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If you’re looking for information on getting rid of male yeast infections, go here: How to Get Rid of Male Yeast Infections.

What is a Yeast Infection?

A yeast infection is a very unpleasant condition that many women deal with daily. In fact, 75% of all women will have one in their lifetime, while 50% will have multiple yeast infections. The signs and symptons of a yeast infection include itching and redness around the outer vagina (vulva), soreness, rash, and/or burning especially while urinating. Also, a cottage-cheese like discharge may be present. While these are the symptoms of a yeast infection, not all women or girls will experience all of them, but if severe itching is not present then you may be suffering from some other condition – see your doctor immediately.

Yeast Infection Causes and Prevention

A yeast infection is caused by the fungus Candida albicans which naturally occurs inside your body. Because of the naturally acidic environment of the vagina, the number of yeast is controlled. However, if the pH level drops, the prevalence of yeast may rise, causing a vaginal yeast infection.

There are lots of things that can trigger a yeast infection, some of the most common being:

  • Antibiotics (the leading cause of vaginal yeast infections)
  • Period (menstruation)
  • Contraceptives (birth control pills and condoms – nonoxynol-9 or a latex allergy)
  • Steroids (often found in antibiotics)
  • Pregnancy/Hormonal changes
  • Diabetes
  • Clothing that is too tight, non-cotton, dirty (traps heat and moisture)
  • Sexual transmission
  • Weakened immune system
    • People with weakened immune systems are also more susceptible to thrush (Learn how to get rid of thrush), a yeast infection in the mouth with symptoms including white, creamy patches in the on the tongue, in the throat or mouth.
  • Allergic reactions to chemicals such as dyes, perfumes and inks.

Here are some tips for women to prevent the onset of a yeast infection:

  • Wear natural-fiber clothing and underwear with a cotton lining.
  • Don’t wear tight clothing such as panty hose, tights, leggings, nylon underwear, and tight jeans.
  • If you are sexually active always use a condom.
  • Don’t stay wet after bathing or swimming and don’t stay in a wet swimsuit for long periods of time.
  • Use feminine sprays or deodorants sparingly – especially if experiencing symptoms.

Yeast Infection Cures and Treatments

If you suspect that you have a yeast infection, visit your doctor first. He or she can diagnose you and may prescribe Diflucan (fluconazole), a one-dose yeast infection drug available only by prescription.

Over the Counter Treatments for Yeast Infections

ALWAYS read the label and follow the directions carefully in order to safely get rid of your yeast infection.

There are several over the counter creams, including but not limited to:

  • Femstat 3 (butoconazole nitrate)
  • Gyne-Lotrimin (clotrimazole)
  • Monistat 7 (miconazole)
  • Vagistat (tioconazole)

What is the Remedy for a Yeast Infection?

The world wide web is full of home-brewed remedies and cures. Always consult you doctor prior to following the advise of arbitrary web sites. Following are some of the more popular yeast infection home remedies – feel free to add your families yeast infection home remedy using the form at the bottom of this page to share them with others:

  • Yogurt – The bacterium Lactobacillus acidophilus is naturally occurring in yogurt and is also found in healthy vaginas. This bacteria kills yeast by producing hydrogen peroxide. Here are a few ways to use it:
    • ONLY use plain, no-sugar-added yogurt and be certain that it contains the live bacterium Lactobacillus acidophilus.
    • Apply yogurt to the outside and inside of the vagina.
    • Make yogurt popsicles by either freezing it in a tampon applicator or in the fingers of rubber gloves, then insert into the vagina at the first sign of a yeast infection.
    • Use a syringe with no needle.
    • Apply once or twice a day until one day after the symptoms have subsided.
    • You can also use acidophilus tablets found at your local health food supermarket.
  • Garlic – Adding garlic to your diet will help kill yeast because it contains a natural anti-fungal substance.
  • Cranberries – Eating cranberries will lower the pH of your urine causing a rise in vaginal acidity as it passes through the vagina. The yeast infected areas will be “washed clean”.
    • This is a mild remedy and should be used at the first sign of an infection.
    • In the case of a more serious infection, this method can be combined with other home remedies.
    • Cranberry pills, which can be found at natural food stores, can be taken throughout the duration of a yeast infection as a supplement.

Getting Rid of Yeast Infection Itchiness

If the itching is driving you nutty then try one of these common remedies:

  • Combine slippery elm powder and water to make a paste and then apply to the outside of your vagina.
  • Cool some aloe vera juice in the refrigerator, then soak a cotton pad in the juice and apply to your outer vagina.
  • Note: Slippery elm and aloe vera are only used to relieve itching and will not kill the yeast fungus (They will only relieve yeast infection symtoms). Do NOT use them internally.

Male Yeast Infections

Yes! Men can get yeast infections too, referred to as penile yeast infections. Men are less likely to get them, but it can happen. He may not be aware that he has one due to the fact that symptoms are not always present. However, the symptoms include a rash on the penis that is scaling, white and moist, and redness or itchiness beneath the foreskin. Lowered immunity is the main cause of genital yeast infections in men, but it is also possible to pass it from one partner to the other during sexual intercourse (To avoid this, learn how to boost your immune system). Because of this, it is important for both partners to be treated if one is diagnosed as having a yeast infection.

Penile Yeast Infections

Man get yeast infections in the same way that women do – the most common causes of a yeast infection (male) are:

  • Sexual Transmission
  • Nonoxynol-9
  • Diabetes
  • Antibiotics/Steroids

The only guaranteed method in killing the yeast infection in men is to use a prescription medication such as Diflucan (fluconazole) and Nizoral (ketaconazole). For more information about male yeast infections, go here: How to Get Rid of Male Yeast Infections.

Remember, the best first step in curing any yeast infection is to consult your doctor.

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  1. This may sound funny but its worked every time!!!!!!!!!! Dip a tampon in plain yougurt and put it in. It stops itching, burning and swelling overnight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I deal with yeast infections quite a lot- I had one for YEARS without knowing what it was. Although I can get rid of them easily with Monistat or Diflucan, they always return. However, when I moved from the South to LA, they disappeared. Whenever I come home, they return. Honestly, humidity seems to be the problem. While obviously an extreme tip, if you suffer from out of control yeast infections I would recommend going somewhere less humid.

  3. My semen seems to cause my wife to have a yeast infection. I recently started to apply Monistat after cleaning her vagina from as much semen as possible after sex. This has proven 100% effective during the last two months

  4. im not sure if i have it but every time i go to the bathroom my underwear has some white stuff on it…is that yeast infection? and some time is thick and it look like slime? its so nasty

    please help im not sure if its yeast ubfection or not.


  5. the slime would be your body shedding the lining in your vagina.. that means you have about two weeks until you start your period

  6. im a little worried about the whole yogurt thing.. are there any side effects with that?? i dont really know what to expect

  7. I was wondering, i have a yeast infection in my mouth, i was on medicine for my strep throat and wont go away. Its just on my tongue. Ive been on Diflucan for 4 days, and then drank liquor-Jim Beam one night and the next morning-bam-was worse than before i went to the doctor. Is it best to just not drink or anything for a month to help your body heal? My main question was to find someone out there that has had this same problem and i can relate to. Im kinda worried that it wont go away at the end of my medicine treatment (14 days of 100mg Tablets of Diflucan).

  8. does salt really work? i have had a yeast infection before about 4 years ago, and now its back!! anyone have any other help? an icepack only works for a short while.. so please help!

  9. Ok girls, I’ve had this problem for quite a while now…let’s say years. I became my own experiment and did everything to get rid of it. After 2 years of experimentation, I found 2 things that work effectivley. 1. Garlic oil pills (3 a day) and Probiotics (35 billion CFUs 14 Strains). The combination may vary from person to person. They can be purchased at any health food store. Now that I found the combination that works for me, I had to share the knowledge…good luck. oh, and let me know if it worked for anyone

  10. Hi, I have never been concerned about vaginal infections before, but this time, I am really worried when I spotted the symptoms. I remembered I was wearing a tight panties and it actually got into the lining..when I took it out, it was so itchy,and this has been continuing for days..until now..
    I saw a bit of pale green mucus-like discharge and sometimes white..It doesn’t smell bad, but it definitely has an unique smell in which I had never experienced before..
    is that likely to be a Yeast Infection? and can it heal by itself? I am really scared as this is my first time experiencing this kind of condition..

  11. 2 things:

    A warm bath with 1/2 c. vinegar and 1/2 c. ordinary salt restores ph levels to normal for a few hours and relieves itching. I also use boric acid suppositories (you can find boric acid at a family pharmacy…don’t try the chains because they don’t carry it). Put some in empty gelatin capsules size 00 and use one in the morning and one in the evening. The acid raises the ph level of the vagina and the yeast can’t survive in that environment. Don’t ingest boric acid, just use as a suppository.

  12. I first had yeast infection when I was pregnant with my daughter, the Dr. told me to try an over the counter remedy. It made my infection worse. Then a friend’s mother told me to try grape seed capsules. They work like a charm!!! As soon as you notice the first signs of yeast infection, take two capsules three times a day for the first two days. After that take one capsule three times a day for three more days and your infection will be totally cleared up. I notice a difference after the first day taking the capsules. I passed this information on to my daughter and she now swears by it.

  13. I have had this “yeast infection” for a year now and I didn’t know what it was. Then i asked my mom and she told me to look up how to cure it.
    I like the salt idea.
    I am going ot go do it now.
    I will let you know if this really does work.

  14. Eating yogurt every day can help prevent yeast infections I don’t know about treating them but I know it helps so they don’t come back. The best thing that I have found is just over the counter Monistat and for guys you can get jock itch cream because its the same stuff so you dont feel as odd buying vaginal cream.

  15. I had bad itching at the begining of this month but i ignored it and then it faded away a bit, well now its the back the same.
    Eating yogurt isn’t really an option for me since i am vegeterian, but i do hope to try the salt/vinegar bath…

  16. I was wondering if anyone has advice on a yeast infection that is head to toe. I have it on my scalp and all the way down to my feet. I have been on difulican and all other types of med. Drops for my ears and cream for my skin. On my skin I have wounds that break and puss comes out then they heal. I also have a skin rash that is always wet. I was just wondering if anyone else has had anything like this.

  17. ive had a runny discharge almost clear, but it burns & has a bad odor …… any ideas on what this is or how to get rid of it?

  18. I’ve had something, for about, the past three days. It’s been itching REAL bad down therre. I though it’d go away, & It diddn’t. So I’m assuming it’s a Yeast Infection.

    Any Ideas on some cheap tips I could use??

    I’d really apreciate the help Ü

  19. so a few days ago i noticed that i had a lot of itching and i didnt know why…so i just let it go and waited to see if anything else had happend…But im not sure whats wrong…anyone have any advice for me…so i can be sure if its yeast infection or not?

  20. i have a question for u… i’ve heard of microwaving your clothes to kill the yeast in them so you do not keep giving yourself back the yeast infection. however, how long do you do this? 1 minute, 2 …? by the way ladies, that may be why some of you cannot get rid of your yeast infections. i’ve been fighting it for a month and then it dawned on me, it’s got to be in my clothes! i’ll try it for a minute, but if anyone knows a different time that’s it’s supposed to be, please let me know. thanks

  21. I`m a male with yeast infections and I had them for years. Nothing seems to work for me. I get rashes between the legs and under my arm pits. Three lac seemed to help for a while but now it is worse then ever. Help.

  22. instead of microwaving your underwear put them in boiling water. thats what they told me to do in the pharmacy. boiling water kills everything.

  23. I’m on my period.. can that also add to the itch from yeast infection.. if i don’t wear any underwear will that help

  24. i think it will eventually go away by itself (i had one for a month, and now its gone) i applied ice and yoghurt once (im not sure if thats what ‘cured’ it..) oh and dove soap when in the shower

  25. At 70 years old, I have expierenced this problem for thirty years and have used TINACTIN Cream successfully by applying when needed. Keep it CLEAN always.

  26. I dont have a tip I have a problem I had a yeast infection and I went to the doctor and got treatmnet….But I am still sore down there what should I do????

  27. I had never had a yeast infection before until the summer after I had my son I was sooooooooooooo embrassed I a musty odor down there I though I had some kind of something I mean wants their parent to tell them they have an std.So I finally build up enough courage and told my Mom and she told me to take a bath in warm water with a cap full of bleach in it.I as like is she crazy I dont want to bleach my skin and have different skin tones but believe it or not it worked the next day the ordor was gone and haven’t came back since.

  28. you can also ask your pharmasist for ‘Lactinex’. they keep it in the frig. behind the counter. my gyno told me about it along time ago when i told him i dont eat yogourt. or, buy ‘Acidophilus’ in the vitamin isle. it’s cheaper than latinex and some say it works better. it’s the good bacteria we need. a nurse told me this. it is also a really good idea to take acidopilis while on antibotics to avoid a yeast infection. to the person who said to boil your clothes, HOW LONG? i have underwire in my bras and did boil them but didnt know how long to do it. oh, and stupid me, i put a purple bra and a white bra in there at the same time and came out with a lavendar bra … LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. I had really bad itching a couple weeks ago then I had this white stuff that appeared all over my vagina…the itching stopped but its so red down there and the white stuff goes away after I wash but appears again all over my vagina…I am on yeast medicine from doctor but it doesn’t seem to be helping……did anyone else have the white stuff appear all over their vagina?????

  30. I thought I had recurring yeast infections, but I was really having a reaction to eating wheat. Thanks to You: the Owners Manual I figured it out. As long as I don’t eat wheat produces, I do not have a burning itch.

    Life: The vagina is a self cleaning organ. It is normal for some discharge, though it should not stink or itch. The slimy stuff means you’re fertile – the slime helps sperm swim upstream to the egg. For more information, see Taking Charge of Your Fertility. It’s a great reference for learning about the female body.

  31. if all else fails, you can always go to your doctor and ask for diflucan, in a pill form, or other prescriptions in pill form and creams. try taking showers instead of baths, do not use an antibacterial soap! i saw one of the posts about using grapefruit seed extract … this is good for ANY skin problem so it definitly worth trying and inexpensive and easy to find in the vitamin isle or health food stores.

  32. Ashley,

    A yeast infection is not an STD, just fyi. It is a fungal overgrowth, and you can get one if you are a virgin.

  33. I don’t know if i have yeast infection or not. i have very bad cottage cheese discharge around my vaginal wall and it smells really bad, and i also have this very slimy discharge that comes out my intercourse hole. Is this a yeast infection? Im curious because it does not itch like all the time.. only once in a while. CAN SOME ONE PLEASE HELP MEE!! I DONT KNOW WHAT IT IS!!

  34. For the person who had yeast all over. you can use tinactin and any of the spray’s available for athelets foot fungus. and spray all over for about a week , you will see results in a few days, but continue to use for a full week.

  35. I dont have a tip, just a problem. I got my first yeast infection a few months ago, i thought it went away but i think its come back. I inserted the cenesten pill and about 3 days after i took it white clumpy stuff started to appear(like cottage cheese) i know that is a sympotm but how come it came after i inserted the pill? am i getting better or what!? someone please help!

  36. I’ve had my symptons for a while. It’s just this white stuff. I thought it was semen because me and my husband always have sex and that’s what it looks like. I tried some yogurt and it went away and my honey had a great time eating tha yougurt from down under.

  37. For all of you who have mentioned that you have a greenish discharge… please go to a doctor immediatly… that is one of the main symptoms of Chlamydia and you will need to get a RX to cure it. Remember to get this taken care of quickly as Chlamydia can cause you to become sterile if not taken care of. For the rest of you thanks for the wonderful tips.

  38. I just jad sex for my first time recently and it hurt really bad. i figured it was b.c it was my first time, well as a week or 2 went buy it still hurt alot during sex. even more then my first time, thats when i realized i thought i had a yeast infection that justdidnt go away. I treated it with the cenesten insertable tablet and inserted yoghurt up there before bed each night. after about 3 days it was totally gone. Now i am about 5 or 6 days away from my next period and i feel as if its comming back.. why does this keep happening every time im about to start my period. what can i do to make it gone for good? this is really frustrating and i hate having to explaine it to my boyfriend every 3 weeks why it keeps comming back. am i doing something wrong??

  39. how do you get rid of a yeast infectin on the tounge? its on the side of my tounge and it hurts like hell!!!

  40. Not a tip, but a problem. I ahve been having yeast in fections since I could remember. The doctors always says that it is natural and okay, but I hate it and it is very frustrating and uncomfortable. Plus I am a very clean person and for theiis part of my body to be all yucky is so not pleasing to me. Can someone PLEAS help me, Its been Entirely too long.

  41. not a tip i have a problem i have had what maybe a yeast infection im not sure but i itch all the time and i have like little bumps on the inside and out of my vagina there is an odor and it burns when i urinate also my urine is a smoky yellow i am a very clean person as i take like 2 hour baths everynight on the outter area of my vagina its like it has been cut and it hurts alot is this a yeast infection someone please help im in alot of pain i can not even have sexual intercourse with my husband due to the pain also one side of my vagina has swelled over the opening please help

  42. not a tip . A problem i realy woried i 15 nd hav a very strong odour down below i have discharge nd its sometimes like cottage chese otherwise it is slimy im woried it might be serious . Could someone please help me out and give me an answer !

  43. Emmax!

    I wouldn’t be so worried, I think you may have a yeast infection. The best Treatment I’ve ever used was Monistat 3 days and restrain from any sexual intercourse for a week after just to give yourself a little breather ( that is if you are ). But i Really think you should first and far most, have a sit down with your Mum or. But it’s important to remember not to be embaressed every women has had one or will get one in their lives. So talk to your mom as soon as you can so you can clear up that problem A.S.A.P!

  44. i have a yeast infection and i took that pill fluconazole and i took it i think it was wednesday, how many days should i wait to have sex again? i AM sexually active. i only had sex twice since wednesday, will it come back?

  45. not a tip. i have a problem. my vagina has been itching for a few months now. and i have white stuff all over down there. its like cottage cheese type, but more tan and its not On my skin, its loose. I dont know if its a yeast infection or what? its not red and it doesnt hurt at all. could it be from underwear thats like boy cut and goes up far? thats what i heard. and what can i do at home to help it and see if it goes away before going to my dr.? yogurt? salt? what do i do with either one? i need help A.S.A.P pleeease! thanks!

  46. Hi Gals,
    Okay, after reading some of the posts here from women who have either never had a yeast infection of have one and it’s different from one they had another time and wonder what the heck is up, here is a little info that I hope will help and calm the anxiety of having to deal with this annoying yet very common ailment.
    First off, who am I? I am a 42-year old married mom to 3 awesome boys. I had reccurent yeast infections when I was first married 15-years ago. All six of my sister-in-laws teased me saying I had, “Newlywed Syndrome” aka: yeast infections from frequent sex…Ha-Ha. It was a nightmare!
    Okay, so first off, ALWAYS call your doctor or GYN if you’re the least bit concerned as to what the heck is happening south of your navel. While it is convenient and sometimes puts your fears to rest to be able to surf the net and look up your symptoms and then read about someone’s aunt, who had a friend, who had a cousin, who came up with a miracle cure and it worked like a charm, remember that the best place to go for medical advice/treatment is ultimately your Doc.
    Okay, with that out of the way, here is what I know about the dreaded yeast infection.
    1. What the heck is going on down-there and why do I suddenly want to do the “butt-crawl” on the carpet like my dog does?!
    Yeast Infection aka, Vaginitis and Candida: This kind of yeast has nothing to do with baking bread. Sorry, bad joke. Yeast are organisms that live naturally in the vagina. When too many take over, we gals wind up with an infection. Half of all women will have had a yeast infection by age 25, and 75 percent of all women will have at least one daring their lifetimes.
    So these infections are quite common. It’s not serious but, without medication, could be a problem for weeks. Yeast infections aren’t hard to detect. Your vagina gets real itchy, you’ll notice a thick, white cottage cheese-like discharge,(maybe even yellowish, greenish), sometimes it’s even a bit odorous and it might burn when you urinate.
    There can even be a bit of swelling and pain around the vulva from scratching and sometimes painful sexual intercourse But it’s not always a good idea to run out and buy over-the-counter yeast infection medicine if you’ve never had one before. Only a doctor can give you the right diagnosis and the right medicine even if all of your sisters and friends put together have had one.
    2. Okay so I think I might have one, is it fatal and where did I get this from?!
    Trust me, you’ll live and there are quite a few reasons you have this.
    This can happen when you take antibiotics or wear wet clothing too long or for no reason at all. These changes can occur if the normal balance of healthy germs in your vagina is upset. Many things can disturb the balance, including douching, feminine hygiene sprays, certain soaps or bubble baths, antibiotics, diabetes, pregnancy or staying hot and sweaty for long periods of time, and tight non-breathing panties and/or clothing.
    While yeast infections usually aren’t caught from a sex partner ( I was teased about getting the frequent yeast infections when I was a newlywed from frequent sex, but in my case, NOT because I had gotten it from my husband, but more from the natural environment inside of me changing due to KY jelly, condoms, sperm) if untreated, they can spread to your partner and vice versa. Still, some women I know get frequent yeast infections for no obvious reason at all! But, there can be some more serious reasons for getting them and sometimes that’s why it’s always good to contact your Doc before you freak yourself out. Nine times out of ten it’s just common vaginitis and will go away once treated properly.
    There is a bacterial form of Candida that is called, Bacterial Vaginosis. This is a mild infection of the vagina. This condition is caused by an imbalance in the growth of the bacteria that are normally populate the vagina. It is not known exactly why this imbalance in bacterial growth occurs, but it is not spread sexually and is usually not dangerous and can be treated with antibiotics as well. Symptoms include white-ish, grayish discharge and a fish-like odor. Probably a good idea to call your Doc.
    FYI: If you have an active yeast infection, you should refrain from sexual activity that involves vaginal penetration, you should not use tampons, you should not use commercial douches, and you should take extra care to change your underwear and/or menstrual pads often. Stay clean and dry.
    3. Yogurt, bathing in vinegar and eating garlic all in the quest to rid yourself of this annoyance!
    Go to Google, type in, “yeast infection cures” and be prepared to read all about the dozens of ways to cure this bothersome and usually benign infection. Yogurt with active cultures inserted vaginally, taking garlic pills, vinegar baths, not wearing underwear, etc. And you know what? A lot of these have been known to stop Candida dead in its tracks! But,again, if it’s your first time, before you self-medicate, call your GYN. Most cures come in the form of 1 pill to be taken orally once and that’s it! The over-the-counter creams and medicines that are inserted vaginally that drip and stain can be quite messy and just plain awful! So, save yourself the hassle and the mess and pick up the phone. But I do know some gals that swear by the yogurt-up-the-coo-coo remedy and who am I to say it’s a bad idea? I’m one one of those fatalists who’d rather have her Doc check it out than do it myself. So, know your body, know your comfort zone. Yeast infections are bothersome and annoying, but can be treated successfully. Hope this helps!

  47. Okay!!! So for all of you who think that you have a yeast infection or if you feel like your getting a yeast infection YOU NEED to go to a doctor. Some times what feels like a yeast infection may in fact be some other type of bacterial infection, the most common is Gardnerella. Gardnerella can NOT be cured by yeast infection treatments. So seeing a doctor is your best bet for a correct diagnosis. Gardnerella is very common but is NOT a sexually transmitted disease. Although it can be spread through sexual contact only lasts in a male for about 8 to 24 hours. So males this probably not a possibility for you. But you women who can not find cures for your “YEAST” infections, gardnerella may be a possiblity for you. Common symptoms would be: foul smelling discharge, itching and irritablity. Just like a yeast infection. Your doctor would just have to swab the infected area and with in minutes you’ll know what you have, and will be able to be properly treated. The most common drug prescribed is metronidizole. This drug if not taken with food will cause stomach upset. So take it with food. I hope this helps…. and ALWAYS trust a professional to diagnose you. Your symptoms could match tons of other symptoms to tons of other diseases. So get yourself checked out!!!! Good Luck!!!

  48. Garlic,Garlic, Garlic!!!! get Allimax garlic capsules take as many as 5-10 a day as its 100% pure garlic (totally harmless) and once infection diminishes, take 1 a day as a preventive measure. It will also boost your immune system and you will feel great!!! Garrrrliiiccccc, Trust me!!!

  49. Hi this is my second time getting a yeast infection. Ive noticed that everytime i have sex and my boyfriend uses a condom i get a yeast infection. So i researched it an found out that it is not uncommon that im allergic to the spermicide in the condoms. And thats what was causeing me to get the infection. Im about to go try the vingar and salt thing now.

  50. I get a yeast infection every time my boyfriend uses a condom. I thought maybe im just irritated so i just wash and leave it alone it usually goes away but me being a nimpho i’m always doing it and now it itches like crazy. I want to find a scratching post and scratch my cooter against it.Its driving me wild please give me a list of what to do so i can live in peace i would rather be pregnant again than go through this.AAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  51. use a trusty condom and don’t have oral sex! keep your sugar intake low.
    and wait. before sex smell area of your mate before doing anything if it smells odd kick that b**ch out! if you don’t know what odd is, smell your arm does it smell different than your mates area, well if it does then it’s a odd smell! or the best way to prevent it all is by not having sex until your married or just get a new mate!

  52. I dont know if i have a Yeast infection or not, I have the discharge.. but its not very cottage cheesy. if you know what i mean.. but its very thick.. and white.. I am sexually active. but i use a condom.. its also itchy.. Is this normal for a yeast infection?. but im only 17 so im not quite sure what to do, and im scared to go to the store .. or even tell my boyfriend. Someone please give me a tip fast.

  53. this is not a tip but i have had discharge and itch for a long time i was wondering the the yougurt thing was true i know it cant have sugar or flavor..but does it work and how long should it stay in there and do i have to douch afterwards?

  54. okay well i am experiencing one right now im only 15 ive gone to the doctor and im treating it before its an actual yeast infection i had a high amount of yeast and she said to start getting on a medication. well i took a salt bath and it made the area down there not wet anymore and these organisms live on hot mosit areas thats why you arent suppose to wear underwear at night you have to air urself out.i advise taking just a bath with lots of salt in it, it made me feel so much better.=]

  55. i recently had unprotected sex (yes i know i’m stupid, and i will get tested) but i think i have a yeast infection, some of the medication is helping to treat it. but i do seem to have a lot of redness on the inside of my vagina, is this normal for yeast infections?

  56. i think i may have a yeast infection. but i cant say its really itchy. Its more like a burning sensation. Its not real bad but it is annoying every time i go pee. Do i HAVE to go to a doctor? i mean is it that serious? Or can i just try some yogurt and salt and hope for the best?

  57. A chronic yeast infection will not be cured by putting anything on it.
    I battled it for aboout 30 years and went to a dozen doctors. I used
    cream and douched with vinegar for six weeks, boiling the nozzle for 15 minutes every day. In two days, the infection was back. Nothing that the doctors told me, worked. I discovered Oregamax, which is a wild Mediteranean variety of oregano. (Do not take cheaper versions of this! Buy the book “The Cure Is In The Cupboard by Dr. Cass Ingram. It explains why it works and how to use it for any bacterial infection, virus or fungus) I took two capsules, twice a day for two weeks, then dropped back to one capsule, twice a day. I had no infection for five years, until I developed an allergy to the Oregano and had to stop taking it. I tried enteric coated garlic pills
    (garlic capsules won’t work because the stomach acid destroys the active ingredient – the enteric coating gets it to the lower intestine before breaking down)which worked for a while but I became allergic to it, too. I tried grapefruit seed extract and was allergic to it, right away. Finally, I found that I could take Olive Leaf Extract capsules (Soloray brand) and I take one in the AM and one in the PM. I’m praying that I won’t become allergic! My allergic symptoms were: burning and pain in my eyes, headache, burning in throat and chest, and irritations at the corners of my mouth. When first taking it, I would suggest taking two capsules, three times a day for a couple of weeks, then dopping back. Wash panties, then iron the crotch to kill the yeast. You could use panty liners to prevent contact, until you can throw the panties away! There is a wonderful silver cream called Tetrasil. I get the best price on eBay. It kills bacteria infections,viruses and fungus (yeast). Until I found Olive Leaf extract, I used this cream to get rid of the yeast infection. Just put a dime size blob on your finger, and put it way up inside. Rub a small amount on exterier irritation. It’s soothing and will get rid of it in 2 – 3 days. “Google” it and read about it! If you are prone to repeat infections, you just have to take something internally to keep it away! Remember that with food supplements, some don’t work because they are processed in the cheapest way and the active ingredient is often destroyed. Some companies are not honest about the content! Solaray Olive Leaf Extract (must say EXTRACT…just Olive Leaf is not the same)is available from at the best price I’ve found anywhere. I sympathize with you all…I’ve been there. I know that nothing makes
    me feel as “dirty” as a yeast infection. I got very depressed over it because sex always had to be planned ahead of time! I hope I’ve helped you!

  58. I have quite a problem. I’ve been itching so much lately, and painfully burning. I saw some tiny bumps inside, and some white discharge….is it a yeast infection?? How can I get rid of it without going to the doctor?

  59. I think that all of you suggestions are great, i will try the yogurt thing, and if that doesn’t work, the salt. i’m losing my mind, just wanna find a hair brush or something.

  60. okay. so i had a yeast infection for a while. say about 2 years. and i just got on this yesterday. and read all the tips. and i tried one. and it works in one day. use like a cap full or a little more of clorox bleach and put it in a warm bath and just sit in it for like 30 min. and its gone. really. it works.

  61. am i reading this right? you put a cap full of bleach in warm bath water and it should go away? like just regular bleach that you put in ur washer?

  62. Alright this is not a tip. I got my first yeast infection about a month ago. I just got another one this past week and that cream crap you get at the store doesnt help me. It helps for a couple of days and then boom the infections back but im fixin to try the bleach thing because mines will not go away.

  63. Get rid of irritation:
    -Don’t wear underwear when you go to sleep. Wear loose basketball shorts, or anything that doesn’t stick to you. The reason for this is because Yeast is a fungus –it grows when it’s warm and wet. Air will be your best friend.

    -If you’re sexually active, stick to either constantly using condoms, or not using condoms. Reason for this is because you get used to your boyfriend’s sperm, and when you switch from condom & no condom, it heightens the imbalance. If anything though, stay away from sex when you see symptoms recurring monthly.

    Quick CURES:
    -Eat Cranberries or drink cranberry juice regularly.
    -Try to stay away from carbs two weeks before your period.
    -capful of bleach in the bathtub works
    -1/2 cup vineger & 1/2 cup of salt in warm bath water is a QUICK relief

    I haven’t really tried anything else but I’ve found all the above to work.

  64. Its like every one says. If you think you have an infection the best thing to do is go see you doctor. He/She will probablly tell you to get miconazol vaginal capsule to insert during bed time and hopefully you should be cured in a few days. I used the capsule yesterday. Its still a bit itchy but I haven’t yet given up on the fact that the capsule might have worked. let you know how it is in a few days

  65. okay so recently i had sex sat and mon morning down there was very irrated and kinda itchy.. i doesnt hurt when i go pee but i was taking a bath and i was checking myself out and i seen there was white (not sure if it bumps) but there were white thing in my vaginia (inner lip) im not sure whta this is and i cant tell my mom she will flip. I bathed in warm water and 1/2 tblsp of salt. it helped for that night it calmed down. please let me know!!

  66. its not a tip, but i was wondering if we put more than a capful of bleach in the tub will it work differently? and will i see the results by tomorrow?

  67. Yogurt pops work, freeze yogurt in the tips of gloves (disposible or the dish washing kind) insert one into your itchy runny friend (your vagina) proceed until yeast infection clears. When u bath use the vinegar n salt method no soap. And please do not soothe the vagina with petroleum jelly (vaseline) it only houses the bacteria (the bad guys). I must warm tho the yogurt melts so do this b4 u lay down. Wear a liner n loose cotton bloomers (panties) to bed, or sleep on a towel if u don’t move much. And noooooo soap!! None on your little pocket book (vagina), if you smell even with the baths, your vagina has something else not a yeasty. And fyi if you have a yeast infect take a wiff, it smells like yeast (beer yeast sorta). If it has a strong nasty odor you do not have a yeasty. And this is a personal note if you hate the smell of beer you typically know the smell of yeast.

  68. NOT A TIP… wat if u have a continuous weird smell from down there and sumtimes a jelly like discharge? Wat about the bleach thing wont the bleach destroy the cells in the vagina along wit the bacteria???? Wat if u’ve cured the infection 3 times before and its kinda bac, but ur not sure if its it, but it feels the same way. Should u do the same yogurt, bleach and cranberry procedures to get rid of it????? and would the bad smell be gone for good??? PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!

  69. My daughter has had thrush in the past “aka” yeast infection of the mouth. Her pediatrician suggested gentian violet. We purchased it from Wal-Mart for under $5. It stains and is very messy. (It is a very dark purple hence “violet”. We saw positive results by the next day. We did 2 more treatments (swabbing the inside of her mouth) and her infection was gone completely! My gynecologist said that if I ever got another yeast infection to try it but did stress about not getting it on clothing! As with any treatment talk to your doctor first or at least do your own research first.

  70. Ok I am hearing all these comments about what to do for yeast. First of all NO dove soap or any other soap with perfumes and dyes. Ivory is 99% pure and I always used it. I switched to dove when my daughter was 13 and she got one yeast infection after another. The specialist(not a gyno) we finally went to confirmed my mistake when he said to use ivory soap. Another benefit of ivory is that it doesn’t interfere with your perfume or cologne. Do not take baths. I have never been able to without getting a yeast infection. If I feel like soaking in a bath I first shower and then fill the tub with clean water to soak and only for like ten minutes. If you get prescribed antibiotics ask for something for the yeast that a majority of us get while taking antibiotics. The diflucan pill or a generic version works great. Take it after the course of antibiotics and in the meantime eat yogurt. The itching from yeast can drive you insane so buy some vagisil. I find monistat anti itch doesn’t work as well as vagisil. An apple cider vinegar douche works for the itch also. 1/4 vinegar to 3/4 water, but for a lasting effect especially if you work use the cream.Sleep without panties as they trap moisture and we can use a break from this everyday not just when you have an infection. Actually go pantiless every chance you get. Don’t wear jeans or pants that ride into the vagina causing what my kids refer to as camel toe. A yeast infection is no fun and you should do all you can to prevent it. If there is no itch but discharge see your doctor because it is probably NOT yeast.

  71. Im only 14 and im having my FIRST yeast infection…I dnt have a tip but i know that this YEAST infection stuff DOES hurt!!! AHHHHHHHH this is like my 5Th day with this stuff and its killing ME!!! i cnt walk or nothing…and i cant even go to school without getting started AT!!!!{LOL} and all i take is that modistant 7 stuff…i began taking that on my 3rD day of my infection..and i need MORE ways on how to get RID of this somebody please HELP me…and im with my dad…soooooooooo he doesnt know what to do in a situation like this either…..

  72. no tip, but BIG question! i started my period about four years ago in my sophomore year of high school, soon after i got a mucussy discharge! it don’t smell bad, its just different..well i have never been to a gyno and im scared to go! =( im 19 now andi still have the discharge somedays its bad others its not…sometimes it itches like a yeast infection and somedays it don’t?! anyone else have any ideas! please help…

  73. NO TIP.
    Recently, i woke up and i had this really bad itch down there.
    i ignored it because it thought it’s just another itch that will go away, but it didnt and when i was washing IT, i saw this cheesy like discharge and i started to panic because i never experiece this situation. Now this is my third day having it and i can’t stand it. I can’t even go to sleep, or just chill because it keeps on itching. And its pretty bad. I dont know how to tell my mom she might think wrong and i really want to get rid of this BAD. is there any over-the-counter medicine i can get to get rid of it? PLEASE HELP. LET ME KNOW A.S.A.P.

  74. Ok, Ladies. Different remedies may work for different people, but I’ve just had great success with tea tree oil. About 2 years ago I started a new relationsihp and now I get yeast infections 3 or 4 times a year. I’m apparently allergic to the over-the-counter stuff and the perscription diflucan works, but I’ve found research that the yeast can build up an immunity to so therefore it is going to start to take longer and more pill to get rid of it. I was beginning to get really ticked off at the fact that doctors didn’t seem to be able to give me a good reason or good preventive method for fighting them off. So I begun to do my own research. Worse than the itching and burning for me was the swelling and I’ve learned that this happens because the vulva is quite sensitive to the discharge. It is very important that our vagina be PH balanced which is 4.5. Semen, condoms, soaps, douches, and diet are all things that can throw this balance off. I like the idea of homeopathic remedies, but haven’t ahd much success with yogurt or garlic even though the baths with apple cider vinegar and salt always have provided me with temporary relief. These methods may have been unsuccessful because I’ve taken them orally, but I just don’t like the idea of insert yogurt or garlic inside my vagina. To make this long story short…woke up a few days ago with the itching and swelling and picked up this book on herbs and found the best rememdy I have every tried by Herablist Hart Brent, 2-3 drops of a good quality tea tree oil into a 1/2 teaspoon of honey and take orally twice a day for three days. Within 12 hours of my first daily dose the swelling was completely gone and I felt 10 times better, which is much quicker than the diflucan which usually took about 3 days to reduce the swelling. Hope this helps someone.

  75. Oh by the way, I agree with the other ladies it is very important that if you’ve never had a yeast infection before to see a physcian. Another form of vaginitis called bacterial vaginitis could be the culprit for some of you. The symptons are just about impossible to distinguish from yeast infections. Same itching, same burning. The only differences I know of are that BV generally doesn’t come with swelling, the odor is usually a foul, fishy odor, which is usually worse after sex, and the discharge is usually alot more milky than a yeast infection.

  76. This girl:

    I went through the exact same situation as you!.. you can get comfort tablets that you inject down there it also comes with cream that you put down there also( not inturnally) but that will help the itching … personally i use the cenesten brand. If it hasnt gone away in one week then you need to talk to your doctor. I ended up going to see mine and he gave me a cream to inject inside of me and i havent gotten one since. I also ended up telling my mom because you can also get them from different types of foods you eat. I had to stop eating apples and drinking apple juice becasue i would always get them after having some!.. hope that helps a bit?

  77. not a tip but a question: i get gooey white slime and sometimes 1 cottage cheese like slime (like every 2 months) it doesnt itch or smell bad i’ve had this for a while now.. and my period is irregular. i’m 18 but still living with my mom, i want to go to the doc.. but i think i’ll wait a few more months when i leave. i cant tell my mom, its too embarrassing and we don’t talk about stuff like that.
    anyone know if its a yeast infection?

  78. Washing undergarments in hot water every load make a great preventative. I wash my cotton knickers with the towels- because these too harbour germs, the delicates get soaked in hot water & hand washed(vinegar keeps the colours from bleeding). This has helped me prevent recurrences.
    Watch the soaps you use, perfumes, body scrubs, lotions, powders- all of these can & do cause yeast infections. Ivory soap is fantastic- so are castile soaps (Dr Bronner’s) or other natural soaps. Douching is not healthy for us, it actually can bring more infections. If you must, limit the douching.
    Yoghurt really makes a difference, it helps maintain a healthy balance of good bacteria that we need. Inserting yoghurt vaginally or if some prefer, the acidophilus tablets can & does cure many yeast infections. Can be a bit messy but so are the prescriptions so be prepared.
    It is always a *good* idea to go to the doctor & check if you have a yeast infection (if it is fungal or bacterial, or if it is Gardnerella or even Chlamydia since all of these have different treatments). Monistat now sells an otc aid the lets you self check to find out if you do have a yeast infection & how severe. This may help for those of us shy of going to the GYN or cannot afford to.

  79. Okya, you can use yogart that is plain and that has live bactria on it That has L.acidophilus, l.bulgaricus in it. The statement wrong on this website is if you freeze the yogart, the live, active, and probiotic cultures go dormant. After thawing the yoghurt, not all of the cultures come back to life. Therefore, by freezing yoghurt, you lose some of the benefits of buying a product with live, active, and probiotic cultures. But yogart seemed to work for me!!

  80. not a tip, ive been usind Candid B inserts for month it goes and comes, ion my underwear theres thick,whiye discharge itdont have an awful nscent but its unsual, when i wear tight clothes it really smells. plz help me!!!!!

  81. I just want to make sure…. after purchasing tha plain yogurt i place it to the affected area? And how soon after will the symptoms get better?

  82. Hey guys……..quick question if you have previously beed given diflucan? how many pills did you take? Cause my doctor prescribes to take one pill now and then repeat in 4 days. For females well at least for me? Could i possibly be allergic to his sperm?

  83. I’ve been getting yeast infections since before puberty and way long before I became sexually active. Taking a blow dryer on the cold setting and pointing it down there seems to relieve some of the itching. Not all over the counter or RX/fluconazole work for me. I’ve noticed that a high-sugar diet triggers a yeast infection. The sooner you treat it, the better. As soon as you start getting the least bit itchy, get some over the counter treatment and tackle the problem.

  84. Hello Ladies,

    It’s been a little over a year. A very long year. I have tried everything, and when I say everything I mean everything. If it has been sold or written about, I have tried it. Difulcan, Garlic, both cloves and supplements in the mouth and the vajayjay, Vinegar, Cranberry, salt, my husband and I haven’t had sex in three months no lie, Monistat, yogurt pops, yogurt eating, just outright sticking yogurt up there, Yeast Defense Vitamins, Acidopholus tablets in the mouth and the vajajay, no sugar diet, no carbs diet, no yeast diet, no caffiene, I’ve pretty much given up panties unless I am menstrating, I’ve been to my gyno, you name it I have tried it, with one exception: The Bleach. I’m terrified, but here I go.
    Also, one thing that I have not seen mentioned on this site, is the fact that if you have a yeast infection and you are sexually active, you can bet your bank account that your partner has one too. I asked my husband to go and get a Difulcan perscription; his doctor suggested that I be tested for diabetes. This is such ****, the only symptom I share with those that have diabetes is the yeast infection. Never mind that I don’t pee constantly, have sugar cravings, etc etc. Therefore, if you treat yourself, treat your husband, if his doctor isn’t a moron, maybe you can both take Difulcan simultaneously. My gyno would not prescribe for both of us.
    Fortunately, my husband is so frustrated after not having sex for three months (and he is counting, believe me!), he is willing to try anything. He is chewing on fresh cloves of garlic and smearing all kinds of concoctions on his Princess Sofie just as much as I am on my vajajay.
    Try not to wear artificial fingernails, first of all you aren’t fooling anyone and they are so gross, but also they are hideouts for yeast cells, yuck. If you must scratch, scratch but remember to wash your hands every time you do because if you scratch one place then scratch another, you’re just smearing that infection all over the place.
    Good luck, I am going to try the bleach in the bath while I pray to Jesus that it doesn’t hurt me.

  85. hi not really a tip i just had a question. i have recently had my ******** hood pierced and now i have a yeast infection! does anyone know if the yeast infection will affect my new piercing?

  86. okay, this isn’t a tip. it’s more of a problem.

    i am pretty young…
    13 to be exact.
    and i think i have a yeast infection.

    if i was still a virgin i would ask my mom to get me checked immediately… but i’m not and don’t want the fact that i’m not a virgin to be brought up. [ my mother doesn’t know i’m not ]

    WHAT DO I DO?!?!?

  87. I got a yeast infection and didn’t know what it was so my boyfriend and I had sex and now he has one. Problem is, he won’t go to the doctor or do anything about it. Can his infection just go away or what should I do about it?

  88. not a tip

    I want to try the vinegar and salt, I heard apple cider vigegar is good but what type of salt is best? does it matter?

  89. NOT A TIp

    i think i have a yeast infection, i have had this itching and burning sympton down their. i also have like some white stuff coming out i dont know what it is but its really nasty and it smells. i had sex with my boyfriend this past friday morning and it smelled kinda bad, and he called me telling me that his penis is kinda red, and im not sure if i transmitted him the [Y.I]..??? i wanna tell my mom but im too nervous and i dont want her to take me to the doctor because im not a virgin anymoree. i read alot of cure for yeast infections like
    the salt in the tub thing and the yogurt cure, but i wanna noe if it really works. because its bein getting on my nervess,i want it to cure already….please help me, somebody send me a tip or sumtin because im tired of having this type of symptonss

  90. Sometimes the week, or so, before your period, you may experiance yeast infection like symptoms, and go away after your period. Its like a vagina cleaning, but to always just be on the safe side, go to your doctor.

  91. Okay….GO TO YOUR DOCTORS!!! I don’t care if you’re embarrassed – they won’t make it awkward for you or anything – most women (or young girls) go through these. It’s much better to get it taken care of – especially if it’s your first time having one.

    Whew! Through ranting…now, what has worked for me: The most effective thing I’ve found is Monistat something or other – just the one that looks like a little egg that you use like a tampon. I use it right before bed, and in the morning I feel pretty much all better. I’ve used the one time pill, but that isn’t as instantaneous to me as Monistat.

    I know these suck, but instead of hoping that these random things will work, I’d just say buy one of the OTC things, or have your doctor just call in a prescription – after the first time you have one you don’t even have to go in to the doctor. I sympathize with all of you who have them though!

  92. I haven’t seen any posting on boric acid suppositories. I am trying them for the first time for ******* yeast infection and they are supposed to work great as a cure and as a preventative measure (according to my gyn).
    How do you know if a yeast infection has spread mildly to your mouth or throughout your body?

  93. I think I have a yeast infection. I have all of the symtoms like the strange discharge and odor, the pain during intercourse, the burning while urinating, at one point it was swollen and itched very badly. But the swelling went down and the itching stopped but the odor and pain is still there. Should I still try the salt or yogurt thing or does this sound like something else?? Please help!!!!!

  94. what causes a yeast infection can differ. It could be your diet…look up Candida on google…to eat foods that are low in sugar and mold is very important…a diet for Candida could help, since Candida is the technical term for the yeast overgrowth in the body.

  95. (NO TIP) I have had a yeast infection for some months and went to the doctor a few times. He treated me for BV and then for yeast infections. They were suppressed for awhile but came back. Does anyone know what the best treatment for this is??? It’s most annoying and embarrassing and also does anyone know if Norforms are just as bad douching????

  96. I inserted a fresh clove of garlic each morning. Right before bed, i removed it, and inserted 2 Lactobacillus Acidophilus capsules. I also applied vitamin E oil externally, to soothe the swelling/irritation. I was starting to feel better by the next day, and the infection was gone after one and a half or two weeks. 🙂 It’s the first time I’ve successfully treated one without having to resort to the miconazole nitrate suppositories.

  97. this is not a tip but i think i have yeast infection but im only 12 and i don’t wanna tell my mum wat sall i do???????????

  98. I have a ? I dont have any swelling itching or burning when im in the bathroom but my doctor says its a bacteria infection i do have a white residue but not clumpy sometimes a musty smell …anyone know anything i have been trying to fet rid of it just keeps comeing back???

  99. GREAT NEWS….I had been treated for a yeast infection and bv but I was treated for each separately. My doctor then prescribed me a suppository called metroinzdale (sp?) and flagyl. I took the suppository for 5 days and took flagyl, a pill, twice for 5 days and I have not had any symptoms for six days and still great. Flagyl has some side effects that had made others sick, but other than the metallic taste it was fine.

  100. I have been battling this for years. BV and yeast infections. Yeast infections that have gone out of control, wet rash in my hair and ears. Took all meds, prescribed and over-the-counter, changed my diet over and over, stopped sugar, did it all. The only thing that has helped all of it was Tea Tree oil. 1-2 drops in a water douche a day and you should see symptoms disappear quickly (by next day symptoms should start easing up) By third day bv should be gone! Got rid of the wet rash as I used it in my shampoo (that took about a month using that in my hair everyday). Hope this helps…

  101. Not a tip. Ok. My problem, it doesnt itch down there, it just burns when I pee and it burns a little while after that, its just a really awkward feeling. So I thought I had a yeast infection and went to the doctor, they told me to take a dyflucon. I took the pill and after a couple days the burning came back. I went back to the doctor to find out that I had a UTI and a yeast infection at the same time. I had to take medicine for a week. Now that Im off my medicine its back. I dont itch, it just burns when I pee and then feels awkward or burns for sometime afterwards. If anyone can help me please do. = ]

  102. im 11 and this morning it burned when i pee-ed. it also seemed like i was having my period, but it only bled when i went to the bathroom and pee-ed…? and i have the thing that you girls call “discharge” a lot. HELP!

  103. mines not a tip, more of a question of confusion….
    i dont know if i have one
    Im only 16 years old
    it sucks because i have an itchy feeling, but i know for a fact that it isnt crabs because i havent been with anyone like that, i do have a boyfriend though, and its not just an itch
    its like a discharge, it feels sore all the time…….. I dont know what to do? So confused:(

  104. nervous, it sounds like you have a bladder infection (burning, bleeding when you pee). I’ve had two bladder infections and those are the main symptoms. You really should go to the doctor.

  105. For the past 4 months every week before my period starts i get a bad odor and discharge? but after my period it goes away. I dont know what it could be? Please help

  106. im only 16 and ive had a mucussy discharge for as long as i can remember! is it normal or are you supposed to have dry panties all the time!? lol cause i dont!!! is that a yeast infection or what?! and what does douching do exactly?!?! kinda confused here!!!!

  107. So I have my first yeast infection, and I came on here to find some relief. I took the Rx yesterday for the infection, and the 24 hour relief has not happened. In fact I see very little signs of improvement. The only thing that helps me get by is taking ASPRIN, it may sound basic but it stops the burn and pain and you have to learn to ignore the itch or it gets worse. At this point I am wondering why I spent 16 bucks on a script that doesn’t work. I am losing my mind over here!

    And by the way the Clorox thing sounds pretty scary… it is already burning and bleach doesn’t sound soothing. Maybe more details would be helpful.

  108. blue…
    It’s possibly a bit annoying, but yeah, the mucus you’re experiencing is normal (unless it burns/itches, etc.). As for what douching does, it just basically rinses out your internal parts. I wouldn’t really recommend trying it as it can alter the pH level of said parts and leave you open to infection. But if you absolutely MUST douche, stick to just water, and under no circumstances use scented/perfumed stuff. Vinegar douches are considered ok by some, but I’ve never had them help me, personally, even during a yeast infection.

  109. I’ve had a yeast infection that was diagnosed by a doctor, and has been treated by over the counter medication 3 times. It still has not gone away. I saw some people say salting is a good idea. but do you put the salt INSIDE? Or just on the outside…? Either way, I’ve got cuts all over the outside of my vagina because of it being SOOO itchy that I have scratched it raw when alone. It hurts a lot, does someone have any advice on how to please get rid of this horrible infection >.

  110. @ Natalie

    A capful of Clorox in an entire bathtub of water? You won’t feel a thing. Just like putting half a cup of vinegar in the water, only, it’s a capful of bleach instead. I’m sure it can’t be any more/less painful than the vinegar.

  111. A couple of things. First, for the younger folks on here who don’t want to tell their moms, just do it. I was the same way. Everyone is. My little brother sent me to get him jock itch meds because he didn’t want to tell mom. I got a staph infection from working with wrestlers and had it for weeks. Why? Duh. Your mom doesn’t want you to suffer. She’s had them too. If you’re sexually active and don’t want her to know, it’s trickier. But you also really should go to the doctor because it might not be a YI. Some amount of dampness in your undies is normal after you hit puberty. It isn’t fun but it’s just part of being a girl. If you wear pantiliners for it, get the breathable ones or you’re just making it worse. The best thing is plain cotton panties. And there are some pretty ones out there now. Cotton doesn’t have to equal granny panties. There’s good advice here with the yogurt and tea tree oil. You can get tea tree oil body washes. Don’t wear super tight clothes all the time. Make sure you wash well in the shower (but don’t scrub). Make sure you wipe front to back (simple but important). And don’t let it go on and on. True yeast infections can get really really awful. At least get some Monistat but don’t suffer or endanger your health (or your boyfriends). If you absolutely can’t go to mom, find another adult woman you can trust but get some help.

  112. Okai This is a Question … I have bein getin a really itchie fanny like on of my flaps goes swallen wene its itchie it drives me totally Crazy it hurst so much i am onli 15 and have bein testeed for stis and am clear but i am on the rode and on my peridos all the time is this why if i get the rode removed will i be ok PLEASEE HELPPPP x

  113. I don’t have any tips, but I want to know why is it every time I get off a period I’m with a yeast infection. Drives me nuts.

  114. I used to get yeast infections before I ever had sex. If you don’t want people to think you’ve had sex don’t automatically assume it was sex that gave it to you. Virgins get yeast infections, too.

  115. Im a 13 year old girl and the outside of my vagina it burns and itchess like crazy. I do not know how to tell my mom. Is there anything that I can use that I have at home that will actually help me?

  116. Hey, this is for the younger girls.
    Im sixteen and recently found out i had a yeast infection, i was scared to tell my mom because she would be upset if she found out i was stil having sex, but anyway the pain got to horrible to stand so i finally asked her and we went to the doctor and everythings okay now. the doctor is totally cool about it and makes you feel relaxed. so my best advice for this would be if your new to yeast infections, tell you moms and go to the doctor. you never know it might be something totally different good or bad=]

  117. The yougert thing works-pop a popsicle inside and let it melt. Also pills of acidopholis and or lactobacilis can help. Try to eliminate suger and white flour from your diet. Stay clean clean clean. Cotton panties are a must. No perfumey or powder down there,

  118. Just go and by the Monistat 7 before it gets too bad. This is a curse for women. None of those natual remedies work

  119. oky so i went to the doc a few mos ago and i had a yeast infection they gave me the pills and it cleared up. but now ive got it again and iam not sure if its because of my period are if my boyfriend is the one thats carryin it also….

  120. it hurt and you want it gone the second you get it how the hell are you gona get rid of it by going on a diet you want it gone now its worse than labour i think. sex does help at the time i think its a relif of the icheyness but 10 times worse after.

    im sitting here acheing like mad no bloody yogart and nearly in tears i need something now!! its so fustrating i cant spell at this moment in time either lol ive never felt so much icheyness in my life

  121. Hey guyss. Okay I’m really scared. Since I was like 9 my mum said that because I didn’t take care of my vagina that I had extra skin growing (on my vaginal lips) which I swear is bull because everyone has vaginal lips, mine stretch to about 2 inches at the most? If it helps for information, I started my period when I was 11? And for a few years now, I’ve had an itchy vagina, sometimes around my clit it reaallyy itches or my vaginal lips or something and then when I itch it, after it gets really uncomfortable, it doesn’t really hurt but it’s very uncomfortbale if that makes sense. It smells aswell. I remember once I put my hand down there and my cum smelt of onions? :S But usually it smells of like, not that “fish” smell that people say but like a cheese-ish smell maybe? It doesn’t always smell, like I got out the shower almost 2 hours ago and just checked now if it smelt and it doesn’t. in fact it smells a bit soapy-ish? Like just a natural smell. But for some reason in the afternoon I have a feeling it will smell. It itches now though. And my discharge is thick and yellowish-a few days ago, for up to a week or so, my discharge was actually like thick and brown? However, when I come it’s clear. Oh yeahh; I’m 15 now. Alsooo, I have noticed a reeeally tiny bump (can’t see it but can feel it) on the bottom left of my vagina hole (well the part where the willy goes in whatever it’s called) but yeah on the bottom left of that? Been there for 2 weeks or so I think? Just there-not itching or hurting or anything and it’s not getting any bigger. Soo my questions are:

    What’s up with my vaginal lips?
    Have I got anything like thrush or something?
    Are there any particular medicines out there for my symptoms?
    What could the really small bump be?
    And any other queeries I had that i listed in that story but haven’t put in a question-pleaase answer too 😀

    Oh yeahh by the wayy-There’s a wash called “Simply Delicate” from Avon (if you can’t buy from it because you’re not a member of it or whatever then get someone who you know to-my mum is and I order things through her) it really is veryy good. You can’t use it too much either because the formula’s so delicate.
    😀 x x x x
    Hope I helped and pleaase find an answer for all my questions pleeeassee!

  122. Hi, I just went to the Dr. and found out that I have a Yeast Infection. I am supposed to go pick up a prescription tomorrow to help get rid of it. My problem though is that I have a cottage cheesy discharge all the time and it smells foul after I have sex. I am not sure why, but I have had it for a few months now. I am wonderig what it is, please help? It does not itch and it is not red and irritated? It only smells and I always see a whitish-yellowish discharge in my underware. Please help me and let me know what will take this away? Is it something else????????

  123. i am 15 year old girl, sexually active with only my boyfriend. recently, my vagina has been extremely itchy
    it been like this for about 4 days now
    im scared to tell my mom cus i dont want her to think im sexually active,
    is there a way of makign it go away without her knowing it?
    like household items i can use?

  124. iya im a 16 year old girl and think i have a yeast infection i dont no what it is im itchy .. burny .. swollen .. and have alot of discharge latley and barley walk .. i told my mum she doesnt no what it is and im really scared .. but i am sexually active .. it first started when i had inercourse with a lad with no condom .. need helpp someone help me .. x

  125. hey im 16 and im not sexually active i have lil bumps on my vagina and they are not from shaving i need help any clue whats goin on with me??

  126. I’m 14 and i’ve had quite a few yeast infections, starting when I was around 10. I think it’s just my chemical balance, because my mum gets them too. But for all those girls out there that can’t tell their mom, for any reason (don’t want them to think you’re sexually active), it really is better to tell her and to get meds or something to specifically address the issue. Even if they do take you to the doctor, he will talk to you alone, and can’t tell your mom what you say. Doctor/Patient confidenciality.
    As for those who aren’t going to tell, or ask for help, if you have any creme for athlete’s foot, the fungus stuff you can get on your toes, you can use that.
    You’ll probably have some if someone in your family is big on sports. Like my brother plays soccer and he always gets it, so we have tons of the creme around the house. I checked the label on his stuff for jock itch and athlete’s foot, and the label on the stuff we have for yeast infections, and they both had the same exact active ingredient, 2% Miconazole nitrate.
    So you might actually have the meds in your house and you just don’t know it. Just make sure that if you do have the creme, check the ingredients and make sure it has miconazole, and no more than 3%.
    Otherwise the results might not be better than before you used it…
    Also cranberry juice does help, drink a lot of it =D

  127. Oh also, the most common symptom is itching, yet when I get an infection (and my doctor has confirmed they are yeast infections), I really don’t have horrible itching. Maybe a little itchy, but mostly it’s trouble peeing or burning when I pee, and…discomfort. It’s not really burning or itching, just this constant discomfort, that makes you not want to walk, or do anything, and you just feel all around icky…
    My doctor says all bodies react differently to infection, and when i get a yeast infection, this is just how I feel. You might have different symptoms too, and you really should go to a doctor to make sure they’re yeast infections and not something more serious…

  128. Monostat or all those other band aids will not treat the underlying causes of yeast infections which is systemic ph balance being thrown off. This is something that can take years to treat with proper diet. Limiting or eliminating sugars and grains will help as will eating probiotic foods like kim chi and yoghurt made from organic raw milk. I battled a yeas overgrowth in my lower intestine for years. For two years I ate a good diet with no improvement then all of a sudden all my diligence paid off and it went away. It still comes back a little, symptoms like itching, but never as bad as it has been and only temporarily. The thing is we will never be able to avoid yeast infections totally but our goal should be giving our bodies the tools to fight them off and that means strengthening our bodies with good wholesome food.

    Don’t support the companies that peddle these medicines when the medicines don’t treat the cause of the problem.

  129. Okay im 14 and ii went to the doc. like a few months ago and they told me i have a yeast infection.They gave me the otc medicine and t made it go away for a week or so.Then it came back again and my mom bought me the same meds. from the store and it did work for like 4 days and now its back again.It bearly itches only once in a while and I have this white-ish color discharge thats always in my panties.Most of the times it smells like cottage cheese.Can anyone help me or tell me what I should do?

  130. i think i have a yeast infection, i have little bumps in between my anus and my vagina, they dont itch but everything else does and i also am always wet inside my vagina that i use a tampon when im not even on my period and i do have discharge it does not smell or anything but i do have a lot of it, this has been a problem for a while and are the symptoms of a yeast infection or should i be worried about something else

  131. Hi,
    Im 15 years old.I think i might a really bad yeast infection or something like that.i have a really white thick smells bad.
    like onion or somthing worse.ive tried all home remidies && they dont work.ive also gone to the doctor && the stuff they gave me only worked for about 2 weeks && got the same thing again.i dont know what to do.

    what should i do?

  132. Jazmin – Unfortunately, some women are just chronic sufferers. I had one once, and didn’t even know it bc it wasn’t itchy, and a male gyno gave me cream to get rid of it. Then, it was back 2 wks later. I went to a female gyno, and she just laughed and said of course I had a male – if you have one and it doesn’t itch, just leave it, since you’ll probably get another one (that does itch) soon afterwards. If you are a chronic sufferer, it is more likely a change to your diet that will help you more than pills and creams. I would see a naturopath for recommendations.

  133. Read on the following home remedies for curing yeast infection:

    * Tea tree oil is an effective remedy for treating yeast infection. This oil is a natural anti fungal and can be inserted into the vagina using a tampon. Continue the insertion for next five to six days and you will notice the difference.
    * Take some garlic pods and prepare a paste. Apply this paste on the skin surrounding the vagina. This may give a burning sensation but is very effective for curing yeast infection.
    * You can also use garlic by wrapping pods in cheesecloth and inserting into the vagina. This way of curing can be more effective and fruitful.
    * Insert a tampon dipped in yogurt into your vagina. Perform this insertion twice a day, one in the morning and the second before going to sleep. You can even eat yogurt or drink buttermilk. These also show miraculous results in curing yeast infection.
    * Honey is the most uncomfortable but the best way of curing yeast infection. Sit on a toilet seat and pour drops of honey on the vaginal skin and around. Stay in the same posture for about 10 to 15 minutes. You can then take a bath or wash your vaginal area with warm water.

  134. i dont have a tip. but i have itching a little. and i recently was treated for bacterial vaginosis. My onion smell was supposed to go away but it didnt. The nuse said to take the pills again, but i havent cuz i dont want to put crap in my body that doesnt work. needless to say i am skeptical at this point as to whether anyone really knows what it is or not. i would really like to know how to get rid of the smell. onions arent as bad as some other things, but i dont like it and my boyfriend sometimes makes me feel less desireable (not purposely) but i would love if he loved going down on me again. i am going to change my diet and see if that works any. wish me luck.. i ll get back

  135. let me tell you all, even if you have it, done worry, its not a big deal, just be hygienic and take proper medicines and follow the homemade remedies, it does work , if followed religious, include a lottttttttttt of buttermilk in your diet, thanks

  136. also, cut down the sugar intake in your diet, as this is what increases or probably leads to excess of yeast growth in one’s body

  137. I am 14, i do not have my period, im not sexually active, but i get this yellowy-creamy discharge in my underwear, its so uncomfortable to wear my underpants after a few hours and at school its really annoying. i think its a yeast infection, but i have no itching, burning, pain or anything just the dischage and maybe a little swollen but idk. any tips? also my mom died when i was young, and i just live with my brother and dad, so i cant tell anyone and my doctor is a man, so i feel uncomfortable with him look at my vag.

  138. hi I’m only 12 and think I have a yeast infection because my the vulva is red, swollen and very itchy. I really don’t want to tell my mom and go to the doctors. please please help. I don’t know what to do and I’m really worried.

  139. I am 14 years old i have my period and i am not sexually active. I have this big bump on the outer lips of my vagina. on the bump there are other small bumps that are red. i even saw different colored hairs growing from this bump (white). it is very very itchy at times but i have no type of funny discharge. i think its a yeast infection but im not positive i dont want to tell my mom and i dont feel comfortable telling my doctor he is a man

  140. Just received my first tube of Femmesil, and after 3 weeks of pure hell, the first application gave me relief. In the middle of May I had to take powerful antibiotics for a gum/tooth problem. Boy, it almost killed me. First I was covered with an itchy rash / hives from head to chin. After I got rid of that, the yeast infection set it. Horrible. Painful itching outside vagina. Couldn’t get a good night’s sleep because of the incessant itching and pain. What a relief in just a few hours. Am, of course, hoping Femmesil clears me up completely. Will keep you posted.

  141. hi ; im 15 years old & i lost my mom when i was 11 & i live with ONLY my daddy , & i have a yeast infection . & im scared . I don’t know what to do . Im worried i dont wanna tell my family because its embarassing ! H E L P !

  142. This isn’t a tip, but…I’m 14 and know I have a yeast infection. There’s no way I can tell anyone, but as I was reading these comments I found that my situation wasn’t all that uncommen. The problem is, everyone says to suck it up and tell your mom or doctor. THAT DOESN’T HELP!!!! I know I can’t!! I need to know how to eliminate this thing without anyone finding out. I also don’t have weeks to make this crap go away. I’m going away next week, and it needs to be GONE by then. AHH! THIS IS SO IRRITATING! Please help me!

  143. For temporary relief of itching while you’re waiting for whatever remedy you are trying to kick in…DANCE! Turn up your music really loud and dance. You don’t itch!!

  144. for all the teen girls who need help but are afraid to confide in someone:

    to the girl with the bump: that is not a yeast infection.

    to everyone: the PRIMARY (and often ONLY) symptom of a yeast infection is ITCHING. if there is not an itch, you do not have a yeast infection. occasionally, you might notice redness or a discharge, but itching is really the cardinal symptom.

    do not use OTC products, especially if a doctor hasn’t confirmed that you have yeast. this will cause resistance, and all women will pay for it.

    instead, apply plain, no-sugar-added yogurt to the area, inside and out, 2-3 times a day for 2-5 days, depending on how quickly it clears things up. it probably won’t work for AT LEAST a day or two, but it should work. i think it works like a charm, and i know many women swear by it. plus, it costs like $1 and has no risk of resistance!

  145. I’ve had a yeast infection for awhile and i developed it right after i started becoming sexually active. It’s been a huge bother and i didn’t think anything of it till i realized i need to do something about it. I got the courage to say something to my mom and told her i’ve been sexually active. She immediatly took me to the docter and i got medicine for it, except it didn’t exactly help. Over the counter medicine dosent always help and it’s better to keep that area dry. Just wear loose clothing and cotton panties and eat a lot of yogurt. Don’t eat alot of sugar either, i promise it helps. If it dosent go away speak up and have someone.. anyone take you to a docter it can cause seriously problems for your reproductive system. You don’t want that to happen.

  146. i have yeast infection , like forever im mariied for almost 20 years and i smell like onion by the way and thats make me really depressed all the time sometimes i think i have something going on on my ovaries or my cervix i have no idea!

  147. I am 29years and have itchiness outside my vagina since I was 18yearsa.I went to doctor and been given tinea cream for that.It is worse now.Don,t know what to do.I have also tried clomozol inserting inside vagina but nothing works.

  148. Hi, my name is Misty and im 14 years old. i do have my periods and occasional itching. one problem is that i have thrush. sure i have snogged someone when i was nine (for a dare dearies :P) and i dont think that counts. if he had it i have it. now the itcing has spead to my crotch etc. i cant see the doctors because apparently drugs make the whole thing worse. i told mom but she doesnt know what im on about. someone anyone. please help me ^_^ xx

  149. Hey, so i think i have a yeast infection.. theres white stuff inside my vagina and bumps around it some of them are white im on birth controll and wondered if that was why, my bf and i had sex now he has problems , we used lube so i thought maybe it was from that. if it is from the birth controll will i keep getting yeast infections? i satrted the birth controll 2 weeks ago. please help

  150. To all the young girls out there if you have had sex just fess up and be a big girl. i have been there and if you can have sex you need to take responsability in taking care of your bodys its part of self respect. now for all the girls that have not had sex and are suffering from and woman problems its ok no need to be enbarresed. befor i ever had sex i new i smelled but didnt know any thing was going on till i moved in with my dad and my step mom noticed my underwere while doing laundrey. She then got me an appointment with a female doc dont ever be afraid to ask for a woman doc i was going to have my second child befor i would see a man. Its your body you need to feel comfortable. any way I seen the doc here i had a bacterial infection that could have left me unable to have children. when i asked the doc how i got this she said oh it can just happen bacteria is everywhere. So girls if you dont have a mom tell dad you got woman problems and you need to talk to a girl or find grandma maybe even the school nurse someone can help. the health of out bodys are important and we only get one and nothing is worth the posibility of not being able to have kids.

  151. Sasha you need to go to the doc a friend of mine had the same thing the bumps between the anus and the vaginal area she now knows she has genital warts. along with that to it can cause cervical cancer my friends cervixs was all white and was getting cancer

  152. I’m 15 and I’m still a virgin, in all honesty I have never done more than just kissing (TMI, I know) and I have a yeast infection. I heard that salt baths help?

  153. Has any one heard of using yogurt to cure their yeast infection????
    I hear this works, I haven’t tried it…

    One site that i did find that seems to have many terrific reviews is Linda Allen’s book…

    Maybe some people can let me know what they think???

    It looks like a natural cure, and it looks like it is safe for both men and women…

  154. I have used plain yogurt before, when it was a time i could not get a hold of my doctor…..I also used it in combination with a Diflucan/ Fluconzole for generic…it does work and def. helps provide instant relief even though it is kind of messy and some would say gross.

  155. My daughter & several other family & friends told me not to douch so I quit. I just had my first yeast infection & it really up set me for to two reasons. One my husband thought I had cheated on him & two I swore I would never have one. Does a doush really hurt? I really feel cleaner inside & out when I douch. I am 62, this is what mom told me I was to do. Please answer asap thank you

  156. Hey girl,
    your remedy is Deodorant* get secret baby powder ..after u shower apply on the side ONLY and it should work girl
    good luck hope Ur marriage works out better

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