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So your mom is dating again, and that is some seriously bad new for you! Of course, you are supportive of her and everything she does, and now she is looking to find happiness again. But the old ‘rebound’ trick affects people of all ages, and your mom just happened to find a total dud. He might act the part, but you can tell that it’s all a sham: beneath the surface he is actually no good at all!

You’ve seen it, but your mom does not. It might be time for you to take the matter into your own hands. You care about your mom and you don’t want to see her being used like she is right now. Maybe her boyfriend is just hooking up with her for fun while pretending to care. Save your mom from the heartbreak before it truly begins. Here are some suggestions for how to get rid of your mom’s boyfriend so you can get your life back to normal again!

1. Understand your feelings

Before you do anything crazy, take a step back and evaluate your thoughts. Are they real? Why do you want to get rid of your mom’s boyfriend? Make a list of all the reasons. Doing so can help you keep your feelings in check and put your actions in perspective.

Sometimes you might that you are just feeling some negative emotions towards the person that aren’t actually well founded. Maybe you are jealous because you feel that you aren’t as close with your mom because of her new boyfriend. Or maybe you resent the boyfriend because you think he’s not a good fit. Or, maybe you feel that you two were doing fine without anyone else in the picture, and you are afraid of what this commitment might do to your relationship.

It’s important to talk with your mom first about all the feelings you are experiencing. Tell her that you are happy she is moving on, but you feel left out in the process. Sometimes your mom might get struck with puppy love, and she will forget that her actions have a direct influence on you. Always try showing your mom that you care about her happiness and are trying to respond to the situation as best as possible. And don’t be afraid to tell her if her boyfriend sucks!

2. Give him the benefit of the doubt

Now that you’ve dealt with your own feelings and talked to your mom, its time to move on to her boyfriend. Always remember that you cannot control how your mom feels. You might hate this guy’s guts, but she is with him for a reason. You might not like the reason, but you should try to be happy for her if she has found happiness with another man again.

Your mom has been with you for your entire life, making sure that you have the support you need. It might be time to give her support now. They might have a genuinely good relationship going on that you just can’t see because you are jealous. Try giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Never compare the new guy to your real dad. That comparison is unfair, and it will never be the same. They are different people entirely. If you can get over this thought, maybe you can even grow to like the guy.

3. Understand his motives

If you still think there is something suspicious about this guy, it’s time for the next step. You need to figure out what motivations drive this relationship. The best relationships are founded upon love, affection, and care. If your mom knew this guy for several years before they started dating, it might be the real deal. However, if she met him at a single’s swinger night, you would be totally in the right to question the legitimacy of the relationship. This guy might be playing with her emotions, or even worse, trying to sneak in on some divorce money.

Be careful when you are gathering information about this guy. You wouldn’t want to pull the trigger on false accusations until you have some solid proof.

Find out if the guy works. If he has no source of income, he might just be using your family for money. A good way to find this out is to discover if he has other girlfriends as well. You should be especially careful with younger guys.

Trust your instincts: if the guy only seems to treat your mom well, but doesn’t treat others well, that’s a warning sign. Evaluate how he deals with you as well. Is he friendly? Is he taking the time to try getting to know you? If he doesn’t care about you at all, that’s a problem for several reasons.

If this guy is falling into all the wrong categories, she might have fallen into dating the exact type of person she warned you against when you were younger. It might be time for you to take affirmative action if she won’t listen to you!

4. Take some responsibility

Sometimes moms feel that they need help around the house, and that they need someone to manage household chores and responsibilities. They might overlook all the negative faults a guy has if he is willing to help with chores.

You can show your mom that she doesn’t need help by pitching in around the house wherever you can. If necessary, pick up a part-time job to help cover expenses. Your mom will hopefully see that a boyfriend is optional, not necessary.

5. Drive him off

Sometimes you need to play hardball to get rid of your mom’s boyfriend. He clearly isn’t above slimy behaviour, so you can fight fire with fire. Give him the impression that you are a force to be reckoned with.

If he tries talking to you while your mom’s around, try and get him worked up. If he is hiding himself as a bad dude anyhow, you might be able to get his true colours to show. That might convince your mom that she needs to reconsider her decision to date him.

Ask this guy for favours, like borrowing his car. If he is genuine, he might happily oblige. If not, this raises another flag about his true motives.

You can really throw a fake boyfriend off balance by calling him “dad.” The idea of responsibility will scare off guys who don’t have a real interest in your mom.

6. Handwrite a letter

If you have tried everything but your mom still won’t change her ways, you can try writing her a letter. Tell her that you feel bad about going a bit too far, but you really think that everything you did was in her best interest.

Tell her how you feel, but do so in writing. Don’t think about what she might want to hear: write what you feel. If the guy sucks, don’t be afraid to say so. Above all else, tell your mom that you love her and that you will try to make her happy.

Everyone deserves happiness, including your mom, of course! But if some idiot has entered her life and has no plans of leaving, that’s another issue entirely. Use these suggestions to help get rid of your mom’s boyfriend. She can keep the good ones around, but anybody with bad motives needs to go pronto. Good luck!

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  1. be the worst person ever 2 him, then start acting very emotional at night. try 2 cry or stuff like tht. then ur mom will prob feel bad. then you have 2 ignore everything he says….so far this has been workin 4 me! =)

  2. im still trying to get rid of my moms boyfriends hes a asshole one time he threw coins at a worker in wal-mart and blamed it on my brother got him in trouble and hes like a lil 5 year old when people get hurt he laughs i dont see what my mom sees in the guy!

  3. alright heres the is kinda ‘shielding’ her bf from the things that happen everyday at the house.i figure if hes not getting used to the things that will happen frequently,its a sinking ship.i mean i cant even go into the living room while hes down there without her looking at me at telling me to go back upstairs.its ridiculous.(shes in a rebound relationship anyways)i might just end up make the everyday things that she hides from him obvious and apparent.hes a great guy, but i dont think hes very….ujdastable.anyone have any ides?

  4. YEa im acting like a spoil brat. me and my mom get in random arguements everynite. I try 2 ruin their nite b4 i go 2 bed. a couple more weeks acting like this and im guaranteed he will be gone!!!

  5. Well, ive honestly been considering murder, but thats not reasonable. Crying and hugging him like everyday seems to be working, like he’s my shoulder to lean on. he goes all awkward its so funny! Tip:- Dont let your mum see coz she’ll think you and him are bonding. Im gonna try the Dad thing tomorrow! Wish me luck! 🙂 x

  6. I cant stand it my moms boyfriend he kisses my mom when i pretend im sleeping i cried every day for a week once im 9 years old my mom and dad divorced when i was 2 years old i have a sister and a brother we all hate him and have no reason to call the police for a kiss

  7. TO ALL TEENS. If he is truly evil,then by all means help get rid of him. But if he truly has hers and your best interest in mind,embrace it. You truly don’t know how lucky you are to have him in your/moms life so stop being sooooooooo selfish. Be happy for her. Most guys don’t want anything to do with a woman who has a kid/kids.NOT ALL BOYFRIENDS/STEP-DADS ARE BAD!!!!!!!!!! Don’t just write him off as an ASSHOLE, give him a chance and you just might be surprised!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I hate my moms boyfriend, hes the biggest ass hole you will ever meet. and he uses her and i know she can do way better i just dont know what to do everytime i try too tell her how i feel she says, you just dont like him becasue hes your moms boyfriend and not your dad. and that is not true at all. what do i do?

  9. Its not so hard if u are willing to play real dirty. best idea is to go to bed with him. i did that an it work excellent. once my mom found out, she kick him out like a shot. problem solved.

  10. My Mom Had A Horrible Boyfriend And I Sure Did Get Rid Of Him..i Messed Up All Of Brand New Truck And He Never Came Around Agiannn…And Now My Mom Has A Good Boyfriend in her life…

  11. I use 2 hate wen my mom bf came ova n stayd one or two nites to make dem wana leave u hav to act up bang on da door cy stream n take his stuff throw it out side (his car keys if he has ne) afta a while dey started to kiss n I sad get off my moma perve n I jus wanted to kill hym so bad I want my mom b happy n she was bt I won’t so I wanted hym not to Eva cum bacq n 1 tip Neva qo threw ur moms fone WARNING it’s death or life choose so dnt do it ull REGRET it trust me I Noe wat I’m tlkn bout it’s a nightmare

  12. Katiee x I also have considered murder but what if he all ready got you mom knocked up…….TWICE!!!!???

  13. My moms boyfriend is a JANITOR. He’s old enough to have had my mother at 18, AND he’s a freakin liar!!! He always talks about all the houses he has. HE’s A JANITOR!!!! WTF??!! He already has 5 other kids (so does my mom but it’s all by one man). He eats so unhealthy. That’s also what iM concerned about. He takes a like million pills a day, because of his unheathy habbits. He has a potassium deficency because of too much soda, and HE SMOKES CIGARETTES!! It doesn’t make since. My mom always hated cigarettes, and she focuses on good health. We used to all do yoga together!!! i’Ve always hated him. Once, iWent outside in the night and keyed his jaguar with his own key then drove it around the corner and parked it there. In the morning, he thought it was stolen. When the police found it around the corner he kept yelling that i had done it. Thanks to my great lying and acting skills, i wasn’t pinalized (sp) for the situation. Oh…wait b4 iFinish, did i mention he was STUPID!!! He says SUSposed instead of SUPposed. He’s just dumb. And even though he’s a dirty-lookin janitor, he acts like a stuck up rich guy. He’s SO RUDE!!! My mom is a fifth grade teacher who went to college 5 years and we were homeless before, so shes greatful to own a home and all that.Never rude. SEE! NOTHING IN COMMON!! Anyway, iThink he’s abusive. Simply because he will do anything to prove his point. Even if it makes no sense. One time, my mom was trying to wake me up from school, and i was tired so i was taking a while. I was gonna get up, untiL Mr. BOYFRIEND aka “wannabe daddy” walked in and YELLED at me to get up. My mom never has to yell at me, because we all respect each other. I told him he wasnt my dad and that i didn’t have to listen to him. He came back with a belt and said i have 5 seconds. He didnt know my history. I sat there. When he got 2 one, he actualy swang the belt. I grabbed it and stood up. He pushed me onto my sisters bed and was on top of me. I was scratching and screaming, and GET THIS. My mother told me to WATCH MY MOUTH! what the hell! iM being tackled by a sixty year old man, and she tells me to watch my mouth. My two sisters came out of their rooms and told him he was a grown ass man and needs to get of of their little sister. They both were screaming at him calling him names but nobody, not even MY OWN MOTHER came over and pulled him off of me. Idk wat i was thinking at the moment, but i picked up a pair of scissors. I wanted to kill him. Of course, it didn’t work…lol. As a result, my mother put me back in counseling and moved me to my fathers house away from my sisters and brothers, and mother AND old neighborhood. But most importantly, away from him. Theropist and stuff think iM the physco one, and you guys probably do too, but iM not. That man is iLL iN the head, and i refuse to let him turn my mom’s mind into mush. He’s breaking our loving family apart. I wanna get rid of him before he dies though, because i dont wanna see my mom grieve over such an idiot. But how do i do so without hurting my mother? I wanted to get her together with my HOT spanish teacher, mr. trust, but yeahhhh….
    OH! And my sister said they’ve been arguing a lot lately. That’s a good sign!

    Anyway, the main reason i wanna get rid of him is because he’s changing my mom, and i don’t like that. He’s breaking the bond of our family that used to be so strong. Now the only person i feel really close to is my older sister.
    The second reason is because he’s bringing my old life back. At 9years old, i was diagnosed with a.d.d, and put on stupid pills. They also think i have anger issues, but in a different way. iM not very easy to get mad, nd it takes a lot to get me off, but when i am, IM CRAZY!!! i used to go to counseling and all that. When i started the pills, they seemed to mess with my moods and make me more emotional. When i turned 13, i decided to stop taking the pills and get out of counseling. When i tried to kill FuckFace(aka mom’s bf), i was put back in counseling and taken away from my family. Now iM 15, and he’s still THERE and iM stiLL HERE. Why couldn’t HE move away and not ME? HE’s RUINING MY LIFE!!!!!!! I hope someone reads this post and understands me instead of treating me like some crazy person. I hope someone understands. I strongly dislike this man. I’m in desprate need of ideas. ANyone???

  14. Lirix I thought i had it bad n u should call ur mom n tell her n ur real dad da truth n my heart totally goes owt to u n gud luck n I will pray for u to go back wit ur mom n for ur mom to realize dat ihts Otha great fishes n da sea n again gud luck LIRIX n i don’t believe u shuld be on pills or go to consoulenin n jus tell ur mom how u feel have u read my post I’ve tld my mom now we r one happy family

  15. Just write them a letter saying that your not comfertable with them going out my mom feelt sorry 4 me then!! But the worst bit was with me was at the beggining when they were going out in secret and my bro did not know!!! I felt soo alone if this happens play the spoilt brat byt if your younger and can not drive or is not verrry responsable try to fall over and cry to get your mom ‘s attention!!!!

  16. Ugh!?!My mom’s boyfriend is definately cheating!They fight 24/7 and he is the biggest liar!He bully’s me and my brother and takes our stuff all the time!If I write her a letter,she’d just show him.I am So tired of him,they never help us clean,and he’s the biggest junky ever!UGH!?! I hate his guts,he’s a junky,but yet he gets angry when he see’s one little spot on the counter from when we wipe the counter,I cant get it through my mom’s head that he isnt the wright one,[I H-A-T-E HIM]

  17. I tried to like him but he was just “ugh”. He gives me no respect. I’m also sorta suspicious because my friends mom is dating a guy with the same name and job as him, like the exact same name. He also tried to break my sword.
    So kids if you wanna get rid of em heres sumthin i did
    1. Gett your cell phone
    2. Dial *67 before your house number
    3. Call
    4. When your mom goes to the phone hang up
    5. Do this 4 or 5 times
    6. If your mom hasn’t fiured it out, shout “ITS ME” in a childish voice

  18. This guy has been going out with my mom for about three months and my step dad left just about four months ago there already haveing sex its starting to get my nervs there already talking about geting married the guy is in this weird liveing thing kinda like a group home for adults so my mom can only go over there and stuff he cant even have a job for a cupple of months so yeah i dont like him at all he calls my mom all the time mostly when im trying to hang out with her.

  19. I live with my aunt and her boyfriend(long story).I hate her boyfriend and it used to be just me and her but when he moved in i started getting in trouble a lot.I’m now twelve years old turning thirteen in a few months.I cant stand him anymore he gets me in trouble and now he makes rude comments.But here is the thing if i try to talk to my aunt she says “oh be quiet” or “knock it off” and stuff so that’s out of my options and i cant write her a note because she does not read them or rips them up so that out to! i don’t know what to do i feel like i have the worst childhood in the world! I need to get rid of him and if i act like a brat my aunt will yell and ill be grounded so i need a plan to get him out of my house and forget him for good!!!!!I need to plan something to get him out and i cant really trust anyone anymore except i talk to my grandma about it and she makes me feel better but the next day the same happens and I’m tired of all this and need him gone NOW!!!!My aunt needs to see what a creep he is to me but he never treats me the same around her.He is nice to me around her and when she turns her back it happens again and again .sometimes i cry before i go to sleep because i do not know what to do!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

  20. My mom gave birth to a boy which i not my fathers son he accepted him but sence she has a new man she says his the father of my brother i had an accident he did not call

  21. Hi.I will not reveal my name but I understand what your going through sort of,trust me moms boyfriends are a pain in the ass but sooner or later she’ll realize her big mistake you have to think positive no matter what the situation is plus I think your not and I repeat NOT crazy and you defended yourself trust me if you want to grow up to be cop ARESST that basturd!I belelive you can fix or solve this problem just always think POSITIVE. I hope my letter has helped! I will be here to talk to.;)

  22. Hi.I will not reveal my name but I read your post and I feel really sorry for you,but here’s one thing:YOUR NOT’s one idea:PRAY and THINK POSITIVE no matter what the situation is cause if you keep thinking the situation will get worse it will remain worse,Think positive thoughts and trust me,your mom will dump this asshole, for now just write her letters about good things like:”mom im reading this good book”or “hey mom I won award!” and always tell her that you love her with all your heart and that you miss her.;)

  23. My mom just divorced with my dad & now she’s going out with this old gross guy. I am so embarressed when they go out in public becuase he’s so ugly !!! I was shocked when I heard they were going out cuz my parents just seperated. All I can hope is that he goes away…!!!

  24. I don’t want to reveal my name, but I’d like some advice. My mom recently met her new boyfriend online on a dating site. She met him once and decided that they were in love, I don’t understand how that’s possible, especially with someone she has no idea about. She said they’ve been talking online for a while, but I don’t think that’s a legitamate enough reason to suddenly be all over this guy. She divorced from my dad almost two years ago (he was a lying, cheating asshole who I never got on with anyway), but I think my mom is rushing into things. The worst part for me is I used to be so close to her and she recently told me (a day after she met this guy in person) that she’s been looking for someone for a while and that she was trying to protect me and my brother. She said to me just a few days earlier that she wasn’t interesting in finding anyone and she wasn’t going to be looking, so that was another lie. She also lied to us about meeting him, because she told me and my brother that she was going over to her friend Claire’s house, yet the next day she just sprung it on me and my brother that she went to meet someone she met online. She wouldn’t tell us where she met him at first, she kept saying she met him at a coffee house then eventually later that night when I asked her how did she meet him to know him, she tried to avoid the question and then eventually answered that it was online. Two days after she met him for the first time she invited him over to the house and only told me and my brother on the same day he was coming over, not asking what we thought. So I stayed in instead of going out with my friends to meet him, because my mom wanted me to meet him. I stayed even though I didn’t want to meet him at all. Then the next day my mom springs it on me that he’s coming over today with his daughter. She’s met this guy twice in real person, and she thinks she’s in love. I also feel that she’s abandoned my brother and I. My brother seems to not really care about it, but I do. I tried writing my mom a letter last night explaining how I felt, and I left it somewhere she would find it. I’m just not sure she’s gonig to listen because when I tried to talk to her rationally in person she wouldn’t lsiten to me and kept telling me that I didn’t care for her happiness, but I do care for her happiness otherwise I wouldn’t be so concerned and upset about her only meeting this guy once and suddenly being so in love. I just need some advice on what to do.

  25. My moms boyfriend is the most annoyingest person in the enitre world. the way he looks and just ughhh sometimes i want to slap him in the face. but thank god hes gona for 2 months helping with the oil spill in louisiana. but when he comes back im gonna try to break them up for GOOD!! if u were in my place u would see how much i am annoyed.!! when he comes back he has to live with us becus he gave up his appt. soo this is what im gonna do im gonna put a thong on his bag and my mom is gonna think its hers but im gonna buy it im gonna wear it. (thts gonna b uncomfortable :|) well anyway im gonna do tht and shes gonna yell at him and hahaha bye bye mr douche bagg!!! FOREVER!! 😀 IF U HAVE ANY MORE TIPS TELL ME PLEASE!!

  26. I said to my mom loudly so he woud hear. Who’s paying for the drinks (we were going out to a pub) and my mum said to him, so is it ok. if she was gonna pay i would have taken my own oasis lol

  27. I am 11 years old and my mom does not have a boyfriend but may be looking for one. So if she finds one I will make it a complete nightmare for him. I am like a genious in my IQ ratings so I know how to build a lot of things. I have a great plan. A pressurized nail gun’s motor taken out and attached to a slingshot. The motor cranks the slingshot back and fires at over 70 mph! I am going to put push pins in the slingshot and pull that trigger at over 70 mph at his eyeballs. Thats just the grand finally. !st I am going to have him sit on a nail. Then I will make him look stupid by asking him what is 99 x 110 / 77×300 square rooted by what number. When he is saying UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH? and druling for 2 hours we will see who is leaving the house and who is not. Then I am going to crawl out of my moms window and onto the shingle roof. and when he walks up he will meet led paint. Then I will stick a water bottle up to a car exhaust pipe and fill it with CO2 gas. It will poison his blood. Then I will play the switch trick. I will tell him that my mom said something insaulting to him and the opposite to my mom. Then I will ask him to buy things and call him a cheap tightwad. Then I will buy a braw and stuff it in his coat pockets. Then comes the shot from my new gun I have invented. See ya dirt bag.

  28. Well my stepdad is from hell he has been going out with my mum for ten years now and its dreadful he hits her and tried to kill us when we were six, also he straggled my dad and always puts me and my sister down he is controlling and is tryin to make me to a college he wants to go to, and he used to take drugs and it gets worse he cheated on my mum with a prostitute, is there no god? im already considering runnin away or takin my own life…and im only 14

  29. My mom devorces with my dad and she found a new boy friend and well I hate him so how do I get ride of him please anser me

  30. Someone please help me! My situation isn’t as bad as some other people’s, but I’d like any advice! Ok, so my mom started dating this idiot, mooching, scumbag about 6 years ago. He moved into our house a while ago. I can’t stand him!! He’s a drunkard, he fights with my mom a lot, he has no respect for my race (he’s white and my family’s Asian), he mooches off of my mom, he “works” at home, he goes to porn websites on the computer (looking at Asian girls), he’s an IDIOT, he has really bad anger issues, he makes fun of my older brother who’s crippled for the time being, he acts like eveything’s fine and dandy between us, and he’s the reason why my dad’s going to go to court to gain full custody of my brother and me. I love my mom, so I don’t want to do that. Help me please! I tried talking to my mom but she hasn’t done anything, there’s no way I’m talking to her boyfriend, if I write her a letter, she’s probably going to show it to him, and if I act like a brat my mom’s going to tell me to quit it. I’m 14 by the way.

  31. Xian, My name is Devon Pfeifer. I would love to help you with your situation. I am 12, and my mom is not happy, she would like a boyfriend, but I cannot stand the thought of her having one. Anyway,if you have a camera, or camera phone, you can take photos of him on those websites. Your also 14. So, your body’s final growth, and strenght period is just at it’s peek. Your as healthy and strong as you may be in your life. Knock the guy around a little. Jabs, low blows, upper cuts. Being racist, and making fun of a crippled/hanicapped person is just sick. If he tried to do ANYTHING to you back, it is considered assualt on a minor and he will be thrown in jail. Now, he will not be thrown in if they know you started it. So do not make a mark on him, but hurt him and get him annoyed enough to beat the heck out of you. The bruises will be proof to the police. Cover the back of your head with your hands to avoid serious injury. If you loved your mother enough, you’d take the pain, and make sure, that justice is made. Best of wishes, and Good Luck, Devon Pfeifer

  32. This is what is happening to me … I fell like I am dieing in side she has no more time of me …it fells like she would rather be with than me… I hope this will end soon

  33. Heyya… I hate my mums boyfriend shes been with him for about 3yrs now and ive never really noticed how much i hated him until now he is trying to control my life telling me who i should and shouled go out with. he said a couple of months ago that i could do what i want and he wouldent comment on what i do. he always argues with my mum about money, i know my mum isent happy anymore and i want to help her BUT I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO !!!!!! please is there any advise you can give me 🙂 (by the way thanks for the tips) xx

  34. I don’t want to post my name but, I have a question, what if my mom’s boyfriend is very rude and he thretens both of us…we already went though hell because of this guy and she took him back, just like I thought. And now it slowly repeating again. He acts weird around me and I mean WEIRD. I need to get rid of him,my life really sucks becuase of him. I’m always depressed until I’m with my friends during the school hours until I get back home. I need advice!!!

  35. Hi, people im 13 and my mum has just had a baby with her boyfriend who she has being seeing for 4 years now. he started off being realy nice to me (trying to impress my mum), but since he has moved in with us he has being filling my mums head with stuff and now she treats me differently and has changed loads. suddenly there is loads of stupid new rules here are a few:
    i have to leave my phone and ipod downstaires
    i am not allowed in the house by myself any more ( he has got it into my mums head that they cant trust me anymore )

    anyway since i had my key taken off me, i asked my grandad to get me a new one cut and he did. so i have being useing this new key for 4 weeks now and yesterday my mums boyfriend found my new key and asked me where i got it from ect… and then he went mad punching me, hitting me, kicking me and then he smacked my head on the wall because i wouldent tell him anything, he did it right infront of my mum and as usuall she chose to take his side and stick up for him. so today i skiped school and went to see my grandad to tell him what had happerned. he said my mums off her head and has lost all her sences because she was never brought up in that way. he was gonna talk to my mum, but i told him not to because that would make matters worse.

    i want to do something about it or break them up but i dont know what to do. so please can you people help me im desperet!!

    please send all your help to my email address:

    please help me, i cant take it any more!! 🙁

  36. I’m 13, almost 14. My mom divorced my Dad 2-3 Years ago, 2 Months later a Guy shows up and, my mom says “Oh this is an *Old friend* of mine, he watched over your sister when you weren’t even born” Ever since then, he has been a pain in the ass, He’s Annoying, he scream’s all the time, and sometimes has to make up excuses just to get Attention like, i mean Lie, for example “Oh i was beated by my Mother when i was 5, i need love durr durr”, to me, its just Bullcrap, i want him gone but, my mom wont do anything about it!, i tried going to friends but, they were no help, its like my mom has abandoned me and my sisters, Please help, if i have to put up with this one more time, i might just Run-Away.

    1. Hello Drago, Try sitting down with your mom and your sisters and tell her how you feel, if this doesn’t work you have every right to call the police or a kids helpline as i believe what your going through is listed under mental abuse. in dire conditions go to someone else’s house such as a grandparent, aunty or uncle as they will take care of you untill things are over.

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