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Remember when you were a teenager and you had to go out into the world with a face full of zits? Maybe you are still that teenager and wondering how you can possibly get by with a face that looks like a double pepperoni pizza?

Lucky for you, we’re happy to report that there a number of effective ways to get rid of pimples! If you prefer natural remedies to over-the-counter medication, you’ll be happy to know that there are several of those available to choose from as well.

1. Over-the-counter medications

If you have looked into different kinds of acne medication, you will know that there are quite a few options. For the best results, concentrate on ones that contain the bacteria killer Benzoyl Peroxide, Sulfur (which helps to clean out pore-clogging dead skin cells) and/or Salicylic Acid (also great at keeping pores open and clear). Experiment with different types and discover which ones work best for you.

2. Water

You are probably thinking, “I wash my face all the time and it doesn’t help!” Well, in this case, we are referring to the water you drink. There are a number of reasons why you should drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. Staying hydrated flushes toxins out of the body, which helps to keep your skin clear and less likely for clogged pores to develop.

On the other side of things, washing your face with water also helps keep those zits away. Washing your face may seem like a waste of time, but while it will not eliminate acne you already have, it is saving you from getting even more. Be sure to use a gentle, non-irritating soap designed for facial use. Do this at least 3-4 times per day to make sure that your pores stay clear of smoke, dirt and other unhealthy, clogging agents.

3. Tee tree oil

A popular home remedy for several conditions, Tea Tree Oil also helps clear out pores and dead skin cells. The strength of the Tee Tree Oil mixture for this use is optional, though we recommend that you go with at 75% water as the product should not be used undiluted. Leave it on the affected area for at least thirty minutes and then rinse off.

4. Ice cubes

Ice helps to reduce inflammation and is an effective ally in reducing the severity and lifespan of a pimple. Wrap an ice cube in a cloth, hold it over the zit for several seconds, and then repeat.

Do this at several points in the day for the best results. The cold causes the oil glands in your face to contract, which forces out substances such as bacteria, which contribute to acne.

5. Steam

It was long thought that steam would open facial pores, but this is actually not the case. Applying a gentle amount of steam to your face does help to make it easier to remove dead skin cells and other materials that contribute to the production of zits.

Facial steamers are available at a fairly low cost. or you can boil some water and once cooled to a comfortable temperature, let the steam flow over your face. As with water consumption and washing your face, steaming will not clear pimples on its own, but is still a valuable way to prevent more from sprouting up.

6. Cucumber paste

Another way to naturally reduce the scourge of pimples is through the use of cucumber paste. Mince a section of cucumber into a paste and apply it to the pimple(s). Let this sit for about a half hour and then rinse the mixture off. This will not kill the zit, but the redness will be considerably lessened, making it much less obvious. Papaya paste is also effective in this regard.

7. Avoid pore cloggers

Clogged pores result in acne and there are actually things on the market that can increase this problem for you. Women should be careful to avoid certain make-ups and creams that will do this.

Make sure you read the product label carefully and look for the words “noncomedogenic” or “water-based”; such products are designed to avoid clogging pores. Mineral oil has definite benefits for skin, but it also has the potential to make things worse in this area, so watch out.

8. Change your detergent

Anything that is harsh on your skin is bad for it. Your shirt and pants do not come into contact with your face, but your pillow does – for hours at a time. There are brands of detergent on the market that are formulated to be milder. If think your skin may be affected in this way, try one of them and see if you notice a reduced amount of redness or irritation in your face.

9. Stop smoking

If you smoke, you already know that there are many reasons why you should quit; sorry, but here is yet another. Every time you light up, it actually increases the possibility of a breakout. The smoke irritates and dries out your skin, which causes your body to produce more oil. This means you’re more likely to get clogged pores and acne breakouts.

10. Chill out

Stress does a lot of negative things to your body and these include producing acne, which for most of use, just leads to more stress. One of the changes your body undergoes while stressed is the production of more facial oil, which is definitely not wanted.

Try to make changes in your life that will allow you to attain a better emotional balance. Also consider additional exercise, yoga and meditation to help you wind down during those times when are feeling especially on edge.

Pimples are an annoying embarrassment that many of us must battle at some point in our lives. Decide for yourself whether the convenience of over-the-counter products are the best way for you to go or whether you would rather rely on a natural solution. Both approaches will go a long way in making you feel less self-conscious and more proud of the way you look. If your personal approach to acne treatment does not produce good enough results after a few weeks, make an appointment with a dermatologist for a professional opinion. Good luck!

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  1. u can use tothpaste and if that doesnt work try washing face with warm water and put on a mask to clean oil out of ur pores and wash bed sheets 2 it helped me

  2. my friend said that she got a big bottle of clean and clear from walgreens and within a day most of her acne was gone….ive also heard that toothpaste is good to put on ur face

  3. seriously…toothpaste after you wash your face before bed. it will dry it out real quick. and it works on a zit that hasn’t come to the surface yet too. its awesome.

  4. Body shop tea tree oil totally works. In 2 days my acne was gone. Use the face wash at night and then the stick and it works.

  5. I dont really know what to use but im trying everyting you guys said,my zits will probably be gone after that,it WILL be awesome if they are!!

  6. I went to and clicked on “get a routine.” then you answer two questions about your face and there will be these products on the bottom of the page. once you pick one there will be these 3 or 4 products. that will be your routine. the only problem with that is that their is too much stuff to use, and it iratated my skin. anyways, hear are some steps to use: 1) wash your face with warm water. 2) pop the zits first it you want to, or just use one on the tips above. 3) ice them down. (you will only have to do steps one to three one time) 4) this is the only thing that will be “long term.”-wash your face with neutrogena oil-free face wash. Good luck! 🙂

  7. omg zits D:
    well I’ve tried various things and these are the ones that best worked!!

    1.) Gently wash your face with warm water,mixed with green tea, twice a day
    2.) Put some lemon juice on the affected area!
    3.) Use clean and clear deep clean cleanser! [this one is awesome! 8D]

    oh1 and i would say not to use toothpaste because it dries up your skin. i would do only if the zit is friggin huge and you might doe if your seen with it :]
    Good luck! and hope these tips work for you

  8. i use the clean and clear 3 step system!! this stuff works really well and it is a lot cheaper than proactive or going to a dermatologist.

  9. try mixing your facewash with brown sugar. it works really well and your face feels refreshed…also try putting hydrogen peroxide on your zit

  10. before you go to bed, after popping and cleaning the zit, put neosporin on it. it should be totally gone in about 2 days, with no scar!

  11. put a hot washcloth on the zit for about 5 minutes before you pop it. it loosens up the pore or something. then when everything’s out, wash your face, then put the proactive refining mask on it overnight, and the zit will be half gone by the next day

  12. I have tried everything – and here is what works: Fish Oil.
    Cut the pill open and put on your face. It’s a miracle. It doesn’t turn your face oily, either. I’ve tried toothpaste, baking soda, peroxide, ice, heat, everything. FISH OIL PILLS. It works. Good Luck!

  13. ive tried toothpaste, it doesnt work for me. it was colgate. if you put eyedrops (the kind to reduce redness) it should make your acne less red.

  14. 1…use tweezers to pop it
    2…wash face with HOT water
    3…put on a huge glob of benzoyl peroxide
    4…wait 3 hours and take it off with HOT water
    5…rinse face in COLD water
    6…if youre a girl, put on a acne medicine/cover up. ((they are sold at drug stores…fred meyer…k-mart…ANYWHERE!!!

  15. the key to no zits is to wash your face. If you have very sensitive skin i wouldn’t reccomend using astringent. It will just strip your skin of natural oils that prevent clogging of pores. Dont eat a whole lot of things with caffeine(Chocolate,pop-diet is okay,candy)you are just asking for an unwanted blemish so limit your self to maybe three things a day with caffeine test to see what your body can handle. And sometimes you just get zits.Its hormones. most think you only have raging hormones when your a teenager. But that is untrue.

  16. I am 12yrs old and i have lots of spots of my forehead.There are the ones with no white bit on them! i use clean and clear every morning and night.And i have tried lots of other products. If i use toothpaste is aquafresh ok and how long do you have to keep it on for?

  17. Right before i went n to become an actress i had lots of spots and blackheads! dont panick though they wil go and finally you will be able to look in the mirror.

  18. use proactiv, you will never regret it, ive been using it for 4 yrs, and my skin is now virtually flawless.. once upon a time i wanted to just cry everytime i seen my face, from the overwheling redness to massive clusters of pus pimples, but now i can face everyday, with a fresh face and a happy smile. 😉 and of course drink plenty water and cut out nasty greasy foods!!!

  19. Try rubbing raw bacon all over your infected area, it won’t clear the zits right away, but it will make your face real greasy. After about a week of doing this once a day, preferably at night, you’ll notice that they will start to disappear.

    hope this helps..

  20. lemon juice. mix lemoon juice with salt and rub it on your face for an hour and then wash it off with hot water and put 2% salicylic acid on it. it works well. GREAT RESULTS!!!

  21. Omg i no this is totally gonna sound nasty but if you put urine on your face it will work.My grandparents gave me this tip and i heard from alot of people that it does work but they’re not willing to do it.

  22. Try dabbing the spots with TCP Antiseptic liquid every 4 hours. It kills the bacteria and shows results within a couple days of use. Also apply a good layer of Sudocrem onto the affect area before you go to bed. It takes the ‘redness’ out of the spot and reduces swelling. Cafeful though, it’s a real pain in the *** to remove from fabrics.

  23. Hi, im 12 years old and i have had zits for about 2 years, alot of ppl say 2 put lemonade on your face…but we never have any left over lemonade 🙁 i saw a proactiv commercial and it should work rly well, mi mom ordered it 4 me, but its not here yet XP

  24. Heey.
    To stop getting spots..
    1. cut out on sweets.
    2. cut out on fizzy drinks.
    3. Wash your face with water every night.
    4. DONT wear foundation (worst cause ever)
    5. Drink loads of water- this flushes all the rubbish out of ur body.
    6. boil a kettle of water and pour it into a big bowl and put your head over the bowl with a towel around ur head and sit there for aslong as u can take it- This opens up your pours so you can wash away all the dirt to stop you from getting spots.
    7. When you have a spot DONT pick them i know its tempting but seriouly just leave them otherwise they will scar and you will look horrible

    Hope it works for you 🙂
    Jo X’o

  25. hey long beach boy i have known someone who rubbed pee on his face. it was totaly gross to watch especially since it was his pee. it did work he wanted me to try it but i told him no way. red chigga if you acually rubbed bacon on your face youv’e got to be crazsy

  26. i have tried every kind of way to get rid of acne! Cut sweets, fizzy drinks and alcohol out of my diet. Tried every available over the counter spot treatment there is and tried as many home remidies you can think of!
    Nothing Worked!!! I finnaly decided to go to the doctor and was perscribed antibiotics! now my skin is really good! My doctor told me products like clearacil just irritate you skin and make your spots worse!
    i would tell anyone that has acne to just go to your doctor and not bother wasting money on over the counter products!!
    Good Luck

  27. Hey all.
    I had LOTS of zits till a started to use skinoren gel.
    It works like a bomb!!!! all my zits are gone now! hey venessa nice bumping in to you here. from miles

  28. What I found, for any spot other than papule spots, was that it is best to pierce the skin a little bit and gentle ‘drain’? the spot.

    If you squeeze the spot, you’re going to damage the surrounding skin (as opposed to only damaging the pin prick) and it will take longer to heal.

    Concealer is also a good way to dry out spots too. Eventually the skin flakes off, and the new skin has already grown through.

    I find that process much quicker than just leaving a spot.

  29. Hey everyone,
    First of all nice try “Miley.” Use a strong face cleanser every other night and a really gentle one the next night. It really works!

  30. To cover up zits or whatever, if you’re a girl, try BARE ESCENTUALS the makeup kit! all of it is pure minerals so you could sleep in it if you wanted to. It actually treats, transforms it to healthier lookin’ skin when you wear it. And besides it just being good for you’re skin it covers up really well!!!!

  31. Okay, I get some zits, but I don’t have acne. I’m scared to get acne medication because, well, I don’t have acne and my skin on my nose is already dry. I normally get zits between my eyebrows, on my upper lip, my chin, and my forehead. The most I usually have at one time is like, 3, but I still don’t like them at all. Any suggestions?

  32. a tip is use oxy acne vanishing cream i used it it cleared them up in 2 days and my skins is super soft and airbrushed looking bu im getting pill talso from my doctor if u want your skin use sunscreen everyday no matter what the weather and dont use toothpaste it clogs your poers

  33. also wash your cloth every time u wipe your face to clean your face and also use boiled water cause it goes in your pores and burns up all the bactiria i know wht it feels like soo dont worry hope it clears up ♥

  34. i dont have acne but i get accasonal zits when “that time comes” its like a foreshadow. my mom has the same thing. there not really a perfect way to get rid of these lumps//zits/pores or anything. i have tried the water boiling thing before and it works better than not putting on foundation. but i suggesst the marykaye velocity cleanser.

  35. wash your face twice a day,
    Use toner too, i tried it for 2
    Weeks and my face is looking amazing

    P.s, remember to use a cream after you tone your face because it rehidrates your skin

  36. just stop eating red meat for 2 weeks, because red meat causes blackheads, blackheads cause pimples

    Wash your face twice a day, tone it with toner and gently pat cream onto your skin

  37. This isn’t really about “getting rid” of a zit but on how to “cover” it up All you have to do is take toothpaste and dab just a little onto where your zit is. This is an overnight thing. So at night put toothpaste on your zit(s) and in the morning you can’t see them. You can’t use gel toothpaste either. To help get rid of zits I use purpose and it works great. It’s very gentle and it doesn’t clog your pores. It’s as gentle as water. It won’t sting when it gets in your eyes either. If you don’t have toothpaste or you don’t have money to spend drink lots of water and don’t pop the zit! Just leave it alone.

  38. Redon about your back acne I call it bacne but um you should wash yourself with I think there is a new Nuetragena body wash you could try. Just make sure you wash your back with strong soap and maybe in a week some of it will be gone. ?????

  39. get panoxyl face wash..make sure not to get the maximum strength, unless you are using it for your back, because it is really drying. i tried this stuff and like two to three days later my whole face was cleared up. its amazing! ohh, by the way you can get it like anywhere(CVS, walgreens)

  40. I read in a magazine to use Milk of Magnesia. I use the brand Phillips. You can get it at like WalMart. I put it on at night, and after about 2 days my zit has reduced redness and is pretty much gone. Only put it on at night though: it is a thick white milky substance so it dries out your skin and there will be a white spot. This works for me, but may not for everyone else. It’s worth a try.

  41. I have had zits for a while and the best method I have noticed is to use Dove bar soap. I also use the zit cream with peroxide to put over bad pimples and they seem to have cleared up within a few days. The trouble I have is that once they heal, I already have another monster growing again and it seems like it’s a never ending cycle. I can’t even get a date. I’m 27 and I’m constantly wasting money on different products that don’t work.


  42. Okay.
    So I’ve had acne for… 3 or4 years. And I’m 16.
    Along with alot of you, ive tried everything. And yet my acne remains.
    So I cut the crap and went to the dermatologist and got prescribed pills. I’ve been on them and they seem to be beginning to work. They are called acutaine. Sorry if I spelled it wrong 😛
    So my advice stop wasting your time and just go to the dermatologist.

  43. My tip is to put a little bit of non gel toothpaste on ur zits before u go to bed…i know it sounds crazy && it sounds liek itll clog ur pores more….but it actually doesnt! u could also use the acnefree kit…I used it when i was around 13 and first started getting zits! its best for younger ”acne sufferers” && it keeps ur skin looking great!

  44. try using an antiseptic cream put it on your face before you go to bed don’t rub the cream in this reduces the redness and the size of the spot(s)


    salt and water fill up a conainer with water and put loads of salt in stir it so the it becomes a thick mixture then use a cotton bud and dab the mixture on to you spots.:)

  45. If you have tons of blackheads on your nose or really anywhere on your face, heat up some honey for like 15 seconds in the microwave and leave it on your blackheads for 20 minutes! (:
    They will squeeze out like 75% easier! NO JOKE.

  46. “If you have tons of blackheads on your nose or really anywhere on your face, heat up some honey for like 15 seconds in the microwave and leave it on your blackheads for 20 minutes! (:
    They will squeeze out like 75% easier! NO JOKE.” Really?! Any type of honey? Cos thts al i can afford, not manuka type or antyjngi like tht x x x x x x x x

  47. Toothpaste actually dries out my skin irritating it, causing the pimple to like, get swollen. i tried lemon juice and it was like i forgot to put on sunscreen. proactive was a mess -_- after 2 weeks my skin was 10 times worse to begin with, and i waved hello to a couple of acne scars. So, really, the solution is to excersise, wash with Dove beauty bar or aloe vera and keep the skin hydrated with water [:

  48. I heard that it works if you use this plant named savila it takes of acne and im trying that and leave it in that spot for 10 to 20 minutes

  49. Hi,
    my name is Stewart T.
    i found good advices on your post.
    i suffer of forehead acne and i tried many treatments, but it didn’t help.
    i think i will try and your solution.

    good luck!

  50. My tip is that for yellow-headed and red lumpy spots dot on a bit of Teatree oil before bed.You can get it from the BodyShop and it causes the spots to almost vanish over-night 🙂

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