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A bright smile is often the gateway to a number of opportunities. Having a great smile projects an air of friendliness and approachability onto other people. Unfortunately for many of us, we do not like to bare our teeth when we smile.

While this may be because we have crooked teeth, the most common cause of people feeling uncomfortable with their smile is due to yellow teeth. This makes bright white teeth quite important as they can boost your confidence, make you wish to smile more, and improve your overall appearance.

So how exactly can you get rid of yellow teeth? Luckily, the number of available options have increased over the past few years, making it easier than ever before to achieve a stellar smile.

1. Whitening toothpaste

One of the first methods that you should try when getting rid of yellow teeth is to purchase a toothpaste designed specifically for the purpose of whitening your teeth.

Today, most toothpastes available on the shelves of drug stores and pharmacies will have whitening properties. However, specific toothpastes such as Colgate Optic White are much more potent when it comes to whitening. If you are already brushing regularly and still have stained yellow teeth, try one of the more potent varieties instead of any generic toothpaste.

2. Whitening mouthwash

Near to where any pharmacy would keep their toothpaste, you can find a couple rows of mouthwash. While some are, like toothpaste, generic, there are often a few that boast enhanced whitening capabilities such as Crest 3D White (in both alcohol and alcohol-free varieties). Pick up one of these to try.

Sometimes the instructions on the bottle will vary, but a good rule is to fill the cap of the bottle with a little of the mouthwash before swishing it around your mouth for 60 seconds. Do this whenever you brush your teeth, which should be at least twice per day (once in the morning, and once before bed). Additionally, you may also consider a brief rinse after eating any foods that cause yellow teeth.

3. Whitening strips

Similar to both whitening toothpaste and mouthwash, there are often teeth whitening strips on the shelves with the other dental hygiene products. Simply choose the one that best suits your needs and follow the directions on the package.

It is very important to follow these instructions as some of the ingredients in the strips may be quite harsh and if used improperly, they can cause additional damage to your enamel.

4. Au naturelle

There are also some natural remedies to try in order to get rid of yellow teeth. First, identify any potentially harmful foods or beverages. This generally includes too much candy or drinks like coffee, tea, dark sodas, and sugary fruit juices.

In moderation, these items are normally fine as a part of a healthy balanced diet. However, these food and beverages increase the chances of your teeth turning yellow. If you are looking to get rid of yellow teeth, one thing you should try is either reducing the amount consumed of these items or cut them out completely.

Furthermore, you can try making a toothpaste out of baking soda and water (or lemon juice). Use a small amount (about the size of a pea) and brush like you would with normal toothpaste. Baking sodaโ€™s properties help to whiten your teeth. Be careful however, and brushing too hard or too often with baking soda can cause damage to your enamel.

5. Break the habit

Smoking is one of the fastest ways to yellow teeth, the main culprit being tobacco. If you are a smoker, the absolute first thing that you want to do when trying to get rid of your yellow teeth is to begin the quitting process.

Regardless of the other whitening techniques that you may try, their effects (if they are successful) will not last for very long. It is very important to quit smoking before beginning the other techniques to whiten your teeth and remove the yellow stains if youโ€™re looking for a permanent fix.

6. Call the professionals

Of course, for severe yellow teeth, you may wish to call a dentist to whiten your teeth. As trained professionals, their techniques will always whiten your teeth faster than any home remedies.

While home remedies are often effective, sometimes you may require quick results or a little bit extra help. These techniques may include light technology whitening, brightening trays, or others.
Another professional method is applying dental veneers. Dentists often use veneers for actors and actresses. However, most insurance companies classify dental veneers as cosmetic, since their only major function is to mask your yellow teeth and turn them white.

As a result, most health insurance plans will not cover the cost of dental veneers. With the cost sometimes running up to $1000 per tooth, this is a very expensive (although effective) option.

7. Keep them clean!

Now that you know about some of the whitening techniques, you are well on your way to getting rid of yellow teeth. However, your journey does not stop here. During the process as well as afterwards, you must perform daily maintenance in order to prevent your teeth from yellowing once more.

Every dentist will tell you that regularly brushing your teeth (twice a day) and flossing at least once each day is quite important to the overall health of your teeth. It prevents rotting, cavities, and other issues like toothaches.

However, engaging in these practices also helps you to maintain a bright white smile. Yellow teeth may not be detrimental to your health in some cases, but it doesnโ€™t look too pretty to most people.

Finally, drinking lots of water helps to maintain white teeth after you get rid of the stained yellow surface. Surprising, right? Try to drink the recommended eight glasses of water each day to help your teeth.

As stated, yellow teeth often cause self-confidence problems. As long as you choose one of the options listed in this article and stick to the routine that accompanies each, your teeth will be bright white in no time at all!

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  1. crest whitening strips work the best… use one box of premunium plus.. then buy another to keep on hand to freshen up your smile whenever… it lasts a very long time

  2. I use crest white strips and brush with a whitening tooth paste as well as use baking soda here and there and I have a WHITE smile!

  3. i just have orange teeth , ive been very slack in brushin, i dont brush very often, so about 5 years of laziness can cause my orange with yellow tints, my molars are going a bit brown now…

  4. Brush your teeth after every MAJOR meal.Follow intructions:
    1)Brush teeth with only water
    2)Brush teeth with toothpaste(fluroxide)
    3)Brush with whitening
    4)Brush with fluroxide toothpaste again.
    5)Rinse with whitening mouthwash/s

    A Plus is that your breath is really fresh!1
    Carry out for a week then continue to brush just moring midday and night.

  5. I have struggled through years of people making fun of me. I realized cutting off all dark sodas and coffee and mustard have extremely helped. also, brush twice in a row with whitening toothpaste 3 times a day, and chew whitening toothpaste!

    best of luck !

  6. This is not a whitening tip, but if you brush with mouthwash (i.e. walmart’s anti-tarter mouthwash) your teeth will get very clean, very fast.

    I think it is the alcohol content that does it.

    I also will sometimes brush with a rinse products like plax, actually the cheaper walmart ‘equate’ rinse or flouride rinse.

    If you don’t use the flouride rinse, you can follow the mouthwash brushing with some toothpaste.

  7. Always brush your teeth at least up to 4-5 mins. than Brushing your teeth for a very short time (If you’re lazy to brush your teeth very well then that’s a big problem you will not succeed)…!

    OR… Buy an ELECTRIC TOOTH BRUSH instead and USE LISTERENE and Colgate Advance Whitening…!

    it REALLY WORKS and it could even GET RID OF A PLAQUE!!

    it is much better than going to dentist to have your teeth cleaned (cleaning)…. it’s also much BETTER because you don’t have to pay MUCH MONEY than buying an ELECTRIC TOOTH BRUSH is just once then you go..!…

    RINSE WELL… Also use a floss.

  8. ok This Idea Is Great ,1)Rinse tooth brush
    2)sprinkle salt
    3)Sprinkle Baking Soda
    4)have a tiny bit of water in mouth(Little Amount!not too much or you will dilute salt and baking soda!, very very small amount!)
    5)Brush for 4-5 mins
    6) rince thouroly for best results, repeat for 1 month for best results! , and walla! white smile! Enjoy!

  9. Actually, baking soda is probably your best bet. Baking soda is alkaline, and the bacteria that make up plaque (which is yellow) produce and live in an acidic environment.

    The baking soda is extremely effective at killing plaque. Try using baking soda for a week instead of toothpaste, and you’ll discover that not only will your teeth be whiter, but you’re mouth will stay cleaner for a far longer time than it ever did with toothpaste.

    I have been brushing with baking soda for years now. If you have significant buildup of plaque, you may notice that there is some initial roughness in your teeth when you first try this – this is because layers of plaque are dying off your teeth – after a week it will be gone. If you have gum disease this may cause irritation, but it will also cure it over time.

  10. well i find whats very easy is

    1-brush your teeth with water
    2-brush your teeth with toothpaste
    3-rinse mouth with water
    4-mix half salt half baking soda..shake
    5-add equally on toothbrush..and brush:]
    6-rinse mouth with water
    7-rinse mouth with vinager

  11. Can you use salt once a month to clean and get rid of yellow teeth? I heard this from someone and i was wondering if it was true or false.

  12. I had heard about the salt/baking soda and water-I figured if this didnt work, all I was out was $.50 for the baking soda, so I gave it a shot…

    I am amazed! I brushed with the mixture just one time and noticed a significant difference in my teeth! Wow.

    I suggest using it just once per day though because your gums can become raw/sore from the salt….

    I am on day 2 and this works better than the crest whitestrips that I paid $28 for and hardly even noticed a difference after 2 weeks!!

  13. Baking soda & peroxide toothpaste
    Whitening mouthwash
    If you cant brush after every meal, wipe your front teeth with a paper towel after eating.


  14. You shouldn’t use Strawberry Pulp to brush your teeth. It gets rid of the enamel on them so they look white for a bit, but its bad for them. Dont do it.

  15. U should brush ur teeth in lemon’s juice extracted skin along with salt for few days say one week regularly…..

  16. buy some natural soap (not ivory or anything… stuff from health food stores that is not completely bleached white) and get ur toothbrush wet… rub it on the soap and brush with that.
    It may taste a little bit bitter at first, but its no big deal. After a couple times, u’ll notice a difference.

    This also helps clean teeth… less plaque and less tartar… better then flouride because flouride will actually destroy ur tooth enamel after a while… it makes it brittle.. soap DOES NOT

  17. Just use white strips supreme, you can only get them at the dentist $55 , and they work!! you’ll notice a differance in about 4-5 days !

  18. does anybody know if brushing your teeth with mouthwash helps and if so is there any dis-advantages e.g enamel wearing off

  19. am using the equate whitenning strips i heard they worked but ionna my tetth have changed a little but i want to try sumthing else! like sumthing fast and easy!

  20. for me i dont not think using citrus fruits to whiten ur teeth this elements can thin thin your enamel which makes the problem worse

  21. First check whether you have yellow teeth or stained teeth. To check, look at you teeth and if they all seem to be the same colour then they are naturally that colour, as not all teeth are white. Most are slightly off white and really bright white teeth look fake in my opinion. If they are different colour or blotchy then they are stained and a quick trip to the dentist will sort that out. The dentist will provide you with a teeth whitening kit which is a bit on the pricey side but does work. If you have naturally off white teeth and they are in need of attention then talk to your dentist or visit a cosmetic dentist which again is on the pricey side but will be worth every penny in the end. Most of these cheap quick fixes don’t whiten the teeth and you could be doing more harm than good, go to the dentist and get the real thing.

    Hope this helps guys, and remember brush at least twice a day.

  22. remember to floss because it’s just gross when you floss after like a week and you can actually smell the food rotting.

  23. Actually, after 2 days. I’ve used the baking soda. I’m amazed. My mom asked me how i did it. I said..Baking soda. Just trust me on this one. It works amazingly.

  24. i have yellow bone not stains.want to turn them white.will home remedies help.i dont want to take any are they safe to use??

  25. im 13 and when i was younger i hated brushing my teeth, i probably brushed them every 3 days, disgusting i know. Now im older i am so concious of opening my mouth, i brush them twice a day now as i cant after every meal as im in school, my teeth are bright yellow, does anyone know any cheap whitening stuff, of any solutions ? as my mum wont buy me anything and im on $40 a month pocket money!!

  26. Hayley, I am also 13 and was a bit like you. try baking soda and do not give up. brush twice daily with baking soda and really scrub. do not worry if your gums bleed a tiny bit this is normal. They will get clean slowly but surely. also try crest pro-health. very good. choose one or the other. i recommend the baking soda for a week and then crest pro-health. Also wiping them with a paper towel after each meal helps. another alternative is these little inexpensive portable tooth brushes that slip onto your finger and just scrub away. Pretty fun actually.

  27. i was born with not alot of enamle. and my teeth are really stained as my orthodonist told me they said that it wasnt a stained it was just that my teeth never got white, they were just that color..and i got my braced off today and it looks like crap and i am only 16 and i have to go to school like this..its really embarrising..i am goin to try and use white strips,peroxide, and some kind of special tooth paste my dad bought..i doubt it will work teeth have been like this since i was a child.. any suggestions?

  28. I’d have to agree with Alicia’s comment from months ago.

    I cut out chocolate, coffe, dark sodas. Ate healthy foods (veggies, whole grains, drank water etc, and took a good multi vitamin), and brush my teeth after meals to stop my cravings (toothpaste taste nasty with every thing but water almost).

    After a week, I kept going back to the mirror to do a double take thinking, “are they whiter?” Lo and behold they were brightening up!

  29. i dont think so ashley..

    see my problem is that my teeth are already yellow..
    i tried bakin soda, whitenin strips.. orange peals.. salt vinigar.. hell even aceton the nail polish remover, i tried the home whit-kit, i friggin tried everything..
    and now i have my braces on.. i cant do ne thing about it..

    u know what i hate most ppl comin up to askin me wether i smoke, or wether im just too lazy to brush..
    hell u can imagine the embaresment!

    i’ll tell u wat. ppl with natural yellow teeth have strong blood or something.. thats wat my dctor said..

    plus i noticed something.. if u bite ur inner lips,, u’d probably have yellow teeth.. since the blood stains ur teeth!

  30. i smoked and it gave me yellow teeths. i used tablet G-32, aurvedic medicine readily availabe at any good chemist shop in delhi ( india ).
    just take 4 tablets and chew them . don’t take any water in mouth. saliva will automatically mix with the tablets which will readily turn into powder. now brush your teeth with that paste in your mouth thoroughly. you will get excellent result.

  31. I’m 13, and I’ve had yellow teeth for as long as I can remember. I thought it was my natural colour but my front teeth are whiter than my sides so I don’t think so.

    When I was younger I hated brushing my teeth, so mabye that has something to do with it. But I brush my teeth twice a day now!

    I’ve tried millions of whitening products, and nothing works.

    It’s a real downer on my confidence. They’re not amazingly bad, but they still arn’t as white as everyone’s around me are! ๐Ÿ™

    What should I do? Nothing expensive. I cant afford to buy expensive tooth whitening strips and stuff.

    Oh, and anyone have tips for having really fresh breath?

  32. i just tried baking soda n salt n water, it doenst taste very nice but i could notice a difference with just one brush then i rinsed mouth with vinegar. that was horrible but it worked, you wont see a big difference but u will c a difference, if you do this for week which i will then i will c if it really works

  33. be careful about using baking soda to brush you teeth.
    I’ve done it as a kid, and on-&off as an adult.
    now my teeth have lost some of the enamel.
    I am down to dentin and the yellow stain has dramatically grown recently. not sure what I will do next. brite-smile may, or may not work well on dentin. and veneers are way out of my price range. (though there seems to be a lower cost version of veneers available- but still may be too costly. price is not disclosed on net.

    again, baking soda is like a sand paper approach that, IMO, will shorten the life of the teeth.

  34. I use to use the arm and hammer toothpaste and it worked but i think I kept using it too long( like over a month) and then my gums became sore. So i recommend the arm and hammer toothpaste but not for too long. And before that, i use to use colgate, but that only made it worse. My teeth turned more yellow than they were. So I just recommend the arm and hammer oh and those crest white strips work for me too. Hope this is helpful.

  35. To anyone who is using baking soda out there…

    DONT DO IT! i used baking soda to whiten my teeth for little over a year and now iv had to have one of my bottom teeth removed because the baking soda just ate away at my teeth its so yuck

    dont use it

  36. Rinse your mouth with vinegar, keep in mouth for about a minute each day, it may cut up your mouth, but it goes away and leaves your teeth white. See results after a week.

  37. dont use baking soda, megan is right.

    my teeth are a natural tinted yellow and i have started to use ‘rapid white’ and so far its working..

    *crosses fingers*

  38. i’m 15 yrs old and i’v had yellow teeth for as long as i can remember, their not stained i think they are just naturally yellow. its a real big downer on my self conifidence, i’m naturally a happy person and smile a lot but sometimes i catch myself smiling and stop myself! its so embrassing. i really want to get them professionally whitened but my family arnt that rich we cant afford to even go to the dentists for check ups! i’v only ever been to the dentists once! they told me i had really thin eneml so i dont want to try all these things that could damage it even more!! help what shoiuld i do

  39. i had not taken care of my teeth for more than 4 years.but now i realised my mistake and started brushing my teeth twice a day.i also have yellow teeth….which are natural i think scared to go to a please suggest me home remidies.

  40. I have three kinds of toothbrushes currently out.
    Tartar control, cavity control, and whitening.
    I use a different one each time I brush my teeth then I floss.
    After that I simply use Listerine Mouthwash for one minute [not just
    30 seconds].
    It has helped a lot!
    But what about using baking soda once a month? Just curious about it.

  41. paint your face a darker shade of yellow and your teeth will automatically look whiter.i tryed it and it worked.although i did get some funny looks when i turned up for work.folks thought i was a chinese immigrant.

  42. Don’t be dumb. Keep brushing as much as you say and you will brush the enamel off your teeth. Don’t be cheap and go to the dentist. They seem to know what they are doing otherwise they wouldn’t be in the business. Your mouth hold alot of bacteria so be smart and pay to go to the dentist. I did!!!

  43. im 14yrs old and ive had braces for about 3 years the first year my teeth were white and the second they started to get yellow, i would brush my teeth but it just didnt make a difference and now its getting worse there not that bad but its a big downer. ive heard that baking soda is good for your teeth but then ppl say its bad. any suggestions?

  44. Well I have done everything under the sun and moon. Nothing worked so I went and dished out $500.00 for each tooth,I had porcelion put on my top 8 teeth, and my dentist bleached my bottoms because he said when you talk, people dont really see or notice your bottoms. I know its expensive, but I have a lifetime warranty and guarantee no matter what. I have never had any fall off, but my mother has had 1 come off, and her dentist came at 10:pm the nite before he was to go on vacation and put it right back on like it was nothing. I have beautiful teeth , but the only disadvantage is that food has a tendancy to stick to the vineers. So you have to floss alot.

  45. Brush with a quart of whiskey every day first thing in the morning, it may not get them white but you will forget about your teeth.

  46. I couldnt care less about the color of my teeth,but the smell of my breath is more important to me,unless I’m in a picture,I won’t use whitener as often,during the week before picture day I break out the whitener every day in the morning,after I eat lunch in school,and at night after dinner.but the reason I keep my breath is because by girlfriends parents are “wanabe” dentists. I typed this after whitening my teeth after dinner:BYE

  47. Brush your teeth, floss. Use Colgate Whitening or Ice whitening toothpaste.
    Use Mouthwash.

    Use Baking Soda. If you use it properly You will have white teeth and no problems.

    Use whitening strips as well.

  48. My mom uses ZOOM! that lazer treatment thing…but if your short on money then just brush your teeth twice a day using Colgate Whitening. Crest Whitestrips and the white part of orange peals work really well too

    DO NOT USE BAKING SODA! It eats away at your teeth and wears out your enamel!!

  49. i just a comment up there that said a walmart mouthwash with alcohol will work for fresh breath. Actually, when you use mouthwash you should always look for alcohol free. Crest has one that works really well. It also helps to keep fresher morning breath and dont forget to always floss.

  50. ive got yellow teeth too but it doesent bother me that much. i smile wherever and whenerver i want and show them that im different specially when im drunk…

  51. hi ive had yellow teeth for about a year and they are a really dark shade i look at my pictures of me from two years ago and they look amazing im not sure why they got to this but any way i need a CHEAP way to get them sparklin again any advice??

  52. People have aired conflicting views. So what should we use finally? Just live with it, or is there answer? Can some dentist give a concrete suggestion please?

  53. My teeth have strange dents in them that are striped, and are quite yellow but I am only 12 so do not want to spend loads of money on an old lady type expensive solution, so what can I try? Salt sounds painful and I’ll be getting braces soon as well- so I am even more aware of my teeth. What does anyone recommend?

  54. I tried the Walmart Equate brand of Whitening, the pre-brush rinse and it burnt the entire inside of my mouth. Within hours of it’s use the tissue inside of my mouth began to peel and now after three days I am just now starting to get a sense of taste back. Very scary.

  55. I’ve had yellow teeth my whole life and when I was little I remember when I lost my teeth the new one would grow in yellow no matter how much i took care of it. All of my teeth have this ugly yellow tint and it won’t go away. I always brush my teeth, floss and use mouthwash but it doesn’t work. ๐Ÿ™ I’ve never had a cavity or anything they’ve just always been this color. I hate it.

  56. what do i do, people say the soda and salt works great, but people are saying it eats away at your teeth, i just tried it 5mins ago and never saw a difference but i dont expect immediate results.

    if nothing cheap worked i wouldnt mind putting my hand in my pocket and getting then whitened professionally done, but thats just a last resort if nothing else works really. think i will purchase some of them crest strips off the internet and see how they do.

    keep the tips coming i’ve been reading them all, this is important to me!! cheers.

  57. I had yellow teeth for all i can remeber, Does Baking soda,or rubbing the white part of an orange peel along your teeth work?

  58. YES….baking soda works quite well on “surface stains”. Mix a whitening tooth past with baking soda till it has a pasty-gritty consistancy. Brush two to three times a day for a week and you should see a BIG improvment……provided the stain is not embedded into the bone.

  59. Before anyone tries anyone of these ‘home remedies’ I would speak to your dentist or dental hygienist. I know the acid from oranges weakens your enamel. Most of the ‘home remedies’ contain things with a very high pH level so really your only damaging your enamel. I can’t imagine putting any of those things in my mouth… if your that serious about whitening get it done professionally!

  60. i have got really yellow teeth n dentist says that it is a tint and your teeth are permanantely coloured like this only.
    can i get rid of it?

  61. I don’t recommend Equate pre-brush whitening, which is the generic brand of Listerine. My husband and I tried it and now we have this weird taste in our mouths and it feels like my taste buds have been “burned”, It’s hard to describe and now all foods including water taste horrible.

  62. try leaving whitning toothpaste on your teeth over night and when you wake up in the morning your teeth are whiter!

  63. Dude… Im a teenager with yellow teeth…. I keep asking my mom if I can have whitening products and stuff… but she says no.
    Does baking soda really work?
    Peace out ๐Ÿ™‚

  64. I used Baking Soda, Vinegar, Salt and Citric Acid mixed in a slightly hot glass of water.Ithen spit the water into another cup and i could actually see the yellow stains from my teeth floating around in the glass.

    Do not swallow the mixture or get into eyes.Gurgle the mixture for 1-2 minutes and you should see the results.

  65. I have yellow teeth and i am a teenager and my parents wont buy products for me or get them bleached because they think it will ruin my teeth if you try hydrine perixide on your teeth with a q tip dont get your gums it should work also keep tooth paste in your mouth over night and let it sit there then rinse in the mornin and you will see a difference. just be carefull not to swallow the tooth paste when your asleep! try everything but dont ruin your teeth haha

  66. i have a natural colored light yellowish shade for my teeth…my mom wont let me guet any of thoes whiting prouducts b/c shes doesnt want my enamal to get weaka nd that cant be repacled so does anythign work such as baking soda??

  67. okay i tried the baking soda, salt, and water and it works. i just got my braces off so i am trying to make my teeth look good before school is back in but yeah that worked great but it was gross any other suggestion that arent gross

  68. I don’t have real yellow teeth but I have some but I
    just going into high school and I wanna go with a fresh pair of choppers what should I do ?

  69. okay I have invisalign as my retainers i put my cheap $3 whitening toothpaste inside og them & let them sit for about 15mins. & when i brush them i can actually see a difference its pretty awesome! I wouldnt pay alot of money for teeth whiteners anyways their not going to keep your teeth white Forever!!!! so just try a cheaper solution & keep doing it!!!

  70. I have the equate-walmart brand of teeth whitening strips in my mouth right now. They are the only thing I use and my teeth are super white. As with any brand of strips, if they are causing irritation,it is because you have super sensitve gums and teeth, just try using them every other day for 30 minutes,and in the meantime alternate between a toothpaste accepted by the ADA and brushing with straight baking soda and gargling with hydrogen peroxide. walmart brand strips only cost around $15.oo and the peroxide and baking soda will only cost about $1.00 each. If this doesnt work you probably should see a dentist cause there is most likely an underlying problem. Oh yea, the less enamel you have the uglier your teeth will be, avoid acidic foods like lemons and soda…..they eat the enamel right off your teeth. bye

  71. i just used a flat bladed knife and scraped it off i did that for a week but not to hard or you can damage your namel and teeth so softly do this for 10 minutes every day for a week and watch wat u eat and BAMM your teeth should be very white but remember (NOT TO HARD ) softly or you might damage your teeth.

  72. I got an uncle who use the baking soda method and has super white teeth, He used to brush his teeth with baking soda as his toothpaste twice a day

  73. A tip that works really great is if you cut a lemon in half, use one of the 2 lemon pieces then add baking soda on the lemon then rub it against your teeth after you’ve brushed your teeth. You do this everyday and in no time your teeth will be really white, Guranteed!!

  74. i have head of placing a tin foil mold around your teeth with whitening toothpaste and baking soda mixed together… good idea or bad?

  75. Well When I Was Younger I Didnt Care About My Teeth I Never Brushed Them
    But I Really Wish I Took More Care Of Them Now Cos You See All Your Mates With Shiny White Teeth Then You Have My Ugly Yellow Ones ๐Ÿ™
    Do All The Abve Work Cos I Hate Being Self Concous Of My Smile IT Really Lets Me Down

  76. To Cristy-
    The lemon idea isn’t a good one. It might be alright for a few times. But definitely not everyday for a long period of time.
    Because of the acid, lemons wear down the enamel on your teeth, which cause cavities, decaying, and will just wear your teeth down. I don’t even eat lemons because of this.

  77. Ma teeth r kinda yellow wen u go up close 2 them… and im jus starting modeling so i NEED white teeth…i dunno if baking soda workz buh afta reading al them comments on how it does im gona run downstairs now and try it ….:D xxx

  78. instead of using baking soda what can you use?
    If u don’t wan2 use lemon juice bcoz it has side effects and
    it will ruin your enamel then Try strawberries.

    It will hopefully work. If not then try saving up ur pocket money
    and convince your parents to buy you good teeth whitening products.

  79. Try using strawberries.
    Do not use lemonjuice as it is a strong acid
    and it will definately ruin your enamel.
    Try strawberries i can guarentee that it will
    deginately work. I will try it and let you know.
    Use it at least once a week then brush
    thoroughly with toothpaste. You should
    have perfect results.
    A white smile ๐Ÿ™‚

  80. Hey, ive got discoloured teeth yellowish but the lines where i had a lack of calcium cannot go away, I dont care it makes me me, and i have a weak enamel, so i think just for a try ill use baking soda ^^ see if i can get em just that bit whiter. oh by the way mouthwash is not a good idea it can damage enamel as ive found out.

  81. Im sorry if i sounded mean but i was just saying. And take care of your teeth and keep going to the dentist for check ups!!!

  82. Hydrogen Peroxide is wonderful. Swish it around in your mouth for about a minute and it really helps. Also using white strips with it works, but strips are very expensive. HD & white strips are my cheapest bet!

  83. just tbh just consult your dentist and he will obviously tell you what is best i got subscriptioned toothpaste that works great ๐Ÿ™‚

  84. i have face problum of yellowish teeths for last number of years even i dont drink alcohal and non-smoker.i have also use whiteglow gel from australia but it gaves no result.send me advice what else i can do. thanks



  85. i am 12 and i kinda have yellow teeth how can i solve it without spending money like with home items and without getting harmed

  86. My son teeth got really yellow when he took some antibiotics his 8 and beeing teased in school, what can i do to try and help him

  87. I’m 11 and i have like yellowy/stained teeth! i always brush my teeth..i feel like i cant put my hair down and stuff because it looks horrible! ๐Ÿ™


  89. I hav slightly yellow teeth and im 13. it’s really embarrasing. im trying to find safe ways at home to whiten my teeth. some of these are risky like the hydrogen peroxide. whats working for me is the baking soda and strawberries. cheap stuff, but slow. but it’s working for me.

  90. Well i im 13 and i had yellow teeth. i got a VERY deep and intense clean from a dentist that was painful but very effective.My ugly teeth were due to neeglection,but now i brush 2-3 a day and am very careful with them.

  91. I am 70 years of age and my bottom teeth are part yellow. Other than dentist what can I do to make them white.

  92. My bottom teeth are yellow and I’m 12. I don’t know what to do but I always brush my teeth. How do I make it white without buying expensive stuffs!

  93. Im 11 and i hate my yellow teeth i have been trying to make them white for ages,i heard brushing your teeth in baking soda so i tried it and it was horrible im not doing that again. please someone help me!! ๐Ÿ™

  94. The name thing was a joke, lol, but i read online and i am pretty sure my mom told me about this, i haven’t tried it, but tell me if anyone tried it, its to make a paste of hydrogen poroxide and baking soda… its supposed to be the consistency of toothpaste. What you do is take about 1 tsp of baking soda and 2 tsp hydrogen poroxide and brush your teeth with it, i guess to make it taste not terrible is to put mint tooth paste in it. After around 3 minutes of brushing, let it sit on your teeth for around 2 minutes. Then brush with regular toothpaste, don’t do this often, maybe every 2 weeks? maybe even 1 week. Tell me how it works please!

  95. Fluoride is a poison and was used in nazi war camps to make prisoners more docile -fluoride is a fraud it is poison. Look up eugenics these are the people that put fluoride into the water!

  96. Erm im 12 (nearly 13) and i have really yellow teeth (due to neglection.) I dont have baking soda in my house so i cant use that, and i dont really want to either! or i dont have that other stuff (proxside, or something) I did this process and got white teeth in a bout a week or so: Okay, so first start brushing in the morning as soon as you have had your breakfast or whatever. Brush at 11:00am, have you lunch, Brush your teeth after lunch. When you go to bed make sure you brush for about 4 miniutes, then use mothwash and swirl it in your mouth for about 1 miniute, (oh yeah i forgot to mension, whenever your brush ur teeth, use mouthwash. Tips: Avoid Fizzy drinks, (such as, coca cola, fanta, and SPRITE (SPRITE AND COLA ARE THE WORSEST OUT OF ALL DRINKS, BECAUSE THEY JUST STICK TO YOUR TEETH!) Good Luck. Thanks. Aaron.

  97. I am 11 years of age and my bottom set of Teeth are Bright Yellow they also hurt sometimes when I brush them I am always trying to get rid of the Yellowness as soon as Possible But it Never Works really I have a wedding in 2 weeks time So I was wondering If you could send me some Information and Tips back before hand I am going to be a bridesmaid I am now so scared because of my Bottom set of teeth all the people in vited will laugh and tke the mick out of me Teenage Boys alreday take the mick out of me I am sick of It now the usally drag me around the Corners and say things in my face

  98. Im 13 i do my best to brush twice a day but i have a busy schedule so i usually get home late and am tired so dont always brush them that night! anyway my teeth are really yellow and all my friends have white teeth! im not a fan of fizzy drinks and i rarely eat sweets! please help me with some tips that whiten your teeth fast! PS. my mun doesn’t like teeth whitening products so their out!!

  99. A man walks quietly along a pebble road in a park on a sunny day. He sits down on a bench and looks up into the blue sky while breathing in the fresh air. Children are playing on the playground and laughter abounds. A squirrel with a big bushy tail jumps up onto the bench and curiously inches towards the man. With its tiny paws alternating between reaching out and being kept close to its body, the squirrel crawls up into the manโ€™s lap. With its marble-like eyes, it looks into the face of the human visitor. The man smiles. All of a sudden, the squirrel lets out a primal yelp and stumbles backwards over itself. It runs away at a speed that can only be reached by a living being fleeing from something truly repulsive. The manโ€™s shock is replaced by the realization that the squirrel was disgusted by the sight of his yellow teeth. Before he can close his mouth, it starts to rain and the sun is blocked out by an ominous cloud that is both thick and grey. The man covers his mouth but it is too late. Rain falls and the sound of birds chirping ends with a simultaneous thunder clap. Oh horror of horrors! Now apologetically tearful, the man falls to his knees and regrets unleashing his yellow teeth onto the world. His hands are on the ground and encased in mud, barely able to support his hunched body. He looks over to the playground but it is too late โ€“ the children have all exploded.

  100. I am 35 years of age and my uper teeth are part yellow.I donโ€™t know what to do but I always brush my teeth. How do I make it white without buying expensive stuffs!
    please help me with some tips that whiten teeth ,When i go to bed make sure brush for about 4 miniutes.

  101. Contact a mobile teeth whitener. I used Sensational Smiles in Arizona they came to my house and whitened my teeth in 20 minutes, for about 100.00.

  102. I was glad to see they mentioned hydrogen peroxide in the article because from my research for a natural and safe solution to teeth whitening I was already using NaturalTeethWhitening which had hydrogen peroxide and really worked great to whiten my teeth with no sensitivity. I can now finally smile knowing my teeth is not yellowish and I didn’t have to spend all that money to visit the dentist. ๐Ÿ™‚

  103. I am a boy of 16 years of age iam embarassed with a born yellowish teeth coloured all of my teeth, please can you show me what to do please

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