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You could go your entire life without a single twinge of pain from your wisdom teeth. They may never even break through your gums and grow in, or maybe only a couple out of the four will make an appearance.

Unfortunately, many people will find themselves suffering from pain radiating from their wisdom teeth. This pain can range from a temporary problem that will go away with a few basic remedies, to a severe issue that might require surgery.

Sometimes home remedies can alleviate some or all of the pain coming from your wisdom teeth. When the pain first starts to bother you, you may want to consider trying some of these simple options before heading down the road of wisdom teeth extraction.

In any case, there are a number of specific things that can be done to get rid of wisdom teeth pain before, during, and after surgery. Note that this information does not act as a replacement for medical advice, and you should always consult your dentist if you are experiencing wisdom teeth pain.

1. Brush your teeth.

The most common remedy for solving the most basic issues with your teeth, or even preventing them from occurring in the first place, is to brush your teeth on a regular basis. Many people often miss brushing the wisdom teeth area as it is right at the back of their mouth, resulting in food particles being stuck and irritating the teeth and the surrounding gum.

Simply remembering to regularly brush this area and doing so carefully can dislodge these food particles. Once they are dislodged and out of your mouth, it should not take very long before the pain radiating from your wisdom teeth disappears.

2. Gargle some water.

Gargling some water in your mouth does a couple of things when you are attempting to get rid of pain in your wisdom teeth. First, it can dislodge anything that may be stuck in the surrounding area. The other thing that is does is that it helps to disinfect your mouth when you add a little bit of salt to mix. The disinfecting process that it provides helps to deal with any infection that may be present. The salt itself will also help to reduce any swelling that might be causing you pain, as well as toughening your gums.

No matter the temperature of the water-based mix, the process is the same. Swish and gargle some of the water around the affected areas in your mouth before spitting it out, sending any debris along with it. It is important to note, however, that if your mouth is sensitive to the cold, it would be best to avoid using cold water as that may end up causing you even more pain.

3. Eat some popsicles.

When you eat a popsicle on a regular day, you are often left with a cold feeling on your lips and in your mouth. This feeling can be quite helpful when you are trying to get rid of wisdom teeth pain. If you take care to ensure that the popsicle chills the pained area, it will often go numb so that you cannot feel the sharp stings of pain.

Note however that this is often only a temporary solution and when the numbing feeling wears off, you may still be left with some wisdom teeth pain. However, this method works great if you are not sure of what may be causing the wisdom teeth to be painful or you are simply waiting for your surgery.

4. Know your body.

Unfortunately, the methods listed above may not be successful in getting rid of your wisdom teeth pain, or your dentist has already told you that your wisdom teeth need to be extracted. At this point, having surgery is not only the best course of action for a permanent solution to your pain, but also could be the only option available to you.

There are a few indications that can help you and your dentist know that surgery is the best option when your wisdom teeth are causing you pain, including: an impacted tooth, stiffness in your jaw, any awkwardly angled teeth, infected gum tissue, or not enough room in your mouth to properly house and clean the wisdom teeth.

When you go in for surgery, one of the most important things to discuss with your dentist and oral surgeon is the type of anaesthesia that would work best for you. Local anaesthesia will block any feeling in your gums, however you will remain awake during the entire procedure. This can often make some patients uncomfortable, so discussing whether or not you can handle it is a good decision.

If you are unsure of how you might react, or you have had some reactions to things such as needles or drawing blood, you and your oral surgeon/dentist should discuss your second option: general anaesthesia. In general anaesthesia you will be asleep for the entire procedure and as a result should not feel any kind of discomfort or pain.

5. Listen to your dentist.

After your wisdom teeth have been extracted, there will most likely still be some pain radiating from the area for a couple weeks after the procedure. The most important advice for getting rid of wisdom teeth pain after surgery is simply to follow the advice that your oral surgeon gives you.

This advice may include: using caution when brushing your teeth (the area is very sensitive), gargling with salt water a few times each day (especially after you eat), and following all of the prescriptions that you are given (these can be: a pain medication such as Tylenol 3, or an antibiotic), and holding a cold wash cloth or ice pack to the outside of your cheek.

When your wisdom teeth begin to appear, it is important to keep your dentist in the loop with their progress, noting any significant changes or pain. The sooner you catch the pain, the sooner it can be dealt with. Finally, while having your wisdom teeth extracted may be a more drastic option, once the recovery process is complete there will no long be any kind of pain radiating form that area as a result of your wisdom teeth. Keep your teeth healthy, and you might not have to go to surgery after all.

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  1. i think i have an impacted wisdom tooth coming through and it is agonising but i cant see my dentist for a couple of weeks what should i do because i cant really eat anything and it hurts to talk or move my jaw

  2. I believe my wisdom teeth are coming in and its not exactly agonizing pain but there is a little pain is that normal or does that mean they are abstracted????

  3. Jasmine – Yes a little pain is normal, but if it continues to get worse, i would make an appointment with a dentist.

    Amy – I have the same problem you do. I’ve found that simple over the counter pain medication is perfectly capable of relieving the pain. Also, anbesol would be you’re absolute savior. You can find a tube of the cream in any walgreens or walmart, etc. and it will numb the area around your tooth for a short period – Pain free!!

  4. i just had all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled and ill tell you….everything your reading up there is true. For me, the pain was its worst the first couple hours after the surgery then slowly decreased (only because i was asleep most of the time cuz of the pain killers…which help a lot!) today is day 3 and its 3:35 AM. ive woken up bc my jaw hurts and its so0o brused. its hard to open and talk. my best tip would be to keep an ice pack on ur jaw and take ur meds the doc. perscribes u. just go with the flow and im sure everything will turn out perfect!!

  5. Sensodyne tooth paste does wonders, brush with it about 4 times a day and it numbs the pain. Also if you have pain on the outside like into your ear and down your jaw, it sound weird but i put muscle rub like icy hot on my face where the pain is down my jawline and my temple to my ear it is amazing. I didnt sleep for about a week because of my wisdom tooth now i feel great. Ibuprophen about 600mg every few hows helps until you can go to a dentist.

  6. Mine hurts bad and this might sound crazy but i usually rinse my mouth out with water and it takes the pain away for about a good 30 minutes and if you take pain pills that works too but i think i need to get this one pulled i cry sometimes because it hurts so bad!

  7. I have a wisdom tooth comming through, it is very painful but i dont know if thats my sore throat,its hard 2 close my mouth because i have a big lump is this normal or do i have 2 go 2 the dentist?

  8. Ive been in pain because of my bottom right wisdom tooth. oh my gahdd. its been 6days since its been hurting. and today is sat. im nt gunna get them pulled til mon. its seems like a month away. the pain is like a hot, throbbing, swelling, sore, headache, earache, jaw hurting&neck stiffening type pain. ive been taking ibuprofen, it works but i have to keep taking it every 2hrs. and all day im walking around my house with an ice pack. it doesn’t really help the pain. it just makes my face feel better because its swollen. warm-salt water works best for me. and also..sleeep.! lol alottt of sleeeep.!

  9. My wisdom teeth have been comming in for a week now. not only does it hurt where they are but my whole mouth is killing me. nothing takes it away completely. My gums have been bleeding, as I have a very small mouth. I cant go to an oral surgeon till next month when my HMO kicks in. what can i do in the meantime? im using ibuprofen,sensodyne, orajel and sleep. it hurts so bad. this morning i had a scare, since my worst nightmare is losing my teeth, i sucked a huge bloodclot out of the back of my mouth when i was half asleep. can my wisdom teeth actually push my other teeth out of my mouth? or will they just become crooked?

  10. MY wisdom teeth have been hurtin for 13 months not only does my jaw and mouth hurt but i get intense headaches and only 1 tooth has partly came through that was like 6 months ago someone please tell me is this normal to take so long im desperate at this point

  11. Mine have been comin in for over a year is this normal i dont think i can take it much longer nothing helps the painand i get headaches

  12. I thought I had a cavity, but my Mom assured me it was my wisdom teeth… -_- Nothing works. The only thing that comes close is a cold ice pack and some sleep! I made a dentist appointment and honestly you guys, that’s the only thing that will help! Just get them out if you can, because it will just hurt more and more until you do. Also, if you try to wait it out, it can become infected! That will make it hurt even more! So just make an appointment, ice it like crazy, and what helped me was actually moving your jaw around a bit! I know it sounds crazy, but ice it then move your jaw around slowly and massage along your jaw with the tip of your fingers! It helps to take the edge off. Do this at night and youll be able to sleep!

  13. For months, I thought I was developing sinus problems because my forehead and face hurt very badly. It turned out that one of my wisdom teeth roots were embeded into one of my sinus cavities. I got that sucker pulled and no more problems. Now my other side feels like it is doing the same thing. The pain is coming back and I can’t sleep. I think it is time to go back to the dentist.

  14. My dentist said I don’t have wisdom teeth, but I can feel it comming in and it’s crooked! My jaw hurts…my ear and neck hurt and now I am getting terrible headaches !!! I think it’s impacted but it didn’t show up on the x-ray ! What should I do ? The pain is getting worse and worse !! Help !!!

  15. My wisdom teeth started coming in about 8 months ago i had no insurance so i tryed to wait it out the pain only go worse and a cause an infection. if you go to a county hospital they will help anyone with the pain and will refer you to a place to get them taken out for free for those who don’t have insurance but you will have to get there early most place only take the first 10 people a day for it to be free . i had my taking out 2 weeks ago and i feel great. theirs no sense in waiting it out it only makes the problem worse

  16. Now I havenet got out wisdom teeth but I got eye teeth out and I know that I had to have a balcned diet of ice cream for a weak

  17. First Wisdom tooth has now come in. Just went through 2 weeks of pain, but everything turned out fine. The last week was terrible (horrible jaw pain) and it seemed ibuprofen was my best friend. Tooth has fully emerged and looks perfectly aligned and new!

  18. My first wisdom tooth has finished growing in. I have been in pain for the last two weeks. This last week has been the worst with horrible jaw pain and minor swelling. Ibuprofen became my friend, and i now have a shiny new wisdom tooth, aligned with my other molars. Dare i say the pain was worth it?

  19. I wouldn’t wish this pain on my worst enemies…..My wisdom teeth have fully come in, but one is abscessed and decayed. For awhile, I was able to knock out the pain with a couple aleve everyday, but recently I had to go the ER it was hurting so bad. The pain was throbbing, with every heartbeat…it was a terrible experience. They gave my oxycodene, which in all honesty hasn’t helped me all that much. It helps with the pain, but I still have a lot of discomfort. I thought I could wait it out but I’m going to the dentist next week. I don’t have insurance but I can’t live with the pain anymore, theres no use in suffering like this.

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