to appear on your fingernails due to the lack of minerals like protein and zinc. Sometimes, you won’t just be seeing white spots. A disease called cirrhosis, usually acquired through excessive alcohol intake, can make your nails completely white.

Throw Your ‘White’ Around

Get rid of those white spots. Here’s how:

  • Allow Them to Grow Out – There is no known cure for the white spots on your nails. You can’t apply an ointment or drink antibiotics to make them disappear. The easiest way to get rid of white spots on your nails is to wait until they grow out. As soon as the white spot grows out of the area where the actual growth and the nail bed separate, you can just clip it off.
  • Treat Them Like Ordinary Leg Bruises – White spots are like little bruises that you normally have on your arms or legs. Just leave your nails like you would leave a bruised arm or leg and eventually, the white spots will all go away.
  • Observe Your Eating Habits – Since the white spots can be caused by nutritional deficiencies, eat foods that can help in the development of your nails. Eat cheese and milk because these are rich in calcium. Protein will help your nails get strong, so make fish a part of your daily diet. Aside from preventing white spots from growing on your nails, you’ll also prevent bruises on your skin. Eat vegetables and fruits and make sure you have zinc supplements since a white spot can be an indication of zinc deficiency.
  • Observe Proper Hygiene – Avoid touching dirty things. You can get white spots on your nails by simply closing stubborn sliding doors, lifting heavy items, gardening and washing the dishes. An activity like cleaning the bathroom or the simple act of using a dirty washroom can be a possible cause of white spots on your nails.
  • Nail Polish Attack – If you are desperate to hide these white spots and you can’t wait for months until they grow out of your nails, then paint your nails. Even a neutral nail polish can cover these spots. Remember though, white half-moons are perfectly normal.

Just sit back and relax. Patience is a virtue and waiting indeed makes sense, especially when it comes to white spots on your fingernails.

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