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Yahoo Toolbar is a useful tool for any computer desktop. It provides quick links to your email and other cool stuff that Yahoo offers. The problem is, the toolbar takes up space in your computer‘s memory, which contributes to slowdowns. New computers will have no problems with the toolbar, given their speed and their enormous storage capacities, but the same cannot be said for older computer models.

If your computer’s used memory is nearing its storage capacity, removing or disabling the toolbar can speed up your computer slightly. You may lose your instant access to a few Yahoo-related sites but in the process, your internet connection speed will be a bit faster.

You have a couple of ways to remove your Yahoo Toolbar permanently. Given the convenience that the toolbar provides, some people would rather have it disabled than deleted. You can disable it by tweaking on the settings of your browser. The task manager screen also provides a good way to disable the toolbar.

Removing Yahoo Toolbar Through the Uninstall Button

Yahoo Toolbar is easy to use. All its applications are user-friendly, including the uninstall feature. You just have to locate the uninstall button and follow all the procedures that you will be prompted to do.


  • Locate the Pencil icon on Yahoo Toolbar.
  • Look for the uninstall button on the toolbar. In most cases, it is located on the left portion. You can also hit on the down arrow on the left side of the toolbar if the “uninstall” button is hidden.
  • Click on the uninstall button. A dialogue box will appear prompting you with the choices OK and Cancel.
  • Click OK.

Upon clicking on OK, your computer will erase Yahoo Toolbar from the memory of your computer. You will have to re-install it from Yahoo’s website if ever you want to use it again.

Removing Yahoo Toolbar From the Control Panel

Your other option to remove Yahoo Toolbar is by visiting the control panel screen of your computer. The Control Panel is the central control room of your operating system. You can control or change most of the computer’s major tasks within that section of your operating system. You can also add or remove programs via the Control Panel.

In cases when Yahoo Toolbar is corrupted and won’t delete itself, you can visit Control Panel and remove the program from there.


  • Click on “Start” on the lower left portion of your screen.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Click on Control Panel.
  • Once in the Control Panel, look for the Add or Remove Programs icon and click it.
  • Click on Change or Remove Programs. A list of all the programs in your computer will shortly appear.
  • Look for Yahoo Toolbar on the list, then click it.
  • An Uninstall button will appear beside Yahoo Toolbar listed. Click on uninstall then click on OK.

Since Control Panel allows you to control the basic system settings of your computer, you can follow the same process when deleting other programs from your computer. Just be careful not to delete an important system component.

Disable Yahoo Toolbar Via Task Manager

The task manager is an application that shows you the running programs and activities on your computer. The application lists all the active programs and the corresponding memory used by each program. You have the option to close any of the tasks from that screen, including Yahoo Toolbar.

Opening Task Manager

You have three different ways to the access the Task Manager screen. Just pick the easiest method for you.

  • The Control Alt Delete Method – Press the Ctrl, Alt and Delete buttons on your keyboard simultaneously. Click Task Manager on the dialogue box that will appear.
  • The Control Shift Escape Method – Press on the Ctrl, Shift and Esc buttons on your keyboard simulataneously.
  • The Run Method – Click “Start” on the lower-right portion of your screen. Click Run. Type Taskmgr.exe on the run screen then click Ok.

With the Task Manager screen pulled up, you can now disable Yahoo Toolbar.


  • Click on the Processes Tab on the Task Manager screen. You will then see the list of running processes on your computer.
  • Click and highlight Yahoo Toolbar from the list.
  • Click the End Process button on the lower-right portion of the Task Manager screen.

Disable/Uninstall Yahoo Toolbar Using Your Internet Browser

Your internet browser has many settings concerning the various applications found in your browser window. You can use the menus on the top portion of the window to manage every browser-related function. Since Yahoo Toolbar is located on your browser, you can use the menus to disable or uninstall the toolbar from your computer.


  • Open a browser window.
  • Click on Tools from the menu bar on the top portion of the window.
  • Click on Manage Add-ons (for Internet Explorer users) or Add-ons (for Mozilla Firefox users). A list of all the add-ons used by your browser will appear.
  • Click and highlight Yahoo Toolbar.
  • If you are using Internet Explorer, the Settings box will be activated. You can the deactivate the toolbar by marking the circle beside Disable inside the box and hitting on Ok right after.
  • For Firefox users, you have the option to choose between disabling or uninstalling the toolbar. Just click on the button of your choice.

Reinstall Yahoo Toolbar

Yahoo Toolbar is convenient to use since it can get you to any useful Yahoo application with just one click. You may want to reinstall the toolbar when you have upgraded your computer or purchased a new model. To reinstall, you just have to visit a section of Yahoo’s website that lets you download the toolbar for free.


  • Open a browser window.
  • On the address bar, type the url then press Enter on your keyboard. You will be directed shortly to the Yahoo Toolbar website.
  • Read the system requirements on the right portion of the page. If your browser and your computer fits the requirements, you can click on Download Yahoo Toolbar. If not, you must upgrade what needs to be upgraded before proceeding with the download.

Email Yahoo if Problems Arise

Normally, you should not have problems disabling, uninstalling or reinstalling Yahoo Toolbar. All of its functions, including disabling and uninstalling, require only a few steps. In cases when the toolbar does not respond to any of the methods provided by this article, feel free to shoot an email to Yahoo through this URL:

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