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Having an unclear windshield is a major cause for concern. Smudged portions, particularly on the driver’s side, hampers vision, which may lead to an accident. You should address windshield glare as soon as possible. Some of the solutions are quite pricey. You may need to install new parts or take out the windshield to remove the glare. Then again, what’s a few hundred dollars and some labor for complete road safety?

Causes of Windshield Glares

Removing the glare entirely depends on what caused it to appear in the first place. Once you address its main cause, the glare will also be taken out in the process. Here are the common causes of windshield glares:

  • scratches
  • Dirty Windshield Film
  • light bouncing off the hood
  • the need for new lights
  • the need for extra lights

Each situation has a tailor-made remedy. So your job is too seek the glare’s causes then apply an appropriates solution. You can seek the help of professionals, if you’re not proficient with auto repair.

Remedies for Scratched Windshields

Scratches are the easiest to spot, but not exactly the simplest to remedy. Simple scratches can be removed by cleaning solutions. However, the deep ones may require the replacement of the windshield, so be ready to shell out some cash in this case. There are cases when the simple solutions work on deep scratches, so feel free to try the different solutions.

  • Glass PolishGlass polish is formulated to clean your windshield, keeping it free from dirt and smudges. Incidentally, it is also known to the remove minor scratches, given its slightly sticky base. Just apply a liberal portion on the scratched areas of your car’s windshield then rub the polish using a chamois or a smooth piece of cloth. Small scratches will be removed after a few scrubs.
  • Scratch RemoverScratch removers are your dependable buddies for most types of scratches, including windshields. Just like the glass polish, you have to apply generous amounts on the scratches. A few wipes with a piece of cloth should do the trick. Purchasing a scratch remover is always a good idea, since it can be used on numerous objects, structures and home fixtures.
  • Acrylic Filler – For fairly deep scratches, the acrylic filler comes as your initial option. It blends with the scratches, instead of eroding them, making your windshield clear, as if it were a brand new item. Apply the filler on the gaps and rips left by the scratches. When it dries, your windshield be scratch-free.
  • Glass Revive Spray – The glass revive spray is composed of several chemicals that work together to restore your windshield to its original state. It is both a scratch remover and a glass polish. The active ingredients can diminish scratch formations while removing dirt stuck on the glass surface. Just apply it as you would a glass polish.
  • Replace the Windshield – Many techniques for removing deep scratches won’t work on glass, since you might end up causing more glares and smudges. If the windshield has accumulated too many deep scratches, your only options is to have it replaced. Hire an auto mechanic, so you don’t have to worry about removing and installing windshields.

Before having your windshield replace, you can also ask a mechanics to try removing the scratches. He, in his experience, may have picked up unconventional ways to solve your problem. Remember, removing scratches if more affordable than replacing the windshield.

Remedy for a Dirty Windshield Film

Dirt can accumulate inside the windshield, especially for smoker drivers and frequent travelers. Once much dirt has been collected by the film within glass, expect glare to appear soon. A glass cleaner should be applied to remove the dirt. In some cases, the film accumulates dirt because the windshield is misaligned. Removing the glass sheet by yourself is not easy, so might as well let the professionals do the job.

Remedy for Light Bouncing off the Hood

Car paint is the culprit for this occurrence. Glossy paint combined with a non-tinted windshield is a recipe for glares. What you can do is repaint the hood with a hue that isn’t as sterling. You have the option of having the car repainted or paint the hood, as if your car is a stylish drag-racing machine.

Cleaning, Addition, and the Replacement of Lights

Weak headlights tend to backscatter, causing glare, especially during rainy conditions. The initial step is to clean the light’s casing, which includes both the inside and outside surfaces. If it doesn’t work, try adding fog lamps. These lights are made to penetrate fog and heavy rainfall. Replace your headlights if both measures don’t clear up the glare.

Choose Safety

Glare may not be too bothersome at first, since you can simply veer away from it. Under normal circumstances, that’s okay, but not when you’re driving on a highway. One wrong move can lead to disaster and the glare increases the chances of you making that fateful error. You might as well choose safety over convenience.

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